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“The Secret Teachings of All Ages”: The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism

An in-depth look at the most important book about occultism of the 20th century The Secret Teachings of All Ages and its author Manly P. Hall.



"The Secret Teachings of All Ages": The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism

Regular readers of this site probably noticed that I often quote this 1927 book in my articles. There is a good reason for this: The Secret Teachings of All Ages is, simply put, the ultimate reference in occult symbolism available today. Unlike most “modern” books about occultism and secret societies  – which are mainly about “dispelling myths” and disinforming the public – The Secret Teachings of All Ages is a genuine effort at transmitting unfiltered knowledge.

Through his meticulous yet colorful exploration of occult schools through the ages, Manly P. Hall highlights the common esoteric philosophy that has been handed down from generation to generation – and from civilization to civilization – since antiquity. The ultimate goal: Spiritual illumination through the activation of the pineal gland (also known as the “third eye”). As Hall explores secret societies from past to present, ancient symbols suddenly make sense, folk legends take on a new dimension, and historical mysteries begin to reveal their secrets.

Hall dedicated The Secret Teachings of All Ages to the idea that “concealed within the emblematic figures, allegories and rituals of the ancients is a secret doctrine concerning the inner mysteries of life, which doctrine has been preserved in toto among a small band of initiated minds”.

As stated above, this book differs greatly from your Freemasonry For Dummies-style books of the 21st Century. The Secret Teachings of All Ages is not for dummies. It is written by an occultist for occultists. In fact, for decades, the book was not marketed to the general public at all. Until recently, The Secret Teachings of All Ages was only available in oversized, very expensive editions that were only sought after by dedicated occult researchers.

"The Secret Teachings of All Ages": The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism

Inside the first edition of The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

Unlike modern “occult” authors, Manly P. Hall did not shy away from exposing the great influence of Freemasonry and other secret societies on the world today. Furthermore, Hall also did not shy away from explaining how occultism can be used for nefarious purposes through demonology and black magic.

In short, there is no agenda or condescension in this book – only years of research compiled in an original, skillfully written and beautifully illustrated volume. Here are some of the topics discussed in The Secret Teachings of All Ages:

  • The Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies Which Have Influenced Modern Masonic Symbolism
  • Atlantis and the Gods of Antiquity
  • The Life and Teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus
  • The Initiation of the Pyramid
  • Isis, the Virgin of the World
  • The Sun, A Universal Deity
  • The Zodiac and Its Signs
  • The Bembine Table of Isis
  • Wonders of Antiquity
  • The Life and Philosophy of Pythagoras
  • Pythagorean Mathematics
  • The Human Body in Symbolism
  • The Hiramic Legend
  • The Pythagorean Theory of Music and Color
  • Fishes, Insects, Animals, Reptiles and Birds (Part One)
  • Flowers, Plants, Fruits, and Trees
  • Stones, Metals and Gems
  • Ceremonial Magic and Sorcery
  • The Elements and Their Inhabitants
  • Hermetic Pharmacology, Chemistry, and Therapeutics
  • The Qabbalah, the Secret Doctrine of Israel
  • Fundamentals of Qabbalistic Cosmogony
  • The Tree of the Sephiroth
  • Qabbalistic Keys to the Creation of Man
  • An Analysis of Tarot Cards
  • The Tabernacle in the Wilderness
  • The Fraternity of the Rose Cross
  • Rosicrucian Doctrines and Tenets
  • Fifteen Rosicrucian and Qabbalistic Diagrams
  • Alchemy and Its Exponents
  • The Theory and Practice of Alchemy
  • The Hermetic And Alchemical Figures of Claudius De Dominico Celentano Vallis Novi
  • The Chemical Marriage
  • Bacon, Shakspere, and the Rosicrucians
  • The Cryptogram as a factor in Symbolic Philosophy
  • Freemasonic Symbolism
  • Mystic Christianity
  • The Cross and the Crucifixion
  • The Mystery of the Apocalypse
  • The Faith of Islam
  • American Indian Symbolism
  • The Mysteries and Their Emissaries

Manly P. Hall: A Mysterious Yet Influential Figure

"The Secret Teachings of All Ages": The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism

Manly P. Hall

Manly P. Hall was a Canadian-born author, lecturer, astrologer and mystic, who had an important, yet subdued, influence on American History. In the 1920s, Hall was in his early 20s and obtained a significant sum of money from members of a family that controlled a valuable oil field in California. These funds were used by Hall to travel around the world and acquire a substantial personal library of ancient literature. This collection formed the knowledge base of his future works.

In 1928, Hall published Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy: Being an Interpretation of the Secret Teachings concealed within the Rituals, Allegories and Mysteries of all Ages – more commonly referred to as The Secret Teachings of All Ages. 

In 1934, Hall founded the Philosophical Research Society (PRS) in Los Angeles, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of religion, mythology, metaphysics, and the occult. US President Franklin Roosevelt, a prominent Freemason, was a known member of the PRS. Some researchers believe that the PRS influenced Roosevelt in adopting the Great Seal of the United States (the unfinished pyramid and the all-seeing eye) on the dollar bill in 1935.

Although Hall had close ties with Freemasonry, he only officially joined the order 23 years after writing The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Indeed, on June 28, 1954, Hall was initiated as a Freemason into Jewel Lodge No. 374 in San Francisco (now the United Lodge). On December 8, 1973, Hall was recognized as a 33° Mason – the highest honor conferred by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite – at a ceremony held at the PRS.

While he projected the image of a mystic sage, Manly P. Hall’s personal life was rather troublesome. Hall was married twice, the first ending with his wife’s suicide; the second, almost 20 years later, was to a woman who was classified by the FBI as a certifiable “nuisance”. Both marriages were childless.

Hall’s second wife, Marie Schweikert Bauer, claimed that Hall had numerous affairs with men. She also believed that his last male interest, an occultist by the name of Daniel Fritz, might have been responsible for Manly P. Hall’s bizarre death in 1990. Indeed, Hall’s life ended in tragedy: His body was found under suspicious and horrifying circumstances: He had been dead for hours and had thousands of ants streaming from his nose and mouth. The case was never solved. Were the “dark arts” involved in his death?

"The Secret Teachings of All Ages": The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism

An older Manly P. Hall in Masonic garments.

Although Hall wrote numerous books and gave hundreds of lectures throughout his life, The Secret Teachings of All Ages remains his magnum opus.

Interesting Theories Found in The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The Secret Teachings of All Ages is not merely a dictionary defining the meaning of symbols. It is a full and thorough revision of world history as seen by occultists. Through the chapters of his book, Hall sometimes proposes surprising theories that are, to this day, highly controversial. Here are two examples.

Occult Schools Originate from Atlantis

"The Secret Teachings of All Ages": The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism

A depiction of Atlantis according to accounts from Ancient Greece.

On several occasions, Hall asserted that most of humanity’s occult knowledge originates from Atlantis, a lost continent that existed West of Greece thousands of years ago. During its Golden Age, Atlantis was the home of a highly advanced civilization that flourished until it was completely submerged in a gigantic cataclysm. Hall argued that this “Great Flood” was an important historical event that was recorded in the lore of several cultures around the world.

According to him, the Biblical stories of the race of Cain, of the Giants (Nephilim) and Noah’s Ark are all allusions to the deluge of Atlantis. Forced to evacuate their island, Atlanteans sailed to several parts of the planet, where they imparted their evolved knowledge to the locals.

“May it not have been that these demigods of a fabulous age who, Esdras-like, came out of the sea were Atlantean priests? All that primitive man remembered of the Atlanteans was the glory of their golden ornaments, the transcendency of their wisdom, and the sanctity of their symbols – the cross and the serpent. That they came in ships was soon forgotten, for untutored minds considered even boats as supernatural.

Wherever the Atlanteans proselyted they erected pyramids and temples patterned after the great sanctuary in the City of the Golden Gates. Such is the origin of the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico, and Central America. The mounds in Normandy and Britain, as well as those of the American Indians, are remnants of a similar culture. In the midst of the Atlantean program of world colonization and conversion, the cataclysms which sank Atlantis began. The Initiate-Priests of the Sacred Feather who promised to come back to their missionary settlements never returned, and after the lapse of centuries tradition preserved only a fantastic account of gods who came from a place where the sea now is.”

Although Atlanteans imparted great knowledge to the civilizations they encountered, they also introduced them to their darker impulses:

“From the Atlanteans the world has received not only the heritage of arts and crafts, philosophies and sciences, ethics and religions, but also the heritage of hate, strife, and perversion. The Atlanteans instigated the first war; and it has been said that all subsequent wars were fought in a fruitless effort to justify the first one and right the wrong which it caused. Before Atlantis sank, its spiritually illumined Initiates, who realized that their land was doomed because it had departed from the Path of Light, withdrew from the ill-fated continent. Carrying with them the sacred and secret doctrine, these Atlanteans established themselves in Egypt, where they became its first “divine” rulers. Nearly all the great cosmologic myths forming the foundation of the various sacred books of the world are based upon the Atlantean Mystery rituals.”

The existence of Atlantis would indeed explain lots of unexplainable mysteries. However, concrete proof of its existence has never been found … or at least has never been revealed to non-initiates.

Sir Francis Bacon Edited the King James Version of the Bible … And Was Actually Shakespeare

"The Secret Teachings of All Ages": The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism

Sir Francis Bacon.

Sir Francis Bacon was a philosopher and statesmen who served as Attorney General and as Lord Chancellor of England in the 17th century. Dubbed the “father of empiricism”, Bacon is credited with developing the scientific method.

However, not unlike other influential figures in History, Bacon’s was also rumored to be a powerful occultist associated with the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons. Manly P. Hall believed that Bacon was one of the powerful figures sent by a “hidden order” to influence human history.

“Father of modern science, remodeler of modern law, editor of the modern Bible, patron of modem democracy, and one of the founders of modern Freemasonry, Sir Francis Bacon was a man of many aims and purposes. He was a Rosicrucian, some have intimated the Rosicrucian. If not actually the Illustrious Father C.R.C. referred to in the Rosicrucian manifestoes, he was certainly a high initiate of the Rosicrucian Order, and it is his activities in connection with this secret body that are of prime importance to students of symbolism, philosophy, and literature.”

In The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Hall dedicates an entire chapter to Sir Francis Bacon and the many ways he purportedly influenced Western civilization. First, Hall asserts that Bacon was given the task to oversee the translation of a new version of the Bible by King James himself – with whom he was very close.

“It was in recognition of Bacon’s intellectual accomplishments that King James turned over to him the translators’ manuscripts of what is now known as the King James Bible for the presumable purpose of checking, editing, and revising them. The documents remained in his hands for nearly a year, but no information is to be had concerning what occurred in that time. Regarding this work, William T. Smedley writes: “It will eventually be proved that the whole scheme of the Authorised Version of the Bible was Francis Bacon’s.”

The first edition of the King James Bible contains a cryptic Baconian headpiece. Did Bacon cryptographically conceal in the Authorized Bible that which he dared not literally reveal in the text – the secret Rosicrucian key to mystic and Masonic Christianity?”

As stated in this last paragraph, the cover of the first edition of the King James version contained various esoteric symbols associated with the Rosicrucian Order.

"The Secret Teachings of All Ages": The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism

The frontispiece of the first edition of the King James version.

At the bottom of the cover is a unique symbol: A pelican feeding its young with its own blood.

"The Secret Teachings of All Ages": The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism

This ancient symbol representing self-sacrifice is an important part Rosicrucian imagery (notice the rose on the cross).

Hall also believed that Sir Francis Bacon was actually Shakespeare – a theory that has been floating around for centuries.

“Scores of volumes have been written to establish Sir Francis Bacon as the real author of the plays and sonnets popularly ascribed to William Shakspere. An impartial consideration of these documents cannot but convince the open-minded of the verisimilitude of the Baconian theory. In fact those enthusiasts who for years have struggled to identify Sir Francis Bacon as the true “Bard of Avon” might long since have won their case had they emphasized its most important angle, namely, that Sir Francis Bacon, the Rosicrucian initiate, wrote into the Shakespearian plays the secret teachings of the Fraternity of R.C. and the true rituals of the Freemasonic Order, of which order it may yet be discovered that he was the actual founder.”

In the following paragraphs, Hall explains the many similarities between Bacon and the mysterious artist known as Shakespeare. While he presents a compelling case, he does not stop there. Hall also asserts that Bacon, like other important figures in History, faked his death to serve humanity under various pseudonyms.

“According to material available, the supreme council of the Fraternity of R.C. was composed of a certain number of individuals who had died what is known as the “philosophic death.” When the time came for an initiate to enter upon his labors for the Order, he conveniently “died” under somewhat mysterious circumstances. In reality he changed his name and place of residence, and a box of rocks or a body secured for the purpose was buried in his stead. It is believed that this happened in the case of Sir Francis Bacon who, like all servants of the Mysteries, renounced all personal credit and permitted others to be considered as the authors of the documents which he wrote or inspired.”

The Secret Teaching of All Ages contains many other theories that cause its readers to rethink human history as a whole.

In Conclusion

Manly P. Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages is not only a “good read”: It is an eye-opening experience. It provides a much-needed look at an entire side of history that is all but ignored in everyday life. While one might not agree with Hall’s unabashed admiration of secret societies, the information his book imparts remains invaluable.

After decades of semi-obscurity, The Secret Teachings of All Ages is finding a new readership in the 21st century, as a growing number of people find themselves thirsty for occult truth. Far from fading into irrelevancy, this 91-year old book provides the knowledge necessary to better understand the forces at work today.

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"The Secret Teachings of All Ages": The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism

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it should be treated only as a reference, to understand their core beliefs without being indoctrinated yourself.


I agree John. It’s important to know your purpose before delving into such knowledge. Nonetheless, I appreciate VG summarizing this book for his readers.


Don’t know why anyone would want to dig around occult writings, even as a reference. M Hall was into demonology as helpfully pointed out in this article – I’m sure a demon is imparted to all who go and seek wisdom at this ‘source’

Sadie Slays

Hall explicitly warned against the use of black magic in “The Secret Teachings of All Ages.”


There is no ‘black’ or ‘white’ magic.
There is only magic.
GOD condemns magic.


God is magic. The people who understand and weild power of magic, through use for good or for evil, understand the power of creation. Some say a man falling in love with a woman is just as much magic as a baby being born.


CptJerry, I had the pleasure of attending a couple of lectures and meeting Manly P. Hall, and he was a true scholar and a devout man of God. In fact, he has a beautiful series of audio lectures about Christmas. He often referred to himself as a student of comparative religion.
So your demon comment speaks volumes about you!

Otto Dydact

CJ’s comment alludes to his (Cpt Jerry) knowledge of the subject matter. Your schoolgirl crush and defense of a giant of the dark side speaks volumes, also. Albert Pikes ‘Morals and Dogma’ could be placed in the same occult ‘reference book’ category. Connect these two huge dots and the world will start to make sense.

Gouge Out the Eye

Christmas? The MOST pagan celebration of the year? Right. I think you need to look up Nimrod, Semiramis, Tamuz and this so called mass of Christ… You’ll be surprised how un-Christian Christmas really is.


Christianity was invented by the elite Romans as a control system, and was modified during the Protestant Reformation to be even less spiritual and even more of a political/colonial tool. EVERYTHING in Christianity is un-Christian by definition. Not to say there aren’t valuable teachings within it, especially moral ones, and not to say Christians aren’t living spiritually rich lives. But it’s ALL re-worked from older teachings, not just Christmas…

D D d

If you want to understand, you will have to know.


Where is this fear coming from? A point of ignorance.

Read the damn book and tell us it is satanic, and I’ll call you a huge liar.


I’m sorry cptJerry, but I disagree and add that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. God doesn’t condemn us from reading books. I think if you ‘get a demon from reading a book’ you were either 1. Doing something much more than objectuvely reading words someone wrote on a piece of paper or 2. Have been manipulated by fear to not educate oneself objectively. You know who creates that type of fear (it’s not God). 3. Christians can’t “have” i.e., be possessed by, demons. Demons can not occupy the same place as the Holy Spirit. Christians’ suseptibilty to psychosomatic impressions of possession is appalling. Have confidence in what Christ did at the cross. It was a truly free gift based in true love, nothing that a human can do can earn it, and based on that sacrifice we as humans, who have accepted Christ are free from torment. No if’s and’s or but’s. Christ’s sacrifice was enough to free us. Beginning & End of story. Soooo, if one puts on the full Armour of God & trusts in Him for their safety to objectively read a book; which could arguably be considered a history book btw, there… Read more »


truth shall MAKE you free….
Don’t misquote. This is how deception begins.


Yes, I had understood this already by deduction. That book is about occultism. Occultism is bad. VC is against occultism, the site intends to inform us about occultism symbologies. So the intention here is only to inform us about occultism information and symbologies, right?


There are three types of magic – white, grey and black. anyone interested in these activities goes to great lengths to only practice white and grey magic for good. Black magic is to be avoided at all costs. As I understand it in the magic world many are battling evil with positive magic. It is therefore unwise to categorize all esoterica and occultism as bad, just as it is bad to assume all dogmatic religions are manipulative instruments to encourage people to kill each other in wars.
I’ve tried to read ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages’ in paperback format but it’s heavy going and probably much easier to work through in one of the large illustrated hardback editions.

girl awake

Magic IS ALWAYS BAD. This thing that “white magic is good” is just a lie! When you’re dealing with magic, you’re dealing with evil spirits. Angels don’t require us to perform magic in order for them to help us. They don’t “work” like that. All we have to do is pray, and sometimes I feel like they’re helping me even if I didn’t pray for them. The bible says that magic is always bad, right? I think this part of the bible makes sense.


You have little idea what you’re talking about.


Religion is a form of magic

Girl awake

Magic I not about praying to God, magic is about performing crazy rituals, many of them involving blood and/or nasty/scary things and invoking/”praying” to demons, not praying to God.


You obviously have no familiarity with ceremonial magic, otherwise you would know that nearly all western ceremonial magic is performed in the name of Jesus Christ. The “God” you are praying to and the “angels” helping you most definitely respond to “nasty, scary things” like 10,000 people in a building on a Sunday morning, or cannibalistic rituals in which blood and flesh are consumed. Take a look in the mirror first.


What? Lol Are you satanist of something? You guys don’t deceive me. I will NEVER perform magick, give up. You guys are a bunch of liars!


Magic isn’t meant for people like you

girl awake

Thank God magic isn’t meant for me! What I know is: magic is dangerous. Do you really think that you can invoke good spirits through magic? I don’t think so, and I’ll tell you why: what if someone accidentally does something wrong and ends up invoking bad spirit(s) instead of a good one? So that’s why it’s so dangerous. And that’s why I think that good spirits cannot be invoked through magic, or maybe SOME of them can, but it’s too dangerous to run the risk. What guarantees you’re invoking a good spirit instead of a bad one? Let’s keep praying to God, people (only praying). Praying is totally different than performing magick! Magick is not just praying to spirits, magick envolves rituals. I found this through searching Google: “Ceremonial magic encompasses a wide variety of long, elaborate, and complex RITUALS of magic”. Praying doesn’t involve practising any ritual! And by praying, I mean praying ONLY to God!


You’re gonna tell me: “oh, what about Catholic RITUALS?”. I don’t go to Catholic churches anymore, I pray alone, and I don’t practise rituals, I only pray using my own words. I don’t trust the Catholic churches anymore.


You are completely wrong. Just because they use “white” to describe the magick, doesn’t mean it’s “good”. All magick is evil.


@N4vo. Exactly. All magick is evil.


VC is against pedophilia and uncovering the hidden agenda. VC is very much about occultism, because occultism means hidden (from the eye, but usually in plain sight). So no, VC does not say occultism is bad. In fact, he is saying symbolism and occultism rule the world, and therefore like the english language, it is best to understand it before it is used against you. Even the bible has occult and hidden allegory in it that is best to understand, as you only get one half of the story if you just understand the literal. Occult has always been an art form used to influence the subconscious. Thus why the bible is written in allegory as well.


*I meant for uncovering the hidden agenda

D D d

Science, art and literature?
Fluoride, Jeff Koons, W.S.Burroughs. Does this give you anything to think about, Grasshopper?


Don’t you think we should be aware of what their philosophy is and not ignorant of it?


Must we stick our hand in an open flame to understand it’s nature as well? Learning occult philosophy is similar to playing with fire, better left alone than to risk getting burned!

D D d

Grasshopper, why not hide under a blankett hoping it all will disappear? If you feel the heat of the flame growing, why would one put the hand completely in? You are just playing with words. It distracts only.


I agree, there should have been some sort of a disclaimer. I’m shocked he didn’t touch on that because yes, it can be very dangerous. I researched Satanism during my graduate work on human trafficking and my mentor gave me very good advice: read these things with a pathos of distance. I would suggest anyone doing any kind of occult research to adapt a pathos of distance so as not to get “immersed” in the content. Same thing goes with hearing horrible stories on the local news…

Truth Boy

Sorry, but this book in particular changed my life drastically for the better. It’s pre-christian wisdom, and all of the good stuff within original, pre-Reformation Christianity (the Roman Empire’s original control system) is an off shoot of these teachings. Anyone who wants to fight against today’s elite control systems needs to find reckoning with this material. It’s the stuff of reality, the stuff of the universe, the stuff of God’s creation. So all of you who say DON’T READ, IT IS ALL JUST BAD, you will probably never escape the system yourself, or fight it yourself. The author of this site wouldn’t be able to give you all of this information if he didn’t look into this information. It’s enriched my life so much, and once you experience the bliss of this understanding, there’s no going back.


What do you mean with “there’s no going back”?

Truth Boy

It means you can’t un-know the TRUTH, which is the archetypal truth that occult symbolism holds. You can’t FORGET what you’ve learned.


What might happen if I read the book just out of curiousity? Why is it bad to read if I know I can’t be indoctrinated myself?


I am always surprised that occultists don’t seem to lead more happy successful lives given their alleged ability to control consciousness/reality through will and ritual, or is that an over generalization.

Good neighbor

“And throw that which is in your right hand! It will swallow up that which they have made. That which they have made is only a magician’s trick, and the magician will never be successful, no matter whatever amount (of skill) he may attain.” (Qur’an 20:69)


Success is subjective.


Do you know every occultist?


It is a risky under taking to become an occultist. There’s risk of going insane, for one. It’s psychologically intense, and a lot of people do get ruined by it (Crowley, Jimmy Page, David Bowie, etc.). But it’s also a path of isolation and alienation since most people are blissfully trapped in the matrix of 3D reality and never explore their own inner worlds. I do suspect there are a lot of rich and famous occultists that keep it all secret.


Excellent point. Perhaps that is it: they do it through will and ritual not through faith and love. And by doing so they live in eternal darkness as what they feel inside is what they project outwards. Through VC’s hard work we can identify the “evil” – reject it and replace it with good. Neville Goodard taught the Bible as an actual way to live. After all Consciousness creates everything. Stay blessed!

Sadie Slays

Reading “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” was a life-changing experience for me. This book is an important puzzle piece in understanding the present state of the world. All of the symbols and occult things the elite loves to display in public are finally explained. I don’t 100 percent believe everything in that book, but many powerful people do and love to show it off. “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” is a great reference for understanding those types.


The only book needed to understand the world today is the bible, trust me.

I would avoid this book, it’s the devils work, don’t play with these dark forces.

D D d

Are you that someone I see carrying a bucket full of sand his whole life, to stick his head in when it get’s difficult?


That’s true, except the book is called Principia Discordia.


Great f-----g reference. I searched it out of curiosity and it lead me down a rabbit hole from hell. Discordianism, church of sub-genius, bokokon, researching the saints of discord.Thank you, this was the funniest most mind bending rabbit hole I been on in a while.


BTW, that reply was to Eurora

Otto Dydact

After reading the Bible and studying Freemasonry, the CFR, Club of Rome, Tri-Lateral Commission, Central Banks/fiat currency, Weishaupt’s Illuminati, I have to agree with Anonymous. Atlantis ‘sank’ because the flood of Noah covered the earth. The Cambrian ‘explosion’ is the fossil record of the death of animals worldwide, not the unexplainable appearance of new species. Once you understand that Satanists will always try to reverse or invert (or subvert) the truth through confusion and chaos, things will start to make sense. There is no reason to get uptight (DDd), a sincere desire for comprehension is all that is required. Do a little research into the European royal families (and their crests); specifically the “Marovingian line” and then try to find out who they claim was the father of the original/founder King Maro. Look for patterns and dots to connect. It’s a lot of fun, actually.


Very well said. I agree. The King James Bible is the most important book in history. The Pope enlisted Guy Fawkes to murder King James to stop the people’s bible being released. The Catholic church banned the reading of the KJV bible. Protestants were burned at the stake for working on the manuscript. If this isn’t reason enough to enquire further about what these people were trying to protect then I don’t know what is?
I’m buying “the secret teaching of all ages” today & thank the Vigilant Citizen for sharing the information in this article.
Anyone who’s interested, my Pinterest page covers many of these topics and others in an attempt to tie together information that has been hidden from us the people.


“Trust you”, why? What makes makes you so certain of your claims? Serious question!

D D d

He got upvoted so some put their faith in an Anonymous statement To Trust. It still works, even without a white choker


They do not put their “Faith” in him. But they already know that the bible is the truth, so they can relate to what he says.


You’re a fool. You’re not a mam of God. Here you are fearing something that unveils God’s light.

You’re a fool.

Read the book – there is nothing satanic about it.

It is apparent that Hall was a man of truth and of God.

Deb B.

If Hall’s second wife’s allegations about Hall having relations with men are true, then no, Hall was definitely NOT a “man of God”. Men of the occult believe having a--l sex is part of the road to enlightenment, as it is supposed to be one way to activate the pineal gland.


You have no idea what you’re talking about, and it is apparent that most of the people here do not live a spiritual life – yet they claim to know God.

You’re all fools, blinded.

No spiritual life = No spiritual wisdom

So watch your mouth.


True. The most famous Crowley image shows his mouth as a mans a--s and his arms as feet. The pineal gland as the eye on his temple hat.


Do they explain the “one eye” symbology too?

D D d

Now you are milking it, Girl.

girl awake

DDd, what do you mean by “milking”? I don’t know certain expressions. Is it in the meaning of: “To obtain the greatest possible advantage from (a situation)”? I am curious!! Also, the one-eye symbology is very obvious. The problem is, when someone asks me why this symbology is occultist, I explain to them that it is due to the “eye inside a pyramid” Masonic symbology. But many people still don’t believe that freemasonry is connected to occultism/satanism. I KNOW that freemasonry is conncected with occultism (at least the HIGHESTES DEGREES, right?), but it is kind of hard to explain it to some people.

girl awake

*highest. sorry for the misspelling.

D D d

You might ‘gooogle’ it, the basics are out there, really. Even on these pages you will find they answers and you do not have to wait for a reaction too.

The MistWalker

What the f--k are you talking people! VC is about knowledge to stay vigilant. You must know and perceive what lies beneath your nose, beneath all this folclore surrounding you and masked as “holydays”. You read the bible that was translated by a rosicrucian, you prey for a cross that was not the original symbol of Christ and you now think that VC is promoting satanic knowledge? Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.


Exactly. Just ask anyone in armed forces how important it is to KNOW YOUR ENEMY. Christians who choose ignorance perish for lack of knowledge.


Militarism and “the armed forces” are both among the most evil things plaguing the Earth, I wouldn’t exactly trust people who literally kill for a living for any kind of higher knowledge.


What is interesting about Atlantis is Tolkien’s association with it. Throughout his life, he dreamt of a great wave rising above the land and finally inundating it.

Eventually, this dream appeared in his Silmarillion, and the story of the Downfall of Numenor and its corrupted men. That land was destroyed by an engulfing wave, and a small remnant, those faithful to the Valar and the Elves (including Elendil and Isildur), were flung across the ocean in their ships, until they settled in Middle-Earth and established their kingdoms.

I wonder if the Atlantis myth has been buried in our sub-conscious for thousands of years, something festering inside of us? Tolkien’s Numenorean story is very similar to Manly’s description of Atlantis in this article.

On a last note, I have read a few books which detailed the mathematical relationships between the pyramids, mounds, and sacred sites around the world, how their physical sitings, their latitudes and longitudes, all have meaningful relationships. A fellow named Munck has published a great deal on this.

jimbo jones

I am really fascinated by the real meaning behind the Tolkien books. Any books or documentaries you can recommend?


I wish I knew some. He has such an enormous body of work. From what I understand, and this is only something I read and it may be complete hearsay, that much of his writings came very easily to him, almost in a dream state at times. IF this is so, I sometimes wonder how much of it could have been “channeled”, either from another being, or perhaps his own “higher self”.

This is complete conjecture, and I really don’t know. But just like the Greek’s invoked the blessings of their “muses” before writing, Tolkien may have had his own muses aiding him.


Tolkien was a Christian. Mercy


From Tolkien’s foreword to LOTR: “As for any inner meaning or ‘message’, it has in the intention of the author none.”


Wow, thank you for the Tolkien reference. My take away from all his books from the Silmarillion to Book of lost tales to the Trilogy was a theme running through out his works – Basically a study in the tactics of evil and the how it grows and corrupts others – feeding on division of societies through LIES and pitting one group against another (much like progressivism, liberalism, cultural marxims etc.). I truly think his books show an (too well hidden) alegorical view of the roots of evil. I’ve put together a string of Tolkien books (Silmarillion is the backbone) for a relatively seamless but very long read. email me if interested. Whenever I look at the EU flag I think… “One Ring to Rule Them All and In the Darkness Bind Them”.


I would love to see that! Thank you!


Thanks VC!! Adding this to my list of books to buy… along with a new copy of “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper I loaned out and never got back…


I have this book but beware, there are some strong rumours around that it was edited by the CIA following his death so as to construe the truth.


Do you think this “manly” had sufficient knowledge to write this kind of book, 27 old ? It looks to me he is part of an agenda… And Atlantis in Mediterranean sea ? S where does name Atlantis come from ?


Without a doubt the book is a good reference for explaining sinister circumstances in society today.


Hall mentions other ‘teachings’ found in Homer and the Odyssey, but again, most of the message is hidden in classic use of ‘words’ or language for the adept, not the commoner.. such as with Fulcanelli and his books (Mystery of the Cathedrals/Dwellings of the Philosophers).


Been working through the book all year and it continues to blow my mind. It’s what allowed me to understand the true meaning of Baphomet. Thank you to clarifying parts of I didn’t fully grasp at first, I know there’s many more secrets hidden in there I want to understand.


Good to know. Will add to my books


Another great read is Francis Bacon’s The New Atlantis. The KJV also has Shake Spear in it (Psalm 46). Count 46 down and 46 up.


Do your research man.
“Some critics claim that Shakespeare left his mark in the 1611 KJV by inserting in Psalm 46 the words “shake” (v. 3) and “speare” (v. 9). This is one of the most ignorant charges against the KJV. The Bishop’s Bible of 1568 has “shake” and “speare” in Psalm 46. Shakespeare was still an infant when the Bishop’s Bible was published. Surely an infant cannot influence a Bible translation”


Never said he did. A stated fact that shake and spear are in Psalm 46.


The book discourages “ceremonial magic” and that’s the only form of magic it refers to that invokes reads primarily as a history book and speaks very little of spells. The roughly 12 pages that do speak of ceremonial magic are less a “how to” and more of a series of cautionary tales with a clearly stated moral of “nothing is free, When doing a deal with a demon you sign your soul to them upon death, and while they will uphold their end of the deal, they will do everything they can to get paid as soon as possible”. Get paid = get you killed. Beyond that, everyone talks about the evils of blood magic by biblical principles, and acts like they never read the old testament, where both man’s and animals blood is used in blood sacrifice. I’m not saying that any men were killed in these blood sacrifices, but there is tales of pious men cutting themselves when doing blood sacrifice rituals of animals to the god of Abraham. The chapter on ceremonial magic made me feel so uncomfortable that I almost quit reading the book, and it is the same feeling that I got when reading… Read more »


if you look up The Secret Teachings of All Ages pdf there are a few site that provide it including the CIA interestingly


If you take a tour of Paisley Park you will see this book in Prince’s office. He also had Steve Quayle’s book on Giants

J Well

Initiates, who realized that their land was doomed because it had departed from the *Path of Light*, withdrew from the ill-fated continent. I remember that “The Path of Light” & “The Path of Night” were mentioned in The new Netflix Show, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. There’s more truth to this article than people even know!


I’d like to know what Manly P Hall has to say about the Faith of Islam


Note the golden compass above the Pelican representing Freemasonry and the Cross and Rose representing Rosicrucianism.


i have a copy of this Book at home, and other books from him.


So are there any good secret societies? How do we stay on the correct path?

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