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The Complete Gallery of Kim Noble’s Paintings About Ritual Abuse

A complete gallery of Kim Noble’s paintings about ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control. Noble’s works provide a rare insight into the rituals, techniques, and symbolism used in mind control.



Kim Noble is a peculiar artist for several reasons. She has Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and has over 13 personalities (alters). These alters have their own name, age, and history, which exist separately from one another. Even stranger, many of these alters became artists who paint in their own distinctive style. And, while the creations of these alters differ widely from one another, there’s a clear recurring theme in most of Kim Noble’s paintings: Ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control.

My article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control explains how intense trauma is used to force MK slaves to dissociate from reality, allowing handlers to split the minds of the slaves and to program new alter personas. Kim Noble’s paintings depict the various facets of this horrific practice in graphic detail while also highlighting the symbolism associated with this dark underworld.

Noble’s work provides a rare “inside” look at the practices and symbolism of ritual abuse, and, as seen in countless articles on The Vigilant Citizen, this sadistic sub-culture is often glorified in mass media.

In 2011, I published an article titled Kim Noble: The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas, where I went over the artist’s backstory and explained the meaning of some of her paintings. However, since, the publication of that article, several of her paintings disappeared from her website and flickr gallery.

Considering the importance of Noble’s works in research on ritual abuse and mind control, I found it necessary to gather her most relevant paintings in a single post for easy reference.

When available, the name of the painting will be mentioned in the caption (the name is often extremely revealing). The post will also include screenshots from Kim Noble’s Facebook page, where she answers questions about specific paintings, providing additional insight and information.

Here’s the complete gallery of Kim Noble’s paintings about ritual abuse, divided by alter name.

Warning: Some of these paintings are extremely disturbing.


I Test

I’m Just Another Personality

Haunted Self

Who’s Pulled the Strings


The Naming

The Art of Healing


It is the Time

Armed Goddess

Goddess of the Water

Goddess of Fire

Armless Spider

Armless goddess

Another Dimension


Waiting Rose

Crying Rose

Longing Rose

Under the table

Symbolic or What

Diary check

Game of Life

My Sis’

Kim Noble Class 7A

End of Play

Run Here Comes Vic

Art of starvation


Girl in white dress

I am Stupid Please Kick Me


My Rocket

No Body

Tears Imprisoned

I am sorry

Judy’s Painting

Lady Inside


String People

Weeping Clown


Golden Kaballa

It Happens

Seven Levels 1

Seven Levels

Ria Pratt


Too Much

They Do

Ted is Legless

What Ted Saw


No No!

Ted Saw All

The Birthday Party

Shocking in Pink

Daisy Chain

Pain in Colour

Nowhere to Run

Nothing More to Give

My Hands Are Tied

It’s a Dog’s Life

Good Dog

Training in Progress

Stretch and Pull

Shut Your Mouth

Round the Corner


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