Ikea Hires Bea Akerlund to Create a Blatant Monarch Mind Control Ad Campaign


Spearheaded by the elite’s favorite stylist Bea Akerlund, Ikea’s new ad campaign is a blatant display of the occult elite’s symbolism.

Furniture mammoth Ikea hired Bea Akerlund, the industry’s most prominent stylist, to create a line of cheap, useless objects. And the ad campaign surrounding these cheap, useless objects is 100% based on the most horrific project known to man: Monarch Programming. Makes sense, right?

Simply by looking at the image at the top of this article, most readers VC probably identified the clear, unmistakable reference to Monarch programming. And there is much more. But the people at Ikea could not expect anything else by hiring Bea Akerlund. Indeed, she and her husband – influential video director Jonas Akerlund – have been shaping pop culture and infusing it with the elite’s imagery for years. And that is not an overstatement.

Bae Akerlund

One of the countless symbolic pics found on Bea Akerlund’s Instagram account.

The work of Bea Akerlund is everywhere and has been featured several times on The Vigilant Citizen. She worked Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, Britanny Spears’ Hold it Against Me and Work B*tch, Beyoncé’s Lemonade and countless others – often with her husband Jonas Akerlund acting as the video director. Bea is also behind Madonna’s very occult 2012 Superbowl performance.

Madonna’s entrance at the 2012 Superbowl celebrated Grand Priestess of the industry and replicated “The Chariot” tarot card.

Each article linked above provides tons of examples of the Akerlund’s focus on occult-elite, MKULTRA symbolism. However, it is with lesser known acts that the true, unfiltered spirit of the Akerlunds shines through.

Bea worked a few times with the Swedish band Ghost. As you can see, it is all about explicit satanism.

Not only do the Akerlunds shape the visual imagery surrounding the world’s biggest pop stars, they also create ad campaigns for the world’s biggest corporations such as H&M, Virgin Mobile, Adidas, Citroen, Dell, McDonald’s, Panasonic, Puma, Miller Light, Nike, 7-Up, BMW, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Visa Business Card.

The latest mega-corporation on the list: Ikea.


The ad campaign promoting the Omeldebar collection mixes hypnotic patterns with circus-fanfare music that screams: “I am losing my mind”. And, right from the beginning, there is no doubt that we’re in Monarch Programming territory.

Bea stands inside a room with dualistic black and white stripes – an important part of MK programming. She wears a leopard-print dress which is associated Sex Kitten programming and used to identify Beta slaves.

The ad then references another Monarch Programming staple: Alice in Wonderland.

Bea holds a clock – not unlike the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.
The White Rabbit on a Alice in Wonderland poster.

In Alice in Wonderland, Alice follows the white rabbit through the looking glass into a non-sensical, confusing world where anything can happen. In Monarch Programming, Wonderland represents the slave’s dissociated state which is fully controlled by the handler.

“The White Rabbit is a programming figure for Alice In Wonderland Programming who will allow you to go to otherwise inaccessible places for adventure. He represents the master. The White Rabbit is an important figure to the slave.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

The next scene confirms that this is all about Monarch programming and nothing else.

Bea opens a box and Monarch butterflies fly out of it. This cannot be more about Monarch programming.

Then, things go deeper into the murky world of MK.

Bea drinks two glasses of an unidentified drink.
In the next shot, she lays on the ground,  lifeless. Is this a reference to the drugging of slaves during trauma and programming?

The above screenshot is significant for another reason: It is a recreation of paintings made an actual Monarch mind control survivor: Kim Noble.

Nobles paintings “Waiting Rose” and “Crying Rose” portray a slave wearing dualistic clothing inside a room with a dualistic pattern.

In the first painting, the girl holds a rose in her hands. In the second, the girl is crying and the rose is on the ground, destroyed. This can represent the slave after being “deflowered” by her handler.

“Under The Table” – another painting by Noble that focuses on dualistic patterns and references to abuse by a faceless handler.

Yes, you are still reading an article about an Ikea commercial. Did you expect things to get so dark? Well, this is the world we live in now. This is what is being promoted all over mass media now.

Mirrors, looking glasses, reflections – all important parts of MK programming.
You can now literally drape yourself and sleep on the one-eye sign.
Bea does devil horns with the hand things she sells. So much creativity.

In Conclusion

The fact that Bea and Jonas Akerlund are given lucrative contracts by the world’s largest companies should come as a no surprise. They are the elite’s favorite image makers. Everything they do is permeated with the elite’s sick obsessions: Mind control, ritual abuse, satanism mixed with “style” and “glamour”.

They’ve shaped the images of the world’s most influential stars such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and countless others. They’re a major reason why pop culture is now a pool of homogeneity where all “artists” end up displaying the same symbolism. Personal style and visual imagery used to be a way for artists to express their individuality, their rebellious nature and their unique world outlook. Now, “style” and “fashion” are a uniform indicating submission to the elite’s agenda. And, now, they’re selling that uniform to you.

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134 Comments on "Ikea Hires Bea Akerlund to Create a Blatant Monarch Mind Control Ad Campaign"

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It is worshipping the ”prince of this world” who is also known as „the adversary“, the leader of the fallen angels, satan, lucifer or plain and simple „the devil“. It’s selling yor soul for fortune, money and fame.

„Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.“

But there is a price to pay. Do they know what they’ll give? Odds are they won‘t like what it is.

Freemasonry is definitely part of the satanic cult, secret society with symbols and weird rituals I mean seriously


How so, exactly???

definitely an MPD (full of devil spirits) here – and a sodomite and a satanic ritual abuser – there is no other way to be able to do this. She is like Salvador Dali another MPD – he was satanic sodomite – thats why he did not mind his ‘wife’ having sex with loads of men – and that’s how he imagined those weird art of his – these people minds are completely off the rail – they are actually insane and showing you the plain evidence – and connected of the illuminati – strange art/symbols is big in the illuminati. Much like this very famous MPD sorcerer – billy graham

The worship of beauty, of bodily flawlessness is what’s going to sink many people because it’s such a core value of our post-modern age: Attempted perfection of the form. There is something, some kind of experience many of these people are sharing that is making them fiercely loyal to their “master” and very confident in their reward and I think it has to do with some impressive beauty being revealed to them somehow, through some intermediary and as a false preview based on lies of what has been promised to them if they deliver on the destruction of mankind, sort of like an Anti-Christ spiritual experience. What you see time and again with these people, is the worship of beauty and intelligence, above all other qualities, dynamics and values, sometimes leading to attitudes and perspectives that curiously remind of eugenics and explanations for genocide and a personal obsession with finding… Read more »

you should keep your ridiculous christian propaganda to yourself. there is no such person as jesus, no such person as the devil, and no such place as hell. christians couldn’t find their own ass with both hands.

Spurious Character, you sure know how to win people over. It’s rare to see such an incredible display of debate skills. You’ve obviously researched spirituality, philosophy, and quantum physics in order to craft an argument like that. Wow. Just wow.

oh you will find out – the hard way. That you didn’t create yourself

People, no matter how obvious the symbols are, the sheeple will always find a way to explain all this. They would say that all the symbolism is just to call attention from people and nothing else. Even if there are clear satanic symbols — I’ve seen many artists showing inverted crosses or inverted pentagrams. Many artists said they sold their souls, but most people don’t take it seriously. Sheeple say that the artists said that just to call attention and gain more money…

The more sophisticated the game, the more sophisticated the enemy.

And the bigger and older the trick, the easier it is to pull. Everyone thinks it can’t be that old or big for so many people to have fallen for it. You’re in a game. The game. Everyone is in it, and nobody knows it. This is his world. He owns it. Controls it.

He’s behind all the pain there ever was.

You know what’s so elegant about this little game? Nobody knows where the enemy is. They don’t even know he exists

Wise words.

You are absolutely right! I showed some of these VC articles to a friend of mine and she always had her own explanation for everything…
But the question is, what is the advantage of knowing this sad truth without being able to react?

“But the question is, what is the advantage of knowing this sad truth without being able to react?”
Exactly my thoughts! I don’t know. At least we are AWARE of all the symbolism and stuff. Someday, if the masses finally wake up to the truth, we (who are not sheeple and are woke) will already be aware of the truth, so if someday, a group made of a huge amount of people decides to, for example, boycott companies/artists (because these companies/artists work for the elite), we will not need to be convinced about the truth, and be informed, because we already have the knowledge.

I guess all that (answered to you) plus to become or be aware of the fact that we all have free will, everyone goes understanding and opening their eyes at their own pace, we just got to be there, not all want to know, as well truthfulness, is a rough path!!

There’s many ways to react , you can enlighten the younger generation coming up, especially those that Aren’t sucked in (I know that’s hard) we need a generation of leaders not followers, young ppl with the ability to think for themselves, it all starts with them being secure in themselves . Even if they listen to the music they shouldn’t be sucked in by everything these idiot celebs say , most of them look boarderline suicidal anyway . We saw from the Grammys that their agenda is getting stale , most ppl I’ve spoken to stopped watching after 15 mins if so long because they are fed up of celebrities telling them wh to vote for . We live in the insecure world that are controlled by wealthy crackheads telling ppl what to do , how to dress, eat and vote.

Good decisions, good things happen.
Bad decisions, bad things happen.
Life is full of decisions.
Remember, evil is powerless over those who have faith in Christ.

The advantage is that you aren’t as easy to manipulate because you recognize the manipulation so you are more resistant and can stay more true to yourself or what’s good for yourself and don’t loose yourself in s**t that has no meaning or benefits and you can make better judgements because you don’t fall for suggestive hypes.

bien dit

#killedbypropaganda Yeah, that’s right.

I have this problem that everyday I go to work and I live in a big city I am surrounded by these electronic billboards promoting this satanic agenda. I know that the behind the beautiful faces behind the ads is a poor misguided soul which has sold his / her soul to for their “fistenn minutes of fame”. This make me sick to the stomach

I know, those are the ones who doesn’t want to see. :/

That first picture is so in your face obvious it borders on satire.

The minute the COE of the company passed away, the unveiling of this celebrity inspired line came out http://fortune.com/2018/01/28/ingvar-kamprad-ikea-founder-dies/
It’s like they couldn’t wait for the bs to drop.

God I hope we don’t see the same thing in Nintendo. I truly believe Mr. Iwata was a good guy, not part of the illuminati or an agenda despite how big Nintendo was and still is. I hope the new CEO is good too, and won’t cave in to illuminati pressure. But…where there’s a will, there’s a way…I’ll know that they’ve been taken over if their future games start showing satanic symbolism everywhere.

and they call it “ART”

I don’t know who’s in charge at Ikea now, but the timing is no coincidence since the founder of Ikea just died last month and now this!

I guess I should be shocked, confused or angry.
And Ms. Akerlund probably wants me to be intrigued and excited.
But to be honest, these “advertisements” just makes me one thing:

I don’t think it’s weird to be bored by it. I’m definitely bored by it too. They’ve managed to suck out all authentic, unique, creative art out of the world. In the mainstream at least. They care more about their agenda than artistic merit

Have you seen the ‘Captain Underpants’ movie? I couldn’t believe how disgusting this film is. But it’d be a good one to break down for people. It’s all about mind control, dissociation, grooming children for pedos, and of course the whole potty humor thing. On the surface it seems like a silly kids movie. It’s anything but. There’s even a scene where it shows a little boy dead in a hot dog stand, rotating in the rolling things that cooks the hot dog. I immediately thought of the Podests email regarding ‘dreaming of your hotdog stand in Hawaii’.

Yes I got such a sick pedo vibe throughout the whole movie plus blatant use of hypnosis used for mk ultra mind control

Maybe I’m remembering wrong but wasn’t there a book series called Captain Underpants?

….Wasn’t the main character a LOT thinner?

Omg, that was a vile movie. I cringed the whole time I was in the cinema with my 9 year old son. This is what passes as child friendly entertainment these days. SICK.

I hope you two got out of there within the first 2 mins.

I think the word “sheeple” is becoming over-used. We use it to place ourselves above others. The same goes for “woke.” I think we should admit that we are all sheeple in some way and we are also all asleep in some way. An educated person can be woke in many ways, but still believe in the theory of evolution. Similarly, an individual will call another a sheeple because the other isn’t privy to the words of Manly P. Hall or Fritz Springmeir. Are these authors helping you to become woke? Maybe, but they’re indefinitely shepards.

I’d like to point out that this campaign pushes a strangely contradictory message. It stresses that this collection is Bea’s signature style, but that by purchasing it you will somehow be expressing your own style and self. That’s…weird. Once again this bizarro capitalist society tells us we can most be our unique selves by buying their mass produced crap. Most of these items will wear out in a month and end up in a landfill. And IKEA has been accused of sweatshop manufacturing. Nothing about this is remotely appealing.

Here comes education around the corner. You can teach children how to think for themselves and create something, or you can teach them to questionless follow rules, obey the society’s dresscodes and behaviour. Fashion is a tool. Dictation is the word.

Have you guys seen that there’s gonna be a gun control march in Washington, DC, next March 24th? Gucci has donated 500k dollars to it, many companies are cutting ties with NRA. This is blatantly the globalist agenda being pushed into our throats.

What are they selling??? I cant identify any objects that are appealing…

I saw mirrors, a blanket and “hands” for storing rings.

And leopard skins as carpets for the floor. Maybe striped wallpaper? I’m not saying that I want to buy all this, I just also tried hard to see the subject itself, on which advertising money was spent.

I sent back the catalogs as unwanted, so, can’t say anything about their latest glue-wood and accessories.

Wow, it’s increasingly impossible to avoid supporting industry or businesses that associate themselves w/this-it’s truly everywhere

That’s the way they want it.

Yuck. I’m so sick of all these people putting the same stuff in videos and whatever then labeling it as art. Can any of you come up with something that is actually different instead of regurgitating the same bullshit over and over again.

Do you not think though that businesse’s the world over have now cottoned on to people talking of the elites & their agenda? & their symbols so are now blatantly using that in their ad campaigns, not because they are part of it but because its become talked about & fashionable.Remember symbols only have power if you believe they do & no disrespect here but it seems to me this site is mighty good at whipping up people into a state of fear. Before I get shouted down I do believe there is an elite agenda,but all sites like these do is make people more afraid & think we are all trapped in a world we cant change,this is not true! if you really want to f*** the elite up the ass live your lives with joy & love & choose to live the best life you can! then they… Read more »
It’s true that it definitely makes people more afraid. I was afraid when I first started reading this, and there’s definitely an agenda and some sick f*cks and probably programming too. But I know a guy who cut ties with me because he was so stricken by fear he couldn’t even trust a friend, because I’d done the one-eye thing with a shadow on an instagram post. Wasn’t even intentional, I just thought it looked cool. :/ I just feel bad for him, and anyone who lives in such a constant state of fear. How stressful. There’s plenty of people to expose as being part of the agenda, but chances are none of your friends or acquaintances have anything to do with it directly. I’d bet even some bands/artists from the bigger record labels have nothing to do with it, if they’re small enough and don’t have any/very little symbolism.… Read more »

I though the woman was lady gaga, no difference i guess… Good article, i do wish you would make stuff like this more often, analyzing movies, video games, fashion, etc, because this BS is truly everywhere and the analysis articles are the most interesting part of the website.

Easy mistake.
I grew up looking into peoples’eyes and see somebody looking back or into the lens. Today they have a undefined focal point beyond the horizons. Zombies like this B is picturing are not from the grave, they come from the psychatric headshop, using prescipted medication – at least, that’s what I see in their masked eyes.

Just a thought here, in the photo of her wearing the leopard print dress, you see other leopard skins laying on the floor around her. To me this would indicated trauma induced by being the sole survivor of and witness to multiple murders. The leopard skins would represent a murder victim. It may also allude to her position as not only being a MK slave but also a handler and possible perpetrator of those particular murders. The pose she is pulling looks as if to say that she is in control and dominant.

Victims of victims of victims creating a whole hierarchy of co-dependent predators / victims. In hallways where love’s never been – all that is left is fear. And fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

Their game is simply a big giant pyramid scheme. Like Multi – level – marketing on steroids. A huge cluster fcuk. A con game on a virtual three-dimensional chessboard.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

The price in this true-man show couldn‘t be any higher.

Funny you mention LOTR – I’m re-reading Silmarilion Hob and the Trilogy now – the story never gets old and takes on new meaning (I guess if you’re looking for it) to the reality we live in today. My favorite relevant quote thus far at the council of Elrond “In all the long wars with the Dark Tower treason has ever been our greatest foe”.

Lord of the Rings is a Christian allegory. A tale. And like all tales it ultimately tells one story only, for there is only one to tell. Darkness pervades Middle-earth where man, beast and nature are called to an adventure full of peril and hope. The One Ring illustrates how evil can entice and enslave. Gandalf and Saruman, while not analogous, have traits, goals, and experiences similar to those of Jesus and Satan. Gandalf is even tempted in a battle with Saruman not unlike Christ is tempted by Satan in the wilderness. Evil is parasitic and can only destroy that which was created. It is the perversion and corruption of what was created that is evil. Good can exist on its own. Evil can only live off what is good. Like all Chritians, Frodo is called to risk his life through great peril to save others. Frodo does not appear… Read more »

Beautifully put.

the black leopards spots are symbolic of the installed alter matrix or compartments filled with demons.

The clock appears to read the time 528. 528 hz is considered by some to be the love frequency or frequency of miracles and DNA repair. I doubt the ackerlunds have much fondness for love, just found it interesting.

Very interesting!

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has megalomaniac tendencies. On his website, he actually wrote that he was a “prophet” and that he was going to “rescue us from the Dark Ones.” The passage on his website where he states this is now missing or I’d link to it. The irony here is that he left his wife for a woman he met during one of lectures in California. They promote his book “The 528 Love Frequency” (which is so convoluted and confusing to read), as well as his many tapes, videos, etc. Looks like he filed for bankruptcy five years ago or so. I met him briefly at a health convention in California back in 2009 and politely asked him a few questions about some information in his lecture that seemed to counter other things he has said before. He was abrupt and rude, after encouraging people to ask questions. He came… Read more »

528 Hz. in tuning fork frequencies is “DNA Repair.” The “Love Frequency” BS was started by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a guy who has a LOT of weird personal “issues” that certainly do NOT reflect “Love.”

I don’t think 528 hz is healing or loving at all after taking time to listen it is extremely hypnotic so I think it fits the aesthetic of this commercial quite well.

I agree.

Thanks VC! Please cover the 2018 Gucci fashion show that had transhumanism, transgender, consciousness transfer, cloning, dragons, reptiles, hospital beds and all types of crazy MK symbolism. I saw an analysis Vrillex posted on YT so I watched the full video of the show and it was an extremely ugly line of clothes ( Thrift Store Chic) but the symbolism was undeniable!!
Please include the woman in the red dress during the show. She was dressed head to toe in deep red velvet and I am sure this was not just a fashion show but an occult ritual.

Since this guy, Alessandro Michele is Gucci designer, this brand has been sooooo blatant in symbols (tigers, snakes, etc.) and promoting this genderless agenda. Also Dior is so blatant with the Baphomet thing and feminist messages.

Yes, I think that VC is sleeping on his usual analysis of the fashion game, the ads/ runway shows/ designs are always chock full of symbolism and then the designers choose which illuminati puppets they want parading around in their latest fashions. I think VC might be getting a little out of touch with the latest trends , its not a bad thing persay but I miss some of his older work.

As you might have noticed, the industry is going abundantly in overdrive. The signs have always been there in media, fashion and propaganda, but the amount of periodicles publishing the symbolims, the graphics, the dead eye, the child-abuse is staggering compared to a few decades or even years. Might be because it is now clear for all to see what all the merges, take-overs and global-law-sceeming have accomplished. Independants are to be searched high and low for they do not get any attention anymore, because they were bought, pushed out of the market or went corp.when their children and cousins took over.. With independants I litterally mean persons and their companies.
In short : noone can keep track of it all anymore. Do you?

Ok…come of VCers. How many times do we need to hear the same analysis over and over again. We know there is an elite vs the masses thing going on. We see evidence of satanic influences, whether for metaphorical reasons or literal doesn’t matter. The real problem is the desensitization going on on this site. VCs goal seems to be creating cognitive dissonance in his readers. Do you know the outcome of cognitive dissonance? Either you fight harder for what you believe(actions not words), or you become passive and justify why you cannot actively fight for what you believe eventually making your beliefs useless. Which one have you chosen?

VC is documenting what is going on; if one feels what he/she is doing is somehow wrong one does not have to keep visiting the site. Attributing sinister motives to VC’s efforts here with the service being provided I find to be an incredibly distasteful thing for you to do.

As for doing something about what is going on: I am all for that, and have called for action many times now. However, it also seems clear there is no real interest (sic!) with the general public to prevent their own genocide and enslavement, and it doesn’t appear other parts of the truth community are interested in taking any real kind of action, either. This totally stuns and baffles me but I acknowledge that it nonetheless is the reality. Concordantly, I am personally shifting towards focusing on what I can hope to better on a personal level.

Great minds share their wisdoms.

imo this site was never about “fighting actively” against something, nor the opposite.
its mainly about BEING AWARE of all the s**t thats going on. what “active” advice do u expect from vigilant citizen? Knowledge is power, u know? and dont Forget, there are always new Readers coming to this site, hopefully, who read about this the first time.
imo the strongest “active Action” u can do is to NOT FALL FOR THOSE TRENDS.

Bea Akerlund is young. I wonder if she herself is a lifelong product of Monarch Mind Control and has been allowed to have this particular career to push the agenda.

A bit uncommon for me, but google refuses me to tell about her background. I only get a one-liner from her agencies and a zillion articles about that cheap illogical furniture-brand. Where is her wiki with family tree and schooling. Normally when I use a search-machine it is link One. I gave up searching for her direct biographies, as I do can guess a little and the rest is in her work. Time will tell and clearify, whether she likes it or not..

Try DuckDuckGo. google is a nasty place — they discriminate against some people; they only put the stories they want to push up; they do data-collecting off everything and use it to push a globalist agenda. please don’t use google. Really glad to see people like you bring up other search engine!

I also immediately thought that she herself was a victim of MK. At least she knows how to portray a pointless look.

The Monarch programmees are waking up and taking our power back so they are trying to trigger us left and right.. thats why.. ultimately we are the ones who will rule this world and change everything – we will use our programming against them and the skills we have been trained with through torture and neglect to make them suffer the same fate..

Sweden is going down the drain. It has been infiltrated by Islam who are forcing their laws upon the Swedish population. And the Swedish government is going along with it. It is very sad how European countries are losing their identity to Islam.

Grow up.

Non sequitur much? Sounds like YOU need to, as your head is in the sand (or, elsewhere…)

And you are an avatar for a world order that is far more disgusting than the NWO.

“If you like your (culture) , you can keep your (culture) .” It works on so many levels.

sweden, like Germany Austria etc, is not going down because of Islam. it is ruled by the LEFT. they do everything to wipe out swedish heritage and make the Population a mixed race that will have no common origin to hold on to. its a main Goal of the new world order.
the leftists are the main force of this s**t. the “right wingers” are always the ones who try to Keep old values and are therefore the enemy.
the destruction through mass Immigration is not because of Religion of the migrants. its
because the majority of them are uneducated, dare i say, primitive People.
its about dumbing down the General intellect, not making us all Islam Followers. imo.

the left and islam are working together — the red-green coalition. it is due to islam — it is planned. It is purposeful.

Omedelbar, not omeldebar. Means immediately in swedish.

……………………..all the more reason to buy handmade things from honest crafstmen/artists or visit a nice Charity shop. It’s a win-win.

I know I know, it’s not that easy. But at least there are some options.

So many fools enabling this filth and misery in our culture because they are pathological followers. Who wants to live with this depressing stuff? Who really wants to look like an anemic, demented, vampire circus clown? This stuff was quietly glamorized in the arts of the 1920’s and 30’s, went into hiding after the “family values” revival following WWII, reared its head again in the 60’s and 70’s and was quietly tucked into pop culture of the early 80’s but it hid behind the spiritually corrupt ideal of the deceptive beauty of Lucifer, stylized images of sun worship, pagan rituals and imagery in dance, film and theater and Egyptiana revival. People were mislead because the imagery and arts was dazzling and beautiful and people are naturally hypnotized by such things. It isn’t surprising to me that tyrannical megalomania, curiously advanced Nazi science and systematic genocide happened in WWII following this… Read more »

Someone give that b***h a vitamin : /

Yawn. It’s so passe now. No creativity from these talentless emo hacks

dans la dernière image; on dirait que ses lèvres forment une pyramide…..

C’est vrai. Bien vu.

The akerland’s are well known, and proud satanists.

Now, with Ikea’s involvement, I’m suspicious of the old man’s death.

These are dark days as Jesus predicted they would be. The satanists run the world and the world sits by and does nothing.

I wish we could boycott these companies but let’s get real. THEY own everything.

That’s not true. They don’t own YOU unless you buy from them and visit them and give them your money/focus/energy.
Don’t worry about how to “save” the rest of humanity. The biggest power we have is to save ourselves. So don’t be despondent just proceed with your life with your own integrity. Others are not as ready as you and everyone needs to waken in their own time.

Weeell, even tiny businesses get their products from places that are either part of the agenda, or get their own products from someone with the agenda too. :/

I saw children in foreign slums drinking canned cola. Not a toilet or hospital in sight, but they have television and sell a global-brand-cola.

Sick, insane and satanic.

In. your. face

Wow. Thanks very much for this, VC–will cross future shopping at Ikea off my list. At this rate, eventually there may be nowhere to shop! 🙁

Hey, vc, please, write about the death of famous indian actress shri devi. It is very similar to what happened to whutney houston. Shri devi is strungled in bathtub during a ceremony in hotel. Her name reminds the indian demon Shiva. It May be a sacrifice to shiva

She has a face that for some reason, I would really like to throw a punch at. I apologize that I don’t have anything more profound to say but that is what I took from the pictures.

The founder of Ikea, Kamprad, was a nazi and supported prominent fascist leaders in Sweden until the day he died.

The company likes to work with young impressionable new employees, preferably with a little governmental subsidy in their backpack when finishing school.
Cheap, submissive and seemingly better controlable.

Excellent article as always VC thanks for exposing all this “satanic ritualistic fashion world”
I guess “Bea” stands for Beast, and Jonas, well he doesn’t deserve a Christian name ….both Beasts promoting abuse and dissociation, sigh!! when will all this be over?

They’re NOT SELLING THEIR ELITE CRAP TO ME! I won’t buy it and I will continue to reject it and people who are in it or believe it’s where “they” need to be in the world. I can’t wait for these people to start either dying off or their children turn on them completely and reject their lifestyle and dogma.

The rose represents the Monarch programming because it symbolises being part of the illuminati bloodline, or a Committee of 300 bloodline.. most of which are satanic or luciferian and the familes are inducted to sell out their first born and (other kids) by having their child raped at a young age so that lucifer can possess them. the father usually rapes the child also.. Then they are usually trained by the govt into beta, theta’s or deltas depending on their skill set.. these children of these bloodlines are usually very intelligent and psychic as they have been invovled in these programs before.. Also there are millions of women and men involved in satanic sexual rituals on this planet that go on on the astral during sleep and no one recalls or realises a thing..! thats the biggest coup on this planet.. The main ones are run by Medusa the olympian… Read more »

Or it could represent, the order if the red rose.

Hey Vc, you should check Alessandro Michele (Gucci designer) Instagram account.

Brooklyn Beckham had a IKEA symbol at their Lindon home last month, what does it mean? Are celebrity kids dedicated to Lucifer?

of course! you dont get to be in the spotlight otherwise..

How are any of these images in this ad campaign supposed to influence me to go shop at Ikea??

Can you post something more about Fritz Springmeier?

Most MKULTRA references on this site point to his books, but there’s very little known about the man.

How do I know whether he’s trustworthy?

There are videos featuring him on YouTube, he’s with the Prophecy Club; perhaps these can help you make an assessment of the man. I see no reason not to believe him. He can’t be making any substantial amounts of money off his works since these gain no publicity and have no interest with the general public, and only submits him to mockery and ridicule as a lunatic. He identifies as Christian which means he will not willingly lie. His claims also get supported by Monarch survivors such as Cathy O’Brien and others, as well as the findings of others who have looked into the phenomenon such as senator John DeCamp, not to mention the clear resemblance with all the disturbing material VC writes about (such as this article itself). Can you ever know for certain? Probably not, unless you have some kind of special access or abilities everybody else don’t.… Read more »

The blue liquid drink could be identified as “Inferno H2O” appearing in Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rythm”

She was also on this season’s cycle of America’s Next Top Model doing a “horror” photo shoot.



Nice of you to take a break from your fascist politics to talk about pop culture again.

Great article VC, I remember seeing a photo of her husband Jonas Akerlund on the set of the music video of Telephone (Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé) and he was wearing a Black church of Satan style logo T shirt.

Why you no link to vid? All those pics are screencaps of the IKEA ad on YouTube.