New Lexus Ad Campaign Filled With Illuminati Symbolism

This image of a model in checkerboard pattern hiding one eye sums up this ad: A tribute to and perpetuation of Illuminati symbolism in pop culture.

The marketing people at Lexus are apparently trying to give their brand a new hip and fashion-forward image in order impress their bored and jaded target market. Unfortunately, these days, being hip and fashion-forward means rehashing the same god-awful yet increasingly prevalent Illuminati symbolism along with the Agenda that goes with. As we’ve seen in countless previous articles, Illuminati symbolism is all about the one-eye sign, the concept of duality – all of that mixed with references to mind control and police state imagery. Believe it or not, all of this can be found in this Lexus ad campaign.

Since people who buy luxury cars are not trying to simply go from point A to point B (they’re trying to go from point A to point B while impressing people at point C),  ads selling these products are less about cost, gas mileage and interest rates and more about image and style. Sadly, “style” now equals Illuminati symbolism. Here’s the first Lexus ad, directed by Melina Matsoukas.

Here are some of the images flashed during that ad.

Model with checkerboard pattern dress. It is one of the many references to the occult concept of duality in the ad.
A model with a checkerboard pattern dress. It is one of the many references to the occult concept of duality in the ad.


Black and white snakes interwoven togheter, representing of same concept of mixing good and evil, light and darkness, found in the checkerboard pattern
Black and white snakes interwoven together, representing of same concept of mixing good and evil, light and darkness, found in the Masonic checkerboard pattern.


Most fashion models in the ad are "blinded". That's what MK-Ultra based fashion industry is all about.
Most fashion models in the ad are “blinded”. That’s what the MK-Ultra based fashion industry is all about.


Police in riot gear. Why is there police state imagery in an ad selling a car? What's the relation? Just an obligatory attempt to make this imagery fashionable and unavoidable.
Police in riot gear. Why is there police state imagery in an ad selling a car? What’s the relation? They’re working hard to make this imagery normal and even fashionable.


This image of a model in checkerboard pattern hiding one eye sums up this ad: A tribute to and perpetuation of Illuminati symbolism in pop culture.
This image of a model in checkerboard pattern hiding one eye sums up this ad: A tribute and a perpetuation of Illuminati symbolism in mass media.

While this second ad was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who directed multiple Lady Gaga videos. Despite the fact that this has been directed by another director, we see the exact same symbolism.

Subtle checkerboard pattern here.
Subtle checkerboard pattern here.


This looks great and is also incredibly practical. Who needs to see through two eyes anyways?
This looks great and is also incredibly practical. Who needs to see through two eyes anyways? Two eyes: overrated.


We got a black girl in a white dress high fiving a white girl in a black dress and crossing paths. Another reference to duality.
A black girl in a white dress high-fiving a white girl in a black dress and crossing paths. Another heavy handed reference to duality.

Lexus is not the first luxury car ad to get into that Illuminati stuff. The Mercedes ad analyzed in this article is also another shining example. Yes, even short movies aiming to sell us stuff use this imagery. Not only does it ad to the complete homogenization of popular culture but it subtly tells you who owns these multinational conglomerates.

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214 Comments on "New Lexus Ad Campaign Filled With Illuminati Symbolism"

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You have got to be kidding me with this stuff….. could they be any more blatant? Yet the majority of people will still choose not to open their eyes and really see what's going on despite the fact that its being thrown in their faces in almost every possible way. Ignorance isn't bliss, ignorance is just ignorance.

The first ad could be an entire article in itself. the frames are split into two to four sometimes. Evil "fashion" at 1:44, the model is facing a negative of herself), FOUR white horses, in one shot one model is squeezing something that looks like a human organ gushing black blood, black people turning into white people and vice versa, Egyptian arm dancing moves, rays like the sun coming from the car, techno (transhumanism) music and some sort of plugged in "altar" the woman is dancing on, only dominant color besides black/white is RED (you know what that means!), a tiger (sex kitten – male or female!), the eagle which represents the phoenix, the "feast" is very strange, androgynous male (the "Change Lanes" has a dual meaning here I believe referring to sex), at mark 1:31 they flash the eye after the word SIGNAL appears. What does the shark at… Read more »
God is beyond my ignorance. God bless you all greater than I could ever request. God bless this world. Be Kindness. Be Love. Be Humility. Be Wisdom. Be Peace. Be each other's Healing. May we become less ignorant with each passing day. God is greater than us all- that is infinity- but we are tremendously blessed with life and free will no less. Even an Athiest could agree life is an immeasurable gift, even if simply on the basis of the odds. In the eyes of God we are surely barely newborns in our good intentions and hopes of purity, what of those who are corrupted? Don't fear. The creator of all and all that beyond creation, this life, has my eternal faith, gratitude and love, there could never be anybody else, nor compromise. I feel either way I am destined to return to God, so I will live my… Read more »

I would like to know just exactly does the LEXUS car symbol really mean? I do know that it also means the “leaning two-fingered peace sign and or time, 3:05 adding up to the number 8, infinity. A friend of mine drive s one of these cars.

Creating a commercial requires the coordination between the agency, marketing people at the brand, and the director. While the concept is chosen at the agency, much influence comes from the 'director's approach' which is the name given to the way the director will turn the concept into a body of work. The video was directed by Melinda Matsoukas – – and her list of work will be interesting to those acquainted with this site: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Rihanna, among others. – oh.. and Whitney Houston. The director is being chosen specifically for the job from a pool of candidates. The other commercial was directed by Jonas Akerlund; a famous satanist director who celebrates darkness in his work. In all that he does, this man has no intention of cloaking his intentions. All one needs to do is to visit his site and look at whats in… Read more »

Someone just tell me who the guy in white is playing the guitar!

A couple of additional items to consider: Japan is being reminded they must play the game by the Ma-Sunry rules of economics. If you want to participate in exchange of goods and services with the globalists banksters, the leading world economies (nearly all of which are tanking – by design), then you must bow to their direction. Japan, and a few other countries not alligned with the Jesuits/Ma-SunszioMafia – aka Vatican Kabbal, was beginning direct trade with China, Russia, Brazil, et al, with no conversion of currencies through central banksters Rothschild/RockefellerBIS European Euro or U.S. dollar. This upset TPTB, and further exposed their hemorrghing hard currency resources. Libya was similarly undertaking trade with its allies, without going through 'proper offerings channels' aka central banking Kabbal, and thus Qaddaffi was summarily off'd by one of TPTB's handy "brotherhoods" who always work both sides of the fence. Speaking of which, the C/IA,… Read more »

As someone who works in marketing for the automotive industry, this ad makes no sense whatsoever.

Trust the model to look like Lady Gaga!

Well, Lexus is an American car company anyways.

why don't we make an anti-illumati commercial?

The first commercial went on for way too long, I couldn't even finish it nor did I attempt to watch the second one. I saw more than enough and felt them trying to wash my brain.

Rich people buy it, Poor people talk about its ad. Just saying, grow up!

That's ironic. A good buddy of mine is the creative director for the company that does all these ads. I thought the models looked extremely familiar. He instagramed them like 2 weeks ago at the shoot.

i was never fond of Lexus anyways xD

Felt like I was heading for a seizure watching that. Had to stop halfway through. Did anyone else feel like they were in the novel, "A Clockwork Orange" or "1984"?

A few things I noticed: A ton of black, white, and red (alchemical/occult colors), and "the pursuit of perfection" (2nd video); Hypnotic flashing/quick scene changes; lots of one eyes (even the cars!); dangerous animals-snakes, shark, tiger

Lexus symbol = side of pyramid. Acura symbol = Masonic compass. Infiniti symbol = pyramid.

Has anyone seen the Lexus commercial where they say 'Because control is the ultimate expression of power.' That really bothered me. How about anyone else?

I think Lexus made their point at the end of the video. When they said "if you want to change lanes, give a signal". They wanted to crossover and get more money, so they gave the signals that requires for them to get it. Pretty obvious. And I used to want a Lexus!
One more thing, is it me or is it that the symbol of Lexus is masonic as well? I see a lot of actors throwing that signal (the peace sign) on their eyes.

"This looks great and is also incredibly practical. Who needs to see through two eyes anyways?"

You crack me up VG !!! 🙂

What is so wrong with duality? Everything in this world comes in pairs for a reason. God made man then he made the woman – thats a pair. God and satan -thats another pair; so i'm trying to see whats wrong with it?

Perhaps it isn’t inherently wrong in itself but the occult is obsessed with the concept of duality. You’ll find this checkerboard concept everywhere. Look up what a ‘masonic tracing board’ looks like.

Somebody more knowledgable may be able to correct me but I imagine a possible interpretation of what it’s about has to do with Satan’s temptation and deception of Eve in the Garden of Eden (yes, I’m going with a Biblical interpretation of this – these occultists clearly believe in the words of the Bible so that’s worth taking into consideration). When Adam and Eve ate from the Forbidden Tree they gained Knowledge of good and evil – duality. Duality began when sin began.

Essentially, I suspect this celebration of duality is a celebration of sin.

Ugh, I’m so tired and bored of them shoving symbolism in your face. God, shoot me (not literally)! I agree, the Kia comercials are disturbing. ‘Respect the Tech’. I think this is trying to shove the transhumanism idea. I really hate that comercial. Has anyone seen the Virgin Mobile comercial? I haven’t seen in it in a month but even my mother agreed it was pure evil. ‘Its time to retrain your brain’. And it is true. I fear for my people. I was 13 when I found out by Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. Then Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj (eww). I think Nicki Minaj is a shame to african americans (I’m not african american btw). But back to the topic, it’s sad people don’t get it(or don’t want to) by now. These days, kids, young/old moms, dads are wearing symbolism and when I look at them, I shake… Read more »


The ad for Lexus made no sense to me at all. All this duality. It was so fake. Had no real meaning in it. MK Ultra symbolism. More illuminati s***e to add to the collection.
BTW, has anyone seen than new animated movie 'EPIC'?? One of the characters in it is called MK!!

I'm really starting to witness first-hand, La Machina is a self-revealing system and we're all here to bear witness with whom it's allegiance lies, not with the father, but exalted above on it's own accord(lexus-EL-X-US). Unnatural as compared to us humans and the creator but most certainly in charge of this realm. Harvesting up plenty more father-less chaotic energy/souls to keep its method of imprisonment flourishing in this spiralling, abysmal lower-dimensional time-loop.

some can't handle these spiritual truths, and the reality that the technologies we are currently creating will consume us and make us a tentacle of the soulless "body" that is really "the beast" of yore. the head is creating the body, with our assistance…

are you ready for your mark? the singularity is coming.

!!!stay above the fray, Jay!!!

You're being absolutely absurd.

EVERYTHING is natural, genius. Otherwise it wouldn't exist…

How ironic that in the first ad it says, "If you want respect give them the truth"

Lady Gaga look alikes…clever! Ugh.

Check out Miley cyrus' new video for "can't stop"…it's beyond creepy.

I see that the old serpents are at it again! The grand druids, grand dragons, grand masters, or grand puh-bas or whatever they like to call themselves.

S'funny, I couldn't even finish watching the commercial it was so irritating. The emphasis on materialism, the stupid dark/cool imagery, the electro music that's supposed to be hip and "with it". Gaaahhh! This is why I don't have a television anymore.

Ow, my poor head…

Have you ever noticed how unhuman and emotionless these people look?

What I've noticed… is how afraid of "evil" all you supposed "true believers" are. It makes your belief look not so true after all. If you had TRUE FAITH in any eternal righteous deity, and if you REALLY BELIEVE he's going to deliver you from the darkness, then you wouldn't even bat an eyelash at the wickedness around you. You'd be completely unaffected. Not a single flinch. Like a rock. Strong, unwavering, stoic, focused. But no, you people cower in fear and desperately call out to the unknown to protect you. So embarrassing. It's all psychology. Actions always tell the true story that the ego attempts to conceal with clever wording. Deep down your belief in God is weak… deep down, in the depths of your soul, you know that everything you've ever learned from your religion is all a bunch of bullshit. Period. You "believers" aren't fooling me. You've… Read more »

A bunch of blind mockers at Alex Jones tweet about this, making fun of him saying the Lexus ad is full of symbolism:

Re the blonde in checkerboard dress, what does the red blood-looking spot on TOP of her head mean?

It means she spilled cranberry juice on her pillow. Doofus.

Jonas Akerlund directed some Rammstein videos. Could you write something about this band?

I have the feeling that Illuminati symbolism is being treated now as the "in" thing, like bell-bottoms were in the 70s, shoulder pads in the 80s, and flannels in the 90s. Which means, it's being disseminated quite effectively in a hiding-in-plain-view kind of way. This will keep going over time as it's being kept alive by the mass-man. You want out? Be an autonomous spirit.

awesome, buddy!

The car commercial I find weird is the one for Kia where the guy brings home the robot girlfriend.

Police in riot gear…to sell a car…okay.
These corporations and/or these marketing firms have lost their effing minds. Lexus makes the ugliest vehicles anyway so I'm not too

Fuji Cho former president of Toyota motor corp was president of the Asian branch of the trilateral commisson. History channel showed membership list on show about secret socities

The main car manufacturers are linked to the occult. The Toyota symbol is a bull or goat or something like that. Look at their logos closely and you will see they are subliminal.

I wonder what the commercial for the BET Awards are trying to say. The slogan is "anything can happen" and it is said in a repetitive way. Kinda weird to me. Just thought I'd put that out there.

I have a strong suggestion to the Author (VC) for an another chapter/part of the website, just in order to avoid overloading:


In such a column You/others could submit what, in their opinion, does NOT bear fundamental symbolism/values cherished by the followers of… well – a million names again and some few thousands of years of inventive and inSPIR(IT)ed worship, but we all know well who is so revered by ‘those on an elevated point of observation’ consciously and by most others – unconsciously.

In my opinion it will be very hard to find much, that is uncontaminated…

Remember, who is the way, the truth and the life…!

Interesting idea, but it probably won't yield a lot. So much is in the world and of it, unfortunately.

yawn, NWO, yawn. ON A SIDE NOTE: I have been trying FOR YEARS to (re)locate a Sunday 60 Minutes episode (sometime after 2002 but before 2010???) that profiled a man who informed or controlled advertising/marketing industry themes due to his high connections and market trend "analysis." these included high end brands/products (like European luxury vehicles) on down… from what i recollect, he was possibly working out of Upstate NY (USA) but i believe of foreign (Euro?) birth & accent. they interviewed him in his mansion (which, in thinking back seemed a bit Masonic, though the piece was filmed a bit dark & shadowy, presumably for effect.) can ANYONE else recall this? or any further info to track this down? i have tried the CBS archives numerous times with every search time i can think of, to no avail. the piece now seems so prescient. don't quote me, but the lead… Read more »

Sounds great! I hope you can track it down. Its amazing what went over our heads before this stuff started becoming common knowledge.

Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille. And I think he was on Front line years back. A genius in marketing but I don't think behind this kind of garbage… who knows go read his books.

Toyota doesn't get it. They bring Scion to Canada only to watch old people flock to the showrooms on the XB and listen to them state that they are "handy little things that could hold their tools and some two-by-fours". They don't get it with Lexus because, while they are decent cars, they are boring as hell. The old people will flock to their cars with type of ad because they will figure they will be cool doing so – similar to Facebook. The young will leave and go elsewhere as usual. Just because you SAY you are cool doesn't mean that you are. Get it?

It's just an ad, why all the Illuminati fanfare?? I can barely see the care under all that….all that..Illuminati! So sickening!

At 1:15-1:16 in the 1st ad you can clearly see that there are 4 horses galloping. WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH A CAR?! Right when I saw it I knew what it meant….the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Jesus is coming back soon. BE PREPARED! It is not a coincidence. Even the big companies know it and are trying to start the NWO as soon as possible. This is a warning to all of us.

I would love to see the board meeting where that commercial was approved. LOL!

"Now let's see …..what if we threw in some devil horns and emaciated models holding upside down crosses"

"Oooh I love it, and how about some checkered floors and masks!?"

I couldn't even watch that ridiculous video all the way through. Marketing firms are turning into insane asylums for the young who believe they have their finger on the pulse of the world. NOT !! Look you morons, the men and women who can afford to purchase your GD expensive automobiles are not moved by images you put on the screen with this add. Yes maybe a few fashionistas or movie stars might, thinking they need to stay up on what you propose as the latest In-Thing, but they are few and far between. Try appealing to those who can actually afford your products, middle aged men and women who are on their way up, or small entrepreneurs who are becoming successful. I don't know who gave you idiots the impression that this type of advertizement will sell a Lexus in the United States, but by the time you figure… Read more »

I am so sick of this world and i feel like i don’t want to be here anymore, the only reason i haven’t done anything crazy to scape is my kids and i thank GOD for them because i don’t know if would be alive if it wasn’t for them. Everyday i feel less and less caring about this world and people in it, i wasn’t like this before i was caring and i loved everybody around but people have become cold and bitter and rude and there is no harmony anymore in this place.

There is no hope and something needs to happen quick so that our hearts can get a makeover.

I read some of Rudolph Steiner's stuff and he warns against this, the heart becoming hardened after 'awakening'. It is difficult. I try to keep my emotions out of it and look at things objectively and as compassionately as I can, but as you said it is hard. My children are the only thing that keeps me going aswell. I have to fight this s***e for their future.

We all go through this stage. It's like one of the stages of grief because everything you were ever told was a lie! Eventually you will get through this and come out on top. The best thing you can do is reconnect, not disconnect. I love going outside and enjoying nature walks. It grounds me in reality and helps me feel close to the creator.

Such a SAD TIME in this country. Good is Bad-Evil is Good. Looks as if Satan is "Pulling Out ALL the Stops" because he knows his time is short. What really gets me is, most won't even notice the "In Your Face" SYMBOLISM for what it is, PURE SATANISM!!!

wow. how do people not see whats going on?????? its so blatanly obvious it makes me want to puke.. how they are basicly telling you to give your heart , your pulse , your heartbeat to the kingdom of darkness….. subconciously telling you to sell your soul… that made me feel so disgusting just watching.

As G. Craige Lewis says, "They gotta let you know who they work for."

VC I have so many possible article u could investigate… Like celebrity and handler a.k.a fake relationships… And also the royal family (uk) and wether they could be reptilian descendants… I don't think I've heard your take on that theory…….also stage school celebrity's a lot of celebrity's seem to come from that sort of background….maybe there is something more sinister idk…. But they are possible routes of investigation for future articles…keep up the good work! Love reading your articles and I will keep spreading the word… Knowledge is power!!

vc said that phrase KIP was rosicrucian agenda ,if i remember correctly