The 2013 Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial and its Occult Message


The Super Bowl has become much more than a football game. It is a multifaceted event that mixes sports entertainment with the music industry and big corporation advertisement, monopolizing mass media attention for days.  This unique yearly event is watched by hundred of millions of people worldwide and is therefore a great platform for the occult elite to push its Agenda. Even worst, its becoming an increasingly blatant celebration of the Illuminati’s industry (see last year’s article Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show: A Celebration of the Grand Priestess of the Music Industry).

Super Bowl advertisements are also big part of the show – they are probably more discussed and analyzed than the actual football game. This year, Mercedes stepped into the Super Bowl commercial arena with a cinematic ad promoting a new car model. While it does a good job selling the car, it also communicates other messages to the Super Bowl TV audience. In short, it is the elite delivering a message about who’s running the show.

The ad is based on the Faustian concept of selling one’s soul for fame and riches, a favorite of the Illuminati industry. In less than 2 minutes, the ad manages to pack some telling symbolism and some realness about the entertainment industry. Here’s the ad.

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The ad begins with a guy admiring a billboard featuring the car in question. The Devil then pops up and tells him:

“Make a deal with me kid and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it”.

The Devil tempting the guy to sell his soul.

The Devil tempts the guy to sell his soul.

The guy takes the pen and then envisions what would happen if he made a deal with the Devil. Apparently, what would happen to him would be pretty darn cool. According to the ad, this is what happens when you sell your soul:

You become a celebrity and get to date the hottest girl right now, Kate Upton.

You become a celebrity and get to date the hottest girl of the moment. This year, its Kate Upton.


You get to party with giants of the music industry such as Usher.

You get to party with giants of the music industry such as Usher.


You become the "it" person and make the cover of magazines (many of which contain Illuminati symbols as seen in the series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month).

You become the “it” person and your face is featured on magazine covers.

You also drive a nice car, have girls running after you and you become a race car champ. So extremely cool. Such a great deal.

Back to reality, the guy looks at the contract that was presented to him by the Devil.

The symbol of the Devil is apparently the reverse of the ancient Chi-Rho symbol that was adopted by the Catholic Church as a symbol of Christ. Notice that the small hourglass-shaped symbol at the left is similar to the illuminated thing that was between the guy and Usher. Is this a way of saying that they own all of that?

The symbol of the Devil is apparently the reverse of the ancient Chi-Rho symbol that was adopted by the Catholic Church as a symbol of Christ. Notice that the small hourglass-shaped symbol at the left of the inverted “P” is similar to the illuminated sign that was between Usher and the guy. Yup, the Devil owned that club.


Looking closer at the Devil's rings, one of them is clearly Masonic. Why would this symbol be there...unless they want it to be there.

Looking closer at the Devil’s rings, we see that the on on top is clearly Masonic. Why would this specific symbol be there? It refers to a real, powerful secret society. There are many symbolic messages in this short commercial.

The guy then realizes that the car is affordable enough for him not to sell his soul to obtain it. Good for you, guy, whoever you are.

The ad ends with some subtle occult numerology.

The 13 part of 2012 is on fire. 13 is probably the most important number in Masonic and occult numerology. It is not highlighted for nothing.

There is fire on the 13 of 2013. Thirteen is probably the most important number in Masonic and occult numerology. It being highlighted is another way of saying that those behind that ad are “in the know”.

So, while the guy did not fall for the Devil’s trap, the ad nevertheless showed what is required to rise up the to highest ranks of the entertainment industry. One must make a deal with an evil entity that is apparently a member of a secret society, who then “magically” gets you in all the right places in music, fashion and sports. Yes, all of this was conveyed in a short advertisement for a car. Is this another way of the elite to brag about how it runs the show? One thing is for sure, all of the Super Bowl audience will soon be absorb that message…And some will buy that car.




  1. Wow i love you articals its is soo out there now that people will watch and laugh and think nothing of it keep up the good work!! :)

  2. Mind blowing! I always wonder about "A" listers and those who are high ranking members of the entertainment industry who appear to be somewhat humbled and grounded wondering if even they had to commit to such an oath. If that's the case, I'd like to know why certain celebs handle the fame and controversy with ease, while others crack under the pressure

    • You said …If that's the case, I'd like to know why certain celebs handle the fame and controversy with ease, while others crack under the press…I would say it might be because people are psycopath/sociopath and can handle it, and others are just suckers who got scammed.

    • Indeed, THEY choose: (1) this one is pissing us off, talking some shit about us between the lines, so we let him put himself in some trouble, let's give him some embarrassment, let's super-expose his sex/drug issues and he will get back crying for forgiveness or he will disappear once for ever;… that one, otherwise, let's see, he is a good boy, a little and obedient puppet, let's turn a blind eye to him, just a footnote to this sex/drug episode and it will all get back to normality.
      What I think is ALL of these pop stars have their drugs, sex and behavioral issues (it's totally part of the game), BUT just some of them are exposed or super-exposed.
      I don't know if I am being clear (I don't speak english very well). What I am trying to say is…
      If you take, for instance, Amy Winehouse: she had her issues, but it only became that deep thing because THEY wanted, they just didn't trust her anymore, because she was becoming a problem to them. So, they let TV and papers show her in sick and awful situations, her popularity falls, and they let that became even worst. I mean, it was for their interest, surely because she was panicking in trying to get out of the whole circus (just like MJ did, and they did the same to him, abandoning him and giving him a lesson of who was in control – that's why they invented that pedophilia accusations). So, they let Amy fall on ostracism and discredit, showing her like a drugged and drunken girl who did not deserved respect or attention anymore. When it started, her death was announced.
      BUT if you take, in the other side, some other pop stars who have their drugs, sex 'n behavior issues, but are "precious" pop stars (who always accomplish their goals), like Rihanna, Bruno Mars,etc., they're obviously addicted, but nothing happened, i mean, they are not renegaded like Amy was, they just keep in living their life and their career is not that affected.

    • Those who seem to crack under pressure of drugs are that are tired and trying to leave or there "contract" has expired

  3. GREAT analysis! kate upton is the new "it" girl – very marilyn-esque so of course she is in this commercial. i also noted the 2 triangles behind usher and the craze for fame.

    can i please add that i have never watched a football game in my life? it is so lame and annoying to me how football is like the new american religion, "sunday funday." i love sports but football is just one i really don't care for – bunch of men spend their lives tackling each other and suffering from life long injuries. – i know my opinion is a bit strong but i can't help it.

    • To each his own about sports but football is far from being the "new" American religion. Football has had a strong following for years. Even more so than baseball. No other Championship game bar soccer has continually had such a consistent viewing.

      With that said aside from sports bashing do you have a point? You referenced religion and Sunday? No. Hmm.

    • My better half stated he thinks that all that steam generated from Beyonce' crotch shots shorted out the electrical system. Me thinz someone, somewhere was being sacrificed while the lights were out.

    • I'm with you on this, over-rated violent game. When you really look at it they are no more barbarians, just modernized.

    • Ha! I saw this movie not so long ago, sad reality of Hollywood all of the people in the entertainment (from the latin "enter" and ment "mind= enter the mind) are demon possessed.
      I don't go to the movies and I watch very little tv
      God bless you

  4. And Rolling Stones even sings about the Devil in the background. This ain't sick, this is something worse. Don't really want to live in a world like this :/

      • Do you have a reason for telling L.A to shut up or did they just hit a nerve because you can relate? I swear it's thoughtless comments like that that tears down a person confidence to speak up. Something everyone needs to do. Don't be afraid, be brave! Don't give up, push back! We are all capable of more than we know. Believe in yourselves.

      • Probably listens to the Rolling Stones a little too much. Some people don't like being told they like the devil's music

      • The Secret One :P on

        I think "shut up" is the only thing you can say to someone talking nonsense since whatever argument you give it will be multiplied by nonsense meaning the result will still be nonsense.
        Before anyone "realizes" anything by reading this article they should read some more about what it is talking about and not just take it as it is served!!! Or just google it: masonic symbols… and just compare!!!

      • Shut up? How profound and eloquent of you to think of such an original response, one you actually got 10 likes for. Is this site turning into Facebook or something with some of the inane comments? On that worthless medium known as Fakebook, one often gets likes for a stupid post saying something like, "I just ate a sandwich. Yum." People that write thoughtful things get ignored or told to shut up. I know people are entitled to their opinions, but leave the stunted, immature playground b.s. over at stupid Farcebook or Twatter where it's more appropriate.

    • The Rolling Stones have long been involved with satanism, beginning with Keith Richards involvement with the Italian Actress Anita Pallenberg in the mid '60s. She introduced him (and Brian Jones) to satanism. Mick Jagger then went to his local library and took out all the books he could find on the subject. It showed up in their music from that point on. That is why I will not support them in any way, shape or form from that day to this.

      • Yes and Mick Jagger was offered to co-produce "Lucifer Rising" by Kenneth Anger, but his brother Chris ended up doing it instead. Kenneth Anger was the author who wrote "Hollywood Babylon" about what goes on in Hollyweird. The Rolling Stones have all sorts of occult symbolism on their albums including "Sympathy for the Devil".

    • as im sitting here in my rolling stones tshirt and jammie pants, having newly stubbled upon this site, i have to say you are absolutely right. i am reminded of what my grandmother always said the Bible tells people who believe that Jesus is the Saviour are 'in this world, but not of it' and that they are hated, but not to care if they hate because they hated Christ first. anyway, i respect what you said. this world belongs to the devil, but i don't and neither do you. God loves us, we just gotta remember that.

    • Truthseeker2010 on

      I thought I was the only one noticing this. They had those young children sing one of those MK Ultra trigger words. The did it on a national level. I wonder how many programmed people watched and what evil will be unleashed.

      I also read about how stun guns are used on those who have been programmed and when the trigger words are given, someone has to get to them within a certain amount of time and administer electronic shock to erase any type of recollection from thei short term memory before it is stored into long term memory.

      Now I look at law enforcement people who have stun gus differently and mental institutions that administer electronic shock to patient

    • The significance of those poor kids being forced to sing that favorite of Hollyweird mind-controllers shouldn't be overlooked. Remember, it was made famous by Judy Garland, a well known victim of programming and abuse, with both her mother and herself both meeting untimely deaths. The song has themes of duality (see the brilliant article about it here at VC) featured in a movie chock full of occult references and themes.

      Not to mention, Garland was also a singer, with releases on the label…wait for it…Sandy Hook records(!)

      • Wow! weird stuff indeed!…I dont believe the name of the studio and the shooting location to be coincidental!

      • OMG…and I just read that a pair of the ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz sold for $666,000. That freaked me out on it's own but with all this added to it? Even worse! As for Wizard of Oz, I saw it as a kid and HATED it. Like, viscerally and vehemently loathed it. It's weird, I never understood why I had such strong hatred for a lot of innocuous things but reading this site and others has shown me that the things I hated most were usually the absolute worst. Of course, it makes me worry I was programmed or attempted to be programmed with those things……how do you know??

      • Oops the same in my case. I watched the beginning of the film and it left me speechless. C**p, absolutely c**p and little I knew about the reality of the film. You see sometimes intuition guides us.

    • Did anyone notice Jenifer Hudson looking very much like the elite in the film Hunger Games? Her clothing was almost identical. She sang with the children in the Kick Off Show.

  5. It reminds me this passage from the Gospel, the book of Matthew chap.4
    Then Jesus was led by the spirit up into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil [….]
    Again the Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, and he said to him: “All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me.”Then Jesus said to him: “Go away, Satan! For it is written, ‘It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service.’”Then the Devil left him, and, look! angels came and began to minister to him.

    BTW, Willem Dafoe who plays the Devil in this ad, had once played Jesus Christ in The Last Temptation (M.Scorsese)….

    • Thats right! Nice call bro! & that's the point of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons, that Jesus and Lucifer are the same being….one represents the pillar of mercy, the other the pillar of severity. But the same building.

      • No they are not the same thing. One is a God and the other is a fallen angel. Christ has absolute power over Lucifer whose powers are below Christ's realm. Lucifer wishes to have the some power as The Holy Trinity but cannot, only in relation to poor weak humans he is powerful.

      • LaurentLeMagnifique on

        of course it is. it is a Hollywood production and the director is a well known satanist (alas).

      • I didn't find it to be blasphemous- I saw that satan would try to trick Jesus into betraying the reason why he was born, and why he had to die on the cross. Jesus was well grounded in God and did not fall for the trick. Basically the movie is about satan and his lies and tricks, and how we as Believers must stand firm in God and in the things we know are true and good.

        In fact, this movie is sort of like the commercial-satan showed Jesus the life he could have if he did not complete his mission-in the commercial the man is tempted to sell his soul for a car and the life he could have (fame, fortune, women, etc.). The man, like Jesus, rebuked satan and turned down his offer.

    • Spot on discernment Ephraim! Your comment reminds me of something I heard the other day, that Satan recycles the same original lie he told Eve in the garden to persuade her to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil: that God is holding something back from man and that man has to take the initiative and get it for himself.

    • Satan only knows how to deceive people by watching the behavior of humans, he doesn't really know whats in a person's heart, in the very core of their being, only God does. Satan presents the basest forms of sinful desire to lead people away and trap them, like a fisherman usng different lures to trap his catch, and will keep using what he knows will work best, but it doesn't mean everyone will fall for it, we have our own minds, our own decision making powers granted to us by Jehovah God, and it is possible to resist him and not sell ourselves out, or fall for his caniving schemes.

    • Omg, this is the first Bible verse that came to my mind when I found out about the illuminati and selling souls for fame back in 2009..this particular passage truly made a believer out of me

    • While we are talking about the halftime show…has anyone noticed all this publicity Beyonce is getting in the media lately following the inauguration. Sure it's the superbowl, but she has nothing to promote in the near future except the Destiny's Child love songs album that was announced out of the blue. This halftime performance is literally being shoved down our throats like it's her concert (in her own words she has been preparing all her life/everything has lead up to this). I think we all know what masters she serves and she's overdue.They really want us to tune in to this thing I believe just to witness a ritual.

      • She's getting press because the halftime show always does? Are you not aware of how this works? She also is releasing a new album and going on a world tour in 2013, so she does have stuff to promote. Not that that stops bands from performing at the Superbowl. I don't think the Who or the E Street Band were promoting anything specific when they performed at the Superbowl.

  6. JJ from Good times on

    the funny thing is I just watched the commercial online on a more secular site and was like hmm the all my researching with the help of this site have made all the dots connect. As time goes by, the devil is revealing himself everywhere. I was watching a video about a satantist discovering that Jesus Christ always rendered the devil powerless. the only power he has is on earth because when our flesh desires material things, he will feed off that and offer to give you " your hearts desires." He just wants to carry your soul to hell with him and the truth is, you cannot take a uHaul to your grave. So lusting and desiring material things is something not worth selling out for. God said taht All things will perish one day, even that mercedes benz lol.

    • Wow !

      What you just said there, JJ, that all sounds so Islamic:

      1. The devil is jealous of man (Adam) and wants to prove he is superior over man to God and take as many souls as he can through the same trickery;

      2. That the road to hell is paved by a soul's desire of the life of this temporary world (wealth, fame, power, riches, greed for recognition, horses branded for their excellence i.e. cars!), while the road to eden/heaven/paradise/eternal kingdom, is paved by what the soul "hates" (worship, surrender to God, restraint, self-control, good deeds, charity, compassion, gentleness).

      In Islam it is taught that the only riches you "own" are that what you have eaten, what you have worn and used up, and what you have given away in charity. The rest belongs to your heirs, i.e. when you die you don't get to take them with you, and hence they are left for the enjoyment of your next of kin!

      Really proves that the Abrahamic religions really come from the same One God. The messages are almost the same, if not exactly!

      Thanks for the enlightenment JJ.

      • They are in some ways close…but very significantly different!! Christianity teaches a triune God- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit existing as one God in three persons. Islam teaches that God is God, that's it. Jesus made it clear he and the Father were one. Only a sacrifice of that measure can save this fallen human race from the evil one. Don't live your life denying the gift our Father gave to us!

        “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."
        – John 3:16

    • For everything in the world–the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does–comes not from the Father but from the world. 1 John 2:16. You are absolutely right that he can only tempt us within those arenas. I pray that all men would wake up to that fact and realize that by ignoring our fleshly desires we are able to walk closer to what God's wills for our lives. People believe that if they stop engaging in sins willfully that they will miss out on something. Once I made the sacrifice to avoid willful sin and asked God to give me strength to do that through the Holy Spirit, I have never looked back. I don't miss lust, folly, bad speech, partying, drugs, idolatry, gossip, slander, lying, hating others or anything else God delivered me from. Thank you for sharing this it is an important truth many are unwilling to consider.

    • killilluminati on

      store your treasures in heaven where moth and rust will not get to them". Money is the root of all sorts of injurious things" The Bible Like ur name 2 haha.

      • The racist undertones (that I DON'T agree with&have a problem with..) in the comments aside here, Black & White are technically Not colors, btw.

      • The devil sees NO color! Its only us people who see colors or races as evil. The devil only sees opportunity. Nothing more nothing less. It really doesn't matter to explain that the devil is a white man or black means evil because its not black the devil likes its darkness and ignorance with a huge scoop of pride. The color black and darkness is two different things. Nobody skin or body is complete darkness (eyes, pupils hair teeth). Evil is not a race matter.

      • How do you know that's a black person alot of different races believe the same thing you ignorant slime

    • Just a thought on

      How about this!

      Before you judge others or claim any absolut truth consider that…

      you can see less than 1% of the elctromagnetic spectrum and hear less than 1 % of the acoustic spectrum. As you read this, you are traveling at 220 kilometers per second in the galaxy. 90% of the cells in your body carry their own microbial DNA and are not ''you''. The atoms in your body are 99.999999999999999% empty space and none of them are the ones you where born with, but they all originated in the belly of a star. Humain beings have 46 chromosomes, 2 less than the common potato. The existance of the rainbow depends on the conical photoreceptors in your eyes; to animals without cones, the rainbow does not exist. So you don't just look at a rainbow, you create it. This is pretty amazing, especially considering that all the beautiful colors you see represent less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.

      • I believe we are spiritual creatures, saddled with an array of organic blinders – we clearly only see a slice of the electromagnetic information proximal to us, a slice of a forward-flowing stream of time frames. (Now … Now …. Now as infinitum) – like a feisty horses barred from looking left or right – forever straight is all that is permitted; our hearing is acute in a sense and sufficient to make beautiful music, but again we are not hearing the peaks and valleys that have been made verboten; touch seems kindest as the least equivocated, but you cannot miss what you've never felt – take felt for example – it feels so admirably smooth and uniform, so safe and somehow orderly, but with she's closed one cannot tell color by touch alone. Are the characteristics of touched objects that provide such information – color, contrast, etc – on touch by certain creatures but not by us? We have blinders it seems . . . Perhaps our blinders trap us in a land of make-believe, so skillfully made that we might not even choose to leave it.

        There's got to be someway out of here
        Said the Joker to the Theif
        There's too much confusion
        I can't get no relief

        Businessman they drink my wine
        Plowman till my earth
        None will level on the line
        Nobody knows its worth

        No reason to get excited
        The Thief He kindly spoke
        For there are many here among us
        That feel that life is but a joke

        But you and I we've been thru that
        And this is not our fate
        Let us not talk falsely now
        As the hours getting late

        All along the Watchtower
        The Princes kept the view
        While all the women came and went
        And barefoot servant too

        Outside in the cold distance
        A wildcat did growl
        Two riders were approaching
        As the wind began to howl

    • The level of denial that the children of Europa live in regarding their historical status as the devil's primary instrument to subjugate and dehumanise this entire planet is astounding.

    • MediaRotsYourBrain on

      What an ignorant thing to say! There is evil in EVERY race. The devil can be whatever "color" he wants….he's a spirit. I've met evil people in all nationalities and colors.

    • oh I'm sure he has many disguises and can show up looking like whoever or whatever he wants to to a certain person or persons. lately I've been thinking he's only 1/2 white.

    • Really? And why the Rockfellers, Rothschilds, the Bush clan, B Royals, G Soros, A Hitler etc are an ugly bunch with big noses? I haven't seen any of them who is attractive tbh. Now that I am thinking of it one of those monks whose heart was in the right place, who literally dedicated his life to Christ, had communication with various Holy figures, Saints. He claimed that Christ is blond with blue eyes. So they wish to be gods and copy Christ. That's what it is.

    • Do you think that the devil in the Biblical passage about the devil showing the Son of God all the kingdoms of the earth and telling him he could have all of this if he just fell down and worshipped him was a white man?

      Or was he a man at all?

  7. I would never have seen this advert if I hadn’t have checked this out and OMG!!
    I cannot believe thet managed to get that much in less than 2 minutes and very well hidden in plain sight! I was watching it after reading the article and yet your conscious mind still has trouble keeping up!

    But someone once said especially for children – once you have seen something, you can never un-see it – meaning these symbols and meanings and subtleties stay in your unconscious forever to be manipulated and used in the future. Some very scary thoughts!

    Stay vigilant and be wary of children absorbing these messages as well(Although in my opinion most programs/adverts are detrimental to mental development and because of the subliminal messages and biased)!

  8. The movie flight with denzel washington, his friend and cokedealer john goodman eachtime he shows up you hear the same devil song of the rollingstones.

    And eh, that movie tells you exactly how to use drugs and cover up drugs with drug, they could rename it only for that…… to use and abuse drugs…….

  9. Before you do anything devil worshipped, read a book by David icke, the truth will set you free, it's free online, just type in 'David icke the truth will set you free PDF' , then watch a documentary called 'Zeitigiest the movie', and then research on topics in how we're are all one universal consiousness experiencing itself subjectively. Then see if you want to seepll your soul. We all want to be loved, appreciated , respected and acknowledged, don't go about it the wrong way. All the best x

    • David icke appears to be one of those fucking people serving the illuminati and all those stuff!!! How come he is never oppose by the elite for what is his telling!!!

      • Because he must not be one of them. They won't harm someone that isn't no matter what he/she says. Its all right there. There is still a possibly they can and WILL manipulate the author in to doing exactly what they want. The whole point is to put everything out in pain sight where everything can be seen. While much of it remains unseen to the eye but its viewable to the unconscious mind. They are all over the the place. How about look of the symbolism in the half time show Beyonce is obviously showing her memberships to the public also many of the views are also showing the symbolism. The triangle and devilhorns are right in front of your face! One may say she illuminated the entire superdome which is called the "Mercedes -benz superdome " just as the place goes DARK!

      • I've read two of Icke's books and yeah, it makes you wonder, given the kind of stuff he talks about ie, the number of well known people involved in really serious things, why they have not locked him up, or even more? You can't fool all of the people all of the time.

    • Better yet, watch Zeitgiest the movie and then look up who made the movie, then lookup at the maker's interview with Alex jones…Hold on I'll find out real quick-it's worth looking into cause Zeitgiest is one slimy trick- — K his name is Peter Joseph and I found a link here about the movie, second link is the interview with Alex Jones fronting him out. Lots of people watched this movie, including me. And lots of people were swayed away from their faith, including me. But it's just another piece of propaganda – RESEARCH PEOPLE.
      I also learned that he no longer believes 9/11 was an inside job-go figure.

  10. Before you do anything devil worshipped, read a book by David icke, the truth will set you free, it's free online, just type in 'David icke the truth will set you free PDF' , then watch a documentary called 'Zeitigiest the movie', and then research on topics in how we're are all one universal consiousness experiencing itself subjectively. Then see if you want to seepll your soul. We all want to be loved, appreciated , respected and acknowledged, don't go about it the wrong way. All the best x

    • Watch for Liars on

      David Icke is a false prophet leading people down to hell and away from the saving grace of Jesus Christ. He speaks the truth on many issues but his ultimate message is a New Age, esoteric lie…we are not Gods, we are not divine. We are fallen creatures that need a saviour. Our works alone won't get us anywhere- not heaven, not to a state of pure consciousness, not nirvana…nowhere but hell. So sad but so true.

      • Watch for Liars on

        Sorry I should have mentioned, it's sad but it doesn't have to be! We are saved by the blood of Christ and Christ alone. Unlike in all other religions where you have to "be good" and hope you earn forgiveness and make it into heaven, in Christianity you are saved first and then you serve the Lord because you have a real, heartfelt desire and longing to do so. God bless everybody :)

    • But, if we stop seeing this, who will decode their messages? I think VC doesn't like to see this, but it's important to keep alert, to open someone else's eyes.

  11. anyone remember that song by stone temple pilots i heard it today on the radio! sell your soul sign an autograph! not worth it!

    • The song is "Big Bang Baby" for any just wondering, I love much of STP's work. :) (And yes, I think that was the point of that tongue in cheek/catchy radio single. When that cd came out, the singer Scott Weiland was particularly pissed off at the music industry/fame/ect. In the lyrics of other songs, interviews, ect; it was very apparent..)
      "Big bang baby, it's a crash, crash, Crash!!" – STP


      • i think scott weiland is one of few anti-masonic artists around. that's can explain why media hates him so much.
        his lyrics for "big machine" speaks for itself.

        I don't know
        Because she says so
        He's a faggot boy
        The TV says so
        He's a junkie piece of shit because he says so

        All that first-class jet set brings me down, down, down
        All that first-class drug shit brings me down, down, down

        It's a big machine, it's a big machine
        We're all slaves to a big machine

        I got houses
        Got cars
        I got a wife
        I got kids
        Got money in the bank

        Get away without borders
        I'm a slave, New World Order
        I guess I chose to be

  12. Freemasonry is a fine and very upstanding institution and a benefactor to mankind at large WITHOUT any of the devious and manipulative means falsely ascribed to it. Can we all (and I'm looking at YOU, Mercedes Benz) stop bashing it? It really does not deserve it.

    • You have bought into the "goodness" for freemasons! And you have been duped. If I am a bank robber and I "donate" $100K to a charity, does that make me good, or bad? You had better do some more research on the Masons before you think they are benevolent!

      • You don't do research on the Freemasons because people like you say things like that, become a mason then you will know . My fiancé,father, brothers an many others I know are masons, and they do no evil so Don't talk like you know what it's all about when you never stepped foot in a lodge an met a group of masons , they are no different then you an me

    • yes sure…like The Rockerfellers are huge benefactors of mankind.. The bible says it too that evil men do good too. Therefore one's good works alone are not enough. I dont care what Freemasons do. All their works are toward a common evil. Dont look at the tree, look at the fruit. Can a bad tree bare good fruit.

    • There are esoteric, and egsoteric meanings in all freemasonry messages. You, as well as the rest of well meaning Masons are being deceived because you deserve to be deceived. Not my words, but rather the words of freemasonry's prince, Albert Pike.

      • Well said, to put that down for idiots, soldiers who kill for thier country are still just murderers although they believe they are doing good, murder is murder I'm pretty sure family members of 911 bombers thought they were great ppl

    • Thank you. For those of you that don't know, atheists and devil worshipers CANNOT be made a mason. I have been a Mason to over 30 years and have never known a more upstanding, caring, giving group of men. Look at the Sheri er's Hospitals for Crippled Children. All services are free of charge for some of the best medical care anywhere… OBVIOUSLY the work of the Devil….Right…
      Every Mason that I know is shocked and offended that Mercedes would make such a link. The Ad Agency for Mercedes says it's just done in fun, and did not I tend to offend anyone. Nice job, as they offended thousands of honest, upstanding, hard working Americans, who, by the way, could be potential customers.
      You MUST previews a faith in GOD to become a Mason, so, sorry… no devil worshiping here

      • And you are what rank, again? I suggest you look into Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" who describes the true Architect of the Universe as Lucifer, revealed in the higher degrees. Sounds like a benevolent deity, mmhmm.
        Remove the blinders from your eyes!! How many curses have you spoken over you and your family to attain rank within the degrees?

      • Exactly…………….You have to believe in One Supreme Being (Albert Pike, Madame Blavatsly all claim that "Lucifer is the Lord of this world"………….Also i knew someone who's father and grandfather were freemasons and he told me things, thing that i new but him telling me just confirmed everything that ive reserached on the freemasons – I dont really want to say on here what he said but basically that they are evil people.

      • You knew someone who knew someone, meet a mason or become one, then you will know that everything people say about the devil worshipping is bullshit

      • Let me ask YOU a question. Why in the world should we give a shit? Everyone is entitled his or her own beliefs.

      • why dont u just say what he told u? we already heard horrible stuff about them on this website and on the web too, its no secret. but i personally would like to hear something from a direct source like u

      • People do not wish to see that the Freemasons have been demonized by the various churches for preaching an equality of belief, an ability for all believers to share their views and to do so without persecution. It is the CHURCH that blames Freemasons for evil things, yet it is the CHURCH that actively molests and abuses children and then hides the facts. Get your shit straight people.

      • Don't be silly.. there are some perverts who join the clergy to have access and molest kids but because they are members of the clergy they could get away with it. Probably even the evil spirits guide them as well. Although not all members of the church act and behave the same way. Let's not put everyone in the same pot. It might happen more often than it should but there are corrupt pedophiles in the synangogues, mosques, everywhere. It's not the Christian churches only.

      • Everyone in my family is mason and my dad is at church every Sunday an helping the church when ever possible, nobody knows the masons better then a mason themselves. The fact that everyone talk about them like this I find amazing because I know many masons, an they are just like any other man on the street. I find nothing wrong with them, nor does my father,brothers,fiancé, uncle, grandfather, and couple of neighbors. Yes all of them are masons. Also brad paisley ha

      • Dear Meee – I have many family members that are masons as well. I know of a pastor friend, who is also a mason. They are good people and do not understand the origins of masonry. God said to let your yeas be yea and your nays be nay and do nothing in secret. If anyone must have an origanization based on degrees of secrecy and enlightenment it is corrupt to begin with. That does not mean that all people who are masons are bad but that the people at the very top are definately "in the know" about what is going on and the people at the bottom don't have a clue. Albert Pike and others do tell alot in their books and do say that the God of masonry is Lucifer! Good Chrisitians are deceived because they place a Bible in their lodges and talk about "GOD" but they don't actually say what God and you don't hear the name of JESUS lifted up.

      • Eh do you not worship the lord don't remember anything about god in there my friend if I had it I would give it now there's a fucking lie

  13. There is another commercial that you people must watch. its the lolita lempica new perfume commercial called "le premier". It simply has it all!! Pedophillia,mind control and …..a stag. with very, very big horns. they are so shameless.if anyone has an idea how to give a link to the vc ill be very happy.

    • I agree totally. This is disgusting advertising and more fuel to the fire which makes women and girls thought of as objects. No wonder there is so much violence towards women. When I was young I thought the world's mindset would become peaceful and intellectually aware. The majority of people have let themselves be dumbed down and only care about material goods.

    • Wow. Just wow. So much one-eye symbolism, horns, butterflies, sexuality… stars Elle Fanning who is only 14. Also, the stag is only ever seen in darkness, whereas Elle is always in sunlight.

      • why lolita? i loooove that smell of the perfume…now i find its also illuminati and sinister….goodness:(

      • Maybe a reference to the book 'lolita'. Dreadful story and the ending was too bad. That's what happens when your needs are above eveyone else.

  14. Another illuminaty commercial is the lolita lempica new perfume called" le premier." could anyone help me with sending the link to the other readers?

  15. What gets me is this idea that satan is a sinister and evil looking character. If we recall, the biblical description of lucifer was beautiful and captivating. He hasn't lost his georgeousness. That's why he's so successful at fooling people. And he does make every sensual thing look sooo good. But we all know it's a trick so keep your soul intact.

    • Lucifer is not actually evil. In fact, he is not the evil Satan of the New Testament, who is depicted as an "Adversary" to G-d.

      If you do your homework, you will realize that Lucifer is the "light bringer" to mankind, Lucifer is the "morning star", which is used various times and in various ways in the Bible, including by Christ to refer to himself at one point in the Book of Revelation.

      • Here's some homework –
        Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
        This is the only mention of 'Lucifer' in the Bible and it tells us he is fallen. Dont get confused with 'morning star' in the book of Revelation. All new Bible versions in the last 50 years have excised the term 'Lucifer'

      • You are stretching it there……no where in scripture does son of morning refer to Babylon.
        sons of God have reference to angels. Lucifer was the top angel and he wanted to be like God- he was thrown out. Lucifer would love for people to still adore him by his original name and for people to see him as light- so that he could deceive. He promises higher knowledge and to become like god- Scripture is not confusing and its all there. If one wants to know Scripture, one must know Christ- you cannot understand it without the Holy Spirit living in you. All one needs to know Christ is to believe; salvation is a free gift. You cannot receive salvation by your own works, like other religions rely on. Your works would never be enough.

      • The Hebrew word translated “Lucifer” is helel (or heylel), from the root, hâlâl, meaning “to shine” or “to bear light.”

        However, the KJV translators did not translate helel as Lucifer because of something inherent in the Hebrew term itself. Instead, they borrowed the name from Jerome’s translation of the Bible (A.D. 383-405) known as the Latin Vulgate.

        St. Jerome, likely believing that the term was describing the planet Venus, employed the Latin term “Lucifer” (“light-bearing”) to designate “the morning star” (Venus). Only later did the suggestion originate that Isaiah 14:12ff. was speaking of the devil. Eventually, the name Lucifer came to be synonymous with Satan.

      • trust4himonly………You said it correctly, Satan used to be an angel till he was banished from heaven and thrown out with the rest of his angels who we call "Fallen Angels" and have been deceiving everyone since the beginning of humanity………..The Elite belive that they have been illuminated by the light bearer (Lucifer/Satan/Devil) – check out the Staute of Liberty, what is she holding in her hand and what it represents and who built it?………………

      • They haven't been illuminated, they are kept in the dark. The contracts they have are all useless at the end of the day. They won't be living forever, they can take in their coffins the possessions they steal from the poor and innocent anyway. If you think about it the bargain they are given is worthless as they are also used.

      • Exactly Kanckered……….They believe they have been illuminated but like you said they actually haven't, they are being deceived and are in the dark and they want seek the path that leads to illumniation………but in the end these type of people will burn in Hell for eternity

      • I can't make predictions as to what happens to them after death, it's not up to me to decide their fate, I'm only saying that everyone is physically mortal and haven't yet met someone who had the ability to gather their belongings after their death and transfer them wherever they went. Pessimistic stuff.

      • i think ur talking about how the NIV (new international version) confuses the two terms. the NIV is corrupt and omits many verses. google "differences between KJV (king james version) and NIV and ull see the major differences.

        but that verse from Isaiah 14:12 is "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!" this is the KJV version, but the NIV corrupts it and says,

        "How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!" they call Lucifer the morning star

        whereas in Revelation 22:16….Revelation 22:16, "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."

        in the NIV they also say that Jesus is the morning star, NOT Lucifer. this is only one corruption of many…

  16. Of course the Devil makes everything look good. It's the answer to everything. We all *generalising here* want money, power, fame, etc., so just sign on the dotted line to get it. Some people do. But what they don't realise is the Devil eventually wants his dues and he WILL get them by dragging the signers kicking and screaming into Hell..
    I noticed all the symbolism too.
    BTW, the ad is pretty inane/asinine…whichever?

  17. people would think, hey look, he did not sell his soul at the end so that's all good, he relied on himself. but actually when i look at it, its still the same crap cause actually thats what satan wants you to believe that you are a god and need nobody in the first place. the same lie as told in genesis.

    "Genesis 3:5 "For God does know that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

    • Not to forget: the guy just didn't sign because he saw the car was cheaper than he thought (and, eventually, he was gonna get all that dreams true by himself). He didn't sign not because he thought it was wrong.
      I bet: if the car was like 100,000, the guy wouldn't help, he was going to sing that paper!

  18. This shows me that the devil is real, whether you believe it or not. Because even if you don't believe, there are those who do, and whom admire and wish to stand with Lucifer.

      • We are not scared of them, we are scared of God's rage. God is patient, loving, caring etc however His rage is equally strong. We want to God's chosen -at least some of us- but it's complicated to live by God's wishes.

  19. Sadly this art imitating life. Sign you soul over on the dotted line. That guys plays a good "devil" in his movies. Didnt mercedes benz supplied Hitler with whatever machinery/equipments he needed?!

    • I wouldn't be surprise if Mercedes supplied him. I have heard that Bosch ovens (I think it was Bosch, they have a lightning bolt looking thing near the dials for the stove top) were used in the cremations.

    • Daimler/Benz indeed supplied the Nazis with vehicles, aircraft engines, and spare parts, using tens of thousands of forced labourers. This is from Daimler's own website:

      "Workers from eastern Europe and prisoners of war were interned in barrack camps with poor, prison-like conditions. Concentration camp detainees were monitored by the SS under inhumane conditions. They were “loaned out” to companies in exchange for money. In 1944, almost half of Daimler Benz’s 63,610 Daimler Benz employees were civilian forced labourers, prisoners of war or concentration camp detainees."

    • Forget about Mercedez supplying machinery to Hilter. Try googling Warburg Hitler banker and you will find out who sponsored Nazis… Good luck

  20. I actually think this is quite clever in the way it is taking the piss out of the common idiot male (im a man btw), its quite apt to be honest. Sad to say that most boys (i wont call them men) actually think like this, and are so easily sold on fantasies.

  21. They should have a tag line for that vehicle: "The Swagmobile" because essentially, thats what its trying to push. That word is the epitome of selfishness and materialism. And besides…they make that car look hella stressful to own. Who wants to be chased by a crowd of people everytime you're gettting ready to head to the car? HaHa…oh yeah, celebs. Dangit! Im trumped again by the masses insaciable lust for "Shiny" things. Someday peolpe…..someday.

  22. Pretty 'in your face' stuff. And why the hell [no pun] the devil was wearing a masonic ring?? Bizarre.
    VC forgot to mention that even the Mercedes logo is an occult symbol itself.

    ps: i love Dafoe's work!

  23. What if 'they' are actually demonizing this stuff by making us think it is evil but they are actually twisting and defiling precious knowledge?

    • Bingo! Lucifer only tells a big lie, if fools fall in, it's called free will. Play the game, its only got 2 moves. You have a fair chance, especially if you've been paying attention. Come on, kids, if you hang around here you have all the pieces.

    • it is plausible that knowledge that makes us independent is suppressed by those manipulating us through desire. You need nothing? then nobody tells you what to do.

      OTOH to live a meaningful life no special knowledge is required, all relevant dilemmas are in the open and enough of a challenge.

      Also, discovering a system from the inside of it ,never gives you complete assurance of the ultimate effects of your actions, so your thirst of knowledge could be used to enslave instead of freeing you.

  24. OK, so I think the symbol to the left of the sign looks like the Shield of David but moved to each others points, instead of being superimposed or interlocking. Also, anyone have any ideas about the symbol that looks like a 3?

  25. With the 13 lit up may also serve as a cue as to who will(possibly) win the Super Bowl, the 49ers. 4+9=13.
    This whole Super Bowl thing is a ritual as always, with The Ravens(death) and 49ers(13) with twin brothers going against each other. Twin brothers, Twin Towers, the sons of Esther aka goddess Columbia etc.

      • Thank you for that tid bit, they look ALOT alike. Maybe they're actual clones of their father- ha! Yea I did go there.

    • This makes the images in Beyonce's performance make sense. I was wondering why there were two identical faces looking at each other. But your comment made it click to me. Plus the 30 minutes of darkness? Then an asteroid hits Russia, the next Olympic host…it's all coming together. (Even though the asteroid thing could VERY much be coincidental–everything happens for a reason–it could be a warning or sign of things to come.) Considering Venus orbits in a way that traces out the hexagram star–if NASA isn't lying to us then well damn a whole lot of fucked up shit is about to go down.

  26. Funny how they often show the devil ugly, suspicious and/or scary looking. Isn't the devil supposed to be super handsome and innocent looking so he can deceive people easier? And even if the devil looked ugly, wasn't one of his abilities to change his look and form? If I was the devil I would chose a friendly and trustworthy appearance, instead of the look of some old creepy guy. I guess they try to sell the cliche image of the mean looking evil to get people dumb enough so they fall easier if the evil person looked nice.
    It is all a business trick!

    Besides that, I never was into big sports, since I always had the feeling that there is not a fair play. Also never understand how fans get so upset when their team loses! I mean there will be other games where the team has another chance of winning. It is not like that it is their last game ever and then the team disappears. I just don't get it. Maybe someone can explain why it is such a disaster when the favourite team lost?
    Also find the players horribly over payed!
    People often get dragged too deep in it and treat it like some sort of religion.

    • Maybe he doesn't look too beautiful because then it'd be a dead give away.If they show a guy who looks kind of old with some wrinkles its more hidden while being in plain sight. Also I did realize how people treat it like a religion. They do their "lucky" rituals like wearing their pijamas inside out or something like that that supposedly bring good luck.

      • oh yes the pyjamas ritual. Another pagnistic one, like the blue eye bead and the fact that they allegedly get rid of bad luck if they say a pray -probably interwined with the names of demons- and the use of extra virgin olive oil. I was given some of those bluy eye beads, so I throw all of them in a river.

  27. It's so in your face and people STILL DON'T SEE IT. They have the masses so cleverly distracted by movies, tv shows, trashy celebs, materialism, and sports/sport events such as the Super Bowl. Well played elites, well played.

    • Its too well played. They have to make it more obvious because everyone is so dumb. They want humans to try. You're supposed to win, but humans are stubborn. Like they're maker, I suppose.

    • Yep. One-eye cap with "brain wash" written on it… pretty arrogant!
      It's all there: mickey ears, jacob's ladder, etc.

    • and wearing a hat that says OBEY. In that same pic…see bottom of skateboard – SUPREME, pic of an eye, pic of a pyramid triangle, checkerboard

    • Another fact about her; She's starring as the lead of the new remake of "Carrie" (which has a lot of MK themed concepts like duality, mirror shattering, trauma, abuse, sacrifice, etc.)
      Also, the movie poster features Chloe's face with blood dripping onto one of her eyes.
      The fact that she's been in the movie industry since she was a little girl also makes me wonder if she's a real MK slave.
      She's really talented though.
      Poor girl if it's her handlers that are putting her up to things like this.

  28. Mercedes Benz adverts are usually dark anyway. The one with Josh Brolin was dark too.

    They own the stadium (Stadium; Mercedes-Benz Superdome) and New Orleans is another one of those cities filled with all sorts. Mardi Gras, New Orleans hip hop (Lil Wayne especially,) the Fleur-de-lis (the symbol of New Orleans.) New Orleans VooDoo etc.

      • In the Old Testament in the French language, it describes the fleur-de-lis as adorning the temple walls, for pete's sake! Unless you're thinking of giving that some dark meaning . . . I promise you that those of us in the New Orleans region don't worship the devil or whatever dark meaning you're implying is associated with the fleur-de-lis. It just means "French" to us.

  29. VC you have taught me well! I saw a quick part of this commercial and caught all of those symbols. This is just so easy….how can anyone be clueless anymore, it's so obviouse.

  30. "What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?…" Matthew 16 | 26

    "Thousands lose their souls for the most trifling gain, or the most worthless indulgence, often from mere sloth and negligence. Whatever is the object for which men forsake Christ, that is the price at which Satan buys their souls. Yet one soul is worth more than all the world. This is Christ's judgment upon the matter; he knew the price of souls, for he redeemed them; nor would he underrate the world, for he made it. The dying transgressor cannot purchase one hour's respite to seek mercy for his perishing soul. Let us then learn rightly to value our souls, and Christ as the only Saviour of them." Matthew Henry on 'Matthew 16 | 26'.

  31. The only agenda I see is the continuation of giving the masonic fraternity a bad name. You people think they are dropping those things in there to mock you? It is because you are already conspiracy theorists and how else disguise yourself than to use another organization as the fall guy.

  32. I'm not sure if anyone has pointed this out in the comment section. There is a visible chemtrail in the sky around the 44-46 second mark. This marks a disturbing new trend in advertising. I've seen commercials for Iams cat and dog food in which chemtrails are prominently displayed. It is no accident. The person directing the shot is surely aware of this image.

    More surreal slop from the new world order, where you're not "living" unless your "living at the movies."

  33. If you're like me, and you have been following VC for awhile and every post makes your stomach sick with the elites perversions, please read this post.

    There is a way out. There is a way to become free from this world and all its illusions. You don't have to be extremely religious or even attend a church. But you do have to be vigilant for God, and only God. Please do the research yourself, as I cannot put all I know into one post. Please use a search engine and look up A Course In Miracles. Please also look up Disappearance if the Universe. I am not forcing anyone who does not want to know the truth, or anyone who is not truly ready. Those who are will seek the truth.

    I first discovered ACIM when I was 17 (I'm now 24). At first it was hard to accept. How could this be true??? I stopped my work with it and tried to resume living life with my eyes wide shut. Not so easy to do once you know… In one of my college classes we were studying the media and the occult and I began my research and found VC's website and learned the worlds truth.

    Now, putting what I know from the occult and their ways etc, ACIM makes sense to me.

    I'm an honest person hoping to help others who feel that there's no way out. For those who learned about the occult and had the eyes opened and say Now What??? What can I do? How can I live??

    If that's you then please just search those book titles and learn for yourself.

      • yes. any doctrine that denies Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Saviour of the World is not Christian.

      • There's no one set way to God. Many people use different paths to God. As long as they reach him is all that matters

      • Let's not assume where someone dead is because our time will eventually come. We are exceptionally judgmental quite a few of us but powerless and we'll make it even worse if we ponder where the dead are. Perish the thought.

      • Its a rhetorical question. To ponder and ask yourself if it makes sense. As I said, God has no religion. Religion is man made

      • God is our Father although I am totally frightened of Him and His rage. My mind is too inferior to have the ability to understand the concept of Divine.

      • Satan is a liar on

        Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth, and The Light. Noone gets to The Father except through Him. What you are speaking is Oprahism. blasphemy.

      • That is not even remotely true.

        It's Jesus's true message, which was misunderstood the first time around. Did you even research it? Honestly? I don't think anyone who can honestly say they've researched it and read the book could ever say that A Course In Miracles is remotely occultic. Christianity is not the only way to God. Organized Religion can be a crutch.

        A Course in Miracles Does Not deny God or Jesus, rather, that we are all the Son of God. The Holy Spirit is there to gently reawaken us from this nightmare. God is a loving God, that is what the Course teaches. He is our Father and we are already forgiven in His eyes because we have done nothing wrong. God is not to be feared. God is not vengeful. God does not require that we repent our sins. This fear of God is baffling to me. If God is truly loving, then what is there to fear?

        I wish I were more eloquent, I wish I could put it into words to help people understand….But that is not my place. I just want to stand my ground and say that the course stands for true forgiveness. Not the worlds idea of forgiveness, where you recognize what wrong was done and then bestow forgiveness allthewhile holding the memory of the wrongdoing in your heart. True forgiveness is recognizing that what you believe your brother has done has not really occurred. And so you forgive what has not really happened and then release the projection of guilt to the Holy Spirit. Jesus would say, when walking out of a room, "God is".

        God is, and There IS Nothing else.

        For those who feel they are ready to fully accept God and let go of the ego thought system, please do not be afraid. Please do not liisten to the misinformation that NON-informed persons are spewing out of hatred and fear. And if you find that you are not ready, no worries, for Heaven is still waiting and our Father has open arms, and the Holy Spirit will remain so long as any of our brothers remain asleep…will remain as a familiar hand to gentle awaken us from this dream.

        Remember God made you in His image, you are Perfect Whole and innocent. Honor that in yourself, recognize it in your brother and know that God Is. Be vigilant for God.

      • God is loving but He is also Righteous. If you cannot forgive easily someone who put you down why do you expect God to forgive you if you've lived a sinful life? We are told, we have to repent when we are still alive, however we have to repent in all honesty. We can't hide our intentions and nature from God. We might be able to deceive people but it doesn't matter as they are not the ones who detremine life after death. Do we know when our end is near? Nobody knows the exact time of their death, so how can we determine when we have to repent. Let's say I live my life against God's Will and plan to repent towards my last days. We can joke with God, the more we think we can calculate everything and manipulate God, the more delusional we get. Can you outsmart God? Nope.

      • You can't reply without researching the meaning. I'm not here to "fight" with anyone. One day you will KNOW that all of your sins have already been forgiven by our Father. There is nothing to fear in God because you are innocent in his eyes. I know that's difficult to accept after thousands of years of being told to repent. And that you are guilty. That you are unworthy of Gods love. That you must fear God. All are false.

        God is perfect. He created us in his image so we are perfect too (in spirit, not in flesh). God cannot create imperfection. God did not set up this world to test you. To watch you suffer. To see children die, get beaten and raped. Would that be a loving Father? No. And because we know Him to be loving then the only true answer is that God resides in Heaven, outside of the Universe. The Universe is our doing.

        We were perfect and whole in Heaven as spirit. Imagine bright white light. Never ending all encompassing. We are an extension of God, the holy creator and in His we created alongside him. Love is the purpose of Heaven. Not scarcity or fear or lack.

        And imagine one day we got an idea to go off and create without God. And in that one single thought of separation we created the Universe. The Universe is based on the idea that we can truly be separate from our creator. We wanted an individual identity. Although we were created in Gods image we are not God. In this single thought arose everything opposite of heaven, of God.

        Fear. And because we became fearful of what we've done we had guilt. And out of this unconscious guilt (at the level of the mind) arose the ego thought system. Which said, " come here, I'll protect you, we can create together without God." And then all hell broke loose, so to speak….

      • …..Because we fear what we've done (thrown the kingdom of heaven away and turned our back on God) or mind split. The enormity of the guilt was too much to bear. And because guilt typically needs a scapegoat, the ego projected many bodies. Now think of it this way; you take one orange in its natural state. Whole and perfect. Then slice that orange into lots of little pieces. It's still the same orange, but now it's fragmented. You wouldn't look at the orange pieces and deny that the orange wasn't once whole. You wouldn't say that the pieces came from separate oranges. That'd be crazy.

        So apply that to all of gods creations. We started out as one, then seemingly broke off into many pieces. The reason was you can't displace guilt without something to project said guilt on. The flesh becomes the sin. We then become a world that is literally outside of its right mind. We fear god because of what we think we've done.

        We think we don't deserve the kingdom of heaven. When god knows that our illusions are not real. What we think has happened has really not occurred. We ARE innocent in His eyes. He's waiting for us outside of the universe of time to come home and rejoice in Heaven

        When the split from God occurred the Big Bang happened. We created our universe in a weak image of the true heaven. We live our lives as bodies projecting guilt and blaming each other for our unhappiness. For this, for that. We're the victim and were the abuser. All in an effort to escape the unbearable pain of life without God.

        Think of the ego as a narcissistic spoiled little brat. Think of it as the devil. The ego would have you believe in your illusions. The ego would have you make this world, this universe real. It's very life depends on it. Without your belief in the ego thought system it would simply disappear and you would reawaken to your true self at home, ever safe with God.

        The ego is a smart little bitch. It doesn't want you to wake up. It likes having a separate identity from God. It wants you to feel the hurt and pain. It says to you everyday, "you're guilty. You don't deserve love. You don't deserve the to rejoice with God."


      • …….

        It then creates shiny things to keep you occupied with all the universe has to offer. Money, sex, power and special love relationships*. Anything it can do to distract you from truth. From waking up. It creates ways to block off the mind from ever realizing what it is or what it truly wants (God).

        Everything in this Universe is based on duality. So therefore it's false. Up down left right black white. The ego (devil) loves duality because its everything God is not. Oneness love spirit.

        And that's where the Holy Spirit comes in. Without the Holy Spirit the gap between our world and Heaven would be too great and our minds would be lost forever. The holy spirits function is to gently reawaken us to our birthright. To bridge the illusory gap between our world and extend a hand to heaven.

        The only way to stop the cycle of birth and death is to forgive the universe. See it as an illusion. Know that you are whole and innocent and do font condemn your brother. Do not look upon another human being and project your unconscious guilt and not attack. Look upon your brother the way god looks upon his sons, with love. Because they are innocent.

        Jesus was the first person to forgive the universe and rejoice with god. He looked upon everyone with love and saw them as innocent. His true message was destroyed in fear and rejection. The egos hold on our minds is strong. Very strong. Every time you judge another you condemn them to this world of flesh and you Deny them their true nature.

        One day everyone will know the true meaning of forgiveness. We will lay or earthly wants and desires aside and loosen the egos hold on our minds. We will see it for what it truly is. And once we do this the universe will disappear. And we will rejoice with God on heaven. And He will be waiting with open arms to accept his innocent children.

        Whew! That was a lot. But not nearly enough. I just wanted a chance to say my peace. It's not about anyone here agreeing with me. I'm not here to say what you believe is wrong. But I am here to say that if you are the person who's looking for something different, to live a life of love, peace and joy and to be truly Vigiluant for God and only God, then research it.

        It won't hurt anything and it might just make you smile ( ;

        Namaste. The light in me salutes the light in you.

  34. Mercedes Superbowl XLVII what’s going to happen Feb 2013 was this advertisement Sep 2013 hope not another preparation desensitize Mark of the Beast.

  35. VT, I think another interesting thing is what the Latin says over the line where he's about to sign.

    One way to translate it would be "Seals, Master, set of Devil and Demons"

    There is no getting around the fact that it's a devil's contract.

  36. Man from Modesto on

    A few notes from someone who has studied this for almost two decades:
    1. The most important number is 32 or 322. There are 3 major parts, and 22 total subcomponents to the main Satanic ritual ceremony.
    2. The Chi Ro symbol IS Satanic. The Freemasons were created in Rome. So was Communism. Once you realize that communism and the secret satanic societies were both created in Rome, you realize that Rome is responsible for most of the murder, death, and despair on the entire planet.
    3. Freemasons must live "according to the Luciferian Order" above the 30th degree.
    4. To become a Shriner, one must first be 32nd degree. Sign a document acknowledging that the "Grand Architect" worshiped in the lodge is actually Satan, and you can become 33rd degree… and a Shriner.
    6. The compass and square of the freemason ring represent the open legs of a man and a woman. Their goal, like the ancient alchemists, is the "union of the opposites", the merger of feminine and masculine. It is a sex cult.
    7. The name of Satan's feminine guise is… get this… COLUMBIA.

    • Chi Rho (XP) is clearly NOT Satanic. They are the first two letters of Christ when spelled in Greek (XPICTOC = CRISTOS in Greek). This was used by the Church when it was still under Roman persecution as a secretive way of showing one was a Christian (much like the fish symbol). Greek was the common, everyday language for most of the Roman empire.

      Regarding Communion being Satanic, ask yourself: Why does the Black Mass invert and mock everything contained in the Catholic Mass? If Catholic worship is Satanic, why would the overt servants of Satan wish to mock it and turn it upside down? It is clearly because they recognize that it IS pleasing to the One True God, and they wish to displease Him by turning it towards the Evil One.

      • The Chi Rho symbol, in all reality, predates Christ's life on earth as a man by several hundred years and is said to have been adopted by Constantine as a symbol of Christianity after his ”conversion”. Constantine adopted many pagan customs and symbols and ”Christianized” them. Such as Christmas, Easter, the fish symbol. ” Sun” day as a day of worship and many other things.
        And I believe it is Communism, not communion, which was being referred to.

      • What proof do you have that XP predates Christianity? It has a clear association with the word XPICTOC. With regard to the word "Sunday," it is not the case in any of the Romance languages, which all refer to Sunday as the day of the Pasch.
        It is true that the Church Christianized pagan practices. It was seen as a way of easing pagans into the practice of the new religion. For instance, the Jesuits allowed Lakota converts to make use of the peace pipe in their prayer life after they converted.

    • Thanks! To Dawg, the families always play both sides of the board if they can, the reflection and deliberate inversion is pleasing to their beliefs and if you don't get what w mass really is and what its based on, well buckle up! Also, satanists are super religious in my experience, they just worship both halves. Think on that.

      • That's quite a stretch. Why would Satanists, if they were really part of the Catholic Church, try to subvert the Catholic Church? There's no logic to your statement.

        What IS the Mass, by the way, if not the ancient worship of the Church as instructed by Christ at the Last Supper?

      • Because in the Catholic church mass, the wafer is claimed to actually turn into Jesus' body which is blasphemy. Christians know that the bread is really a SYMBOL of Jesus' body sacrificed for us

      • John chapter 6 is very clear about this. I encourage you to read it very carefully with un open heart and mind. Jesus never says His flesh, which is to be eaten, is a symbol. The Jews hesitated at the words of Jesus, "I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever; and the bread that I will give, is my flesh, for the life of the world." They were scandalized by these words. Did Jesus seek to clarify, so that they wouldn't abandon Him? No. He came back with even stronger words, "Amen, amen I say unto you: Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you shall not have life in you. He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath everlasting life: and I will raise him up in the last day. For my flesh is meat indeed: and my blood is drink indeed." He lost followers because of this. Yet, He was more adamant in His meaning as He clarified His statement. He did NOT say, "You must symbollicaly eat of my flesh. That's all I'm saying." I think it's quite audacious for any man to read that into the Word of God (when Jesus gave clarifying statements asserting His original statement), simply because it seems impossible to them that God can feed us His flesh.

        Likewise, at the last supper, Jesus (who is the Word made flesh) spoke the words, "This is my body" over bread. This is the same Word who created the universe when He spoke, "Let there be light." The Word of God creates. It brings into existence. When Jesus said, "This is my body, do this in memory of me," His words had power, and they transformed the bread into His flesh, and in saying, "Do this in memory of me" to his disciples, He gave them that power, as well.

      • Brother you need to go back and read the whole chapter. Please understand, Jesus said in verse 54 that whoso eateth his flesh and drinketh his blood hath eternal life. the last portion of verse 57 then sais he that eateth this bread shall live for ever. now drop down to verse 61-63. Emphasis on verse 63, ”it is the spirit that quickeneth (or gives life); the flesh profiteth nothing: the WORDS that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. The bread IS INDEED symbolic and Jesus employed it as such in His own words. As a matter of fact, the Bible from Genesis to Revelation employs bread as His Word. Jesus is the Word made flesh. He embodied in human form the words that had been spoken by God. So in essence He was stating that in order to obtain eternal life we must believe the Words of the one who gives life. The fact that many turned away troubled was evidence that they did not believe Jesus' words. Those that stayed because they new and trusted Jesus had the meaning of Jesus' statements revealsd to them.

    • Demons are very ugly, all those years in hell and their menace.. They scratch and torment dead people with their nails. Whoever has the ability to see those creatures and whoever has been in hell can testify it. It might sound surreal but I don't care. I believe it's that the way it goes.

    • Like lady gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and the likes…….and the stupid masses file their nails like that now…it looks like witch nails

      • They have to copy all the monstrosities of those witches. Let hem do whatever floats their boat. Each to their own.

  37. The devil does not exist. I tried selling my soul many times. This is a fairy tale. Not to say that illuminati does not exist however…

    • Truth in truth on

      So, because you did not obtain wealth or fame means that Satan does not exist? Sounds like ignorance to me. And let me tell you, I did the same thing as a young child. I didn't receive wealth or fame though. What I did get was influential people around me that were involved in drugs, gangs, a few industry people, and the occult. It was after being introduced to the occult and seeing firsthand the powers of darkness being manifested in Satanic ritual before my own eyes along with the ultimatum to join the new world order or die that that I new that there had to be a loving God who could save me. Suffice it to say that I'm alive and well today. but the things I've seen no one can convince me were not a result of the decision I made as a child. But soon everyone will have to make the decision to join or suffer death. Just know that Jesus is able and willing to save.

      • Truth in Truth……….Please tell me more i believe that Satan does exist but have you seen demons manifest yourself? or know anyone that has?………There are select people that can do that right???

      • Truth in truth on

        I have been in thsir prescence on multiple occasions. They have never manifested themselves in human form, they are spiritual beings. I have seen in ritual where they have been conjured up into a human. It is the most frightening thing. I will admit that the a few times it is while I was on lsd. So understandably some might dismiss what I say as hallucinations which I at first did my self. But after experiencing the same thing both on non-hallucinogenic drugs as well as sober, and with the understanding of the occult and the fact that the Bible speaks of fallen angels, I know these were truly demons. No, I've never met any other person who has experienced anything similar to what I have. I wouldn't want anyone to have to experience it. But I believe God allowed it to happen because it is the only way I would have allowed accepted Jesus.

      • I bet its frightening, they can shapeshift and transform into practically anything to lure you in – Have you heard of Aleister crowley?, he used to do similar things all the time……..Have you heard of Roger Morneau? please look him up and listen to what he says, its quite scary like and check out the films Constantine, Drag me to Hell, End of Days, Mirrors.

        Also Lady gaga, she's said in interviews (Please check the Rolling Stone magazine interview and the dream that she has – it references films like the Horsemen and Hellraiser, fuckin scary) that she always has nightmares that are so terrifying and morbid and that she puts them in her shows and in her music and uses that as inspiration,

      • I truly believe she (Ldy Gaga) is deep into occult rituals which explains the reasons for her incredible success and fame – all the things she does is for a reason, she says this herself……..Who else wears a dress made of raw meat, who stays in an egg for three days, who puts Semen, Blood and belladonna in a perfume and it had to be black otherwise she didnt want to create it (Semen and blood being ingredients for ancient Heremetic magic rituals and potions), who else would kill/sacrifice themselves on stage, check out her ad for her Fame perfume, scary indeed, also just look at her music videos…………I could go on all day, i better get back to work lol

      • My point is that she is using dark forces/spiritual lures to make her seem god like and so people idolise her (Which they do) and that Stan is using he as a tool to deceive and corrupt the masses and now she is getting Terry richardson to film a biography of her life, she's still young like its not like she's in her 50's but what i amtrying to say is that she will die soon…………..and people dont be surprised when she does beacuse people that do things like she does are damned for eternity and i doubt she will find God………..

      • Truth in truth on

        Yeah, I try not to lend my eyes too much to all their rituals and stuff man. Its dark occult imagery, and to be completely honest I'm fascinated with it, most people on this site are thats why its such a big/loyal following. Don'T get me wrong, there is a need to understand the wickedness of this stuff and we shouldnt be ignorant of what these people are doing. but they want us to be absorbed into this stuff. Our minds should not continually look to this stuff, we need to see Jesus high and lifted up. And at the same time expose the wickedness of these idols or ”stars” to there blind followers

      • EXACTLY im fascinated with it also and want to understand it but i dont want to carry them out and what you are saying is true and correct mate, thats why you shouldnt do the ouija borads, palm readings, fortune telling (soothsayers) beacuse your opening your body up for stuff like that but you talk sense mate

      • Truth in truth on

        ive seen roger morneau interview. That man tells the truth. He was led to the same truth I was. We'Re both seventh day adventists. Look up mark cleminson's testimony

      • Yeah what Roger says is very scary indeed and i will check that testimony out. You can tell he's not lying and alot of people willthink its bullshit but they are the people that dont have a clue about subjects like this

      • You said they have never manifested themselves in human form but conjured up in human forms – so how did they appear, in their spritual form? also wanted to know where did this ritual take place? (You dont have to tell me the exact location lmao) was it in a house, castle, underground? Im just so intrigued because i know all this stuff exists but its very dark and dangerous stuff and im asking questions so i can get a better insight because people think its all in their imagination

      • Truth in truth on

        They have never appeared to me pretending to be a human is what I meant. The first and second time they manifested themselves was while I was high on lsd. Its hard to explain because they really had no form. They were just dark entities very cruel and threatening. At the time (1998 & 1999)I was 16 and 17, they were communicating with me telepathically I guess you can say. The voices weren't audible like the way humans interact, but they were very audible and clear in my mind and they were telling me that the new world order was coming, its like they wanted me to submit to them I kept on fighting it in my mind and they were threatening to kill me. An experience like this can easily break someone. just recalling these things to mind is crazy. I thank God I still have a sane mind and reasoning powers. Anyways at the time I had never heard of the new world order before. I sas a minor dope seller, I new alot of gang members because of this and I associated with a rough crowd. After these experiences though, I put it in the back of my mind and blea them off as just bad trips and never thought much of it. I kept doing drugs although lsd I wouldnt do anymore because the second time I had this bad trip I ended up in juvenile hall and then usc counth hospital for a few weeks with broken bones. Anyways, I still did mushrooms, e, cocaine, meth and and anything else I could get my hands on. I was an alcaholic, in and out of county jail. In 2005 tnough I had a run in with a crystal meth dealer who was also a rival gang member unbeknownst to me. I went on a binge and was out partying a few days. Basically the people around me were involved in the occult and naturally they will groom people to be initiated. Many people actually take their first initiations without even knowing it. Example, martial arts is well known by the high ranking martial artists to be occult in nature and their is communication with fallen angels. A street gang, the established ones which are recognized by the various organized crime syndicates, drug cartels or what have you are nothing more than witch covens. But the youngsters being jumped in dont realize that when they get in, they dont see the spiritual side until later on after they've been groomed and conditioned to think acertain way but by that time theyre usually set in their ways and ready to accept whatever it is Satan tells them

      • Truth in truth on

        So anyways I find myself at the residence of some drug associates, one of which I now realize is a high ranking occultist. I know because hes the one who called up the demons into the other guy who was in the room and I had never seen that before, not just any occultist can do that you have to understand demonology, which not every occultist understands. And pretty much by this time these guys had known me for a while and had accepted the fact that I wasnt down with the devil. I mean at the time I was kinda just tired. Tired of being a drug addict, of going to jail, of being 23 years old and not having anything going. I knew I needed to change, but ireally didn't know if God was real, but I knew that was probably the only shot I had. And I had expressed that a few times while doped up with these dides. Not knowing at the time they were into sorcery, I guess they had had enough and didnt want me around. And they let it be known. but I know one thing, if it all happened the way they planned it, I wouldnt be able to tell people about that experience. I walked out of that place with a whole different view of reality. Now I understood because of the similarities between that situation and the ones I had had before while high on drugs and seemingly open to supernatural occurences that the reality is we live in a world governed by supernatural entities. Shortly after that I began to look into the occult and became aware of the new world order, which blew my mind because of what those demons had told me back in 98.

      • Alriiight……….So it was through these drug dealers? but im thinking were they some big time dealers because not all dealers are into sorcery and the occult or most dont have a clue about that stuff – But what did YOU do to have that experience youself? (was it something bad or something dark you done) and what did you do in the ritual?
        ive read about demonolgy also and that you have to do certain things at certain times to evoke or invoke these demons/entities………

        Also i know that they (entities) come into your dreams and do everything through your thoughts and what i was saying about lady gaga and her dreams, i know that that dark stuff exists (Did you check her interview out? and what she says what happens in her dream and that its re-ocurring and a ritual that happens with it, what did you think?)

      • Truth in truth on

        Well, like I mentioned in my first post, I ”sold my soul” to the devil so to speak. I used to get high when I was 12,13 years old and play with the ouija board and one day I decided if the devil was real I wanted him to give me power so asked him for it in prayer. I was young and impressionable and I would listen to Bone thugs n harmony rap about this type of stuff. But I believe that even though nothing really appeared to happen when I did that, in the physical world, in reality the devil took it serious and placed a claim upon me. From there I now realize that my friends and associates were in a large part picked and chosen for me by him. About the drug dealers, I've lived in los angeles county my whole life, and yes, even though they may not have pushed the most drugs, the people I associated with were well connected. With the drug cartels, who are very satanic and perform occult rituals all the time. I dont believe that every drug dealer and every gang member understands the occult. However, at the same time people need to understand that even a drug as seemingly innocent as marijuana plays a very important role in opening up the human mind to sorcery. Many times while high I was impressed with ideas and thoughts and they would seem so spot on at the time. I thougnt I had the secrets of life figured out. For example, the new age talks about the universe and positive and negative energies, quantum physics and all this other stuff. Well, when I would get high, before I ever knew or heard about that type of stuff it would be revealed to me. Because demons would influencing my mind, but I didnt rezlize that at the time because I wasnt open spiritually I didnt know the spiritual realm existed. But now see, how many others like me? There may be thousands that have been through similar experiences, but who have not pushed back against those types of things when it got to a certain point, you feel me? I would never tell anyone about these types of experiences before because people would think your crazy. see, I was being indoctrinated by demons to accept a certain lifestyle, to accept certain ideologies. Really being prepared to accept the new world order and the worship of the antichrist. But once my life had been overrun by drug addictions and I no longer wanted to be affiliated as a gang member because of the things I was being asked to do, I was oppressed. I wanted out. But see, how many are being led down the same path? Even though they may live a different lifestyle, the occult branches out through all different types of lifestyles. And though people may not realize it, they're being led to the same thing, the acceptance of the new world order and the worship of lucifer. Satan accomplishes this through media, through drug use, and through false religion. Look up walter veith, he has excellent information, he married a woman whos father was a high ranking occultist, a new age high priest. She inherited all his books by alice bailey and manly p hall. So this guy started readi.g those books and he breaks down the new age agenda and the role of secret societies. He shows people like benjamin creme and how all these things are coming together. Very eye opening. I still have questions though man. I don't claim to know everything. I just k.ow what ive seen and experienced, Im not fully sure about how their rituals work because ive never been on the other side of it. I know that that day I was supposed to die though. I believe it was a satanic ritual sacrifice that had been planned. The way everything happened had to be planned. Too many details to go into, but I believe the plan was thwarted only by the mercy of God. I had once read Psalm 91 because achristian girl that I took out with me once told me my friends were evil and I shouldnt hang around with them, she told me to read psalm 91 when I get home. So I read it because I liked this girl, she was so sweet and innocent. Anyways, I had tried to read the bible before and never understood any of it. Except for this one chapter. So that day while all this demonic witchcraft stuff is going on in front of me and im realizing im not going to make it out of this place. I realized I was going to die right there, but then I somehow recalled this passage to my mind, and basically remembered the part where god promised evil will not come nigh me and he would give his angels charge oved me. I claimed that promise without even realizing it. I jusg kind of said in my mind, God if you're real, please don't let me die here, save me from this. I know there was a battle in that room after that. The dudes faces were so angry and you could tell something was wrong, they were frustrated and they only would say things to me. They were insulting me and stuf, but things that they didnt even know about me. Secret things that only I would know about myself, they were saying and they would give an evil laugh. I stayed in the same spot for a while and listened because I was curious and I didnt feel as threatened anymore. But after I had seen and heard enough I just turned around and walked out. Before I left they told me though, not to tell anyone what they did. Tney put tape over their mouth and then pointed to the tv where a image came up of a man tied to a chair and then being shot up by automatics. Needless to say, I was frightened and never said anything for a while.

      • Woah! Sounds scary man, ive read and listened to some other peoples testimonies and they sound surreal man but this stuff is happening……………..Cant believe youre from Los Angeles, ive been wanted to go to LA for years now and i wish i lived there also. it kinda makes sense what you are saying as i can imagine Los Angeles being full of people who are in to the occult and the dark arts as you have Hollywood, The Music Biz, Fashion Industry & Entertainment being the centre of the City & it all kinda fits together what you are saying as the entertainment business will be full of these type people and "Selling your soul" and all that kinda stuff, you start joing the dots together and get one big picture, its fuckin crazy man……………Its funny you mentioned Manly P Hall and Alice Bailey, waiting for one of his books through the mail, wanted to read it just out of curiosity and i will check out that Walter guy…………Also i wanted to say please please watch THE ARRIVALS – There are 51 parts and its over 7 hours and it contains soooo much info and you will be astounded man, there is a section which shows Roger Morneau on there also. I really do want you to watch it as i know you will totally get it

      • ………….Have you seen the article on this site on the Los Angeles Library and its occult meaning?………….check it out, interesting stuff man.

      • Wow……I know and understand what you are saying and this world is not what people think it is and the Rothschilds, rockerfellers, all the other elite families are linked with supernatural entities but really really, they are being deceived and they dont know it.

        i just wanted to know did this happen in the states? and do you think that Queen and pope and other leaders practice occult satanic rituals? becuase i think they do and also wanted to ask you if you have seen the Arrivals – There are 51 parts, very interesting documentary and i recommend you watch it.

      • i know of people who have a succubus or incubus demon have sex w/ them in the human form. they are jealous creatures, beautiful and can make love better than any human….some women dont even wanna be w/ a human man because of that incubus demon which has them trapped…its real

      • t-t those people are into the occult, if you are not into occult I don't see why they would dare to come close to you. Some people decide to celibate for other reasons and not because they have sex with this type of d****s. Have you had sex with one of those or both of them? You appear to be an expert at it so it makes me wonder if you are into this kind of thing. And if you are, make the effort to get rid of it for your own sake. Take care and stay away from them, they will harm you.

      • Truth in truth on

        With the exception, of course, of those who were with on the other side of the ritual, no, I have never met anyone in person who has experienced these things. There are testimonies all over the internet of ex occultists who have similar stories. Some of these I believe are genuine

      • Prophets and pure people have contact with Saints and also can see demons. One of those monks, a pure soul, was saying that God doesn't allow us to see demons even though they are everywhere, so we don't get frightened. They are that ugly, even thought hey can different forms. Some school friends of mine went to spend a week-end in a beach house back in the 90s. The house belonged to the parents of one of them, so she invited 2 more. I wasn't there, however at night they came across a very ugly tall thing dressed in black with a badly shaped deformed finger. Everything was dark and first they saw a green light coming from nowhere & an ugly weird smell before they switched on the lights they saw the demonic figure. They almost had a heart attack, they lost their sleep. The next morning they went to a local priest and he told them there were more incidents like that. He went to the house to bless it with holy water etc and make the evil spirits disappear. I heard the story from 2 out of the 3 girls and it's exactly the same even though they described the events at a different time years apart without being all of them together to listen to the whatever the others were saying.. If I didn't know them very well over a very long time, probably I'd have my doubts. With one of them I travelled quite often in the past and she is very balanced, normal, teetotal person. She's not that kind of person who imagines things. They try to agitate us in our sleep though. Many peeps have awful nightmares where the wicked ones manifest themselves in order to harass us. We are their toys, they don't have a life of their own, their sole purpose is to pester us and take us down with them. They will spend eternity in fire and hey ho since everything will end and humans will stop reproducing, they will left without a job. Now it's the opportunity to take as many humans as they can.

      • My old friends ae not into drugs, they don't even smoke fags or marijuana, they don't drink either. Very teetotal, happy go lucky people indeed, not even religious. But they are good eggs. Yep I believed everything because there was a trust that developed among us over decades.

    • The devil?There are 4 devils and i can tell you; they are ugly and quite disturbing to look at.This is not a fairytale,just because you cannot see it doesn't mean it isn't real.Our spiritual organs are closed on purpose and it's up to us to wake them up.If you want to see and hear these things then you need to find a way how to open them up via praying and meditating.You have no idea what your talking about.These devils are just the tools and they are using their puppets (secret power groups)to do what the want them to through them.

      • They also take the form of angels, Saints, Maria and Christ. I had an odd dream on August the 15th 2011, guess who allegedly appeared in my dream.. Christ and His Mother. And the idiot I am I believed it was Them. I thought to myself isn't it lovely that Christ visited me while I was sleeping the day of I celebrate the name I was christened with?… -it's an equivalent to Maria. Anyway the mug I am quite often, I just bought it but then I came across the wise words of some monks who stated categorically that our dreams are the product of evil spirits. At least 95% of them. And finally I realized I had been deceived by the usual suspects in order to believe that I was something special as Christ wanted to connect with me by appearing in my dreams. Yeah right. That's why they do, they trick us left right and centre as they have experience of who knows thousands-millions of years and we are like ants. Disposable little creatures.

      • Truth in truth on

        They do take the form of angels. As a matter of fact, I believe they usually appear ax benevolent entities because its easier to deceive people. And though it is a popular belief even among Bible believing Christians that ghosts of passed friends and relatives really exist, this is not taught in the Bible. Communication and worship of the dead is forbidden, because demons can then impersonate these dead people and decieve humans.

      • @Truth in truth they do all that and even worse. Sooo let's get rid of everything associated to occult, blue beads, yoga, astrology books, tarot cards etc, let's fast on Wednesdays/Fridays, get some holy water, holy communion, confess, pray and do everything possible to prevent them from taking over. Our time here is limited, we are mortals and there is no way we could become gods. The lie has to vanish, we are not gods, we'll never be gods and at the end of the day we don't want to be gods. We want to be led by holiness and justice by those who can deliver. The more we distance ourselves from God and His Will the faster we become their puppets. That's what we are, some minor puppets where our minds, bodies, and souls can be used and abused by them because they can. Reclaim our lives and rebel against injustice and wrongdoing.

    • Your soul gotta be worth something to him in order for him to be interested, ie. you gotta show him what you have to offer him… If you're not worth anything then he won't offer you much, if anything back… you probably didn't try hard enough, either that or you were protected by people around you with soul ties that were too strong (at that time) for satan to get round. But if he's determined enough, he will work through those… like I say, it depends on your station in life, your potential as a human, and as a soul.. if you are destined to do great good, then satan will be VERY interested in a deal! Then again if you're already a douchey loser, he's got v. little to gain already by giving you loads of cool stuff?

  38. The bar in the ad is Napoleon House in New Orleans
    Which is fitting considering the hidden hand stuff
    And it has kinda got a chequered floor.

    The Chi-Rho symbol:

    An old style representation of the Omega sign sometimes looks like a ‘3’ lying on it’s back, is this where they got the ‘3’ from, and is the triangle at the bottom another 3 making ’33’?

    The other symbol on the left, the best I could find is the alchemical symbol for Arsenic which has the atomic number of 33

    Anyway, always great to read your stuff VC, thanks!

    • Just to be clear regarding the Chi Rho:

      Chi and rho are the first two letters of XPICTOC (CRISTOS in the Greek alphabet). the A on the left is "alpha" and it is an "omega" on the left, to show that Christ is the alpha and the omega (as He says in the book of Revelation).

      You probably already know this, but in case others don't.

      Your guesses with regard to what the diabolic version in the ad symbolizes are as good as any.

  39. MissFunnyBunnyKC on

    This is a little off the subject, but I found this pic of Linsey Lohan, and I wanted to share it. It's very masonic with the two pillars and rays of light behind her. I feel sorry for her because she clearly is a MK Ultra victim; the other pics on the link show her acting like she's clearly in overtly sexy beta mode.

    • The altar she is sitting on is one that was formerly devoted to the Virgin Mary. The Marian blue and the AM (initials for "Ave Maria") at the bottom are a dead giveaway. So in a way, this whore-ish pose is probably meant to mock the Virgin Mary.

      • Beyonce sang that song "Ave Maria" at the grammys or some award show a few years back…… Whether there was an occult/esoteric meaning im not sure but most likely………. I just think Its mad how everthing is like a huge jigsaw and the pieces link together……….Oh and i really do think Lindsay Lohan is gonna die soon or perhaps join Club27, beacuse when she does die what are people gonna say………….It was the partying and drugs……………..The ole usual bull****

  40. Great post VC!! I watched the video over again on slow motion a couple times. I noticed that one possible sybolism could be the magazine covers. Always shown in threes. Three of the same man, possibly representing the trinity. Also it is clear that the message is saying, "You don't need the devil to be like god. You can do it on your own!"

    • Also on the 3 magazines, notice there are 3 images of the guy, and on the third magazine cover is a large number 6? I may be pushing it a bit far there but they symbolism is odd.

  41. How about the latin words above the signature line? From a Latin translation website_SIGULA- (unknown word, looks like "sign")_POSVERE- put, place, set, station_MAGISTER- teacher, tutor, master, expert, chief, pilot of a ship, rabbi_DIABOLOUS- (unknown word, looks like root of diabolical)_ET- and, and even, also_DAEMONES- spirit, supernatural being, intermediary between man and god, evil demon/devil)_One possible translation: "Place your signature here and your master will also be an evil demon"

    • JohnTroncel – look at the comments on the first page of this post – Someone's translated this in English, but it pretty means what you said

    • SIGULA – the seal, POSVERE- of the, MAGISTER- master, DIABOLOUS (misspelling of DIABOLUS) – the Devil, ET- and, DAEMONES- Demons. "The seal (signature) of the master, the Devil and [the] Demons."

  42. To the perfume commercial, the pick of Dakota Fanning pictured with the perfume bottle with a flower on top coming out of her private area.
    222 Duality – Polarity – Reality is created by an electromagnetic energy grid. 2+2=2=6=Flower of Life

    It's like there "mark" is everywhere….

  43. HE didnt sell his soul for the car, but the intended customer WILL. "Look…I can drive a Mercedes and portray the image of being a bigshot for less than $30,000!" If anyone can REALLY afford a Mercedes, they wouldnt be caught dead in the El Cheapo model. But the right people will be selling their soul when they sign the 2lbs of paperwork to buy it. They will be 'car poor' and deeper in debt than ever. And then they'll need the govt to take care of them when their credit turns to poo. I dunno. Just my take. Did anyone notice the flames on the 13 made a dragon in slo mo? Could have been a phoenix? And what was the address on the building? Was it 818? The whole mirror image thing? And could anyone make out the license plate?

  44. The Devil is alive and in every sector of this world people think its a joke when illuminati symbolism comes up, its intentional and deceptive. When Jesus was tempted, the devil promised him the whole world and its assets that is what fame is all about.

  45. Diabolic! !!!! If the chi rho symbol is on devil’s contract and is used by the vatican (stolen from the chinese) what conclusion can one reach about ethical and spiritual standards of the vatican. As for me l can’t wait for christ’s return just to see the current papal caesar spit and polish christ’s shoes. Dominic ac redemptor! !! I say.

    • didn't Jesus wash his disciples' feet, and then state that "no servant is greater than his master" and then also exhort his disciples to carry out the example He set?

  46. The price is "starting at 29,900". 2+9=11 and then comma and 9.Could it be 9/11, again? How about those birds in ad, at both sides of the car? And numbers etc. behind that "Vanity Fair chasing screaming girls" whole scene. These is a yellow five pointed star. Also the titles in every magazine: e.g. some black and red fonts and clothes or sofa where he is lying. Is there some red rose image behind that red carpet scene, where the girl pulls the boy near him to make some pose? QSN 028 the register plate? One blond, one brunette and one african american girl in the dancing party scene who go to the car. Same hair theme in the Vanity Fair reading magazine and screaming.

  47. The hourglass means time is running out before the next 9/11-like false flag orchestrated event.

    The symbol on the devil's paper resembles the Great Seal of the United States.

    I would like to invite you all to Islam, please consider it, thank you.

  48. I think maybe he is the antichrist(son of satan) He says no thanks Ithink Ive got this.Like when a son says to father….. ive got this DAD.Notice hes on white horse.. magazine says return of…his name is sam.I thought son of Sam killer. where the guy says satan had him do it.Idont think he turned him down so much as he can handle it himself.

  49. This whole commercial is playing while Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones is on in the background. The sad part is that my entire family was in the room with me and never once realized the message that was on the screen. They don't believe in these "conspiracies." Things need to change.

  50. wow, William Daffoe is really clear about it. And though i didn't think he was creepy before, after this ad i sadly do. Ok, he starred in "The last temptation", but it was an alegory – he was exposed and known in the industry without being talented enough or anything – now this… How can one draw a line between evil and god? I mean, did he just do an ad for the money and didn't care of how he would be depicted there or he was consciously aware and did it anyway? And Usher? I thought he was an anti-Illuminati, but lately… well, he has turned a lot… Anyway, the ad is quite controversial and leaves you thinking whatever you want. He didn't sign – but he did want to, he maybe signs later…

  51. All of this is another reminder of how the Bible warns us, " and do not to be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God." Romans12:2 if we keep our minds on Him our minds will be renewed and these hidden messages will have no worth and no place in our mind . Another favorite verse for those that feel afraid, is, " for God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a SOUND mind." 2 Timothy 1:7. These are promises!

  52. I'm so impressed by this site's focus and consistency in pointing the public to the subtle devilish activities around us that we easily pass over. Well done and keep up the good work!

  53. chasingthetruths on

    "And they learned what harmed them, not what profited them. And they knew that the buyers of (magic) would have no share in the happiness of the Hereafter. And vile was the price for which they did sell their souls, if they but knew!" – [Qur'an 2:102]

    • "Masons are closer to god"………………..and do you know who the God of the Freemasons is? because i think you will find the God in Church for Christians is a different person to who the freemasons believe who their Great architect of the universe is…………Please do your homework

      • They become freemasons to climb the ladder, become successful with the connections. The greedy ones who want more and more, never satisfied with anything.

  54. from the NY Times article concerning the power outage:

    "In choosing New Orleans to host the game, the N.F.L. wanted to signal that the city was back in business after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Superdome, which was turned into an emergency shelter after the storm, had been overhauled and rebranded through to a sponsorship deal with Mercedes-Benz. "

    We live in a dark world where people need the true gospel found in Jesus Christ.
    I was reminded of the verse in Acts 26 where Paul speaks of his conversion on the Damacus road:

    To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.

  55. I clocked the following Illuminati symbolism in the halftime show: one-eye, Twinning/dualism, black and white, alters, broken glass, many-armed Kali goddess, pyramid handsign, giant flames and wings/halo. Plus every single person in the show was female, which as a feminist I thought was cool but had to wonder if it was channeling goddess energy. In the 'fan created countdown,' I caught more one eye and and a five pointed star, symbol of Venus. And what was with that blackout?

    • I also found Beyonce's inaugural earrings very Venusian/Luciferian. Five pointed stars and emeralds are associated with both the great goddess and Lucifer.

      There seems to be a certain level of occult doctrine at which the primordial Son and Mother are one and the same. Hence the conflation of goddess and Satanic/Luciferian symbolism.

      • And I've been wondering about the design of the stage for the halftime show, with the two faces like a Gemini symbol. It seemed to mean something beyond the basic concept of duality, and I think I've figured it out, based on something I just found right here on Vig's site, on his article about Beyonce's Sweet Dreams video. In regard to Monarch programming:

        “A division of light-side (good) and dark-side (bad) alters are interwoven in the mind and rotate on an axis.”

        I think that that is what those two faces mean.

        I also just caught solar symbolism in her show, too, when the camera is above and she is lying on the stage with red circles radiating out.

  56. Another interesting thing about the power outage during the SB:

    33 min lights out . game resumed at 9:11. 47th Super Bowl (47=11). On an 11 day (2.3.2013). N.O. coordinates 29N (11) 90W (9)

  57. Regarding the inscription on the contract ("Sigilla posuere magister diabolus et daemones"), this is an excerpt from the Pactum Satanicum of 1633/1634, and it is said to be used at Black Masses, which invert and mock the sacred words and symbols of the Catholic Mass (one might ask why Satan is so set upon mocking Catholic worship). The full Latin text may be found here:
    or here:

    A translation and explanation of this pact can be found here:

    I think whoever put this ad together must have had extensive knowledge of the occult and Satanic rituals.

    • The Catholic mass is satanic too. the pope is one of the highest ranking occultists on earth. And dont even get me started on the Jesuits. The catholic mass is just a christianzed version of pagan occult rituals that exists to deceive the masses of sincere followers of Jesus. And those faithful followers need to be called out of Babylon.

  58. well if you look closer those ring are another symbol of some ocntract, the first one with mason symbol is closer to the seconde one, the second one is symbol of chinnesse dragon it mean that they are now at peace, or masons gonna make a favor for them

  59. the photos of the lights being out at the dome looks like the all seeing eye, the Benz sign in the center with lights surrounding it in a pyramid shape. it was an eerie experience. i love the ravens but its still hard to enjoy the win when u don't really know what's real and true events.

    Jesus saves.

  60. This makes me think about what JFK mentioned concerning "Secret Societies" infiltrating and using "covet means" to expand their sphere of influence.

  61. The blackout has great meaning in that there was i/2 dark and 1/2 light. The COMMERCIALS WERE ALL DARK OR BLACK! The performers were mostly African Americans. Beyonce stage was the yin and yang symbol!

  62. The price of the car starting at 29,900 when inverted the coma is also a six if you look at it carefully on the billboard in the add video. This was no accident I am sure of that !

  63. This Superbowl is by far, the most disturbing one I've ever watched, beginning with the Illuminazi themed half-time show, and the power outage that immediately followed. The strobes that flashed, sliohuettes and fingerprint patterns, not to mention Beyonce throwing occult signs.
    Next the Benz commercial. Definitely thought provoking in a sadistic way. If this isn't a grab for evil power from the NWO, than I don't know what is. We are in end times, no question! Everything once considered evil is good, and what was good, is now evil. Just black and white. Period.

    • there is no confusion, just the one big lie. Being good is easy. Love others more than yourself. Hello, heart chakra. If you know it, do it. They wouldn't be winning if humanity practiced what it preached.

  64. Hello Vigilant Citizen,

    They are picking their God. Evidently they haven't read the book of Revelation carefully enough, or just care more for this world then the one promised to the lambs of Almighty God. Although it may
    seem as a joke or comical to most. I take this kind of false light very seriously.
    I have been reading Ellen G. White for a while now. Along with the holy bible and believe it to contain some pretty important information.

    "I saw that the saints must have a thorough understanding of present truth, which they will be obliged to maintain from the Scriptures. They must understand the state of the dead; for the spirits of devils will yet appear to them, professing to be beloved relatives or friends, who will declare to them unscriptural doctrines. They will do all in their power to excite sympathy and will work miracles before them to confirm what they declare. The people of God must be prepared to withstand these spirits with the Bible truth that the dead know not anything, and that they who thus appear are the spirits of devils."

    Ellen G. White

    God bless,

    • I came across an interesting piece of writing the other day that the Revelations were written as a warning, in order to avoid the doom.

  65. Since everyone is hung up on the square and compass, I'll throw it. Its a symbol of their divine mandate as the adversary. And as many people know, at the top you get to meet the left hand man. God works in mysterious ways. Think bigger. Please :)

  66. The white horse of the apocalypse on the magazine cover, with the words 'return of a hero' beneath it might represent the Catholic church (crown and bow) and the rumours about the 112th pope being quite the 'hell raiser'.. add in what might be a masonic point while the guy is car racing ( a point away may mean 'faith') then we might really be in for some interesting days if a new pope is crowned in September.
    Note the other magazine headlines, 'Man of the Year, 'The new IT boy", Return of the Hero' and it ends with ' this September, set your soul free.. '

    • Wow! How does it make you feel to know you just predicated something that really did happen? The moment I heard the Pope resigned, I knew it was for the reasons he said. It's all in the plans for the NWO and the false prophet.

      • I feel like I've been reading this site for so long I can understand commercials on an entirely different level! LOL.. A lot of people say he is resigning because of the legal issues with his kiddie fiddling ways but I'm not sure. It seems like a lot of effort is being put in to fulfilling prophecies and if Peter Turkson takes over ( as you can currently bet on him favoured 2/1) then it will fulfill the 'prophecy of Popes' where Peter the Roman is the sign of the fall of Rome:

        Keep in mind, Rome can be considered the Western world.

        This may be intertwined with the 4 horsemen prophecy as the first horse is white and may represent the Pope with his bow and crown.

        Anyway :) Only time will tell but I keep my eye on the prophecies. Not because I believe them to be visions of the set future but believe they are used more of an instruction manual of how to run the show.

        Learn the symbols and stories and you will have less surprises :)

  67. ParacelsusPontifex on

    On a somewhat unrelated note——–Willem Dafoe, was great as Lucifer, IMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The blackout itself was scary as "beep," to be honest……thought a bomb was going to go off or something…..:(

    Aside from the obvious Illuminati symbolism associated with it, of course…………………………..

  68. what are the Roman numerals on the contract ~ any meaning ???? good catch on the 13 in flames… 9/13/13 is the date to watch out for …..hmhmhmhm……….. 9 /13/13…….very interesting……also interesting that his OTHER Ring is NOT the usual "devil" ring with pentagram like Louis Cypher in Angel Heart or the traditional "Solomon Ring of Power"……but a DRAGON ??? and then the masonic ring….BUT THE GUY refuses to sign……so…………obvious this ad so IN YOUR FACE…….i am weary!…"the best way to avoid a trap is to know it exist" ~ Bene Gesserit mantra ~ Dune… what are they communicating. Obviously they KNOW we KNOW they symbology so well that even YAHOO reported that Beyonce ( ps I saved her hair once from the flames) might have flashed an "Illuminati" symbols….and secret symbols become worthless once they are no longer secret ……so whatssup………….

  69. Think Schwarzenegger, and the Skull & Cross bones ring on his finger. When in LA back in the 90's I met an agent who gave Arnold a small part in a film, Arnold confessed to him he would make a pact with the Devil if thats what it took to get to the top

  70. Humanity has failed big time These celebrities are stupid.They are sheep doing what they are told to do for money and fame.It's pathetic.
    What do they think is going to happen to them when they die,nice things??If they think nothing bad will happen then they are deluded.
    They have no idea what and who they are dealing with.I wonder if these celebrities are actually aware that there're are infact 4 devils and you only ever see them worshipping satan or lucifer.
    These 2 devils are the weakest and have the least power on this earth.The most strongest of all is "surat" who is actually controlling satan and lucifer himself (I'm not sure if i spelt that right because his name seems to be hidden on the web,another thing hidden)anyway he wants the world destroyed and everyone dead,i don't think he would care of their so called appreciation and devil hand gestures somehow.
    These people will be stuck in a very dark place when they die for rejecting the good path,with no way out because of their own stupidity and naivety.

  71. First of all Freemasons are not a Secret Society. They are an organization with secrets. Just like every company in America, Germany, and all around the world, so are all the companies in the whole world instruments of the DEVIL? Freemasons donate tens of thousands of dollars to aiding people all around you. Shriners, who are masons first, donate billions of dollars to aid children that have major health issues all across the USA through their network of Shriners Hospitals? So when did the DEVIL become a doctor? It is easy to portray all people with large brush strokes when you have no idea if what you are saying is factual or not. Will you be taking on the Kennedy assisnation next week since it was obviously all a coverup?

    • Oh RealityBites……..Your name does really say it all and please stop trying to defend freemasons, they are what they are, it still doesnt mean that the Devil Doesnt exist and the fact that Heaven and Hell exists, God and the Devil exists, Angels and Demons exist, so i dont know what you are trying to say or prove because what is prophesized to happen is going to happen, this world is heading towards hell regardless whether the freemasons are good or bad people otherwise dont come on this site……..Its quite simple

    • By your reckoning, giving to charity means you are one of the good guys yeah? Well, Jimmy Saville donated millions to charitable causes, and I sure don't think he was one of the good guys. In fact, Charity is often used to cover a multitude of sins! So your argument holds no water.

      • Yes EXACTLY "YourMum"………..You proved my point man "RealityBites" doesnt have a fuckin clue

    • the shriners has been exposed numerous times. especially by sandy frost. your little fraternity is a front for the nefarious activities you are involved in. can you say human trafficking? child sex rings?

      they have lost their tax exempt status. many masonic lodges are losing their tax exempt status as well. they claim to be non profit and charitable, but their charity events seem to include rfid chips for children. ironic huh? pushing the great work for the new world order is not charitbale

  72. He did sell his soul for the car. His money, which will eventually end up in the pockets of the elite, who will suck his energy off the coins like a lollipop. He will then proceed to sign various ”contracts” which includes car insurance, therefore making an ”agreement” under certain terms (that he will most likely not read) with these big companies. Well.

  73. It's just a damn car, "some people will buy that car" and then what? Drive it? and then what, even ENJOY IT? Oh my god!!! The world is ending!!!! What Slaves would do such a thing!?!?!?! Who are the wackos here?

  74. They say that this weekend’s Superbowl was the most watched event in “Tell-a-vision” history. I am proud to say that I was not one of those many viewers. In fact I was doing work with my spiritual group to develop our consciousness at the time, we did not plan it that way, but when you work with spirit everything works out in the perfect time, space and sequence.

    • Oh My God Kevin, I cant believe you said televison as "Tell-a-Vision" i've never heard anyone else refer it that way apart from a somali friend of mine who told me – Television is telling a vison, it doesnt mean that its real, its upto us in our own minds to make that decision but unfortunately majority of us are brainwashed from birth as we all have tv's in our homes and the desire to do things because "it was on that tele"…………..The TV is the worst thing beacuse everything thats morally incorrect is promoted through this device (Media, celebs, society – all done through the tell a vison)

  75. Re: What are better documentaries than Zeitgeist?


    Loose Change 2nd Edition
    Secrets of the Matrix – David Icke
    Reflections And Warnings – An Interview With Aaron Russo
    America: Freedom to Fascism – Aaron Russo
    The Corporation – Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott
    Basic Slide Show Presentation – Jordan Maxwell
    Astrotheology – Jordan Maxwell
    Subersive Use of Symbolism (in the media) – Michael Tsarion
    Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove – Alex Jones
    Conspiracy of Silence (banned History Channel documentary, elite paid $7 million to prevent it from being aired)

    That’ll get you started…

  76. In the end greed wins above all else, the "illuminati" make all their money off the masses and they're going to ride this horse til it collapses. Just hope it doesn't collapse in you or your children's time.

  77. I would like to post something I wrote last Sunday about this video…. There was another Mercedes Benz commercial shown during the AFC championship game which declared there would be something taking place very important on Feb. 3rd… There was also an ad in an ESPN article that said during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl that would take place… Well, this commercial took place during this time frame… It was a message to those in the know… Those who are part of the Illumanati…
    Illuminati Signaling Superbowl False Flag?
    Above is an article with the ad, and more information…. Now here is what I had written below…

  78. From:
    Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2013 1:10 PM
    Subject: Fwd: madstevenb sent you a video: "Mercedes-Benz 2013 Super Bowl Commercial (Extended Cut): "Soul""

    Hello Folks:

    A follow up to the last e-mail I sent you about the super-bowl… Apparently this commercial will be playing during the Super Bowl this year… A very interesting commercial to say the least… First of all the music playing during this commercial is by the Rolling Stones entitled "Sympathy for the Devil." A popular tune during the sixties and one that has been getting a fair amount of play time of late within Mercedes Benz commercial's…

    William Dafoe (notice the last name Da- Foe) plays the devil within the commercial… He wants to make a deal with this individual, and just as Satan did with Jesus Christ during our Savior's 40 day fast in the desert… Offering Him wealth, power ect. if He would bow down and worship our adversary…. Of course Lucifer gives this young man a glimpse of what he could be enjoying if he signs the contract…

    During this preview this young man is privy to he experiences fame, dancing with famous people, women draped on him… You will also notice during his vision that he does a photo-op for a magazine on a white horse with a sword in hand.. The caption below the magazine declares "The Return of the Hero." Maybe the "beast that was, and is not, yet is?"…. One of the four horses in John's vision is white as well in Revelation chapter 6…

    You will also notice the Las Vegas sign in the commercial… Las Vegas is also known as "sin city."

    As this young man reaches the end of this vision, he finds himself racing within a formula one race… Maybe symbolic of "mankind racing towards a particular time in history."…. The devil knowing his influence will be heightened due to sin…. A time he looks forward to…

    After the vision Satan asks the young man if he will now sign… Notice the young man looks out of the window before making his decision, and see's the men posting the mercedes benz billboard pasting the price which is $29,900…. After seeing this price the young man declares to the devil "I'm good" and at that point refuses to sign the contract… The commercial insinuates that the price for the Mercedes Benz is such a good one, that "a deal with the devil" is not necessary for acquiring it… This number could possibly have some significance in that it may be a clue as to when this deal may be made and the "man of sin" is revealed…

    If you add 2 plus 9 plus 9 plus 0 plus 0 you come up with the sum of 20… This is just an observation on my part, but from my study, those involved with the occult are really into numerology… They are obsessed with it therefore their master (Lucifer) is as well… The year 2020 is seven years away… We all know that within the old testament God has allowed for events to take place in order to give us bible believers a clue as to what will take place in the future…

    The young mans rejection of Satan's offer could also indicate that it is not quite time yet… Mankind's spiritual condition is such that it has not quite reached the time-frame our Savior mentioned in Matt. chapter 24.. "As in the days of Noah."….. The punishment for humanities sins will be the tribulation… Our spiritual condition will be as it was as in the days of Noah… God determines when these events will take place, but will allow for Satan to have his way in certain areas's as our Creator's prophetic Word is fulfilled… An example of this is the case of Job.. God allows for Satan to do certain things, but ultimately our Creator has a final say in how everything will go down… Including the timing of events… It is 7 years until 2020…The flood was God's punishment the first time as all of mankind, save 8 people, perished… God's prophetic Word indicates a far different punishment… With famine, war, pestilence, and death…. The four horsemen of Rev. chapter 6… Will this begin in the year 2020, and will a man come on the scene to be the "hero" who will have all the answers for those who survive the judgments of God?….

  79. Remember that Joseph, while second in command of Egypt had been given the meaning behind Pharaoh's dream…. Remember there was 7 years of prosperity before seven year of famine… Will there be 7 years of prosperity beginning this year?… Will conditions be as such that God will allow for the world to experience a time of physical wealth?… Will it begin tonight?…. At the click of a button in our electronic age things can begin to change dramatically… We all remember what took place in 2008 when a seemingly strong economy was dismantled during the Bush administration in a matter of a month or two… Gas prices shot up and real estate prices plummeted… The economy almost completely tanked, but not entirely…. Many jobs were lost… Fast forward 5 years to our current year… 13 is a number which those involved in the occult, or witchcraft look upon as a high number…. A magical number for them if you will…

    So now almost 5 years later we could be experiencing, what is the beginning of economic prosperity…. Why?… Well, the saints of the Most High God could be tested during this time… Remember the spiritual condition of the church within Laodicea in Rev. chapter 3… Rich materially, yet in poor condition spiritually… Going back to Matt. chapter 25 we read about our Savior's parable about the ten virgins… 5 were wise, and kept there lamps and vessel's full of oil which of course meant that they did not allow for the cares of this world (Satan's world) to distract them from their spiritual responsibilities… Inotherwords, neglecting so great a calling…. The flesh superseding the Spirit of the Living God in the lives of those who understand the Truth…. But this seven years could also be the final push off of the cliff for mankind when it comes to our spiritual state as a whole..

    We are instructed to come out of her… Babylon…. The wine of her fornication's… That which brings the nations to a spiritual state which will require punishment from our Creator, and bring the majority of mankind under Satan's spiritual control… What better way to cause mankind to stumble than during a period of time that is prosperous materially… While our world is continually bombarded with immorality and hedonism becomes the norm, our carnal nature is such that we tend to give into temptation more so during times of physical prosperity… Again a test for the children of God, and the final push into tumultuous times for all of mankind… Preparing mankind for the beast…

    If one thing is clear… Humanity does look for physical answers to spiritual problems when sin is prevalent… But for those who are wise as the serpent (Lucifer or Satan) we will be prepared when these days of tumult come upon us as a thief in the night… Our shield or alarm system is our heavenly Father… We will not be blinded nor caught unaware when these come upon mankind as a thief in the night…

    Remember the days leading up to our Messiah's (the true Messiah) return will take place only when these things come to pass… Our test as the saints of God will be whether we remain steadfast, and await for our Spiritual Messiah to come from heaven above…. Always, as wise virgins, keeping our lamps and vessels full in order that we see clearly in the darkness that will pervade our world before our Savior's return… Those who allow for the flesh to dictate there lives and do not possess the Holy Spirit will believe the lie that will come to pass as a solution to the peril that mankind will face… Embracing the wrong "savior" in order to save their fleshly lives… Remember that those who live according to the dictates of the flesh will perish… Those lead by God's Spirit will live eternally with Him in His everlasting kingdom….

    Again my observation of this commercial is just that…. But remember who the "prince of the power of the air" is… Satan does reveal intentions, and things to look for to those who are "in the know." Those who are of his synagogue… To most people this commercial is just entertainment and nothing else… But we are wise to our God's biblical prophecy know better or at least should… Understanding that these things must come to pass before our Messiah returns… The devil will have his day as God allows him… For the strengthening, and admonishment of God's saints…. And a lesson ultimately for all of mankind….

    God bless and remember that our Messiah is not of this world… But we await the fulfillment of the Word that He represents in every way… God's will be done and His kingdom come……

    Love and Peace Through Messiah,

    • Brother I believe we're headed into the great economic crisis revealed in Revelation Ch. 18. In fact there must be a complete global economic collapse in order for the new global economic system ” which pope benedict xvi has repeatedly demanded the world leaders to be the head of” to be put in place in order that currency will be able to be controlled in such a way that the mark of the beast can be enforced. The beast is the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy. NOT catholics, but the church hierarchy. For God has faithful followers of Christ in the Roman church, hence the call is made to his people to come out of her and receive not of her plagues.

      • It seems to be that way at this point… But I truly believe that we are in for a big surprise… God is going to test His children… Remember the admonition by our Savior in Rev. chapter 3 to the church at Laodicia… Right now, because of uncertainty, many are looking to our Creator…. This normally happens when times get tough for individuals… Most believers in Christ Jesus do look to God during these times of hardship… Especially economically… Lets say that prosperity does begin this year… Unparalleled prosperity in our era… Most people, including the saints of God either forget about our Creator, or develop a false sense of security… Example the five foolish virgins, and the spiritual state of those who were in Laodicia…

        One more thing…. Last year the Dark Knight Rises came out as you probably remember… If you have not seen the movie I suggest you check it out…. Within this movie I believe that another clue was given as to when this nation will begin the process of falling in a most dramatic fashion… Again the intentions of those who are being lead by the "prince of the power of the air" are often revealed in movies or in commercials… We both know that God is ultimately in control, but again He may be allowing for Satan to convey a message that most individuals will not understand…

        Within this movie Gotham City had experienced 8 years of relative peace and prosperity… But at the point of this movie that was all about to change… All was not well in reality, and a spirit of ease and being lethargic had set it by most, while a diabolical plot was being set in motion… Batman is placed into an ancient prison… A prison underground with only one way out… The trick was getting out of the prison through the open hole above you…. It was like a pit… Remember in scripture that the beast is imprisoned in the bottomless pit until the time of the end when he is unleashed… This fallen angel rises out of the pit, just as Batman (Dark Knight) comes forth out of his imprisonment… The parallel's I believe were not done by accident… Once again a message of the timing of a chaos brought upon a world or our nation, the US, to bring us to an end… Also punishment from our Creator for our unrepentant ways… Again remember this movie was made in 2012… Eight years from that point is 2020… Fast forward to this commercial… We are now 7 years from the same year…

        Wise as the serpent, yet gentle as doves… We must prepare for the "spiritual battle" that will soon be upon us in a most dramatic fashion…. God could very well be giving us an opportunity to prepare, our need to draw nearer to Him, and to test to see who will be a wise virgin, and who will be a foolish one… The choice is ultimately ours as individuals…

      • Correction, it was made in 2011, and released in 2012. I seen them film it. I hope I'm rapture when all of this stuff happens

  80. That one non subtle commercial. And yes it is telling it like it is.
    They after all do own Hollywood and the Music industry.

    It's no accident that they use Rolling Stones song either.

  81. This is to Aarika, beginning with Comment 56 and others who believe in A Course in Miracles:

    A Course in Miracles is a book ‘given’ to Helen Schucman by a spirit guide (demon), in which she dictated by automatic writing. That in itself should be a huge, glaring, red flag. Schucman was a psychology professor; psychology is anti-thetical to the Christian world-view, which is another red flag hint. A Course in Miracles ascribes to the New Age lie given to Eve in the Garden of Eden, that there is no sin and man is god. ACIM is a lie from the very pit of hell. It is my prayer that you and anyone else who hold to the beliefs of ACIM repent and come to the true salvation of the True Christ, not a false ‘Jesus.’ Put aside ACIM (better yet burn it) and read The Holy Bible so that you can come to the Truth and so the Truth can truly set you free.

  82. There is no such thing as the devil or gods or any other sipernatural , surreal, occult or superstitious stuff on this planet. Stop living in the dark ages people and wake up to reality !

  83. Make a deal with the Devil? Drive a Mercedes? The love of money is the root of all evil. And in the Plutocracy now known as the USSA, Amerika, etc etc, who doesn't love money?

    I have news for you all. The Devil doesn't need to make a deal with those whom he already owns. And trust me, no matter how "free" you THINK you are, you are O – W – N – E – D.

    And if you really want to know the truth, in America, the devil didn't own you by giving you money. He owned you by giving you CREDIT and calling it money.

    And you use it every single day.

    You will die one day, rest assured. Your time is counting down. The days…the hours…the minutes…they are all running out. The essence of Hell is that there is no escape. But your limited time on this earth is nowhere near the Hell that's coming after you're dead.

    Whatever shall you do?

    Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

  84. In Plain Sight on

    Anyone else notice the symbolism connected with Napoleon Bonaparte? At the very beginning, there is a tri-cornered hat over the door; in the next shot, on the wall above the jukebox, there are at least 2 paintings of Napoleon- one to the left in a tri-cornered hat, the other to the right, somewhat abstract, but showing the hidden hand in his coat. Then there is the shot of the "hero" on a white horse, again evoking Napoleon. Also, directly above the jukebox is a painting of what seems to be depicting Eucharistic symbolism. It is interesting that Napoleon Bonaparte has been considered an archetype or a fulfillment of antichrist… which could also explain the symbol of the rider on the white horse, which is how Christ is pictured in Revelation 19

  85. The Rolling Stones were highly involved in the occult. Look at the symbolism on their album covers very closely. As a matter of fact, Mick Jagger was offered to co-produce a short film by Kenneth Anger called
    "Lucifer Rising". You can find it on YouTube. Mick's brother Chris ended up producing it instead (he's on the credits). Kenneth Anger also authored a book called "Hollywood Babylon" which details what goes on in Hollyweird. It might be worth looking into to get a better idea of what they are doing and what they are about.

  86. I can remember how around 1992 or so when I was in elementary/middle school, I saw a rap video by, I think, Dr. Dre or maybe Snoop Dogg – can't remember now but at the beginning of the video a man is told that he can have everything the music industry has to offer if he just, and this is what follows:

    'Sign your life – uh, I mean your name, on the contract'

    Then a red light appears and positions itself on the rapper's forehead.

    I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me the name of the video. My point is, this was 20 plus years ago. This symbolism is nothing new.

    • The name of the song is "Muder Was The Case" By Snoop Dogg. My parents loved that song which is why they showed it to me.
      If you're interested in learning more about the industry, through videos, I'd suggest "The Industry" Very nice place. Over 60 videos that go into extensive detail. :)

  87. Hey by the way on .13 seconds is when the first masonic/skull ring appeared. and i think at. 33 seconds magnifies tje beginning of monarchy programming/disillusion etc.. these people have planned well for this ad. so sad its like, u dont hve to sell your soul for our car! just by it anyway! imagine all the older model benz so expensive, and the slap in the face it must be to other owners! lol they prolly just lay ass up and take it anyway!

  88. One ad that contained a blatant subliminal was one of the Coke commercials. They showed scenes of "good things recorded on surveillance cameras." And there were some nice things in the commercial. A cop stopping to help someone. Other people getting along – life is good. That's the trojan horse. The underlying message "hidden" in plain view: "surveillance is good."

    No, it is not good.

  89. Mercedes-Benz the company had perhaps no say in the artistic aspect of the commercial, they just took it on face value, decided that it looks cool, and gave it the green light. So the question is, who was the ad's director?

  90. My guess is 9/13/13 is the date the Euro implodes and all hell breaks loose in Germany and the other Euro zone countries.

    We'll see.

  91. Satan has been working hard to steal our souls, but the truth is you cannot sell your soul, it belongs to the Almighty. He will decide what to do with it. But you can decide how to live your life and so choose where your soul will end up. Here's a post on how Sata has deceived the world since the beginning:

  92. Black people have melanin which gives skin, eyes and hair color. The less melanin, the more pale the person: blond, blue eyes…albino.

  93. This wasnt the only one, all of the commercials seemed to have undertones of this theme such as the Budlight Beer commercial and the Dorritos commercial. But the Budlight especially had the same theme going on.

  94. …it doesnt matter very much how blatant these people get…at d end there will still b morons who’ll eat it all up..hook..line…and sinker. While d so called ‘elite’ laugh it off. we speak out though…we do what we can.

  95. This is completely an in your face ad…on top of all of the Illuminati symbolism, a vehicle also means something in the spiritual realm. Many times when there is a vehicle in a dream, it can be interpreted as a form of ministry. So now put into that perspective, its not such a surprise that 'they' are using a major luxury car company to deliver their seductive invitation to the confused.

  96. Jasmine Jimenez on

    It's absolutely fascinating how people can be so shallow and impulsive yet through their actions become such commodities.

    Reminds me of the program that the Ancient Romans executed during the Pax Romana, the "Bread and Entertainment" program that provided free food to the unemployed/poor and entertainment.

    This strategy was able to 'distract' the masses while the civilization's upper class was getting richer and the poor was getting poorer. This, however, lead the work force that once provided for the empire's agricultural institution to decline and stop producing wealth. This complacency that the civilians in Rome experienced reflects somewhat Americans' decrease in insight, engagement, and work ethic; work that the people in India and China seem to exhibit more and more. This process eventually causes Rome to decline(among other reasons); perhaps the U.S. is headed this way, except for the fact that under the idea of the New World Order, who can surpass us? Those in charge have nothing to lose, since the interests of those in charge here are in charge anywhere else. If let's say we were in decline, the incentive for those in charge (elite) is no longer to provide for one's own nation to sustain their own wealth, but uniting with other elite to sustain own wealth. Providing for the masses is no longer a priority and won't have to be, considering our growing complacency and lack of interest in things beyond the price of a Mercedes Benz. It seems that we are headed into a world where people are only interested in shallow, impulsive actions, a Brave New World.

    "For we the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it." -Barack Obama, 2nd Inaugural Speech (excuse poor citing)

    Matter of fact it reminds me of cattle.

    • Jasmine Thank You..Within Your Lines I found A Solace, as to say a True Re-Awakening, due to the vision of seeing that Brad Pitt traoler for the new film showing a human pile for no escape into futility in destroying what is below and 1%ing into what is thought to be an immortal state. Wow so well thought of you. I am truly grateful.

      • Which reminds me the following "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into the kingdom of God."

  97. Anyone else notice the actor that plays the devil (willem dafoe) also stars in a movie called "Antichrist" coincidence or not?

  98. At the end, the Devil goes "poof!" in a swirl of ashes and fire, then we see 2013 with the 13 highlighted with fire. There is a direct subliminal connection here, where it is implied that 2013 is the year of Lucifer.

  99. I always wanted to be an actor but so glad that dream is done bcuz if I had to sell my soul and I didn't have the information I do now about the elite and illuminati I would have probably signed that contract and but one with the devil which is not good. People if you are seeking riches plz reconsider the consequences. Would you sell your soul for riches….really?

  100. Just remembered: Touched By An Angel tv-series, where in the last episode Satan drove black Mercedes Benz. And how about the song Hotel California, some say it's about satanism and there is mentioned Mercedes too. So Mercedes is somehow always been there, with the evil. Coincidence?

  101. A classic example of "Selling ones soul to the devil" and losing it for all fame and fortune at your very own expense. And they had Willem Dafoe to play the dark one himself, now thats evil indeed.

    This is clearly well "illuminated" with almost everything occult-related involved with those pawns of the illuminati.

  102. hows it sposed2work on

    does anyone think that pictures of celebrities and models looking MK'd and in leopard print or all covered in butterflies looking spaced out, does anyone else think that's sexy?
    i get off so hard with those pics, i buy my girlfriend stuff with these symbols and when we roleplay in the bedroom i tell her to pretend she's hypnotized or sometimes we drink and smoke a little reefer and i like her to play up the drugged out stuff. she gets a kick out of acting like i'm traumatizing her, and i say things like "you are mine forever, you belong to me, say you belong to me body soul and mind." i started trying to work in other stuff too like saying "we're over the rainbow" at different points, and then when we see that in the media it's like an inside joke kind of thing.
    is this supposedly harmful?? i dont get how roleplaying and buying your girlfriend jewelry with butterflies and stuff is "bad"

  103. Something interesting that was missed. If you freeze the frame right at "0:13," you see two words at the top of the paper "the devil" has his hands over. I thought it was something backwards, but after spending time I realized it says "Nos potentiometers." After googling these words, I get a whole bunch of search results related to actual "pots." With one website I read, the definition of these words in the world of making pots says (copy and pasted exactly): "We count on them to control all our musical gear, and quite often get frustrated by their limitations. As in all relationships, a little understanding goes a long way. Let's take a look at how pots work so we can use them better."

    I see these words being symbolic to this entire message. Anyone have any comments about this? Really creepy…

  104. Also, after a little more research. I realized it is some kind of music tool? It's not related to actual pottery. Either way, the definition still stands. It's creepy.

  105. Something interesting that was missed. If you freeze the frame right at "0:13," you see two words at the top of the paper "the devil" has his hands over. I thought it was something backwards, but after spending time I realized it says "Nos potentiometers." After googling these words, I get a whole bunch of search results related to music. With one website I read, the definition of these words, this "tool"says (copy and pasted exactly): "We count on them to control all our musical gear, and quite often get frustrated by their limitations. As in all relationships, a little understanding goes a long way. Let's take a look at how pots work so we can use them better."


  106. why were people acting like this in the 1880's? it makes me want to believe Biblical prophecy.. the good will be made out to be the bad, and the bad will be made out to be the good..

  107. If you look at the new commercial (they took the old one down and changed the music)

    The Mason symbol is taken off the Devils ring.

  108. the southern blood on

    so on that paper that he's signing…
    that latin reads something like
    "only she can master the devil and demons"
    something to that effect.

  109. Concerned777 on

    Please get these books by Dr. Rebecca Brown (anointed Christian author…be careful…there is another author by the same name, with some unsavory material) she exposes a lot of this stuff…chock full of Scripture and answers to combat the enemy and his tricks:

    He Came to Set the Captives Free

    Prepare For War

    Becoming A Vessel of Honor

    Unbroken Curses

  110. You people love to get things wrong. It shows the devil offering the guy to sell his soul, but he refuses when he sees the price. The point is, that Mercedes gives us dream cars, on a low price, so we don't need to "sell our soul" to have them.

  111. I remember this commercial in my country. I thought, that it's good to don't joy to Devil's Industry, but… buying this car in another way is initiate to the Illuminati. Holy crap O_O

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