Major Hollywood Talent Agency Throws a Lewd Mind Control-Themed Party at Sundance Festival



With A-list clients such as Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Camron Diaz, Tom Hanks, Vanessa Hudgens, Will Smith, Meryl Street, Nicole Kidman, Steven Spielberg, Britney Spears, Kanye West and many, many others, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is well known as Hollywood’s leading talent agency. Literally dealing with billions of dollars and the most influential people in film, music, television and sports, CAA is a powerful entity in the entertainment industry.

This year, the agency threw one hell of a party during the Sundance festival – one that managed to even shock the Hollywood crowd that was present. The party featured “lingerie-clad women pretending to snort prop cocaine, erotic dancers outfitted with sex toys and an Alice in Wonderland look-alike performing a simulated sex act on a man in a rabbit costume.” According to guests, the party was overtly lewd, pornographic and debaucherous and was described as a mash-up of “Cirque du Soleil and the orgy scene from Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.”

While all of this fake sex and drugs is a good indication of the moral standards that are upheld at Hollywood’s higher instances, this is surprisingly not the most disturbing fact about the party. The theme and the symbolism of this event, based on a perverted version of Alice in Wonderland + an Eyes Wide Shut type orgy is nothing less than a celebration of the industry’s Mind Control and sex rituals. As stated in numerous articles Alice in Wonderland is a staple in Mind Control programming, where slaves are told to “follow the White Rabbit” and “go through the looking glass”. Having an Alice look-a-like (who is a child by the way) performing sex acts on the White Rabbit is the type of sick perversion MK handlers attach to the story. Furthermore, satanic sex rituals à-la Eyes Wide Shut are also used on MK slaves to traumatize them.

In short, CAA’s party is one big celebration of the Illuminati’s entertainment industry, one that is about exploitation, prostitution, drugs, mind control and rituals. Even if everything there was fake, it was an accurate reflection of what truly happens behind the scenes in Hollywood. Here’s an article about CAA’s party from the LA Times.

A bawdy CAA party at Sundance shocks guests, including clients

Creative Artists Agency’s party at the Sundance Film Festival, featuring scantily clad performers and sex toys, provokes a public relations backlash.

PARK CITY, Utah — Parties at the Sundance Film Festival typically feature maverick filmmakers, the best in nouvelle cowboy cuisine and plentiful pours of high-end spirits and Utah microbrews.

But the bash thrown by Hollywood’s powerful Creative Artists Agency on Sunday night took festival revelry in an unexpectedly bawdy direction, as Sundance guests mingled with lingerie-clad women pretending to snort prop cocaine, erotic dancers outfitted with sex toys and an Alice in Wonderland look-alike performing a simulated sex act on a man in a rabbit costume.

For decades, CAA has carefully maintained a reputation as Hollywood’s most meticulous talent firm, but CAA’s leave-nothing-to-chance attention to decorum vanished in that Bacchanalian blizzard on the snowy streets of this mountain resort.

Some CAA clients found the party so shocking that they said it made them embarrassed to be associated with the agency.

“I said to my agent, ‘Is this how you want to brand yourself? Pole dancers? Really?'” said Oscar-nominated writer-director Naomi Foner, who was at the festival with her film, “Very Good Girls.”

And Foner, who is the mother of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, said she didn’t see the sex toys.

“I would have been much more verbal if I had seen that,” said the 66-year-old screenwriter of “Running on Empty.”

The performers were part of a Las Vegas troupe, the Act LV, which was hired by the Mint Agency, CAA’s party planner for the evening.

“The performance by Simon Hammerstein’s The Act LV was more explicit than intended,” CAA said in a statement. “We regret if this created an uncomfortable setting for any of our guests.”

The party planners and CAA had wanted to “wow the crowd,” said Jordan Fogle, the chief executive of the Mint Agency, a Toronto-based marketing and events firm.

The Act LV is known for delivering lewd thrills that toe the line between performance art and impropriety.

“They [CAA executives] were a little bit concerned,” Fogle said following the public relations backlash to the party. “It’s not the image they want to portray — a slutty, trashy image. It’s the antithesis of what they are as a brand.”

CAA’s client roster includes A-list stars such as Will Smith, Meryl Streep and Steven Spielberg. It also negotiates deals for Coca-Cola, Dell, Mattel and other top corporations. Its licensing division represents the Sundance Institute, which presents the film festival every January. (Sundance declined to comment about the party.)

The CAA executives on hand included managing partner Kevin Huvane and agents Chris Andrews, Micah Green and Roeg Sutherland.

One ranking agent at a rival firm said the event, first described in a Hollywood Reporter story, was unlikely to trigger a mass client exodus for CAA, although it could compel the defection of clients who were already unhappy with the agency’s work.

In addition to its renown as North America’s preeminent indie movie festival, Sundance long has enjoyed a reputation for scenes of epic partying — a kind of bottoms-up free-for-all for celebrities and movie executives alike that functions something like Hollywood’s annual spring break, albeit in a skiing hamlet where you can’t rent a keg without a temporary beer permit.

The capacity-filled CAA party, held on Park City’s Main Street in the Claim Jumper restaurant, coincided with two other major events thrown by its main Hollywood rivals down the block: William Morris Endeavor and United Talent Agency.

“I thought it would be a tamer burlesque show integrating live art,” Fogle said. “Instead, it was like going down the rabbit hole. It was like an acid trip the whole night.”

Indeed, witnesses described an NC-17 mash-up of Cirque du Soleil and the orgy scene from Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.” Some 500 guests included an industry crowd of film executives, festival attendees and such marquee CAA clients as Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard, Evan Rachel Wood and Danny McBride as well as movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

One attendee said she was particularly put off by the man in a rabbit costume on stilts.

“He was very creepy, walking very slowly,” recalled party-goer Stephanie Cregger. “He was wearing a strap-on sex toy and a woman dressed as Alice in Wonderland was playing with him.”

CAA client and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Nat Faxon said it was hard to talk about his new movie, “The Way, Way Back,” while two women simulated a sex act on a bed nearby.

“It was difficult,” said Faxon, “to have a conversation about my movie while that was going on right next to you.”

– Source: LA Times


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In my opinion the so called end of the world prediction by the mayans was interpreted incorrectly. The so called ''elite'' brainwashed people into thinking that the world would end in 2012. It kept people distracted from the real truth, which was 2012 was an end of an era and the start of a new satanic era. You will notice that the illuminati are now openly celebrating their satanic rituals, it is no longer hidden in plain sight. The Jimmy Saville child abuse case, the sundance film festival, the horse meat scandal in the UK, the mercedes megabowl advert etc. They are openly laughing at us and showing us what they can do and get away with.

HAHA SOOOO true! Just heard a new song by Stevie Nicks "You can't fix this" Count how may times she says the word "devil" in the song.
Next thing is this crap going on…Bieber Fangirls Cutting Wrists; #Cut4Beiber Trending on Twitter…what the F**K?! Biebers fans are actually cutting their wrists for him, then posting the pics (with the blood) on the net….unbelievable! It's only going to get WORSE!

Apologies for the late reply. Nicks has claimed to be a witch in the past (according to lore). I haven't heard her new "song," and will regrettably check out her newest abomination, with the feeling that I should just take your word for it, as it will surely be an abomination.
Thanks for the second tip too…it helps in looking out for the young ones in my family re: bieber (with the owl tattoo). Only one of them likes him at this point – and she's only four…which should be the cut-off for his "fans." The older ones roundly ridicule her for it. [Not that I'm happy about my niece liking him to begin with!!!]

Ok yeah…it barely passes as a "song," but a heavily bassy drumbeat…and creepy from the get-go. I'd look up the lyrics, but what's the point? I get it. Dancing with the devil, etc etc…

When I was in Hollyweird agents would pimp out their clients to wealthy individuals. When I was in Hollyweird private parties where everyone is f*****g each other was normal. When I was in Hollywood I knew a record label owner who was a p*******e and satanist. When I was in Hollyweird I knew a top billing actor who liked young boys with no hair on their chest. He even got married to make it seem like he was normal! In Hollyweird I knew a Finance Manager at a major record label who would shoot heroin in her office bathroom! When I was in Hollyweird if you got a STD you can call a underground doctor to give you a cure off the record. When I was in Hollyweird I knew a actress that liked for you to beat her up and piss on her. When I was in Hollyweird I… Read more »