Major Hollywood Talent Agency Throws a Lewd Mind Control-Themed Party at Sundance Festival



With A-list clients such as Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Camron Diaz, Tom Hanks, Vanessa Hudgens, Will Smith, Meryl Street, Nicole Kidman, Steven Spielberg, Britney Spears, Kanye West and many, many others, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is well known as Hollywood’s leading talent agency. Literally dealing with billions of dollars and the most influential people in film, music, television and sports, CAA is a powerful entity in the entertainment industry.

This year, the agency threw one hell of a party during the Sundance festival – one that managed to even shock the Hollywood crowd that was present. The party featured “lingerie-clad women pretending to snort prop cocaine, erotic dancers outfitted with sex toys and an Alice in Wonderland look-alike performing a simulated sex act on a man in a rabbit costume.” According to guests, the party was overtly lewd, pornographic and debaucherous and was described as a mash-up of “Cirque du Soleil and the orgy scene from Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.”

While all of this fake sex and drugs is a good indication of the moral standards that are upheld at Hollywood’s higher instances, this is surprisingly not the most disturbing fact about the party. The theme and the symbolism of this event, based on a perverted version of Alice in Wonderland + an Eyes Wide Shut type orgy is nothing less than a celebration of the industry’s Mind Control and sex rituals. As stated in numerous articles Alice in Wonderland is a staple in Mind Control programming, where slaves are told to “follow the White Rabbit” and “go through the looking glass”. Having an Alice look-a-like (who is a child by the way) performing sex acts on the White Rabbit is the type of sick perversion MK handlers attach to the story. Furthermore, satanic sex rituals à-la Eyes Wide Shut are also used on MK slaves to traumatize them.

In short, CAA’s party is one big celebration of the Illuminati’s entertainment industry, one that is about exploitation, prostitution, drugs, mind control and rituals. Even if everything there was fake, it was an accurate reflection of what truly happens behind the scenes in Hollywood. Here’s an article about CAA’s party from the LA Times.

A bawdy CAA party at Sundance shocks guests, including clients

Creative Artists Agency’s party at the Sundance Film Festival, featuring scantily clad performers and sex toys, provokes a public relations backlash.

PARK CITY, Utah — Parties at the Sundance Film Festival typically feature maverick filmmakers, the best in nouvelle cowboy cuisine and plentiful pours of high-end spirits and Utah microbrews.

But the bash thrown by Hollywood’s powerful Creative Artists Agency on Sunday night took festival revelry in an unexpectedly bawdy direction, as Sundance guests mingled with lingerie-clad women pretending to snort prop cocaine, erotic dancers outfitted with sex toys and an Alice in Wonderland look-alike performing a simulated sex act on a man in a rabbit costume.

For decades, CAA has carefully maintained a reputation as Hollywood’s most meticulous talent firm, but CAA’s leave-nothing-to-chance attention to decorum vanished in that Bacchanalian blizzard on the snowy streets of this mountain resort.

Some CAA clients found the party so shocking that they said it made them embarrassed to be associated with the agency.

“I said to my agent, ‘Is this how you want to brand yourself? Pole dancers? Really?'” said Oscar-nominated writer-director Naomi Foner, who was at the festival with her film, “Very Good Girls.”

And Foner, who is the mother of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, said she didn’t see the sex toys.

“I would have been much more verbal if I had seen that,” said the 66-year-old screenwriter of “Running on Empty.”

The performers were part of a Las Vegas troupe, the Act LV, which was hired by the Mint Agency, CAA’s party planner for the evening.

“The performance by Simon Hammerstein’s The Act LV was more explicit than intended,” CAA said in a statement. “We regret if this created an uncomfortable setting for any of our guests.”

The party planners and CAA had wanted to “wow the crowd,” said Jordan Fogle, the chief executive of the Mint Agency, a Toronto-based marketing and events firm.

The Act LV is known for delivering lewd thrills that toe the line between performance art and impropriety.

“They [CAA executives] were a little bit concerned,” Fogle said following the public relations backlash to the party. “It’s not the image they want to portray — a slutty, trashy image. It’s the antithesis of what they are as a brand.”

CAA’s client roster includes A-list stars such as Will Smith, Meryl Streep and Steven Spielberg. It also negotiates deals for Coca-Cola, Dell, Mattel and other top corporations. Its licensing division represents the Sundance Institute, which presents the film festival every January. (Sundance declined to comment about the party.)

The CAA executives on hand included managing partner Kevin Huvane and agents Chris Andrews, Micah Green and Roeg Sutherland.

One ranking agent at a rival firm said the event, first described in a Hollywood Reporter story, was unlikely to trigger a mass client exodus for CAA, although it could compel the defection of clients who were already unhappy with the agency’s work.

In addition to its renown as North America’s preeminent indie movie festival, Sundance long has enjoyed a reputation for scenes of epic partying — a kind of bottoms-up free-for-all for celebrities and movie executives alike that functions something like Hollywood’s annual spring break, albeit in a skiing hamlet where you can’t rent a keg without a temporary beer permit.

The capacity-filled CAA party, held on Park City’s Main Street in the Claim Jumper restaurant, coincided with two other major events thrown by its main Hollywood rivals down the block: William Morris Endeavor and United Talent Agency.

“I thought it would be a tamer burlesque show integrating live art,” Fogle said. “Instead, it was like going down the rabbit hole. It was like an acid trip the whole night.”

Indeed, witnesses described an NC-17 mash-up of Cirque du Soleil and the orgy scene from Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.” Some 500 guests included an industry crowd of film executives, festival attendees and such marquee CAA clients as Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard, Evan Rachel Wood and Danny McBride as well as movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

One attendee said she was particularly put off by the man in a rabbit costume on stilts.

“He was very creepy, walking very slowly,” recalled party-goer Stephanie Cregger. “He was wearing a strap-on sex toy and a woman dressed as Alice in Wonderland was playing with him.”

CAA client and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Nat Faxon said it was hard to talk about his new movie, “The Way, Way Back,” while two women simulated a sex act on a bed nearby.

“It was difficult,” said Faxon, “to have a conversation about my movie while that was going on right next to you.”

– Source: LA Times


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In my opinion the so called end of the world prediction by the mayans was interpreted incorrectly. The so called ''elite'' brainwashed people into thinking that the world would end in 2012. It kept people distracted from the real truth, which was 2012 was an end of an era and the start of a new satanic era. You will notice that the illuminati are now openly celebrating their satanic rituals, it is no longer hidden in plain sight. The Jimmy Saville child abuse case, the sundance film festival, the horse meat scandal in the UK, the mercedes megabowl advert etc. They are openly laughing at us and showing us what they can do and get away with.

HAHA SOOOO true! Just heard a new song by Stevie Nicks "You can't fix this" Count how may times she says the word "devil" in the song.
Next thing is this crap going on…Bieber Fangirls Cutting Wrists; #Cut4Beiber Trending on Twitter…what the F**K?! Biebers fans are actually cutting their wrists for him, then posting the pics (with the blood) on the net….unbelievable! It's only going to get WORSE!

Apologies for the late reply. Nicks has claimed to be a witch in the past (according to lore). I haven't heard her new "song," and will regrettably check out her newest abomination, with the feeling that I should just take your word for it, as it will surely be an abomination.
Thanks for the second tip too…it helps in looking out for the young ones in my family re: bieber (with the owl tattoo). Only one of them likes him at this point – and she's only four…which should be the cut-off for his "fans." The older ones roundly ridicule her for it. [Not that I'm happy about my niece liking him to begin with!!!]

Ok yeah…it barely passes as a "song," but a heavily bassy drumbeat…and creepy from the get-go. I'd look up the lyrics, but what's the point? I get it. Dancing with the devil, etc etc…

When I was in Hollyweird agents would pimp out their clients to wealthy individuals. When I was in Hollyweird private parties where everyone is f*****g each other was normal. When I was in Hollywood I knew a record label owner who was a p*******e and satanist. When I was in Hollyweird I knew a top billing actor who liked young boys with no hair on their chest. He even got married to make it seem like he was normal! In Hollyweird I knew a Finance Manager at a major record label who would shoot heroin in her office bathroom! When I was in Hollyweird if you got a STD you can call a underground doctor to give you a cure off the record. When I was in Hollyweird I knew a actress that liked for you to beat her up and piss on her. When I was in Hollyweird I… Read more »

yea…the coke was fake, I smelled it… sincerely,Gary busey

Imagine if Marilyn Manson, was there he would of taken things to a whole new level!!!
so, about a few years ago one of my buddies went to one of his concerts he explained to me
it was super twisted manson brought some buckets from back stage, and told the crowd i want you all to do what you want piss in them s**t in them throw up , i dont give a f**k, so he threw the buckets people did everything to them how f*****g nasty is that, it gets worse so the crowd passes em back and manson picks up the buckets and pours the s**t and whatever the f**k over his body and continues to rub it on him and gargles it i shocked when he told me this , how perverted is that ????!!!

I think you may be confusing C.S. Lewis with the “Lewis Carol” pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who wrote “Alice in Wonderland”.

A perverted version of Alice in wonderland???? You may want to put that on your list of things to research. C.S. Lewis was an occulist member of The Golden Dawn as was Tolkien and Aliester Crowley. Occultists engage in rituals that involve the abuse of children (p********a). It was suspected that he was abusing Alice Liddell the child who was the subject for his book. Also the story is actually a blue print for trauma based mind control designed to be used on children. This may be a topic you may want to cover more in depth.

Never heard of C.S. Lewis being a member!? Say it isn't so.

Off to research…

C.S. Lewis was a Christian writer. Lewis Caroll was the pen name for the writer of “Alice in Wonderland,” as stated above. Two different people. “This may be a topic you may want to cover more in depth.”

If the agency didn't expect or intend the entertainment to be so overtly sexual, they had all that night to call an end to it, but apparently they didn't. What does that say?

Wow! I'd love to go to one of these parties with some hidden cameras like Alex Jones did with Bohemian Grove to expose these evil bastards.

Shameful and disgusting! If I was a actor there I would have walked out seriously!

when and how did sex with multiple partners become healthy? animals have sex with multiple partners. i mean we are humans, the best creations of god. god commanded the angels to prostrate before us BECAUSE we have a free will. no doubt that we feel like doing bad stuffs all the time but we also have a moral conscience present in us. when we are drawn towards evil, it draws us back towards goodness. STDs are just a fraction of the bad consequences of sex with multiple partners. people today are obsessed about sex. they don't think about anything else 24 7. we are growing dumber and dumber and sex and vulgarity is a major tool used by the Illuminati to do that. the notion of decency is changing rapidly. parents are now fine if their kids go out half-naked. we have become slaves of the Illuminati. we conform to… Read more »

i live in utah and nobody i know cares about the sundance film festival. i wish it would move to hollywood and leave us alone. we don't need that kind of garbage here.

The name "Sun Dance" just gives itself away, don't it?

maybe there is something to that. i always assumed it was called sundance because robert redford owned it and he played the sundance kid in butch cassidy and the sundance kid. i suppose it could have a double meaning of course.

I live in Utah, too, and I don't know anyone that cares for it either. All it is is a bunch of celebrity morons wanting people to see them supporting amateur films. Utah is a safe haven from Hollywood garbage until Sundance rolls into town.

So a bunch of celebrities had a sexy party. So what? Is everything they do suspicious to you?

It should when they like raping and murdering children.

when the hormones kick in, the eros makes ppl do crazy things.

Aaaah CAA you guys exposed what you partake in on a regular in your daily lives! YOU live in that Babylonian world and assume everyone else is into the same things! It's normal to hire employees who may have degrees and sick addictions. I love how s**t backfires in your face! Don't you realize how demented your world really is and isnt it amazing there are souls out in the world that live by a purer standard! Go seek real guidance and Truth! satan is a master at what he does! He actually has fooled you into thinking what is wrong is right and what is right wrong. That environment is filled with desperate, misguided, greedy, addicted, ill minded, corrupt, deseased ridden, and fool people that the ones with the money are actually happy. Your environment breeds some of the most unhappiest people I have ever come across. But like… Read more »

Welcome to reality is all I can say about this hideously gross and disgusting act that they really have no shame in doing so.

That orgy scene from "Eyes Wide Shut" gave me an idea of what the party looked like according to the article here and it makes me wanna puke.

Reading this.I was thinking about sabotage.To disintegrate this organisation into something else or just get rid.I put nothing past the Higher-Ups. As they manipulate global events,you most certainly know they do it on domestic levels and in business.That company were paid an amount they could not resist, to do what they did.Sounds like the MD's were hood-winked. Remember they have to provide certain "triggers" to their subjects to facilitate their "compliance" to whatever they are ordered to do.Just a theory.

You.know when top.celebs where disturbed by something.they are apparently.used to seeing every day something is wrong lol wouldn't wanna be there I'd poke fun at them hey vc nice article very observant as always where was this party I'll go next year And explore this myself lol wish me luck

Jake Gyllenhaal's mom is acting shocked, but she was probably the most outta control one at that party.

She is Jewish so no surprises there.

You anti-Semite! ^^^ why don't you go dine with hitler?

Don't be so gullible. Hitler eh? He was also a Jew. I actually used to feel profoundly sorry for Jews until I realized their twisted little games and how inferior than them consider the rest of the populace. They call them pigs, animals etc in Talmud. Let's not start with their continuous propaganda concerning the movies and TV programmes. Oh no, I don't wish them any harm or anything like that, after all the Apostles and Maria were also Jews. However I'm not going to put up with their ungratefulness, greediness and bullying tactics. Some of them are nice but when they are bad, they are bad in the extreme. Anyway Christ rightly slated them as we can see in the New Testament.

Doesn't Simon Hammerstein, the man whose company provided the ""talent" for this party, own "The Box" in London?

The decadent, notorious "box"? And his surname is Jewish, you couldn't make it up lol. Anything for a quick buck, surely that's why Jewish hollywood is connected to S Hammerstein, thus he's been given some work.

It's sad how every thing has turned to. What usf to forbidden is now accepted as morally ok. I fear 4 d cuming generation

was a old jewish agent at CAA killed on the street a few years ago?

Check out this vid of Lady Gaga casually saying, "I swear to Lucifer…"

You know, even if they arent part of a grand conspiracy this type of stuff is just gaudy and in really poor taste. Its a shame that the most 'talented' of our actors and other 'artists' consider this exciting or amusing material for a party.

What's the solution?

"It was like an acid trip the whole night." – from the article

i have never seen pole dancers snorting fake blow whilst on acid.

No, but it WAS surreal.

I like that you are fighting the good fight VC, even if I do think you are just slightly paranoid to the point that I ignore about a third of what you say. That being said, I don't understand why you are getting so upset over what sounds to me like a really fun party. All right man, take it easy.

… Did you and I read the same article? It was just a fun party and Vigilant is slightly paranoid? I question your reading comprehension skills man. Stippers snorting up coke and a little girl pretendin to do it with a guy dressed in a white rabbit costume doesnt seem Fun to me..
Whats your idea of fun ?

Apparently not. I read the one that described performance artists pretending to snort fake cocaine and an adult woman dressed in an Alice in Wonderland costume. Which article did you read?

Sex is supposed to after you are married. Having sex with multiple people is why we have diseases. When you have sex with someone you give a piece of yourself to them you can not get back. Promoting this sexual revelution is sick and depraved. What's next p********a being promoted as ok? Its just a fetish right? There are closeted p********s but slowly but surely this will be ok and there will be sex therapists to help. They are already sexualizing our children right now. The fact that a lot of what is sexually ok now and wasn't back then is people had morals back then and made good choices now because they want to say God doesn't exist they have no accountability for immoral behavior. Just wait in a couple more years snuff and beastiality will be sexy too for those can be considered fetishes.

"Morals back then???" When are we talking? During slavery when blacks were held against will like cattle, their men brutalized and their women raped and beaten?? Or how bout the civil rights era when black boys were dragged behind trucks for making eye contact with white women??

Salem witch trials?? When poor innocent people were executed for sorcery??

The crusades??

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan??

If you think moral depravity is a recent advent simply because you've seen more tits than ever before then you were clearly asleep in your history classes.

Totally understand what you are saying but i think "stitched" meant it in relation to Sex not in a general way but you are both correct and i agree on what both of you are saying – (btw i gave both of yas a point aswell.)

<<If you think moral depravity is a recent advent simply because you've seen more tits than ever before then you were clearly asleep in your history classes.<<

FUNNY. You made me laugh Dan! LOL.

I was told one of the most taboo untold secrets of slavery was that the slave masters were having sex not only with the slave women but also with the men.

I'm not sure how true it is. But I got the indication about it when I read Sojourner Truth's autobiobraphy and when I questioned it, I was told I was totaly off base.

I didn't know how to research that further because most of slaves history has been recorded by those to tell a certain type of history. Most slave history is about those who are connected to Masons so it is pretty messed up.

It did happen.They raped girls as young as 4 maybe even younger. They did it to the boys too — as well as the men. It was to make them feel like they were less than men because if they can't protect themselves how are they going to protect the women and children? R**e is the easiest way to take someone's manhood because the idea behind it (like in Roman/Greek times with pederasty OR in prisons) if you are the attacker (giver) you are still a man/the predator/in control but if you're the victim/receiver you are the b***h/weak/like a woman. They raped EVERYBODY they used the "light skinned"/house niggers (massa's children etc) against the darker skinned/field slaves to make them feel important or better and to get them to snitch about revolts– when in reality if a a slave has to be sold massa could care less if it's his… Read more »

Also, having sex with multiple persons is not the reason we have diseases, I've done it myself and haven't had a single STD in my life. Though it is the reason that more people are at increased risk of disease.

Hope you learned something there. Don't let your church teach you everything, they're a bit biased.

Thanks Stitched for the comment about morals. I am an older woman who has lived the fast life in the 70's and now understand what has happened to our society-especially females. It does not take much to get them into bed-WHICH leaves them wondering and wondering from bed to bed-WHICH LEAVES WITH AN INABILITY TO STAY ATTACHED TO A GOOD MAN ! I now ask young females, in a half-hearted manner (we don't want to scare them away, so ask in a smiling manner.) what would happen if you don't have sex with some 'stray'? I also say, to these young girls ' don't give up the butt and see if he sticks around.' I also tell them if you want to be married to this guy 'no sex and 6 mo. premartial counceling- if falls on death ears BECAUSE WE WANT IT NOW.!!!! The problem with sex is not… Read more »

Dan you may not have any STDS', but with mulitple bed-buddies we do become selfish and greedy and lack value and morallity in our soul. We also lack an ability to stay commited to a person. Please do some soul searching my good man..

P.S. Can you tell me where all these new and old diseases come from ??? I would like to know.

<<Dan you may not have any STDS', but with mulitple bed-buddies we do become selfish and greedy and lack value and morallity in our soul. We also lack an ability to stay commited to a person. Please do some soul searching my good man..<<

Amongst many sex workers, swinger communities, bdsm/fetish communities you will find some of the most strict behaviors in regard to safety and health!! This is a cheap shot marginalization that is simply not true and is absolutely based out of shaming which can be traced to a religious ideology no doubt!

Totally agree with you Deb!

I don't know why he would think STDs didn't stem from that. My mother works at the CDC so I've always gotten to hear the nitty gritty about this stuff. People don't realize what they're exposing themselves to. I'll be frank here: When you sleep with somebody, you're essentially sleeping with every other person your partner has slept with in the last 10 years. If your partner has had at minimum, 1 new partner every year, that's 10 partners. If those 10 people also had multiple partners, the number of people you could be "sleeping" with in regards to microbiology could easily be in the thousands. THOUSANDS. Now, the other issue is that many STDs can remain dormant for a long period of time. You can be passing STDs and have no clue. And then your partner can be passing them without knowing. Even tests can't prevent this. Many people… Read more »

That's why so many women are infertile, due to chlamydia, a silent disease.

There is no logic or rational to what you are stating. Just because a person may not believe in God does not mean there is no accountability. I know quite a few atheists who are some of the most decent people I know!!! The rest of your comments don't even deserve acknowledgment.

I agree to an extent. I would never marry or sleep with a man who has slept around. It is a turn off for me. I think sex should happen when people love each other, but considering some people are so perverted these days, Im not surprised at the increasing stds and the development if aids in the 20th century… Im not gonna
tell others what to do with their life, but for me personally I have more respect for people who control themselves and keep it in their pants until they find the right person. Sex seems to mean nothing to a lot of people these days, sad but not my problem…

If you don't like sex then don't have it. No one is forcing you. Sex is not the enemy, ignorance and fear is the enemy and I think there is too much of that in the world.

Marriage is santity! It has been created by God and distorted by the enemy!

I want some pics of this.

N/B; VC please look into the tragedy in Brazil today. Shockingly sad and may they rest in peace. There is more to it than meets the eye. Today's date features in the occult calendar.

C'mon man, i'm from Brazil and i can't help thinking about the possibility. Do you think that's possible? Sincerely, seems to be just a sad accident IMO. Which "occult date" you're refering to?

Willie, que ótimo ver brasileiros por aqui. Vamos manter contato? Vc tem facebook? Mine is Lucas Moura. Abraço, amigo.

Sim cara, sou brasileiro do Rio. Acompanho o VC já tem um tempinho. Sou um pesquisador fervoroso dos temas abordados aqui.

Infelizmente não tenho facebook. Só email e skype, se quiser trocar ideias, tamos aí!

Sobre o tema do incêndio, sim – sem dúvida usar um sinalizador num local fechado com teto coberto de isopor e espuma não foi uma boa ideia. Muito triste.

I'm from Brazil too. Some friends asked me about these accident being a supposed ritual. I don't know.
It seemed to be an accident: one band player used fireworks inside of the club, what made all place burn, killing 250+ young people.
I believe in all these stuff, I looked for any evidence of sacrifice or elite ritual, but, I really don't believe this happened here. No evidences, until now.

I would believe it's a sacrifice simply because it's all over the news here in the US. No offense and I am deeply sorry for the people and families involved but why would Americans care about this? We have a million other truly serious issues to deal with but the media covers this minor (in the grand scheme of things) story from a foreign country? Why else would they do this unless it was an occult sacrifice? Again, no offense to Brazil and Brazilians, my heart goes out to the victims but it just doesn't make sense. I was listening to the radio and every news break had that story as it's lead and most important story! WHY? Nothing more important is happening in the US? Or anywhere else? On a planet of about 7 billion people? COME ON!

It's on the news because it's one of the deadliest nightclub fires in quite some time… When smoke fills a room that was already darkened and filled to capacity (with some reports saying it may have been over capacity), thats just what happens guys. People panic, exits are difficult to find or get through… And the building probably wasn't up to modern safety codes.

I can't remember the last incident where the same happened precisely but I certainly remember videos of bodies literally piled — stuck in the exits — preventing others from escaping and thus succumbing to the flames. It's just a freak accident and a sad tragedy.

It's not the "Illuminated" foisting mass perversions on the world. It's Jews. Who do you think runs Hollywood at the highest levels? Look it up, and wake the f up.

Woah. Keep the antisemitism to yourself. Jews are also working for the resistance. I work for a Jewish-run anarchist organic community farm, thank you, and take serious offense to your statement. Some of these horrible people are also male. Some are also Caucasian. That does not excuse you to be racist or sexist. Please monitor your own thoughts, or your generalizations make you as shallow as them.

A trew Jew would never do such a thing, I think you are actually talking about Zionists.


There are very few "true Jews" and PrairieMuffin, you might want to check out the Talmud and find out about the Jews you associate with before you defend them. Especially look into the Kol Nidre prayer which commands Jews to lie, cheat and steal from non Jews. So basically anything they tell you is a lie, and their God orders them to lie to you since according to their Talmud (holiest book) you are filth, unclean and worth less than an animal. They are also allowed to r**e children under 3 as "virginity returns" and it's not a crime or a sin to do it to a non-Jew. Where do you think all this child sexual abuse comes from?? Is it a coincidence that the filth and moral rot poisoning this country comes from the Jewish dominated media and Hollywood? Most American Jews are the false Jews Jesus warned about… Read more »

Well done Kai…………….atleast someone knows what they are talking about

hmm from what I can gather God soesn't have a chosen race. Jews were the only monotheists who didn't believe in idols BC even though they had the occasional mishap ie. while they were wondering for 40 years and had Moses' brother made for them a cow to worship etc. If I remember well Christ himself criticized Jews for murdering all the prophets and made it clear that God would choose other races -gentiles- to expand His teachings around the world. Apostle Paul dreamt of a Macedonian man who asked him to travel there and teach him about Christ. Let's not forget that none of the Saints Anno Domini is of Jewish background apart from the Apostles and a few other who lived when Christ was crucified and became believers. I enjoy reading about the lives and acts of Saints and all of them later on are Gentiles. Saint George… Read more »

Still, you can't use that as a defense of Gold One's remark, which is ignorant on multiple levels.
99% of Jews, just as is the case with the rest of the population are not in the Illuminati. Some of the Illuminati families are Jewish, many are not. In the US, we all know they have collaborated with many, many Gentile, Italian and other families in order to have infiltrated our systems over the years.

Luciferians, however, are their own species, and that's what we're talking about here. Regardless of genealogy, Gold One is furthering hatred of anyone who identifies as Jewish, Khazar or Semitic by his stupid, useless remark.

Quit blaming the Jews and try aspiring to a little more evolved level of consciousness.

How can you will spread baloney?I very well know Khazarian Kaganat history.Your statements is complete nonesense!

Enlighten us please hvns………………………..

These days bad is good; and good is bad. Sad world.

VC needs to make a chat room option, pertaining to each of the articles. That would be sweeet.

– synopsisx –

Have you checked out the "VC Forums"? That might fit your need.

But I would rather click on the article and be emersed into discussion immediatly. Besides, forums are slightly confusing and a little intimidating.

It's times like these that celebrities which are against this type of inappropriate events (there are few left who are, but they still exist) to openly speak out about it. Maybe it will slowly make the disgusting entertainment execs responsible for glamorizing this type if behavior think twice about upsetting the clients that make them sooo much money and make them stop/tone down events like this. It's a slow and often futile process, but sometimes it just takes one to start the change that many would like to see

Why exactly would celebrities that depend on fame and enjoy the money and stardom that such execs provide bother speaking out against this sort of "inappropriate events???" So they could get taken out like Tu Pac, Michael Jackson, or Whitney Houston? If most of anyone involved in the industry has been exposed to and taken part in such occult rituals why would they say anything if they took part in such situations? They may say they disapproved but they wouldn't dare speak the full truth or admit there's a satanic shadow cult over the industry. It's been well known that models sleep with people to get to the top. Probably every relevant actress, or female singer has been forced to have sex to get recognized. You don't think that the industry didn't think to blackmail these entertainment people with proof of their participation of such acts if they ever told?… Read more »

Tiffany, Healther, Dr. S, Prairie Muffins……Y'all are awesome. Cant wait to see what George has to say about this. Lets get the 22 Year old College perspective on this. I'm sure an institutionalized answer will shed so much needed light on this situation ;P

Brass Taks: That is gross. We are getting punished for having a Nativitiy Scene in public during Christmas, but we can have a giant theatricized sex play at a film festival (IN THE MIDDLE OF MAIN STREET)……..ok…..huh. It baffels me as to what offends people these days. Snorting fake cocain..Pushing a real positive message, they are. GRANTED, most of the people that attend that stuff, are on drugs anyways……SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE. Not anymore tho. I saw the light of Jesus Christ! Stay strong brothers!

looks like the super double no-good bad guy hi-jacked the event… how embarrassing for 'les artists'! I bet they all acted like it was perfectly normal….

Crises Actors Again?

It's kind of sick that they would spring this on their own clients. Think about it. They will say it's just a party, but when you throw a party for people, the theme and ideas presented reflect what you, as the host, think about THEM. So maybe it's just blown cover as cover. To me, it's like they are telling everyone how they like to keep their clients happy, the services they really provide.

Yeah, I was gonna say, I'm just surprised they were so open about it. They represent Nicole Kidman, well she was IN "Eyes Wide Shut" so she couldn't have been too surprised. And Evan Rachel Wood, well, she dated Marilyn Manson so I'd bet she wasn't too surprised. It seems to me that the cat is out of the bag. Or the rabbit is out of the bag.

lol just like the Superbowl?

"We're planning a surprise that will rock your- wait, people didn't like it? Scratch that. We're sorry to inform you that there was a "wardrobe malfunction." Really this wasn't planned at all!"

I love the Vigilant Citizen!

"We thought it would be a cute Burlesque performance, maybe a few can can girls. No-one ever suspected there would be bestial paedophilia at a Hollywood celebration!"

Jimmy Saville turns in his grave

I always find it weird and uneasy how sex is promoted in the mass media. I don't want to sound mean or weird but I find sex is a primitive activity. Everyone can do it, it doesn't need any talent or deep thinking, it is more or less an instinct for reproductive purpose. And it's funny, on one side humans try to separate them self from animals(even though we are animals)as much as possible, but still sex is a huge and widely promoted thing. And "love" is shown as rather possessing someone or something, instead of even accepting distance or not getting loved back. Just listen to the songs in the radio, TV or watch movies, how they promote a disturbed image of love. Love is not always about two partners being together, or trying to impress the person you desire. Love is about giving, sharing, accepting, dedication, honesty, inspiration… Read more »

Youre right, but humans arent precisely animals, the ablity to control our instincts is what makes us human,
if you cant control your instincts you are not free, those who think theyre awesome because they have alot of sex are actually just being manipulated, and its true, sex has no merit, even my dog can have sex.
Sex is a proof of love as long as you use it for its true purpose, having children with the person you love.

What if you are infertile? Does that mean you are not capable of making love anymore? Is it just sex at that point? Gimme a break…it's okay to have sex without the intention if getting pregnant. Married/engaged people do it because maybe they want a year or two to enjoy by themselves as a couple before bringing children into it. Calm your tits.

I feel the same and agree with you. But I also think sex is completely boring now. Like, for example I'll be listening to the radio and every day this one guy comes on at the same time and gives a "news" story and it's ALWAYS about sex. Isn't there anything else to talk about? And it's not just this one guy, it's everyone, everywhere! "50 Shades of Grey" is another good example….yes people have sex. But does that mean we have to talk about it, think about it, and obsess over it every second of our day, every day? How are people not bored with it, and disgusted by it? In the 50's nobody felt the need to think about it or even bring it up to others, and that was considered "repressed"! I consider it polite as I don't care about anyone else's sex life and if anyone… Read more »
Kai, why should be people disgusted by the topic of sex?? Trust me, in the 50's people were thinking about it, A LOT more than you knew and were suppressing their feelings in an unhealthy way. I can show you images of Dominatrixes from 1904!! This stuff is nothing new. It has been suppressed. I do agree that there are appropriate and inappropriate times and places to discuss sex. But I believe we are seeing a phenomenon in regard to the Internet, where topics of all sorts are being brought forth such as never before and frankly as a culture we need to discuss sex MORE. Get rid of the sex in advertising. Get rid of sex being used as a sensationalistic thing- but we need more rational and reasonable discussion regarding human sexuality. People NEED to open up about this stuff because they have been oppressed for so long!… Read more »
hey elle, i sometimes miss your point really. i do try to understand your message but it s sort of opinion i never encountered with before. from what i ve read so far ur open minded person with certain sexual habbits and desires which are, lets say, unconventional. but it is your private life. again, yours, and – private. so, tell me, elle, you are so against the "anti-sex paranoia" some people suffer from in this discussion, while you yourself say that sex stuff are being sensationalized and arent taken seriously. can you tell me what is your ideal imagery of the state of humanity? i see you arguing with people, you have some solid argument but many times u r just as preachy as the ones you are arguing with. and so far, you offer no systematic solution or how you would treat sexuality if u had the power… Read more »
I'm not saying people should be disgusted by sex, it is a natural thing after all. My problem is with the way it's constantly shoved in our faces everywhere you look. You literally cannot get away from it for a second. I feel the same way about violence too, it is also all pervasive in our society. Look around, society doesn't seem to be improving from all this newfound "openness" regarding sex, at least in the 50's people seemed to be able to make commitments, love others and share their lives based on things OTHER than sex. Nowadays sex is completely divorced from love, which is sad. Yes, people should be able to go out and do what they want with other consenting adults but it's so "Brave New World", nobody has any deeper feelings other than "getting some". It just seems to cheapen people and I personally am not… Read more »
Re:Kai Are you freaking kidding me?! People have always married and stayed married bc of love and other things besides sex, but people (especially WOMEN) had no choice in the matter about leaving an abusive relationship. Or if they just didn't mesh any more they didn't divorce becaus divorce was taboo and it took a heck lot more of courage to do it back then that now a days. Some values have changed, but is that because people are being corrupted or is it simply because people are able to truly express themselves now a days. Heck as soon as women got the vote changes happened. With he introduction if birth control in America, women were able to truly express their sexuality bc before they were scared of a random pregnancy so they didn't sleep around; but just maybe they were waiting for something like the pill so they could… Read more »
Preach Kai…preach. Keep standing up for what you believe. I feel EXACTLY the way you do about not being able to get away from all this sex sex sex in the media and around me everywhere I go. I can barely watch anything on TV or listen to the radio without it being forced upon me. I tell my friends and my fiancé how I feel about the issue and they tell me I'm basically either asexual, or a prude, or that I'm just weird. I am definitely NOT prudish, but sex has become a lot more perverted and the media has taken all of the thrill and feel of intimacy out of sex for me. Like you said, it's become boring and I don't think it has anything to do with my current partner either. Maybe I've become desensitized about sex in general, which is probably part of the… Read more »

Totally agree with u PEST……………………

Love is a chemical reaction, nothing more, we are animals.

Sorry for you. You have no soul and have obviously drunk the Kool-Aid.

Whoever you are reading these words – if you have done any research whatsoever into the the history of the elite cults and mind control, you will invariably have discovered that sexual rituals of the most deviant kind have always been reported to play vital roles in both their cult practices and as a means by which they manipulate and control the public. If you are like most ordinary people, you may have found many of these stories hard to believe – you may have felt it was impossible for humans to desire such horrifying forms of sex or perhaps you found it hard to believe that these perversions and rituals were being performed so flagrantly that they are being repeatedly exposed to the general public. Perhaps you felt that stories of ritual orgies were so far fetched they could only have been made up by the mentally ill or… Read more »
That's all quite interesting…but do you have any real evidence or testimony to back up your statements of their strategy? Last i checked illuminati=occult=esoteric,so i doubt you have anything other then wild guesses as ro what their sex agenda might be. I honestly don't think that there are any actual mind controlled top pop stars…but I do believe the images are shown for some purpose, but the real purpose is unknown to yourself, me, and even the author of this website. If there is actual monarch mind control going on there is no concrete evidence, and those goofy interviews with Britney aren't proof of anything. Until someone comes out of the music industry or Hollywood with credible testimony it's all just conjecture. Its the same thong with all the blod sacrifice talk….interesting but just talk so far. The illuminati may run the show but they aren't making music videos about… Read more »
If you are sincere and not a disinformation agent like so many eager to post and attempt to discredit the genuinely informative posters, go back and read the evidence and analysis in my previous posts here and you will find all you need. Otherwise, if you have security clearance or access to a research library in remaining non-"Illuminati" territory you can read the Achtenleufer Report as a simple summary of some of what has leaked out. Also you might look at some of the Kefauver Hearings testimony from the sessions on secret societies – though that has been censored from most libraries now 60 years later and only dealt with the period before quantum Monarch computer technology revolutionized everything about Their mind control program. As for why "esoteric" or "occult" activities would be revealed to the victims (the public….us), you clearly have not been reading my posts or anything else… Read more »

>>In just two generations most Western societies have gone from "Ozzie and Harriet" to decadent polysexual drug addicted BDSM fetishists. <<


Most people in the BDSM lifestyle have a code of behavior they adhere to. Most frown upon drugs or alcohol being used during BDSM play!!!!! This comment tells me all I need to know about what you think you know.

Perhaps if you explained your "Lifestyle" as you call it a bit more explicitly the researchers here at VC could judge your "code of behavior' for themselves, but to act as if "Illuminati" practices like MDPV-fueled brony-play gokkun bondage rituals aren't common BDSM "lifestyle" recreations insults the intelligence of this board. I do not mean to cause offense or allege that your own orgies are sponsored by the "Illuminated", but you need to realize not only is the root of this perversion the same, but you have no way of KNOWING that what you believe is your own "free choice" of "lifestyle" is not actually programming operating just one level below full Monarch Sex Puppetry. Good luck to you.

Wow. Your theories don't stand up to what I have actually WITNESSED and know from first hand experience. It is well known and widely discussed throughout BDSM communities that drugs and alcohol are to be frowned upon when you are engaged in BDSM play. For reasons involving SAFETY. There is a commonly taught protocol and there are many BDSM mentors and professionals who preach this like their lives depended on it. SAFE SANE and CONSENSUAL is a mantra throughout these communities. People are even quick to out people they find to be predators or abusive. I am just hearing more hyperbole from you. Do I think that abuse happens on this planet? ABSOLUTELY. Do I think you are painting people outside of your construct as being a part of a mass conspiracy in a manner that goes way too far- ABSOLUTELY. You do not get why people enjoy this stuff,… Read more »

Elle, he is not talking about your group. I used to be into BDSM and the occult. At your level, you believe that it is harmless. You have no clue what goes on at the top. That is a whole different level. Consensual acts between adults is completely different than what they do to children. Research MK Ultra, Dr Green (Josef Mengele), Cathy O'Brien, Bryce Taylor, Svali, Arizona Wilder, Fritz Springmeier, Ted Gunderson, just to name a few.

I don't have orgies Dr.S. in fact I don't nearly get enough sex, lol. I mean it's RARE. I hate to admit that actually. LOL.

you dont have to be all in one is what he meant.

Elle, I think Dr S means in the way that BDSM is becoming a bit more mainstream and bit more acceptable as it used to be a more underground, fetish type compared to Mainstream Vanilla P**n that you get – BDSM is becoming less taboo and that everything that was seen as extreme is slowly becoming more acceptable and "normal" and Dear Dr S……..I know exactly the point you are trying to make and have noticed the same changes also in realtion to this subject

Get ready….because it's going to be even more intense. Just watch what happens after the 50 shades of grey movie comes out. People within the bdsm lifestyle are not necessarily all that pleased about the mainstream media delving into these topics- though many whom are simply hope that it will forge a more tolerant environment where people are not at risk simply because they like to get spanked once in awhile! However, this is not guaranteed through a mainstream media that merely uses topics in a sensationalistic manner rather than approaching these topics in a humane way. There IS a BIG difference! The every day people who engage in kinky activities whom I have had the pleasure of engaging personally are all people who desire and value healthy lives across the board. It is wrong- it is unfair and in complete error to categorize them as sexual deviants!

Well done Dr S………. you talk about a lot of things that people dont understand and cannot grasp but what tha hell – the ones that lack knowledge are the ones that perish

No we are not at the bottom of the barrel YET, but BY DAMN we aint too far from there!!

Perhaps you've been far too cynical to educate yourself. Find some books on the occult, sex magick, Aleister Crowley, freemasonry, etc., and open your eyes and look for the symbolism that is often quite obvious rather than poo-pooing everything and expecting people to hold your hand for you.

5) The "Illuminated" flaunt their existence and flaunt their perversions before us. Why do they do this? They do this both because with near total control they have little to fear anymore, but even more importantly, They do this because they enjoy it – and because it serves to excite and sexually arouse humanity greatly – which in turn opens up the human subconscious to mind control programming. Every time an otherwise ordinary person gets a fleeting dark moment of sick desire as a result of "Illuminated" imagery, it is that much easier for that person's brain to be infected with the hidden Monarch control programming that infects most everything today. 6) Many people completely misunderstand mind control technology and the history of Monarch/MKULTRA projects. Many people believe that only a small number of celebrities and sex slaves have complete mind control performed on them – and that this Monarch… Read more »
I know that there is a lot of 'stranger than fiction' going on- there is a lot of perception management and mind control going on but do you really think 'they' need to go out of their way in the manner you have described -creating unknowing sex slaves as you assert in your comment? As if they couldn't find people who would be willing without being mind controlled in such a way? No I am not saying that sex slaves don't exist. But any pimp would tell you that you don't need sophisticated technology to warp and control people into doing things. Over kill. You also seem to lump people into stigmatized groups. Not everyone believes in God and you do not have to believe in God to be a worthwhile human being with ethics and standards. Not everyone has the same perspectives regarding sexuality. I am a sex therapist… Read more »

Two words: Paragraph. Breaks.


This diatribe is starting to sound redundant, I'm with Dr. S. At least someone has done some research here.

>>7) The "Illuminated" remotely control the bodies of several MILLION people alive today. They can activate this control remotely AT ANY TIME simply by giving control signals online, etc. Once activated they have TOTAL control of the subject and completely override free will and all morality. These Monarch Sex Puppets are then used in ritual sex magick orgies in every possible and disgusting manner imaginable. They are both used as sex toys and made to use others (both "Illuminati" and unwilling victims – some in Monarch trance and some not) for extended periods before being returned to their homes and places of business and having all memories of the ritual sessions wiped.<< Ok. So you think about this stuff a lot do ya? Do you have the gory details going through your brain consistently? I do a lot of research into alleged abductions- mind control- sex trafficking- and a variety… Read more »

well said Elle! Dr. S makes such broad sweeping statements but where is his info documented? Although he seems to have a measure of truth, the outcome seems to promote fear instead of freedom. True freedom comes from Jesus Christ, receiving Him as your Saviour from this corrupt world. Read the Bible, the Truth shall make you free! Then you shall see life and the world from the proper perspective and not just fear based, "we are being manipulated" mindsets. I respect the author of this website as he really does his analysis well and makes it easy to comprehend. My spirit bears witness because I believe that VC, although he does not make a big deal about it, presents his articles from a very Christian and Bible based angle. Kudos to you VC! Well done and keep it up!

I have provided hard academic citations in this thread, and my previous posts will contain all the additional information any _sincere_ researcher needs to verify the accuracy of the information I am sharing here. It would appear from your posts that you may not have read my posts completely, so I urge you to do so as well as my additional posts on this site before accusing me of the things you have accused me of. I do not question your sincerity – if you were a mere disinformation agent you would not have admitted participating in the perversions as you did. It must also be stated again that it is only normal to doubt the reality of the terrible facts being shared on this unique web site. The "Illuminated" control an ever growing percentage of what you experience as "reality" – they control the media, they control the interwebs,… Read more »
No, after working for over a decade in my vocation AND being a member of a greater online/offline community which literally consists of thousands upon thousands of people from all over the world, I have never seen any such markings on people and I would notice such things let me tell you. I have never seen such markings neither have I come across what you refer to as perineal tattoos. I have also given massages to well over 7000 individuals as a licensed massage therapist (not erotic massage mind you) and never witnessed anything such as you describe. One would think I would have, considering the amount of people I have engaged and in very intimate proximity. Until I hear from you what you consider NOT a perversion regarding human sexuality (and I doubt we will be having that conversation), I am not so keen on assuming you have a… Read more »
I mean no offense by saying this Madame, but I must retract my assessment of your veracity. Whereas it seemed possible that you were in fact as you state a professional sex worker and BDSM fetishist, there is no way that anyone – prostitute or promiscuous amateur – could engage in kinky sex with thousands of different people over the last decade without seeing many instances of "Illuminati" style perineal tattoos and lingering marks from the rituals. The perineal tattooing has become such a fad even among non-"Illuminated" that the Swedish edition of Vice magazine featured a photo-essay featuring particularly notable examples. Even if you in your paid sex work never examined a client's anus and perineum, there is no way your fellow sex workers could not have gossiped with you about the latest unusual tattoos. So I must conclude that your post is likely intended as disinformation after all.… Read more »

I mean no offense by saying this Madame, but I must retract my assessment of your veracity. Whereas it seemed possible that you were in fact as you state a professional sex worker and BDSM fetishist, there is no way that anyone – prostitute or promiscuous amateur – could engage in kinky sex with thousands of different people over the last decade without seeing many instances of "Illuminati" style perineal tattoos and lingering marks from the rituals. The perineal tattooing has become such a fad even among non-"Illuminated" that the Swedish edition of Vice magazine featured a photo-essay featuring particularly notable examples. Even if you in your paid sex work never examined a client's anus and perineum, there is no way your fellow sex workers could not have gossiped with you about the latest unusual tattoos.

Sorry to disappoint you. Are you not willing to hear out an expert? I am certainly an expert in my field. I have engaged thousands of people, couples as well as individuals. I have never seen what you describe here. Perhaps we should ponder that. No I am not here as a disinformation agent. LOL, they must have me deeply programmed if that is the case. I am not buying it. And like you- I DO care about what is happening and I see what I do see. I guess I am not dealing with the illumined. Just normal every day people like you and me. Shucks. You would think they would pick me as a spokesperson!! LOL.

This dialogue would be entertaining were it not representative of the enormous threat to mankind posed by "Illuminated" sexual perversion. You are telling the readers of this forum that you have had sex with thousands of people for money – men and women – and have examined their anuses and perineal regions and have never ONCE seen someone with an "Illuminati" style tattoo there?? You are claiming that never once in this long career as a prostitute have you noticed a "john" or "jane" with lingering ligature marks from the sodomic breathplay rituals????? You want us to believe you have NEVER heard ANY of your clients blurt out "Illuminati" prayers at the moment of climax???????? I can conclude only that you are either a 14 year old trolling us from his bedroom, an "Illuminated" Public Perception Manager working to keep us asleep, or you are in fact yourself a Monarch… Read more »
yes i agree w/ u. this person Elle, sincerely believes she's helping and "empowering" people to be more open and tolerant…that word "empowerment" is such a loaded word. this is what has been used by feminists in order to subvert male and female relationships, tryna make men act more feminized and women jealous of men's masculinity, to act more masculine which has largely ruined male and female relationships in this and other countries. this has caused the destruction of the family, rampant single motherhood, millions of abortions, STD's etc….this is all communism basically. they want people more dependent on big government so they must destroy the family so u cant be dependent on it anymore. i know this blog hardly comments on sexuality but its a major component in the illuminati controlling us.people follow what others do in order to be cool and not be seen as uptight. they wanna… Read more »

t-t aka twat or something, don't worry cause nobody worthy is interested in you, you are only for the kinky staff as nobody could love you and consider to spend sometime with you. Thank goodness. 🙂

Thank you for this reply. You said what I've been thinking for over a decade. I got a divorce from my husband because he wanted more sex and rougher sex and he would want me to watch p**n to show me what type of sex. I told him I'm not like that and I haven't changed my sex patterns. I also am curious about some of these leaks with information. I believe they have some truth but I also think some of these "leaks" are coming purposefully from agent whose intent is to contain the leaks by disinformation and confusions. I also know those who are telling the truth are risking their lives too. I just wondere if some who are at the deepest levels of the rabbit hole can really produce that kind of evidence as I have read that they record everything anyway even the human sacrifices.
I got a divorce from my husband because he was selfish, arrogant and we had to obey his odd parents because his mother was blackmailing him that he would be left out of their will if he didn't do as he was told. The parents, the sisters were a bliddy nightmare. I had enough of them, so I thought to myself 'get rid of the lot of them, enough is enough'. The sister with the mother even falsely testified against me in order to put me in trouble. The idiotic father-in-law is into secret societies and that's how he managed to have a career. I was brought up in a nice environment with tons of affection, tenderness and love by my parents. I was determined not to allow nasty people ruin my life. They expected to find a masochist to suppress and emotionally torment. Lunatics the lot of them. Yep… Read more »
You are very insightful indeed. As you peruse the tremendous volumes of information about the Elite and their twisted agenda available online and in books, you will quickly notice how eager most accounts are to portray the "Illuminati" agenda, Monarch mind control, and the sexual rituals as occurring only or primarily within segments of the entertainment industry. Many of these accounts would leave the casual researcher believing that this revolting conspiracy is confined to the world of celebrities and that no threat of mind control sex slavery exists for ordinary people. As you can see, nothing could be farther from the truth. The "Illuminated" control not merely our sources of entertainment but the majority of the world's institutions of government, religion, etc. The essentially control much of what you and I experience as "reality" and use the human race like a child would a set of dolls. All the while… Read more »
truthseeker2010, sounds as if you were not matched well to begin with. This happens a lot because sex as a topic is stigmatized and people are not nurtured to be self aware enough neither are people nurtured to develop the skills needed for better communication and other much needed relationship/living skills. of course I know many people here are coming from various Christian based ideologies and with that comes a lot of dogma that does not allow for sexuality beyond a particular construct. Anything outside of that specific construct (basic sexual positions, gays are going to hell, enjoying sex is shameful, etc) is frowned upon. Many people find themselves in relationships that should never have been in the first place! of course you can now state to yourself that there was something wrong with your ex. When likely both of you were responsible. 'I'm not like that' you stated. Like… Read more »

Yes, this Dr.S sounds like a cult leader. I originally came on this site to look at another perspective but it borders on creepy bc it seems so obsessive. If Dr. S doesn't believe Elle has never seen any of these markings and tattoos then that means Dr.S has had plenty of "personal" experience viewing and encountering them themselves? You criticize Elle for being a "sex worker" and dismiss her lack of tattoo findings, yet if you are so adamant that they exist its only because you are also a sexual person that had seen many.

And if you say that you aren't and are only going by "academic" sources and what they say about the subject than you cannot discredit Elle, especially if she IS actually on the frontline and has actual firsthand experience; while you just have your books.

It is not my intention to lead anyone anywhere. Nor is it my intention to criticize anyone for ending up in a life of prostitution. Even without the "Illuminati" survival is difficult for us all.

However – there is no arguing the rapidly increasing incidence of "Illuminati" style perineal tattooing. I encourage you to examine your next date carefully in the perineal region before trusting him/her.

There is no reason to examine someone carefully as not all of us have sex or have an intention to have. So we are not worried about someone's perineal region. Case is closed.

If you are not knowingly sexually active and therefore not carefully examining the perineal regions of your partner(s) then you are quite right – you have no way of knowing whether anyone you know has this type of cult tattooing. In truth – many of these tattoos can be very subtle indeed and blend in with lingering hairs and natural patterning of the vulva and anal regions so even very intimate sex partners or gyno/proctologists may readily miss them if not looking carefully. This is part of how I realized that the original poster could not be an actual prostitute and BDSM fetishist somehow totally unfamiliar with "Illuminati" tattooing – a genuine sex worker would have been far more likely to respond that her simple acts of oral sex and intercourse rarely led her to carefully examination of her client's anal and perineal regions. For this person to be so… Read more »

Forgive me – I meant to add that only a portion of Monarch puppets have had perineal tattoos placed on their bodies, but also that most of those who DO would in fact be unaware of their own tattooing unless they had conducted a very extensive and well-lit self-examination with a mirror/video camera/etc.

I am not a feminist btw. I am also an advocate for non sexual intimacy, which is highly underrated! I generally do not discuss my sexuality. This topic came up as i read comments claiming that all people into kinky sexuality were depraved or affiliated with the illuminati. Complete nonsense.

You again? We don't care, it's your body do with it whtever it pleases you. Just refrain from doing my head off with your kinky stuff. Bye


My earlier reply to you did not appear – so in brief:

If you read this entire thread before replying, you will see I have provided multiple academic citations to support what I've written. In addition, if you take the time to read my previous posts on this site and to read the other articles on this site, you will find all the indisputable proof you need.

As a professional sex surrogate therapist, you surely see many clients with lingering evidence of being used in the rituals. Very likely you have seen an increasing number of "Illuminati" style perineal tattooing as well. Do not assume these things are simple fashion trends. The proof is all around those who are willing and able to open their eyes. Good luck to you Madame.

Dr. S~ I have actively followed these comment sections to read your take on these articles. It seems you have some inside knowledge on the subjects you speak of, and it seems your warnings are getting more urgent. I am not trying to discredit you in any way but I do have some questions about how a person can be completely controlled and put into these rituals. 1. How do they explain their time missing? I realize they are maybe not aware, but how do family members, roomates, or children not know of their absense? 2. Are these things that can happen in small towns with Masonic Temples, or is it higher up than that? 3. You always recommend reading about these deviant sexual practices…but isn't that what they want? You say that is what they feed off of…your brain being trained to get off on sicker and sicker scenarios.… Read more »
Not all of my posts are appearing so I will be brief. 1) Monarch Sex Puppets explain missing time with the most totally plausible stories because they believe these stories themselves. As part of the memory wipe cover memories are implanted to replace the actual memories of sex magick ritual orgies, crimes committed, etc. These excuses can also be delivered proactively, so you may for example be triggered into Monarch trance by the next web page you visit, then get up in a fugue state and explain calmly and plausibly to your wife that you need to go out for groceries only to drive instead directly to a nearby "church" operating as an "Illuminati" front where your body participates in perverse and sacrilegious group sex rituals. All entirely unaware and with cover memories of your trip to the grocery store and why you returned without groceries ready to tell your… Read more »

Well, I live alone, with two young children. There would be no plausible explanation for me disapearing for hours without people calling CPS on me. How would that work?
What is your take on small town Masonic Temples?
So if you study it, but don't fear it, you are ok?

You are neglecting to consider all factors. Children sleep. Children are also Monarch controlled. So are government officials like CPS. ESPECIALLY CPS type agencies as you can readily understand (Police forces too). There are no end of ways this could be happening to ANYONE reading this ANYWHERE without anyone having any clue.

The Masons are a key element in all of this obviously – but it is not as obvious as some might assume. In most communities They operate primarily out of the sort of institutions one would LEAST expect – houses of worship, hospitals, government offices, and so on.

Knowledge is power. Fear is their opening to destroy. Closing ones eyes to deviance will not keep one pure but rather make it possible for the purest to become the most defiled.

Thank you for answering by the way. Ok, so you some home to your husband, without the groceries you didn't pick up, smelling like sex, and your body used and bruised from the sex ritual you were in. How is that hidden?

The same way people having illicit sex under their own free will hide the evidence from their spouses. And of course many spouses suspect but say nothing – whether due to being unable to confront the adultery or because they themselves have similar secrets. Finally – your husband may also be under Monarch control and have appropriate implanted memories. When one person in a household is under remote Monarch sex puppet mind control the odds of other people in that household being similarly infected rises significantly – particularly if they are using the same computer/video game, listening to the same infected music, etc.

Oh my goodness.

>>A person trained to recognize subliminal symbols of these fetishes will then make the connection to any genital engorgement and arousal they may notice their bodies experiencing and then be prepared to defend oneself.<<

You mean when someone GETS AN ERECTION?? Can you even state it that way? LOL. Is getting an erection a bad thing? When is getting an erection permissible according to your philosophy?

Let's hear it. By the way, some men involuntarily get erections when getting dental work. Maybe they are being implanted during the dental fillings? With some sort of mind control device??

Yes I am being sarcastic.

Dr.S, I think you should write a movie script. Of course once made it would be called a 'perception management' tool correct? But your imagination is so active it is a shame to see it limited to discussion boards. Are there people sent out into the web who have relevant and pertinent info that has been purposely mixed with all sorts of craziness in order to sway reasonably thinking people from considering what truly is relevant and pertinent? I believe YES. Are there well meaning people who take relevant and pertinent info and go wayyyyy over board, even elaborating and embellishing? Some who may not be working from a healthy foundation? Even those who are seeking to present themselves as a victim in order to get attention? I believe YES. I bet if i sat here and wrote how I was concerned that I was a monarch sex puppet (as… Read more »
I thought I would chime in here. You asked: 3. You always recommend reading about these deviant sexual practices…but isn't that what they want? You say that is what they feed off of…your brain being trained to get off on sicker and sicker scenarios. So wouldn't studying these "horseplay" etc. Actually be setting yourself up for being programmed?<< You make a very good point about people reading about things that they normally wouldn't think about necessarily. Plus, if the sources of this information have not been verified in a reasonable manner, how can we rely on this information? In addition: My work over the last decade has me dealing specifically with fetishes and people who have very specific interests regarding their sexuality. None of these people would fit the model that Dr.S is espousing here. These are not people who need different scenarios that get 'sicker and sicker' as time… Read more »

WOW. I am simply blown away by you Dr.S. God forbid (literally in your mind I am sure) that people ACTUALLY ENJOY SEX rather than saving it strictly for procreation!! THIS line of thinking is VERY destructive and goes against what is natural and normal and is the reason we have so many unhealthy sexual perspectives born out of shame and self loathing! This line of thinking is why people hide perfectly normal reactions and responses and in doing so actually risk developing unhealthy behaviors!

Who shamed you? Who brainwashed you into thinking sex is a dirty nasty thing?

Dear Elle- I think you have opened a very important topic; sexuality, how we express it and what is considered 'normal' or acceptable whatever that is, that sexual freedom and releasing shame is very important. On the other hand, what is considered a 'perversion' and may be feeding some negative agenda. I also think much of what Dr S is saying has validity and truth. There is a negative alien agenda and I think sex is used as a part of that. To distort us away from the natural blueprint of what and who we are as magnificent Gods or Goddesses. Yes there has been much shaming particularly from religious belief systems that run deep in the sub conscious of our world- and that has got us into deep trouble. I have struggled myself with this in the past, in terms of what is considered 'OK' to do sexually. At… Read more »
Your problem is infact not your problem; its actually very simple but you over-explained yourself and in doing so exposed yourself for the audience (us). Why are you in such self-preservation mood , or feel insulted by the comments which were never directed to you? Where does the insecurity comes in? Dr. S is against all perverts, and those who practice sexual magic without boundaries for their own sexual gratification; but you turning up as a spokesperson, or a torchbearer for everything related to "perversion" and out loud celebration of sexual satisfaction in whatever social and moral definition it takes? Who defines the boundary of "acceptability" and what is acceptable in bedroom and what is acceptable in media? Two different things? What is truly truly sad reading all, this that people,client or customers who comes to you ; come to find HAPPINESS; and they find sex to be the only… Read more »

Hey Dr. S, how am I supposed to find the documentation you speak of, the Achtenleufer Commission Report, and the other items you mentioned?

it's disgusting how reading these articles are posted on VC no longer create a higher level of disgust in me than there would have otherwise been. note to self: the only way people are de-sensitised to this type of s*it is if they are tuned in to the mainstream culture,one of ever increasing shameless and secular values.
i suppose it'll be nice when christ (pbuh) comes back,but in the meanwhile it's all about enduring patiently and staying on the straight path.

I have a question that is totally off topic, but I saw it in your post. I've noticed that some people use an acronym in parenthesis after typing Jesus or Muhammed, like you did (pbuh). What is that all about? Is it only some denominations of Christianity and Islam that do it, do some Jews do it? What is the purpose and meaning behind it? I'm genuinely curious, I've seen it before and am interested in learning what it's about.

Pbuh- peace be upon him. It is said out of respect for our beloved prophets and specifically SAW- (may Allah honour him and grant him peace) is said after mentioning of the prophet Muhammed (saw). Muslims usually say it, im not sure if christians and jews say it.
I hope that answered your enquiry. 🙂

Thanks Hibaq, that makes sense to me now. I wasn't sure if it was used as a short form of the name of the prophets, but I just made that connection with hearing Muslims say 'Peace be upon Him' after saying any prophet's name, to the acronym when typing it. So it's a written blessing, like everytime it's spoken. Cool, thanks! I love to learn.

I meant that when 'hearing Muslims say it after speaking Jesus' name', I see that Muhammed has a different one (SAW).

SAW = Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam = May Allāh honor him and grant him peace
PBUH = Peace be upon him.

Its bascially the same thing, either works.

Thanks Hibaq

Thank you for asjking the same question that boggled my brain

It's sad isn't it. People have been conditioned to be wrapped up in their own state of mind and ego, to even think anything else could be going on in this world.

That s**t is nasty fareal I mean how can those people carry on like tha anyway have they no shame the s**t people do for money

At modeling schools and talent agencies they do weird s**t like that especially with the little kids, yes LITTLE KIDS. Its one of those "If you want to be on this commercial, or this TV show you have to do this with this person." type things. Those "meetings" they have at hotels are really just orgies. This one girl I went to middle school with said she would have sex with older men before photoshoots so they could recommended her for more talent gigs. And a guy I used to work with said they would force him to strip naked and roll around in some sort of red fluid during photoshoots and call it "artistic expression." when it was really some sort of weird ritual.The world of modeling and talent is a very disgusting world, and if you wanna go far youve got to do some pretty sick and un-doable… Read more »

"Force." LOL. No one can FORCE you to do anything. That person lack control of their self & is weak. I wouldn't want to be a model THAT bad that I'd roll around in red stuff or have sex with people just to get noticed. Dumb. But yes, I do believe it happens.


i just want to respectfully say that r**e occurs everyday on this planet in VERY LARGE NUMBERS.
this is a FORCED act. you can indeed FORCE people to do things.

Regarding the entertainment industry, which I have worked in- Ive seen people become successful while maintaining clear boundaries and a healthy no. I have also seen folks get put in positions of compromise- "get naked and get the record deal or walk" and they walked. some of them.

If it is a child, then yes it is forced.

Even if its NOT a child, if a person is unwilling, its FORCED.

LMAO. WTF are you talking about? I'm a working model and have NEVER run into any of this crap–and neither have any of the other models I know. Stay ridiculous.

maybe not in your modeling world, but in other 'art' realms the border between perversion and 'art' becomes thinner and thinner… I encountered some of these things… only the grace of God or other Benevolent protected me…. in some places the artist realms and the devil's world are one and the same… think john waters amongst others…..

John Waters is a genius of social commentary clearly on a level you will probably never understand. Ick. I know there's definitely something awry and creepy on the Illuminati side but there are just as many of you brainwashed on the opposite end of the spectrum. Find balance so you don't come off so paranoid and deranged.

Dan, I am not sure I would go so far as to call Waters a genius of social commentary, lol. Though I agree with your comment about people being brainwashed all over the place and finding EMPOWERMENT. Regardless of what agendas happen to be playing out- what people need to realize here is that there is a vast level of diversity among humans. Just as the so called 'Illuminated' may have their agenda, churches and various other ideologically driven communities have their agendas also, agendas that are not welcome by many if not most other humans. Where does your rights stop and mine begin?? Why should anyone get to push their agenda or their philosophies or religious ideologies onto others? Yes it seems we are at a crucial point. What can be done? I would bet that every single person on this board and who visits this site is supporting… Read more »

Yeah but do you just model in the catalogues or do you do ad campaigns for Chanel, Dior, D&G?…………… As the elite people arent bothered for the crappy catalogue models, its the big names that make it big who you got to be worried about………….Look up the story of Karen Mulder for eg.

The agencies, bookers, photographers in the entertainment/fashion biz are not to be trusted and underneath are just sick, depraved perverted individuals – Terry Richardson for example…………

Maybe u guys are not what they are looking for. Maybe too your colleagues are NOT telling u whats REALLY going on with them. So b thankful that its NOT happening to you!!

Lol. Stop making things up to sound knowledgable.

Having worked for a SAG/AFTRA agent for 8 years, I can assure you that doesn't go on everywhere. We went out of our way to protect our clients from weirdos, especially our young people. By young people, I mean everyone under the age of 25 – 30, including our children.

Modeling schools are a scam – anyone with two brain cells knows good genes can't be taught.

Good lord, everyone wasn't put on this planet to be abused. Stop in to open call at a real agency…they might not want you, but you won't be subjected to what you've described as industry-wide.

"good genes can't be taught"

Trademark that before I do!

Well, since you're so experienced, maybe you could tee-hee and "Good lord" explain away the rest of the articles regarding the entertainment industry on this website. That is, if your nose isn't too far in the air to read your screen and you could take some time out of your very self-important life.

omg i was going to be in modeling & commercial acting 😮 but i got out it was too much money & besides i knew about somethings about this & the agency people looked creepy.

They have no shame…. disgusting!

I feel that the people across the world have been brainwashed into tattooing!! Think about it, they mutilate their young and often beautiful bodies with hideous 'art'.. They are forever branded.. Often their entire arms/legs.. And this is now 'acceptable' and 'desirable'?! To whom?? The brainwashed masses? And to the amusement of the 'illuminated'?

Tattooing is hundreds of years old. Tribes have been doing it for centuries. Its not an illuminati created device, its an art shared by cultures ALL over the world. It is ancient…research in your local library. The information is at your fingertips. Even if tattoos are not to your least you will know the truth. 🙂

The illuminati might not have invented tattooing, but they have made it extremely popular.

Yes mate it's tribal, conducted by many tribes still today while in trances..
But what has made it popular, where once only criminals and drug users used to have them, now young successful people are covering themselves in it.. Like this orgy party, these kind of practices are becoming mainstream where everyone is suddenly partaking.

Really, what rock are you living under darlin? Criminals and drug dealers?? Lol. How did we even get on the subject of Tattoos?!

I know……….Tattoos are the least of our worries, compared to whats going on in the world

Just pointing out how things can very quickly become acceptable and embraced by sheeple, even if it means mutilating their own bodies. Much like in VC article.. Taboo one day, embraced the next

Tattooing is just another art form. I am very much awake, and not one of the "sheeple" at all, yet I have several tattoos. I find your comments ignorant and rude. Just because YOU don't care for tattoos, doesn't mean they are "evil."

Anyone else see the C and M in the serpent disguised as CAA? C and M are two of the occult's favorite letters, the 3rd and 13th letter of the alphabet.

The HYPOCRITES that found this play-acting disgusting………every PERSON in the "free" World is guilty and complicit withe the crimes of these Monsters….everytime they buy a movie ticket or turn-on the tv……..

What exactly is wrong with sex? It is completely natural and only others tell you how to feel about it. Think for yourself!

There is nothing wrong with sex, however we are not supposed to mate with everything and everyone. We are supposed to have the ability to control our urges. But then again after listening to you know who both Eva and Adam became conniving and their calculating ways were inherited by the rest of us generation after generation. We were supposed to be like angels, pure. We are the opposite, sleep around, have one night-stands and overall flings which are good only for a few minutes and when the bubble bursts we are left with nothing substantial. There you go, that's my interpretation.