Beyoncé, Condolezza Rice and Others in Campaign to Ban the Word “Bossy”. Seriously.



Lean In, an organization created by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg launched a campaign to ban the b-word. And by that I mean the word “bossy”. To do that, the organization recruited Beyoncé (who’s often involved in elite-funded campaigns), Jennifer Garner and political figure Condolezza Rice. In a cringe-inducing video, they’ve all “committed” to ban the word.

The video supposedly aims to encourage girls to become leaders. Instead of, like, encouraging girls to become leaders, the video actually says: “Let’s just ban the word bossy”. Really? That’s pretty bossy of them. Telling us what words to use and not to use. I’ve known quite a few women who were leaders but who were NOT bossy. They were great leaders with tact and vision who did not feel the need to boss and micro-manage people around because they could. I’ve also known women who were not leaders of anything but were nevertheless bossy. BOSSY. That’s the word to describe that type of person. Deal with it.

But seriously, when I heard about this campaign the first thing that immediately came to mind was the book 1984 and Newspeak. If you are not familiar with this book, here’s George Orwell’s description of Newspeak in the novel’s appendix.

Newspeak is the official language of Oceania, scheduled for official adoption around 2050, and designed to make the ideological premises of Ingsoc (Newspeak for English Socialism, the Party’s official political alignment) the only expressible doctrine. Newspeak is engineered to remove even the possibility of rebellious thoughts—the words by which such thoughts might be articulated have been eliminated from the language. Newspeak contains no negative terms. For example, the only way to express the meaning of “bad” is through the word “ungood.” Something extremely bad is called “doubleplus ungood.”

In short, in the 1984, Newspeak was developed by the Party to restrict human thought. When there is no word to describe an idea, the idea cannot even take form. In this sense the Ban Bossy campaign appears to take a page right out of 1984. In a broader sense, it is about using feminism to restrict, oppress and re-mold. It is not about equality, it is about creating, in the words of 1984 “thought criminals” and restricting language.

While I believe this superficial, mind-numbingly ridiculous campaign will fail miserably, there is nevertheless a great deal of financial and political power behind it.

As stated above, Lean In was created by Sheryl Sandberg an important figure of the power elite. Before becoming the COO of Facebook, she was Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google. Before that, she was chief of staff for the United States Secretary of the Treasury. More importantly, she is part of the Brookings Institution and the Council of Foreign Relations – two of the most important elite think tanks in the world. These two institutions alone are responsible for most of the  New World Order-friendly policies adopted by governments today. Sandberg also attended the 2012 Bilderberg meetings which is, as you might know, another elite hotspot.

Ban Bossy is therefore the product of an elite-funded organization which uses feminism as a means of control. To “empower” means to give power. Banning words is the opposite of giving power.

In other news “bossy” is the word of the day. Use it as much as you can today. Here’s a video that goes with the spirit of the day.

P.S. Bossy.


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172 Comments on "Beyoncé, Condolezza Rice and Others in Campaign to Ban the Word “Bossy”. Seriously."

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This s**t makes me want to spit in some people's faces. Isnt that destiny child girl married to a rapper who constantly spews "nigger" and "b***h" in his lyrics? How about banning those words? Oh, I forgot there is no multi-billion dollar industry surrounding "bossy". Plus, to disagree with or ask a black person to change their ways would be "racist", right?

And what about obama's wife? putting this much energy into this type of joke. What about banning mentally unstable people from buying firearms? what did we already give up on that? How about banning the use of military drones in non-combative countries? THIS IS A F*****G JOKE. Can't wait for a new president

I love the VC site, and promote it whenever I can. However, while I see what this article is saying, I also understand the more extensive thought process behind the "Ban Bossy" campaign. In the world in which we live, whatever characteristics women assert that go against the traditional grain of society's gender-based pigeon-holing, are perceived as "bad". I am a woman who speaks her mind freely and very articulately, so I get this and have dealt with it first-hand. I have always been "bossy", while a man in my position or shoes would be deemed a "leader" or as "taking charge". When a woman takes the reins, though, there's often a negative spin placed on the situation/circumstances, and she is frowned upon. When a woman steps up to the plate to lead, her assertiveness/aggressive nature is often looked upon as "b*tchy". There's a Pantene commercial that exemplifies this ideology… Read more »
Well said! This is something what i thought about this campaign. And word b***h is used so many times on pop-cultur so this lesson could be also that being bossy you are then “b***h” and “b***h” is being used for girl who usually is sexy and strong woman but little bit bad and naughty. So young girls are programmed to what means being leader type of GIRL. I think this campaign is all about programming young girls and their parents who believes that this is real… It should not be so different if woman is strong-minded and have opinions. This campaign also tries to make people think like girls are been very kind and shy in last years. There is no real study to show that in all middle schools girls are always following boys. Its just some random fake fact to make people to think like that kind of… Read more »

is bossy a gender specific word? i work with children at a daycare and boys and girls get called bossy if theyre trying to push people around and tell people what to do. i dont think little boys are called "leaders" for being a litte a-hole. theyre just as bossy as the little female a-holes lol.

and beyonce (although i am a fan of her tunes…hey, they are catchy!) needs to stop. for a so-called "feminist" she has a song that repeats the phrase "bow down b*****s." You can ban the word bossy, but feel the need to make an entire song calling other women b*****s and telling them they will never be like you…mmmmm ok….

Banning the word " Bossy"??? – First world problems eh……

The people leading and orchestrating this agenda are being bossy.

It is disgusting how supposed "conservative" and P.C. "Liberals" are continually "bossy" with the commoners and tell us what to think and say.

Be Ambitious = to me that sounds like leave motherhood and be like one of us – a slave or worker, be childless and see even the one guy agrees too. Don't be bossy, boss people around and invite depopulation! Why sit at home with your kids when you can be successful like us and hav your nanny do it, or better yet no kids!!

The agenda is get ready to "shut up and serve" the elite power.

"Bow down B*****s! Bow bow down b*****s!"

This campaign is entirely Sheryl Sandberg's personal, subjective thing. She said she was called bossy as a child, and this is her way of shutting those people up, instead of possibly looking in a mirror and learning something about herself from the way others perceive her. She IS bossy, and also an idiot. I'm a real world feminist, and I'm completely disgusted that she would hijack airtime away from women's real issues for this BS.

I can't help but feel that Beyonce is being made to be some saviour of women, deemed by young girls to be independent and powerful, and something to aspire too, so when she's stripping off onstage and rolling around in her thong, little girls will believe that's powerful and will aspire to that. It's all part of a pedo conditioning campaign. Beyonce is not the boss!..just a well payed employee.

I am late to reading this , but I think there is something that should be addressed… It might have been and I missed it, but no matter. ^-^ This little campaign as well as the other laws that have been passed in Canada… and talks being held in the U.S. all come back to one thing well many things.. but for this part just one)… Freedom of speech. Now in the U.S. you automatically have a right to freedom of speech. It is one of the many bittersweet blessings of living in this country. Haha!This silly campaign is not about banning a word… It is about being able to control what is said. Which I believe is rather ridiculous since humans will choose to say whatever they feel like saying… Against the law or not… There will always be someone who does not wish to comply with the law…… Read more »

she is a puppet on strings … As stupid as she knows this campaign is she can't back out because she lost her ability to be bossy. Lol… This is retarded! Mind control is running out of strategies.

I got 99 problems, and a bossy wife is one.

What if they ARE bossy? What a way to get men to accept women who may purposefully and nastilly being bossy ( as well as purposeful being the other word, and yes they do that.) as O.K! Hey, we can call men bossy, but if you call mean natured women bossy, they may be able to bring you up on harassment charges.

Bossy bossy bossy bossy bossy! Yeah! Bossy! Oh and f*** you Sheryl Sandberg, Beyonce and Condoleezza! 😀

There are so many other words you can ban than bossy. Besides, if you act bossy you will be called bossy. So, actions speak louder than words. Yet, in this case we are banning the word bossy?

And then these so-called powers that be WILL ban a lot of words to the point in which they will even ban words like "idea", "freedom", "God", "expression" or even ART OR BIRTH…………….lolzzzzz…these guys are killing the very foundation of what's maybe left of us

Doesn't that fact that they are trying to ban the word bossy make them bossy.

they clearly have to much time on their hands if this is an actual campaign, what a load of BS and a complete waste of life.


OR we could just teach our young girls to not give a f*** what people say/think about you! You know, build them strong not hide them from the storm….ugh! Do you boo!

I think the whole campaign is nothing more than a feeler put out by the elites to gauge the general public's willingness to give up their first amendment rights. If there is enough favorable response to the ban bossy idea they know they can move onto another project which will up the last one and push the 'general consensus' even closer to their goal, which is probably similar to what VC was mentioning with newspeak or just outright policing of speech. This sort of slow movement of societal norms from one of God, or righteousness based, to one of carnal or humanistic based is called diaprax. In the USA and many western countries diaprax has been used to great effect to change society's views about sex…a good example is homosexuality. 40 years ago homosexual celebrities were closeted, schools had nothing to do with sex education, p*********y was considered shameful. But… Read more »

I order you not to call me bossy.

That is a ridiculous way of expressing feminism. It makes feminism a joke. If they are so anxious to make women leaders, why can’t they encourage girls to aspire to become teachers, physicians, surgeons, scientists, mathematicians, writers etc?

It completely disgusts me , y are people so brainwashed by Beyoncé ? As everyone else has pointed out , I'm less concerned with the word "bossy" which I don't even think young girls use anymore, and more concerned with young girls taking advice from Beyoncé . Her new album ? Drunk in love? Her music videos? Pick ur audience Beyoncé your music is very ADult basically xrated I don't think we should worry about bossy. She as well as her husband throw out the b* word & many other obscenities !! Now see how many girls under 18 are obsessed with her & her music & image. We need a PSA about this !!!

My irritation is the fact that its so true. They want to ban Bossy when people in the campaign use the B***h word often. Hypocrisy is really evident here.

There are times when a supervisor, group leader, or a teacher, or someone in charge has to be bossy. Or, should I say demanding? Controlling? With humans, if you forbid use of certain words, we may think of even worse replacements.

Ok. So, basically, Sheryl Sandberg is bossily telling us to ban the word "bossy". Hypocrite. This elitist rep is testing the water for her pals to see if we will fall for it.

How bossy!

Pffffft, just when you think it can't get any more ridiculous -_- I'm so tired of this s**t: There are already more women in the world then man. 'Who run the world? Girls!' Okay Beyonce, we f*****g get it already, how about we, I don't know, focus on EQUALITY?! Roosevelt, Lincoln, Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela: how you are missed. AND YET, even if they are acknowledged, how come anyone hardly ever follows their example, even if it's just sharing the knowledge they passed on to us. This world is F****D UP, BUT WE NEED TO SPEAK UP AND BE A UNITY! It doesn't have to be hard: The movie Pay it forward anyone? For those of you who don't know it, I'd extremely recommend it. By the way: I'm a girl and normally very soft spoken, but after reading this article, I make it my goal to become 'bossy' 😉

Well, I reckon that you have completely been sucked in by the reverse psychology just as they would have intended.



OK just to preface this I'm a woman who believes is REAL women's rights…not this stupid airhead garbage of "oh let's ban the word bossy because it hurts our feelings". Shut the eff up B***H! Why don't you brainless B*****S work on REAL FEMINISM like standing up for women's rights in the middle east? DUMB BRAINLESS B*****S!! Oh wait why do that when it's just easier to be a vapid effing BOSSY B***H. Listen up you cunts, if you were REAL FEMINISTS you wouldn't be worried about a bunch of useless words like "BOSSY" and instead worry about how in most countries women aren't even seen as human beings! What about that? Why won't you go after the sons of b*****s that think it's OK to mutilate a woman for learning how to read?! YOU FAKE FEMINISM CUNTS MAKE ME SICK GO SPEND THE WEEKEND IN FALLUJAH AND SEE HOW… Read more »
OK just to preface this I'm a woman who believes is REAL women's rights…not this stupid airhead garbage of "oh let's ban the word bossy because it hurts our feelings". Shut the eff up B***H! Why don't you brainless B*****S work on REAL FEMINISM like standing up for women's rights in the middle east? DUMB BRAINLESS B*****S!! Oh wait why do that when it's just easier to be a vapid effing BOSSY B***H. Listen up you cunts, if you were REAL FEMINISTS you wouldn't be worried about a bunch of useless words like "BOSSY" and instead worry about how in most countries women aren't even seen as human beings! What about that? Why won't you go after the sons of b*****s that think it's OK to mutilate a woman for learning how to read?! YOU FAKE FEMINISM CUNTS MAKE ME SICK GO SPEND THE WEEKEND IN FALLUJAH AND SEE HOW… Read more »

And how would this be enforced? If someone were to continue using the word, would they be given a citation? Arrested? These molders of society are way too ambitious.

They're patient…

Uh… Who exactly decided this particular word was an issue and who gives a shyte? It's this part of an anti-bullying campaign on a granular level? Let's ban "b*tch" "jerk" "narcissist" and a million other words that can be used to describe a person's behavior. Hey, let's ban mock turtlenecks! Why? Why not! K!

So if bossy is banned, what shall we do with the word that replaces it in the same context ?
Shall we just ban all the words in the English language because they could be misused ?
Why not tackle the underlying problem of chauvinism instead ? Oh I forgot, that would mean changing this chauvinist system.

Yes, Newspeak, where we are told that slanderous and racist terms like "African American" in lieu of "black" or "Native American" in lieu of "indigenous" will stop racism and discrimination.

They don't give a s**t about women – I bet what they're really trying to do is stop us complaining about abuse of authority from those in power and being ordered around.
Bossy means domineering and dictating it does not mean assertive, confident or empowered – there's a big difference – banning the word bossy essentially blurs the lines and open the way for further liberties to be taken.
I don't actually think they would be able to ban the word though but the fact that they're trying is worrying.

so they won't to ban the word used to describe dictatorship/dictators

So Bossy is a bad word now? Ok. And this is come from someone who has a song called " Bow Down, B*tches". Yep. I can see the issue here….

Exactly. Funny how she doesn't want to ban the words H*oe, C*unt or B*itch, but Bossy is a dirty dirty word? lollll

I refer to anyone who is bossing me around as "bossy" – I don't care about gender. If you're a man I'll still call you bossy if that's what you are. I think every human being can be bossy at times, but some more than others.

Go ahead, take the word 'bossy' from my vocabulary, I've got a dozen more obscene words to replace it with, beginning with Beyoncé's husband's favorite b-word…B*tch. Maybe something from his song, b*****s and sisters? "So just, take off your shirt, don't hit me with that church s**t (B***h)" 🙂 Very progressive Jay Z, your wife must be very proud of your respect towards independent women. Apparently, a Times journalist counted the amount of times Jay Z used the word b***h in his lyrics. " 109 out of 217 songs contain the word “B***h.” That’s 50.2% of Jay-Z’s entire lyrical output". Well, Beyoncé, I say 'shut the f**k up', because until your husband stops using derogatory words and imagery towards woman, you really shouldn't be telling the rest of us how to express ourselves. As for Condoleezza Rice… if these people think for a second that I will have any respect… Read more »

OMG you are amazing! That was so perfectly said that i just want to come out of the screen when your done reading and be like so f**k you hollywood LOL

How strange that these women claim that calling girls "bossy" keeps them from becoming leaders and yet all these women say they are leaders who were called "bossy" growing up. Which is it? Does "bossy" hold girls back or push them forward/have nothing to with them becoming leaders or not? It's almost as if they're saying most women can't handle being called bossy and therefore can't succeed unless the few special women, who had the strength and smarts to overcome this discrimination, erase the word from our vocabulary so that all the rest of the poor, weak and stupid women/girls can blindly enjoy the placebo of feeling like they've done something empowering. "I'm not bossy. I'm the boss." The boss? Over whom? I supposed manipulating people by controlling what they're allowed to say and not say does make you their bossy boss. (If they follow your orders, that is) A… Read more »

Thanks V.C. Language control is mass mind control.

When I see this, I can't help but think in terms of Gematria, as banning bossy could really mean banning a range of concepts…as both "bossy" and "curious" have the same numerical value in Jewish Gematria. Hmmmm…perhaps on this level it makes sense as well

Once I realised this wasn't an April Fools' Day joke, I followed the video link to YouTube and was pleasantly surprised to see that it has garnered more dislikes than likes.

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, VC!

Instead of crusading against a gender-neutral term like "bossy;" why doesn't Beyonce vow to eliminate sexually objectifying terminology from her vernacular? Like…I don't know…"bootylicious?"

What is being a boss worth anyway? Still low down in their pyramid structure, still completely manipulated as a wage-slave by the elite. Why aspire to either?

Great article, VC.

Yes, the campaign is stupid. But your point is a profound one. When words are banned, and thoughts can't be expressed, then concepts die.

Unlike some of the early naysayers, I think this is actually one of your more insightful observations.

At least the other b word is not endangered yet… Sums up this entire joke a lot better than ‘bossy’ 😉

Utterly Sinister Stupid and Totalitarian

Let the Word Bossy continue to be Used

I was called bossy when I was a kid in grade 4 and it pissed me off. There was one boy who I had a crush on and no matter what I did he didn't notice me. I guess my bossiness was learnt from my dad as he was the head honcho and still is in our family. Well, I didn't care that I was bossy – I got hurt initially, but after that I just said, YES I AM! :))

This is seriously so stupid. I will NOT ban the word "bossy" out of my vocabulary just because some women are being oversensitive about it. A majority of the people don't view women as bossy if they have leadership qualities. I've been told many times before that I have leadership qualities, and never once has anyone ever told me I'm bossy, and I'm a woman! I hate the restrictions we have on our language and what we speak. I mean c'mon, banning the word bossy? It's a load of BS. I 100% agree with the comment Erika made. It's hypocritical for an Illuminati sellout like Beyonce to try and encourage women to be independent and free, when she's just a puppet controlled by strings. Feminism has gone too far, and feminists are becoming simply delusional. It makes no sense to me why people are focused on women being called "bossy"… Read more »