The 2013 Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial and its Occult Message

The Devil tempting the guy to sell his soul.

The Super Bowl has become much more than a football game. It is a multifaceted event that mixes sports entertainment with the music industry and big corporation advertisement, monopolizing mass media attention for days.  This unique yearly event is watched by hundred of millions of people worldwide and is therefore a great platform for the occult elite to push its Agenda. Even worst, its becoming an increasingly blatant celebration of the Illuminati’s industry (see last year’s article Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show: A Celebration of the Grand Priestess of the Music Industry).

Super Bowl advertisements are also big part of the show – they are probably more discussed and analyzed than the actual football game. This year, Mercedes stepped into the Super Bowl commercial arena with a cinematic ad promoting a new car model. While it does a good job selling the car, it also communicates other messages to the Super Bowl TV audience. In short, it is the elite delivering a message about who’s running the show.

The ad is based on the Faustian concept of selling one’s soul for fame and riches, a favorite of the Illuminati industry. In less than 2 minutes, the ad manages to pack some telling symbolism and some realness about the entertainment industry. Here’s the ad.

Signature Required

The ad begins with a guy admiring a billboard featuring the car in question. The Devil then pops up and tells him:

“Make a deal with me kid and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it”.

The Devil tempting the guy to sell his soul.
The Devil tempts the guy to sell his soul.

The guy takes the pen and then envisions what would happen if he made a deal with the Devil. Apparently, what would happen to him would be pretty darn cool. According to the ad, this is what happens when you sell your soul:

You become a celebrity and get to date the hottest girl right now, Kate Upton.
You become a celebrity and get to date the hottest girl of the moment. This year, its Kate Upton.


You get to party with giants of the music industry such as Usher.
You get to party with giants of the music industry such as Usher.


You become the "it" person and make the cover of magazines (many of which contain Illuminati symbols as seen in the series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month).
You become the “it” person and your face is featured on magazine covers.

You also drive a nice car, have girls running after you and you become a race car champ. So extremely cool. Such a great deal.

Back to reality, the guy looks at the contract that was presented to him by the Devil.

The symbol of the Devil is apparently the reverse of the ancient Chi-Rho symbol that was adopted by the Catholic Church as a symbol of Christ. Notice that the small hourglass-shaped symbol at the left is similar to the illuminated thing that was between the guy and Usher. Is this a way of saying that they own all of that?
The symbol of the Devil is apparently the reverse of the ancient Chi-Rho symbol that was adopted by the Catholic Church as a symbol of Christ. Notice that the small hourglass-shaped symbol at the left of the inverted “P” is similar to the illuminated sign that was between Usher and the guy. Yup, the Devil owned that club.


Looking closer at the Devil's rings, one of them is clearly Masonic. Why would this symbol be there...unless they want it to be there.
Looking closer at the Devil’s rings, we see that the on on top is clearly Masonic. Why would this specific symbol be there? It refers to a real, powerful secret society. There are many symbolic messages in this short commercial.

The guy then realizes that the car is affordable enough for him not to sell his soul to obtain it. Good for you, guy, whoever you are.

The ad ends with some subtle occult numerology.

The 13 part of 2012 is on fire. 13 is probably the most important number in Masonic and occult numerology. It is not highlighted for nothing.
There is fire on the 13 of 2013. Thirteen is probably the most important number in Masonic and occult numerology. It being highlighted is another way of saying that those behind that ad are “in the know”.

So, while the guy did not fall for the Devil’s trap, the ad nevertheless showed what is required to rise up the to highest ranks of the entertainment industry. One must make a deal with an evil entity that is apparently a member of a secret society, who then “magically” gets you in all the right places in music, fashion and sports. Yes, all of this was conveyed in a short advertisement for a car. Is this another way of the elite to brag about how it runs the show? One thing is for sure, all of the Super Bowl audience will soon be absorb that message…And some will buy that car.


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the symbol of Christ is inverted because its implicating the antichrist

That devil also has an eye on his chain…did everyone miss that? When he says "nice car"

It's absolutely fascinating how people can be so shallow and impulsive yet through their actions become such commodities. Reminds me of the program that the Ancient Romans executed during the Pax Romana, the "Bread and Entertainment" program that provided free food to the unemployed/poor and entertainment. This strategy was able to 'distract' the masses while the civilization's upper class was getting richer and the poor was getting poorer. This, however, lead the work force that once provided for the empire's agricultural institution to decline and stop producing wealth. This complacency that the civilians in Rome experienced reflects somewhat Americans' decrease in insight, engagement, and work ethic; work that the people in India and China seem to exhibit more and more. This process eventually causes Rome to decline(among other reasons); perhaps the U.S. is headed this way, except for the fact that under the idea of the New World Order, who… Read more »

Jasmine Thank You..Within Your Lines I found A Solace, as to say a True Re-Awakening, due to the vision of seeing that Brad Pitt traoler for the new film showing a human pile for no escape into futility in destroying what is below and 1%ing into what is thought to be an immortal state. Wow so well thought of you. I am truly grateful.

Which reminds me the following "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into the kingdom of God."

I remember this commercial in my country. I thought, that it's good to don't joy to Devil's Industry, but… buying this car in another way is initiate to the Illuminati. Holy crap O_O

I got rid of my comcast cable tv and I never regretted it one bit. Now I have more time to read good books

Please get these books by Dr. Rebecca Brown (anointed Christian author…be careful…there is another author by the same name, with some unsavory material) she exposes a lot of this stuff…chock full of Scripture and answers to combat the enemy and his tricks:

He Came to Set the Captives Free

Prepare For War

Becoming A Vessel of Honor

Unbroken Curses

so on that paper that he's signing…
that latin reads something like
"only she can master the devil and demons"
something to that effect.

If you look at the new commercial (they took the old one down and changed the music)

The Mason symbol is taken off the Devils ring.

If you actually read the text in the oath book, diablos- diablo deamones is to demon. Creepy

why were people acting like this in the 1880's? it makes me want to believe Biblical prophecy.. the good will be made out to be the bad, and the bad will be made out to be the good..

I think this is a classic case of symbolism used ironically.

Oh yeah, I remember seeing this commercial in a cafe with my sister, then at the end I was like what the heck?

Something interesting that was missed. If you freeze the frame right at "0:13," you see two words at the top of the paper "the devil" has his hands over. I thought it was something backwards, but after spending time I realized it says "Nos potentiometers." After googling these words, I get a whole bunch of search results related to music. With one website I read, the definition of these words, this "tool"says (copy and pasted exactly): "We count on them to control all our musical gear, and quite often get frustrated by their limitations. As in all relationships, a little understanding goes a long way. Let's take a look at how pots work so we can use them better."


Also, after a little more research. I realized it is some kind of music tool? It's not related to actual pottery. Either way, the definition still stands. It's creepy.

Something interesting that was missed. If you freeze the frame right at "0:13," you see two words at the top of the paper "the devil" has his hands over. I thought it was something backwards, but after spending time I realized it says "Nos potentiometers." After googling these words, I get a whole bunch of search results related to actual "pots." With one website I read, the definition of these words in the world of making pots says (copy and pasted exactly): "We count on them to control all our musical gear, and quite often get frustrated by their limitations. As in all relationships, a little understanding goes a long way. Let's take a look at how pots work so we can use them better."

I see these words being symbolic to this entire message. Anyone have any comments about this? Really creepy…

A classic example of "Selling ones soul to the devil" and losing it for all fame and fortune at your very own expense. And they had Willem Dafoe to play the dark one himself, now thats evil indeed.

This is clearly well "illuminated" with almost everything occult-related involved with those pawns of the illuminati.

Just remembered: Touched By An Angel tv-series, where in the last episode Satan drove black Mercedes Benz. And how about the song Hotel California, some say it's about satanism and there is mentioned Mercedes too. So Mercedes is somehow always been there, with the evil. Coincidence?

I always wanted to be an actor but so glad that dream is done bcuz if I had to sell my soul and I didn't have the information I do now about the elite and illuminati I would have probably signed that contract and but one with the devil which is not good. People if you are seeking riches plz reconsider the consequences. Would you sell your soul for riches….really?

At the end, the Devil goes "poof!" in a swirl of ashes and fire, then we see 2013 with the 13 highlighted with fire. There is a direct subliminal connection here, where it is implied that 2013 is the year of Lucifer.

Anyone else notice the actor that plays the devil (willem dafoe) also stars in a movie called "Antichrist" coincidence or not?

from someone who works in marketing/advertising/sales – brilliant commercial. packs all the symbols in

This is completely an in your face ad…on top of all of the Illuminati symbolism, a vehicle also means something in the spiritual realm. Many times when there is a vehicle in a dream, it can be interpreted as a form of ministry. So now put into that perspective, its not such a surprise that 'they' are using a major luxury car company to deliver their seductive invitation to the confused.


…it doesnt matter very much how blatant these people get…at d end there will still b morons who’ll eat it all up..hook..line…and sinker. While d so called ‘elite’ laugh it off. we speak out though…we do what we can.

This wasnt the only one, all of the commercials seemed to have undertones of this theme such as the Budlight Beer commercial and the Dorritos commercial. But the Budlight especially had the same theme going on.

So does this mean if I would sign a Mercedes contract, I just sold my soul?

Black people have melanin which gives skin, eyes and hair color. The less melanin, the more pale the person: blond, blue eyes…albino.

Satan has been working hard to steal our souls, but the truth is you cannot sell your soul, it belongs to the Almighty. He will decide what to do with it. But you can decide how to live your life and so choose where your soul will end up. Here's a post on how Sata has deceived the world since the beginning:

My guess is 9/13/13 is the date the Euro implodes and all hell breaks loose in Germany and the other Euro zone countries.

We'll see.

And it says in the bible how blind everyone on earth is! Millions are!

Mercedes-Benz the company had perhaps no say in the artistic aspect of the commercial, they just took it on face value, decided that it looks cool, and gave it the green light. So the question is, who was the ad's director?

can someone translate what the devil's contract said? lol

great articles as always btw

One ad that contained a blatant subliminal was one of the Coke commercials. They showed scenes of "good things recorded on surveillance cameras." And there were some nice things in the commercial. A cop stopping to help someone. Other people getting along – life is good. That's the trojan horse. The underlying message "hidden" in plain view: "surveillance is good."

No, it is not good.

Hey by the way on .13 seconds is when the first masonic/skull ring appeared. and i think at. 33 seconds magnifies tje beginning of monarchy programming/disillusion etc.. these people have planned well for this ad. so sad its like, u dont hve to sell your soul for our car! just by it anyway! imagine all the older model benz so expensive, and the slap in the face it must be to other owners! lol they prolly just lay ass up and take it anyway!

I can remember how around 1992 or so when I was in elementary/middle school, I saw a rap video by, I think, Dr. Dre or maybe Snoop Dogg – can't remember now but at the beginning of the video a man is told that he can have everything the music industry has to offer if he just, and this is what follows:

'Sign your life – uh, I mean your name, on the contract'

Then a red light appears and positions itself on the rapper's forehead.

I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me the name of the video. My point is, this was 20 plus years ago. This symbolism is nothing new.

The name of the song is "Muder Was The Case" By Snoop Dogg. My parents loved that song which is why they showed it to me.
If you're interested in learning more about the industry, through videos, I'd suggest "The Industry" Very nice place. Over 60 videos that go into extensive detail. 🙂

The Rolling Stones were highly involved in the occult. Look at the symbolism on their album covers very closely. As a matter of fact, Mick Jagger was offered to co-produce a short film by Kenneth Anger called
"Lucifer Rising". You can find it on YouTube. Mick's brother Chris ended up producing it instead (he's on the credits). Kenneth Anger also authored a book called "Hollywood Babylon" which details what goes on in Hollyweird. It might be worth looking into to get a better idea of what they are doing and what they are about.

The Japanese basically says "do you know this guy?You should !"
No hidden meanings in that….

Anyone else notice the symbolism connected with Napoleon Bonaparte? At the very beginning, there is a tri-cornered hat over the door; in the next shot, on the wall above the jukebox, there are at least 2 paintings of Napoleon- one to the left in a tri-cornered hat, the other to the right, somewhat abstract, but showing the hidden hand in his coat. Then there is the shot of the "hero" on a white horse, again evoking Napoleon. Also, directly above the jukebox is a painting of what seems to be depicting Eucharistic symbolism. It is interesting that Napoleon Bonaparte has been considered an archetype or a fulfillment of antichrist… which could also explain the symbol of the rider on the white horse, which is how Christ is pictured in Revelation 19

Make a deal with the Devil? Drive a Mercedes? The love of money is the root of all evil. And in the Plutocracy now known as the USSA, Amerika, etc etc, who doesn't love money? I have news for you all. The Devil doesn't need to make a deal with those whom he already owns. And trust me, no matter how "free" you THINK you are, you are O – W – N – E – D. And if you really want to know the truth, in America, the devil didn't own you by giving you money. He owned you by giving you CREDIT and calling it money. And you use it every single day. You will die one day, rest assured. Your time is counting down. The days…the hours…the minutes…they are all running out. The essence of Hell is that there is no escape. But your limited time on… Read more »

the other ring is of an OWL. the bohemian grove folks.

There is no such thing as the devil or gods or any other sipernatural , surreal, occult or superstitious stuff on this planet. Stop living in the dark ages people and wake up to reality !

Because Leon says so right…

This is to Aarika, beginning with Comment 56 and others who believe in A Course in Miracles: A Course in Miracles is a book ‘given’ to Helen Schucman by a spirit guide (demon), in which she dictated by automatic writing. That in itself should be a huge, glaring, red flag. Schucman was a psychology professor; psychology is anti-thetical to the Christian world-view, which is another red flag hint. A Course in Miracles ascribes to the New Age lie given to Eve in the Garden of Eden, that there is no sin and man is god. ACIM is a lie from the very pit of hell. It is my prayer that you and anyone else who hold to the beliefs of ACIM repent and come to the true salvation of the True Christ, not a false ‘Jesus.’ Put aside ACIM (better yet burn it) and read The Holy Bible so that… Read more »

So if half of the 2013 is on fire, does that mean something is going to happen at the last half of 2013???

That's exactly what I thought… we'll see

That one non subtle commercial. And yes it is telling it like it is.
They after all do own Hollywood and the Music industry.

It's no accident that they use Rolling Stones song either.

Remember that Joseph, while second in command of Egypt had been given the meaning behind Pharaoh's dream…. Remember there was 7 years of prosperity before seven year of famine… Will there be 7 years of prosperity beginning this year?… Will conditions be as such that God will allow for the world to experience a time of physical wealth?… Will it begin tonight?…. At the click of a button in our electronic age things can begin to change dramatically… We all remember what took place in 2008 when a seemingly strong economy was dismantled during the Bush administration in a matter of a month or two… Gas prices shot up and real estate prices plummeted… The economy almost completely tanked, but not entirely…. Many jobs were lost… Fast forward 5 years to our current year… 13 is a number which those involved in the occult, or witchcraft look upon as a… Read more »

Brother I believe we're headed into the great economic crisis revealed in Revelation Ch. 18. In fact there must be a complete global economic collapse in order for the new global economic system ” which pope benedict xvi has repeatedly demanded the world leaders to be the head of” to be put in place in order that currency will be able to be controlled in such a way that the mark of the beast can be enforced. The beast is the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy. NOT catholics, but the church hierarchy. For God has faithful followers of Christ in the Roman church, hence the call is made to his people to come out of her and receive not of her plagues.

It seems to be that way at this point… But I truly believe that we are in for a big surprise… God is going to test His children… Remember the admonition by our Savior in Rev. chapter 3 to the church at Laodicia… Right now, because of uncertainty, many are looking to our Creator…. This normally happens when times get tough for individuals… Most believers in Christ Jesus do look to God during these times of hardship… Especially economically… Lets say that prosperity does begin this year… Unparalleled prosperity in our era… Most people, including the saints of God either forget about our Creator, or develop a false sense of security… Example the five foolish virgins, and the spiritual state of those who were in Laodicia… One more thing…. Last year the Dark Knight Rises came out as you probably remember… If you have not seen the movie I suggest… Read more »

Correction, it was made in 2011, and released in 2012. I seen them film it. I hope I'm rapture when all of this stuff happens

From: Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2013 1:10 PM To: Subject: Fwd: madstevenb sent you a video: "Mercedes-Benz 2013 Super Bowl Commercial (Extended Cut): "Soul"" Hello Folks: A follow up to the last e-mail I sent you about the super-bowl… Apparently this commercial will be playing during the Super Bowl this year… A very interesting commercial to say the least… First of all the music playing during this commercial is by the Rolling Stones entitled "Sympathy for the Devil." A popular tune during the sixties and one that has been getting a fair amount of play time of late within Mercedes Benz commercial's… William Dafoe (notice the last name Da- Foe) plays the devil within the commercial… He wants to make a deal with this individual, and just as Satan did with Jesus Christ during our Savior's 40 day fast in the desert… Offering Him wealth, power ect. if… Read more »

I would like to post something I wrote last Sunday about this video…. There was another Mercedes Benz commercial shown during the AFC championship game which declared there would be something taking place very important on Feb. 3rd… There was also an ad in an ESPN article that said during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl that would take place… Well, this commercial took place during this time frame… It was a message to those in the know… Those who are part of the Illumanati…
Illuminati Signaling Superbowl False Flag?
Above is an article with the ad, and more information…. Now here is what I had written below…

Might be evil, but they sure make a damn good car.

Leave a comment about the commercial on the blog for the advertisting agency that created it here (scroll down to get to it):