Kanye West’s “Yeezus”: Surrounded with Occult Symbolism

A projection of New Slaves.

It is safe to say that the Rocafella records duo comprised of Jay-Z and Kanye West is ruling the rap game right now. We’ve seen in past articles that everyone of their latest offerings contains messages and symbolism that are directly in line with occult secret societies. Kanye West’s latest album is called “Yeezus” – a name that is symbolic for a few reasons. Not only it is a album fitting name from someone who is known to think rather highly of himself  – it is a perfectly represents the ultimate goal of occult secret societies: To ascend from humanity to godhood. Yeezus is basically the merging of Kanye West the human with Jesus Christ, who is considered by Christians to be the embodiment of God on Earth. Occult Mysteries claim to turn men into gods through spiritual initiation.

“Wisdom, it was maintained, lifts man to the condition of Godhood, a fact which explains the enigmatical statement that the Mysteries transformed “roaring beasts into divinities.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

By naming one of his songs “I am a god”, Kanye couldn’t make this concept clearer for his fans. In the last verse, Kanye raps:

“I just talked to Jesus
He said, “What up Yeezus?”
I said, “Shit I’m chilling
Trying to stack these millions”
I know he the most high
But I am a close high
Mi casa, su casa
That’s that cosa nostra
I am a god
I am a god
I am a god”

In this verse, Kanye is almost as the same level as Jesus Christ. The lyrics “I know he the most high/But I am a close high” can refer to Psalm 82:6 which states:

“I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’
– Psalm 82:6

There lies the fundamental difference between traditional religions and the Mysteries. Abrahamic religions only recognize the existence of single God while the Mysteries are about humans turning into gods. For this reason, there tends to be animosity between representatives of the two philosophies because they view spirituality in opposite terms. Darker occult societies such as the O.T.O. and the Church of Satan sometimes corrupt or reverse Christian symbols to represent a fracture with its doctrine. Some artwork relating with Kanye’s Yeezus go in the same way.

The original album artwork featured what appeared to be a melted down "Jesus Piece". The cover therefore featured a distorted and deformed face of Jesus - which went with the theme of Yeezus.
The original album artwork featured what appeared to be a melted down “Jesus Piece”. The cover therefore featured a distorted and deformed face of Jesus. A concept that went with the theme of “Yeezus”. The cover was however not used in the final release of the album – maybe because it would have caused some controversy.
Kanye wearing a Jesus piece chain, a staple in hip-hop fashion. By displaying a melted down Jesus face on the album cover while naming the album "Yeezus", Kanye conveyed the fact that the symbol of Jesus is not an untouchable symbol of divinty and that he can also reach that status.
Kanye wearing a Jesus piece chain, a staple in hip-hop fashion. By displaying a melted down Jesus face on the album cover while naming the album “Yeezus”, Kanye conveyed the fact that the symbol of Jesus is not an untouchable symbol of divinity and that he can also reach that status.

The concept behind that album is therefore right on-par with the philosophy of secret societies that rule the entertainment industry (O.T.O, Church of Satan).


A lot of 6’s

Occult secret societies are greatly interested in the numerology and there is a lot of numerology surrounding this album. “Yeezus” is Kanye West’s sixth album. Yeezus contains 6 letters. It was released on 6/18/2013, which is translated in Kaballistic numerology to 6/(6+6+6)/6.

One stunt organized by team Kanye to promote the album was to project the video New Slaves on 66 buildings, spread across 6 countries. In case you’re not great at math, putting 66 an 6 together makes 666.

A projection of New Slaves.
A projection of New Slaves.

While New Slaves is described as a “conscious rant about materialism”, is Kanye really going against the grain or is he acting like a spoiled kid who reluctantly enters his father’s BMW while saying that “life is unfair”.

“See they’ll confuse us with some bullsh*t
Like the New World Order
Meanwhile the DEA
Teamed up with the CCA
They tryna lock n*ggas up
They tryna make new slaves
See that’s that privately owned prison
Get your piece today”

In this verse, Kanye says that those who talk about the coming of a New World Order are basically spewing BS to confuse people (despite the fact that elite organizations are clearly pushing for a world government and currency). He states that people should rather focus on issues such as privately owned prisons that profit from every new inmate they get. While this issue is indeed important, isn’t it obvious that the corporations handling these for-profit prisons (such as Geo Group, a billion dollar multinational corporation that works with Homeland Security) are part of the occult elite pushing for a New World Order? Kanye is basically saying that people should focus on a single symptom instead of the huge cancerous system at hand.

Also, while New Slaves rants about consumerism, the “Yeezus” album heavily promotes Kanye’s new Nike sneakers Air Yeezy II (in case you didn’t know, Nike is infamous for using sweatshop workers – real actual slaves).

The symbolism of these sneakers couldn’t be clearer.

Randomly inserted in Yeezus albums, this patches feature the logo of Air Yeezy 2 = The face of Horus inside a triangle. Needless to say that the Eye of Horus is the Illuminati's favorite symbol and one of the most important symbol of occult secret societies such as the O.T.O.
Randomly inserted in Yeezus albums, these patches feature the logo of Air Yeezy 2: The Egyptian deity Horus inside a triangle. Needless to say that the Eye of Horus is the Illuminati’s favorite symbol and one of the most important symbol of occult secret societies such as the O.T.O.
A wax seal also features that symbol.
A wax seal also features that symbol.

In short, Kanye West’s new album and everything surrounding it is perfectly in sync with the occult elite’s philosophy and symbolism. While he appears to be “speaking out” and being “rebellious” at times, he is pretty much the definition of “controlled opposition” (or maybe does he sometimes have moments of clarity where he realizes that he sold out to the system?). Whatever the case may be,  once we understand the symbolism surrounding his work, Kanye is definitely a New Slave of the occult elite.

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Kayne West calling himself Yeesus is blasphemous. He continues to use the N word and I find his actions and words to be morally unacceptable. I am a black person, and him using the N word is just as offensive than hearing it from a non black person. He mocks the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he degrades women, and it is evident that he has no talent. He cannot sing or even play an instrument. All he does is talk a bunch of bull for attention and verbally insults individuals like presidents and even young women such as Taylor Swift who are more tallented than him. Taylor accepted his apology and that was very kind and forgiving of her. However, he did not deserve it. He is a disresptful arrogant little punk smart ass and IS A DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE. He has the entire… Read more »

the sad bit is that before he did all this illuminati crap he was actually a christian, i am not much a fan of his songs nowadays but if you listen to heard em say it is such a good song, and he is saying that jesus is the most high that he is truly wonderful and that the devil is a lair. i really think that he needs to listen to hiis old songs and practise what he preaches….

Nuthin the devil likes better than to turn the faithful away from God. Katy Perry is the daughter of a preacher and The Weeknd comes from an Orthodox Etheopian household. It looks like Die Antword also comes from strict protestant homes which is why the little b***h murders her parents in their separate twin beds in the beginning of banana brain. The satanism is in your face these days as the moloch worshipers are rallying and reveling in the genocide of the faithful by Islam.

what does VC think of rapper Snow Tha Product? She doesn't do the sex-kitten thing, she doesn't do the one-eye thing, and she seems to be different than the rest of them.

U forgot to mention that in the song "i am a god" that he manifests a demon, records it and leaves it in there.

Je-hovah is not the name of God the most high, Creator.

It means god of wickedness and perversion, etc = Satan

It is a lie, and a corruption.

It is a false translation of the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton YHVH /YHWH
Each letter, is actually a word, so there are 4 words each with meaning.

It was used by a German Catholic monk, who was involved in spiritism.

The Bible is not complete, there are many missing books, the Bible cannot be trusted in it's entirety, it has been corrupted.

The Roman Catholic Church is not Christian, but Pagan in it's entirety. It is a 'counterfeit' Christianity.

The greatest trick the Devil ever did, was to convince mankind he doesn't exist. We are all ignorant and deceived. We would do well to look into the ancient cultures and the fall of man, to find the truth.

There's so much dark/evil energy surrounding Kanye now. It's hard not to cry when I look at him. I can't imagine how much pain he must be in. Instead of condemning him, pray that he'll find light again.

the release date states june 18th 2013. june= 6th month 18= 6+6+6 and 2013 is pretty self explanatory.

“Yeezus” ain’t selling so good – NICE!

Luke 16:13
“No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both YHWH and Money

I agree with everything this article says! 🙂 Mr. West is a controlled opposition like his friends B and Jay! smh! He is a WOLF that wears SHEEPS clothing n ppl see his Teeth and still don't recognize the WOLF!

The 'new slaves' are all the idiots that worship this turd, along with Kardashian, Jay-z, etc.,

The only thing need to be point out in addition to this post by VIGILANT, is that 666 is also the number of the carbon atom (6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons), the building block of life and the carbon based material universe. Invoking it in everything, as these Master Masons are doing, are exactly that, CONTROLLING IT. They wish to control your material universe. AND BY DOING THAT, they do become GODS. Being also, that we are therefore created by this 666 atom, as carbon based life-forms, we are therefore, the so called beast of the BIBLE. So don't think that because symbols are OCCULT, they are therefore EVIL and should not be UNDERSTOOD. Yes, there is a sinister event happening here, but it is even more sinister because you do not understand the power behind their Magik, or choose not to understand. You choose IGNORANCE over KNOWLEDGE. It… Read more »

Ridiculous. These people are far from gods. They just a bunch of pathetic, deluded idiots.

Parents need to wake up and separate their kids from pop culture and academia. Is it any wonder the same people pushing socialism are simultaneously selling the devil to kids?

I would like to see you do a piece on Kanye's song Black Skinhead, the lyrics in itself are disturbing.

"I am a god even though I'm a man of god " – I am a God
I don't believe he's with the devil s**t

Just wait till he finally meets "Yeezus" on Judgment Day. When he realizes that Satan actually cannot defeat God, he'll be on his kneezus begging for forgiveness.

Y is a major occult symbol of Christ, that's why it was used. Z is a major symbol for Satan. That's why the letter Z appears so often in society, and in the bible.

One of God's names, which is only referenced a few times in scripture, is Yah. Another of Christ's names is Yeshua.

It's a war between the Y and the Z, folks.

Incidentally, the myth that the eye in the Illuminati pyramid being Horus is just that, a myth. The truth is that the eye represents Horus's archenemy, Set.

This is blasphemy! Only God Judfes.

To be honest I have been re-thinking the whole Illuminati conspiracy. I see a lot of people quoting scripture but don't realize that the Vatican and Christianity it's self stems from ancient Egyptian and eastern philosophies dumbed down for the West. Look at all of the gangs in the U.S they are using esoteric symbols and don't even know it. I think that true spirituality is beyond the polarities that the establishment tried to weigh upon us. Open your eyes. In a way I do feel for Kanye, he has not been right ever since his mother died. Once you gain certain knowledge and the true history of man you tend to be a little mad and try to push the envelope to make people think outside the box

often you mention the director of a particular video. mk programmers may be the directors…and why? they must be control freaks. and theres the plausible deniability of being able to say "i only direct videos as my job"

erm work

Why is a world government and currency worse than many national governments and currencies? Please explain.

Because the truth is currency is a way to get you to trade resources for paper and vice versa. National government guide the collective standards of a given area. There is only to groups vying for the possession of all things. This is a multi dimensional take over. Look in every thing in your life and see why do they really need so much control. Especially to them if we are expendable.

Nope, the answer is that one world government is rebellion against God.

Five Percent Nation, VC, you'd do good to remember those are the symbols used in alot of hip-hop, not anything that the 10%(or those belonging to the knowledge of "mystery" who abuse that knowledge) would muster up, unless Kanye is some pupper(knowing or unknowingly) but its basic 5% ideology that man is god.

I'll admit, I actually like the album; however, there were a couple of stanzas that really caught my attention and made me think "Hmmm…I wonder if VC's done an article on this yet.

Lo and behold. Awesome works, as always!

Be careful what you’re doing – JESUS is more, much more dangerous than you think. And yes, JESUS SAVES!

Hey Vig,
Can you make a post about Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail album!

Oh please don't encourage Jay-Z. He needs everyone to stop paying attention to him, not start!

The NWO already has already turned you people into Sock Puppets. Scroll through these comments and see how ridiculous you are. Bickering over silliness while the world crumbles around you.

So you're bickering about people bickering

I wonder if these people know the difference between having fortune and fame,or what ever sparkly stuff that seems important or useful but really isn’t for a some years, 60 or 80 ,just the time that is given to us to live on this planet which I might add” isn’t very long”, to burning in hell for “eternity “,I hope that they might one day come to there senses before it’s too late,a soul isn’t isn’t an easy thing to mess with and s###n is never to be trusted they should have that in mind ,why go to get some thing you want from someone who hates you when you
Have someone who is greater and loving on the other side ?

I know this is off topic but if you look at Britney Spears's first album, you could hear from her voice and see in the videos that she enjoyed singing and dancing and had some freedom in what she wanted to do. Even the way she danced it was free flowing and not forced. And the subject matter of baby one more time. Ever since then every song is about sex, love is not considered at all. Now I hear her next album is basically going to be like Blackout 2. There will never be a Baby one more time 2 where the subject matter has moral value.

And the way she dances now, they all look like robot moves, the choreography or whatever looks like pretending to be a robot. And she has completely lost her passion for music, understandably!


66 buildings SPREAD across 6 countries. Not 66 buildings every 6 countries.


I want everyone to know. If people want to stay ignorant afterwards that's on them. But I know just like my eyes have been opened othe rpeople will awaken for this dream.

the answer to these enjendros the pharaoh. and not just that of khesa or whatever if not countless films, videos, etc. …. like other traits are pointed ears down to the rear without being as flashy as the hobbit lord of the rings but look at presenters / as (one of them is the host of the first that comes with the snake hojos others channel 9 and in other channels in Spanish and the other countries out there are also more just to look, football players, celebrities, canatantes, actors, f1 drivers of other races, etc …. and it does not matter the breed that are are hybridized's hard to believe but when ye see him go out yourselves doubts. his features the patent left movies to see if someone realizes who they are so they need a crazy world with different people so no one can recognize them. to… Read more »

Yeah that wasn't his album cover though it was just a blank cd and a clear case with red tape on the side….is it possible that kanye named the album Yeezus because he feels that the news and media crucified him like they did Jesus? I dunno I think some of this may be a little true but the whole 666 thing is really reaching! A lot of this article is really reaching.


You must be new here.

The entertainment industry today makes me want to go somewhere & puke. & people just keep on buying & supporting it. & with the way the industry has hijacked my favorite past time I would not put it pass me that it is just being deliberately shoved down the music listening public by these entertainment corporations who also have their (satanic) origins. Maybe it's being orchestrated to look popular when it really isn't. So since most people would rather roll with what is on mass media they don't think that it could be malignant. I spend many hours composing & producing but what with the way I see these people act & what I have uncovered in the last five to ten years I just picture myself being part of it in any way. This is awful & I warn as many younger folks to take a closer observation as… Read more »

66 books in the Bible

Numerology is only another expression of our 5 sense reality . The ONLY truth is infinite love We where, We are, and we will be forever infinite love . We are control and programed at different level of consciousness by everything surrounding us , We are energy that vibrates at different level , high level vibration is Love,Compassion, low level vibration Hate, fear, anger, ( They control us with programing, audio and visual (music,movies,news,symbols that effect us on a subconscious level) also using Chem-trail, fluoride,Aspartame,pesticide,preservative, Drugs (legal and illegal) The same people that MR K is working for (directly or indirectly) These people want us to be in fear so they can feed from our negative energy these controller can NOt live in the light so wake up and stop obeying like sheep and rebel peacefully with love and non violence. Everything the exist vibrates at different level ,those feeding… Read more »

So true. The reality we are collectively experience, is the end result of our collective fear and collective wish to live in ILLUSIONS. If we want a REAL REALITY, and for the veil to be lifted, we now have to turn our focus towards the age where ILLUSION ends..

What is a drop of rain, compared to the storm? What is a thought, compared to a mind? Our unity is full of wonder, which your tiny individualism cannot even conceive.

Seriously guys, come on, there is no God. Kanye just has a HUGE ego which is rightfully so, hes had an amazing career, and even though hes become a worse artist since hooking up with Jay Z, hes made his money by following the Illuminati agenda. The whole Yeezus thing is just him rustling feathers and riling up people like YOU. i wish VC wasnt flooded with such a vast amount of religious people, dont be blinded by scripture.

Just because you cannot perceive something does not mean it does not exist. You are just a leaf drifting in the wind if you believe there is no God. Funny thing is He still loves you even tho you do not believe in Him because He never separate his love for his Creations (us). We were made of God's love. Take a deep breath and this is God right there. No one could have build the body like the way God does. NO ONE! And yea, am not religious (God has no religion). I am spiritual!

Please just stop, ive been indoctrinated by religion my whole life and do not need your illogical statements like "god loves me". My mother loves me, I have reassurance of this in my daily life, not from an ancient book written by men looking to control a populous. Also, if you have no religion, what purpose does god play in your life? Do you beleive in Heaven or Hell? Who meets the criteria to go?

Who meets the criteria? Those who have a kind heart, the humble ones. Not the pretentious ones for sure. Who is genuine and who is a player now, nobody knows with certainty except for God.

You see…you are missing up God with religion. Apparently, you didnt read where I said God has no religion. You think your mother is the one responsibile for "creating" you?! She could not have done that on her own. The purpose of God is to create us and all life and creat love. How did her mom know to love you…where did that love come from. How does she know how to do love? Because she was created in/by love. God's love.


And you are missing my point. Are you saying God "loves?" How do you know where this love came from? From a book right? God IS religion, you can call it what you want. Its nice to beleive in god but it makes no sense unless you apply to religion, which gives a God a purpose – i.e Judgement Day, Second comings, sending the wrong people to hell etc. And also, to Andrew – everyone with a kind heart goes to heaven? What about a Nun who commits Suicide.

Look up spirituality and look up religion. Start by reading "A Course in Miracles" maybe.

A nun who commits suicide goes to hell, like everyone else who do it.

Your mother does NOT love you. Women are incapable of such a pure emotion. The only emotion women are able to feel are jealousy, envy, anger, cruelty and greed. Women are filth.

Yes, there is God and sooner or later you will will find it out. But it will be too late for you then. And Kanye is just a pitiful little man thinking he is something, while in truth he is nothing. Pretty much like the deluded "elites" like the Rothschilds, Masons, Bilderbergers etc. They are all slaves to Satan, and eventually they will burn in hell with him forever.

YAY. Finally an article pertaining to a celebrity I am actually familiar with. I like his music it is on repeat right now actually but I can tell by the change in his personality from when he first came into the rap game to now that something has drastically changed and it aint just his bank account. I mean who goes from jesus walks to callin themselves yeezus? I am more a fan of his music than him as a person.

This comment represents my thumbs down…. so as of 12:40PM 7/1/2013 you are a fresh -1. Too many little weird negative innuendos

perfect timing don't you think?
here we have a man proclaiming to be a god
has a baby with probably the most influential family right now
what's gonna happen to that child?
they'll make that child and blue "screen of death" ivy the new it couple, lesbianism will be popular (no offence to any homosexuals out there)

these guys really think they will win. HA!

somebody please put these people in their place… the bottomless pit

Not really a surprise though, he's been like that since the beginning and it's just gotten more and more obvious. But I still love the music though, all this devil stuff isn't gonna ruin that for me…

It's not supposed to on a conscious level…. but your red and white blood cells… well that's a different matter altogether

The Bible says every knee shall bow…..just a matter of time these arrogant nothings will swallow all their blasphemous words

Religion is meant to enslave us. Tragic if u refuse to it. Religion, mind control, two faces of the same coin, dear….

If christianity is slavery then am in it all the way….am luvin it and al luv it till i die

Kenyankare, I love your dedication to Christ! It is so encouraging! I have to agree with Christinne though, "religion" is meant to enslave us… 2 Corinthians 11:3, "But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the SIMPLICITY that is in Christ." 1 Peter 1:18,19, "Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:" Ephesians 2: 8,9, "For by GRACE are ye saved through FAITH; and that NOT OF YOURSELVES: it is the GIFT of GOD: NOT OF WORKS, lest any man should boast." We both know, that a true faith in Jesus Christ is the complete opposite of slavery, it is pure freedom!… Read more »

Amen! and Amen!!!!!

Necesary in this life humans will always be scared of something, most of humans are scared of which tv says (economic crisis, terrorism, avian flu…) others are muslims and they only are scared of Allah, this make them free.

JUS DOWNLOADED the album ,twas whack


That line has no meaning he just couldn't think of anything else to rhyme with his previous lines because his songwriting team has their neurotransmitters tied up into a Pretzel

what kind of stupid ass reply or explanation is this that you offer? the line was meant to be humorous first of all, and its preceded by "in a french ass restaurant…" so, it makes perfect sense. Every comment you make is full of s**t.

a francophile by any chance?

Oh I'm sorry this line is brilliant and should be parroted over the Four Corners of the Earth…. It is so Goddamn f*****g funny I am so happy you copied and pasted it into the comments section. Pure Poetry… My virgin ears just didn't know what level of lyricism I was absorbing into my inexperienced little mind. Please respond by cfopying and pasting your next favorite Kanye Stanza we f*****g love Kanye here on this website

what an awkward lot you are

What a very vague and safe comment that was Andrew….. very powerful

as if

Every comment you make is full of Kanye loving adoration, just admit you like Fish Dicks

I have to admit that line was pretty funny. At least he seems to be aware of how ridiculously egotistical he is, cause there's no way he said that line seriously. Hey, its a start!

Whats funny about it? Do french people think it's funny when French rappers say hurry up with my buttermilk biscuits. It's funny to rhyme about French pastries these days?

If you haven't noticed already, it seems like their trying to insert themselves into the holy trinity. So instead of Jehova, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we have Jay z calling himself Hova and kanye calling himself yeezus. I wouldn't be suprised when someone comes along calling themselves the spirit.

So true maybe that will be Obama who will declare himself the Holy Spirit and go by the name of Baalzebuh

"Jesus of the Gospels is a symbol of the indwelling Higher Self (Christ), or Divine Spirit in man, evolving towards complete manifestation" (Gaskell's Dictionary of All Scriptures & Myths).

Gnostics believe that there's more to the Bible than meets the eye and they read the text therefore to seek a deeper meaning in the text. Esoterically, i believe the Bible teaches you to discover and manifest the indwelling Christ.

Hey VC, another great article. Besides as soon as I heard it was called,"YEEZUS" I was like oh lord.
Anyway, would you mind doing an article on Aaliyah? I've always wondered if there was any kind of evil that played in her death(which I'm sure there has to be). Thank you & God Bless. Keep opening those eyes.

Yeah, she and Amy Winehouse's deaths seemed so so sad to me. But something about Aaliyah… I guess because that was the first suspiciously strange artist's death I recall being at an age to really take notice of. You know, like something about it seemed really wrong.

I wish everyone would quit following this creep, he has an over-bloated ego and he is a real creep. And stay away from those creepy Kardashian's who all they want is to manipulate people, because they think they are suckers and prostitute their kids on T.V. Yuck. Tune out. They are only popular because they herd follows them. How much more evidence do you need if the guys is saying he wants money. He is no artist he is a money grubbing show off pig

Making sense to you is not how scripture is interpreted. There is one God. 3 persons. And then there is man…Sentenced to death. Christ paid the price for our debt, for whoever believes in Him shall have salvation. John 3:16. Where do you get… Man becomesa god? You been listening to the same serpent Adam, Eve, and Kanye been listening to. Mormonism, Catholicism, new age and occult mystery religions believe man becomes god. Not biblical Christianity. It's all in the book if you take the time to read it. Do your self a huge favor don't try and tackle the Old Testament. Start with the gospel and read on through Revelation. Most all your questions will be answered there.

Honey, preach this garbage somewhere else. This place is not a church. Keep ur religious rant to urself please.

All celebrities are pawns but not in the "illuminati" themselves. They're not good enough. Whomever that group really is, they are assuredly racist as well, and would never let a black man in that high. We should pray for Kanye. God says when you willingly give yourself over to darkness, He turns you over to it. Kanye is misleading millions. That is a lot to answer for. He doesn't stand a chance without prayer. I feel bad for him.

I don't feel bad for him. He embodies the spirit of antichrist. His whole image has been about twisting what is spiritual. And his whole act is the opposite of worshiping God. He wants to bring glory to himself. Kanye needs to repent.

"Abrahamic religions only recognize the existence of single God while the Mysteries are about humans turning into gods."

False. The New Testament along with John 3:16 suggest the deification of man through rebirth to a state of becoming God. Actually, after studying it closely, I think that is their fundamental teaching. The teaching itself makes sense.

Making sense to you is not how scripture is interpreted. There is one God. 3 persons. And then there is man…Sentenced to death. Christ paid the price for our debt, for whoever believes in Him shall have salvation. John 3:16. Where do you get… Man becomesa god? You been listening to the same serpent Adam, Eve, and Kanye been listening to. Mormonism, Catholicism, new age and occult mystery religions believe man becomes god. Not biblical Christianity. It's all in the book if you take the time to read it. Do your self a huge favor don't try and tackle the Old Testament. Start with the gospel and read on through Revelation. Most all your questions will be answered there.

These rappers really be saying some s**t. Its really deeper than rap, if you take the time out to really listen. Like Meek Mill keep saying "Its levels to this s**t" I really think he's speaking in other terms outside of rap. Its a lot of sick crazy s**t going on out here. Check out Al Bielek's interviews about the Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment. Google him and find his interviews. He knows all about the s**t because he was in it. Im not going to get into details because thats for you to decide but the focus is not just in hip hop. Even though they implant s**t in our subconscious minds with their music but it's bigger s**t going on than symbolism in hip hop music. Wake UP and research, while we're still able to utilize it.

man what happened to kanye? i used to be a huge fan of his. i listened to the college dropout the other day, imo one of the greatest hip hop albums ever, then i listen to garbage like yeezus, or even my beautiful dark twisted fantasy. what happened to him? he used to talk about God, about overcoming struggle and positive things, now hes like one of those other idiots always talking about chains, hos, and being a drug addict club rat. the more famous you get, the more of a sell out you become i guess. for someone who once proclaimed himself to be a chrisitian to make a song like "I am a god," he must truly be insane.

He tell u in JESUS WALKS, what happened to him.

"God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down…" – Jesus Walks Lyric…

The original video, with the clansman and the cross is very telling. He pretty much tells us what us and the world will be up against in the next 10 years of his life after this song.