Is Kanye West Truly “Out of the Sunken Place”?


18 months after he was forcibly handcuffed, hospitalized and placed under “psychiatric evaluation”, Kanye West now says he’s “out of the sunken place”. His choice of words is rather telling.

This is not my first article about Kanye West. He has mentioned in my article about the video Run This Town – back in 2009. That was a while ago. To put things in context, Obama was just beginning his two-term presidency.

Eight years later – shortly after Trump was elected – Kanye’s life took a turn for the worse. In November 2017, he was forcibly sent to the Reagan UCLA Medical Center “for his own health and safety” and stayed there for 10 days. After his release, Kanye took a long break from professional functions and reports about his mental health were not good. Indeed, nearly four months after his hospitalization, people close to him reported that he still suffering memory loss.

What exactly happened during Kanye’s mysterious stay at the hospital? What kind of treatment could cause a person to lose memory for several months?

These kinds of symptoms are often the result of intense trauma. Was Kanye West subjected to MK-ULTRA-style “therapy”? The main tool of trauma-based mind control is electroshock therapy and the primary side effect of electroshock therapy is memory loss.

“Memory loss is the primary side effect associated with ECT treatment. Most people experience what’s called retrograde amnesia, which is a loss of memory of events leading up to and including the treatment itself. Some people’s memory loss is longer and greater with ECT. Some have trouble recalling events that occurred during the weeks leading up to treatment, or the weeks after treatment. Others lose memories of events and experiences in their past.

Memory loss generally improves within a few weeks after ECT treatment. As with psychiatric medications, no professional or doctor can tell you for certain what kind of memory loss you will experience, but virtually all patients experience some memory loss. Sometimes the memory loss in some patients is permanent.”
– PsychCentral, Risks of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

As stated in previous articles, Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes were also taken to UCLA on “psychiatric hold” after their own mental breakdown. And, sad to say, both of them never truly came back from that place. How many people commented on Britney Spear’s “dead eyes” in the past years?

After his hospitalization, Kanye appeared in public with bleached hair.

MK slaves are often identified with blonde hair.

Kanye then completely disappeared from public view for over 18 months. Now, in his own words, Kanye is out of the “sunken place”.

The Sunken Place

Kanye recently resurfaced on social media announcing all kinds of music projects and business ventures. He also professed his love for Donald Trump (which he also did before he was hospitalized).

On April 25th, Kanye tweeted this picture of him wearing a MAGA hat with music industry moguls Lucian Grainge (CEO of Universal Music Group) and Lyor Cohen (YouTube’s global head of music).

He also keeps mentioning being “out of the sunken place”.

The expression “sunken place” comes from the 2017 movie Get Out and refers to the main character’s state of dissociation after being hypnotized by Missy. Here’s one of the “sunken place” scenes.

As you can see, the scene combines hypnotic triggers (spoon on the cup), elements of neuro-linguistic programming and references to childhood trauma which result in Chris becoming paralyzed to then plunge into complete dissociation.

These are all concepts that relate to Monarch mind control. The fact that Kanye constantly refers to the “sunken place” hint to what actually happened during his hospitalization and the months that followed.

A few days after his sunken place tweets, Kanye released the song Kanye vs the People where he says those lines:

“I was in the sunken place and then I found the new me”

Kanye’s “new me” apparently includes associating with conservative commentators like Candace Owens and fully embracing his love for Trump whom he calls “his brother”. A line from the above song says:

“See that’s the problem with this damn nation
All Blacks gotta be Democrats, man
We ain’t made it off the plantation”

Needless to say, all of this made a lot of people angry, especially black celebrities. The song itself features rapper T.I. who plays the role of “the people” who are angry at Kanye. And he serves Kanye a grave warning:

“What you willin’ to lose for the point to be proved?
This shit is stubborn, selfish, bullheaded, even for you”

Later, T.I. gives Kanye another warning:

That’s why it’s important to know what direction you’re goin’ now
‘Cause everything that you built can be destroyed and torn down

Kanye received warnings from other people as well.

Severe Backlash

As expected, lots of people did not agree with Kanye’s endorsement of Trump. Kanye tweeted a text from John Legend urging him to figuratively take off that MAGA hat.

Other celebrities were a little less diplomatic. For instance, Snoop Dogg told Kanye to “snap out of it” under a veiled threat of Get Out pt 2. In other words, he’d be sent back in the sunken place.

Rapper Daz Dillinger posted a video asking Crips gang members to “f*ck Kanye up” and to “bang on his ass”.

Severe Weirdness

Meanwhile, Kanye has been in hyper-Kanye mode, posting tens of tweets per day and releasing bizarre, sometimes half-baked stuff all over the place.

First, tweeted that Emma Gonzalez – the Parkland survivor – was his “hero” and even shaved his head to honor her.

MK slaves sometimes feel the urge to shave their heads.

Some might see a heavy contradiction between supporting Trump and supporting a gun activist, but not Kanye.

Kanye also released a song called Lift Yourself which consists of an instrumental beat that lasts a couple of minutes which ends with a non-sensical Kanye verse that goes:

Poopy-di scoop


Finally, Kanye announced on Twitter that he would use a picture of the plastic surgeon who performed his mother’s surgery before she died.

Donda West died on November 2007 after a plastic surgery performed by Dr. Jan Adams. The coroner’s report, while unable to determine the exact “manner of death,” found both vomiting and “medication use for pain” as contributing factors. While, Adams was not faulted by the coroner, mainly took the blame from Kanye and his people.

Some theorized that Kanye’s mother’s death – which occurred under bizarre circumstances and right when Kanye was achieving superstardom – might have been an “industry sacrifice”. The fact that Kanye dwells back on this traumatic event, even putting the surgeon on the forefront of it all, is telling.

Dr. Adams sent a cease and desist letter to Kanye because … well … it can’t be good publicity.

In Conclusion

What to make of all this Kanye stuff? Is he trolling the world? Is it all for publicity? Did he lose his mind? Is he sharper than ever? One could answer yes and no to all of these questions and still be correct.

Like many other celebrities before him, he is bright mind forced to evolve Hollywood’s toxic environment. In my 2015 article about Lamar Odom – who is married wtoanother Kardashian – I wrote:

“When you get involved with a family that is controlled by the occult elite, bad things often happen. Watch out Kanye.”

A few years after this article, Kanye found himself deep in the sunken place. However, appears to be making great efforts to get out of it. But is it too late? Did the treatments mess him up irreparably? Is he trying to break free and going against the grain? Or, on the contrary, is he now under tight control? Is he now the “chosen” MK celebrity who has to go through a series of bizarre and humiliating events for the elite?

The Kanye comeback is an ongoing story. While he used to be an industry darling, he is now attracting hate from most of the industry. Let’s hope he won’t be sent back to the sunken place.


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Oppression's Enemy

A picture is worth a thousand words! Just look at Kanye’s facial expression in the main picture with known Zionist handler, Liar Cohen. Does that look like someone who’s in a better place to you? He’s out of the “sunken place” alright, he just travelled a bit further south to the pits of hell.


For sure!


I don’t lose much sleep over rappers who make their living ‘talking smack’ about women but whatever’s been done to make Kanye’s melon so messed up is straight up evil.

Vlad Tepes

LOL He sure does look miserable


He’s still just another cog in the satanic machine. He’s still being used in this left vs right, republic vs democrat paradigm. He’s doing nothing special, this is what all celebrities do- make their fans think they’re independent thinkers when they aren’t. They deepen the deception for the public. We can speculate all we want to but what Kanye’s doing is nothing more than deceiving the public like he’s led to do, whether knowingly or not. Another Idol digging another “Broad path” for the masses to follow him to Hell (if he doesn’t repent and get straight). Don’t be deceived everyone, this is all distraction.


Exactly… he says that he’s against the idea that all black people should be democrats and then he goes on to fully support the republican party and the US president even though they are two sides of the same coin. People shouldn’t blindly support the democratic party, but that doesn’t mean they should blindly support the republicans.

henna hope

trump is neither. he is an outsider. an interloper.

Hash Brown

Whatever anybody, including Kanye, thinks of Trump (and that’s what this is really about) the skullduggery of Brennan, Comey & Clapper who are spinning like dervishes to cover for Obama & Hillary make it pretty darn clear that the Hillary Communist Democrat vision of ‘governance’ is 10,000 times worse than Trump’s. Ever since Kanye piped up, the screeches and howls from the Left sound like panic over the waves Kanye is making in the larger black community. If the Communist Democrats don’t get 90% of the national black vote, they are toast. From the Communist Left’s point of view, Kanye’s stand is not a distraction, it’s a threat.


@Hash Brown – That reminds me of the book, “Native Son”, by Richard Wright. A book I highly recommend everyone should read. In the book, two communist political recruiters try to coerce a young black man that their political party has his, and his entire community’s, best interest at heart. As the two recruiters sit on either side of him, spouting their rhetoric, this young black hero realizes that he is sitting between two white columns of hate.


Fantastic book, thanks for bringing it up here, very relevant Edwardo.

Also, I do and have always felt KW has the spark of genius in him, but little self control in a culture that enables it.

This is a shame and I fear a trend for future artists of all mediums in the west. The message gets lost in the noise. Then again that may save his life, as a black man with a focused message is a target.


Exactly… He’s still being used by the powers that be…and this time to confuse everyone that follows him. The deception is done by combining half truths with lies. Go figure.


Well put


Neither the Republican party or the Democrats have anything good. They’re both evil and led by the occult elite. None is trustable. May God help U.S. and help the rest of the world, too…