Amanda Bynes Tweets About Father’s Abuse and Microchip in Her Brain; Now Under Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

Amanda Bynes outside of LAX on Friday, October 10th.

Amanda Bynes posted a series of tweets about her father sexually abusing her and a microchip inside her brain. She was then taken to a hospital in Los Angeles by Sam Lutfi – Britney Spears’ ex-handler who was around her when she had her infamous meltdown.

Amanda Bynes outside of LAX on Friday, October 10th.
Amanda Bynes outside of LAX on Friday, October 10th.

In my previous articles about Amanda Bynes, I described how she is a clear product of mind control. The title of these articles pretty much sum her road to mind control hell : “Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?”, “Amanda Bynes Detained in Involontary Psychiatric Hold”, and “Amanda Bynes Following in the Footsteps of Britney Spears, Placed Under Conservatorship”.

In the past days, Bynes has been displaying erratic behavior that is typical of a MKULTRA meltdown. Here’s a disturbing video of her infamous “shoplifting incident”.

On October 10th, Bynes apparently had a meltdown – or a rare moment of clarity – as she posted “the truth” (in her words) about her father and her own condition. Incidentally, the things she tweeted all describe symptoms of a MK slave : Sexual abuse at a young age by a father who turned into a handler, being “brainwashed” and a “microchip in her brain” telling her what to do. Most of these tweets got deleted but plenty of sources captured them. Here they are:




Bynes later backtracked, claiming that the “microchip in her brain” made her post these things. She nevertheless added that it was her father who ordered “them” to microchip her.


The events following these tweets could only happen to an industry MK slave. A few hours after the tweets, no other than Sam Lutfi comes out of the woodwork to take charge of Bynes. Lutfi is Britney Spears’ controversial ex-manager (and ex-handler) who was around her during her 2008 meltdown.

Lutfi was in charge of Britney Spears (another obvious MK slave) during her 2008 meltdown where she shaved her head and completely lost her mind.
Lutfi was in charge of Britney Spears (another obvious MK slave) during her 2008 meltdown where she shaved her head and completely lost her mind.

Lutfi took charge of Bynes and flew her from New York to Los Angeles. Why? Because her MK facility is located there? Lutfi then creepily tweeted that she was “in good hands” … of her handler.


Although she  believed she was going to a hotel, Bynes was taken to a hospital where she was met with her attorney and placed under “5150 psychiatric hold”. This means that she is forcibly under “doctors’ care” for at least 72 hours – a period that can be extended to 14 days.

Therefore, in the span of a few hours, Amanda Bynes tweeted about abuse from her father and mind control, got picked up by Sam Lutfi – a celebrity MK handler – and taken to Los Angeles where she will most likely be “reprogrammed”. The dark disturbing side of the MKULTRA entertainment industry is playing out right in front of our eyes.


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I don't get it, usually when sumone talks about getting abused it's taken seriously and investigated. No but instead they take her to a " hospital " that's really just gonna reprogram her. Thats sad, I pray for all mk ultra slaves. I just wish they could get away. any one that constantly get there mind and Brian messed with plus all the other torture would totally mess ANYONE up and make them go crazy bcuz noone believes them and they can't get away

Also f**k you music industry!!! f**k you illuminati! you ruined her life you lowlife assholes.Someday we are all going to wake up and take you f*****g pricks down

I am sad to say this but I suspect that what she says about her father and a microchip in her brain is probably true. It would fit the pattern. Never forget they want to microchip us ALL so that they can electronically enslave us. This is probably the REAL reason behind the push for vaccines.

We all know where they end up, the L.A. hospital….this is a big clue….flood letters and email letting the hospital where they took her is for programing…back to L.A. why…cuz this is massive brain washing…we need to send letters to these hospitals which are with very sick pedo's instead of M.D's …the parents are sick f*****s, just look how inapropriate the big grin of the mother is everywhere…what the f**k is so funny????

I too thought Lutfi what the heck ? Take this one step further ( if possible ) think NO MERCY a movie that was done in the 80's , this is part of what i think is going on in hollywood today along with the MK ULTRA program to keep control of the CONTRACTS ( people ) check out this movie .

These celebrity are living out the bible prophecy that is supposed to happen this world is run by the wicked one and they sell their souls for fortune and fame cause them to,b under satanic hold and control we are in the last day. Those celebrities are hand pick set ip to fail and they always fail and when they start to flip out ir spill the secrets if the societies they get punish in all ways from sexuall problems drugs and other hideous things we dont see ir hear. We must pray and ask yahweh fa strenght and courage and peace to overcome this demonic world that is run by satan .

It seems like right after Amanda sent out those tweets they put her back in the hospital. Maybe they are trying to silence her somehow. She is trying to get away from them but they always seem to get a hold of her. I feel so scared for these celebs whenever I hear about something like this in the news. Most people will believe it's just mental illness but it's much deeper and sinister than that. What person wouldn't go crazy if they were put through the same trauma. It would affect any person psychologically. I also heard that when people undergo mind control trauma their mind fragments and they develop multiple personality disorder or disassocive disorder. Which was the case with Britney Spears I think.

Just to let you know, one of the 90's most famous supermoedel, Karen Mulder had exactly the same declaration in a french show. Images were cut but the public who was present on st talked and told everything that was said by Karen. She said exactly the same thing as Amanda, that her father abused her repeatedly and put her into orgies with famous people, as a kid. She also accused a french female singer present on set : " You've just said to me that I was on mind control, and that I will not remember anything of what I am going to say the day after, well ,we'll see". After that she was put into a hospital for nervous breakdown, and she never ever repeated what she said that night again. It made HUGE noise and scandal in France.

Now we will see her in few weeks or month,completly reprogrammed,poor girl,and she will be like,she was under drugs, and she will praise her dad and that Sami guy !!! DISGUSTING

Im really afraid to find her news that she will do something bad:(((

this is not a spectacle, this is a soul crushed–

my heart weeps for such a lost child, one of many…

UPDATE: Amanda received early release from hospital and went back to Twitter to once again accuse her father of molestation. Also went to judge to "take back control of her life and money" from parents but judge denied her and now her mom (no mention of dad) has conservator-ship over her again.

Hollywood is a sewer and a freakshow of humanity, 2in1.

She just now is tweeting!! I have screen shots of her recents! It looks like she deleted the old ones or maybe that happened a while ago, but go check out her latest tweets!

The video of her at the store is just nuts. It almost seems like she might be on meth.

This world is sick

The world isn’t sick it’s the ppl running it who all think it’s ok to sleep a d touch young children boys and girls it leaves u scared for life we need to take back control and get rid of the nwo wiv there brainwashing crap and the mothers and fathers who sell there own children’s souls so they can have all the money and rushes

I can only imagine how many more are under this type of control. I'm guessing the majority that make it in Hollywood. What a horrid place. It looks so glamorous and glitzy, yet it's a psychological hell and slavery for so many.

It's being reported that they will request to hold her for up to a year during which time they can restrain her and force medicate her.

Someone will be there for u, all u need to do is just believe u can make it through this and not alone.

I believe this is true and that u are going through this, if u dont know what to even do about this go to someone u trust and as them for your help!

This is insane, great job posting this vigilantcitizen. Thee truth shall set you free thanks for helping me peep game. This is so crazy! Im off to read some more articles

What can WE do? Tired of being a bystander.

What separates Bynes from someone like Selena Gomez? Gomez was on Barney and Friends, has had monarch symbolism in her work…. yet she acts completely normal.

Why do some breakdown while others keep it together?

Selena Gomez doesn't have it together though if you've been keeping tabs on her.

In the past year she's had a bizarre meltdown, suddenly canceled an international tour, crashed her SUV, posted strange, cryptic tweets, and spoke out about "being someone she's not".

I suspect she's gone in for reprogramming by now and probably looks more "normal", she's definitely had her moments when something seemed amiss.

Seems to me that sometimes the programming doesn't take and glitches occur. Judging from the recent spate of Bynes, Cyrus and lohan being institutionalized, the programmers are either doing a poor job or these particular individuals are fighting the programming.

LOLOL. There is no "programming" going on. The reality is she hasn't fried her brain through abusing drugs…yet.

She went to “rehab” for two weeks around the time you posted this comment I believe. Research it.

Why are some babies scared of animals and some aren't? Why do I like bacon and my friend hates it? Everyone is different; everyone's brain is different. The programming is done on people who are susceptible to dissociation based on early childhood programming and genetic pre-disposition, that doesn't mean its foolproof.

Nothing related to the human brain is ever foolproof 😉

I have the definition and criteria for a 50150 hold in California. Amanda Bynes does not meet ONE of them. They are as follows. The criteria for writing requires probable cause. These include danger to self; danger to others together with some indication, prior to the administering of the hold, of symptoms of a mental disorder; and/or grave disability, as noted below. The conditions must exist within the context of a mental illness. Danger to self: The person must be an immediate threat to themselves due to mental disorder. Being a threat to oneself is not limited to being suicidal; this criterion can be met in other ways. For example, the intention to respond to the delusion that there is a computer chip embedded under one's skin by digging it out with a knife meets the criterion. Danger to others: The person must be an immediate threat to someone else's… Read more »

In order to involuntarily commit someone into a hospital they have to be deemed an imminent physical threat to themselves or others. Amanda Bynes is basicly harmless. They have taken away her rights and it is illegal. She could sue. Its outrageous people aren't speaking more about thebreach of her rights. How are they allowed to so this without people qquestioning the validity of her mental state in regards to her own physical safety. She never threatened her life or the lives of other people. They had NO RIGHT to involuntarily admit her.

VC can you do an article on Roseanne? She seems like she tells the truth yet she is still very connected and working in Hollywood…..