Mischa Barton Under “Psychiatric Evaluation” After Breaking Down And Screaming That Her Mother Is a Witch


Actress Mischa Barton was taken to a hospital after she was found hanging on a fence and yelling about the end of the world and her mom being a witch. Unfortunately, that meltdown follows a known pattern in Hollywood.

Mischa Barton, the 31-year-old actress most famous for her roles in the Sixth Sense and The O.C. is under “psychiatric evaluation” after a bizarre episode at her West Hollywood home.

Barton was found hanging on a fence, wearing only a dress shirt and a tie, screaming that her mother was a witch. She was also rambling that the “world was shattering” and something about “Ziggy Stardust” – which is apparently the name of her dog. Ziggy Stardust is the name of David Bowie’s “occult” alter-persona.

TMZ released chilling pictures of Barton’s meltdown which capture her state complete distress.

According to TMZ, Barton then reportedly fell off the fence and said:

“Oh my God, it’s over! I feel it, and it’s angry!”

What was she talking about? Mischa appears to be yet another celebrity who completely broke down while alluding to dark, occult and supernatural things. While sources such as Radar Online have quickly highlighted Barton’s history of substance abuse to explain the situation, her drug consumption might only be a symptom of deeper issues.

A Child Star With a Typical Industry Slave Path

Barton entered show-business as and followed a path very similar “unstable” celebrities such as Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears. Like both of them, Barton deeply resents a controlling parent. In 2009, she was forcibly put in 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold for two weeks.

“In July 2009, after seeking medical attention for a tooth infection, Barton was sectioned for two weeks under a 5150 that allows a psychiatrist to involuntarily confine a person deemed to have a mental disorder that makes them a danger to themselves and others. She said of the incident, “If they feel you are depressed or a danger to yourself they can hold you on a 5150. I am terrified of needles and they wanted to pump me full of drugs and I said, “No, absolutely not. I don’t want to be here,” and got into a fight with the nurses, and that led to my 5150.”
– Mail Online, The day I was sectioned after a wisdom tooth op, by The OC star Mischa

Barton began acting at the tender age of 8 in several off-Broadway productions. At age 13, she played the role of Kyra Collins (the scary girl ghost) in the movie Sixth Sense. Knowing how Barton’s life panned out, the fate of that character was somewhat prophetic. In the movie, it is revealed that Kyra Collins was poisoned by her own mother and was a victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Barton’s mother appears to be poisoning her “real life”.

Barton as Kelly in the movie Sixth Sense. That scene was kind of disturbing.

Nuala Barton had been her daughter’s manager for years until the Mischa accused her of being a ‘greedy stage mother posing as a talent manager’.

“Last year she accused her mom of purposely holding up the sale of the $7million Beverly Hills mansion they co-own.

The 7,600-square-foot Tuscan-style villa, which boasts views of Catalina Island, was one of the focal points of the suit – with the actress claiming her mom gave herself co-ownership of the property without her knowledge or permission.

She accused Nuala of taking out massive loans against the house behind her back – and turning the home into her ‘personal ATM’.

Barton even claimed she was then kicked out of the home by her parents who wouldn’t let her back on the property.

That case was dismissed back in February with the terms of the agreement stating Nuala would sell the home.

Barton’s lawsuit included claims that Nuala had lied about her salary for a film and didn’t pay her the full amount.

She also accused her mom of opening up a Mischa Barton fashion boutique in London and used the Sixth Sense actress’s name to hawk a handbag line – yet Barton claimed she never saw a cent.

Nuala called her daughter’s allegations ‘nonsense’ and the case was dismissed in February last year.”
– Daily Mail, Mischa Barton is hospitalized for mental evaluation

Mischa Barton with her mother, Nuala.

Barton has been in a “downwards spiral” in the past years as she often made news for substance abuse, police arrests and intense partying. She often attended parties in venues where the occult elite gathers such as Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

Of course, she had to partake in photoshoots with disturbing meanings with elite-sponsored photographers such as Tyler Shield.

Mischa sticking her head in an oven … suicide is fashionable.
A photoshoot with Shield featuring a piece of meat covering one eye (One-Eye sign). The steak on Mischa’s eye implies that she was hit in the face.

Not unlike other stars who bizarrely broke down in the past years, Barton grew up in an entertainment industry ruled by shady people. She also shows signs of Monarch mind control and her mother might be her handler. This could explain why Barton called her mother a witch.

No matter what the case may be, Barton followed the same exact unfortunate path of other industry slaves. The same pattern keeps repeating itself and keeps proving that the entertainment industry is ruled by truly evil and toxic forces.

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Her troubles started after the Sixth Sense when she was a the typical right age/underage for abuse in Hollywood. She was likely promised a role in the OC which was her biggest claim to fame. As VC said, the one thing that becomes increasingly obvious is how evil Hollywood and the music industry are today. In fact, I can’t enjoy movies like I once had before learning the signs. This is yet another atypical case of a career gone bad when one bucks the system. Also, the use of drugs almost always seems to be their to mask the pain. I would not want to imagine the demons and flashbacks some of these people experience. Once your eyes are opened to things, you can’t go back. You realize that we are being force fed dumbed down rhetortic and agenda based garbage in what we think is entertainment when it is… Read more »
Just seen the video on TMZ. I find it weird how TMZ just happened to be in her backyard. This girl is not someone who’s followed by paparazzi, so what was Tmz doing there? I’ve always believed that TMZ is down with the system and get rewarded certain things whether they’re there or not. In the video, looks like Mischance is possessed and talking to a demon we can’t see. It looks like a force pulled her down. When a possessed person having sex with a spirit/satan, we regular people can’t see the spirit but we see the person who’s possessed on the bed being jerked around and the bed shaking all crazy. Now they’re saying she was drugged by one those date r**e pills. I scanned through the comments on Tmz on the Mischa story and no one mentioned that it could be mind controlled. Everyone was making fun… Read more »

You realise that the public sell photos and film to the media? they then own it and copyright it. It doesn’t mean the media people were there themselves.

I always thought it was interesting how TMZ had a camera person there for the Kony2012 guy when he flipped out. What were the chances of that?

that’s because they have been with the system.. Dmx talked about them being at the courthouses before even he showed up after being arrested waiting for him.

I’m not surprised that the commenters didn’t get it, they’re still sleeping and think that everything is a joke these days. TMZ is backed by Harvey Levin, I always thought that dude was creepy and they do get away with exposing these celebs, in fact, I think they go overboard with it. I remember watching a clip of Lamar Odom on TMZ and watching him vandalize and throw out of the car the belongings of a Paparazzi’s personal effects all over the streets. It was shocking but Lamar had reached his limit because he was tired of the Paparazzi chasing and stalking him. Harvey is an attorney so he seems to know what he can/can’t get away with. It is surprising how these celebs haven’t sued his ass like they tend to sue Radar online/Enquirer magazine.

TMZ always reminded me of fleas infesting Hollywood. They’re also gangstalkers. And yes, they are in on it.

I’m not too fond of TMZ. They are extremely hateful. Talk horrible things about everyone.

I hope Mischa finds God before its too late

This girl was 8 years old when her parents brought her into this. She is obviously struggling with what was probably abuse by predators in the industry. It’s mind blowing that anyone could possibly think God would abandon Mischa’s soul, just because her parents contracted her out as a young child. That shows ignorance of the real message of The Word.

How do you know she hasn’t found god (to avoid offending posters with different faiths, I’ll just say a god/faith that is a Positive one.), you realy don’t know for certain unless you know her personally. And hey, I’m Not attacking your post at all; just throwing that out there. I mean I’ve known Countless people & had friends that believed/practiced a faith of a positive god & still had massive struggles with drugs/all kinds of problems..Some overcame them, others not. Just putting that out there also regarding Any “celebrity/ect,” discussed on this site & otherwise who are going though some severe issue or not. You never can know things like that for Certain & imo still can’t know even based on their behavior/art they make or are in (such as a film or whatever. .)/ect. All you can do is Hope ALL people live a life of love &… Read more »

If she really did find God, do you think that she would be having these mental breakdowns?
God would heal her mind and soul in the first place. She would have weapons to fight off demonic thoughts (that are not her own) and spiritual oppression.
It is just too bad that your taking it too negatively.

Ignorance is bliss.

Finding God doesn’t mean they were taught how to spiritually defend themselves. Some don’t believe that negative spirituality and practices can effect them. They don’t realize that their bad choices can separate them from God and leaves them open to negative spiritual influences. We don’t know much except she’s in a bad way.

That’s ridiculous, finding god often spurs people unto some kind of mental breakdown. It’s god that probably allowed her to even break the spell to find out those around her are witches.

Christians love to judge before they think

I am a Christian woman, but I have seen a lot a lot of darkness in my life. I was part of this world at some point. For many many many days and nights I prayed that I would either die or be saved BY ANYONE, not just God. When I couldn’t pray anymore because the evil was so deep in me, I remembered little things that brought me happiness. I thought of small flashes of my life and family. I thought; “this is it, this is how I am going to die and that is okay”. But amidst my chaos I did find one person that broke through and was able to communicate with me. He told me he would pray for me for God to give me strength. I thought “well I hope so and please let it be so”. So that fueled my spirit, or whatever i… Read more »


Agree; a lot of people who claim the Christian faith, have No idea what it’s even all about; unfortunately. I personally claim no “organized religion,” but agree with aspects of Many; one being Not to Judge others!! 🙂

She has to but ask and He will answer.

Look at her Mum’s dead eyes. Scary.

Mischa has her arm around her mom…but she’s leaning away at the same time. It doesn’t look like a close mother-daughter relationship.

Because it isnt. It has never been.

Yep. Smug and angry at the same time. You can see her daughter’s pain even though
she loves her Mom. The daughter is actually the normal one because she’s dealing with


Drugs, certain places, intense abuse, the “emptying of your mind” during meditation, even some movies and music are doorways for demonic INFLUENCE. We’re in, and always have been, in a spiritual war. Our spirits were severed from our bodies and souls when Adam sinned. A spiritual death that can only be overcome by Jesus. That’s why the elites mock Him and invert, subvert and pervert everything about Him. They know the Enemy is real, that their time is almost up, and they want to drag us all down with them. It’s why drugs are so prevalent in Hollywood. Feeds the Enemy.

Do one or more good deeds a day and it will assist with spiritual enlightenment 🙂 part of the game is to get us so down that we give up and give in to the darkness bc so much of this evil is around us.

Witches are real. The world is shattering.

But you have to be a little “ill” in order to see it.

just google Nuala…

How are they real? I’ve never seen any witchcraft that actually works.

Look around… its working… or we wouldnt be on this site.
Just because you dont see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t believe in you or exist. Be grateful to you never seeing any witching that works, that means you are still you.

That made no sense whatsoever. You did not prove any point.

This reminds me of another actress that this happened to a long time ago…. Margot Kidder, the original Lois Lane in the Superman movies. She was big in the eighties and at the height of her fame she suddenly left Hollywood and couldn’t be found for years. When she did resurface she was found hiding in someone’s bushes. She said she had a mental breakdown due to abusive relationships, but I always thought there was more to her story.

Just like Anne Heche

Dang, I drove Margo to the airport once as a chauffeur. I should have asked her about that.

I would be surprised if she told you the truth about what happened to her.

She was kind of goofy….nice…but kept ranting about her Republican neighbor.

I just looked her up, they always cut their hair off:
In 1996, Kidder began to have violent mood swings. While writing her memoirs, her computer became infected with a virus, which led her to believe she was under surveillance and that her first husband, French director Philippe de Broca, was trying to kill her. Unbeknownst to Kidder, she was bipolar, and in her paranoid state she suffered a major manic episode. Convinced her life was in danger, Kidder left home and faked her own death, cutting her hair off with razor blades and removing the caps from her teeth. She was homeless for a short while until she was found sheltering under a family’s porch, coincidentally just yards from where ‘Superman’ was filmed. Kidder was entered into psychiatric care, where she was finally diagnosed as bipolar.

hollyweird claims that they are all bipolar to cover up that they are having an mk ultra breakdown

Wow, just wow I had no idea that she went through all of that. I remember how she was finally found after being on the lam all these years. What’s interesting to me is that these actors aren’t diagnosed with being bipolar until after having worked in Hollywood. That’s why I wondered if her triggers weren’t purposefully pushed maybe for going against the system. What was the fear of her writing her autobiography unless she was going to expose someone or something. It’s strange that everytime I hear of the actress Margot Robbie I think of Margot Kidder.

The mannequin standing behind mother & daughter is not reassuring either…Same eyes as Mischa..

I noticed that

That was creepy af and seemed to be planned that way

No one has mentioned her mother’s hand in the picture… odd to assume they are positioned like that by chance. Would be curious if anyone had insight to witches and their hand positioning… by the way, those creatures called witches are without question real. I dated a girl whose mother was absolutely beautiful… she was super healthy, never ate meat, and honestly looked like she was 25. One day I was over for dinner and she was preparing the steaks for the Dad to put on the grill (she didn’t eat meat, remember? But she would always put the seasoning and what not on). Well, I walked around the corner of the kitchen and noticed her being very sensual with the steak… she didn’t see me of course… well she continues on; and eventually she is washing her hands in this bloody mess, and begins to lick her fingers… I… Read more »

There will be new Netflix show about that with Drew Barrymore. Its called Santa Clarita.

the next campaign in hollyweird is to make us think cannibalism is normal…anything perverted, inverted or subverted or abnormal as that one person said in a comment

Interesting! I have no factual insight but now that you mention it, that is pretty random. Like a hoof or something? Weird. And your story is terrifying, glad you got away quickly.

I read on DM by other commentators that her mom really actually is a witch and the Mischa is such a sweetheart. It’s hard to believe that she’s another victim, given her lifestyle of parties and drugs. But if you see recent pictures of her, she looks completely different. Her eyes look so bug eyed and so disoriented and she’s excruciatingly thin. I always wondered what had happened to her as she seemed to have had a very promising career then out of nowhere disappeared from the limelight. such a shame.

I think the reason a lot of these celebrities get into substance abuse is to dull the pain of being controlled and living a lie.

She was screaming about her dog i hope her dog is ok. Thats one way to control a mk puppet. Ill hurt your dog if you dont do this. I feel sorry for all these victims in the e industry. Its seems like the only way out is death for them. That sounds like the worst gang mafia ever. You know who else is having an mk breakdown Shia LaBeouf. That stupid he will not divide us so callef art project just maked him look like a crazy unstable individual that you dont want to get near. Like a crazy homeless person. Hes lost it and also got arrested for assaulting someone again.

I remember vaguely that it was either Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan who both had their dogs killed mysteriously or they just disappeared. I remember when Tinkerbell disappeared from Paris Hilton, a distraction? Or reprecussions for breaking the rules or to maybe inflict trauma in the mk slaves, anything is possible. Pets are people’s best friends.

It happened to Miley, remember? Yep, its the Oz programming. Expect another “nervous breakdown” for Shia and his moving into a “mental facility”.

Consider her being replaced by a clone/imposter. Compare her pics, they tell u all more than 1000 words. I wish her best regardless, but as Corey Haim used to say and as I quoted him here before “Its like CIA, man. Once u are in, u can never get out”

Her eyes though…..Who is she actually talking to over the fence because these photos are disturbing.

It looks like she just got out of an initation meeting where they put some spirits into her and turned her loose.

Her mother does look like a witch, in all photos I was able to find of her with her daughter. I have come across such women that you just know there is something evil about them, and she reminds me of a few. Also note that Mischa was “voluntarily” treated at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after this breakdown, common “treatment” facility and place of death of famous people in Hollywood.

But how do you know what a “witch” Looks like? Black or “gothic” style clothing? There are Many people out there who may dress a certain way & live a life of total positivity, wearing black for example doesn’t mean anything unless of course it Does. I wear more black/dark shade shirts for example because white shirts always get dirty & ruined 10x faster.ha. And there’s Plenty of Awful/evil/ect people out there who wear white & just dress what most would call “normal” attire, you know? Now I Do agree with you that it seems Mischa’s mother certainly seems like a truly Awful person & parent, based on all this. And just like Michael Jackson said before his death that Tony Montola (idk the spelling; sorry..) is a “devil,” well I don’t believe he meant a Literal devil/demon in human disguise. He meant Metaphorically (or I believe..I Could be wrong… Read more »
No… I wear black often because I don’t really like drawing attention to myself. That is not how you know. Sometimes it could be a hint, and of course not all wearing black are practicing witchcraft. You know by their eyes, there is no joy or hope, light or love, even sometimes life in them… the way they look at you is different than the way most look at you. There is a dark, very spiritual, vibe around them. If you speak to them, there is just something you can only describe as “witchy” about the way they speak and again, how they look at you, like they are looking right through you. It is very strange, very unusual and that is how you know… there is an unnerving quality about it that to me screams “demons”. Most people you meet, the great majority of them, no problem. But there… Read more »
unafraidoftheculture: I am sorry that I misunderstood your comment. I just think Many out there truly believe dressing in black or “gothic style” clothing means something Negative. I see moreso you do Not believe that way, and as I said before I’m sorry if I misunderstood your post. But clearly you don’t think people out there who Truly practice/believe in Negative energy/ect are to be judged by their style of clothing & such. I apologize if I offended you in any way; seriously!! I misunderstood some of what you were saying & that’s My bad. As far as what you’re saying as far as being able to “tell” if someone is truly an “agrnt of negative energy” (that’s how I personally would pharse it..) I still don’t Fully know if you can tell 100% for Certain by a photo. I think as you stated; you can Often tell in Person… Read more »
Just something to think about

Evil tries to normalize into goodness and takes the guise of simplicity, or other justifications. Covering one eye and calling it art is just the first stage. We may be playing out their intended agenda, whether in art, rock music, hating certain people or religions, partaking in ritual sin (sex)… without even knowing we are part of being washed into the evil one tide at a time subconsciousy, doing the work of evil. Every musician probably starts pure for the sake of art and beauty, desire to taste fame and freedom, than comes the abuse which becomes r**e, then comes straighten satanism. This goes with a lot of things and professions (politicans, bankers, gangsters just providing for their kids then becoming forces of pure evil, etc.)

Um..not that it upsets/hurts/ect me or anything, just Confuses me; why is my comments above keep being voted down? I said to the poster I was replying to (&wished to talk about other things as well regarding this story..) that I certainly was Not attacking them & as I said I Truly felt their post was thought out well/was respectful as always. I mean was it because I or None of us (unless you literally Do, as Mischa or as a close friend/ect. to her) know as Fact the mother is Literally a true person (“witch”/Luciferian/ect..) who practices evil/negative energy things for Certain. I was just saying terms like witch/devil Are often metaphors for a sick/awful human being; I also stated that Sometimes, well it Is literal. I went on to just state as people discussing such things I feel we should All look at All angles of an issue… Read more »

She should have a DNA test. She looks nothing like her mother.

Yes, I believe her, and no, I’m not surprised. Only Jesus can fix the mess she is in.

Poor sweetheart, hope she can find her way out, goodness knows what horrors she has seen. Sending her love and protection x

Her mother sounds like pure evil! As if the court keeps letting her away with such crap! Probably pays the judge off or something….

Poor Mischa

Anyone else ever wonder if these parents are really their parents? There’s such a problem with human trafficking that it makes me wonder. A real parent wouldn’t put their kid through all this occult stuff for money.

Maybe they find people who are willing to do it then those people have kids.

Mischa’s eyes look scarry, I think she has been into things, evil things. She does not look like a holywood celebrity who is taking good care of herself, her backyard looks horrible, I cant imagine how inside her house looks like, this celebrities are truly suffering, yet we worship them and want to be like them, the reason I stopped watching television and going to cinema.
God have mercy on holywood.
How can your mother be your handler, how do they convience parents to torture their own blood?

Yeah, her house looks like a bit of a shack. How do we even know that is her house? And no one around but TMZ indeed. Terrible.

This is so heart breaking! All we can do is pray for these victims, God is all powerfull, and already set free many from mk ultra mind control

Celebrities are not sick. They live in a sick environment called Hollywood. Of course that all these celebrities get affected at some moment in their lives for being surrounded by such a toxic environment.

No way can it be a coincidence with these continuous celebrity breakdowns. That picture with the – once again – dualistic checkerboard floor and head in oven (why?? Why is nobody questioning these pictures? Is the world truly this retarded and degenerate?) tells the story for me. These things are happening. 🙁 … which means even worse things are almost certainly happening as well, such as the case of Kim Noble and all the seemingly insane mind control stuff VC has described. The thing is, I’ve already done what I could to raise awareness of these things. Even people close to me, however, aren’t listening. They either don’t believe these things to be true (while refusing to look into the evidence, of course) or they – subconsciously, perhaps – are unwilling to accept the reality of it. What have YOU done to fight this? Have you gotten into contact with… Read more »

High Ranking government officials love Mk Ultra. And everyone else is helpless to the power. Seriously who the hell wants to get waxed by a psychic assassin?

That’s the reality of the game now. There’s an army of psychic killers. If you can’t match the brain waves they are sending out, you can’t win that fight.

I can’t believe that she is saying that she was drugged while having birthday drinks. Of course, that blaming alcoholism or drug addiction are too obvious for explaining her mental breakdown.

The abuse that these “celebrities” need to endure by their handlers is unthinkable and of course that at some moment they need to let it out just like Selma Blair that had the same breakdown on a plane screaming that someone burns her private parts.

I have a feeling that Hollywood won’t cast her for a long time. The mother was probably trained as a handler/witch to keep her under control. No wonder the judge threw out the case of the handbag boutique.
Notice the mannequin between Mischa and her mother in the picture? That in itself is telling.

Its heartbreaking to say the least. Im afraid she hasnt got much left. Her “mother” looks indeed sly and evil. Remember she was a child model and posed together with another famous MK ULTRA victim, LiLo. If u google that, u will see it Both of them used and abused to oblivion. If u have them, make articles on Shelley Duvall and Tony Rosato (RIP, they finished him obviously, he became useles).

I meant if u have time, not “them”, sorry for misspelling it,

I grew up with abuse and had massive drug problems and never had a break down like this. I also know heaps of other people who had massive drug break downs but they weren’t anything like this. The drugs aren’t why she was like this, it was the trauma of being a real life slave to a real life witch.

Rihanna, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Selma Blair and more celebrities are having mental breakdowns that they can’t control because of so much abuse from Hollywood but they don’t have a way out. The only opportunity to get out is when they’re dead.

Beyonce’s mom has always looked really evil to me. We all know Kris Jenner is a wicked, perverse woman. One can easily Google “Kris Jenner hosts informercial selling psychic’s $100 magic candles” and see that, plus how she has used her children now for years. Definitely a witch, and turned her daughters into them too. Kanye’s poor mother is dead, which he admits to allowing so he could gain fame. I could go on and on. Sighs.

Thanks for the article VC.
If you Google Mischa Barton photoshoot, you will see lots of symbols hinting at MK-Ultra beta slave and the all seeing eye of course.

See photo shoot with photographer Tyler Shields. MK’ish abuse, black and white floor, eating raw meat and the sense of handler. She actually has been more successful in modeling than acting.

These pictures are all terrifying. Poor Mischa 🙁 on a similar note, has anyone been following Yelawolf? He had a breakdown on stage around Christmas, deleted all of his Instagram pictures, put up a video of him in a hospital bed, saying he had been forced to stay there and take meds. When he got out, he posted a video of himself looking really bad, but announcing his name change, along with another video of him cutting himself and “suiciding” Yelawolf. He’s since posted a bunch of videos and pics, and deleting them. Lots of pentagrams and snakes and weird sh!t.

That mannequin in the back though….

In the pic of her and her mom

This is all in store for any sheeple who thinks Hollywood is all fame and glam as is the music industry.

I feel Bartthanon’s suffering from this just like britney and amanda are going through. Makes me value a common life more than fame and eventual demise.

This looks like the work of an Mk Ultra fixer. You have to re-shatter them and put them back together. Repair the damage of previous handlers.

I knew immediately what this was. I’m happy you covered it. It’s so frustrating how the media pushes these explanations out there. To say she was slipped a date r**e drug?? Ok. Smh and people believe it. When she said “I’ll be your conduit” she was conversing with something evil. It’s sad to see this type of stuff but I’m happy I’m aware vs being in the dark.

Via the big searchmachines there is little pics to be found on the mother. Is that not odd, with so much papparazzi shooting nonstop at everyone involved? With stories about celebrities and their daily crap all over the place, I expected more. Like with others, where the pictures from years ago, those before the plastic enhancements, disappear from public view slash the internet.

Did you see that weird mannequin face between her and her mom in that last picture? Creepy!

Good article. I normally don’t complain about grammar/spelling, but could you please use spellcheck?

I appreciate more the article being posted so quickly.

I once had auto correct change deep seated to deep seeded, so I dunno. We all make some typo’s.

Not that many.

Anyone else notice the manequin behind Mischa in the background? Same hair and eyemakeup.

Mischa’s mother has the classic dead eye stare and smirk of a sociopath. Poor Mischa.

Sad, sad, very sad. These persons are victims, pray for them.

that way it makes it easier for the adoptive parents or handlers to be able to abuse/mk ultra the child bc they have themselves been through it and don’t have maternal instincts.

the parents are usually incest siblings or parent and child (real one’s not adoptive) or someone with a long and another a short face – they then take the baby and give him/her to a couple who are handlers who raise the baby as their own and paid for it. the real parents don’t know but can guess who their child is. that is why hollyweird has so many dopplegangers! its to continue the line of breeding the same talent generations down and it infiltrates from singers to sports people.

of course those are not her real parents – they are handlers which makes it easy for them to be cruel and take money away.

Hi. Can we please stop demonizing other religions? Isn’t there enough conflict?

I thought she was poisoned by her nanny in the movie, not her mother. I mean, either way, there’s some sinister stuff going on here.

even the mother’s scarf screams mind control ffs – the price of fame and fortune, eh?

You need to look into her little sister!! Rumor is that Mischa had a hand in getting her sister into drugs & pimping her out.

Never heard of her.

Sounds like shes coming down from meth