Selma Blair Removed from Plane and Rushed to Hospital After Bizarre MKULTRA-Style Breakdown


Actress Selma Blair was carried out of an airplane on a stretcher and sent to a Los Angeles hospital after a bizarre breakdown where she screamed about an abusive man who acts like an Mind Control handler.

Selma Blair’s flight back from a Cancun vacation with her ex-boyfriend and their four year old son turned into a bizarre nightmare when Blair began shouting to fellow passengers about a mysterious man who abuses her.

“He burns my private parts. He won’t let me eat or drink. He beats me. He’s going to kill me.”

According to witnesses, Blair has been mixing wine with prescription drugs on the plane. Did this toxic mix cause her to invent things out of thin air … or did it help surface a repressed memory of abuse? Blair was then forcibly removed from the plane on a stretcher to then be sent out to a hospital.

If you’ve read other articles on this site about MK breakdowns such as Britney Spears or Amanda Bynes, you might recognize a similar pattern:  A sudden breakdown where memories of abuse appear to resurface, a forced trip to the hospital and the media heavily emphasis by media on “drugs and alcohol”.

The phrase “He burns my private parts” is especially telling and disturbing. It most likely refers to sexual abuse combined with probable torture around the genitals.  The wording is child-like, as if a young girl had said it. Victims of mind control and satanic ritual abuse (SRA) suffer extreme trauma until reaching a state state of dissociation which sometimes generate alter-personas that could be triggered. These alternate personalities can have different name, age and story and can even foster their own memories. The sentences “He won’t let me eat or drink. He beats me. He’s going to kill me” further describe torture typical to trauma-based mind control.

According to sources, there were no signs of Blair breaking down in the hours and days prior to the flight. She was reportedly in a good mood and several photos even show the family enjoying their vacation.

Blair's Instagram post prior to the vacation.
Blair’s Instagram post prior to the vacation.
Blair with her son and ex-boyfriend Jason Bleick in Cancun.
Blair with her son and ex-boyfriend Jason Bleick in Cancun.

MK survivors are prone to unexpected “glitches” and breakdowns, especially when programming “wears off”.

So who was Selma Blair referring to? Her ex-boyfriend Jason Bleick? Her father Elliot I. Beitner who was an attorney and active in the U.S. Democratic Party? Her other ex Ahmet Zappa, the son of Frank Zappa and  executor of the Zappa Family Trust? Someone else? No matter what the case may be, this bizarre outburst is yet another example of the twisted life behind the scenes in Hollywood.

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Dear fellow Vigilant Citizens. If you believe in God please pray with me

. Dear Lord thank you that someone was Vigilant enough to spot the MK symptoms of this Blair person and not dismiss it as drug induced rantings of a crazy person.

But dear Lord there are many non famous people who would not be correctly identified as MK Ultra in this very same situation and will never even have the chance due to lack of support in their society. Lord I pray that someone will be there for them at that time.

Lord I pray that the many fans of VC will continue their good work in the community. amen

AMEN!! I also pray for them from time to time.

Sorry the read more was too close to the down vote button. No weapon forged by man can harm me.

Deej you don’t live in the real world there are weapons out there that will hurt you.

Hey Daphne, I think Deej is referring to a Bible verse: Isaiah 54:17.

Alcohol and drugs doesn’t make you talk about fake abuse. Most of all MK ultra victims in Hollywood have child personalities. And these personalities are the ones that endure the abuse, also a couple of years ago she had anorexia and that makes sense now when she said that her HANDLER doesn’t let her eat or drink.


Falusia Caison!



Has anyone noticed that her last name Blair is the same as in “The Blair Witch Project,” and if you rearrange the letters in her first name, it’s Salem (an anagram) like the Salem Witch Trials. Interesting….

As soon as I read about this, I came looking to VC for more info… I figured this would earn a post!

Has anyone seen the single eye pics of Anton? – This accident occurred near the Strawberry Moon, the Solstice– and he had left the Egyptian Theater in L.A. after a movie screening -It could be b/c of a glitchy Jeep… maybe not. He was also 27.

As soon as I heard Anton Yelchin died, the thought that ran thru my head was “occult sacrifice”. When I read about how it happened, it seemed too weird to be accidental, as if “they” weren’t putting enough effort in making it seem accidental.

Ya it’s pretty obvious what went down but then there’s also the fact that the Jeep he owned was recalled for the gear shift. It apparently appears like it’s in Park but not clicked in all the way the car could roll so basically that’s what happened & the car rolled onto him. Could have been that but the 27 club is more plausible.

Another ritual killing and an addition to “club 27”?

VC Thanks for posting this!!! I use to work in the industry and I’ve also heard that Selma Blair had a “Diaper/baby” fetish… also that she’s having an affair with a married Celebrity, man who shares the same fetishes as her.

It’s not a fetish it’s programming. Stop making it sound like it’s a choice. They do it to EVERYONE.

This is very sad, and I have been praying for Selma. I was a bartender for many years (as well as a prolific drug and alcohol user myself) and people’s internalized experiences and emotions come out when they drink. If they restrain anger in their daily life, they are an angry drunk, if they restrain sorrow or pain, they are a depressed or sad drunk. We will probably never know the full story, but whatever Selma was saying is most likely from her genuine experience, I’m sad to say. This may have been the only opportunity to voice her cry as she’s already made a “public apology”. I swear, though, if Same Lufti shows up I’m going to spontaneously combust.

Drunk man tell no tales….all truth

You just wait a little while, et voila, the opposite is true as well.

I agree. The mix of alcohol + certain drugs can trigger a pretty massive blackout, and everyone knows a blackout always comes with a wilder crazy side of the person. The question is…which prescriptions did she have? A doctor can probably figure out if this was substance induced or a true mental breakdown (MK considering what she said specifically) based on the drug that was mixed with the alcohol and the amount she drank. We need more data, I think we need less eyewitness accounts and as much raw data, sources and links as possible.

This was the first thing I thought of when I heard this. I bet she’s off for some serious reprogramming.

Same happened when I read about the incident. Poor Selma, she must have suffered severe abuse when she came up with this kind of hallucinations-or is it just long-burried memories? Either way, it came from somewhere. At this point I dont believe in coincidence. There is something behind her fear, and it is real.
I really like her as an actress and hope she gets the help she needs.

Beware people there are DISINFORMERS out there and Billikat is one of them!

Disgusting and sad.

The powers that were are losing their minds…they seem very busy

why do you say ”were”??

They hv no power….past tense….presently powerless

Brice Taylor, an MK-Ultra/SRA survivor, said the same thing about her father, he would burn her private parts when he tortured her. Not that it has anything to do with anything, but the Zappas are from Laurel Canyon.

Cathy O’Brien also said the same thing. She was mutilated (carved I think) in the shape of baphomet

Cathy o Brian is a CIA plant but monarch is real!

Any evidence for this claim?

See the documentary “The Most Dangerous Game” aka “The Cathy O’Brien Story” on youtube for proof of O’Brien genital mutilation.

I saw pics of some random man dropping off flowers at her home along with a bag of an American girl doll. The pics were on daily mail I guess it’s time to reprogram

Read the book called weird scenes inside the canyon by David McGowan, who by the way died mysteriously. Zappa and the government are most likely involved. Also remember this lady was born in Michigan where Cathy obrian was born, where the molestation of the boys on fox island occurred, where the debarge family was severely abused by ex military father and etc. enough said…..

I encourage people to read it too and connect the pieces and do some research themselves about that information. Those I know that did, were as intriged as I still am. When you look up the so called rebel rockers and hiphopdisco-ers and trending actors of the recent ages – it all still fits. A lot of names you can find on this particular website, just look up their parents and first bosses, for starters.

It is published as a website, as well. Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation, Part I, on Monday, June 02, 2008, 04:22 AM, as illuminati news-article.

Part of the wold pack I bet that site. Glorious as this one and the rest. Any more iteresting sites like that? In the know7 or pseudo whateva media? pentapostalfa maybe? plenty of such amazing around.

That’s a different Dave McGowan that died mysteriously. Not same guy.

But I agree that the book is phenomenal.

I’m not sure if you are confused but the author of this book died a few years ago from cancer. His death came a year or so after the release of his book. He also did programmed to kill.

No, you are confused. He was reported to have cancer in 2015. One year ago. As far as I know, he has not died. Another David McGowan died under mysterious circumstances.

. He died last December. Not several years ago, however. And cancer–not so mysterious.

Ok I’m not going to argue but the man who wrote that book I’m talking about died of cancer. Please look it up. I’m done.

David McGowan (1960-2015), author of “Weird Scenes…” and “Programmed to Kill”… *DIED MYSTERIOUSLY*… *OF CANCER*. From McGowan’s website “centerforaninformedamerica” (written by McGowan himself): “Just nine weeks ago, on April 14, I presented a lengthy video deconstruction of the 2013 Boston Marathon incident through the Caravan to Midnight radio show/podcast. About a week later (on April 20, of all days), the nearly four-hour video presentation was uploaded to YouTube. Not long after that, someone using the username Phoenix Archangel posted an interesting comment: “John [Wells, the host of the show] always signs off with some of the best advice ever. Speaking of advice: this David McGowan fella really ought to quit smoking. With all the elitist feathers he’s ruffling, he’s likely to come down with a spontaneous case of hitherto undiagnosed stage 4 inoperable Pancreatic cancer.” As for Mr./Ms Archangel, he/she wasn’t too far off, though I’ve been told that it’s… Read more »

They make her wear duality-pattern. 100% MK girl.

My money is on Zappa. Research his father and grandfather.

Research what about the Zappas?

Imagine a wise man, slightly indie. All people around him are encouraged to use drugs, lsd and other, but he stays sober and directs the whole group. And makes the profits.


He actively told people he was against drugs, even marijuana. It was no secret. He spoke about it often.

Read “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon” by David McGowan.

My money is on her parents, as they hobnobbed with the elite. Apparently when she was a child, they used to host these lavish parties that included rock stars and politicians. Alters are usually stuck in time. That is, they appear at the time when severe trauma occurred. Thus, the child alter appears as she was abused as a child. Not that Zappa and her sadistic handlers wouldn’t help continue with the abuse, thus reinforcing her programming.

“Which one” is the wrong question, because “all of them” is the likeliest answer. That said, Jack Galt is probably quite correct that Ahmet Zappa is one of her handlers/abusers, and the information on Frank Zappa and Frank’s father as documented by David McGowan in “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon” is quite relevant to Selma Blair’s apparent MK Ultra/Monarch abuse.

As soon as I heard the ‘He burns my private parts, he won’t let me eat or drink…etc’., I knew this was MK ULTRA abuse. Sometimes, some prescription medication and alcohol can cause people to loosen their minds (and tongues). While this makes no sense to some people, to the ones in the know, it means a lot.

These sacks of satanic filth hide behind the incredulity of society. What they do is so evil and far fetched that mind controlled society refuses to even consider it and instead ridicules, mocks or simply ignores the messengers. They’ve got everything set up to work in their favor.

The notion she would randomly invent a story of abuse that never happened due to – yes, how would you even explain it: a psychotic episode in an individual with no (to my knowledge) history of mental instability triggered by ‘drugs and alcohol’ is absurd. I haven’t met any people who suddenly thought they’d been tortured when getting drunk.

The stupidity and ignorance of the general public is what allows these things to continue. We here, better informed, have a responsibility to raise awareness of these things in order to end them. Just reading these articles isn’t going to do anything to help these abuse victims.

Selma Blair was the main protagonist in Columbus Circle, an mk-ultra themed film. This is creepy. And her child. Poor soul, to be born among those toxic environment.

This (both here and on the forums) is the first I’ve heard of Selma’s breakdown. She always had a very unhappy air about her, even in her roles….I guess now I know why 🙁 poor girl.

She also attended the Hillel day school. Could be trauma from childhood.

Hillel means Lucifer

Thank you! I know if you use google, every thing that comes up says Hillel does not mean Lucifer (I agree with you btw). HOWEVER, two weeks ago, a former military school classmate of my son, who is an Israeli and American Jew (dual citizenship), came for the weekend. He was very nice, and wanted to discuss many things (he was quite surprised I knew much about the various books of the Talmud). As I drove him to the train station, I came right out and asked him if Hillel meant Lucifer. He said yes, and then went on to explain that he was taught in temple school that Lucifer was good. He said, Lucifer was the first (note first) of the fallen angels, and he’s good because it’s good to challenge God. Anyway, if felt good to know, we do know what’s up even if “they” are trying to… Read more »

cat’s out of the bag, Nora = busy bee. LOL. didn’t realize until I posted.

What is up with these celebs and plane emergencies?

How do regular people not connect the dots?

When you are taken to altitude in an airplane, the atmospheric pressure in the plane is being controlled by an aircraft system… But you’re going so high in a jet that the minimum altitude it can simulate is 8000ft… Meaning less oxygen. If you’re on drugs or drunk, you will be way more intoxicated because the altitude (hence why they tell you it’s illegal to be intoxicated on the plane- you don’t know how you’re body will react), which probably triggers the crazy outbursts.

Has anyone noticed a story posted on TMZ about Selma being on the plane and two nurses were also on the plane and able to “aid” her. The back of the one nurse is wearing a fedora and is overweight. Also looks like a bandana on under the fedora. Hello?!?!


Can you elaborate as to why a fedora bandana and being overweight is sinister? Nurses do travel, you know.

That’s very disturbing, I hope she is ok now… This type of thing seems to be happening more and more often. Amanda Bynes’ episodes deeply disturbed me.

Also what is going on inside the head of Tila Tequila?? Something isn’t right with her, looking at her Twitter she goes on these psycho rants that kinda remind me of Amanda’s.

Poor celebrities. What are they doing to these people?

VC can you do a thing on that british cartoon “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared?” It’s mega weird and I think you would be able to dissect it.

I looked it up on just now. This is sick, it looks like an abused boy talking to his alters or he is so traumatized that his imaginary friends are just as depressed and non creative as he is…I couldn’t get past 2 minutes before closing the browser.

Oh dear Lord….I can’t even think straight right now after watching that. What are we exposing our kids to????

harassed and stalked for years, definitely. but the only ones with alters are the ones of your pack. trust me on that 😉

maybe deliberately they talk to themselves. they want to be heard by the sickos 😉

One Saturday morning I was channel-surfing and came across an animated show on Cartoon Network called Superjail. Apparently it’s a regular show with numerous episodes. The story line of the one I happened upon was about an epic auto race (don’t ask me why) of what are presumably are its regular characters, like the one Hanna Barbera did with all of its characters. Talk about gore, graphic violence and demonic imagery… Most sadly, the Saturday morning time slot is targeted squarely at young children. Of course, most of you have probably heard about Mr. Pickles, which Cartoon Network used to run very late night. Now that show was enough to make me throw my hands up in despair. God bless you, fellow awaken.

That show isn’t meant for kids, it’s on Adult Swim which comes on at night. Still, a very bizarre show even for adult audiences.

Yeah, adult swim is RIFE with occult symbolism, tons of “one eyes” and pyramids and owls. None of it is meant for children, but they put it on a children’s network. Well how many children with neglegent parents are going to continue watching the same channel after 8pm, especially when most of the featured content is cartoons as well. I am a huge fan of King of the Hill (which was on Adult Swim for a long time, I don’t know if it still is) as it never seemed to fit the rest of the lineup. It’s not a perfect show, but unlike most other media it portrays the father as the most sensible, intelligent character on the show, and his family goes to church and has a relative fear of God. Anyway, I have the whole series on my computer now, and haven’t had cable for years, but Adult… Read more »

Yes I stopped watching family guy and American dad because of the occult symbolism. And adult swim is very satanic not just the programming but the commercials as well

Cus God needs to be feared? OK, so, the Almighty is just that, and you have faith right? Christ’s God was a God of love. Really struggling to see where fear enters into it. I think you fear yourself and yourself alone. Another victim of coercion by the institutions who claim to represent Christ’s message. Plus who ever said (of any worth) that going to church was an indicator of good chatacter? Primarily means you’re good at keeping up appearances and FEAR the consequences of thinking for yourself. Not always, but mostly.

They still do play King Of The Hill, it’s the first thing in the Adult Swim Lineup

In a spiritual group I belonged to a woman said a demonic entity literally crawled out of the TV when she had it set on the Adult swim channel. She was up all night praying in order to get rid of the thing.

She was in Cruel Intentions when she was about 17 but according to IMDb she has been on TV since she was about 12 or 13 I think. I didn’t realize she was a child actress until now.

As soon as I saw that on tmz I thought about this.I also heard sheets with Charlie Sheen for a while when she was on the show.He seems like a handler to me.He got her booted from the show too.

I think people give Charlie sheen too much credit, if he was any kind of handler his own status as HIV+ would have never came out. I think he’s more of a patron of this type of perversion rather than a handler.

Given that Charlie Sheen had his own public meltdown a few years ago, it’s possible that he’s an MK victim as well.

My thoughts exactly. He was brought up in a depraved environment, with his father being an actor himself. Slaves can also become handlers from what I’ve read but there is also some head honcho that handles all those slaves.

Or he could be so cocky he doesn’t give a fk

Most handlers are also victims soo…. valid possibility

Maybe she’s cursed for playing a Kardashian in the OJ series.

The first thing I thought of was Charlie Sheen, she was his counterpart on the show Anger Management and then replaced by a blond actress. Other than that show I don’t remember her ting success.

shes in a ton of big movies.

Loved her at Kat and Kim or Kim and Kat. She is a very talented actress and super funny and self ironic.

This is just sad.

Selma Blair formally apologized for the incident, as reported by Vanity Fair on June 21, 2016, but according to the article, she didn’t specifically deny any of the things she allegedly said during her breakdown aboard the airliner.

Repost from simbolic pics otm:
I wonder if her part in bellboy was a super f****d up way of representing what she claims they have inflicted on her? If you recall, she (ironically) held power to control fire. I liked the movie at the time, I felt it portrayed the wars within the dark arts fairly well, although with typical Hollywood b.s. exaggeration and special effects. Watched again recently though with more learned eyes, and concluded it was mere propoganda…. Anything portraying the black magic cult that is catholicism as the protagonist (although it contains within it a minority of good people) is, to me, a good sign of the filmmaker’s motives.
Also saw that she was handed over to firemen!? Tenuous connection maybe, but interesting to me at least.
Poor woman.


Going off topic here but idk if anyone has been keeping up with the referendum in the uk and death of mp Jo cox, it very strange how they’ve been rambling on about her death, obviously it a horrible situation and my condolences to her family but they’ve been using it as some sort of scapegoat to keep the country in the EU. We’re out now but I just thought it looked abit strange , no one really knew about her, now Obama is calling her family sending condolences, ppl are sending msg from all over the world for a woman who was relatively unknown. It just seems fishy to me .

This is a heartbreaking occurrence. I was a bartender for approximately a decade (as well as pretty prolific user of drugs and alcohol at the time as well). People release things that are REAL when they become intoxicated, generally not fake things. Whatever is really going on inside them comes out when they drink, if they restrain anger when they are sober, it comes out when they are drunk, if they restrain sorrow or pain or depression, they are a sad, depressing drunk. Bizarre though they may be Selma’s claims here may be the only real cry for help she’s ever had the opportunity to voice. I swear though, if Sam Lufti shows up I’m going to spontaneously combust.

Absolutely Chris. It’s funny how lifestyles on opposite sides of the spectrum reveal just how damaged and controlled we really are. The self destructive individual, and the monk like acetic. One focuses on expression, the other reflection. I cant imagine its easy to reflect when your mind is partitioned, and you generally only have access to presumably a superficial narrative fed to you so that the rest is at a third parties disposal. I can inagine it must be very frustrating not having access to all of what constitutes you, and that frustration lead to as you said, a cry for help down that avenue.

It’s not programmed “alters” personalities as in a “psychological coping mechanism”, it’s REAL DEMONS and their henchmen spirits literally splitting inside. They are very common but of course extensive abuse with programmed SPIRITUAL OPPRESSION and SEXUAL ABUSE at an early age is sick sick sick and very powerful MK. Most people do have demon/and unclean spirits in this fallen world, thinking it’s their own “personality” or thoughts. There are silent spirits as well. They parade this “hidden spiritual world” in a lot of movies.


Multiple personalities are real. People become split through the trauma in order to wall off the horrific memories. However, people can have demons implanted inside of them, which act as gatekeepers and handlers inside of their mind. That is what some of the (sexual)rituals are about, implantation of a demonic entity inside of the victim to act as an internal control mechanism. Victims can end up with both, multiple personalities and demonic attachments.

Going off topic here , I’m anxiously waiting to read the article vigilant citizen has been holding back from us ( probably working on it as I type this ) on the Orlando shooting that happened at pulse
Something doesn’t seem right besides the fact that it was. Just horrible
Its far more important then Selma Blair she’s losing it we should all expect that. ( 7 year reader of VC here ) was this false flagged ?

The fact is he already went over this and it is just unbelievably weird how right went he put it out there (same as the Kardashian article) all these shootings start happening. The shootings and everything we see on the news is designed to do 2 things distract us and desensitize us. And it’s working. There are things happening. Like Britain’s exit from EU. That are only NOW being mentioned after that secret meeting with world leaders and the elite. Blairsville is meant to distract. The shootings are meant to desensitize. But we have to focus on what is important even if it goes away from the news. I think the elite are setting the stage. And these shootings are preparing us to WANT to hand over our guns so we can’t defend ourselves when whatever they are implementing is no longer hidden.

That’s it real woman. If its out there, its mainly by design. Plus in my opinion, the main focus should always be the outcome, or the resulting effect on our minds and how it relates to their agenda (which is to maintain our servitude and “need” for them) not the methods by which they alter minds. Chess is a great metaphor because the winner is generally the player with the ability to predict more moves ahead of the other than it is the individual moves themselves.

Someone who has to say they are a “real woman” definitely isn’t. I think thou doth protest too much…

Yup, cus REAL women are THAT rare. Dumb use of a good quote.

WTF are YOU?!

I heard the main problem was he had WAY to much amino to bring in without being very obvious. Many of the bodies where riddled with bullets. People in the know say that the amino was almost too much to carry

i wonder if suicide squad or american ultra was the in flight movie – she was triggered for sure

All the guys probably played part in this mess. Fame lusters will never learn.

I have seen the Illuminati’s special version of Facebook Messenger where they sell children for sacrifices and w***e out women. My family was among those on it. I never imagined such evil existed. I found it on my wife’s cellphone. She is MK Ultra victim from an Air Force family. I have three children with her and just figured it out in January. I was brainwashed with a phone call into deleting the message. All this sounds crazy but that’s how they get away with it. It sounds too crazy to believe. Eglin/Hurlburt air force base in NW Florida and several cult sects are behind it here, as well as a dental surgeon named Dr. Howard Fisher, DDS 1755 Lewis Turner Blvd in FWB, FL and Surf Hut restaurant mgr Terry Lovelady. People are missing out on the fact that Facebook is a huge participant. Bars and restaurants in the… Read more »

I’m sorry for your exp but I must tell you that its good you recognize willfully choosing to turn your back on God was not wise. BUT GOD does not ”deliver you to evil”–by willfully turning your back on God -YOU DELIVERED “BY CHOICE” YOURSELF TO EVIL–God is faithful to forgive–the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus has provided the required covering and cleansing of your sin if you repent and return to HIM–IN FAITH–GRACE still exists.

As a child star in Hollywood , it is most likely she has been through some sort of MK Ultra programming…

This is so sad. How disgusting that evil people torture their brothers and sisters.

On the telegraph or guardian site there was a pic of her in cancan in a white bikini which looked like it was put on by someone who had no idea what they were doing. It was so unflattering an. Felt bad for her. I thought “why in the world would her ex or someone let her know or help her fix it?” It was almost as if she was dressed that way intentionally by someone or she was just left to her own devices with no one looking out for her.

Not her, too. :-/ So sad.

Would she be the next sacrifice as was with Anton Yelchin? I hope not.

I don’t doubt we’ll be seeing the majority of the cast from People vs OJ pop up in the news. You don’t get to play those types of roles, portraying those types of people for nothing.

Proverbs Revelations

Charlie looks like he just got out of a rich kids adventure camp show, the way he looked in the Ferris B. movie his eye’s were sorta evil.

Her abuse in the 70s at the hands of those whose names were emblazoned across press was horrific…

Another wasted harlot.

God is love light loyalty fire and water

What if the antichrists are already here not just spirits but actual antichrists. Or maybe just antichrists spirits. Eithe way I think every form of entertainment has an or antichrists for ex: rhianna kanye West…and many others. Ask God to enlighten u and read about n proverbs. Also read revelations don’t think too literal. ELOHEIMS VICTORY!

Ambien and wine makes you talk all kinds of crazy s**t. Google it.

so true. the same when youd dad shaggyss you. but then you know what i’m talking aboutou

Alter personas and induced drugs to make you their slave, thats clearly nothing new although I won’t be surprised at what fate selma will endure later on

She is a mouse tortured kitten maybe. LVB knows his staff.

Dan the purple sheep chagger.

yours faithfully

LVB skywarnings.

Isn’t this a strange scene? It caught my attention the last time I saw this movie.

Sorry, I just posted the wrong clip.

Crazy!! Have you heard anything about new documentation being released about Michael Jackson? it was trending on fb that they found all kinds of abusive pics of children, women & animals at his estate? IDK if this is valid but worth checking in to.

I’m pretty confident the allegations about MJ are genuine as well, much of people’s true lives are exposed after they are dead and don’t have the mechanisms in place to control their legacy (ie gay James Dean). It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that money fame and connections could keep this suppressed. The thing with MJ is that with p********a and child abuse, the victims often have nearly 100% chance of perpetuating the behavior as adults. Also, thematically, the stuff they said they found strings together quite naturally if you’re familiar with the habits and taste of people who partake in these types of things.

no not 100% Chris that’s not fair at all. One thing we forget too about p********a is many won’t go near children. They might have fantasies they can’t help but they won’t act on them because the rational mind knows it’s sick. There are those who try to even have themselves castrated. Jackson wasn’t attempting to control himself at all. Either he was completely innocent and stupid or criminal. People that think he was so innocent don’t even know him, except for the image he choose to project to the public. They think they wouldn’t or couldn’t be charmed and fooled by a criminal pedo-which indicates a lack of life experiences. Personally I think celebrity worship is horrible. They can’t die and can’t commit crimes, just because their art is beautiful. How do you know it’s even their art? i believe there is a lot of ghost writing going in… Read more »

If you’re questioning the source of their art, you should also question the source of what’s “projected” to the public (across the board) kaueo.

I am not sure what you are saying Are you saying I should also question the media hype over Jackson’s arrest? of course they are going to jump all over that like sharks. They are blood thrifty like that.. But the media wasn’t what started the thing, it was the accusations and arrest. Would you have the media call a kid and his father a lyer? Is that less cruel?The original accuser committed suicide Does nobody even suspect why the guy was suffering so much or care? A boy losers his father. Who is even thinking about them?

haha i meant blood thirsty

in my defense i cant see what i am typing very well-excuse my typos thanks

Lol I chuckled at “blood thrifty” lol

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Its common for people to see the system as compartmentalised. But if you’ve ever looked into the bilderberg phenomenon (VC has covered it recently) you’ll see members of the media, governmental, and business worlds convening…. in a non official capacity of course.
On another note… Suicides benefit some people, sometimes.

Ok don’t judge but when I was high on shrooms for some reason I thought about Michael Jackson and he was the most vile child abuser ever..He was completely evil in my trip and never looked at him the same after that.The energy he exuded was completely dark.Most f****d up trip I ever had on shrooms.

Psychedelics augment what’s already there. The information gleemed requires just as much scrutiny as any other source. This comes from someone who both has a great respect for them and is neither a stranger to them.

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it folks. Plus, the holy sacrament is a depotentised replacement for the true holy sacrament… The neurotransmitter soup that cohesive, balanced societies still use today, and have since time memorial. But, then thats just coincidence huh? And they’re just “savages” anyway. Its interesting that someone would question the system, then not question why some drugs are legal and some are not, and before you say… Well heroin n cocaine are illegal, they MUST be doing it for our safety. Well, no. Illegality pushes the price up, and guess who sells that s**t? Give up? aaaahthesystem.
But overall its just plain sad that some wouldn’t recognise a cohesive society if it slapped them on the ass and called them sweetheart.

@TeamJesus. That disgusting LIE about so called “new evidence ” on Michael Jackson was proven to be a flat out lie.Google it and you will see it’s been updated on most sites as being FALSE. Even in death Michael Jackson’s name is still being slander.It’s ridiculous.