Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?



Amanda Bynes’ metamorphosis from a promising child star to a bizarre woman with worrying behavior is yet another example of how the MK-Ultra entertainment industry messes up the minds of those who grow up within it. While most media sources cite “drugs” or “mental problem” as causes of her erratic behavior, these are only symptoms of the true issue here: Bynes is yet another former child star going through a MK programming meltdown.

Bynes began her acting career at the age of ten and quickly obtained her own show at Nickelodeon. From there, she followed the unfortunate pattern of going from a star admired by children to a “barely-legal” sex bomb to then turn into a bizarre tabloid celebrity with erratic behavior. Is that pattern familiar? Look at the paths taken by other products of Hollywood Mind Control such as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and see if you see similarities.

Like many other child stars, Bynes started as a beautiful, healthy looking girl with eyes that convey intelligence.

Like many other child stars, Bynes started as a beautiful, down to earth girl with eyes that convey intelligence (according to IMDB, she was a straight-A student).


When she reached legal age, mass media undressed her and told the world: "Hey we can now sell her as a sexual object!".

When she reached legal age, mass media undressed her and told the world: “Hey, she is not minor anymore! It is now safe to sexualize her!”. How many child stars went through that process? How many lead great and healthy lives afterwards? Not many.


This "Got Milk" is about "metamorphisis" but the metamorphosis Bynes' went through in the years following that were definitely not due to milk but to the industry Monarch Mind Control (as represented by the butterfly on her nose) that apparently traumatized and destablizied her.

This “Got Milk” ad is about “metamorphosis”. However, the metamorphosis Bynes’ went through in the years following that ad were definitely not due to drinking milk but to Monarch Mind Control. Maybe that is why there’s a butterfly on her nose.

Now, at age 27, Bynes looks and acts extremely different, as if she was thoroughly traumatized and “re-programmed” in the past years. Was it Monarch Mind Control? When approaching the age of 30, MK slaves often go through a meltdown – a result of the their minds and bodies not being able to cope with the intense trauma they are subjected to anymore (to learn more about Monarch Mind Control, read my article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

Not unlike Britney Spears, Bynes was spotted acting strange in public places, wearing bizarre clothes and even shaving her hair. Here’s a video summing up her recent “meltdown”.

Since then, things got even weirder when as she began posting tweets and videos displaying increasingly worrying behavior. Her tweet requesting rapper Drake to “murder her vagina” confused many as her odd choice of words maybe revealed an unhealthy relation with her own sexuality.

This “selfie” video freaked out quite a few people as is not only indicative of someone that is “not well” – It almost looks as if it’s a MK programming glitch.

Not unlike other products of Sex Kitten programming, Bynes feels the need of getting people’s attention with her sexuality.

Recent "selfies" show a half-shaved head, increasingly revealing clothing and a disturbingly vacant eyes.

Recent “selfies” show Bynes with a half-shaved head (Britney Spears shaved her head during her meltdown), increasingly revealing clothing and a disturbingly vacant eyes.

In the past few days, things got even more worrying when publicist Jonathan Jaxson contacted the NYPD last week because Amanda told him “I don’t want to live anymore”.

“Amanda had called me and we had a private conversation, but it was clear to me that she was high on drugs. Then, she said that she didn’t want to live anymore. I took that as that she wanted to kill herself. I freaked out. I had heard stuff like this from Amanda before. But this time, I had a mental image of her in a bathtub, wanting to hurt herself. Then I saw a photo of her in her bathroom that she’d posted on Twitter. I freaked. I did not know what else to do. I thought consciously about it for a minute and decided to call the authorities. I thought, ‘I have to do something to save her’. When someone tells you they don’t want to live anymore, that in itself would provoke anyone who cares. I know that Amanda is a person crying out for help.

Thankfully though Amanda is alive, but she is still not good. Hopefully people and the media now understand that this is no longer a joke and she get the help she needs”.
– Source: Radar Online

While many people in media now perceive Bynes as some sort of running gag, her “antics” are becoming increasingly disturbing and worrisome. Her actions cannot simply be explained away with “drugs” – They are symptomatic of a deep-seated psychological process that thoroughly modified her, physically and mentally. It is said that “Eyes are the window to the soul”. Well, look at her eyes then and now. This is what years of industry Mind Control does to a soul.

From a child star, to sex bomb to loose canon, Amanda Bynes is going through a pattern that is constantly repeated in the entertainment industry. How come these starlets go through the exact same stages? It is because they went through the same “school”: Industry Mind Control.




  1. Spot on again vc!! been seeing all the stories about her lately and was wondering wats up wit her! its certainly very sad

    • This article made me look up her images. The change is so obvious. Its sad. Too many people in the dark.

    • Wtf happen to Amanda ? I loved her What I like about you show she was historical lol I enjoyed her show and the Amanda show . Seriously people choose their own path Amanda chooses the party girl image . She makes Lindsey sane rotfl Well good luck Amanda .

  2. I agree with a lot you say, but think Dan Schneider raping her as a very young minor played a bigger role.

      • Very unattractive as well. I googled him and he looks like piece of shiate.

      • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on

        He's the guy from Head of the Class! I used to watch that ridiculous show. How horrifying for her. For anyone. Yuck!

    • Another thing to take note of, something I recently saw is that he was an exec producer for What I Like About You during it's first 2 seasons. That was a WB/CW show. After wiki research, he co-created/exec produced it… brought her from Nickelodeon to there.

      The Amanda Show ended Sept 21, 2002 and What I Like About You started Sept 20, 2002. Makes me think he must've REally liked her/taken intense interest in her to find her ANOther job on another show like that… Another thing, why'd he move her to a different network when she already had a show on Nick? Was it an age thing?

      Since, you know, he dropped his association with All That (which featured Amanda Bynes when she was 8-13) to make Amanda her Own show (when she was 13..). From there, he put his foot in the door for anOther show for her when she was 16… it's just off.

      (Makes me wonder if they crossed certain boundaries at certain ages and new shows were her reward… like Miranda Cosgrove got iCarly when she was 14… from there, Dan probably fell for Jennette McCurdy instead b/c now she and Ariana Grande are gonna have a new show on TeenNick, which, of course, he's producing… but I digress)

      It's like, he's the type of pedophile who'll hook you up with anything you want as long as you do what he wants. He seems like the gentle type who'll add tips to your paycheck for a good sucking/he'll even patiently teach you how to do it for him. He doesn't seem like the rapist/abusive type and since he did whacky kids shows, I bet he'd even be the type to make the sexual acts a "game." Frankly, i bet He started it off by making Her feel good first/taught her how to trust him and then had hEr doing things for hIm, as she aged. He seems like a sicko who likes to be liked despite what horrors he's doing.

      I mean, at 16, she could've emancipated herself from her parents/stayed the hell away from Dan.. (unless her ps had control of the money, a likely story) if she'd wanted. But instead she moves on to anOther show with him as one of her bosses, aGain.

      • Like you guys said, it could be b/c he molested her at such a young age, she just got used to it. Her parents may have convinced her that what he touches turns to gold and that she should stick with him. He was prob showering her with money, buying her diamonds for her bday & Christmas, and the FAme, can't forget that.

        And he probably took her out to eat every chance they had (which explains why she's obSESSED with staying skinny, issues related to him and his fatness/the McDonalds he'd buy her if she gave him a bj [in my imagination]). The general sexualization of America and the tabloids calling her fat and ugly.

        I'm pretty sure all her issues have everything to do with Schneider as well as her parents. I mean, if you can't trust your parents then.. who cAn you trust? You're alone in the world. Love isn't love anymore. Actually, you don't know whAt love is, b/c all you've known is a sick twisted version of something else. All your life you've had to pretend everything's ok, b/c your parents are "those" kind of ppl.

        ANYway, she prob thought it'd be better just to keep it going, with him. Since he got her her own show…s etc. I hate believing in mind control of the rich and famous but he wAs her handler. It's the only thing that makes sense.

        Drake and Josh came out in 2004, and that's around the time he left producing What I Like About You. He and Miranda Cosgrove have taken some creepy pics together over the years… it's like he did an "on to the next one" type thing.

        Also when he left working with Amanda, she was 18… maybe he only likes the child/illegal aspect of it?

        All the way around though, it's really sad. I've always adored Amanda. Every movie, I'd watch at least once. She always seemed the most together, despite her general wacky, quirky personality.

        Now she's gotten older, Dan is dealing with all these other pretty girls and doesn't give her the time of day, I'm sure. Decided to retire b/c she got tired of how perverted the industry is. All they care about is sexualizing her; that's all she's known. Then she concludes that she was never more than a w****.

      • Looks in the mirror and sees nothing. Hates her body, hates her face. Hates everyone she knows b/c they have no idea what it's like. Wishes she were skinnier. Tells herself she's ugly and pathetic. Starts biting at Rihanna b/c she got at Drake and she can't be with Drake b/c all he does is ignore her. Biting at the world b/c it's become too much.

        She's been letting the pressure build for a VEry long time. Those parents taught her to sweep it all under the rug. So even now, she's spinning out of control, but telling everyone she's fine b/c that's what they raised her to DO.

        I've heard she didn't even retire b/c she had no shot at jobs. She did, but honestly ppl, what's the point? You've been making all that money for years and years. What doesn't she already have? What could she Get for doing another movie, another tv show that she doesn't already have?

        Personally, after reading her twitter and getting a feel for who she's becoming… I believe she's sane BUT obviously she's slipping. To an extent, I feel like she's beyond help. What she needs is someone to relate to/talk to. She needs counseling from someone who won't just give her pills. She NEEDS love. Needs to understand what true love Is, but frankly, it doesn't exist anymore, unless she finds God… It's such a Lonely horrific life she's lived and yet she's still a beautiful, optimistic, sweet woman.

        Btw, Idk why she's acting black and is dissing RIhanna for "acting white…"

        Is it MK-Ultra? I wanted to say no, but after that creepy twitching video VC posted.. it has to be and on her twitter

        She has 2 super creepy mirror image pics of herself.

      • Looks in the mirror and sees nothing. Hates her body, hates her face. Hates everyone she knows b/c they have no idea what it's like. Wishes she were skinnier. Tells herself she's ugly and pathetic. Starts biting at Rihanna b/c she got at Drake and she can't be with Drake b/c all he does is ignore her. Biting at the world b/c it's become too much.

        She's been letting the pressure build for a VERY long time. Those parents taught her to sweep it all under the rug. So even now, she's spinning out of control, but telling everyone she's fine b/c that's what they raised her to DO. They raised her SO well that she even believes she's fine.

        Elaborating on the parents… they're mooching off her in their old age. Something I completely disapprove of. She despises them b/c of what they had her go through for the sake of money. Who can blame her? & now that she's old, grown, and gone, they're taking money out of her account? Money that she earned doing the sickest things with a really unattractive, sick looking man and her parents turned a blind eye?! People called her out for saying she'd rather they live on the street, but I don't blame her. She's finally letting it all out. The problem is it's coming out in bouts of crazy, creepy, and disturbing.

        She wanted Drake to murder her vagina… In theory, Drake's dick is probably huge, and it would probably tear her up, in a sexy fun way. However, very wrong choice of words.

        I've heard she didn't even retire b/c she had no shot at jobs. She did, but honestly ppl, what's the point? You've been making all that money for years and years. What doesn't she already have? What could she Get for doing another movie, another tv show that she doesn't already have? Would she get her Amanda Show days fame back? Would people adore her again at the level they used to?

        Personally, after reading her twitter and getting a feel for who she's becoming… I believe she's sane BUT obviously she's slipping. To an extent, I feel like she's beyond help. What she needs is someone to relate to/talk to. She needs counseling from someone who won't just give her pills. She NEEDS love. Needs to understand what true love is, but frankly, it doesn't exist anymore, unless she finds God… It's such a Lonely life she's lived and yet she's still a beautiful, optimistic, sweet woman.

        Supposedly, a friend stated that she's oblivious to her erratic behavior and is merely excited at getting attention again. She's turned into a barbie woman, where she needs tans and blonde hair and nose jobs and to lose 30 pounds although she's fit.

        What happened to her? She let the pressure build and kept quiet about it. Now she's so far gone that…

        She has deluded herself for so long that all she can say is nothing's wrong despite how much she's slipping, and the public isn't helpful about it either. It's to the point where she believes everything's fine, while everyone else can see it isn't.

        She's not really crazy, she just has a past that she hasn't come to terms with. She has desires that she can't seem to acquire by being her natural, normal self. She needs someone to care for her, to accept her, to love her. I hope she finds that. Someone who'll keep her the hell away from the rumors and tabloids. She needs some time from the spotlight so she can cool down and work on herself. I do not trust rehab or a mental hospital. She just needs friends and hugs and I mean true friends. Support, again love.

        I love that girl, I don't want her to get worse.

        Btw, Idk why she's acting black and is dissing RIhanna for "acting white…" Random but, meh.

        On her twitter

        Mirror images of her posted. This is a sure sign of split personality. Whether it's MK-Ultra induced or self-induced, I'm not quite sure, but I hope she'll be ok.

      • xD srry, i kept reposting & accidentally repeating b/c it wasn't posting on VC :X

    • Meeeeeeeeeeeee on

      I didn't know she'd been raped. I'm annoyed that the media treat this like a funny show for them. I've been through mental illness- PTSD- and when you say you want to die it's asking for change, not necessarily literal death. But, if she doesn't get help & things don't change, she could end up be a Hollywood fatality. I hate seeing this happen. I worry about current child stars. It's also a reflection of how our society sexualizes women. These girls grow up being cute & funny, but start to realize that they need to be something else to be liked as a woman. I think the ones with good parents & support around them handle it better than the ones with bad parents who steal all their money. I wish Amanda all the best. She does have things to work out & someone close to her needs to take it seriously and the law & doctors cannot treat her like she's anything besides a patient and a regular person- that's why Lohan bounces in & out of rehab. They coddle her in court and in treatment, and she's treated like a celebutant in a place that she should be safe and equal to others.

      *note to the author: "deep seeded" not seated. There are more errors but I'm bored by it now.

      • uh, you are wrong. It is "deep seated," not deep seeded. I guess you are bored by your own mistakes, not the author's??

    • There is SOO much PEDO in HOLLYWOOD , i feel like that is all hollywood is about. VC has to do an article about that, please.

  3. As a fellow human, I love and pity her. When the world seems against you or the devil looks winning the battle, you have nothing but Allah. Prayers are the strongest weapon.

    • Jacob Ezekiel on

      In Paradise (the fast approaching God's Kingdom) the Bible says that all the torment, pain, illness, bad times etc… Will not even come up into our mind…

      We will be so happy and content and PERFECT, that this hard, difficult and diabolical world will not even be thought of anymore…

      *** Rbi8 Isaiah 65:17-18 ***
      “For here I am creating new heavens and a new earth; and the former things will not be called to mind, neither will they come up into the heart.
      But exult, YOU people, and be joyful forever in what I am creating. "

    • I have God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Wouldn't you rather have three on your side instead of just one false one?

      • antiilluminati on

        don't say things that will provoke people, especially when you are saying nonsense. this person said 'you have nothing but allah'. just so you know, in his religion allah means 'the god' in arabic, like in french we say 'dieu', in english 'god', in greek 'theos' and in hebrew 'yahwe' and i know alot of arabic people that are non muslim and are christians and they say allah cause it's in arabic. you can't say that 'his god' is a fake. his god is also your god, because god sent religions like he sent judaism before christianism and muslim believe they are the religion that came after christianism and sent by the same god, and it is not your right to judge any one because of his or her religion. i am sure you don't want people to come at you and attack your beliefs as a christian and tell you "how come you are a monotheistic religion if you believe in three 'gods'? to whom are you praying?' or tell you: " your god is fake and his son and his holy spirit are fake too" just like you did to him. before you do something to someone else think "what if this happens to me, would i be happy about it? would i feel hurt?". i strongly believe that this is what Jesus what us all to think before acting. be kind to any one, even to your worst enemy, that is how you proove them that they are wrong and you right. not by denigrating them by any means.
        with all my respects :)

    • H.I.Al-Muhairi on

      Oh, how great of all of us to snatch this opportunity to start a religion discussion. Yikes.
      Antiilluminati is completely right, Jim. 'Allah' is the Arabic word for 'God'. Arabs have used it long, long before the coming of Islam.

      There's no need to assert your faith or religion every time you face someone who follows another. The guy just said that there's no one but God to help us. Simple. Responding like that can be considered offensive when you're throwing that 'false' in there.

      No one has the right to demean or belittle a person's beliefs.

  4. Thank you for covering this, VC. I'm sick and tired of the bashing of A. Bynes in the media. Like she would choose to behave like this if she was indeed just a rich spoiled starlet.

    • I'm not saying Bynes is not an mk victim but rich spoiled starlets do often act exactly like that. Unless you were being sarcastic.. :)_Fame and money doesn't really bring the best out in most people

  5. Whysellyoursoul on

    I read about this yesterday… I feel so bad for her. I watched her growing up and always had hopes for her to do well. Britney still hasn't fully recovered from what was done to her. I can still see the pain and suffering in Britney's eyes every now and then. I can't believe i get to witness another wonderful person get ruined by the media and MK-Ultra. Good luck Amanda! Just remember good always surpasses evil. Always.

    • There are times when good doesn't surpass evil. This world makes me sick. How can humans be so evil and disgusting to hurt their kind in such horrible ways?!I wonder where is God in these times? Nobody is here and nobody cares what happens… Humans are just like some brainless puppets that don't think at all. How can they be so blind and think that these people are on drugs when it's so painfully obvious that something is wrong with this world and with the entertainment industry?!

      • Who are you to say where is God in hard times?
        He is not in hiding.
        He is at work even in the most unlikely circumstances.
        He is the only one to restore to give hope to lift us from pits of despair,addiction and control.
        He knows human sufferings and no horror is hidden. He gives people repentance and providing with prayer words in dark time. He works He always on time and gave any of us all to be saved. He knows the right time and circumstances to speak to our heart when we ready to come to Him. Read Hosea 2:14 and the whole book of Hosea.Why in desert?
        Are not those who suffer more prone to seek and find Lord?
        How many got saved minutes before brutal death?

        As for me eternity worth our struggles.Nothing is important if you are loosing the most precious gifts of all-life with Jesus.

      • It's simple. God doesn't exist. I dislike fanatics that have nothing to do then shoving God down our throat everytime something bad happens. This girl became like this because of HUMANS. Humans are devils in disguise! There is no Devil or God! Just EVIL humans that become DEVILS when they are hurting their kind! You say that God is at work!!!! Then where is he WHEN THOSE DEVIL LIKE HUMANS DO THIS HORRIBLE THINGS TO THEIR KIND???!!

      • Well if you don't" believe" in god or the devil why do you say that humans are the "devil in disguise"? You're just contradicting yourself with that just saying ._.

      • You just don't understand what she was saying! She was explaining the fact that humans invented the DEVIL (evil) GOD (good). When people do bad things they become (devils), the word they invented to explain evil.

      • Nope she pretty much contradicted herself its all there if you actually pay attention to what she wrote.

      • I, like David can't see where this girl contradicts herself. Basically she took the God and the Devil that people invented and associated them with good and evil. If you associate those two to explain something that does not necessarily mean that you believe in divinity. This discussion becomes pointless when people that are so obsessed with divinity show up. Andreea just took the words out of my mouth so there is nothing more to add.

      • Concernedcitizen on

        Stop nit-picking "dot" god isn't real boo freaking hoo. The "devil" is actually just bad people. That's what the comment meant. No contradiction there. Stop trying to force your beliefs on people.

      • God is at work because you are breathing. Scoff perhaps you will, but can you create oxygen out of nothing? The earth's atmosphere is *perfect* for life on this planet. It is not some random chance that this earth and universe exist. Many say the *big bang* is the source of all. Interesting that perfect order comes from utter chaos in the minds of men. Interesting that the odds of this *perfect* order are surmised by the the imaginations of those supporting evolution and the big bang are non favorable to an extreme. the odds are 1 out of 10^340,000,000 that the perfect order we live in came out of utter chaos.

        Kinda interesting that the Illuminati say, "Order Ab Chao"… hmmm.

        We were created in the image of God. God, spake and the universe exists. We imagine. Our imaginations are part of that image of God. Though we don't have the power to create something of literally nothing, we do have the imagination and ability to engineer. Our imaginations are a hint of what we may be able to share with God when God reorders the universe and removes the law of entropy and alters the other laws this universe is subject to, Revelation 21:4.

        The question is this, if given the ability to use imagination to create, what will we create? Angels or Demons, Love or War. Zombies or People? This struggle here on earth is a kin to a test of what one would do with the gifts of living forever and being able to create with a word. Adam and Eve had everything and failed. Lucifer was second to God and failed. Will we also fail?

      • Great Comment nink, i just had to laugh at the conversation which was happening "above" you…….& that is all im going to say

      • … and we already HAVE the gift to create with a word. only as we are sorry humans, it seems to be a curse.

        nevertheless, the gift of living forever and creating with a word is a delightful way to put it.




        let's use those words please. <3

      • You have got to be kidding me. We exist because organisms evolved into humans. The earth wasnt formed around us. Get a grip.

  6. Thank you for bringing awareness to this! I've been following her meltdown for a few weeks now. Praying she recovers.

  7. makes me very sad to continuously witness this type of behavior with many celebrities how bizarre and unsettling it must be for the stars themselves.

    • MediaRotsYourBrain on

      Not sure if your being sarcastic or not but prayer does work…..but it has to be genuine and from someone that repeatedly prays with diligence and honest intent. There are people that say they pray but they aren't really committing to ask for what they actually want God to help with. If someone was to pray that each of these people get the opportunity to seek salvation and God gives the stars the opportunity then the pray has fulfilled it's use. However, God gives everyone free will and many of these stars have had multiple opportunities to turn away from their wicked ways. Rather than seek forgiveness and healing from God they choose greed, glamour and superficial rewards….therefore they are the cause of their own suffering. Most of these supposed "Good" girls know and were raised to know who God is….if they reject God well they reap what they so. I'm not saying they deserve the horrible things that happen to them but in some respect it's their own doing and you can only feel pity for them. These stars are rich, famous, and reap what everyone in the world wants to have. They make millions of dollars, they squander riches on materialism and vanity all for the sake of stardom. Look at Katy Perry….raised Christian and look how she has spat all over God and her beliefs! Would you feel sorry for someone who willfully know the truth and turns his/her back on what he/she knows to be true?

      • Some were forced into the industry though, so it's not always their fault. Like famous people's kids are born into the industry

      • More and more are actually bought as babies from greedy parents with specific bloodlines that are more succeptable to mind control techniques like MPD and DID. They have no say!! They are raped as young children and forced to endure major trauma. We need to do something about this!! These assholes are not greater than us. We are all the same and i think they need reminding, FAST!

    • why must you bash those who pray? We are all basically far away from this girl and the most we can do is tweet or go online about it, so why must we bash those who think prayers work? It sure beats doing nthg

  8. Sweet Funky Freedom on

    Its really twisted how certain stars, particularly attractive actresses, are psychologically raped and then mocked in the mainstream media, like they deserve punishment, for pretty much no reason.

    I would totally murder her vagina though. Just saying.

      • Yeah everyone wants to have sex with people who are demonized and have many alters, so while you have sex you see 10 alters one after the other taking place. We are not all anomalous yer know.

    • Your last comment sounds very insensitive…. seriously… this girl you don't even know is messed up… grow up…. she's not an object and I doubt she would ever let you "murder her vagina."

      • Calm down everybody, "murder her vagina" was a reference to something Amamda Bynes had said on twitter a while back about Drake. Besides, most guys still see her as the beautiful woman she's been, albeit now going thru some unfortunate troubling times…

  9. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    In every photo she is alone. Completely. Where are friends or family? They are speaking to the press about being worried, but apparently not enough to involve themselves. Maybe if she had real people to talk to, she would not need to post cries for help on Twitter. Her eyes dont look vacant to me as much as abandoned. :(

    • Zig Zag Wanderer on

      Lindsay, Britney et al at least had company around when they partied. Shady "friends" who weren't good influences, no doubt, but Bynes doesn't appear to keep any company at all. Makes one wonder if she is purposely avoiding all contact.

      • This has been brought up before about her family helping her but from what I've read she has cut all the people who care out of her life. Which she can do since she is legally an adult. If you know anyone who has had addiction or mental problems you would understand that once someone is a legal adult basically no one can "help" them. Britney is a different situation because she has a history of putting herself and her children in harms way. So far Amanda has only displayed bizzare behavor which is not illegal so nothing can really be done. I just hope she can find some help soon before something really bad happens to her.

      • Zig Zag Wanderer on

        I get what you're saying, but if Bynes really did mention suicide, can't the family at that point be able to do something?

      • Concernedcitizen on

        Maybe if they had proof but at this point it's this guys word against hers, and seeing as how he alerted the police via twitter rather than a phone call, he's not so credible.

      • Apparently Marylin Munroe was totally alone , closeted for most of her life too.

    • Maybe her family and friends are purposely being kept away from her. That way her meltdown can be public for everyone to see and make her seem "crazy" before who knows what happens to her. Very, very sad.

    • Her family moved from Tennessee (I think?? Wherever she's from!!) to LA last year when she started being "weird". She got pissed at them and moved to NYC where she hasn't told many people where she lives and has changed all of her contact information for her family not to contact her. (at least that's what I read last year on a celebrity gossip website). I've been following all this bizarre behavior from her because as a child growing up, she was my favorite female-child comedian

  10. Absolutely horrifying. I don't understand how the media feels comfortable even reporting this stuff. You would think they'd be sympathetic and back off, but they only make it worse. I really hope she gets the help she needs and deserves.

    • It another form of torture because wouldn't a real person take this out of the path way of hard when you can recognize the damage? We are all being taught to deal with the uncompromised effects and images of the world. I heard that she was a high level sex Madame (slave) to high industry men. These celebrities indulge in a lot of pervert activities and are formed into extreme situation when they are off the clock or spotlight. All of them have that deer caught in headlights looks of the mind loosing consciouness. They start to think that these actions will set the stage to there fame but many times they are just being used and that hurt when you finally look back and have nothing to show for it. She looks like she is being pimped out to me like she litterally had a pimp that she is working for.

      • Actresses are renowned for their prostitution. They wouldn't do this job if all the directors, producers, cameramen wouldn't have a field day with them. The then manager of the national theater productions in my homeland (we are talking about a few decades ago) said that if the police had to arrest the hookers, there wouldn't be any actresses left, no productions lol. Seriously… We used to have a neighbour who passed away quite recently, that was married to a much older man when she was young. Her then husband was the Head of the second largest national theatre in my homeland. Her stories about him and actresses were vastly entertaining and interesting.

    • Yes…good point. Did you hear the announcer…"For more celebrity meltdowns tune in to blah, blah, blah…"
      Such wonderful entertainment, huh?

  11. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    The video of her sucking on the sour patch shook me up, it was freaky to watch. I can't think how she must've felt at the time.

      • Looks like the same facial expression of that young girl who married the old guy who takes videos of her crawling around like a cat. I forget her name but VC has an article.

  12. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    I'm not at all surprised by the "murder my vagina" comment, as the entertainment and porn industries have been normalizing brutal, rough sex acts for decades now; to make young women want their boyfriends to be rough with them because they are made to think rough sex is normal and hot. Normal sexual intimacy is seen as boring and vanilla.

    • My 21 y.o niece just hipped to term 'vanilla sex' and I had no idea what she was talking about. You just cleared that up for me cuz when asked her she clammed up. Talk about sign of the times!

    • people who have someone aggressively having sex with them makes them feel like they are desired and attractive and valuable. It goes back to an issue with self esteem. Someone who's over-sexualizing themselves doesn't see their own value beyond that.

  13. Thank you VC! I was waiting for this article and it was spot on as usual!
    I would also like to mention that she retired at 24, shortly after playing a role of a "Christian mean girl" in the movie Easy A. She tweeted that she didn't enjoy acting anymore and that she won't do something that she doesn't enjoy, she then retired. Shortly after she started exhibiting weird off the wall behavior..
    Correlation? I think so!

  14. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    She has said in interviews that she wants to completely emulate a stripper named Black China o_O

    No identity of her own. :(

      • Yep! Blac Chyna is indeed Tyga's gf and they also have a son together but I just recently found out that Amanda was in a relationship w/rapper Kid Cudi !

  15. The joys of fame…its really NOT worth it these days is it. Its pretty sad what happens to all these child stars (well most of them not all though) Li-lo is another tragic example #maddworld. I JUST HOPE AND PRAY that we don't hear that something happened to her or find her in some hotel bathroom…y'all know where I'm going with always seems to end that way for some and it's always usually heart attack or drugs according to media

    • Zig Zag Wanderer on

      Yeah and Katy Perry's parents, both ministers, are asking people to pray for their "devil child". Her dad saying something to the effect that he went to one of her concerts with 20,000 people there and started crying, because they were cheering and worshipping all the wrong things.


      • oh no, I don't like concerts because everyone is screaming and I get claustrophobia. Nowhere to run, awful.

    • I was thinking the same thing that fame is not worth it unless you want to be someone else puppet. Its all false image and false expectations that you don't get to see until the end of their rope.

      • If you do a little bit of reading on history (there are sources out there) you would come to the realization that he is right. Try not to dismiss something before your research it.

      • Nowadays it is hard to trust "truthers". Some of them are definitely on wrong track so we need to make our own conclusions…

    • Sonotfooled on

      This is so not true…anyone who would claim that Christianity is a cultic religion is someone influenced by the antichrist. Jesus is in no way representative of the God masons worship…pick up a bible PLX and then tell me I worship Lucifer

  16. Wow, the similarities between these celebs are really remarkable. That ENTV show is disgusting to the bowels, ugh! Is it possible to those "MK celebs" getting out of that shit without sequelae, or some kind of persecutions? I can't remember any case. Lohan and Spears are trying hard!

  17. Well she's a kid that is told to act a certain way since she is in the spot light and to get more jobs. I guess if you call it breaking programming to behave like a normal American teenager.

    Cause all of us have been programme to act like we just don't give a shit about life and just to think about sex, drugs and everything in between. Through music, movies and society.

    I think she's just behaving a certain way IF THE MEDIA is blasting her and putting her down, DON'T YOU THINK she is going to act a little weird.

    It's just having people who love you around you and being able to get through all the b.s people say.

  18. I'm not too sure about the head shaving thing, Skrillex seems to have popularized that sort of hairstyle a lot lately.

    • She did it, because, of Cassie (Diddy's concubine). Cassie has had her hair that way for a few years now.

      • lolwhat

        Checked out some pics of Cassie on Google Images, and the hairstyles that Cassie and Amanda are rocking are worlds apart.

        Amanda's is more in line with Skrillex's hairstyle.

  19. Very sad. " The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10

    Satan is also a deceiver promising good things. When he's through with someone he destroys them. Jesus can save, heal, and use everything a person's been through to work all things for good (rom 8:29). Even Amanda. I pray God has mercy on her.

  20. wow, this is disturbing.. and really sad! I had such high hopes for her but I pray that she can find her way soon.

  21. How could she possibly have an identity of her own if she's been playing many different characters from a very young age? She doesn't know who she is because Hollywood erased her soul. She is everyone and everything but yet nothing at all. She needs the Lord but to keep the cash cow growing they will never allow her to find out who the Lord is. All we can do is pray for her.

    • Which Lord are we talking about? The one who has his followers blow up buildings, or the one who killed the entire world's population short of one family due to them being "too evil", quite ironically.

  22. She was so pretty when she was young,Hollywood destroys people's mind body and soul.Money doesn't buy happiness.

  23. It seems her publicist might be setting the stage for something, saying she's suicidal and that he envisioned her in a bathtub. How subliminal is that?? It reminds me of Whitney and Brittney Murphy, supposedly Whitney would never use a hotel bathtub and supposedly the bathtub or water sacrifices is very important to "them".

    • I would not be surprised if it will be as you said…they are setting her up as the next human sacrifice. When would the next satanic holiday be? Keep your ears open for something to happen on that date.

      • I thought the same thing. Publicists only publicize what they want people to hear/read/see. He had no need to say all that unless he wanted to put it in people's minds. He wasn't a scared and concerned friend talking off the top of his head. He's her publicist and understands better than anyone what it means to say those things in a public venue. Also, why did he call the police? What a weird choice. Why not call her family? Her friends? a therapist (ever notice how the word "therapist is "the rapist"?)? No. The NYC police, who are known for their sensitivity, etc. (sarcasm). This is a set up. Pray for this young woman.

      • I checked their calendar – the next one called the "Demons Revel" they celebrate on July 1st and it requires a human sacrifice… female of any age, exactly. Then they have sth on July 27th… as I looked through that calendar, they have a few more this year… it almost hurts me to write it, it's so horrible to even think about it!

  24. Poor lass. I liked her and still do. Got really worried about her too, and hope the media can see that she needs help and they shouldn't help kill her with unfair media shenaningans, but rather help her asap. I look at Miley Cyrus and see her treading the same lines, her recent V mag photos were beyond ludicrous! On the good side though, I remember lads like Angus T Jones and feel really joyous that he discovered Jesus before hollywood could really penetrate his life and eventually destroy him. I hope Amanda finds Jesus too. This is what Christian should be concerned about rather than throwing stones. God would definitely ask us what we did about all this prevailing issues when the time is set. May God help us.

  25. In all of her latest pics she looks stone and her eyes empty. It´s so sad, because I as a child loved her! now she is completely lost, that video of sucking on the sour patch… what the heck was that?! It´s was beyond creepy!!!!!!

    • Me too! I LOVED Amanda Show and one of my favorite movies is She's The Man. Now I look at how she is and it gets me SO sad! I literally cried when I saw that video she tweeted a few weeks back… this child needs Salvation that only Jesus Christ can bring! :(

  26. Ilya Tchankov on

    So sad it happens in our world, still… Those who pray should do it one more time for the sake of thouse who've been victimized by the show-industry. And of course it's always a call for friends – if they're real ones they will come for help. Those abandoned through their suffering in this life may receive greater reward, spiritually thinking, but only if they grasp the God's message through their experience. Let there be no more suffering for anyone turned to God!

  27. I thought she was resisting to those hollywood satans. Once she said "I'm a multimillioner and I don't have to be in showbiz." Am I wrong? I thought that she was trying to get away from them. It seems nobody can get out of that circle……

    • Get out of this circle alive-that is what you think? So am I. Seriously doubt that you can get deeply inside and somehow they'll let you out.

      Though I am not with most VC readers. Because we express such a deep concern about beautiful girl while having trouble in recognizing the scale of disaster. Do not get me wrong…I am full of compassion. However some hundreds of millions of TV watchers glamour covers readers so called "music" listeners and other kinds of addiction slaves should raise similar if not bigger level of compassion. Bigger as we pay for poison and getting poisoned. Humanity is now in trance and in addiction. Even Iran and North Korea has and watches Hollywood movies (the former at least editing them). For me that is not about someone rather about me in mind control at some points of life. Which I do not like at all…

      Dear friends as we got out of media snakepit influence let us pray for those down there. Amanda included…
      May the Lord help us.

  28. oh my goodness!!!not her too…the second video where she's posing…she actually looks very possessed…oh my ..:(

    • Yeah… Definitely possession. Sad and scary. Sometimes I wonder if that's what "programming" and multiple personality disorder really is ..

  29. I don't know, I think it may be an act. This could just be her way of "mocking" the industry. If I am correct, she has a contract for a new acting gig and now she wants out. How do you do that? Make yourself look unstable & unreliable.
    As for the head shaving it's more of a trend right now, doubt it has anything symbolic meaning.
    Something about her actions feels different than those of Brit's or Lindsay's; i feel like she knows what she's doing?

    • Maybe we're just so used to seeing this people fall apart that we don't seem to really "see" pain and suffering anymore. After all, we're fed enough images of people in a poor state of mind. So to us (I was thinking the same thing as you) she just seem to know what she's doing and be in control to get attention or something.

  30. She must be mindcontroled theres obviouse sighns just take a look at her twitter lots of one eye pix she even has one with a upside down cross that says long hair dont care she also weres obey clothing brand ? Also shes trying to be just like a stripper named black chyna..alter ego? And she got a nose job so maybe thats y theres a butterfly on her nose in the got milk pic

  31. Momoftwins on

    Seems like they might be setting her up for a fake "suicide" or sacrifice…she is just way over the edge.

    • Yes because if she has retired from acting and Hollywood…………….& therefore she is not "needed" by them and she is no use to them and we all knw what happens to celebs that arent needed…….. they dipose of them.

      • Why? I mean, she doesn't damage the industry, she's not going around talking about anything that is unknown (the industry being cruel and insane and so on, no one thinks its a bed of flowers anyway). She's just cataloged like another chick who lost it, due to drugs or being too much under the stress of the industry.

    • She is 27 years old and her publicist is making it sound as though she is suicidal. This is worring. It really does look like a setup of sorts. I hope she will be alright.

  32. I always found her situation sad and unfortunate while others laugh at her. The same with Britney Spears, its not comical these girls are suffering, whether they accepted it or not. No one deserves to be like this. My prayers are with all suffering.

    • just checked out her twitter. those stupid people are really mad at laughing at her and they don't give a shit about the real cause of her behavior. i'm sorry for being angry.

  33. This the price for fame!! ya allah may you save this lady from this evil and show her the right path and save her from ppl behind this crap ameeen

  34. Whatismyname on

    So sad. I grew up watching her she was such a cute girl and then a beautiful young woman now she doesnt seem like the same person. Sadly i dont see her getting better just worse until one day we all hear she has passed.

  35. She's also been posing topless lately, which adds to her recent weirdness.

    VC, maybe you could also look into porn star Kacey Jordan, another potential mind control victim. In her tweets and videos, she's tried to kill herself, shave her head for no apparent reason, and on more than one occasion said she has "friends" in the government (handlers?). This girl is a total trainwreck. At age 23, she already had 4 abortions and one miscarriage

    I'm an athiest, but even I think these girls need to find god.

    • Yeah……..didnt Charlie Sheen gave her like $30,000 to party or fuck him or whatever and now she is bankrupt

    • Ohbigbrother on

      Your last line doesn't make sense. I think you've just promoted yourself to agnostic!

      Ps- to see such evil in the world you must ask yourself where it comes from and with that you must recognize that if there's pure evil, there's also pure goodness and light. I'm not here to convince you, but just to say that in these troubling times it's worth seeking truth, because most of this world is inundated with lies. I would tend to run in the opposite direction of these murdering, raping psychos. You might not have belief in your heart, but God gives it to those who seek Him. The bible is a great place to start, this has all been foretold. It only gets worse from here, don't fall for the lies they push on us.

  36. I love how the presenter on the meltdown video is so damn casual about it. Its as if to say: Oh another child actress is having a crisis, that's normal. Nothing to see here, people, don't ask questions.

    • MK victims are programmed to commit suicide as far as they'll know about their real state. So people should be very careful on this.

    • we'd have a mass suicide if lady gaga, jessie j, beyonce, rihanna, (etc all the pop stars of today) got a clue as to what thye have been programmed to do. very dangerous. so what is the way out for them??

  37. I hope she does not become a member of the 27 club. (Famous celebrities who died at the age of 27).

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Now we understand why. They were remembering the trauma and probably remembering the who, what, when, where, and whys

    • I just scrolled to the bottom of the comments to add this comment myself, and voila, here it is….

  38. Just one of the many who has to pay back the "prince of darkness" for their brief moment of fame and fortune- May God help her and the others who have exchanged their souls for material gains

    • The thing is: It wasn't necessarily HER CHOICE….she has been acting since she was a little girl…her parents started this…. I think she wanted to get out of showbiz and this is where it got her…This is sad to me, Amanda was always such a wholesome girl. I feel led to pray for her, and I would like to encourage others who are touched by this story to do the same…All things are possible through Christ Jesus!! Be Blessed :-)

  39. Maybe she's just on drugs? just because people are acting weird doesn't mean they are victims of some external mind control plot against them. She probably left showbiz, got bored, had no real interests because her life was all about acting beforehand, and the drugs won by default.

    • Nah. Did you not see the "Got Milk?" Ad? I don't think it's a coincidence that she was in an advertisement about going through changes in "metamorphosis". The ad says "What's changed since "The Amanda Show"? Me. Thanks to milk." And let's not forget the butterfly on her nose. Not milk, maybe drugs, probably mind control.

      • Probablys he drinks too much of the staff, produced directly by a man's testicles lol.

    • @Skeptical:

      Even if she is not mind control, being who suffers from PTSD thanks to physical, sexual, and emotional abuuse, her episodes definitely seem trauma induced. She probably is on drugs, but to say there isn't more at hand, whether it is MK Ultra or something else, I am sorry, that is just ignorant.

    • i was a hard core addict did drugs for 20+yrs.. and hung out with a lotta f*cked up people….
      not many of them displayed this sort of unstableness …
      a few..but they were horrifically sexually and physically abused for most of their lives..

      • At last an interesting comment based on real life experience instead of all those I-know-everything sitting in their sofas. Thanks

  40. I like how the reporter says "subscribe to stay tuned for the latest celebrities meltdowns" (or something like that), as if this is perfectly normal, reoccurring event and we shouldn't be concerned, just look forward to it. I'll pray for Amanda.

  41. Does anyone else think that she's being programmed to be Sailor Moon? She posted a picture of her on her personal twitter, made those cute lil ~anime~ faces at the gym, and was wearing a blonde wig with bangs across.

  42. If you look at her tweet account and photos, she seriously has identity issues and alter personas…!! May God help her.

    • YES her Twit pic of the TWO heads with the roses on top.. hella symbolic. at least 6 ppl live in her

  43. when i saw this all start i had a feeling something was up. i google imaged her and saw that milk ad with the butterfly and that confirmed it all for me. i really liked her and this is so sad to me. hope she can break free.

  44. I completely agree about the whole "running gag" on this poor girl. The worst part about celebrity culture and gossip is that its all "fun and games" to them when they really just can't simply understand the depth and horror of mental illness and its possible causes. I can't say it's completely monarch related but I've been keeping tabs on her, only because she seemed so intelligent and independent. I've heard of the rumors related to Dan Schneider (the Oz of Nickelodeon) and he does seem to be suspicious but all I can hope for right now is that she doesn't harm herself in any way.

    Hang in there Amanda.

  45. Please, those of you who have faith in the power of Christ, pray for her and don't stop. I will be doing so from now on. We are about the same age and I watched her grow up on TV just as I was growing up so it's tough to see. Only God knows what has happened behind closed doors all these years and what is happening in her mind right now.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Then please pray that that level programming is healed as well because they are doing it in plain sight and that means those watching are accepting. I don't but will ask God to send his spiritual warriors to protect children too

  46. I completely agree about the whole "running gag" on this poor girl. The worst part about celebrity culture and gossip is that its all "fun and games" to them when they really just can't simply understand the depth and horror of mental illness and its possible causes. I can't say it's completely monarch related but I've been keeping tabs on her, only because she seemed so intelligent and independent. I've heard of the rumors related to Dan Schneider (the Oz of Nickelodeon) and he does seem to be suspicious but all I can hope for right now is that she doesn't harm herself in any way.

  47. Well, thanks to VC………AGAIN! I mean look at how she looked from that 2nd pic and how she looks now………MY GOHHD! Something definitely isnt right and have you noticed how she wasnt hardly even mentioned a few months ago its only now she's geting heavy media coverage and publicity covering this "story" and how she is going crazy and that she is high on drugs. This is just to convince the public and to make us think that she is doing this to herself. Also hasnt she had like 5 car accidents or something…………….& she is 27 eh?………………..Its only a matter of time….. My prayers go out to her.

  48. This is more than sad… I pray for this girl. But sometimes I don't see the difference between mk slave usual state and during breakdown. I mean what's the difference between dayly Nicki Minaj and Amanda Bynes now? Some of these celebrities act like an average people then once they have a breakdown while some of them act like during mk slave breakdown. It's like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga have their breakdowns every day. Sorry for my terrible English.

  49. ConcernedHaylee on

    Did you also notice that Chloe from the entertainment video has skulls over her shirt? This is getting weird for sure.

  50. People should start their career at 18 or after University, it should be illegal to make children work in the entertainment industry as well as it is in the other sectors of society.

    • Probably her Jewish mother couldn't wait for her to bring money. You know what they are like with money. Like bulls with red. They get too excited!

      • No need to be racist. I actually know Jewish people and while some may fit that stereotype, there are also plenty of non Jews who are greedy. I travel and find people are pretty much the same everywhere. Yes the "Jews" own Hollywood but they are more satanic than Jewish. There are no "them" – i don't mean to lecture but I'm sure you are better than some hater so please don't demean yourself like that! The Only way to beat these illuminati is through love, and that means loving everyone, even your enemy!

      • Exactly……The "jews" that own hollywood are imposters, fake, fraudulent, satanic but definitely NOT semetic.

      • Read a book on

        Also bulls aren't enraged by the color red, it's the movement of the flag that taunts them and also all of the abuse they've received before entering the ring.

  51. I noticed in the article that a paper had on her where that first pic was from that the big red hat has “Obey” written across it. Really???? This is getting insane. Hide it in plain site. SMH

  52. Why are so many people on here religious.. You are being brainwashed.
    Satan is only evil from the perverted perspective of a religious person.
    Lucifer is the light bringer, a metaphor,nothing else.
    What you see is the result of capitalism and greed..

    • Thanks. We really are. No,I am thinking it is only me. So satan has no existence but his unholy deeds are here.
      Makes perfect sense.Thanks.

    • Actually, Lucifer is the total opposite. The world wants you to believe, or should I say, wants to brainwash you into thinking he's the light bringer, or exactly what you want or need in life. But that's not what Lucifer is at all. I hope you figure out the truth. If you believe in Lucifer, it only makes sense to believe in God as well. The Lord wants to save you and give you true life, you just have to find Him and ask.

  53. je trouve lamentable et je plains cette jeune femme de ce qui lui arrive, mais la vie est faite de choix, l'appat de l'argent est present et on sait bien (pr ceux qui lisent la bible) que l'amour de l'argent est la racine de tous les maux
    pr etre reconnu adulé, etre au top, les gens se laissent entrainées ds des pacte pas possible….

    • Если бы я понял я может бы и согласился…Ладно…Идея!Переведу и кликну лайк….

      • As always – french and russians speaking their own language because EVERYBODY has to understand!!!
        Wake up – it is 21st century and international communication language is English. 😉
        Dont forget to LIKE this one.

      • Wtf? @eliza I hope you're trolling because you are ignorant. I'm going ahead to assume that you are a backwoods American who has never set foot outside your state, much less your couuńry. People like you are the reason America is the butt of everyone's joke nowadays.

      • No, i am actually from Latvia and i agree that i was ignorant yesterday and it was stupit to comment like this.
        I am speaking in russian, english, portuguese and understand little french and german because studied it in school but for really short time. So, no, i am not american who never set foot outside my state. :) And if you translate russian comment to that french speaking person then it says:" if i would understand you, maybe i would agree… ok, i have an idea! translate and click like."

        So please FORGIVE for my comment and remember that stupid and ignorant people is everywhere. And it really sucks. So i will shut up and be nicer in the future.
        Thank you.

  54. Lemon Meringue on

    Sounds like they are running her as some kind of high class call girl for the elite. She wears different wigs and goes into different personalities (each with a particular type of sex persona attached) does her job and then forgets about it. This happens with Lindsay and Britney too I heard.

  55. nuttyriv3r on

    A lot of these people seem to fall apart when they no longer have a career. They've been abandoned and the modifications are glitching.

  56. We've seen it all before. Young Hollywood star breaking down. Just like Britney Spears, Amanda has multiple personalities. It was reported she was locked in a fitting room at a boutique and staff heard nervous laughter and mumbling. When she came out an hour later it was like they were dealing with multiple personality. When you are claustrophobic, you feel effects later, She didn't. Like it never happened!
    She walked out of a tanning salon booth naked in front of customers to get goggles – active dissociation.
    She went to gym class in fishnet tights and stripper gear, danced around, fell over, cried and then was chucked out. Walking around the streets with a blanket over her head.
    Her hair colour is also concerning – pink hair is linked to the core personality. It demonstrates weakness to the handlers. The tweets, the sex-kitten prints and poses and the 'Got Milk' ad with the butterfly (demonstrating metamorphosis – but into what?) all show that she is in the grip of the Illuminati/Entertainment mind control.
    Come on people, this is not 'the crazy cat lady', this is a young woman who is moulded, controlled, switched, dolled up, etc.
    Wake up!!

  57. Love Jesus on

    This is too sad. The price people have to pay. I keep wondering if something similar will happen to Rihanna. The entertainment industry has become a throne for Satan. Beyonce is not exempt from this craziness. Keep being vigilant.

    • I just don't understand why we do not see these meltdowns with Rihanna and Beyonce…do you only have a meltdown when you want to get out?

  58. Antonino Walton on

    That pic in her bathroom is clearly photo shopped look at he stomach and he leggings, thats how you know she's being used

  59. deadpopstar on

    VC or whomever wrote this article,

    While I know MK Ultra IS truth, NOT theory & often happens in, not only the entertainment industry; but to everyday people for various reasons such as sexual abuse/ect. (hell, you can go to Barnes & Noble & buy books off the shelf that explain in detail, exactly how to "MK"/brainwash others. Of course same w/1000's of places online, libraries, ect..)

    Now, this is somewhat a "rhetorical question" or one that you may/prob won't wish to answer, which is Fine as it goes to make my SERIOUS Point(s). It has to do with THIS line in paragraph closing this article:
    "Her actions cannot simply be explained away with “drugs.."

    Now, in THIS specific case w/Byrnes (whom I don't know much about..) there is NO CERTAIN way to know if it's MK, drugs, the pressure of being in constant spotlight; or even a combo of all/more. (unless 100% Proof were to come out) The "rhetorical" question to the writer of this article (and Many other articles that STATE, "this is NOT just drugs.." w/other celebs..) is this:

    Have you ever in your life been a SERIOUS drug addict?

    Serious meaning, needle serious or even severe drugs (I'm pro-pot 100%, but believe even alcohol can become just as serious a problem as heroin/coke/ect. if it Takes Hold of a person), without intravienious use. Though I have had MANY friends (some family members) DIE due to everything from alcohol, morphine pills, cocaine, to heroin, needles or not, ect; ECT. These people were NOT MKed, as I was close with these people on a daily/YEARLY basis. MY OWN slow (then FAST downward spiral toward the end) drug use lasted well over a decade. I am a former severe addict of opiates (my DOC=Drug of choice) addiction; which I am NOW going on year six of being Totally clean; it is one thing I AM proud of myself for overcoming. Me being alive or not in prison is a statistical anomaly. (more on the Extent, in a sec..)

    It began with smaller things (Pot is NOT a gateway drug, unless you allow it to be: TV, food, jigsaw puzzles; ANYTHING can become an addiction & take over you life..), and let to the worse you can get. I never was an alcohol person & tried meth/speed ONCE & it was the Worst experience on drugs in my life. I was a downer person. I did coke on occasions, but that's about it; I hate upper drugs. I went through various phases, such as "rolling" on ecstasy for an entire month straight, for one horrid example. Eventually it lead to oxycontin, morphine, then heroin; THEN what I (and MOST EVERYONE says who become a junkie..) did what I NEVER said I would TOUCH: Began using needles.

    Unless YOU, YOURSELF went through that; you will NEVER KNOW what it is like & just how Powerless you become. Being a junkie is a Full Time 24 hour sick job. I partied with many people, but there was a "core group" of about 12-15 of us who were Very Close.. (some of us went back to young school years/childhood as friends; I lost my best friend/"brother" in 2010; I just got over that, though you Never get over; just Accept it happened; about 2 years ago..) They are ALL dead, in prison, hospitalized permanently waiting to die, or "lost." Lost meaning I or nobody knows where they literally are or they just keep jumping back & forth from being clean a few months, then back to using; every relapse WORSE. MANY of them, after realizing I TRULY DID get 100% clean, showed up at my house (some who were "tough-real men-don't cry" types & girls who had HIGH morals, now whoring themselves & Worse, for their addiction,,), literally on their KNEES & CRYING DISTRAUGHTLY, asking me for the "secret" to get clean; which there IS NONE. There Are a few basic things, like you Must 100% want to stop consciously & (HUGE KEY!!) Subconsciously. But getting fully clean is VASTLY different for EVERY PERSON.

    I lost ALL my closest friends due to drugs; I was a strong minded/willed person; but some of them were Much Stronger. Why I REALLY felt the need to address this in all the (Painful to write; but I HOPE it helps at least ONE person out there too..not JUST to make a SERIOUS POINT; which is coming full circle in a sec.) horrid detail, because:


    • Jahprovidethebread on

      A hearty 'WELL DONE!' to you, dead popstar, I am glad for you being into your sixth year of strength.

    • deadpopstar, As much as I can get your experience made you 100% pro pot.

      I would become pro-pot activist only upon becoming pro MK pro newage pro Scottish Rite pro yoga and pro Albert Pike teachings as well. Which will never happen.

    • deadpopstar on

      Thank You MUCH!! I appreciate not only the support, but also just being one of the few people who commented back something kind! I hope all is well in your life & continues to be!! 😀


    • deadpopstar on


      Regarding your statement, I guess I must REALLY work harder on my writing/being a writer; if THAT was what you got out of my entire story. NO SARCASM; TRULY. The Mention of pot/being pro-pot (and I really don't call myself an activist ether), maybe I should have left it out. I was simply saying I was free of all drugs, yet pro-pot; as I Personally do not consider it a harmful one. Yes, it has harmful things it does to the body, but so does MUCH of the food we eat, cigarettes are more harmful, ect. Point is, that BEFORE & AFTER; I've ALWAYS been pro-pot. I do not smoke it currently, as I am in my last 2 MONTHS of the 5 year probation, without a Single Violation & would be FOOLISH to do. This was the ONLY time I was caught/ANY legal trouble. Charge: Paraphernalia. ANYway, point is: it NEVER had Anything to do with the harder drugs I got into Years Later & was NOT ANY of my Point(s). Sorry for not clarifying better; but I'm BAFFLED at your semi-snarky response.

      I AM into some "new (OLD really..) age" beliefs. I am NOT a religious person/claim NO single religion, I am Highly Spiritual though; if I HAD to label myself. I know how pretentious saying you are "highly spiritual" sounds, but I'm Not trying to be here; just explaining. I have read EVERY major, many minor religious/holy/spiritual books:
      A couple versions of the Christian bible, the Quran, Buddhism has no "official holy book," but I've read MANY books on it, the Tao Te Ching, books on Wiccan beliefs, Lavey's Satanic Bible, Egyptian books (like The Book Of The Dead), several books on Freemasonry, Masons, various cults (MANY of these I read out of Sheer Interest &/or wanting to gain knowledge..I knew who the ORIGINAL Illuminati were Years ago, so I get a BIT agitated when I hear people telling me to "do my research," from people who learned the word "Illuminati" last year; along with Most of Mainstream USA. haha. BUT I'm NOT "bragging" to be CLEAR! I STILL have SO MUCH to learn!!), The Book Of Mormon,100's of philosophers (Philosophy minor in collage; art major) & MANY OTHER books. I am a person who has four bookshelves (need a 5th soon!) & read ALL kinds of things. Only half of one bookcase is religious/spiritual books. So yeah, I LOVE to read!!

      STILL with all that reading, I NEVER could come down on ONE SINGLE Religion, that I 100% agreed with. Some I didn't agree with at ALL or very little. NOW here is where if I'm not careful I'll get in trouble rule-wise. Even Without rules, I STILL respect EVERYONE'S Personal Beliefs, other than the SO FEW that involve harming/killing other humans. (I better not Name them, but those of you who know; KNOW Which..)
      *What I say beyond, is MY PERSONAL BELIEFS & NOT an ATTACK/SLANDER/ect of ANY KIND to ANYONE'S BELIEF(S).*

      Ok, for exe, The Satanic Bible. I own & read it, same w/ALL these other books I own/read. That VERY MISUNDERSTOOD religion, to ME; did not benefit me/my life in ANY way. (I found some things Interesting, that I did not know beforehand) Anton Levey's bible does NOT acknowledge the Christian bible as TRUTH; Satanists DO NOT WORSHIP a "Satan" or ANY deity. The MAIN Point is YOU YOURSELF ARE/"BECOME" GOD. It is self-worship, to put it simply. Now MUCH was borrowed, MOSTLY the infamous "Do As Thou Wilt" (which some here learned from Jay-Z; lol! Sorry, HAD to) belief, came from Alister Crowley & others before him. His beliefs/kinda-religion is VASTLY different in MANY ways; such as believing in Actual Deities & other things. Now iMo, Satanism seems to be a Very Selfish Religion. I have never been a selfish person, so it does not benefit ME. AGAIN: NO OFFENSE to Any Satanists reading. I've met/known Many in my life. Some were the nicest people; others were total a*****es. BUT!, THAT right there is a HUGE POINT. That goes for ALL HUMANS, Religious or NOT, Right??

      CONT.. Sorry, If you do not wish to read all this; DON'T. It won't hurt my feelings! :)

  60. deadpopstar on


    You just DO NOT know what it is like to have severe addiction, unless YOU EXPERIENCE(D) it. And when speaking of CELEBS, who have MUCH MORE MONEY than we did!! Though we had much; heroin is an F-ing EXPENSIVE habit!! Which I/we were at the point of doing it daily; ALL DAY. (As I said: it's a FULL TIME JOB.) And celebs/artists/ect, who have MILLIONS of dollars to spend on it..I believe you get my point there. Also, part of that "core group" one of the FEW who kept going back & forth, every relapse getting Worse; she COULDN'T quit & ended her life eight days ago. She was 26 & jumped off a bridge, though (this is VERY PAINFUL for me to write, as I'm still in shock; but MUST be GRAPHIC HERE.

    So *WARNING* what I'm about to type is Sad, Graphic, and..even I as a writer don't know what else to say.. Just DO NOT READ if you Cannot deal w/REALITY.) she fell at the wrong angle & it wasn't a STRAIGHT DOWNFALL. She..tumbled, was in pieces & bled to death for a little under an hour in her final moments, of her tragic life. (I LOVE YOU!! I'M HAPPY YOU ARE IN A PLACE WHERE YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER ANYMORE!!) This was after about 5-6 YEARS of her TRULY trying..I couldn't help her……I Tried SO F**ING HARD!!!!!!!! those reading; but I knew this person LONG before drugs began (other than pot & a lil booze..) & this is HARD for me.

    But in conclusion; I wrote all that, because I was HIGHLY OFFENDED to the writer of this article by STATING AS FACT "it's not just drugs" (to paraphrase; I don't feel like re-quoting verbatim as I already did so..), because unless YOU HAVE BEEN THROUGH severe drug addiction YOURSELF, making a Statement like that is, iMo, DEAD WRONG!!!!!!

    Perhaps Byrnes IS MKed, but YOU DON'T KNOW FOR CERTAIN!! What we DO know for CERTAIN is: She is RICH & CLEARLY HAS A DRUG PROBLEM. (we don't know what extent; but if it is ONLY drugs; I'd say it's SERIOUS.) I am VERY open minded, I have the mentality that "hey, I just MAY be wrong!," about my BELIEFS & THEORIES!! It very well could be MK Ultra or even OTHER things! But, stating things Unknown as 100% FACT is WRONG!! "Blood sacrifices" & the (YES, VERY ODD) deaths of Celebs is A THEORY!! I held my tongue with Amy Winehouse (who's art I LOVED; I am not even a FAN of Amanda Byrnes' work. So this is NOT BIAS!!), who DIED TRYING to get clean from what I overcame..I AM proud of myself for that, MUCH!; but so SAD that ALL my friends failed & even a stranger like Winehouse.. It briefly at Times makes me feel Guilty for being alive, though I REALIZE that is IRRATIONAL thinking.

    So PLEASE, in future articles like this, where we DO NOT KNOW ALL THE FACTS; could you please just SIMPLY re-phrase Statements like that?? Exploring ALL the possibilities, such as MK/others; GREAT!! That is ALSO things that NEED to be known/discussed!! Obviously on this site, which deals with MK & not really drug addiction..BUT; THAT IS a factor too!! But, to me/MY Opinion, my loved ones I've lost (literally or gone in other ways FOREVER..), and EVERY PERSON who has/had a severe drug addiction EVER: I feel it is DISRESPECTFUL & ALSO just dismisses HELPING people with ONLY (Key Word) A TRUE drug addiction!! Why not write in the article to CONSIDER, it may ONLY be drugs & wish for her to Make It?! (in her world of CONSTANT temptation & money on tap..) I am NOT attacking you (or ANYONE!), the writer of this article, at ALL; I just felt is was in bad taste; because I DON'T believe you have EVER had a severe drug problem YOURSELF. If I am wrong: I apologize with ALL MY HEART & SOUL!! I just feel if you DID, you would NEVER write that as a Statement.

    RIP: C*****, ALL my other friends & EVERY SINGLE person EVER who has TRULY tried to battle addiction & just couldn't make it. I Love You ALL & felt I HAD to write this in your honor!! :) Also ANYONE out there who is battling severe addiction of ANYTHING: I wish you TO LIVE & Overcome it; as BEYOND HARD as it IS!!


      • WOW!! You are one NASTY, HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING!! This person just bared their heart and soul, and that is all you can say? And you consider yourself a Christian? (Me, I am agnostic). You really think you are special, don't you, Christinne?? You think you are somehow better/a more worthy human being than "deadpopstar"? That isn't a very "Christian" attitude. Hell, that isn't a very HUMANE attitude either.

    • yada yada yada on

      deadpopstar: You owe me a new mouse. The scroll wheel on mine is now worn out.

      Also, I now have a knot on my forehead after passing out from boredom and hitting my head on the desk. Thanks much!

      • yada yada yada, hahahahaha, you made me laugh man, you joker rofl………hahahahaha

    • deadpopstar on


      Why on EARTH would I take all that time & detailed effort to make a couple (iMo valid) points & also MAYBE encourage others that there IS HOPE if they are suffering from addiction?? This is anon/online, WHY would I lie (AGAIN, at such length), WHAT would I have to Rain?? Really? You don't need to answer that, but I do wish you a Great day & life! :)

      To the pointlessly rude commenters,

      You are PROB Kids (Gen Rx-ers) who seem to ALL act the same/similar; it's Horrid in real life & online it's SICK. (the types who harass little children, to the point of suicide. :( Not EVERYONE is born strong..) Now if this Doesn't apply to you, I AM Sorry, you are just cruel in general; despite age.
      But the Gen Rx-ers: All of you are Extremely cruel people, who seem to get off on being anonymously mean for NO reason that I can come up with. Perhaps boredom or the fact that you have had Awful things happen to you in life (as WE ALL do, btw), and take it out on others online. That's all I have thought of to explain, WHY this behavior gets worse every year; Specifically online. I feel Genuine Sympathy (meaning, NO SARCASM; Truly. You can believe that or not; I will not lose sleep.) for you & ALSO hope for you to have a great lives. :)

      And btw: When you SEE with your eyes the (YES!), MASSIVE Length of my post (& most All my posts; that I RARELY make..), WHY on earth would you read it? I'm sure the one person who "passed out from boredom" & I owe Nothing to, is being sarcastic/rude & didn't read past the 1st few sentences; but WHY even Waste your time replying JUST to be mean?? I KINDA do wish for a REAL answer to that; even if the answer is: "to be mean, *insert typical insult here!!*" Nonetheless, it does not matter because some people on the 1st part replied kindly & others who didn't, I MAY have helped (or not; I'm not that presumptuous to assume; just Hope.); even if only a LITTLE makes it worth it. (in that one aspect: serious addiction)

      One final thing (YEP, I write a LOT; it's CLEAR to SEE!!) that REALLY TROUBLES me, in regards to the responses (not just to ME, the 1000's+ others. Forget about me; this is a HUGE Problem Overall in the comments!!), on THIS site. Even though (but, some may think this Too is "lying;" AGAIN: WHY/WHAT would be the Purpose? *sigh*) I TRULY DO wish you ALL Great Lives: I expect these Gen Rx/typical cruel response(s) on FB, Twwtr, almost EVERYWHERE else online. But what Worries me is that NOTICEABLE & INCREASING behavior on a site/blog like This. (and what it is Supposed to stand for..) I've said it before & I'll say it again:

      Who needs an NWO/Negative Conditioning/ect to have the majority turn us all against/destroy one another (it begins with symbols, acronyms, [tl;dr] or Words; then later..), when MANY TRUTHERS (or whatever you wish to call yourself) do a FAR better job doing it Yourselves??!! And "they" (or whatever you wish to call "Them." I say bank cartel families) couldn't be more Pleased. :(

      You whom make all these (Again, this is an OVERALL HUGE problem) hateful/Beyond cruel comments to one other: That is the EXACT SAME Concept, as NEGATIVE Conditioning through media/ect! Perhaps some who scream their "wake up!!" & "SHEEP!" mantras are actually HELPING SPREAD what they Claim to be fighting & despise?? (I DO believe that, but it's Still My OPINION & THEORY) I still HOPE & WISH for POSSITIVITY among All of us! To STOP Attacking each other & then we May have a shot at stopping the TRUE evils in this world, the ones this site discusses. May POSITIVE ENERGY (That may sound too "new/old age-ish," so: Whatever Your personal beliefs/religions/ect are) and LOVE reach ALL who read this AND Everyone in this world!! :)


      • deadpopstar, no offence but i think you could've made your comment a bit longer……………….Joke man

      • deadpopstar on

        Haha!! NO offense taken, BluBoy. I'm NOT some "always serious" person, I was a bit serious in THIS one. Specifically due to it involving one of the Most Serious Things in my life. (and all the people I LOVED who I lost & continue to lose)

        But I can take jokes & actually find irony/cynicism HYSTERICAL!! Just not in the 100% PURE CRUELTY way, like SOME people truly are. And even then, it just makes me more Sad than upset. (I RARELY get UPSET as a person) Ok ending this, as AGAIN: I'm making my comment LOOOONGEERR!! XD


      • lol. Im glad you knew i was joking man, thanks for the comment though (including the long ones lol)

      • I would never put someone down who went out of their way to help someone. I believe that was one of the intentions of your post. So for those of you who just balantaly put deadpopstar down, you should really examine yourself. Your long message while it was rather lengthy was interesting and I do see that you have valid points. BUT- I gotta say there is something deeper with these celebs. And after all we know from VC's articles and other pages that describe the evil oath one must take to gain in Hollywood- we need to use that knowledge as well.

      • deadpopstar on


        THANK YOU SO Much for ALL your kind/rational/ect responses & the compliment! (though I'm NOT trying to get compliments, but I DO appreciate it!) And I love YOUR heart as well! Even online, just through words, you CAN often tell, to a Large extent (not 100% or even close, of COURSE..), what type of a person one is.

        And I feel you also are a kind-hearted person, who Always Tries to live their life in LOVE!! I hope for More people like yourself on here & less of the hate/negativity. You (and I TRY my sincere best as well) choose to spread POSITIVITY here; I DEEPLY COMMEND & THANK You for that!! And NOT just because it's aimed at ME right now; just in general to All! You have a wonderful day & life, sir or ma'am!! 😀


      • Jahprovidethebread on

        Thank you deadpopstar! :) You have blessed me with your kind and thoughtful words :) You are right, I DO try to be positive and loving and it is nice to know that it is noted AND appreciated, as are YOUR displays of intellect, understanding and selflessness. Please accept my heartfelt sympathies for the loss of your beautiful friends and loved ones, that must be SO hard, you are a VERY strong person, I admire your honesty and humility. I can spot a fellow empath a mile away and I just wish I could give you a big hug but I can't so a virtual one will have to do lol (((((((HUG))))))) Xx

  61. I wondered to myself a couple weeks ago 'Where did Amanda Bynes go?' Never did i expect this kind of answer! Yikes! :-( Praying for her like man, this is more disturbing then Britney's meltdown. :-(

  62. No wonder why they're tools to the elite who feed off of whatever they got in their humble beginnings and and the tools are done with, are tossed out the window just like that with all these bizarreness.

    You never fail to keep me posted VC, very well done. Another victim of MK ultra right here

  63. Christinne on

    And remember when she said she has a double/body double? Splitting personality anyone? To all those who say/believe she's crazy or a drug addict or she's just acting, I have an advice: go work in the showbiz and try to be at least as famous as she was. Then u will have the rite to call her as u did. On the other hand, Im afraid she wont reach her 30 years old….

  64. Christinne on

    Most likely next in store for her is death. Sad but true and very real…. She has already become an useless and annoying slave, so expect her to be soon offed….

  65. Christinne on

    Dont rule out the possibility of Amanda being cloned/replaced, just like Britney, Aguilera and countless others….

    • Jahprovidethebread on

      SAY IT AIN'T SO! A friend told me about Paul McCartney and I cried. Sooooo THAT's why Marshal Mathers looks so weird to me.?

    • When you say cloning, is it the same human being but just with a different alter? how does it work exactly

    • Yes, Britney Spears' song "Mona Lisa" (which she wrote and released herself) even says "she wants you to know / she's been cloned."

      Mona Lisa was her alter ego, similar to Beyonce's "Sasha Fierce." Other lyrics are: "They want her to break down, and be a legend of her fall." She also calls for a moment of silence in the song, to essentially honor the death of herself. This was during the time when she released her other self-made, self-published song "Rebellion" as well, which is a very eerie and telling story about the "voodoo that they do" – "they" undoubtedly being handlers. It was as though she knew exactly what was going to happen, and wrote those songs to tell her story – "Now ladies and gentlemen, I've got a little story to tell" (Mona Lisa).

      I don't think "cloned" is necessarily literal. It's not as though they physically killed Britney Spears and used her DNA to create a moving, breathing, talking specimen that replicated her. I believe, however, that they *mentally* kill these celebrities and "clone" their personalities to be something other than what they originally were.

      This was the last time-period in which Britney Spears was "normal" … shortly after (2007) she had her infamous breakdown, and has been "changed" ever since.

  66. Her twitter profile is full of self pics of her with one eye closed. It's creepy how many there are.

  67. 27 club candidate mucH?? hope not. she needs some guidance, not a rampage of ridicule. she is screaming for help.

      • Who could she ask? Who could she trust? She probably doesn't even know what's wrong with herself.

  68. I used to like Amanda back in the day. She was always that sweet, pretty, down to earth, wholesome girl, different from all of the other young celebrities out there. It's so sad to see her transform into this mind-controlled wreck.

  69. You know who bears a striking resemblance (in both looks and personality) to Amanda? Jennifer Lawrence. You know who recently exploded on the scene? Jennifer Lawrence. You know who is now burning out? Amanda Bynes. Could this mean something?

    • Well said, and spot on.

      We've seen this happen with other celebrities –

      The fall of Aaliyah, the rise of Destiny's Child (Beyonce) as "R&B princess."
      The fall of Whitney Houston, the rise of Jennifer Hudson (Hudson even sang Houston's song to honor her death immediately following her passing) as "legendary soul singer."

      I believe Miley Cyrus was essentially supposed to take Britney's "pop princess" throne (let's be real – the industry formerly had intentions of discarding Britney as a 'crazy person'), but Miley knew this and began rebelling (engagement, weird haircut, bong pictures) before the industry could fully get their hands on her. They needed a virginal, good-girl to become the next pop princess so that they could sexually exploit her later on (the transformation stage – the emergence of beta, or sex-kitten, from "good girl") but Miley transformed herself before they could sell her innocence, and thus became virtually useless to their agenda.

      Best of look to Amanda Bynes, but it doesn't look good for her.

  70. Is it really the same with Lindsay Lohan? I understand that Britney and Amanda had real meltdowns and i feel bad for them. But Lindsay just seems a little bit more sane in this moment. Yes, she is shown in bad light in media but more as trouble maker for herself, not as crazy one.
    I heard some weeks ago that she was crying under the table in club .. ok, that seemed strange .
    Maybe you can explain why would you think that she is in similar situation as amanda and britney.
    Thank you.

    • There have been rumors about Lindsay going into different personalities or calling herself by different names. Also she claimed she was being stalked by the masons. She too has exhibited very strange, but the media portrays it like she's just a rebellious, spoiled, rich girl. Lindsay was from a messed up family and she was a child star, she is in and out of jail and rehab. This is NOT by accident. Her mother or father, I forget which, recently admitted that she sleeps with rich men for money. So yeah, she's definitely cut from the same cloth.

      • Why she was ok while she was dating Samantha Ronson? Was she good influence on her or is there other story? Because as i understand Samantha is coming from interesting family and all of her siblings are successful in USA. Lindsay situation doesnt make sense to me – yes, i agree that there is strange things happaning but also i dont have information to put even a little pieces of puzzle togather.

  71. Djdjdjjddndnd on

    I saw this coming. A few years back when she just turned 21, I think, she was on a late night talk show. I believe it was David Letterman, but I'm not sure, they're all the same really. But Bynes was talking about how her mom was like her best friend and they do everything together and she didn't party or do drugs or anything like that, and Letterman cracked a joke about Lindsay Lohan. I remember being proud of her and then thinking that it was all going to change soon. And it did…

  72. Jellified Skunk on

    I found it interesting that she recently posted on twitter how she HATES that the media keeps posting pics of her before she got a nose job and they told them to stop, but they don't. It's almost like they are taunting her.

  73. Sorry if I did.

    My intention is not to hurt…Why I picked one particular topic from your post?
    Just…In fact I can barely explain. I have absolutely different views on that. For many pot is starting point of the abyss. Religion aside,if I judge anything this only can be based on real folks sad experience.

    I got that what you are telling is the truth. You are free of drugs. This is wonderful. However…If you can please adjust your views on testimonies of others not only your own. Pot is a curse. Like meth is.

    My apologies about piling issues up…No no no no I did not mean that you are onto something.
    The one and only reason why I did so is all this stuff is being shoved down our throats…day by day…
    Yes,for me Scottish Rite,new age and,to some extent drugs are all the same,coming from the same source and promoted by same satanic bunch.As for sources for hard conclusion I got too many of them but have no reason to share. Again I had and now have no idea what do you believe.
    Having no wish to know.

    About pot. I know 14 years old kid who says-mom do not be too strict,I am the only one in class who do not do drugs(!). Mostly it is about pot. For beginning…Could you get my point?

    Forgive me if I offended you. Please!

    • pot is a curse, you are right. It is dumb when people say it's not as bad as cigarettes (deadpopstar). Pot, Weed whatever.. how many joints are mixed with Tobacco??? duh! know from youthful experiences and saw many prompted to then try other harder things- which most did. .

      Cannabis and skunk alone saw a 17 year old friend in a mental hospital , heard voices, lost his mind, acted dangerously to himself – what do you think his future prospects are like? last i heard he was still in and out of that place….

      I do commend deadpopstar for getting clean , congratulations and keep it up, but please don't add to the falsehood that Pot is o.k just because it isn't 'addicitive' or as hard as other drugs, it does ruin lives. It may or may not be useful medicinally but let's face it so are many perscription drugs but they all come with side effects and most people wouldn't go around necking those for fun.

      Best of luck and thanks for sharing.

  74. VC, before you wrote this article, I was already suspicious that she was under mind control after all this bizarre appearance on tabloids and the web. With you writing this up, you have confirmed my suspicion. Im writing this because im now able to see how mind control works and how it affects the victim thanks to your articles. Keep it up VC

  75. Out of pure curiosity, I just looked at her Twitter account & the pictures she has posted. There are SO MANY PICTURES in which she has multiples of herself, or only one eye showing, or a combination of the two! Example:

    And there's so many of these. Not to mention, there's a bunch of overtly sexualized self-taken pictures.

    And then there's this one, that she tweeted herself:

    I wanted to cry. This poor girl is suffering. If I ever see her in person, I hope she will let me give her a giant hug. Because that's all I want to do – hold her, hug her, tell her she is beautiful and loved. Clearly she does not feel that anymore, perhaps not ever :(

  76. PatriotGirl on

    I wondered what happened to her. She was such a cute talented kid. Afraid this is or has already happened to Dakota Fanning, another one of my favs.

  77. this girl is hot and it is normal to want to show it. ppl are reading way to far into this. I am not hot and i still take vein pic of myself just b/c if i was hot i would probably be a whore just b/c yolo and your rack only looks this good for a short time jiggle em baby fuck all the haters !!!!!!

    • I know people who are very attractive, but they don't act like male or female "whores." If you have to pose naked or even just half naked, then there is something wrong with you. You can be attractive and still smart, classy and sophisticated. People who pose like Amanda Bynes has above and post it online or share it just come across as pathetic and desperate attention seekers. It is not cool, sexy or interesting. What happens if you one day have kids… once photos go onlint they dobt come off just coz you delete them. You think your family or kids would be proud? No…. Anyone with self-respect would be comfortable with clothes on and without wearing layers of makeup and posing with their boobs or butt out. If you want respect, then you have to respect yourself first. You're only going to attract the wrobg sort of attention by posing like a fool. People in this generation are so dumb, sexualised and desperate for attention its sad.

    • Dani, grow up and get some self respect you attention seeking fool. Posing like that is not cool or appealing. And "yolo" is a pathetic excuse…

  78. Summergirl on

    I think the woman in Acts 16:16 is the first MK slave in recorded history: "And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying."

  79. Amanda's bizarre-looking blinking in that "selfie" video reminds me of the weird eye movements in Azealia Banks' "Yung Rapunxel" music video.

  80. Umm that milk thing may be innuendo for a dirty sanchez. If you don't know what that is its practically someone living there man juice on your upper lip.

  81. violetvontesla on

    This is a breakdown. Just because she has been emotionally if not physically abused it does not mean that she is being mind controlled mk style! She is a victim of something so lets hope she gets help but stop please stop labeling or assuming that these people are being mind controlled by some foreign agency for dasterdly deeds. Some may be but you don't know. The symptoms mimic so many things like did or any kind of dissociative disorder which can be caused by just old fashioned fucked up stress or abuse. Her actions can be seen as symptoms of a million things. I wish your followers would think for their own damn selves and not just comment omg its trueeee ….no one on here knows for sure so stop jumping to conclusions. Also I would love to know how many do their research correctly and look at both sides and also bother to read the books vc had on that book page.

    • closeyomouth on

      So we can name at least 4 other Disney kid celebrities whose break down went in the same order as this one. If we throw n a few sexpots thats ways too many ppl to break down in teh same fashion, Statistically it makes no sense. So you should try opening YOUR eyes to the fact that this is exactly whats happening. PPL are tampering with their heads.. period!

      Go watch Roseanne Bar on RL news , Larry King, and a few other interviews discuss this very topic and her own experiences with MK.

      And if you are truly the skeptic you claim to be.. this would be rubbish and you woldnt be interested. Go somewhere else and play devils advocate.. we are vigilant abt the TRUTH up in here!

      • Funny how those who cry "FREEDOM" are pretty quick to tell someone with an opinion that DOESN'T mirror their own to shut up / leave / go elsewhere…heh..there's freedom for you. *shakes head*
        Still clinging on to your insecurities and yern to belong to a TRIBE and the need for your ego's to be fed?
        I agree with Violet Von Tesla (and not jus coz that name is brilliant) but it IS a valid point, we DON'T know…we are merely speculating, no one has any of much actual FACTual info about Amanda & her world (Mental, spiritual & Physical) so y'all are jus as much UNINFORMED as V.V.T and myself….but we (all) can offer conjecture and extrapolations.
        Don't get so hypocritical and judgemental on another poster jus coz they don't gel with YOUR mental state…..that's jus IGNORANT !
        And remember …the ONLY TRUTH is EXPERIENCE … NOT what you read in a book or see on YT…
        Non of us have experienced either Amanda's life or MK Ultra…we only know of BOTH what we have READ.
        Me? I HAVE experienced a LOT of drug related situations (& deaths) and i can offer the opinion that she does seem to POSSIBLY be exhibiting mental problems that are being exacerbated by an abnormal (coz different people react different ways to different drugs) reaction to drugs….
        and maybe she's jus a young woman trying to find her path after the Helter Skelter world of a childhood spent in La La land.
        I don't KNOW,
        You don't KNOW
        Violet Von Tesla doesn't KNOW
        but we ALL offer conjecture so can't we ALL offer our own bits in peace and accepted without recourse to blatant group think ( I E This page is about BLAH so don't mention MEH).

        All power to ALL the people.

    • If it wasn't for that butterfly that is always popping up everywhere, I would never believe it myself.

  82. The same thing happened to Taylor Momsen ( a blondie and cute girl who became a gothic whore that wears underwear to go out). I think she also deserves an article on vc

    • shi-shigo, i mentioned her on here before because she was wearing a t shirt which had a huge face of guess who?……………………Aleister Crowley!

      • Some of you commenters on this site reeeeaaaally HATE women. Constantly labelling women as "whores" and such. I have been visiting this site for about 2 years now, lurking in the comments. I have yet to see anyone commenting on this site label a man a "whore." And that is misogyny in a nutshell: it's ok if men have (casual) sex with a lot of women; it's ok if men have sex for sex's sake. But if a woman enjoys having sex for sex's sake-OH!! The HORROR!! What a slut!! And then there are the anti-Semites on this site too; why would anyone WANT to be a Christian?? You hate women; you hate Jewish people; you hate gay people; you are arrogant, and just so convinced that you are perfect. (VOMIT). The self-righteous attitudes of some of you people on this site makes me sick to my stomach.

      • WOW — such an example of reasoned thought.
        So OBVIOUSLY everyone that hates Jews and calls people prostitutes, particularly ones who throw their privates into peoples faces with their clothes and attitudes, MUST be misogynistic Christians (yeah, you did say that).
        Enjoy your leaps to conclusions — but watch out for those sharp spikes of truth and logic.

        (oh — sorry — according to you only hateful people tell others to watch out for dangers. must only be those atheists that believe people that stupid deserve their fate)

      • Oh waaah, another brain dead feminazi slut complaining about people exercising their 1st amendment rights!

        Just so you know, I detest men who sleep around too. I call them manwhores. It isn't okay for anybody to have sex for sex's sake – that's why atrocities like abortion are legal, and that's why the world has so many bastards running around, bastards that hard working people have to pay for because the father couldn't be arsed to BE A DAD.

        Your self-righteous attitude is complete and utter bullshit. You're no better than anyone else here.

        Furthermore, not every person here is a Christian. Not all Christians are the hateful bigots you portray them to be. By the way, how utterly hypocritical – you get to pass sweeping judgments on a whole group of people, yet your detractors aren't allowed to do the same.

        Sit down and shut up, slut. Your next customer is waiting.

      • my goodness that's like a slutgate… sluts, customers, what the heck is that? I feel like I'm watching jerry springer and his dysfunctional guests… terrible indeed.
        Marie you are such a well-behaved person that you only had long-term relationships and an exceptional moral compass? If you are so perfect, fair enough, however if you aren't refrain from calling people prostitutes.

  83. Poor girl!

    Perez as always has the "exclusive" stories abt these meltdowns. He has a whole link for Amanda's destruction. Its pretty sad. Two things I noticed in the photos Perez has.. she is always taking half face selfies and she changes her wig (identity) several times a day. She talks to her self, she runs around naked, she tells herself jokes and laughs hysterically for 15 mins. The RED LIGHT constantly on in her apartment is the freakiest thing I read.. its a clear pointer to her programming.

    She's definitely nearing the self destruct mode. Shes not making them any money right now, her brain is frying slowly.. I pray her murder wont come soon.

  84. open yo eyes on

    O the poor childs twitter… VC i dont know how u didnt include some of those. Im starting to think the person she likes or the person who likes taking these selfies lives on the left side of her head.. cause all of her selfies include her closing her right eye. Im making fun its pretty disturbing. The girl made a collage of 4 of her self with one eye closed in each and named the shit "4 you" witha creepy as man superimposed above her.. WTWF!

  85. Ms. Adventure on

    A shorter version: First, @deadpopstar – Congrats on overcoming addiction. I understand why you feel MK cannot be proven here. However, I don't think it's "just" drugs in Amanda's case. She may not have been MKed in a "traditional" sense (or she may have), but SOMETHING is causing her to act out. (I've even heard "blind items" in gossip columns about a former child star who was going to stage a phony "breakdown" for publicity.)

    Drug addicts I've known say that when they are in the throes of addiction, they usually hide from the world to stay home and use. They're NOT working out at the gym, prancing around NYC in costumes/wigs, posting suggestive photos, going to the beauty shop to get extensions, etc. They're too busy getting high. (To be continued….)

  86. Ms. Adventure on

    Continued….. From what I can see, when a celeb suffers a breakdown it is due to a combination of things: drugs (often prescription ones), remnants of abuse, lack of discipline…. not to mention a serious addiction to attention. All of this amounts to a lack of self-control. (Unless for some reason they deliberately WANT to make fools of themselves.) In short, I agree w/ VC. Just as drug use is symptomatic of bigger issues, she clearly has multiple issues at play. Hopefully she gets a grip on them before they get the best of her.

  87. Ms. Adventure on

    Final parting thought: I say all of this to say that I wonder if her handlers/publicists/agents are actually ENCOURAGING her to do all of these things, to the point of MAKING her do them. You know what they say: "Any publicity is good publicity." Maybe they deliberately send her certain "triggers" and *voila!* – She becomes an "alter" and starts stripping off her clothes, making strange faces, shaving her head, dancing on treadmills, etc. At the same time, they make public statements about how "worried" they are about her well-being, etc. A media blitz from both angles. As crazy as it sounds, it wouldn't surprise me.

  88. I wonder if and how much she is getting paid by twitter. A lot of celebrities get paid for their posts. It seems kind of odd to be broadcasting all this to the world if you weren't getting something in return, I mean why go through the trouble of posting all those pics and communicating with people? She's rich, I'm sure there are far more interesting things she could be doing, unless this is a job for her. I'm kinda suspicious about this.

  89. I submitted this! Thanks for this VC, been really worried about her for a long time. Unfortunately I still haven't gotten many answers I was looking for and I suppose I never will.

  90. Is it me or are you people sad just because she's pretty ?
    It's like people don't care unless you're pretty or dying

    • Maybe, its a general indictment on society which proves that those in the more advanced countries are mostly under some sort of mind control, some more so than others of course.

    • Reminds me of a comic's routine:

      paraphrases — you all remember the young blonde girl that was kidnapped for about a year? Somewhere in Utah, but was return without much harm. What was the name again? Thanks –Elizabeth Smart! Right, now what was the name of that other girl, she was either Latina or African American, and she was snatched right around the same time period, c'mon guys, what was her name again, Anyone? Anyone? Hmmm … Isn't THAT interesting…

      • The other girl was Erica Pratt – she is African American and was 7 years old at the time. She was tied up with duct tape, but gnawed through the duct tape, broke a window and escaped. Sadly, the media isn't completely obsessed with this girl the way they are with Elizabeth Smart (who is just irritating and stupid, in my opinion).

    • This is sad and repulsive that human "prettiness" suddenly became token and ticket to success.
      Even God loves us disregarding what we look like…
      I found that most attractive folks are far from being nice inside…Society create "standards" to destroy itself.

      • Take for instance Jay-Z, K West, B Johnson the British politician, Strauss Kahn, Zarkozy, Kissinger, George Soros and so many others. They are practically hunks and also so beautiful inside ROFL. Stop it, just stop it please.

  91. Amanda Bynes has been programmed. There is no doubt. And so were all the young actors and Mousketeers at Disney. The Illuminati have been involved since the inception of Disney to addict children from the beginning. They even have their own restaurant '33' in the French Quarter behind Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. All the singers are programmed as well. Then the freshly made disk of their new, not yet released albums are taken into a room and a special ritual is cast on it before they make copies off it and release it to the public.
    So why isn't M K Ultra Monarch Sex Programming by the entertainment business and creepy already programmed people all over the country taking 'bright' children to the side on playgrounds in the news????!!!!!
    There's a looooooong list of victims- and some of them posed with the Satanic ruler of their group, like Jayne Mansfield. Just Google Illuminati MK Ultra Monarch Sex Programming

  92. She looks half dead. Look at the difference between the second picture and now. She also needs to lay off the plastic surgery procedures as well. She's looking like a tired old cougar in her 40's

  93. Gosh this is so sad, I have been a fan of her since her movie *love wrecked*, she was such a talented kid.
    Did you notice the perverted comments she gets on her twitter/twitpic? Twisted people encouraging her to take more sexy pics and no one could care less about her mental state.
    Anyone thought of sending her this vigilant citizen thread link so she could see that we're actually aware of her situation and that we pray for her? What do you guys think about that?

  94. i"m so sorry for her…she seemed a sweet girl…i think she feels really lonely right now…don't give up
    i will pray for you ohhh her eyes are killing me

  95. I have a question!!!

    So how come I never see any Illuminati stories about Madonna? she is very successful. does she have a shield or what?

  96. blackrockermusician on

    I noticed this negative attention Amanda started receiving as soon as she tweeted how MUCH she loved black guys. Many on here might not recall this. Then almost immediately afer that, she tweeted that she was retiring from acting. Personally, what I thought was odd was that she stated that she was retiring because I had not seen her in any form of acting in years so I thought she had already retired. And I thought she was striking out at someone (maybe her parents) for the excessive statements about being into black guys. I have known/know many non black girls who are truly into black guys BUT they do not broadcast it on the internet. So when Amanda first did this (This was LONG before her comment about Drake), I wondered what was up with her then. I did notice that a lot of her troubles stared SOON after her tweets about digging black guys.

    • Some like black guys because they are usually well endowed, however women from Latin America, Far East, Middle-East, Africa, Med more often prefer tall, blond, blue eyed ones because there is a shortage in those areas. A tall Norwegian or Swede would be more popular than a black guy. At least when I discuss men with women from those areas that's what I get as an answer, that the aryan type is the most popular. It's rare as well.

      • blackrockermusician on

        That's fine, Anthony. Whatever a woman likes is what she likes, wherever she may be in the world. I have no problem with any of that. But that has nothing to do with my post about the topic which is indeed about Amanda and what I noticed about HER.

  97. I never paid any mind to Amanda Bynes. Was never a fan or kept up with her activities or watched her movies. I did see Hairspray when I was 10 or 11, somewhere around there, and to this day it is my favorite movie. I thought Amanda was perfect as the character of Penny, her acting was terrific, her singing was gorgeous, and she herself was very pretty and looked like she was a very nice, cool person. I didn't hear about all this stuff going on with her until very recently (I'm not into TV, computers or gossip and I live in a small Mayberry-type town with people who don't really give a damn) and I must say I'm very sad. I don't know what made me assume Bynes was immune to the industry. I feel so sorry for her. Prayers go out to her.

  98. It's sad. I like Amanda. I like how even though she is pretty, she wasn't scared to be goofy in her movies. I pray God sees her out of this.

  99. Parents? Where are the parents?
    What in the world is more important than caring for and raising healthy kids?
    Money? Seriously?

  100. Discombobulated on

    MK Meltdown – I feel so sorry for her
    Ex-Nickelodeon star too….the signs are there

    Note: Her red trucker cap says "OBEY"

    Praying for you Amanda

  101. Here I thought Nickelodeon was a bit better than Disney for turning child stars into these …. beings.

    • Nikelodeon is probably owned by the same people who own Disney, who own MTV at the very tippy top. Don't you know all corporations are basically connected nowadays?

  102. Why does it have to be so complicated? She's doing meth because she became famous and thinks she's invincible. I work in addictions and this is what people with meth addictions do, they act crazy and there's no way to keep up with them or to understand what they are doing when they are high. The last person I knew outside of work who is still currently addicted to meth tore the inside of his car apart…completely apart because he could see a smudge on the other side of the glass covering his speedometer…
    There are so many similarities between child stars and kids with wealthy parents who were neglected emotionally but still got everything they wanted…they end up believing its going to be that way forever and when reality hits them and they don't get what they want they become mentally destroyed. They don't get the positive attention they are used to so they turn to negative attention to validate their pathetic lives.

  103. not sure if anyones already said this (if so apologies) but does anyone else find it interesting that this is all kicking in at the age of 27? THEY love that age..

  104. I believe the rumors of her and Dan Schneider. There's all sorts of nasty rumors about Dan Schneider and his known "casting couch" for children. He was a known pedophile in the industry. Amanda got discovered in a camp as a child then got her big break at Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is/was corrupted, I cant imagine what she had to do to get ahead and have her own show. Amanda was a very talented and funny kid to get ahead based on that, but the industry is very sinister and Dan was a MAJOR prick. Prostitution is a major part of booking major roles, gaining opportunities and positions in Hollywood. So you can make your own conclusion of why she rose so quickly during the Nickelodeon days.

    Her image became over sexualized during her "What I like about you" era, when she started to do more big movies roles. She was also a call-girl during this time working for Diana Jenkins and was advertised for her potential clients through Diana's infamous coffee table book called, "Room 23". There's a rumor that Diana Jenkin's is a celebrity madam that had Hayden Patientere, Lindsay Logan, and other models working in her secret "organization" and her book was used as advertising. She next decided to retire from acting and live off her money and continued to work as a drugged out call-girl.

    Amanda was under radar till she started messing up with the law. Her fast public downward spiral is getting the best of her and she's getting worst. She had some sort of breakdown down that has symptoms of a psychosis schizophrenia and a multiple personality disorder. I really couldn't tell when the odd behavior became obvious before or after the media put her on spotlight recently.

    This lost girl seems like she doesn't know who she is anymore. When your pretending to have a clean image and your upholding this for so many years you don't know who you are anymore. Especially when in secret your the TOTAL opposite of this squeaky clean image. I believe shes trying to find her identity right now and her place in life again, since shes trying to have a fresh start from whatever happened in LA. Amanda isn't doing good job of it by showing symptoms of her disability while finding herself. She needs to fight those demons then start all over as the new Amanda. And drugs are not gonna help the symptoms and dull the pain to help the situation. So she needs a new solution or strategy to her problem!

    I really do wonder if MK sex kitten programming has anything to do with this tragedy and why she has a psychosis disorder.

    • Well think about everything you've just written here, and then think again… She participated in the "casting couch" at a young age. Being molested by adults is a known way of causing a childs mind to split into multiple personalities because children cannot handle the trauma of that kind of experience, she then got higher up the ladder because those personalities could be CONTROLLED by handlers, allowing her to present a wholesome image and do dirty work backstage. There's your answer.

  105. I had a close friend who was traumatized by prostitution and un-resolved childhood issues from her mother. She began to display odd behavior, like creating far-fetched stories about her day and was very lucid. She would go mindlessly through Miami trying to get money with prostitution and would tell people her crazy fairy tales. Geronda became homeless and relayed on prostitution and was later diagnose with Schizophrenia. I believe Sexual trauma could be a trigger of Schizophenia or a psychosis disorder.

  106. She will be joining the 27 club…I'll wait for the "Amanda Bynes and the 27 Club" article & these celebrities bring it on themselves, fame comes with a price.

  107. FYI there's a guy named "the destroyer" with a video on youtube that's pretty much plagiarizing your text. The video is called "amanda bynes another mind control victim"…

  108. Freeyourmind on

    I told my friend who thinks she knows everything that something is wrong with amanda and I thought she was controlled by them. She sent me a link to her Twitter and Amanda was topless with a shaved head? I was thinking to myself that's not the way she use to portray herself. I knew something was up.. Great article Vigilant

  109. vast majority of her famous selfies on twitter are sexualised/showing her new work (mask?)/either winking so one eye is covered or litterally halfing the photo so its one eye shown.

  110. Amanda Bynes Arrested, Taken Into Custody for Psychiatric Evaluation – 24th May, 2013 headlines. See? Knew it was going to happen. Knew they would eventually take her in for Psychiatric Evaluation.

  111. It seems to me that these issues of breakdown with Spears, Lohan and Bynes are more about having grown up in an environment as children where their every whim was accommodated since they were the cash cows for the industry they worked in. As they get older, they are pushed aside for the newer kids on the block, which causes them to search for ways to still get the attention they once had and craved. That and trying to find your own identity as they mature into adults while having no one to pull the reigns back when they over-do the drugs and partying leads to the melt-downs. There are plenty of teens out there with little parental guidance who also experience melt-downs in similar fashions but are not under the scrutiny of the media. It happens everyday, all the time, and isn't some insidious plot by covert organizations. Just troubled people in a world where there is no support from the people around them.

  112. New article on Huffington Post, Bynes arrested and taken in for psychiatric evaluation. Look it up, very sad. Her programming has broken down indeed.

    • So many of these former child stars, follow the same path. Britney had her meltdown, but the system is keeping her around still. They're not done with her yet. When the system is done with Britney, I hope to God that she lands on her feet.

  113. God bless that poor child's soul. This information needs to given to the masses. On May 23 she was arrested and sent to manditory psychological counseling. I'm sure she will be a true Monarch kitten when its over. Its so sad. How can people not know that Satan has become imboldened….he no longer does his bidding in secret. Problem is most people see this with their eyes wide shut.

  114. Just curious…if this is done to these poor girls when they are children, do they REALLY know what they're signing up for??? Do their parents give permission for the abuse and trauma for money? How can a child be held responsible before God for anything that was done TO them?
    Thanks in advance for any clarification!

  115. Kel Michelle on

    Oh poor, poor Amanda.
    I remember looking up to her in a few ways when I was younger.
    This made me completely sad.
    I have been wondering for the longest if it isn't simply just drugs or alcohol.
    Of course, being a long time reader or VC, I should have automatically known better.
    Poor girl.
    Such a loss.

  116. amanda is claiming she was sexually harassed, maybe she was i don't know but people are so quick to deny her claim, what this girl has went through i can't even imagine, her life skyrocketed down hill so quickly and now she is being put in for psychiatric treatment, i can't take it anymore why must she suffer like this

  117. why does she remind of lindsay lohan so bad fuckin scary just another fallen disney addict
    makin headlines all around the world….well she reached german news -.-

    fuck disney and micky mouuse hess a rat anyway….

    • well maybe no addict but she has fallen thugh but for the puppet masters this was meant to be fuckin sadd …

  118. I don’t think it’s fair to assume that Dan Schneider is a bad man without any proof.. Even just a small amount would change my mind but all anyone ever does is make fun of his looks and makes assumptions when he seems like a nice guy. Also that guy Jaxson is mentally ill and doesn’t know Amanda…he is only trying to get publicity off of her mental breakdown which is just evil. He was reported to have tried to commit suicide when it became known that he didn’t know kim kardashian (another one of his lies being proven wrong)

  119. Funny how the other million people in the world who are depressed, unbalanced and on some sort of substance aren't being accused of suffering mind control…

  120. Oh My, what happened to her………….i just loved the movie where she had to trade places with her brother to play football(soccer). Shame, she was cute.

  121. Poor Amanda little does everyone know that she turned out this way because she was sexually abused when she worked for nick by one of the producers, now it's finally caught up with her. Although to be honest she's been like this for quite sone time now, only she has hidden it. She wants attention, we should really ignore her ass. Dont worry Amanda Byres when Lindsay Lohan comes back out she will overshadow you again.

  122. NiceAndNatural on

    Drake's name crops up a lot in the lives of women such as Rihanna and Cheryl Cole – is he involved in MK Ultra as a handler or something?

  123. Amanda is yet another of the myriad of kids whom Hollywood parasites off of. They make billions for
    the Hollywood and when they are no longer useful as money machines, they are discarded and left to suffer
    from the trauma, which often result in such erratic behavior.

    The CIA and its Monarch program (a level of MKULTRA) have operated behind the scenes in Hollywood
    since the 1950's. And this is why so many of these child starts have mental breakdowns once they reach adulthood. It's their Monarch programming unraveling.

  124. They've got her now. Parents filing for conservatorship. She's gone for good. I'm actually terribly wounded by the news. I was hoping she would manage to break free. She has such fire. I'm sorry, Amanda. I'm sorry. You must feel so alone trapped in a miserable hell.

  125. triumphant survivor on

    You cannot underestimate the damage that being molested and abused as a child will do to a young girl. I hadn't previously known about the alleged pedophile that had so much to do with her career. I am not a victim of mind control but am a victim of abuse and molestation and can tell all of you first hand that it has lasting effects. Little girls expect to be loved, protected and cherished by the men in their lives. If instead they are used and tossed around as objects, shown that they aren't worthy of love it's devastating. Girls who grow up this way feel that their only value is in their sexuality. They don't feel worthy of being loved. They suffer from PTSD and anxiety. I think that we have stumbled onto the key that unlocks the reasons behind the unraveling of Amanda Bynes. Perhaps this is also what happened to Brittany Spears. I notice that her little sister is fine, yet she is a mess. They both were on the mickey mouse club show and so was Justin. Yet only Brittany went crazy.

    • ALL Disney kids under go 'trauma based mind control programming" ALL kids that are in the industry are "trauma based mindcontrol programmed"; they are all victims of occult illuminatti controlled Hollywood industry its run by satanic occult pedophiles "these kids have no escape in this industry"; :( :(
      I beleive amanda bynes is suffering from( Dissocitive Identity disorder) , and "is "unaware"Even shehas (D I D,) (so Tragic) I also Beleive like the person said also in a few comments up above also "that her "mindcontrol programming has started to break down"; I truly do "see that"; with The way "she is acting"; "I beleive "she is "unaware"; that she has (D I D)
      those very different pics "in different wigs "and she says in her "tweets" and says "O M G " that is "so not me going to sue";!!! do you know why she (amanda says this everytime?????) (everytime) is "because "the "alter" that is "out and "in control" at the "time" is "out"; "she/ Loses time"; and "is "unaware"; I dont Beleive she has "co conciousness" with ALL/ or any of her "alter personalitys",and I dont beleive shes scitsoprenic/or Bi polar/ she suffers from the samething Britney spears does Its Dissocitive identity disorder.

    • Britney spears also has D I D (dissoctive identity disorder)when she was on X factor you "saw her switch personalitys alot"; she was "often bursting into tears in between the adds (shes still D I D too) th at was the reason why "a serious long term mental disorder sealed from the public" in her conservertorship papers" from the courts :( :( hercourt records were sealed" thats why Britney spears also a victim of trauma based mindcontrol programming breaking down" (2008 breakdown) was "for the very same reason" look at her today "she is still a "mindcontrolled cash cow zombie" her father/handler "controls and runs her life too": I feel so sorry for her Britney spears its just awful "her handler" and "cash cow dad "owns her"; These poor people "are at the mercy of "occult pedophile illuminatti run Holywod/entertainment/ occult industry" :( :( these poor people are ALL Victims of these assholes "no wonder" they have complete mental Breakdowns",
      usually they will give them drugs in these places and "make it look like an accident to say that they "O D", :(

  126. she was…still is, my favourite actress by FAR! she seemed so real and down to earth in all her movies and interviews! i hate that the illuminati can just ruin someone like this with a click of fingers!! hate them!!

  127. I have recently seen a film with Amanda Bynes, "Easy A". Incidentally, it was the last film she played before announcing she was leaving acting career. The character she played raised my concerns and that is why I returned to this article.

    When I read this article in May, I did not know who A. Bynes is, and now that I saw her role in this film, it made me think about the ideas that were conveyed via her character. Marianne, played by A. Bynes, is an envious and mean high school girl. She makes a public issue out of her schoolmate's behavior, and while claiming to have positive intentions, attacks her verbally and leads a campaign to expell her from school. Also, she is a devoted Christian with a Christian youth group at school and a pastor father.

    What struck me in this film is its portrayal of Christianity. Christians are pictured as hypocrites, bigots, and jealous of others. They do not reach out with care for people, cannot offer support and help, but shame them publicly and spread gossip. All of this is embodied in A. Bynes' character.

    While I know that it is a role she plays, still it disturbs me how she was chosen to represent someone to forward stereotypes about Christianity. Also, it is not the case when a film shows both positive and negative aspects of some issue. There is lots of negativity and zero positivity about Christianity in "Easy A".

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