What is Happening to Katy Perry?


Katy Perry has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons, causing her fans to question her mental sanity. Is she heading towards a typical pop star meltdown?

Once in a while, a different celebrity is pushed under the “bad spotlight”, where a string of bizarre, humiliating and career-hurting things happen to them under intense media scrutiny. Over the past years, I have covered the breakdowns of once soaring celebrities such as Britney SpearsKanye WestShia LeboeufAmanda Bynes, and others. None of them fully recovered from these traumatic events. All of the them now appear completely “out of it”.

The most troubling part of these breakdowns is the fact that they are often accompanied by pictures and performances that are heavily symbolic which imply that they are under intense control … and that their breakdowns were right on schedule. Is Katy Perry heading that way? One thing is for sure, we are seeing the classic symptoms and symbolism of a classic “pop star breakdown”. The pattern is there for those who can see it.

Losing It

Although Perry has been at the forefront of the elite’s agenda for years (read my several articles about her), she nevertheless enjoyed universal praise from fans, critics, and media in general. This has changed in the past months.

Things began to go sour around the time she released Chained to the Rythm, a song that, coincidentally, heavily promotes to the elite’s agenda.Perry introduced this song at the 2017 Grammy Awards (the performance was very symbolic). Before the awards show, Perry caused some stir when she made fun of Britney Spear’s head shaving incident. When Ryan Seacrest asked her about her brief hiatus from the music business, she replied:

Before the awards show, Ryan Seacrest interviewed Perry and asked her about her brief hiatus from the music business. Her reply caused some controversy as it made fun of Britney Spears’ infamous head-shaving event.

“It’s called taking care of your mental health, I haven’t shaved my head yet.”

This comment was odd yet strangely specific. It cold-bloodedly ridiculed a traumatic event in Britney Spears’ life nearly exactly 10 years after it happened. It was like a 10-year anniversary “diss” from the elite to Britney Spears – through Katy Perry.

Britney Spears shaving her head during her public meltdown in February 2007.

The fact that Perry made this comment on the 10th anniversary of this event is somewhat odd – as if it was a sick “inside joke” of the industry. What is sad about this comment is that Perry might be heading down the same horrific path. Here’s a quick recap of the events leading to Britney Spear’s breakdown.

To understand the kind of destructive pattern industry slaves are subjected to, here’s a quick recap of the events surrounding Britney Spears’ meltdown.

Feb. 16, 2007
Spears is seen at a hair salon in Tarzana, Calif., shaving her head. Later, she was seen at a tattoo parlor getting inked on her hip and wrist. The “makeover” came the same day as reports on TV and Web sites that Spears, who has drawn criticism for her recent partying and sloppy behavior, had briefly checked into rehab at a treatment center in Antigua. Hair purportedly clipped from her head is now for sale on eBay.

Feb. 20, 2007
Spears checks into a Los Angeles in-patient facility following a bizarre weekend that included shaving her head and getting new tattoos.

Sept. 9, 2007
Britney Spears returns to the spotlight in a big way in Las Vegas, opening MTV’s annual star studded Video Music Awards (VMAs) with a performance of her new single, “Gimme.” But, her performance provoked plenty of negative feedback; out-of-synch lip-synching, lethargic movements, a bit of paunch in place of her once-taut belly – all came under scrutiny. At times she just stopped singing altogether, as if even she knew nothing could save her performance.

Britney Spears’ at the 2007 VMAs.

Jan. 3, 2008
Spears was whisked away in an ambulance after police were called to her house to help end a nearly three-hour custody standoff involving her young sons. She was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Entertainment Tonight reported on its Web site. A Los Angeles Police Department spokesman told City News Service that Spears appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance.

Jan. 31, 2008
For the second time in a month, Britney Spears was taken from her home by ambulance and escorted to a hospital by more than a dozen police officers as two helicopters followed overhead. A Los Angeles police officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the matter, said the 26-year-old pop star was being taken to “get help” but did not give the ambulance’s destination. The Los Angeles Times, citing unidentified authorities, said Spears was taken to UCLA Medical Center to be placed on a “mental evaluation hold.”

Feb. 5, 2008
A restraining order was issued against Sam Lutfi, the man who’s been at Britney Spears’ side during her downward spiral. It alleges that he drugged her, took over her finances and controlled the ravenous paparazzi “like a general.” The order was based on a lengthy declaration from Spears’ mother, Lynne, who says Spears met the 33-year-old in October 2007 and “essentially moved into Britney’s home and has purported to take control of her life, home and finances.”
– CBS News, Timeline: Britney’s Meltdown

Britney Spears was in the “bad spotlight” during these days. She bore all of the symptoms of a classic MK-ULTRA breakdown. “Rehab”, “mental evaluation hold” and forced ambulance rides can be code words for “mind control reprogramming”. During these trying times, Sam Lutfi was her MK handler and was instrumental to the meltdown. Oddly enough, Lutfi was also around Amanda Bynes when she broke down and went in forced psychiatric hold.

When attempting to escape MK programming, slaves often shave their heads – a gesture that make them feel they are liberating themselves from their handler’s control. Spears’ breakdown was a failed attempt to escape. Since then, her demeanor has been described as “zombie-like”. She’s been under conservatorship, meaning that every aspect of her life is tightly controlled. Amanda Bynes followed the same pattern.

Therefore, Katy Perry made fun of this extremely sad event. What does she do shortly afterwards? SHE SHAVES HER HEAD.

Katy unveiling her new look on April 10th: Shaved blond hair.

In the twisted symbolism of the MK industry, short blonde hair indicates that the slave has recently been “messed with”.

After he was released from his forced hospitalization in November 2016, Kanye West’s hair was blonde. He has yet to make a convincing public appearance. 

So, after ridiculing an MK slave, Perry took the form of an MK slave. And she kept posting stuff that angered her fans.

On May 1st, Perry posted a video on Instagram where she replies to a fan who told her that she misses her old black hair. Perry responded by comparing her old hair to Obama – a bizarre answer that managed to offend a lot of people.


A post shared by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

Perry’s snarky reply appears custom-made to irritate the very people she was pandering to while she was supporting Hillary. Why would she do that? The press did not like it. Here are some headlines that popped out afterwards.

In short, one can sum up Katy Perry’s current year as “bad press”.

Symbolic Met Gala

In the midst of all of that, Katy Perry is still appearing in places and releasing new material. And, guess what? Everything is drenched in MK-ULTRA, occult elite imagery. For instance, let’s look at Katy Perry’s attire at the Met Gala.

The most “Illuminati” dress of all times?

Created by the elite-friendly Maison Margiela, the dress had all of the components of occult ritual drama. First, it was 100% bright red which, in occult ritual, represents sacrifice. The veil on her head also hints to a ritualistic process. Veils are removed from brides’ heads when they are ready to “consume their wedding”. Being a pawn of the elite is nothing less than a wedding … with the dark side.

The headdress of this ensemble is the most obvious part of it all. It features an eye that covers one of Perry’s actual eyes. In other words, she was a walking-talking one-eye sign. In case you’ve never read any other articles on this site, the one-eye sign identifies pawns of the elite’s industry.

Around the eye is stitched the word “witness”. Eye Witness. On each side of her head are two spiral things and two rectangle things which make it look as if she had horns.

Some observers stated that the “Eye Witness” thing might be promoting her new album. Whatever the case may be, Katy is currently in DEEP Illuminati symbolism.

After the Met Gala, Perry posted a picture on Instagram that managed, once again, to get a whole bunch of people riled up.

Perry posted a picture of the first page of the New York Times which contained a pic of her wearing the red dress. As a caption, Perry wroteL “All the news that’s fit to print”. However, above the picture of Perry was another picture: A French policeman that was literally on fire. So insensitive. Also, there’s an eye on her fingernail.

Of course, this picture caused people to accuse Perry of being self-centered and desperate for attention. The strange thing about this Instagram post is that the top part of the newspaper could easily have been cropped. Instead, there is actually more focus on the police picture than on Katy Perry. Feels like it was done on purpose to enrage people.

In occult ritual, the period of sacrifice is often associated with hardships and humiliation. As an industry slave, Katy appears to be the current “chosen one” to undergo the bizarre ritual drama that the elite needs to have enacted in real life, across mass media.

At the Met Gala, Katy Perry performed her new song entitled Bon Apétit. As you can probably imagine, the song is not about gastronomy and she is not singing about a nice piece of salmon. It is about sex. More precisely, it is about her being a Beta Kitten – a sexual slave of the elite. Here’s a part of the chorus.

‘Cause I’m all that you want, boy
All that you can have, boy
Got me spread like a buffet
Bon appétit, baby

The cover of the single alludes to her being “consumed” by three dudes. She’s the buffet.

Her performance at the Met Gala was highly symbolic.

The Met Gala performance featured Perry being held by the hands of unseen people – a great way of representing MK handlers.

In short, Katy Perry’s string of controversies and bizarre events are not random. They actually follow the same pattern that keeps happening in the entertainment industry. All of the symptoms and the symbolism is there. Katy Perry is deep in the elite’s system and this often leads to bad things. Let’s hope she is not heading towards a total meltdown.

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You can’t play around with the devil and his demons and get away with it for very long. What he wants for them is not the success he gives them for a while, but the destruction he brings upon them at the end.

And that’s the thing about selling your soul to the devil; the debt is never paid, no matter how many sacrifices you make to go higher, until that sacrifice is YOU.

The bride of satan as the Bride of Christ both are being selected and prepared.

That is deep. So true.

He also wants them to brainwash people worldwide to bring em to hell with him, so he I’ll use them for as long as he can.

…and to top it off, her red satanic dress has the X0 in the front, with the “0” squared off & below the X.

What does that mean?

XO in this case is the Beast claiming the Earth as his domain.
X=sign of the Beast O= the Earth

Newsflash: This is a typical mind control slave

newsflash? Synickel gets it, T&L.

Someone below asked what the point of all this is. Big-picture: It’s a parasitic feeding dressed up in ritual. These parasites (the psychopaths who run most of our societies) feed off our energy, like fleas and ticks, leeching us dry. It doesn’t really matter if it’s true that there really is energy involved or not, they certainly believe it…it’s either part of their religion or warped view of the world. It seems they either particularly feed off of, or only feed off of, trauma-based energy. One source calls it ‘loosh’. I’ll use that term for short-hand, though I don’t buy into all the theories that usually go along with that vocab. Confusion, societal chaos, constant terror threats, division…all these things generate a seemingly endless supply of loosh for The Psychos That Be (TPTB). Seemingly banal things, like Katy Perry, are used to lure in millions of young people’s mental energy.… Read more »

A demon can inhabit an AI robot as well as a human. The transhumanist thing they think will help them get around the Lord Jesus’s judgement at the end of time won’t work out.

There are many disguises available for those in the know. One could also hunker down back in a coal mine with sufficient supplies and wait it all out. Judgement Day is a way overblown concept fostered on us by corporate religionism

davd icke – reptilian agenda

An inspiring message with much clarity. I’d like to add that the negative energy they are “harvesting” is valuable to the evil ones because it gives them leverage to manipulate the ignorant and upset. Be in guard, be positively healthy, pray for everything.

Loved this post well said & well written & I believe its the truth…dont feed them I cut them off years ago

Your theory is very convincing as I am Christian and there is the coming of the ‘anti-christ’ before the coming of Jesus Christ. So I’m assuming that the book of Revelation is just becoming more prominent in today’s times. People are believing less and less in a God and are placing their beliefs in pegan/anti-christ like ways. Many might not believe the Bibble and in a God, even I myself doubt, but I always think back on all the miracles and unexplainable testimonies that even science cannot answer. Plus my family and I have experienced occult like scenarios. Before we converted to Christianism, my mother’s family and grandmother practiced ‘brujeria’ which is witchcraft in the latin culture. There even was a voodoo witch who cast a curse upon my mother’s family. And in that year my grandmother and two cousins had passed away. My mother and all her sisters’ marriages… Read more »
In the end, there is almost nothing miraculous about a God who sentences all people to death for the crime of eating an apple, or about a burning bush. It sounds more like a satanic God, than a loving father to knowingly place even children to death for so called “original sin.” The Bible becomes hard to believve. A burning bush is very easy to produce. Just give me a laser gun. It speaks to the possibility of ancient or alient technology that was used as a simple parlor trick. Indeed much of what was done in the Bible can either be reproduced with technology, or else possibly understood through quantum physics. We now know that a subatomic particle can be placed in two places at once. We may not know how to make our bodies be in two places at once, but that does not mean that it is… Read more »

With the world going as it is you may be on to something Miss Shawna. There might have been a fight thousands of years ago and Good God lost and the Bad God (devil) is currently reigning and causing all sorts of ill s***e. An interesting concept to ponder at least

I have my doubts about the Bible as well, considering so many ancient cultures had the same stories like virgin birth, flood stories, creation stories, and diabolical archetypes. I read David Icke and have studied various world religions. But when I get to my church, I bow down on my knees and know I believe in Jesus because of faith and the grace of God.

How and where did Witchcraft become inviting, You need to know that most of the technologies (Especially the ones that Distract) we have today is as a result of humans being taught by Fallen Angels cos the anti-christ is about to reveal himself. Why has technology Improved vastly in the Last 150 or so years , what happened to the time before this period. God never forbade us exercise , nutrition or knowing our natural world. I dunno the Bible you have been reading or where in the Bible it states that. We live a New Testament life where old things have passed away because of the coming of Christ. I believe you’re Agnostic and its either you’re fully for Christ or against Him. There is no sitting on the fence. Don’t let Science fool you that we have all the answers, lots of Weapons made today is because of… Read more »

Shawna, who are you to question God?

Shawna, I find the relatively overt display of evil a proof that in fact God also does exist. If he made beings that were originally perfect but became corrupt, that explains the presence of evil, demons, dark forces, etc. The symbology of evil (as this website points out) is persistent and prevalent – appearing over and over again throughout history – so much that it cannot be coincidental. If there is no creator God, then where did all this evil (and it’s symbols) come from? Did it create itself? If so, that would be quite tragic as the super-human powers of darkness would be all there is to know outside of humanity. If these symbols are merely the product of culture, then we’re left admitting that humanity is itself responsible for all the evil in the world – there’s nothing supernatural behind it. I don’t think that is the case.… Read more »

Asher, how do you know so much about this? Do you blog? I’d be interested to read more along these lines.

Could the singularity they’re talking about, or something resembling that, be in fact “the coming” of Satan or Lucifer then? I don’t know much about religions but that’s just a thought I had reading you.

Vanilla, satan’s already here and the antichrist will appear soon. Its Jesus who will rule for all enternity. .

Also, Yaldabaoth is Saturn and creator of the “Saturn Matrix”.

That’s an interesting thought. However, singularity itself is nothing but smoke and mirrors, a mere fantasy of the elites who think that they can detach themselves from the masses once and for all. In reality, nothing suggests that could ever happen, let alone in the next several decades. If anything, the scientific progress has stalled recently in comparison with the 20th century.

It does not matter how much technology they have. Jesus spoke the universe into creation. Everything they do and are made of was created by Jesus.

I thonk you might want to look into hyperdimensional physics, quantum mechanics and singularity. Also the nag hammadi and Yaldabaoth. You could not be more wrong. Educate yourself. montalk.net. peace.

Ha ha, quantum physics/mechanics. For all you fools who stand by science you are just living by lies that can’t be proved. It is just a THEORY. A THEORY CAN NEVER BE PROVED. Yet you live your lives through something that is so false. Try getting up every day and living through what you experience, and not what makes sense on paper. If you take a s**t in the morning and the numbers don’t add up, does it mean you didn’t have one?………. God bless you idiots

Yaldabaoth is the Gnostic Demiurge mentioned in the Gnostic Bible and also by Albert Pike in “Morals and Dogma”. Be careful where you get your information.

I feel this. Thank you for putting it into words.

I’ve noticed that after they are forcibly hospitalized (if they are not suicided) they always reappear with blank stares with their eyes and absent personalities… I know many will say that they made their own beds but it’s still quite sad…

Like Rihanna, she also went through the same process of becoming a high-level slave with her Anti diaries that revealed how she went from good girl gone bad. Or Kim Kardashian also has the same blank stare since her robbery in Paris.

Kim Kardashian was born with a blank stare.

lol so true ahhahah

Probably due to the shock therapy they are forced to go through… Insane.

The cover of her album is about 3 black hands, no white…it also recalls to triangle or 3 legs esoteric figure…her album is about cannibalism, and we know there were lots of rumors about perry implicated in pizzagate…her songs r all about pedo in symbolic keys…then she goes around with a word eyewitness written on her head…maybe somebody is using her to blackmail the pizzagate personages…cause perry probably participated in those ritualistic murders under pizzagate…who may be the new master or boss of perry? I think this might be trump…when kanye got out rehab, he had the same blonde short hairs, shacking hand to trump…now perry has also short blond hairs….and she calls Obama ” old black hair” …means that it was her old master/ boss. It is past…now she has new blonde master…. When she was talking about her red dress gala on newspaper, actually she was sending an… Read more »

It’s possible she is still wounded by growing up with her parents. They were overly strict and it seems her adolescent rebellion against them has not stopped, and that she has not healed. It’s pretty clear that her childhood was sheltered and abnormal. Those things we love about her and detest about her stem from her extreme immaturity. I think her growth was stunted, and she legit did not know how to deal with an adult world. At this point, if she is not actually satanic, then I think she may be doing it intentionally to hurt her parents. Or it could be both. Given that she is a spokesperson for HRC, I think it’s possible she was seduced by evil. No matter what happens, I don’t think she’s coming back from that. What part of her seems strong enough?

Her parents only became religious later in their lives, her father was a LSD dealer to Grateful Dead and her mother had an affair with Jimi Hendriks. Not so sheltered after all.

Not long to go now....

Isn’t her father a pastor? I hope he asks his entire congregation to pray for her, and all other congregations as well. To me, there’s no coming back for her-she’s too far gone, but to God, there’s not a chance he won’t save her soul in the end. So long as she is in others prayers, she has a fighting chance.

Good to note that it was clear to me at first sight that the Eye Witness veil meant she was the witness of ritualistic murders and was sending a message to those that participated. However, unlike you; I did not connect it to pizzagate, thank you for connecting the dots. I wonder if any of the participants were breaking under pressure and media scrutiny and were about to leak info. I am still not sure what became of the “owner” of Planet Ping Pong. I have not visited any sites that speak of his whereabouts.

Again, thank you for the clarification on this very dark message.

This is what I was looking for. Thank you!

i don’t feel bad for her. her personality has always come off to me as purely rotten, SO cocky and loved to be the center of attention. i did not get the same impression from britney. i feel britney was more preyed upon, whereas katy very willingly signed up.

Agree and disagree. They were both sheltered and immature. They both were the center of attention as children. Sadly Britney’s fans are still decieved that she is innocent and sweet, and yet from watching her documentaries, you can see that she is a mean spiteful person who makes fun of everyone: her ex’s, her father, her assistant Felicia. She’s a child who can not even get out of bed or cook for herself when she is not on tour. Her rebellion started in late teens or early adulthood, about the first time she heard the word no. She is marginally talented for a child, for an adult, she is lazy and subpar. Selling sex took the place of any actual talent or pursuit of adult knowledge in her life. Katy rebelled almost instantly from before she left her home, immediately after she left her home, and today. She got famous… Read more »

“Witness” is written with the Walt Disney style W

One of the rings on the hand at the front has a pentagram on it.

First thing I noticed too.

And the “t” is a cross, maybe mocking her old Christian faith?

Another day, another Hollywood ‘star’/Illuminati slave MK ultra/Monarch breakdown. All the more reason to expose and end all of this as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the article.

I also can’t help but notice The British Model Cara she shaved her head and she looks more unhealthy and more of a dazed and confused person she seems so distant and when you mentioned in your article saying “When attempting to escape MK programming, slaves often shave their heads – a gesture that make them feel they are liberating themselves from their handler’s control” I thought of Cara! Thank you for this article too.

And Cara was heard at the Met Gala saying she wanted to escape the shallow fashion world…..

Cara Delevigne comes from an English bloodline that has ties to the Royal Family and that explains why her mom was a drug addict and Cara was raised by her father. Also, she began modeling since she was 15 years old thanks to her godmother Joan Collins, so based on these facts, Cara has been surrounded by the Luciferian show business since she was a little child and that explains her emotional breakdown.

How interesting. I knew that her best friend’s mum is the woman from Elite models (how ironic) who discovered Kate Moss so figured that was where the nepotism stemmed from. I didn’t know about her bloodline or that Joan Collins is her godmother. It all makes sense now…

I think Cara Delevingne is also formerly male.

Cara DeLevingne also looks similar to Leonardo DiCaprio. Cara is also hanging out with FTM Justin Bieber. Definitely something weird going on here…

“Elite Gender Inversion.” A common practice amongst the-powers-that-be that is widespread and goes back centuries. We’re just blind to it. Until we’re not. Search up the term for more.

Too many of these to be mere coincidence. There is a deep and dark depravity in the music industry

It seems Katy Perry adopted the “old style” of Miley Cyrus to continue relevant in the midia…

I read the other day that Miley is returning with a new album and her first song is Malibu. And that sends a real clear message to the masses.
1st: is called Malibu like Barbie Malibu as saying that she is a plastic doll managed by the Luciferian show business (Hollywood) and that she is an empty vessel to be filled with any mislead information for the masses.
2nd: Malibu is a well-known place for witchcraft in Los Angeles and a lot of celebrities end going to rehab there.

Interesting comment about the song Malibu. I remember Courtney Love’s band had a song called Malibu. The lyrics stood out to me because I assumed that she was talking about Kurt, but the witchcraft angle gives the song another creepy vibe. Such a shame because it was a catchy song.

it seems she is just climbing up the latter of the occult with more initiation rituals, wearing red, going through mind programming, she is still in the media so it shows she is obeying.(please do a post about the president bloodline, trump being a Zionist puppet)

I have a theory that the eye imagery in magic is at least partly related to observer created reality. By paying attention an observer makes things real, bringing them into consciousness and integrating them into memory. In a public sacrificial ritual attention would serve two purposes – actualizing the sacrifice by harnessing the quantum physical power of the collective witnessing and traumatizing the observers, who could never unsee the event.

Surprised you did not include the disturbing post/gif she put on Instagram in her Met Gala outfit… she is standing in front of Masonic checkerboard in scary outfit, moving around in the shadows, staring and looking like Satan while hell-raising music plays. It is her turn I guess… Miley is “clean now” and looks (key word “looks”) normal again… guess the embarrassment is over and the programming completed. She will submit to whatever and just be another dead in the eyes starlet enslaved to the industry. Now we watch it unfold with Katy.

I watch her on the red carpet taking pictures with the paparazzi , she looked so uncomfortable and humiliated Its almost as if the ground could cover her up she would jump right in and the paparazzi where just yelling at her with giggles in the background, one person even yelled ‘ Katy what happened to you?’ Which seems to be the same headline for VC’s article ……hmmmm I wonder if it was him lol.
She didn’t even know what she was wearing until she was about to wear it, this goes to show that she really is a puppet.

By the way what the hell was pharells wife wearing????

I just watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtwFuWI-pS4 and she seems sooo off. She seems very vacant and almost like in a trans state.

Ack. Yes, very blank and weird eyes. She just screams “witchcraft”, and that’s even apart from the crazy costume. Her eyes and her manner are just spooky and not nice.

I just saw it and searched for the music (sadly I kind of liked it :/ ) and unsurprisingly, the song is called “sweet hell”.

Oh boy. To be accompanied by that transparently evil video, of course it is called that. We can expect it lyrically to be very dark.

It’s the same story over and over. I wonder if the sacrifice is because she is rebelling against the industry or if it’s just something they do when they feel a star has run it’s course. We will never know until one speaks out. Always leads to more questions than answers. Wow, that dress is horrible.

The dress is f*****g beautiful what’re you talking about?!

It’s like a dress queen amidala would wear in Star Wars…I think she did wear one like it?

Interesting Sentence right next to the picture:
“Fox News, Pledging New Culture, Ousts Another Symbol of Old One”

Combining the Mainstream Media, Symbols and “New Culture”.

She self-admittedly ‘sold her soul to the devil.’ She will reap what she sowed. Such a fall from her very first album, under the name Kate Hudson. A very positive, uplifting Christian gospel/country-ish music, that I still enjoy to this day.

if more people bought that album,maybe kate wuldnt have sold herself to become katy perry

That’s because that album prolly sucked let’s be real.

The dress she wore at the Met gala reminds me of the red Versace dress Nicki Minaj wore at the 2012 Grammy Awards & a few other female celebs who have worn red at awards shows. Does this represent the next level of her initiation into the music industry – The w***e of Babylon, the Scarlet woman, this also reminds of the Red woman from the Game of Thrones series who is really a witch. and I’ve heard Katy Perry is an occult witch or on her way to become one (Like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Madonna. Lady Gaga etc.) and now she has cut her hair and dyed it blonde, like Justin Bieber who is also an MK slave of the music industry…The dots always connect.

Quite honestly, I thought the face sign was meant to convey the word ‘whiteness’ (w + eye + tness). The fact that the hands consuming her buffet all belong to black men also struck me as intentional. That those men all use the same hand gesture ( 4 fingers; no thumb) also seems intentional. Combine the word, the picture with the black hands/white woman imagery, her comment on ‘black hair’/Obama and it seems to be consistent with the ‘race war’ agenda that seems to be being pushed. Perhaps these are all coincidences but as a ‘vigilant citizen’, I at least take note. At a minimum, it’s concerning.

don’t forget kristen stewart just shaved her head and Cara Delevingne

it’s going to start looking like Children of the Corn out thar lol

and jaden smith

And The Weekend Singer.

Believe none of what you see and half of what you hear… There’s nothing wrong with Katy. She is a high priestess in the OTO and a darling of the elites. She’s attended rituals with Hilary. If she APPEARS to be in trouble now, that’s all it is. Appearances can be deceiving. Basically, people are starting to wake up more and more to the controlled brainwashing of pop music, and her brand of canned crap is no longer as palatable as it once was. Therefore, her handlers have to show her rebelling and make her an ANTI-HERO. Just as many who couldn’t stand Britney and didn’t take her seriously UNTIL she began to break down, then they felt sorry for her. They’re giving Katy the same script. Anyone who thinks Katy is in trouble should see 17Stormy17 on youtube break down her video “This is How We Do” as an… Read more »

Also: This dress is really ugly. It shows so much skin, it looks really cheap/sexslavelike. And it must be uncomfortable as hell. It doesn’t make sense, that anyone in their right mind would voluntarily wear a dress like this.

I think you mean “consummate the wedding” rather than “consume” it?

There’s every likelihood she has no personal control over her own social media accounts and that ghastly newspaper post was orchestrated by her handlers rather than by her – anyone can paint a fingernail, after all. I do wonder how complicit stars are at this stage in their career / programming – I suspect not very. Perhaps she did consciously ‘sign-up’ for all of this at some stage but regardless this is so sad, on every level.

What is happening to Katy Perry, you ask?
She sold her soul to the devil…what do you think will happen to her?

And forgot to mention the designer of her dress loves hitler.

Right. I have been reading a lot about the time between April 19th and May 1st as it pertains to the occult, all of the terrible things in history that have happened between those dates, and read about the April 19th, 1943 uprising in Warsaw where the Nazis set the Ghetto on fire and killed thousands of Jews by burning them alive. That is what her newspaper post with the man on fire then immediately reminded me of and the connection of her dress designer and his attitudes… disgusting.

It’s called Feast of the Beast

Katy Perry chose satan over JesusChrist.

Making fun at of Brittany Spears? I think VC may have taken this out of context. I didn’t see it that way at all. She said she hasn’t shaved her head “yet”. Meaning s**t is crazy and that’s what it eventually leads to in that industry (seeing her as her peer) and she’s doing what she can to keep it together.

I think the headdress, the spirals, is more symbolizing electronic interference – MK,

Like Rihanna, she also went through the same process of becoming a high-level slave with her Anti diaries that revealed how she went from good girl to wild child. It appears that spring always is the ritual season that ends in July with the Bohemian grove reunion.

The cover of Bon Apetit, she looks very much alike beta-kitten Miley Cyrus. The transition from cute ‘babe’ with long hair to vulgarized sex-animal with short, bonde hair seems to be a standard feature for these puppets.

next up, Selena Gomez & Arianna Grande to shave their heads Nd go blonde. If that happens, then we now its all true.

Just wanted to mention that other stars like Kristen Bell (who has an eye tattoo) and Cara Develigne also went bald and dyed their hair blonde. After I had seen Katy do it I wondered that this must be more than just a trend or ‘coincidence’.

I also read an article on the Dailymail about Sam Lufti being sued for kidnapping Francis Cobain’s husband? I find it odd that she would kidnap the husband of a famous daughter’s dad (does that make sense) who was murdered.

Could you write an article about Chiara Ferragni the italian blogger who is now a millionaire and had such a speedy ascension? I am dazzled by the imagery of her products and i cannot understand what she exactly did or what is her involvement in Illuminati. At a first glance she seems the type of girl preocupied by make up clothes and silly girly stuff,i mean no one even takes her symbols seriously.. and obviously you wouldnt think she is a member of Illuminati. I need someone to explain to me what’s exactly her contribution and how they alloud her to be so wealthy and loved by everyone. She is huge in Italy and apparently a role model for many young ladies. But i feel all this good life has a dark side and a secret.

“speedy ascension” ? It took her YEARS to get where she is plus she is one of the very first bloggers….

Maybe she’s been working for years but only recently she has been promoting illuminati ideology. She has released a line of shoes and bags with one eye print,she has tattoos with eyes all over her hands and arms including fingers,eye jewellery,her pillows,her walls,her bed,her bags,her photos all bombarded with eyes and even a tattoo on her back called “luce” which in italians means light. In one year she cashed 10 mil euro. Plus there is also a photo with her online with mickey mouse ears. So you are basically saying she is hardworking and this is why the ascension when in reality i see only symbols in all her pictures. Wake up dude

Dude, i work in the f*cking fashion industry.
She has been using those symbols for at least 3-4 years, it’s deffo not a “speedy ascension”. Yes those are symbols, but no it wasn’t speedy. lol.
wake up dude!

And not only that but i think she is also a handler. Look at her now fresh fiancee Fedez who sits like a puppet next to her and has that void look on his face. I consider her ascension a speedy one since she became world wide known through the pantene commercial(a few months ago). She was famous before too but not worldwide like at the moment. She’s everywhere as a so called “influencer” and she walks hand in hand and sits in bed in photoshoots with bella hadid(did she do this 3-4 years ago???? No..). Now give me a break.

“As an industry slave, Katy appears to be the current “chosen one” to undergo the bizarre ritual drama that the elite needs to have enacted in real life, across mass media.”

Why does the elite need this acted out publicly? Why?

They feed off the emotional and psychic energy given off by the masses. It is truly demonic.

yeah idk? Can someone explain that bit?

From what Ive read, the religion that they practice involves the extraction of energy from the masses. Things like terrorist attacks, celebrities, etc, are ways of making people feel a certain way so they can use it or consume it.

Ever seen those horror movies with haunted houses where they say that, whatever is in there, is feeding off of the family’s negativity? Its kinda like that.

Her soul is damned to hell unless she repents and rebukes all of the wickedness that she has promoted.

Nothing but more loosh for lucifer

Stop trying to make “loosh” happen. It’s not going to happen! =-P

She has been streaming every single detail of her life for 4 days write an article about it

This is what happens when you sell your soul to satan for fame and fortune !!!!

Well, they seem to be letting Miley Cyrus go back to a normal life and now need to replace her. Miley was saying that she was clean and didn’t want to smoke marijuana anymore or something like that…a complete turnaround!

Katy seems like she will be happy to be the next one to go off the rails..

I read the other day that Miley is returning with a new album and her first song is Malibu. And that sends a real clear message to the masses.
1st: is called Malibu like Barbie Malibu as saying that she is a plastic doll managed by the Luciferian show business (Hollywood) and that she is an empty vessel to be filled with any mislead information for the masses.
2nd: Malibu is a well-known place for witchcraft in Los Angeles and a lot of celebrities end going to rehab there.

She’s also just broken up with her boyfriend-Orlando Bloom and then cut her hair off, reminiscent of what Miley Cyrus did before she started on her lewd tours…wonder if we will see the same things going on with Katy then?

They are either stupid or they know exacty what is going on…

MK programming is everywhere, monarch even more, however. If the entertainment industry is ruled by a dark side elite. Is there no one on the light side fighting against them with some power. It’s only a few of us ? Is there no Jedi order (to put it in some kind of simbólico term) in this side ?

I truly wish there was but I’ve yet to hear of such an order

She’s turning into Lady Gaga.

Did anyone see her newest video for her new single “Bon Appetit? Very disturbing.

Kristen Steward has short blonde hair now and she look very sad. There’s an artice today in the Daily Mail where she appeared to have a few cuts and bruises around her knee and just above her legs.

And KP is now falling into the same fate that overwhelmed britney and the others which is all the more reason why making a deal with the devil is bound to cost one’s dignity and eventually their life. Seeing the same old patterns is nothing new since one is handled by MK handlers who are bound to humiliate you until you’re no longer useful.

All the more reason why success and fame comes at a price, which is more than likely one’s soul condemned to forever crawl on their hands and knees for the Illuminati. With symbolism aplenty, the same message being portrayed a million times over in different ways is way too obvious and lame. Many may not know it, yet very few understand the true dark meaning behind them.

Hi V C i am commenting on your website all the way from NZ 🙂 (Waves Hi from NZ) 🙂 i just read an article about conrad hilton junior on the website ( E T Online) It says He has to go to the( Menniger phyciatric Clinic in housten texas for phyciatric inpatient treatment and is released into his fathers custody.)
I would assume this means He has “programming breakdowns”/ etc/ and He needs to be “reprogrammed”, like all the other celebs

Is it me or she looks like Rosemary and Miley Cyrus both?

The red dress, without the surplus lace but perhaps with smaller veil, complete with the metallic headgear seems to be a free play on traditional dutch women’s costume from the seventeenth and eighteenth century in places called Marken and Zeeland. Only the original head ornaments weren’t mere coils, but more like silver or even golden small plates. In ancient China red is the colour of prosperity and luck, and it is been said to ward off evil. Could this attire may be a cry for help? Eye witness. What did she encounter? Being privy to heavy secrets is dangerous, only compare Princess Diana’s demise.

SHE IS LIVE ON YOU TUBE–SHE LOOKS HORRIBLE— Trending -Katy Perry – Live: Witness World Wide

Notice how the hair is always the next to go once these Freemasons reach the point of fame, fortune and power that they bargained for. It’s always gender bender appearance. Now, after the celeb attains the “following” the Masonic handlers “require” according to the crossroads deal they made with the devil, the celeb must now pay back in a variety of ways. The hair (besides the symbolic behavior, gestures and dress) is always indicative of the “control level” which has just been achieved over the celeb by the Illuminati. If a woman who is known for her long hair suddenly cuts it all off, or shaves it entirely/partially, dyes it one or more colors, she has demonstrated she is controlled by someone or thing. Look at Miley Cyrus. Long, then bizarro short. Some will do it gradually. Others all at once. They’ll go from the Vrill thing to Sinead O’Connor… Read more »
this may be a long shot, but i figured i would add to the discussion. anyway, i think she represents the great prostitute from Revelation 17. the chapter begins with an angel telling the apostle john that he will show him the great prostitute that sits on many waters. then verse 4 reads ‘the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and jewels and pearls and she is holding a cup full of abominations and the impurities of her sexual immorality.’ though she is not wearing purple on her dress, her eye shadow is purple, and obviously her dress is scarlet and the photo shows her adorned with much jewelry along with her finger nails. now, in verse 6 of the same chapter, after john has seen the woman, john says, ‘when i saw her, i marveled greatly.’ meaning that john witnessed her. katy perry has… Read more »

I literally just saw a snippet of the Bon Apetit video on Instagram and it was so disturbing! And I didn’t even watch up to 30secs.
Different men clawing and pawing her, she was depicted as dough or some food being prepared.


Meant to disturb and it’s working. The alarming aspect isn’t so much Perry as the sheer number of followers she has. People aren’t just condoning what she stands for but applauding it… all the while walking around oblivious – or worse, unconcerned/uncaring – about the crimes of their government and the chemtrails looming overhead.

This world is going down, fast.