Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rhythm” Sells an Elite-Friendly “Revolution”


“Chained to the Rhythm” is your typical Katy Perry pop song but with a slightly subversive twist. However, there is intense “doublethink” going on here. Indeed, the “rebellion” presented by the video is actually accepting the global elite’s agenda that has been pushed for years.

After Trump’s election, Katy Perry declared that it was time for “purposeful pop”. Did she have an epiphany? Not really. What actually happened is that Capitol Records, the conglomerate that owns her rights, retooled her image and message to fit the current agenda.

Indeed, for years, Perry’s appeal to teens and pre-teens has been exploited to push all kinds of agendas. And this hasn’t changed. The context, however, has changed.

The 2014 video “Dark Horse” was a gigantic tribute to the occult elite and its Illuminati symbolism. Read my article about it here.

In 2017, Katy Perry’s services are once again needed. And, when Katy Perry releases a “political” song, you better believe that the message has been carefully crafted to serve the interests of those who own her. Chained to the Rhythm is exactly that: A calculated “political” message presenting the elite’s globalist agenda as a “rebellion” against the American nightmare that is Trump.

Before I go further, I feel the need to point out that this article is not pro or anti-Trump. It is an objective analysis of a mass media product that was released during a specific political era. As I’ve often stated, the same occult elite is still behind the scenes, no matter who’s in power and still fully controls the channels of mainstream media. So, please realize that, unlike 99% of blogs and news sites out there, I don’t care about political affiliations and my values are not shaped according to a pre-made “liberal” or “conservative” box. I’m simply analyzing the agenda behind mass media. Alright, back to the article.

In Chained to the Rhythm, the United States is compared to a theme park named Oblivia, where “oblivious” people walk around with static creepy smiles on their faces. The rides in the park represent real-life social issues that American people are apparently ignoring because they’re “living in a bubble”. This is coming from Katy Perry who was also in this video:

California Gurls.

Chained to the Elite

The video takes place in a theme park named Oblivia. The logo is a hamster, a rodent who is known to live in a cage and exercise on a spinning wheel that leads to nowhere. This is how the elite perceives the masses.

In the park, people are too absorbed with their social media statuses to understand what is truly going on around them.

The park is filled with self-centered people who take selfies with their hamster devices.

Katy Perry is right. People who take selfies are self-absorbed jerks. BUT WAIT A MINUTE.


ANYWAYS, people in the park are, pretty much, brainwashed drones who do as they are told.

Guests follow arrows the same way the masses follow mass media towards whatever they are supposed to think and do and this point and time.
The waiting time for this ride is 1984 hours. Get it? As in Orwell’s 1984? Which was about Big Brother?

Wow, Katy Perry’s got some edgy, “wake up to the truth” commentary going on. It’s like she’s on our side now! A truther! Well, not really. What is basically happening is that the entire “truther” viewpoint is being co-opted by mass media to sell the elite’s agenda.

In Oblivia, Katy visits several rides that allude to issues happening in America and the world. While they appear fun, they are actually harming those who ride them.

One ride, named “The Great American Dream Drop”, has a grave underlying meaning.
Happy little couples go inside happy little houses and are lifted into the air.

Once in the air,  the houses suddenly drop back down. Is this a reference to banks taking families for a “ride” by lending them money to buy homes using shoddy loans? This scam led to the massive housing crash of 2008 which caused trillions of dollars to be sucked from average Americans’ pockets towards the financial elite.

When Katy Perry performed Chained to the Rythm at the Brit Awards and the Grammys, the sets symbolically referred to the killing of the American dream.

At the Grammy Awards, a typical, white-picket-fence home was literally on fire. Was Perry predicting a period of major turmoil for the masses?
At the Brit Awards, homes got off the ground and started moving around, as if under the spell of giant skeletons (who probably represented Donald Trump and Theresa May).

Perry’s lyrics take aim at regular people living in their regular homes, telling them they are too “comfortable”.

Are we crazy?
Living our lives through a lens
Trapped in our white-picket fence
Like ornaments
So comfortable, we live in a bubble, a bubble
So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, the trouble

Katy is right, we should follow her lead and not live in a “comfortable bubble”. BUT WAIT A MINUTE.

Katy recently bought an ENTIRE CONVENT to live in.

ANYWAYS, other rides in the video allude to other social issues.

The roller-coaster ride features a “validation station” named Love Me.

As people take place in the ride, we realize that men sit on one side and women on the other. Why is there a separation? Is this a reference to sexism in society? When Simon and Rose go through the “Validation Station” (a commentary on how people crave social media “likes” to feel validated), Simon gets nearly all of the votes. This seems to tell us that men have an unfair advantage over women, especially when it comes to social media.


ANYWAYS, the next ride directly takes aim at a specific Trump policy.

The ride “No Place Like Home” is a commentary on Trump’s policy of deporting illegal immigrants. Did this couple enter Oblivia illegally?
The couple is then ejected far away, above a fence – a reference to Trump’s proposed wall.

Other rides allude to issues that were part of American history for decades.

The ride “Bombs Away!” consists of missiles flying around.

The ride alludes to the American people being oblivious to the various wars being carried out by their government around the world. Katy is right. War is bad and we should protest against it. BUT WAIT A MINUTE.

In the 2012 video “Part of Me”, Katy enlists in the army and goes to war. Why? Because her boyfriend cheated on her. Makes sense.

Part of Me was released five years ago. Perry was used as a recruiting tool by the army in order to reach young people. Joining the army was presented as a solution to a bad relationship (read my article about it here). But this is now.

This guy is happily walking around with a mushroom cloud in his hands. He’s oblivious to the nuclear threat around the world.

The attraction named “Inferno H20” is rather perplexing.

It is basically a gas station that dispenses “Fire Water”.

In this attraction, Katy is given a glass of water that catches fire. Is it a comment on the controversial practice of water fracking? Does it refer to the looming water crisis that is on the verge of causing conflicts around the world? Does it maybe refer to the environmental disasters caused by the exploitation and transportation of petroleum? The message here is rather vague, not unlike other scenes in the video.

In the evening, guests are shown a movie on a TV screen, the same way Americans spend their evenings watching TV.

The film is called “A Nuclear Family”.
The masses (including the douche behind Katy) put on their 3D glasses and enthusiastically absorb the propaganda.

If we follow the logic of this video, people are being brainwashed by watching a movie about a “nuclear family” which is defined as:

a social unit composed of two parents and one or more children.”

Why is this portrayed as bad? Yes, in today’s society, there are all kinds of family structures and they are all as valid and important as any others and blah blah blah. That being said, why isn’t the “nuclear family” as celebrated as other kinds of families? Why is the video portraying this family as something to rebel against? Is it because, maybe, the elite has been hard at work destroying traditional family values in order to debase the masses and make them more malleable? Don’t get me started.

Then, Skip Marley comes out of the screen as if he was that girl from The Ring.

Move over lame nuclear family, Skip is coming through!

Skip sings about rioting against those in power.

“It is my desire
Break down the walls to connect, inspire
Ay, up in your high place, liars
Time is ticking for the empire
The truth they feed is feeble
As so many times before
They greed over the people
They stumbling and fumbling and we’re about to riot
They woke up, they woke up the lions”

There is something ironic about this scene. Skip literally emerges out of the TV screen that is used to brainwash people. In other words, he IS mass media. Compliance with the agenda is disguised as rebellion. That is some next-level double-think.

Then, Katy Perry has an awakening.

After her awakening, Perry looks around while the oblivious masses run circles around her. She is so WOKE now. Wow. She knows so many truths now.
The video ends with Perry looking at the viewers with a concerned look as if saying “YOU SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HILLARY”.

In Conclusion

Chained to the Rhythm is what I call “propaganda 2.0”: The elite’s agenda presented as a “revolution”. It takes tropes from “truther” films such as They Live – where only a select few see the truth while the rest of the world is being controlled – to actually sell a political agenda.

As stated numerous times on this site, the ultimate goal of the elite is to create a one-world government, complete with a single currency and a single elite ruling it. By creating specific “issues” and emphasizing solutions fixing these issues, the global elite is creating a fully integrated world system where social and economic policies transcend national borders to be decided on a global level. The refugee crisis, the environment, the economy, terrorism and countless other issues are being used to introduce New-World-Oder-friendly policies on a global level. This program has been championed for years by George Soros and his extremely powerful organization named Open Society.

This is what Chained to the Rhythm is truly about. Katy Perry has been, for years, a pawn of the elite, and this is still going on now. Does that automatically mean that we should all fully support everything Trump does? Of course not. The entire message of this site is to be constantly vigilant. Believe it or not, you don’t need to fully adhere to a political party’s entire platform. You can actually be a rational person and decide for yourself which policies you agree and disagree with. If Trump goes ahead and promotes increased privacy violations, police-state tactics, racial tensions or anything that reduces freedom, you better believe that I won’t be supporting any of this.

However, one thing is for sure, mass media is still in the hands of an elite with a specific agenda. And, even when it appears to be promoting freedom, it secretly wants you to be … chained to the rhythm.


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I have to admit, a diabolically brilliant move by the elite to now sell their agenda as the revolution, infecting the community of those waking up to the truth just as the world is experiencing a greater awakening. I wish I could say most people are smart enough to see through this latest ploy, but a quick glance at the average facebook feed, reddit, or other social media, shows an embarrassing amount of people are ready to join Katy Perry’s plastic ranks. Riots in the streets, anger and fury among the youth now demanding a return to the status quo and the empowerment of the Establishment elite! Incredible.

Great comment @Asher

You do realize that you are forming an opinion on what the general perception is by looking through elite-owned social media that they’ve admitted to doctoring – and they do it right in the open. You could see what you think is a massive twitter war and its actually just one dude and a bunch of bots with fake identities posting automatically.

Evil always pervert Gods creation,every brilliant idea is put upside down. The good is evil, and evil is good, as with pentagram which was positive symbol of man or swastik ,they reversed it, same with inventions which could be used for good, but instead it is perverted to manipulate and destroy. And revolution is not exception, this controlled synthetic “revolution” will lead to nothing good and stronger the police state. Also it is known EVIL does NOT have creativity and creational power!

@goo that’s true

Its an old ploy, depending on how far back there is continuity to the elite agenda. At least since the Russian revolution, arguably the French revolution and before. Its pretty clear we are being set up for a change right now of equal magnitude.

Most people don’t need to be smart enough to see it. They just need to read The Vigilant Citizen.

if you wanna understand trump then follow the paper trail, he was bailed out in the 80s by the zionist rothschild. trump is part of the illuminati bloodline, in which all the presidents come from the same bloodline. hillary and trump are both controlled opposition by the zionist elite. he was even predicted on the simpson episode and the illuminati card game. remember they reveal their plans in plain sight because they are playing god, so keep that in mind. building resistance and bring people together against the system is their new plan for NWO and a one world. “if you wanna know if a politician is real see what they say about israel”. zionist israel is the center of the NWO and the headquarter of the false messiah.

Could not have said it better myself…yes he was bailed out..Resorts INt. THANK YOU

Make sure that you tell Hillary as she hasn’t used that excuse yet as to why she lost. Her Russia story seems to be losing steam so this seems as good as any unfounded conspiracy theory loaded with anti-semitism!

If people still fall for this Perry nonsense and imagine her to be anti-establishment after all she’s done… well. Let’s just say, then it’s not looking too good.

Excellent article, VC. Does a great job of showing just what kind of sinister, despicable and deceptive forces we’re up against.

People, if you meet anybody dumb enough to talk about how the Perry video has ‘awakened’ them and how they’re so socially aware now, please show them this article.

Great article VC. I’m getting a bit frustrated with people distracting every conversation into either pro or against Trump. Pitting Trump against (the also diabolical) Clinton was a baller move by the Elite. As was allowing the anti-Trump info to be shown via MSM. A brilliant piece of misdirection. Sometimes it seems the whole world is talking about the president of a country that they may or may not live in. Trump has been portrayed to have done enough ‘evil deeds’ to get the liberal faction frothing at the mouth. They were so angry in Britain at Trump’s successful election campaign that they forgot to notice all our friends internet freedoms and privacy being legally eroded under the Investigatory Powers Bill. Meanwhile Trump supporters, angry at the MSM covering up for Hilary and Podesta, whilst demonising Trump are equally furious. Even in the truth community, people seem keen to believe… Read more »

You are right.

Well-expressed, @FF1111 – I hope at least someone reading your words wakes up to the truth in them

I don’t think that such people are genuine VC readers. Probably they came from …. you know 🙂

Man u guys r far gone on the right on

Exactly. Both Clinton and Trump are warmonger, sell arms to Saudi Arabia, etc. Trump seems the other face of the elite. But it resonated well with the apparently anti elite opinions, which are also equally false, denial of climate change hypocritical restoring of sanctions to Iran, while being in deals with the much more theocratic Saudi Arabia.

Katy Perry can’t get enough of licking Hillary Clintons ass!

I can think of so many political artists that influenced my values and opened my eyes/ heart to a new understanding and literally burst my comfort bubble; Tribe Called Red, Bob Marley, Public Enemy, Prince, Sex Pistols etc, but none of them made me feel the nausea and disgust I feel from looking at Perry’s video stills. Candy flossing political events that are destroying our societies is disgraceful and sick, not to mention whatever else is subliminally embedded in these videos to make me feel ill just looking at it. High fashion and pop stars will never be rebellion as these people will never understand the true meaning. Rebellion takes courage, soul and faith.. these people have none of these qualities. They sold all that for a quick buck and are no longer anything but empty containers of wasted space. I seriously cringe at all the money spent on promoting… Read more »

Let’s not forget 2pac

With 92 M followers, it just shows how many people are still being duped. So many still think Katy is wholesome or hot and see nothing else as in the obvious agenda. It’s also frightening to realize that the elite have their hooks in almost every music celebrity and that their control system is so refined and protected that there seems to be no breaking away from it or normal wanna be artist infiltrating the charts. Music has kind of sucked for a long time now where there are no true trends other than highly manufactured offerings. And then there is the control of young minds through this crap which continues to spew me-me-me junk while making one beleive the whole world is just a personal fantasy. We are truly living in a spiritual battlefield these days/daze.

Well, 92M followers means nothing when the website publishing those stats is state owned. Youtube, Twitter, Google, Facebook…the government can easily make these numbers up on their own sites. They make someone popular by telling everyone how popular they are.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE LOL! Great article & kind of funny lol and I am sorry you have to keep explaining your political viewpoint…You are so thorough always…!

Amazing and very insightfull article, like any other of VC.

I love how you displayed Katy contradicting herself; she’s always been a pawn, she’s just been given new orders…

Another couple of points about this video: it uses an aesthetic derived from a stereotypical “1950’s” look, in the colors, “ride” logo fonts, and fashions. In a sense, it’s still tilting at long-ago vanquished social ideas from the ‘fifties that are abhorrent to the Elite, like the nuclear family, social/gender conformity, and church attendance. Hollywood has been using the “oblivious” 1950’s as a punching bag for decades now. Also, I believe the “Firewater” gas station is a reference to the holy shibboleth of the elite “Global Warming” doctrine. This is doubly deceptive here, as “firewater” is the old slang term for alcohol amongst Native Americans…the double-think here is that the Global Warming agenda may in fact be something leading to drunkenness rather than enlightenment…a reverse from what we’d expect. The oxymoron “firewater” may allude to how the Global Warming theory is used to support both colder and hotter temperatures when… Read more »
Elite, though, also liked gender conformism and conformism in general, we indeed had two world wars, when things were all “strict and traditional”. What the elite use is also the split black and white archetipe, they also want you to target the different, so we have to be cautious on wishing to go back to that time, as the “golden age” is also clearly a product marketed to part of the “right” to make it reactionary without looking at the whole picture. It becomes simply the opposite of the lefty “sjw”, as it’s not being non conform which is bad, but the conformism in the anticonformism, which practically mirrors the old mainstream identity politic with anothew one for which cis white male is bad, so the cycle goes on, middle class gets marginalized and unregarded and as a reaction, votes the specular puppet Trump, which aggregated many contraddictorial conspiracionist theory,… Read more »

BRILLIANT commentary.

I believe the “Fire Water” probably refers to fracking and the fact that the water that comes out of the taps in some areas where this is taking place can actually light it on fire because of all the chemicals seeping into it.

@Anonymous- I think your interpretation of “firewater” is better than mine, and its placement in the context of the gas station buttresses your implicit point that it refers to the energy sector. It does continue to evoke the concept of drunkenness, or excess, as well, said “excess” being one of the Globalist’s main principles, that the West is selfishly squandering energy and causing climate change that is unfair to the “rest of the world”.

Erm…..hello people? “Fire Water” is what Red Indians used to call alcohol!!!

LOL…”Red Indians”? How about ‘Native Americans” or “American Indians”? & alcohol is still referred to as “fire water” by many. It’s not an “out of date” term.

Love so much this site.

Vigilant citizen from Brazil! 😀

It seems these media elites are the ones “chained to the rhythm” and they don’t know how to stop their train from chugging over the cliff. They don’t even know how irrelevant they are, now. Perry’s video is now hopelessly outdated, given what happened in 2016. It’s something she could have pulled off five years ago but not now. The nuclear family isn’t the evil Perry is pretending it is, as Millennials simply grow up and figure out that they love their children and Millennials are getting married almost a decade later than their parents, so it’s usually to someone they’re pretty certain they love. With so many institutions having failed them at a rapid pace and after years of a Progressive agenda that has resulted in schooling becoming a form of mass, indentured servitude and work becoming a place where people get used and abused with little benefit from… Read more »

Same old same old…wake up people..!!!

Katy Perry will go the same way Mariah Carey is going..
Washed up and thrown off the “Gravy Train.” Time will tell……

Maybe the inferno H2O ride was possibly referring to the fluoride and whatever else toxins that are in the water?

I’m glad I stopped listening to music long back. The stuff they show nowadays on MTV is shockingly pathetic. The entire music & entertainment industry is under the Atheist shadow. I really worry for our future children.

I thougtht mtv dropped music for over 15 years now?
You know, you can make your own music, too? Instruments, or blocks of wood, and your imagination.
No need for an audience either. Or a teacher, even. Just music. To enjoy.

There’s plenty of good music out there to listen to.

Yes Katy plays her controlled opposition role well. But we need controlled opposition, I mean do people really want a real revolution?? If you do than you clearly know nothing of war.

There is no “America” or any country anymore for that matter. The world is college of corporations, who already control everything. The only people who will lose in a revolution are the innocent.

It’s like so many of you are sitting there expecting celebrities to sacrifice their whole careers to bust up MK-Ultra. I challenge one of you to explain just what the hell you would do in the same position. They could literally name one of their Mk Ultra guys Jason Bourne and people will still be like THAT ISN’T REAL

I enjoyed that hiatus she took for awhile… she was quiet and had that one song that was sort of a failure, then got quiet again (Hillary campaigning aside)… and I am not enjoying her big comeback and all it entails this time. Great article, pointing out all of the obvious hypocrisy of this loser and how she is being used to promote many different views and ideas, nothing that is new of course. Ugh. Totally unrelated, but has anyone seen the new photos of Paris Jackson and the headlines and stories of her new modeling contract? That girl in the pics is an obvious, ridiculous clone and I would like to know where the real Paris got shipped off to after she started speaking out.

”Was there ever a real Paris?”
”Was there ever just one real Paris?”
”How did Paris her pets die?”

Katie Perry is boring. Her body is strange, too, sort of stocky in the waist, like a man. She is not a good singer, and her music is pop, but so bad pop that even the song “Barbi Girl” is better (and, I hate B.G.). She is not for children, as she is far too invested in occult symbolism. She also promotes immorality. As for Donald Trump? I see you keep making statements that you do not support him. In reality, you should be thanking the gods that be for his participation. I did not think anyone would fix this mess, but now I have hope. I mean real hope, not the phony hope that Obama peddled. I voted for Ron Paul, anyway bc I am sick of the Federal Reserve Bank and the rest of the corrupted elite. Seriously, don’t be too cynical. There are good forces out there.… Read more »

Katy Perry has been cloned many times. Google it, the differences are obvious even to a blind.

She has always been bizarre…nothing new…

Barbie Girl is actually a really good song when you understand what they’re satirizing.

Understand? On paper maybe, in concept. I just can’t stand it, in all those years I have managed to never hear it full length. Like GanmanStyle (or,well, youknow) – just shout to anyone playing”turn it off!!!” with a heavily distorted face and evil looking eyes – worked everytime.

If it really was a parody, it would have been with something like a Nine Inch Nails-90’s sound put under it.

Yes well said katz. Trump isn’t the solution to everything but he may well be the catalyst for much needed change. There are many working behind the scenes to take down this cabal and their good work isn’t making the msm headlines. They’re not allowed to report the 1500 child trafficking arrests since Trump took office because this will expose the BIG secret their masters are hiding. We mustn’t be so complacent as to just sit back & say ‘well they control everything so there’s no point even trying ‘, because they win by default that way. Never relinquish your power & support the good when you see I say. And just give the guy a chance.

I also advocated giving Trump a chance, then I saw his true affiliations when he supported Zionism. Sorry to disillusion you, but hope can be used in bad ways against humanity.

No need to be sorry. You can’t disillusion me from seeing the arresting of p********s as a good thing. This is the thread that could undo the satanic cabal and it leads all the way to the top. Many good people on the inside are tired of being used as pawns for this agenda and are defecting to the growing resistance. I don’t support Trump on many things, particularly his position on Israel, but he has removed the roadblocks that have prevented these insiders from acting and they deserve our support. People have become so jaded with the way things are that it’s become difficult for them to see anything as positive and pass everything off as a psy-op designed to fool them. The idea that ‘there’s no point trying’ is the psy-op. The cabal would never expose the extent of child trafficking as it comes way too close to… Read more »

@Matrixixixix You’ve made some interesting points that have got me thinking

Gracious you are aware that it was Trump along with Clinton & other cretins that used to take those “special” trips aboard Epstein’s Lolita Express to his sex slave island for sex & mischief too! View stories outside of media outlets that are too bias for truth seekers, like Fox or CNN, etc. Trump just had an opportunity to speak on it louder to shame his female opponent, however, he was very much a part of the hedonistic sojourns. He’s well aware of such things taking place as he was once an active participant of it, so of course why shouldn’t he crack down on it!

It doesn’t matter who won Trump or Hillary they are both controlled by the elite and now Trump is president so of course he’s gonna apply to the rules of the elite! It’s all planed love!

Sarah, thanks for putting things into perspective! katz, do you really think Trump is for the working class folks and under? You sound a bit clueless look at the budget that’s being proposed & that glorious healthcare reform that recently passed 1 area of government. We would all benefit from ceasing to worship these politicians…Trump, Hillary, Obama, Bush and demonizing one over the other. They are all persons with tattered moral compasses. Unless you are in the same social stratus as the Koch, Soro or Mercer family you are sadly a part of the blind mass they count on to get where they are. How can a man who appreciates the art of deception (see his book) & has stiffed & bamboozled the working class most of his life feel empathy toward them? They have always been his saving grace! My goodness, please remove those rose colored glasses you are… Read more »

I think the author was just trying to be neutral in regards to Donald Trump.

It’s very simple. Trump supports Israel, therefore he is an Illuminist stooge.

Katy Perry has an hourglass figure and I suspect she’s had breast implants and uses a waist trainer. Always hated her music and the lyrics. I thought it must be my fault that I didn’t like her and found it rather strange that the ‘Christian’ artists are the ones wearing the least on stage and singing badly until I found this website. The Christianity thing is just a front and often is an alter brought on by Monarch mind control. This is not music for pre-teens and early teens but she is so talentless she can only sell music to those age groups.

“The logo is a hamster…..”

U are rite, but IMO, as I told u in a private message, the animal reminds more of the paedo bear

Yes, like what was on Miley Cyrus “clothes” on that stage with Robin Thick, clearly trying to normalize p********a… Speaking of, there is a double pink heart (pedo logo from the FBI) at one point in this video. Also, the “a” in Oblivia is a ouija planchette… I feel like this video is telling us that we will not win this fight and that they won’t ever stop. Basically, to give up. (The symbol for eternity “8”, seen several times in the video.). And also with the doublethink, to keep the sleeping beauties asleep.
I find this video very sinister, it makes me physically ill.
It kinda makes me think of an officialization of the reality of our chains, brought to us in rythm by the deep state…

That is the whole point of propaganda, Vanilla. To demoralize the opponent and dampen their fighting spirit. Your realizing this should make your anger at them rise, instead. Use that energy to fuel your fight against this. Don’t you for one second believe their BS that they are anything other than big mouthed losers in this spiritual war for humane humanity.

Oh yes, don’t worry. This is makings me angrier by the day. When you understand how diabolical the elites truly are, you can’t turn around and forget about it. I won’t ever be able to go back to sleep now. And I think this is just the beginning (for me and lots of people) of the fight against them! I can see something big happening for our generations…


Ok, you definitely lost me with the “deep state” comment. The messages and tools used in KP videos are generally disturbing and perplexing (she has some complex stuff going on with her beliefs, WOW). Ever heard of the hypocrisy of evangelists (what they are preaching and then their actions) leaves one scratching their head and for others thirsty for religion in their lives the perfect examples of what’s wrong with Christianity, I deem some are also a part of your connotation of the “deep state” then. It’s not just people with glitz and glamour with mass influence of the younger generation doing this right now. The GOP vs. DEM concept you are alluding to can cause one to no longer take you serious. Afterall, the election has been over for several months now hasn’t it? My friend, if treating your fellow man (true meaning of neighbor in the Bible) like… Read more »

I was led to think of the “whack a mole’ game, myself…with ‘we, the people” being the moles to be whacked, o’ course…
I can see the hamster concept, and, unfortunately, the paedo bear face as well… blech…

wait… huh?

How do you become the ‘most followed’ person on Twitter with no new music? and no tour?
nothing…she did nothing new…. oh, that’s right, she was working on the Hillary Clinton campaign … meaning her followers are FAKE

The most important aspect to all that is going on in our world has everything to do with the entities we do not see… Yet these spiritual beings are the ones who are truly in the drivers seat when it comes to our worlds affairs… Humanity is very blessed, but undeservedly so for the most part, to have a Creator who is merciful, and at the same time omnipotent… The Almighty indeed holds back the forces of darkness from doing a great many things that have been allowed to do in the past… Remember the dark ages?… Sin does have consequences, and before this age we currently live in ends, unparalleled peril in going to transpire due to a mostly unrepentant mankind… Satan is seductive, and is allowed to succeed where sin breeds… Which is why the US, and much of the Western World is beset with problems… We have… Read more »

You missed the rat race wheel specifically how there are three people on it: a white man, a black man, and an Asian woman. We see the black man and the Asian woman “bite more than they could chew” and fall off the wheel. At the end, we see Katy, who shows she’s in control, run the rat race wheel, but actually she is able to stop herself and prevent herself from falling. This rat race might be alluding to the American Dream Crash taking down all the other people around the world. It’s not enough that America is coming down, but everyone else needs to come crashing down as well.

Modern revolutions (i.e. destroying a form of authority to put another one in it’s place) in which I would count all of them that happened in the last 500 years, have more or less always been supported by huge connected interest groups selling them as “TEH PEOPLE RISE!”. It’s an old trick in the book of the first rebel, saying that you are the good one and the one ruling is the evil one and that “people must wake up”. Because they sold this s**t for so long they can pull off things like this, and now that they ARE the rulers of the world they can still claim rebellion to authority as a flag. The “truther” movement is often in the right only because the the times are so bad, we must be cautious, think above partisanship as you said and remember that the first “conspiracy theorist” was the… Read more »

Also on this note, let’s remember that the iconic movie we all (rightly) love, “They Live”, was made by a man who leaned very left and that today is plausibly aboard the propaganda train of the elite because of the “rights”. It doesn’t detract anything from the powerful symbolism which is universally adaptable and from the enormous talent of Carpenter which I love as a director with all my hearth, but it shows that this tactic isn’t anything new.

I always knew that “Chained to the Rhythm” was a song very similar to Michael Jackson’s song “Slave to the Rhythum”, they both have the same meaning = a slave to the Elite. I really like your site. I was watching a YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfAUoNFGFuA which mentioned how good of a site you had. So I searched for your site and found your site to be very good and informational. I was wondering if you could do a story post on Michael Jackson and Barry Gibbs’s song “Eaten Alive”. In the song it has a lyric that says “And I’m a victim of your ritual, for you my skin is shed”, which reminds me of MJ’s drug-induced vitiligo. Wikipedia and all other sources said that MJ did not write any of the lyrics to that song except for the chorus, but the lyric “And I’m a victim of your… Read more »

But…I thought you claimed Trump was part of the illuminatti, cabal, elite, reptilian thing conspiracy, then why are those same people critizicing him? It´s all very confusing…

You should not take those opinions seriously in the first place. Years of non stop 10 a 15 minutes per talkshow/gameshow/compilationshow, on tv alone, nationwide, worldwide. Is a person really that interesting? I live in Europa and he got incredible attention over here like he was the number one hot vip in Holland, too. All shows, amusement and politics went on and on, it was really bizar because they do not pay attention to our own politics anymore, that’s just some talking faces and oneliners between diaper-commercials and talentshows with ignorants.
It is a trap, with long term planning. See how subtle it can be, the weaving of ideas and stearing of thought-patterns? Remember it is mainly aimed at youngsters who are under enormous stress because of hormonal imbalance and carreer-choices, firsts loves and sex, pimples, peerpressures,..vulnerable minds.

Hit the nail on the head as always D D d 🙂

Google ‘Controlled Opposition’

false dichotomies are standard for the elites. They create both opposing viewpoints to control the narrative.

That gas station scene I thought actually meant Trunp taking away the oil reserve from the natives isn’t it? “Firewater”is usually referenced to native Americans so I feel confident that she wasn’t alluding to that. Love this article by the way I instantly thought to check this site after viewing the music video

That she WAS alluding to that***

“looking at the viewers with a concerned look as if saying “YOU SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HILLARY”

Hillary is awesome, but so is Trump – so yeah, hard to choose between them, with such an overflowing pool of candidates worthy of leadership… It’s heart-warming seeing the world’s most powerful democracy making such clever decisions when it comes to its presidential candidates, the people is clearly being heard!

Remember, guys’n’gals: A child’s happiness is priceless – especially on a birthday!

” It’s heart-warming seeing the world’s most powerful democracy making such clever decisions when it comes to its presidential candidates, the people is clearly being heard!” Great irony! I agree on that, how could they have chosen better?

“including the douche behind Katy” Another great article VC, and I absolutely love the humour. Keep ’em coming.

Just viewed the Emma Watson layout at Vanity Fair. I hope this mixed with her upcoming two movies is addressed next. I am firmly convined the elite are now fully clawed into her.

They always were, dear. She is from a wealthy family and played a witch in her first role. She is one of them. Always has been

You really nailed it VC! That guy behind Katy was a total douche.

I sure as heck am not going to be “chained to this diabolical rhythm” since its nothing more than the blind masses expressed in a nutshell. Katy Perry is well and truly sold out with all the illuminating messages all over as usual with nothing new whatsoever about the same idea expressed in many different ways.

Love this site.

Vigilant citizen from Romania!

Was waiting for this. You rock, VC! ♡

I actually pictured the whole roller coaster scene as a Tinder type of dating app. Rating men and women on there and picking and choosing who you wish to ‘date’. Which is actually more like one night stands

Predictable as ever and boring. I’m thankful, at least that people openly criticise celebrity culture and their incessant need to dictate to the public politically, especially regarding Trump.
Trump is probably a scapegoat anyway. The man comes across as incompetent, however he creates division in the perfect way. He has a good amount of followers and an equal amount of people that hate him. My guess, he’ll mess up in some big way (be manipulated into doing so) and when the next election rolls around, the elite AKA Hillary et al will say “look see, you should have voted for us” and the public will be in a better position to be dictated to.

Rose = Soul in Rosocrucianism.

Simon = robot, materialism ?

Hamster – the p**n site?

I just want to point out the Fire Water is a reference to all of the fracking going on. In Pennsylvania, there are people who can literally set their water on fire! It is all due to the fracking being done there and in several other states. Then Trump is bringing back the coal industry in the same places?! Though I see what VC is saying, there are some truths in the messages of the video, whether it was constructed by the Elite or not. Perhaps the question of the “nuclear family” is why the hell it was called that in the first place? Why would it be called that after all of the nuclear bombing that was done all over our country and other islands that caused so many people to be exposed to radiation? Is it similar to changing the name Bikini in the consciousness of our country?… Read more »
The nuclear family was scared of atom bombs, like they were supposed to be, and dissociated with televison, popmusic, new gadgets, new drugs and sexfreedom, like they were supposed to. (Does that ring a bell?) It runs for decades now, that nuclear thing, right up to this 2017 – with that Japanese water accident still happening, and that other one in was it russia years before, still creating mutatians in the natural surrounding areas..plants, animals and yes people. In the Netherlands, news about our neighbour Belgium’s nuclear plants and their accidents or leakage is presented om page 124, alongside news about garden-gnomes (De Gelderlander, a newspaper). And that I find odd. Why not use that news to scare or warn us for gruesome accidents waiting to happen? Because it isn’t the right time for that. All over the world are nuclear plants with problems, and you have to look for… Read more »
Discernere - to separate, distinguish

This doesn’t make much sense. You keep saying that Katy Perry’s video is only apparently opposing the elite, when in reality it’s just another way of promoting its interests, but you never describe one single mechanism whereby such a process can take place. By the same token, one could say that this article itself is nothing more than part and parcel of a truly twisted and elaborated scheme of manipulating the people to which we can refer from now on as “propaganda 3.0”. You just don’t present enough clear arguments for your claim. The best you can do is say “hey, she is affirming something here, but in her real life, sometimes, she does certain things that seem incompatible therewith.” Okay, that’s one thing, but it isn’t by far a clear proof that this video is an Illuminati propaganda tool. Not in my book.

I worked out on about the 2nd week after Trump came in he is part of the same swamp. That pink sugar cloud the man was holding along with the following scene about Inferno H2O is about weather manipulation I think. The pink in the clouds represents the atmosphere manmade cloud.

So, the more important and interesting thing is to try figuring out WHY these Illuminati screwballs are putting out this video… and Katy’s is far from the only one – all these ‘celebrities’ are suddenly very socially aware and political to the point they even take the time to not post Twitter messages about how they’re “Greater than Jesus” and all-seeing eye/kitten-programming updates because they feel *so strongly* about commenting on how awful Trump is and how incredibly worried they suddenly are about the decency of America that they value so much. As was pointed out, this is basically one big, blatant “YOU SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HILLARY” commercial (best enjoyed coupled with low IQ or intoxicated on a high dose of fluoridated water). When even somebody like Perry puts out a ‘thoughtful, political’ video you just know there’s some Illuminati agenda stew cooking. What is the real message behind… Read more »

The points you made not only were quite chilling but makes so much sense!

What annoys me big time is how teenagers who, before this painfully obvious “hidden meaning” video came out, made fun of everyone who analyzed videos of pop stars, saying how that too can have a deeper meaning, are suddenly “so politically and socially aware”, like they found out that their favorite celebrity shares their political views with them, and now, suddenly, what one pop music video says matters A LOT, and means much more than it seems on a first glance (although, as I said, it pains how obvious it is, because if it was even slightly more complicated and hidden, no one would get it – it’s what has been happening the last years. The elites literally had to THROW it at their faces so they’d notice it). So suddenly everyone “gets it”, everyone “is oh so deep and wants justice”, everyone is so politically aware that they demand… Read more »

Reminds me of her ex and his so called “revolution” when we know he is associated with the same douche’bags. His smugness and self righteousness didn’t mesh well with her smugness and self righteousness I guess

and his Fabian Society connections cannot be denied

Excellent thank you

Also this whole agenda of breaking down walls and borders is only to usher in the one world currency under the guise of unity. I hate this

I favore when walls come down if the oppressed, realizing the exploiter class has no bounds, gather and organizes resistance together. Walls are to keep us divided and wary of the outsider, while people who are in control of the economy and creates poverty are mostly inside as well as outside any country. Of course walls can also break down in a way so that the elites use it to create chaos and situation in which there is no room for exchange, as cultural tools are needed for this to happen.

Lmao the last picture is killing me katy perry looking at u like you should of voted for Hilary. The fact this site had to take down the elite article about their sick practices only told me how real this all is.

The people are complacent. Actually they are asleep spiritually. But the time of trouble is now upon humanity. It will take the whole world by surprise. But there is a people on earth who is free. A singular people. And they are awake, and they are not following the current of the spirit of the air that now operates among all mankind, molding them, shaping them. Soon the hidden ruler of the world will attack that free people in his great rage that they are free and have not been put in his shackles. They are free and without borders dwelling in the center of the earth. This will happen after a freedom from care and the fierce king knowing ambiguous sayings will bring many powerful ones to ruin, and he will even be granted to make war upon the holy ones of the Supreme. When those two kings are… Read more »

Can you elaborate on what their political agenda is?

An occult witch that wants to buy that convent to practice her dark occult rituals.