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Nun Involved in Legal Battle Against Katy Perry “Collapsed and Died” During Court Appearance



Nun Involved in Legal Battle Against Katy Perry "Collapsed and Died" During Court Appearance

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman reportedly “suddenly collapsed and died” during a court appearance related to a case against Katy Perry.

As reported last year in the VC article Katy Perry Accused of Witchcraft by Nuns As She Wins Court Battle to Buy Their Former Convent, a bitter court case has been opposing Katy Perry with a group of nuns regarding the ownership of a convent. On March 10th, one of the nuns, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, 89, died during a post-judgment hearing at the courthouse.

Only hours before her death, Sister Holzman was still fighting for the case. She told KTTV:

“We asked [Ms Hollister] to save us, to buy the property. She had nothing to do with forcing herself on us. And to Katy Perry, please stop. It’s not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people.”

A Bitter Battle

The court case began in 2015 when Katy Perry sought to buy a massive convent from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. A group of nuns fiercely opposed the deal, deeming Katy Perry an unsuitable owner of these “sacred grounds”.

“Perry initially thought that she would be able to buy the former convent from the archdiocese of Los Angeles, run by Archbishop Jose Gomez, and made a $14.5 million (£9.3 million) bid. However, the five nuns living in the property at the time deemed that Perry would be an unsuitable owner and pushed to sell it to businesswoman Dana Hollister instead, who wanted to turn it into a hotel. A local Catholic archbishop then argued that it was him and not the nuns who owned the property and that it was his wish to sell the property to Perry.

The Hollywood Reporter now reports that judge Stephanie Bowick issued a ruling on Tuesday (March 14) that the nuns “did not have authority to sell the property to Hollister” and “nevertheless failed to validly consummate the transaction.”
– NME, Judge sides with Katy Perry as nuns accuse singer of witchcraft

Throughout the case, the nuns stated that they “did not like Katy Perry’s lifestyle’. They’ve also branded her as ‘disgusting’ and hinted that she would desecrate the convent’s sacred grounds.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the nuns described the time they confronted Perry about her “selling her soul to the devil” and dealing with witchcraft.

“Recalling a meeting the sisters had with the singer, Sister Callanan said: ‘She brought her mother Mary to the meeting and I just thought, ‘Oh God help us.’

‘Katy Perry was all dressed very nicely and said: ‘I have this tattoo on my wrist and it says Jesus.

‘And I wanted to say, ‘yes and what is the tattoo on your behind?’

The nun also quizzed Perry on remarks she had made about ‘selling her soul to the devil’ when she moved from Christian music into mainstream pop.

The nun was probably referring to this interview where Perry stated this she “sold her soul to the devil”.

Perry reportedly responded:

‘Well I don’t know, that’s why I want that property because I want to go down and sit down and drink green tea, and just go to the meditation garden and just meditate.’

Sister Callanan said: ‘I just thought ‘oh brother.’

She revealed she also asked Perry about her visit to Salem, which is synonymous with witchcraft: ‘I asked her: ‘you are into witchcraft, you went to Salem.’

‘She looked over at one of her people and said: ‘Did I go to Salem, was I in Salem?

‘I said: ‘Come on, you didn’t know you were in Salem at a witchcraft thing. You don’t remember it? That would stick way out in my mind. I read it, was that incorrect information?’

‘I’m sorry but I am just not into witchcraft and I am just not into people who are into witchcraft.

‘It disturbs me, and that was our mother house and our retreat house and it’s sacred ground.
– Ibid.

Nun Involved in Legal Battle Against Katy Perry "Collapsed and Died" During Court Appearance

Katy Perry at The Salem Witch Walk in 2014.

Nun Involved in Legal Battle Against Katy Perry "Collapsed and Died" During Court Appearance

At the 2014 Grammy Awards, Katy Perry played the role of a witch being burnt at the stake while horned figure stood in the background.

The property in the midst of the court battle has a rather dark history.

A Dark History

Nun Involved in Legal Battle Against Katy Perry "Collapsed and Died" During Court Appearance

The eight-acre estate in Loz Feliz, Los Angeles was bought in 1961 by Catholic philanthropist Sir Daniel Donohue. Soon after, his son committed suicide on the property.

In 1969, the house adjoining the property was the theater of a horrific murder at the hands of Charles Manson and his followers. The couple Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were stabbed dozens of times in a crime scene that had all of the makings of ritual sacrifice.

Leno LaBianca was given 14 puncture wounds with a carving fork, which was left jutting out of his stomach. A steak knife was also planted in his throat. Manson’s followers wrote “Rise” and “Death to pigs” on the walls and “Helter Skelter” on the refrigerator door, all in LaBianca’s blood. These events occurred on the day following the infamous killing of Sharon Tate (Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife) by Manson’s “family”.

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman death while in court against Katy Perry is yet another bizarre – and sadly symbolic – chapter in this property’s dark history.

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Nun Involved in Legal Battle Against Katy Perry "Collapsed and Died" During Court Appearance

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Big Al

There can be no “sacred ground” in Hell!
LA is filled with so much depravity and vice, what it is almost impossible to find a city more fiendish.
And if you take the history of the convent into account, it becomes more obvious that is an evil place. I am not surprised that Katy Perry wants to own it (or rather, is told to own it).
But there are many things about this story more interesting that the departure of a 89-year old nun:
Why is the archbishop willing to sell it to Perry? Why is the archdiocese still owning this vile place? Why was a convent set up in a place already desecratet through suicide?…


Suicide doesn’t desecrate anything. You need to familiarize yourself with the concept. You cannot desecrate a place by killing yourself. You may leave a ghost if you don’t have a funeral ceremony…Ritual sacrifice, however, is a different story.

Thy Unveiling

Funerals do not negate being a ghost. Ghosts are as varied as the living being they once were. Some are here for the clichè unfinished business. Some are here because they don’t know they’re dead. Some are here because they want to remain close to their living loved ones, or the place where they were happiest. It has nothing to do with if they were good people or bad, if they were baptized or not, and a funeral or lack thereof has nothing to do with it. 90% of the places I’ve lived have had ghosts or some other form of paranormal activity, and my grandmother’s spirit makes her rounds visiting *all* of her living relatives (and we’re spread out all over the place!) Most ghosts are lingering spirits; and our spirit is kinda like the mood of our soul (not sure how else to explain it. Soul and spirit aren’t the same, yet are connected. Our soul is what breathes Life or Essence into us, but our spirit is what makes us Us. Our spirit can be broken down, which can make us more susceptibile to selling our soul.) A lingering spirit isn’t someone who lost their soul, either.… Read more »


I love your explanation


What……? You just invented a new religion and declared yourself theologian in chief?


You’re so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil?
Could you be an angel?
Your touch magnetizing
Feels like I am floating
Leaves my body glowing
They say, be afraid
You’re not like the others
Futuristic lover
Different DNA
They don’t understand you
You’re from a whole ‘nother world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I’m ready to go
Lead me into the light
Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison

Katy Perry – E.T. Lyrics

Et voilà „she“ is giving all the answers in one song, hidden in plain sight

Kev Allah

Or she’s playing into your beliefs and making a lot of money doing it. Have you seen aliens? I haven’t. You know what I do see everyday? Greedy career politicians, police state bullshit and religious fanaticism.

Thy Unveiling

“Have you seen aliens? I haven’t.” I have (well, ufos), but that’s not the crux of my reply. Some faiths believe aliens are demons/jinn, which is likely the type of alien Katy is singing about. But also, in ritualistic abuse, the abusers will often wear masks and stage scenes so that it sounds unbelievable should the victim talk. Apparently “alien abduction” is a favorite of abusers. (I presume for the “a--l probe” asspect…)

Chloe Price

So inappropriate


How alarming. The nun died just when she was about to fight for her case AND this:

Nun: ‘you are into witchcraft, you went to Salem.’

Perry: (Looking over to her crew) ‘Did I go to Salem, was I in Salem?

Nun: ‘‘Come on, you didn’t know you were in Salem at a witchcraft thing. You don’t remember it? That would stick way out in my mind. I read it, was that incorrect information?’

Perry: ‘I’m sorry but I am just not into witchcraft and I am just not into people who are into witchcraft.”

How sad that Perry isn’t even aware of what she is being subjected too. I wouldn’t be surprised that this convo made Perry begin to question her handlers and might have deemed it too dangerous for the Nun to keep on pressing. How sad.

Also, why did this conversation remind me of the movie “GET OUT”. Where one of the characters has his picture taken and the flash gets him out of the trans and tells the protagonist to get out? Like a trigger. 🙁


”How sad that Perry isn’t even aware of what she is being subjected too.”
I would rather interprete it as checking with handlers and pr-people before answering anything she does not know how to deal with in public. Some ‘Artists’ even have their laywers on tour with them.


Thought about that. She very well may have not actually known she was there, because of the mk ultra crap.


Though on a practical level, she travels so much she genuinely may not have remembered. I know others who travel even for smaller shows who forget which day of the week it is it, which country they’re in currently – and yes even which places they’ve visited in the past.


Katy Perry is such a mess. Ever since she had that 24 hour livestream for everyone to watch her, even when she was sleeping.. I just knew she had lost it. Completely controlled.


Nevermind the fact that she didn’t even know she was in Salem. She had to ask her people if she had been there. Yeah, I’d say she’s definitely completely controlled.

Carolyne Mas

Obviously she wants the property because of its dark history. She will tap into it and feed off of it in order to further her career. Disgusting. Looks like the place needs more of an exorcism than anything, and for people with positive energy to inhabit it.


Well, you seem to get what’s going on.

The Norwalk Avenger

Yeah, that’s what makes me sad.. is that Perry will win, and there will be a big orgy/hate-fest (like the ones you see in music videos.. ha!) in the convent the first night she owns it. BAPHOMET is going to do a victory lap that night and say “I got another one, neener, neener, neener…” I happen to live in Hollywood… I might see something fly around that night. I wish I had the ability to see astral energies. Maybe I’m better off not being able to. I imagine something like “Night on Bald Mountain” from the Disney movie Fantasia.


strange coincidink between katy perry and sis catherine rose..katys real name is ‘katherine’ and in her video for “chained to the rhythm” her characters name is ‘rose’

Kev Allah

The real Catherine Rose dies and the fake one lives.


I literally just read about this in a Nylon article and the first thing that came to mond was.
“Katy must have hexed her.”
I truly believe Katy Perry to be involved with the occult and witchcraft. When she questions if she was indeed in Salem, it could be Monarch program related. (Her recollection)


Dr. Rebecca Brown’s books on helping a high adept satanic witch come to know Jesus are eye-opening in how witches astral project and torment their victims. I don’t believe everything written in her books, but the spiritual warfare stuff is SPOT ON.

Another Anon

A 89-years old lady died and the first thing that came to your mind was murder? What about health issues? I know that is used a lot as a cover up but… really, she was 89. Old people die of health issues all the time, especially considering all the stress she’s been through with the trials. Whether Katy Perry is involved with the occult and witchcraft, a heart attack or a stroke are way more likely to be the cause of death at that age.


How convenient the nun dies in the courtroom….I’ve always wondered why out of all the properties that Katy Perry could purchase she wanted to buy this building (?) Part of the article says: ‘They’ve also branded her as ‘disgusting’ and hinted that she would desecrate the convent’s sacred grounds.’ – Maybe this is a reference that KP would carry out her occult rituals inside the place.


I’m not sure if I’m the only one that is noticing this but does anyone else see how the red in Katy’s dress in the 2014 Grammy image resembles a crucifix??? Like she is openly perverting Christian symbolism by associating it with witchcraft (burned at stake)??? Or am I stretching it? Just pointing out something symbolic the author didn’t mention in this article.

Andrew Llewellyn

I killed a nun, and i liked it! Katy Perry


Hell is not only for the downright bad, its for those who do not know Jesus. The “ticket” into heaven is not how good, friendly, kind you have been. Its if Jesus Christ, if you have accepted Him as your LORD and Saviour.

The beauty about VC just shows us the alternate world out there, the extreme so to speak – but both good and bad need to give their souls to the LORD. He WILL forgive you believe me. Just ask and say “Jesus Christ, you are my Lord and Saviour, please forgive me for all my sins, thank you for dying on the cross for me and washing me with your blood, I am now your child. Help me find people who know you and who will support me in you. Guide me Lord”.

That’s it, no need to pay money.



Your God Yahweh is The Demiurge, he is a wicked being and The Bible is his book, there is a higher Unknowable God, if you’re looking for the truth look up The Nag Hammadi Scriptures and know that there is no such thing as sin only ignorance to the concept of that we should think with Love Not Law. Hope this helps. God Bless Sophia The Divine Feminine.


When the men of God have lost their way of faith and are filled with the love and lust for money…they walk hand in hand with demons and serve a purpose not of God….


Wait, aren’t Catholics heavily involved with the illuminati as well?


No, only Satanists posing as Catholics are. The Catholic church is holy and is under vicious attack by the devil.

D D d

That’s why several popes blessed guns and amo before wars. No? How about blessing both sides of a war? Fake popes/real popes.? Anyone? How about the whole church full of cathlics blessing their sons before sending them to a foreign war? Real cathlics?

D D d

Oh, and the same for other christian branches ofcourse. To name another, Church of England made me physically sick when walking into one as a tourist. Celebrations of sending orphans to wars. To name a Dutch one ‘gereformeerd’, ”act of God to have to send sons to war, the viccar said so.”

Kev Allah

Lol you get downvoted for trashing the Church of England but not the Vatican.

Lmaoooo oh man this site is rich. Anglicization is in full effect and you clowns don’t notice.

D D d

Thank you, Kev, for noticing discrepancies with faithfull reactors in general when coping with critizizm and the difference between believers and some other believers. Sometimes mentioning a mere observation can sent a few in overdrive. Before reacting to content some turn into warriors. Weird, I say. But in a way it proves my points sometimes so that’s a bit of a relieve. But still, knowing some raise children does make me cringe a little at the spine.


Don’t forget the role the Vatican played in smuggling N--i war criminals out of Europe at the end of WW2.


You heard the saying that you know who is in control by who you can’t criticize? Ever notice the Catholics are on 24/7 shaming in the media. No depiction of allah but priest in drag are perfectly acceptable. Do other religions commit crimes? They do but only the Catholics are dragged in the mud decade after decade.


You must be crazy…the Catholic church has killed HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in the name of religion, in Europe as well as the New World…extremists Muslims may be violent but the Catholic church was and will remain the WORST


Oh yeah, catholics spread their jewish filth to the rest of Europe, christianity came from spain and should have stayed there, it’s the cancer of Europa.


It’s cool to make fun of us Catholics…Trash a muslim tho, and you’re racist. The world is still full of morons.

Thy Unveiling

Its all just labels and minor differences. Squabbles over nothing. I doubt God cares about labels more than He cares about if you tried to be a good person, if you tried to do the right thing because it was the right thing to do, and if you have love for God in your heart. I doubt God cares if you call Him God, or Allah, Jehovah, Yeshua, Lord, Father, just so long as you call Him earnestly. I’m sure Jesus would understand if we are misled on the circumstances of his life; was he a prophet as Muslims believe, or a divine conception as other faiths believe? Some question if Jesus secretly worked for the devil, or if he existed at all. If Jesus is the loving, forgiving saviour he is depicted as; why wouldn’t he understand the confusion or misconceptions we’ve been sold? “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do”? Divide and conquer, that’s the devils plan. Organised religion divides. Pointless religious debates add to division. If you love God, why argue over labels? Are you in high school where it matters if you wear whatever is popular? If you care about labels and popularity,… Read more »


Yahweh, Jehovah is The Demiurge, he is a wicked being and The Bible is his book, there is a higher Unknowable God, if you’re looking for the truth look up The Nag Hammadi Scriptures and know that there is no such thing as sin only ignorance to the concept of that we should think with Love Not Law. Hope this helps. God Bless Sophia The Divine Feminine.


You are spot-on. These nuns are very genuine and courageous to confront a celebrity and their own superior. This goes to show that the fundamentals in Catholicism are fine and the Church is comprised of many true believers. Catholics are still the largest religious denomination on earth. Destroying their faith would give another blow to Christianity and spiritual consciousness on earth. The Church gets very bad media coverage permanently. This in itself proves that all those misguided people who claim the Jesuits and the Vatican are secretly running the world are wrong. Of course, there is a lot of corruption in the Vatican, especially at the top, and Pope Francis might very well be The False Prophet. We will see. The Vatican has been undermined by Freemasonry from the times before the French Revolution. The great Schisma during the Reformation was the first blow Christianity was dealt. The French Revolution the second. After that the power of the Church was broken. Still, at its heart and in the hearts of the true believers the core of Catholicism and its original mission are a genuine and divine expression of the Gospel. Check out to debunk a lot of the anti-Catholic… Read more »


Sounds like this nun was so emotionally upset that she had a heart attack or stroke. If I were Katy Perry, I would give up on the property.


Sister Catherine Rose was my second grade teacher in Santa Monica around 1968. I didn’t like her very much…

Just me

Why not? Just instinct or other things?


Oh, I just experienced her as being “meaner” (although I don’t think she was actually mean) and more intense than my lay teachers. God knows what she experienced in her early life to make her that way. Catholicism is one hell of an effed-up situation.


From her words that are quoted in this article, she doesn’t seem like a very nice person.

Kev Allah

Catholicism is for strong people. For everyone else there’s public school.

Thy Unveiling

Yes, I’m sure all those who have been abused by Catholic priests feel the same way…


but why Perry wants this building?

Yours Truly

If Katy Perry doesn’t repent from her sins she will go to hell.


The Gilmore Girls had an episode alluding to this years ago. The main character Lorelai was thinking to buy a building from nuns to turn it into a hotel and they stated PROUDLY that Katy Perry was interested in buying it (meaning hurry up and make the decision). Why would this be on tv so many years ago and then resurface ad reality? Just like Trump was all over the place even in the Simpson’s saying he was going to be president. Television and technology den to just be tools to groom us for whatever planned events are coming our way.


I love you.


Petition to change “Los Angeles” to “Los Diablos” because that makes WAY more sense to me

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