Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” : A Video About Monarch Mind Control


Katy Perry’s music video “Wide Awake” is another offering from the pop music industry that conceals references to Monarch programming within its symbolism. References to this practice occur often in mass media but are often coded using specific symbols and imagery. We’ll look at the hidden meaning of Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake”.

Many articles on this site described how many items of popular culture conceal within their symbolism references to an unknown, horrendous practice: Monarch programming. This technique of mind control seeks to create fully “programmable” individuals and is used by the shadowy elite in fields such as the military, politics and the murky underworld (for detailed information on Monarch programming, read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). Another area in which mind control (especially Monarch programming) is used is the entertainment business – not only because some celebrities are actual victims of mind control, but because entertainment is used to subtly normalize and glamorize this awful practice through symbolism.

Katy Perry’s video Wide Awake is yet another music video that alludes to the concept of Monarch programming through its storyline and its imagery. While this might not be obvious to most people, those who have some knowledge of the subject of mind control find it extremely blatant.

In many ways, the video resembles works that have been previously analyzed on this site, such as the movies Labyrinth and Sucker Punch and music videos like Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick. All of these productions visually represent the inner-world of Monarch slaves through a specific set of symbols: mirrors, butterflies (especially Monarch butterflies), mazes and so forth. Not only do these objects aptly portray psychological concepts, they are actual “trigger images” used in mind control on Monarch slaves. Wide Awake fully utilizes this set of symbols, which gives the storyline a deeper, and more disturbing, meaning.

Most mainstream media articles on Wide Awake say that it is about Katy Perry “navigating the maze of fame”. While this might be true, the video cannot be completely explained without considering the element of Monarch programming. For instance, why is Perry shown at sitting in a wheelchair, completely “out of it” inside a health institution? Probably because there is more to the video than meets the eye. Let’s look at the deeper meaning of its scenes.

Wide Awake

At the beginning of the video, we see Katy completing the filming of her popular video California Gurls. She is wearing her now famous pink wig. She is fully into her “sexy pop star” persona.

Katy is doing what is expected of her in front of the cameras.

When she enters her dressing room, Katy removes her wig, which symbolically represents her switching to another alter (this gesture was also an important part of Lady Gaga’s video Marry the Night). Katy then stares at herself in the mirror for a while – until she dissociates from reality (dissociation is an important part of mind control) and enters a fantasy world. This world is, in fact, the inner-world of Katy Perry’s psyche.

Katy stands at a gateway flanked by two pillars. In esoteric symbolism, pillars guard the entrance of sacred and mystical places. In this case, it is Katy’s own mind.

Katy soon realizes that her inner-world is a dark labyrinth that is full of traps and dangers. She doesn’t appear to know the way inside her own mind. She even gets caught in traps that were placed by her handlers.

During mind control, handlers literally take control of the slave’s mind and can program everything within it. This causes the slave to become a stranger inside his/her own mind as their thoughts are meticulously controlled and programmed.

Katy realizes that she won’t make it through the maze without an important element – one that has been stripped from her during her programming: Her core persona. Through fireworks emerging from her breasts (of course), she calls for help and her core persona appears before her in the form of a young Katy.

Katy’s core persona is the “real her” (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson), complete with her values and convictions. It is the personality she had before being subjected to programming. Mind control seeks to strip individuals from their core persona in order to program a new one that will easily comply with orders. Here, Katy has the opportunity of reconnecting with her core persona. It will indeed become her guide.

Katy and her core persona then enter a room full that truly screams out “Monarch programming”.

Katy and little Katheryn find themselves in a room full of mirrors. The dark-and-light floor represents duality, a concept extremely important in mind control programming. The fact that little Katheryn’s reflection does not appear in the mirror emphasizes the fact that the girl is not real, but a part of Katy’s psychology. Katy’s dress is full of butterflies, a rather strong reminder that she is under Monarch Programming.

Looking through the mirror, Katy sees nasty-looking paparazzi. While she is mesmerized by the sight, her core persona realizes that the world around Katy is shattering (inner-worlds of Monarch slaves are programmed by handlers and can be modified or destroyed at will). Desperate, Katy breaks the mirror in front of her and leaves the room, a symbolic act representing her attempting to break out of her programming.

As Katy breaks the mirror, we see butterflies flying off her dress – an image that emphasizes the fact that she is breaking out of Monarch programming.


Breaking Out?

The next scene is in sharp contrast to the rest of the video. While before it was all about fantasy and mystery, we are now in a cold, sterile health institution. In other words, we appear to be out of Katy’s head and back to reality. Katy appears to be completely “shut down”, sitting in a wheelchair in what appears to be a mental institution. Is this her MK programming site?

Katy looks like what MK victims must look like after enduring the trauma of Mind control. She is totally “out of it” and probably drugged by the strawberry she is holding.

Mind control slaves are subjected to all kinds of torture by their handlers. At some point during the “treatment”, the pain, whether physical or emotional, becomes too much to bear and their brain’s natural response is to dissociate from reality. Handlers actually want their subjects to dissociate as it facilitates programming. They use movies such as Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz to program victims to dissociate “through the looking glass” or “over the rainbow”. Up until now, the video took place in Katy’s dissociative inner-world.

While Katy is somewhat of a zombie, her core persona, little Katheryn,  is “Wide Awake” and is determined to get out of there. Some people, however, do not want to see that happen.

Two men with horned heads (see Baphomet) block Katheryn’s way to freedom. Do these non-human, evil-looking men represent Katy’s handlers?

However, Katheryn’s will-power blasts the horned guys away and even brings Katy back to life.

The lyrics of the song convey this sense of liberation from a deceitful and oppressive state of mind. Here’s the first chorus:

I’m wide awake
Yeah, I was in the dark
I was falling hard
With an open heart
I’m wide awake
How did I read the stars so wrong?
I’m wide awake
And now it’s clear to me
That everything you see
Ain’t always what it seems
I’m wide awake
Yeah, I was dreaming for so long

So, at this point, one might ask: Is this video about Katy actually breaking out of mind control? The rest of the video might answer the question.

Upon leaving the institution, Katy and her core persona find themselves back in the fantasy land.

Katy and her core persona are back in the dissociative fantasy land –  at the other side of the Labyrinth where things seem nicer.
This cat with hypnotic eyes is a reminder that Katy might still be tightly monitored and under the control of her handlers. The butterflies on Katy’s head are also a good indicator of this fact.

At this point, Katheryn hopes on her bike and leaves Katy.

Katheryn, the core, authentic persona of Katy says goodbye. Why is she leaving? Isn’t our core personality something we should ALWAYS have?

Before leaving, Katheryn leaves Katy a gift … a symbolic gift.

Back in her dressing room, realizes that she’s been given a butterfly. Did her Katheryn give Katy the poisonous gift of being back under mind control?

The butterfly leads us from the dressing room to a stage, before a performance of the song Teenage Dreams. In other words, Katy (and viewers of the video) have gone full circle and are back at the starting point. Although a quest appears to have been completed and foes appear to have been defeated, Katy is back in her “sexy pop star” persona, complete with lollipop bras. This is who she is now, a product of the music industry. Her core persona is gone.

Did she learn something from Katheryn and is now better equipped to face the pitfalls of celebrity? Maybe. However, the orgy of butterflies in the video reminds us that, in the end, she is still under the control of the music industry and the MK symbolism it promotes. Need more proof? Check out her attire while she performed Wide Awake at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada.

Katy is basically one big giant butterfly – the ultimate symbol of Monarch Programming.
Monarch butterflies over one eye. That’s like VC 101.


In Conclusion

Katy Perry’s Wide Awake is a prime example of Monarch programming symbolism being promoted in mass media products. While it may be deemed “original” and “imaginative” by many, it is strikingly similar to other MK-themed video analyzed on this site. For instance, Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick also features a younger (purer) version of the singer, a flurry of butterflies, rooms full of mirrors and so forth. Why are all of these symbols found in these unrelated videos (any countless others)? It is because these symbols are, in fact, related: They are symbols of Monarch Programming mind control. This is the common thread uniting these symbols. It also explains the otherwise puzzling plots of the videos.

Although it is probably the most disgusting and vicious concept known to man, Monarch programming is often referenced in popular culture. And, since Monarch programming is one of the ways the occult elite keeps a stranglehold on many areas, including the entertainment industry, it is often subtly glamorized in mass media. Most people let all of this imagery go straight to their minds without even understanding its true meaning. However, there is one way to not allow these unwanted messages to reach our brains: Be TRULY wide awake.


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I've just watched the 20 minute 'making of' video for wide awake on Katy's VEVO channel. While it explains some part of the video there are a lot of parts that Katy herself all but confirms are sinister. She says there is a lot of 'symbolism' and 'subliminal' elements to the video. It's well worth a watch. I was very shocked by some of what she said. She implied that she went into a mental institution/hospital at some point during that year.

im 14, well 15 in a few days, i found out about the illuminati at the age of 9 when my cousin told me that jay-z worships the devil i searched it online watched youtube videos and was SHOCKED, i used to think that the music industry was fun (i've always wanted to be a singer) and then i realised everything is just based on egyptian days (rituals, and the supposed royals of the music industry.. mj, beyonce + jay-z and their baby, madonna, britney and now lady gaga). there are a LOT of people that think i'm weird because i know every symbol in the book now due to finding out about them like 6 years ago and i am SO aware that the music industry is weird but i REALLY love to SING and to make video i guess the only way to be in the SAFE part… Read more »

Ffs are you having sex with demonic entities? Speak with a priest and do something about it. Sort out yourself now.

Can you read?

It's interesting you mentioned Em. I hear his recovery album is a cry to get out of the system. Heres the lyrics to the song you mentioned. it's quite an interesting read: ""Shady, listen… "SHADY!", you hear that? They're screaming for you, I can bring your career back" But I don't want it back! "Yes you do…" No I don't! "Yes you do, you're gonna regret it later!" No I won't! "I'ma get Dre on the phone, I'll just call the doctor" Go ahead, I already talked to, Dre yesterday "Well I got him on the phone right now!" You're lying, "yo slim", HOW, WHY NOW! Whatup Dre? "Check this out Slim, I gotta talk to ya I don't know, it just seems every since you got off ya Drugs, you became a lot softer" But Dre, all Shady is is a bottle of hair bleach and vodka "Well, just… Read more »

That video was just weird

One question though….why show these symbols constantly…its like an invitation to the truth which they want to hide…

As weird as this may sound it seems very likely, please bear with me on this. I believe Katy Perry has duplicates or "doubles."I believe this because I know of a woman that has told me she is katy perry (over xbox live) and actually told me that she isn't the only katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. For years me and 2 of my closest friends have been talking to this woman and she has told me of very strange things such as; when she was born she was captured by Russians and taken to some type of prison or complex of some type. She was held in a cell and constantly raped, tortured, and put through grueling military exercises DAILY (if you could even call them that..) along side other children around her age. One of the things she mentioned was that she denied to get raped by an officer so… Read more »

Wow that’s so sad.

The thing that disturbed me the most was the hypnotic-eyes hedge cat… towards the end it turns to stare creepily at Katy and Katheryn while they "escape" and neither of the girls notice. Even without knowledge of the Illuminati, that scene alone should creep viewers out…

So on one hand, the government denies all knowledge of such programs, and on the other hand, it spends millions making references to it in popular culture for …. what reason exactly?

I ask myself all the time! To simply play with us!

The government does make music videos. WTF??

The strawberry would represent both the heart and the pineal gland, the true inner core, beyond personality, which is kept under control by the rest of the programming…

Some of the things Katy says in the making of wide awake video (search youtube):

"Zoe, who is the little girl in the music video, she's kind of like, my innocence, she's past me"
"She may be kind of a symbolic of the innocence i've lost along the way"
"She is trying to lead me back to, a better place, and lead me out of, the labyrinth."
"There´s some symbolism on my dress, there's a lot of butterflies, probably because i will evolve"
"There is a lot of symbolism, you have got to just kind of catch it"
"We are trying to put a lot of subliminal things in there too"

Maybe I'm slow, because I saw the video for the first time today,- hence I went running over to see if VC roughly matched my interpretation, which it largely did- but it seems as though she sees the monarch mind control aspect as a very traumatic workplace experience (hence just as the video begins, she's wrapping up; the rest carries over from night to midnight to the next morning, as she "frees herself", it starts over.)

Oh my goodness, I would have never knew. However, I did feel a sense of eeriness when I saw 'Wide Awake'. How horrible! There are actually such happenings creeping without our knowledge. I wonder what other horrible things are going on in this world?

Thank you so much for this article. Now, I'm more aware. Please post more articles like this.

No need to fear the perceived Evil in this world. All this animal head wearing mask stuff is just a symbol of our own animal minds that we evolved through our animal heritage.

Know the truth about life—that you can check with your own eyes—Google Search *Truth Contest* and open up (The Present). It's all there freely available to anyone who wants to know.

(Read my other comment before this one or you will just call me crazy, or you might just do so none the less.. ) Things I remembered after already writing everything out: 1. While on the mike with this woman she would get 'attacked' and force me and my friends to worry and feel afraid for her. I can't tell for sure whenever these instances happened but she might have been faking it just for our reactions.. (part of me thinks she's an evil 4D reptilian that feeds off of negativity. Go ahead and call me crazy, but these reptilians exist and yes they do everything they can to cause fear, anxiety, pain, worry or anything negative because they feed off these emotion. Some could call them a Demon.) 2. She claimed to know a lot about ghosts and the afterlife, and she has had numerous encounters with dark entities… Read more »

Very interesting analysis. However, all butterflies represent FREEDOM! Katy may be a slave to the music industry, but she has the power and freedom to leave it at anytime. I think this song has a great deal to do with her relationship and thereafter break up with her druggie husband. Great song and video with so so so much profound meaning!!!! Just loVe her!!! Bevin mcmanus

U silly bevin. Read the article. This video, like many of Perry’s, is full of sex slave mind control imagery, and the butterflies are a symbol of the OPPOSITE of freedom.

A butterfly tattoo, in the Russian prison system, means you know a way to escape.

The butterfly is also an ancient Christian symbol of rebirth, and I believe Katy knew this in order to fool her handlers since in that last scene she punches the fake Prince Charming which means she is aware of who, what, and where she is. Holding the butterfly, which her handlers will interpret as her 're-accepting' the mind control can also function dually as her keeping Christ with her in order to protect herself from their occult mind control – a wolf in sheep's clothing – another play on imagery and symbolism – since for them she would be their enemy sans programming.


Youtube is my favorite place to listen to unsigned artists from all over across the world that sometimes is so much better than the famous ones:)

OMG! The labyrinth scene was taken straight out of the movie The Labyrinth with David Bowie! Even the caterpillar dude is there! Talk about the entertainment industry using the same symbolism/story everywhere.

TL:DR, what is the purpose of these symbolisms in music videos?

Hi there, I’m a little bit confused as to the purpose of monarch programming symbolism in music videos? Is it that the pop stars are trying to warn us? or expressing regret? Or are they trying to mass program the public? Why are they trying to expose the truth they are at the same time trying to hide? What are they trying to get across? I don’t quite understand.

In the song for the video for Wide Awake, Katy also sings this line “It was only the blue way”, which does not appear on any official lyrics for the song but is repeated several times in the song. There appears to be two main paths for programming, a blue way and a red way.

There is also a monarch caterpillar at the beginning of the video.

what I still do not know: WHY do 'they' show this to us? why do they make videos/songs/movies with these symbols? I drag my brain for nothing. I just cannot strike out with an idea what all this is good for, if true. Anyone?

Katy has confessed with her own mouth that her failure to make it as a Christian artist, led her to sell her soul to the devil. This video perfectly illustrates how the devil loves theatre and presents truth as mock entertainment, fooling everyone who is not ‘wide awake’ to his schemes and devices. God only sends a powerful delusion upon the human heart that refuses to obey the commands of Jesus Christ. Katey does not have ‘alters’ she is demon possessed. Every persona is a new demon. I can guarantee you, she is not the same person at home as she is when triggered on stage. Beyonce herself has confessed that Sasha Fierce can pull notes and moves that cannot be replicated when at home. Something happens to them on stage where they taken over by demonic influence. In reality, their own natural talent is nothing to write home about,… Read more »

Demon possession and split personalities have often been seen as one. The mkultra process would indeed open one up to demonic influence and usually involves satanic rituals. I guarantee Perry has taken part in ritual sodomy and has signed her name in blood.

To make the occut elite know, they comunicate using simbols, not words.

No, to activate. For good, bad or indifferent.

There is more than you could ever think is possible.


Well I think she is still a freemason coz once u are in there is no way to get out

Check out the preview of her new song's video, "Roar." What symbolism do you see there?

there's no permanent contract saying these people have to stay in the industry… all vonluntary

And look what happens to them when they retire from it. They self-destruct.

I really enjoyed the video and song. The images are common transformation images used by many more than MK Ultra or Illuminati. Understanding where she was coming from did help! I highly recommend you do research before assuming or labeling based upon a fixed idea. All of the images are not owned by any one group of people : )
I have memories that are MK Ultra based from childhood and look into and spend a lot of time reading from all perspectives. and as Freud might say….sometimes a cake is just a cake. (or a cigar a cigar)

Jus should be watched backwards. Shows all your questions and answers the right way

I knew this just from watching it

Whether you are a member of the illuminati or not, the point remains that the wages of sin is death, so you might not be into all this illuminati things (assuming that is what it is truly called) but if you steal, tell a lie and so on you are still committing a sin and are liable to God's wrath unless you repent

Great post! I would like to add something that I couldn't help but notice. Katy's hair is violet-colored. If you look up the meaning of the color violet, you will notice that its meaning goes hand in hand with what you are talking about here. The color violet is the color of imagination and spirituality. It relates to the fantasy world, and a need to escape from the practicalities of life. It is the daydreamer escaping from reality. But all in all, it is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. Nothing could be more true in Katy's case.

I watched the behind the scenes of this video, and the director even said himself that the scene with the mirrors was like "Alice in wonderland."

It's 2013 and symbolism is getting more and more blunt and in your face YET PEOPLE STILL CALL US CRAZY?! I freaking want to punch someone because I'm like "It's right there! It's in your face!" Yet they still doubt…this world is so messed up.

The way you break down these videos, makes me wonder if they are a catalogue for those in the know. i.e. anyone who is apart of this world and wants to use Perry for their own devices could look at her work, see more details which pertains to them in order to trigger her while she's in her presence.

I also wonder if this song alludes to the time during her break up with Russel Brand.

It's actually really sad. This song is about how she was tricked (bitting in a strawberry) and she started to be under the mind control. She wants to escape from it with her real persona, and when she is successful, her real persona leaves her and she's at the beginning. I hope that she will find the way to escape from mind control and illuminati :/

I think the little Katheryn is symbolic of God. She tries to lead Katy away, but Katy resists and gives up her light to the dark one. Katheryn rides off saying Goodbye because there is no hope for her now. She made the wrong choice and God will not be helping her out of this one. Prince Charming is the devil. I think she's still struggling with the loss of her soul, but she knows now that what's done is done, and all she can do now is continue on (but at least knowing it all now and not needing to be controlled anymore.) maybe she has graduated to a different tier in the organization?

omg look at this crap!!! a place to go learn mind control techniques so u can control others.. someone need to shut them down!!

ill try to be as shorter as i can. – ˝Katy is doing what is expected of her in front of the cameras.˝ NO the first scene on the ˝cloud˝ symbolize her fluffy-fake reality that she lived till awakening ˝Falling from cloud nine˝ – realizing the fake happiness that she have. ˝Her core persona.˝ lets not call it like that. Lets call it a spirituality. – ˝The fact that little Katheryn’s reflection does not appear in the mirror emphasizes the fact that the girl is not real, but a part of Katy’s psychology.˝ NO The fact that little Katheryn’s reflection does not appear in the mirror emphasizes that she is her spirituality, contrary to EGO that has reflection, spirituality doesn't … Its about her AWAKENING, self-awareness I don't get why is hard to understand this video without too much symbolism and s**t. i have more disagreement with this article but… Read more »

As a survivor of MK and SRA programming and abuse these pictures trigger me but this breaks my heart, too. I am praying for her 🙂

Little girl is a fallen angel, prince is a Christ.

check out her earrings at 0:58…….and boom goes the dynamite.

the Illuminati are a bunch if ugly human wankers and societies rejects really they should all be hunted and whacked this year they are vicious cruel sick weirdo front men from governments enjoying providing entertainment that profitable for you to all gobble up.
make this the year the government get the message that their f*****g s**t won't be tolerated,
they're just raising money for their black budget outer space and UFO development and weapons programs to kill us all with.
bet Katy and all the other artists donate a hefty whack of their earnings to raise funds for this.

The strawberry could be reference to when Brittney had her breakdown with Diane Sawyer…she was saying "eewe strawberries" and making gross faces. It probably has to do with a mind control technique.

Look also at her earrings in the first verse and chorus, another prove…

And look at the earrings Katy Perry is wearing in the beginning of the video

(Freemason symbols)

The gift of a butterfly from her "true self" to her older self at the end means this*: 1) it was her true self that always wanted stardom, that originally chose/initiated the whole process she later tried to escape. Her journey brought her back to herself and allowed her to remember, accept, and embrace what she had become as her own, rather than something put upon her by malevolent outsiders. 2) Yes, the butterfly is a symbol of Monarch MC, but it has lots of other value, most notably that of transformation/metamorphosis, especially from something ordinary to resplendent, lower to higher. So I think this gift means the child in her planted the seed that lead to her metamorphosis away from her natural, "ordinary" true self into something else, perhaps higher/more beautiful though, again perhaps, only externally so…. What do you think everyone? *Just my opinion, but I feel pretty… Read more »

In the video you also see on Katy's earings a small baphomet head and the outer shape is an illuminati symbol.

This review is sort of off…it seems as if you are a victim of mind control. It's a flash picture of her life. What gave me this idea is that when she punched the guy, it reminds me of her divorce with her ex-husband.

I really hoped that this song was her breaking out of the controlling. That was what I thought the first time I listened to it. bummer it's not

It's a shame that she is a part of this, I actually like her! I'm just glad real musicians are safe to listen too, like Kelly Clarkson and Sara Bareilles

Has anyone else considered looking at it the other way around? All these symbols and illuminate signs could represent who she has been and associated with, the darkness. When she sees herself as a little girl, she remembers how innocent she was. She needs her younger self to survive. When she is in the wheelchair she is so overwhelmed with the dark life she has been living, and when her younger self walks up to the guys with bull heads (also a sign) and stomps on the ground, that is a sign of her breaking free from the darkness. She becomes wide awake and realizes what she had become. That's just my thoughts when I watched the video.

I wanna know whats the meaning of the video, I know Katy doesn't do the video so, why the people how control she does this video?.What they wanna communicate to us?Katy really know that she is under a monarchmind control? Well this is what I understood after read this: 1) I understood that from the beginning when she is in the labyrinth she has the opportunity to scape but she falls into a tramp eating the strawberry, so there's when little Katy (Katherine) comes if you look her right hand you can see a butterfly ring, so i think that she is part of the monarch mind control too 2) Then we Katy is in the wheelchair you can see a katy with any class of symbol around her, she is actually free, but she can even move because she is in shock for scape form the monarch control ,… Read more »