“Sucker Punch” or How to Make Monarch Mind Control Sexy


Sucker Punch is an action fantasy thriller that promises its viewers two things: girls and explosions. And it delivers both. But behind the slur of short skirts and CGI effects hides a disturbing underlying story: Sucker Punch is about the life of a mind control slave who dissociates from reality to escape the trauma caused by abuse. This article looks at the hidden meaning and symbolism in Sucker Punch.

Warning: This article deals with disturbing subject matters and contains major spoilers.

Produced by Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300), Sucker Punch describes the quest of a girl attempting to escape a mental hospital where she was forcibly placed. In order to achieve this goal, our heroine, “Baby Doll”, and her friends, must find five items that will be used to escape the institution. Most critics did not appreciate the video game-like plot line of Sucker Punch and were confused its several levels of alternate realities.

The movie does come across as confusing, because there is one important fact about this movie that is not known to most viewers that makes the movie (slightly more) cohesive and coherent: Sucker Punch is about trauma-based mind control. It tells the story of a victim of Monarch Programming (more specifically Beta or Kitten programming) as she becomes increasingly dissociative. The movie takes place in the slave’s psyche, where dissociation is a defence mechanism to escape the unbearable trauma of abuse. The deep dark secrets of Monarch mind control are never truly presented on screen yet they are implied in meanings and symbols throughout the movie.

(Note: If you are not familiar with Monarch programming, I suggest you read the article titled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control before continuing with this one).

Sucker Punch provides a taste of the confusion lived by actual MK slaves as the film subjects its viewers to some of the same mind twisting: illusion, deceit, reversals and doublespeak. As the movie advances, the line between reality and fiction becomes increasingly blurry and messages become mixed up. At face value, the movie can be perceived as being about the the empowerment of women, but the mind control symbolism of the movie indicates that it is actually about the exact opposite. Our hero Baby Doll is looking for “freedom” but, in the end, “freedom” is definitely not what she thought it would be. In fact, the entire movie can be understood in two completely opposite ways, making it quite a mind bender. Sucker Punch begins with an off-screen voice saying:

“Everyone has an angel. A guardian who watches over us. We can’t know what form they’ll take. One day, old man. Next day, little girl. But don’t let appearances fool you. They can be as fierce as any dragon. Yet they’re not here to fight our battles … but to whisper from our heart … reminding that it’s us. It’s everyone of us who holds the power over the worlds we create.”

Like many other parts of the movie, this introduction can refer to guardian angels helping people take charge of their life or to mind control handlers who have the power to manipulate the thoughts of MK slaves. This only one of the several possible double meanings in the movie.

Abuse at home

The movie takes place during the 1950-60s (despite glaring anachronisms), a period during which actual MK-Ultra experiments were known to be taking place. The main protagonist of Sucker Punch is a twenty year old girl known only as Baby Doll. Her name strongly suggests mind control: “baby dolls” do not control their movements or environments. Baby Doll’s background and road to mind control mirrors the story of many real life Monarch slaves: an abusive parent caused multiple traumas at a young age, making her predisposed to dissociation. Her “ownership” is then transferred to an institution where the actual programming takes place, under the supervision of specialists (handlers).

The story of Baby Doll is indeed the typical story of real life Monarch slaves, who are often subjected to abuse at a young age. After several years of mistreatment, the ruthless parental figures have then no trouble handing over the children to MK authorities – clearing them of the possible criminal charges they could face for years of abuse.

The movie’s introductory sequences presents Baby Doll’s source of trauma: an evil step-father.

Baby Doll’s drunk step-father looking to abuse her. Many Monarch slaves come from abusive households or multi-generational ritual abuse families.

“The type of father who is most preferred by the Programmers to offer up their children for programming is the phile. If a father will abuse his own little baby girl, then the Programmers know that the man has no conscience. This father’s involvement in criminal activity (and thereby his vulnerability) can be continually increased. They want men who they believe will not develop any qualms later on in life about what they have done.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

The step-father’s wounds around the eye produce an emphasis on the “one-eye” symbol, which represents, as seen in other articles, Illuminati mind control. The one-eye symbol appears in other instances during the movie.

The step-father calls the police and accuses Baby Doll of killing her own sister – a crime he committed. She is arrested by the police and immediately drugged. Her ordeal as a Monarch slave begins.

Baby Doll is given a sedative by state officials and taken to the mental institution, which turns out to be a mind-control programming site. Mind-control slaves are constantly drugged by their handlers to facilitate their programming.

The Programming Site

Baby Doll forcefully taken into the institution. Several mental health institutions were actual mind-control sites used by the CIA.

The mental institution in which Baby Doll is placed has all of the characteristic of a mind-control programming site. The threat of physical and sexual abuse is constant during the entire movie and several techniques are used to trigger dissociation.

Music is extremely important in the institution (and in actual Monarch mind control) where it is used as a programming tool. Most of the songs heard during the movie have suggestive lyrics which, in the context of mind control, can to trigger dissociation. As Baby Doll is taken to her cell, Yoav’s cover of the song “Where is my Mind” is heard. The lyrics describe the feeling of dissociation:

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there’s nothing in it
And you’ll ask yourself

Where is my mind
Where is my mind
Where is my mind

In the institution, Baby Doll learns that her step-father paid to subject her to the ultimate form of mind control: a complete lobotomy. The administrator of the mental institution tells the step-father: “Don’t worry, she won’t even remember her name when I’m done with her”.

The movie then fast forwards to the scene of the lobotomy.

Lobotomies were performed by inserting a sharp instrument through an eye of the victim to “disactivate” the prefrontal cortex. The movie emphasizes the symbolism of the needle going through an eye to as it symbolically represents Illuminati mind control.

Right at the moment where the doctor is about to hammer the orbitoclast into Baby Dolls’ brain, dissociation occurs and the viewers are taken to an alternate reality. We are taken to the dissociative, imaginary world created by Baby Doll’s psyche, in which she embodies an alter persona: a Beta Kitten.


The Alternate Reality

In Monarch mind control, there are several types of programming, depending on the use the handlers want to make of the slave. In Sucker Punch, it is obvious that Baby Doll and her friends are subjected to Beta Programming – also known as Kitten programming. The emphasis in the beginning of the movie on her step-father’s abuse is, in Monarch Programming terms, the anchor.

“All the programming of each & every slave is anchored upon some type of trauma. One of the first fundamental traumas will be watched, filmed, coded & used as an anchor. For instance, the most brutal abuse of a girl by her father will be used as an anchor upon which to build the Beta programming. (…) Extreme psychosis is created within a child trying to deal with the issues created by the incest from the child’s most important figure–their father figure.”
– Ibid.

In Baby Doll’s alternate reality, the mental institution becomes a club run by a mobster – who is, in real life, the institution’s administrator. The “mental patients” of the institution are dancers…with extras. This distorted version of reality implies one important thing that is not directly mentioned in the movie: If Baby Doll deals in prostitution in her alternate reality, it implies that she is subjected to the same treatment in the mental institution. In actual Monarch programming, repeated and systematic abuse is used to create trauma and dissociation.

In her alternate reality, Baby Doll embodies an alternate persona – what is called a Kitten – who are programmed to give favors. The programming removes inhibitions and, as we’ll see, Baby Doll will be trained to “let herself go” and become sensual on demand.

It is during the scene of the lobotomy that we first see Baby Doll dissociating, turning the sordid operation into an alluring dance routine.

Baby Doll being strapped and prepared for the lobotomy.

Baby Doll’s alternate world reflecting yet distorting her lobotomy – it is now the premise of an erotic dance routine.

Despite appearances to the contrary, the movie never truly condemns forced prostitution or even mind-control practices. Everything is turned into a fantasy, making the situation cool and attractive. For example, Baby Doll’s Kitten alter persona is constantly dressed as a schoolgirl who is brought in by a priest.

Baby Doll’s Sex Kitten alter has a different past. Real Monarch programming slaves are programmed to have different alters, who have different pasts, different attitudes and, sometimes, even speak using different accents than the “core” persona. In Baby Doll’s case, her abusive step-father becomes a priest.

Beta Kittens

In her alternate reality, Baby Doll is forced to dance and please clients. Since her alternate world is a product of dissociation, which “sugar-coats” reality to make it bearable, we can deduce that she is forced to do the same actual mental institution, but the movie never actually shows it.

Baby Doll is being told that she is here to please clients. Animal print cushions allude to Kitten programming.

Sweet Pea, another “patient”/slave, practising her dance moves. She is wearing feline print, used in Monarch mind control to identify Beta Kittens.

Blondie, played by Vanessa Hudgens, also wears feline prints. Despite not being blonde, she is called Blondie, reflecting Kitten programming’s obsession with blondes (see Marilyn Monroe).

Vanessa Hudgens is a former Disney star; as stated in previous articles, there are numerous links between Disney’s child stars and Monarch programming.

Hudgens got this butterfly tattoo (which was highly publicized for some reason) around the time Sucker Punch was released. Tattoos are used in Monarch programming to identify slaves.

Mirrors and Butterflies

Not unlike other movies on the theme of mind control (see Black Swan), tricky mirror effects and confusing reflections are often used during Sucker Punch to symbolize the blurring of the line between reality and fiction and to give the viewers a small sense of the world of a MK Slave.

Tricky mirrors and camera movements cause viewers realize that they were looking at inverted reflections during an entire scene – warning them to never trust what they see. Notice the butterfly between the mirrors, a symbol of Monarch programming.

When one of the slaves is shot and killed by Blue, the club the owner, the camera moves to an illuminated mirror from which falls a baby picture of her. Notice the butterfly.

Almost all films on mind control feature a shattered mirror at one point – representing the shattering of the slave’s personality. In Sucker Punch, the mirror shatters when Blue attempts to assault Baby Doll.

Second Level of Dissociation

So where do the cool action scenes fit in all this disturbing creepy mess? Well, they all happen in Baby Doll’s head as a way to escape reality. Each action scene occurs when Baby Doll is forced to perform an alluring dance.

Using music as a programming tool, Vera Grosky (the institution’s doctor who becomes the dance instructor in the alternate reality) tells Baby Doll to “let everything go”. In other words, she must dissociate. Following Vera’s orders, when the music starts, Baby Doll is catapulted into a second level of fantasy world. During the length of the song, the dance turns, inside Baby Doll’s head, into an imaginary action scene that vaguely reflects reality. This multiple level of dissociation is Baby Doll’s defense mechanism against the cold hard reality: the third level of the action scene means that she is dancing in the second level of the club, which means she is most likely being abused in the first level of the mental institution (I hope this is not too confusing).

During her first dance, Baby Doll dissociates to a world resembling feudal Japan. She is wearing a skimpy school girl outfit, reminding everyone that, behind all of this, the truth is that she is being used for her body.

During this first dissociative action scene, Baby Doll meets the “Wise Man”, the guide who will lead her to “freedom” … and I use that word in quotation marks for a reason. While it may appear that throughout the movie, the Wise Man guides Baby Dolls towards liberty, he knows all along that his help will lead her to the exact opposite – total lobotomy. More on this later.

The second action scene takes place in Germany, during WWI. Once again, Baby Doll is forced to dance. The song she must dance to is extremely meaningful: It is a remake of the classic song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. In the context of mind control, the song’s lyrics take on a profound meaning:

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don’t do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she’s ten feet tall

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you’re going to fall
Tell ’em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call
Call Alice
When she was just small

When men on the chessboard
Get up and tell you where to go
And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving slow
Go ask Alice
I think she’ll know

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen’s “off with her head!”
Remember what the dormouse said;
“Feed Your Head”

This classic song can be interpreted in several ways but, in the context of this movie, it perfectly fits into the theme of mind control. As seen in previous articles, the movie Alice in Wonderland is used as an actual Monarch programming tool, where the slave is told to “follow the White Rabbit” through the Looking Glass – the Looking Glass equalling dissociation. For this reason, the symbol of the white rabbit became an important symbol of mind control in popular culture.

In the WWI action scene, the girls ride a “mech” that prominently features the MK symbol of the white rabbit.

The other action scenes follow the same pattern: A dissociative song triggers Baby Doll to go into a fantasy world where she must accomplish a mission. Each mission is a distorted version of the real life mission she and her friends must accomplish to, in the end, escape the institution and find freedom.

The girls succeed and obtain the items required, but not without deaths and sacrifices along the way.

Going to “Paradise”

During the entire movie, Baby Doll’s only goal is to “leave this place” and to “be free”. At numerous occasions, the process is referred to as “going to Paradise”. However, like actual Mind Control slaves, the viewers of the movies are confused with deceitful double-speech and inversions – using attractive words to describe horrible realities. In the movie, “Paradise” and “Freedom” do not equal escaping the mental institution, but rather signify complete dissociation from reality. The Wise Man who seems to be guiding Baby Doll toward “freedom” actually leads her to the acceptance of her lobotomy as the only way to truly “be free”.

This disturbing ending reflects the even more disturbing reality of Monarch slaves: even if they escape the grips of their handlers, they cannot escape the suffering and the trauma they have been subjected to. Baby Doll apparently realizes this fact. So, in the end, instead of escaping the institution with her friend Sweet Pea, Baby Doll acts as a true hero and sacrifices herself to free her friend, creating a diversion that allows her friend escape. Baby Doll is seized and taken to be lobotomized.

After the doctor performs the lobotomy, he says:

“Did you see the way she looked at me? Just in that last moment. It was like … she wanted me to do it”.

At least, Baby Doll’s sacrifice allowed Sweet Pea to escape the institution and be free, right? Not so sure.

After the escape, Sweet Pea is shown at a bus station about to leave town. When she enters the bus, a boy, who looks oddly familiar, looks at her.

The weird random kid at the bus station is the same weird random kid that appeared in the WWI scene. Since that scene was a result of dissociation, is the scene of the bus station also imaginary?

When Sweet Pea boards the bus, she realizes that the bus driver is the Wise Man who guided Baby Doll toward her lobotomy. He tells her to get some rest because she has “a long way to go”. Is he leading her to freedom or to a dissociative “paradise”?

As the bus driven by the Guide rolls away, we see a billboard saying “Paradise Diner”.

MK Merchandise

Here are some officially licensed Sucker Punch t-shirt designs that contain their fair share of Illuminati mind control symbolism.

The teddy bear with stitched forehead and buttons instead of eyes represents children MK slaves and their lost of innocence.

The rabbit of the mech with one pupil.

Another shirt design featuring an emphasis on one eye. Dangling from the sword is the “key” to Baby Doll’s freedom…dissociating into fantasies.

In Conclusion

Most movie goers come out of Sucker Punch believing that its a movie about “empowerment”, “women fighting back” and whatever other buzz words they’re using these days. While some might perceive Baby Doll as a strong woman fighting back against the oppression of men, others might conclude that the movie caters to the perversions, turning them into a fantasy. The same double-speak can be attributed to the movie when relating to the theme of mind control. While the main message of the movie appears to be about “fighting for freedom”, a deeper look at the movie reveals that it might be saying the opposite. In the end, Baby Doll’s “battle” was not one of rebellion and freedom, but for escape and dissociation. Her “guide” was not an agent of liberation, but a handler who owned the keys to her psyche, guiding her into the fracturing of her personality.

The final words of the movie, said by an off-screen voice, also play on reversals and double-speak. Is it an empowering speech on self-determination or a description of the handler’s complete control of the slave’s psyche?

“Who honors those we love with the very life we live? Who sends monsters to kill us and at the same time sings that we’ll never die? Who teaches us what’s real and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we’ll die to defend? Who chains us? And who holds the key that can set us free?”

The movie ends with the same words Baby Doll was told before dancing and dissociating the first time.

“It’s you. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight.”

Through illusion, deceit and double-speech, the viewers witness a subtle promotion and glorification of the very things the movie apparently goes against. I guess this is why they called the movie Sucker Punch.




  1. To control the human collective conscious mind, the animus, the programmer must control the human collective reactionary mind, the anima, through tortured disassociation from reality, therefore the equation of thesis, and anti-thesis, produces the conditioned control of the sum of collective human reality, which is illusion, a world of human pursuit, and activity, completely separated, and divorced, from the realities of Mother Nature.

    • its me again on

      I notice they keep putting out these kind of movies, every once in awhile (at least twice a year) a movie such as this Vanilla Sky, Matrix , Inception, where reality and fantasy are distorted to the level that the person watching the movie is thinking "what the heck did i just watch?" I saw Vanilla Sky and i became sort of disoriented like the character in the movie if they can accomplish that by you sitting for 1-2 hours in a movie theater, just imagine what they HAVE accomplished on a much bigger scale! Notice that they havent released any movies like Lean on Me or Get on the Bus to promote people coming together to solve a problem in society. Notice no more Malcom X or any kind of civil rights movies just dumb shit about aliens coming down and vampires that fall in love thats just what i need, a movie to help me decide if i wana spend my life with a vampire or a lychan! Nope nothing to see here folx!

      • Though unrelated (or who knows maybe related?) this reminds me of a quote:

        Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one – Albert Einstein

        MK programmers and handlers maybe busy dissociating victims but we, the (somewhat) free people must get control of our own brains to be actually be able to do what is right. I am reading multiple self-empowerment books at the same time and ALL agree on one thing, most of what we do in our daily life is triggered subconscious. To break any bad habit or to attain a new one, we MUST be able to program our minds so that subconscious does not pose resistance. But it isn't that difficult.

        I know this was a bit off-topic but we, the VC readers are one family and I would like us all to prosper.

      • freed from the chain on

        That is so very true…what's so bad is that people refuse to see it. It's funny because even though my bf makes fun of me for frequenting this site and doing my own research, he's starting to notice things. Like last saturday we were watching cartoons and yugioh came on. One of the monsters was named Aleister Crow…it shocked him because just last week I was telling him about Aleister Crowley because we just found out that his brother has been studying and practicing demon summoning and satanism….he reads the Necronomicon and many books by Crowley. Of course when we tried to counter it, things went bad but it just goes to show that we're out of the age where uplifting shows and movies are a completely thing of the past….our future is what we see in these movies if we don't wake up

      • Yes. The movie trailer said all this too. These movies are a tremendous waste of time unless well critiqued. The themes have been written about before. Pop culture thrives on perpetuating the old. Agreed that these films are released with timeliness and intention in regards to message.

        RE: LOBOTOMY, see Eugene Zamiatin's _WE_, written in 1920 Russia, an electrifying novel on which Orwell's 1984 was fashioned. WE's protagonist, writing in autobiographical-styled, journal entries, chooses after an intense journey toward the alternative to his unreal-reality (down the rabbit hole, so to speak) –a lobotomy! His is the voice of "reason" as lobotomies are the Utopian society's "pill" forced upon a manipulated population. Taken from the book's introduction, Peter Rudy makes a claim on the book's the dystopian theme: "The ruling principle of the rigidly controlled society in We is that freedom and happiness are incompatible: men are congenitally incapable of using their freedom for constructive ends and merely make themselves miserable by their abuse of it; most of them yearns for materialistic happiness and are eager to surrender their troublesome freedom and to be reduced to the status of lotus-eaters…the theory on which Zamiatin's state is built [is] the theory that most men believe their freedom to be more than a fair exchange for a high level of material happiness." The text proposes a formula as such: security = happiness = conformity.

        The films' story, on the surface, creates an argument for happiness through the illusion of materialistic empowerment (i.e. big guns, hot bods) and spiritual growth (the wise old man leading them on a journey), while surreptitiously positing images of pornography and warfare and torture as accepted norms, thereby supplanting the true means of attaining power and spiritual awareness, which requires an awareness and turning away from illusion, not a turning toward illusion as a means of escape! It is classic double speak, as VC points out; and the story develops no meta-textual critique of itself to prove otherwise. And the illusion creates an image of rigid conformity, whether forced or chosen–any escape circles back to the prison, traditionally symbolized by a serpent eating its tail. Moreover, films like Sucker Punch and Inception are havens for gamers, individuals obsessed with "levels" of the game, which are represented as alternate realities (like Black Swan and Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus)–perhaps those levels are meant for individuals "in the know," i.e. the ones who can see the architecture of the game.

        For an American version of the lobotomy, see Ralph Ellison's _Invisible Man_; halfway through the novel, the nameless protagonist receives a lobotomy from a white paint factory-owned medical laboratory and spirals into the world of an illuminati-controlled Brotherhood! And a classic tale of 1950-60s state-run mental hospitals is Sylvia Plath's _The Bell Jar_. Happy Reading!

      • maru. the free ant on

        I absolutely agree on every single word you wrote!! I'm tired of watching this same type of movies when you get out and ask for an explanation!

        I need to watch something that makes me think about, something meaningful. Is that too much to ask??

      • I truly love this website! I've learned so much from VC and from the comments! I noticed that some of the comments mentioned The Matrix as an example of the mind control agenda. I was shocked when I found out that the writer of The Matrix AND Terminator was a black woman! She's truly a blessed woman and although her movies were stolen, SHE WAS COMPENSATED!


      • Ha! Your post had me laughing remembering those movies, especially Vanilla Sky. For a moment while watching it, I thought I had pressed the fast forward button, or the movie glitched and reversed because everything that happen made no sense.

        But later I watched the movie from which Vanilla Sky was adapted, called Abre Los Ojos (Spanish for Open Your Eyes). I didn’t know at the time Vanilla Sky was an adaptation. I didn’t realize that this was exactly the same film until I kept seeing scenes that looked eerily familiar, then finally the light bulb went on. And I finally realized WHY Vanilla Sky made no sense. Abre Los Ojos has everything Vanilla Sky has, but it adds the crucial details that explain the craziness. And sure enough, we’re back to the dissociative/alternate reality plot of some one’s mind being manipulated.

        "It’s Me Again", I think you hit the crux of the non-message: the movies are no more advocating solutions except one: Embrace the Otherness (otherwise you’re bigoted, unenlightened, ignorant etc). When I finally realized that the whole plot of the Twilight Series was a love triangle between a benighted teenager, a vampire, and a werewolf (ok, shapeshifting wolfman), I wanted to both scream and slap the directors. At least “The Kool-Aid” was sweet, but this concoction hadn’t even the decency of a real flavor. When did it become “cool” to spawn the progeny of monsters? I must have missed that shift in pop culture between trying to get a good education and a decent job.

        OK, SURE it’s JUST FANTASY. But when is the last time you saw a fantasy where the kids, teens and adults worked hard to get along together, and do something good that didn’t involve a bedroom scene, or blowing buildings and people to small bits? Ending poverty and job loss constitutionally is Definitely a fantasy , but I don’t’ remember that trailer on Yahoo’s movies site!

      • @ Its me again: Yeah I've noticed that they haven't done a civil rights movie or any sort of inspirational movie in a while. I even watched The Adjustment Bureau and got a little confused. Don't get me wrong, the movie was romantic, but it was creepy seeing guys in suits and hats controlling people's every move trying their best to avert two people from falling in love with each other. Maybe Vigi should do a review on that movie, LOL. Has anyone seen Super 8, to be honest I was disappointed. Spoiler Alert: Poor little alien wants to go home, and bad humans for trapping him and experimenting on him. If it wasn't for the fearless 10 year olds, the alien would not have been able to get home.

      • All of the movies you just named are also "dumb shit"…according to your choices, You also belong to an exclusive "racial" club that dissasociates itself from other human races

      • I'm glad you shared "it's me again"…I was a bit concerned because after watching sucker punch, not only was I a little confused but I did feel disoriented and literally felt like I was the main character in some weird way…I felt disassociation. I'm not sure how to explain it all but that's how I felt and that night I did things I normally wouldn't do if I was thinking straight and not acting like the movie character I'd seen….I'm not stupid or one to copy vain artists…that's why this is soo disturbing. I thank God for the Holy Spirits ability to save and deliver us from these evils. Thank you Jesus for saving me a thousand times over!

      • It's a great song.

        Pixies were onto this shit aeons ago. Go read their lyrics, from just about every song. They are from Boston. Heart of the darkness. Pixies Rock BTW.

        If you want to understand this shit, and avoid being trapped in the indoctrination, you need to tread a fine line, and keep something real, maintain your own mind. That's why a lot of true freedom fighters are/ go crazy. They venture further, sometimes, they don't come back.

        Like Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, "I've seen horrors… horrors that you've seen. But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that… but you have no right to judge me. It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror… Horror has a face… and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies! I remember when I was with Special Forces…"

        The philistines will never understand, you have to leave them behind.

        Thank God for VC

      • The Horror…

        I've seen it, up close and personal. It is no friend of good souls. It is very much to be feared, but not in the same way that we both love and fear God's infinite power – because His power overcomes all horror and darkness, and along with it comes infinite mercy and pure justice, for those who accept it.

        All darkness and horror will be destroyed, along with those souls who willingly cling to them to gain power in this world. Rude awakenings are very near for a great many lost souls…

      • I think someone needs to watch Jordan Maxwell, along with the Zeitgeist Movies.

        The Church is in on it!!!

        The Bible has been re-written many, many times!!!

        It's how "They" control the masses!!!

      • This isn't about religion at all, and to my opinion "Greenpythontrail" religion isn't the worst gift given to humanity is the best I mean when things get as bad as it is in our actual time the only thing that is letting us move on is hope and the faith we have toward our own beliefs no matter what religion you follow we all want the same stuff.

      • Yeah I agree, Zeitgeist= atheist propaganda. Does no one see how much these people want you to admire/worship Satan. If they can't make you do that, whats the next best thing? ATHEISM, you will still wind up with Satan. Why even take the risk, I don't get it. Repent, be good and humble and you will be rewarded, why are people so offended by this?

      • You see, friend, going for the next best thing is "naturall" for us today, but saying there's only "ATHEISM" is somewhat ignorant of you (which is not a bad thing per se, who knows maybe you're still young and haven't made your own ideals yet).

        I definetely understand why you feel like "Zeitgeist" movies are an atheist propaganda. But that is only beacuse the message in zeitgeist is presented in that particular way – the narrator is some unbareably irritating guy who talks like he's got the 'encyclopedia of truth' up his ass, the moviemaker made some parallels that made no sense, a lot of ideas are flat and there is certanly a lot of finger pointing going on. BUT, zeitgeist is a gem if you know how to separate the good from the bad – and for that you need to work a lot.

        I myself have begun my 'real' education about 4-5 years ago, and I can be sure about very little if anything at all. All you get by searching is more questions, and none of them are gonna get answered by themselves.

        Now, about you saying "Why even take the risk, I don’t get it. Repent, be good and humble and you will be rewarded, why are people so offended by this?". People are offended by this because it directly confronts with their primal essence – and that is the need (yes, need, not wish) to know, otherwise how can you be sure your life has any sense or purpose.

        Now, maybe for you the statement in the quotes above makes perfect sense, and that is ok. Maybe your present incarnation has to figure out something else in this life, every incarnation of the soul has a purpose, a purpose to enrich the spirit in some way, otherwise – why live at all. Therefore finding the truth about the world in which your soul is incarnated is of extreeme importance.

      • Maybe because the goal of that bastards is to turn all the people in egotistical, apatical, moron consumist robots. I read that some fishers helped the people who jump to the freezing waters in Utoya and that kind of behavior (sponsored by religions, mainly christians) is what they want to rip apart from the world.

        John 1:5

        And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

      • I've posted before, but have never really been responded to. Could I get a response to this question? As a teacher in the public school system (I will not mention which), would you folks who post comments suggest that I talk about this stuff (MK ULTRA, etc.) in my psychology/sociology classes, or do you think that would just turn the kids off?

      • Shadow Boxer on

        HI Tom,

        I'd chase up some info on Michael Tsarion where he has worked with kids in school helping them to identify the use of symbolism in the media,etc… that'd be a good starting point I would imagine to start opening their eyes…. I would also think you might need to initially test the kids depth of knowledge and awareness…. at least start by asking open ended questions to get participation…. who knows they might even be monarchs themselves… Best of Luck…

      • Hey Shadow Boxer. Thank you so much! Your points are well taken and I will look into Mr. Tsarion's material. Many blessings.

        I have another question. Why does the Illuminati need to put stuff into videos/movies if they already have their mind-control victims? Excuse my ignorance…

      • @Shadow Boxer…

        I've seen some good stuff from Michael Tsarion. Thanks. He's seems to be the center of some controversy…deleted from Wiki, etc…what's up with that?

      • Michael Tsarion is a disinformant. He is advocating the dogmas and doctrines of the theosophical society, which means that he tries to lure you in by giving you half-truths. He even called Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – the mastermind behind the theosophical society – "the greatest scholar ever known".

        For more information see:

        Be careful with these people, they have their own agendas. This is called controlled opposition. These people give you true knowledge as a bait and mislead you after. It's like with the Zeitgeist movies.

      • Thank you, Kev. After briefly watching one of his videos – in which he was praising Aleister Crowley – I was "a little" suspicious.

        Any advice on the teaching thing?


      • Concerning your inquiry about your teaching:

        I would be careful with what you teach since the material that is out there on the topic is rather sparse and certainly can not stand the proof of any half-way serious and meticulous fact-checking or research.

        One of the major contributors – Fritz Springmeister – for instance, is shrouded in controversies and he used partake in dubious activities himself. Certain sections of his books are disjointed rants, indicating a confused and distorted perception. In my own opinion, he has never come across as a upright and honest person. How did this person get to all this intrinsic insight, anyway? There was almost nothing about it before.

        Other books of apparently deprogrammed mind control victims (Caty O'Brien, Cisco Wheeler) are even worse. There are claims so outlandish, it borders utter lunacy.

        I am not saying that these things don't exist, but who is to say that these people and their books and tales aren't part of the controled opposition? Disclosing information about mind control but not providing the whole truth, not providing any meaningful answers or solutions. Who is to say that these people who apparently have been deprogrammed are not, in reality, still totally mind-controlled, having been burdened with implanted and false memories. They would not even be aware of this themselves. They would totally believe in their own stories.

        Spritz Springmeister himself commenced one of his famous presentations that you can find on Youtube by saying that a big part of counter intelligence in the Second World War involved a method where spies providing 90% truth to opponents, mingling this with 10% lies, whereby these 10% rendered the 90% worthless. Who is to say that he is not inflicting this very method on his audience while blatantly telling them about it?

        In sum, I think teaching about these things could potentially damage your reputation as a scholar since the information out there is, simply, not enough conclusive to be self-evident. I admire your considerations and I think we need more of people like you who try to go a different way then it comes to the educational system. Nevertheless, you need to think carefully about what exactly it is that you want to spread, and how good you can substantiate it.

        You could attempt to do more research into DID in general, and I am sure that there are individuals out there (psychologists) that have done their own effort figuring out the connection between DID and Mind Control. You could bring that up.

        But, by all means, please refrain from using sources like Fritz Springmeier or Cathy O'Brien.

        Hope this helped to a certain degree.

      • Thanks Kev. Points well taken. Actually I have "Transformation of America" in my classroom. Your point about reputation is well-taken as I do not want to appear as a nut. Some of them have recognized the masonic messages in videos by Jay-Z and Beyonce. Thank you for your time.


      • Kev…so nice to read your reasoned words. Yes we must test all things. I hope you will continue to post your ideas.

      • I like your critical analysis of the situtation. We must be careful not to discount these sources as completely crazy but we must each continue our own individual search for truth, and use our brains instead of being content with spoonfeeding.

      • Hi! Kev I agree with you. We need contundent proofs, I haven´t read Fritz Springmeier or other people related. But the topic of mind control is true, you only need to read about MK Ultra.

        Here is a video of a girl that among another inconsistencies speaks about some disturbing things that VC speaks in this great site. He says that, "they killed Mouriño", Mouriño was the first interior minister in the government of Calderon and he died in strange circumstances, due to the fall of a plane, people in Mexico never trusted the official version. Who knows what happen… and with that girl.

        Gabriela Rico Jimenez, mind control victim?

      • Watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in class and ask them to critique it in a group session. The smart ones will lead you into a discussion and you will probably end up learning something, rather than "teaching", which is an obsolete notion nowadays.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Yes!! Talk about it! You have tons of unclassified documents, reports and videos at your disposal should you choose to bring it up as a topic of discussion. It very well may go over mosts heads, or cares, but it is the ones you will reach, and change that you should do it for. This generation is important!!! I am a psych major and I wish this would have been discussed! It explains MPD.

      • Tom. I think it is an excellent idea! But just talk about what is possible and how and what people are SAYING happened to them and how that is possible etc Don't be a "true believer" as that can be a turn off. It's too hard to believe everything Brice(for example) is saying. It could have happened because truth is stranger then fiction -but it also could have not and as woud Kev says, the memories could be false or implanted.

      • I actually think she sounds pretty intelligent. At least she isn't insulting anyone.

      • Sexy name Mia, always liked that name 😉

        Anyways! On to a more serious note…

        The Church demands obedience, and imposes a tax, if you will, on God. ''If you wanna talk to God, you'll have to go through me''. In any case,

        The very essence of Church mind control, and mass manipulation, lies in the belief that ''if you do as I tell you, I will give you a cookie! (Heaven) and if you don't, I will spank you! (Hell). So says our Father.''

        It doesn't take a genius to figure this out, though it does take a child to believe it.

        I particularly enjoy the movie Equilibrium when it comes to this particular topic. It's a blatant, albeit somewhat obscured, criticism of modern religious ideology. And in criticizing what is, proposes, through mere implication, an alternative for what should be… natural and free communion with ourselves, and the Gods within.

      • It's only strange if you haven't understood what Fight Club is about. And if you haven't, it's because its themes are completely foreign to your life. In other words, you need to know it, beforehand, in order to comprehend it.

        Fight Club is about a man who is asleep, and enslaved by modern consumerism. Someone who believes that ''the perfect couch'' will make his life ''complete''. It's about the shallowness of modern existence, and the counter productiveness of fulfilling one's life with material, aesthetically pleasing, things… devoid of all things. His subconscious, who, by the way, has a certain flare for the dramatic, then goes on to destroy all his attachments; and with them, his own sense of self worth (this is key, he does this to himself). Only to replace all those ill gotten habits with a never ending struggle against himself. Testing his metal, and his instinct for self preservation, against all willing and able; symbolizing the struggle between the desire for comfort, safety, security, stability, and continuity, against chaos, the inevitable creation inherent in destruction, and self transcendence (for nothing that evolved ever continued). Once he has overcome himself, in every sense of the phrase, he then proceeds to bring that change to the world at large, begging with the destruction of the monetary system.

        If you ask me, Fight Club is about a man who's awakened to the reality of his life and the absurdity of the modern era, and choose to have none of it.

    • we are so fucked in movies i knew they were doing this especially in "despicable me" you see one-eyed creatures everywhere in music you always see the "lady in red" why are they doing cause when 2012 comes were all fucked "new world order will be here.

      • Yep. I was watching Yo-Gabba Gabba the kid's show with my daughter. Notice the large one-eyed fallic character with fangs! And the DJ host of the show wears a big orange hat with an inverted pentagram on it. Turned that off and put Veggie Tales on LOL.

      • MusicEntusiast on

        According to a research about Programming, when SLaves are to go to "Freedom Train",

        they are to be killed… Their purpose is already done so they are easily expended.

        So being free is to be dead. Freedom is DEATH.

      • This world is getting sucked into the devil already have you already realized that there are more scary movies then any other different genre of movies

    • You have a nice point there. (At least I think I got your point.)

      However – sorry for getting somewhat beside your great point – I'm a bit confused about the usage of "anima" and "animus". Within Jungian theory – and those terms are Jungian – the animus does not refer to “conscious mind” whereas the anima does not refer to “collective reactionary mind”. (Btw I'm not familiar with the term at all, as it's not official nor regular one, so I don’t really know what you mean by the “reactionary” mind. But I guess that's ok, for I think I know what you mean.)

      Instead, and to put it simple, the animus refers to inner man (masculine qualities, architypical ones) inside every woman, whereas the animus refers to inner woman (feminine qualities) inside every man. They are not the collective consciousness but parts of it. (See C.G. Jung for more details.)

      Nonetheless, I totally agree with the idea of conditioned control of collective human reality. I also highly eagree with the fact that this is nothing but an illusion which aims to separate and divorce us from The Reality (of one's true Self, too).

      • Ooops…

        I wrote the "animus refers to inner woman (feminine qualities) inside every man",

        but it should read that the _anima_ refers to such.


      Me too! I noticed the feline prints, but was oblivious to the plot, her "dancing" everytime she got raped. Watched it with my Dad, told him I knew I wouldn't like it before we watched it. Then when we came out, he said it was badass. I said it wasn't great and the message was sh**ty. Can't wait to show him this article.


        K so my comment about Tank Girl was taken off – anyway check out Tank Girl. VC if you could email me and let me know why it was taken off I'd really appreciate it, thanks in advance.

        Theres a song on Tank Girl that is also on Sucker Punch. It's by Bjork and in Tank Girl the song plays when the story goes to a Club that caters to Pedophiles, Tank Girls kid sister gets taken away to that club and shes wearing a school girl outfit and some creep trys to take her somewhere.

        Here's the Plot for Tank Girl- Elites control the water and Tank Girl teams up with half human half Kangaroo mutants to fight back.

      • Don't tell me: Your Dad is a Boomer and you're GenY right? Except for the Bjork song, the rest of 'em are sexed up cover songs from the 60s: White Rabbit from Jefferson Airplane, stuff like that.

        There are QUITE A FEW memes running thru this movie: The YOUNG GenY girls all acting out things that happen in alpha state (the shitty sanitarium) in a 'beta' layer (the slightly more clean/elegant brothel), to where they are 'invicible' in the 'delta' layer, perfect killing machines. Kind of like our kids overseas… They jump from beta to delta, occassionally alpha, but alpha is too traumatic so THAT fantasy is maintained. For the most part, except for the brief point when the girl is killed in the kitchen.

        If you look at the animes that go along with the movie, lessee, the Germans are Germans, but the dehumanized Orcs and Robots are 'oppressed peoples' … in fact the robots are 'terrorists' running what acts like an atom bomb on a train into a city that looks like Manhattan….

        How did I interpret it? The olds of our country are going to use up GenY, fighting 'old battles' (with, of course, state of the art weapons). What kind of 'freedom' are they fighting for? Why, the freedom granted by lobotomy tools: Happiness in slavery. And what happens when you come back from the fight? You get DISCARDED, just like our folks coming back from Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon Libya.

        The other major meme I picked up on was the Dragon fight. The MOTHER DRAGON of Asia, guess who? Is killed by a JAPANESE SWORD wielded by a blonde GenY girl. Oh, and the BABY DRAGON (I'm guessing Taiwan) will be sacrificed for RARE STONES that make fire (or in this case, rare earth metals under the sea found in East Asia recently).

        China & Taiwan have this weird 'close relatives that are at odds with each other now that do not want to fight, really' relationship like mother and child.

        Either I'm talking out my ass, or all those Humanities classes paid off. By the way: The lobotomized/one-eye rabbit? The Chinese characters say 'Bad Girl from Taiwan' unless my Chinese is off (read in reverse?).. or these guys just fudged from Google Translate for the design.

        -Drunken Economist




        LOL, He scares me sometimes too, no not a teenager man and I wouldn't say a Boomer-more like Gen X. He's about forty something-I'm 23. We both like art and movies, I can usually tell when I won't like a movie before seeing it though. I'm becoming more critical when watching or listening to stuff now, sometimes he is too but I wouldn't say as critical as me. I think he bought into the whole girls in skimpy outfits killing bad guys. He's that kind of guy. I hate it but hey, what all can you do except try to inform.

      • Wow, then he's on the same cusp that I am… they started adding PC crapola to our education, instead of humanities and the like. I had to learn a lot OUTSIDE my degree. About iconography and symbolism, I learned a fair amount on the job whilst in the tech industry. Some more thoughts:

        – All of the girls have the whole 'loli' thing going on borrowed from Japanese animation. I was first exposed to it in the 90s (probably when your Dad was too).. stuff like 'zettai ryouiki': http://is.gd/MFDvRx and the whole girls n guns thing. And I remember Tank Girl too.

        – Hollywood directors crib from EVERYWHERE. Bullfinch's Mythology (and all the cosmogonies covered therein). They're running out of ideas, as there are too many retreads out there. So (in my theory) we're back to the 70s, a time I barely remember. My theory will be proven right if we see remakes of Logan's Run & Ark II.

        But yeah, as a GenX *guy* I got suckered into the whole kneesock babygirl with guns thing too. Then I started getting irked… then I got pissed off because (it seemed) to be a shaggy dog story. I initially *thought* it was just a knockoff of Matrix with girls & one more layer of "reality" to one-up the Warchovskis.

        But the real question is.. did your Dad ever get busted for playing Dungeons and Dragons? Or accused of worshiping satan for hauling around a 'DungeonMasters Guide' (or "Monster Manual). Yes, that happened at my high school….


      • Sarah Connor on

        Matmar you are awesome! I hope when my boys are in their 20's they still want to hang out with me lol – and show me what's up in the world. You are a good son! Don't forget it. Your paps doesn't scare me, I have one just like it. You better let us know if this article opens his eyes even more, and of course if you finally host that 'cook out' so we can talk about it – I'm so in!

        Drunky – your 'anthem' had me blowing nighty nite tea out my nose!!!! Priceless.


        He definetly grew up with the "hot girls whippin ass" movies. Remember Le Femme Nakita? He's shown me alot of movies he grew up watching, alot of them were good, but now its just kinda played out. I think they are going back to the 70's most definetly, likely with a lolita twist to it, totally irks me out too. Disney is always churning them out , it's really sad. We really have seen these girls grow up on tv and for them to be in movies like these and worse( and to think they had to play it down to PG!! wow!) Girl with a Dragon Tattoo pissed me off, couldn't finish it, and took the rest of the series off my netflix too.I also saw that there was a remake of I Spit on your Grave on netflix. So 70's is in there interest. I must admit that I do like Tarantino's flicks, totally 70's inspired. Kill Bill, Death Proof, Jackie Brown. Those don't have any Disney girls in them, so it doesn't irk me out like this movie did. Hopefully Tarantino will steer clear of any of this smut in the future.

        – HEY SARAH, Whats up!?

        I told him about this article and mentioned the monarchs, the plot of her going to her "happy place" every time she was violated and the jefferson airplane song. His question was "who's doing all of this?" well thats the big question isn't it, I think it doesn't matter who, it's still being done. We just have to recognize it and let it be known that we know whats going on and do not like it one bit.

        I'm sure your kids will be extremely thankful and proud for being brought up to recognize these things, hopefully music and movies won't get any worse than they are now, hard to imagine how they could. You're an awesome mom to be so vigilant and kickass about these things, your screen name is very fitting. A mom who protects her young from these crooks is just too awesome. A cook out with minds like ours would be a dangerous thing for these elites. God knows we'd figure out a plan to counter all of their shinanigans. Me and my paps are currently cleaning out our garage to have space to paint and make shirts, I will definetly be putting some of what I read from this site into our projects.

      • Man MAT,

        I wish I could go gentler on you, but Quentin is bad news, really bad news. Pretty much anything from Holy Wood will taint your brain.

        Don't go West!

        Scroogle (http://www.scroogle.org/cgi-bin/scraper.htm) this………

        quentin terrintino you suck, rebel

        Then click on the first search result.


      • Hey Lone Frog,

        Were you talking about "run b*tch run"?

        -Definetly Tarantino inspired completely disgusting. But thats made by some guy made Camp, i think. Tarantino in the past has stated that he'd never show a woman being raped in his movies-hence the guy rape scene in Pulp Fiction. I'm not trying to defend the guy, now that I think about it casting Lohan as a Nun was pretty effed up. Hell Ride was pretty debaucherous too. If you were refering to Django – a freed slave movie (i guess that'll be his 70's exploitation movie), I always wondered if he was a racist, alot of N bombs in his flicks. That Grindhouse trend is catching on though, have you seen the Hobo with a Shotgun trailer? Thanks for the link, sparked some thinking in me. His depiction of women is also very raunchy at times, but that movie ( I really hate typing it) Run B*tch Run is just too much though, I didn't think it could get any worse than the way movies are now but THAT has got to be one scummy dude to make a movie like that. How is that supposed to make people feel when watching something like that? We need more Tom Joad movies

      • Sorry MAT,

        I have found it to be the case that once you start looking at all of your old interests before gaining "A new perspective" they seem a bit more transparent and don't come off as something you would want to share with your fellow human. You will come to acknowledge that a lot of what you fed your soul was harmful to positive growth. So when I said QT was bad news, I meant just that. He is a "Temle Dog" serving the "Priests" of Holy Wood, you have been warned.

        (thnx rebel)

  2. I haven't read the article yet, but I knew what this movie was all about when I saw the previews. I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and it of course confirmed my thoughts. They've been pushing MK as cool, sexy and alluring in a number of movies in recent years.

  3. I watched the movie in the cinema and even though I enjoyed it…… it was very creepy. And now I get the full meaning.. wow.

  4. more and more movies promote such themes, makes us more familiar with illusions or alters. it's really vulgar ,yet people doesn't seem to see it's sense or it's meaning because many people doesn't really know the meaning BEHIND such confusing story. being on reality and on the same time, into a dream or illusion. it's like, at some point, the movie "inception"

    great article indeed, more articles to come, to be more & more informed. thanks Mr./Ms. VC

    • Yes, also one thing I find really annoying about this movie and Inception is that people are like, "I like these movies because they're smart, they make you think." Suuuure.

  5. This was porn for the handlers and the elite. The actresses within it are young girls who we've literally watched grow up. They were barely legal at the time of shooting this movie and it made me feel somewhat uncomfortable watching them. I felt like I was watching some elite pervert's fantasy.

    What I took from the ending felt like a message from the elite to us; the message that we're just like Babydoll, fooled into believing that we can be free when the truth is that no matter what we do, they control us and our reality through all the multiple ways in which they dumb our senses (fashion, media, work, drugs, sex, music). The underlying message is that we should "just let go", accept our fate and become "free" in their system. It's basically the same underlying message and admission that we got from The Matrix: You are a slave and a complex reality has been built around you to dull your senses to that and they will do anything they can to keep you in it.

    • Well said wolf!! I particularly liked the "fashion, media, work, drugs, sex, music" part because it covers every aspect of what is considered the everyday life our existence.

    • @ Lone-Wolf

      In a sense you are spot on, when refering to when you were watching this movie "It felt as if I was wathcing the elite's perverted fantasy." Truth be known, you were not only watching it but they were actually MK-ing you at the same time. Let me explain.

      More comments are alluding to the fact that they (the commenters) are "opening their eyes" to what Holy Wood is doing. I used to think the same thing but boy was I wrong. Whenever the "inner secrets" of the ruling elite become known you can be pretty sure they have moved on to something more sinister that we are ignorant of. Unless that is, you are willing to think like them.

      In a previous -Latest News- article VC posted concerning the Bohemian Grove, a commenter noted that it was pretty much a bunch of men being "gay" in the woods. Hell, when Richard Nixon was asked about his visits he replied…

      "The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time . . . It is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine with that San Francisco crowd."

      Which would make one wonder….. why go back? And, it seems would give a new rendition of the sybolism behind the "One Eye", yuck!

      Anyway, to the gist of my comment.

      Sucker punch is so obviously about MK Ultra that it almost showed up in the title.

      This movie is MK Mega and the "One Eye" symbol everyone is ranting about here, is not what you were led to believe. Let's look into a few things that VC glossed over or was just to busy not to see.

      – Baby Doll, Sweet Pea, (Rocket) – All these names refer to the elites' preferences in the age of their victims.

      – Baby Doll's little sister (leaning on the sexual nature of this movie) was raped by the "Father".

      – The One Eye – if you want to understand the nature of this symbol, look no further than the lobotomy scene itself. A "needle "piercing" an "eye".

      – Role Play – When the father shows up in Baby Doll's disassociative state as a Father. The "priest class" that is infamous for piercing little boys "eyes".

      – Skimpy schoogirl outfit – Not only does it make it as though her body is on display but also alludes to her age.

      – Mirrors- Once refered to as being used in programming Monarchs is being used to program YOU!

      – Alice in Wonderland – What I consider to be the most telling clue of all. Charles Dodgson enjoyed taking photos many undressed little girls nearing the age of consent. You all know him by his pen name……. Lewis Caroll and his story about Alice Liddell. Poor Alice.

      – And finally the "Weird Random Kid" VC made note of. He too could be considered as being in a disassociative state right along with the "heroes" (her-O). Why oh why would you find a kid in a WWII bunker on the front line? Because they (little boys) are the preferred victims of the priests of Holy Wood, and they are being made to suffer just like Baby Doll and her gang.

      So, if you ask me, VC peeled away the first layer of this onion and The Celtic Rebel helped me peel away the next. Congratulations to all those who are succesfully deprogramming themselves from MK Mega.

      If you need more help, heres the hard truth as one man tells it:


      • As if you needed more confirmation I give you a quote from Masonic author Carl H. Claudy via The Mongoose:

        “The real secrets of Masonry are never told, not even mouth to ear. For the real secret of Masonry is spoken to your heart, and from it to that of your brother [Mason]. Never the language made for tongue may speak it; it is uttered only in the language of the EYE, in those manifestations of that love which a man has for his friend, which passeth all other loves, even that of woman.”

        The Mongoose reminds us to note those last four words.

        Is it sinking in yet?

      • WOW WOW WOW, definetly sinking in now, which sparks some other things I remember about the topic. The whole dipiction of women in movies and music now. The death of Chivalry, women used to be held in very high positions morally. As I commented on earlier, the new Camp movie Run b Run, how are the women dipicted. In almost every movie you see how are the women dipicted? the elites are spreading there ideas in many places, movies, music, magazines. And then toying with womens heads too. You have movies like No Strings attached, Friends with benefits (is that the name of Milas new flick?) Sex and the City. Then you have cosmopolitan condoning sleeping around and making it look cool. Now how are men affected by this, what are there opinions after seeing this, and seeing women around them behave that way. Not saying ALL women are like that, just like how ALL men aren't dogs. But we're all impressionable, and being exposed to these "ideas" and depictions you can't say it doesn't have any affect on the masses. It's morally disruptive propaganda.

        This also reminds me of the Feminism movement ( I really hope I don't piss anyone off) but I read about a year ago something about the Feminism movement being instated to stir up conflict between men and women THE MOST POWERFUL PARTNERSHIP IN MANKIND. Gloria Steinem is someone to look up, she worked for the CIA and was key in this "destablization" of society. By the way if you look up who Lilith was you 'll find some pretty interesting things (supposedly she was the FIRST companion of Adam. Lilith is really big in Kabalistic (sp?) terms too. I don't believe that to be the truth but there's Lilith fair, a female only music festival (female only as in the artists) Thanks for that quote, and Nixon's quote it really makes you think. I know I'm going from one topic to the other, those quotes just kinda clicked when I read them. So the elite's are into "faggy" parties against there will huh, go figure. No offense just quoting.

      • yes,we got ruled by perverts,pedophiles en homo,s and they try to make us think that it,s normal so they can control there power and the depopulatiion of the world.

        I think they hate woman and use them just to give birth..for the children they then abuse and so

        make there slave population in wich they are the masters of what will happen..

      • We got ruled by perverts,pedophiles and homo,s who will make us think that,s normal,so they can keep control over the population.I think they hate woman and use them only to give birth to the children they later use to depopulate the world and hold cntrol over the world.

        It,s that why in the whole world history the world is ruled by men…

    • Oh thank god…. I thought the matrix was about Jesus!! lol.. I think the matrix was okay for what it was and in the end Neo is fighting back. Aren't you tired of this reality? Aren't you tired of "them" controlling you? Now with all this information that VC is giving who is ready to stand up and do something about it? Or are we all just going to sit around and say "wow really, is that what's going on… I didn't know. thanks for informing me"

    • You totally hit it on the nose! But they know that the frequency of the planet is shifting and there is global awakining going on that they will not be able to stop. So they are pulling out all the punches LOL to try and head us off at the pass. But their shit is coming out nothing will stop it. All that has been hidden in darkness will be revealed in the light!

    • You said it best! Everyone in their own way has…alot of great points. When I heard of abuse while I was reading I automatically thought of sexual abuse. It is so sad because this happens everyday and it is happening while we talk/type about this on this website. It is like they want you to think of your own parents sexually abusing you is cool or something…it is so not! It is disgusting and immoral. Also, they portray dressing vey provocative at a young age is cool. I am 27 years old, not old and not too young and my mother wouldn't let me walk out of the house in a lot of the clothing that is sold in these stores nowadays. I never even heard of the movie until I came to this website( like I do quite often) but it is something that I do not want to watch, because right off hand it looks real silly, but thanks to this webiste giving a hell of an insight, I see different. I don't want to see this movie at all unless I just want to really see everything that was brought up in this article in action…which would probably make me so mad…I listen to all of the music that is out here and ever since someone put me onto what is going on in the entertainment a year ago, I really pay attention, and all of the symbolism is VERY blatant! I am just glad that I have been informed and know what to look for. So sad.

  6. I knew something was wrong with the movie first time I saw it.The blatant promotion of mind controll is sickening.

  7. I knew it has something related to mind control since I saw it's trailer for the first time!

    Sorry about my previous post, I forgot the rules. Sorrrryy.

  8. I only knew of the movie through an online video review. The reviewer gave the run down of the plot and I immediately knew it was about mind control.

    I read Springmeyer's works years back, along with occultic works such as Manly P. Hall, and after doing so spotted mind control all over the place in popular culture. I have long since separated myself from pop culture because of that. Then I came across VC's website. VC does a real public service here in that he apparently watches and listen's to this garbage to better teach others what is really going on. I am serious, I have done searches on other forums and websites dedicated to this and that pop star to see them talking about VC's analysis. So good job, VC!

    • Hi, I also want to follow your trend. How do you avoid it. I feel obligated to know about it so that I don't become numb to it like other people, but I find myself consumed by it all.

      • I never watch television and I completely defy public schools. Find something else to do, like reading real books, outdoor activities, etc. You'd be amazed at how easy it is to avoid pop culture.

  9. Thanks VC, I was waitng for this post since I watched this movie, it was so sickening I couldn't finish watching it. This is seriously one of the most blatant out there movies that focuses on the illuminati agenda.

  10. hmmm I have to say I see exactly what VC is saying here. However I still feel the film can be taken either way. Perhaps perspective can lend a hand. If you are looking for the sinister it is there for sure, but can there also be the posative?

    • just like lady gagas song "born this way" sure it could be taken as good…. but we all kinda know the truth…


        You have to tell a little truth (or in this case make you feel good about the movie) to hide the lie (or in this case the message).

        Or reverse it

        Tell a little lie, to hide the truth.

        I think the second is more fitting.

    • can't think of any positive thing when i see so many things relating to pedophile, i mean "baby dol", schoolgirl clothes and child abuse by the father, etc.

      no,no, there can't be anything positive there! no!

  11. I KNEW IT!! That's what I sat and thought of the whole movie through: as she started dancing and went to her "happy place" (dissociating) it had to be mindcontrol. SICK! But they cant fool us anymore now that our eyes are open, muchachos!

  12. I recently watched the matrix again and since discovering this website I can now view the movie with a completly different understanding. I beleive the media is showing us our fate little by little, mention of the end of the world is thrown around…a bit much. I want to be afriad but I have nothing left to fear. I am aware of the signs and symbols around me- the messages are becoming ever so clear. I am ready for whatever may come of this world, Im only saddened by the blind patrons who seem oblivious to this. I have not seen this movie nor had a desire to see it but the analysis is stunning…

    • severalminds on

      i do agree with you, i also got now th ereal meaning of movie "matrix"…it is a new age movie, definetely…

  13. YES!!!!! When i saw this movie I actually laughed cuz i couldnt believe that they made a movie completely about mind control!!! everything i said to my wife when watching you covered!!! IMO the guide was a form of a handler ment to be the voice of help and reason when he is in fact the reason for help… GREAT ARTICLE VC… to bad so many people cant see the obvious signs… At the church i go to we are taught that there is no such thing as coincedence… that everything happends for a reason and if things seem like they are adding up… well most likely they are…. I try to stay vigilant while all those crumble around me…. VC you changed my life… forever

  14. Wow! I haven't seen the movie yet but along with others, the previews looked disturbing.

    But, it seems other people (who don't have the knowledge of MK programming) are getting the hint. Check out the critical reception in Wikipedia.


    Also, this article has references to Zack Snyder's explanations of the film.

    For the VC doubters out there, check it out and see how closely it relates to VC's article.

  15. Wow. once again… Vigilant has the scoop. Well done, illuminati. it seems there are no bounds to you guys sick, twisted imaginations… and unfortunately there is no end to our naievety on the more obvious movies and musci videos. 1 Peter 5vs 8 " Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour". Christ is coming. Soon. And He will put a final end to all this disgusting crap.

    • Amen.

      I actually clicked on the link to know more about Monarch programming and I was traumatized. What they do to people is awful. And theyre trying to make it look modern, cool and edgy. Ugh.


  16. Just another great article by VC!!

    Mind control is streaching all over the world. Abductees are among the mind control people. They take your soul, your identity, your life….

  17. once again great job V.C. after watching this movie i was quite shocked that people cant see past the intended storyline to the obvious real intention of the movie people give it reviews saying it makes no sense but its so blatantly about Mk experiments. Its scary how far the wool pulled over most peoples eyes all they see is a bunch of good looking girls in skimpy outfits fighting monsters. Im glad you did a write up of this hopefully more people will wake up before its too late.

  18. VC, i applaud you once again.

    i am curious, as one who considers herself a 'solutionary'

    how do we help undo MK programming. how does one come back from that?

    i believe we are in the midst of a huge shift, that not even the elite can control. they should know better by now, you can't control Earth. she's bigger than all of us. though i know they try through chemtrails and HAARP, but there is a greater force at work here. i can't give you proof, but i feel it, and i dream about it…

    so, for those of us that ride this thing out, how can we help deprogram people who have been so affected by mind control on a mass media- collective- level and/or on a more intense personal level such as sex slave programming?

    how do we counter this?

    i'd love any of your thoughts and feed back on this…

    and to all of you who come to this site… i am so happy to know i'm in the world with folks such as yourself. i know we don't have a lot of people to talk to on a regular basis about what we see- at least that is my experience, so its always refreshing to swing through the VC site, get turned out by more TRUTH and to read your comments, and know that we are not in this alone. love and blessings to you all…


      I find that when a topic comes up, that I've read about on VC or other sites and videos, I talk a little about what I remember reading/hearing and refer them to that. I'll even go as far as sending it via email and tell them to read this article along with the comments -or the read this first part of VC's site.

      Thats helped me reach about 4 people who are very close to me, with strangers its a bit harder, I just tend to bite my tongue around strangers when I hear them talking about it these things "favoring" it. Although I would love to share that info with them, it almost always turns into a heated debate or being laughed at and mocked.

    • Hi Twinstar, (and others)

      While reading your post, I immediately responded to the question of deprogramming with the thought that dreams, actual REM sleep dreams, are invaluable in healing the human psyche, and in promoting human evolution.

      I felt a little confirmation when I read further in your post and saw your mention of dreaming. :)

      That said, I don't know what it feels like to be a slave, at least not in this incarnation, but I believe our dreams exist solely to guide us into wholeness – through the healing of past traumas by allowing repressed memories to surface, and to be integrated into the conscious mind throughout the healing process.

      Repressed memories will not surface until the conscious mind is capable of handling the situation. In this way, the dream serves to protect us by not revealing too much, and to further healing and growth by revealing what is necessary.

      Not to say dreams don't serve numerous other purposes or have numerous layers of meaning, but the concept of "deprogramming" from trauma and abuse is not impossible, and from the perspective of those who believe in karma and reincarnation, it must be inevitable (though perhaps not in one lifetime).

      The folks reading VC might put their analytical skills to use by directing some focus to the symbols of their own subconscious.

      • I agree,

        How about we start with "star", you see it everywhere.

        The Disney machine – "Star" search

        Holy Wood's – Walk of Fame, Pink stars

        Sponge Bob's friend Patrick – a pink starfish, that happens to live in "Bikini Bottom"

        I mean, I could go on and on but you get the picture. Now, in the land of Nod what do they call a pink starfish? ………. .http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pink+starfish

        Time to quit being in denial about the motives of the ruling elite. They want you all slopping around in your own muck.

        That is what MK Mega is all about.

        No little cutesy movies about giving away little secrets here and there. No synchromystic encoding of "Red Pill – Blue Pill". No soul stiring rendition of Natalie Portman being "Monarched" by her captor/hero (her-O) in "V", or her mother in Black Swan. They want you wallowing in your own shite just like the pigs do. Oh wait! We are the new swine.

        Look—-> HUMAN change a few letters around —-> NU HAM

        Bayaam!!!! There you have it. I know I should have been a little softer in my delivery because all of you are God's sensitive little creatures, but that time has come and gone. Time to quit "Opening your Eyes" aka bending over for the sodomizing creeps in Holy Wood and get yourself together while you still have a functioning brain capable of thinking critically.

        So, in conclusion, perhaps "Twinstar" should come up with a new online monicker that doesn't come off as so NUHAM. Just an idea.

    • I've started trying to help my stepsister, first by revealing the lies in the Holocaust. David Cole's documentary on his visit to Auschwitz, along with the Leutchter report, are all one really needs to start the process of opening somebody's eyes. If they see that that Holocaust was actually a big hoax, they'll start to question other things that are being shoved down people's throats.

  19. Kinda sort of off topic but still related in some way…..

    Every time I think of MK Ultra or Beta Sex Kitten Programing I think of Beyonce & Jay Z. They have a very strange relationship. They've been married for several years now & dating for years before that & you can probably count on one hand how many times you've actually witness them showing affection to each other.

    I recently listened to a song of his called Public Service Announcement. There is a lyric: "I got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain". During the video a woman resembling Beyonce (this song came out while they were just "dating" & had not made their relationship totally public) flashes in wearing a diamond necklace with a Rockafella Records charm.

    Since I try to see things on multiple levels – I wondered if the "chain" Jay Z is referring to is actually a symbol of his ownership over Beyonce. The chain is symbolic of slavery and the charm tells others who she belongs to.

    Now I know the above seems like gibberish, but my point is that kids/people in general look up to these two. They have created an image of a "happy married couple". Which is scary as hell when I think that they are symbolizing marriage as bondage, submission & ownership.

    • You're absolutely correct. Jay-Z is her handler, before that it seems to me it was her father who stills gets a pretty cut($) in all this.

      • Yes, but recently there have been many accusations of her father. I think that her father was involved at some point but maybe got greedy or got a conscience. Because all of the sudden there have been stories that he's fathered a child out of wedlock, & has been stealing from Beyonce.

    • Thanks for mentioning this! :)

      I have been following bey and Jay for quite some time. Not as a fan but as someone who is looking at what they are up to.

      Anyways, she recently came out with a documentary on MTV about her life and career. She was talking, interviewing and they show clips here and there.

      There was this one clip, towards the end of the 20 min video where everyone was in the studio trying to determine what songs should go on the CD.

      It showed Bey and Jay sitting next to one another, they were slighty apart. She was smiling and singing, and looked over at Jay and he didn't have a smirk, smile or anything on his face but rather a serious look, same with the body language.

      I watched it about 3 times to make sure I saw what I saw… and it was true.

      He doesn't look one bit in love with her.

      Even at one of the awards shows where she was doing her new song Run the world, after she had finished the performance, they put the camera on Jay. he stood up, applauded and nodded. A nod, but more of an "approval nod."

      I can go on and on about their relationship and what I see.. so what you said above is very true. And everything i've seen just come together like a big jigsaw puzzle. Amazing how much you can gather if your ears and eyes are open.

      • I have a soft spot for Beyonce, such a talented and exquisite woman. What does she see in Jay the scoundrel? Why does he always wear sunglasses? That arrogant twerp should put a bag over his head so I don’t have to endure the trauma of seeing his face ever again.

      • I saw the doc as well. I felt a tinge of sadness at the scene you noticed, where she is smiling and she seems excited. She is looking at him for what I can see is approval and nothing. Very cold man. There has always been stifled interaction between them as a couple. Zero chemistry. For the longest time I believed it was a Hollywood contractual marriage. Made to bolster their image/brand etc. Which in itself is sinister enough. The possibility it could be something all the more twisted and darker, doesn't even bear thinking about.

    • That was not a woman resembling Beyonce…that was actually Beyonce. But if you want to go deep into it.. Listen to her song "Crazy in Love", this was as the beginning of their relationship. Some of the lyrics:

      Got me looking so crazy, my baby

      I'm not myself, baby I'm foolish, I don't do this

      I'm playing myself, baby I'm in love

      Cause your loves got the best of me

      and your making a fool of me

      you got me strung out, I dont care who sees

      cause baby you got me, you got me

  20. I saw this movie when it came out in theaters. It was amazing (in my opinion) and at the same time, I was able to detect the symbols I have learned from your site.

    I bought the blu-ray and in it, they have backstories to the enemies Baby Doll fights. For example, the orcs she fought to get the fire represented faith and religion. Also, the last robots she fought represented working class citizens or something like that. I think that knowing the backstories of the enemies, further emphasizes some of the ideas and beliefs MK are trying to impose on us.

    • Thank you MilaDani.. Yeah, I saw those animes too.. and caught the 'oppressed peoples' thing.. but not the worker (all the unemployed in the west, or in the press possible 'lone wolf') and religious (primarily Muslim) "terrorists".. or, again, maybe I'm reading too much into it.

      • drunken economist, I'm not sure your friend and you got the real objectives of this site. In case you didnt this site opens our eyes upon coded aspects of our entertainment industry and the real goals behind it and how to fight and resist this modern days enslavement. This said, one of the best ways is to avoid buying their products, by so doing, we fragilize them economically, remember they need us we dont need them and their twisted stuves

  21. I think "they" already have made it so cool people want to be in on it. For them it is all about control, power, greed, etc. For the masses…people naturally want to be accepted, they want to feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves, they want to feel needed and wanted (even in perverse ways), everyone else is doing it, and life can really stink sometimes so why not "have fun" by escaping once in a while?

    • But see, no, sorry, I've seen this movie, realised what it had to say against abuse and its proponents but I never got the vibe that being held in a mental institution/used as a mind control slave is cool and sexy. If anything, the action sequences lull you into a false sense of empowerment only to "sucker punch" you with the realisation that while this dissociation happens the character is really in actual danger [like in the kitchen scene].

    • I think there are a portion that's down to be a part of the crowd and think it's cool on some level and I think there are some that are actually victims/subjects. In learning from many of the articles on this site and outside of this site, what easier mind to control than one that's already dissociated, thus an entertainer. Many entertainer's already create alter egos and personas; their stage persona vs their personal (private) persona. They would seem like easier targets, those that are truly creative and have gifts. I read in an article the other day by Annette Bening, that her oldest saying to herself, is that "she's able to act differently in front of the camera and be another person." She spoke of how her private life was very quiet and reclusive, but in front the camera she's someone else. Truly some of the top artists, political officials, those that have a public life and a private life, and have a hard time dissociating the two, are the victims…being present day controlled. We are witnessing it in front of our eyes and only know of it because of informational venues such as this site and others.

  22. When I first saw this movie, I immediately knew there was more to it than just "Yay! Girl power!!" And the more I saw it, the more I saw the underlying/hidden themes on sexual abuse, beta programming, etc. Everything you mentioned. But I'm glad you made this article. Now I can show people who saw it and didn't understand it.

  23. constant VC reader on

    God!! this is definitely all around us..:(. Every way you look at, you'll find a confirmation that they want us mind sick, our eyes blinded and our spirits away from the real truth..we know that, THEY know that very well, too. Why don't they throw at us positive things? Other kind of movies, songs with positive lyrics (all pop songs are about sex, getting drunk, don't sleep at home..dance, dance, dance..drink..etc)..they are putting the wrong image of the world at us..they certainly want to mislead us…why? I cannot understand..

    • It honestly sounds like that these guys are evil. And I believe evil in terms of the supernatural. Honestly, they sound like Satan. I mean, they promote torture, promiscuity, pedophilia, drunken revelry, and just mind numbing "do as you feel" mentalities. The only thing that I know that would personally and most craftily want to do that to 'us' is Satan. Many of the symbolism points toward mind control, ancient pagan religions, and symbols associated with magic. It's hard to swallow but hey, if there is Satan than there has to be a God too.

  24. Dear VC, I come to your site EVERYDAY. You are blessed to have such writing skills and the ability to explain the confusing facts in a plain way to the readers. Words can not be typed enough to express my thanks to you and your team. I have learned SO much not just from you but from the folks that leave comments. I can't believe that I have lived 34 years of my life in a dream world of r&b, rap, soul music, and movies not understanding what it was doing to my brain. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I now watch movies differently, listen to music differently and see life on a level of what the Lord my God must have be thinking of me. He forgive me and allowed me to find this site to show me that it's more to life then meets the eye! Again Thanx VC!!!

    • Sarah Connor on

      Bless your heart! I read your post this morning and just felt like we have walked in the same shoes! I couldn't have said it better.

      Thank you VC for another fantastic expose!!!

      Prayers tonight for all the innocent children & babies subjected to this atrocious system! And healing for the adults whose lives have been ruined because of it. I don't have the words, accept thank God that Vengence is His!!!

      • Sarah –

        I want to apologize for coming on so strongly on the other thread about holidays. I don't realize how forceful my posts sound until I read the comments following. Be assured, you did not ruin my day, nor do you appear to be a dummy. I'm very sorry if it sounded like I thought you were.

        God Bless You.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Oh my, it happens, boy do I know! I like to blame it on the internet elves. You are gold, and we are good 😉 for realz!

  25. I KNEW IT when I watched it in theatres! I even tried to explain to my friends the underlying real meaning of the movie, but they scoffed at me. Now I can show them this article! Thanks to your education of these symbols and subculture in society, I feel I've been equipped with the tools to spot it out in the real world. Thanks VC for helping teach us how to see beyond the veil!

  26. Yeah saw the preview and then watched the movie. Thanks to the articles I have read on VC and other research I was able to pick out most the double meanings. They try to cover up the story with the "cool fighting scenes" but those who are in the know can see past that and know the true meaning of what is happening. Thanks VC.

  27. Beta programming is the one programming that pulls my heart strings, knowing what these people go through just makes me want to cry for them. I mean all the pop stars like Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce etc. have gone through it and we condem them when they release a vid forgetting it's their handlers that made it etc. Seriously we shouldn't be condemmng we should be helping them get outta there.

    But it is very worrying they're making it glamorous, teaching girls that if you take your clothes off etc. you'll get what you want. It's sick, and pretty much destroyed what women fought for. I mean has anyone noticed that leopard print is really big atm? How girls are getting more and more sexualized. I pray that God will stop this. No child should be going through such evil. And tbh it shows how evil these people are, the fact that they do these sick things to kids just shows they don't have a soul. Yet they run the country. It's times like these I ask God "where are you?"

    • Just because someone is beautiful, rich, talented, doesn't mean they sold their soul…in fact I believe the majority use the symbols to get more publicity.

      • Mia

        I am sorry for calling you a Zeitgeist bot, and a boring person. I saw your Zeitgeist post on another article and it looked to me like a plant. Anyway, I apologise.

        About my opinion on Zeitgeist, I make no such apologies. The low frequency drone and repetitive brutal imagery is pure hypnotic indoctrination. Zeitgeist is part of the plan.

        As far as I understand, Jesus never read the bible, nor did he go to church, he wasn't fond of religion either. The kingdom of God is within each person's heart, the holy spirit leads us to Jesus, and through him we come to meet God.

        Thanks be to God

        and to this great site!


    • 😀 eindelijk iemand uit Holland die het ook ziet, oh my gosh, vergeleken met andere landen is die van ons 1 van de blindste!

  28. I actually wrote a review on this movie a while back explaining the exact same thing, but only because I've read almost every single article on this site, so I was well aware what to look for while watching it. There are just too many coincidences evident in this film to be a product of bad writing.

    • I wrote a review on the movie too, but after seeing it just once I felt I missed a lot (which I did). I thought the film was trying to say the programming the girls were going through was bad, but I see how off I was. I want to write another review with more knowledge. Can you provide the link for your review?

  29. I knew this movie was weird! I enjoyed it because I thought it was deep.. but me and my wife felt really uneasy with the "alternate realities." We saw "White Rabbit" on the soundtrack and freaked. I can't believe I missed all the signs as I was watching this. Granted it was late, but still. It's amazing how much symbolism they threw in this film. Truly disturbing.

  30. Wow, you really can't get much more blatant than this movie, can you? I totally believe this MK-Ultra stuff, as I had a very traumatic childhood and myself have problems with dissociation. I'm not a Monarch slave at all obviously, lol, but I can see where this sort of thing- taken to an extreme- could be used to fragment someone's personality and consequently their reality as well. Good job as always, Vigilant.

    • I definitely understand what you mean when it comes to the dis-associative mind state. I have had moments myself due to experiences I have had where I find myself sort of fading away, but at the last moment I always yank myself out when I get into these situations. Sucker Punch had a sinister message behind it that needs to be noticed.

  31. I find it also very suspicious that they show scenes in WWI or in China, aren't those the places where MK was perfected? In Germany it was the Nazis and i read the nazis went to china or nepal to learn more about mk techniques there. Haven't seen the movie yet, but great article to read. It shows that the thematique of mk controll is still an actual.

  32. i.go.by.rian.yugi on

    ugh i just knew this movie would be horrid! but there's hope, most people claimed it was plotless and pointless. so people don't find a MK slaves experiences fun and excitng!

    • this is what I'm thinking, what is the purpose of this film? I haven't seen it, (and generally don't watch much that comes out of America or mass popular culture orientated, so by reading VC, I'm finding out what's going on in the world) but even assuming that most of the hidden meaning in the film is not understood or even seen by the viewer, what's the purpose of the film? why put something like that out there? so we learn and get used to how things are, and when it happens to us, we just know, this is normal, and don't question it? and get slightly confused after watching the film? or is it in any way "cool", like Matrix was – where you didn't understand, but thought there is something there, and it's definitely "cool"? it doesn't sound "cool" sounds vile… then again to me Pulp Fiction was vile too, where everyone thought it's "super cool" (or whatever word they use nowadays).

      Or simply because film makers are writing/shooting/acting about things they know best. like, better then they would know about happy families and healthy simple life and joys…

  33. That old man in the movie, for me, represented Lucifer. The 5 items she needed for her and the other girls "freedom": the map, key, knife, fire and sacrifice, translated to me as meaning the brain, the key to her alters, rape, illumination and the physical body(which was to be sacrificed). Yet another movie not only promoting MK, but the Luciferian way of making it to complete illumination. That being allowing Lucifer to take control of your mind, body and soul whether willingly or by way of force.

    • I would like to know where you get your information from. As much as I hate the people who promote mind control or Luciferian agendas, I find it really interesting and fun to extrapolate the multi-layered meanings of their work. I still say The Matrix empowers the viewer to fight against conformity and bureaucracy, I say it's on the good side of symbolism.

    • to They Live: good comment is yours, it seems possible.

      i have noticed a strange thing in hollywood made movies: in every movie there is a dominating colour (my friend noticed it first and told me, i saw he was right). For example yesterday i saw a movie about serial killer, the dominating colour or colour in code, was orange. They put that code colour in hidden pints, that the watcher take it in unconscious way. So apparently we don't notice that there is red colour in the movie every 15 minutes, but our brain receive it in subconscious, sounds like a mind control tactics…once i saw a hollywood movie where the main female figure had red dress, the house of her boss had a house furnished red, the pub they went had red uniforms, the car that gets crashed was red and so on…it is really bizzard…just keep an eye and you'll get it sooner or later. Every single holywood movie have it. Of course there movies where the dominating colour is too obvious: for example in "matrix" we have green one, in serial "rubicon" we have grey. But the most freaking is the hidden colour which repeats in regular time shots (every 5, or 10, or 15 minutes). What the hell is going on?…

    • OMG!!! I need your post to be at the top so that EVERYONE can read this!!! I believe you are exactly right. Everything has been set up so that multiple layers can exist at the same time. This is DEFINITELY a layer of the messages in the movie.

    • This is a very childish movie. It's no wonder it was re-cut to fall within the PG-13 lines; both for financial reasons and the brain washing of the younger audiences. It is game-like and i'm sure that was intentional. This movie is not just referencing mind control, it is itself an MK tool. I'm watching the movie right now and i've yet to see the main character actually dance. There are MK themes littered in this movie. I love the white rabbit sequence. The director admits to this movies' MK theme by stating Sucker Punch is "Alice in Wonderland with machine guns". Great soundtrack by the way! I must say to the VC audience that this kind of MK garbage should not scare you, just as long as you recognize it and defend your children against it. Manage their screen time to at most, 2hrs a day (that includes surfing the net and using a smart phone). Keep cell phones away from children! Peace!

      • Sarah Connor on

        "Keep cell phones away from children!!!!! "

        Just felt it was worth repeating! 😉

      • Hey there's a scarecrow behind the paradise sign. Is that a reference to The Wizard of OZ? Damn you VC, I can't watch a movie without analyzing the crap out of it.

    • I second that.
      I wondered why I felt like throwing up after watching it and I dissociated well enough to "lose time" for parts of the movie when I first saw it a while back. I originally "got over" my weird reaction to the movie because back then I didn't know I was really a dissociate and didn't realize what it felt like to "lose time," I thought I was just passing out but losing time has a distinctly different feel to it… Plus people will say you were walking around talking and perfectly conscious. Now my reaction makes sense though.

  34. They would probably force more MK ultra victims to watch this crap to re-enforce programming. Just like Alice in Wonderland and The wizard of Oz. That's probably why the movie was made anyway. For those interested in the literal details of this abomination, please download the PDF files of Brice Taylor's and Cathy O'Briens books. Anyway quick question. Is satanic ritual abuse a way of binding demons into these individuals to help create multiple personalities? For some reason SRA is always involved with monarch victims.

  35. fluffydragonite on

    People need to remember that T.V. itself is not a bad thing but what you use it for can be bad or good. Obviously it's better to watch a documentary on a marine ecosystem then watch Jersey Shore for an hour. Stay informed of what is going on around us and keep spreading the truth!

  36. Wow, I knew it was only a matter of time before there was an article on this one. I was definitely suspicious of this movie the first time I saw it. Great job as always, VC. =)

  37. f*&*1llum1n9not1 on

    Im soo happy that VC made another article, espically with this movie. So creep i know when i watched it, like with so much shattering glass, escaping into "ANOTHER WORLD" and shit, like how blantant can you get. No one understand the movie and so just talked about the visuals…wow

  38. I haven´t seen the film yet but the seems like a quote from "Brazil" by Terry Gilliam. Maybe it´s worth to have a look at this film again. Did Gilliam try to warn us of the coming Big-Brother-Dominion?

    Anyway, wonderful article!

  39. Well done!!! When My Husband and I saw this advertisement for S.P. in the theatre, we both went "Mind Control." I have wanted to see it and see if I could tell what the movie would involve and reveal on mind control. This is a great article and will make my viewing of it better. Looking forward to it. On another note, I can now look back at another recent movie (about 2 years ago) that I can now identify as MK. Coraline. To most people it is weird and creepy, but to meet it reeks MK. Would love to see VC do a rundown of this movie. :)

    • Robin Shadowes on

      Coraline is not the only work by writer Neil Gaiman who has been adapted for the big screen. I know of at least two more, Mirror Mask and Stardust. The latter probably the more famous of the two although Mirror Mask is more interesting. All three of them is about parallell dark surreal realities. It's also interesting because Gaiman has been a lot more involved in this one than with Coraline which is based on a children's book of his. But on Mirror Mask he has been producing, writing and his comic book companion Dave McKean has directed it. This movie also involves The Jim Henson Company, a company that in th 80's produced two strange movies, The Dark Chrystal and Labyrinth, the latter also about a young girl and a parallell world. Perhaps also movies VC should look into? The trailer for Movie Mask here:


      • that movie look weird and is all like his other movies strange and based off alice in wonderland and seems to be dealing with girls being the lead in this type of stuff its always about a portal in to another world.

  40. Holy crap! I didn't even read the article yet, but I knew immediately while I was watching this that is was about MKULTRA. I've been talking about this with miscellaneous people now and then for weeks. Looks like your all-seeing eye for symbolism has definitely rubbed off on me, VC.

  41. When I first saw previews for this movie because a friend of mine at work showed me some trailers, all I could think about was "they want to make disassociation sexy."

    Your article just put everything into light. I'm glad I didn't see the movie, I think I would've felt violated just watching the damn thing.

    Feel kinda like that now just reading the summary. Gross.

    • "They want to make disassociation sexy."

      It's funny you should mention that because that's almost always been the act of the "bimbos." You know, the "pretty" people (usually women/girls, but sometimes guys too) that have no brains in their heads, or who at least act that way. Some, probably most of these "pretty" people actually do have intelligence and/or ulterior motives and act this way to get what they want, but some really are brain dead wrapping paper. In light of these discussions, you kind of wonder how much of it was greediness or low IQ's versus some stage of mental manipulation/disassociation.

      But that particular bit of stagecraft has be practiced for a very long time. Used to be standard in many movies.

  42. Speaking of subliminal I've definitely been seeing more of the "one eye" everywhere, not just showcased by celebrities. In Seventeen magazine a random model was covering one eye with a stopwatch and I also noticed it strangely in this new 'Axe' commercial, check at 9 seconds in. I know it is just the shape of the faucet but I don't think it is any coincidence especially since its a fast paced commercial and it caught my eye.


    • Sarah Connor on

      Freaky shower eye! Good find……though can't say I'm surprised. Axe commercials are two minutes of debauchery, playing on everything from 'forbidden fruit' to turning 'nice girls naughty', so much so that the angels will 'fall' just to have sex with you if you wear it, talk about sinister marketing!!! Fallen Angels AND the 'all seeing eye' (their boss lol). Conjuring up animalistic, primative sexual urges via aromagick, "one of the loveliest types of spellworking" they (witches) say, yikes!
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRnBHHcdHJQ – fallen angels vid

  43. Well, I read that all and now I understand the movie a tiny bit better. I already understood is much better as a regular on this blog site than I would have otherwise. I'll share this article with some other people.

      • They are, but it's a different 'set' of programs. High level Illuminati members have alter personas too, but they're supposedly in control of their system. It's vital as a "black magician" to have another personality capable of doing things you never could.

        Incidentally, somebody mentioned Fight Club. You should do an article on that next, VC. The alter personality played by Brad Pitt actually reasons to the protagonist that he was just a worthless nobody before, and that he made something out of him. If you read the Trance-Formation of America, a number of politicians, like Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan express that exact opinion to the Monarch victim whose written account was methodically procured by painstakingly de-hypnotizing her.

        It's such a hard book to get though. I had to stop at about the scene where Dick Cheney sprays cocaine on his dick and rapes her daughter on his 'vacation' with George H. Sucker Punch is mild sauce compared to that shit.

    • Yes, they are because shit rolls down hill. Who is above the Pyramid. Even Fallen Angels have a Heiarchy and they answer to those above them.

      • Are you talking about the so-called 'Annunaki', or about some pseudo-pagan hocus-pocus from the Bible? Because I would not use mythological terminology, like "fallen angels", in anything but the loosest sense. Poetically, you could say there are fallen angels out there. Literally, there are not. Unless you wanted to change the definition to the word 'angel' to avoid confusion. Because there is reality and illusion, people get confused a lot. The reality is that we are all divine beings in a world constructed for the sake of our spiritual welfare, so that we might choose to be compassionate, co-responsible beings of our own volition. That is all.

        Everything that exists is a part of one massive intelligence. This is more than scientifically evident, as much as it is an intuitive knowing in all creature. But because we have decided as a collective that compartmentalizing our minds and sheltering our consciousness from the burden of self-actualizing, we've given our power away to complete monsters with all the good will of a frightened, idiotic child. Always scared of who we are, of what we are, and what we could become, the majority of people want nothing more than an easy life in exchange for the illusion of security and happiness. We've even drugged ourselves and our children just to ignore the hassle of examining our role as co-creators of the world just a little longer. The Illuminati may look tough and scary, but they're all smoke and mirrors. The real power is in us, and the sooner we realize it, the sooner we can stop letting good people die in vain, for trying to show us the ugly truth.

      • Dissociation does NOT = Sold your soul.

        They are many people who have Dissociation mental issues in the world, this does NOT mean they sold their sold.

    • So where's the science then? And don't talk to me about fiction because scarier things have happened to innocent people on an industrial scale for hundreds of years.

  44. great article as always … in fact was a terrible movie in my opinion, and now that i read this (i was supecting a lot when i was watching the film though) i keep saying it , it's an awful movie

  45. thetruthiscoming on

    Could it be that they are exposing themselves because they now know how much power they have over the masses that there really isn't much that can be done ????

    • On the watch! on

      They are trying to make you believe that you cant do anything about it, simply because you can!! They have set an agenda, deciding that they rule the world and they control the mass' (us). They do a good job at keeping us distracted, and they will not stop.They've been doing it since Lincoln, even when Jesus lived. Making us suffer with the economy. Spreading disease. Promoting war. But if we stop the hate, and learn to live together we can take down this police state/world!!

      vc THANK YOU for that great article!

  46. This is just my thoughts and may not make sense but……

    The 5 things may represent a sacrifice, not the movie sacrifice of baby doll but a rea sacrifice.

    Map (brain), Key (soul/heart), Knife (penetrate the body and soul/heart), Fire (burn the person to death after first three) and all equals to Sacrifice.

  47. when I watched this movie in theater I felt strange watching it it was not what the trailer was advertising. when I watched my mind was so confused and felt dizzy and couldnt wait for the movie to end it was that stupid. Im about to go off topic but have you guys ever watched full metal alchemist on adult swim it has all kinds of symbols in it you should really check it out VC and do a review please.

    • I've seen the opening sequence a few times, I started to watch it the first time ( after Aqua teen I think) and saw the pentagram and was like "OHH Kay, time to go to bed."

      *tv off.

      • LOL you said ok time to go to bed XD good thing you checked it out too see what I'm talking about.

  48. Im so glad to see this article!

    I feel that I have a small contribution, but you probably knew for this before.

    Thanks so much you are so comprehensive!!!

  49. Great job. To quote a rhyme I once heard "I see the difficulty of young girls trying to maintain their purity when constantly all they're seeing is Britiney showen off her belly on MTV. Moronic television has done it again, we pay their salary while they rape a generation." Heaven help us.

  50. Jessica Williams on

    Reading things like this is kind of scary. In my lifetime, I've had close friends and known of people who have lived in abusive households. Most of them are long gone out of my life, but this article makes me wonder, "Are they OK? Where are they now?"

  51. Thank you so much for covering this movie! I picked up on all of the MK themes when I saw the movie, and was trying to explain to my husband while we were watching it.

    As always, wonderful analysis.

  52. Lo, He Comes! on

    You know. This is so old, it's ancient.

    I think about how, before, these things were concealed from our eyes. And now it's all being laid out in the open (of course, it was always there in the Bible). But, what's that telling us? For me, it makes this admonishment so simply put, very real to me. "To day if ye will hear His voice, harden not your heart…" (Psalms 95:7,8)

    I also believe that the final showdown is moments away. If you take a minute or two & look at everything from an objective standpoint, you'll notice how increasingly brash & bold the Devil has become. It makes this spiritual warfare going on around us so real to me. Do whatever you need to to set things right between your soul & God.

    • I think someone needs to watch Jordan Maxwell, along with the Zeitgeist Movie.

      The Church is in on it!!! Wake-up!!!

      The "Bible" has been re-written many, many times!!!!

      It's how "THEY" control the masses!!!!!

      • I think Zeitgeist was a movie to disway people from God, I watched it a few years back, and lost faith in God. I imagine many others have too, Alex Jones did an interview with one of the creators of that movie and he totally called him out to be another elitist. I take Alex Jones with a grain of salt, which I try to do with everything else and form my own opinion. Yeah churches have been infiltrated, but that doesn't mean there isn't a God. I've sent VC an article suggestion looking into the whole Zeitgeist thing in the past but so far nothing. You should look into the guy who created it. Zeitgeist is a pretty evil movie.

      • OK, Matmar, as long as you read "The Hero with a Thousan Faces," by Joseph Campbell.

      • Mia,

        Its suspicious that a documentory that covers all the issues that Zeitgeist does after all that research doesnt mention the word Freemason or Illuminati not even once.

        Its also curious out of all the religions they would only target Christianity.

        My advice to you is that if you feel the bible is a lie then you shoulnt even bother yourself with issues like the media is evil or trying to brainwash people or whatever.

        The whole truth of the matter is the only force in this world that is directly opposed to all these people is the church of Jesus Christ.

  53. That is soooo funny, I was just thinking a week ago that you should have an article about this one! wooow. I think this movie was a mass programming/desensitizing tool. Most people I know who watched it did not understand even the surface of what it was about. I think it caused them to be mentally vulnerable. When the thoughts are confused in a person's head, it takes another program to establish the mind again, so in a sense, whatever the person watched after this movie could have been implanted as a program in their consciousness since their mind was temporarily broken into. You ever feel that? When you get reeeeally confused about something it's almost like someone broke into your mind or you feel like a wall in your psyche is broken down? Its like the movie made you experience the trauma yourself and the alternate levels portrayed in the movie put you in disorientation. I hope no one who is a victim of Mk sees it, too many triggers. OH and somebody mentioned that movie "Brazil" I had to peel myself off the wall! oh my Lord!

  54. Robin Shadowes on

    I haven't seen this movie yet, only the trailer a couple of days ago. After having read this article I'm not sure I want to see it either or any other movies involving Zack Snyder for that matter.

    Another movie I haven't seen yet but expect to be heavily laden with Illuminati and MK-U symbols is The Adjustment Bureau. I also expect the re-make of Total Recall to be like that. if you have seen the old movie with Arnie, then you already know it is about mind control. Stuff based on works by Philip K Dick is never boring or un-interesting. I also find the circumstances of his death in 1982 to be a bit strange. Especially since I know he was into mind altering drugs and that CIA was keeping tabs on him for years and years. It isn't too incredible to think that PDK was also a victim of MK-U. The trailer for The Adjustment Bureau:


  55. I was waiting for this article since I watched the movie. It had Vigilant Citizen written all over it.

    When I saw this film, I felt it reflected Kitten programming in general, and also the circumstances of today's 'pop tarts', especially with the ever-growing appearances of their alter-egos.

    I did feel the last phrase '“It’s you. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight.” didn't match the movie's essence, and well it was corny and made me cringe.

    It was entertaining, and I can't deny that (I really do love to see chicks kick serious ass, sorry) but I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it at all if I didn't know about MK Ultra. In the end, my heart goes out to all victims of abuse and still can't wrap my head around how some humans get off on causing pain. /shrugs and goes to get a beer to disassociate 😛

    Thanks again for the perfect article, very intelligently written.

    PS : Bjork Army of Me

    "Stand up

    you've got to manage

    i won't sympathize


    and if you complain once more

    you'll meet an army of me

    you're allright

    there's nothing wrong

    self-sufficience please!

    and get to work

    and if you complain once more

    you'll meet an army of me

    you're on your own now

    we won't save you

    your rescue-squad

    is too exhausted

    and if you complain once more

    you'll meet an army of me


    Sounds like the warning of a handler of many faces :/

  56. Because of course it's better to torture and mentally enslave people for the benefit of a tiny minority than to allow humanity to live happy and free.

  57. Peep The Game on

    There is also another movie very similar to this "HANNAH"

    And like most on here I only had to see the trailer to know what the movie was about and what it was promoting whereas those still stuck in the mire will never understand no matter how many times you tell them – sad

    Another top job VC

    • "HANNAH" is a shameless rip-off of a Marvel comic arc featuring X-23/NYX where the titular character is trained to be a human weapon by Weapon X, and she later escapes to enact vengeance on her captors/trainers.

  58. I just saw that movie and couldn't help but feel disturbed, since I've been reading all this literature about the elites agenda especially the articles on mind control. This movie sucked not only cus of its blatant theme. It's cus you don't know what reality she's really in the whole time. I didn't know if she was in a mental hospital or a whore house. Nobody should waste there hard earned money on this movie. I certainly do.

  59. That pixie song was in fight club. They also had the smiths "sing me to sleep" and nine inch nails "something i can never have" in the movie.

  60. barrettagogetta on

    I knew this ish was about MK programming from the get go. I love all your articles and Ive seen these things for awhile now. Im glad that people are awakening. You are all doing a great service here.

  61. Here's another bit of thought: What if all the characters are but alters of one person?

    I ask that because I remember knowing a girl who suffered from Multiple Personality/Dissociative Identity Disorder. One thing she did tell me was that there wasn't just one "person" for various things, there were usually quite a few "people" around, in case some variation was needed. Amongst the people she told me about were 10 who were for sexual purposes (nine for the usual, one for servicing oral, and NONE that liked receiving oral).

    So…with all the "kittens" being different "people" inside the same body, certain things make sense…like the quest for "freedom and paradise" (try unification of the many into a whole personality – a personalized version of Nirvana), sacrifices and deaths on the way (personalities united with the main personality)…and "the death of Baby Doll" (another personality folded into the whole). It would also explain why, amongst other things, "Blondie" is a dark brunette (personalities in an MP/DID sufferer name themselves, this one sounds to my ears like a name that stuck when it came from the girl's lips and probably came with certain "blonde" habits to boot).

    Which leads to the twist in the plot…Evidently Baby Doll is the (ironically named) "older caretaker personality" (yes, there was one of them in the girl I knew) who probably was taught "how to be a woman" at a too-young age and was thus always older than the rest. Sweet Pea (the most innocent nickname, and one that sounds like it would have been given when the Step-Father was being nice, caring and appropriately loving towards the girl) is the core being (the one which the other personalities protect), and is the one who gets on the bus. That would explain the kid and the wise man appearing in the end of the film.

    Which implies, of course, that the girl is now lobotomized and brain-dead, since it appears the bus is going somewhere desolate (Fort Wayne is not only a city in Indiana, but the name of the original fort in what's now the "city" of Detroit, Michigan. Coming from Flint, Michigan, I'd better be aware of that).

    • omg, this explains so much, I would never guess that in multiple personalities you get others to defend the better off one!!! thanks for that! but it's awful to think that people live with this, many people…

    • A couple further insights:

      1) Along the lines of the above description: The "Wise Old Man" may be the omega/self-destruct personality, triggered when the mind tries to free itself. Hence his "grave sacrifice" comment in the beginning of the "adventures" and him being the driver when "Sweet Pea" jumps onto the bus for "Fort Wayne (Detroit?)."

      2) Another thing to think about: How about the story of Francis Farmer? Consider her story and how it fits into the movie.

    • I could not help but totally relate to this story of your friend.. three-fold.

      I know 2 friends (female) and one former acquaintance (male) with the "multi" personality thing.

      In the case of my best friend, I was around to see all her personality developments over the years… the first personality she had was EXACTLY like this as I quote from you:

      " …"older caretaker personality”

      … who probably was taught “how to be a woman” at a too-young age and was thus always older than the rest."

      Then she split off into having 2 other personalities.. like one was a angry one and another was a flirtatious/naive/sexual one.

      I'm not sure about the other two people on their "progression" but yeah… Its a shock that this is so common, I don't even know what to do to help split-personality people because its obvious that they don't want to be un-split…

      But yeah, I know in all 3 of the people I know, they all had their personality's have individual names.. Though in the case of my best friend, I actually ended up naming the personalities for her :/ Like the original one actually ASKED me to name her… Eh. I hope this would have contributed to your speculation.

      All in all, really, I just wish I knew what I could do… I am in no way showing this movie to my best friend..

  62. When I saw the previews on TV, I knew right off it was about MK Programming. I don't go to movies that much and my TV watching is very limited….

    People swear this movie is the shit but they don't get the meaning.

    I swear movies are just a way to control people thoughts and ideas on a massive scale. I go to the movies once every tow years or so.

  63. Young Vigilant on

    I am so happy that you finally did an article for this movie because I knew that it had something to do with mind control but I wasn't sure how to decode it so thanks.

  64. Also interesting to note: look at the IMDB profiles for all of these women. All of them have their fair share of other MK themed movies in their acting backgrounds. Interesting…and sad…

  65. Hey,VC when i first watched the movie i was sure that sucker punch was indeed based on MK-Ultra and mind control programming..and i was wondering why u wern't decoding such an obvious display of symbolism in this movie…anyways Thanks a lot for giving us this article and "Illuminating" us about the dark side 😉

  66. hanacrizantemum on

    Thanks VC for posting this movie. I'm actually waiting for an article about this one because of the blatant use of mind-control and dissociation on the main character.

  67. Just as I thought when I saw the trailer. Seeing the entire film just added to my opinion that it deals with Monarch mind control. Thank you for the in-depth article Vigilant.

  68. That part where she sees the boy in front

    of her as she is about to get on the bus

    reminds me of when that thing keeps spinning

    in Inception……saying that she is basically trapped

    in her alternate world though she thinks she has escaped

    just like how leo thought he was free and with his kids again

    pain…..can take you to terrible places….

    • I figured that "Inception" ended in the alternate reality…especially when you consider all the loose ends in the movie's real world segments and how pat the ending seems.

  69. I knew it was about all this when i watched the movie, but still always flabbergasted how much detail you see and the way you describe it all. I take my hat off for you, mate. top website.

  70. Kimkyok#2991 on

    I loved this movie, the plot could have been better, but nonetheless I love this shit!

    I think why this movie drew me to it, besides the hot action and the music, was how I could relate in a way.

    Baby Doll's story, from what I could pick up, was much like mine. Sexual/physical abuse, neglect and abandonment.

    If they really wanted to make this monarch programming work they should have made it obvious that these girls have changed personas.

    Because I have DID and my alters are extremely different from me.

    Does this movie have to do with illuminati? Indirectly yes, but this was more of a mash-up of action, girls and anime rpg!

    but when this movie came out my friends already looked at me like I should know what the hell is going on.

    See…people tend to believe I'm in the Illuminati, my grandma is a Eastern Star but that doesn't count, just because I wear these two necklaces with the eye of providence and the evil eye. I've been into them since forever and my mom has a tattoo of the eye of horus on her neck and an Ankh with my name in the middle.

    taken all that into consideration my friends assume my family is in the high order of satanic rituals. I mean…yeah I've done black magic but I was just curious…and I was quite good at it but thats not the point.

    The point is, don't just fall into the belief that everything is centered around Illuminati, Satan and New World Order. I mean, if I was trying to rule the world, you wouldn't even know it was happening.

  71. Has anyone read the book "Brave New World"? Everyone who visits this site MUST read this book because everything Vigilant explains as far has NWO & modern day society is played out in this dystopian story.

    1. Human Conception is no longer between a man & a woman. Children are "grown" in hatcheries & during gestation are assigned/conditioned with their pre designed roles in life & society. The idea of having a family & having babies is thought of as OBSCENE. Yet sexual deviancy is encouraged. Sex is actually encouraged at CHILDHOOD. (note all of the sexually laced music, tv etc directed to kids.

    -Look at our current society. Do you see the decline of the family & whoredome taking over?

    2. The population is unified in " THE WORLD STATE GOVERNMENT". (No really, that's what it is actually called in the book) The WORLD Economy commands for total mass consumption. So people are pre-conditioned to consume,consume,consume. Buy Buy Buy..

    – (You can't tell me that you don' t see this now!)

    3. World population is kept at 2million people. (gee where have we seen this number before??)

    Now this book came out in the 30's & before that & a similar book named "WE" came out in the 20's.

    • Nope, who is the author of this bizarre story because he/she got it all wrong. The most important things in life are health, family and good friends. Children need affection, boundaries and trustworthy parents who are determined to look out for their safety and get rid of the tv set -if possible- until their kids are 10. The result of sexual activity at childhood is emotional harm.

      Even a blind person can see that a lot of things are being slowly eroded but when can we do. With so much corruption, it’s no wonder people despair and society becomes more and more divided. Violence is more prevalent than ever because of the drugs and broken homes culture. I honestly feel sympathy for the privileged –as if- 2 million people. I mean who in their right mind would want to be among them in a decayed society. Good luck to them.

      • "Brave New World" was written by Aldous Huxley, who also wrote "Island," his own view on the perfect society. Both interesting books, especially since he throws spanners into both works (The Distopian society in BNW works perfectly, yet has to constantly deal with people who don't (or can't) fit in; Island is a perfect society with a "buy-into-date" that, by the end of the book, has expired as the outside world barges into it.)

    • "Brave New World", "The Island", "Doors of perception", Aldous Huxley was a soldier of the sistem, despite this I encourage to read his books, he was the first who talks of the use of LSD for alter the perception before CIA make experiments in this subject (the long caressed dream of Machen, Lovecraft and others who seek for open the other side). Also if you read Brave New World you notice that the simbol of religion of this dystopia is a T or Tau instead of a cross, the Tau is a key simbol in freemasonry, is the symbol of Hiram Abb'. Huxley unlike Orwell or Zamiatin (We) wrote his book for the elect, not for the muggles, there are another symbols in his book but that is the first that I remember.

  72. Thank you Vigilant Citizen for showing us what was there all along and the purpose of them being placed there. I check for new articles everyday and I have told many friends about your website. Some are in denial and think I am paranoid. I dont care and are sadden they dont see what's easily explained by you. I have over a year visiting your website and have learned so much. When I watched this movie I was saw all the programing you talk about and wondered why you didnt write about it. I guess after awhile the bad symbolism and programming is everywhere that its hard to write about everything. Keep the amazing articles coming.

  73. Mystikos Apollyon on

    If any of you would like to look for more information on this subject matter, the process of social engineering, and how we can confound this NWO system, then look up the podcasts and articles of the Celtic Rebel at celticrebel.wordpress.com and the insightful documentaries of Lenon Honor at lenonhonorfilms.com

  74. i went and saw this film in the cinemas with my school for FREE and i thought oh OK and when i came out of the cinema i was like that's why our school got them for free and like they gave us popcorn drink and chocolates for free as well i think to make us like the film even more but anyway i knew the whole story line to this and what it was all behind and stuff and i told my friends about it and they were in a state of complete denial i guess ill show them this article ive been waiting for it for soo long… good job VC i love all of your articles!!

    • severalminds on

      that disgusting bastards want to make crazy children, sicken their brain…that's why they give such disgusting movies for free…the children growing up with such hallucinated, out of reality movies can not be normal, they ll have mental, psycological prblems for sure, they will have difficulties to live in real life. The evil servants try to grow up the new generation of depressed zombies. Tamee, i hope, most of chikdren will be smart as you….you got it at least, my compliments.

  75. smh. i remember my kids' father coming home excited about how "good" this movie was. But when i sat down to watch it with him, I was horrified. He didn't understand why i didn't like it. And he had the NERVE to suggest i get that white rabbit tattoed on me. i wanted to "sucker punch" him.

  76. Oye vey!

    These slaves are out to play it seems today… I apologize, that might make this message in the end contrite, but maybe its the reason why this sulfur might turn into adamantine tonight.

    The ending with the boy and the man on the bus, and the sweet little pea who upon the princess's bed, felt the World tumble and shake, told her Prince I can not sleep in such a way…

    It is because Humanity has been enslaved. Think about it. Perceptions abound, and we have been sucker punched for ten thousand rounds.

    If you don't agree, check your own history, google search your cookies and tell me where the crumbs lead. Five bucks tell me that you are still on the path to the Bakery (I mean after all, your comments point towards a past and a present where you didn't understand the subliminal telemetry… Butterfly in the sky, I can fly twice as high!)

    Anyone else got 'five on it?' Five finger discount if you decide to listen to the rest of this. Alright?

    Let's continue.

    Perceptions abound and historically speaking, I've mentioned this about 40 times, because its in our implicit nature to split 33 crevices, otherwise We/You/Me/I might seem neurotic.

    Crazy Esoterics blend the cosmetics to approach the simplistic nature of the Twisted, cumbersome nether neither ether shall fetter?

    Unfortunately, we are mistaken. Double speak breaks your bonds through and "(Y)our" planes fly over head abundantly. Different layers of dissociation are like layered dreams of sleep walking Inception. Understand the sentiment?

    "Life is but a dream…"

    Imagination of those strong willed impede upon those bent over backwards in Poverty. Be it spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, or even your disarrayed divinity. You consider your spark pure, yet you are shackled in futility.

    Bread on the table is needed though I guess, so we digress… Then again, where the 20s at?!

    "And you know why they made the new twenties, cause I got all the old ones, that's why…"

    • I had a cup of coffee, but I'm kind of tired today, probably because these little leprechauns I've been chasing, started to tell me their stories instead.

      It's a joke guys, c'mon, 'Why So Serious'?

      Hmm. That's right.

      "Some men just want to watch the world burn…"

      To those who give any of my and those like-minded words any heed, you have to start seeing the messages/colors accordingly in your day-to-day activities.


      You can be strong about your own Will, your own Desire, your own Love, be it for whatever/whomever/whichever thing/object/desire/person it may be. Be strong and focused and if you want to change the World for good, then do so accordingly… Remember even the "evil eye" is within you when jealousy broods. It's that simple.

      (Btw, the Forever 21 stores are smart. They have a nice light layout, with the acoustics working perfectly, and the temperature gauges make people move accordingly… nicely done. I don't like them.)

      What were we talking about? Right, messages that hit our subconscious, and so on and so forth.

      Trauma-based mind control: Challenger Mission, The 33 Miners (VC has an article), Royal Wedding, Casey Anthony, 9/11 (Lest We Forget…), War…

      Emotional inputs that control your hormones, your endorphins, your impulses, your stimulation, your perception, your relevance, your thought: Symbols, signs, colors, vibes, magazines, music, videos, movies, Internet, your relationships, your family, your friends, your enemies, your money, your you, you.

      You can call it Monarch Programming. You can call it Mind Control. You can call it the Matrix. You can call it an Inception. You can call it a Test. You can call it a Simulation. You can call it an Illusion. You can call this Hell. You can call this Heaven. You can say its your Perception.

      • In an author who breathes förth an atmosphere of gloom

        and secrecy and chicanery and pessimism, words which

        have these precise meanings or convey these senses have an

        important role:

        One such is arcanus in its varied meanings,

        a word which, in Tacitean context, attracts attention as a

        flower does bees, but which seems not to have previously been

        subjected to examination.

        Arcanus is related to arca, which is basically a place for

        safekeeping, and arceo, which means "to keep away" or

        "to endose".

        Present in both arca and arceo is the' sense of theunknown and that which should remain unknown; the former state, of being unknown, may be accidental and dependent

        upon particular circumstances, whereas the latter

        implies that the object must be kept from general knowledge,

        in other words, it must be kept truly secret.

        Both these aspects are included in the word arcanus; at

        first glance, it may be difficult to determine which of them

        is meant, but the distinction is essential for clear understanding

        of the text.

        Arcamts is, on the one hand, the equivalent of

        ignotus or ignarus; the sense of the first is primarily passive,

        that of the second active, but this distinction is commonly


        We may bracket them together in the category of

        the "unknown", embracing things which are tacita or celata.

        In its other sense, arcanus indicates that which, regardless of

        chance, must be kept from knowledge, things tacenda or


        Whatever the reason, promulgation of these secrets

        would be disastrous, whether the important area be political or



        You can keep your secrets IA.

  77. Afina Two Fish on

    I guess I assumed they make movies like this to program the actresses in it and make money while doing so. All this stuff seems like mirrors of their own vanity, ya know?

  78. I feel asleep watching it. It's just another Hollywood piece of shit in my opinion, MK-Ultra or not. It's good to be aware of what is going on around us and another thing to be obsessed about it. When the time is right people will make their decision.

  79. Even though, I agree this movie is filled with mind control. I still loved it. Like you said in your Q & A. Guys just because things have illumaniti and mind control elements in them. Doesn't mean you have to compltely stop watching it. I loved this movie. Its visual elements are amazing. It was such a great movie. You can watch this kind of stuff, just don't get "hypnotized" by them. Thanks to this website, I've been able to decode in my own way with stuff. Like without even going to this website I'm like yup thats illumaniti. Thanks vigilant citizen. You've done alot.

  80. I felt the same ways about the movie "hanna" It was great but at the same time I knew what was up and it actually makes the move less enjoyable because it is so predictable. I want to know why a woman has to be abused before she can become "empowered". Seems pretty lame to me. I think that taking control of "your reality" is very important, but I don't believe you have to be abused to learn how to do it. And if you are capable of distorting others realities you should be careful of how you act. I didn't see this movie as making programing fun or sexy, just sad. This was a very somber movie to me. I'd rather watch "Coraline"

  81. Well, I watched the movie with a few friends and I saw what the whole thing was about since she got into the mind-contro place. What did I said to them on the movie: "The movie is about mind control, how the girl has this alternate reality that allows her to fight against her grips and struggles, that's why in the end they over-state 'It’s you. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight.'" and I went to say that "must never lose yourself in order to achive success, you need to have your feet landed in the earth to be completely free and I think that's what the girl lacked off"

    Yes the whole thing may be contradictory and, acording to you, the movie is not essentially about emmpowerment but I kinda used the plot in my favot transmit that message to the people I was with.

    Aslo I gotta say this site is a good weapon (even though sometimes the writer tries too hard to be funny).

    God Bless Us All!

    • I forgot, you should look deeper into the songs of the movie. They heavily used Bjork's Army Of Me (much to my enjoyment) and a quick look to the music video of that song will reveal it had a lot more to do with this movie than imagined.

  82. You never fail do you VC? thankyou again for an insightful article. Not much surprises me anymore… the devil controls everything he runs our media and does his job. Most people would take this as a bit of fun completely oblivious to these things, to me it comes down to a lack of Godliness in peoples lives people these days do not know God its becoming increasingly worrying for me and im sure others. Another movie i saw recently called "The Adjustment Bereau" i picked up on all of the messages and imagary ect… It scared me quite abit selling the NWO, don't worry guys it will only get worse!!

  83. what makes me sad is that the ones i care about do not see what i do. i have tried so hard to simplify this movie to my sister on why this flic is gr8. its because of the straight forwardness and bluntness. Yet she never got it. i cannot blame her. soon enough, she will see what i see when watching a movie. i refuse to force it on her. this is beyond Christianity, i am a muslim and a proud one. this is about the right thing to do.

    thank you VC for your effort … GOD Bless you…..

  84. I been reading your articles for a long time now and I have learned how to catch hidden symbols & messages in our media. After watching this movie I didn't catch any of the symbols you described, this movie just left me very confused, which is weird to me because after following your website I thought I would know better. We have to be extra careful now a days.

  85. heyy very good… this movie and the article remember me the movie inception with different dissociation levels …. in the movie dreams.. maybe can you do an anrticle of this movie too 😀

  86. Hi VC

    Great article as always. The T-shirt with the teddy and button eyes got me thinking about Coraline (the animated movie). I watched it a while ago and found it really disturbing and have since thrown out the DVD, so my daughter (6 months old) does not end up watching it in the future. You might think thats a bit overboard, but the movie really creeped me out!

    Please can you find time in your busy schedule to do an analysis of Coraline.

  87. Saw a comment on youtube that illustrates the movies ability to make the viewer see what should be an evil thing as a blessing.

    Here is the quote below:

    When she was about to get lobotomized in the beginning fo the movie, I almost cried for her, but when she got lobotomized in the and, I was happy.

    MrBerserkFan 1 day ago

  88. hey vc i was wondering… this got me thinking about the series of unfortunate events. watched it as a kid and even read the books, but it gave me nightmares every time. it just seems sooo disgustingly wrong! i know it is a little off topic… but now that my eyes are open, i am sure there are some masonic signs and symbols present. yes there definitely is!!!!!

  89. "Dangling from the sword is the "key" to Baby Doll's freedom…dissociating into fantasies."

    Iv subscribed myself to this site for about a year, I dont really post too often but I was curious as the purpose of promoting this dissociative state to its viewers (youth viewers). Do they wish to manipulate society into a dissociative mentality?

  90. The girls in the first alternate reality are all Baby-Doll, the girl that was falsely accused and institutionalized. Everything going on in the alternate reality is going on inside her head. When the girls are fighting amongst each other, it is the alternate personalities inside her head fighting each other. The reason we see Sweet Pea, the girl that survived, at the end is because of this. The other girls, or alter egos were killed off but she wasn't. Even when Baby-Doll was lobotomized. She was staring off peacefully into space at the end of the movie, and then it switches to Sweet Pea getting onto the bus. That is because we were being taken inside her mind to see what she was seeing at the end of the movie. Now Sweet Pea looked like a girl that Baby-Doll saw and made eye contact with when she was first introduced to the institution. This is perhaps the girl that she really helped to free. But none of the other girls were real. That is why you don't hear, in reality, that any girls were killed. So while Baby-Doll helped the girl that resembled Sweet Pea to escape in reality, one of the alters inside the innocent girl took her on. She was the one that was always fighting against the plan. She was the one that her mind saved when the girl when through the procedure.

    That is why she is getting on the bus at the end of the movie and sees the Wise Man driving the bus. Remember when Baby-Doll and Sweet Pea got out and Baby-Doll told Sweet Pea that the story was about her (Sweet Pea) the whole time. That is because the persona of Baby Doll was being "set free" by means of an ultimate sacrifice. She sacrificed her own self to become her alter ego. Perhaps because she couldn't stand the reality of what she had witnessed, namely her mom being murdered, and then her sister, and then being falsely accused and thrown into a mental institution where she was abused and raped by sadists.

    • I think that Sweet Pea was the core personality, and the movie was focused on the Caretaker personality. Everyone else was based around taking care of Sweet Pea.

      One thing I wonder about…what about the other personalities? The studiers, the boys, the "friends," workers, the watchers and the baby – how did their lives/deaths go? Obviously that's not as alluring (not enough sexualized, exposed flesh obviously) but probably more interesting to my mind.

  91. I knew I would hate this movie the second I saw the preview. It's so upsetting that many of my friends don't see what I do…I'm trying, slowly but surely, to shed the light on these things. But it isn't easy when most people consider this "crazy conspiracy stuff".

  92. Caution, spoilers ahead for Naruto.

    Although it's not about Sucker Punch, there is a technique in Naruto that relates to what was talked about above. This technique is called Izanagi and what it basically does is allow the user of the technique to remove any boundaries between reality and illusion within their personal space. When they revealed the origins of the technique there was a large eye behind the creator. Rays of light also emitted from this large eye. I am still a Naruto fan but that reminded me of this article, that's why I brought it up.

  93. Hi,

    Just found your site and I enjoyed reading your articles, they are very clear, well-written and with plenty of good information. I've also noticed that a lot of people ask, in the comments section, why would the music & film industry and media in general purposelly show these symbols.. My opinion is, they do it because they want us to gradually get used to these symbols until they'll become a part of the daily ordinary.. then we can embrace them as a new mentality and a new way of life with little resistance. And since they do it in such an appealing manner (sex, violence and cool-different will always sell) they are very successful at it.

    Off topic: are there current genres of music or current artists not afflicted by this pest?

  94. Thetruthiscoming on

    Can we talk about HBO's True Blood? I'm sure there is a message there I'm not sure I'm seeing quite clearly is like twilight for grown ups….there's something just not right about it….

  95. Thanks VC, I wanted you to look at this when I first saw the trailer for this film and you delivered. Keep up the good work

  96. After having read all that I find myself a little puzzled. I see that a lot of people have seen that movie which according to the descriptions of it has several porn scenes in it and certainly other disturbing things. So my concern is wouldn't it be better to not go watch these kinds movies at all? Isn't the purpose also to make us be less shocked by certain things? The more we see sexual scenes, wars, etc; the more we get accustomed to them and the more we maybe can see them as an acceptable thing, which is not. It seems to me like their goal is also to lower as much as possible our sensitiveness and make us accept the unacceptable subconsciously. These movies reach the masses let's not forget it, who for the most part are not aware of these double meanings and hidden messages. So what is the main and I would say obvious purpose?

  97. No, No, No, say it ain't so. I actually have this movie on Blu-Ray and to be honest I absolutely loved it when I saw it at the movies. I guess it was the collaboration of techno music, action, and visual effects that caught my attention. In all actuality I thought the movie was kind of weird. I did notice how she had alternate worlds she submerged herself into. Ultimately I thought it was her trying to escape the pain and torture she endured while staying at the mental institution until she ended up sacrificing herself in the end. Then, the girl that did escape looked like she didn't even escape into reality, but another fantasy. Very mind-blowing and thank you Vigilant for ruining the movie for me, LOL. I am literally about to cry right now, LOL.

  98. lickkmykickkz on

    i dont know if maybe im just bugging out but just saw the trailer to this on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSIetIg7O3M and is shows a little bit about the movie then words…and it sais NEXT YEAR….YOU….WILL BE UNPREPARED. wonder what that means and i dont think it means just for the movie…2012? nwo?

  99. i'm confused. i read and read and read and read comments on this and other articles by VC that you guys "hate" these messages and the takeover of the illuminati in the world.

    yet, with the majority of the comments here, the person has actually seen this movie, and probably paid way more than $1, thus sacrificing your finances, intellect and emotions to support the very cause you purport to despise.

    even those who claim to be "aware" aren't willing to make a stand and walk away.

    they got you until you do. don't deceive yourselves.

  100. When I watched this movie, I was very disturbed. I, too, was aware of the subtle innuendos about phedophilia, abuse and rape. As VC said, the reason for its creep-factor is that the whole story is camouflaged as a tale about empowerment and redemption from supression by creating one's own reality and hiding therein, when in fact this is called dissociation and exactly what the main reason behind the abuse is, in the first place. What a twist.

    What I found fairly discomforting, though, is that 99% of all critics ripped the movie to pieces for the wrong reasons. Most people disliked, even abhorred it, yet they did not even acknowledge the darker side of the plot.

    Also, I would advice people to get the director`s cut of this movie. The PG-13 version apperently lacks a substantial amount of shots. These shots might shed even more light on the mindcontrol themes.

    Incidentally, how rediculous is the thought that they needed to cut a couple of violent scenes and that the blood wasn`t allowed to be red so that the movie would conform with the stipulations for the PG-13 rating, but at the same time the subtle and subliminal story line alludes to rape and violence of the worst kind. I mean, what a wrong world that we live in.

  101. This is definitely an Illuminati monarch programming movie. These women who are imprisoned are all slaves to the Illuminati puppet masters. Although some of them might try to escape from their imprisonment, they are all bound to serve their masters till the end up to a point where they either go crazy or dead. Reality is a prison and being free does not let you escape from it.

  102. Anybody seen Watchmen by Zack Snyder? That one is a disturbingly blatant promotion of the New World Order agenda. Staged terrorist attacks in an attempt to unite the world against the external threat and to united all people. According to the watchmen movie this is the only solution to bring about an ever lasting and perpetual peaceful world.

    What a propaganda movie.

    Does anybody know more about Zack Snyder? How far must he be up the hieararchy ladder in irder to be able to cover such topics in his moives.

  103. I ve just saw the DVD of this suck film. My interpretation:

    “The Theater” represents a place where perps and some people from any milieu (science, business, politics, military…) but particularly some people of the entertainment industry can meet each other and gather to watch “the show" on “the scene of the theater”. I guess “the scene of the theater” is just a big screen. By "the show" I mean a show where all these people can watch “the best of” victims of mind control technology around the world being tortured mentally and physically by their handlers. By “the best of “, I mean that the organizers of that crap choose the best scenes of victims tortured by they handlers, I guess “this best of” is updated each time those people gather and that victims could be from around the world.

    Another idea about “the theater” is that may be an event wherein those people meet and watch the “show”. The place of this event could be a private and secret website or a video conference.

    Anyway “the theater” suggest a place where people could meet each other and watch the show.A place where they could make new relations, work together for the same goal….and so on.

    The clue about this is that there are more and more films on cinema and TV wherein victims of mind control technology can find clues about what they go through, and if it is not in the whole movie like “sucker punch”, clues could be found in some scenes and in any kind of movie. Most of these clues can be comprehended only by victims; the public will not pay attention on these details and if a victim would try to explain this to his/her friends, they would not take her/him seriously.

    Those people (science, business, politics, military…) are very aware of what we go through, and people of the entertainment industry use what they see of the mind control victim’s experiments (“the show”)to make their films, to make money, entertain the public who are mostly not aware and to reach their goals for the NOW agenda.

    After “the theater “and “the scene” let’s talk about “the girls”.

    “The girls” has relation with sex (it doesn’t matter if the mind control victim is a male or a female in real life). ”Girls” are used in the film to emphasize the sexual aspect. In fact sex is not the main subject of the film, the main subjects are about controlled dreams and electronic dissolution of memory but just let this for later and go back to” the girls”.

    The “girls” means to me that perps &co love to see victims rapped by the mind control technology. How? By controlling victim’s limbs and body and with sexual arousals, especially while sleeping but also even after when woke up because of the rape.

    A clue? “The girls” in itself is a clue but one more clue more evident is the name of the heroine “Babydoll”. Perps can play with us like they play with a doll, by controlling our limbs, organs and body, and perps &co love to see that. Remember “the theater” where these people enjoy the “show” of their victims.

    Now “the dance”, public who are not aware or just a little may think that it is maybe a “dance” which put both the dancer and the spectators in a big trance.

    “The dance” may suggest the control of victim’s body by their handlers but in fact it s about controlled dreams but it could be both too.

    Anyway, the obvious signification of the “dance” in the film to me is “dreams”. When Babydoll is about to dance, she close her eyes (like she is sleeping) then she is in another world, like she is dreaming.

    But it s not like any dreams, for me it s “controlled dreams”. Some clues? The world that Babydoll dreams is a world of war, fights and dangers. I experienced many kinds of controlled dreams but what my perps do the most is controlled dreams of fights and dangers, you know perps love improve our fears. In those numerous controlled dreams I was attacked so I didn’t have the choice: to fight or be paralyzed by fear, fortunately I was always fighting and most of the time always wining but few times I was defeated exactly like in the Babydoll’s dream in the train against the robots when she felt a second of doubt when the bomb was reactivated and where Amber were going to die in the explosion of the train. I have to say that in controlled dreams I could really feel the hits of the attackers so when I was touched I felt like doubt (Am I dying ? or severely injured), doubt which could be fatal when the attackers continue to attack, so I died few times in those kind of controlled dreams but the worse is when I was feeling fear so much that I felt paralyzed (it happened 2 or 3 times which is not much comparing with all the controlled dreams about fear I had) paralyzed and unable to fight, then perps let me with my fear and cowardice, crying like a baby, without my attackers killing me, then when I wake I feel so bad, so small, so coward….On the contrary when I fight and win, I m happy and I feel great.

    Ok, now anybody could say babydoll dreams of fighting and dangers because she is in danger in the hospital and have to fight for her freedom.

    Ok, no problem, anyone is free to have their own views but mine is about controlled dreams on situation of danger and fights (those kind of controlled dreams are done for the purpose to improve fear to the victim), another clue is the poster “my dream is yours” on the wall when Blue shot the two girls.

    Now about “the high roller”, it s about erasing memories but of course concerning mcvictims it s not about lobotomy. Concerning me for example, it s electronic dissolution of memory, not like EDM practiced in mental institutions, so I prefer to call it mini-electronic dissolution of memory. In that case, losses of memory (especially short memories) are gradual. Mini-EDM caused me osteoarthritis of the neck. Losses of memories are important for perps for the purpose of the mcvictim to no remember all of his/her experiencing.

    About the fifth items ‘the enigma” that Babydoll has identified as she said “it s me, it s about me”, it refers to the end of the film when the narrator said to the spectators of the film something like “do you recognize yourself?” (Sorry I don’t remember well, I ve seen the film just once and I don’t want loose my time anymore to search in the film, I spent too much time to write this interpretation).

    About the mysterious man in Babydoll’s dreams who gave her her arms and items, it refers to the beginning of the film when it talk about angel or/and demon, in fact the film emphases on demon more than the angel for the purpose to deceive mcvictims. For me it represents the help a victim could have when he/she fight for survive. A help which comes from ourselves. For me it’s also a divine help. It s the help of God. A help that handlers cannot control and even identify, of course as it comes from God.

    Non believers may say that this help comes from us and that it s about circumstances too (Blondie with the bus driver). Anyone is free to have his/her own interpretation but I ll be agree on that it come from us but I think a lot comes from God, in my victories in fights controlled, I was always thinking that, always fighting…Thanks God. Give us strength.

    The film was boring to me like other films about mindcontrol and films which show some clues about that crap but which are not about mind control. I always watch them like they steal from our sufferings to make their industry(films, music…)work as at the mean time our handlers are destroying and stealing the best of us.

    God bless all the TIs.

  104. YAY! I'll dream that you wrote this after you got my message about the movie. :')

    Now I got a little more hope for the article on Call of Duty: Black Ops, although I don't really think you play videogames…

  105. Not sure if my 1st post came thru' so i'm typing again.

    I said it reminds me of George Orwells Book 1984. Its amazing how many hundreds of predictions from a book written over 50 years ago have come to pass.The scary thing is he wrote the book to show what would happen if communism took over the world, and here we are in the democratic world and all his warnings are still coming to pass. I geuss it means that no matter who ur government is or what they supposed to standing for there is only one government that really rules the world.I live here in South Africa and we the effects of the media here on our streets just the same way u would in USA or the UK for that matter.So who is more influential i ask,Barack Obama or JZ and Beyonce?

    • The media is the most powerful force.It can take over and influence other lands and cultures without even letting one soldier leaving your shores.

  106. One of the t-shirts shown below the article has the slogan, "reality is a prison". So we have had a comfy reality here in the USA, that everyone projected their reality through as if it were real. Now that reality is in the process of being shattered.

    When the reality system that the personality has projected itself through becomes shattered, what will happen to the personality structure?

    I haven't seen the movie, but it reminds me of Inception, which is about hypnotic induction on many levels (as reflected in the dream levels). The main induction is that once an idea takes hold, that is, implanted into the mind (by the programmers of society), it changes the entire belief structure, virtually everything about the person's life. Another aspect of this induction is that WE (the programmers) are the ones who induce you. It is outside of your control.

    All of this is, of course, not strictly true. It CAN be true, if we don't learn to follow the right path, given by our creator.

    This also has to do with our passivity in accepting this reality structure that we have operated within all these years. It was, on one level, like a megaphone was blaring in my ear: "You are passive. You WILL follow ALL our dictates and inductions! You have no CHOICE!"

  107. very true this movie had symbols everywhere. but we can't all ignore the fact that this movie had sexy women in it. and with that its worth a watch i mean only if your a guy or lesbian whatever is your preference i'm not one to judge.

  108. I absolutely agree on every single word you wrote!! I’m tired of watching this same type of movies when you get out and ask for an explanation!

    I need to watch something that makes me think about, something meaningful. Is that too much to ask??

  109. Killilluminati on

    All darkness and horror will be destroyed, along with those souls who willingly cling to them to gain power in this world. Rude awakenings are very near for a great many lost souls…

  110. great article vigiliant!

    What a sneaky way to misguide people,it,s obvious that the elite/bloodlines now throw in everything to hold control on the people of the world and misled them…

  111. I loved the Pixies and the song Where is My Mind especially. Then again I was young and didn't know any better

  112. "Despite appearances to the contrary, the movie never truly condemns forced prostitution or even mind-control practices. Everything is turned into a fantasy, making the situation cool and attractive."

    Sure, because everyone in the context of the movie and the fantasy seem to enjoy being controlled sooo much. You have the symbolism down, but sometimes your intent to read pro-MK fables in everything gets in the way of analysis. If anything the movie makes much more sense as a condemnation of these practices. What would they have to do for you to see it that way?

  113. Ever since I came across your website reading about Lady Gaga and her subtle mind control techniques in her music I've started to see signs of this illuminati everywhere. I have been reading from this site for a long time.. I've done research as well about the illuminati. When I finished the movie when it came out, I sat there with my dad and I knew and understood what the film was about, and I would have never been able to decipher the true meaning if I never came across this site. I see signs of the elite everywhere, in school textbooks, in banks, even in everyday stuff I buy. But the point is thank you, but I think I am just going to accept the fact that the only way to escape is by death. We can't stop them, they've had this agenda for ages and we are all just beginning to see what they want us to see. I'm not scared or religious.. I just accept the fate of humanity. If they want to break me and make me a sex slave for the dirty men of the elite then i'm glad i'll be dissociated

  114. you never wrote about amy winehouse. she died in 27 years (between 27 and 28th birthday) years like janis joplin, jim morrison and jimmy hendrix. maybe this is irrelevant but I payed attention

    from belgrade I am where her last concert was

  115. I just finished watching Singin' in the Rain. Gee, it must have been nice living in a time before the Illuminati tried to screw up the minds of the whole world. *Sigh*

  116. This article reminds me of the lyrics to Kanye West's track "Lost In The World." After reading this article, the lyrics almost take on another meaning, as if he is speaking to his handler or he's aware of what's going on and is trying to cope. "I'm up in the woods, I'm down on my mind, I'm building a still, to slow down the time…You're my devil, you're my angel, You're my heaven, you're my hell, you're my now, you're my forever, you're my freedom, you're my jail…Lost in this plastic life, let's break out of this fake a** party, and turn this into a classic night, if we die in each other's arms, we still get laid in the afterlife, if we die in each other's arms, we still get laid, yeah." Amazing how this readings have opened up my eyes to the double meaning of messages present in our entertainment. What's always in the back of my mind (or front) is if my brain is over time becoming to desensitized to this information in a process of slow acceptance by exposure. I guard my mind and my thoughts, consciously subconscious.

  117. Thank you VC for yet another brilliant article and well researched. This type of education is priceless and may God bless you for highlighting issues of this nature.

  118. N0, N0, N0, N0, N0!, i HATE THAT, well, thank you citizen for the info & you guy are right, i hate psychiatric centers, there are guys that Sucks & are faggots, as we all know, every snyder prod. always get subliminal symbolisms & shit, I guess his team is Illuminati wannabe, anyways, i loved that movie & wat to watching it again, (obviusly thinking in whats wrong- subliminals) & what about Amy, did she died or the illumifaggots killed her?, please work it

    I hope you enjoyed the movie, bae

  119. The whole time I was watching this I was blabbing to my fiance how it was all BS ! He kept saying o now shush lol but I was so hyped, bc like you said – everything is so obvious now days ! AND I hated the music, just HATED it. Some music, you can just tell, aint got a darned good thing about em o.0

  120. And there goes Emily Browning… this article made me realize that she was out of the big screen for a while, so I went to imdb.com to make sure, I found there is another movie called Sleeping Beauty in which she is also the main character. Here's a short description of the film: A haunting erotic fairy tale about Lucy, a student who drifts into prostitution and finds her niche as a woman who sleeps, drugged, in a 'Sleeping Beauty chamber' while men do to her what she can't remember the next morning. Starring Emily Browning and directed by Julia Leigh…

  121. Write about Amy Winehouse…I feel that there is more to the story of her life than what meets the public eye…so sad…I never really listened to her like that but I know that she is talented because I heard her songs before…I wonder if they tried to have her under control by the drugs and everything else, her father is in the music business also?? This to me kind of screams of someone trying to break free—for real, but they never gave her the chance, they had to off her first…:/

  122. I noticed something in this movie. The way the women were portrayed made me feel uneasy in my body. I'm not sure if it's anti MK, I think it's pro. It's meant to unsettle one into thinking he's not good enough.

  123. Nobody mentions the song "Sweet dreams"? I think it's the most suggestive and obvious "tip" at the begging of the movie, about what it's all about.

  124. I saw five minutes of this when my roommate was watching it on demand and I walked past it in the living room. It looks RETARDED.

  125. i loved the movie and i love my "reality is a prison" t-shirt. I have indeed been "woken up," I have also studied the illuminati a lot this year. I percieved my shirt in a different way so i don't believe it is a bad thing. I knew what the movie was about right away, but i liked the movie. If you let movies and whatnot get to you and control you, thats when you have a problem.

  126. ashin' kusher on

    I like vigilant's take on the message of the story but it's not as sinister as he makes it sound once you come to the realization that there's more to our existence than this life we live here on earth. The quote of the film that basically states that WE are our own guardian angels, meaning our SOULS (who we REALLY are) are in control of our life here on earth. The different levels of dissociation within this film expand on that. If you notice, the entire story is about GETTING FREE and every one of the girls attain freedom in some way by the end of the film. On the surface dying doesn't seem like a good way to be free, but you must realize this is true. We're all here for a reason, to serve a purpose. Which is why the film alludes to Baby Doll being Sweet Pea's angel. The fantasy worlds she creates are for Sweet Pea because as she says in the beginning of the film when we're first introduced to the 1st level of dissociation, she's the "star of the show'

    Props to Vigilant, he's closer to the true meaning of the film then most movie goers were, considering the fact that the majority of people who see this film are hung-up on the fact that we don't see her dance, when, as vigilant has pointed out, she's not even really dancing in the first place. Once you come to the realization and understand that the fantasy world where she's "dancing" and fighting isn't real, you can step back and begin to realize that the 1st level of dissociation isn't real either.

    Funny story, after talking to my friend about this film and this article, I was saying how people don't understand this flick, and you cant really expect them to. She's just dancing, people can't move past that, when the fact is she's not even dancing in the first place. Anyways when I went and bought it on blu ray just yesterday, while waiting in line to check out some young kid sees I'm buying it and says to my friend, "Sucker Punch? It's boring, she's just dancing, it's not even real."

    I'll go back to the quote from the film for that one:

    "Everyone has an Angel. A Guardian who watches over us. We can't know what form they'll take One day, Old man, Next day, Little girl. But don't let appearances fool you, They can be as fierce as any dragon. Yet they're not here to fight our battles. But to whisper from our hearts. Reminding that it's us. Its everyone of us who holds power over the world we create."

  127. I was initially excited about seeing this movie. I enjoyed 300 and the kind of look and feel to film making. However, when I watched Sucker Punch it was before I discovered this website and all of the MK Ultra mind control testing and now reading your review a lot has become clear to me. I didn't like the movie because I felt the plot was wasted on all of the CGI and visual effects. It would've been nice to see "the dance" that she would do every time that she went into her fantasy world. What's interesting is that it probably wasn't even an actual dance but a trigger, like she was a doll having a string pulled and then she would react how she was programmed to act. A co-worker and I were making fun of this movie saying how silly it was and nothing was that great about it. But we were only scratching the surface. The actual meaning hadn't been realized by either one of us yet. What is this movie saying about women? Where we are just fantasy playthings to be dressed up and abused by the big ole bad men in our lives? Where we must be submissive and play a role of innocent/seductress to find any real fulfillment? I didn't feel that she was empowered at all. I knew enough to realize that most of the action sequences were in her mind but in the end her physical self was still locked in that facility with her mind being split in a million directions. What freedom? All mind control is is a trickier way for Satan to come in and steal what is ours. It's the exact opposite to any and everything that is good, that is from God. It is filled with double speech and rhetoric and if we are not careful we can find ourselves conformed to this world and not experiencing the truth of truths.

  128. Thanks for this article! After watching I definately felt it something to do with this, but thanks for going in detail!!

  129. hey VC, thanks for the great articles! I feel like this is the only site that can understand how I am able to know all the truth behind those underlying messages that are being corporated into songs/movies. When I try to tell my friends/cousins about mind control and symbolism they stare at me like I'm a sick person.

    Anyway, about mind controlling I recently re-watched The Bourne Trilogy, pretty sure my fellow readers now about it. What do you guys think about that?

    Pardon my grammar, english is not my mother language.


  130. A random thought on

    good article.

    saw this movie a while back and it is dripping with the whole mind control shit from start to finish. another film that is of intrest is called Sensored the film is basically about mkultra and mind control

    WARNING definatly a nasty film not for the kids.

  131. To: IAMLoneFrog

    Fellow citizen of the vigilant brethren, I hope you understand the sentiment stated at the beginning of this. Simply put, isn't it?

    However, one can look at your message, and think that it was an attack on my jurisprudence. Nonetheless, like the Tacitean studies you yourself quoted, (thank you for that, I was not familiar of such things myself, would you look at that?) there is a difference in opinion to what was debated.

    So, let's continue like you and I are following the same pursuit, and seeing that my name is upon what you drew.

    Judge a book by its cover, and you will miss the jist of the story. Significant, isn't it?

    Based off the posts that I have been writing for over months on end, you truly think that I wish to convey a message of doom and obliteration?

    Change the perception.

    Realize what's within is the reason behind the nomenclature of what with you have an issue with.

    Secondly, but primarily, is my own survival instinct. Outside of my own self, everything else is a perception, or an illusion, like I have, myself, stated. Evidence is not to the contrary, now is it?

    Perceptions are ever-changing.

    If you think that I am here to confuse the masses or cause a sense of gloom and despair, then I ask you, is your message not helping such emotions convey?

    For the sake of clarity, IgnotumArcanus is what you may call a singularity, an aspect of my imagination crafted for a sense of relief in the reality that to others seem beyond repair.

    Again, like I have done before, the only reason I even take the time to clear such ambiguous 'air', is because what I have told a fellow poster here.

    Any misconception of what my intentions are will cause any ability or slightest percentage for progression to be turbulent, retarded, stifled, or completely halted. If anyone is truly interested in what I have to say, they can act accordingly, and they usually do.

    Like yourself.

    So, thank you.


  132. Vigilant, have you noticed in the Spongebob Squarepants show that the people of bikini bottom ALWAYS fall for the ads that Mr. Krabs and Plankton use?

    The thing is, they hate Planktons food. I think this shows how strong ads can be.

    Also Mr. Krabs and Plankton fight to get the most customers, showing how eager they are to get money.

    Thank you for reading, :3

    PS. Can you look more in spongebob for subliminal messages and tell me if i'm correct? And also please look at the episode that spongebob and patrick become parents to a clam. (There are a few sexual messages there.)

    • overdose, it's sad when their are pointless deaths but the message is clear, we need help to stop this! We need a NWO

      • @NWO: huh? we need NWO? Like New World Order? Like the one who's behind all this Illuminati deal?

        Open BOTH your eyes dear. Or do you usually keep only ONE EYE open?

  133. 1. 'Babydoll' did kill her sister, on purpose? No, she fired the first bullet and that is what killed her sister. I suggest actually watching the movie.

    2. The ending delusion was Babydoll's own, not SweetPea's. The female doctor whose name I forget stated that Babydoll did infact help another inmate escape – but obviously Babydoll was still there – so her delusion is just that. SweetPea did escape.

    The way you twist movies and well pictures at times is really scary, I mean I don't think too much of your followers already – the blog is just another e-cult to me, but if you are going to attempt to seem factual or half way intelligent, then you could atleast get basic facts straight. Like a dress color, or what actually happens in a movie, and the context. It's very disturbing to see scenes twisted around for your agenda.

    • I agree and don't think he actually watched the movie either, just got his hands on a synopsis and some screen caps, plus it is likely that a few of this sites readers tipped him off.

      He loves writing the sex kitten articles.

      I think he did not watch it because of all he missed, plus the details that were way off. The "white rabbit" is only white in the screen cap. If you see the movie, that rabbit is 100% pink.

      You are also right about the ending being Baby Doll's dillusion, kind of.

      The entire movie is the template of dillusion for almost any monarch mind control slave.

      The original core personality, the rebellious Baby Doll, is completely subdued with the clever illusion of a wanted labotomy. She thinks she is a hero for willingly sacrificing her own free will and personality. In reality she has put her true self in an illusionary prison, and replaced her own personality with that of Sweet Pea.

      Why Sweat Pea? What makes her personality more desireable than any other? If Baby Doll was an out of control rebel, Sweet Pea was a mind control handler's dream personality for a beta sex slave. She has her strong sexy side yet she is the least rebellious of the girls. She wants no trouble. Only her loyalty to friends and concern for them could make her go against authority, hesitantly. And now that she is "free" her only loyal friend in the world is most likely going to be the helpful bus driver, the man with the missions.

      Baby Doll, the original core person, is still there, but her morals and memory are muted. Only loyal Sweet Pea, the best dancer other than Baby Doll, remains up front, to be manipulated and used.

      Fix it VC, or keep deleting posts like this.

  134. Shadow Boxer on

    On a side note, I don't know if anyone else has observed this. That is the way of the warrior is pitched to the younger audiences and as depicted once again in this movie too. How often do we see it portrayed that you too can become a super samurai kung fu warrior machine with just an inch of training where magically you become endowed with fantastic martial prowess , etc… much the same as this morbid obsession with teen vampires and the like…. you know the spiel of treading a fine line between worlds whilst being the super hero world saver crap all whilst munching away blissfully on your burgers and fries…..It's a play up to the short comings of the young generations egg shell persona ego …. so plastic and see through it's becoming absurd and uncomfortable even to those it's aimed at………mostly.

  135. Have any of you seen 'Scott Pilgrim Vs The World'? It had a very similar feel to this film, never staying in reality and constantly switching to various fantasy video game scenarios. It had references to multiples, with the main protagonist, Scott, fighting with versions of himself. There is also a fight scene which takes place at the base of a three tiered pyramid.

  136. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but to me the Wise Man is very reminiscent of The Magician, the first card in the Tarot Deck, who also presents four objects (including a knife, and one representing fire). There is definitely a deliberate parallel there IMO.

  137. It is interesting to notice that the most well known American physician, who specialized in and popularized lobotomy, was Walter Freeman. In the end lobotomy didn't result in Baby Doll being a free(wo)man. The fine line between healing or fighting symptoms.

    Sweet pea on the other hand, dressed as Baby Doll on the stage in the asylum, stops the enacted lobotomizing and she is the one who escapes in the end.

    Sucker Punch is a profound movie that deserves an open minded closer scrutiny.

  138. SherifollowsYeshua on

    Hello all

    I have been following VC for about a year now but this is the first time I have posted anything. I recently saw an episode of Smallville were Tess is drawn back to the orphanage she grew up in. Apparantly her rich parents (who later turn out to be the Luthers) gave her up for adoption. Once there, along with the other girls in the orphange she is subjected to brainwashing and electro shock therapy to forget her birth parents. Eventually Tess is adopted but the matron (handler) of the orphange continues brainwash and control the girls eventually turning them into fighters for some upcoming war.

  139. SherifollowsYeshua on

    Also the way the (fighters) girls were dressed who had since grown up to become teenagers was very much like the girls in Sucker Punch. Very sexy

  140. And finally, this question: the mystery of whose story it will be, of who draws the curtain. Who is it that chooses our steps in the dance? Who drives us mad, lashes us with whips and crowns us with victory when we survive the impossible? Who is it, that does all these things? Who honors those we love with the very life we live? Who sends monsters to kill us and at the same time sings that we will never die? Who teaches us what's real and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we die to defend? Who chains us and who holds the key that can set us free?

    The instantia crucis of the story…

  141. if any manage to read this, look into an anime called Gunslinger Girl. It's about these girls who get trained in an undercover governament facility and get assigned handlers who brainwash them and all that jazz. It's quite good actually…the anime not the mk ultra thing or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

  142. EDIT: They get specially trained to become assasins. That's the whole focus of the anime I don't even know how I forgot to mention that part………..

  143. Actually this explains it a whole lot better than the crap i just wrote so:

    Set in Italy, Gunslinger Girl follows the exploits of the Social Welfare Agency (often referred to as simply "the Agency"), ostensibly a charitable institution sponsored by the Italian government. While the Agency professes to aid the rehabilitation of the physically injured, it is actually a military organization specializing in counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism. It is composed of two independent branches: Public Safety, its surveillance and intelligence-gathering division, and Special Ops, the anti-terrorist division. Special Ops is itself divided into Sections 1 and 2, the latter of which employs young girls fitted with cybernetic implants as agents. The implants, which consist of synthesized muscles and carbon fiber frames, result in heightened strength and reflexes as well as high resilience to damage and pain. Each girl is paired with a male trainer, or "handler", and together they are referred to as a fratello — Italian for "brother". The handler is responsible for the training, welfare and field performance of his charge, and is free to use whatever methods he considers suitable. While these methods vary according to the handler, a common part of each girl's regimen is brainwashing called "conditioning", which produces a deadly assassin with unquestioning loyalty to her handler but also limits her life span.

    Each fratello exhibits a unique dynamic. Most of the handlers have police or military backgrounds and were recruited directly into Section 2. Most also chose their own cyborgs from a list of candidates, though some appear to have been assigned a cyborg. The Social Welfare Agency primarily concerns itself with dealing with the Padania Republic Faction, an organization seeking an independent northern Italy through acts of terrorism and bribery.

  144. well im watching it now. yeah does remind me of tank girl sort of…i can see how young girls will be like, awesome cool! its more of a sci-fi/fantasy type movie…….really….

  145. Carla Gugino (who plays Madame Vera Gorsky) revealed in an interview when she played this character she spoke unintentionally with a Polish accent, maybe it was an alter taking over, very fitting for a movie of this nature.

  146. vigilant, thanks to you and very few others i TOTALLY got it when i first saw it. oh my dear god how blatant that was! and sadly i must admit that it is a very well put together movie. it transports emotions.

    and OF COURSE the bad guys are the germans… that was another point i noticed since i'm german. it's always the same joke, a programming for the audience.

    anyways, thank you so much for your work!

  147. Excellent Article Viglant! It's shocking the issues that "they" will address right under the nose of those who do not know. I wonder if this is all about sending secret messages to insiders and the effect this could have on those under mind control.

  148. Jermaine Brooks on

    Is it just me, or does MKULTRA programming seem far too traumatic? It seems to me that the levels of abuse go above and beyond what is needed. Britney Spears only really needs to do simple things, dance a bit, lip-synch and avoid talking to people. Does that really need this many levels of horrific abuse?

    It seems to me that the Dr. Mengele and others just wanted a way to get the Nazi (and maybe US?) governments to allow him to indulge in his favourite fetishes.

  149. severalminds on

    i have read in these days some terrible things on world press about the occult satanic sects being exposed…i wonder if anyone of you heard about it? if yes, pls, would you put here some more info about? i can't find the link where i read a kind of brief of the scandals related one to another in different countries such as belgium, denmark, italy etc… in april (easter period…) there was killed a young wpoman in italy, she had many cuts on her body and nazi symbols designed, she lost a lot of blood, but her blood was not fleed around her. evidently it was taken by those who killed her, so the police suspected a satanic sect…she is killed by some military men which are under investigation now…just imagine that this homicide opened a big rabbit hole which seems to be very deep…after this homicide there came out testimonies of people who were traumatised, tortured, abused since they were children, they were abused in satanic rituals by the powerful people which now try to cover up the scandal. There came out that the victim some days before homicide went to police station and met a high level official there in order to expose the sect which is active in her husbands military area…now there r many suspects on that high level official…The police head investigator which works on this investigation is stopped for undefitive time by the unknown people who press on the justice system in Italy…it came out that the woman killed in april is mudered by a satanic military sect which have infiltrated and created a kind of parallel military system into the official one! it seems that they have it almost in all the countries of the world, they ingage the young people in army and trap them into the sect, change them into mind control slaves and cruel assassins ready to do anything ordered by that occult officials…the police have got a audio tapes where a re registered the satanic ceremonies with terrible voices as they are coing out directly from the hell, the handlers busing the slaves and ordering them to be possessed by the dark entities, to do the dirtiest and disgusting things, cruelties and etc. it came out that actually there is a kind of non human entities which stay behind these horrors, they have infiltrated almost all the govs of the world and keep these govs under threat constantly if they don't obey. the terrorist acts, false epidemies and etc. are the warnings and threats by that hidden occult power which does most incredibile horrors on our children, health, mind, society since very ancient times…the slaved chldren are from all over the world. For example recently there was a sex scandal in Italy where there were implicated the gov. members, powerful and famous people, with underage girls used in esoteric ritual orgies. The most famous of these girls is Ruby the real name Karima al Mahrouk, arabic origin…nobody knows how she is ended in italy, where she lived and why she grow up as a real, professional slut or sex slave…her name is used a lot by controlled mass media also to send a codified message to the leaders of occult power and the other gov. s. See her here as a "sex kitten"
    more of her photos also during orgies…
    there is a real human traffic with 100 000 or more children every year disappearing forever., some of them are slaved for sex abuse, some sacrified in most cruel ways during the satanic ceremonies, others are turned into mind controlled assassin soldiers which are used against us…i read these news just in these days, it s really shocking. The most awful thing is that the official sources in Italy keep mouth totally shut about the satanic sect investigated by police and the pressure the police gets by that occult power…it is really incredible ,but it is an authentic mediatic conspiration against the society….if someone could translate some of these articles in english from italian, i would be grateful. There is a report of doctors who are healing now the victims of these satanic sects, they are detailed, with photos, names and etc….the cancer which kills the world became too big now and it comes out, it is impossible to hide it anymore.

    • Yes I think you are right – the veil over this secrecy is lifting, the cancer is too big to hide. One of the top dogs from the occult group Temple of Set admitted that there is a satanic coven on every US military base around the world. I just read a book on everything you are saying here, and I believe it 100%. Here is a link on the topic you have brought up, from a Christian POV. They are building their army for Rev 19:19

      • Sarah Connor on

        I hope that Paul Ferraro and his family are safe! It is quite an undertaking exposing this type of stuff. Unfortunately I believe it is much more prevelant than most could ever bare to admit…..and for the benefit of these evildoers for the time being, many of their members are in places of high power and authority, allowing the cover-ups to continue. I have been reading quite a bit lately from victims of sra and my heart has probably broken a million times into thousands of pieces…..I cannot describe it. When I realize the scale to which this is happening, I am completely overwhelmed and have to break it down to one person, one individual soul at a time and realize that all evil needs to prevail, is for good men to do nothing. God bless Paul Ferraro and othersnlike him who are taking on this issue at risk to themselves and their families. There are real people, hundreds of thousands if not millions who are falling victim to this absolute abomination!!!! Thank you for sharing this, I wish more people realized……I did not! Btw…..look into the mass shooting at the school in Scotland I believe?? That school was really a sexual holding pen for perverted european elites like Gordon Brown etc……the 16 children shot were sex slaves and the 'school' was about to be exposed. May they RIP……

  150. peacefulprotest on

    If anyone wants to learn more about the origins of monarch programming, they should check out VC's sister site Secret Arcana. It has an excellent article about how this came to be. Monarch was preceded by M.K. Ultra, a secret underground Nazi program imported to the US after World War II. It is believed that M.K. Ultra was abandoned by the late 60s to early 70s but has continued as the Monarch program. These mind controlled slaves are used for snuff porn, prostitution, and political assassinations. Of course also for the entertainment industry. And it has been funded by the CIA . Read the article, but prepare yourself for some disturbing content, this isnt just fiction. I will say no more.

  151. I just watched this movie. Thanks VC, again you help me to understand more. Or else i won't get this super-fantasized movie. It's tooo confusing!

  152. When i first saw this movie I then know that it's monarch programming while the people who watch together with me don't actually understand the movie..

  153. Doesn't matter anyhow, if the World is to be ruled by a minority of these "people"(handlers/ N.W.O), who is to say that the "unaffected" (those with their eyes open to whats going on) will have this world running to a T anyway?

  154. TheMatrixHasYou on

    The first example of the MK-Ultra merch is sickening.

    "Reality is a prison."

    They're trying to sell brainwashing.


  155. I just watched the movie and the moment it finished I rushed to google "Sucker Punch Mind Control". I was hoping there would be a vigilantcitizen's review, and voila.

    For someone who knows a thing or two about mind programing the movie is a goldmine. There's unmistakeable symbolism from the start. I just wanted to see extensive reviw to make sure there's no programming itself going on by watching the movie.

    Excellent review, keep it coming.

  156. I saw the movie when it came out first. When I was at the beginning of the movie I knew that this was not normal. It was more then it appear. So I began to pay close attention to the actors. There was 3 movies in one. Reality, Fantasy, and the Hidden Hand. Well it was cool how they represent it. Not many people get because there is so much unknown stuff to people about mind control.

    • Yes, I agree that they portrayed it all very well indeed. For all the things in the movie that many find sickening, you have to admit that this did an amazing job at showing what Monarch victims go through. Never before have I seen a movie twist the brutality and general crackerjackness of Monarch Control in such a way. Amazing indeed.

  157. wow. um, im pretty new to this site, but jesus! its shocking how people weave this symbolism into songs and movies. But then again, i guess singers and actors need to be kept in the public eye somehow. Im probably gonna get abuse for this but im a bit of a skeptic, I sort of think that this is all for publicity. But maybe i can't handle the truth, who knows?

    now i feel like i cant listen to a good song or watch a movie without having the living daylights analyzed out of them 😉 you're an intelligent guy or gal VC, and my eyes will open one day xx

    • Am I to understand you know the nature of the 9 and the One already?

      It seems so seeing the question was asked directly.

      If that is the case, then by all means, you may answer the question automatically.

      Very few understand the first version after all.

  158. funny how i needed no explanation after leaving this movie, and i am often the one explaining it to my friends…

    i completley see where you are coming from, VC, but i really fail to see how this movie is that bad…

    • Sarah Connor on

      Michael Aquino, the founder of Temple of Set, is the one who admitted there is a coven on every base…..kinda explains all those psyops patches huh?

      • i also thought about the same thing…the miltary patches – i remember VC article about them. All full of satanic refering, dark and sick slogans…

  159. Sarah, i guess u r right on scottish school…i heard about the pedophile scandal exploded in scotland last year, it was including the high level powers :-/…there were handicapped children abused by that rubbish called "persons"…there was a big cover up on that scandal.

    here are some more info about what happens in high level power regarding satanism in europe

  160. now when the satanic cult in military level is discovered i understand that the chemtrails are their job…the normal people, normal militaries wouldn't ever do such evoil things on the population…it is their job, they do it undisturbed, cause they keep under threat the gov.s by their hidden, occult lobbies everywhere…the chemtrails are definetely not legal, morever they are highly dangerous for anybody and anything around.

  161. bush eating kitten…

    some ufo specialists say that there are various hostile alien kinds trying to dominate on humanity and those aliens are in war between them. It is not clear if they are from other plantes, or they are a kind of bad gone hybrids created as a mix of animal and human by the first bad/evil human beings who started the dark fraternity devoted to satanism (so it means that behind those aliens there is omebody else also moving them from some hidden underground/hell?..these first bad men by some reason had produced the first negative feelings inside and probably rebelled and wanted to be as God, so they wanted to create new creatures, even better than a human, but they couldn't do it, they could create just cruel, bad creatures such as these ones which survive only if feeded by negative energy, that's why masons create wars, bad, perverted situations etc. There are many popular ancient legends in almost all ancient nations which talk about the "bad god/egoist rebel man" who wnated to be as God, but failed…cause the human beings have a soul which is possible to get only if created by real God, the real divine. So it seems that no science may tell us the story of the humanity better than the religious texts or the legends of our grandpa's. Also nowadays the satanist transhumanist scientists try to create a "new human", perfect slave of illuminati
    ) The idea of these ufologists is similar to david icke's. They say that there are reptilians, felines, beatles and etc. Every kind of these aliens races keep under control some of gov.s of some nations such as felines keep under control the nordish nations gov.s, reptilians keep under control the american nations gov.s, beatles the north africa and so on…reptilians hate badly felines…that is why probably the "kitten programming", the phantasy of reptilaians about slavery of felines, their "sex kittens" are often blondies typically for nordish people…the felines are stronger than reptilians and for some reason they make reptilians afraid of. David Icke syas that however some of these alien kinds are able to mutate and change their appearance, to be similar human beings…but their pupils sometimes may betray their real identity.

    these "alien" kinds defined such by modern science actually are nothing else than the old demons. It seems that they took over on many of politics, powerful people, gov.s by threating, or in exchange of luxury, richness, fame…those who don't obey, who keep on honest serving the nations are killed brutally or dropped out from power. See the case of Kennedys (the entire dynasty eliminated), the case of Ghandis (nowadays there is no more real Ghandi at power in India for example. See these links which are enough shocking about how the most peaceful and good person of last century was deleted by masons/illuminati.
    see how is killed the entire polish gov. with Kazcynski or what happened to Jeorge Hayder and so on…

  162. Anonymous and LulSec on

    Name of one of the production companies? Cruel and Unusual Films. And they spent at least 82 million dollars making this.

  163. Ha, no wonder i couldnt watch the rest of this garbage… i started to, saw all the MK links and stopped (about when she "dances" for the second time)

  164. All these articles on here about the MK Ultra programming and how all of this affects and persuades the masses (especially the one about the announcement of Bin Laden's Death) made me realize that probably the most important words Jesus ever spoke were, 'Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do'. It's so sad to me that some of these people never even had a chance, they were pretty much born for this purpose, and I hope that there are a lot of people praying for all of these brainwashed celebrities and others affected by this, rather than condemning and judging them. Our prayers are the only chance they have ever had.

  165. A very Good, but very Sad movie. My sister cried at just the trailer. She cries at a lot of things, but she said that this movie particularly saddened her.

  166. You missed the whole point of the ending. It was never Baby Doll's story, she was the guardian angel. Sweet Pea sees the little boy and the old man because the visions were in HER mind. She sees them on the bus because she's headed back home, and it is also a confirmation that it was indeed her story the whole time. In conclusion, the fact that you missed who the story was about in the first place, makes all of your other points rather moot.

  167. Awesome review of the movie. I can't wait to see it. One thing though was about Vanessa's tattoo. Apparently she said that she got it because her parents said a week before she was born a butterfly landed on her mothers bare pregnant tummy so they called her Vanessa which means butterfly in some language.

  168. I watched the movie last night for the first time. The "friends" in the movie were actually her alters and not real women. When the programmer realizes that, he set out to reprogram and/or destroy the alters. Baby Doll is also one of the alters. The main personality or true person is Sweet Pea.

  169. Break Reality, go into your video game, and be Safe. Safe and Free from Pain.

    You see, VC, Things weren't always as good as they are now. We learned that in the old days, the dark days, our kind didn’t realize how deadly a disease Reality was. For a long time they even viewed it as a good thing, something to be celebrated and pursued. Of course that’s one of the reasons it's so dangerous: It affects your mind so that you cannot think clearly, or make rational decisions about your own well-being. (That's symptom number twelve, listed in the amor Relieviata nervosa section of the twelfth edition of The Safety, Health, and Happiness Handbook, or The Book of Kat, as we call it.) Instead, people back then named other diseases—stress, heart disease, anxiety, depression, hypertension, insomnia, bipolar disorder—never realizing that these were, in fact, only symptoms that in the majority of cases could be traced back to the effects of amor Relieviata nervosa. Of course we aren't yet totally free from the effects of the Relieviata in the Units. Until the Cure has been perfected, until it has been made safe for the non-wanting, we will never be totally protected. It still moves around us with invisible, sweeping tentacles, choking us. I’ve seen countless uncureds dragged to their procedures, so racked and ravaged by Reality that they would rather tear their eyes out, or try to impale themselves on the barbed-wire fences than be without it.

    Several years ago on the day of her procedure, one girl, our new marketing Kat, managed to slip from her restraints and find her way to the Siene Bridge. She dropped quickly, without screaming.

    For days afterward, they broadcasted the image of the dead girl's body on the screen to remind us of the dangers of the Relieviata. Her eyes were open and she was painfully twisted, but from the way her cheek was slipping against the waves of the Water you might otherwise think she had lain down to take an unusual nap. Surprisingly, there was very little tears.

  170. wow, this article is just genius, thank you for decoding this confusing movie. I can easily overlook the grammatical errors to see that an extremely insightful and knowledgeable explanation has been given here. I had an inkling it was about mind controlled slaves (unlike my friends who loved it), but would have never made all these connections. Thank You!!!!

  171. ''most of what we do in our daily life is triggered subconscious. To break any bad habit or to attain a new one, we MUST be able to program our minds so that subconscious does not pose resistance. But it isn’t that difficult.''

    … ''But it isn't that difficult''

    I have known this for a long time, through instrospection and logical deduction I realized this when I became self aware. Let me assure you, those of us that have embraced this journey, and understood its implications in all its ramifications, are far too few; and will forever be so, I'm afraid.

    There is one thing I cannot help but point out, whoever say that ''it isn't that difficult'' wasn't doing it right; or tried, misguidedly, to motivate those lost and confused. Truth is, it's the most difficult thing you'll ever do. Once you've begun, and wholeheartedly embrace it, there's no turning back. Not once, not ever. You will know better, and will have to do right by you. Always craving more hardship, and forever better in its transcendence. Through the very worse of circumstances, for you yourself shall choose them, and will not have it any other way. Not once you know, you wouldn't forgive yourself.

    ''What I am now seen to be, that I am not, but what I am, thou shalt see when thou comest. If thou hadst known how to suffer, thou wouldst have had the power not to suffer. Know then suffering and thou shall have the power not to suffer.'' – Allegedly, spoken by Jesus Christ in an initiation rite.

  172. Thais Thaluthien on

    Baby Doll uses an interesting phrase at the end of the movie. She says the story is not about her… When lobotomy is about to get done the scene changes to the club and the girl in the chair is Sweet Pea. She is the alter ego that is freed and Baby Doll just desappear… The true personality had to be trapped inside the "fantasy" and who would take control was the Sweet Pea. Am I too crazy too see things like this?

  173. We "hewming beans" (as Pogo said so eloquently decades ago) are awash with uncertainties about our own mentality. Might I propose that we are already — as in "born into" — over our heads in conspiracy at the very least, or purpose at the very best? What if we had a clue as to our function?

    What if we were actually given a detailed yet mysterious guide, as it were, in the form of stars or structure or book, each in turn, which was designed with connects available only to those who were built with special receptors? What if that mind we all are equiped with had inherant capabilities, by design, which determined whether we could comprehend hints which lead only those "chosen" to gather? What if the embedded abilities could not be detected by anyone without them? What if we were directed by such insignificant-seeming tidbits that all the rest of the world would at some point miss them or dismiss them? What if our "choice" is actually a deliberately hidden series of "steering currents" which match a predestined path we are to find, correctly seen as by "free will" within the context of our abilities?

    What if not nearly all are to accomplish what we now deem "greatness"? What if some are mere fertilizer, some are tools, others are pieces of use of a vast variety — all to be discarded after function is complete, intended only as a means by which the goal is to be achieved? Thereafter, all the peripherals are irrelevant! All their intelligence, feelings, pains, joys, hopes, and imaginations are finalized, restructured, and recycled by truth. All the miscunstrued thoughts are decentralized and faulty faculties dissipated, the materials utilized otherwise. Throughout all this process many would consider "cruel" or improbable or impossible, those who did "get it" now comprehend in continuance the practicality of this ultimate reapplication.

    Compost! For most, yes. For some, the outcome is different and sustained. Reconstitution!

    They are now in the realm of that higher, faster, wiser power, that intelligence who knew by nature the necessity of the process. The goal achieved, all that appeared hard or unfair fits into the peace that comes from acknowledging the stability of unity. All the temporal throes of lust and anger are now shown false and are past. All that remains is what is right and holy.

    What paganism and sensationalism and heathenism and superstition and humanism and gnosticism and atheism pushed and held and proclaimed in word or action are gone, proven lacking. Fact alone stands. What "is".

    Then what "is" can be seen in reality as having been made personal — in the first person, if truth be told. Question is, can YOU accurately and honestly take that for your own, or is any attempt vain? He who finishes the race wins. That not by ability, only by decree. Those who can, will. Fear not — the impostors and who doubt will fall away.

    Come, the voice of many waters beckons. To whom is the call made, though many detect a sound? He who has ears to hear. Deep calleth to deep, and only the deep are capable of responding. MK or Big Brother notwithstanding, this is far greater, wider encompassing, and infinitely wise. Conspiracies cannot withstand it! Within this Context, all things are possible. Do you believe this?

  174. The ending is strange. I don't know what to make of it, and your conclusion does not sit right with me. The boy and the wise man are from baby doll's imagination, not sweet pea's therefore the last scene could have only been baby doll imagining what might have happened to her. It the previous scene we see baby doll closing her eyes which seems to suggest that. Either that or the boy and the wise man are part of reality, or through a shared programming.

    The is another possiblity that baby doll is not baby doll at all but sweet pea. Baby doll stares at sweet pea at the beginning and its as if they share something – then just before baby doll is lobotomized sweet pea takes her place in the routine. Does baby doll want to be sweet pea and becomes sweet pea in her fantasies? Also sweet pea has a sister who dies from a wound in a similar place to baby dolls sister.

    What is also disturbing is the 12 (pg-13) rating of this film – it is a film about sexual abuse, with extreme violence and sexual violence, not suitable for children.

  175. Thank you so much for doing these! Can you please do the movie, Hanna? My husband and I just watched it and we would love to see you write an article on it.

  176. There was a review of this bomb of a movie over at the A.V. Club, and I tried to post a comment with a link to THIS review. And they wouldn't allow me to, even though I have not had a problem posting a comment there before.


  177. I think that kind of movies nowdays are to made of a kind of generation, mainly people under 22 years old. Im 25 and i noticied young girls nowdays are more stupid and sensible, no have a good sense of perception and logic to thinking about solutions to theirselves. The movie show a reflection of a generation and their ideias and submission to the sociaty with a "no think, only lets use you message"

  178. Syrus Magistus on

    Notice how when Baby Doll dissociates for the first time, she turns into Sweet Pea. We never see any of the other girls in her first-tier dissociation outside in the real world. They're all Baby Doll's alters, and the only personality who is allowed to re-enter mainstream society is the character of Sweet Pea. We're just TOLD that another mental patient escaped because of Baby Doll's distraction. But in the first-tier illusion, we are told that Sweet Pea is not a mental wreck like her sister and the other girls, and had no problem getting along with her (let's assume abusive) parents the way her "sister" did.

    They're ALL Baby Doll's fractured psyche, and the only one who survives the whole episode is the same one who had "no problems" with her handlers. Basically, Sweet Pea survived because she's the aspect of Baby Doll's psyche who was most suited for the harsh realities of the real world because she was not intrinsically rebellious and simply along for the ride. The programmers ONLY allowed her to "escape" because she was most obedient and mundane-flavored of the broken heroine. In truth, the level of reality we are led to believe is true (the mental institution, the abuse step-dad and the lobotomy threat) is probably itself a dissociative realm because it's an extremely sugar-coated version of MK-ULTRA victimhood. The story has no three, but FOUR levels of reality.

    We honestly never see the truth about what happens to "Baby Doll" because the harsh realities of MK-ULTRA and trauma-based mind control are hidden from the public. Hidden in plain sight yes, but hidden very well within the masses' own dissociation from the harsh reality of living in a world where this batshit ape crazy barbarism is allowed to happen. Society has never put a stop to it. Society has even acknowledged its existence. Because we left ourselves vulnerable to this sort of horseshit, the fucking Illuminati are free to take all the cheap shots at us that they like. This is the TRUE meaning behind "Sucker Punch".

    Can't deal with reality? Dissociate. Go to paradise. What the fuck do you think organized religion has to say? Same thing. Live in a fantasy world and strive towards the "Reward" of eternal paradise by appeasing a cruel and ruthless deity. The Illuminati believe themselves to be gods. Mind Control handlers associate themselves in their victims' minds with God. This whole clusterfucktastic mess is because humanity has a horrifically warped idea of God and reality itself. You wanna know why the world is shitty? I just told you. It's a result of deeply intrenched, highly intense, utterly convoluted cognitive dissonance. This is a holographic fucking universe. Don't act so surprised when your mistakes come back to haunt you.

  179. I would like to say thank you for a great analysis of this film. I think there are several layers and themes running through this movie. I think the highly powerful visual imagery of the film is a meant as a trigger for descendants of the original Monarch mind control slaves. I agree with the theory that personal memory and experience can be passed on genetically from one generation to another.

    The original Monarch subjects were programmed through an extensive process of trauma, medication, and psychological conditioning. I think this programming is passed on from generation to next and can be triggered by films such as this. If you watch the HBO series Cathouse you can easily how young women have been programmed to willing "sex kittens." In today's culture being an adult film star or sex worker is not something to hide or be ashamed. It is now considered a career choice.

    Recent mainstream such as "The Girl Next Door," "Zack and Miri Make Porno", and "Girl Friend Experience" have pushed this agenda into the mainstream. "Sucker Punch" supposedly ends with the theme that "Sweet Pea" has her handler could it be she has just exchanged one handler/pimp for another? I there is an agenda push forward the concept that prostitution equals feminism equals freedom.

  180. The one eyed rabbit on the t-shirt is taken from Japanese old buddist mythology and I am sure

    many people of all races have seen this before when you visit an asian store or more notably a japanese store that has buddah with just one eye.

    There is a story to it and it goes like this:

    A man wanted to become a buddist monk and so he joined a buddist temple and through long hours of meditation he was always punished for falling asleep. He was so upset at falling asleep and he truly wanted to attain his goals so he cut off both eyelids so he could not fall asleep and so he was able to attain his zen meditation finally. So this now translates in the short story as the figurines you see to buy with no eyes. Now make your wish by drawing in 1 eye. When your wish comes true or you attain your goal then draw in the other eye and now you see.

    I'll buy the dvd tonight!

  181. No wonder I was so intrigued by this movie. I wouldn't exactly say I liked it, but I felt like there was some hidden meaning I was missing. Now I know. When I saw the title of this article I was like, "duh." Hah.

  182. The theme of Nazis bringing the dead back to life [Zombies] like in Sucker Punch has been featured in other films as well, for decades. One is obviously the one where they Saved Hitler's Head [though it's just his head in that one] The Madmen of Mandoras (1963), Then there's the others with the actual Toten Corps. the british film: Shock Waves (1977), Gamma 693 aka Night of the Zombies (1981); Puppet Master III (1990); etc.
    So Zombies and Nazis isn't an uncommon theme in films. Who knows… maybe that "Fantasy Sequence" isn't such a Fantasy after all.
    Even if in reality the Zombies aint literally re-animated corpses but drugged-out "Super-Soldiers" [ala Berserkers of Viking Times].
    The 5 Items in Sucker Punch and the 5 Victims in The House in the Woods most likely have to do with their concept of the 5 Elements.
    The Map is Earth [The Pantacle], I assume. Fire is Obvious. Etc…

  183. I've watched this movie for so many times and find it really cool. I mean girls using big heavy guns, explosions and of course the sexiness of these badass girls. But I always knew there's is something behind in this kind of movies, you know, the type of movies like The Pan's Labyrinth, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Sucker Punch and many more.

    When I first saw this movie, I was confused. Because when the music starts(because she is forced to dance) and she closes her eyes, she's in another, alternate reality and I'm like, 'what the hell..where is she..why is she there' and then the battle start. It keeps happening, when she dances everyone stares and focuses on her. Just like in the music industry, they use mind control on music videos and then there's us..staring and focusing, remembering the lyrics and then getting hooked up to it until we are under them. Just like Baby Doll when she hears the music, closes her eyes and started dancing, everyone focuses on her as if they're in a trance, they way we are hooked into mind-control music. Coincidence? I think not.

  184. There is a deleted scene/alternative ending that shows viewers who the "High Roller" is. Despite the movies monarch programming, I like the weird movie. Thanks Vigilant Citizen for posting!

  185. I agree on everything here. Also, Scott Glenn's character was the handler. He's the one who is the guide, and who takes Sweet Pea on her journey as a mind control slave in the guise of a the bus driver.

  186. There's also an emphasis placed on the main characters being named after colors in the disassociated reality. Rocket is red.
    Amber is orange.
    Blondie is yellow.
    Sweet Pea is green.
    Blue is… Well, blue.

    But there is no one named after a purple color and there is no color for Baby Doll. Almost as if she's the black and white that shouted up so much in Illuminati mind control.

  187. In the deleted scene with the High Roller he tells Baby Doll that he is there to have sex with her after which she will gain her freedom. But she must give herself willingly to him. She must not feel forced. To me this symbolizes the completion of the Monarch programming and her complete transformation in to a true sex kitten.

  188. Can't believe how I missed it, yet completely understand. You know, the reason such media exposure and leaks aren't met with reprimand or kept hidden is simple: it's a way to expose the truth, often in a non-threating manner, and thus desensitize us to the point of acceptance. One thing the author missed- baby Doll is Sweet Pea.

  189. Thank you for this great analysis of the movie! I would like to add another level of analysis in Sucker Punch; it actually describes how people nowadays use media to escape from their daily lives.

    We are all subject to a daily form of abuse even if it is less extreme than with MK-Slaves; the majority of the population have boring, repetitive jobs that do not fill their souls with joy and fulfillment and which they are obligated to do if they want to survive and pay off their debt (to which they are slaves).

    We dissociate of this reality by listening to our iphones, excessively surfing the web wherever we go on our tablets, looking television, playing videogames for many hours … All of this so we do not have to deal with how hard we are being buttfu**ed in this very moment.

    We enter a world where we are no longer in the present moment of reality, mindwandering about when work today will be done and entering our fantasy worlds in which we can be heros and in which we are free to do whatever we want… in order to forget just how bad life can suck and that we are actually imprisonned slaves. I will leave you with a famous quote by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, author of "Faust" (and who is thought to have been a freemason):

    "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

  190. Please make an article about the movie Mulholland Drive. It was very confusing when I watched it many years ago and it might be for the same reasons this movie was kind of confusing to some people. Thanks.

  191. This movie was my favorite for awhile, I used to watch it over and over. I was recently diagnosed with DID and have a documented history of severe abuse from the time I was born. Until reading this I didn't realize I was watching something so similar to my own life story.

  192. While this article suggests that we're taken into an alternative reality created by "Baby Doll", I suspect that the true mind we are viewing this story through is "Sweet Pea", who is seen being sent into a hypnotic state by the female psychiatrist on the theater stage near the start of the film.

    It would explain not only the presence of the young boy in the German trenches and at the bus depot, but also the old man who tells her she has "a long way to go", at the end of the movie. Could it be that these real life characters are being cast retrospectively in her own narrative…and in such a way that makes the deaths (either real or mind-deaths) of her fellow inmates, and "Baby Doll's" sacrifice, bearable in her own mind?

    It seems that "Sweet Pea" does indeed escape the institution (as mentioned at the end of the movie just prior to "Baby Doll's" lobotomy)…but is still trapped in her mind-controlled state. Could it be that she has a long way to go before truly being free of mind control?

    I mostly agree with this article, but I think we should consider that the main protagonist is not the character-author of this mind-controlled narrative. Just my two cents.

  193. Now I understand! So that is why people thought it's Sweet Pea's story because similar to Baby Doll's family, her little sister was killed by her father like how Rocket also died in the movie, and all those violence and all that. That would mean the one who experiences all of these at that mental asylum in the movie per se isn't Baby Doll alone nor Sweet Pea. They are akin to multiple personalities that can be observed throughout that person's psyche all throughout the movie.

  194. i do like you analyses of the movie, i remember watching it a few years back and didn't really know what to think of it.
    it was weird and didn't really feel like an empowering movie at all. So reading this text helped me to make a lot more sense of it.

    However i do disagree with this being a movie that plays into the hands of the "elite" as for me it is a way to try understand the psychology of what happens to the mind during such an ordeal. and i'm grateful that someone has the courage to make it so obvious to those who know a little about the subject and still not too obvious so that people can interpret it in as many different ways as they like. that is good storytelling in my book.
    i remember wondering if the friends she saw were not also part of her fantasy. maybe some co-conscious parts that were fighting within her. If they did actually exist, then i do think it is "fair" to the story that the other girl didn't get away either.

    to me it is a tragic story about tragic unfortunately real experiences a lot of people had to go through and given the situation, it's not like it would be easy to make a movie about this topic without being shut down immediately if it weren't as fictionalized as it is

  195. I once tried to watch this movie a while ago, before I knew about Masonry/Satanism/Zionism/the Illuminati and the symbols… I "lost time" that day, if people know what that means from a dissociative perspective, and couldn't remember large chunks of the movie. I thought I must have fallen asleep, but now I recognize the feeling I get when I'm about to "black out" or "switch" to a persona that isn't going to remember as well, or essentially a dissociative "mode". This was before I had accepted I likely have DID, and even then I had trouble accepting that there were moments where I had "lost time" in my life, but now I know what happened that day.
    I'm terrified of this movie now, remembering how it made me feel and realizing that it triggered such a reaction.
    I'm also kind of terrified that I was watching the movie with a "friend" of mine who was relentlessly "interested" in me, and I can't remember what happened. I sure hope I was glued to the couch… He acted pretty normal / natural, so I acted like nothing happened too when I "came back", I just tried to remember what was happening.

    Still, while I have recognized "the feeling," watching this movie induced one of the strongest of these instances I've experienced in an extremely long time O.o And no, the feeling isn't like "falling asleep," it's definitely different.

    Thank you for the detailed report VC! Keep up the great work!!!

  196. in OPERATION PAPERCLIP, the US Government imported many German doctors and professionals including those who had done horrific mind experiments. "OUR" US Government.

    For something really scary google the full version of THE GREENBAUM LECTURE

    where a professional psychologist accidentally uncovers MK Ultra and satanic programming

    The CIA ran him and any others who found out about this out of their positions-or threatened their families.

    The author was never heard from again, and quietly teaches botany in U of Utah

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