The Occult Interpretation of the Movie “Black Swan” and Its Message on Show Business


“Black Swan” is an intense psychological thriller describing a ballet dancer’s metamorphosis into the “Black Swan”. Behind the movie’s freaky facade lies a profound commentary on the cost of fame, the sacrifice of artists and the hidden forces behind the shady world of high-stakes entertainment. We will look at the occult symbolism of the movie and its themes relating to the dark side of show business.

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan follows the shy ballet dancer Nina on her path to success in the demanding world of professional ballet. Black Swan can be considered a companion piece to the director’s previous movie, The Wrestler, which also describes the ups and downs of a troubled person working in a lesser-known field in the performing arts: professional wrestling. Although both movies explore similar themes (i.e. sacrificing one’s self for the good of the performance), the world in which Nina evolves and the obstacles she must endure are diametrically opposed to those of The Wrestler. Randy “The Ram” Robinson is a blue-collar guy living in a blue-collar town and must cope with the physical pain caused by his blue-collar lifestyle.  Nina, on the other hand, performs in the refined world of ballet and her struggles are psychological, emotional and even spiritual.

I often point out that great works of art can be interpreted in numerous ways, depending on the knowledge and experiences of each viewer. This movie is no exception … there are indeed numerous ways to interpret the plot of the movie. Through the use of meanings and symbols, however, the movie clearly alludes to many issues previously discussed on The Vigilant Citizen: the dark and occult side of fame, duality, trauma-based mind control, the forced creation of an alter persona and more. The main character, Nina, goes through a metaphysical change – by getting in touch with her “dark side” –  in order to become a better performer. This change is imposed on Nina by her “handler”, in this case, her ballet director. The movie uses subtle references to trauma-based mind control to explain the creation of an independent alter-person in Nina’s psyche.

Although Black Swan is fiction, it nevertheless explores hidden realities of high-stakes art and performance. There are numerous examples of artists who have embraced darker alter egos to take their art to “another level” … and many who ultimately are consumed by them. We will look at the occult and mind-control elements of Black Swan and see how they relate to some of the realities of the world of professional entertainment.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Movie Summary

Black Swan is a modern retelling of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet, Swan Lake. In the movie, the ballet director, Thomas Leroy (played by Vincent Cassel), describes to his dancers the basic plot of the ballet:

“We all know the story. Virginal girl, pure and sweet, trapped in the body of a swan. She desires freedom, but only true love can break the spell. Her wish is nearly granted in the form of a prince. But, before he can declare his love, the lustful twin, the Black Swan, tricks and seduces him. Devastated, the White Swan leaps off a cliff, killing herself and, in death, finds freedom”.

Nina, a shy and fragile young woman is chosen to play the role of the Swan Queen and must, therefore, embody both the pure White Swan and the evil Black Swan. Her quest for perfection as a ballet dancer leads her to experience, in her everyday life, the transformation experienced by the White Swan in the ballet’s story. The events of Nina’s daily life, therefore, mirror the story of the character she takes on as a ballet dancer, ultimately leading to confusion and, as the line between reality and fiction blurs, to apparent insanity.

The director’s use of mirrors and reflections in numerous scenes are a constant reminder of Nina’s altered perception of reality. Mirrors in the movie are often misleading and Nina’s reflections seem to have a “life of their own”. As Nina becomes haunted by the Black Swan, this alternate persona takes a life of its own and acts outside of Nina’s conscious control. We will explain later how this relates to trauma-based mind control.

If you have not read other articles on this site, trauma-based mind control – also known as Monarch Programming –  is the process in which an individual is subjected to intense trauma and dehumanization in order to cause a mental dissociation. This causes a fragmentation of the slave’s personality and enables the handler to create an alternate persona that can be programmed at will. Some researchers claim there are occult elements at work in this process.

“Project MONARCH could be best described as a form of structured dissociation and occultic integration, in order to compartmentalize the mind into multiple personalities within a systematic framework. During this process, a Satanic ritual, usually including Cabalistic mysticism, is performed with the purpose of attaching a particular demon or group of demons to the corresponding alter(s). Of course, most skeptics would view this as simply a means to enhance trauma within the victim,  negating any irrational belief that demonic possession actually occurs.”
– Ron Patton, Project Monarch

A promotional poster for Black Swan. Nina (played by Natalie Portman) is shown with a crack in her face, representing the fracturing of her personality, an important concept, and symbol of mind control

Let’s now look at some central themes of the movie.

Nina and her Trauma

Nina lives in a small New York apartment with her mother, Erica, about whom the least we can say is that she is overbearing. Many allusions to trauma-based mind control can be found in Nina’s living environment and her mother’s controlling behavior.

Nina’s bedroom. Notice the butterflies on the wall, a reference to Monarch programming. Next to the window is a big white rabbit, a symbol of mind control originating from Alice in Wonderland – a fairy tale used in the programming of MK slaves.  By following the White Rabbit Alice is lead to an alternate world, Wonderland, which, in mind control terms, refers to a slave’s dissociative state.

Nina’s mother, a retired ballet dancer who failed to become a star, acts more as a mind-control handler than a mother. She obviously has boundary issues and keeps tight control over all aspects of Nina’s life. Real-life Monarch slaves often start their difficult lives as victims of ritual abuse in their own household. Symbols relating to mind control in Nina’s house probably reflect this sad reality, including her pink, childlike bedroom.

Every night, Erica Sayers winds up the music box next Nina in order to make the little ballerina dance. This is quite symbolic of Nina’s mind-controlled state.
Erica Sayers, Nina’s mother, forcibly undressing her adult daughter. This unsettling scene depicts to Nina’s total submission to her mother and also hints to the unhealthy sexual “familiarity” between the two.

Other people in Nina’s life, apparently preying on her weakness and “victim energy”, take advantage of her sexually.

An old pervert makes obscene gestures to Nina while riding the train. This disturbing scene tells a lot about Nina’s relation to sexuality. Sexual predators sometimes have the sick ability to sniff out and prey on sex-abuse victims.

Nina’s mother has, therefore, subjected her daughter to trauma-based mind control in order to make her a submissive woman who would realize her mother’s failed dreams. This has trained Nina to disassociate to make her existence bearable, which in turn makes Nina the perfect subject for the creation of a dark alter persona: the Black Swan.

Bringing out the Black Swan

Getting back to the storyline, Thomas, the ballet director, is looking for a new ballet star play the role of the Swan Queen. Nina’s meticulous dancing is perfect to play the role of the White Swan, but she must also be able to play the Black Swan, a role that requires the dancer to be twisted, sexual and dangerous. Nina’s frigid style is not suitable for the Black Swan, but Thomas chooses her as the Swan Queen anyway. He knows she has it in her, and he will bring it out.

Thomas bringing out the Black Swan in Nina

At one point, Thomas tells Nina:

“Perfection is not just about control. It is also about letting go. Surprise yourself so you can surprise the audience. Transcendence. Very few have it in them.”

Watching Nina dance, he later says:

“I knew the White Swan wouldn’t be a problem. The real work would be your metamorphosis into her evil twin.”

In order to obtain perfection, or in alchemical terms, to accomplish the Great Work, Nina must master both good and evil – light and darkness. The occult concept of duality becomes therefore extremely important (more on this later).

Thomas’ job is to create in Nina a new, aggressive and sexual alter-ego. He, therefore, becomes Nina’s new mind-control handler. Whereas her mother “programmed” her daughter to be a submissive ballet dancer who never questions her mother/handler, Thomas requires her to embrace the exact opposite. He represents the “big league”, the next level of Monarch programming.

After her meeting with Thomas, Nina, dressed in white, crosses the path of another Nina, dressed in black. This symbolically represents the coming of Nina’s new, dark alter-ego.

In order to become a Black Swan, Nina must be able to be somewhat comfortable with sex and even enjoy it. So Thomas gives Nina homework: to “touch herself”. Ready to do everything to become a better dancer, Nina tries to masturbate but her mother causes a blockage. Sexual pleasure becomes, therefore, a form of emancipation from her mother’s control and her initiation to the “big league”.

As the Black Swan grows in power, Nina starts hallucinating physical mutations on her body. The only other person that can see these mutations are Nina’s mother, who, as a handler, has the “key” to her psyche. She is aware of Nina’s gradual transformation and tries to repress it, knowing it will cause the loss of her “little girl”.

Nina hallucinates all kinds of strange mutations on her body. They represent the gradual coming out of the Black Swan in her.

This situation reflects the ugly truth behind the real-life ritual abuse. Children, who are already dissociative due to their parent’s abuse, are handed over to “higher instances” who continue the programming process. In this case, Nina is handed over to the entertainment world (known to use Monarch programming on celebrities) to create in her an alter persona destined to be a world-renowned star.

Thomas presenting the new Swan Queen, Nina

In order for Nina to become the new Swan Queen, however, someone must step down.

Beth MacIntyre: The Ageing Star Who Was Pushed Aside

Beth MacIntyre at Nina’s crowning ceremony. She has just learned she is no longer the Swan Queen. She is obviously not happy.

Beth MacIntyre (played by Winona Ryder) is the previous star of the ballet company.  However, she is growing old and “losing her edge”. As a veteran, Beth already went through the “Black Swan process”, and, as some people might say, she “sold her soul to the devil”. Although this deal gave her years of great performances, in the end, the process completely destroyed her. She has become a bitter, conceited and hateful person who is incapable of existing without being the Black Swan.

There are many real-life cases of celebrities suffering the same fate. After being recruited, programmed and primed by the industry to become a superstar, they are suddenly dropped and forgotten. Being psychologically damaged, not knowing who they really are, the fallen stars sink into depression, drugs, alcoholism and even suicide.

Thomas, who was Beth’s handler (he called her “my little princess”, a mind-control trigger) no longer needs the alter-ego he created in her. It is however impossible to “deprogram” her, so she completely loses her mind. The next day, the ballet company learns she got hit by a car. Thomas says:

“You know what, I’m also sure she did it on purpose. Everything Beth does comes from within, from some dark impulse. I guess that’s what makes her so thrilling to watch … so dangerous … even perfect at times. But also so damn destructive.”

So the “spirit”, the alter ego that consumed and destroyed Beth, was also the hidden force behind her great performances. The public has always been fascinated by intense and inspired performers who touch them on a primal and visceral level.  Depending on the performance, this source of artistic transcendence has been attributed to the divine or to the devil. Controversial and groundbreaking performers have often dwelt between brilliance and insanity – tapping into a mysterious force at the source of artistic greatness and, on the other hand, imminent self-destruction. Religious people might say this force is nothing less than spirit possession; scientists might say that psychological torment leads to creativity. No matter the term one uses for this “force”, it certainly exists and it is tapped into by some of the world’s most influential artists. Beth hosted this force and it completely destroyed her … and now it can move on to Nina.

The Black Swan Takes Over (Black Wings and Mirrors)

A symbolic movie poster. From the little ballerina rises, as a phoenix from its ashes, a gigantic and menacing Black Swan.

The Black Swan is the artistically brilliant yet spiritually destructive force Thomas wants to see born in Nina. He obviously knows about the Black Swan’s devastating powers, but he doesn’t care and never did: he is after the ultimate performance. Once Nina has been “used” up by the Swan, he will find another dancer to replace her. He is a representation of the entertainment industry, which manipulates artists into becoming Black Swans,  ultimately trashing them when the Swan’s effects have faded.

Black Wings

The “force” of the Black Swan is symbolically represented by black wings at different stages of the movie.

Shortly after being crowned “Swan Queen”, Nina is fascinated by this creepy statue. Little does she know that it represents what she is about to become.
Black wings on the back of Lily (played by Mila Kunis) while she is “giving pleasure” to Nina. The black wings represent the “force” that is communing with Nina. It is penetrating her, giving her orgasm, but also taking over her life.
Nina at the end of her “perfect” performance as the Black Swan. She is briefly shown with black wings, symbolizing that she has become “one” with the Black Swan.


Mirrors are used throughout the movie to symbolically reflect the true state of Nina’s psyche.

Creepy mirror reflection that has a mind of its own. As her metamorphosis advances, Nina realizes that a totally separate entity is living within her. It is completely acting outside of her control. In mind-control symbolism, mirror reflections represent a slave’s alter-persona that is programmed and manipulated by a handler.
Right before her big performance as the Black Swan, Nina fights against herself in her dressing room. During the fight between Nina and the Black Swan, mirror breaks, representing the collapse of the psychological boundary separating both entities. By shattering the mirror, Nina becomes the Black Swan.

The Magnum Opus and the Sacrifice

At the show’s premiere, Nina gives a stellar performance. She successfully plays the sweet and timid White Swan, and, when the time came, she was overtaken by the “force” to become the twisted, yet thrilling, Black Swan. By marrying the white and the black, the good and the evil, the light and the dark, Nina has accomplished the alchemical Great Work, the occult path to illumination.

The process, however, consumed her. By allowing the Black Swan to completely possess her, Nina gave the performance of a lifetime, but she has become a different person. Thomas and the audiences are in love with Nina as the Black Swan – the same way the prince of the ballet falls in love with the White Swan’s evil twin. But this is not the “real” Nina. The Black Swan is a destructive force she cannot live with: it is tormenting her on a physical and psychological level. Not able to go on, the only way Nina can free herself, is by killing herself. And this is what she does.

Nina dying at the end of her performance. Her last words to Thomas: “I was perfect”. 

Does this remind you of anyone else’s self-sacrificing performance?

Lady Gaga “sacrificed” in her performance at the 2009 VMA’s.

Real Life Black Swans

Beyonce and Sasha Fierce, a pop-music equivalent of the White and Black Swan.

There are real (and tragic) examples of brilliant artists who have been consumed by an intense role. Either they self-destroyed or they HAD to die as a ritual sacrifice. Is Black Swan a commentary on this mysterious phenomena?

A recent example of a self-destructive role is Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight.

People close the Ledger claim his role as the Joker caused his demise.

Jack Nicholson warned Heath Ledger on ‘Joker’ role

Heath Ledger thought landing the demanding role of the Joker was a dream come true – but now some think it was a nightmare that led to his tragic death.

Jack Nicholson, who played the Joker in 1989 – and who was furious he wasn’t consulted about the creepy role – offered a cryptic comment when told Ledger was dead.

“Well,” Nicholson told reporters in London early Wednesday, “I warned him.”

Though the remark was ambiguous, there’s no question the role in the movie earmarked as this summer’s blockbuster took a frightening toll.

Ledger recently told reporters he “slept an average of two hours a night” while playing “a psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy …

“I couldn’t stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going.”

Prescription drugs didn’t help, he said.

– NY Daily News, Source

For more on Heath Ledger, read this article I wrote on his last movie and symbols regarding his sacrifice “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice.

Another example of an actor dying in mysterious circumstances after playing the role of a devilish and twisted character is Brandon Lee as The Crow.

Brandon Lee mysteriously died during the filming of The Crow. The official story of his death is still widely disputed. The scene during which he died was highly symbolic.

In addition to those two extreme cases, there are many cases of artists who, after years of brilliance, mysteriously self-destroyed. Drugs and suicide are often blamed for the tragedies but who really knows what happened with Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison, just to name a few?

In Conclusion

Black Swan is a profound movie that can be interpreted on many levels. We looked at the occult and mind-control elements of the movie and examined its messages on the shady world of show business. The movie’s commentary on the entertainment world’s marriage with occult forces is something that has been discussed numerous times on the Vigilant Citizen. Although the concept is rarely discussed or even noticed by the average person, insiders in the entertainment world often attest to strange forces of varying kinds at work in the industry.

Through Nina’s metamorphosis from a shy nobody to a possessed superstar, the viewers experience the dark side of entertainment. Mind control, manipulation and immorality collide with success and recognition. Dark impulses, addictions, and self-destruction arise with artistic genius and creative brilliance. Those who are “running the show” know how to bring the Black Swan out of up-and-coming artists … and they know very well it will destroy them in the long run. And they are OK with that. The same way Beth was pushed aside to welcome a new Swan Queen, the public will always welcome the elite’s newest star with applause and acclaim. Because, as they say, the show must go on.


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Fantastic analysis, especially of the symbolism and sexual themes. I only disagree with you about the reasons for Nina's death. I think that she had to die because she could never have given another performance like that again. In the first act of the play when we see her portraying the white swan she is nervous and fragile, perfect for that role. Before act 2 begins she "murders" Lilly in her dressing room. The symbolism here is a bit confusing, but the bottom line is that she realizes she's "killed" Lilly and this act of evil and passion allows her to complete her transformation into the black swan. After nailing that role, she returns to her dressing room to change back into the white swan. As she's applying her white makeup, she's interrupted by Lilly, who is clearly still alive. Realizing that she hadn't actually killed Lilly forced her back… Read more »
I don't understand HOW anyone can learn about this stuff, the dark side, occult, Illuminati, Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, Luciferianism, etc.,etc.,etc. and NOT go bee-lining for God, The Most High!! Doesn't learning about all this stuff scare the sh!t out of you???? DAMN, it sure did me! Not long after my dive down the rabbit hole, I became converted. I'm, at least, TRYING to go the right way. I wish people would stop knockin' others who are only trying to spread the word about the truth. When you have a love for the TRUTH, you naturally gravitate toward God because that's exactly what He is, The TRUTH!!! Man, that was a no-brainer for me. Once you begin to "investigate" the spiritual side of things, God becomes very real. For crying out loud, even the demons believe and they TREMBLE!! Doesn't that truth alone pack a punch?!?!?! Believing is… Read more »

100% agree!! i pretty much did the same thing



No, it didn't have that effect on me. Why? Because all the stuff on VC doesn't actually prove the existence of a spiritual world, it only proves the existence of people who believe such things. It also proves how complex but also easy to manipulate the human psyche is. Yeah; I find that scary. However, there is no proof for God and no proof for the Devil.

Did Nina as the black swan write w***e in the bathroom mirror?

Natalie Portman is in the new Miss Dior perfume commercial, directed by Sofia Coppola, with music by Serge Gainsbourg. All three of them are supposed to be from Illuminati bloodlines (see Pseudo Occult Media for more info). Don't buy Dior.

also yves saint lauren…most of the stylists are part of THEM…as most of the artificially launched famous people of show business.

YSL wrote a satanist book for children called "tremendous lulu"….i think it may be a good article for VC…

You should mention that her name NINA means "DOLL" in other languages

'Blank Swan' Some more symbolism? All that tearing at fIngernails stuff in the sink = fragmented memories of torture trauma and subsequent disassociation? Birdcages on piano in living room at home. Check. (Needs conformation): during the drugged up dancing in club scene (with flashing colorful background and lots of fast cuts) – do any images of butterflies flash semi subliminally (similar in style to the bedroom wall paper)??? Blatant moon and sun symbolism in scenery 'on stage' in this movie – ie the ENORMOUS full moon (in an otherwise pretty empty set) as well as the ENORMOUS sun at the end (when she throws herself into the lake). Most traditional productions (of the real ballet) do not use such symbolism in those acts (or anywhere else in the ballet). I get the feeling the massive moon and then sun is deliberate symbolism (ie specific to this film only). And therefore… Read more »

Grey Pigeon, permit me to congratulate you on an excellent reply to VC's article on "Black Swan".

Very well done.

You speak of Tchaikovsky but he was just the composer of the music. It may be insulting to say “just” but you must in order to understand the awesome power of ballet – it’s too much for one to master to bring to history. Like the Director of Photography spends his whole life studying the moving image, he no longer has the time to study storytelling and filmmaking in its whole like the director.

After having been composed in 1876, it was only with the 1895 production, brought about by master ballet director Marius Petipa that what we know as Swan Lake took form. The plot brought forth by Tchaikovsky pales in comparison in terms of story and power. So you must consider this when speaking of history, it may be the case that Tchaikovsky might be much less known if not for Petipa.

I think what bothers me most about this movie (that I have not seen for reasons that will be obvious below) is that it glorifies and even heroicizes childhood abuse in the pursuit of artistic genius. The shattering of her psyche is desirable because it allows her to embrace her dark side and become "perfect" in her art. The truth of child abuse is so far from this that this twisted lie is disgusting. As a victim of childhood sexual and emotional abuse, I find such a glorification of trauma to be revolting and horrifying. You do not become "perfect" or "better" because you are abused. In fact you spend the rest of your life believing you are just the opposite. Hollywood is slowly preaching the message that abuse and trauma are titillating, exciting, and arousing. Child abuse is the gateway to sexual freedom of expression; emotional abuse is just… Read more »

i do agree with you…i was thinking the same about how the hollywood hidden ped…. lobby try to "normalise" and even idealise the sexual abuse on children…see the polanski case – so many actors without any shame took the side of polanski…not because they thought Polanski was innocent, no, but they said that "yes, he did this disgusting act, but don't touch him"…

there are some actors or "stars" that i don't like just by feeling, from the first moment that i saw them, i didn't like them, something unpleasant is pushing me away from them…i can't describe it better than it is trasmitted in this article, it seems that they have a kind of dark force, element inside them…among these is Nathalie Portman (that i don't consider so talented or carismatic, she hasn't personality for cinema, she hasn't that little shine, carisma which real stars had), Scarlett Johannson (strange face always expressing a kind of constant hate, unhappiness), Angelina Jolie (one of the worst by my opinion, she is famous only for her sexual attraction by my opinion, when she moves, seems a kind of plastic robot for erotic games, no feeling, no emotion, just big lips and long legs with emotionless face), then there is ashton kutcher (famous only after marriage… Read more »

It's interesting how the movie, although one of the best among those on the Oscar ceremony, was almost completely ignored. Maybe the prize shouldn't be given to a movie that criticize its own disturbing universe.

HOWEVER, Natalie Portman got the Oscar. Despite the movie's greatness in many aspects, only the "Black Swan" herself deserved the prize. The manipulated image of the main character was the only one to be praised, since the most of the movie was an attack on showbusiness.

Great job for them. Now, the ceremony won't rise any suspicions. The movie wasn't really ignored (only its theme), and the one who portrayed a disturbed puppet of showbusiness achieving success got its important prize.

Here here, I say turn off the TV, watch less movies (at least the modern ones), and stop watching so much MTV and VHS. The symbols, subliminal messages, and reversed psychology is programing our minds to be robotic and subservient to the NWO agenda.

Only watch movies and TV if you want to have a little bit of fun decoding the movie and TV shows.

It really bugs you out once you know the symbols and means behind them. They are everywhere and there is no way around them. It makes you go a little stir crazy from time to time, its creepy but we need to know the TRUTH.

I knew something was up with that movie. I had to rebuke it in Jesus' name. I left that movie theater feeling odd as all heck. Thank goodness I annointed myself before i left the house. I really didnt know what the film was going to be about, and so i had to go prepared. My cousin was the one who convinced me, I said no for so long becuase i just knew that i'd see the movie on here soon enough. Black Swan is taking over, and i'm over it. If that movies wasnt demonic i dont know what it. I will continue to rebuke it.

I'm tired of all these occult/illuminati themes everywhere
I turn on the radio, theres an illuminati artist playing24/7
on tv
the Internet
and even magazines
I can't go on my day without spotting their "secret" messages every f*cken time

dear people who are involved with the illuminati, I officially f*cken hate you

I know how you feel. Once I began noticing all of the symbolism in everything I watch and listen to, I could no longer enjoy anything! I feel completely betrayed. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Lady Gaga, but now I hardly listen to her anymore; I don't find her artistic anymore…just really creepy. And she's just one example. The celebrity I'm most surprised about is Beyonce. But Oscar, at least your eyes are opened. 🙂

at first i didn't like gaga, then i bought into the whole thing and loved her (saw her at msg in nyc too), then right after that i was DONE. she is so fake, everything that comes out of her mouth is garbage. i still listen to a few of the songs i liked, but rarely. i won't be listening to her new album either.

I don't think she dies at the end, she goes insane. She wants control but lost it. Throughout the film she hallucinates, we have to find out what is real and what is not. This film is a masterpiece.

Ever hear of the AAkhet center in tallahassee FL? It has a pyramid with the eye of Horus in it and is a psychotherapy center. A psychologist focuses on the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health issues. Psychologists are concerned with the different aspects of behavior and mental processes. A clinical psychologist uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health.

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest articles VC wrote. Janis Joplin also had an alter ego called 'Pearl' shortly before her death… May be this is something more than just a considence. It's so sad to think about it

I knew there was something really wrong with this movie. to be honest i was really creeped out by it.. it took me about three tries to watch it til the end. i was completely troubled by this movie. Thank you for explaining about all these symbolisms and things in it, you have answered my many questions about it.

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etc, to get better SEO + more views 🙂

The industry dissociates the mind from the body, the black swan lives And the white swan's dying, submission to the secular world without trying Take advantage of intellect, now they want us to buy it Dark alter persona, death is under the covers Sacrificial to liars, now you lying to others Surpassing human limits, is called transcendence You now have comfort with everything that would kill you Being raised wrong, creates so many traps It effects the way that you think, how you act That's why so many whites are racist towards blacks When people have power, it can escalate that Real-life ritual abuse ain't a joke, it's real like sprits, it's real like ghost The television does the same thing during shows, it's what I call mind control That's how it goes, and when you get old, they do not give a f**k They deprogram you, or they let… Read more »

All these comments and not one mention of the Jewish connection from Portman to Aronofsky to kabbalah to the Talmud.

Portman is a proud Jew. Now all you people have to do is read the Talmud to see what she thinks of you.

This site has been very instrumental in pointing out the occult meaning behind much if not most of pop culture. I would venture to say that nothing coming out of Hollywood is of any real merit to anyone. I don't think there is any form of neutral entertainment, it is either influenced by God (Jesus) or the devil. I know that sounds harsh but it would be silly to sit here and pretend otherwise. The question becomes this, do we continue to feast on Hollywood's offerings? Do we continue to dumbster dive for gold from obvious trash?

Once again, Vigilant Citizen is on the money in its analysis of occultic/mind-control obsessed movies and vids.

The only thing that I'd add is that in this whole "black and white" and "fusion of opposites", what the occultist/Illuminist is really referencing is the fusion of the "Sons of God" (angelic beings) and the "daughters of men." THIS is the true goal of being "illuminated." They are awaiting the age when the gods will return and ushering in the One World Order is supposed to facilitate this.

For more info on what the Bible says about the New World Order see here:

God bless.

Great interpretation. But I need to point one fact from movies and music business: what is happening with the Feminine concept? Suddenly and everywhere, we see how the stars embodies (maybe forced to?) an idea of Feminine that consists in very powerfull, very sexual, dangeorus… and darkness. Like occult ideas as the W***e of Babalon (or Scarlet Woman). See in this site another posts (for example, about Beyoncé). And this is underline also all over Black Swan: women need to be a sexy piece of meat for success. To be a simple object for men lust, so be under control. Anyway this comment is not for feminist purpose, but to remember the readers that women has nothing to do on higher levels inside the occult and secret societies. Several occultist authors argue that women specifically are there to turns into a kind of sacred prostitute. This is what we are… Read more »
Yes I agree Sarah! And in an interview with Aronofsky he referred to this role (Nina) as a strong woman role. WTF?! There are no strong women (or men) in Hollywood. Only victims or maniacs, a dish for men to eat or man eaters themselves, wise cracking buffoons or machine gun toting psychopaths….. But most people today can't see it for what it is because: A: they have never seen a film which wasn't a totally warped version of reality B: the indoctrination has been going on for o many decades now that society is beginning to reflect these insane stereotypes. People are actually acting like characters out of Sex and the City or Friends or Independence Day or Monsters Inc or some rapper or pop diva. And in many ways middle class, educated audiences are the worst! They could figure this all out but they choose to act dumb… Read more »

Hollywood hates women. in the worst way. You know how you may have a favorite actress ( or actor ) but then they play a horrible pscyho or violent or hateful role, and then you never view them favorably again? It sort of destroys them in your mind. Well, Holllywood publicists, producers and directors know that. But as VC said, they know they may be destroying an actor during a performance, and with them, it's still OK. I remember when Natalie Portman was so fresh, young and attractive, and it was a treat to see her in any role, especially in the Star Wars flicks, where she was usually the only bright spot. But will you ever forget her as the Black Swan? Will you ever see her as gentle, innocent and appealing again? I don't think most will.

Hi Vigilant,

thank you for posting this-

and thank you so very much for your tremendous website, mind-boggling insights and your courage-

you might want to tackle the film "Burlesque" as your next "victim"- alone the placard for the film reeks of Illuminati influence (haven't seen the film but the placard was enough to turn me off)

again, thank you so much for your website and insights

Fabulous post, Vig!!! What a great parallel you draw to people like Lady Gaga and the Beyonce/Sasha Fierce divide. The images are eerily similar. It absolutely appears as though the director has created an undeniably symbolic and powerful work, ripe with alchemical interpretation. Your deconstruction of the themes is fascinating. The message of so many spiritual paths seems to include the message: "Unleash your inner darkness, and become perfect, become harmonious." Yet dark forces unleashed more often destroy than harmonize. Still, the idea of synthesis will eternally appeal to the human mind, constantly seeking the integration of our many selves, the good and the bad, etc., in the hopes that it will finally hush our demons. Ironically, the line between acknowledging inner darkness and inviting outer darkness in is a fine one; and often, it seems, if anything, to turn up the voices of said demons, whether they be symbolic… Read more »

Could it be that the main subject being communicated is that one has to die at the top of their game to achieve immortality? It's as if they're telling people that they aren't anything if they aren't willing to die for everyone's viewing enjoyment. It's so much cooler to die at the top than fade away as a has-been. People must be brainwashed to believe that snuffing out a brightly burning candle is more respected than basking in the light of your life whether you're still in the game or not. What a pity.

I can agree to that 😉

yup, i always find it suspicious when i hear lady gaga exclaim, "i'd rather die on stage than walk off because i was going to pass out" — these performers are totally okay with sacrificing their health and their life for having tasted the fame.

I know this will sound nuts. I just saw this film for the first time. It was recommended for me in my film class, and I watched it while there is a storm called ‘Lucifer’ raging outside of my window. Everything in this article is true, but it isn’t as literal as you might think. There is a spirit in charge of the entertainment industry, to me he called himself Merlin. In the film he’s represented as the male handler. The film represents a pattern, how he breaks psyches so that he can tap into their creativity. I know no one will believe me, but I’m being groomed to be a writer and am being forced into the industry. I have lost everyone in my life, been sadistically betrayed (her name was even Lily) have been brought to the brink of suicide and madness over and over. Creating a creative… Read more »
Another interesting fact Brittany Murphy before her death (r.i.p) was going to do a screen test for black swan and it would have been a huge role for her that would have show cased her versatility in the acting world also shes an actress who is featured on this site and had a very strange death at age 32 near her final days a lot of controversy was surrounding her about anorexia and drug use and prescription drug use much in the way Marilyn Monroe was surrounded by bad press before her death both were at a down point before death and Marilyn was going to be doing more dramatic roles for her show virility. another thing is both deaths do have a lot of controversy surrounding and are both in way unexplainable as to what actually happened both were known as beautiful and talented both had bubbly and likable… Read more »

This was a very good article. I wonder if the director himself is creating this film because he is opposed to the dark forces at work. His pervious film Requim for a Dream seem to be an artistic reaction against destructive force of drugs. Also I liked Pi and The Fountain although I'm not sure I understand all themeanings in them. I just wanted to note that the new disney film The Lone Ranger was anti-Christian, anti-family, and the good people were prostitutes and the bad people were capitalists.

I was so disappointed with this film when my mother took me to see it. I felt Natlie Portman should have gotten an Oscar for playing Ann Bolyen in the film The Other Boylen girl- now that was an oscar worthy performance. I mean she goes freaking crazy at the end of this film and kills herself;Hollywood needs some fresh ideas.

She hurt her ribs and had to sell her trailer to get medic during filming. She was on Letterman talking about it last year and she looked like she was gonna cry. Letterman was obviously disturbed to. Also, I noticed when she came on he said something to her. From her facial expression it wasnt pleasant. Maybe a trigger?

The comparisons to "The Wrestler" are unfair. Despite the same director, the protagonist in the Wrestler, while having his faults, had a good heart and attempted to correct his faults.

Natalie Portman winning the Best Actress Academy Award could be symbolic of her rise to the dark side, reprogrammed, dehumanized and greatly awarded for doing so. She has often said that it was hard for her to get out of character. Same circumstance of Heath Ledger as the joker. This movie gave me nightmares for a few days and movies never do that to me!

there are many talented people around the world and they are searched, loved by the public which really understand and appreciate the art – the real art i mean…for example Lili Marlene a very talented girl which creates a wonderful music of wonderful melody and deep significant lyrics, she is not voulgar, i never saw her wearing strange staff or doing idiot behaviour just to get fame. She is simple, she is really talented and she is loved by milions of fans. You never see her videos on mtv or on radio, but she is loved and searched everywhere anyway! or see Dido also very beautiful, talented artist which is not advertised or promoted by evil indistry, she is also simple, not voulgar, makes wonderful music (not the evil music which rapes the ears and soul of people, the evil music has no meaning, no melody, it is… Read more »

I love VC and I often agree with you but definitely not here on Black Swan. You're reaching far

she's f*****g crazy…a cray cray i tell ya a cray cray

This is controversial and borderline inapporpriate, but I read your article on "Rosemary's Baby" before this one. What do you think of Natalie Portman's pregnancy shortly after the release of the movie and leading into the award ceremonies? This was by far her most important role to date, the peak of her career, and in the middle of it all she gets knocked up and engaged. Just a thought.

It's just like Joker said: "They need you right now. When they don't, they'll cast you out…like a leper." With Heath, with Michael, and God knows what will happen in the future. We're not the monsters…we're just ahead of the curve.

Brilliant artilce VC. I have personally subscribed myself to your articles for about a half year now. You offer a very unique perspective & quality information to sustain your argument. I have one question, anyone who can answer this, may answer this (But i would prefer VC of course haha)

I understand the whole idea of Mind Control, and anarch programming. I even feel this same concept applies to abusive relationships around the Nation (Father/son, mother/daughter, boyfriend/girlfriend etc…) But my question is…Why would these people (The creators of Black Swan) want to display these sorts of things to the public, would they not expect someone like yourself to decode their message for its darker occultic meaning? Why are they showing this to us?

lily's tattoo on her back are not wings… theyre calla lillies..

this article/responses were great but i have one question…did anyone stop to think that maybe her mom was DEAD the whole time?

I dont feel as if the the black swan in the third poster had a Phallic beak just saying. this article was really good esspecially after i watched the movie

I would like to add.. for those who have seen the movie: the scene when "lily" & Nina are at the club, and nina has taken the ecstasy pill, they go to dance. During this dance sequence there are lots of thins happening, mainly red, green, and pink lights flashing distorted and disturbing scenes (mostly very sexual). If you pause to watch the scenes in the flashing lights you will see them all. You will see a woman with wings, a halo, surrounded by butterfly silhouettes in a pink n white light. Ive only seen this movie once, but i remember everything about that flash. I make conscious effort to not watch anything flashing lights at me from my tv or computer screen(… S**T Kanyes video for " flashing lights"comes with at disclaimer!). This is so blatant in every way and screams MKULTRA. Then once all teh triggering red and… Read more »

I just watched this and thought it was brilliant. Thankfully i was able to recognize a lot of the symbolism thanks to the knowledge acquired through this and other sites. It really took it to a whole new level

During rehearsal scenes, Nina's partner has his left calf exposed, while Nina is covering her left leg with a leg warmer. Her left leg only. Also, there are scenes in which male dancers have their left breast exposed from rips and tears in their shirts.

I didn't know what these things meant until today when I found this article and began to read about the subject. To me this is an allusion to the Masonic initiation ritual referenced

here with the Artist Pink:

Was this supposed to establish that the other dancers were initiates, while her covered leg reinforced that she was not ?

I only watched the movie once and returned it. So any insights would be appreciated.

Duality and the struggle within…live first in light, then unleash the diametrical opposite to be "enlightened" and to be "perfect", only to be consumed in destruction…this theme runs all through the centuries of humanity, from the first chapters of Genesis set in the Garden of Eden, to the inner conflict of Anakin Skywalker, the undercurrent being that human frailty is incapable of handling its dark side and as such, the dark side, with all its seductions, is best (for the individual?) left untouched.

A secondary theme may be a throw at humanity, as the audience, who applauds perfection and beauty and performance most especially when the ultimate sacrifice is involved…as long as another person does the sacrificing. The audience impact of seeing a rocket consume itself in an explosion of awesome glory easily comes to mind.

The movie was fantastic and all the explanation I needed knowing all the symbols beforehand! VC you should do an article on the late R&B superstar Aaliyah and her influence today, whose story was similar to Brandon Lee and Heath Ledger, died after playing a highly demonic, symbolic role.

After WWII the Australian government sent Winston Churchill a pair of black swans for the lake at his home Chartwell. We were told it was a symbol of gratitude for his contribution to the Allies victory.

Many years later I can now see it as an occult celebration of their sacrificed soldiers.

at 1:04:11-1:04:14 i think, the scene where Lily and Nina are under the influence of ecstasy, for not even a second, butterflies are flashed while the lights are going on and off.