“Labyrinth” Starring David Bowie: A Blueprint to Mind Control


The 1986 movie Labyrinth, starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, immerses the viewers into a world of fantasy and wonder. Like many other fantastic tales, the movie conceals within its symbolism an underlying meaning and, in this case, it is rather disturbing. Labyrinth describes the programming of a mind control victim at the hands of a sadistic handler. We will look at the occult meaning of the symbolism found in Labyrinth.

Labyrinth is a quintessential 80s movie that contains everything we love from the 80s: 80s synth music, 80s CGI effects, and an 80s David Bowie in the same 80s hairdo that your aunt Susan had in the 80s. What’s not to love? The movie has, in fact, become a “cult classic” and is still a children’s favorite.

But like many of these delightfully twisted fantasy movies, there is more to Labyrinth than meets the eye. By understanding the occult symbolism and references in Labyrinth, the movie becomes a big allegory for mind control, where each scene refers to a particular aspect of the process. What appears to be a young girl’s quest through a Labyrinth to find her baby brother becomes a metaphor for the internal world of a mind control victim that is being programmed by a handler. The obstacles that Sarah, the hero of the story, must go through relate to real life ordeals inflicted to mind control slaves to incite dissociation (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). Mind games, torture, drugs, and sexual abuse are all referred to in veiled symbolism during the movie, giving to “those in the know” an entirely different story than what is shown at face value. Labyrinth is therefore constructed like most esoteric works in History: it uses symbolism to conceal from the masses while revealing to the initiates.

Very little prior knowledge is required to understand the underlying meaning of Labyrinth. however. The movie was, in fact, mentioned by a few authors on mind control who described it as one of the most blatant movies on Monarch programming. Fritz Springmeier even states Labyrinth is used by actual mind control handlers as a programming script to train the slaves. This very plausible as the movie bears many similarities to Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz – two movies that are known to be used in mind control programming. The only difference is that Labyrinth was probably specifically constructed to this purpose while, at the same time, exposing the masses to this kind of symbolism.

Since Labyrinth is a blueprint for mind control, it is only fitting that the star of the show is an artist who has served as a blueprint for modern pop stars: David Bowie. Throughout his long and eclectic career, Bowie has touched on many occult and ritualistic themes that are today rehashed by industry-made pop stars. And, for some reason, many of those who touch upon these occult themes also integrate mind control into their works. Maybe it is due to the fact that mind control heavily relies on black magic rituals and Kabbalistic teachings. So, before we look at the symbolism of the movie, let’s take a brief look at some of the symbolism used by David Bowie.

David Bowie: The One They All Imitated

Many articles on this site mention modern pop stars and the occult symbolism embedded in their works. It was only a matter of time before David Bowie was mentioned as he is apparently a major source of inspiration for many of them. David Bowie is indeed the prototype of the pop-star/occult icon whose works incorporated concepts originating from Secret Societies. From strange alter-egos to the occult concept of androgyny, and of course including references to Aleister Crowley and his Thelema, Bowie did decades ago what pop stars are doing now.

“Bowie’s alter-ego named Ziggy Stardust was a representation of the “illuminated man” who has reached the highest level of initiation: androgyny. There was also a lot of one-eye things going on.
Drawing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life
Bowie dressed in Egyptian garbs (like Crowley used to do) and displaying the hand sign of “as above so below”

The difference between Bowie and today’s pop stars is that he was rather open regarding the occult influence in his act and music. In a 1995 interview, Bowie stated: “My overriding interest was in cabbala and Crowleyism. That whole dark and rather fearsome never-world of the wrong side of the brain.” In his 1971 song Quicksand, Bowie sang:

“I’m closer to the Golden Dawn
Immersed in Crowley’s uniform of imagery”

(Golden Dawn is the name of a Secret Society that had Crowley as member). These are only some examples of the occult influence on Bowie’s work and an entire book could be written on the subject.

Since the main antagonist of Labyrinth is a sorcerer who also happens to enjoy singing impromptu pop songs, David Bowie was a perfect fit for the role. Did he know that he played the role of a mind control handler?


This poster of the movie Labyrinth is full of MK trigger images.

Released in 1986, Labyrinth was a collaborative effort between George Lucas, Jim Henson (his last movie) and David Bowie. Using state-of-the-art effects, the movie quickly became a classic in what we can call the “twisted fantasy” genre. The plot of the movie is simple: A teenage girl named Sarah goes through a strange, magical Labyrinth to recover her baby brother who was kidnapped by a sorcerer named Jareth and his army of goblins.

Some critics did not appreciate the random nature of the events of the movie. Robert Ebert stated that these kind of movies “aren’t as suspenseful as they should be because they don’t have to follow any logic. Anything can happen, nothing needs to happen, nothing is as it seems and the rules keep changing.” By describing the movie this way, Ebert unknowingly describes the inner-world of a mind control slave, which is exactly what the Labyrinth represents. Through trauma, the psyche of the slave is reprogrammed by the handler resulting in a situation where anything can happen, nothing needs to happen, nothing is as it seems and the rules keep changing.

Sarah’s quest for her baby brother is, in fact, a quest to recover her innocent core persona (her “real” self) that was taken by the handler. The various events that happen to Sarah are distorted reflections of real mind control trauma – hidden behind a veil of fantasy and imagination.

The Premise

The plot of the movie is very reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, two stories that are incidentally known to be used in mind control programming. A young girl, bored and distraught with her normal life, finds herself in a fantasy land, where everything can happen. In order to go back home, she embarks on a dangerous quest to reach a great castle (not unlike the Emerald city of the Wizard of Oz). Along the way, the assertive girl uses her wits, courage, and strength to go past the obstacles in a world where no rules are established.

Labyrinth is heavily symbolic from beginning to end, starting from the very first scene. Sarah is at a park, dressed as a princess, practicing lines to a play under the watchful eye of an owl that is standing on top of an obelisk.

An owl is standing at the top of an obelisk, watching over Sarah.

We quickly learn that the owl is Jareth, the goblin King (played by David Bowie). The fact that Jareth takes the form of an owl in the “real world” and that he sits at the top of an obelisk is very telling about what he actually represents: The occult elite. The owl is known to be the main symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati and is still used by elite groups such as the Bohemian Grove. It represents “those who act under the cloak of darkness”.

Symbol of the Minerval Church of the Bavarian Illuminati featuring a watchful owl.

The owl is at top of an obelisk, a monument that is constantly visible throughout the entire movie. The obelisk has been, for centuries, the ultimate symbol of power of the occult elite. It is found standing at the world’s most powerful places and strange occult powers are attributed to them. These tall monuments originate from the ancient Egypt and are said to represent the lost phallus of Osiris – in other words, male energy. The obelisk is therefore a phallic symbol and the fact that this young girl encounters many of them during her quest might be a reminder of the male handler dominating her mentally and sexually (through abuse).

The owl watches Sarah, who is dressed as a princess and practising a role for a play, illustrating her natural tendency to dissociate from reality and to take on other personalities, a characteristic that MK handlers seek when scouting for potential slaves. Sarah is therefore “marked” by the shady Illuminati Mind Control system.

At Sarah’s house, we find several clues relating to her predisposition to mind control. She is surrounded by toys, books and posters that foretell the dissociative adventure she is about to embark in. Many of Sarah’s toys will be found animated during her adventure, which tells us that everything that will happen will be a result of her own imagination, fuelled by the things that are familiar to her.

Among Sarah’s stuff we find a toy version of the obelisk-studded labyrinth she is about to enter and the books of Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. Both of these fairy tales are used to encourage victims to dissociate from reality. Labyrinth is no different and is probably used in actual mind control programming.

Right above Sarah’s bed is Escher’s famous drawing named “Relativity”.

Escher’s “Relativity” (the image with the stairs going in all directions) right above Sarah’s bed.

Escher’s mind-boggling images contain confusing features that the mind can never compute. For this reason, they are used in actual mind-control programming. This particular painting will become very important later in the movie.

“If [the child] has artistic brainwaves, then the programmer will use art work in programming. The art work of the european artist M.C. Escher is exceptionally well suited for programming purposes. For instance, in his 1947 drawing “Another World”, the rear plane in the center serves as a wall in relation to the horizon, a floor in connection with the view through the top opening and a ceiling in regards to the view up towards the starry sky. Reversals, mirror images, illusion, and many other qualities appear in Escher’s art work which make all 76 or more of his major works excellent for programming.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

So Sarah is angry at her parents, especially her step-mother, because she has to stay at home and babysit her little brother named Toby while they go out. Confronted with the child’s incessant cries, Sarah wishes for the Goblin King to take him away. An owl then enters the room and turns itself into Jareth, the Goblin King.

Jareth offering Sarah “gifts” represented by the crystal ball

Jareth has taken Toby to his world and will turn him into one of his goblins. In mind control terms, baby Toby represents Sarah’s core personality that was taken away by Jareth, her handler. As long as Jareth holds Sarah’s core persona, he will be able to make her go through the Labyrinth – which will represent her programming.

When Sarah asks to Jareth to hand back Toby, the Goblin King uses his skills for manipulation and persuasion. He shows Sarah a crystal ball and tells her that it contains “all of her dreams”. He however warns that is is “not a gift for an for an ordinary girl who takes care of a screaming baby”. In other words, the gift is only for girls who have lost the baby – victims of mind control. Jareth the handler has the power to help Sarah escape the life she loathes but she must allow him to own her core personality – to control her mind. When Sarah refuses Jareth’s offer, which is equivalent to the Faustian theme of selling one’s soul to the Devil, the crystal ball magically turns into a snake and is thrown at her. Jareth then menacingly says: “Don’t defy me”. Seeing that she will not forget about the baby, Jareth tells Sarah that Toby is at his castle and that she has 13 hours to find him. They are both transported into the Labyrinth, which is a big image representing Sarah’s inner-world under the control of a handler.

Inside the Labyrinth

Sarah must traverse a gigantic Labyrinth in order to reach the castle, which represents her walled-off and compartmentalized core persona. The entire labyrinth is Sarah’s inner-world and Jareth is the undisputed master of everything that happens in it. He can also change everything at will. Obelisks are found all across the Labyrinth, a phallic symbol reminding of the sexual control the handlers have over their slaves.

Inside the Labyrinth, Sarah quickly realizes that it does not obey the rules of reality. She finds herself walking never-ending straight paths leading to nowhere.

The Labyrinth appears to be an infinite straight path to nowhere.

Sarah then learns that it is only by mentally picturing an entry towards the castle that one will appear. She must make her own path within her own mind.

Strange plants with eyes on the walls of the Labyrinth reminds us that Sarah is tightly monitored by her handler during the entire process. The symbol of the all-seeing eye is heavily used in actual mind control programming.

While trying to advance through the Labyrinth, Sarah realizes that everything keeps changing around her. She meets strange creatures who say confusing riddles that lead to never-ending loops of circular logic. Her catchphrase appears to be “It’s not fair” as she repeats it numerous time during the movie. This phrase does sum up pretty nicely the life of a MK slave. There are no rules and every kind of unfairness can occur.

Meanwhile, Jareth is in the castle with Toby, monitoring Sarah.

Jareth on his horned throne.

The Ordeals

In her path towards the castle, Sarah goes through all kinds of obstacles, many of which symbolically represent actual traumas lived by mind control victims.

In Sarah’s first ordeal, she falls into a pit filled with “helping hands”.

Sarah is held and grabbed by countless hands around her. This can refer to the victims being manipulated and abused by hidden handlers.

Later, Sarah finds herself in a forest and surrounded by the Fire Gang, who are strange singing creatures that can remove parts of their bodies at will. The concept of dismembered body parts is central to mind control programming.

The Fire Gang’s performance soon turns into a nightmare when they jump on Sarah and try to remove her head.

The Fire Gang trying to remove Sarah’s head from her body, representing the MK slave’s dissociation from reality.

Upon escaping the Fire Gang, Sarah finds herself in an even worst place, the Pool of Eternal Stench.

The Pool of Eternal Stench is basically a big gassy pond full of feces. It keeps emitting flatulence and belches and is therefore very “bodily” place.

Sarah and her friends are forced to go through the nauseating pond in order to continue the quest. This odd scene can refer to the actual mind control technique to induce trauma which consists in immersing the slaves in feces and urine and/or to consume them. Our natural repulsion to excrements and the foul odor we get from them are our body’s way to tell us to stay away from them because they are infested with all kinds of worms and parasites that are toxic to us. Our organisms are so well made that we are instinctively repulsed by the things that are bad for us. The forced consumption of excrements is therefore particularly traumatic as it goes against the human body’s most basic instincts. Sarah’s episode in the Pool of Eternal Stench is a “imaginative” way to describe Sarah’s traumatic experience as a MK slave during programming.

After crossing the pool, Sarah is given a gift – one that is poisoned of course.

Sarah receives a peach that makes her hallucinate – a thinly veiled allusion to the drugs that are given to Monarch slaves during programming.

When Sarah takes a bite from the peach, she feels woozy and starts hallucinating. Monarch slaves are constantly given drugs to amplify the effects of the programming and to incite fear and terror. Laying on the ground, Sarah sees a crystal ball with a symbolic image representing her.

Sarah sees doll in princess clothes surrounded by bars – a classic way to portray dissociative mind control slaves.

Sarah is then shown at a strange ball with guest wearing masks of goats, pigs and birds (commonly called an Illuminati ball) and finds Jareth, her handler, waiting for her.

Jareth waiting for Sarah behind a horned masked at the Illuminati ball.

Jareth and Sarah find each other and begin waltzing together, with Jareth giving suggestive looks … to a 15-year-old girl. The scene symbolically portrays the forced Satanic union between the slave (who is said to be the princess of her world) and her handler. The lyrics of David Bowie’s song playing during the ball can be interpretative as a “love song” from a handler to a mind control slave.

“As the pain sweeps through
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill has gone
Wasn’t too much fun at all
But I’ll be there for you
As the world falls down …

… It’s falling down”

The ball then quickly turns into a nightmare, where all of the masked guests start running after her (is she “bad-tripping”?). Sarah starts running, shatters a mirror and runs through it, another classic symbol of mind control.

To escape the ball, Sarah must shatter a mirror – a symbolic image representing the fracture of her personality.

Confronting Jareth

Despite all of those troubles, Sarah finally reaches the castle and enters it. She finds herself lost in a life-size Escher painting with Toby crawling. Jareth magically appears from everywhere in the scene, the same way handlers appear in the inner-world of Monarch slaves.

Sarah in a life-size Escher image

Then the entire world around Sarah crumbles, leaving only her facing her handler. Sarah asks Jareth to give her back the baby (her innocent core). Jareth gives her a classic double-speak, mind-bending lecture – the kind MK slaves get from their handlers. He says:

“I have reordered time … I have turned the world upside down … I have done it all for you. I am exhausted from living up to your expectations of me. Isn’t that generous?”

He then offers her the crystal ball again.

“Jareth asks Sarah to sell her soul in exchange of her dreams

He says:

“Look what I’m offering you. Your dreams. I ask for so little. Just let me rule you, and you can have everything that you want. Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave”.

This is the classic Faustian “deal with the Devil” proposal, where Jareth says that he “asks for so little” while he is actually asking for Sarah’s everything: Her mind, body and soul.

Sarah then starts reciting the lines she was practising at the beginning of the movie and says “You have no power over me”. Everything crumbles again, Sarah leaves her internal world and finds herself back in the external world, the real world, her house. Toby is back in his crib and everything is apparently back to normal.

In her room, sees some of the creatures she has met in the Labyrinth and is apparently happy to see them. She tells them:

“I don’t know why, but … every now and again in my life, for no reason at all, I need you.”

In other words, Sarah has accepted the internal world that was programmed into her by her handler. It now can be triggered by him at any time during her life.

Sarah and her friends party in her room under the watchful eye of an owl, Jareth, who has never lost control of her. He is actually the winner of the duel with Sarah. Her programming is complete.

The movie closes with David Bowie’s song “Underground”. The song has very church-y feel (with a loud a gospel choir accompanying him) and talks about a place with “no pain”. That place is not heaven, but “Underground”, which can be equated to hell, which, in mind-control terms, is the trauma-filled life of a MK slave.

So, in perfect continuation with the movie, Bowie leaves the viewers with one last inversion of good and evil, heaven and hell and pleasure and pain, with this song:

“No one can blame you
For walking away
Too much rejection (na na)
No love injection
Life can be easy
It’s not always swell
Don’t tell me truth hurts, little girl
‘Cause it hurts like hell
But down in the underground
You’ll find someone true
Down in the underground
A land serene
A crystal moon, ah, ah

It’s only forever
Not long at all
Lost and lonely
That’s underground

Daddy, daddy, get me out of here
Ha ha I’m underground
Heard about a place today
Nothing ever hurts again
Daddy, daddy, get me out of here
Ah ha I’m underground
Sister sister, please take me down
Ah ah I’m underground
Daddy, daddy, get me out of here

While most viewers interpret the story of Labyrinth as a tale about “the importance of imagination” or something of the sorts, the symbolism of the movie gives it a deeper meaning. While the story could be interpreted in numerous ways (another article could be written about Sarah’s quest being a metaphor for esoteric initiation) references to mind control are definitely present. Once the imagery and the triggers relating to mind control are understood, the movie becomes a vivid description of the internal world of a Monarch slave during programming. Totally at the mercy of her handler and the twisted world he created in her mind, the slave attempts to return to reality, where things make sense. The task is difficult as the handler controls time (hence the 13-hour clock that keeps popping up during the movie) and space (secret passages in the Labyrinth). During the quest, the slave meets friends who appear to be helping her, but who are, in actuality, leading her to exactly where her handler wants her to be. In fact, Sarah’s entire “quest for liberation” is actually her being manipulated towards the acceptance of her programming. By going through the Labyrinth, Sarah went through all of the trauma necessary to program her. What appears to be the defeat of Jareth is actually a victory as he successfully programmed Sarah’s internal world. It can be used, in her words “every now and again in her life”.

In Conclusion

Like Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, Labyrinth is an imaginative fairy tale whose story can be used as a programming script in mind control programming. Unlike the older tales however, Labyrinth might have been specifically constructed for mind control purposes. The story, the symbolism and the music of the movie all form a cohesive sensory-overload, where the viewers are totally immersed in the strange world of mind control. There is however one hitch: like mind-control victims, most viewers are completely duped by the movie and its message. While it appears to be about the triumph of a girl’s mind over evil, its is actually the triumph of evil over a girl’s mind. In the words of Bowie, Don’t tell me truth hurts, little girl, ‘Cause it hurts like hell.


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I have to disagree that the handler "won" in this story. In the end, Sarah recognized that his obstacles contained no real danger, and rejected his offers. She knew that there was a way to overcome his influence and she found the teaching that she needed to take control of herself and her destiny. If anything, this movie might be a model for how to overcome MK programing. The creatures were parts of herself reacting to the programming – one was gentle but powerful (Ludo), one was fearless and aggressive (Didymus), and the other was ambivalent and unsure whose side he was on (that troll guy), but who in the end was forgiven (representing self-forgiveness, self-love). Those weird birds – Sarah chose not to let the dissociative self-protection (losing your head) conquer her either. The party scene at the end involved all those parts of herself, and they appeared on… Read more »

Estoy de acuerdo. Aquí se ha omitido demasiados partes esenciales de la película.
Sus amigos son importantes, el perro Merlín también lo es, porque aparece en el inicio de la película.
El hecho que se hayan quedado con ella, es porque juntos pudieron superar al Rey Globin.
Los cristales no son más que burbujas, por cierto. Las barreras de la muñeca es porque es un juguete con movimiento. Aquí intentan doblegar el sentido a casi todo. Probablemente haya ciertos factores oscuros, pero definitivamente no creo que esto trate sobre manipulación de mentes. El rey globin no era más que utileria en el cuarto de la chica, al igual que todo. El ave toma su forma como el reto principal hacia ella.
Sus amigos y perro, que si existe en un mundo, son elementos de su vida y personalidad, que son reales y no la quieren engañar. Por eso la acompañan hasta el final.

I think she didn’t won because she shattered the mirror, and that’s the way to know she split personalities. (that’s the goal of the programming)

breaking the mirrors inside an mpd is dangerous and is understood to let “demons” come through, because they hide behind the mirrors

everybody enterprets stories and pictures according to his own mentality. If you you live in a paradigm, that somebody wants to use you, you see it everywhere, in every offer, in every movie, in every meeting with people you don´t trus yet… But if you´re a person, who thinks logically and works to get over some challenges, you see a support instead of a threat in such stories. I see this movie as a story of becoming mature, facing danger and becoming smart and brave, the girl decides according to her own will, she doesn´t allow somebody to trap he in a lie and fake values. The girl grows up by realising she must take response, while she had to take care of child and she kind of fell in love with an unfair man, so she learned to think of what makes sence to her, instead of following what… Read more »

You can interpret it any way you’d like to, but don’t go along and make it seem like this article, was just his “victim mentality”. You have no right to say that he never tried to make art out of the film, because he was making VALID points about symbolism, about occult refrences, and about mind control methods. These aren’t made up delusions he was ranting about. They aren’t coincidences. They are highlights of truth, that you’re apparently too ignorant to comprehend. MK Ultra is f*****g everywhere.

The only victim is you. Your eyes are closed, you are in the “matrix”, believing everything the “mainstream” medias tell you. You’re the weak minded : “repeat a lie again and again, then it will become a reality”. But don’t cry, 99% of western population is on the same boat as you …

Luckily Tyler and Ekoaz are not ‘sheeple’ (I bet they continually patronise and self-aggrandise with that word to their terminally board companions, if they have any left) and are here to give such enlightened and insightful feedback. This article is the very definition of paranoid delusion, your responses to silvers considered and balanced response simply inane. The World is full of ‘interests’ using all sorts of techniques to control. That doesn’t mean a lifetime seeing them absolutely everywhere and reacting emotionally, by-passing all rational thought, is anythign but playing into their hands. Get true sovereignty of mind and put the f*****g funny f**s away

Well it’s funny how the elite is feeding constant symbolism (about their nature) directly in the face of the people, and the people still don’t understand a cent about the reality. No wonder, the elites think they are superior to goyim when you (the people) show them constently how dumb you are. They could sell poo in pills as an anti-aging drug and you would swallow it.

This was a great interpretation, but I see the movie differently. I feel it's important to let people know whats going on, and the negative influences in control and out there to delude you. I think Jim Henson did the opposite of what you said. I feel like the movie was WARNING kids about mind control and to be wary of it. There are forces out there that are GOOD that are here to help us on our spiritual journey. Bear with me while I break down my interpretation of The Labyrinth: First off the movie starts with her playing or pretending she's in the world she fantasizes about. Then it starts raining, kinda like breaking her out of her fantasy. She starts the movie out with this whole "whoa is me" attitude the makes her feel like life isn't fair and nothing goes her way. When she gets home,… Read more »
This has always been my favorite film! To me the movie was always a commentary on illusion, imagination, manipulation and corruption, and the complexities that intertwine them. Life is not black and white and neither is the message of the movie. Jareth is a selfish and wicked character, and his longing to control Sarah and his entire world is perverse, but he does love her. The labyrinth always represents the journey and the quest of our lives. The search for our destiny. Sarah represents the innocent and pure spirit with the strength, integrity and imagination of a child. Jareth represents the forces of corruption. Control, power, possession. His love is corrupted by greed and thus his entire world is tainted by wickedness, but not all in Jared's world is wicked. Hoggle is a perfect example of someone who is confused about right and wrong and does bad things even though… Read more »

I know Brian Froud, the man who designed the movie. He is not evil, or Illuminati.

please ask him about this article, it has amazed me who puts this stuff in a movie – a writer, set designer producer all or none? you might help cast some light if you indeed KNOW him

i don't doubt that mind control is out there.. and that a lot of the world is in a thoughtless, meandering daze; however i think you're missing a big part of the puzzle. Henson damn sure knew his symbolism, and he was a master artist. works of this nature are showing the INNER journey to becoming whole and finding your long lost child — watch his movie dark crystal, it's the same theme in different clothes. there are certain guidestones along the way that we all encounter, why do you think so many mythologies have recurring themes? even mythologies independent of each, that evolved on separate continents have the same themes. most genuine art is about getting back to that state of pure love that we had as kids.. even jesus said we must again become like little children. remember when we were young… and we shone like the sun?<–(pink… Read more »

So who are Froud, Hensen, and Bowie that they are placed to make such a film with such an apparent depth of Illuminati teaching.
Can they have found this by accident – I think not.
Therefore the film's whole making, must have been a deliberate act.

So, again, who are Froud, Hensen, and Bowie?

Ummm…. In the last scene the girl is confusing reality with fantasy. The fact that her 'friends' visit her in the real world means that she is dissociated and is under control.

i was waching the credits recently. and i notices listed as production buyer or somthing like that was a rothchild. anybody know about this?

I think it’s interesting that people will dismiss the industry’s attempt to portray Elite’s agenda when some, if not all, of the symbolism seems so specific and repetitive both within and throughout the films. Any number of symbols/objects could be used to portray a construct, yet there are these highly specific brands that are continually used. That’s very difficult to explain away. It’s almost as if the industry doesn’t care if someone figures it out (which is often times not hard to do) as if they are hiding in plain sight.

I watched this movie as a child (5 or 6 years old) during the x'mas season (it was on tv) and I didn't like it one bit. I found it strange and I felt I was watching some sort of terror movie.

I only saw it once as well and that was when it first same out; I was in my mid 20s. I absolutely love Bowie, always have and always will. At the same time, it’s always baffled me as to why any parent would bring their young children to see this movie. It’s strange, confusing and manipulative. To me, it would be nothing but scary to a young child. I recall having the original movie of Alice in Wonderland when my son was young. We watched it for about 10 minutes and I turned it off. It was wacky and freaky… and felt it was way too weird for my little guy to watch. I feel the same about this movie in terms of young children viewers.

I have to disagree on this.. I mean I agree that its based on mind control but I think the message was "never sell your soul out, keep fighting, don't get manipulated, be strong" The owl and devils were who she was fighting. The director died a few years later I personally think he was killed.

I had a strange happening due to this movie years ago. I seemed to become obsessed with it and play it over and over. I am a born again Christian female. When I saw this stupid movie seem to become a facination, that just wasn't right, I threw out my DVD of it. But, at the time that this was happening to me I started to see 1111 everywhere! For receipts, clocks, license plates, bus numbers, everywhere! And that was before I ever heard of such a phenomenon! I know I opened a door to something evil in my life. While seeming to be fascinated with this movie and the character jareth, I said out loud one day I wish I would meet a guy like him! I did. My life was a living hell for 2 years in a relationship that was so confusing and I was being so… Read more »

Me too! You may say that he’s my sexual awakening. The ball scene makes me so… You know. I was freakin twelve. Jesus. Now I think it’s disgusting.

I watched this movie when I was 7 I am now 17. I have mentioned it to my siblings every once in a while as I was got older but they couldn't remember it, the disjointed and eerie feeling of this movie made me continuously wonder if it was a dream I had. Anytime I remembered this movie I felt crazy because I would ramble to my siblings about something that seemed so dreamlike and added to the fact that they couldn't remember it. I could never forget it, it was a really disturbing movie especially the masked ball scene, I didn't understand why the man was being suggestive to her but that scene entranced me in a somewhat sexual way at just 7 (I am so happy I discovered it was actually a movie I watched, I once almost searched a bit of the storyline on Google just to… Read more »

Ive only seen this movie once, when i was about five. Ive always been a hypersensitive child. I remember feeling sad watching this. I wanted to know why things were going on. Its probably why i didn't like the movie. At that time i was being sexually abused by my neighbor and physically abused by my psychopath father. I had learned at a young age in public you act a different way than you do with your family. Im never going to watch this movie again.

Funny that Labyrinth & Alice in Wonderland are my two favorite movies….and that Lady Gaga is my favorite singer…wait a second…

This movie is about growing up, confronting the traumas of adolescence and letting go of childhood and childish behavior. Jareth represents the desire to remain a self absorbed brat that must be overcome in the process of growing up. Toby represents the more mature concern for others and responsibilities. The conclusion of the film shows maturity can be reached while still maintaining a sense of fun, and that our selfish side will always haunt us to some degree (Jareth as owl outside of the window). This makes much more sense than describing the entire movie as a Monarch mind control parable.


I'm a big fan of the movie Labyrinth since I was a little kid. And I have posters in my room and own all kinds of versions of the movie (DVD, blurray, PSP, etc). I own the soundtrack and know all the lyrics by heart. I've been learning about imagery and how the industry works (even though we may never know 100%, it's very handy to know! I love this place especially and have your site bookmarked. I enjoy all your articles so much. I'm rather in shock because I never saw the movie this way! And it makes so much sense after learning and knowing the little bit that I know now. I say the lyrics out loud and they take on a whole new meaning. It makes me sad to know, but it totally makes sense. Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading it.

I dated the guy who worked on the animated owl in the opening credits. He went to Cal Tech.

This is the same actress starring that film based on the Elisa Lam murder… Dark Water. Coincidence?

¿Pero qué pasa con este análisis? Perdonen si escribo en español, así me es más fácil expresar mis ideas. Supongo que como tu web se trata sobre temas "conspiratorios", y tienes que coger esta bella película para mancharla con eso… Tu opinión no es objetiva porque has omitido muchos personajes claves en la historia y hasta forzarla a que iconos muestren un doble sentido. Bien en claro me queda que The labyrinth tiene sus toques sensuales y algo un poco prohibido para un público menor, pero los que hacen las película son los adultos, también la hacemos para nosotros. Refuto eso de que Sarah fue una marioneta de Jareth. Jareth no era más que otro elemento en el camino de Sarah por su madurez, si observas al inicio aparecen fotos y recortes de dos actores, uno de esos es Bowie. Al costado hay un muñeco del Rey Globin. Al igual… Read more »

So what exactly am I being controlled to do?

"As the pain sweeps through
makes no sense for you
every thrill has gone
wasn't too much fun at all"
From the first time I heard these lines, to me they meant r**e. Like Sarah was at first excited and felt "thrill", but then when the king took her , it was painful and suddenly the whole thing wasn't fun at all. Sounds like the r**e of a virgin!

pls decode the whole song and undergorund cause i legit wanna crack these songs open and find out what they relally mean

Today I was listening to Bowie's "1.Outside" album, subtitled "the Ritual Art-Murder of Baby Grace Blue", and it reminded me about this website. Look it up, you may find that interesting. Especially the video for "The Hearts Filthy Lesson" and the liner notes.

To offer a different prespective, here's what Bowie himself says: "I think people have a real need for some spiritual life and I think there's great spiritual starving going on. There's a hole that's been vacated by an authoritative religious body—the judaeo-Christian ethic doesn't seem to embrace all the things that people actually need to have dealt with in that way—and it's sort of been left to popular culture to soak up the leftover bits like violence and sex." Rings true to me. What do you think?

Rashi —

If you scroll through the images here, it's all very disturbing.

www. dissemination. dk/research/music/david-bowies-hauntology-1-outside-and-the-murder-of-baby-grace/

Also, if you do an image search on google, for David Bowie, you'll find an AMAZING amount of images of David and mirrors… I think he is severely fractured himself.

It served the saints well. You get out of Christianity what you put into it. As GK Chesterton said, some say it doesn’t work never having tried. The framework of theology is just a framework. You need to go beyond that to where you want to follow the rules, because they are there to keep you sane and it makes God happy, because God knows we are inconsistent and need His grace to be fulfilled. It makes him happier that you want a relationship with Him, but accepting what He taught is part of it; not all of it. Christ was the fulfilment of the law he inherited and of the teachings he gave. The saints got it.

Jareth is the slave. He is a slave to his massive boner for sarah. He just also happens to be an evil sorcerer.

I should have know that was coming. (Sniff, sniff) I Really Like Labyrinth, all the imagination, thought provoking riddles, and fantasy, but even in the strongest parts of my enthrallment, I always felt there was something not quite right about that film. A little like your favorite sandwich, where dead cockroach pieces are chopped up, and hiding in the guacamole: a nice crunch, but definitely suspicious. Some friends and I saw this again a few years ago. One of the friends, being an english major, mentioned how she agreed with the DVD highlights that explain the story as young women's struggle to embrace her budding womanhood (i.e. sexuality), and shed her fear of losing her childhood innocence, and disdain for the adult world (i.e. sensual situations, etc… the i.e's are mine, not the DVD's) Hmm…you ever notice that every "coming-of-age" story is usually about something sexual or mildly revolting (think… Read more »

Wow! Some of the comments about the Vigilant Citizen analysis of Labyrinth are incredibly disappointing and pathetic.With the amount of denial about Labyrinth being yet another movie loaded with a sinister agenda,one might think they’re actually reading those comments on yahoo,Reddit,IMDb and hundreds of other mainstream sites.The people who visit the Vigilant Citizen are NOT suppose to be this gullible and ignorant when it comes to topics like the Illuminati,Mind Control and etc.Talking about some, “VC you’re being so pessimistic”,”VC you’re reading too much into this movie”,”I know the director of the movie and he’s not apart of the Illuminati”.LOL Wake Up! Or you could just continue to stay asleep but stay asleep on the mainstream sites that discuss movies. I’m sure you will find tons of like minded sleepwalking people just like yourself.

I recently watched Labyrinth again, and was just as impressed by it, or more so, than before… especially after watching the making of it and seeing all the talent and work that went into it. The baby in the movie is actually Toby Froud, the infant son of Brian Froud. Lots of talented people worked on this movie. They specifically didn’t want a violent and bloody battle towards the end of the film, so they made it comical. We also see the character of Hoggle transform, almost Christian-like, as he helps the girl through the labyrinth. This shows this movie can be a blueprint for doing the right thing, if you want to look at it that way. all you have to do is read old medieval fairy tales to see how dark they are. They might have been that way for a reason, though. Sometimes they represent something that… Read more »

The film was based on Maurice Sendaks children’s book, Outside over there”. It had nothing to do with the occult.

Jareth always reminded us of someone, and we finally discovered there was someone a lot like him on the inside of our system. He was more evil than Freddy Krueger and he could get anywhere in the internal mazes by shapeshifting and melting into goo and all kinds of other tricks, and when any alter got too strong, he would hunt them down and split them in the most brutal ways possible. Just remembering he existed made the fronters shake and hyperventilate. But then they took the memories of the perma-hosting observer alter and plugged them into a structure inside the mind-world where anyone could browse them like a library. He came to check what the fuss was about, and ended up meeting Jesus! He's not evil anymore and we're happy to have a brother like him. He's smart and brave and he does tech support! He probably wasn't the… Read more »

Thank you for another great article! Personally, I found there to be some very Satanic themes throughout the film. it has been a little while since I watched the movie, but here are some observations:

Everything in the labyrinth is backwards. For example, in the pit of “helping hands”, Sarah does the opposite of what she would normally do. So instead of going up and out of the pit, she goes backwards and falls down. Isn’t a large part of Satanism doing things backwards? This is another common thread throughout the movie. She is constantly forced to think the opposite or backwards.

The Bog of Eternal Stench could also be considered to represent the satanic ritual of consuming feces & urine (thank you ke$ha).

And finally, at the ball, the guests are wearing masks with horns and goat heads – very reminiscent of Bofameht.

Just something else to think about!

what ive learned so far neve make a public conclusion, make decisions inside your head, act like yo dont know it at all, your mind is the safest place.

I love labyrinth, I grew up with that movie, my kids have grown up with it to. The message I take away is that you should never take what you have for granted, and that sometimes, when life gets tough, it's ok to lean on your friends for support. I also can totally see how this movie could be viewed as a vehicle for mind control, there's no denying the symbolism is there. But I don't believe that by watching the movie as a private "un-manipulated" citizen could cause adverse affects for anybody. I think that vc is saying that the movie may be used by mk handlers for mind control coupled with all the other various techniques that they use. Your not gonna pop labyrinth on one afternoon with the fam and suddenly become a mind slave. For now, family movie night is still safe haha!

Quality review and looking back it makes complete sense. Has anyone ever watched this on LSD? Because i do believe this is one of the few great acid films, it's f*****g amazing!

i think the scariest part is putting that real life baby actor in that dark stony room full of all those disgusting looking goblins that sing and dance around him. Thats some crazy s**t right there!

when i was a kid this movie gave me nightmares. and when i grew older i liked it but still found it scary xD but good movie… just creepy.

Amazing article, VC!

I remember watching this movie one day in kidergarten, and hating it with a passion. And I remember wondering why would a teacher ever allow 4-year-olds to watch it. Seems now I have clue…

I’m a writer and I recently wrote a story reflecting the great chasms we all face in life and made several references to being locked in a bottle and having to jump over a candle. Last I checked I am not an occultist, a victim of SRA or an illuminati member. I don’t watch TV, listen to pop rock or read People magazine- so I’m also pretty sure I’m not too deeply steeped in the “programming.” Point being that any story with symbolism, life’s extremes and facing obstacles can be twisted into “MK programming” if that’s what a person is looking for. Life is full of deception, varying forms of both evil and good and that little bit of child we should hold onto that helps us at times. So really any story that mirrors those points (which are many) could be construed and even forced into the “MK Ultra… Read more »
Of course this movie has a deeper meaning, but it’s not necessarily the MK ultra programming (you can have that interpretation, of course, but it doesn’t have to be the only one!). I see it as a passage from childhood to adult life. As she faces an inner quest and gets in touch with her dark side (what Carl Jung called “the shadow”, those aspects of our personality that remain unconscious), Sarah matures as she learns two important lessons: life is not always fair, but you can find a way to overcome obstacles as you keep moving on and following your bliss; the second lesson is to fight against her egoistic desires (the kind of wishes she might have as a child). As a result, she gets in touch with her inner voices, represented by her imaginary friends. Even though some of them are monstrous or strange, she learns to… Read more »

This is a spot-on synopsis of MK.
I am a bit speechless, now that I think of that fact that this was/is one of my favorite iconic coming-of-age films.
I've always been a fan of Escher, now I am moreso. The Bowie exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art was mindblowing. I only wish I had had this info prior.
Proper fan of this site now, thanks!

Another creepy movie that I've seen more than once. Yikes. Keep up the good work VC

There's one more really creepy thing: Jareth's faces appearing throughout the movie in different parts of the labyrinth. The most obvious one is in the scene with Hoggle, where Jareth gives him a peach to feed to Sara. But there are a few more. Here's a video where these things get pointed out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCmdYCrHXoc

One of my favorite visually stimulating movies. I watched it once as a kid and liked it (big Jim Henson fan) and my first boyfriend bought me a copy after he left me (seeing as he's deeper into a darker part of our religion than i will ever be I wonder about that now after reading this). I will keep the movie in my home and the music on my cell, but will watch it with open eyes and more attention to symbolism in this direction now. I always knew there was something more to it, i have found at least 4 other possible tracks of symbolism in it before now. This is my first article by VC, will definitely have to read more.

Where it says the plot of the movie, when they're dancing in the ballroom scene, he's supposed to be seducing her :/. Still love the movie though

I quite like this movie and am going to watch it again tonight – I will definitely look at it differently now that I've read this but I love reading about deeper meanings of things. This might also make me understand it better as I haven't watched it many times and some bits still just seem weird and/or random to me and I can't follow it properly. I can't wait to watch it again now even more than before. I also love reading about songs by people like Paramore, Rihanna and Lady Gaga – interesting to rewatch the videos and listen to the lyrics when you know what they are really going on about for a change.

I agree with much of the article but i wouldnt be too pessimistic about the ending of the movie. She did triumph because she didnt take the easy way out offered by david bowie's character. At least on a conscious level, she is making a decision not to give in to trickeries of the antagonist. I know, i know, much is made of the subconscious but there is a reason why its called the subconscious. Have you all noticed in any kind of programming being done by the elite, its always the subconscious that they are aiming for? However there are individuals who know themselves or are in touch with themselves so much so that they will not be fooled by tricks. In the end, its a matter of not giving up your power, your consciousness to any one or anything. In my case however i give it up to… Read more »

As Douglas Adams once said, "It's an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem." This only seems to validate that adage. A friend of mine and I were riffing on the film MST3K style, and then suddenly I noticed that during the magic dance (at the line "What magic spell to use"), Jareth puts a finger on the side of his nose- an ASL gesture for snorting cocaine. Another reference to drugs in mind control?

By the by… (sarcastic voice) thanks for the big conversations on this… Reply pleeeeez?

Hmm, missed this article since I haven't been here in months and only recently …

Excellent break down and interpretation of the movie, VC … have been waiting for this in a long while. Thank you.

Im only going to give you a taste of reality,Im an enlightened one and proud to say so.The break down of this movie is intellectually good,but wrong.Well actually reversed.What im about to tell you,you wont comprehend,or believe and thats ok,cause if you did be believe the truth I wouldnt actually write this.Jared(David Bowie Is GOD,btw Im a huge Christian who knows my lord and Savior is Jesus Christ!! yes theres symbology,crystal balls(crystal Period)mirrors,et cetera.However They are all positive in a sense that chosen ones like myself,have been put here for reasons and no there not evil.we dont speak evil,hear evil or see evil.when people like you (i say that with respect and understand your thought process,its just wrong) see the word evil we dont.We see it revearsed Live.theres a positive to everything which the true descendants or children of GOD see all the time.Cant tell you more,but try watching the… Read more »

u gotta check it out its freaky to say the least..yeah people check howling film to do with werewolfs made in 1981 look forward to sum replys .tell me wot u think.