The Occult Interpretation of the Movie “Black Swan” and Its Message on Show Business


“Black Swan” is an intense psychological thriller describing a ballet dancer’s metamorphosis into the “Black Swan”. Behind the movie’s freaky facade lies a profound commentary on the cost of fame, the sacrifice of artists and the hidden forces behind the shady world of high-stakes entertainment. We will look at the occult symbolism of the movie and its themes relating to the dark side of show business.

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan follows shy ballet dancer Nina along her path to success in the demanding world of professional ballet. Black Swan can be considered a companion piece to the director’s previous movie, The Wrestler, which also describes the ups and downs of a troubled person working in a lesser-known field in the performing arts: professional wrestling. Although both movies explore similar themes (i.e. sacrificing one’s self for the good of the performance), the world in which Nina evolves and the obstacles she must endure are diametrically opposed to those of The Wrestler. Randy “The Ram” Robinson is a blue-collar guy living in a blue-collar town and must cope with the physical pain caused by his blue-collar lifestyle.  Nina, on the other hand, performs in the refined world of ballet and her struggles are psychological, emotional and even spiritual.

I often point out that great works of art can be interpreted in numerous ways, depending on the knowledge and experiences of each viewer. This movie is no exception … there are indeed numerous ways to interpret the plot of the movie. Through the use of meanings and symbols, however, the movie clearly alludes to many issues previously discussed on The Vigilant Citizen: the dark and occult side of fame, duality, trauma-based mind control, the forced creation of an alter persona and more. The main character, Nina, goes through a metaphysical change – by getting in touch with her “dark side” –  in order to become a better performer. This change is imposed on Nina by her “handler”, in this case, her ballet director. The movie uses subtle references to trauma-based mind control to explain the creation of an independent alter-person in Nina’s psyche.

Although Black Swan is fiction, it nevertheless explores hidden realities of high-stakes art and performance. There are numerous examples of artists who have embraced darker alter egos to take their art to “another level” … and many who ultimately are consumed by them. We will look at the occult and mind-control elements of Black Swan and see how they relate to some of the realities of the world of professional entertainment.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Movie Summary

Black Swan is a modern retelling of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet, Swan Lake. In the movie, the ballet director, Thomas Leroy (played by Vincent Cassel), describes to his dancers the basic plot of the ballet:

“We all know the story. Virginal girl, pure and sweet, trapped in the body of a swan. She desires freedom, but only true love can break the spell. Her wish is nearly granted in the form of a prince. But, before he can declare his love, the lustful twin, the Black Swan, tricks and seduces him. Devastated, the White Swan leaps off a cliff, killing herself and, in death, finds freedom”.

Nina, a shy and fragile young woman is chosen to play the role of the Swan Queen and must therefore embody both the pure White Swan and the evil Black Swan. Her quest for perfection as a ballet dancer leads her to experience, in her everyday life, the transformation experienced by the White Swan in the ballet’s story. The events of Nina’s daily life therefore mirror the story of the character she takes on as a ballet dancer, ultimately leading to confusion and, as the line between reality and fiction blurs, to apparent insanity.

The director’s use of mirrors and reflections in numerous scenes are a constant reminder of Nina’s altered perception of reality. Mirrors in the movie are often misleading and Nina’s reflections seem to have a “life of their own”. As Nina becomes haunted by the Black Swan, this alternate persona takes a life of its own and acts outside of Nina’s conscious control. We will explain later how this relates to trauma-based mind control.

If you have not read other articles on this site, trauma-based mind control – also known as Monarch Programming –  is the process in which an individual is subjected to intense trauma and dehumanization in order to cause a mental dissociation. This causes a fragmentation of the slave’s personality and enables the handler to create an alternate persona that can be programmed at will. Some researchers claim there are occult elements at work in this process.

“Project MONARCH could be best described as a form of structured dissociation and occultic integration, in order to compartmentalize the mind into multiple personalities within a systematic framework. During this process, a Satanic ritual, usually including Cabalistic mysticism, is performed with the purpose of attaching a particular demon or group of demons to the corresponding alter(s). Of course, most skeptics would view this as simply a means to enhance trauma within the victim,  negating any irrational belief that demonic possession actually occurs.”
– Ron Patton, Project Monarch

A promotional poster for Black Swan. Nina (played by Natalie Portman) is shown with a crack through her face, representing the fracturing of her personality, an important concept and symbol of mind control.

Let’s now look at some central themes of the movie.

Nina and her Trauma

Nina lives in a small New York apartment with her mother, Erica, about whom the least we can say is that she is overbearing. Many allusions to trauma-based mind control can be found in Nina’s living environment and her mother’s controlling behavior.

Nina’s bedroom. Notice the butterflies on the wall, a reference to Monarch programming. Next to the window is a big white rabbit, a symbol of mind control originating from Alice in Wonderland – a fairy tale used in the programming of MK slaves.  By following the White Rabbit Alice is lead to an alternate world, Wonderland, which, in mind control terms, refers to a slave’s dissociative state.

Nina’s mother, a retired ballet dancer who failed to become a star, acts more as a mind-control handler than a mother. She obviously has boundary issues and keeps tight control over all aspects of Nina’s life. Real-life Monarch slaves often start their difficult lives as victims of ritual abuse in their own household. Symbols relating to mind control in Nina’s house probably reflect this sad reality, including her pink, childlike bedroom.

Every night, Erica Sayers winds up the music box next Nina in order to make the little ballerina dance. This is quite symbolic of Nina’s mind-controlled state.
Erica Sayers, Nina’s mother, forcibly undressing her adult daughter. This unsettling scene depicts to Nina’s total submission to her mother and also hints to the unhealthy sexual “familiarity” between the two.

Other people in Nina’s life, apparently preying on her weakness and “victim energy”, take advantage of her sexually.

An old pervert makes obscene gestures to Nina while riding the train. This disturbing scene tells a lot about Nina’s relation to sexuality. Sexual predators sometimes have the sick ability to sniff out and prey on sex-abuse victims.

Nina’s mother has, therefore, subjected her daughter to trauma-based mind control in order to make her a submissive woman who would realize her mother’s failed dreams. This has trained Nina to disassociate to make her existence bearable, which in turn makes Nina the perfect subject for the creation of a dark alter persona: the Black Swan.

Bringing out the Black Swan

Getting back to the storyline, Thomas, the ballet director, is looking for a new ballet star play the role of the Swan Queen. Nina’s meticulous dancing is perfect to play the role of the White Swan, but she must also be able to play the Black Swan, a role that requires the dancer to be twisted, sexual and dangerous. Nina’s frigid style is not suitable for the Black Swan, but Thomas chooses her as the Swan Queen anyway. He knows she has it in her, and he will bring it out.

Thomas bringing out the Black Swan in Nina

At one point, Thomas tells Nina:

“Perfection is not just about control. It is also about letting go. Surprise yourself so you can surprise the audience. Transcendence. Very few have it in them.”

Watching Nina dance, he later says:

“I knew the White Swan wouldn’t be a problem. The real work would be your metamorphosis into her evil twin.”

In order to obtain perfection, or in alchemical terms, to accomplish the Great Work, Nina must master both good and evil – light and darkness. The occult concept of duality becomes therefore extremely important (more on this later).

Thomas’ job is to create in Nina a new, agressive and sexual alter-ego. He therefore becomes Nina’s new mind-control handler. Whereas her mother “programmed” her daughter to be a submissive ballet dancer who never questions her mother/handler, Thomas requires her to embrace the exact opposite. He represents the “big league”, the next level of Monarch programming.

After her meeting with Thomas, Nina, dressed in white, crosses the path of another Nina, dressed in black. This symbolically represents the coming of Nina’s new, dark alter-ego.

In order to become a Black Swan, Nina must be able to be somewhat comfortable with sex, and even enjoy it. So Thomas gives Nina homework: to “touch herself”. Ready to do everything to become a better dancer, Nina tries to masturbate but her mother causes a blockage. Sexual pleasure becomes therefore a form of emancipation from her mother’s control and her initiation to the “big league”.

As the Black Swan grows in power, Nina starts hallucinating physical mutations on her body. The only other person that can see these mutations are Nina’s mother, who, as a handler, has the “key” to her psyche. She is aware of Nina’s gradual transformation and tries to repress it, knowing it will cause the lost of her “little girl”.

Nina hallucinates all kinds of strange mutations on her body. They represent the gradual coming out of the Black Swan in her.

This situation reflects the ugly truth behind real-life ritual abuse. Children, who are already dissociative due to their parent’s abuse, are handed over to “higher instances” who continue the programming process. In this case, Nina is handed over to the entertainment world (known to use Monarch programming on celebrities) to create in her an alter persona destined to be a world-renowned star.

Thomas presenting the new Swan Queen, Nina

In order for Nina to become the new Swan Queen, however, someone must step down.

Beth MacIntyre: The Ageing Star Who Was Pushed Aside

Beth MacIntyre at Nina’s crowning ceremony. She has just learned she is no longer the Swan Queen. She is obviously not happy.

Beth MacIntyre (played by Winona Ryder) is the previous star of the ballet company.  However, she is growing old and “losing her edge”. As a veteran, Beth already went through the “Black Swan process”, and, as some people might say, she “sold her soul to the devil”. Although this deal gave her years of great performances, in the end, the process completely destroyed her. She has become a bitter, conceited and hateful person who is incapable of existing without being the Black Swan.

There are many real life cases of celebrities suffering the same fate. After being recruited, programmed and primed by the industry to become a superstar, they are suddenly dropped and forgotten. Being psychologically damaged, not knowing who they really are, the fallen stars sink into depression, drugs, alcoholism and even suicide.

Thomas, who was Beth’s handler (he called her “my little princess”, a mind-control trigger) no longer needs the alter-ego he created in her. It is however impossible to “deprogram” her, so she completely loses her mind. The next day, the ballet company learns she got hit by a car. Thomas says:

“You know what, I’m also sure she did it on purpose. Everything Beth does comes from within, from some dark impulse. I guess that’s what makes her so thrilling to watch … so dangerous … even perfect at times. But also so damn destructive.”

So the “spirit”, the alter ego that consumed and destroyed Beth, was also the hidden force behind her great performances. The public has always been fascinated by intense and inspired performers who touch them on a primal and visceral level.  Depending on the performance, this source of artistic transcendence has been attributed to the divine or to the devil. Controversial and groundbreaking performers have often dwelt between brilliance and insanity – tapping into a mysterious force at the source of artistic greatness and, on the other hand, imminent self-destruction. Religious people might say this force is nothing less than spirit possession; scientists might say that psychological torment leads to creativity. No matter the term one uses for this “force”, it certainly exists and it is tapped into by some of the world’s most influential artists. Beth hosted this force and it completely destroyed her … and now it can move on to Nina.

The Black Swan Takes Over (Black Wings and Mirrors)

A symbolic movie poster. From the little ballerina rises, as a phoenix from its ashes, a gigantic and menacing Black Swan.

The Black Swan is the artistically brilliant yet spiritually destructive force Thomas wants to see born in Nina. He obviously knows about the Black Swan’s devastating powers, but he doesn’t care and never did: he is after the ultimate performance. Once Nina has been “used” up by the Swan, he will find another dancer to replace her. He is a representation of the entertainment industry, which manipulates artists into becoming Black Swans,  ultimately trashing them when the Swan’s effects have faded.

Black Wings

The “force” of the Black Swan is symbolically represented by black wings at different stages of the movie.

Shortly after being crowned “Swan Queen”, Nina is fascinated by this creepy statue. Little does she know that it represents what she is about to become.
Black wings on the back of Lily (played by Mila Kunis) while she is “giving pleasure” to Nina. The black wings represent the “force” that is communing with Nina. It is penetrating her, giving her orgasm, but also taking over her life.
Nina at the end of her “perfect” performance as the Black Swan. She is briefly shown with black wings, symbolizing that she has become “one” with the Black Swan.


Mirrors are used throughout the movie to symbolically reflect the true state of Nina’s psyche.

Creepy mirror reflection that has a mind of its own. As her metamorphosis advances, Nina realizes that a totally separate entity is living within her. It is completely acting outside of her control. In min-control symbolism, mirror reflections represent a slave’s alter-persona that is programmed and manipulated by a handler.
Right before her big performance as the Black Swan, Nina fights against herself in her dressing room. During the fight between Nina and the Black Swan, a mirror breaks, representing the collapse of the psychological boundary separating both entities. By shattering the mirror, Nina becomes the Black Swan.

The Magnum Opus and the Sacrifice

At the show’s premiere, Nina gives a stellar performance. She successfully plays the sweet and timid White Swan, and, when the time came, she was overtaken by the “force” to become the twisted, yet thrilling, Black Swan. By marrying the white and the black, the good and the evil, the light and the dark, Nina has accomplished the alchemical Great Work, the occult path to illumination.

The process, however,consumed her. By allowing the Black Swan to completely possess her, Nina gave the performance of a lifetime, but she has become a different person. Thomas and the audiences are in love with Nina as the Black Swan – the same way the prince of the ballet falls in love with the White Swan’s evil twin. But this is not the “real” Nina. The Black Swan is a destructive force she cannot live with: it is tormenting her on a physical and psychological level. Not able to go on, the only way Nina can free herself, is by killing herself. And this is what she does.

Nina dying at the end of her performance. Her last words to Thomas: “I was perfect”. 

Does this remind you of anyone else’s self-sacrificing performance?

Lady Gaga “sacrificed” in her performance at the 2009 VMA’s.

Real Life Black Swans

Beyonce and Sasha Fierce, a pop-music equivalent of the White and Black Swan.

There are real (and tragic) examples of brilliant artists who have been consumed by an intense role. Either they self-destroyed or they HAD to die as a ritual sacrifice. Is Black Swan a commentary on this mysterious phenomena?

A recent example of a self-destructive role is Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight.

People close the Ledger claim his role as the Joker caused his demise.

Jack Nicholson warned Heath Ledger on ‘Joker’ role

Heath Ledger thought landing the demanding role of the Joker was a dream come true – but now some think it was a nightmare that led to his tragic death.

Jack Nicholson, who played the Joker in 1989 – and who was furious he wasn’t consulted about the creepy role – offered a cryptic comment when told Ledger was dead.

“Well,” Nicholson told reporters in London early Wednesday, “I warned him.”

Though the remark was ambiguous, there’s no question the role in the movie earmarked as this summer’s blockbuster took a frightening toll.

Ledger recently told reporters he “slept an average of two hours a night” while playing “a psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy …

“I couldn’t stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going.”

Prescription drugs didn’t help, he said.

– NY Daily News, Source

For more on Heath Ledger, read this article I wrote on his last movie and symbols regarding his sacrifice “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice.

Another example of an actor dying in mysterious circumstances after playing the role of a devilish and twisted character is Brandon Lee as The Crow.

Brandon Lee mysteriously died DURING the filming of The Crow. The official story of his death is still widely disputed. The scene during which he died was highly symbolic.

In addition to those two extreme cases, there are many cases of artists who, after years of brilliance, mysteriously self-destroyed. Drugs and suicide are often blamed for the tragedies but who really knows what  happened with Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison, just to name a few?


In Conclusion

Black Swan is a profound movie that can be interpreted on many levels. We looked at the occult and mind-control elements of the movie and examined its messages on the shady world of show business. The movie’s commentary on the entertainment world’s marriage with occult forces is something that has been discussed numerous times on the Vigilant Citizen. Although the concept is rarely discussed or even noticed by the average person, insiders in the entertainment world often attest to strange forces of varying kinds at work in the industry.

Through Nina’s metamorphosis from a shy nobody to a possessed superstar, the viewers experience the dark side of entertainment. Mind control, manipulation and immorality collide with success and recognition. Dark impulses, addictions and self-destruction arise with artistic genius and creative brilliance. Those who are “running the show” know how to bring the Black Swan out of up-and-coming artists … and they know very well it will destroy them in the long run. And they are OK with that. The same way Beth was pushed aside to welcome a new Swan Queen, the public will always welcome the elite’s newest star with applause and acclaim. Because, as they say, the show must go on.




    • Me too, Natasha!!

      Woah, VC! Awesome! I haven't seen the film, but just the promos for it made me think of the occut!


      • By the way, I JUST looked at her IMDb page and her first role was in 1994 as Nina in a short called Developing. Hmmmm….Developing Nina… Maybe very planned in a way?

      • Something i thought might have been good to point as well is, as someone else has mentioned, the end scene in which Nina climbs a few stairs and a huge painted sun is right behind her. It may be because I am aware of this symbols, but I actually thought it looked more like she was being sacrificed to the sun, more than anything else.

        Another scene which I found interesting is when Nina goes to her teacher's apartment and he is "explaining" the role to her, there is a painting of a rorschach ink painting in the living room…which I thought could be a reference to something deeply psychological happening during that meeting and also I found it interesting that Jay Z chose to put Warhol's Rorschach on the cover of his book.

        Overall and as always, this was a great article, although I think that when VC says that Nina is interrupted when "touching herself" by "visions of her mother" I don't think it is the best way of explaining the scene.

        One of thing is to have visions of your mother while masturbating and having to stop because of that, and another is to masturbate and then stop because you realize your mother is in the room asleep on the couch…

        Know what I mean?

      • My point exactly! It wasn't a vision, her freakingly overly protective mother slept in her room all night. THAT SCENE WAS TOO HORRIBLY FUNNY!!!! But I do agree, the fact she wasn't able to even handle 'grown folk business' because of her mother is beyond unhealthy. Her mother made my want to spit!!!!

      • Hey, don’t you realize they purposely depited the mother as someone overbearing and psycho?
        She gave up her dream, failed in her career, so she raise Nina– which should be the “noble” thing to do instead of having an abortion–she chose to be good, therefore a loser….

        Mother becomes her controller
        Director becomes her handler
        Nina is invited to “Satan’s side” on the night of the gala.. hence, the statue of Lucifer…
        She becomes the ultimate sacrafice

        This whole movie gives an excuse to glorify evil. its quite disgusting and convincing… I watched this movie and felt sick to my stomach beginning from the openning scene. Filled with evil and gives an excuse for it!!!

        The media wants us to forget that our soul is pure, filled with the holy spirit and goodness. They keep exposing us to evil…. So we could forget our morals, so we could forget God…. too bad we’re not that dumb


      • LOL!! this is too funny! let's see how moral you are when the shit hits the fan. embrace your dark side. your gonna need it. remember anger is a gift.

      • Emmanuel Goldstein on

        our souls are not pure– they are in fact the complete opposite. Thus the state of today's world.

      • i liked your opinion. Yes we human beings are born pure , reaching adulthood each of our minds does become corrupted in some way or the other but intrinsically we r good people. the world plays 'mind control' in many ways and most are 'programmed' and everyone knows its very difficult for us to be inert to these 'mind controls' . I think realiztion of our present state and how much we are controlled by others like family members, envious peers, public in large etc. is the key. The day we realize that we are independent, pure, good people but without perfection who can correct themselves that is the day we can attain 'freedom' or else end up destroying ourselves.

      • That totally was a statue of lucifer! It was too apparent to just be some creepy, glorious thing she just happened to see. Great point Charlie… I noticed the rising sun at the end as well. It is a bit of a conicidence that she would sacrifice herself right at that moment as the sun is comming up.

        Oh, and did anyone notice how everything illuminated at the end? She became one with the lights. The spot lights.

        Oh, and I was just thinking maybe VC could go more in depth of Mila's character. I know there's some trigger happening there, i mean, she did give Nina the Ex that catapuled the the comming of the Black Swan.

      • i agree that her mother was creepy and overbearing, but i honestly felt like the more and more nina became the black swan, the more remorseful/concerned her mother became… at the end she was worried about nina's health. she told the dance company she couldn't make the performance because she wasn't well.

      • interesting point! and yeah maybe that's what they wanted to create with the role of nina on her first movie… if that movie has something to do with mind control and all that stuff…did you see the movie?

      • I haven't seen it yet. But I'll look into it. It would be very interesting if it was. It just caught my eye and made me think, haha. But Yeah, it still makes it creepy for me.

      • Yea! i think thats really interesting. im curious now. i have a feeling it wasnt coincidence. its too weird. i wanna look into it too


      • BTW, look at what natalie is wearing in her picture

        and "Developing" is a short film, dealing with breast cancer in a single mother. As well as dealing with the disease she also has to bring herself to level with her daughter, who is just barely scratching the surface of puberty. What can she possibly understand about the emotional and psychological trauma her mother must endure? Written by Rick Siote

        has stuff about psychological trauma…?

    • Yeah, as soon as I saw the posters up around the cinema, I was like: When is Vigilant Citizen going to make an article from it?

      • Blonde Pigeon (becau on

        Hmmmm ….. 'Golden Globe'

        Yet more sun symbolism!

        Also found with the Oscars …… check out

        ps I'm not saying sun worship is 'evil' or anything …. just pointing out some hidden meanings that the rulers of the world keep from the masses. After all most major religions evolved out of sun worship also.

        And now we stay indoors and gaze up at the stars …. movie 'stars' … And we worship movie stars! We 'love' our celebs! (many of which seem to be under mind control).

        No wonder the world is in such a mess!

      • In 538 BC, Cyrus released the Jews from captivity at Babylon, who returned to Jerusalem and rebuilt their Temple. It was at this time, known as the Second Temple period, that the Bible, although derived from earlier material, was compiled and seems to have incorporated a number of Zoroastrian doctrines. Ever since the initial suggestion of Count Constantin in 1791, the importance of the influence of Zoroastrianism on Judaism was promoted by the History of Religions School. Currently, many important scholars maintain the thesis of Zoroastrian influence on Judaism, including Duchesne-Guillemin, Gnoli, Hinnels, Anders Hultgard, Joseph Kitagawa, Shaked, David Winston and Mary Boyce.

    • sawthebestinme on


      please talk about Aaliyah dying while filming that satanic "queen of the damned"

      u might be right about choosing roles VC

    • i am a psychology student and extremely interested in clinical illnesses such as dissocial personality disorders (spilt personaltiy) and psychosis, which nina suffers from in black swan.

      i could wait to see this film and it was better than i thought it would be. many people find the film distrubing but my interest seems to have stopped me finding it distrubing at all. i do not find anything evil with this film, many people suffer from mental illnesses, whether they are to do with demonic possession etc is personal opinion.

      i beleive that people should see how the mind can sometimes suffer resulting in these illnesses. this film shows what many people go through, mental illness effects 1/3 of people.

      whether you think the film is wrong or not is again personal choice but one god thing to come from it is getting christians talking about psychological illnessess they effect so many people is it not time that we step up find out why tragic stories lik ninas occur and try to stop them?

      • While this movie certainly has some deep symbolism, I think it's moreso a portrayal of an individual suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

    • Freedom of the Minds on

      Just happened to catch this movie on a whim, it was well-made and incredibly disturbing, more disturbing because the brainwashing/kidnapping racket that gov't runs is real.

      It's the worst kind of evil

    • you know whats funny is that now she's gonna star in another movie about gods, it's coming out in the summer i think it's called TORC….you know that Norse god of war…o m g….wtf…these people are so pathetic can't they come up with any more interesting movies…

      • The upcoming movie is called Thor, and it's a comic book that's being made into a movie, a comic book that has been around for a very, very, long time. I, personally, find VC articles interesting and thought provoking, I must admit that it does seem that there is a lot of searching for demons, devils, and occult symbolism behond almost every film reel and music album

    • Concerned Citizen on

      I haven't watched the movie yet. It's disturbing, but I'm going to watch it. The movie reminds us how far we can go and how much we can do to reach our dreams and know ourselves in the process and the outcome.

  1. I thank Vigilant Citizen for pointing out this kind of stuff to all the blind people out there. We need to stay vigilant, turn off our TVs, Read more, Spread the Gospel before our time is gone. No man left behind. Halaujah

    • another opened eye on

      one thing that i have done since i started reading vigilant was to turn off the tv. i don't feel like it anymore. before i wanted to have 200 channels and all the mtv"s available in the world. now i totally don't care at all. i play video games rent movies and have the local channels for new, because my boyfriend hooked up the antenna, otherwise i wouldn't even have that.

      life is real boring after vigilant, but i am finding different type of entertainment like, gospel music, reading the bible having a rest time with myself.

      before i would wake up and sleep listing to music and i wouldn't do anything without music in my ears. gosh!!

      i do still listen to some songs but with my ears wide open really paying a lot of attention of what are they singing!

      • Aware now: Sim1 on

        I tottaly agree, I use to be fooled by Lady gaga, i still listen to her music but not so deepley like before, i am aware now. From reading this website it has made me aware, I see all these occult symbols everywhere on the TV everywhere. I use to want loads of music channels now i want to get rid of them its in evry video.

      • everyone is blinded except us. we know bout the truth n they don't. we got to be prepared 4 wht lies ahead cause 2012 is closing in pretty fast so lets me the best of it cause the worse is yet to come

      • I disagree, I think most people just don't care. As long as you're right with your own faith then what difference does it make if there's symbolism in tv movies and music. You can only save yourself.

      • Try reading the classical canon of English Literature. It may even give you a deeper understanding of the Bible.

        It may, however, alienate you from many of your pious friends when your interests drift from being a passive receptacle for junk information to being a critical thinker capable of deconstructing the nonsense that passes for 'knowledge' in the minds of many.

  2. It crossed my mind to see but as a Christian i HavE to stay away from horror movies, i used to be obssessed with them. Its funny because Beyonce and Brittany are described as shy off stage, then they are whores on stage.

      • you don't HAVE to stay away from horror films you choose to, as do those living a true life for Christ do. Normally when a Chrisitan feels like they HAVE to do anything because that's what God says, and not because of their love for God, then it's probably time to reevaluate their relationship with Him.

      • The desire has left, but i do find myself sometimes tempted to watch one. My LOVE for him overrides it most of the time. One guy whose daughter was killed by the SEattle Green River mile Killer told the killer at his sentencing "As a Christian he is SUPPOSED TO FORGIVE, and this situation has made it hard to but since the Bible says it he HAS TO" Do you think HIS FLESH wanted to? of course not. That why Christ said pray because the spirit is willing but THE FLESH IS INDEED WEAK. So when i say i have it is true, then God will give you the desire to want to,. But lets be honest and not play the holier than thou card, the flesh is cunning and will TRY to override the spirit.

      • If the desire is gone if that passion to live a life for Christ is gone then how can God's love override the decision to not watch horror flicks or anything else that goes against His word if you're simply doing it because you have to and not because you choose to as a result of the desire and passion you have for Him?

      • readbetweenthelines on

        Alisa I have read and heard that our subconscious thoughts affect every living cell on this planet. I've heard from scientists and programmers that they do not watch horror/death movies for this purpose. They say the less people watch horror movies, the less negative energies and thoughts permeating through this society. Not that YOU are going to do something, that you saw in a horror movie, but the thoughts you have when you see one has a direct affect on everything biological. I also believe horror movies numb us like Novocain, to violence and hatred.

      • i used to be one of those kids at 5 watching horror movies by myself, never had a nightmare, The more blood, grotesque, gore the more i loved it until i got truly born again at the age of 28. As a child of God you are not supposed to let evil be a form of entertainment besides the spirits that are behind these movies. I had a rage problem and i fouind myself having vivid scenes of murder, just plain brutality against the person i was made at. It was uncontrollable rage. I assure you i was one of those people that could have committed a "crime of passion" All those years of mentally and spiritually absorbing scenes of murder, rage, violence, everything evil finally took its tool. Im not saying this is the case for every horror movie fanatic but for me it was and it was a spirit. No, i wasn't possessed, but i can say influenced like many people. One guy put it bluntly"Why should the Devil's kids entertain God's."

      • Bay State Observer on

        GAbrielle, permit me to recommend the book “Monsters From The Id: The Rise of Horror In Fiction and Film”. It was published in the year 2000 by Spence Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas. If I’m not mistaken, it is still in print

        It is written by Dr. E. Michael Jones, editor of the controversial magazine Culture Wars and it’s predecessor Fidelity. I don’t agree with everything he’s written in this book, nor in the magazines he has edited. But when he’s on the money, he’s on the money.

        Here is the link to the “most helpful favorable review” of this book, according to

        I have read this book three times myself. Dr. Jones has convinced me of his thesis. After reading this detailed book, I believe you might be convinced also.

        Thank you for your time and attention.

      • Bay Stae Observer- that was an interesting article/review you put up. It makes me want to analyze my relationship with horror films. As i kid i would watch some horror films from time to time. Some freaked me out, some bored me. I use to get creeped out by strange things i guess. Like i remember watching "children of the corn" and being freaked out by that but I watched all the "Friday the 13" movies with only mild intrest and maybe an overly critical analysis of the fake blood they used.

        Now as an adult though i find myself very squimish and I can't stand horror movies. Even the black swan and a few bloody scenes that i couldnt tolerate. Yes, i was hiding my eyes while watching the black swan!

        Maybe it's because I was a virgin when i was young and now that im no longer a virgin, horror movies freak me out.

        Well, i guess that's probably not it. You just take things more seriously as an adult and reading vigilant citizen all the time has made me hyper aware of movies where humans are being ripped limb from limb. But it is a very interesting idea.

      • LOL. Are you serious? Honey, God doesn't give a crap what you watch, as long as you are a good person. It's just entertainment.

        You sound like one of those "crazy Christians" everyone laughs at. When did this site get overrrun with all these "JESUS SAAAVES!" types anyhow?

      • Yes, he does care what you watch.

        Psalm101:3 – I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; [it] shall not cleave to me.

        You do not own the site, the "holier than thous" have as much right to be here as you. If you are offended you can leave, no one is holding a gun to your head.

      • You're kidding, right? I guess you don't quite understand the message Vigilant is trying to convey with his website… This evil medium–The Media–The mediaTOR is attempting to poison us with this type of "entertainment." The Illuminati/occult/secret societies are ACTIVE participants in this war in 'the heavens.' It's not just about a few power hungry people hell-bent on control of the masses….this goes much further with the ultimate goal of "ascension" for an elite few. This is a spiritual war…I was raised by these 'illumined ones' and let me tell you from experience…There isn't an ATHEIST among them. They are well aware of the spiritual implications of their choice.

        Are you?

      • it's more about the kind of stuff you fill your consciousness with

        it makes it much more challenging to live a life of compassion

        when watching people torture other people as a form of entertainment

        or music that encourages adultery, jealousy, envy and greed

        one chooses not to partake in such information because it's spiritually draining and emotionally toxic

        it's like choosing not to consume transfats because they are nutritionally nefarious

        it's not explicitly forbidden in the Revelation, but it's obviously unhealthy,

        so why subject yourself to it?

        that being said, i saw the movie, and i like lady gaga, and i recognize this makes devotional practice more difficult, still i enjoy the stuff enough to justify to myself, though i know better.

        we humans are funny like that

        as the saying goes

        pick your poison

      • well i find that odd, i was the same way, my favorite genre is horror, iv been watching ever since i was 3, and i have never ever imagined having explicit murder or horror scenes in my life and im still 14, the last nightmare i can remember was when i was a child, as for my temperament, i seem quite mild, I rarely get angry and when i do, i usually imagine fighting verbally than physically, or i'd just wish they would disappear, but one thing i did notice, I'm overly sensitive, ex. I was talking to my friend on the phone and he mentioned something about me not being very close to my family during religious holidays and stuff, I swear to God (tho i doubt his existence) i was about to cry.

        even though it was not a touchy subject, i felt bad, once my friends ate my lunch when i was really hungry and I started crying, I dont get why…… its just so weird to cry like that…..

      • I believe your sensitivity is because God is there and your heart knows it. Please don't swear to God, it offends him and it is a mortal sin.

      • Exactly- why swear to a God you do not believe in? That makes no sense. Stop offending the God that we believers serve.

        You can't even swear to yourself because you don't even know how many hairs are on your head nor the plans God has for your existence.

      • she's right, it's more of a love for god, meaning why she doesn't watch horror films. But its also very contradictory. I don't know if you read the bible, or even believe in god for a matter of fact, (after all these articles, I don't know how someone wouldn't), but the bible says that god does not give man a spirit of fear. Watching horror movies plays on peoples fears, and messes with something spiritual, which was not given to man by god.

  3. Jack was mad they didn't ask him to play the joker?? What nerve? and it showed how coldhearted his programming made him. That is what you say when you hear someone died, "i told you so" very sympathetic and respectful. I seen him in interviews and he looks like death. haggard, tired, and drained. So does Robert dinero. I don't know if he is a victim but he looks horrible, fat, bloated, sluggish, nothing like his"scarface"days. Thank God Robert Dinero still looks good. Sorry went off track.

      • I believe that VC was reporting that Jack Nicholson had warned Heath Ledger of the devastating effects of playing such a dark role. Jack Nicholson already played the Joker in Tim Burton's 1989 version of Batman. Read the quote again and try to understand it differently.

      • I agree with you, Claire. Jack Nicholson was not mad that he hadn't been asked to play the role. He was mad that he hadn't been "consulted". Very different.

    • I think you might have misread that.. it says that Jack was mad that he wasn't "consulted", which could even have meant because he would have liked to warn whomever off the role earlier than when he was able to, and he was obviously glad he wasn't asked to play the character again by the fact that he "warned" Heath Ledger. :)

    • Gabrielle, Jack Nicholson was implying that Heath could not handle the role. He knew that he had got into it so much that it was taking him over. Jack Nicholson could have played the part without destroying himself.

      I know it's popular for people to diss all Hollywood stars but some of them like Nicholson have kept their head and themselves together throughout their career. Jack might have been in The Shining but it didn't make him change into the character and he is an actor who has never overdosed on drugs, legal or illegal.

  4. One of the best articles you've written so far, for one of the best movies I have watched.

    Congrats and keep up the awesome work.

    • CingIsBelieving on

      GREAT STUFF!!!!!! I couldnt wait til you wrote this! I just posted my interpretation of this movie on there last night! and i hit the nail on the head! Getting better at picking up on these things.

      But honestly after watching this movie I felt so weird….I had alot of emotion afterwards. I was actually able to explain to my boyfriend what is represented.

      BTW I was watching Adult Swim last night and they had so much illuminati Referncing on there I had to turn off the TV. They would go to a commercial and come back with something crazy. for instance they had two guys dressed in masonic ceremonial attire and stood between them was an alter and up pops this robot…

      hey VC could you please find some info on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim..keep up the great work! <3

    • I haven't seen it, but in VC's picture showing the white rabbit, what is the animal in the other window? Is that a lamb? As in "led to slaughter"?

    • also forgot when she sacrifices herself at the end, she literally jumps from an illuminated, incomplete pyramid… when i saw that i was blown away.

  5. now that i've read the article, way to put it, the entertainment industry definitely brings the black swan out of "their" up and coming girls mostly, maybe boys can't think right now "morning haze" hehehe

  6. Nicely done.

    It is very important in my mind that Monarch Programming be proven and brought to light. How is this to be done? I myself sit on a fence regarding the truth of this brutal method of behavior control, but only because firm evidence has yet to come to light. The best evidence I can think of is the statement of a programmer, with a list of subjects. Motive must also come into focus on this matter.

    Minus evidence, Monarch Programming is as much fantasy as the movies that very evidently allude to it.

    The complexity of our reality is beyond the human mind. Systems with generational tradition, or governmental incentive are more capable of unearthing the capacity of personality than the casual observer will entertain. For this reason we must have evidence in order to unwind such a system. Short of this, we are all in the rabbit hole together.

    Thanks for your work,


  7. i saw this movie when it first came out and the first thing i thought when i finished was i wonder if vigilant is going to write an article.

    i must say this article hit it right on the spot. the movie was somewhat disturbing to watch but yet it was such a good thriller. it amazes me how they can put so much into one movie.

    but its sad that this evil dark side has control over the good. alot of good actors and musicians have died because of the dark alter egos they develop.

    • "because of the dark alter egos they develop…" including dabbling with homosexuality when they are straight. that would be the case here with nina & mina's character.

      not knocking gay people (because i have gay friends and gay cousins) have you noticed that hollyweird projects the image that sleeping the people of the same gender is as common as heterosexuality? in reality, only 10% of the population is gay; hollyweird caters to the marginal types.

      when i saw this movie in the theater, i was pregnant and hormonal. saw it with several sorority sisters (one of which is a lesbian). i must say i was quite uncomfortable with the love scene. it wasn't even very loving, as you can imagine a "love" scene is supposed to be. it felt like rape in essence.

  8. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Oh My God, you analyzed this movie perfectly. When I saw the previews, I thought the same thing about the dancer tapping in to the darkside. Not only that I am also noticing that Natalie Portman is getting a lot of movie roles ince she played Nina in the Black Swan. We as people are some how drawn to the darkside. You stated, "Religious people might say this force is nothing less than spirit possession; scientists might say that psychological torment leads to creativity. No matter the term one uses for this “force”, it certainly exists and it is tapped into by some of the world’s most influential artists." I thnk everyone know that the dark force was a demon from Satan's army . Demons are real. They can feel, hear and talk. Humans cannot see them from the physical realm. Only special anonited people can see them and speak to them as Jesus did in the Bible.

    That is why when people play with these forces, evil spirits or whatever you want to call them end up losing their minds or lives.We cannot control them. These things are constantly looking for hosts to control. People as well as the industry are crazy to think that they are in control when they entertain these spirits and forces. The character ended up killing herself, because her handler (mother), her director responsibe for the transformation (possession) and she were not able to free her from the spirit. The dark force came humble upon their request of opening that avenue, but grew stronger due to Nina's submission to it.

    The movie industry knows this is reality. I do not summon demons as some people do, and pray that the people on this blog do not. These things are real and can cause havoc in people's lives. Nina in this movie is a prime example that a person cannot just turn on and turn these things off. They do not answer to our demands, especially after people invite them in their bodies.

    I would like to hear from someone who frequently performs exorcisms. I often read about painters painting grat pieces and do not remember painting them and the same for writers. This is all too real and should not be considered as entertainment. The movie is fiction, but the plot is all to similar with reality.

    Look at Criss Angels. He is scary enough.

    • I think exorcism is more like a demonic show. Yes demons do suffer when encountering God, and its more evident, but for them to exist in someone its not always like this. Someone could be possessed but in a very subtle way, others may never know. I can’t claim I know but as a Christian I sometimes clearly see when someone is acting out of satanic will. I can’t always tell, but there are cases where it is clear to me. Its different than just one’s own bad will…Having satanic influence also is not something unusual as there are tons of demons looking to ‘devour’ souls….Our life is really, to fight that with the power of Christ, to fight for your soul by the choices you make in life, and by how much you learn to love God. It’s not easy because you have to fight yourself too. But if done in faith, its worth it at the end.

    • I think that all artistic activities involve going outside yourself. My favorite saying about inspiration is that "I got this idea from a space about a quarter inch above the top of my head."

      I knew a lady who got into ballet. She was a rising star – then one day she didn't remember what she did on stage. The next day she watched herself perform (yes, that happens). The next day she quit.

    • I saw Criss Angel's crappy show in Vegas. It's so easy to see right through his parlor tricks. But he is definitely creepy and possessed. Even my skeptical husband, whose hero is Dark Vader (jk), would NOT see the show with me. I had to go alone to a Cirque Show. It's also quite possible that our son was conceived that night, but that's a different story altogether. Bottom line: Holly Madison did right to leave him!

  9. Wow. When I watched this movie I thought Nina was schizo but as I got to the end I realized Monarch Program.

    This really is a great post, website everything!

  10. Amazing!!!!! Watched the movie and knew it was a total illuminati film. Still a great film though. And how creepy is it that Jack Nicholson said that about the Joker role. I always loved Batman as a kid. Never knew how demonic it all really was.

    • well, since VC didn’t, would you please go into detail about that? i know alot of people who saw the film that were confused about that part.

    • No, it was with herself. She kept thinking Mila's character was out to get her (which she was bc everyone wanted her role), but her handler kept telling her it wasn't Mila. The only thing standing in her way was herself. He was telling her she must destroy and overcome being the shy little virgin to become the star. When she was seeing Mila's character, she was seeing HERSELF. She was seeing what she needed to become and envied her which is why she imagined attacking and killing her in her dressing room. She was really destroying the "old" Nina. But Nina couldn't handle that kind of life, so she embraced her true self and found freedom from her mother, her handler, and the sick world of show business by killing herself. Her handler saw her as the perfect challenge. He prayed on her weakness and willingness to please. Her mother was merely jealous of Nina's accomplishments. That's why she wanted to lock her up. The movie is very occultish. The director's office was all black and white. Duality was all over the place. The scene where Beth stabs herself repeatedly in the face shouting I am nothing over and over was very blatant programming gone bad. I was surprised Vigilant failed to mention that. Nina had realized what it was like.

  11. Another great article VC. Keep them coming. I have been paying more and more attention and see them in everything around me. It angered me the other day when I bought what I thought was a kid friendly, clean xbox game (Peggle) for my kids that had the eye of Horus in it as one of the levels. i was thoroughly disgusted. I think we'll be seeing even more of this and people who keep just ignoring it hoping it will go away are so WRONG. Wake up, realize it's all around you. Educate yourself and your kids and families. It's only gonna get worse. i pray that those who don't know the Lord find him and those that want nothing to do with these evil forces keep praying. Thanks again VC, so glad to read your articles.

  12. The most serious Black Swan in Real Life was Princess Diana who died in Occult fashion Sacrificially August 31st, 1997; and the "Royals" have four Black Swans on the pond by where she is buried… Diana’s funeral was held September 6, 1997 and was watched by approximately 2.5 billion people. She was laid to rest in a long black dress, holding rosary beads given to her by Mother Teresa. Her grave is on an island in an ornamental lake (The Round Oval) in Althorp Park. Thirty-six oak trees, symbolizing each year of her life, lead to the lake. 4 black swans swim in the lake, symbolically guarding the island.

    Read more:

    Nostradamus – Century 2, Quatrain 28

    "The last son of the man with the Prophet's name

    Will bring Diana to her day of rest.

    At a distance they wander in frenetic grief

    Delivering a great people from ruin."

    Her grave, on the "Round Oval", on the island in the lake.

    A path with 36 oak-trees, marking each year of her life, is leading to the "Round Oval".

    Originally the family-animals were buried on this island, including Diana´s

    favorite cat Marmalade. The oak and limetrees on the island are planted

    by the family, also by Diana herself. White Rambling roses are planted all over.

    At the end of the island stands an urn from Portland stone.

    FOUR BLACK SWANS are swimming in the lake, symbolizing sentinels (Elements – Earth/Aire/Fyre/Water) guarding Diana's grave.

    In a dream Charles Spencer saw this vision.

    In the water there are several water lilies.

    White roses and lilies were Diana's favorite flowers.

    The Black Swan is the official state emblem of Western Australia, and is depicted on the Flag of Western Australia, as well as being depicted on the Western Australian Coat-of-Arms. The symbol is used in other emblems, coins, logos, mascots and in the naming of sports teams.

    The Roman satirist Juvenal wrote in 82 AD of rara avis in terris nigroque simillima cygno ('a rare bird in the lands, and very like a black swan'). He meant something whose rarity would compare with that of a black swan, or in other words, as a black swan did not exist, neither did the supposed characteristics of the ‘rare bird’ with which it was being compared. The phrase passed into several European languages as a popular proverb, including English, in which the first four words (a rare bird in the land) are often used ironically. For some 1500 years the black swan existed in the European imagination as a metaphor for that which could not exist.

    The Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh made the first European record of sighting a black swan in 1697 when he sailed into, and named, the Swan River on the western coast of New Holland (historic name for the island continent of Australia). The sighting was significant in Europe where "all swans are white" had long been used as a standard example of a well-known truth. In 1726 two birds were captured near Dirk Hartog Island, 850 kilometres (530 mi) north of the Swan River, and taken to Batavia (now Jakarta) as proof of their existence.

    The taking of black swans to Europe in the 18th and early 19th centuries brought the birds into contact with another aspect of European mythology: the attribution of sinister relationships between the devil and black-coloured animals such as a black cat. Black swans were considered to be a witch's familiar, and often chased away or killed by superstitious folk. This may explain why black swans have never established a sizeable presence as feral animals in Europe or North America.

    In Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, the sinister and seductive black swan, Odile, is contrasted with the innocent white swan, Odette. This is tied to Stravinky's "Rite of Spring" Ballet.

    The Rite of Spring, original French title, Le sacre du printemps (Russian: Весна священная, Vesna svyashchennaya), is a 1913 ballet with music by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, original choreography by Vaslav Nijinsky, and original set design and costumes by archaeologist and painter Nicholas Roerich, all under impresario Serge Diaghilev. The music's innovative complex rhythmic structures, timbres, and use of dissonance have made it a seminal 20th century composition.

    The Occult Illuminati painter/explorer Nicholas Roerich shared his idea with Stravinsky in 1910, his fleeting vision of a pagan ritual in which a young girl dances herself to death. Stravinsky's earliest conception of The Rite of Spring was in the spring of 1910. Stravinsky writes,

    "… there arose a picture of a sacred pagan ritual: the wise elders are seated in a circle and are observing the dance before death of the girl whom they are offering as a sacrifice to the god of Spring in order to gain his benevolence. This became the subject of The Rite of Spring."

    The Girl of Sacrifice was dosed with Amanita Muscaria and Drugs to Dance to Death Sacrificially.

    Is it not a bitter Irony that this Ballet movie "Black Swan" has ties to Diana & the Rite of Spring in Mythos???


  13. How can they be so blantant !!! Now everything is about mindcontrol or illuminati in all of these "wonderful" movies… Gosh can't a person watch a normal good movie x/

    Anyway sorry about that lol… but back to the black swan

    its so sad how they turn these stars into a black swan…These handlers in my opinion arent even human…who would do stuff like that to another human being. thats just sick and wrong… and when they become black swans there either sacrificed or commit suicide or killed… Gosh i guess the entertainment buisness isnt so glamorous after all :(

      • @balkanezi

        It's ok I got all the time in the world

        and besides i like to learn new things :)

      • try researching "the template" ceremonies or "the ancient secrets of the flower of life", "merkaba", on youtube and the internet in general and the truth will begin to unfold… otherworldly beings (aka aliens) are all part and parcel of this amazing universoul journey… xxx

    • i'm sorry to say, but i really believe that there is no "good, normal movie", nor has there ever been. I say this not to discount the hard work and efforts that all kinds of artists have put into their film or television work; i myself even have a degree in film and television production from back in the "old days" lol; but I say it because "the media" as a whole IS the illuminfarty's main propaganda tool, and always has been. it was created in america/australia in the early 1910s, and its full use was discovered during the world wars when the media as a whole became an issue of National Security to have – so that you could stay in contact with what was really happening around the world – and enjoy your daily dose of mind control to boot.

      best advice is to switch off your tv, your radio, your dvd, and be yourself… listen to community radio stations or research your own stuff on the internet. or better yet go out and make an amazing life for yourself, sharing love and light with your community.

      all we have to do is learn to Be Here Now at all times, be in our hearts, and love will prevail once more… xxx

  14. I think the breakdown of this article is great. I love sending my friends here that are caught up in the ways of the world and are blind to the symbolism and wickedness that is being used to break us down. I think that these reviews are good for those of us that have no intention of ever seeing this movie, or to research things from our past, but the question I pose to the people that are supposed to be awake to this occult media is why pay money to support it? Surely we could find something better to do with our time then watch this stuff. I fear that some of us are getting too caught up in it, to the point we become obsessed with it. Let us live our lives and display courage to be good role models to the lost and spread the word of this brainwashing and help wake people up, but do we really need to spend our hard earned cash to support it? I dont think so, I hope that we dont become so obsessed with these kids of movies/music that we actually start getting sucked in. Props though to you VC for almways breaking it down intelligently so everyone can get their no-doze on. Please continue the great work!

  15. It seems to me that this is nothing more then demonic possession. In order to allow the demonic spirit expression through the persons body the persons (will) or (spirit) or (soul) must be killed, suppressed or shattered. Thats what MK Ultra is. As long as the (will) or (spirit) or (soul) of that person is fighting for the possession of their body the demonic spirit can not enter in and take full possession. Once the demonic spirit has entered few can contain it and it torments them forever, suicide, or murder will release it back to it original state waiting for its next victim. Demons are like serial killers, always taking a token of their victim. The bible tells us the body is the Temple

    And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.Matthew 10:28

  16. Demons are like a hologram..they shape shift into anyone or anything. A house where a demon resides will hunt out a victim to take possession of. Once they posses the person they drive them mad until they commit the most evil of horrors, like murder or suicide. The demon so immersed in his act often takes on the form of the victim. Like a serial killer who takes tokens of his victims. Then those who reside in the house later see Apparitions or Ghosts of the victim….Little do they know its the demon taking on the form of his victim…Thats why the Bible forbids communication with them.

    • Good point. These ghost hunting shows are all over tv now, but do they have a clue about what they're dealing with? One of those guys says after spending the night at a "haunted" location, he felt like something followed him back to his hotel. He says he could hardly sleep. These people are playing with something far worse than fire.

  17. Ok, so here's my prediction….Natalie Portman will continue to rise in fame and fortune. She will wallow in success and appear to have it all. Then, she will be sacrificed to the industry along with all the former "puppets" such as Heath Ledger, Brandon Lee, and countless others. And her scream will fall on deaf, dumbed down ears, just as the ones before her. We will hear some bullcrap story that she died of overdose, and then we will sit back and watch another innocent sheep brought to the slaughter. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat….

    God, help us…

    • I'm suspicious of this instant fiance she's acquired. Like I posted above, he seems like he could be a handler. And let's not forget Natalie's been in the business since childhood. There's no telling what she's been exposed to.

    • No, God Help YOU, Tammy! To make such a 'prediction' abt the death of a beautiful & talented young woman Who Is Currently Pregnant is a REALLY despicable thing to say! Why project such ill will on someone who has never done anything to you?

      (Now I remember why I stopped coming to this place…)

      People, Please STOP Drinking The Koolaid! Forget Illuminati Mind Control — taking every word VC posts (& yes, I consider myself a fan of his) as gospel is just another version of Mind Control! THINK FOR YOURSELVES — TEST THESE THINGS TO SEE IF THEY ARE TRUE! Every successful, attractive person in Hollywood or the music business is NOT an Illuminati puppet destined for an early death. (Altho' Ga-Ga damn sure might be!) Take a moment to examine what you already know abt Hollywood & Use Your Common Sense!

      the best thing abt celebs is that they're in our faces every day, so we know quite a lot abt most of them. John Belushi had great early success then died young — but no one ever says he was an 'Illuminati puppet'? Why — becuz he was fat & average-looking? Why is it only the shiny, pretty people that make you think their success came from making a deal with the devil, hmm?

      Maybe the 'Illiminati influences' have more to do with yr own personal prejudices abt people's looks!

      NEWSFLASH: For every Heath Ledger, there's a Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washingon, Will Smith, Meryl Streep — all of whom enjoyed early success, all of whom are over 40 now, alive & well & still clocking Hollywood dollars. AND none of their relatives or close friends have died 'mysteriously' either! So how'd they all manage to escape being manipulated by the Illuminati, hmm?

      How come no one ever accuses Steven Spielberg or James Cameron or George Lucas of being 'controlled by the Illuminati'? Directors can turn an unknown actor into a star overnight — but no actor is as rich or as powerful as any single name on that list. Yet no one here is accusing Directors of being possessed by demonic spirits in order to achieve artistic success.

      Why is that?

      Nobody here is slandering Darren Aronofsky here — yet folsk think Natalie Portman will win an Oscar, get very rich then suddenly end up dead becuz her success cdn't possibly be the result of hard work, intelligence & studying her craft since she was a child! When a beautiful WOMAN is poised to become one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, there must be something nefarious & evil behind her achievements — but not behind her MALE director's comparable success, right?

      Maybe the 'Illiminati influences' have more to do with yr own personal misogyny!

      And being female is no exemption. I'm a woman too & I know how this culture teaches women to be suspicious & resentful of any female who is better-looking than you, to attribute her success to her looks, rather than to merit & her own efforts. Becuz locking yr brain into that kind of mind-set makes it easy to keep women buying cosmetics & hair products & diet pills & perfume & push-up bras, to keep us consuming mindlessly, handing our money over to the MEN behind the curtain who are pulling all the strings culturally & financially. If women ever really learned to like ourselves & to like & respect other women, we might start telling each other that we have better things to spend our money & energies on than buying another lipstick or talking shit abt some other woman just becuz she's famous & attractive.

      I understand that Satan & his minions are in control of this world now, for a time. And even Stevie Wonder can see that the entertainment industry is one of the devil's greatest tools for distracting & misleading folks who don't know any better. But I also know it's foolish to see a demon beneath every doily. Not everyone who manages to attain success in Hollywood has made a deal with the devil. Not every checkerboard bathroom floor is a symbol of duality (I'm originally from NY & there are thousands of apts in pre-war buildings with those small, hard-to-clean black-&-white tiles on the bathroom floor & they are NOT a symbol of anyything.)

      *I* predict that Natalie Portman will have a long & interesting life, with many compelling movie roles in her future now that she's finally coming into her own as an actress & as a woman. And I sincerely hope she has a blissful pregnancy, a happy marriage & a healthy baby because I wd wish that for any woman.

      – RC

      • Blonde Pigeon (becau on

        @ RC …"the best thing about celebs is that they’re in our faces every day, so we know quite a lot about most of them…."

        I find this remark fascinating…. stunning!

        To me it's a perfect summation of modern mass media culture. In fact I hardly know what to say as a response!

        Try to imagine for a moment that there was no mass media – not just for you but for everyone else around you – and imagine there had been no mass media for the last 20 years or so….

        OK how much do you know now about Natalie Portman (or any other celeb for that matter)? Answer: Nothing.

        Maybe you'd have seen her face on a few posters at your local cinema or on video or DVD cases and maybe you'd have seen a few of the films she acted in …….. but that would be it.

        That would be it … that's all any of us would know.

        Now bring back the mass media and the whole corporate/ Hollywood PR machine …… how much do you know now?

        Exactly the same amount! Hardly anything!

        EXCEPT now your head is also be full of the FEELING of knowing all about her and her life. But that's not the same thing as actually knowing anything. Not the same thing at all.

        I mean we know a husband or wife can lead a 'double life' by having a long term affair – perhaps even with a mutual friend or work colleague or neighbour – and the other half have absolutely no idea anything is going on, perhaps for years! Yet they are married and share the same bed!

        Yet we feel we can 'know all about' the personal lives of celebs we have never even met once in our lives (and never will), just because we see two dimensional images of them in magazines and on the TV every day or watch carefully scripted interviews or read PR articles about them in the glossy mags?

        The misguided feeling of knowing something when we know nothing makes us far more ignorant than when we know that we know nothing! 😉

        (Same goes for 'news' by the way!)

      • The truth is, I do NOT wish this on her!!! I do not wish this on anyone! My hopes would be that no one would ever face an untimely death at a young age. But the reality is, there are powers at work, whether we see them or not. I do not necessarily believe every single famous person is being controlled, but I darn sure believe the majority is!!! So, therefore my prediction is not based on some sick desire for that to happen…just the pattern that seems to becoming so prevalent in Hollywood.

        I am an unashamed believer in Christ, so God DOES help me, everyday! I pray for our country and those who have fallen victim to a bad way of life! I do agree with you on some points, but it's ok to agree to disagree sometimes! Maybe you have never personally heard of directors being accused of such things, but I have! Whether it's intentional at times or not, they can certainly be used just as much as anybody.

        And I certainly have no predjucies about anyone's appearance~ that has absolutely nothing to do with it! I am not interested in someone's appearance, but rather their intent.

        Hope this has cleared up my point-of-view, because I am not malicious in any way…just calling it like I see it! :)

  18. Just by seeing the poster around London with Nina and a crack through her face, I immediately thought, theres something that's not right about that whole look. The poster itself was very appealing and IF I wasnt as careful as I am now about choosing which films to watch, I would have seen it!

    Lets pick out the individuals that clearly have no talent and have been trained to be a 'black swan' and actively not support there music. It kills me to think little boys and girls singing Rihannas songs and having no idea who or what they are actually singing about!

    Power to the people….Forever and Always!

  19. Thanks VC, superb analysis. Drove past the movie poster at a bus stop today with a man showing his toddler son the crack in her face… I thought "oh dear…" and found it very menacing.

  20. In the end before she falls on the mattress and dies, the derector comes and says "my little princess" just like he would call Beth ..

  21. thedudeplayinthedude on

    this movie is really good, but the symbols are everywhere, nothing new but its seems as though more and more movies are getting more and more blatant with putting symbols in films, same with commercials. its really sad.

  22. 'Blank Swan'

    Some more symbolism?

    All that tearing at fIngernails stuff in the sink = fragmented memories of torture trauma and subsequent disassociation?

    Birdcages on piano in living room at home. Check.

    (Needs conformation): during the drugged up dancing in club scene (with flashing colorful background and lots of fast cuts) – do any images of butterflies flash semi subliminally (similar in style to the bedroom wall paper)???

    Blatant moon and sun symbolism in scenery 'on stage' in this movie – ie the ENORMOUS full moon (in an otherwise pretty empty set) as well as the ENORMOUS sun at the end (when she throws herself into the lake). Most traditional productions (of the real ballet) do not use such symbolism in those acts (or anywhere else in the ballet). I get the feeling the massive moon and then sun is deliberate symbolism (ie specific to this film only). And therefore is she perhaps *being* sacrificed to the sun – or under the sun?

    As far as I'm concerned the end of the ballet (the showdown with Von Rothbart and the leaping into the lake) happens at night or pre dawn – not in the day – after all, it's all a continuation on from after the party the evening before. So the sun symbolism here in my mind is definitely spurious therefore presumably intentional.

    Also in the real ballet Odette's leap to death into the lake breaks the spell cast by the evil Von Rothbart and destroys him – and then Prince Siegfried (who in the third act messes up big time by accidentally pledging his heart to Odile – the 'black swan' – thus ensuring his true love Odette can't have her spell broken) also decides to follow after her and he too jumps to his death after her …… and in death they are both reunited in love …… the curtain usually falls on them both in each others arms drifting skywards up above the lake :) This typical 'love/ good conquers evil' ending is not so much emphasized/ incorporated into this movie…… (and nor is the role of Prince Siegfreid at all). Not that that means anything particularly significant….. just saying….

    I think it's an interesting film to analyze because the day-to-day ballet world itself is obviously full of mirrors and strange traditions/ practices/ little obsessions etc … and the actual swan lake story (like so many other traditional tales) is absolutely saturated with occult/ mystery/ sexuality/ archetypal images and themes already …..

    Interestingly, Act III of Swan Lake (I mean in the genuine traditional ballet) makes a pretty good analogy of the music/ entertainment/ media industries today with Von Rothbart representing the elite/ corporate control and ownership and Odile (the so called 'black swan' – although she is really a woman pretending to be Odette who IS a swan .. but only during the day!) … er, where was I …. Odile could represent any controlled celeb, star or 'artist' in the corporate entertainment industry today.

    In the genuine SL ballet although Odile is confident and teasing/ alluring on the surface she is definitely owned and controlled by Von Rothbart. Absolutely so! He is her pimp/ handler, as it were. This is continuously shown in the choreography.

    Prince Siegfried could easily represent the hapless public – full of good values and intentions and hopelessly in love with the pure Odette – the white swan – (who could easily represent real art, genuine human values, real people!) but Odette is imprisoned by a spell which keeps her in the form of a swan by day and away from the Royal Hall celebrations (ie censored and kept out of the media spotlight and therefore culturally sidelined! And by being so distant and etherial it's as if the genuine art and beauty she represents is reduced to an unrealistic and unobtainable ideal …. which means it can easily be replaced by 'trash' such as Christina Aguile – I mean Odile!).

    Oh yes and also in Act III (the so called 'Black Swan Act') during the 'royal court' style celebrations Odile's seductive dancing is actually one of MANY entertainments which all combine to hype up the atmosphere – as if to make poor Prince Siegfried and the guests dizzy and over exited and thus lacking clarity and unable to see the difference between Odile and Odette (which could be seen as representing being unable to differentiate between trash/ indoctrination and genuine beauty/ truth)… being unable to tell the difference between black and white! Good and evil. Virgin and harlot!

    Isn't that just the most perfect description of our dumbed down 'culture' today?!

    They should have just filmed the real ballet with a great ballet company – that would have been far more interesting and intense!

    If anyone is interested you can check out the real ballet – with a very traditional production – here:

    part 1 of lots…

    or just watch Odette's first entrance and her first meeting with Prince Siegfreid here

    or just the Act III black swan pas de deux (Odile)

    BTW On the subject of Covent Garden this is the latest offering from The Royal Opera ….

    Is there anything out there in modern culture NOT all about mind control victims?

    @VC ….. FYI ….I can't get the 'contact' form to work – it just hangs after submitting… nevermind .. maybe it's a problem my end?

    • Bay State Observer on

      Grey Pigeon, permit me to congratulate you on an excellent reply to VC's article on "Black Swan".

      Very well done.

  23. We are program from birth to want to succeed ,so it very easy to get wraped up in the darkside money=living large and who don't want that. But at what price, everygood thing will come to and end then what. It seem like people are so scared to live a normal life. With God it a win win choose everlasting life

      • Pushing Rome here? Rather ironic.

        The Christian is in no need of such an institution. Rome is perhaps the most significant affront to Christianity that exists today. I do not say that as a Protestant, but as a Christian. The Balkanized Protestant sects leave much to be desired, but are not as tied up with lies, and sickness as is Rome.

        To flee the world into the belly of Rome is no improvement, and in light of the fact that those who enter that belly believe they have done good, it may be much worse.


      • Bay State Observer on


        On the contrary, the Christian IS in need of Holy Mother Church. We are not meant to be spiritual “Lone Rangers”. That way leaves us withered and atomized.

        If you're definition of Christian is “Bible alone” and “faith alone”, then you are still a Protestant.

        Again, contrary to what you hold, “fleeing the world into the belly of Rome” and the deposit of faith Christ entrusted to her IS what is needed today. Staying in the miasma of Protestant sects arguing with each other – from Anglican to Assemblies of God – only makes things worse.

        And added to that is a need to reject the idiocy and scandal brought about by the Judases infecting the Church hierarchy since Vatican Council Two. Which is why I am sympathetic to the cause of the S.S.P.X. in general.

        But all this is getting away from the topic at hand – the study of the dark influences and symbolism in the movie “Black Swan”.

        Thank you for your time and attention.

        Respectfully yours

      • A Protestant protests. This is not true of me. I simply state that Rome is composed of din of vipers, in a nest of lies. Why would I protest this. In the early Reformation Rome was the law, and many who dared speak againt this law were "dealt" with, and therefore a protest emerged expansive enough to alter the plans of the Empire of Rome. The vipers are still hard at work regardless of that protest. But the value of the Reformation was in stalling the designs of Rome long enough that I now have freedom to not be a Protestant. You may wish that I was subject to Rome as a reactionary, I am not. In a similar way I state that Mormanism is false, but to not get tied up in active protest of that paticular cult.

        The best theory I have heard regarding the sickness and darkness of Rome pertained to its occult origins. That being Simon Magus the magician mentioned in Acts. Very interesting that it was he, not Peter buried at the location that is now St. Peters. Things take on new clarity given this information. There is some very good information out there, do check it out.


  24. Oh yeah, forgot to say – have a read of this (how fitting is THIS for year 2011)

    Black Swan Theory

    'The Black Swan Theory or "Theory of Black Swan Events" was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to explain:

    The disproportionate role of high-impact, hard to predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance and technology

    The non-computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using scientific methods (owing to their very nature of small probabilities)

    The psychological biases that make people individually and collectively blind to uncertainty and unaware of the massive role of the rare event in historical affairs.

    Unlike the earlier philosophical "black swan problem", the "Black Swan Theory" (capitalized) refers only to unexpected events of large magnitude and consequence and their dominant role in history. Such events, considered extreme outliers, collectively play vastly larger roles than regular occurrences………'

    This all makes me wonder does such a thing as 'a vaguely straightforward film' actually exist anymore?! .. or is every film made today completely hollow in plot and acted by completely hollow people with all meaning, substance (and let's face it, talent and interest) hidden away entirely in the realm of subliminals, symbolism, or some other obscure and disconnected realm of meaning?

    • Bay State Observer on

      "This all makes me wonder does such a thing as ‘a vaguely straightforward film’ actually exist anymore?! .. or is every film made today completely hollow in plot and acted by completely hollow people with all meaning, substance (and let’s face it, talent and interest) hidden away entirely in the realm of subliminals, symbolism, or some other obscure and disconnected realm of meaning?"

      Yes, there DOES exist at least one "vaguely straightforward film":

      For your consideration. And thank you for your time and patience.

      • Question: How many Popes, priests, etc. are masons? Practically all of them! Read the story of Father Alberto to learn that the Catholicism you tout is also a part of the problem and has led millions of souls to damnation. It is the "mother church" which is the true harlot spoken about in Revelation and you must come out of her at once.

        I hope god will open your eyes very, very soon

  25. This ia an outstanding article, Vig. I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Blatant is their new standard operating method, simply because "they" have decided that they don't need to be subtle anymore. So many people in our world who are exposed to and consume their products and all of their destructive ideas are so dumb and/or numb that it really doesn't matter now…or so they have come to believe.

    It's always important to remember, though, that pride and arrogance always precede the fall. They all want attention and to be admired in the worst way. Well, many of us are watching and paying very close attention to what they are doing and saying, but not as admirers. We already know about their intentions, but through sites like yours, many people are learning and teaching others to recognize and understand their tactics, and thus, we gain a better understanding of how to resist and defeat them within ourselves. These are good things.

    Their time will come, and so much sooner than they think. There will be final judgement and justice, and I'm quite certain that it won't be glamorous or artistic…only just, pure and final.

    • @ LVB "It’s always important to remember, though, that pride and arrogance always precede the fall….."

      Yes I was thinking the same thing – but from the other perspective: the longer the masses are unaware of what is going on around them and the more blatant and despicable the deception and manipulation gets then the greater the backlog of pure betrayal there is for people to discover once they do wake up. And so the more final and absolute the rejection will be!

      There is nowhere for all this to go but total exposure and – naturally – total rejection. (Although even rejection is to give corporate mass entertainment more validity than it deserves .. it'll be more like … "yeah monarch symbolism, fragmentation themes, CGI, skinny actresses, breasts and explosions and sex and death blah blah blah … whatever…." – as we walk on by on our way to something a hundred times more interesting/ nourishing / grown up …).

      And that's what is so cool – for all the fear, violence, corruption and manipulation – once you get your head around it and get over the shock factor, it all becomes chronically arse achingly dull! So incredibly boring and repetitive, and small and meagre and measly and just one enormous bad breath YAWN! – and that applies to mass entertainment/ mass media as well as all that is going on in the big bad world too!

      Once enough people wake up I can see the world changing not (just) out of compassion and humanity but just due to sheer bloody boredom! Death, violence, sex, grunt, ego, explosion, death, violence, mind control, bad acting, car chase, terrorism, fuck, death, lies, ego, tits, gadgets, death, ego, death, bad acting, fuck, violence, mind control, fuck, ego, violence, death…. O… M… G…. let's just change the channel for goodness sake!

      I see a lot of people screaming out that the world is totally upside down and back to front and completely ridiculous yet they haven't (had the necessary information and time to) quite figure it out yet! But it'll only take them an evening on the net to get a handle on what they already know but just can't express yet ….. it's all speeding up.

      But in the end it's all got nothing much to do with these movies or popular music (or any of the rest of the lies on which society is based)……. they are just the symptoms …. and the corporations and those who control them are really just parasites feeding on a culture that has lost its own identity and self.

      These industries certainly are audacious and full of themselves …. and yet in another way they are only as audacious as flies starting to crawl all over us when we've stopped bothering to swat them away. The REAL story is not what's going on in the industry but what's going on in our own psyche – individually and as a culture – to allow for such deception and manipulation to infiltrate society, and even for us to seek it out and surrender ourselves to whatever is presented to us by these shadowy corporations as the next 'group consensus experience' … the next 'group/ social roll around in the collective mud' or group feeding frenzy – at the corporate tough!

      If you've not yet come across the work of Michael Tsarion, I can't recommend him enough. He's doing amazing work (like yourself and VC!)

      Check out this 5 part interview for a start

      There's a lot more on youtube – like this mind blowing series of lectures:

      Michael Tsarion — Age of Manipulation

      • Just maybe our conditioning is leading us to participation in our own destruction.

        We are being initiated into a soft cult it seems, and we are not yet aware that it exists.

        The time may soon come when we welcome our participation, and relish our self sacrifice.

        Perhaps we are there now.

      • Falsified metacommunication = enticing the viewer (victim) to willingly participate in their own oppression.

        You spotted it…keep recognizing the patterns :)

      • What you guys are talking about should be explored more. That is something I have not yet thought about. Wow.

  26. I seen the movie as well and what was really strange was at the end when there was this long bright light and as I got up to exit everyone in the audience were still sittin looking dazed and confused when usually ppl leave quickly after a movie

    • Same here. We were all sitting there like 'this can't be the end?' I mean of course we already knew what the movie was by the previews, but some hint of a twist to change it up would have been nice.


    Tattoos or insignias on the skin actually focus specific energy fields for the benifit of the demonic entity they basically allow more manipulation on the body's mechanisms especially the mind.

    • so what about when religious people get a rosary, or depiction of Jesus, or Saint Mary, etc. onto themselves?

      Clearly those people are not doing it because they want to have a gate way for the devil. They are doing it to forever show their appreciation/love for that religion. They want a constant reminder of how important God is to them, and want to be reminded that religion is with them in everything they do.( I have not read the bible, but is it ever said that not artwork is to be put on the body?)

      on another note, many people do not believe in demons/the devil and therefore do not think as tattoos,etc, as an opening for them to enter. some tattoos have great meanings to the person, and that is why they get it.

      Not everything has to do with God/Devil.

    • So your saying if someone has a tattoo then they are most likely taken over by a demonic force? I have 2 tattoos and quite happily say my body is not host to anything evil thank you very much! Oh I also have my ears and navel pierced if that adds to your theory!

  28. Could it be that the main subject being communicated is that one has to die at the top of their game to achieve immortality? It's as if they're telling people that they aren't anything if they aren't willing to die for everyone's viewing enjoyment. It's so much cooler to die at the top than fade away as a has-been. People must be brainwashed to believe that snuffing out a brightly burning candle is more respected than basking in the light of your life whether you're still in the game or not. What a pity.

  29. I'm tired of all these occult/illuminati themes everywhere
    I turn on the radio, theres an illuminati artist playing24/7
    on tv
    the Internet
    and even magazines
    I can't go on my day without spotting their "secret" messages every f*cken time

    dear people who are involved with the illuminati, I officially f*cken hate you

    • I know how you feel. Once I began noticing all of the symbolism in everything I watch and listen to, I could no longer enjoy anything! I feel completely betrayed. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Lady Gaga, but now I hardly listen to her anymore; I don't find her artistic anymore…just really creepy. And she's just one example. The celebrity I'm most surprised about is Beyonce. But Oscar, at least your eyes are opened. :)

      • at first i didn't like gaga, then i bought into the whole thing and loved her (saw her at msg in nyc too), then right after that i was DONE. she is so fake, everything that comes out of her mouth is garbage. i still listen to a few of the songs i liked, but rarely. i won't be listening to her new album either.

  30. I love this website because of the truth it puts out there… HOwever for the first time I have to absolutely disagree with the over analytical view of this movie. Sure you can pick apart pretty much anything nowadays and say its some sort of occult meaning howeverI am a former professional ballet dancer, and I know the stories of the classics just as well as any other well versed dancer. This movie wasn't about any hidden meanings or mind control agendas. I have been where the character Nina was when I was 18. Obsessed with ballet and the bubble of a world a dancer is in when she is infatuated by it. i have experienced a mother very similar to that. Its called stage mom. Wanting something for her daughter that she didn't get to accomplish in life.

    More importantly I know first hand what it is like to get so into a role and perfection that it becomes you.

    No hidden meanings, just plain and simple a girl who was raised very sheltered and has issues because of it.

    A dancers career is very short compared to most people. Balanchine one of the most famous choreographers and directors created the dancer that was "childlike". Unhealthly thin, no breasts, childlike voice and innocent. Dancers want to stay that way forever or else it means they are getting too old for the business.

    Anyway, its interesting to hear how people can read things into this movie, and it did have alot of psychological meanings but when it was over I was overjoyed to see the real ballet world portrayed in a movie for once and also the deeper side of what a dancer goes through on their quest for perfection. Can it mess with your mind? You bet.

    • Blonde Pigeon (becau on

      @ Amy (quote) "….Sure you can pick apart pretty much anything nowadays and say its some sort of occult meaning howeverI am a former professional ballet dancer, and I know the stories of the classics just as well as any other well versed dancer. This movie wasn’t about any hidden meanings or mind control agendas. I have been where the character Nina was when I was 18. Obsessed with ballet and the bubble of a world a dancer is in when she is infatuated by it…."

      I don't see it has to be an 'either – or' interpretation. I see it more like multiple interpretations overlaid. I'm sure this film does describe exactly same reality that you are familiar with (young, naive girl getting caught up in a heavy duty role in the already very intense, obsessive and isolated world of the pro (company) ballet dancer), but the film also *uses* that familiar (if a little hammed up!) backstory as a vehicle for the parallel story of a girl losing her mind (which is what makes the film a 'dark thriller')…. and on top of that, this parallel story is in itself also used as a very deliberate metaphor (or is it allegory?!) for the whole subject of trauma based mind control (and specifically project MK Ultra / Monarch).

      So although the dark/ thriller aspect of this film can certainly be seen as simply a journey into derangement, schizophrenia or psychosis (or whatever) – which in turn can be viewed as a more dramatic (exaggerated) comment on the perils of being a highly strung artist taking on two challenging roles in a very competitive and perfectionist environment, it is ALSO clearly about (trauma based) mind control and dissociative identity disorder / multiple personality disorder (which is the basis for such mind control). The reason why it has to also be about mind control (and not just about becoming 'unhinged' from work) is that there are just too many blatant symbolic and plot references for it to be a mere coincidence.

      For those au fait with the symbolism, the butterflies, multiple reflections, shattered mirrors, birdcages *scream* out Monarch Trauma Based Mind Control in the same way that bobby pins, plasters, hairspray, chewing gum, pointe shoes and tuna niçoise scream out 'ballet dancer'. Plus there's the fact that the plot of BS works perfectly as a film about mind control (works on other levels too). Plus there's the fact that the rest of mass entertainment culture – especially movies and music – is also being saturated with exactly the same symbolism, themes and fragmented characters (check out the rest of this site to see for yourself). Plus there is much evidence to suggest many of the 'celebs' themselves are in real life also victims of this program.

      Check out this series if you want to explore that possibility ….

      Plus there the fact that the entire western society – which spends billions of hours every day downloading corporate mass entertainment, mass media and mass advertising into their poor brains (with many children spending far more time watching TV than with their parents and parents spending an average 6 hours shopping a week vs only 40 minutes quality time with their children a week etc etc) – is increasingly suffering from collective depression, anxiety, stress, illness, dis-ease and generally a collective disassociation from the collective trauma we experience called 'modern living'! – A lifestyle now defined by rapid change and perpetual reorganization (no time to relax) all in the midst of permanent manufactured wars, with collapsing economy, evaporating freedoms and rights and the rapid rise of a authoritarian high tech police state! ……… all of which is then further *validated*, *reinforced* and *normalized* by the (literally you could say) INSANE corporate entertainment / culture/ media industries who are continually repackaging our collective traumatized, shattered, fearful (un)selves and turning it all into yet more consumer (product) based fashion and lifestyle ideals, icons and idols ('crazy chic') via films like Black Swan, via vacuous one dimensional (disassociating) super models, and via the 'crazy/ diva-ish' super league (puppet) celebs like GaGa, Beyonce, Minaj etc.

      And when you look at these (hugely influential) *corporate controlled* role models (their artistic freedom – and often personal freedom – is usually very constricted), beyond the hype and gloss and whiter than white smiles of fame and celebrity, all you find at the core is representations of mental disorder and spiritual emptiness (I don't mean 'spiritual' in a religious sense, I mean soulless, devoid of *self* … with rampant EGO in place of the self). And in many cases it seems they actually HAVE a genuine mental disorder and spiritual emptiness. And when you look EVEN DEEPER it appears that many are mentally disordered BY DESIGN ie victims of Project Monarch trauma based mind control programming……………. And remember, these are the people who are influencing the value systems, attitudes and behavior of our kids.

      So where does corporate advertising and indoctrination end …. and art, entertainment and culture begin? The answer today is that most of the time they are one and the same – two masks used by the same corporate beast's head. The corporations are as busy programming us to be the ideal consumer society as they are trying to create the ideal product. Probably far MORE busy programming us in fact…..

      So we increasingly have a mentally disturbed population (and quite rightly so!!!! – this is only a NATURAL reaction to the insanity of the world around us which is being steered by mad men obsessed with power, greed, endless war, tyranny, subversion, power over others, materialistic obsession, ownership and mass murder) but instead of trying to find ways to fix the world and heal our mental anguish we choose to give our minds over to the entertainment industries as a form of 'escape' and 'relief' – industries who only encourage us to celebrate our mentally disturbed state as well as the insane world which causes it!

      Just try making a list of the themes, plots and messages of Hollywood movies and corporate controlled popular music ad popular media 'culture' being bombarded onto the public these days. It's all one giant, glitzy 'celebration of all that is unbalanced' – which is probably the best definition of mental illness, wouldn't you agree? So you could say the entire mainstream western culture (including Black Swan) is basically a giant celebration/ glorification/ fashionization of mental illness and that which causes it!

      We celebrate unbalance all the way over in this direction

      Or we celebrate unbalance all the way over in the opposite direction (loads of Monarch symbolism here BTW)

      And in between our cultural programming we have adverts like this…
      …. or like this….

      Whichever way it's pitched it's always got to be unbalanced! – always some form of insanity.

      We have the illusion of living in 'liberated culture' or a 'limitless culture' ('anything goes') and yet this illusion actually disguises the fact that our culture is so heavily controlled and censored. All we get is the exact same formulas and messages in art/ entertainment/ media/ culture .. just look at music and films! It's all the same! Yet we have a liberal culture and society? Where's the philosophy? where are the *old* and (shock horror) *not so beautiful* musicians? where are the films about sane people , or people NOT being blown up or chased by aliens or else living in a world entirely consisting of wise cracks and moronic hilarity?

      Our culture is as censored as much as the strictest dictatorship country – only with the *illusion* of a liberated and liberal culture. This illusion only makes the censorship far more effective and far more dangerous! And if you can control a culture you don't NEED to control free speech or thought because all anyone cares about is what the latest 'goss' is an GaGa, Brad Pitt, Rihanna, Jolie, Portman etc etc….

      People don't see the artistic/ cultural/ intellectual censorship because it all comes packaged along with pictures of happy, smily, trendy, 'liberated', stepford celebs and stepford 'artists' and stepford leaders, stepford experts and stepford authority figures all telling us everything is normal and not to think too hard about anything. Every last one of them. (And no one ever suspects it is all a form of censorship?). Even the most 'rebellious' and 'outrageous' celebs are in fact completely conformist when you look again. Violence, ego, misogyny, egomania, power over others, status, material obsession and material eccentricities… THESE are the traits that define today's music artist 'rebels' … yet all of these traits are mere reflections of corporate ideology. They aren't rebelling against the 'system' – they are rebelling against humanity and working FOR the system. And through all our idols and role models we are being programmed to associate the most shallow tokenistic indicators of freedom – nice outfits, parties, award ceremonies, freedom of (ego) expression, smart institutions, glossy production, colored balloons and cake! – as some kind of assurance of a free, liberated (uncensored) culture, society and ultimately a healthy *mental state*. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      The role of all mass media and mass entertainment seems today to be simply this: to normalize and celebrate insanity.

      And Black Swan appears to conform to this formula perfectly, too. It's not a tragedy … it's a celebration. As Portman herself says her breakdown is …. "perfect".

      Yes, but for who?!!

      And as we all continue to immerse ourselves in mainstream culture and media, it helps US to detach from reality too. And so eventually a detached dissociative state BECOMES our normal state and therefore the control and censorship of culture becomes even more invisible to us – because they now seem to be merely supplying what we already know, what we already see and what we all crave! Yet it all becomes no less insane just because we become more insane.

      And especially with regards to young people, as these celebs and 'artists' and role models appear to be making lots of money and having a great life the message is this: act mentally ill and unbalanced and you too can become successful too and everyone will love you! Yay! :)

      So to finish up! – I think there IS a huge difference between losing yourself in a role; being young, naive, hard working and caught up in the isolated slightly 'unreal' world of a ballet company and being a completely traumatized, fragmented victim of systematic and probably very sadistic and violent abuse.

      But of course your interpretation is still just as valid … and because of that this film surely has the potential (at an emotional, symbolic and subliminal level) to blur the boundaries between a girl who is being consumed by an obsession and a girl who is being manipulated through trauma…. and in doing so, you could say this film ends up at a subliminal level (especially for young people who find ballet and Portman appealing) glorifying, celebrating and 'fashionizing' some of the most seedy, destructive, dark and hidden practices in society. (ie mind control victimization)

      But it also has the potential (especially via sites like this – yay!) to educate and inform and provoke critical thinking.

      So it's all very 'yin yang' ….. but only as long as people *think for themselves* and don't allow themselves to be led like 'consensus sheep' by critics (including me!) or the corporate entertainment and media industries themselves.

      'The the poacher poses no danger to the sheep, unless the sheep decide to give up thinking for themselves and blindly accept whatever the poacher tells them – such as "stand still and don't run away" – in which case they're all dead meat' – very ancient proverb!

      Talking of quotes, I love the quote at the end of this video…

      • Awesome reply. Thanks for taking the words out of my mouth and then some! Some people can't get to level 4 and beyond, but some can when they have teachers like you and VC! Thanks.

  31. Vigilant, I kinda figured you'd do a piece on this sick film! Thanks!

    Hey, if you saw the movie….did anyone notice in Thomas' apartment what was on the wall? It was a huge Rorshach (ink blot)….in the shape of the baphomet. That caught my eye so fast and I immediately thought of this web site and how true all of this symbolism is.

  32. VC " After her meeting with Thomas, Nina, dressed in white, crosses the path of another Nina, dressed in black. This symbolically represents the coming of Nina’s new, dark alter-ego. "

    tHE GRAFFITI TAG in this frame is "Ghost" as well i'm sure no accident representing ghost of her old self e.t.c

    Also note the Hair Bun this is very important with her/her mother in the film – and note the symbolism as she becomes the Dark Alter ego the Hair is down let loose / broken …

    • Essential Truth on

      So are they subliminally encouraging us to embrace the dark side of our minds? Rhianna's Good Girl Gone Bad & Beyonce's Sasha fierce etc….are we all suppose to live double lives where one side is innocent and the other is evil? …the ying / yang..some pretty twisted stuff…

      • Not only are they encouraging it, they are letting you experience it.

        I feel very sad for those who go and see this movie and have absolutely no idea what the hell just happened to them. Armed with knowledge, I feel these types of programs have a decreased effect on the individual. Stay on top of your studies everyone, and you just may be able to avoid the black swan syndrome.

      • Bay State Observer on

        LoneFrog, IMHO, it's not enough to avoid the Black Swan Syndrome, as you called it.

        Eventually, with God's love and grace, we must destroy it. Literally destroy it. Before it destroys us.

      • When you avoid a thing (to keep away from; keep clear of; shun) you are in effect not feeding it, which will result in said things death.

        So, you go on thinking that GOD wants you to "destroy" a thing literally and see where that gets you.

        Effin hard ons! GOD didn't put you here to DESTROY, you are here to learn.


      • that's true, what you mentioned about "not feeding", but what happens when someone has was previously a drugee goes clean for years, and then gets offered drugs? they're still tempted, and the years of missing it didnt kill that temptation. In a way, its the same concept.

        For me, i used to love Lady Gaga before i knew about all of this, but every now and then i'll hear one of her songs playing in a store or something, and ill find myself singing along, and the song will get stuck in my head, and i'll want to hear more.

  33. I also do not agree with your interpretation of the self arm – if you didn't get that the lesbo scene was her mother abusing her not an act with her friend/girlfriend you need to watch it again !

    The self harm i believe is a result of the sexual abuse/control which is often common with victims as a desperate attempt of feeling like you still have some control.

  34. Wonderful interpretation as usual, VC! I guess Natalie Portman’s career has been solidified now that she starred in this movie. I did find it strangely fascinating that she became pregnant during the filming of this movie. Aside from the fact that she was barely eating in order to keep her svelt figure, any professional ballerina would know that pregnancy would be a career killer. Is that what happened to Nina’s mother’s career as a ballerina? I haven’t seen the film yet, so I’m just speculating. I also enjoyed the aside regarding other “black swans” in Hollywood. Keep up the great work, VC!

    • Also interesting that her co-star/choreographer, Benjamin Millepied, dropped everything (including a girlfriend) to be her boyfriend. Then they quickly started a family and became engaged. An anonymous source on the set said he seemed "obsessed" with her from day one. It's all sounding very "handler" like. And yes, she is getting a lot of work and being more "sexual" in her films.

      Stay tuned on this one…

      • Are you serious!?!? Oh my gosh!! I haven't heard this! I'll have to see what comes up about her in the near future.

      • Considering the baby boom in Hollywood lately, do they think that having children is a form of protection from evil? It's almost as though the "chosen" have been told it's time to give birth to the next generation of stars.

      • Sounda more like ritual impregnations to me. Ever seen the movie "Rosemary's Baby"? Worth a horrifying watch …. I feel terrible for every mind controlled celebrity and I feel even worse for their more-than-likely-to-be-ritually-abused-from-birth children… this has obviously been going on for generations now and each generation the abuse just gets more and more psychologically and technologically advanced… :( x

      • yes i heard all about that. it was strange to me how she suddenly was with this guy. i've never been crazy about her, but i do think natalie portman is a talented actress… yet something about her has always thrown me off. i loved her performance in this movie, she was no doubt fantastic, but all this hype she's getting now heightens my odd feelings about her again… i've always thought it was bullshit how she gets away with so much because she's so "intelligent" and "charitable" — i've always thought her to be a hussy just like every other actress. (i can't believe i just said that but it's true). same for that scarlett johansson, i cannot stand her either. way overrated.

    • NOT BLIND:

      Please don't convince yrself that aspects of Natalie Portman's life dovetail with her on-screen character &/or this Monarch programmiing theme. (Funny that VC's review didn't mention any occult symbolism re: Mila Kunis' role as Portman's rival/alter ego…) I'm not saying I disagree with everything VC said in his analysis — I haven't seen the film yet (but I did read the script), so I'll have to save my 2 cents til the DVD comes out. But I will say that the commercials & clips make it clear that the film is visually stunning. And Aronofsky has yet to make a bad movie. But Symbolism, however potent it may appear on screen, isn't tantamount to Facts.

      One fact is that no director finishes a movie then goes out & starts doing press for it a few weeks later. BLACK SWAN opened less than a month ago, but it was still in post-production this time last year, in Jan 2010. (For anyone who doesn't know,post-prod. is all the stuff that's done to complete the film after it's finished shooting.) Portman's baby bumb looks like she's abt 4 mos. along now. So No, she did NOT get pregnant while she was filming BLACK SWAN back in 2009.

      – RC

    • yea, i've actually heard that she was pregnant from the play director in the film, which was represented as her handler…. weird

  35. Thanks VC for this post. This movie looked creepy the moment I saw the trailer. Thanks for breaking everything down so perfectly. Keep it going, man. The Illuminati is getting more bolder and bolder by the day.

  36. Correction VC, she didn't have a 'vision' of her mother during her 'homework'. Her mother was actually in the room with her!!!! Sorry, but had to point out the funniest scene in the movie!!! But aside from that, excellent and profound description and breakdown, as usual!!!!

  37. Has anyone else noticed how Natalie Portman has suddenly burst into the movie scene again? She had a long hiatus and suddenly she's everywhere. Do you think this sudden fame is the result of an initiation into the dark side?

    • MichiganBeauty on

      I have reason to believe Natalie (Hershlag) Portman is a real like MK Ultra victim who was born into this sick system. Her godfather is Timothy Leary, notorious occultist Aleister Crowley's protege. She's been linked to Illuminati families, like dating a Rothschild and others. I just watched one of her first roles when she was 12 or 14 – Leon, The Professional, and her character was sick and twisted. That is the perfect movie for a pedophile because it shows a 12 year old attempting to initiate a relationship with a 40 something man, and displays her as if she wants it. Several of her films are dark (V for Vendetta for example), and the works I have seen have a common theme of trauma based programming (or just trauma). She is an amazing actress, no question, but the range of emotion she plays somtimes makes me think she's reaching within herself because of her relation to that type of pain. I doubt she is acutally able to watch any of her films like Johnny Depp, b/c they probably contain to many triggers. I don't think she was necessarily giving in to the dark side, but likely on a scheduled, controlled programming detail to prepare her for her upcoming assignment to spread more dark, demonic themes. Jesus saves, so pray for her she still has hope.

      • Natalie and her mother Shelley Stevens were born on exactly the same day June 9th [69], on Shelley's 29th birthday; which seems like something a fertility doctor could organize with little problem for whatever purpose [ritual or otherwise]

        I pulled that from the link you provided.

        Um, when's her baby due?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      • MichiganBeauty on

        So is He. Being Jewish doesn't hinder one from accepting Christ, nor does any other religious affiliation or lifestyle. The entire point of salvation is for people who are not connected to God through Jesus because of sin. Everyone qualifies as a sinner (we all know it), so everyone therefore is also able to obtain salvation through God's one way & Savior.

      • Yes, you are right on the mark there.

        Natalie's father is/was also a prominent psychiatrist at the Tavistock Institute for Medical Psychology in the UK, which has long been known for its association with MK-Ultra and various other mind control programs.

      • i thought she was jewish??

        dont know about aleister's protege but whether this happening in real life to her or not we can't say 100% for sure, what we can say – and remember this is about an act of hers, not her real life, is thast the movies continue to want to show us what is going on out there

        and perhaps it is so we can get used to it like it is not a big deal

        which is the whole point of the coming out of the elite which is going on right now

      • … or maybe she just enjoys playing roles that have a bit more emotional depth than "ditzy romcom office secretary" etc. etc.?

  38. Again I love this site but for people to think this is sick illuminati film to promote their agenda then please just rethink it. My sister put it well when she saw it. she said alot of people looked confused at the end. truth is unless uve been in that world and have been in that artistic realm, you will never fully get the movie. Its a psychological thriller people. You can't promote anything from that film other than think twice before lettng your girl be a professional dancer. That world is tough

    • "I often point out that great works of art can be interpreted in numerous ways, depending on the knowledge and experiences of each viewer" quoted by Vigilant citizen

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Here goes…. some people will just see all movies as forms of entertainment, because they first enter the movie theaters to be entertained and not having to use their brains.

      I gather your sister was lost on Inception as well.

      Hollywood loves people like you and your sister. Clueless

      That was mean of me, but people such as you and your sister are easy to be used by these people. Please educate yourself a little more.

      • Note i said my sister said people in the theatre seemed lost. She herself grasped the full meaning of the movie because she too was a dancer. I stand by my belief that no matter what hollywood will promote the illuminati agenda however in this movie paticular you don't get its full meaning unless you have lived that life of a dancer.

        And please don't tell me now that the 20 years i put into it was all for illuminati agenda!

      • People that don't understand the occult/dark symbols and references in movies like Black Swan or understand the depth of dreams, astral traveling, lucid dreaming etc., they usually get emotional someway but don't understand psychologically why. They don't know the facts like you and people like vigilant. They think movies are all for "fun" and "make believe" and just "entertainment". I'm excited for this girl and her sister to dig deeper after reading your response, because they will see that the 'being a competitive dancer in the cuthroat dance world' is more than meets the eye. The history of dance, the fashion, the hair, the weight loss…or actresses who have parents that are handlers and possibly mind controlled themselves…etc. they will see that there is reasoning for all of these roles and positioning in celebs' careers…why they are chosen for big productions.

        When one is about to wake up from all of this programming, they usually say something similar to what this girl and her sister were discussing. These girls sound like they have a chance to learn but people like Natalie Portman may totally be aware of what they are getting involved in, or maybe she's so protected she has no clue she just does what she is told.

      • I'm not a girl, I am a woman of 33 who has had a dance career, been in that world, and also been educated in the world of Illuminati and culy symbolism. My whole point to my post, is pretty much in every movie there will be symbolisms and references to illuminati agenda. However, the ballet world isn't like being a gymnast or athlete. It is all that and then some. It is in artform which incorporates acting. For anyone to be a professional dancer and devote their life and the time and discipline to it, requires a bit of craziness. I can literally relate to everything thing in that movie beyond the symbolism. Everyone has a dark side, everyone can go from innocent to dark and carefree. IT doesn't ALWAYS mean its by some mind controlling organization. When I read some of these responses I'm reminded why alot of people look at people who believe in conspiracy theories as loonies.

        Some take it way too far where all they see is that. If you are truely smart you will learn to pick it apart and decide what is what and not blanket everything as illuminati agenda. You can make any ties you want to the movie, whether it be a Jew that directed it or the checkered tile in the bathroom. Truth is the story was completely realistic and that to me is what makes an amazing movie. Taking real everyday people and turning it in a way thats completely artisitc.

      • Do you think Natalie Portman cares about ballet !! she could have used any form of art like hip-hop dancing ,singing ,etc etc.. thast not the point ,she is not trying to get into the dark side of ballet dancing specifically the movie is about he dark side of fame. I am so sorry to tell you that they used such a sweet form of dancing to make little girls and women relate to the story and sympathize.

        What Hollywood does is so dark and evil its all part of a bigger agenda beyond sweet dancing or good singing.

      • Actually if you did ur research natalie does care about ballet because she used to take ballet when she was younger on long island. Also she had told the director years before that she wanted to specifically do a ballet movie. the director also stated he had a friend who was a professional and was facinated with that world.

        Again, go be in the dance world and you will see its not fairies and princesses. This wasn't to appeal to just the innocent side of dance. It actually showed the dance world for what it really is. A dark place to be in just like hollywood.

      • @Amy "Everyone has a dark side, everyone can go from innocent to dark and carefree. IT doesn’t ALWAYS mean its by some mind controlling organization. When I read some of these responses I’m reminded why alot of people look at people who believe in conspiracy theories as loonies…."

        I agree with what you're saying and this is why I find the whole subject so fascinating. Yes it CAN be taken as just a (camp, dumbed down and very silly) movie about the darker side of being an artist. With ballet requiring so much discipline and dedication getting caught up in obsessions, being highly strung, the quest for perfection, 'craziness' are all part of the mix – sometimes in a healthy way …… sometimes not so much.

        So that's one level. And that's fine. :)

        But the illuminati and their methods of control (and let's not forget the part WE all play in facilitating their agendas) are really a bit like 'ocean currents' …. they seem like conspiracy nonsense when you are standing on the beach looking out at just a single bit of the sea in front of you …… because to figure them out you really have to think big and examine at the bigger picture – and look at the entire ocean system (and examine it over the long term).

        And it's only when you start looking at other levels, adding more information, 'pulling the camera back' to reveal more of the scene that it starts to get more obvious (and odious). MK Ultra seems to have originated in Nazi concentration camps with people like Joseph Mengele (OK so trauma based mind control appears to go back centuries, but you know what I mean) and by definition every aspect of it represents a sick and appalling crime imaginable against thousands of people stretching back through history. Likewise the so called Illuminati are responsible for millions of deaths over the last few decades and by their own admission are keen to see the extermination of the majority of today's population. So we're talking about crimes beyond our capacity for comprehension.

        Yet as VC's other article ( ) points out, thanks to the symbolism and references being inserted now into popular culture many people are already starting to see people like Jay-Z or Beyonce as 'The Illuminati' and movies like BS as 'mind controlling movies' when they are clearly just the pathetic 'messengers' of this indoctrination and not the real criminals behind it, and the music and movies are just the vehicles for indoctrination about mind control/ DID and not the real process itself.

        And I am now starting to see WHY they are saturating popular culture with this symbolism and 'revealing their appalling crimes' through camp movie plots and quirky pop/ rap lyrics and videos. It is being done to build associations in our conscious and unconscious minds between that which we find attractive/ positive/ intriguing (such as ballet, striving artist, hidden resources and the darker, more mysterious side of the psyche) and that which we find negative/ abhorrent / repellant (mind control, shattered traumatized personalities, mind controlled people, horrific crimes of torture and abuse, self destruction and/ or murder). It's all about blurring the boundaries and confusing our desires, beliefs and values ……. in fact in this way Hollywood is rather like a dirty old man with a bag full of sweets, or a room full of puppies …….. and by using this strategy they ALWAYS have the excuse of plausible deniability.

        (What?! It's just a room full of puppies! It's just harmless entertainment! It's just a movie about a crazy ballet dancers exploring her reckless, artistic, sensual, crazy side! ….. stop being so paranoid and suspicious and put the tin foil hat away!… Honestly!)

        Here's a long winded illustration of what I mean. It is officially recognized that there has been a symbiotic relationship between the movie industry and the military (the war industry) ever since the two world wars. The movie industry is supplied with tanks and planes, and in return they are required to portray stuff like the mass murder of children as generally a noble and necessary thing.

        More on that relationship here

        So to try and figure out what effect this has had on civilization let's ask ourselves what if there *hadn't* been this relentless campaign to promote wars in a positive light in cinema for the last 70 years or so? What if for all that time there were hardly any war films made at all? And what if those films that did come out were straightforward, realistic, gruesome affairs that depicted the true horrors of warfare such as having your arms and legs blown off and watching your best buddy get turned to unrecognizable squish right beside you? Or the reality of literally shitting your pants with fear while being torn between certain death and having to shoot at some poor farmer or kid who looks just like yourself? Or a film that told the story of the elite banking families who funded both sides of (pick any major conflict of the last 100 years) and profited and built up empires from the deaths of millions and the destruction and traumatization of entire countries, entire generations. Or perhaps told the story of a single war vet's struggle after coming home, still having nightmares every night 60 years on – and still bursting out crying when he sees young children playing because he still remembers the faces of the children he encountered when he went in to liberate a prisoner camp…. children covered in their own feces and terrified the liberating soldiers had actually come to rape them…. (true story that)

        Had these more realistic accounts of war been depicted instead of glorious heroic often completely sanitized 'feel good' movies, and had war films in general been far rarer in cinema, do you not think that perhaps people today might view every new war being promoted with absolute suspicion as yet another manufactured business enterprise by the elite and therefore a pointless, barbaric, useless, waste of human effort and bloodshed and something they want nothing to do with? And do you not think the illegal wars happening right now (which were pretty fiercely opposed anyway) might have had NO CHANCE to get started at all?

        The reason I ask is because we all (think we) know that films like Top Gun or Saving Private Ryan or even films like Terminator are just 'entertainment', we know they are not particularly realistic depictions of war (real or imaginary) and anyone who might say they actually helped the illuminati further their war based objectives would sound like a loon. Yet it is undeniable that that is exactly what they a have done when looked at as a whole.

        Because if you replayed history and forced every kid to watch – NOT endless entertaining war and other violent movies – but endless sober and gritty (and deeply upsetting) documentaries like Endgame, Terrorstorm, and invited limbless war vets to come and speak to them in school about the reality of combat and, last but not least, taught them a *truthful* version of history about WHERE ALL THAT MONEY COMES FROM to arm tyrants like Hitler or even OBL then you're likely to see a very different and far more peaceful version of history played out. This is so obviously the case that one can only deduce that stopping war is the very last things on the minds of those in charge of entertainment industries and education. I wonder who's a major player in funding and forming US education policy? ….. oh yes, I remember now the Rockefellers!

        And so when you look at films like Top Gun they work on the same multi levels as a film like Black Swan. It appears to be all about 'life lessons' such as making something of yourself, learning about balancing discipline and working 'by the book' vs intuition and impulsiveness, and learning how to be part of a team, learning to trust your friends/ workmates with your life, protecting your tribe/ team/ country….. these are all real and valid themes which you can't argue with (same as with the obvious themes contained in Black Swan) yet that doesn't stop it ALSO being a manipulative, indoctrinating piece of insidious propaganda with an ulterior motive very different to mere entrainment (apparently when Top Gun was first showing they even put army recruiting booths INSIDE the cinema foyers- and people signed up in droves)….. and the same can perhaps be said of a film like Black Swan and its relationship to mind control and DID.

        So harmless entertaining films like Top Gun and Black Swan can have quite a significant effect on their own (but not enough to really change society, sure), but what needs to be looked at is when culture is completely saturated by these kinds of films and devoid of anything else.

        We can already see MK Ultra, transhumanism, satanic, freemasonic/ illuminati etc symbols and themes being injected into loads of popular music and movies today (and all over the world) ….. so what about after 10 or 20 years of indoctrination/ desensitization to these kinds of things? And already people are covering up one eye, and flashing the 'diamond/ pyramid' …. people have been spotted shouting "Down with the NWO!" while flashing the 'pyramid' sign (……ye-ah riiiiight….) .. so it's already getting very confused out there! LOL

        If you're a kid who loves everything about Jay-Z and then a few years later you hear about the illuminati and how Jay-Z is 'one of them' … see how it works? Very clever! Or imagine being obsessed with Portman and then finding out she's 'one of the Illuminati' also! It's just ANOTHER example of 'DIVIDE (and confuse) AND RULE!'

        And so what about after 50 or 70 years of indoctrination/ desensitization / confusion regarding mind control/ DID?

        What about after several successive generations have been born into a world where (thanks to a heavily controlled mass entertainment industry) trauma based mind control / DID is simply accepted as *just part of normal culture*?…… just like war…..

        Because when you look at today's endless (and profitable) wars, no one quite understands it (77% of US troops leaving to invade Iraq thought they were attacking Hussein because he had orchestrated 9/11), no one can quite explain why they are happening (not with facts or reason, only by trotting out learnt propaganda slogans) … yet everyone sort of accepts endless wars as part of life…….. because people like Maverick and Goose made war seem so clear and simple – and justified! And in a similar way Nina shows us (on one level) how DID is not only inevitable but perhaps a sign of character, depth, talent and of 'perfection'.

        So could BS perhaps represent the beginnings of exactly the same method and process which lead to war being largely accepted? Will we start to see a new mind control/ DID themed movie coming out every few months or even weeks like we did with war and violence movies?

        Just how many 'enjoyable' war movies are there out there in the world? ……. thousands? Compared to how many true to life depictions of war and war history? 'a handful'? …… So what are people's attitudes and beliefs based on – truth or carefully scripted fantasy? Exactly.

        One can start to see how one of the illuminati's most powerful methods of furthering their agendas is to create in us a carefully scripted fantasy idea/ feeling/ emotion/ belief about reality (one which suits their objectives) and then they just encourage us (with continuous prompts from the controlled mainstream media) to simply act out their own agendas for them, according to our installed ideas, feelings, emotions, beliefs and manufactured sense of reality. It's genius.

        In this way you could view mainstream entertainment, media and culture as being like a virtual reality head set and harness (one for each person) which ties the whole population together like husky dogs pulling a sled full of the global elite and all their gold! They control the programming in our headsets and we respond to it by pulling this way and that, unaware that we are really just leading ourselves right into their NWO….

        It's the big picture which I find so fascinating – not just the movie on it's own.

        Like I said, the illuminati and their methods of control are like 'ocean currents' …. they seem like conspiracy nonsense when you are standing on the beach looking out at a single piece of sea …… to figure them out you really have to think big and examine at the big picture (and over long term).

        Just my two cents!

      • @Daffy Duck, Your article brought tears to my eyes every word you said went straight into my heart.

        Thanks a lot for this amazing article it just seems that you wrote everything i was trying to say

        I would really love to follow you on a blog or something and read more.

  39. i remember an article from vh1 stating that Natilei Portman thought she was actually going to die from her pysche from playing this role, how she thought that at nights she was going to die from the impact of playing this role gave her. I'm glad she didnt. Heather Leager made Batman, I think. At least thats all I remember is how good of an actor Heath Ledger was as joker. It's a big price to pay for fame, I wish more younger ppl see what the risks are and how much theyre not woth paying for, but the dumbing down of america, we only have to strenthen our skill of getting thru thicker & dumber skulls of ppl who dont know and who dont want to know, that'll be the real talent. Gl and God bless!

  40. That part about Nina’s transformation representing the force that takes over some artists to become these creative geniuses took the interpretation to a whole different level for me. Love the Heath Ledger reference this is exactly what I though when he first died, except then I believed it was an od and now I believe he was sacrificed. Thanks for the great article

  41. I'm utterly shocked that there hasn't been an analysis on David Lynch or Stanley Kubrick's films yet.

    For example, the three films by David Lynch – Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, and Inland Empire

    all have an LA theme going on. Inland Empire is almost the EXACT SAME THING as Black Swan in this case – Inland Empire is about a woman who takes a job on a cursed movie, and during the making of the film, she descends into madness, and can't separate movies from reality anymore. Mulholland Drive might have similar themes, but I don't know, I haven't seen it. All 3 deal with LA and I've heard an interpretation that they represent Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven (in that order – LH, MD, and IE).

    Stanley Kubrick has Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, Dr. Strangelove, and 2001: A Space Odyssey which ALL deal with similar issues –

    EWS deals with the themes of social hierarchy and yada yada yada.

    FMJ deals with mind control, and Joker's eventual programming into his dream of being the "killer" which turns on him and makes him everything he worked against.

    ACO deals with a depraved man and his LITERAL programming to become a decent member of society.

    The Shining deals with hierarchy as well. Jack Torrance wishes to be part of the social elite (the dinner party people… dinner party sounding a lot like donner party), but to do this, he must descend into madness and kill his family. The shot of a bear sucking a party member's wang is actually symbolic of the very same thing.

    Barry Lyndon deals with a man's climb up society's ladder, which ends up with his deterioration and self-destruction.

    Dr. Strangelove is about incompetence within the elite of society, and the eventual triumph of fascism over both Communism and Capitalism in the world, just before the world ends.

    2001: A Space Odyssey deals with social hierarchy being directly defined by weapons and power – the monkeys become enlightened, learn how to use tools, and then immediately use them as weapons to establish dominance. Then, it also deals with Heywood Floyd, a government elite who withholds information on the monolith for all but the highest in society. There is an entire scene about cover stories which has a pyramid structure showing him at the top, him being the social elite withholding information from those beneath him. It also deals with HAL9000, who is the only one on board the discovery with true knowledge about the mission, but acts suspicious, and kills everybody except for Bowman, who overcomes HAL. HAL even represents the all seeing eye. He controls EVERYTHING aboard the ship, and sees everything. The ship being named DISCOVERY even has some very interesting meanings too.

    Then the ending… I don't think I really need to say much about it. It stands on it's own as one of the most cryptic scenes in film history.


    • Sounds like you've already done a pretty good analysis of these films on your own. I read somewhere a few years back that people actually thought Kubrick was killed for making Eyes Wide Shut. & I also read that when he agreed to do The Shining, he'd have the right to change the screen play & add certain scenes. I don't remember which ones & why (I wanna say it had something to do w/Native Americans) but even back then he caused a "fuss" w/his vision & imagery.

  42. I loved this film. It was so beautifully made & acted. I didn't see anything sinister in it at all. I saw a young woman that was so horribly "messed" up by her mother & the route her life went. I saw sooo many I personally have known in Nina, & their abuse & their afflictions had absolutely nothing to do with "illuminati"! I guess this is an instance where I have to beg to differ. Not everything has a sinister or evil message people. I think this film has an important & valuable lesson.

    • Exactly! This movie is psychological. Its about embracing the "Shadow" side of your personality that you have repressed. Nina couldn't go through adult hood being a pure and virginal little girl forever…that's what was destroying her! By embracing her shadow, she didn't become the "Black Swan" that wasn't the point. She became The Swan Queen and integrated both sides of her psyche. Her "death" at the end of the film was not a literal death…we're only seeing it from her POV…it was the death of her old fragmented self, and her resurrection as a whole being. That's why she considered herself "Perfect" in the end.

  43. You know what i noticed yesterday as i walked into ForLove21 whis is the accessories shop of Forever21 the checkerboard floors and that really disappointed me.

  44. Let's not forget about the black spider-man ''possessed'' by the ''alien'' Venom->snake->demon.The demon gave him increased power and enhanced his agressivity. A lot of dark symbolysm lies around this character:the spider web is very important to secret societies because they strangle their pray (us) in it, it is a symbol of their control over the world (see United Nations logo).Another symbol is the horned hand sign that spider-man is throwing at the audience (when he releases the web).The horned hand sign flashed in a vertical manner represents satanic adoration, while flashed in a horizontal manner (like spider-man) to someone has the role of casting a satanic hex or spell.That's right, a hex to make you think that ''he's the friendly neighbourhood spider-man''.These cultists use the media to promote their symbols and ideas not in a negative way, but in a possitive way, using characters that ''represent'' the good guys, idols of childhood.Other examples might be Hellboy( a demon), He-Man(has the knights templar cross on his chest), Superman(his emblem is a snake in a pyramid), Blade(a vampire;in some occult practices (e.g.:left-hand path rituals) the members must drink blood in order to complete a ritual;also there are so-called energetic vampires->demons that provoke and feed on your negative emotions)) etc.But this practice doesn't resume only at fictional characters.As you might already seen on V.C.'s website, actors, musicians and other type of public personas that use occult symbols (some of them are the symbols) are represented by the media in a good manner.

    • Marc Alain Therrien on

      Don't forget "Ghost Rider" played by Nicholas Cage about a stuntman selling his soul to the devil to avenge his father's death. Nicholas is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppela and starred in these Illuminati type movies: Lord of War,Bad Lieutenant,City of Angels,Conair,Face Off,National Treasure,Season of the Witch,The Sorcerer's Apprentice,Knowing,World Trade Center and Next. If this guy isn't a member of Illuminati or Freemasons, I'd be very surprise.

  45. Haven't you remarqued how one of these poster represents the masonic pyramid with the eye inside? Those with the swan penetrate nina's mind!!

  46. Only the Creator is perfect.Humans that are trying to achieve perfection are more closer to a demonic possession or a mental disease.That's one of the bullshit the devil has decieved mankind with:that man is the center of the universe, that man can become god.Well, let me tell you something, not even Lucifer and his angels can become gods.The All Seeing Eye symbol is the eye of lucifer.But,as i know from a trusted source, lucifer (and any of his demon servants) can only be in one place at a time.They are only creatures like us.So it's symbol only has the role of confusing his followers (and sometimes some of us, who research the secret societies) so that they think he is the supreme god and he sees all things.In many pagan religions (egyptian for example) his manifestations through certain gods are told to be the creators of everything.Lucifer and his angels didn't create anything, they just stole the creations of God and corrupted them (one of them,unfortunaly was man).With this ocasion i will like to ask Vigilant Citizen to make an analysis of the movie 300 because is filled with occult symbols and meanings.In this movie the human king stands always in the front of his army prepared to die for any of his men, while the persian king Xerses(that is a representaion of the Antichrist/Lucifer->stands on an egyptian throne that symbolises the sun (lions and oxes->the sun god),some of it's jewels fall over the left eye,also he is known by the rothschilds and his associates as the god of the rainbow because he wears many jewels that shine) stands,like a coward,in the back of his army.At the end of the movie, the spartan king even manages to injure this so called ''god''.So, my friends, this is ''The All Seeing Eye'', a creature and like any creature he has weak points.

  47. Great post…I was wondering will you ever do the research on the tv show “Lost”? That series also had a lot of occult themes and strange scenes that i feel need to be looked at, and i was also a big fan of the show.

  48. ''Coincidently'', the majority of the world's gratest artists are members of secret societies and are implicated in magic rituals.Oh, i think i know from where this ''inspiration'' comes from.Like an ex-member of a spiritist society said:there must be a force that works for you somewhere or you won't make it further in a certain industry.

    Let me give you an example:the greek god Dionisos was the god of wine, orgies and theatre.He is sometimes depicted like a satyr/faun:half man-half goat (another symbol for ''you know who'').

    Wine=alcohool and drugs create breaches in the conscious human mind so it is easier for the demons to access the subconscious and to possess the individual that uses them.That is why stars that are members (or are used by) of secret societies abuse them so often (Elvis Presley,Michael Jackson,Marilyn Monroe,Miley Cyrus,The Beatles,Heath Ledger etc. etc.)

    Orgies=secret societies use depraved sexual rituals to summon the spirits of fertility.Like some cultists wrote, in the moment of the climax the subconscious mind is oppened for a few seconds, enough time for a demon to access it.

    Theatre (like i said the devil enjoys to mimic the creation of god (characters,places,situations))->movie industry (that's why hollywood is filled with cultists: it's the devil's stage).Also, acting has the role of dissasociating ones mind with the purpose of creating more personas so that the actor is slowly destroing his true personality.It is a step to multiple personality disorder and a big step to demonic possesion.

    The problem is that through this instruments, the demons can access our minds as well.

  49. I used to have a lot of respect for Natalie Portman as an actress and person. But it decreased eversince she let herself being used by the industry. First this movie, later on some more controversial movies. Yes, Natalie Portman is hot now but for how long? As soon as the industry will have a new star, she will be disposed as trash, and she will lose everything. I hope that she will turn to the God of her people, El Elohim and His Messiah Yeshua. That is the only way to become Only the White Swan again and to get rid off the Evil Black Swan. She may lose all the 'riches' of this world but she will have eternal life and peace in the afterlife.

  50. The swan wings are the wings of a fallen angel and they represent demonic attachment to a human.Search annunaki on google images.Although many would think that annunaki were aliens that came from the sky they were in fact humans possesed by demons->wings and head of a bird attached to a human body. They are depicted as holding a pine fruit, the seed of the tree of life/knowledge.Remember the old testament story of the serpent who retrieves a fruit from the tree of life/knowledge and corrupts Adam and Eve with it.Now there are two symbols hidden here to explain this corruption:life=fertility=sex;knowledge=emancipation=pride.

  51. Seriously–when did this site become overrun by overly religious zealots? (You know, the "Jesus Saaaaaaaves!" types…)

    It's terrible that all of us who have educated ourselves on this Illuminati phenomena are becoming assosciated with these "brainwashed" people by default. For the sheer sake of stating it: We are not ALL like this. Some of us follow no religion at all, and some of us are even into the occult ourselves and simply find this content fascinating (especially since we can recognize a lot of it). That is ALL.

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Mia, please be careful regarding your words " Seriously–when did this site become overrun by overly religious zealots? (You know, the “Jesus Saaaaaaaves!” types…" Jesus does take care of His own. He represents the true light and love for God's people. He loves you enough to give you salvation as well. All you have to do is accept Him as the savior.

      Vigilant gives us all freedom to share our opinions. Please do not bash those whose beliefs do not align with your non-religious beliefs. I am not a religious person either. I just believe in Jesus and His ways. Since I gave Him soveriegn over my life, I see things differently and approach life differently. I take nothing for granted not even this blog. This blog helps me to understand a lot of things that are written in the Bible. It is not my commentary but it places perspective on things. Jesus loves you

  52. The crow is a very important symbol.Search on google images Odin.Odin (Lucifer) was the head of the nordic gods (fallen angels).In some images he appears having just one eye.He was accompanied by 2 crows and 2 dogs.The crow and the dog are a symbolic representation of familiars (demons).In the Qur'an is it said that some djinns/demons look like snakes and dogs.In Madonna's music video ''Frozen'', she plays the role of Odin (satan) and is trying to tempt the viewer ''to give himself to her''.In this video, satan's familiars appear in the form of a black dog and a flock of crows. Also crows are used by witches as animal familiars.So in the movie ''The Crow'', from where does the main character returns?From HELL!Remember the wrestler Sting?He had the make-up of ''The Crow'' and it's symbol was the scorpion.In Mortal Kombat, from where does The Scorpion comes?From HELL!The scorpion could shapeshift his head into a flaming skull.Who has this symbol?The Ghost Rider!From where does the ghost rider comes?From HELL! See how the pieces of the puzzle are connected?And that's just a small part.I'm just trying to prove to you the nature of the world we are living in.And this world is not manipulated by humans alone, these sectants are only the vehicles, the link between the world of the demons and the world of men; their true masters are the ones that change it from the shaddows.They are the ancient evil and hold the final and biggest puzzle piece.Once we get it from them we will solve the puzzle that will lead us to truth.

    • Very good information you provide.

      I wonder though if we will in this world find all the puzzle pieces. Is that why we are here?

      I think it is more what we will do here, than what we will learn here.

      If we hear the voice of God calling, then like Samuel we will awaken and act.

      The Christian is called to action. The evidence of the darkness surrounding us should serve to quicken our step. Our humble service to others, our willingness to embrace even our enemies is a much more radical expression than most assume. This is a revolution that can tear the veil of darkness for all of time.


  53. I don't understand HOW anyone can learn about this stuff, the dark side, occult, Illuminati, Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, Luciferianism, etc.,etc.,etc. and NOT go bee-lining for God, The Most High!! Doesn't learning about all this stuff scare the sh!t out of you???? DAMN, it sure did me! Not long after my dive down the rabbit hole, I became converted. I'm, at least, TRYING to go the right way. I wish people would stop knockin' others who are only trying to spread the word about the truth. When you have a love for the TRUTH, you naturally gravitate toward God because that's exactly what He is, The TRUTH!!! Man, that was a no-brainer for me. Once you begin to "investigate" the spiritual side of things, God becomes very real. For crying out loud, even the demons believe and they TREMBLE!! Doesn't that truth alone pack a punch?!?!?!

    Believing is seeing.

    • No, it didn't have that effect on me. Why? Because all the stuff on VC doesn't actually prove the existence of a spiritual world, it only proves the existence of people who believe such things. It also proves how complex but also easy to manipulate the human psyche is. Yeah; I find that scary. However, there is no proof for God and no proof for the Devil.

  54. You stare into the vacuum llong enough, and it will stare right back into you. Is perfection, is greatness in art something that can only be achieved through becoming something beyond human, something otherworldy, and in achieving this state is the cost your mortal soul. Robert Johnson at the crossroads.

    also because I cannot comment on a closed thread, did you know that Alejandro is Spanish for Alexander, as in Alexander Edward Crowley, which is how the 'Beast' was christened afore he changed his name to Aliestair.

  55. So how do the ones in the industry see this or interpret this movie? The message is so clear that even the persons that don't know about the illummi's would uderstand that ambition for fame it's not a good hing that would end up your life. Is it disinformation or they just don't care anymore?

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      I think the music industry and movie industry are intermingling and interweaving their thoughts and ideas. Music videos are taking on the form of mini-movies.

      That is a horrible idea. There are too many fools and unwise people already acting out what they hear in the music. Music is very powerful and so are words. Thanks for sharing the video.

  56. Soyokiki's comment "So how do the ones in the industry see this or interpret this movie? The message is so clear that even the persons that don’t know about the illummi’s would uderstand that ambition for fame it’s not a good hing that would end up your life."

    Jim Carey felt compelled to dedicate a comedy skit to the Black Swan movie. Although humor is his medium, he underlines the theme of moral compromise being key to achieving artistic success.

  57. I knew something was up with that movie. I had to rebuke it in Jesus' name. I left that movie theater feeling odd as all heck. Thank goodness I annointed myself before i left the house. I really didnt know what the film was going to be about, and so i had to go prepared. My cousin was the one who convinced me, I said no for so long becuase i just knew that i'd see the movie on here soon enough. Black Swan is taking over, and i'm over it. If that movies wasnt demonic i dont know what it. I will continue to rebuke it.

  58. Black Swan is one of those movies that leave you with a sick feeling in your gut. The reason is that it makes an apology for evil, and a very convincing one.

    The movie is starred by Natalie Portman (née Natalie Harshlag, from Jerusalem), directed by a Jew from Brooklin who lived in a kibbutz in Israel, Darren Aronofsky and produced by a company named “Phoenix”. Aronofsky had his debut with the movie “Pi”, which has as main theme kaballah and Jewish occult numerology. 


    Nina (Portman) is a ballet dancer in New York. The movie starts with a dream, where Nina dances with a seductive male dancer, an Antonio Banderas type who suddenly changes into a demon, horns and all. She is raised by a mother who “failed” in her career, who chose to quit ballet in order to raise the baby (she chose the good and is a loser). Nina lives in her childhood bedroom, surrounded by plush dolls and pink decoration. She is anorexic, has no boyfriend, is possibly schizophrenic and scratches herself until she bleeds. Her mother is a disciplinarian who wants Nina to fulfill her own desire to be the first dancer in the company. 

    Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) is the French director who just fired the first dancer from the company, Beth (Wynona Rider), after seducing her. Beth is approaching 30, and is disposable. After being fired, she is run by car and goes to the hospital. Thomas decides that he will produce the ballet “Black Swan”, with the same dancer to play both the good White Swan and the evil Black Swan. Nina is his choice, but he thinks she is too good and sweet and, although she can be the best white swan, she needs to find his evil nature in order to play the black swan. 

    Nina meets a bad girl named Lily (Mila Kunis), a dancer and a competitor to the role. She has a tattoo of black swan’s wings on her back, meaning she already belongs to evil. She takes Nina to a bar and a disco, introduces her to drugs, casual sex with men and she has lesbian sex with her afterwards. Because of the wild party, Nina is late to the rehearsal and almost loses her role to Lily herself. In the movie, we don’t know if Nina is imagining everything or if it really happened. 

    During opening night, Nina plays the White Swan and falls on stage. At her dressing room, during interlude, she is mocked by one of the dancers, who tells her she will fail and starts a fight. Nina pushes her to a wall mirror, which shatters. She then proceeds to stab the dancer with a glass piece and changes into a demonic Black Swan. She performs wonderfully and, at the end, we find that in reality she stabbed herself and is dying. Her last words are: “now I am perfect.” 


    Black Swan is a movie about mind control and demonic possession. Its main message is that you can’t achieve greatness without selling your soul to the devil and connecting with the evil inside of yourself. 

    Nina’s controller is her mother. She was unable to develop and is still a child psychologically and sexually. Her bedroom’s wallpaper is covered with butterflies, a reminder of Monarch programming. When she is ripe and technically disciplined, her handler, Leroy (“The King” in French) enters her life and introduces her to evil, with the help of Lily (Lilith?). He seduces her but doesn’t have sex with her. He just awakens her lust and greed. In a key scene, we see Leroy and Nina at his flat, where a stylized Baphomet is displayed on the wall. Her gala night also takes place in a building where we see a huge statue of a black angel, obviously Lucifer. Nina is being invited to Satan’s side, and the reward is fame and success. 

    There are occult signals all around the movie, starting with the black and white duality and going through mirrors, which are displayed all the time. Nina and her mother have their mirror images switched in one scene, meaning the mother has to program the daughter to be a replica of herself. In the end, when Nina shatters the mirror, it means she broke her personality in multiples and is ready to be possessed. She graphically changes into a demon in the screen. 

    It is very possible that Portman gets an Oscar for the role, in confirmation of what the movie teaches. She will be an insider. That would make the movie more a ritual than fiction, much like Madonna’s kiss on Britney Spears’s mouth. In the internet, Portman is well known as a mind control puppet.


    Perhaps we should pay attention to Beth, who like other mind control slaves, loses her programming when she gets close to her thirties and is discarded or killed. After Nina tells her that she wanted to be “perfect” like Beth, she says: “Perfect? I am nothing.”  That’s the fate of those who believe Satan’s lies. 

    • Natalie Portman portrayed the dark side as the famous and rich so she is actually talking about herself and the other hot celebrities out there Doesnt all that ring a bill in her head i mean how can u know for real that evil is dark and you still follow it???? , can someone please answer me

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Great explanatory recap on what Vigilant explained. You should also have a blog to warn people of what is coming. I think these movies are designed to take control of its watchers' minds. This strategy is not at all a new one and the approach is not as well. Hitler used this very approach to turn a race of people against another race. He used symbols within the movies and on the movie screens.

      One thing we do know about Satan is that he is clever, but not clever enough. He continues to use the same strategy.

    • Interesting that Winona Ryder plays the dancer who was discarded and she herself is actually living as the ex-hot young starlet, a position now held by who… Natalie Portman.

      Life imitating art, or is it the other way around?

  59. Also, Portman is pregnant by some guy she met whil filming Swan. What does this mean, seeing as some actors dies going through this transformation. She is doing the opposite, bringing life into the world, Is this some evil seed she is carrying?

  60. You forgot "Ghost Rider" played by Nicholas Cage about a stuntman who sells his soul to the devil to avenge his father's death. Nicholas is definitely part of Illuminati, he's the nephew of Francis Ford Coppela for starters and is or was the star of these Illuminati type movies: Lord of War,Bad Lieutenant,City of Angels,Conair,Face Off,National Treasure,Season of the Witch,The Sorcerer's Apprentice,Knowing,World Trade Center and Next,etc.

    Some of these movies has symbolism all over them, example National Treasure and Knowing.

  61. I dont know if anyone CAN answer this question, I do believe that this is more than just a hollywood film as you can see in my previous post, But WHY would they want to expose and show us what they are doing?

    Is it because they want to show us oh this is just movie stuff, its not real, its just hollywood? Or are they subliminally putting messages into our heads that this is what we should be like?

    If not, then I dont see the point in showing us these demonic ways of the music industry?

  62. Excellent work! I watched this movie just so I could examine the underlying message- I figured you would be all over this one! I think they did an excellent job on the symbolism, and even the actress they used reflected the overall demonstration of occult mind control= "Kaballistic Kitten", Natalie Portman.

  63. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    #89 said that we need a life. That may be true for me, since I have been in bed from a minor surgical procedure. I am just surrounded by my fabulous laptop, television, magazines, book and back to my laptop. However, he might need a life if he is just checking in on us.

    While watching the Golden Globe Awards, I had four revelations. First, it appears that all the Jew directors are either gay or practicing homosexuality? Second, many of the male actors appear to be gay or practicing homosexuality. I was not stunt to see Sean Comb or LL Cool J. Third, the winners or movies/shows had some form of homosexuality, whether the plot centered homosexuality or the actors or actresses are gay themselves. Robert Downey could not have described Holloywood any better when he named females he slept with, whether he was kidding or not. Fourthly, this awards show appeared like a televised Illuminati Society meeting with a few invites.

    I do not mean to throw off on any particular group. I love all people, but it just appeared that way to me as I watched the show. There is so much going on with these people in Hollywood that I got an headache while waiting to watch Sisters & Brothers. Another show that displays gay couples. That is becoming prevalent now thanks to our Jewish friends.

    • Yes, you would be correct to notice the homosexuality trend. It has been a bit over a decade now that the machine decided it was time to normalize homosexuality and bit by bit it started doing so by featuring gays or gay-themed plot lines in movies, tv sitcoms, and music videos. This is no surprise and not a new development, it's just that now it's more prevalent. The days when homosexuality was considered 'abnormal' will soon disappear, if they already haven't, and that was the machine's goal – to normalize and encourage different forms of sexual behavior. Anyone who thinks TV or Hollywood are independent and operate without a set intent/motive (other than profit making) is in for a rude awakening. We've been programmed since the tube appeared. Watch the movie "Network" (1976) to learn more about propaganda from tv.

      • 60 years ago, interracial couples was not seen just as negatively as homosexuality. Sexuality is not black and white. Animals display all the same sexual relationships as humans. The Bible says homosexuality is an "abomination" but that's only because it was edited to say that after King James died (because he was famously bisexual). The original Hebrew Old Testament and Latin New Testament say something completely different. Cowards need to stop hiding behind the Bible and just admit that they are themselves filled with ignorance, hate and fear of something they could never possibly understand. Pedophilia is something else completely different so if anyone tries to compare homosexuality to pedophilia, you are the one who is 'abnormal.'

      • Its discusting because my God given conscience tells me its discusting. Which is no different to what God says in the Bible. It's a sin, read the original Hebrew and Greek to understand that the bible does say its a gross sin.

        It was discusting 20 years ago when the media didn't have such a strong opinion on the subject and people weren't as conditioned by the media as we are today and its still discusting today. Basically its a spirit, its another tactic by Satan to distance people from a relationship with God which will result in them going to Hell. They need to repent, go to a spirit filled chuch and turn to Jesus. That goes for everyone in whatever situation you're in. The bible is 100% true. It's Gods word.

      • Yes, homosexuality is definitely a spirit. Many of the people that I know today who are gay suffered some sort of sexual abuse. I have a friend who became transgendered b/c of it. Know this: God loves you…he loves homosexuals dearly and he wants them to come to the knowledge of the truth. He is the only one who can change that state. You cannot do it on your own. Also, sodomy is a very important part of the illuminati religion. They believe they gain power from the act among other things. Some artists who sell their souls have to show their allegiance in some way and that is often just one of the deal breakers; sleep with someone of the same sex, or anal rape, etc.

        To find out more about the illuminati: Go to YouTube and type in John Todd. He was an illuminati insider who found Christ and exposed their deeds. They tried to discredit him and eventually killed him. If you still choose to disbelieve, I pray that God will enlighten you soon.

  64. to analyse the sad death heath ledger, you definitaly have to check out his last movie "cabinet of dr. parnassus". he died during making this movie, was in the movie first found hanging under a brigde like vatican bank manager calvi in london, who was propbaly murdered by masons. in the pockets of ledgers suit in the movie was found a brick, just like in the calvi case. and at the end of the movie, heath ledger finally dies, just like in reality shortly before. and beside all that, the movie is full of masonic and occult illuminati symbolism. a must watch for vigilent citizen!!!! so, maybe the deat of heath ledger is the best case, to analyse occult sacrifice. by the way, in the movie the alter ego of heath ledgers role was played by johnny depp, jude law and colin farell (if i remember right). as we know, at least johnny depp is also a possible candidat for mk monarch. it is also interesting, that ledger played in brokeback mountain a gay cowboy. this kind of gender mixup is also claimed by some people to be part of occult rituals. for instance said dave chappele on the ophra winfrey show, that he noticed, a lot of male stars from movies and music have to wear womans clothes at some point of theire carreers. but he denied to do so.

  65. Great article ,it makes sense and its so horrible to think that this is happening in real life with celebrities.

    But why make a movie showing all this stuff ? The movie literally is telling me "dont go to dark side ,maybe is the easy way but its gonna end bad ".

    I dont get why Hollywood (Illuminati) made a movie like this ,what they earn or achieve by putting all these symbols ,dark stories ,etc?

  66. Dear Vigilant Citizen,

    I must say that the articles (from movie section only) about Metropolis, Jossie and the Pussycats, and Black Swan are brilliant! and i agree with your conclusion in Pan's Labyrinth. great job, VC! :)

    I love the phraseology in those articles.

  67. VC, some of what you have touched on is interesting, but you fail to mention that BS is a story as old as time itself. It's really a coming-of-age story, a story of initiation, and anyone who's read any literature will attest to this. Like Milton's "Innocence to Experience", or Pere Goriot, and countless other tales, it is a story about growing up and that usually involves sexual maturity. From a literary point of view, these stories hardly ever end well, the shock of 'experience' being so overwhelming on the 'innocent' that we can only expect a sad ending.

    Aronofsky is saying what countless authors have said before him. That the road from innocent to experienced is a difficult one, especially if you are a complete innocent, as was the character of Nina. And experience usually begins with sexual encounter. All these stories of initiations are similar, if not the same. From the comments I gather not many readers of literature visit this page. From folktales, fairy tales to novels, and art cinema, it's always the same story of light and darkness, innocence and experience, good and wickedness, …in the end life is that – duality.

    What bothers me about this movie is that like everything else out of Hollywood, it exploits the sexual themes too bluntly, making it yet another sexualized product the machine spews out so much of, but this time in the name of art. And this is how Hollywood, media and the music industry operate. They spew out baseness and vulgarity in your face, but they package it as art, or what have you, so that the masses easily embrace it. After all, why wouldn't you embrace what the elite considers 'art'? All in all it's just another hypersexualized production and I'm frankly sick of them, as they exploit a base voyeuristic need in the audience and in the name of 'art' continue to generate sexual imagery while racking in profits. Beautiful manipulation.

  68. As for Heath Ledger, he was The Fool (tarot card), the one that could be disposed of.In Dr. Parnassus,we see him hanging under the Black Friars Bridge (The Hang-Man – tarot card often associated with sacrifice by members of secret societies;an italian mobster was sacrificed under the same bridge, masonic style).

  69. What this film represents to me is the fact that no female can truly embody the full nature of the eternal mirror, that which is perfection when it comes to the mind. That at each moment that she tries to achieve this perfection she dies from the result of her own fractured reality. This embodiment of perfection encompasses both perceived sides of what we see as duality, it is non-dual, which is unobtainable for the fact that it is so destructive within creation itself.

    You see this alot also in music, the concept of good girl gone bad. The female can only ever play one role for she is but a puppet or fractured part of that which is the true mother of creation.

    Thus the fractured mirror…she is imperfect. Just like in religion, the female was always seen as having been made of man, she might be seen as the prostitute or witch, the puppet or slave, the one always trying to live up to being seen as perfection through the eyes of man. There can only be one in creation that can embody true perfection.

    • On one side your misogynist comment is ridiculous, but on the other side if I knew you in person and your opinion about women, I would keep an eye on you, and show this comment to your Mommy. Guess you are a bloke who does not get women (or "good" women), and must channel your frustration in being a misogynist. I feel sorry for you, but I also know blokes like you are dangerous, because you sound like a complete psychopath (yeah I know this term is not in use anymore) who kills/rapes/tortures women or would be able to.

    • Blonde Pigeon (becau on

      @Sam (quote) 'What this film represents to me is the fact that no female can truly embody the full nature of the eternal mirror, that which is perfection when it comes to the mind. That at each moment that she tries to achieve this perfection she dies from the result of her own fractured reality….'

      If this is what you think the *film* is depicting (which is what I think you meant) – rather than your own personal *beliefs* projected onto the film – then yes, I kind of agree (otherwise absolutely not!). And yes it is a widespread theme in mass entertainment culture. Women can be perfect lovers, perfect virgins, perfect accessories to men's schemes … but if they attempt to become perfect women – perfect beings – in their own right, on their terms, beyond the social order then they'd better watch out!

      (But the same can be said of the depiction of men in Hollywood and modern culture in general where they can only be heros by joining the army and blowing up some poor country and only achieve respect or pride by serving their governments etc etc…)

      In fact when you look at history there has been a systematic 'cleansing' of all things feminine whether it was burning witches at the stake (for daring to bypass the state/church and access higher knowledge by themselves!) or creating very male -like hierarchical (pyramidal, vertical, phallic) systems of organization ie government, banking and law. We live in a male dominated society: hard, brittle, war like, hierarchical, aggressive, competitive, materially fixated etc…. I'm not saying maleness is 'bad' …. what is bad is the lack of BALANCE (in women, in men and in culture and society)….. we need the feminine principal elevated beyond the level of sex object, yielding dependent 'sidecar' attached to the powerful male 'Harley Davidson'.

      Only when true femininity (not the Hollywood version) is elevated and able to grow out of the repressed, infantile, dependent, weak, neurotic state that it is currently in, can it help to balance out the extreme unchecked maniacal and rigid male unbalanced state which is causing such havoc in the world. But that means of course that the suppressed/ unbalanced state of femininity today is as much responsible for all the war and violence and tyranny and repetitiveness and rigidity that is the mark of this current age as the suppressed/ unbalanced state of masculinity is. Any other assertion is belittling and patronizing.

      All we see at the moment is male like war and destruction where we need female like negotiation and attitude change …. rigid, dogmatic persistence with old outdated systems of rule/ economies/ laws/ behavior when we need fluid, dynamic, cyclic, pragmatic ability to let go and embrace and adapt to new possibilities, new methods, new organizational approaches, new dreams …. etc etc etc

      But ultimately it is not simply about the suppression of the feminine and the elevation of the male – our society (our whole world) today represents the persecution of BOTH male energy and female energy – BOTH are unbalanced and weak …… and in such a debilitated state male energy resorts to war, aggression and rigidity and female energy resorts to apathy, subservience and dependence … but both are expressions of weakness and submission to a state of unbalance.

      There is a REASON why we are being held down – both men and women alike – in states of *extreme unbalance*. There is a REASON why both men and women are educated, socialized, indoctrinated (not least through heavily controlled mass entertainment) to be the most extreme and utterly ridiculous versions of maleness and femaleness … the moronic grunting man who wouldn't be seen dead expressing sensitivity or a caring side quality in public….. the empty headed pouting female who can't assert herself except through sex appeal or by acting in a male like manner… it's all a load of bull (and cow!) ….. men and women are allowing themselves to be equally oppressed and suppressed and equally meek and submissive under the NWO's long term social engineering program which has been going on for a very long time…. as blatantly expressed via Hollywood.

      'Holly' + 'wood' … the wood of the holly tree as used in magic wands. Hollywood is used to literally cast a spell over the population and program them using drama.

      Alan Watt has done some great work on this…..

      This is why art and culture MATTERS so much. Because how we view ourselves and each other matters so much – how can we change the world for the better if we are in a completely unbalanced, debilitated and ridiculous state of being ourselves???!!

      Politics and governments and institutions and think tanks and councils etc are NEVER going to be able to solve any of the problems of the world because they are *in themselves* all creations of the root problems themselves, they are reflections of the unbalanced and unnatural society we live in (live under).

      And this is shown by the fact that the more solutions governments and institutions offer the worse the problems become! And this is all inevitable and all by design. If we carry on like this then in the end we will become simply a collectivist blob of combined insanity – so hopelessly unbalanced and at odds with ourselves and each other that we need to be constantly drugged, surveilled, regulated, policed, restricted, tied down, gagged, sedated …… and this is the society we are ALREADY starting to find ourselves in!

      It is the perfect form of tyranny because those seeking to continue to dominate the populations of the world only need to project unbalanced role models onto us all (from childhood onwards) through mass media etc and then do a bit of social engineering through tweaking laws here and there and then they can just sit back and watch us all tie ourselves into bigger and bigger knots, into a big tangled collectivist mess (like the game twister!) of mutual unbalanced, mutually dependent un-people, empty people, walking corporate consumers without no sense of self left at all, living our lives in an artificial media created illusory world of normalized insanity, and so hopelessly lost we absolutely REQUIRE rulers to control us!

      At this point (and we are getting close to it) the parasitic ruling class (AKA illuminati) will step in and say "poor little things, what a mess!! My oh my!….. but don't worry children, we'll sort it all out and take care of you and fix your economy with a global bank and fix your social problems by bringing up your children for you as you clearly need to concentrate on your self – here take this calming medication – don't worry we will fix all the chaos in the world with a strict one world government with a protective police state and lots of helpful CCTV and other high tech surveillance to protect you all from yourselves …. and we will take care of you forever and organize every aspect of your lives from now on so don't worry about a thing…just keep watching all the entertainments we have provided for you"

      Switching off the TV/ Hollywood programming and achieving a sense of self based on YOUR own life experiences, your own common sense and your own value system (instead of 'wearing' an off the peg, dumbed down, artificial social persona copied from mass media freak show) has to be the first step towards changing the world for the better, surely? In short we all have to GROW UP! (men and women)

      Continuing to absorb, embody and act out the messages of Hollywood and the rest of the mass entertainment world can only lead to 'Blockbuster Movie' world becoming our reality …. isn't this what is happening already ?

      ….. war, violence, death, shallow characters .. a rubbish plot …. lack of originality …… formulaic …… terribly boring …… wooden actors …… unfulfilling ….

      Who wants to live in a world like that?!

      • The fact that most people are quick to judgement on others is the perfect reason why most of the information is left hidden from public eye. It takes an intelligent and understanding mind to fathom the concepts that are hidden without taking on the information personally and as a criticism. It think that there will never come a time that the public will be allowed to be aware of the true nature of what is really going on.

        And before you judge my comment…

        "Think" about this…

        If all information was to be taken on as a personal attack on an individuals right to his say freedoms then take a look at your own life and ask…do I really allow others to have their own personal ideals on their own life and how it is to be seen and experienced? The answer is no. No one allows another to live their life without having judgement and criticism on them…therefore…

        The truth will never be accepted for the fact that not one person would be able to step outside of their own bubble without the fear of others personally attacking their own concepts and beliefs. It is a drastic cycle that will never end in a world that is self absorbed and forever protecting their own bubble above anothers.

        The only time that the truth will be seen is when intelligence preceeds judgement.

  70. I wasn't really insterested in the film when I read its plot. Remember the article on that 9 year old girl murdered by a suspected MK ultra soldier? I kinda remembered something from an old episode of 'Capatin planet' where they go to the future and then save a little girl from a flash flood, the present villains are warned by the future villains ti murder that girl as she will turn to a future environmentalist when she grows up. That little girl who was murdered had a lot of potential as a politician despite being only nine. And the illuminati had to destroy her, she was a threat. Atleast, that's how I see it.

    Also, has anyone listened to linkin parks album, a thousand suns? there are songs that are purely apocalyptic and anti governmental. And also a couple of them have clips from important poeple who changed their part of the world like martin luther, mario savio and that guy who made the atomic bomb.

    • Off topic, anyone watched the parody of the movie done by SNL? In the end he says something meaningful, once you turn black swan, you can't turn back … swan.

  71. This is the perfect example of what I mean. A female fractured by what she reads and sees. Immediately she turns into a black swan.

    • The funniest part is that you really mean all the bs you just wrote! You just have proven my words, so I won't waste more time on you. Have a nice life!:-)

  72. But I wonder, how come Brandon Lee died and Heath Ledger died during their filming of such dark characters, it's rarely that the female actress die when they do it. Something to ponder.

  73. I don't know how this will sound, but the effect of reading the articles here have an opposite effect on me. Rather than be repelled by the movie of music or show, I am in fact further drawn to that media. After reading this, I suddenly had the urge to watch this :O

    Also, as part of my work, there are opportunities for me to meet celebrities in our part of the world. After thinking long enough, I've realized they have all something in common when they are not on-air or facing a reporter: "backstage", they kinda looked like they had this glassy wide eye look, like they're not physically there – or maybe it could just be exhausted. But the moment they "step on stage", it seems like they are a different person and you feel a sort of electrical energy coming from them.

    I dunno, maybe I'm suddenly just over thinking things

    • Of course you're drawn to it! Everyone is drawn to darkness (in the sense of mystery and magic – I don't mean 'evil'). It's all fascinating stuff – the human psyche, magic, hidden knowledge and symbolism and power and stuff!

      Don't you find it a bit odd that we are brought up (in the west) to view the world as simply made up of objects, with nothing more to life than surface appearance (including ourselves)? We are given (forced to accept) a 100% materialistic world, a sterile, predictable world completely devoid of all that mystery. Even our history is censored so that we are clueless of the mystery and magic that has permeated this world throughout the ages.

      For example the pyramids were built by slaves pulling blocks up a dirt ramp? Give me a break! Even top architects and construction boffins say we could not build the pyramids with today's knowledge or technology. All evidence of past great civilizations with different technologies and world views and even different consciousnesses has been censored (or attempts have been made to censor it). All sense of mystery has been removed from the minds of modern men! And it has been replaced with a false concept of linear 'progress' based on technology. (yeah, it's working out really well isn't it!)

      So we are all brought up in a world of 'stuff' …. of consumer products and gadgets and surface appearance (fashion) and no emphasis on the powers of the mind, awareness, consciousness and the magical side of life. And so it's no surprise we all crave mystery and magic and expanded consciousness – and yet we are supplied with alchohol, David Blaine and Harry Bloody Potter!!!!

      (I smell a scam don't you!?)

      Because meanwhile, while we are all getting drunk and watching Harry Potter Vol 23 our 'respectable' and supposedly 'God fearing' world leaders who encourage such a materialistic, sterile world of solid objects are all busy conducting mock child sacrifice rituals (and who knows what else?!) in front of a 30 foot stone effigy of the god Moloch in secluded forests of Northern California? And they are all members of occult secret societies and orders based on occult practices and secret higher knowledge? Isn't that all a bit odd?

      It would appear that we are being starved of 'mystery knowledge' on purpose and encouraged to never look (or even think to look) beyond our five senses, never examine our own inner world and most of all never realize our true and full potential as human beings – ie the magical and mysterious and powerful creatures that we ALL undoubtedly are!

      Instead we are encouraged to keep on shopping at the mall and watching celebs on TV – it's practically the law!!!

      Meanwhile the parasitic rulers of this world are heavily into occult practices and magic and 'beyond the five senses' activities …… but here's the thing: I really don't think they don't get it. They are all hopelessly caught up in ego and the desire to control and have power over others. They want to manipulate the world totally rather than experience it totally. They practice hate and not love….

      And that is WHY they try to censor all mystery and higher knowledge from the masses. (And why the masses feel so empty and hollow and so full of cravings and longings we can't satisfy no matter how many products we stuff out houses with). That is WHY for centuries they went around the world destroying all ancient cultures and stealing all their shamanic traditions and millennia old ancient knowledge and wisdom, before burning all records and imposing their rule on these poor cultures. And building shopping malls. And casinos. And charging taxes.

      And that is why through entertainments and education they ridicule and belittle such ancient knowledge and the idea of human's sublime, spiritual, magical side existing right here and now. It only ever exists in some fantasy made up land in a movie which we can watch, enjoy our cathartic virtual experience, and then carry on shopping in the 'real world' afterwards. Yet at the same time the rulers with their secret societies attempt to use exactly that power which they deny exists for their own selfish goals! (which will never work because that's not what magic and mystery are about – they seek to 'own' knowledge and power instead of simply experiencing it).

      And so today, after starving our culture of all things magical and mysterious (telling us to think no deeper than our next shopping and entertainment experience) they are also trying to lure us all into THEIR way of thinking regarding human potential. Just look at VC article on the state of popular music currently. It's full of dark, menacing, limited, occult symbolism and themes designed to appeal not repel.

      It's just like any other form of advertising – they advertise what you DO want (health, happiness, friends, mystery, magic) and use that desire to sell your the opposite (drugs, hamburgers, gadgets, stupid and twisted music and movies). It's all about twisting our natural desires and common sense value systems until they are completely reversed.

      They know people en masse are starting to think ,"hey, there's definitely more to life than this solid material world" – especially now that the economy and consumerism is failing big time – and they want to make sure that our *natural* desire to expand our awareness and look deeper into the mysteries of being alive are catered for – but in a way that keeps us all as much trapped in egomania with a limited world view as they are.

      Because if we ever started to tap into our true potential en masse and started to perceive a little bit beyond the five senses and realize there is actually more to life than just shopping, money, gadgets, celebs, holidays, new cars, designer shoes then we will no longer be controllable sheep any more…..

      .. and we can't have that can we?!

      So I think the basic message they are promoting (via pop music, movies etc) is this

      – Keep shopping and not thinking too deeply about life

      – If you are going to explore the mysterious and magical side of life here's some Charmed, Harry Potter, Buffy…

      – If you still intend to exploring this further then come and join us as we get hopelessly caught up once again in ego and hierarchy and turn this higher knowledge and expanded human potential into another festival of debauchery, ego and seedy gratification – just like everything else we are involved in.

      That's the basic message I get from popular music and movies that deal with these themes. (GaGa, Rihanna, BS, Beyonce etc)

      • "It’s just like any other form of advertising – they advertise what you DO want (health, happiness, friends, mystery, magic) and use that desire to sell your the opposite (drugs, hamburgers, gadgets, stupid and twisted music and movies). It’s all about twisting our natural desires and common sense value systems until they are completely reversed."

        You are so right! Like a Michelob beer commercial is marketed as good for you like you can take it to the gym while working out and drink it! Another marketing scheme I'm noticing on so many commercials now is that the voice-over/narrator reads a script given to them by the producer/writer/director that 'speaks to you' i.e. "You are a good person. You have a lot of friends. You need to buy this phone for all of your needs." As if they know who you are it's sickening!

        Great work on the analogy! Thanks!

      • Thank you for the effort you put into the article everything you said makes absolute sense. As i was reading your words i just thought i am immunized to all of this i sure do watch TV, i go shopping and i like to stay trendy but i know one thing for sure i will never let them get into me they will never affect my soul because my soul is filled with something deeper and something more divine it is filled with the power of Islam and my ears are used to the soothing voice of Qura'n so no matter how much i listen to songs (in the car sometimes) i know that i will not be affected.

        Please do not get me wrong i am not promoting Islam and not even trying to do that i am just spelling my thoughts out here.


  74. Two things.

    1. if Hollywood really is grooming stars into Mind Controlled roles, and this is all a nefarious plot, explain the popularity and rise of Larry The CAble Guy. What sort of Illuminati influence can you detect in Delta Farce?

    2. Remember the wise Robert Anton Wilson's "Law Of Fives"…"anything can be related back to the number five…depending on the ingenuity of the observer".

  75. It bothers me that some of you talk down to those of us who are Christians. How can you believe that there is satanic symbolism (and occult rituals) in movies like this but not believe in God? So your saying you believe in evil but not good? Makes no sense…How can you say "this is wrong" "they are trying to get us under mind control" ,etc but not believe in God? So your saying there are evils in this world, but you dont follow the "evils of the world" yet you dont believe in the good(news) aka jesus Christ? So basically your just as evil..?? No logic in that. Anyway ,great article Vigilant:)

    God is Love, God is real,

    • You seem to be implying that in order to believe in good or be a moral person you must believe in God. I find this attitude a little disingenuous.

      I also think many people commenting here have a deep understanding of good and evil, and a profound connection with the sublime and spiritual side of life, but are just not interested in organized religions.

      And from a more intellectual standpoint, I think many people have looked into history and found that this bunch of evil criminals (illuminati etc) have managed to infiltrated virtually all organizations in the world to some extent or other. Examples include governments, media, banking, UN and also many of the world's organized religions.

      This is a big problem for any compartmentalized, vertically integrated, hierarchical system. I can't believe you are unaware of the crimes being exposed on an almost daily basis in all of the big institutions of the world, including organized religion.

      Also history is full of wars, conflicts, genocide, persecutions and horrendous crimes carried out by organized religions claiming to have 'God on their side'.

      And in addition to this, the perceived differences between the various religious beliefs and practices (or between a religious faith and some secular part of society) has been played like a fiddle throughout history by the ruling elites in order to DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

      This is not meant in any way to be a snub to anyone who practices any form of religion (or for that matter anyone who works in government, banking, the media etc)…. like I say it's a matter of these organizations being infiltrated and controlled by the few who seek to control the many. The common thread – and so we can deduce the *problem* – is the compartmentalized hierarchy structure, which allows destructive groups with odious agendas to take hold ….. like vermin crawling in the rafters…

      In light of all of the above, personally speaking, I do find some of the 'Only Jesus can save your soul' comment slightly annoying … but only as annoying as someone using all caps lock! 😉 …… IOW it's no biggy as far as I'm concerned! It's not an 'issue' 😉

      And speaking as a completely *non organized religious* person with many reservations about the overall effect organized religions have had on the world (see list above!) I would also say this: Having studied the illuminati and NWO for a few years now my admiration and affection for you 'religious types' (as I see you LOL) has grown and grown. You will never convert me to your strange practices (!) but I am often bowled over by your strength of spirit and character and guts to stand by your beliefs and moral values. The relative percentage of religious people clued up about the NWO and refusing to go into denial about it but instead speak their mind (and their heart) often seems far greater than for non religious people. It seems some religious groups were spreading awareness of the NWO agenda 10, 15, 20 years ago while everyone else was still fast asleep! Massive kudos to you guys for that.

      We seem to live in a world now where all notions of having a cause or value system that is bigger than your self (ego) has been totally eradicated and instead the majority have become locked into the prison cult of me, me, ME! (regardless of whether they are consumer slaves or 'love and light' new age hippies). Also we live in a world where the mantra of 'anything goes' appears to have been skillfully used to destroy culture/ morals/ values by design and by stealth by promising freedom (liberalism) while delivering more often a form of cultural degradation – a lowering of standards and lowering of vibration (consciousness) AKA dumbing down. And such 'Trojan liberalism' has been used not just to implement this dumbing down which is actually a form of censorship, but also to destroy the very concept of that which is *sacred*. I mean this in a non religious but no less powerful sense. As Jane's Addiction sang: Nothing's sacred anymore! Again this is all by design.

      I think culture and morality is now getting so degraded (in every sense of the word) that to have any kind of set of standards, moral judgement, to hold anything as sacred or simply an opinion not based on the current mass media consensus is not only refreshing but outright revolutionary! In other words to hold on to the idea that 'stuff actually matters' and there are consequences in life, right and wrong / good and bad is what I admire in you guys – so many of the more liberated and 'open minded' people have gone full circle and are now blinkered by their own rigid belief system (religion?) of pathological 'open mindedness' which has become reflex *acceptance* of whatever is put in front of them – whether pineapple or poison!

      Personally, I am *happy* to share some opinions with you religious people and *happy* to hold different views in other areas. Hope you guys feel the same :)

      The more we can unite without even needing to 100% agree (become homogenized) the more strength and love we generate towards each other :)

      It's easy to manipulate a divided population ….. and it's easy to manipulate a united population….. but a population that refuses to stand as one, yet refuses not to get along is untouchable!

      Vive la difference!

      • divine, TLDR!
        ok, no, seriously tho…. u cannot separate good and evil from god.
        i can understand it if u do not believe in god, but from my point of view is kinda childish NOT to believe in god. it feels like you´re living lucifer´s lie.
        and NOT to understand that these are all manifestations of the same entity, the deceiver, the liar, the ever changing and ever cunning lucifer, the master of darkness, of all that is unjust.

        again, i paste here that passage from the bible that explains to you why and how did satan obtained rulership over this world and those who do not believe in god.
        let me repeat thta, RULERSHIP OVER THE NON BELIEVERS to deceive them and to let em waste their energies over and over and over again, since the beginning of time….

        Question: “How is Satan god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4)?”

        Answer: The phrase “god of this world” (or “god of this age” [NKJV]) indicates that Satan is the major influence on the mind-set expressed by the ideals, opinions, goals, hopes and views of the majority of people. His areas of influence also encompass the world’s philosophies, education, and commerce. The thoughts, ideas, speculations and false religions of the world are under his control and have sprung from his lies and deceptions.

        Similar titles are found elsewhere in Scripture concerning Satan. Satan is called the “prince of the power of the air” in Ephesians 2:2. He is called the “ruler of this world” in John 12:31. These titles, and many more attributed to Satan throughout Scripture, signify his capabilities. To say, for example, that Satan is the “prince of the power of the air” is to signify that in some way he rules over the world and the people in it.

        This is not to say that he rules the world completely; only God does this. But it does mean that God, in His infinite wisdom, has allowed Satan to operate in this world (within the boundaries God has set for him) and has allowed Satan to operate with an agenda. When the Bible says Satan has power over the world, it must be made clear that God has given him domain over unbelievers alone. Believers are no longer under the rule of Satan (Colossians 1:13). Unbelievers, on the other hand, are caught “in the snare of the devil” (2 Timothy 2:26), lie in the “power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19), and are in bondage to Satan (Ephesians 2:2).

        So, when the Bible says that Satan is the “god of this world,” it is not saying that he has ultimate authority. It is conveying the idea that Satan rules over the unbelieving world in a specific way. In the case of 2 Corinthians 4:4, the unbeliever follows Satan’s agenda. According to 2 Corinthians 4:4, the “god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ.” Satan’s agenda includes pushing a false philosophy onto the unbelieving world—a false philosophy that blinds the unbeliever from the truth of the Gospel. Satan’s philosophies are the fortresses in which people are imprisoned, needing to be set free and brought captive to Christ in obedience to the truth.

        An example of a false philosophy might be a belief that man can earn God’s favor by a certain act or acts. In fact, earning eternal life is a predominate theme around the world. Earning God’s favor by works, however, is contrary to biblical revelation. Man cannot work to earn God’s favor; eternal life is a free gift (see Ephesians 2:8-9). And that free gift is available through Jesus Christ and Him alone (John 3:16; 14:6). You may ask why does mankind simply not receive the free gift that enables them to truly be called children of God (John 1:12)? The answer is that Satan—the god of this world—pushes a false philosophy onto the world. Satan sets the agenda, the unbelieving world follows, and mankind continues to be deceived. It is no wonder that Scripture calls Satan a liar (John 8:44).


    • Shanique – me too. It's good that this kind of demonic rubbish is exposed for the filth that it is, but it also exhonerates Jehovah when he tells us to stay away from the occult. For everyone doing these things is something detestable to Jehovah, Deuteronomy says.

      When VC says that there are plenty of examples of those who have dabbled or have been programmed & then chucked away, then experiencing either madness or death or some negativity, I'm afraid he wasn't joking.

      VC – you did a very thorough job here in your analysis. It must take a lot out of you & I hope you counter this with something to cleanse you inside, spiritually. Excellent article.

  77. i noticed that ink blot on the wall in the movie. It looks a little like the figure on jay z's book. I'm suprised you did'nt mention it VC. But you basicly took the words out of my mouth concerning the movie. The black swan is basicly a good girl gone bad. Thanks for the post

  78. @RC you sound very ignorant! what are you doing on this blog if you don't know what is going on behind the scene, keep watching the movies and believe in what the medias tell you! such an idiot!

  79. Fabulous post, Vig!!!

    What a great parallel you draw to people like Lady Gaga and the Beyonce/Sasha Fierce divide. The images are eerily similar. It absolutely appears as though the director has created an undeniably symbolic and powerful work, ripe with alchemical interpretation.

    Your deconstruction of the themes is fascinating. The message of so many spiritual paths seems to include the message: "Unleash your inner darkness, and become perfect, become harmonious." Yet dark forces unleashed more often destroy than harmonize. Still, the idea of synthesis will eternally appeal to the human mind, constantly seeking the integration of our many selves, the good and the bad, etc., in the hopes that it will finally hush our demons. Ironically, the line between acknowledging inner darkness and inviting outer darkness in is a fine one; and often, it seems, if anything, to turn up the voices of said demons, whether they be symbolic or literal.

    Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

    Readers who like Vigilant Citizen might also like my blog for outside-the-box thinkers:

    PARALLEX: Exploring The Architecture of Human Perception

    Be well!!!


  80. Great article. I like the movie. It did show the stress of being in the entertainment business and I think it's pretty much in every business. We grow up in the world where money and success is such a big deal and parents do stress that on their children to be successful. I think it's best for everyone to live in equality and treat each other with love and respect and bears no harm to themselves or others.

    I'm not sure if everyone here is a Christian or if this is a site for Christians. I would love to see other religions(Buddhism, Islam, etc.) or non-religious(Agnostic, Atheist, etc.) comment on this site too.

    Will be subscribing this on my reader. :) Thumbs up!

  81. And I sit here pondering how everyone here basically is signed in under an "alternate personality". It's very creepy in a way.

    • Well, I guess its called trying to remain anonymous due to the fact nowadays we are being watch everywhere and anywhere. But to be honest with you, I dont think it will work as 'they' – goverment etc, can get our IP addresses and anything if they wish to investigate us. We are not safe even in our own homes.

  82. Her diamond earring looks like an upside down star or baphomet in the poster where her face is cracked.

    There is no real color except black, white and shades of red.

  83. "By following the White Rabbit, Alice went through the Looking Glass"

    I just have to point out that Alice did NOT go through the looking glass after following the White Rabbit. She fell down the rabbit hole, and from then onwards, in both the book and the movies, she was in "Wonderland". It was in the second book, "Through the looking Glass and what Alice Found There", that she, completely on her own, imagined a world within the mirror, and as she did so the glass turned to liquid and she was able to slip through into the Looking Glass World (different from Wonderland, though the mad hatter is in both).

    I understand the references to both mirrors and the significance of butterflies and such to symbolize monarch programming, however if you haven't read the original Alice in Wonderland books, please don't relate them to programming as i believe that they have a much deeper meaning than that.

  84. Sensiblehumanbeing on

    look.. im not complaining.. i guess everyone has the right to think whatever of they want of said movie.. but seeeriously? Havent you guys ever heard of symbolism in movies and literatures? They're helping tell a story not control your minds. plus Black Swan was an independent movie…. theres no way the evil mind-controlling studio execs had anything to do with all of that.

    Isnt it possible that sometimes… sometimes… a movie is just a movie… a song is just a song?

    • 'They’re helping tell a story not control your minds.'

      But telling a story IS a (mild) form of mind control. How can it not be? If you filmed a cinema (or TV) audience you'd see them all slip into a trance state. And their imagination, emotions, heart rate, and even degree of sexual arousal are being controlled by images on a screen and sound coming out of speakers. Definitely a form of mind control. Also don't forget advertising, advertisers wouldn't spend billions on adverts if they didn't mind control people into buying their products. Movies (moving pictures with sound) is a massively powerful medium …. which is why it is so heavily controlled! (and always has been).

      But no one is saying this film is 'robotically' mind controlling (programming) people in that sense. There are so many levels and degrees of mind control. MK Ultra/ Project Monarch trauma based mind control is the most extreme form of mind control where someone is literally programmed, and this film definitely refers to this through its symbolism – but that doesn't make this film is trying to program people in that way.

      However it does seem to be turning a very heavy duty subject (trauma based mind control and DID) into something entertaining, fashionable and sexy (an entertaining erotic thriller movie with Hollywood's new 'it girl' movie star Portman in it). And the fact that it deals with this serious subject in that way and also at an unconscious level – rather than being openly a film exploring the journey of a mind control victim suffering from DID – makes it more odious to some, hence the strong reactions to it. I think a lot of people view it as a bit like making an entertaining erotic thriller about a man becoming successful in politics, while semi subliminally alluding to Nazi ideology with swastikas and other symbols of Hilter's Germany half hidden in the film. See what I mean?

      'Isnt it possible that sometimes… sometimes… a movie is just a movie… a song is just a song?'

      No. What you're basically suggesting is this film's symbolism and themes are accidental. And no film of this standard and budget is accidental. Sets aren't just thrown together – it's not being filmed in someone's spare bedroom on a handy cam. There are no accidents. And you're forgetting the numerous other examples of this exact same symbolism flying about popular at the moment. One could ague I suppose that this film is whistle blowing Monarch mind control … but if it is then by glorifying and sexing up Portman's descent into madness/ DID so ridiculously it is doing a very bad job of whistle blowing it.

      Here's a short (1 minute) documentary on Hollywood and 'accidental symbolism' 😉

      • Gray Pigeon, Blonde Pigeon, Daffy Duck, Bored Swan, Cynical Swan – Kudos to you my dear. Your succinct explanations, real life breakdowns, graspable examples, and straightforward analysis of life as we know it is truly remarkable. You have the uncanny ability to see the world from a different perspective. And as we both know, “your perception is your reality. ” To see the “big picture” as you mentioned in a previous post, is truly an underrated talent that few possess. In a world full of mindless, spirit-deprived zombie/worker bee/sheep/etc, stumbling across your posts is like a breath of fresh air. I would love to have a dialogue with you, pick your brain and maybe learn something new. What say you?

      • I'm reminded of a youtube vid about an advertising company that planted symbols along the path of two advertising execs on their way to their office. Then they were told to come up with a few ideas and write up a presentation. It turned out that they ended up using many of the same symbols that were strategically placed along their path.

    • Who said that the symbols were "controlling our minds"? Did you even read the article? It seems you're totally missing the point. The article states that the director of the movie (an insider) is commenting on the realities of show business through symbolism.

      "Can't a movie just be a movie?" I don't even understand what youre trying to say. Are you implying that movies do not have a deeper meaning? That they cannot be profound allegories? That good directors do not obsessively think about the symbolism of each of their shots? You need to learn a lot about film making.

  85. Thank You SO MUCH!!!

    I had sent an email to Vigilant back in Nov. or Dec. about this movie. I can't break it down like he/she does, but I just "smelled a rat" when I saw the poster for it. I don't look at anything the same anymore after reading this site and others similar to it. The other day I was in the mall, and was looking at posters in the windows/displays at Victoria's Secret. Low and behold, the models had that "one-eye-covered" crap goin' on…just go to a mall and see for yourself.

  86. Well Nathalie Portman seems to be beaming right now, which is unusual after coming up with such a performance, to say the least. Any theories on why she hasn't shown any selfdestructive tendencies compared to, e.g; Heath Ledger? To be fair, she doesn't seem like the type who would let her mind be corrupted.

    • Why is that? Do you know her personally? Or is it because she has such a pure and sweet "look?" Don't be fooled by physical appearances.

  87. This is all true. I have multiple personality disorder (D.I.D) and was programmed using trauma based mind control techniques. My father was my handler (satanic Freemason,pedophile) and inducted me from birth. Mirrors, sacrifices and horrible things can split a mind. Tazers are used also to interrupt the ability to form memories. I have been hospitalized for the past 10 years and am finally getting better… with the help of many doctors. This is true. It's part of the NWO agenda. Many people (like my father) were programmed themselves and are really dissociated and "asleep" just putting forth the evil agenda. I am awake but almost died many times. I advise people to believe the Monarch Programming…. I lived it. Believe it. Evil is strong but not as strong as the GOOD. GOOD always wins out in the end. Sorry suckers ; )

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Jenn, I am so glad that you are able to tell your story. I pray that God continues to watch over you and send His Angels with flaming swords to fight your battles in Heaven. Continue to fight using your mind. You have a powerful mind. That is where God connects to you. Keep focus on Him. You already won the battle. God bless you.

  88. productofprocreation on

    so ive been waiting for you to write about this movie since i saw.

    i find it funny they chose natalie portman as the main character for this film, when she also played in V for Vendetta an excellent movie about martial law. pretty intense.

  89. Excellent break down VC,you hit it right on the head. Did anyone notice the Lilly seemed to be in on it, like Thomas flew her out as an assistant programmer from S.F. to assist in the Nina/Black Swan Working.

  90. Really helpful, thank you. Any more thoughts on the director? Do you think he's exposing it all or is he showing off his involvement by articulating these signal pictures openly?

  91. Another thing worth noting is Thomas's sexual interest in Nina. In the beginning of the movie she asks to be reconsidered in a private meeting with him. When he says no, she simply accepts his decision and is about to leave before he says "That's all? You're not going to try and change my mind?" and kisses her. All throughout the movie Nina finds herself in compromising situations with him. This is a not so subtle reference to the "casting couch" and other forms of degredation which shobiz hopefuls must do in order to get ahead in the business.

  92. another movie that just hit the internet is Frankie and Alice staring Halle Berry ( Halle was also nominated for best actress at the golden globes ). The movie's about a young woman with multiple personality disorder who struggles to remain her true self and not give in to her racist alter-personality. Another Trama Based Mind Control Actress. I also read the Halle produced the the movie,which is based on a true story. All of this overtness is called Revelation of The Method.

  93. i just realised looking at one of the black swan posters that the Pontiac logo is a large red beak like the rising swan (pheonix). any one else notice ?

  94. Hi Vigilant,

    thank you for posting this-

    and thank you so very much for your tremendous website, mind-boggling insights and your courage-

    you might want to tackle the film "Burlesque" as your next "victim"- alone the placard for the film reeks of Illuminati influence (haven't seen the film but the placard was enough to turn me off)

    again, thank you so much for your website and insights

  95. Lots of red, black and white…

    One thing you glossed over:

    Thomas chooses Nina for the role because when they kiss in his office she was wearing the “magical” lipstick she stole from Beth’s (the previous star) dressing room.

  96. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Vigilant, I have several questions regarding Jay Z. During his appearance on Oprah, he spoke very little. I also noticed this on his previous interview with her sometime last year. He is a man of few words. He wore an all black attire and she wore an all red attire. Were they giving a silent message at a high volume? He raps "Forever Young," but he is looking old.

    1) What is Jay Z's book titled Decoded suppose to be about?

    2) What does he mean by Decoded as oppose to how Oprah attempted to define it by reading

    from his book?

    3) What is the agenda behind Jay Z on Oprah? Why? Who is suppose to be?

    4) What is the truth behind Jay Z and Kanye collaborating? "History was made when JAY-Z and

    Kanye West released their first single H•A•M."

    5) What do they mean by "Watch The Throne"?

    Please assist, if you.

  97. Raven Delasker on

    Great Article VC, i understand the illuminati's agenda is counterproductive but religion is not the answer, turning away from the media and towards the bible is like abandoning mind control version 2 in favor of mind control version 1! Enlightenment is within us, there is no external enemy.

  98. Re: # 128

    Wow…just…wow !! That's the same baphomet logo that Kanye West was photographed wearing a few year. I wonder which designer is using this graphic for their clothes. If I had to guess I would say Alexander Mcqueen based on his openly satanic fashion shows.

    Re: Black Swan

    I reluctantly saw this movie earlier today (snuck in, didn't pay for it). This movie more than any other recent one (except for Imaginiarium of Dr. Parnassus) made me realize how much smarter I am at detecting symbolism since I started reading VC a year and a half ago. From the chilling opening scene (dancing with the demon) to the climactic death scene, there was so much crammed onto the screen it was like a 2-hour "On To The Next One." I even noticed some strange sound effects like heavy breathing and moaning during certain scenes. As usual VC hit most of the highlights i noticed and even some I didn't. I would also be interested in reading VC's take on one of my favorites from 2010, "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World." On teh suraface it's a highly entertaining live action comic book, but upon further viewing I noticed there was subtle symbolism throughout (like Gideon's pyramid at the end). Great job once again from a loyal VC reader!

      • I'm not willing to go as far as saying every celebrity that wears his clothes actually knows what he was up to before he killed himself (although Lady Gaga had to have been in on it). But having models walking a pentagram on the runway is just ridiculous !

        I'm also not sure Mcqueen made the bag she is carrying, but VC could do a whole series of articles just on the illuminati control of the fashion industry (ex. Thierry Mugler's designs for Beyonce's last tour). Coincidentally I was in Macy's earlier today and saw a T-shirt in the Rocawear section (Jay-Z's clothing line). There was a huge eye in a pyramid with other masonic type graphics, and at the bottom it said "Masters of the Craft." This is a photo of a similar shirt from his website. How many people are walking around wearing this and have not idea what it means ?????

  99. thats an interesting perspective, i'd a never seen it that way. Wynona Ryder and Natalie Portman – now thats a pair. both seem to have the same confused sex-crazed nymphomaniasm identity crisis. Both are kind a cracked. Both have seem narcissic, child-like, obsessed with sex characteristics. Both entered movies as a child playing a silly cracked character. And both are jewish. This black swan concept is almost kind a relative in real life regarding these two and Portman is taking over as hollywood's new queen of the cracked identity-crisis types.

  100. IMO, this movie has NO satanic symbols. She had OCD, and Paranoid Schizophrenia- it's simple, the role of the Black Swan made her condition worse of course because she had added extra stress. I think this movie does give a real life insite on how once good celebrities, became a completely different person (Linsay Lohan, The Olson Twins, and Brittnay Spears)

  101. ughhhhhhh another one

    on a random note- The fat Oprah continues to buy stupid americans' love- and apparently also australians'- as she gives away 6,000 diamond necklaces to her australian audience today.. the last few days before the end of the show and the beginning of the NWO — oops i mean OWN network-

    …and she chooses 9/09/11 as the date of the final show. Remind you of anything? Is her show's historical last day on an important level as what we remember on 9/11 every year?

    Her future network will be used to promote new age religion.

    Don't let Oprah brain wash you. Don't let her buy your love.

  102. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Even though I agree with you, do not attack her personally. It is not nice to call people fat, skinny, ugly, etc. It is always best for us to encourage one another to love who we are.

    I believe Oprah actually sees herslf as a goddess, because a lot of people look up to her as so. Even though she has done some good, she also caused some misrepresentations.

  103. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Okay, I am not a fashionista (just stylish, so brand names are not a dire need), so I googled Alexander McQueen to become familiar with the designer. The models look drugged and dissociated.

    # 149 stated "Great Article VC, i understand the illuminati’s agenda is counterproductive but religion is not the answer, turning away from the media and towards the bible is like abandoning mind control version 2 in favor of mind control version 1! Enlightenment is within us, there is no external enemy."

    I am curious how a person suppose to enlighten himself or herself if they are turn off the television and not to look to the Bible. Where would the knowledge come from? Please do not say read. It would still be other peoples' ideas and thoughts. We cannot meditate if we do not absorb knowledge to know and understand our thoughts. Good and evil is for real. There is such a thing as external enemy as well as internal enemy. We can be our own worst enemies by the choices we make.

    Nowadays, people are choosing to deny God and renounce Jesus to be wealthy. If there is no God, why such a choice with these people?

  104. You forget to mention that the reason Natalie Portman was used in the role is because the "Nat" in "Natalie" sounds just like "Gnat", thus referencing pestilence in the sense that insects such as gnats often feed off of dead carcasses. This essentially relates to Nina's gradual surrender to the dark power's of decay and death. Also, the "Port" in "Portman" represents ships sailing away into a new beginning, yet the "man" in "Portman" adds a dark streak of humanity to this image, thus symbolizing the deterioration of the Nina's soul as her internal "ships" begin to slowly sink into oblivion. If you even look closer in this film, you can see that NOTHING is a coincidence. Even the director's name, Darren Arnofsky is an acronym. If we look deeper into this, we can even realize that Obama was elected because of this film, even though this film came out afterwards. That's how powerful it is. Learn from it, my children, and thou shall see with awakened eyes.

    • Heeeeey, wassup, you know your mocking would be entirely justified if it weren't for the fact that the exact same symbolism can be seen all over the place. The fact that it is so obvious just makes you sound like a nutter – no offense!

      If sounds like you've never researched any of this before so I suggest you first spend 30 mins looking at the other articles on this website relating not just to dozens of music videos and movies but also to award ceremonies and buildings around the world as well as entire city street plans.

      Just like playing the piano, knitting or basketball it does take a while to get your head around if you come at it from a position of total ignorance.

      But you'll soon confirm for yourself that this kind of symbolism really is to be seen all around us. I mean it's not a 'theory', you can actually see it, you can watch the videos or movies and there it is, or visit those buildings and you can even study hundreds of books about the history of occult practices, secret societies, their symbolism and mind control.

      Even US presidents are on record admitting the existence of mind control programs and apologizing for them. And it's not even a secret that many past presidents practice occult rituals and belong to secret orders themselves!

      Watch this film if you want to have a beginners introduction to the NWO and the occult rituals, secret societies and round table groups that the Bushes, Reagan, Obama etc all belong to (shown near the end of the film)
      or check out this footage

      or learn about the origins of mind control here
      or here
      or here

      What is totally open to interpretation and debate is the reason(s) why all this symbolism is being put into movies like Black Swan and music videos by Jay-Z, Paramore, Rihanna, Mariah Carey etc. Obviously it is being aimed at young people. But why? What do you think?

      When you've done some research maybe you'll have some ideas about why it is all over the place. Even if you think it is all one just enormous coincidence that's fine – it's you opinion. I don't think anyone has the 'answer' but at least some people are trying to figure stuff out.

      Basically we all have the internet and our brains .. some of us are trying to use them as fully as we can. Some people, not so much!


    You guys should check this out. People are starting to become more aware.

    About that link above, if you do see it.

    Sometimes I think the Illuminati want us to find out about them or that they're just leading us into thinking all these things, so we keep ourselves busy investigating and putting the pieces together, while they could be plotting something huge, they probbaly all ready are, it's all part of their master plan.

  106. Wow ! very interesting . When nina was walking in white , and the other nina in black walking the opposite direction . Nina the one who was in white looks back and on the wall it says "Keep Out" just something to let you know.

  107. alright, you people are acting like scared sheep. instead of looking fo evry little detail to deside if its against you or not, and living your entire life in fear of if your doing what god wants, why dont you look at yourself, and what you are sacrificeing(your life). it isnt free will, if evry implulse you have must go through something of greater power before the decision is made. you look at the world and say "this is satins doing", but realize this, for a religion that claims to be pure love, you shure do contrbute alot of hatred to the world. you know somthing interesting? more cults have originated from cristianity than any other religion. you dont find it strange that the exact sayings you follow are being used to brainwash people?("follow the leader,you are nothing without him") you can live like what god says you are (he litterally compares humans to helplss lambs), or you can live YOUR life. would you rather be punihed for being free, or rewarded for not? i would rather burn for eturnity at the cost of freedome for whatever time i live, then rewarded for being owned for eturnity. i am no sheep. i think that you people are the real victims of control, because obviously you are controled. ugh fightend close minded sheep. well,back to my life

  108. I don't understand how someone who has seen this movie could be swayed to join the "dark side". She ends up going crazy and killing herself. "Yes now I will serve satan because all of that seems awesome!".

    Maybe people are just pathetic, or I'm just ahead of the game but if the intention of this film was to breed evil in the hearts of people who by nature are already sinners then they did a terrible job.

  109. This movie was amazing and I hope people can easily connect its plot with this meaning. I just came to the conclusion that "perfection kills". Many artists now-a-days are also obsessed with perfection and acclaim in their work and most of them would do anything to get this.

  110. Good analysis. I had been avoiding this movie because of reviews and friends' commentaries, but now I am curious to see it for this portrayal. I feel Aronofsky's movies are always about these kinds of themes. The Beyonce/Sasha Fierce duality also came to mind.

    I think it would be worthwhile to analyse Ledgers' decline in the Joker role. The Joker's evolution (or you could say return to his roots) in comic books became one of the most disturbing characters ever created for the medium.

  111. I have not been famous, but when I was still a girl, I wanted to be a ballerina of classic dance, because I liked more than the twist of the epoch, and also I wanted to sing and to tell wonderful all that that there was inside me and to transmit it, as a form of spiritual evolution, it was something wonderful inside me that I wanted to share. When I saw the reaction of some nearby relatives, and I thought about depth on what it goes after her a famous person, I decided to forget this facet, although I kept on dancing and singing the rest of my life, especially dancing, in the discotheque or doing the tasks of the house. In the end, it turned out that I was famous, although I did not know it, at least, in one of the forms, and that it ended up by giving as result a conflict in my life, but also it cleared many unknowns of my life.

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    The industry of the music, as any other industry, is interested neither in the spirituality nor in the truth nor in the love

    I am Annie de Smooth Criminal, and I am the woman about whom Michael speaks, this woman that Michael never heard a simple word about her. And I am Moonwalker, and I hope that in the end, this copyright Moonwalk, should serve as prove to discover the murder of Michael Jackson.

    Although I do not have economic means to pay a lawyer, specialist in copyrights, but I know that some day… God will work the miracle.

  112. hey, didn't read all the comments, so sorry if this has already been said. In the scene where Nina goes into Thomas' office and he kisses her, there is a rorschach-style painting on the wall behind him, which to me, looks very much like Bahomet. Great movie though!

  113. that shit about the "great alchemy"seems like something pretty fucked up to me, its true, to reach illumination, you need to understand darkness and light, this movie, and the masons version only understands the dark…. and to understand both, you most endure the so called "path of pain" wich very little masons if there is any, have the guts to take. Pussies…

  114. as much as i love this site, i find it annoying that some of us have such low tolerance for people's opinions. I like seeing open minded thoughts and points of views,(even the ones i don't understand). We sould be able to do that without being bashed or called sheep. Other than that,loved the post

  115. This film was very dark and psycho-ish, but strangely beautiful. I could really relate to the characters in it. I don't really think it's Illuminati, but it definetely is about the cost of perfection in showbiz and how some Music artists, dancers and actors literally torture themselves the same way Nina does just so they can be perfect at what they do.

  116. Calyn *the great* on

    So I have a (pirated) DVD copy of Black Swan glaring at me right now.

    It's been a week since I got it and I still haven't watched the movie.

    Why? I was afraid the movie would get into me and I'd lose my mind as well. ',:-

    (I'm lame like that) Better safe than sorry.

  117. Very good. Now, let's see what VC can do with Cloony's new movie, "The American". This film is so occultically layered it should be interesting to see just how many layers VC can peel-away. Likewise, VC can take-on Jollie's film, "Salt." And, of course, there's the in-you-face film "2012".

  118. It appeares hollywood is outdoing itself by bringing out all of their 'heavy hitters' to shove their occultic crap in the public's face. It's almost as if these 'actors' are being told it's their time to pay-up. Jollie, Pitt, Depp (has been doing so for some time now), Mat Damon (has been with the Jason Borne films as well as his and Affleck's 'Good Will Hunting' film) — even the title of that one isn't subtle to most everyone with half a brain today. Tom Cruse and Nicole Kidman's 'Eyes Wide Shut', Kidman in "Stepford Wives" and now Clooney's "The American" where he IS "Mr. Butterfly" complete with his character's fascination with Monarchs and a Monarch tattoo between his "assassin's" shoulders. The mindless prostitute that seeks pleasure from her Monarch assassin lover. This film was an utter bore and yet it has received over-ratings from their controlled media "critics". It is also the same for "Black Swan" that will, somehow, while boring the life out of the viewing public, receive more awards than anything else.

    Hey, as long as "THEY'RE" entertained, what else matters eh? These films today are all about celebrating their own occultic lives while shoving it down our throats too. How many more "stars" are being forced to pay-up? Recall heavy hitters is 2004's "The Manchurian Candidate" Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep? She's made a few occultic films — recall "Devil Wears Prada"? So has Denzel – recall "Out of Time"?

    Of course they're going to be charming and talented – those "stars" you've enjoyed watching. Keep your eyes open.

  119. Hollywood hates women. in the worst way. You know how you may have a favorite actress ( or actor ) but then they play a horrible pscyho or violent or hateful role, and then you never view them favorably again? It sort of destroys them in your mind. Well, Holllywood publicists, producers and directors know that. But as VC said, they know they may be destroying an actor during a performance, and with them, it's still OK. I remember when Natalie Portman was so fresh, young and attractive, and it was a treat to see her in any role, especially in the Star Wars flicks, where she was usually the only bright spot. But will you ever forget her as the Black Swan? Will you ever see her as gentle, innocent and appealing again? I don't think most will.

  120. Hollywood's A B on

    Speaking of Kabbalistic Kittens — have a gander at this:

    Is it me or does anyone else think that perhaps Hillary's assistant should have straightened her name tag prior to the photo shot? Perhaps Natalie should have been told to put on a bra? It is difficult to tell which Kitten is under more mind control: Hillary or Natalie?

    If you're able to enlarge this photo, you'll notice some very disturbing images in the painting behind them too. Quite disturbing indeed.

    Cathy O'Brien's "owner" was Senator Robert Byrd for most of her life until she was "rescued" by her ex-CIA hubby Mark. One wonders which Senator or, excuse me, Ex-Senator is Natalie's owner.

  121. Hollywood's A B on

    Cathy O’Brien’s “owner” was Senator Robert Byrd for most of her life until she was “rescued” by her ex-CIA hubby Mark. One wonders which Senator or, excuse me, Ex-Senator is Natalie’s owner.


    Just in case you didn't "GET" what's going on in the above photo of Hillary Clinton and Natalie Portman, here's another CLUE —… (of course, Natalie was much younger in this photo – how odd for Hillary to have such a YOUNG "admirer" around her for so long. In fact, this picture of Natalie was BEFORE she was "famous".

  122. Hollywood's A B on

    Afterthought: Cathy O'Brien states in her videos and in her books that she was "ordered" to have sex with both Hillary and Bill Clinton. Both were exceedingly abusive to Cathy and her daughter Kelly (also MKUltra programmed "sex slaves" for the rich and powerful). O'Brien writes about how disgusting both of them were.

    Here's something else to ponder: Natalie Wood was mysteriously killed while "boating". Apparently she fell into to water (drunk) and drowned. This is highly suspect because Natalie Wood had often talked about how terrified she was of water – that she had a phobia of drowning. Who is Natalie Portman named after? Natalie Wood was clearly another Hollywood "kitten" as was her famous husband, Robert Wagner.

  123. Speaking of Natalie Portman, let's look at the movie ''V for Vendetta'', more exactly, let's look at its logo.At first glance it is just a ''v'' in a circle, but, if you look at the beginning of the movie you'll probably notice a luminous half-circle penetrating the circle in one point, intersecting the v and then exiting the circle through another point.Now, this is a aiding symbol that helps you decript the main symbol.The V is the symbol for the capricorn head (the goat head), the semicircle draws it's ears and the circle delimitates them.It is the symbol of satanism.

    Now, just like christians have their Ten Commandments to follow and the Seven Deadly Sins to avoid, satanists have their own laws.They were written by Anton LaVey in a chart named ''The 9 Satanic Sins, 9 Satanic Statements & 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth''.P.S.:LaVey had military personel as members of his church: Marcelo Motta,Michael A. Aquino.You'll see where i'm getting at in the next lines.

    One of the Satanic statements:Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek!

    One of the Satanic Sins:Solipsism (it's opposing idea is embraced by satanists:"Do unto others as they do onto you!'')

    One of the Satanic rules of the earth:

    When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

    What is the main idea of the movie?Vendetta.You see, this is what they want:they put puppets (politicians) in high places of power and they use them to attract social fury and to provoke civil war that will lead to martial law.Unlike most of you think, the age of revolution and uprising isn't this one.Our ancestors should have fought agains these tyrants decades or centuries ago, when these parasites were low in numbers, when they didn't owned everything, when the population of a certain country wasn't that numerous so that they could't hide in it's numbers.Unfortunately, our ancestors didn't had an open access to information and communication like we have today.These cultists had through their secret societies.In our days, the majority of riots and revolutions are staged by these cultists.A subversive action, some spies infiltrated here and there, some instigators inciting the population and you got yourselves a revolution.Now, these instigators are not necessary real life people, TV is one example:movies,news,shows,public speakers etc.

    Also, many people/groups of people fashion their conceptions depending on the music they listen to:rock,country,folk,jazz,blues,hip-hop,rap,pop,rastafari etc.Many artists that sang music from these categories have influenced the mentality of many people around the world.You can find some of them on V.C. site.Others, especially the old ones(Beatles,Elvis,The Rolling Stones,Maddona,Bob Dylan,Eagles,Mozart,Beethoven etc.) can be researched on the internet or by books.But we all know who they belong to.We all know who owns the music industry.

    Anyway, in the next years, there will be a huge amount of social distress world wide, many revolutions, many unsatisfactions with the ''so called'' rulling class.But belive me, killing a few political leaders, some public figures or some of their guard dogs (like in ''V for Vendetta'') won't help you very much.They are spare parts and can be replaced very easely with others (probably with an ''opossing'' doctrine) by the real threat of humanity, the ones that stand in the shadow (like the Rothschilds, the Rockafellers).My advise to you:avoid these staged riots, retreat yourselves in a quiet place, far from the human conglomerates.Get as many supplies and weapons as you can stack.You see, they will implement certain laws that will desarm the civil population so it cannot fight back when they install the martial law.The great revolutions will probably take place after the implementation of these laws so that people will riot with pitchforks or stuff like that, while the tyrants and their guard dogs (police,army – the movies ''Soldier'' and ''Demolition Man'' will give you a hint on how the future members of these organization are/will be indoctrinated) will have all the weapons.I believe they will use them to make ''social order'' and ''discipline''.

    For more information on these subjects i recommand this torrent:''John Todd's Testimonial of Illuminati and Witchcraft''.

  124. Did natalie portman sell herself to darkside…? I would be careful if I was her, consider the fated consequences of some other actors who played such "black and white" roles.

    • I have never cared for her, always found her somewhat creepy, and her film roles are all creepy, involving suicide, mind control, assassination, married to Darth Vader, etc. I don't like her alpha girl vibe, it really puts me off. Another site similar to Vig posits that her family sold her out, that she is MK'ed. Who knows, if so, that is sad, but I don't like her and try to avoid her films. Her marriage and swift breeding with that French ballet dancer also seem creepy to me.

  125. Miley Cyrus was like a black swan in her "Coming out" video. She wore black wings singing how evil she was and couldnt be changed.

  126. Sorry if I'm repeating but anyone noticed it's a girl (Mila Kunis) who gives her the orgasm that «turns» her into the black swan ? Like when lady gaga said that her song alejandro was a odd to gay people…Anyway I'm 14 and when I started reading VC I was 13. When I found out about all thoses artists that I «adored», some more than my own God, I was devasted. It made me realize how addicted I was to music. I love music, I still do, music is my life but now I know what is real music and what isn't!

    Thanks VC, great article as always!! :)

  127. If you look closely at the Lesbian scene, those actually aren't wings. They are more like hands and the way she moves her back symbolizes a demon trying to come out.

  128. Weirdness worth noticing:

    New films with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis dealing with the exact same plot – casual sex… (now that they both were part of a film bringing them farther into their sex-kitten figures).

    Check it out – "Friends With Benefits" and "No Strings Attatched" – means a lot probably…

    Especially with Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher beside them.

  129. @HOLLYWOOD'SABORE-google natalie portman and hillary clinton you will see natalie standing next to her and natalie has on a wrinkled white t-shirt and obviously no bra as if she just woke up and look at her facial expression.

  130. The first symbolic movie poster of the movie Black Swan that is shown above is obviously an image of a vagina with a pubic mound, clitoris, shaft of clitoris and on the bottom is the buttocks. Im talking about the one that shows the black swan in the middle and the ballerina Nina dancing in the middle on a stage.

  131. Here here, I say turn off the TV, watch less movies (at least the modern ones), and stop watching so much MTV and VHS. The symbols, subliminal messages, and reversed psychology is programing our minds to be robotic and subservient to the NWO agenda.

    Only watch movies and TV if you want to have a little bit of fun decoding the movie and TV shows.

    It really bugs you out once you know the symbols and means behind them. They are everywhere and there is no way around them. It makes you go a little stir crazy from time to time, its creepy but we need to know the TRUTH.

  132. I still don't understand some scenes:

    – When her mother says "you are back to this disgusting habbit again", she is talking about Nina scratching her body. What does this mean?? why is it a habbit for Nina?

    – When Beth in the hospital keeps stabbing herself with the knife

    – When her mother ask her "Are you ready for me Nina?" when it's the time to sleep

  133. Great interpretation. But I need to point one fact from movies and music business: what is happening with the Feminine concept?

    Suddenly and everywhere, we see how the stars embodies (maybe forced to?) an idea of Feminine that consists in very powerfull, very sexual, dangeorus… and darkness. Like occult ideas as the Whore of Babalon (or Scarlet Woman). See in this site another posts (for example, about Beyoncé). And this is underline also all over Black Swan: women need to be a sexy piece of meat for success. To be a simple object for men lust, so be under control.

    Anyway this comment is not for feminist purpose, but to remember the readers that women has nothing to do on higher levels inside the occult and secret societies. Several occultist authors argue that women specifically are there to turns into a kind of sacred prostitute.

    This is what we are seeing more often in music videos and films.

    • I am empty obedient on

      Yes I agree Sarah!

      And in an interview with Aronofsky he referred to this role (Nina) as a strong woman role. WTF?!

      There are no strong women (or men) in Hollywood. Only victims or maniacs, a dish for men to eat or man eaters themselves, wise cracking buffoons or machine gun toting psychopaths…..

      But most people today can't see it for what it is because:

      A: they have never seen a film which wasn't a totally warped version of reality

      B: the indoctrination has been going on for o many decades now that society is beginning to reflect these insane stereotypes. People are actually acting like characters out of Sex and the City or Friends or Independence Day or Monsters Inc or some rapper or pop diva.

      And in many ways middle class, educated audiences are the worst! They could figure this all out but they choose to act dumb instead. They choose to self-lobotomize by accepting decades' worth of pseudo intellectual post modernism. According to post modernism everything is supposedly meaningless, everything is ironic, everything is only what you make of it – how you interpret it … nothing really matters …..and without meaning or relative worth (because everything is equal right?) NOTHING IS OR CAN EVER BE SACRED!!!!! …… but that's a load of crap!

      Post modernism IS illuminati indoctrination.

      The truth is that symbols and meanings and archetypes and stereotypes are exactly as powerful and full of specific meaning now as they ever were.

      In fact everything is twice as powerful now because nobody is thinking – everybody has their guard down – everyone is allowing themselves to be programmed, thinking it is all just entertainment for their own personal and collective amusement.

      Post modernism hasn't killed meaning – it has killed the >>idea<< of meaning existing in the population. This is like being told "Hey, language doesn't mean anything anymore folks!" And everyone just accepts this.

      Yet the language of symbols, characters, stories, ideas, concepts remains understood by our emotions and unconscious even if we no longer pay any real conscious attention. While our dumbed down conscious minds are enjoying the lesbian scenes, the close ups of Portman's pretty twitching face, the costumes, the CGI FX …. while we dance to Lady GaGa and Beyonce and enjoy their intriguing make up and outfits … while we sit there in a trance, mouth open, eyes wide …. our subconscious is listening attentively, and understanding the precise meaning of every word, every symbol, every nuance.

  134. From seeing the film and now reading this article, in my opinion, I think the movie is fantastic and my theory is that Darren Aronofsky was purposely trying to put the symbolism into his film to show the dark side and the truth to go against the illuminati.

  135. This is what I got from the movie: It's about conflict between two parts of the self (the good girl who pleased her Mommy and then the sexual, wild girl). We all have these two sides within us, a Black Swan and a White Swan. Very few choose to embrace their Black Swan. Nina's mother clipping her fingernails was like symbolically clipping her wings and making remain the "sweet girl".

    A lot of it symbolized how society gives off oppression to people who don't conform to the musts of the media: Size 0 body, Sex appeal, the latest clothing trends, etc. It's all about whether you choose to conform to these expectations or put your foot down and say NO. This was shown in the movie also, when Nina's Mother tells her to take her shirt off so she can look at her skin, she simply replies ''No.''

    The movie represented the White Swan, the meek and pure part, and the Black Swan, the dangerous, domineering part, battling it out with eachother. I also think the end was symbolic, Nina couldn't keep switching from the White Swan to the Black Swan all the time, so one of them had to go and she chose the White Swan to die.

    Most of the Music videos and Movies nowdays are about things like that-going into human psychology and exploring our two sides.

    • MissAstrologer on

      Very true o: I never thought about that.

      Lady Gaga's Telephone video might be about that too, with the whole idea of her escaping jail and stuff.

  136. Once again, Vigilant Citizen is on the money in its analysis of occultic/mind-control obsessed movies and vids.

    The only thing that I'd add is that in this whole "black and white" and "fusion of opposites", what the occultist/Illuminist is really referencing is the fusion of the "Sons of God" (angelic beings) and the "daughters of men." THIS is the true goal of being "illuminated." They are awaiting the age when the gods will return and ushering in the One World Order is supposed to facilitate this.

    For more info on what the Bible says about the New World Order see here:

    God bless.

  137. This is a great article no doubt. To me, this is just like explanation of the unseen details in the movie. Maybe before everything else, its good to point out that the movie is really about everything explained here. Nothing too hidden.

  138. You also forgot to mention in the party/drug scene when the light flashed pink, her face was show as the black swan, make-up, red eyes and all.

    Also during that scene a butterfly flashed on the top right-handed corner.

    Just thought I should point that out.

  139. This site has been very instrumental in pointing out the occult meaning behind much if not most of pop culture. I would venture to say that nothing coming out of Hollywood is of any real merit to anyone. I don't think there is any form of neutral entertainment, it is either influenced by God (Jesus) or the devil. I know that sounds harsh but it would be silly to sit here and pretend otherwise. The question becomes this, do we continue to feast on Hollywood's offerings? Do we continue to dumbster dive for gold from obvious trash?

  140. ImNotGivingInfoToAMa on

    I saw this film over the weekend and it was put together amazingly well though i had a huge panic attack during, my friends think it was caused by the film as some of the adverts for it start me off shaking. Does anyone have any info on this sort of thing? it is an area that i have had no chance to research. x

  141. All these comments and not one mention of the Jewish connection from Portman to Aronofsky to kabbalah to the Talmud.

    Portman is a proud Jew. Now all you people have to do is read the Talmud to see what she thinks of you.

  142. the illuminati is a supposed group of priests that know more than anyone else, i highly doubt any one of the things you posted are part of it because one,

    the illuminati is a supposed group in Vatican city,

    and two none of the people you have mentioned are high Catholic Roman priests.

    Further more, why would people care anyway?

    If you look at the actual satanic religion, which is what it seems as if you are trying to make these people out to be.

    Satanists are a lot more peaceful, nice, and accepting than most of the Christians.

    Well, at least all the one i have met are.

    Satanism is more about self worship than anything else,

    not killing and torturing the innocent.

    • Illuminati is a problematic term, but a useful one nevertheless.

      Check out Vig's other article on this

      You don't have to be 'in' the 'illuminati' to be furthering its agenda, just as a policemen is not 'in' the government (and may actually have a radically different outlook on life and set of moral standards) yet a policeman is still furthering the agenda of the government and acting out its will – perhaps knowing that agenda…….. or perhaps not so much.

  143. It was a really beautiful and great movie, but since Nina hallucinated so much during the film(I mean, she hallucinated an entire sex scene with Lilly) is it possible that the whole thing about her bleeding at the end might have been one of the illusions? For all we know, she was bleeding to death in her dressing room and hallucinated the entire last act.

    Natalie Portman actually said that Nina lived in the end…

    • Finally! someone else with the same thought. I just saw the movie tonight and came home to check what people thought about her death. I wonder, is it possible that while dieing in her dressing room she hallucinated the entire Black Swan portion of the dance? I don't think so; but I equally don't see how she could have possibly danced the last scene with a hole in her abdomen.

  144. Take some psilocybin and ask yourself:

    "What CAN God be?"

    It can be the power of love/dependency between atoms and electrons making you physical.

    It can be the power of love/dependency between the Sun and Mother Earth creating all life.

    And it is.

    Even according to Yeshua himself, which is what the Luciferians know but want the rest of us to not know, ever.

    Check out the Essene Gospel of Peace.

    Yeshua said that Christ could also mean clean. As in free from intestinal parasites causing all kinds of sickness. Which is what he called 'satan'.

    And it all makes physiological sense. Otherwise I wouldn't even bother since I'm not religious.

    And by the looks of things, neither was Yeshua! That is what makes my jaw drop.

    Osiris’ body was cut into many pieces and scattered across the world. One piece they never found was his penis. Hence the phallic worship. Their “God” is a mix between Yahweh (God), Osiris (both the constellation AND Osiris, Isis and Horus, their son, with the all-seing eye of the illuminated through evil pineal gland) and Baal (‘satan in the belly’ or intestinal parasites).

    The Essene Gospel of Peace

  145. I didn't understand the scene when Nina's mother came well dressed in her bedroom and asked her daughter "Are you ready for me?" or something like that. what is this supposed to mean?

    • The figure of the mother in this movie is very oppressive and bigot. Nina working so hard, to gain the perfection, because of her mother.

  146. The rave scene is so creepy. I downloaded the clip off youtube and slowed it down…there is no end of weird and out-of-place stuff.

    At 0:26 you see another Nina's face come up from behind her shoulder while that weird voice is calling her name.

    0:35 Butterfly wallpaper behind Nina and Lilly(the same Butterflies that were on Nina's sheets) and a creepy face on the right.

    0:40 There are two Nina's, and two really creepy faces in the second frame. One is that Swan guy and the other is a smooth ghostly face.

    0:42 A full Moon shape flashes on the screen.

    0:51 Nina and Lilly hug another Nina standing on the right.

    0:23 The camera shows her with the Black Swan makeup and red eyes. You have to pause it extra quick to see it though.

    0:48 For a split second, and literally ONLY a split second(I only saw it once when I paused at exactly the right time) there are the Black Swan eyes close up in the bottom corner. It really freaked me out when I saw that one.

    0:24 When the green light flashes, there is yet ANOTHER Nina standing right next to her with no eyes.

    0:06 If you look to the right you can see that greenish gateway from the Black Swan dance scene, and there's also a girl in the White Swan costume standing to the right.

    The people who directed this movie and put all of that stuff in are so clever. It's the scariest movie I've ever seen.

    • I just downloaded that video and slowed it down on VLC and I am actually scared out of my mind. During one of the pink flashes Rothbart(that guy who turned Odette into a Swan) can be seen dancing with or around Nina, giant black feather coat and all. There's all sorts of weird stuff in the background, like Crows and Horns and stuff. Then there's the thing with the eyes. I literally felt like they were staring right at me. I actually had to close it down because I was getting too creeped out.

  147. Not to mention that Angel statue that Nina stared at earlier in the movie around 0:09

    You can also see the Red eyes all through 0:12 to 0:14, and the creepiest thing is that they seem to be kind of watching Nina and Lilly. The guy she's dancing with turns into Rothbart at some point, and there's also some other deformed creepy stuff near the end that I can't make out.

  148. Jesus Christ, I watched the club scene clip on youtube double clicking the pause thing to see most frames and got so creeped out! Eyes, swan like faces and at one point she was dancing with the guy that turned her into a swan! There were all these weird deformed faces around Nina that just watched her. Creepiest damn thing ever.

    I went to watch the film yesterday with my friends for my birthday because this article just excited me way too much XD

    The film is spectacular to be honest but also damned eerie. The final act of the ballet where she dances the Black Swan was awesome but also scary!

  149. When I saw the commercial for this, immediately I knew I had to read the article before seeing the film. Now I can see it and bore my friends with my psychoanalyzations. 😀

  150. did anyone notice after lily finished pleasuring her she said "sweet girl," a term of endearment nina's mother used in reference to her throughout the film. what's that about??

  151. i have seen the movie and i think celebrities like beyonce, rihanna etc. went through this.

    I don't know but at the end of the movie you hear the audience applauding but it soon sounds like people screaming in hell….it just reminds me of that.

  152. Wow, figured there were some background meanings in the movie just from the few promos/previews I saw, but didn't think it'd be this many! I wanted to see this movie and have been waiting, but now, I may not see it at all. I don't need any additional evil or negative images in my brain right now. We'll see how I feel once it hits DVD.

    • The problem with waiting until it comes out on DVD is the sound. The force of the music is half the movie; extremely visceral (sp?). Very intense psychological thriller; but I wouldn't call it a horror movie by any stretch. It is dark. But fascinating.

  153. Black Swan is based on the wonderful Russian ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky who also composed Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker. His ballets are often based on old folktale, the ballet shares similarities to the story of The White Duck. A lot of these old stories like Sleeping Beauty, The Hansel and Gretel story, The little mermaid and Swan Lake were extremely dark stories and twisted, often told around the campfire or at bed time to scare the children, god knows why?

    Before I do reflect upon Black Swan, I just want to reflect on your comments, I am not sure about the illuminati presents in this film. I say this because if you were familiar with the ballet you would have got the symbolism within the film as it is very much like the play.

    Odette is the princess transformed into a swan by evil Von Rothbart. she has been transformed into a swan by day and can only regain her human form at night by the moon light. The only way for the spell to be broken is by the power of eternal love between Odette and a young man who will remain faithful to her, for if the vow of eternal love is broken, she will remain a swan forever.

    the young Prince Siegfried ventures upon the lake while out hunting and sees Odette transform from her swan form back into her human form. He is so struck by her beauty that he falls in love with her at once and when she tells him her story, he promises to love her forever and invites her to a Royal Ball at his castle so he may choose her as his bride. They spend the night dancing together, falling more and more in love with each other until dawn breaks and Odette is forced to return to the lake as a swan, leaving Siegfried alone.

    Siegfried waits for Odette at the Ball and believes she has attended when two strangers arrive. But it is actually Rothbart and his daughter Odile in disguise. Rothbart has planned to trick Siegfried into breaking his vow to Odette by magically disguising Odile in Odette's shape and form. Siegfried dances with her and fails to see the real Odette appearing at the window in her swan form to warn him of Rothbart's plot and pleading with him to remain faithful to her. Rothbart's plan is a success when Siegfried declares his eternal love to Odile, thinking she is Odette and Rothbart joyfully reveals that Odette is now forever in his power.

    Odette flees back to the lake in distress and Siegfried follows her, begging her to forgive him, which she does but she tells him that she will never be freed from Rothbart's spell. The only way she can be freed is if she dies, for she would rather die than live without Siegfried.

    In ballet Odette and Von Rothbart's daughter have to be played by the same ballerina and it is the most difficult role of any ballerina's career. Let's look at Nina, she is a young ballerina, obsessed with perfection, innocent and very structured almost princess like, this is reflected in her clothing which is pink girly, feminine, hair always neat and tidy, and her bed room isn't that of a young woman, her mother tucks her in bed and plays a music box by her bed side every night. Her mother's career as a former ballerina ended when she had Nina and she is living her own dreams through her daughter and has become very obsessed with it. Her mother is suffering from some kind of depression painting pictures of Nina and crying at night.

    If you look at Swan Lake the parents of the princesses turned into swans cried every night and their tears formed the Lake, this is symbolised in the film Black Swan with her mother.

    Now Prince Siegfried is symbolised by Thomas, who Nina regard him as her prince, as Thomas character develops we all can see he is far from the princes charming in the fairy tale and has a reputation for sleeping with the lead girls. Thomas takes a shine to Nina, who is excellent for the Swan princess role but lack sex appeal for the black swan role. He tells Nina to explore her sexuality more. Nina pretends that she isn't a virgin but from her actions the audience clearly sees that she is innocent and can't even bring herself to master her sexual side.

    Remember this is a psychological thriller and not a romantic film, Nina starts to live the play, remember swan lake has been Nina's life so the two start to merge together. Nina displays a number of psychotic symptoms, including strong delusions and elaborate visual hallucinations. which is often linked with stress. Lily the ballerina is after Nina's role sees Nina is experiencing stress, which is often linked to high pressured jobs and takes advantage of the situation. Remember Thomas is enchanted by Lily as she is a wild card, and very sexual the total opposite of Nina, almost like the Black Swan. Remember in the play swan lake Von Rothbart replaces his daughter with Odette, fooling the prince. Well Lily is being replacing Nina which send Nina into panic mode and she tries to tell Thomas but he doesn't listen again this is a reflection on Swan Lake.

    Lily takes Nina on a night out and tries to win over nina friendship. During the night out, Nina takes drugs and becomes more interested in Lily than the men at the bar. Upon returning to Nina's apartment with Lily, the two have sex after Nina and her mother have an enraged argument. Nina wakes up alone the next morning, and rushes to make it on time to rehearsal. However in the film her mum only addresses Nina in the argument, and not Lily so this is all in Nina's head. Nina is finally becoming dark and transforming herself, and explores her sexuality, hallucinating about having oral intercorse with Lily, however as Lily looks up, lily's face is replaced by nina's own face. The dark Nina she keeps seeing in the Hallucinations, the nina that she seen in the subway and the mirror in the dance studio.

    Nina arrives late to the final rehearsals before the big night and confronts Lily, and asks her why she did not wake her up in the morning. Lily states that she spent the night with a man whom she met at the club, and teases Nina for fantasizing about her. So the audience then realises that Nina was on her own in her bedroom, hence why the wooden stick was still behind the door when she woke up.

    The night Nina is in the dance studio on her own, the lights turn off is her finally push over the edge. She goes to ask for the lights to be put back on and sees Thomas and Lily making out. Now in this scene Thomas is wearing the costume of Von Rothbart as Nina no longer sees him as her prince in this scene. Confusing I know the characters and symbols jump around but always relates to Nina, Lily and Thomas.

    she is scared and frightened as she knows that Lily might get her part after sleeping with Thomas. She returns home, she sees her mother's paintings speaking and mocking her. She also notices that the rash on her shoulder has worsened, with little black barbs poking through her skin. Nina pulls one of the barbs from her skin, and it appears to be a black feather. Nina's eyes appear to turn into reddish swan eyes and her legs violently contort into the shape of a swan's. As she tries to steady herself, she falls and knocks herself out on her bedpost.

    She has finally made the transformation from princess into the black swan. As she knows she will have to transform herself into the evil swan in order to defeat lily and save her role.

    In the Swan lake play the swan princess and the princes sacrifice themselves for each other, like how romeo sacrificed himself for Juliet in Shakespeare. In the climax of their sacrifice, Rothbart and his powers are destroyed and Odette's companions are finally freed from the spell. As the sun rises, Siegfried and Odette ascend into Heaven together, united in love for all eternity.

    This is why the sun is at the back of Nina in the play black swanas it repersents Odette's freedom at sun rise and has nothing to do with the illuminati.

    The scene where Nina fights Lily is actually Nina fighting herself the white swan fighting the black swan.

    In the last scene when they all see Ninas body on the safety mat she say's to Thomas "I felt it. Perfect. I was perfect," She scarified herself for the play knowing no one else will even come close to her performance. The girl obsessed with perfection achieve the perfect performance which will be hard to top, and she becomes the icon she dreamt of as a girl, in death.

    I could talk about the film and how it resembles the play until the moon turns blue, Natalie Portman, did a fanstatic job and I truly recommend watching the Ballet Swan Lake only then will you understand Black swan.

    • You're right about the fairytales-in the original version of Cinderella, one of the Step Sisters cuts off her toes and heel so she can fit her feet into the glass slipper. And Beauty & The Beast was originally about prostitution.

    • And in the scene where Nina comes back to find Lilly in her dressing room, as Lilly turns around and says ''How about I dance the Black Swan for you?'' her voice becomes disorted and she has become Nina's double, her dark side.

  154. When Nina pushes her Mother out of the room in the scene before Nina passes out(it's the part where her legs go into the shape of a Swan's), through their screams her Mom says something like ''Do you see it?''.

  155. VC, I'm really impressed with your analysis.

    When I saw the title of this article, I said to myself, "Well, what is VC about to tell us again about Black Swan? The controversy is already clear between those for and those against the topic developped in the movie, i.e. the exploitation in show business. What else occult has he found in it?". But, hey, you did it again; you blew my mind. I guess I won't watch that movie with the same eyes anymore.

    I am convinced you are a great analyst of these things. Great job.

  156. Kerrie Waldron on

    Not my interpretation but persuasively argued …..Nina's mother sexually abused her from childhood.

    Hence Nina's Dissociative Disorder (self mutilation, bulimia,infantilisation,sexual dysfunction,Trying to exclude her mother from her room,etc etc)……….and the clincher…….Lily has sex with Nina..except……..Lily wasn't really there (as she says in a later scene)…….so WHO did Nina have sex with when only her mother and she were there?……………

  157. MAn F*** ILLUMINATE if u had a choice to believe in the good or the evil why not believe in the good. in the end god almighty wins and most people sin already but think about how bad the punishment will be for those occult worshipers on judgement day. And all these political figures and also pop artist want power and believe the satan will give it to them But do u really think lucifer shares power???? so to the occult worshipers you think once u have braught these dark forces in the world there gonna have any use for you??? God promises eternal life in the after life to those who walk in the light but u wanna sell ur souls in this world for something like money. thats so sad. more power to the people who dont place a value on money.

  158. oh and on more thing ive been seeing these commercials talking about cash for gold you truly have to be an idiot to exchange Gold for paper.

  159. ATTENTION !There's a cuban movie made in 1998 about a ballerina in a similar story, although she goes from bad to good here,she also was also chosen as the leading role of her ballet in this case Giselle , but she had to sacrifice an aspect of her badness in order to get it by promising god celibacy, (as she she was very promiscuous )however she breaks down during the process and while dhes dancing her instructor comments to another " Shes becoming Giselle through her own suffering, I think we are about to see something extraordinary " and then she symbolically dies at the end. Coincidence? Here's the description of the movie and other characters . Tittle :Life is to Whistle

    Three characters in present-day Havana must choose between clinging to their self-restricting beliefs, or getting rid of them to live more freely. Ballerina Mariana has promised God celibacy if she gets the role of "Giselle"; Social-worker Julia always faints after hearing a certain word;(note these are trigger words like freedom, sex, fear of the truth, double moral and in this movie it happens to a large portion of the population not just to her, signaling mind control at a large scale) and pot-smoking percussionist Elpidio was abandoned by his mother, coincidentally named Cuba, some time ago and has not yet gotten over the loss.

    Check it out, it had 17 wins & 3 nominations and its unfair how america gets all the attention while in third world countries good symbolical movies are not seen like they should.

    You can see the whole movie here for free, sorry no translations.

  160. great post! i love reading your posts. A question I have is how can one educate others on these matters? you tell them but they think you're crazy!

  161. could anyone enlighten me a little on the links/similarities between the events of this movie and the actual Swan Lake written by Tchaikovsky? I'm not very familiar with the ballet or the music and mood of the ballet itself.

  162. Do you take requests? I would love to see you write a post on the movie The Game starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. Thanks.

    • I hate technology! on

      go to this website about the game movie 1997, mind control and triggering programs in movies, it talks about movie symbolism this website by carissa conti does a great job of breaking down that movie and other movies.

  163. What a sick movie. Couldn't even watch the whole thing and had to walk out because I felt sick to the stomach right until I walked out.

  164. The industry dissociates the mind from the body, the black swan lives

    And the white swan's dying, submission to the secular world without trying

    Take advantage of intellect, now they want us to buy it

    Dark alter persona, death is under the covers

    Sacrificial to liars, now you lying to others

    Surpassing human limits, is called transcendence

    You now have comfort with everything that would kill you

    Being raised wrong, creates so many traps

    It effects the way that you think, how you act That's why so many whites are racist towards blacks

    When people have power, it can escalate that

    Real-life ritual abuse ain't a joke, it's real like sprits, it's real like ghost

    The television does the same thing during shows, it's what I call mind control

    That's how it goes, and when you get old, they do not give a fuck

    They deprogram you, or they let you hit a bus

    The same thing happens to the fame coming up

    Self importance is first, second is self destruct

    Trust if you let something take you it will

    If it's communing with you now, it is making you ill

    Entities love to get into you and me

    There in another realm we are just human beings

    That's why I call upon the almighty for protection

    The next time your in the mirror check your reflection

  165. Adam and Eve we're banished from the Garden of Eden due to eating from the Tree of Knowledge. I suppose I could see how Lucifer could be used to represent knowledge and freedom and could be appealing to people, even to me. If I'm not mistaken the Illumunati broke away from the Freemasons. Speculating on the reasons for this I would imagine that The Illumunati argued that man is god. That they should not only embrace the seeking of knowledge but should also shun the teachings of Jesus.

    So the Freemasons split from the church because their stiffling of the knowledge seeking but still embraced the values of egalitarianism, equality, justice for the poor, solidarity, empathy, and altruism. The Illumunati similarly left the church to embrace the search for knowledge but unlike the Freemasons despised Jesus' morals and perverted them into the values of narcissism. inequality, contempt for the poor, misogyny, racism, apathy and selfishness.

  166. How do we know for certain that Nina dies at the end?

    Could it be another fantasy?

    Maybe this was her guilt conquering the black swan.

    Maybe after her flawless performace, her mind figured that was enough, and severed ties with the black swan.

    Or maybe this was her will to overpower the black swan (learn to control) this demon and unleash it at the appropriate times in the future.

    Just food for thought. If there was evidence that she surely died, disregard.

    I wasn't sure, it left me asking questions.

    • I went to see the movie after i read this interpretation. I think it wasn’t any hallucinations well they were but i think it was the reflexion in her mind of the broken mind…like vigilant says the slaves mind it like fragmented mirrors.

      At the end i think ninas is imagining her death but is the process they put her through enable to really feel the death as a white swan…but i think she doesnt died i think mentally the white swan died but for the performance…i mean she couldnt dance all the last act while bledding and no one noticing it.

  167. Natalie Portman is in the new Miss Dior perfume commercial, directed by Sofia Coppola, with music by Serge Gainsbourg. All three of them are supposed to be from Illuminati bloodlines (see Pseudo Occult Media for more info). Don't buy Dior.

  168. Fascinating article! I saw the movie before reading this and it does seem like I missed a lot of symbolism in it. I was thinking as I was reading this, if Nina spinning multiple times and eventually hurting her toe had anything to do with her hypnosis. Quite a disturbing movie overall….what's even more disturbing is that it really does happen to some performers. Human psyche is quite scary isn't it….

  169. LightningRod Stevie on

    I read your Occult interpretation and i will raise you my Utilitarian interpretation. :))

    She has paranoid schizophrenia, hands down. Symptoms:

    1.distorted perceptions

    2.paranoid behavior and thinking

    3.delusions of persecution (believing a friend or colleague is trying to get her)

    4.delusions of bodily change

    5.hallucinations, perceptual disturbances

    6. auditory hallucinations (hearing laughter, sighs, talking mother's drawings)

    7.sexual hallucinations

    8.fearfulness, suspicion

    9.anxiety, anger

    She needs meds and therapy. Case closed. :)

  170. Typical, Natalie Portman just won a best actress award for the Black swan today….

    which mean she will die in just less than 4 years…this doesn't come out good…she will end up like heath and anna nicole….

  171. @Noah she won't die soon. If they wanted her dead she would already be dead just like Heath Ledger. I fear for her family and her unborn baby cause as we all know they don't give you anything without taking something away from you. Take Jennifer Hudson for example: after she won the Oscar and the Grammy someone brutally murdered 3 members of her family. I sincerely wish Natalie the best and that somehow she manages to survive all of this with her family but I'm still concerned because she is after all the hottest actress in Hollywood right now.

  172. And let's not forget how Sandra Bullock was publicly humiliated with her cheating husband just a few days after she won the Oscar for Best Actress. Interesting how the rumours started spreading around those days after her husband was a cheating asshole for who knows how long. What a sick sick industry.

    Heath – 2008

    Sandra – 2009

    Natalie – 2010?

  173. I went to see the movie after i read this interpretation. I think it wasn't any hallucinations well they were but i think it was the reflexion in her mind of the broken mind…like vigilant says the slaves mind it like fragmented mirrors.

    At the end i think ninas is imagining her death but is the process they put her through enable to really feel the death as a white swan…but i think she doesnt died i think mentally the white swan died but for the performance…i mean she couldnt dance all the last act while bledding and no one noticing it.

  174. Concerned Citizen on

    Just because Natalie Portman, Lady Gaga and other successful artists are blessed for everything they have doesn't mean they are anti-Christ or belong to an occult. They work hard for their career and success with their talents and gifts God has blessed them. It is their choice what to do with their talents and gifts they have. We don't actually know them personally so we must not judge and validate them and spread the illusion about them being the devils or the devil's followers and plant fear and lies in every person's mind in this world. It's our choice to listen to their music and watch their videos and movies. It's on us, not them. We must stop blaming them and others and start working on ourselves. We must spend our time and energy on getting ourselves conscious. Vigilant Citizen, I respect your choice and work. I also hope people will open up their mind and heart and be conscious.

    • severalminds on

      i don't see any hardworking in these persons that you note here and they are not talented at all…they are product of lots of marketing and advertising. That's all…probably you have no idea about real hardworking talented people, about real culture and art…

  175. It's interesting how the movie, although one of the best among those on the Oscar ceremony, was almost completely ignored. Maybe the prize shouldn't be given to a movie that criticize its own disturbing universe.

    HOWEVER, Natalie Portman got the Oscar. Despite the movie's greatness in many aspects, only the "Black Swan" herself deserved the prize. The manipulated image of the main character was the only one to be praised, since the most of the movie was an attack on showbusiness.

    Great job for them. Now, the ceremony won't rise any suspicions. The movie wasn't really ignored (only its theme), and the one who portrayed a disturbed puppet of showbusiness achieving success got its important prize.

  176. WeLiveInASadWorld on

    VC, you MUST see Britney's new video, Hold It Against Me, the story between Black Swan and Hold It Against Me it's almost the same!

  177. WeLiveInASadWorld on

    and more, the history of Nina and Nina's mother it's almost the same of Britney's history.

    Britney's mother pulled her on entertainment industry.

  178. I saw this film and found it so disturbing yet so interesting.

    I do not think it was promoting mind control, but doing the complete opposite. I believe that it was trying to explain what the entertainment industry can do to someone and how awful the consequences can be because surely people don't walk out from seeing that film and think 'I wish I was a ballet dancer.'

    But hey, that's just my opinion :)

  179. i wasn't able to post on the "ugly side of entertainment industry" article – so im posting here, which kind of has to do with the whole alter ego theme you speak about a lot- this quick article of courtney love reminded me of this same theme again, also any clue on those new flower tattoos she recently got? meaning-wise? – p.s. she is so loaded with money that she is so bored and has nothing to do with herself besides shop and spend it, and get doped up of course, that she is trying to get her own reality show and has this stupid blog of herself and her outfits that she changes ever so often. she shops and takes pics of her new clothes. fun. check out the article:

    Courtney Love is dead,” Courtney Love told NME a British magazine. I can imagine the reporters confusion until she said “We’ve all decided we don’t like her anymore. We love her when she goes onstage, but I don’t need her in the rest of my life.”

    Does that mean no more fashion fist fights, tweets about hate fucking, facebook rants against her daughter…what on earth will be left? We’ll have to see but she calls it, her new self, Courtney Michelle. Michelle is her middle name (Courtney Michelle Harrison).

    So far Courtney Michelle looks a little less eccentric, but I still some crazy as she leaves the Chateau Marmont with Donovan Leitch Jr (married to Kirsty Hume) on Thursday (April 15).

    Meanwhile, as she said, she’s still Courtney Love on stage and Courtney Love is going on tour this summer with Hole following the release of its new album, Nobody’s Daughter.

  180. Wow, man you think so deep, noticing each and every detail in the movie and interpreting it accurately. Takes great intellect.

  181. Hi everyone! I just came back to tell you all that I noticed that the name of her “enemy“ is Lily. And Lily is a name that is involved in the dark side of woman like Eva. I think is pretty simbolic. And other simbolism I noticed last time I saw the film was when Thomas and Nina are in his house, on the wall of the room is a weird draw which looks like a Baphomet.

  182. Abdul Rahman on

    In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

    Salam, I've only got one question to ask. How do we destroy the "Black Swan" or the dark alter-ego that resides in a person's mind or body and is it possible for a person to fight that alter-ego? I would appreciate it if someone can reply to this question as I really would like to know and it will be great for others to know as well. Thanks.

    May peace be upon you all.

    “Avoid cruelty and injustice for, on the Day of Judgment, the same will turn into several darknesses; and guard yourselves against miserliness; for this has ruined nations who lived before you.” – The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him).

    • Only through Christ who defeated death through His Ressurection. So, any person who has productive faith in Him can be resurrected and is not anymore a slave to 'black swans', unless he/she chooses that again. All people essentially will be resurrected in their new eternal bodies on the day Christ returns to judge the 'living and the dead'. For some it will be a day of joy, for others even His presence will be a torture, because it will expose everything ungodly each person has ever said and done. We all have a chance but not all take it and not all who take it, take it seriously.


  183. at 1:04:11-1:04:14 i think, the scene where Lily and Nina are under the influence of ecstasy, for not even a second, butterflies are flashed while the lights are going on and off.

  184. This is what I got from the movie:

    Black Swan is a mirroring exercise (often literally so), projecting different elements of Nina Sayers's personality outward onto doubles, reflecting life with art or vice versa, and color-coding throughout to emphasize classical dualities, especially sexual. The obvious symbolism of the film's last-act penetration (with a shard of a dressing-room mirror) confirms that the "Black Swan" is basically a playful and morbid love-hate game of befriend, f**k, marry and kill.

    I think that most of the movie was entirely focused on the concept of female self-discipline. It helps, I think, to remember that anorexics often stop menstruating.

    This is not to say that Black Swan is a movie about an eating disorder, obviously—though Nina is obviously bulimic. We see her making herself throw up multiple times and she seems repulsed at the cake her Mother offers to her.

    Like breakfast: earlier on, Nina and her mother are like little girls together, exaggeratedly fawning over a half grapefruit: "so pink, so preeeety". A girl's best friend is her mother; both wear their hair pulled back in tight Ballet buns. This again shows how, to a Ballerina, Ballet is not just a career: it's life itself. Her Ballet is everything to a Ballerina, she will kill for it.

    Throughout the film, especially in the sequences with an uncertain relationship to reality, Nina is absolutely mortified by blood. Another Menstruation reference? Those delusions where she's overcome with blood after picking at a hangnail, or, in the bathtub, at herself (which is handled differently, rushed a bit, and may actually have "happened," especially if we assume that Nina was lying when she said she wasn't a virgin). Blood is what comes out of her when she can't control herself.

    And later, when she starts to get a rash on her back that may or may not be her black-swan wings coming in—a metamorphosis into a more agressive, firm state—her mother takes out the fingernail clippers and declaws her. She clips her wings and stops her transforming into what will be the end of her Sweet Girl.

    So Nina is infantilized, both by her mother and the rigorous self-discipline her profession demands. But the movie seems to suggest that she is, in a way, self-obliged to stay gripped so tightly: Lily wants to manipulate and decieve her, when Thomas tells her to be more sexual he just wants to feel her up. The politics here are dubious and seemingly self-contradictory—but maybe a way to look at it is that the entire narrative is subjective, not just the hallucination sequences (and it's harder to separate them as the movie goes along). In a number of early dialogue scenes with Portman, Vincent Cassel seems to be looking straight into a handheld camera during his reverse-shot close-ups—it's subtle, but I think they're p.o.v. shots. Even Aronofsky's back-of-the-head follow shots, left over from The Wrestler, carry Nina from location to location with match cuts eliding much of the space between home and work: how much of a world is there outside of what we see? Black Swan depicts an insane, underground world of sex and disorder the way perfect Nina would see it. How horrifying.

  185. After WWII the Australian government sent Winston Churchill a pair of black swans for the lake at his home Chartwell. We were told it was a symbol of gratitude for his contribution to the Allies victory.

    Many years later I can now see it as an occult celebration of their sacrificed soldiers.

  186. The movie was fantastic and all the explanation I needed knowing all the symbols beforehand! VC you should do an article on the late R&B superstar Aaliyah and her influence today, whose story was similar to Brandon Lee and Heath Ledger, died after playing a highly demonic, symbolic role.

  187. Duality and the struggle within…live first in light, then unleash the diametrical opposite to be "enlightened" and to be "perfect", only to be consumed in destruction…this theme runs all through the centuries of humanity, from the first chapters of Genesis set in the Garden of Eden, to the inner conflict of Anakin Skywalker, the undercurrent being that human frailty is incapable of handling its dark side and as such, the dark side, with all its seductions, is best (for the individual?) left untouched.

    A secondary theme may be a throw at humanity, as the audience, who applauds perfection and beauty and performance most especially when the ultimate sacrifice is involved…as long as another person does the sacrificing. The audience impact of seeing a rocket consume itself in an explosion of awesome glory easily comes to mind.

  188. Fantastic analysis, especially of the symbolism and sexual themes. I only disagree with you about the reasons for Nina's death. I think that she had to die because she could never have given another performance like that again. In the first act of the play when we see her portraying the white swan she is nervous and fragile, perfect for that role. Before act 2 begins she "murders" Lilly in her dressing room. The symbolism here is a bit confusing, but the bottom line is that she realizes she's "killed" Lilly and this act of evil and passion allows her to complete her transformation into the black swan. After nailing that role, she returns to her dressing room to change back into the white swan. As she's applying her white makeup, she's interrupted by Lilly, who is clearly still alive. Realizing that she hadn't actually killed Lilly forced her back into her nervous, fragile emotional state. In a way it took away her confidence. But this is to her advantage because her emotional state once again matches her costume and she is able to go out and complete act 3 perfectly. Having brilliantly accomplished the culmination of her lifetime's work, she dies listening to the audience cry her name. She wasn't just playing the roles of the white and black swan, she WAS each role. That's why it was "perfect."

  189. During rehearsal scenes, Nina's partner has his left calf exposed, while Nina is covering her left leg with a leg warmer. Her left leg only. Also, there are scenes in which male dancers have their left breast exposed from rips and tears in their shirts.

    I didn't know what these things meant until today when I found this article and began to read about the subject. To me this is an allusion to the Masonic initiation ritual referenced

    here with the Artist Pink:

    Was this supposed to establish that the other dancers were initiates, while her covered leg reinforced that she was not ?

    I only watched the movie once and returned it. So any insights would be appreciated.

  190. I just watched this and thought it was brilliant. Thankfully i was able to recognize a lot of the symbolism thanks to the knowledge acquired through this and other sites. It really took it to a whole new level

  191. I think from reading this article, and from other research about black swan syndrome, mind control, handellers, etc. someone making you repress feelings is the beginning of the end for the "light" inside someone. By having sexual feelings repressed, (like most very religious/even mildly religious people of various religions are told to do) only makes the need for these strong. Therefore, they must be convinced and told how they will be smite-ed or they are evil, and disgusting if they given into these things before marriage, or if they "pleasure" themselves, or have sex for fun, and to the procreate.

    In a way, the God many people look to is now a "handler". Not all people look at god this way. they do not do everything he/she says. they use his words as guidelines. Using God's as a guideline does not make him/her your handler. You still have control over your own life.

    By blindly believing the word of anyone, religious or not, and doing exactly what you are told, can cause what happened to Nina in the film. She always did what her mother told her, then she began to do everything Thomas told her to. This caused the Black swan to surface, and eventually take over.

    I don't think this is a film that has the dark side win, just for the sake of having the "devil" win.

    I believe it is to show what can happen when one is so torn between 2 completely different ways of life. They become self-destructive and eventually become the end of themselves.

    I don't mean to offend any religious people, but not believing in God is not a "sin" and there are other things to believe in without having them control your every move, and thought.

    Use your own life experiences, and those of people around you that you trust to try to have your own code of morals and ethics, and maybe that way you can escape the "black swan syndrome" before becoming destructive.


    On a lighter note, great post VC! very insightful.

  192. I would like to add.. for those who have seen the movie:

    the scene when "lily" & Nina are at the club, and nina has taken the ecstasy pill, they go to dance. During this dance sequence there are lots of thins happening, mainly red, green, and pink lights flashing distorted and disturbing scenes (mostly very sexual). If you pause to watch the scenes in the flashing lights you will see them all. You will see a woman with wings, a halo, surrounded by butterfly silhouettes in a pink n white light. Ive only seen this movie once, but i remember everything about that flash. I make conscious effort to not watch anything flashing lights at me from my tv or computer screen(… SHIT Kanyes video for " flashing lights"comes with at disclaimer!). This is so blatant in every way and screams MKULTRA. Then once all teh triggering red and green lights stop, where do we find nina?.. in a bathroom either starting or finishing having sex with a random guy which she "snaps" out of and runs to the car where lily awaits her.

    Ive told lots of my friends don't filthy their subconscious with the black swan rubberish.. they think Im crazy! LOL .. no no.. just awake

  193. I dont feel as if the the black swan in the third poster had a Phallic beak just saying. this article was really good esspecially after i watched the movie

  194. this article/responses were great but i have one question…did anyone stop to think that maybe her mom was DEAD the whole time?

  195. Wow. Long article and nearly 500 response posts and not one mention of Dostoevsky. Hmm?

    "The movie’s commentary on the entertainment world’s marriage with occult forces is something that has been discussed numerous times on the Vigilant Citizen."

    But that's your INTERPRETATION of the movie's commentary. The movie is definately a commentary on the dark side of showbiz, but your linking of that to the occult (instead of taking a psychological route) is causal thinking.

    I find your blogs infuriating; you often highlight something valid and then ruin it by mentioning the occult. Companies and rich people aren't bad because they belong to this or that bloodline, or do rituals, or whatever. They're bad because of the degree of suffering they cause others, either by imparting unrealistic expectations on them, or in the most literal sense, economic exploitation through sweatshop labour etc. Your whole illuminati shtick means that the consumer of the media product is completely absolved of any responsibility. When you analyse films and music, and you're looking for the bad stuff, you already know what you're looking for, so you find it every time. But the provable, real evil in popular culture lies in things like inferential racism, classism and sexism (prejudice that isn't overt, that just assumes differences between male, female, black and white are "natural"). To me, a student of cultural studies who has read people like Barthes and Williams and Chomsky and various feminist scholars, it seems like you're just looking for the most exciting answer to the questions. And ultimately, the illuminati conspiracy means that the believer doesn't have any individual responsibility anymore. You're writing what's exciting instead of what actually matters, and that's sad. Please let me explain why I think this is; conspiracy theories (I know that's a dirty term but hey) have the effect of ideologies. They mean you can just carry on going exactly as you were and just change what you think;

    Example: If you believe in global warming or something, that has a genuine impact on your life. You might have to think about carpooling and stuff. You might even start to contemplate how the fuel you use comes from wars in which women and children are "accidentally" killed. If, for example, I believe in HAARP instead of global warming, then I absolve myself of individual responsibility. This is immoral. It is an ideological choice; the decision to make oneself the victim rather than the perpetrator.

    Another thing I don't get, is that one minute you're calling all psychology perverse, you're saying Freud was a paedo, or whatever, and the next, you're claiming to be an expert on conditioning. Alan Moore, who wrote V For Vendetta which is basically a revolutionary textbook, is a follower of Crowley. Crowley wanted people to be free from the opressive ideology of the elite. When will you people wake up and realize that most of the stuff you dismiss as occult is supposed to be there to free you. Patriarchy and slavery have both been justified by belief in God at some point. The "occult" was a counter-culture against that. Wake up. Don't just back up what you already believe with something else and pretend to have woken. Actually wake up.

    • "realize that most of the stuff you dismiss as occult is supposed to be there to free you"

      are you claiming that this movie is intended to open our eyes to this evil of show business or even of controlling/abusive guardians?

      I can understand that. Displaying these acts with the use of symbolism to make it all the more obvious for the viewer to interprete. Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel you are expressing how your impression of this movie is one of good intentions, to liberate the public using a heavy story & images.

      If this is true, I still dont understand why you claim VC is dismissing this film to occult. From reading this article, I did not see much bias. Its really late, I could have over looked some things, but for the most part, this article seemed to be in sync with your argument against VC.

    • kudos to all and kee on

      I have to partially agree with what you say QwertyB.

      But to be fair I think VC has made it clear many times that a lot of these things being discussed are not necessarily 'good' or 'bad' (or simplistic in any other way) – it's how and why they are used and how (they are intended to be) interpreted by the public that matters.

      But I do cringe when I see comments here and elsewhere saying things like "OMG I used to love X but now I see that they are evil!" just because someone has pointed out some kind of occult/ esoteric/ mind control symbolism in their video. For me a lot of these videos and movies are offensive because they a ***deceitful*** NOT because they contain certain symbolism or themes.

      It's not dealing with the dark aspects of human psyche, or dark forces of the universe that is bad. It is the trivialization of those subjects which is offensive!

      As a society we desperately need to EMBRACE the darker (in the sense of the mysterious) aspects of the human psyche/ universe – why? Because at the moment our culture is all about being a 'happy consumer' or a 'smiling depressive' (a phrase used by Michael Tsarion). We need to embrace our 'dark side' first in order to understand what mystery is and only then we can reject whatever aspects of it we find objectionable. At the moment we are trained to be in denial and stay out of the shadows as if shadows didn't exist – which is far, far, far more dangerous because it means those areas can be populated exclusively by all sorts of insane cults and maniacs!

      I totally agree with what (I think) you mean which is that we need to cultivate a deeper understanding when deconstructing movies and videos, rather than merely provoke an automatic reaction – against this, or for that.

      But a lot of people (myself included) are still quite new to this strange business of popular culture deconstruction. And lot of people are still at the 'noticing and identifying stage'. The next stage after that is a complete re-evaluation of culture / society both today and throughout all human history!

      Not an easy task and like learning any subject (especially languages) I think it is sometimes necessary to start off with a simplified approach first and then add the complexity, dual meanings, paradoxes, contradictions, greater understandings etc later.

      But at the same time (and as you seem to be saying too) the complexity and hugeness of the subject(s) demands that we be even more precise in our thinking and in the sharing of our thoughts with others.

      IMHO these are all difficult subjects to approach in a typical blog sized post given that they will be read by many people completely new to this whole area.

      In light of that I say kudos to VC for doing such a great job and kudos to you for challenging his work 😉

      (And three cheers for the internet!!!!!)

      FWIW here is an except of a long comment(s) I left on occultmediadeception's blog a few days ago where I share similar(-ish) views about the temptation to get one sided when interpreting these things – albeit from a less well informed perspective I am sure!

      Quote from me in another blog:

      I also think it's important not to forget that a lot of esoteric/ occult imagery and symbolism is actually very appealing to the human psyche.

      Mysticism / mystery is appealing both intellectually and aesthetically! And art is a natural place in which to express these things.

      There is a danger of associating certain imagery and symbolism automatically with the illuminati (and other groups') philosophies and practices and automatically labeling it all as 'evil' or at least 'negative'. (of course the way they use it, it probably is).

      For example not all butterflies are evil representations of Project Monarch. Not all mirrors, duality symbolism, sun symbolism etc etc is negative. A lot of these concepts are neutral by themselves and are even helpful metaphors for understanding the universe and our own place in it. But it just so happens that a lot of it is used by (and often subverted by) the illuminati and other groups. I think all research (blogs etc) needs to explain this (and better than I just did!).

      There is a *reason* why we live in a world so sterile and devoid of all mystery and magic. It is because TPTB want to keep all of that knowledge and power for themselves. Suppose fire was hidden from the masses and we only knew of it when they used it against us to burn down villages or sacrifice children. We might label fire as evil. Yet fire can also provide warmth, cooked food, smoked meat, and a place to gather around. Fire is mystery and it is beautiful too! The same goes for a lot of other forces, philosophies and knowledge too.

      The point is one would expect musicians (artists) to use mysterious imagery in their work. In a practical sense it is the quickest and *laziest* way to add a touch of magic, allure and poignancy to your artwork!…..

      ……. But I just think it's important to not go from the 'dumbed down happy consumer' extreme to the other extreme of thinking EVERYTHING is meaningful and that that EVERY meaning is automatically negative in intent.

      Also I would hate to live in a world where the illuminati had a monopoly on all that was esoteric/ mysterious!

      In my opinion THEY are the ones who can't see or FEEL true mystery or magic of the universe which is why they feel such a need to hoard it and control it and turn abstract power into a personalized force to try and exert power over all of us!

      If the good people of the world end up losing (or rejecting) their own sense of mystery and magic and connection to powers and forces greater than themselves (thinking it is all somehow negative or 'evil') then we will be doomed.

      Again I have repeat – look at the world they are trying to create for us: barren, sterile, consumerist, no magic, no mystery, no majesty, nothing greater than ourselves to tap into – only measly fashion, gossip, shopping, politics or technological machines, money.

      My current theory is that by only openly showing us all the 'evil' side of magic, mystery and power they hope we will become outraged and end up rejecting all magic, mystery and power along with evil. In other words we will dive even faster into their world of material consumerism and narrow perceptions and narrow thinking- and perhaps most important of all we will learn to FEAR POWER and MYSTERY of any kind.

      Just look at Falungong being banned in China. Look at the corruption being exposed in the traditional religions. And look at what is being 'exposed' in pop music videos etc.

      Now imagine if a future public outrage/ hysteria about 'mind control and satanism in pop culture' was manipulated …. could it eventually result in all spirituality, all soft energy work, all forms of meditation/ martial arts, all esoteric/ mystery/ magic knowledge and practices etc was banned to prevent the spread of 'evil'?

      Could that be the plan?

      That would leave us with a world consisting entirely of fearful, meek and 'mystery free' sheeple, endless war, Justin Bieber and shopping.

      IOW the the perfect NWO society 😉

      THAT'S why I think we need to be careful to enhance understanding (ask questions) in this kind of research and not just make (what might be perceived by some as) reckless and at times *accusatory* speculations about these kinds of things.

      end quote.

  196. Brilliant artilce VC. I have personally subscribed myself to your articles for about a half year now. You offer a very unique perspective & quality information to sustain your argument. I have one question, anyone who can answer this, may answer this (But i would prefer VC of course haha)

    I understand the whole idea of Mind Control, and anarch programming. I even feel this same concept applies to abusive relationships around the Nation (Father/son, mother/daughter, boyfriend/girlfriend etc…) But my question is…Why would these people (The creators of Black Swan) want to display these sorts of things to the public, would they not expect someone like yourself to decode their message for its darker occultic meaning? Why are they showing this to us?

  197. Harlequin Nameless on

    It's just like Joker said: "They need you right now. When they don't, they'll cast you out…like a leper." With Heath, with Michael, and God knows what will happen in the future. We're not the monsters…we're just ahead of the curve.

  198. Dr. D. A. Zerkl on

    Re: The movie "The Black Swan", where the Illuminati inserted scenes that allude to some of their control/eugenic "programs" and associated covert technologies. They do this "advertising" to the masses, for black-occultic reasons, and also as a means of serving a type of "Notice" of what they are (currently) doing, or are planning to do. Along these lines, there were two scenes in Black Swan, both towards the end of the movie, that were blatant "displays" of current black-project "programs" involving the crimes of "bio"-engineering of humans/Humanity: The first of these, was when Portman's character, after again noticing the scratches on her back/shoulder, which were now more like open wounds, also noticed something black poking through the wounds; She proceeded to get a hold of one of them, pulling out something (obviously foreign to the body) that looked like a clumping of fibers or filaments. Well, this just happens to parallel one of the negative effects that some people experience from breathing in one "specific component" of the "Chemtrail" aerosols that we all see being sprayed on us daily in our skys. I'm referring to the (so-called) "Morgellons"-(disease) causing sub-micron sized fibers/filaments part of the aerosol spray. These people, get skin sores; And some peoples' sores progress into an open wound, (and, you guessed it!), with fibers/filaments that move and poke out of the wound opening! This is true, and real: For proof/evidence of this horrific "program", please go to the scientific research website of Mr. Clifford Carnicom, at, where you can read (and see) for yourself, that this is a "physical" reality–(not just some crazy conspiracy theory). Mr. Carnicom has been conducting research experiments on the actual "physical"-fallout from the Chemtrail spraying crime, now, for "over a decade"! The other scene, where Portman's character had to "pull apart" her toes on one foot, while (it was too-late now), the other foot's toes had already "grown together" in a "web-footed" fashion! This scene alludes to the bio-engineering black-projects where they experiment with "hybridization" of humans, involving DNA/gene splicing-combining, in order to create a type of chimera–(half-breed "creature")– that has special physical-characteristics and/or "powers" that "regular" humans don't have. And there were other scenes where secret/covert "technologies" were "displayed"…

  199. I am sure it is an evil movie especially after the fame Natalie Portman had gained, Dior new perfume super model, & new more movies to act in I mean it’s obvious.

    for some writer who is talking about “split personality” & how real it is, I don’t believe in it, especially it hasn’t been proofed & a lot of psychiatrist also doesn’t approve on it since “Multiple personalities” has appeared, especially that criminals used this as an excuse to run from their crimes.

  200. This is controversial and borderline inapporpriate, but I read your article on "Rosemary's Baby" before this one. What do you think of Natalie Portman's pregnancy shortly after the release of the movie and leading into the award ceremonies? This was by far her most important role to date, the peak of her career, and in the middle of it all she gets knocked up and engaged. Just a thought.

  201. severalminds on

    there are many talented people around the world and they are searched, loved by the public which really understand and appreciate the art – the real art i mean…for example Lili Marlene a very talented girl which creates a wonderful music of wonderful melody and deep significant lyrics, she is not voulgar, i never saw her wearing strange staff or doing idiot behaviour just to get fame. She is simple, she is really talented and she is loved by milions of fans. You never see her videos on mtv or on radio, but she is loved and searched everywhere anyway!

    or see Dido also very beautiful, talented artist which is not advertised or promoted by evil indistry, she is also simple, not voulgar, makes wonderful music (not the evil music which rapes the ears and soul of people, the evil music has no meaning, no melody, it is just a rubbish in few words).

    here is something from Dido, really beautiful

    those real talents are not so famous, cause they r not sold to evil industry which unfortunately in nowadays rule over the show business…however the evil industry servants hunt the talented people in order to slave them and use them for promoting the dark ideals, satanism across their talent, also by recruiting these poor victims they wanna give a false message about the fame which may be obtained "only by signing contract with evil"…

    i do agree that there is something sinister in Portman considering her origins, her life story and etc. Is she pregnant of Rotschilds?…she is jewish…

    by the way it is just a coincidence that every year there is some jewish actor, producer etc. winning the main place in oscars or cann's and etc.? …

    i have noticed that since 2004 the show business became an horror show of talentless, horrible people promoting evil…there is no more a single piece of music or movie which may have an impact on immagination of person, caress the soul…

  202. severalminds on

    there are some actors or "stars" that i don't like just by feeling, from the first moment that i saw them, i didn't like them, something unpleasant is pushing me away from them…i can't describe it better than it is trasmitted in this article, it seems that they have a kind of dark force, element inside them…among these is Nathalie Portman (that i don't consider so talented or carismatic, she hasn't personality for cinema, she hasn't that little shine, carisma which real stars had), Scarlett Johannson (strange face always expressing a kind of constant hate, unhappiness), Angelina Jolie (one of the worst by my opinion, she is famous only for her sexual attraction by my opinion, when she moves, seems a kind of plastic robot for erotic games, no feeling, no emotion, just big lips and long legs with emotionless face), then there is ashton kutcher (famous only after marriage with Demi Moor…), Lindsay Lohan (blah…obviously she is also of strange depression behaviour same as B.Spears), Justin Timberlake…there are many fake "stars" created by the evil industry even if those have no carisma, no talent. They are a kind of bad quality milk with a lot of conservants and attracting packaging, all the same printed in the same industrial company…

    the real talents usually don't accept the evil rules, or if they fall into trap, they realise it very soon and end pushed out from show business or dying in mysterious conditions…such as Heath Ledger which was so talented, carismatic, with that shine coming out from his creative soul…i guess the last years he was realising the real face of the masters behind the curtain which trapped him…or see what the sad story had Elisabeth Taylor another real talent – always victim of cruel gossips, fallen into alcohol dependance, cancer, left by all lovers, friends…

    or see how ended Britany Murphy – that simple, but magnetic girl died only 33 years old in mysterious circumstances…her friends were saying that she and her husband (also died 2 months after her in strange circumstances) were not sleeping at home the last months – the house that they bought from B.Spears for many milions. They were saying that there were strange spirits, entities in that house scaring and tormenting them…

  203. Gretchen Ellis on

    I think what bothers me most about this movie (that I have not seen for reasons that will be obvious below) is that it glorifies and even heroicizes childhood abuse in the pursuit of artistic genius. The shattering of her psyche is desirable because it allows her to embrace her dark side and become "perfect" in her art. The truth of child abuse is so far from this that this twisted lie is disgusting. As a victim of childhood sexual and emotional abuse, I find such a glorification of trauma to be revolting and horrifying. You do not become "perfect" or "better" because you are abused. In fact you spend the rest of your life believing you are just the opposite. Hollywood is slowly preaching the message that abuse and trauma are titillating, exciting, and arousing. Child abuse is the gateway to sexual freedom of expression; emotional abuse is just over sensitivity and not a big deal. These are the messages of films like this and real victims of abuse will have a harder and harder time finding healing and justice from a society that thinks that such things should be ignored or "gotten over" at best or enjoyed by the abused child at worst. Such acts should never be graphically represented for the arousal of the audience.

    • severalminds on

      i do agree with you…i was thinking the same about how the hollywood hidden ped…. lobby try to "normalise" and even idealise the sexual abuse on children…see the polanski case – so many actors without any shame took the side of polanski…not because they thought Polanski was innocent, no, but they said that "yes, he did this disgusting act, but don't touch him"…

  204. I knew there was something really wrong with this movie. to be honest i was really creeped out by it.. it took me about three tries to watch it til the end. i was completely troubled by this movie. Thank you for explaining about all these symbolisms and things in it, you have answered my many questions about it.

  205. Natalie Portman winning the Best Actress Academy Award could be symbolic of her rise to the dark side, reprogrammed, dehumanized and greatly awarded for doing so. She has often said that it was hard for her to get out of character. Same circumstance of Heath Ledger as the joker. This movie gave me nightmares for a few days and movies never do that to me!

  206. The comparisons to "The Wrestler" are unfair. Despite the same director, the protagonist in the Wrestler, while having his faults, had a good heart and attempted to correct his faults.

  207. She hurt her ribs and had to sell her trailer to get medic during filming. She was on Letterman talking about it last year and she looked like she was gonna cry. Letterman was obviously disturbed to. Also, I noticed when she came on he said something to her. From her facial expression it wasnt pleasant. Maybe a trigger?

  208. I rented this movie and was totally mesmerized by the deeply spiritual/psychological meaning. My mom and I were glued to the screen. When it ended my mom asked who made it and commented that it was a "dark but amazing" movie……and to get it out of her house right now! Her reaction made me laugh but she was dead on. I immediately put on my jacket and took it back to the store. That movie scared the crap outta me. It was too spot on. Too realistic.

  209. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest articles VC wrote. Janis Joplin also had an alter ego called 'Pearl' shortly before her death… May be this is something more than just a considence. It's so sad to think about it

  210. I was so disappointed with this film when my mother took me to see it. I felt Natlie Portman should have gotten an Oscar for playing Ann Bolyen in the film The Other Boylen girl- now that was an oscar worthy performance. I mean she goes freaking crazy at the end of this film and kills herself;Hollywood needs some fresh ideas.

  211. Ever hear of the AAkhet center in tallahassee FL? It has a pyramid with the eye of Horus in it and is a psychotherapy center. A psychologist focuses on the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health issues. Psychologists are concerned with the different aspects of behavior and mental processes. A clinical psychologist uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health.

  212. a kpop reference to the movie? go on youtube and search snsd black swan (it was an intro to another song "run devil run"): it features mirrors, checkered floor, transformation from white-clad personas to black clad rather menacing personas.
    the same group is aka Girls' Generation and came out with songs like " into the new world" "gee"(as in letter G), and "the boys", which is maybe their most masonic music video of all.

  213. This was a very good article. I wonder if the director himself is creating this film because he is opposed to the dark forces at work. His pervious film Requim for a Dream seem to be an artistic reaction against destructive force of drugs. Also I liked Pi and The Fountain although I'm not sure I understand all themeanings in them. I just wanted to note that the new disney film The Lone Ranger was anti-Christian, anti-family, and the good people were prostitutes and the bad people were capitalists.

  214. hasnov titic on

    hi guys, can you help me please ?
    i need the script of this film, but i can find it…

    hopefully there is some one who will help me…….

  215. Another interesting fact Brittany Murphy before her death (r.i.p) was going to do a screen test for black swan and it would have been a huge role for her that would have show cased her versatility in the acting world also shes an actress who is featured on this site and had a very strange death at age 32 near her final days a lot of controversy was surrounding her about anorexia and drug use and prescription drug use much in the way Marilyn Monroe was surrounded by bad press before her death both were at a down point before death and Marilyn was going to be doing more dramatic roles for her show virility. another thing is both deaths do have a lot of controversy surrounding and are both in way unexplainable as to what actually happened both were known as beautiful and talented both had bubbly and likable personalities. Saying this they were both different as in Munroe's behavior was exaggerated and very strange near the end of her life and she was much more famous and known worldly as a sex symbol

  216. I don't think she dies at the end, she goes insane. She wants control but lost it. Throughout the film she hallucinates, we have to find out what is real and what is not. This film is a masterpiece.

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