“They Live”, the Weird Movie With a Powerful Message


‘They Live’ is a science-fiction movie from the Eighties that features aliens, a WWF wrestler and a whole lot of sunglasses. What’s not to like? While, at first glance, the movie appears to be a bunch of nonsense, ‘They Live’ actually communicates a powerful message about the elite and its use of mass media to control the masses. Is the movie describing what we call the Illuminati? This article looks at the deeper meaning of John Carpenter’s strange but fascinating movie ‘They Live’.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead (get over it, the movie is 24 years old).

Watching They Live is a conflicting experience. It is an odd combination of eye-opening messages with lackluster acting, powerful social commentary with 1950’s B-movie special effects and gripping satire with odd punchlines. Constantly making viewers oscillate between “Wow, that was genius!” to “Wow, that was corny!”, it is difficult to properly evaluate the movie from a cinematographic point of view. However, from a “message” point of the view, They Live is gold. Based on Ray Nelson’s short story Eight O’Clock in the Morning, the movie is one of those rare subversive stories that forces viewers to question their world and their surroundings. Because, despite the fact that the movie is about ghoulish aliens, it communicates truths to the viewers that are only alluded to in mainstream movies. In fact, looking deeper into the storyline, one might realize that there’s probably more “science” than “fiction” in the story of They Live … especially when one has “truth-seeing sunglasses”.

The hero of the movie, played by WWF wrestler Rowdy Roddy Pipper, is a drifter that is apparently nameless. In the short story and the movie’s credits, he is referred to as Nada, which means ‘nothing’ in Spanish. While this nameless nothing is broke and homeless, he still manages to expose the alien’s hidden rule of the world. How did he accomplish that? With the only thing he’d ever need: The Truth. Oh, and also guns. He used a lot of guns. Most importantly, despite the fact that Nada was tempted several times to shut up in exchange for “generous compensation”, he kept his integrity and never agreed to sell out to the aliens. Now, that’s a role model. To top it off, he says the best things ever.

“I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum … and I’m all out of bubble gum”.

Are the aliens in the movie an imaginative way to portray the world’s elite, those who secretly run the world, those we call the Illuminati? Let’s revisit this cult classic and see how it describes the hidden rule of the elite.

The Premise

Right from the beginning, as we see Nada walking around Los Angeles with his backpack, the movie sets a particular mood: Something is not quite right. While Nada appears to be a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, the city is not happy and it is not too kind to happy-go-lucky kind of guys. Quite the contrary, there is a sense of impending doom in the air: Poverty is rampant, helicopters fly around the city and street preachers speak of soulless beings ruling the world.

“The venom of snakes is under their lips. Their mouths are full of bitterness and curses. And in their paths, nothing but ruin and misery. And the fear of God is not before their eyes! They have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders. They have recruited the rich and powerful, and they have blinded us to the truth! And our human spirit is corrupted. Why do we worship greed? Because outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us from birth to death are our owners. Our owners — they have us. They control us. They are our masters. Wake up. They’re all about you, all around you!”.

Is the preacher’s description of the “masters” applicable to the Illuminati? I believe so.

As we follow Nada’s aimless drifting across the city, the camera often focuses on people gazing blankly at television screens, mindlessly absorbing the vapid messages it communicates. Regular Joes appear to truly enjoy their television shows … until an obscure organization hacks the airwaves to broadcast subversive messages about the hidden rulers of the world.

“Our impulses are being redirected. We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep. (…) The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are nonexistent. They have created a repressive society, and we are their unwitting accomplices. Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance. They have made us indifferent to ourselves, to others. We are focused only on our own gain. Please understand. They are safe as long as they are not discovered. That is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated.”

Can the above statement be applied to the Illuminati? I believe so.

The Average Joes who watch this pirated TV broadcast all get a massive headache – the raw truth is indeed too much for most people to bear. One such viewer switches the channel after telling the guy on TV: “Blow it out your ass”. Just like today, most people do not want to hear about this kind of stuff … they just want to go back to their mindless TV viewing.

Nada realizes that the street preacher and the man on television are connected through a local church. When he sneaks into the church, he discovers that it is actually the headquarters of an underground organization.

On a wall inside the church is written “They Live We Sleep”, a phrase that describes the fundamental difference between the elite and the masses. Those in power know the truth about the world and possess the means and the power to truly “live”. The rest of the population is sedated, dumbed-down and manipulated into a zombie-like status in order for it to be as easily manageable as possible by the masters. The masses’ ignorance equals a state of endless slumber.

Nada learns that the rebellious organization is attempting to recruit people to take down the rulers. However, a few days later, Nada discovers what happens to those who plot against those in power.

Helicopters, bulldozers and police in riot gear raid the place, destroy everything and violently arrest the members of the underground organization. That is how the elite responds to contrary views.

After witnessing the violent police shakedown, Nada begins to realize that something is wrong in America. The happy-go-lucky guy who believed in working hard and following the rules is starting to believe that something is amiss here.

Determined to learn more, Nada re-enters the church and finds a few interesting things.

The police painted over “They Live We Sleep”. Obviously, “They” don’t want that message to be known.

More importantly, Nada discovers a box full of sunglasses that allows his to see the world as it is. Added bonus: They also look pretty cool.


Seeing the Truth

While the sunglasses found by Nada appear on the surface to be worthless, they actually provide him with the greatest gift of all: The Truth. When Nada first puts on the sunglasses, the experience is shocking.

When he has his sunglasses on, Nada sees through the smoke and mirrors projected by advertisement and mass media . He only sees the core of their message and the only reason why they exist.

No matter which magazine Nada flips open, he sees the same subliminal messages, which tells a lot about the true function of “celebrity” and “fashion” magazines. Despite the fact that they are all different, they all ultimately serve the same purpose: To reinforce messages from the elite to the masses.

Nada also quickly understands the truth about money.

“In God We Trust”?

Nada’s most shocking discovery concerns people around him.

Some people are not human. They are from another race that has infiltrated society.

Nada realizes that they are everywhere and that they hold positions of power, like this politician giving a typical “politician” speech on television. Is this a way to portray the Illuminati?

Upon discovering this truth, Nada became pissed off. REALLY pissed off. How did he react to the situation? He did not go home and write a poem about it. Nope, he grabbed a shotgun and started shooting aliens.

When the aliens realize that Nada can see through their disguise, they immediately alert the authorities saying “I’ve got one that can see”. Being able to “see” is obviously frowned upon by the aliens – they do not like to be exposed. Nada quickly becomes a social pariah and aliens start closing in on him. Confronted with this situation, Nada says profound and timeless words: “I don’t like this ooooooooone bit”.

Many aliens are part of the police force as its sole purpose is to ensure that the alien’s rule is not disturbed. Most policemen are however regular humans and just follow the orders because that’s their job … a little like actual policemen who do the Illuminati’s work.

Nada and everyone in the city are constantly monitored by flying surveillance cameras that are oddly similar to the new unmanned drones that are currently appearing around the world.

Flying surveillance cameras were considered science fiction in 1988. They are reality today.

An actual, modern unmanned drone mounted with a video camera.

The concept of truth-seeing sunglasses is an interesting way to illustrate the importance of knowledge in one’s world perception. Two people can be looking at the exact same thing yet perceive two very different realities, depending on the level of information and awareness possessed by each person. Nada’s sunglasses can therefore represent one’s knowledge of the truth, which allows a clear perception of reality.

Looking for Others Who Know the Truth

Upon learning the shocking truth about the world, Nada feels the need to share this vital information with his friend Frank Armitage. Nada however quickly realizes some people do not want to hear about it. In fact, many actually get angry and offended at the simple mention of something that alludes to it. When Nada asks Frank to put on his sunglasses so he can see what he sees, Frank firmly refuses and calls him a “crazy motha…”. Nada replies with another classic line “Either you put these sunglasses on or start eating that trash can”.

Then ensues one of the longest one-on-one fight scene I ever seen (eight minutes of punching and kicking), a scene that is dragged out for so long that it becomes utterly absurd and even comical. While the scene maybe appear ridiculous, it says something about the difficulty of making regular, average people wake up from their blissful ignorance.

Frank finally sees the truth. All it took is Nada beating the crap out of him, sticking the sunglasses on his face against his will and forcing him to look around. Yes, convincing other people of the truth can be a hard task.

It takes a lot of effort on Nada’s part, but Frank finally sees the aliens controlling the world. The two pals are then invited to a secret meeting of the underground organization that is attempting to rid the earth from the aliens.

During the meeting, Nada and Frank are given truth-seeing contact lenses. The sunglasses gave truth-seers a nasty headache, especially when they are taken off. When first exposed to the truth, adapting to the new reality can indeed be difficult, and even painful. However, after a while, it becomes seamless part of the person. A little like wearing contact lenses.

During the meeting, Nada and Frank learn that humans are being recruited by the aliens in exchange for wealth and power. As the leader of the underground organization says: “Most of us just sell out right away”. It is rather easy to make a correlation between the movie and actual politicians and celebrities we’ve seen in previous articles on this site who readily sell out to the Illuminati in exchange for wealth, power and celebrity.

The meeting doesn’t last long, however, as police barge in the place and start shooting everyone there. They are designated a “terrorist organization” by the elite. Nada and Frank manage to escape and accidentally find themselves behind enemy lines, in the alien’s underground base.

Behind Enemy Lines

While exploring the aliens’ underground base, Nada and Frank stumble upon a party thrown by the aliens for human collaborators to thank them for their “partnership”. Although humans will never be considered equals to the aliens, those who sell out to them get monetary benefits … much like those who are not part of today’s elite who nevertheless sell out to push the elite’s New World Order Agenda.

“Our projections show that by the year 2025, not only America but the entire planet will be under the protection and the dominion of this power alliance. The gains have been substantial, both for ourselves and for you, the human power elite.”

Frank and Nada then discover the source of the aliens’ brainwashing signals: A television studio. The aliens use the network to broadcast hypnotic and subliminal signals to humans, blinding them from the truth about their rulers and the world. The message that is communicated here: Mass media is the elite’s favorite tool indoctrinate the masses and to keep them in servitude.

The TV station ‘Cable 54’ is used by the aliens to hypnotize humans. Is this science-fiction? Barely.

Nada realizes that the only way to save humanity from the grips of the aliens is to go to the roof of the TV station’s building and to take down the emitter of the subliminal messages, disguised as a satellite dish. Indeed, without an elite-controlled mass media, indoctrinating the masses will be a lot more difficult. So Nada and Frank start shooting their way towards the roof, not an easy task.

The Disinformation Agent

While this lady appeared to be nice at first, she tried to mislead, deceive and even kill Nada during his quest. She ends up shooting his pal Frank in the head.

Nada met Holly Thomspon, a Cable 54 network executive, at the beginning of his wild rampage. While Nada appears to be somewhat enamoured with her, she always somehow brings trouble. During the “terrorist organization” meeting, Holly infiltrated the group, posing as a sympathizer and claiming that Cable 54 “was clean” and was not the source of aliens’ signal, which was false and misleading. Today, disinformation is widely used by the elite to confuse and mislead those who attempt to discover the truth about the world.

During Nada’s rush towards the roof of the network’s building, Holly appears again, claiming that she wants to help him. However, she is simply trying to kill him before the mission is accomplished. She is therefore another human that sold out to the aliens being used to disrupt non-corrupted humans attempting to liberate themselves and others.

Taking Down the Aliens

Here’s the biggest spoiler of them all: Nada manages to take down the aliens’ transmitter and saves humanity. This heroic move gets him killed, however, as a policeman inside a helicopter shoots him dead. Nada therefore becomes the quintessential hero, sacrificing his life for the good of humanity – a martyr for human freedom from soulless rulers.

Even though it cost his life, Nada visibly does not regret exposing the aliens to the world. With his last once of strength, Nada gives the aliens a uniquely human parting gift: the finger.

Once the aliens’ satellite dish is down, the masses are able to see the world as it is: the alien’s ugly faces are exposed to the world.

TV viewers around the world now realize that those giving the daily news were also those who controlled them.


In Conclusion

Although They Live is usually described as “a science-fiction movie that criticizes consumer culture”, the scope of its message actually goes way beyond the usual “consumerism is bad” lecture. They Live can indeed be interpreted as a treatise on the thorough and systematic conditioning of human experience in order for a hidden elite to covertly control, manipulate and exploit the masses. In the movie, the rulers are portrayed as a completely different race that perceives humans as inferior – something that can easily be correlated to the attitudes about the bloodlines of the Illuminati. The presence of these strong messages in the movie is one of the reasons They Live became somewhat of a cult-classic, despite the fact that it was panned by movie critics. As the years go by, the movie’s message is becoming increasingly relevant … and freakishly realistic.

Many of those who seek the truth about the world realize that it’s reins are held by an un-elected elite, one that is essentially hidden from the public eye. As the movie’s promotional poster says: “You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You’re wrong. Dead wrong.” Working behind the scenes, this secretive elite constantly works towards the creation of a global system that would serve its interests: a New World Order, ruled by one world government. As a human collaborator says in the movie to justify his selling-out: “There ain’t no countries anymore. No more good guys. They’re running the whole show. They own everything. The whole goddamn planet!”  To facilitate the rulers’ work, the masses are kept in the dark and are distracted with the fake puppet show that is politics and the “no independent thought” programming that is mass media. Apathy, ignorance and indifference are the elite’s best friends.

Despite its unimpressive special effects and odd dialogue, They Live manages to describe the world elite’s motives and strategy in a way that can be understood by all. And that is no simple task. However, in order to fully understand the movie’s message, one must be wearing truth-seeing sunglasses. Do you have yours on?




      • I read the first part of that line to my husband and he finished it. I guess he's already seen this movie, but I haven't.

        VC- Why don't you do a post about "Red Dawn", another of my husband's favorites. It's pretty applicable to today too.

    • Yes, God bless you for what you are doing to spread the truth and open some eyes, hearts and minds out there, VC. It's not easy work, as we all know by now.

      This is a great review – simple, yet focused, and directly to the point of the real message that is infused into this deceptively "unsophisticated" story. In reality, this film and its message are probably light years ahead of most of the cliche "truth exposing, whistle-blower" type movies that people think of as being ingenious. Trust me, most are not…they're nothing more than very well planned and pre-engineered predictive programming, at best.

      "They Live" is a great work of art, no matter how corny, cheesy or kame it may appear on the surface. Hey, maybe that is sort of the point – What is on the SURFACE IS NOT THE TRUTH!!!

      Ya think???

      Great job, VC, once more.

      • Just like the "hero" in the movie, the illuminati see us truth seekers as "nada", nothing. That is what we mean to them. And they want us to remain non-existant. They always show themselves up in whatever media format for the people to see an they take it as entertainment. I dont live in america but i've noticing something disturbing happening there with school kids, some as young as six being arrested in school and for me that is not a good sign at all. VC could you shed a light on this distubing situation for us please.

    • "We sleep" indeed. That was the best article ever and I have loved that movie since it first came out. I got my sunglasses.

      • Where do you purchase these glasses, because years back there was a way to purchase these glasses. Do you know where to get them?

    • Once again great article VC!! I've seen this movie many times and have shown it to my friends as a tool to help expose the truth about this world we live in.. Another thing that could be noted is that the bum who's shuts off the tv and says "blow it out your ass" is the same guy who is in the meeting with the elite and tries to get the heros to sell out..

      I visit this site often but I've never commented before so I feel I must says this… As I often read the comments I see people who express that they are atheist and their is understandably no religious bias in VC's articles so that they can appeal to everyone.. However I do not understand how someone can know about the controled mass media, illuminati, ect. And the evil people that run the world and not believe in God… If I can give any bit of my advise/wisdom to any other truth seeker out there it would be to watch the youtube series The Arrivals (prob better if u downloading from a torrent because they don't like to keep the truth on YouTube for long :-P) and read the Quran if u are seeking true guidance..

      Once again great VC! May Allah rewad you for your efforts!

      • Oh yea and I wanted to add… "I'm here to seek truth, spread truth and chew bubble gum…and I'm all outta bubble gum." LMAO. Best Corny B-movie line ever.

      • To be honest, I find that many people who "awaken" do so after researching the indoctrination and mind control aspects of the church, and its ability to act as an opiate of the masses. Do I believe in God, not really. Part of what upsets me about the Elite and religion alike is that I dont need guidance from an outside source.

        I will not however deny that there is a god, because I simply don't know either way.

        God or no god, the Elite don't care. They are so far separated from us in their minds they probably laugh every time they see the mention of religion.

        It's important to remember that one of the best ways to defeat them is to live in harmoney with each other. The Elite prefer us to focus on our differences because if I'm in a conflict with someone then my attention and anger is focused away from those 'Elite'. Once we realize that conflict is simply a tool used to keep us fighting each other, we can then focus our efforts on the real threat to human existence.

    • I remember seeing this movie, it was hilarious but reminded me of every rich guy you see on the street. People seem to don't want to know the truth, most want to drown in drugs and sleep.

  1. Hey VC,

    I saw this movie years ago its awesome and it does summerise well what is happening today.

    Keep up the good work

    • I never get tired of watching this movie, each and every re-run. Simple but really fascinating and to the point. It happens to be one of my favorite movies (gotta have some) especially now that I have been on this site.

      Trying to convince others is a very tough job indeed.

      • Same thing with Jericho, and the video game Half Life 2. Google them, they're very telling.

    • The only thing that has me wondering is were there people in 1988 that saw this the same way and was like oh I need to prepare for the New World Order and all this and that. Now almost 25 years later are they still like, ummm it's coming….slowly but surely….

      *Side note, waiting on email back now since yesterday so I could post on the boards. I wanted to post this link about Raffels Van Exel and how even though he admitted taking evidence from Whitney Houston's death room, he says he's in the clear from getting in trouble, and the police say they have no interest in questioning him…..WTF????


    • Speaking of "deception" did anyone see the Tupac hologram a Coachella? (I think I spelled it wrong). Is this the first time that they've decided to use the technology on the public? I think that it's symbolic, he said "his only fear of death is reincarnation," yet he is reincarnated in a digital representation for all to see. Towards the end of his life he hated Dr. Dre…so…? It's strange.

      P.S. I started looking up things about holograms and found out about the Blue Beam Project. A holographic second coming in the sky? During this summer? NWO is coming fast.

  2. And 24 years on nothing has changed.

    Makes you wonder if society will still be brainwashed sheep another 24 years from now.

    • What's sad but true, is that we "nadas" can fight them, but we won't win. This is Satan's world right now. But you know what? If I die because I refuse to conform to this evil world- I DONT CARE. My treasure isnt on this earth, I know this isn't all we have, and I have hope in Jesus.

      I would rather die "non-conforming" than lose my soul to the evil in this world. I think most people on this site would agree. Right? Just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to bow down to worship King Nebuchadnezzar's idol, and were thrown into the fire- I will do the same. :) Gladly.

      "If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up. ”-Daniel 3:17,18

    • i believe its highly probable things wont change
      these are the primary categorized reactions i see in order of most to least

      1) denial ( undermines the belief in common goodness order and self identity )
      2) fear of disruption ( uncaring or self absorption i.e. lifes not bad for me )
      3) perception of authority and order ( this is the way it is always has been )
      4) affirmation that this is a acceptable hierarchical structure ( until someone gets hurt here its ok ).
      5) over reaction its aliens a joke or things that are way out there kinda like a panic reaction ect…
      6) unacceptable order due to loss of representation liberty economic slavery class ordering by birth or location technological stagnation possibly made permanent for hundreds or thousands of years

      im seeing this as the calculated outcome
      a whole series of bad things first … but to cut it short…
      at best.. dystopia ..
      at worst end result

      droning down part of the human race essentially dividing it into different parts
      thus turning the human race into a insect like hive hierarchical structure
      in a genetic age this could end up becoming a physically changed race

      • i believe one needs a certain level of intelligence or wisdom to arrive at #6 being that most people do not have that level of intelligence the primary reason that 1 thru 4 are most popular is because

        there is no base wisdom to derive the result this type of order would lead to into the future

        while people can in time can gain this level of wisdom for most they won't
        till they are at least in there 40's or 50's and some
        not at all due to the chaotic environment around them
        drugged up uneducated drones would never break such a cycle, simply enforce it.

    • I agree i've read most of the VC articles this one was especially disturbing because it's so true. All of my friends are like Frank. They're good people but they just don't get it. They don't understand my anxiety, the stress, and why I care about "that crap" so much. I just wish the sunglasses were real smh. I'm also all out of bubble gum.

  3. I know society is messed up with peoples priorities being focused on possessions. This movie represents that in volumes. But how is that really going to change? When will people cease following the foolish and destructively slow deteriorating path of ignorance? Probably when things become unbearable, hopefully not. Mass media distractions are powerful, we need something more powerful. The Spiritual.

    • The problem is that the most of the spiritual leaders have sold their souls too. The answer is spiritual but individually or in small groups. Thanks VC for this great article!

      • Jesus Christ the Truth the Life and the Way! 😀 interesting that everything he teaches is the opposite of what the elite try to push on us! (slavery of selfishness) buy buy buy at your souls expense!

      • I couldn't agree more! There will be great consequences for spiritual leaders/pastors who deceive their 'flock' and lead them astray.

        I was prompted by ?? to read Jeremiah last night and came across Jeremiah 23:1-4. A good read!! 'Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture!'

        Now, I'm not entirely sure if all the religious leaders know they are deceiving their followers. Either way, they will be dealt with!

        On the View this morning was the 'Christian' artist Toby Mac, formerly of DC Talk. After his performance he was blabbing on about God. Something about that didn't click, because he was on ABC… talking about God. Weird. Long story short, the occult is in the Christian music industry as well. The imagery is there if you just look for it! This may be a topic you'd want to touch on, VC??

        I lived in a media bubble as a child – never heard of this movie until now. Putting it in the instant queue.

    • It changes when YOU stop playing the game laid in front of you, send Love, only love, forgive first, people, uhm, sheeple will follow suit since that is their nature.

  4. Wow. Its amazing. All of this stuff is just crazy. I cant belive that some things are so intentional, And yet no one cares. All the people i talk to about whats going on get the same "headache" as the folks in the movie. Its a shame. I hope every single one of us is wrong… But i highly doubt it. Thanks for all the Info VC. Its so needed.

    • Most people are completely aware of the fact that this world is all about WORKING/CONSUMING/SLEEPING.

      But what else are we supposed to do? Not have jobs, eat grass for free and live like animals?

      Also, "They live, we sleep" is not really true.

      How exactly is the elite living? So to live means to have the power to control and enslave other people? That doesn't make sense.

      The elite is not "living", in my opinion. They might have more knowledge, but they remain deranged freaks.

      • to quote Grae: "This might be a bit off topic, but a few of my friends decided to go to university after graduation (as did I). I have dual citizenship so I was able to go to a country where the education was just as good but a lot less. My friends, on the other hand, are confined to the country (and in this case, the state) that they were already in. A year’s tuition is 30 friggin’ grand ($30,000)!!! Their parents are barely able to pay their mortgage, car payments, utility / amenity / grocery bills – let alone pay for their children’s college education. So what happens? Student loans WITH interest. By the time they graduate they owe a private company over $120,000. Jobless, not guaranteed a job even at McDonalds, and 100+ grand in debt – that is sick and twisted. So by the time they do get a decent job they are stuck paying back that money for at *least* a decade and a half (and that’s if they happen to strike the proverbial gold and snag a great job). Add in the credit cards, medical bills, and the daily drama that comes with living on this planet – there is no way in hell any of my friends have time to focus on what the elite is doing to them, let alone rise up and stop it. Even if they decided to drop out of school now and crusade against the elite, they could still be locked up because they owe 60 grand in tuition, even if they didn’t finish the last 2 years. So with that being said (and that was me only using a student scenario when there a thousands of other, probably more common scenarios) you hit the nail on the head. It will end, but its definitely not in our hands"

        How is that living?? more like barely surviving.. we are being mugged of the chance to really live.

      • Slightly paranoid on

        I think you missed the point.They live…not they are living…That to me means that the ruling Elite"live" by keeping us asleep.They withhold knowledge and the truth.That keeps the elite "alive"(hence They live)

    • This is partially a reply for you, and for Robotec above.

      I promise, after awhile, the headaches go away. :) I had them all during my youth. Just like their symbols, propaganda and subliminals cause desensitization, the headache for years on end knowing the truth does too, and eventually wears off.

      One way that especially helps wear that headache off is to create music with your own two hands. I use a folk harp to do it. Made of solid wood, it has the ability to play 23 pure tonal vibrations at any given time. When the wind blows, all the strings vibrate. It sits upon my heart, and the vibrations of the wood fill my entire body.

      I say this because, what is human life with out possessions? It is the attachment to them that causes suffering and ignorance, not the actually possessing of material things. One can choose an iPhone, a little glowing square full of spying devices, gimmicks to waste your time away and keep you asleep. Or one can choose something like a harp, a flute, a paint brush, a needle and thread. These positions offer the ability to create, and often have positive affects.

      I know the legend of David and his Harp, I know how harp therapy works for helping people heal. I see how quickly it soothes people, how it turns their curiosity. They hear me play it, they want to talk to me. And if I can use the opportunity right, I might just be able to impart a seed in waking them up to what the reality is.

      So, do not judge the possessions and those who possess. What would life with out some possessions. Even the most strict of monks still wear robes upon their bodies. We must instead focus on our attachement to our possessions. Do they help promote well being, creativity, healthy energy? Can they open the doors to communicate the truth of our world? Or are they wasting our time, eatting our brains, attributing to the decay of our Spiritual connections? How are we utilizing the things we possess? Are we careful to take only what we need? Or do we consume wastefully, hoard as much as we can with the illusion that more means wealth or fills a void. Stuff does not make a home, it may help make it more pleasant, but it is the emotional ties to our loved ones we share our possessions with that make a home.

      I simply felt like a defense of possessions should be made, I really don't know why. I think partially because I handed almost all of mine away about a year ago, and I am very close to handing the rest away soon, as I cannot deal with them.

      Yet there is one prized possession, the harp. If it was all I owned, how would i protect it from the elements. I dream about it, even had a nightmare of it being completely and utterly destroyed by hoodlums this morning. I am a Buddhist, and very close to renouncing the world…yet I am attached to this harp. To examine it, it feels indeed the attachment is to help me see the positive utilizing this object can manifest in the world.

      Not all possessions are bad. It is our attachment and intentions with those possessions that holds the possibility of ruining us.

      • Actually you are wrong. I have many possessions, but over the years I have realised that attachement to any of them is just ridiculous. Just cos you have them doesn't mean that you have to be attached to them. Don'tthink of them as yours, but belonging to the community. this is the secret. I am sure if you lose your harp you will find a way to live just as happily!

    • I know right! I love this movie & I wish I had seen a long time ago. That line in the bank was my absolute favorite, I crack up everytime I think about it. This entire movie is so true & just what I needed to watch in my search for the truth.

    • The reptilians. I tried to post an entry for the David Icke contest on activist post, but it looks like it was flagged from being posted. The topic was an original idea for 2012 and what it means.

      I basically laid the plot out for the movie "They Live" and said it would be ROWDY RODDY PIPER to be the saviour against the reptilians with his cool sunglasses.

      John Carpenter and George Romero are both directors worth looking into. The Sci-fi and alleghorical themes are telling and have symbolism as well.

      • Activist post has kind taken a new turn lately, it is heavily promoting David Icke and some the stories reported recently have been pretty slanted and missing a lot important information to make the conclusion or angle they jump to. It used to be one of favorites but recently I wonder if it was currupted because lately the conspiracy end has turned up paranoid and kooky.

        Once you start talking reptilians = you talking about paranoid kooks who lost it with reality. Movies like "They Live" are science fiction and like "Animal Farm" may exemplifie different aspects of reality- but nobody walks away from the book saying "Talking pigs that play poker are going to take over our Farms!"

      • The reptilians must be the demonic entities which inhibit/take over -whatever- human bodies. But you must be willing to permit them to do so, there are always ways to fight them. They're hopeless though, God is absolute power -has them under his control.

    • Michael "MJ" Angel on

      you also took the red pill, stay frosty. reptilians are the descendants of a breed of dinosaurs, cave dwellers, to this day, that survived their global apocalypse, an devoted into bi-pedal highly intelligent beings. But like the animals they are, they operate on instinct and logic, there is no love, no cinema, no art, they despise us for our beauty, for the fact that when some ventured out of the caves they saw "the gods" favoring us instead of them,, it was one of them in the garden that tricked Adam and Eve, gave them half truths and have since been altering the course of humanity for the worse. They consider this THEIR planet, since they too originated from here, when you look at all the things happening to our food, our water our air, does it not make sense that whoever is behind it WANTS us sickly and dying off? :-/ you don't need Roddy's glasses to see the truth of what you just read. THEY LIVE, is not "just a movie," Hollywood has been sending us coded messages for decades, but the brainwashing of the evil is so strong, people will "fight to protect the very system of control that binds their lives." –Morpheus,Matrix.

  5. Taking a trip back in time, are we? I was pleasantly surprised to see this on your site. This movie has always been one of my favorites.

  6. I couldn't believe the message of this movie when I first seen it, hardly any FICTION at all. They try to mask the clear message with corniness.

  7. TheWiredWorld on

    Me and friends used to have repeating weekends where we'd meet to watch this movie, haha.

    Love the glasses showing black words on white backgrounds – cleanly and easily done back in the 80s.


  8. I'd go one further. Thanks for the article, by the way – glad to read it.

    The source of broadcasting is the god that the elites worship – Satan. Only when Christ takes him out at Armageddon will humanity finally be at peace. In reality, this force is too big for humanity to deal with, but we can all do our part by being no part of the sickness-part of this world.. anything the elite use, stay away from it, as far as it depends upon you..

    Anyhow – loved this article and the film :)

    • I agree. This might be a bit off topic, but a few of my friends decided to go to university after graduation (as did I). I have dual citizenship so I was able to go to a country where the education was just as good but a lot less. My friends, on the other hand, are confined to the country (and in this case, the state) that they were already in. A year's tuition is 30 friggin' grand ($30,000)!!! Their parents are barely able to pay their mortgage, car payments, utility / amenity / grocery bills – let alone pay for their children's college education. So what happens? Student loans WITH interest. By the time they graduate they owe a private company over $120,000. Jobless, not guaranteed a job even at McDonalds, and 100+ grand in debt – that is sick and twisted. So by the time they do get a decent job they are stuck paying back that money for at *least* a decade and a half (and that's if they happen to strike the proverbial gold and snag a great job). Add in the credit cards, medical bills, and the daily drama that comes with living on this planet – there is no way in hell any of my friends have time to focus on what the elite is doing to them, let alone rise up and stop it. Even if they decided to drop out of school now and crusade against the elite, they could still be locked up because they owe 60 grand in tuition, even if they didn't finish the last 2 years. So with that being said (and that was me only using a student scenario when there a thousands of other, probably more common scenarios) you hit the nail on the head. It will end, but its definitely not in our hands.

      • don´t complain. i'm brazilian and here the private education costs around 2 thousand dollars per month and the government robs 40% of all salaries for icon tax.

        we are totally broke.

      • your friends are in a crappy situation, but they put themselves there. My grand total of debt for college was $5000. I paid for the rest. They could have moved to another state and gotten a less expensive education, or any number of things. that's too bad.

      • JC runs things on

        Rebecca, that was a very ignorant comment. Yes they put themselves there, but maybe the choice was between an education and a huge debt OR no education and a very quickly increasing debt. If you're under-educated for your society, you're likely to get a lower paying job which would then put you in a position where you feel you'll need to take loans out – and you could well be not be in a position to pay it back quickly. In some societies, without an education, death at an early age awaits you. Don't judge people with debts higher than yours. Question why, and see how the powers that be gladly put people in that position.

      • Student debt?? Check out Setoffdebt.com, also Fred Gutierez and David Clarence ~Good Luck . Also to keep on track VC have watched They Live quite a few times now. Isn't it a pity that a newer version isn't in the pipeline, although there was a release of a movie called They A few years back . Keep up the good work!

    • So that would mean we should do nothing because it's all part of "God's plan" and we don't want to interfere with that which is written!

      • there is plenty that can be done! we can help the poor and sick, and share the Good News that Jesus Christ died on the Cross so we can have new life! in these dark times, there still is the Light of the world that shines brightly to give us hope. :) people don't want to hear about accepting Christ into their hearts and following Him because the enemy has them deceived. God Is Good! there will be a time when all the people who believed without seeing will be gone. all that will be left are those who still have that last chance to choose Him. then they will see the King of Kings and every tongue will confess that He reigns! Revelation 7:17 For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes." there is Victory in Christ!!!

      • The most interesting thing of all is if it wasn't for Christ, people wouldn't have felt probably a connection towards God. It's like Christ's existence provides a link between human beings and God, hence brings them together.

  9. the silent general on

    oh how strange

    telling everything what is happening today :) ive been watching vc for some time now and i really enjoy these things

    but really one thing is what bothers me all the religious and god stuff……..i dont care about gods and i will bow down to no one ( no god no master no mistress ) ofcours alot of people will disagree with me and most of them sometimes go fanatical against me :/

    my goal is not to make completely one world order the thing is to get used to each other theyre way of thinking and accepting them no matter what…….people who yell at me that i will go to hell can go fuck themselfes :) cuz im one of the rare :/

    although world is a strange place even if god exists i still wont bow down :3 and nothing will make me bow down illuminati free masons and so on if they try it will end up badly

      • the silent general on

        im not that kinda atheist

        im pretty sure god exists but i wont bow down :/

      • Not only I would bow down, I'd be willing to spend eternity cleaning the floors of paradise if they take me.

    • The thing about God is, He is GOOD. He isn't evil, he gives life and joy and love to those who seek Him. He freely gave us a chance to spend eternity with Him, by sending Jesus to die in our place. By His grace. No one "deserves" heaven, because all have sinned and fall short. Have you truth seekers realized that there are deceptions EVERYWHERE on this earth? What are we taught in school? God? Nope. Evolution, the Big Bang Theory. Hmm. We've been indoctrinated with the thought that "there is no god" since the time we were tots. Have you questioned that? Good. No? Well, Satan wins. You're no threat to him. QUESTION what you've been taught. Hey, I grew up in a Christian home, and I DID! I never outright thought, there's no god, but I questioned what I was taught, what my parents believed.. Just saying. If you seek truth, you will find it. But if you think there's no hell, no satan, than you're just conforming like all who are asleep.

      PLEASE seek God- ask Him if He's there- He will show you. God bless you all!! :)

    • Michael MJ Angel on

      non fate but what we choose. God exists regardless of your existence, a blip in an endless ocean of life, you sir/ma'am, are NOT important in the scheme of things. Now that I have your attention, realize that none of us are, but together as a whole, we make a difference. God is not the singularity as we've been taught, GOD IS THE MULTITUDE, the Collective Consciousness of ALL THAT EXISTS.
      The spark of life, the eternal soul in all of us, is to God as a single molecule that need billions to make a single atom that need more billions to make a single cell of which there are even more billions of cells to make a single human body. THAT is how insignificant anyone of us are to the magnitude of God the Creator. BUT, do you not love everything about your body/existence? You should, because while we are of no consequence to God in the grand scheme, each of us is loved enough for that energy to have inhabited a human body to try and learn why we cannot obey and treat each other kind. Like a probe, He/It needed to become one of us to see how hard it is to be human, and it is hard. So he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of the body He/It inhabited for our sakes. 😀 Believe or don't believe, God is infinite Love.

  10. its kind of strange to when u look at the director, and his past movies. 'The Thing' about an alien that can take the form of any human and use their body as a host. This dude, in my opinion, could have become spielberg (but in my opinion, he did his own things, and didnt follow the elites agenda, maybe why his movies didnt have as high budget as James Cameron, Spielberg, Peter Jackson, etc.) U all should seriously look more into John Carpenter, even at age 70+ he is one of the most creative minds i have ever come across. (follow him on twitter)

    • Not to mention his latest — "The Ward" — which deals with disaociation of the psyche after a girl is sexually tortured. Monarch anyone?

      John Carpenter indeed is one of the finest writer/directors of our time.

  11. Hey VC,

    I've been reading your articles for about 3 and a half years now, and they have opened my eyes to so much and lead me onto further research that has clued me up on the workings of the world that I was born into. I'm commenting on this article for two reasons; the first is to basically say "thank you". Thank you for your hard work, your dedication, and your perseverance. I can imagine this gets tiring, but it is noble and I think that I speak for everyone who visits your site when I say that. Furthermore, even if something happens between you and the government / elite and you have to go offline for whatever reason, the information that has been posted and read by your visitors (which I can safely assume to be in the hundred thousands AT LEAST) will not be forgotten, and spread on to whoever cares to know the truth.

    The second reason I am posting is a bit less positive. In the second to last paragraph you stated that "ignorance and indifference are the elite's best friends". I may not be ignorant (I don't think anyone who actively visits this site can be termed as such), but I am definitely indifferent. To other posters, please don't bash me if you choose to respond – hear me out: I turned 20 this year, and in the three years that I've had this knowledge I have realized that although I know what's going on, I as an individual cannot do anything about it. 1) I do not want to martyr myself, I only have one life on Earth in this body and I plan on enjoying it – not becoming a forgotten casualty of the corrupted government. 2) Even if I did make a difference large enough to make a tiny dent in "their" plans, I would be offed and my works quickly overwritten (via mass media, social programming a-la 9-11 / Kony, manufactured "natural" disasters etc), 3) even if that weren't the case my family and loved ones would definitely be targeted and I can't stand for that, and 4) it's not practical: in the world we live in (ESPECIALLY for people living in the US and the UK) our lives have been fucked since we got here; they have our medical and educational records (probably including DNA), they know our whereabouts at all times, and in the age of internet technology they probably built such accurate personality profiles based on information we've given willingly that I think they could successfully recreate 1984's 'Room 101'. Not to mention the amount of time and effort it would take to avoid toxic foods (growing a garden, paying extra for fresh produce, learning how to cook properly), avoid mind destroying propaganda (radio, television, Facebook, YOUTUBE, magazines) and live a safe, free lifestyle when most people have to work like slaves to have a place to sleep and feed themselves.

    So in saying that, I am fortunate to have amassed such knowledge, but I am honestly rather indifferent to it all – the show will ALWAYS go on with these people, whether I'm gone tomorrow or not. The most I can do is let people know what's going on so they're aware, and continue to live my life as the best person I can be. I personally have my faith to hold / support me through all of this, so I'm not too worried – but to each his own.

    • I think about those things too. Those are valid concerns. What exactly can we do as a lone person? Or how can we band together to make a difference? We have a lot of knowledge, what can we do with it?

      • Knowledge is only half the battle…unfortunately you have to physically take up arms and from what I've seen of most posters on alternative news sites such as this one that's never going to happen.

        Everyone will be wringing their hands when the final piece of their puzzle is in place and I gotta tell ya' sister — if you've come to the stage where you are trying to defend yourself from their declared tyranny, then it's much too late in the game.

    • That's why we are on the same spot, because we are under the illusion that we can't do anything about it and we don't. THEY win.

      great article.

    • They are going to have a false flag nuclear event followed by the real deal biowarfare depopulation. Martial law until enough people are dead. You're going to be dead very soon anyway – must as well resist.

      Unless you're elite technology, military or money it's what… 3 years?

      • "might" as well resist I meant.

        It will be interesting to see if the ball starts rolling with the London Olympics this summer.

    • How do you "plan on enjoying your 1 life" when the whole point of their plan is to kill you?? That is what I wanted to say… You don't have a handle on what the big picture is. Your existence IS their entire point. You are a farm animal to be culled. This is my understanding.

      Your going along to get along is without meaning.

      • Well Ted are we going to buy some plane tickets, meet up in the city of your choice, and devise a plan to take them down?… No, we're not. I plan on seeing the world (corrupt as it may be), meeting as many people as I can, enlightening and being enlightened by whoever I can, and leaving the rest up to fate (love, family, etc).

        Sure, I might be a farm animal – but I am not going to be changing that fact in this lifetime (not for myself, anyway) – fact. But unlike farm animals, I am a human – a human with knowledge that the general populace does not have. So when those without information (or those that don't want it, or skeptics) are being led to the slaughter house my wise old sheep ass will be slipping under the fence and running off into the woods (as silly as that analogy may sound). This horrible situation that the world is in doesn't really strike me as a time to be proactive (that will get you killed), it's a time to be reactive AND reflective. Why attack and get shot when you can plan and hide / run / duck?

        Hope that answered your question.

    • One way to combat the internet age is to become knowledgable in computers and programming. One could hide their tracks like that. The more you know!

    • So true.

      That long paragraph, so true.

      The only conclusion I can think up with is that we cannot go on like this. If there is a God out there, and if the elite's plan to enslave the entire world is true (from the looks of things the chance is strong), then I hope God will intervene so this won't happen.

      Perhaps we are in the transitional stage before things accelerate?

      Who knows,

      All I know is that there is too much lies and deceit right now. Not enough "true" education.

      • secret ninja on

        there is a God and He is going to step in very very soon. that's why this world is so bad because Satan is behind all of this and as the Bible says, he knows, he doesn't know when but he knows he has a very very short of period time left before God stops him from doing what he is doing, so in the mean time, he's trying to take down as many people as he possibly can, but he's not going to succeed. seek out those that know the truth about God and the good news of his Kingdom, that is the only way to escape all the things that are going to occur. this world is bad and is progressively going from bad to worse, but there's no need to dispare, because there is hope, there's no need to physically fight them because this really is a spiritual war and is best left in God's hands, He is the best one to deal with this problem and He will deal with it once and for all. -Psalms 83:18 "So that people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, is the Most High over all the Earth."

      • secret ninja on

        sorry, correction, Psalms 83:18 says "That people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, you alone are the Most High over all the Earth."

    • JC runs things on

      I personally tend to think this: If there are these powers, maybe we can do something, maybe we can't. If we can't, then who can???? And there lies the answer. We are limited, but there is One who isn't. So what we can do is spread this knowledge of the powers, realise it's evil intentions, and hopefully more people will seek one who can save us seeing as we cannot save ourselves… I tried to be subtle, but I reckon my name gives it away :p

      • Lol I agree – that's why I threw in that last sentence at the end. When I try to educate people about the elite I usually keep the Christian / Book of Revelations aspects out of it because once religion becomes a part of your explanation for certain events, everything you said and will say thereafter will be ignored. I only throw my religious views in there if they ask for *my* personal diagnostic.

    • It's true that we can't do anything to stop the NWO. But that does not mean we must despair. The NWO – a power that rules the whole world – is in the Apocalypse already almost 2,000 years ago. All we have to do is to hold on to the Truth, and…to wait a bit longer. Our time will come.

      God is allowing the evil people to build their NWO because they "work their own destruction". In the meantime, since there is a Resurrection, those who lose their lives for the sake of the Truth will rise again.

      So…I wouldn't worry about it too much. There will be suffering, but not for too long (hell is permanant, for the NWO types). There is a scenario coming which 'they' don't have a clue about; and good news in the Apocalypse, too – for those who want it.

    • 64 likes since yesterday but not one new one on the comments below you? Your fatalistic message of powerlessness suddenly sounds like a sophisticated voice. It's scary.

    • I couldn't agree more to your sentiments and its what wracks my brains every day. I have 3 children to care for and I dont want to be dead martyr either. They created us, we are owned and theres not a lot we can do about it other than accept and make best, live a more natural life style, get in tune with nature and become spiritually a better person. This system has been thousands of years in the making, its sophisticated way beyond our intellect.

    • Me too….us Vigilant Citizens wouldn't be needing them, but they'd be pretty useful for all the blissfully ignorant airheads out there.

      • There is. It's called the Holy Bible, the inspired word of guide. The instruction manual for humans. It's the real thing.

    • Inquiring Mind on

      Note that the sunglasses /contact lenses in "They Live" are called 'Hoffmans' an obvious reference to Albert Hoffman, the famous chemist who synthesized LSD back in the 1930's. It's well known amongst many LSD users that 'reptilian' like creatures can be seen when under the influence of this drug; LSD apparently allows the user to peer beyond the frequency veil called 'visible light' and into other dimensions/frequencies that inter-penetrate our 'reality'. LSD, like Ayahuasca and Crystal Meth/Krank allows you to see 'them'. Perhaps this is partially why these drugs are so prohibited?

      Hunter S. Thompson in his famous book and movie "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" also makes reference to the LSD/reptilian connection with the famous 'reptile zoo' scene where everyone in the bar appears to shape-shift into reptiles to a drug addled Johnny Depp.

    • Revelation 2:9 on

      The sunglasses DO exist. The very scripture my name comes from identifies them and just like this movie, they are imposters who don't see you as equal to themselves…but the movie uses the word "cattle" and that's a DEAD giveaway to who they are because only one culture will call other people that.

      Now, are you going to take your sunglasses off?

  12. i've started to see movies different now..

    movies now-a-day have two meanings..

    i can recognized the marketed story and the underlying story..

    almost right away.

    sometimes its creepy but other times its like "what the hell.?"

    THANK YOU i would have never noticed before..

    • Micheal MJ Angel on

      Thats called awakening from the Matrix. Yo are unplugged, your task now, wake others us. You will suffer ridicule from family and friends who are still plugged in, pay no mind, be as relentless as Morpheus was, be steady in faith KNOWING the Higher Power is guiding you, as it guided me to this page. Love is the answer, be brave, for only the brave can love another FIRST, and not wait for them "to show me kindness first."
      You can DOOO EEEET!

  13. IliveforChrist on

    Frequent visitor of this site but first time commenting.

    Thank you VC for this amazing article.

    In this world of ours where some people see in rose-tinted glasses & believe all this is paranoia, I wonder how many of 7 billion would stand up to fight if literally it came down to battle like in the movie. I wish we could give stubborn people like some of my friends an eight minute beat down just so they can see the truth.

    You are doing an amazing job VC & its comforting that at least a new person stumbles upon this truth every day & is enlightened

    God bless you all.

    • I think the message is supposed to be taken together; sleep, work, play, sleep, work, play, . . . like a programmed machine. Always the same mindless routine. Over and over. A programmed robot.

      • Yupsh, like gno said, the message's supposed to be taken together. 8 hours sleep + 8 hours play + 8 hours work = 24 hours = a day. Routine day-to-day living. Basically, they'd like it if they've got us all living "standardized" lives. Easier for them to keep up with their plans and well, God I hate this word, control. It would've been a nightmare to them if it were 8 hours sleep + 16 hours research, learning and living. *smirks

    • In one of my classes we learned about a famous social theorist named Adorno and his views on the way we construct time, especially "free time". Like one of the posters that responded to you, we as humans run like machines.

      As for Adorno, he pretty much says (extremely condensed / tired college student version) because we run like well oiled machines on a daily basis (wake up, eat, school / work, eat, shopping, home, eat, TV / internet, sleep so on so forth) we are much more receptive to "rewards" like vacation, 'breaks' (lunch, coffe, recess, etc) – so we work work work work work around the clock like machines for the system, just so we can have 1) summer vacation (kids) or 2) work holiday (adults – usually less than a month). We slave and save so we can spend time traveling somewhere that we don't normally frequent (like the Caribbean, Europe, a different state) in order to take our minds off of our mundane lives 'back home'. But in reality the place we are visiting, no matter where in the world it is, is just like what we were trying to escape, filled with people just like us who slave and save to do the exact same thing. So our brain is rewarded by new scenery, when in reality we just worked extremely hard for a temporary escape that allowed our brains to cool down. And because you had to work for that break (whether in school or at a job), free time is not really "free", it's pre-constructed. It's some pretty deep stuff. I was sitting there like o__O wtf? Thank God I'm doing Sociology, although from here on out I have irrefutable academic proof that I'm a slave, lol.

      • well thought out although the workforce life as you described it awaits you and is hard to escape from.

    • Michael MJ Angel on

      No, sleep as in to be sleeping while awake. Pay no attention to anything around you, simple dream walk through life. WAKE UP, if something offends you on a soul level, reject it no matter how much it tries to convince your brain of its righteousness. The HEART is the real genius, brain is just a receiver of info.

  14. i can't help but notice the similarities between the film's soulless humans with the skeleton/zombie faces, and lady gaga's "born this way" video…. "zombie boy" rick genest is in the video, he and lady gaga both have the soulless zombie faces….hmmm curious…..

  15. i know i'm paranoid, but i check this site twice a week or so to make sure it hasn't suddenly disappeared in the dark of the night

  16. It's an excellent analysis VC, as always.

    After sifting what I want to say, I got to a question… What does it mean "God bless America" and "In God we trust", which is here and there, and Americans just kill people all around the world. What does it have to do with God?

    • the american government kills people around the world.

      please don't generalize the american people like that. or any people.

      if you were to interview the "average" people in any country of the world, i doubt they would stand for random murder.

      we, the people, are not in control… or have you not read anything on this site yet?

  17. Love the site,

    This movie speaks the truth on so many levels.

    I dont know if you folks are aware but John Carpenter is remaking this movie..Will be cool to see how he :updates: it.

    Stay safe, Stay awake!

  18. Some one on the message boards suggested watching this, and I have to say: GREAT movie, and funny.

    But unfortunately CLOSE to home…(tent cities and all)

  19. God I love this movie! Such a scary but true message! It's one of my favorite films, and it STILL holds true today, its message. So glad you brought this to more ppl's attention, its not an extremely well-known film unless you grew up in the 80's (like me), or like cult mobies (like me, cause they actually contain a lot of rebellious message.) 😀

  20. Indeed they live and we have truly been sleeping. Thank you vigilant citizen for truly being vigilant. May God help us all

    • Michael MJ Angel on

      Already is, look up Stranger AT The Pentagon, Valiant Thor, an angel sent ot help us, spent 3 years living in Pentagon, offered out leaders cures for all illnesses, free energy without the pollution…and they turned him down, "it would ruin the US economy." WTF was that about, so for a few rich bastards ot live obscene lives, the rest of us are hungry lonely and tired? :-/ this is wrong on multiple levels.

  21. Indeed, when i try to explain things to my friends about freemasonry and the illuminati, some of them become frustrated and look at me like im some kind of a schizo. Only about 3 out of 10 listens to me, and only 1 out of 3 understands. But i never give up and i bring up the subject whenever the timing is right.

    Oddly enough, one of my friends works at a major bank (he gives out loans to corporations) and he understands everything i talk about, and agrees to most parts. He says that if he could talk about the stuff he comes across every day, i would have a lot of conspiracy theories to work with… He showed me a graph of gold market prices and sales and how they changed in the last couple of years, and he said: "they are planning something big".

    Another one of my friends is a computer engineer and has been working for Morgan Stanley for a few years. He was responsible for the maintanence of company servers. I have talked to him about the global elite controlling the masses, and he just wouldnt believe me. He said that im a tinfoil-hat wearing blabbering nutter and i should do something more constructive with my time. I found out later that he applyed to join the secret service of my country….. MY own close friend became a pawn… A puppet. When i confronted him by asking "so how's the spy-life going for you?", he was shocked and looked at me very oddly – "How do you know this? Even the applications were kept a secret". I told him misteriously "I know people too..". Ever since then he never questions or denies anything i say about the elite. Strange huh?

    • Dont waste your time on the 7 that are too far gone, rather find New friends that are receptive.

      One only has so much time on this earth…..to do the right thing. Dont waste it trying to pull an ass……exercise in futility.

    • Paul the Roman on

      Lacerta? Surley not the reptilian Lacerta that gave the youtube interview a few years ago. No? Well that's good. You know, reading some of these comments certainly paints a vivid picture of the various and complex opinions and attitudes which still exist in America today. Yet the sense of frustration and futility that I get seems to speak to a weariness pervading the world. Are folks ultimately responding to the extensive violence and cruelty we see around us? Are these truly the "last days" written about in scripture, signaling an end to mankinds time upon the earth? I don't know, but if I choose to stop watching television, going to see Hollywood movies, eating fast food and drinking tap water and sodas while at the same time reading more about new truths being discovered everyday and arming myself with useful knowledge about a different way of living, a better way, than I may finally discover that I am feeling something that I've been missing all these years. Something that awakens a feeling of purpose and unity and yes, even a feeling of love for my fellow human beings. Wake up indeed and long live Mr. Carpenter and his quirky movies. They say Jesus was a carpenter too.

  22. I wanted to see this when it promo'd. I did see it when it opened and liked it but not as much as I'd expected too. Thing is, it's even more apt now, 24 years later! It fits now better than it fitted then. A stunning realization! It's as if Carpenter accurately saw today 24 years ago. Cogitate on THAT, folks!

  23. Anybody else let out a chuckle seeing this on the home page?!

    Dude this movie is such a classic! I love it! Great analyses too, but anyone with a thinking brain should understand what this movie is about. But sad truth is, there are hardly anyone with a functioning brain 😉

    • Where are the functioning brains? What happened to all of us? Everything deteriorates very rapidly like we're under some kind of spell. Press the destruction button.

  24. Dear VC,

    I hope you read my gratitude as I post. But, I desire to state it ten fold now!

    Thank you so much for this one!

    This is the first review of any movie so far that I have actually gone and watched the movie. I enjoyed your review so much, I immediately went to YouTube. The entire movie is there to view for free.

    I have be trying to encourage people to stop watching all these movies, music videos, awards shows, etc. But this is a movie to watch!

    So many people here are making statements that they feel helpless. They feel as though they are one person in a crowd of sheeple, mocked when they shine the light of truth. It is dishearting, and the more alive we become out of slumber and find movement, the more overwhelming it is. We all inherently know our government has the mighty power of the military industrial complex…weapons of terror. I really do think maybe there is a shock factor deep inside each of us at a subconscious level that if we piss them off, they will anileate us all. Maybe this is why so many of the sheeple trust the government whole heartedly. It might actually be a deeply rooted fear that those at the top indeed are psychopaths, and our machine guns and pistols are no match for nuclear armmegedon. Don't piss them off, obey, do as they say. Our right to bear arms doesn't mean much next to the weapons they have.

    With all that said, I believe those of us who frequent this site do have the power to make a difference. As I stated above, I play music for many reasons. Sometimes it is to bring joy for celebration. Some times it is to bring peace for healing. Sometimes it is to bear witness of the beauty of a child's brain growing creatively. Other times, it is simply an open invitation for conversation where I may be able to plant seeds.

    I use my voice, a lot. And most people don't take me seriously. I am considered a very odd duck. But I have worked with many of the same girls 10 years younger than me for almost two years now…and seen many come and go. Just the other day, I discovered a new coworker is pretty darn awake, and we got into a very deep conversation, and many others heard it. I don't come off so weird when me and a young black man can sit and both say, Travon Martin, it is a psyop to start race warfare between the slaves, and we both see through the truth. They heard that Kony 2012 was a distraction away from the real issues of genocide at the hands of many governments, placing the scape goat on a pawn who hasn't been seen in 6 years…another ghost of a terrorist that will never be found, but will create a military march from Uganda to the Congo. They heard about NDAA, and executive orders that are unconstitutional and so null and void.

    You will never find these opportunities if you give up. Keep using your voice. Do so peacefully. Create a way to invite the other person to ask you the questions. If you try to push the info on someone asleep, they won't hear it. They have to actively want to know the truth…so you gotta get creative in stirring their curiosity to ask you your opinion for it to be heard!

    Meanwhile, this entire universe is nothing but vibrations. Earth, especially America, has been bombarded with low and negative vibrations that resonate with the lower survival chakras. You can actively work to raise your own vibrations in many ways, strengthen the vibrations of your heart, your inner wisdom, and your mind now. Connect with nature, make friends with all sentient beings of the world, listen to the barks of squirrels, the songs of birds, smell the wildflower. These actions are very powerful, and the more we cultivate the higher vibrations with in ourselves, the more others will rise to meet us where we are at. If you set the bar low believe you can do nothing, the others will meet you there. If you believe with your being that the Divine lives in your heart, gives you the opportunity to open your eyes to truth in every moment, and hold the desire for all sentient beings to know peace, happiness and joy…you set the bar higher and invite others to meet you in that space instead.

    VC, I'm glad to know a little more about your personality with this one. Seems you might be an 80s wrestling fan posting this one on Rod Pipers birthday. :). Please, post more of the enlightening films such as this rather than concentrating so much on the propaganda of the dark side so much. These are some of tools we can share with those asleep. I mean, just post the YouTube link on a Facebook status and simply say something like…"sci-fi cult classic for a good laugh! In honor of Rod Piper's bday!". It's really not that hard folks! It's as easy as putting on a pair of sunglasses.

  25. pancho aston villa on

    check out john carpenters assault on precinct 13 original 70s version not the crappy new one, its very underrated

  26. Great article as always. But when it comes to things like these, and though I believe in how deceptive this world can be, I'd reckon the rest of us live in moderation, and that is to say, we shouldn't go to the extremes i.e. watch ALL the TV!, or watch NO TV at all. We should neither be sheep, nor frogs in the well. While most of us may be easily bought into consumerism and what not, the rest of us who choose to be much too cynical for our own good, will just stay this way: cynical. What good the world does bring will never be seen and that's just not the way I feel. Let's not live in depression and skepticism. Being smart about these things don't mean we gotta stop watching TV, use the internet or buy stuff. Entertainment can be to our best interest e.g. listening to good music that soothes the soul and makes us happy. What I believe we should all do, is to keep being informed and get our morals and ethics right. Once we've got these things straight, I doubt a simple television commercial or some Presidential speech can ever shake us. In the meantime, learn and live.

    • Even 1 drop of poison diluted in 99 drops of entertainment (TV), will still kill you.

      Not to mention the fact TV's are setup to induce Alpha waves…..so the message (poison) slips right in.

      NO Television is safe to watch unless at great need.

      Take 9/11….they fed off of everyone's fear and horror…..

      Something multi-dimensional is going on…..this is no joke.

      • I get your drift… But I believe being AWARE and LEARNED is best. If we avoided media altogether, we may end up believing the next piece of news we hear from someone or something or someplace because we've become ignorant, which will be ironic because we're all aiming for vigilance. It's not the media itself that is evil, it is how they're used to serve one's agenda. There are lots of great examples where media is used well and for good cause. Already the Internet is a media source, but by way of websites like VC, it is used well. Sometimes, it helps to look at things a little more objectively, as hard as it may be.

  27. Excellent review! I think I'd seen bits of the film on TV before but last year I watched it in full. I never knew the origins of Duke Nukem's one liner prior to 2011! Again, great review. Thanks!

  28. take a look on Icke's stuff and/or Matrix V book, you'll figure it all out… (I really recommend the latter one)

    "…you can show the people exactly how it goes on, and they'll never believe it…"

  29. what if this movie is a dis-informative one, considering that Hollywood lets it being viewed?

    you know, like the others with Dan Brown and treasure hunting and such.

  30. Priceless movie. Watched it a month ago with my 10 yr old son. I especially loved the scen in the super market when he confronts the old hag of a lady.

    I like the article, but truth be told, the spiritual interdimensional pseudo-extraterrestrial aspect is missing.

    Are we not exposing the gods here?

    The preacher says,

    "The venom of snakes is under their lips. Their mouths are full of bitterness and curses. And in their paths, nothing but ruin and misery. And the fear of God is not before their eyes! They have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders. They have recruited the rich and powerful, and they have blinded us to the truth! And our human spirit is corrupted. Why do we worship greed? Because outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us from birth to death are our owners. Our owners — they have us. They control us. They are our masters. Wake up. They're all about you, all around you!".

    Who manipulates the manipulators? The Serpentium!- Fallen Angelics

    It is all boils down to that. Satan, his minions and us getting out of here on Yahshua Ha Mashiach Airlines.

    Be blessed.

  31. Yaaay! Reaaly love the way this movie covers what's hidden in the world about the "illuminati". Great that you have covered this film!

  32. AlteredAgain on

    when i get home i'll share a website where you can get a pair of flat-top sunglasses just like from this movie.

  33. I haven't seen the film, but it surprises me how people still think there is no link between politics and the media? They go hand in hand and politicians/the elite will always manipulate the media in order to push their own ideas about how the world should function.

    The media is our controller and it in turn is controlled by the elite. Yet we take it as it comes and eat it up!

    I couldn't comment on the Hunger Games story, but what I walked away with after watching that movie was this very thing… That the media holds a very strong position in our lives and the structure of the society in the Hunger Games is not far off our world today… the only difference is that the reality show includes real deaths! Otherwise there is no real difference.

    Those in the media (celebs, politicians etc) push what those on top of them want… fashion, television, lifestyles… and so on. There is no ideal in this world and people should live their lives without feeling they need to fit some sort of mould. Therein true freedom and no fear lies.


    There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

    —1 John 4:18

  34. VC forgotten to show the picture where the fallen angels or interdimensional beings move from one place to another for instance teleporting to other planets. I like the deciphering Advertisement when Nada was looking at the Advertisement Boards with his new Sunglasses.

  35. I have this movie, although I don't watch it often as I've long since moved way past the simple revelations this film portrays… and I find it difficult to watch the terrible hammy acting :)

    But for those who still don't understand that there is a hidden group of people controlling and corrupting us in every conceivable way, this movie can be the perfect introduction.

    Portraying the infiltrators and destroyers as aliens is a great way to introduce the uninitiated to the destructive forces around us, rather than portraying these people as being the same as us, but with a hidden agenda… which many people cannot understand, until they learn more.

    For they do live amongst us, they look like us, they talk like us, they are infiltrated into all of our positions of power, yet they deceive us with their destructive hidden agendas to corrupt us, to corrupt our way of life and our families.

    As the movie portrays, they control the entire media, attempting to change and diminish our values, our lives and our society, always telling us to consume more than we can afford or more than we need. They control the politicians to deliver laws which undermine us and imprison us under barbaric laws.

    They most certainly are not aliens, but their destructive agenda is aimed solely at their total domination over all of mankind, with complete domination of us and our children and their children,

    A great movie for the uninitiated, but ONLY if they have someone next to them to explain the true meaning of the film.

    I believe the Illuminati love to tell us what they are doing, and how they are doing it, just so they can laugh at how stupid we all are

    Wake up people!

  36. It is with many "fun" that I come back to this site and see that the hide and seek game of "the magicians" is still actual. The world and the whole universe is made of 3 energies, +, -, 0.

    All is based on that and the 0 or neutral is the container of the 2 others. Positive and negative, in a human body are Adam, Testosterone, Eve, Estrogen. This refers to 2 forces, strong force or other side of the force, is negative, female. Weak force is positive, male. The positive is always attracted by the negative and when they join, the positive collapses. Look how a female attracts the male and after the act, how the male libido collapses and female continues to go for more and more.

    That is "the law of Jupiter" shown on Jupiter's seal, the skull and bones. Determining are the 2 bones, X, or X-tos, the Christ. It shows us how the 2 forces cross each other and lead to destruction. In hebrew, the strong force is called "the other side" or in there language, "Shaitan", Satan. For sure, matter is limited in time and matter is made out of 2 forces, and 2 geometric figures, The strong force is eternal, it is the Circle, he is endless. The weak force is limited, it is the triangle. The Triangle contains the 3 forces, Neutral, the son, Positive, the father, Negative, the Holly Spirit. How do we transform that in a human being, Well, the Father is the male penis, the Holly Spirit is the Uterus and the Son is the sperm, the seed that will create a new human, to the image of the 2 pro-creators, the Elohim, God and Goddess, male and female. All creation in the universe is built on the principle of duality, the joint crossing or crucifixion of + and -. The 0 keeps it in Harmony and balance, one thing we cannot say for the Human since overpopulation will bring the system out of balance.

    All the symbols you see and you show, are based on that principle. To understand that, you need a deep insight in the wisdom of Kabbalah. That doctrine is the base of the 3 books, the Logos or Positive is the Torah, the book of the law. The Number or mathematics is the New Testament. The rhetoric that takes the main field of the 2 first and that warns you from the evil, shows you what happens if you enter in the game of the negative force, is the Qu'ran. The Books are a Trinity and also the books themselves are divide in trinities, The Bible is made of 3×13 books of the Old Testament, 3×9 or 27 books of the New Testament, 3×2 books of the Theurgy. The first are the Canon, thus 66 books, the second are the 6 books of the kabbalistic magick, theurgy. Among them are the 6,7,8th book of Moses, the Armadel and the lesser and upper Keys of Solomon. Together 6 and 66 books. "it is a number of Human, and a number of the Beast, and the number is 6 and two score 6, thus 6 and 66.". the Number 6 refers to the 6th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, Wav, thus 666 is WWW, or W and WW. now, what does that means, 6 is Neutral and 66 is + and -. if you join them together in one it becomes 6. W is a letter made from V V, the 2 energies joined in creation. The symbol for the joint forces is the dragon.

    But, the 2 energies refer also to good and bad, black and white (the chessboard), hot and cold, up and down. The 2 snakes of Eden are those 2 forces and it is the snake of Eve who attracted Adam and brought him to commit the Sin, Sex. In all scriptures, it is the sexual act that is depicted by SIN, the Moon-sphere. The moon-sphere relates to the female Uterus, the 28 days cycle of menstruation, A cycle in hebrew is named "Gilgal". The, the mountain of the cycles is Galghata or Sinai, mountain of the moon.

    So, this is just an opening to the occult doctrine. You also talk about the anti-Christ. Before you can talk about such things, learn first what the Christ is. Bible and all Holly Scriptures are written in allegories and trivial cycles. Jesus is a three-fold personality and has 3 meanings, a 0, a + and a -. The Christ is a part of him only, both are not one. The Christ has 3 phases in existence, the first is the way from birth to death, the second is the resurrection to his second death and the 3d is the2d rebirth. The Christ becomes at Easter, he starts his permutation 50 days later at Pentecost, and after that he finishes his way in 33 weeks, (33 years life in the scriptures). That 33 weeks correspond to the 33 path of the tree of life of Kabbalah or the 33 degrees in free-masonry. After that 33 weeks he will rest 4 weeks and gets born at Christmas, Note that between Easter and Christms are exactly 9 month. So, figure out yourself now what the Christ is, the Son of God.

    All this for sure can only be opened to you if you accept the fact that religion is miss-leading you intentionally and that what I can tell you about it will not hurt. Truth hurts, and let me tell you that nothing of all what the Bible relates to are things you don't know. The Bible tells things in hidden words and allegories or metaphors that almost 90% of people in our civilized world know anyway. You need to look 3000 years back in time to accept that at that time people where not instructed and those things where reserved to priests and those priest wrote all in code, to avoid the "secret" to pierce to the common people.

    Now, go back 60 years in time only and you asked your parents where babies come from. Well, you could be sure to hear the story of the father planting cabbage, storks coming and so on. The Bible is the same, a story of cabbage, babies and storks.

    The free-masons are all Kabbalists. They learn the philosophy of existence and the Kabbalah teaches all about the energy of the universe, how the godly matrix is made, how she communicates with our brains, how a human is mad, his anatomy, his way of thinking and reacting and it is that teaching who makes it easy to those that lead the world to control your mind.

    I am myself a TOV of the Hermetic doctrine of Kabbalah. Know this. There are some texts in clear in the scriptures and one says this. Search and you will find, ask and it will be answered to you and knock at the door and it will be opened to you. Maybe in you mind you asked some questions and I gave you some answers.

    You might publish this comment or not, but, what ever you do, keep seeking, asking and knocking, it will bring you onto the right path. The occult is nothing secret at all, it is just truth and there is nothing in this world of lies that people fight more against than truth.

    The world is made of fools and magicians. The fools are the majority, that's why it is the first card of the Tarot with number 0. Ther brains are, in the view of the magicians, "empty".

    The magician refers to the second card, with number 1, the number of truth or God, and for sure, they will use all there magick to keep the brains of the first empty. After 3000 years it seems that that theory still works, and your site shows that in a clear way.

    And stop believing in God, once you know what it is, it gets Knowledge, and knowledge is the first step to wisdom. God is 6, 5 and 1. 5 is human, 1 is the creator. 5 we know, 1 will for ever stay unknown, that is why we call him the Absolute or the Great Architect.

    And,just to make it clear, I am not a free-mason. I use the doctrine for the good, free-masons in majority for the bad with the tool they created to enslave humanity. That tool is money.

    Take care, live with God and for God since you are a part of it.

    TOV Shamael Ben Shabbatai

  37. Nice review. I'm suprized you didn't leave passing comment to the final scene where an alien is interbreeding with a human being (which could have been a prelude to a sequel) but maybe that subject is even too controversial for VC! The ending of the film could have been described with more detail such as the meaning of the part where human beings are seen packing their bags and being transported to faraway worlds, but a great analysis otherwise. Keep up the good work.

  38. i saw once the scene of the magazines, and i was wondering in what movie is it, thank u VC, that was a really great analysis!!

    and i really want that truth-seeing sunglasses!!!

  39. I watched this movie way back but the i felt something about the movie samething i felt when i watched matrix. i some how felt the movie was trying to pass on a message. God help us

  40. I find it so strange that I got this movie just yesterday after hearing of it for the first time yesterday. Idid a search for 'top 10 illuminati movies' and came upon a list, this was number 1. I'm now watching Pacino and Crowe in "The Insider".

    Speaking of "They Live", that has got to be one of the most quotable movies. And that part where' nada' is trying to get his black workmate/friend to look in the glasses was frustrating. Frustrating because people are really like that; even when they have the opportunity to have the truth, they'd rather be in the dark.

    Overall, good movie. I'd recommend it.

  41. I would like to know more about the background for this movie; who produced it – their connection to the 'Information." That being said, it was this very movie I presented to my younger family members a few years ago to open their eyes a bit – and it worked! It was Movie Night and I just pointed out the parallels with today. It was entertaining to watch without being heavy and dull. It worked; they continue to share it with all their friends!

    I have said this on the Hulu thread; Get the Hell Away from digital TVs and other dirty electronic devices! Ever wonder why digital TVs suddenly appeared in every bar, restaurant, bus/train station; every airport? Pretty much every where you find yourself there is the digital distraction, why? Who is behind this? They are! I have entered restaurants only to change my mind when I see a slew of TVs on every wall. I kindly let the staff know why I am not going to spend my money there; as I do not wish to subject myself to 'dirty electricity.' Anything to open their minds a bit – create a 'New Domain of Knowing'.

    We all know they don't want us thinking – period! This is all Planned and is unequivocally about Mind Control, destroying your ability to think freely, and ABEYANCE. Ever wonder where the term 'Human Resources' came from? Yup – you ARE a Human Resource for them!

    While many will choose not to fight them, FEARING more 'karma', I believe Love and Light WON'T stop a bullet, nor their plans for world domination and enslavement. In fact, that's what they are counting on – your fear of Karma. When those who choose to do nothing stand before their maker and are asked why they did not fight for the Human Race; why they allowed millions to die, be enslaved, consumed, what will their answer be?

    My answer: I fought Like Hell for my Brothers, Sisters and Planet Earth. I did everything in my power to spread the word, taking ridicule and criticism on a regular basis. If it earns me a few more lifetimes then so be it.

    This IS a Kill or Be Killed Universe. They feed on our energy. The more negative the better. They are parasitic, un-evolved spiritually but advanced technologically – that's all. They are getting ready to present themselves – don’t be fooled. Turn the tables, point them out, laugh at them…sunlight is the greatest disinfectant. Choose a future that honors Humanity.


    im surprised the author forgot to mention how the movie starts off!!!

    RRP begins by walking off a set of train tracks. this is a symbol of someone who come from a different "space and time"

    • Good observation.

      Could also mean someone waking up, veering off the tracks, not following the planned course, breaking away. Trains only really go in one direction…

      Not having a One Track Mind.

  43. rose from massachuse on

    I saw this when it came out years ago. I loved it. It was a great movie. They should put it back in the theaters. They put the silly Titanic movie back in theaters, why not this movie? Not only does it have a message, it's darned funny and entertaining.

    • There is a reason for the Titanic being in the movie theatres again…

      1. They put the Titanic movie back in the theatres for a reason. A great ship sinking, the end of something old, something unsinkable. Is this the sinking of America? Did not most settlers arrive on ships to realize their dreams and experience freedom? What is to come in its place?

      2. January 13 (Satanic New Year) The Costa Concordia crashes on jagged rocks. The destruction of the Costa Concordia may represent European markets (had 13 decks and some were named after EU countries). The name Concordia was intended to express the wish for "continuing harmony, unity, and peace between European nations.'

      3. And most recently, the destruction and sinking of the Japanese Ghost ship also this year! Representing the total Destruction of Japan?

      Three ships 'sinking' due to catastrophe. There is definitely a connection!

  44. rose from massachuse on

    … and also, you don't need sunglasses… just don't trust advertising, or most of the other crap that's on TV. Go to the library, get some good books instead. Read! Learn something useful! Shut off the stupid TV. Mine broke recently and I haven't missed it too much.

  45. Maurice Rose on

    "They Live" – 1988

    "Conan the Barbarian" – 1982 (written by Oliver Stone)

    – Why is there a Snake Cult?

    – Why does the leader of the Cult transform (shapeshift) into a giant snake?

    – Why was Conan "crucified" on a tree, the Tree of Woe?

    – Why is there a reference to the Stepps? Is the Barbarian living with Mongols?

    – Why does Conan claim that should he die, he would have to go before his god Crom in "Valhalla"?

    – Why was the voice of Darth Vader (James Earl Jones) cast as cult leader Thulsa Doom?

    – Why is Doom's headquarters called the Temple of Set?

    – Why did Conan's dead girlfriend, Valeria, reappear as a Valkyrie?

  46. Truth Hunter on

    Exactly my point on my last post "aliens among us" where aliens always seem to control humans and to rule the world, showing us their fake humanity from the outisde, hiding their true agenda from the inside.

    Just curious about one thing, if the media nowadays is controlled generally and hollywood mostly by the elite, how can they allow such movies to be watched in public and spreading somehow a clear message of their existance,if they want to be hidden, I know that they like to show it to us in our faces and laugh at our ignorance, but at the other hand they should be aware and I think that they were aware of the outcome of their hidden messages and meaning.

    I'm just wondering, maybe an answer is known by most of u and I don't know it, just to make things clear to me.

    They live analysis answered all the questions needed about the new world order and the illuminati agenda.

    • SherifollowsYeshua on

      I think the term hidden in plan sight is applicable here. The sad thing is us truthseekers are ridiculed. Among my close groups of friends I am the only person whose eyes have been opened. We truly are the minority and are dimissed by the elite and perpertraed as crazy etc.

      so they laugh a dn say to themselves look we put the truth in front of them so many times and they still do not see and continue to be our slaves

  47. Kushite Prince on

    I saw this at the movies when it came out. My cousin and I were blown away! I thought it was a great sci-fi film. I didn't catch alot of the messages at the time. I wasn't aware of secret societies back then. But looking back now—it's a really revolutionary film. I just went because I was a Roddy Piper fan.lol

  48. It's symbolic to me that Carpenter cast a white man and a black man that in the beginning are at odds with each other, fighting each other but, then become united realizing they are BOTH being manipulated, both being controlled, used, to hate and destroy each other. Let's hope our future includes a United Front for all Mankind.

  49. lightbulbsocket on

    So, if the lead character's name is Nada, and nada is a synonym for nothing, and Nada stops the aliens, which are a metaphor for the global elite, does that mean the message of this film is that nothing can stop the global elite? I mean, what else would the reason be?

  50. ShiningBrownEyes on

    I think the shades represent the third eye. The pineal gland activating so that you can see beyond this reality. To see these "beings" as they are!

  51. I'm deeply ashamed that being such a Rowdy Roddy Piper fan as a kid, that I did not see this movie! Have to rent this now!

  52. i watched this movie several years ago and recently i fast forward it via youtube and thought that it could make a good VC article… cool!

    interesting that VC posted it only two days after i heard this interview:

    Revelations of a Mother Goddess – David Icke – full version – YouTube http://goo.gl/nPfpT

    maybe the movie is not far from the truth although what she calls potato i call it tomato….meaning aliens=demons

  53. ShiningBrownEyes on

    The ending showed that any "average" citizen can make a huge difference! Let this be a strength that any action can cause a doppelganger, butterfly affect that can bring this system down and bring justice to planet Earth!

  54. Interesting read, thanks VC.

    They Live is also getting the remake treatment, which is unsurprising. The illuminati do love to rub are faces in their agenda on a day–to day basis.

    • Inquiring Mind on

      "I didn’t think VC would sign onto the alien conspiracy…and I was right!"

      Like it or not, this is where the trail of evidence leads. Pick up one of David Icke's books if you want the bigger picture.

  55. Impressive article VC !!! I have my glasses on and I'm 17.I have had them on for a year now I'm trying to get my mom to put them on too.But it's so hard.

  56. Harlequin Nameless on

    Nice name, Shamael (if that is your real name, heh heh).

    I have had my glasses on for years and have been persecuted for it. but "Blessed are the persecuted, for theirs is the kingdom of god…"

  57. I wonder how John Carpenter got this movie made. The tone, the anti-capitalist, anti-US message is very strong. Wonder how it made to the cinemas(and is still around these days).

      • Very true. Much of the garbage that has come out of Holly-wierd through the years has been riddled with anti-American and illuminati messages and symbology. It abounds in Disney flicks. Walt was a 33 degree mason. 2001: A Space Odyssey is another glaring example. Once you understand the symbology, you see it EVERYWHERE. These days it is very obvious, yet most folks are still ignorant.

      • "not anti-capitalist", because capitalism is a rational behavior and always innocent, right? You must be a worshiper of the almighty dollar.

  58. Long been one of my favorite movies. I knew, from the moment I first watched it, what it was about.

    As the years have gone by, it's taken on even greater meaning. "C'mon boys?! Everyone wants a taste of the good life. You can have it too!" Yes…now we can all see where such avarice has taken us all.

    Try to get a DVD-formatted copy of this movie for your library. I did but it wasn't easy.

    Peace to all good souls who honor the dream of life…

  59. why worry of what will happen, its already happening im from a small town and theres a masonic place and in our mall theres the pyramid with the eye ontop all over the place its happening already.

    just pray to god and he will save you, simple as that theres no need to go crazy.

    God wants to save you just allow him to

    plain and simple, its hard to now in days but thats because the enemy has his plans as well start off by getting off of facebook and start living a new life.

    God love you don't let him go.

  60. I saw a video of David Icke talking about the film a while back. He has a more literal interpretation of the movie. He believes that there are actually beings from another dimension that are controlling things here and the moon is the where their signal transmitter is located that is blinding us from the truth. He goes on to justify this claim by asking the question, "why have we not gone back to the moon since the first landing in the 60s". He believes that when the Americans landed they discovered this plot and where threatened by the beings there and never went back. What do you guys think?

    • I think there might be too much evidence of Alien technology on the Moon and there would be no way to keep it a secret with a public moon occupation?

    • Its interesting to note that we have satellites traversing our solar system, perhaps in the thousands, capturing pictures of solar flares, other planets such as Mars, yet we 'fail' to orbit one around the moon to see whats on the other side. And, still the masses accept whatever reasons they are given by NAZA, er, I mean NASA.

  61. "T.H.E.Y are safe as long as T.H.E.Y are not discovered, that is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep keep us selfish keep us sedated."

    "T.H.E.Y are dismantling the sleeping middle class. More and more people are becoming poor. We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery. We could be pets, we could be food, but all we really are is livestock."

    Outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of

    us, from birth to death, are our owners ! Our owners !

    T.H.E.Y have us. T.H.E.Y control us ! T.H.E.Y are our masters !

    Wake up ! They're all about you ! All around you !

    "The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice

    and human rights are non-existent. T.H.E.Y have created a

    repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices."

    " They Live and We Sleep, You Starve and They Eat !!! "

    &dagger ;http://www.TheyLiveandWeSleep.com†

  62. Ohio Croatian on

    VC,can you comment on Arne Duncan the head of the U.S. Department of Education.He sounds like he wants to use our schools to socially engineer students for the N.W.O.

  63. Woah! Never saw that movie but great recap. I wonder how many other old movies/songs have this. Like Total Recall for example.

    Heard a new Taylor Swift song where she sings "keep your eye, eyes open". Would love your take on that song!

  64. These crazzy and controlled people don't fear God, continue to defy Him and prefer to believe that once obeying satan they can live forever, poor stupid minds!

    • they have no idea what they have in store for them indeed

      it is so sad how they give their lives to the beast, when in reality the true fruit in life is in heaven.


      • It's in heaven although extremely difficult to get an invitation there. Too many weaknesses to keep under control me thinks. What worries me is the fact that I'll eventually have to part with my physical body. I know it sounds odd but it regularly frustrates me.

  65. TheIlluminatiFAILS on

    OMG VC.

    I haven't read the article yet ( DOING IT TONIGHT ) BUT WHERE THE HELL have you been?!

    though illuminati killed you LOL- at least give us a sign your alive o_o' I'm glad you made a new article means your ok. Anyway

    Me and my donkey will read the article tonight – i'll comment later guys i don't got time now <3

  66. I gotta say, for the first time since coming to this site I'm beginning to see a pattern here. I still think there's a lot of unhealthy paranoia going round on this site but its hard to deny the fact that something is definitely amiss. I just saw this movie called Beastly and I was blown away by how horrible it was. The acting was bad, the story was cliche and everything was just wrong. I looked it up on Wikipedia and was shocked to find out that most critics did not tear it a new one. I mean, The Last Airbender got a harsher review and this movie was way worse. I don't know if they were biased based on the fact that Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen were in it. I just found it weird.

    I haven't seen 'They Live' but I've seen clips of it in some conspiracy videos and it caught my attention. It seems possible that the stuff in the movie is happening today. Would be scary if its all true though I really hope it isn't.

  67. Hodiș Daniel on

    Interesting thing…i just found out about and watched this movie last week and you write an article about it a week later.

  68. to the quote "I do not like this one little bit." That is the fish from the Cat in the Hat. That is an interesting reference to me because the fish was warning the children about the Cat, to get rid of it. The Cat pretty much then to show the kids he is really a good guy then plays a game that pretty much is trying to kill the fish. Than the fish orders him to leave and he refuses to, and then he brings out two people that look like children called thing 1 and thing 2, obviously calling something that looks like a child and keeping them in boxes, that is disturbing. Also they have really big hair and special costumes showing they are somehow different or maybe that is what makes it more acceptable. Dr. Seuss was a free mason. Also, it is an example of a book everyone loves and never looks at it more than face value but could have a hidden meaning within it. I am not sure if this was intentional.

  69. Seriously guys, we all need live anew for everyone of us. So, when the dust settles and the war has ended lets preserve somethings for a new start. Something like the following:


    Or just an other elite way to screw us over? Cause this thing gets rid of capitalism and greed, doesn't sound very Illuminati to me.

  70. This is exactly what David Icke was exposing in his books and interview about the illuminati and the reptilian race that is ruling us in disguise…read about it u will be surprised…

  71. Why would anyone want to be a domesticated sheep(believer) or a goat (non-beleivers)? Actually goats are smarter and more intelligent than sheep who need a dog and sheperd to survive in the wild.

    I prefer to be an American Bison Tatanka or a Wolf a warrior with a family dynamic and tribal system.

    No thanks on the sheep thing. LOL. Wild things are pure and unadulterated by human slime.

    • The Bible doesn't say we are sheep, it likens us to sheep because we are blind and sheep tend to wander, BUT a sheep also knows its masters call. I hate how people have twisted this to mean Believers are somehow dumb, quite the opposite.

      When you become a new creation in Christ you learn to think for yourself really for the first time because the blinders are taken off. Jesus is also called the Lamb of God (he is also likened to a lion as well, its an analogy…), it's a consistence analogy, of believers has sheep through the Bible.

      It's funny, when the Israelite's strayed away from God they ended up doing strange things but usually they eventually came back to him, much like how Hezekiah turned Israel back to God. :) Believe it or not, people are not always smart on our own, we need other people, and we need a Savior, period.

      Does this mean we shut our brains off and twiddle our thumbs, absolutely not! But it does mean that with all the Illuminati doing stuff, and knowing they serve Satan (regardless of whether or not YOU believe in Satan or even whether or not they do), and that the Bible says God wins in the end (see Revelation), then we can be assured, well, the Illuminati wont win in the end. Will they take many down with them along the way, yes, will they continue lying and deceiving people, yes, that is the Illuminati's way and, in turn, also Satan's.

      It's up to you to decide what you want to do, but I think its silly to base decisions on silly assumptions.

  72. I suspect they had to throw in dorky dialog and stuff, just to be allowed to show it. They think that because it's dorky, we sheeple won't catch on to the serious message.

  73. Frank Armitage on

    Great article about a movie that has long been one of my favorites.

    Shepard Fairey was inspired by this film to launch his "obey" series of art long before he produced his Obama Poster.

    Has anyone made the connection that the lenses were called "Hoffmann lenses" and that Albert Hoffmann discovered LSD? Whatever prejudice may exist among those who have never experienced it, LSD did open the eyes of many people. There was once a movement in the western world that spoke out against the brain-numbing influences of rampant consumerism until the media finally silenced them. Like Steve Jobs and many other creative people in the Arts and Sciences, I tried it myself many years ago, back in a more innocent time.

  74. wow this was an eye opening article. Its amazing that they made this movie in the 80's with a representation on how society is like to this day in the 21st century.Sadly only some of us are waking up to how the government is in reality wants to keep us dumbed down and in a zombie state,for those of us who are aware we know what its all about. I pray more people realize the truth about it all. God bless :)

  75. You may know this movie is:

    93 minutes

    What you may not know is there is some graffiti to the right of Nada, on a wall, as he approaches a door and it says, "Current 93."


    "The number 93 is of great significance in Thelema, a religious philosophy founded by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law (also known as Liber AL vel Legis)"

    I do not encourage readers to delve into occult literature, but I seem to have been the only one, or one of a few, to notice this.

    Another interesting feature in this film is the transport of the aliens which can be compared to the transport model used by the alien in the movie K-PAX at the end, via "light."

    There are more to many movies like this than meet the eye.

  76. It's also interesting that Holly seems so lifeless throughout the film, almost as if she's in a daze. Could it be that the aliens have hypnotized her as a means of coercing her into doing their will? They Live is a ridiculously bad movie, but John Carpenter is no fool and you can bet he knew exactly what he was doing as well as the message he was sending. I'd say it was prophetic but such mind control was just as prevalent in the 80s (maybe even more so).

  77. DUDE! I like JUST saw this movie for the first time a couple months ago! I loved it. But also found it oddly relatable to our day & age. It's crazy that you posted an article on it VC. Thank you!

  78. This world is so corrupt its ridiculous..thats why i will never vote for any of these phony politicians. Apparently there was a illuminati card game out in 1995 that predicted these horrible events (9/11, pentagon attack, fema camps,etc) its shocking i suggest ppl check it out its hard to deny the illuminati is fake after seeing this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiwF_aEp4YI

  79. TheIlluminatiFAILS on

    Now i read the article, and i must admit i got mad >:(

    It makes me ( even though i can't ) form an alliance over 10000 people and just go war with the illuminati. Because every minute pass us by doesn't matter but for them they get one step closer to rule the world. I think we have TO ONE DAY step up or form an alliance and just kill forexample George Bush lol. I hate that guy, there is just something about him. I've always found him one of the "aliens". But back to the article:

    The flying camera really scared me. I actually "woke up" because i never in my wildest imagination though we could create such a thing. And now i heard we already got it?! I think my donkey fainted hahah.


    Illuminati will FAIL one day, maybe not now, tomorrow but in the future.

    Even though GOD is strongest, i still question myself why they challenge him so much?

    I heard that Illuminati is planning a big event this year, specially on OL 2012

    Something bad is going to happen.

    Anyways, nice article – 10/10 stars 😉

    "People must wake up, before it's too late" & May god protect us from the signs!

    • "Even though GOD is strongest, i still question myself why they challenge him so much?"

      Probably they're too brainwashed and lack some kind of sensibility to see the woods from the trees. Not all people share the same aptitudes.

      • Totally agree! Belief in God/gods is just a holdover from our tribal days…thankfully, people are finally realizing this and moving on with their lives without the need to pray to an invisible man in the sky anymore…I mean, really.

  80. Nevermind the Illuminati…this is how it works for Christians too. The Holy Spirit are our glasses. And the world is run by Satan and demons…but we can seeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu…

  81. They live, yes they do. I consumed a completely legal psychedelic herb (seed of) containing "ergine" from seeds bought from the internet and when watching tv I can clearly see the reptilians. I believe the the psychedelic effects of the seeds change the frequency my brain receives visual information, the ones who "live" are on a different frequency to humans. By the way any humans seen during watching tv do not shape shift. Heres what I see when seeing reptilians-

    Prolonged forehead with deep dark ridges, deep hooded protruding eyebrows, often completely black eyes, angeled oval eyes. bottom Teeth are double rowed with pronounced fangs. They have real problems with there tongues whipping and lashing them about frequently. They are very conscious of there tongues so often make hand movements to cover there mouths to mask a tongue lash. They often have a very large wide rippled trachea (throat). Sometimes a fat neck to boot.

    They are useally successful i.e. rich and famous. They are nasty and terryfying to look at. The ones I see during the experience are usually very nasty looking in real time and usually have very heavy crinkled faces, prounouncned ridges around there mouths and prominent protruding and heavily buckled teeth. . Many are sirs/lords/politicians and masons.

    God help us all.

    • TheIlluminatiFAILS on

      Wow thats true! How scary.

      But you also got me thinking of Will Smith.

      Isn't weird he never age/get old?

      Still we are in 2012 he looks exactly the same from 10 years


      Hm rofl maybe he's one of them hahah

      • He has aged but in this instance the aging acceleration has been gradual and slow due to his dark skin complexion.

      • @TheIllumantiFAILS

        I'm sure he also has a good plastic-surgeon. Also check out Keanu Reeves now and the way he looked in Point Break.. 😉

    • Inquiring Mind on

      I believe you. LSD, Crystal Meth, Ayahuasca and Crank are also notorious for allowing the user to peer into other levels of reality/frequencies where these inter-dimensional reptilian like creatures reside. In "They Live" the sunglasses/contact lenses were called 'Hoffmans' a blatant reference to Albert Hoffman who synthesized LSD back in the 1930's. Remember the infamous 'reptile zoo' scene in Hunter Thompson's "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" when Deep is stoned out of his mind on LSD? Everyone that he saw in the bar shape-shifted into reptiles.

    • This is a continuation of my last post. I repeated the experience with very similar results but will try and update what I see during this phycedelic experiece. The following is taken from tv veiwing this last week.Live aired shows give best results as they are not edited. Before going on I note an enormous amount of satanic red and black in nearly all present shows so could they have an event planned or a ritual?

      They all have a superficial "charm" by there manerism and looks. They appear to have vampire teeth.Top teeth are often usually large and or protruding.the lower teeth are shaper and pointed. usually with 2 but often more "fangs". Strangely some of the newsreaders have red sores around there lips, some even have red lips like they have just eaten a red lolly.Eyes can go total black or one goes black or total white in a flash with a vertical slot. Eyebrow bones are usually distinctly protruding. I notice they tend to have quite small hands (queen has small hands). They often rub there hands together I presume being reptilian they have cold hands. They often show very large veins on both neck and forhead, the veins on forhead angling up from eyes to top of head, between being a sort of "plate". Veins on hands go sideways of hands and appear to be scales. The tongue lashing persists as I believe they have real problems with controlling there tongues like a snake does. So when watching tv take note of politicians, comediens and newsreaders hiding there mouth even for a split second to hide a tongue whip, or you can see them moving there tongue around inside there mouth when its shut or they curle the tongue inside mouth and talk with a lisp. Heavy creases from bottom of nose down and same from side of mouth down and a distinct crease going sideways between mouth and chin. Note ears can be either very large some angled back with spock like points but not as sharp. May 1st is a satanic ritual day so would expect possible children missing. Also as many newsreaders are female reptilian vampires possible they give birth for ritual though this is just my speculation. I back up my visulisations by spotting satanic hand signs such as the 666 sign with curled thumb and both hands pointing a finger up or the straight forward devils horn sign much favoured by pop stars. I could name names but I wont but you can be sure the ones I spot are famous "people" the general public love. i.e. they would be shocked if the knew. Put it this way Im shocked and disturbed by this but feel people must know. I know its real and I know we are being controlled by evil non human entities that plan to exterminate most of the human race as per the Georgia Guide stones. We need god now and we should all pray but my message to all is tell everyone you know the truth because exsposing these demons will destroy them.

      God Bless

  82. Is it just coincidence or am I right to suggest that there was something significant about the glasses being manufactured IN A CHURCH???

    • Total coincidence. When was the last time the truth was told in a church? How awesome would that be? Or did you not notice that they have us worshipping a white man with blue eyes (Horus anyone?)…Christ was Hebrew and Jewish men are not supposed to have long hair unless they were married. Also, there is no "J" in the Hebrew, Latin or Greek alphabet. It is too much of a coincidence that "Jesus," Mithras and Horus all have two syllables that end in a vowel and the letter "s." Christ's name was Yahushua, not "Jesus." In Project Monarch, "Jesus" is the name of a powerful demon that keeps many victims in bondage, which is why the Catholic Church just loves that we are all worshipping him. Justin Bieber and Katy Perry both have "Jesus" tattoos. Also, many victims of pedophilia have told therapists that they have memories of being raped by Santa Clause, Mickey Mouse and "Jesus," which is described as the typical long-haired, European looking guy.

    • Let us also not forget that in the film, the church was only a front…the worshippers and praisers inside were not real, they were a pre-programmed audio loop. The preacher in the film was also completely blind, with or without the sunglasses.

  83. Some folks say it's (movies, tv, music, ect) is just entertainment:

    Enter (come into)

    Tain (to possess)

    Ment (a state of)

    Otherwise to come into, possess & to keep an individual in a state of possession as a fan of said entertainer (idol, icon, star, celebrity) or entertainment.

    To be a host for wicked fallen spirits via one's own consciousness.

    To act out on said fanatical impulses contained within said entertainment or promoted by said entertainer under the guise of artistic expression.

    -IceManLikeGervin (youtube comment)

  84. I saw this movie in the theater. Cool to see it getting so much attention these days. Most likely because people realize the movie is not fictional.

  85. So bloody obvious on

    The Hunger Games – Olympics 2012

    Contagion – European Championship 2012

    Ukraine outbreak of measles. Ukraine to host Euro 2012

    Hunger Games trailer – "The games will change everyone"

    The Olympics will change everyone

    • I thought the same, the "Olympic" games will change everything. The Hunger games. Famine, pestilence, war and death. The final stage for the simphony of Apocalypse begins this year.

  86. Nice article for those still in doubt. Kind of obvious for those who were aware, but always worth writing/talking about it, thanks!

    Also check out this very beautiful & funny French movie 'La Belle Verte' (The Green Beautiful). Next to 'They Live' I think it is one of the best movies that reveal the truth.

    The quality isn't great, but you can watch it online for free (French w/ English subtitles):

    A short teaser: http://vimeo.com/39152754

    Here's the whole film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLUF2Cz504U&fe


  87. Hello mr VC (and your company)! You've done a really great job exposing all the crap that's going on in the industry. I honestly appreciate your interest to wake us up. I've read almost all of your articles so far (it took me 2 years of research)and I must admit that I believe a great deal of it is true. Now I have a little question for you: HOW COME THEY DIDN'T COME FOR YOU? I mean they must know someone (actually many more) are exposing their schemes to the public. So are you safe? Why? I mean I really hope you are, but it's kind of suspicious to me. PLEASE ANSWER! DEFEND YOURSELF! I will always be a fan, though..

    • TheIlluminatiFAILS on

      To: Jellypop

      I also want to know how VC hides…PLEASE answer us Vc!!!!

      But I think that he IS safe as long as illuminati don't get his name

      or picture/ID.

      But I must admit that when VC didn't post a new article in 3 months

      I though they caught him lol..

      Stop giving me heart attacks =3=

      Anyway I hope that VC will answer.. But

      Hey! Would that be safe? I mean the Internet

      is not safe anymore. I think that they know about this site

      but only 40% knows this site. And I'll bet that they also

      keep an eye on our comments.

      The earth as we know it is about to end!

      And a new world (NWO) will begin.

      • We can always him in our house basements if the situation deteriorates. Provided he is nice.

    • Just as safe as any other disinformation agent would be…hmmm.

      Magicians are great at sleight of hand — they focus your attention on one thing while doing another.

      I've often wondered about your concerns as well. Why only focus on the entertainment industry…those headline while news of:

      *Domestic drones being launched across the US equipped with surveilance

      *Russian and American troops staging an exercise TOGETHER at the end of the month in Colorado

      *The NDAA bill that has passed Congress allowing them to pick us up off the street for suspicious activity ranging from yawning to shifting your eyes back and forth

      *The Supreme Court ruling that strip searches be mandatory for things as simple as traffic stops

      All take a backseat or are second tier news stories.

      This is why no one wises up…because we should fear the big bad entertainment industry not the real life shit that is much more important.

      I hope enough people see this post before the plug gets pulled on it and goes down the memory hole along with other posters' who want to know what exactly we have to fear from actors, musicians, and the rest of Hollyweird.

      I think I'm more afraid of elected officials, supreme court judges, and law enforcement toeing the line.

  88. Thank u for posting this, i saw this movie about 3 months ago & i caught it in the middle & when i saw it, i was like, WOW…..In plain sight!!!! I was searching for the name of this movie & u posted it!!!! Thanks Vigilant!!!!! :)….This movie is the serious TRUTH!!!

  89. How the network works. Ever noticed how all the major supermarkets have mass media trash at the checkout lines? This space could be used to promote food products but a significant amount of space is given to reinforcing soulless celebrities and politicians. You can't avoid it and everyone goes to shop for food so they get the largest possible invasion of the human mind. You will never notice a headline about integrity or truth only about endless trash. That's the way it's meant to be. It's strategic. The Hive works in consort to bombard you endlessly with Nada.

  90. have you seen the I.T crowd this is so stupid but now I realized there's a reference of this movie in one chapter of the show. that phrase I came here to kick ass … haha sorry

  91. Oh my gosh! What a synchronicity! I just came across this movie the other day and I thought it was a perfect metaphor for the control that is going on in our society.

    You know I find it funny that so many people are into zombies now as a trend or subculture.

    Little do they know the zombies are already here, among us. 😛

  92. Some more relative things about "They Live", When the guy that sold out was giving Nada and Frank the tour of the underground base he said they were changing the climate to fit their needs, which I think relates to HAARP and chemtrails. And obviously the underground base could represent the underground Denver airport project. Thanks for giving this flick its due, it is one of my favorites.

    • In the 1996 movie "The Arrival" which stars Charlie Sheen, it's also about aliens in human disguise taking over the Earth by causing global warming.

      • Inquiring Mind on

        Yup. "The Arrival" is a must see with the exact same themes as in "They Live". "Anonymous Rex", "V", "Midnight Meat Train", "Dark City" and "Decoys" are very similar as well. The best place to present truth as fiction has always been through movies and or books promoted as 'fantasy'.

  93. CABIN IN THE WOODS. Look into that movie, VC. I'm dead serious about this… I just got finished seeing it in theaters and Joss Whedon has really outdone himself on this one. Illuminati/occult~wise.

    The movie honestly sucked as a whole, in my opinion though. But that's neither here nor there.

    Just look it up!

    • a_Concerned_mamma on

      Ok please forgive me IF Im not doing this right… this is my first time to post to this site… I was turned onto it about 6 months ago, and since have frequented it anytime I have come across something in the media that seemed questionable. Tonight I took my daughters and their friend to see CABIN IN THE WOODS… was really a dumb movie but it was full of stuff… blood sacrifices… mind controll… government conroll… big brother… YOU NAME IT WAS THERE… please check this out, give us some more insight.

      On another note I just want to say that Im so thankful for this site… Im a mom of 6 (HIS, MINE, and OURS) and Im raising them all. as a christian that believes in the FULL GOSPEL I am fully aware that there is most def a whole other world that we do not see that has alot of pull on what goes into our minds. even though we cannot change much, and as some people have already said… that we shouldnt consume ourselves with worry or Fear… BUT it is very important to stay and be informed on what is happening… For example the other night about a week ago we were driving home we were skimming through the radio stations and this new KANYE WEST song comes on and my kids were all over it and asked my husband to leave it on that station… at first he did but the more I heard this song the more I knew there was a demonic mind conroll mesg behind and at first (not wanting to fight with them over the radio) I started praying and thats when I felt… CHANGE IT… its evil!… I just want to say that because of this site I was able to first notice there was something wrong. When I changed it… I said very clearly this is evil, then reinforced if with explaining to them things Ive seen on this site and they were able to understand since Ive used this Site as a tool in the past to teach them things. Ive told them I cannot protect you when you are not with me but I can give you the tools you need so that you can make an informed choice on your own!


  94. Now I need truth-seeing glasses to see more of what "the elite" is secretly doing behind the world's back.

    But overall this article can definitely elaborate more on the hidden things that are underground and possibly staring right at me in the face.

    I'll continue to look out for more evil devices that "they" are pulling off

  95. VG should check out the film Society, this is a movie with dark undertones and a message of its own. The 1989 film ‘Society‘ (directed by Brian Yuzna) is a satire on upper class elitism, but from what is known of illuminati families it could be taken as a disturbing fly on the wall look into the private psycho-satanic lives of the elite oligarchies that yield great power and influence over our planet. The same select bloodlines that have ruled from behind the scenes throughout the ages, with murder, conspiracy and vile debauchery a modus operandi for these self-styled ‘God’s on Mount Olympus’. This movie is not for the faint hearted.

  96. I am proud of so many people on this site, and VC, of course.

    Just keep up the good work: do your research and change your life acordingly. Open your exes and your MIND. Don't be stubborn and mold the theories according to your views of the world- let the facts and the evidence (a.k.a. the truth) mold your views.

    In the end, truth really sets you free. Everything worth fighting for in this world leads you to a harder path, so don't look for an easier life. Look for a better one.

    God bless :)

  97. um when is there going to put up the movie THE CABIN IN THE WOODS? Big messages there. it was an awesome movie btw….8/

  98. I totally remember this movie and it never gets old. It kinda reminds me of The Matrix (also heavily littered with symbolism discussed here on this site) which I thought was an updated version of this movie.

    Keep it up. :)

  99. TheIlluminatiFAILS on

    To: Trinity

    haha yea !

    Just make an article if you need help people will write down adresses as comments and

    feel free to come visit hahah :)

  100. sorry folks but this is a literal truth about man/woman like races trying to controll and replace such as out serpentine clan

  101. Great article VC, this is a classic movie that is widely recognized by those that are awake as an allegory for how the New World Order operates. It's about time you got around to reviewing this! I think next you should also do a review of The Matrix. Great job VC!

  102. It's funny because many of the rulers like to wear sunglasses.

    I'm apparently still alive but their efforts to turn me gay and/or insane are more forceful than ever. Apparently I've been prepped since birth, watching old family videos I saw how I was manipulated. My mother and sister are witches and my father and grandfather are wizards it seems. The demons around me are also interfering with my computer as I type this and my mind is almost going blank but I'm still retaining consciousness (thank god I stopped eating pork and shellfish).

    The scary thing is this movie portrays the control as a completely sci-fi thing, it is however far more like "fantasy". Here on the West coast in the Bay Area the New World Order is coming in full throttle. Most people seem to be monarched and fit into their respective rolls, not sure how many are masons. When I rode on the bus in one of my recent searches for a non-satanic place everyone on the bus was trying to get me to be a mau5head and I constantly heard Deadmau5's ghosts and stuff in my head, always trying to push it out with some justice tracks, especially civilization just to piss them off. Getting a massive headache right now. I've been trying to find some way of getting out of the bay area and traveling to the midwest or somewhere where there are actual christians, as all the churches I've been to so far seem fake. I feel as if I've put on the sunglasses and everyone seems to be after me yet for some strange reason no one has killed me yet. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could get out of here without using a commercial train (trying to find the freights) please tell me. I know that everything I type is being watched by probably several government officials and most of the people in my neighborhood so hi everyone. Ew there's that sick feeling in my throat again. And no sis, I'm not eating the apple. Also another funny connection that's right infront of our eyes, apple computers, and the coding language called python. LOL I must be going insane it sounds like the news castors on TV in the next room are calling me a "really dumb gay asshole fucking parasite loner freak bitch ho".

    Here's a helpful video that describes pretty decently the truth.
    not sure how much of the hell stuff is true, from my experience as I spiritually seem to descend it seems far more sexual and sickening.

  103. hi just wondering from what you know – is disney / CIA / govt still doing MK stuff? Or is that a thing of the past? thanks!!

  104. definitely in need of an article on "Total Recall" when the new one comes out. Not only can you diseminate the original and new one, but you can compare the two… that movie DEFINITELY have major implications… MK-brainwashing, elite rule over oxygen, ummm well you know you could read more into it all obviously….

    • I've watched that movie a lot when I was a kid. When you start finding out the truth you can't watch movies the same or listen to music the same anymore. I really want to watch the new adaptation of Total Recall because I want to see what the left out and what they incorporated in the new one. I've always believed that movie was strange, but once again they put aliens in it to make it sci-fi.

  105. Parable of the Tares on

    “They” are not Reptilian aliens. They are Tares, sons of the evil one, Satan. like in the movie

    Rosemary’s baby.

    • Inquiring Mind on

      Tares/Kenites/Nephilim/Anakim/Watchers/Sons of Anak/Sons of the Gods/Fallen Angels/Reptilians=same thing

      Did you notice the appearance of the devil baby in "Rosemary's baby"? It had reptilian slit eyes.

  106. I loved this movie back in the day. I used to watch it every time it aired on HBO, during that time HBO didn't cost you an extra $20 on your cable bill, however, Cinemax and Showtime did, lol. I knew, even as a child, that the movie was portraying the hidden agenda of the elite, however, I just thought it to be mere science fiction since it incorporated aliens. Now that I've read your analysis I see the movie differently. Still entertaining and I will continue to watch it, but with a new perspective. Keep of the good work VC, I truly enjoy your articles. Another thought, has anyone seen this 80s movie where this red dust falls on everyone and kills them or does something to them. In the end only 2 to 4 people remained either in the entire world or just in America. I think the movie eluded to aliens taken over the world, but check it out and see if that movie incorporates another elite hidden agenda.

  107. The people were being controlled by the network of demon beings that exist in the air around us. Just like the illuminati members of today. This movie is one of my favorites!!!!

  108. If you are going to do more movie reviews, how about the ones by Stanly Kubrick? 2001: A Space Oddessy, A Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut, and some of his others? It might be helpful to review particular directors on what their main themes have been, and how it all ties into each other

    • Already been done by Jay Weidner, sacredmysteries.com. Kubrick's Odyssey I and just released Kubrick's Odyssey II. Also plenty of Jay Weidner interviews on youtube.

  109. For the 1st time i think u may have gotten the interpretation a little twisted. the "aliens" are not the elite, the humans who sell out are. the aliens are the devil and his demons. they live among us, possess people and in exchange for the allegiance of people, they promise wealth and power. so many of the celebrities are those sell outs. the elites are sell outs too. we are apart of a great controversy between good and evil and no matter how powerful human beings may think they are on this earth, satan is the one that gives them this power. oh my. this was a good review but look at it again.

  110. LordFlasheart on

    I watched this movie because of the VC article! It must mean I am a zombie sheep lol.

    Great article Vigilant and I am looking forward to the next one. Good work.

  111. @A Kid: They are currently selling some hologram bracelets in the supermarket where i usually shop. No clue what this is all about, I am not familiar with this and need to research. They also displayed hologram pictures/films at the Charles de Gaulle airport in France recently.

    I don't know if VC already wrote an article about this topic, but there is a rumour on Youtube that there will be a Mega-Ritual at the London Olympics with lots of people dying in a … cough … "terrorist attack".

    Another thing: Did any one notice that currently you see a certain type of man in TV adverts repeatedly?? It is a dark haired, slim, young guy, ca. 30 ys old, with a beard. I have my own theorie on this, but pls tell me if you also noticed that.

  112. VC – you left out a small but important detail in your analysis of the film: that is what the sunglasses were actually called in the movie.

    They were called "Hoffman lenses."

    This name refers to the work of Michael A. Hoffman, Jr. in exposing the Luciferian elite and their plans for the world.

    Reading any of Michael A. Hoffman's books would complete one's "awakening" after seeing this film.

  113. This is really an eye opener!! How i wish everyone could come here and have their eyes open.. Unfortunately we will have to be like Nada convincing Frank about the truth

  114. This movie was a favorite from my childhood and I think the message behind it must have seeped into my subconscious because although I never realized the truth the movie was trying to convey…I did have serious suspicions about advertising during my later years.

  115. hi VC,

    can you do something on the movie Battleship. i think there is something wrong with that movie…


  116. You guys should do an article on a movie called "The Cabin In the Woods" it's another on of those movies that convey a message about a higher power really please do an article on it.

    • Right??! That's what I was saying! That movie was hella disturbing. And stupid for that matter. I'm a huge Whedon fan. But that movie was just retarded. You should definitely do an article on The Cabin In The Woods though, VC!

  117. What about David Icke? I'm not sure to believe in his theories or not, but they are very interesting. And applicable to this movie as well. He has stated, among other things, that the Queen of England as well as some of the royalty and powerful people around the world shape-shifts in to "lizard" beings from a 4th dimension. That's pretty out there, but now I'm starting to believe even more!

    • You can tell there's something wrong with the lot of them by looking at their eyes. Fake smiles and all, however they never smile with their eyes. Eyes, as cold as ice.

  118. "Our impulses are being redirected. We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep. (…) The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are nonexistent. They have created a repressive society, and we are their unwitting accomplices. Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance. They have made us indifferent to ourselves, to others. We are focused only on our own gain. Please understand. They are safe as long as they are not discovered. That is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated."

    This part made me remember of "The Matrix".

  119. I was 20 when They Live came out and I remember closely identifying with it even back then. I never could figure out why what was so clear to me was so difficult for others. Today, a few are now able to see but mostly it's still the same drawn out fight; people still don't want to put on the glasses.

    Anyway, very nice breakdown VC. Thank you.

  120. THIS:

    "I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum … and I'm all out of bubble gum"

    reminds me soo much of lady gaga when she said

    "a girl asked for a knife and gummy bears. i wish they gave me gummy bears." (similar quote)

  121. What do you think about Evanescence? J am little bit off topic. I am living in Europa and J was watching their concert on MTV(it was in Little Rock, Arkansas),and I sad to my self if MTV supports them it can not be good. I wont to know what do you (Americans) think about them?

  122. I saw this movie years ago. My first thought was "Thank God! Someone else sees what I see every day" that is how blatant I find the Truth. The term "alien" means "of a different character" so I knew immediately what was going on in the movie. I also thought the skeleton deathlike faces of the aliens were a perfect portrayal of the dead souls of these people of a different character. An incredible movie with an incredible message of the TRUTH which will always be uncovered.

  123. VC, do you know the metal band "all shall perish"? I was watching a video of them called Eradication (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFx85CfMvWI).
    You can see that this video clears talk about a victim of MK ULTRA.

    There apper a girl being tortured in a chair, dolls, and other symbols about mind control.

    In the end, the handler is speaking things from a ritual book, and then it "rains" money, as if he was gaining something with the control he has about his victim.

    Mk ultra is also in the underground world.

  124. Saw the movie earlier and truly speaks the words of public mental sedation and keeping people oblivious to the domination of elite world leaders. Irrelevant to the topic on hand but you guys should do an article on the video game series Metal Gear Solid, it is a realistic sci-fi action game with multiple implicated subtle meanings such of higher beings ruling society and controlling all information and setting the stage for evolution of mankind and supposed government agendas which today are all too real.

  125. Great job, VC, I really like this article!

    I also like to think that they send the message that we have to save the earth

    from these bad things & that if we do try, it will get us killed.

    Thruth is we don't have to save the planet, the earth has a way of surviving

    through billions of years, it really doesn't need our help.

    Let Aliens take over, let the Illuminati do it's thing.

    Focus on the fire in you and let it burn so you can find your way home again.

    Back to the beginning of it all. Back to God. Because we are God, we are part

    of him. We just fell in this dualistic world and the elite likes to keep us here,

    but we need to go back home and not when we die, but while we are still alive

    in our physical bodies!

    So be informed, be aware & be prepared.. but just let it be

  126. Whats the point? I don't think anything is going to change. The masses will keep sleeping and the NWO will go on doing what it's doing and probably achieve what they plan. It's not like we'll all gather up against them. Knowing is useless if there is no action.

  127. Oh yeah I definitly have mine on Brother. Props for putting this movie up! I watched this film a few years ago, downloaded it to my Ipod Video but never watched it, until one day I decided to finally check it out. I couldn't believe what I was missing! This movie is too cool! From Martial law, to the sunglasses, to the hidden [behind them glasses] satelite dishes, to the aliens and their transporting tools..There one part u left out(well actually alot, I understand it's because of the short and sweet article obviously) .. the part where the underground "truthers" have chemicals in their church. What do you think about that part? Anyhow..

    The message was always clear to me, that there is a secret, hidden part to mankind which the masses do not see. Why can't we ALL put on these glasses? I feel blessed to understand what is going on around me but I want my people to join me. Sadly even my family is brainwashed in front of the TV set, it's a sad sight. This planet has become a sad story man. I'm gonna put this movie on now lol


    Thanx V.C..as always, Stay vigilant! Peace

  128. Notice that the alien language in the corridor towards the end of the movie, which Frank asks 'what is this language?' it resembles hebrew. think about it.

    • I don't know man, some of it also ressembles Korean and Chinese. Great movie though! It's entertaining and it's message is powerful!

  129. I know know most won't read this but I'm hoping the few that will, will find comfort in a world of distress.

    The devil is on the move and an army is being massed in preparation for a last stand. All who do not choose a side have chosen satan already. Y do you think all this mind control stuff is around. It is at a stage where it has been perfected. The ultimate goal is control. Seems pretty helpless.

    But for over 2000 years now another society has developed. A once secret society, now blown-up to over 2 billion people (1/3 of the earth). This society claims that the war has been won. Satan has been defeated and our true nature (transformation, metamorphosis… etc ) has been revealed. They wait and are prepared for this future because they were told it would come. They were also told not to stress, because these things must happen.

    The glasses in this movie show the 'spiritual intention' behind everything, but we are limiting our own ability by using it (intention of movie: glasses to see that there is no hope). What if I told you there is a more ancient, more powerful weapon, able to combat this foe in our daily lives… Would you believe me?

    A spiritual armor, more powerful than anyone can imagine. Giving you the ability to see, a shield to defend and a sword to slay + more…

    ""Research"" (don't just read) Ephesians 6:13

  130. Hi again VC,

    have you noticed the number of blockbuster movies released in the last 3years deals with Alien Invasion.

    what is think is, that Hollywood is trying to brainwash people into thinking that anything that comes out of the Sky is a threat and should be dealt with. Also i think, people have been prepared(without their knowledge) to go against anything that is not of this world.

    just imigine when Christ return, how would we react…

    Revelation 19:11-16

    Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

  131. gosh i just hope im not in this world when such extreme things like this happen, but i feel so sorry for the generations to come. They will think life was meant to be like this. But what can we do, just keep believing in Jesus as he promised he will be there for us to the end. Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

  132. OMG! my husband had seen this movie a long time ago and i had seen it for the first time last year,and i thought"well VC has got to do an article on this!" it's funny because my husband and i was talking about this and hoping you would do an article, cause when we seen it we immediately thought tptb were being revealed in a strangely creative way,but we got the joke.the joke isnt funny,because how many are still asleep,and when you try to share they dont want to listen.

  133. I have a question: why does the elite allow this subliminar messages, like some others, to pass to the public? How come the 'system' denounces itself?

    Regards to you all!

    • I Tho of that myself, then took me a second to realize how they use these eye opening movies to their advantage, mixing up thruth+comedy, makes it all see like a damm parody, so you are seeing the thruth and at the same time laughing about it and thinking its a lame a$$ production = that to actually believe it makes you stupid..

  134. There is a scene in They Live, about 20mins in, where they send a JCB in to knock down a church-It's such a symbolic scene…

    195-Hugo's comment

    I have been thinking along the same lines recently…

    This site is so popular & well known-the "elite" are bound to be aware of it by this stage, so how are we to know that they haven't already taken it over, and are using it to feed us disinformation, and to draw our attention away from the things that they do not want us to know???

    Just like 9/11, Bush didn't mind us shouting about the war being a mere guise to invade for oil, because while we were making a huge issue of that, it kept our attention off the fact that they were there for the poppy fields too!!!

    The best way to control a population is by having it in a stranglehold via drugs!

    Feed them such addictive drugs & they will become so wrapped up in their addiction that they wont even notice whats going on in the "real" world…

  135. Watched it last night (library DVD). Excellent plot, so-so directing and acting, unnecessary language, and why the very last scene??? Really?!? Not for kids.

    The message of mind control and an elite population immune to the tactics as well as benefitting from the manipulation was rather accurate. Not so sure about the alien connection but would agreethat there is definately something supernatural at work in this world.

  136. Wow!!!! I had never even heard of this movie untill I read about it on VC two days ago. Then I came across it again by accident yesterday on a different site. But get this, last night I was sound asleep and was sudenly awakened at 11;00 p.m. by the Lord. He told me to turn the t.v. to 'turner channel movies'. I did and this movie was just starting. At first I did not realize what I was watching and was almost ready to turn it off. Then it hit me what God had done for me by wakeing me up. If you are son of the light of God then go now and read 1st. thess. 5:1-9 and Matt. 24:42-44. May God bless you who are his. thank you VC

  137. When I first saw They Live all I really remembered from it was the longest fight scene ever and the rowdy roddy from wrestling! Then I forgot about it. I personally began waking up in 2002 and found a reference to the movie from david icke. So I tried to find a dvd copy of it. It was selling on ebay for 120 dollars! It was really rare and really in demand. I wanted to buy it but shortly after that it was reprinted and I found it in walmart for 13 bucks! I wrote a post on it myself called They Live and V are True referencing the Celtic Rebels youtube summation which makes an excellent addendum to this post which was really great btw.

  138. The irony being that the man had to put a foreign object up to his eyes which obscures his vision to "see" the truth. Many people are wearing their shades, conspiracy theorists just wear a different brand.

  139. I read in one of David Icke's books that their left eye is larger than the right eye is one way to distinguish them from normal people, also I saw on a youtube that their eyes blink more frequently. Geez people what can we do to save ourselves? Could there be any "good ET's out there to help us in the battle to come just like in the movie "V"?

  140. Has anyone did extensive research on the moon and how it is a satellite and was brought here to aid in our deception and not seeing the world as it truly is?

  141. Did anyone notice that the "ones that see" mention global warming and how this environment is being destroyed? So even a revealing movie such as this has an agenda to work over on our subconscious. The next boogeyman, environmental disaster.

  142. OK, Enough is enough. Im Ron Im back with info to "blow the lid of this stuff" Its scary, horrific and pure demonic, however what I am about to say here for my own protection is my hypothesis. My thoughts are crammed so hard with this info that I believe God and Jesus has transmitted to me. So I am going to just list stuff in no real order but make of it what you will.

    1) They live, they are "everywhere"

    2) They are counterfit "humans" they look like us but are an obomination see genesis 13.35

    3) I believe they are Satans offspring i.e. Nephelim , they never went away, 5000 giants skeletons found in US were blocked off and hidden by US Gov (see Steve Quale utube)

    4) Contestants of most game shows are "plants" mostly reptilians, watch for tongue lashing and deliberate losing and being happy about it (Million pound drop)

    5) I believe the Olympics will be an "event" possible alien or dirty bomb or return of Nephilim

    6) Why rooftop rockets and warship if no event is predicted/expected, metal from 9/11 was made into a warship.

    7) Blair ordered extra long ambulances for Olympics (why?)

    8) The reptilians or nephelim do not posess a soul as they are fallen angels so they "hate"

    humanity and want all humans dead.

    9) The Nephelim can be up to 36 feet tall if they return they will consume human flesh

    10) America has millions of plastic coffins that can each accommodate 4 bodies, but not to be

    buried as it wont rot the bodies, its to store bodies for the nephelim to eat

    11) Reptilians are easy to spot once you know what to look for eg Do Alan sugar and bob monkhouse look the similar.?

    12) The TV is the biggest military industrial complex weapon of war invented.

    13) The saying on tick comes from people getting tv when it came out as it was not affordable

    14) Why did governmend push HD tv on us, because its a weapon of mass mind control. It works at frequencys that harm you. It has strange flashing that can make you ill

    15) Ever get high pitch ringing in you head ( I do) its those pesky towers sending messages, they can make you have bad thoughts and memories. I get bad ringing from 3am to 7am every day giving me bad thoughts and memories.

    16) I have found God and Jesus and have never been religious but if you are ever in distress or upset ask Jesus to stand by you, he really will as you are his offspring, he has pure love and love is what we as human beings really are.

    17) God and His son Jesus and your love are satans enemy, he (Satan) will flee anyone who knows the truth. Keep a pocket bible on you for full 24hr protection.

    18) The UK government I believe have secretly passed a consription bill to send your sons and daughters to war.

    19) The knowledge god has given to me has been a very upsetting and disturbing journey for me and my wife does not accept my knowledge so I asked god why did he give me this knowledge and in a dream he said. I have given you the knowledge as others have the knowledge but are too to afraid to tell others.

    20) Do not believe many of the so called conspiracy theorists many of them are not on humaities side, many are reptilians and never offer solutions just fill you with fear.

    21) Massive trains in US have been found containing shackles and guilottines.

    22) Hundreds of fema camps are skeleton manned waiting for what.? 750,000,000 hollow point bullets sold to us securitys.

    23) All music CDs are placed in a satanic temple to give demonic entities in all CDS research

    temple studios. Stairway to heaven was demonically written, listening to pop music such as lady gaga is demonic sending demonic messages. Gaga should not be worshipped she is a demonic enity. So is the queen who she met.

    24) The Queen is a demonic enity, she is not human, no one should worship her she is a warmonger. Diana Knew this and was ultimately murdered by the royals. God has told me the bodies of the children she secrificed will be revealed for all to see. And behold in Canada and In UK bodies are being dug up God has many ways of working and he is revealing the truth.

    25) Christianity is the enemy of Satan hence the government are closing churches not to mention pubs and libraries. It is the Goverment agenda to destroy Christianity.

    26) Knowledge is the enemy of the evil masters hence shutting libaries for books (mod book burning) closing pubs stop solcialising so telling each other whats really going on.

    27) Chemtrails and deliberate causeing of cancer is a massive agenda to cull humanity. Fukashima, the Gulf are all part of this. Getting everyone with cancer is another goal, AVOID

    anything with gel I.e. Shower gel especially if it is x2. The G is a masonic G the end the head of the snake , the el is short for "hell". The most disgusting and terrible stuff is Monsantos roundup. The weed killer gels CAUSE parkinsons disease. One touch on an open wound its in your bloodstream.

    28) Vacinations, I was told by god it means "vacate" a "nation". No one else told me this so maybe thats what it means as anyone knows bill gates has paralised thousands of young beautiful Indian children.

    I believe god is here within us but a false god will arrive, dont be fooled as god is a spirit (our spirit) any bodily man or entity will be a false god or anti christ.

    God bless.

    • Awake and Alive on

      Oh dear Lord, you have an excellent point! I have prayed to god 2 times while on this site. And about the gel thing I'm not so sure about that because I kind of need gels to wash my hair and face, but I get where your coming from. Also thankyou for all that overwhelming yet helpful information! What were the resources that you got all these facts from?

  143. this has always been one of mine and my husbands favorite movies. since finding this site it seems so real now! what once was silly now seems scary. thanks for reviewing they live! im going to go watch it again right now!!!

  144. I watched the movie again after many years. What was going on then seems real now. Example: People going from place to place looking for work and protestors being met with violance like the Occupy Movement. Many years ago I laughed it off as science fiction, little did I know. If any of you ever heard of William Cooper he was giving speeches and trying to wake up the public many years ago. He has been forever silenced now, may he RIP.

  145. VigilanTTarD on

    Wow. The images that were shown of the street with the blatant subliminal messages through the sunglasses were really striking. But I believe the whole point, the big picture, of realizing all of this and waking up to all the mind control around us is to have faith in Jesus Christ until the end because that my friends, is who will prevail in the end. Not the 1%.

  146. You should watch the music video ice age by the airplane boys. There are part of this movie in the video.

  147. the symbolism in the movie apparently starts from the opening scene.. look what [symbol] is on the side of the train.. as it enters the dark tunnel.. where someone has painted 'they live'

    ..that's a whole story in itself..

    ..early in the movie, as the blind preacher delivers his speech, the scene flashes to what seems to be a stack of televisions for sale [in a store window] look up in the top left corner as the tv's appear.. that _number_ isn't a price-tag.. (see there is a 'degree' symbol after the 33)

    look also for the scene(s) where two towers fall and what seems to be a clock face is pointing to the numbers 9 and 11 [this is from memory]

    kudo's for spotting the hoffman lense reference

  148. I just discovered this site last night. I woke up decades ago, with a little help from my friends and the Libertarian Bookshop. I saw this flick on cable shortly after it came out. I was totally blown away! I have noticed a huge increase of interest in all things conspiratorial. The two fake elections of GWB and 9/11 woke a lot of people up. I guess they don't care how obvious it is now, as the legislation has been passed and the deeds done to make "them" impervious to our protests or activism. Obama's continuation of W's policies and the uber crack down on OWS and medical marijuana should have completely destroyed the illusion of a two-party, right-left system.

    Thanks for resurrecting "They Live". I think this is one of the most important movies ever made. To that end I have made copies in several formats in case a time comes when it is "disappeared". Now, however is not that time. The cable movie channels have put this in heavy rotation for the last few years. Even "Eddie and the Cruisers" didn't enjoy this amount of cable cult-film status! So people are watching. People are waking up. Will someone have the guts to take out the signal, or are we doomed? Stay tuned…

  149. Nice one, saw this Movie in 88, I was 15 then. Wonder what what VC would make of 'Prince of Darkness' by Carpenter or his very interesting Masters of Horror Episode `Cigarette Burns'.

    That, said, why in Hell can there not be ONE SINGLE piece without this blatant religious Propaganda by the Readers. I really wonder if they notice how brainwashed they are themselves.

  150. The signal is coming from the moon (satellite) designed for this purpose. I would like to see the real world without the blockage!

  151. Awake and Alive on

    Oh dear Lord, We did a unit in my reading class where we read a book called "Are We Alone?" a book about the alien civilisations. We watched this film in class! All I could think about was it's hidden message and the elite's and the NWO! Let me remind you I am now entering 7th grade and we watched this in 6th grade. I hated the feeling that I was the only one in my class that knew about this obvious, but hidden class of true evil. And my teacher was like "I'm glad to know our world doesn't have controling subliminal messages!" All I could think was "WTF! How do you not know!!!"

  152. Did any of this remind you guys of Lady gaga? I you remeber in her Born This Way video she talks about GOAT (Government Owned Alien Territory) and giving birth to a "new race". and there are skeleton faces just like the pictures above. How are all of this related? What is illuminati trying to tell us? Obviously gaga is their messenger having all this in her video. May God help her.

  153. It goes more far than that.

    In the Bible it says in 1 Jhon 5:19

    We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the [power of the] wicked one.

    Actually it's satan the devil that has the whole world under his power. But not forever, God gives us a promess in Revelation 21:3-4

    3 With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

  154. I saw the thumbnail for this article last week and didnt think anything about it. then, I have been seeing "They live" everywhere and discovered a copy of it in my house yesterday when i was cleaning. Coincidence? I think not. At work now but i cant wait to go home and watch it. (Ive never seen it) Proud member of the tinfoil hat brigade. Been awake for six months. :)

  155. Hey, VC

    You should check out the clothing lines "obey" and "supreme" if you haven't done so already. The messages written all over the city behind the glasses reminded me of that. Plenty of kids think it's hip. Literally t-shirts and hats that say "OBEY" on them in capital letters.

    Thanks for the article!

  156. I stumbled upon this site and now I am never, ever leaving! LOL! I remember this movie as a kid being the premise to me getting into research about the Illuminati. This was my first movie on the concept, then my first book was Behold A Pale Horse. I really appreciate you bringing this back to the times now and making the correlation! The other movie in the same vein as this one is probably Dark City where the concept of being "asleep" and "awaken" to the truth is the theme. Maybe you could do a write up on that one day! Thanks!

  157. Has anyone noticed that in the title, "They Live," that T = 20th letter of the alphabet and L = 12th letter of the alphabet? Hence 2012?

  158. Thanks VC.

    I've just started reading your articles and it re-affirms a lot of what I have come to believe and uncover about what's actually going on.

    I recently re-watched this. I've watched it once in the early 90's, but it didn't interest me much back then. It was just a standard low-budget movie, that was "a little odd, yet interesting" back then. Then one day about 4 months back, someone brought it up and I went back again to watch it and it apart from the nostalgia, it was truly eye-opening.

    One thing I'd like to add. I used to play a PC game in the 90's- a 3D first-person shooter(and absolute classic), called Duke Nukem and Duke used the same line throughout the game. Gues what- the game is about Aliens taking over the world, though they weren't too subtle about it; AND sex and violence are quite prominent in the game- being screened everywhere in the game over the media and in advertising. From Billboards, to casinos, to radio, to Television. This game has a lot in common with this movie, apart from the hidden aliens.

    Also- I think the ridiculousness of the fighting between the 2 friends certainly contains "something" in it. I dunno, I mean- it takes 7-8 minutes!

    Anyway- thank you again. I will continue to check back and I think I've discovered a very valuable resource!



  159. Anyone noticed how OBEY snapbacks, t shirts and stuff look a lot like the OBEY written on sign boards opinion this movie! Almost every teenager are wearing these OBEY brands

  160. Great detailing of the movie – but I find it wrong but intentional that they portray the guy take up a gun & act with violence also – this being just to stir up the 'thrill' & 'excitement' of the movie to forcefully portray the 'hero' with the ammunition as if thats the only way to deal with it. You could say its to show them using the only tools they have for self defense, like in the film Hot Fuzz; but its a lil diss info to throw us into the fictional theatrics of it all.

    Thanks again VC.

  161. Great movie and great article. The film was indeed panned when it came out, one critic describing John Carpenter as trying to "dig deep with a plastic shovel".

  162. I believe that this movie is not science fiction but merely clothed as fiction to protect itself from …….ist backlash.
    The situation is here now.
    It is clear who the aliens represent. Who really controls the USA?

    And by now we should all know who that is folks.
    Every home should have a gun, by law, the same as Switzerland, one of the safest countries in the world.

  163. VC you should try writing about the old t.v. mini-series "V" that involved alien deception too, it was as good as They.

  164. Free your mind. on

    I love your article, one thing you left out was the part where the preacher grabed Nadas hands to find out if he was an alien. The preacher knew Nada was not an Alien because those of the Alien class do not work as labor.

  165. You missed the LSD metaphor. The sunglasses (really the lenses in them) are called Hoffman lenses in the film. This is a reference to Albert Hoffman the Swiss chemist that first synthesized LSD. Psychedelic plants and chemicals can be used as a "lens" to view reality and consciousness through. They all have their different attributes psylocibin affects your inner voice and engages vocal centers to reveal things in a very verbal way whispering ideas and arguments into your mind. Each tool has a different purpose. They all have a very humbling, revealing, reflective and thought provoking purpose when used properly.

  166. See Adorno (philosopher) and is work about Cultural industry and alienation. See also Freud about civilization and repression!

  167. indeed the Glasses are Hoffman's glasses, symbolic for LSD, hence, the real controllers of this planet are non human, alien/demonic beings, which can be seen only in altered states of consciousness.
    That's what Hunter S. Thompson described in his experiences, along many others.

  168. The satanists that run the music industry are trying to co-opt this movie to spread their luciferian hate message.

    There is a band named after this movie whose drummer just quit and outed the rest of the members as REAL DEAL satanists, not just dilettantes dabbling in occult imagery to seem edgy.

    This band even BRAGS about it on their facebook page (check the photos on http://www.facebook.com/theylive.)


    It's a sad day when satan-loving scum like these guys and Rihanna, Jay Z, Kesha, Miley Cyrus et cetera, et cetera are looked upon with the same admiration and respect that was once given to TRUE though provoking and revolutionary artists like Pink Floyd or John Lennon.

    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, only then will we know peace." -Jimi Hendrix (G-d rest his soul, a TRUE musician and artist snuffed out by the PTB long before his time)

  169. I saw this movie too and wow is all I can say. I understood the concept of it. Even back then they were trying to give us a message. Wake up people.

  170. let a atheist or if you like mostly one
    explain to all you religious pep's a little something about faith

    faith is NOT the same as a religion in books written by men

    faith IS the process of total disbelief to the point of
    having faith in ONLY thing's that one CANNOT deny

    bull-shiting your self ergo religion
    is the process of swallowing things you know other people are telling you too
    when you CAN find doubt in it
    yet are TOLD not to question your own rationality and have faith.

    this apply's to any deity you pretend you know including satanist's they are equivillent'ly in error
    i should remind you it is extremely presumptuous and arrogant to claim you know god
    even if you could say you really did without bullshiting yourself

    you have as much chance to know god by reading a book about him
    as you have about reading a book about me, why cause there isnt one.

  171. It's kinda strange that the main character at the end gives us, the audience, the middle finger….as if John Carpenter is secretly laughing at us for believing that he's one of us instead of them. Or maybe….just maybe…."Nada" (calling the protagonist a "nobody"? —not very nice) is giving the finger to the ones we're being told he's giving the finger to. We'll find out on Judgement day.

    Very interesting mix of being a really really stupid, and a really really intelligent movie. Much like John Carpenter, I s'pose.

  172. Tripping out!! on

    I've just watched this movie, and almost every minute of it has some sort of underlying reference..

    Interesting facts on Wikipedia..

    It made 13 mil in the first week.

    Sales dwindled and despite debuting at #1 it dropped off the top 10 within 2 weeks.

    John Carpenter is on record as saying (in regard to the drop)

    "[those] who go to the movies in vast numbers these days don't want to be enlightened"

    What did he mean by that? Well I think we all know exactly…

    Veerry interesting…

  173. rowdy rodey piper other guy was a old school wwf wrester as well
    that's why the fight scene was so long these guy's did live fight scenes for a living

    but its pretty poignant to remind people of our own bia's and our weakness how lazy we have become

    how hard it is to convince someone of something, this guy is just doing it the only way he knows how.
    even the fight scene exemplify this, he's not capable to make a long thought out argument.

    the woman he runs into somehow conveniently turns up on there side
    she ends up killing his friend, and he gets shot too , he gets tricked

    see he's not a thinker hes a warrior, a doer , hes only doing things as he see's right.
    now days most our warriors are too busy getting high or following orders

    a intelligent person might just make a case for it or as we see with resources-
    someone is making the glass's, as a means to "enlighten others"

    we might see a wise person might teach others,
    how to see the hidden by the result via inducing a epiphany , make a movie, thru a song or…
    describing a chain of events and the logical immediate outcome there after , nothing more
    the point is for us once we know the signs, we can see them our-self's without any glass's.
    when we know the goal we can see the moves from the intent , and visa versa

    good flick one of my favorites.

  174. "In the movie, the rulers are portrayed as a completely different race that perceives humans as inferior" isn't that what jews believe ?

  175. While the movie occasionally stumbles into sheer ridiculousness, even for a B movie, you can't help but applaud it's social commentary. It's message alone helps absolve most of the films flaws, but I can't help but wonder how well this film would have been with less campy overtones and a more focused storyline.

  176. love this movie wake up peeps cuz this is the truth check out Ghost of Mars and Vampires two other great ones by my man J.C yea yea boy! GOD bless

  177. Thanks for this description of the movie, which I'm going to try to catch. We recently threw out our TV because of dissatisfaction with the BBC's disinformation strategy. Best wishes for your future work.

  178. Mr Bob Dobalina on

    I loved this movie back in the days of cable tv, oh, still there with cable. There is a good youtube video showing the playing of the star spangled banner back when television would end for the night and it had tons of subliminal messaging such as Obey. I talk to my 7 year old son about things to be aware of and it sounds like a lot of his friend's dads are doing the same. There is a sense in this world that stuff isn't right, people are awakening. But whatever you do don't mention Zionists to people, they don't want to hear that word, they are the chosen and have conditioned this country to look elsewhere for the trouble makers. You can find the quote from some UN stooge saying that to be accepted in the NWO you have to take a Lucferian pledge. I remember years ago inquiring with some masons about joining and the one guy said, "you just have to believe in a higher power, it doesn't have to be God, it could be Lucifer". Yep.

    • Ther has been proven programming via subliminal methods during the evening sign off, I was surprised to see the frame by frame screen grabs from the original videos, called out and explained on a website. Look for it if you care to.

  179. This is the BEST movie EVER made. I still don't get it why this was even released!?!?!?
    Or why carpenter wasn't suicided


  181. Ever since I was little I love the movie they live and my mom was like that type of thing is going right now. I just laughed it off it wasn't until I was adult I things the way she she and Nada

  182. the woman's almost lifeless facial expression was a dead give away, her eye color is a little freaky, or maybe its her stare ( lifeless ) — the aliens represent demons, lets not play charades here, there may be aliens here on earth or out there somewhere but most alien encounters are in fact demons masquerading as aliens — humans will be fooled once again, not throwing in the towel, just calling it straight, nevertheless, i stand side by side with hope and Christ…

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