The Hidden Symbolic Meaning of the Movie “2012”


The disaster movie “2012” is about the near-total destruction of planet Earth in accordance with predictions made by Ancient Mayans, thousands of years ago. While most of the movie is centered around spectacular explosions and impressive special effects, “2012” also communicates messages and symbolism about the elite’s plans for a New World and the coming of the Age of Aquarius.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead

Released in 2009, Roland Emmerich’s film 2012 plays on the fears and panic engendered by the “OMG-the-Mayans-said-we’re-gonna-die-in-2012” scare. The movie’s apocalyptic scenario depicts in vivid detail people’s worst fears regarding 2012: The destruction of everything and the killing of everyone … well, almost everyone. While a good portion of the two-and-a-half hour movie is dedicated to CGI destruction, 2012 contains many Biblical, mythological and historical references that gives the story a deeper underlying meaning. Furthermore, a specific message can be understood by the way the crisis has been handled in the movie. It basically says: “If something happens, the rich and powerful will live and the rest of you suckers will die”.

In the article entitled ‘Contagion’ or How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses, we discussed how disaster movies are an important indoctrination tool that present and sell specific “political responses” to major crises. In 2012, the political response to the mega-cataclysm that is threatening Earth is rather unsettling: The world elite learns about 2012 a few years in advance, secretly plans its own rescue mission (while keeping the masses in the dark) and leaves the world to die while creating a new world that is only populated by the elite. A few “regular” people do manage to infiltrate the elite’s ships. Apparently their survival, along with the world’s rich and powerful, constitutes a happy ending.

When I first finished watching the movie, I wasn’t exactly feeling happy having just paid a few bucks to basically watch a flick that predicts my death and the death of everyone I know while the elite embarks on giant ships to start a new world by themselves. It’s a little insulting.

Does the movie accurately predict what will happen on December 23rd, 2012? Probably (hopefully) not, but I do believe that the movie uses the 2012 scare tactic to communicate specific messages to the masses about the elite’s plans for a New World Order and the coming of the Age of Aquarius. Let’s look at the movie’s most symbolic scenes.

The Preparations

The movie takes place in 2009 and begins with a cosmic event that triggers the cataclysm: A planetary alignment.

The alignment of astronomical bodies causes a series of events that lead to the destruction of Earth. On an esoteric level, the alignment of astral bodies is representative of the dawning of a new era – what some may call the Age of Aquarius.

On Earth, a few scientists discover that massive solar flares are causing the planet’s core temperature to rise. Adrian Helmsley, an American geologist, realizes that the end of the world is rapidly approaching. He rushes to Washington D.C. to inform the highest level of power that action must be taken, but it turns out that the world’s ruling elite is not only well-aware of the coming disaster, but have been secretly working on a rescue plan for years. The elite are taking steps to preserve the lives of those that are deemed “worthy” and collecting the Earth’s most important artifacts to bring to the new world.

In this scene, the Mona Lisa at the Louvre is fake. The real painting will be brought into “post-apocalypse” world.

The only people that know about the 2012 rescue plan are the world’s most powerful people. Tickets were also sold to private individuals. The price? 1 billion Euros … per person. In other words, there is no way that a regular person would survive. And that’s all part of the plan.

Meanwhile, as usual, the masses are portrayed as a herd of idiots, prone to panic and violence.

As it is the case in most disaster movies, the masses are portrayed as a “bewildered herd” that cannot act civilized. While the elite is planning its secret escape from the 2012 cataclysm, the masses are shown rioting during a G8 Meeting. Seeing how people are portrayed to act in times of crisis, one might be inclined to think: Maybe the elite is doing the right thing by hiding the truth from the masses …

This massive conspiracy against the public is not an airtight secret. Some prominent figures discover the ugly truth and attempt to warn the public, but they are rapidly silenced.

When the director of the Louvre discovered the elite’s plans, he called a press conference to disclose the truth to the entire world. He then dies in a “mysterious” car accident, right before he makes his announcement.

There are interesting facts about the above car “accident” that killed the French museum director. First, it is clearly stated in the movie that the accident occurs in the Pont d’Alma tunnel … the same tunnel where Princess Diana lost her life in an odd car accident. In my article Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial: The Occult Meaning, I’ve explained the symbolic meaning of the Pont d’Alma tunnel and how the death of Lady Di had all of the markings of a ritual sacrifice. The death of the Museum director at the exact same spot might be the movie’s way of saying that his death was a ritual sacrifice by the elite. The movie might also be indirectly saying: “If the death of the Museum Director inside the Pont D’Alma tunnel was a murder disguised as an accident, what do you think happened to Lady Di?”.

It is later discovered that the museum director is not the only whistle-blower that has “mysteriously” lost his life. Many other people who had the public’s well-being in mind also died in strange circumstances during the elite’s secret preparations.

A conspiracy theorist dedicated an entire wall to news clippings of people who got killed by the elite.

All of the elite’s decision-making is done in secret and secluded meetings and involving only the world’s most powerful people.

Meanwhile, the public is restless, to the point that the London Olympics are suspended. Is the movie predicting events to come?

While all of this is happening, the Chinese government has been put in charge of building the gigantic boats named  “Arks” that would allow the elite to survive 2012.

Farewell Atlantis

The hero of the movie is Jackson Curtis, a regular divorced father, that discovers the truth and attempts to embark on one of the Arks in order to survive 2012.

Jackson Curtis and his kids are told by the US Army that they must leave the national park. They are not told why because the public is not allowed to know about the upcoming 2012 disaster.

Jackson Curtis is a not-too-successful writer of a book entitled Farewell Atlantis, which is very symbolic in the movie’s context. Atlantis is the name of a fabled continent that got submerged by a massive flood several millennia ago. Legend holds that the highly advanced civilization that flourished on that continent disappeared, but some survivors of Atlantis managed to sail to places like Egypt, America, and Asia, where they became great teachers to the natives. Atlantis is of a great importance in the occult elite’s Mysteries as it is believed that the continent actually existed and was the origin of the world’s occult knowledge. Atlanteans who sailed to far-away lands in order escape the Great Flood are considered the teachers of esoteric knowledge to the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and possibly even the Celts. Mystery schools often state that the Biblical story of the Great Flood is, in fact, the story of the disappearance of Atlantis. They also claim that many other ancient cultures have similar stories within their folklore.

Today’s secret societies perceive and refer to America as the “New Atlantis”, a country that was founded on the principles of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, the supposed descendants of Atlantean Mysteries.

Francis Bacon’s 1605 book “New Atlantis” describes an ideal society where science and reason would rule, according to the principles of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism. The book is said to be the blueprint of the founding of America. Bacon is known for writing “Knowledge is Power”, a famous phrase that has deep resonance in Rosicrucianism and that is prominently featured in the US Library of Congress.

While Sir Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis appeared to be foreshadowing the founding of America, Jackson Curtis’ novel Farewell Atlantis appears to be foreshadowing its destruction. The same way Atlantis was completely submerged by water, America, the home base today’s occult elite, will suffer a similar fate. The lucky few that will embark in a modern version of Noah’s Ark will be given the task to found a New World – and the movie subtly states which institutions will carry on and which will disappear.

The Disaster

As the film progresses, the Earth begins to heat up and fissures start to appear in Los Angeles. Although it is obvious that a major disaster is about to happen, mass media (which is in collusion with the elite, in the movie and in real life) downplays everything in order to keep the population calm and oblivious to the fact that the world is ending. The only non-elite guy that appears to know what’s going on is a nut-job conspiracy theorist living in the woods (apparently, according to Hollywood movies, truth seekers cannot be level-headed, rational people).

Charlie Frost is a near batcrap crazy conspiracy theorist that hosts a radio show and that runs a not-so-great-looking website. He actually knows the truth and he is right about everything, yet, in the end, he is still depicted as a complete nutjob. Knowing the truth is not “cool” in Hollywood movies.

Charlie Frost describes everything that is about to happen to Jackson Curtis and even provides him a map to the Arks.

The map to the Arks are conveniently placed in Charlie Frost’s “conspiracy files”, right next to his documents on Marilyn Monroe. A little wink to the ultimate mind-controlled Presidential slave?

As the world is crumbling apart, members of the elite receive an important and top-secret message on their mobile phones.

When things get serious, members of the elite are notified that it is time to embark on the Arks and to leave the rest of the world to die.

When hell breaks loose on  Earth, several important monuments are shown being destroyed. These scenes are not only spectacular to watch but they also represent the fall of important institutions as the world enters the Age of Aquarius. In one scene, the famous Brazilian monument “Christ the Redeemer” is shown falling down in a matter similar to the way statues of Saddam Hussein fell after the Gulf War.

Does this symbolize the fall of Christianity in the wake of a new era?

In another scene, St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, the “epicenter” of the Catholic faith, is shown crashing down on faithfuls and killing thousands of people who assembled to pray.

In this symbolic scene, a crack appears on Michelangelo’s iconic painting in the Sistine Chapel, right between the fingers of God and Adam – which can represent the break of the connection between humanity and the divine. Is the elite’s New World devoid of the touch of God?

Other religions are also shown being destroyed during the movie. According to an article in The Guardian, 2012 was supposed to contain a scene depicting the destruction of the Kabaa, the holiest site of the Muslim faith. However, the scene was axed for fear of backlash from Islamic groups. The elite’s new world is therefore not only devoid of Christianity but of all major religions – one of the goals of the New World Order.

2012 does not only show the destruction of religious monuments but also of political landmarks. These scenes symbolize the fall of regular nation states before the formation of a single world government.

The White House, a symbol of US power, is shown being hit by one of its own warships and taken away by a gigantic wave. In the elite’s new world, it is not about National powers and military might: It is about a single world government and a single military.
The American President addressing the Nation for the last time. The “leader of the free world” symbolically stays in Washington D.C. to die with regular people. In other words, the (supposedly) democratically elected representative of the people has no place in the elite’s new world government.

The Noah’s Ark of the Elite

Several of these gigantic Arks were secretly built in China.

While most of the world’s population is getting killed by floods and earthquakes, the “chosen ones” are taken to China to embark in gigantic Arks.

In this clear allusion to the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark, animals are shown carried to the ships by helicopter.

Entry to those Arks is far from fair and is reserved for those that are “one of them”. For example, the Indian scientist that discovered the coming of the 2012 cataclysm is left to die, while greedy Russian billionaires are granted access.

Of course, as a member of the world’s occult elite, the Queen of England and her dogs are granted access to the ships. Because her hat-wearing skills will be very useful to humanity in the future.

Seeing how many people were left to die, the scientist Adrian Helmsley makes an unavoidable speech about how us humans must stick together and whatnot. However, we don’t see him giving up his place for anyone and everyone still dies … except for the elite. So, despite the moralizing monologues about caring for each other, the elite’s plan carries on right on schedule and only those that were chosen to survive do.

After the disaster, humanity enters a new era and resets its calendar to year 0001. The previous calendar was based on the birth of Jesus Christ – which is esoterically associated with the Age of Pisces. The resetting of the calendar signifies that Christ’s era is over. It is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

At the end of the movie, the entire world is completely submerged by water, except for the African Continent. The Arks set sail to the cradle of Civilization to start anew in a place symbolically called “Cape Hope”. Is this a happy ending? Depends if you’re in the elite or part of the 99% of the rest of the world that died.

The Age of Aquarius

Esoteric schools teach that a “Great Solar Year” is the period of time during which the sun cycles through all of the zodiacal constellations, lasting about 25,000 years. Every 2,000 years (more or less) the sun enters a new zodiacal constellation and humanity, somewhat unconsciously, adopts symbolism that relates to that zodiacal sign. For nearly the past 2,000 years the sun was in the constellation of Pisces (represented by Two Fishes), meaning that we are in the Piscean Age. Oddly enough, Christianity has always been represented by the symbol of a fish (i.e. the Jesus Fish). Every 2,000 years, the sun migrates to the previous sign of the zodiac, which means that the world is set to enter to Age of Aquarius.

By showing the fall of Christian symbols and the emerging of a new world after a massive flood, the movie 2012 appears to be announcing the coming of the Aquarian Age.

The astrological sign of Aquarius consists of  a cup-bearer pouring water. In Greek mythology, the cup-bearer is said to be the cause of the Great Flood that probably caused the disappearance of Atlantis.

Since the symbol of the sign of Aquarius is a man pouring water and is methodologically associated with the legendary Great Flood, it is rather appropriate to depict the coming of the Aquarian Age with a flood that submerges New Atlantis, aka America.

In Conclusion

While 2012 is often described as a big orgy of explosions and special effects, the movie nevertheless contains plenty of messages and symbolic moments. Its references to historical, Biblical, mythological and esoteric concepts give the movie a deeper meaning, one that fits with the worldview of today’s occult elite. While the world will probably not crash and burn on December 23rd, 2012, the movie uses the scare relating to the Mayan Calendar to communicate its plans for the future: The fall of religions, dissolution of Nations and the glorification of a select elite on the backs of the clueless masses. Everything that happens in the movie is remarkably on-par with “ten commandments” found on the Georgia Guidestones (see the article Sinister Sites – The Georgia Guidestones). Here are some of them: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”, “Unite humanity with a living new language” and so forth. The way things go down is also reminiscent of the symbolic stories told on the prophetic murals found at the Denver International Airport and the murals at the Bank of America. Both of these pieces depict a period of great tribulation, destruction, and oppression that is followed by the founding of a new world based on the elite’s principles.

On a more esoteric level, the movie equates America with Atlantis, an advanced civilization that was destroyed by a great flood. The survivors of ancient Atlantis, who are said to be the originators of the occult lore of secret societies, went on to perpetuate their knowledge across the world.

And while solar flares are said to be the cause of the 2012 disaster, major floods are the actual cause of the Earth’s destruction. Through this symbolism, the movie appears to announce the end of the Age of Pisces and the coming of the Age of Aquarius.

There is therefore much more to 2012 than originally meets the eye. Unfortunately, as it is often the case in mass media, the messages being communicated are neither enlightening nor inspiring. Quite the contrary, the movie basically tells the story of a gigantic conspiracy against the public, complete with cover-ups and murders. In the end, the elite saves its own ass and leaves billions of people to die. To top it off, this conspiracy is presented as the only viable solution to such a crisis. Is the public being prepared for a major crisis that will be resolved with the heralding of a New World Order? As the movie’s promotional poster clearly states: “We Were Warned”.


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I have tried to watch this movie in 2012 but stopped halfway as the bullshit elite survivor plot was too blatant with narcissism from the producers/ entertainment industry individuals' point of view for me to bother wasting some of my time (and brain space) .

I am both insulted and revolted by movies promoting the point of view of the elites and treating life of the "masses" (and of any living being) as garbage.

I am a young woman and I am not afraid of them. They can kill us, destroy our world and try to fool us. But they will never get our soul.

Let's be united in spite of adversity, open our mind to understand reality and never forget that knowledge is better than ignorance, even if the truth hurts.

Thanks VC, keep up the great work. You inspire many of us.

Do not worry,

this cycle of humanity will not by ended simply by natural catastrofies,

so no physical (the arks) help will be of any use for them or for anybody else.

The real ark is the spirit,

so those who have chosen the dark side will have lost their microcosmical ark, and they will lost.

This ark is build on God's favor and blessings. And that is actually an equivalent image for salvation.

I guess that my comment is that who are the people who are going to serve the survivors? Only the elite survive. They know nothing about survival. They do not know the basics of life. Who will be their slaves, to ensure their leisure?

I think i know why conspiracy theorists are shown crazy in movies. Because only crazy people are allowed to say things like they say. Major population do not want to hear the truth. It may be uncomfortable or even frightening. But from crazy person why not? it's easier. Like with king who would forgive his joker for truth, but not the minister for example. Conspiracy theorist is a joker of modern times.

I watched the whole movie, but the scene mentioned in the article of Queen Elizabeth and her dogs really put me off. So the average working class person has less value than the pets of the elites. We are insects to them.

Why the Queen should survive 2012?

At public events, knowing how to wave one’s hand for long periods of time and not disabling one’s wrist in the process is a deeply profound art.

Why does the queen get to survive i watched it i deserve to survive

Vigilant Citizen In SC

Because her amazing hats can solve all of humanity’s problems! Duh!!!!

wow. Nic article, yeah i think of aliens as demons too, i do feel it in ma heart, though cant prove. But i think of it that way.

the only conscious beings God created are the beasts(animals), angels and humans, you are right, the aliens are simply demons(fallen angels)

I cried so much when i saw the crack down the michelangelo painting of God…and when Jesus' arms fell off. it sounds comical the way i write it but hear me out. this is the first time i read this post yet when i saw the film i interpreted it in the same way..the audacity of people today that would film sacriligeous things like this..its just awful..

I love how the VC crew brakes it all down for you. I watched the movie in the theaters when it first came out and I didn't think anything of it other than " Oh! Another end of the world stupid movie" but now though I can see what I didn't understand or realized when I first watched it. All I can say my brothers is, put your trust in God and no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless you may feel at times don't ever stop trusting him.

There are many theories that I've heard about 2012: Some say that 2012 will bring about the end of the world by fire, a giant meteor striking the earth, floods, earthquakes, Nibiru (a planetoid object) that will bring all kinds of destruction to Earth the closer it gets to us etc etc. Others say it'll bring about a new age of enlightenment and spirituality especially amongst yogic circles etc. While some of these are not totally to be ruled out we need to guard against false prophecies and deceptions. Concerning the 'elitist' curds my only comment is they are human beings too not elite and they will, if not in the foreseeable future, eventually also die and be judged by God as we all will. No one can escape that. They are, in a nutshell, cowards – hiding in shadow and concerning themselves with the dark forces. My closing comment… Read more »

the movie is okay. it reflects the truth. at the end, the more powerful will survive. i hadn,t seen it clearly before reading the article, but now, I find 2012 interesting

WHere is full movie ..plz provide me a link of movie “2012”.

careful on september 23… something really prophetical will happen…

While I usually like the articles on VC, this one is a little far-fetched. I’ve seen the movie multiple times and, aside from a few things spot on, there are many that VC read too much into. 1. Yes, solar flares (aka eruptions on the Sun’s surface that send waves of radiations) can cause major floods. Basically, Earth’s atmosphere absorbs UV radiation but it is limited to others like x-rays and gamma rays. It’s a little bit complicated and it has to do with atmosphere’s composition and how it works – lots of physics and chemistry – so I’ll just skip the explanation of how rays get past the atmosphere. Think about this, though: x-rays and gamma rays are more powerful than UV rays. Let’s focus on gamma rays for now, which are the most dangerous and penetrant ones. They can penetrate to the core of the Earth, which is… Read more »

One thing that bothered me about this is Africa. Did everyone in Africa die or just some? Because towards the end one of the scientists say that some parts of Africa never flooded. Okay so they didn’t flood, did they suffer from something else? Let’s say the Africans are still there. They could decide to kill all the people on the ships because they’re outsiders or don’t want any trouble or repeats of history… just something they didn’t clarify.

This film has great special effects and wonderful sound. Like other Roland Emerich films, that’s the best part. It’s story makes me laugh. If the world comes to an end, then that’s what will happen. These crazy scientists in this film are so concerned with trying to beat it and save humanity. It’s ridiculous. But I know, it’s a movie. I always laugh when I see politicians and government people depicted in this way. Oliver Platt’s character is too ridiculous and exaggerated. I enjoyed the film and in no way was suckered into its political agenda. But thanks to films like this, I get to listen to those who do eat this stuff up

God promised He would not flood the earth again…that is the meaning of the rainbow…this time it will be with fire…

Mankind is said to have originated from Africa. So people of several nations/creed/religion getting back to where we all came from. I guess this is the message that he wanted to convey with the Ark reaching the Cape of Good Hope.

You forgot the part of the teaching of the Buddhist Monk…He poured water to a cup and rang the bell 3 times… sorry you missed that strong point

I don't know what to say.. it's 2014 and nothing happened… so it's been 2 years. Wow. God help these people that don't realize what's going to happen (talking about the elites) help them to seek the true SHEPHERD. The LORD the SON OF GOD. Jesus. Help them realize what's going to happen to them. Amen. Is the end near? Is it yet to happen? Will it happen? Or will as the Scriptures say and as I believe and live by, happen in the bible when the Earth is flooded over by fire while the normal people rejoice with God and Jesus. While the elites are the ash beneath our feet. While we, the righteousness are in heaven. Who really knew the end.

Since no such thing will happen till 2212…why care. And if this does happen, some governments will prepare a rescue system from the data from senior research systems… possibility…ice age…that may be coming…

so chilling :'(

i have a suggestion to make. because of water was always a symbol of life and lives, era of Aquarius is an era that brings life, and lifes and maybe new forms of natural or artificial (as we already see it happening) forms of life. we possible dont know in which zodiac asterism Noah's cataclysm happen. (?) but it is considered to happen because of the dynamic end of the ice age and the beginning of our era, where ice where always melting and with civilization starting at the most warm place of planet, around Mesopotamia, middle east, and around the place where new water was arranged. (aka Mediterranean sea) but the flood happened once, it is most possible that it will not happen again as the main cause of worlds destruction. we experience the melting of the last "drops" of the remaining ice from the ice age. if we… Read more »
Wow, reading all your comments really assured me that I was not the only person that thought about the world and the way how society has changed is strange. After reading the review of the hunger games, and the review of the movie2012, it has become even more clear to me of what is taking place in our world, at first I thought to my self that there must be a way to stop our world and people being destroyed and controlled by theese 'elitle' people. But what is destined to be will happen, you have to come to the realisation that theese 'elite' illuminati , Freemasons whatever you wanna call them, are being driven by a much more powerful source than human beings. No one can stop what's about to happen as much as we wake up everyday and think to ourselfs, destruction will take place as it is… Read more »
Ok simple facts about the world 1. if the government was to tell the public, what do you think will happen? There would be looting, murder, warlords and so on and so forth. Now please tell me what telling the public would solve? The only thing it does is let the people have a reason to panic and start killing each other. naivety is bliss 2. Money makes the world go around. I Dont think those Arks would even be created. Simply because who would pay, the workers, organize the supplies, pay for the equipment and so on and so forth. You could always say that they wouldn't need to pay them at all but why wouldn't they, the worlds currency would mean absolutely nothing, and seeing as the worlds currency means nothing, why would a ticket cost 1billon euros. I doubt they payed in gold bars. 3. you describer… Read more »

Why is it China was chosen to build the arcs?

Cheaper human labor. They are literally expendable in that movie.

I can understand why the 'elites' would be all boarding the ship to go to Africa. Being an African, I know that we have some deeply entrenched morals and there are things that we just do not do and cannot tolerate. My theory is therefore that these propagators of a new world order are aware of this and after the west is annihilated they will extend their influence to the uncharted Africa 'minds' and our refusal to bow down to the influence of the west!

ow maan, this film make me so sad, because it can make my heart beat 100 times a minute…

what will you do if i get a heart spot producer !!

the scene were the Queen and his two dogs are being allowed to board on the New Ark, is a mockery to the people of the world who don't have any place on the Elite, it shows that because the dogs owner is the Queen they can be allowed to the New Ark.

At the of the movie they talk about the drakensburg mountains South Africa being the highest point on earth
and "the cape of good hope" is found in Cape Town South Africa and was first siezed by the British in the 1800s

At the of the movie they talk about the drakensburg mountains (KwaZulu Natal in South Africa) being the highest point on earth
and "the cape of good hope" is found in Cape Town South Africa and was first siezed by the British in the 1800s

There are ARKS; these are storage vaults of every genetic code of life on Earth; one is off Norway. Our genetic material was gathered over centuries, but the process was accelarated via 'national health' programmes of blood collection together with sperm and egg harvesting via 'infertility' programmes. Hospitals are wonderful laboratories for life code extraction. As for any future 'life on Earth' these ARK-Ives are likely to have been infested with the Elites (Rothschild) psychopathic genes making any regeneration programme 'more of the same' but with no sentient empathic elements. Kind of made to order slaves. Who would ever incarnate into a World without soul? Planet Earth will be strictly NO ENTRY. That's my take on it. As for Atlantis being America, well, America was colon-ised by the Venetian settlement from London (Crown Estates/City of London Zionist Banksters). And the 'action' will be triggered from here from 27-08-2012 as the… Read more »

So basically the evil "enlightened" elite wanted to portray their ideal of what they would call "the stupid masses" (as in everyone except them) all dying, and them creating their own Illuminated society in which they have the false hope of Christianity will end as well.

Sounds like the WORST movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God the world won't end this way. Read the Bible for the truth.

i do no know how relevant this is,but Beyonce has a backmasked song, signs, which she sings with Missy Elliot. She sings at some point "Got game like an aquarius",coincedence???

Is this all a cryptic message about the truth? Or is it simply a movie with plot elements extracted from conspiracy culture?

First of all,i'll lyk 2 congratulate vc 4 s/he's effort.More grease 2 ur elbow,right now ur my role model.I saw d ad of dis movie 2012 and i actually tot it was a movie bout d comin of christ,i was not d only 1 hu viewed it d@ way.I gave my lyf 2 christ immediately.Am i Nigerian and also a christain,we really r not aware of dis illuminati.We only believe in 2 things;christ and allah.Dis doesn't mean d@ d devil isn't present in Nigeria,it just means we believe d@ we r above it(satan).U might not believe in wat is happenin but wat u shuld know is d@ christ exists & so does satan..Whether u lyk it or not,d world is comin 2 an end.It might b now or 2yrs 4rm nw.No 1 knws wen,so dn't believe d scientist(am not doubting their knowledge but God didn't grant them dis wisdom).To b… Read more »

It seems that "30th Olympic Games Suspended" may actually imply that on July 30th, the day will already be the 27th day after the "catastrophe", which will then take place on June 2-3.

The catastrophe in fact refers to The Anglo-Saxon Mission on Project Camelot.

– Nuclear exchange in Mid East

– Chinese race wiped out by bio-weapon

– NWO est.

I thank you for your education. they know very well that their end is near, and god will soon defeat satan.

‘I promise you that this will be the final war—the war to end all wars.’


[[Today, nuclear weapons proliferate and regional wars continue to cause untold numbers of deaths. The possibility of a nuclear conflagration still threatens mankind. Although people long to see an end to war, few believe that a war or any other strategy could achieve this goal.

Nevertheless, the Bible does describe a unique war that will bring an end to all wars. It calls this war “Armageddon”—the very word people often associate with a nuclear cataclysm. How could Armageddon truly bring an end to war? The following article will address this question.]]

the map that he didnt need – underground – the sign of the london underground, held up in front of the camera for everyone to see.

Wow! This is a very profound analysis of the film! uhm, VC, I'm just wondering if you could make an analysis of the film "Rock of Ages" starring Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta and Tom Cruise. I just watched this film today and although most of the people in the cinema enjoyed it, I find it creepy for it displays a truth about the price people in the music industry has to pay for fame and fortune. Although I have decoded some dark themes in the film, I'd be delighted to read your thoughts about it. Thanks for keeping our eyes opened and I'll be waiting for your article about it.

Judaism was exactly like Islam as it is today until the illuminati corrupted it. then God sent Christianity, which was exactly like Islam is today until the illuminati corrupted it. then God sent Islam which was impossible to corrupt because not even the devil could grasp the verse. Satanism is Islam turned upside down, because if you was ultimate even, just pervert ultimate good. thats why if you want to find the easiest path to God's glory, study satanism and then believe the exact opposite of what you're studying. know thy fowlest enemy and the pure of heart shall be taken closer to their most worthy friend.

Oi, moron. Satanism is there to mock religions. They don’t even worship Satan. And they actually don’t believe that Satan or God are exist.

Nostradamus didnt predict anything… he gave instructions for the world's elite to follow. and they are following it. they control the world so they control what happens, such as nostradamus' instructions. believing or even subconciously considering anything of man to hold any significance to you at all puts man on a pedastal. you therefore put man in the place of God, and God is almighty so you unknowingly make man almighty. it has and will always be mind over matter, so anyone who doubts God will definately have their world ending. but if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, did it still fall? all the devil needs is your attention, you are programmed to adore him as much as you are programmed to adore God because that is the test of life and it is a fair test. you choose between ultimate good and ultimate bad.… Read more »

I'd rather die than survive to live with people who think money rules over God.

the illuminati ain't gonna win this system (ONE-WORLD-GOVERNMENT)they about to implement is not going to surveive though millions will fall for it but still few mass of people who understand how the illuminati works won't make it possible. ladies and gentlemen we are on the war and there's no way to be nuetral, there's are no races only two races the one that are with the illumionati and the one against illuminati

The date 27 / month 1 / year 1 is the same than 2+7=9, so it is 9 11. Is this number familiar to you? The sum of 9+1+1= 11, which is a powerful number and many powerful people has it.

Did anyone notice that the ship that knocks the white house out is the ss Kennedy. that's a whole other story altogether with that cover up.

Holy crap! I didn't like the movie that much my mother bought it on dvd. And the thought of the world ending so soon sends fear in me! In 5th grade when my class took a feild trip to the planetarium and a girl from another class asked the question "Will the world end in 2012?" The speaker then replied " The world will end in a billion years when the sun burns out." All I could think of was how does this guy know? Even my teacher said scientists said it wouldn't happen. So now I am in doubt and freaking out about what if it does end? I haven't graduated high school and college, I haven't had kids yet, I haven't done any of my major goals for life yet!And ofcourse a commercial for the new movie "Finding a Friend For the End of the World" came on… Read more »

No the mayan prediction isn't true because they didn't factor in leap years so it would have already happened. The end times predicted in the Bible will happen soon though but only God knows when it will happen, no one else.

fear based movies can change consciousness, and have a ripple effect. Lets party and spend like tomorrow may never come, yeah I am going for all I can get what the heck we all are going to die and who cares about life we all are going to die and I will have it all after all tomorrow may never come! DO you know many movies are helped along with taxpayers hard earned funds? Remember visualize and have full intention and you can change the world! We are all connected and our jobs here on our beautiful planet is to share and help one another including all life. Money will not buy you one more minute of life but working in a garden will, making a birdhouse will, stop supporting the big corp that are destroying all life for profit watch the movie turtle it will open your eyes about… Read more »
what I find really awful about the impact of all these fear based movies is the young people that watch them and are totally believing, after all does group consciousness have an effect on our matrix? do thoughts become reality? rarely do we have happy productive mind movies or for example food commercials promoting fruit and veggies. When is the last time you saw a commercial for food that showed a kid eating a carrot stick or a movie for children that was without some disrespectful action or word or magic or get my drift? Many younger people ask me- what do I think will we all die? They are now partying and spending like tomorrow will end all life! hmmm.. This is wrong, the message wrong and actors are not people we should embrace as good examples of success,very few are worthy of the money they make, some are… Read more »