“They Live”, the Weird Movie With a Powerful Message


‘They Live’ is a science-fiction movie from the Eighties that features aliens, a WWF wrestler and a whole lot of sunglasses. What’s not to like? While, at first glance, the movie appears to be a bunch of nonsense, ‘They Live’ actually communicates a powerful message about the elite and its use of mass media to control the masses. Is the movie describing what we call the Illuminati? This article looks at the deeper meaning of John Carpenter’s strange but fascinating movie ‘They Live’.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead (get over it, the movie is 24 years old).

Watching They Live is a conflicting experience. It is an odd combination of eye-opening messages with lackluster acting, powerful social commentary with 1950’s B-movie special effects and gripping satire with odd punchlines. Constantly making viewers oscillate between “Wow, that was genius!” to “Wow, that was corny!”, it is difficult to properly evaluate the movie from a cinematographic point of view. However, from a “message” point of the view, They Live is gold. Based on Ray Nelson’s short story Eight O’Clock in the Morning, the movie is one of those rare subversive stories that forces viewers to question their world and their surroundings. Because, despite the fact that the movie is about ghoulish aliens, it communicates truths to the viewers that are only alluded to in mainstream movies. In fact, looking deeper into the storyline, one might realize that there’s probably more “science” than “fiction” in the story of They Live … especially when one has “truth-seeing sunglasses”.

The hero of the movie, played by WWF wrestler Rowdy Roddy Pipper, is a drifter that is apparently nameless. In the short story and the movie’s credits, he is referred to as Nada, which means ‘nothing’ in Spanish. While this nameless nothing is broke and homeless, he still manages to expose the alien’s hidden rule of the world. How did he accomplish that? With the only thing he’d ever need: The Truth. Oh, and also guns. He used a lot of guns. Most importantly, despite the fact that Nada was tempted several times to shut up in exchange for “generous compensation”, he kept his integrity and never agreed to sell out to the aliens. Now, that’s a role model. To top it off, he says the best things ever.

“I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum … and I’m all out of bubble gum”.

Are the aliens in the movie an imaginative way to portray the world’s elite, those who secretly run the world, those we call the Illuminati? Let’s revisit this cult classic and see how it describes the hidden rule of the elite.

The Premise

Right from the beginning, as we see Nada walking around Los Angeles with his backpack, the movie sets a particular mood: Something is not quite right. While Nada appears to be a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, the city is not happy and it is not too kind to happy-go-lucky kind of guys. Quite the contrary, there is a sense of impending doom in the air: Poverty is rampant, helicopters fly around the city and street preachers speak of soulless beings ruling the world.

“The venom of snakes is under their lips. Their mouths are full of bitterness and curses. And in their paths, nothing but ruin and misery. And the fear of God is not before their eyes! They have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders. They have recruited the rich and powerful, and they have blinded us to the truth! And our human spirit is corrupted. Why do we worship greed? Because outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us from birth to death are our owners. Our owners — they have us. They control us. They are our masters. Wake up. They’re all about you, all around you!”.

Is the preacher’s description of the “masters” applicable to the Illuminati? I believe so.

As we follow Nada’s aimless drifting across the city, the camera often focuses on people gazing blankly at television screens, mindlessly absorbing the vapid messages it communicates. Regular Joes appear to truly enjoy their television shows … until an obscure organization hacks the airwaves to broadcast subversive messages about the hidden rulers of the world.

“Our impulses are being redirected. We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep. (…) The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are nonexistent. They have created a repressive society, and we are their unwitting accomplices. Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance. They have made us indifferent to ourselves, to others. We are focused only on our own gain. Please understand. They are safe as long as they are not discovered. That is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated.”

Can the above statement be applied to the Illuminati? I believe so.

The Average Joes who watch this pirated TV broadcast all get a massive headache – the raw truth is indeed too much for most people to bear. One such viewer switches the channel after telling the guy on TV: “Blow it out your ass”. Just like today, most people do not want to hear about this kind of stuff … they just want to go back to their mindless TV viewing.

Nada realizes that the street preacher and the man on television are connected through a local church. When he sneaks into the church, he discovers that it is actually the headquarters of an underground organization.

On a wall inside the church is written “They Live We Sleep”, a phrase that describes the fundamental difference between the elite and the masses. Those in power know the truth about the world and possess the means and the power to truly “live”. The rest of the population is sedated, dumbed-down and manipulated into a zombie-like status in order for it to be as easily manageable as possible by the masters. The masses’ ignorance equals a state of endless slumber.

Nada learns that the rebellious organization is attempting to recruit people to take down the rulers. However, a few days later, Nada discovers what happens to those who plot against those in power.

Helicopters, bulldozers, and police in riot gear raid the place, destroy everything and violently arrest the members of the underground organization. That is how the elite responds to contrary views.

After witnessing the violent police shakedown, Nada begins to realize that something is wrong in America. The happy-go-lucky guy who believed in working hard and following the rules is starting to believe that something is amiss here.

Determined to learn more, Nada re-enters the church and finds a few interesting things.

The police painted over “They Live We Sleep”. Obviously, “They” don’t want that message to be known.

More importantly, Nada discovers a box full of sunglasses that allows him to see the world as it is. Added bonus: They also look pretty cool.

Seeing the Truth

While the sunglasses found by Nada appear on the surface to be worthless, they actually provide him with the greatest gift of all: The Truth. When Nada first puts on the sunglasses, the experience is shocking.

When he has his sunglasses on, Nada sees through the smoke and mirrors projected by advertisement and mass media. He only sees the core of their message and the only reason why they exist.
No matter which magazine Nada flips open, he sees the same subliminal messages, which tells a lot about the true function of “celebrity” and “fashion” magazines. Despite the fact that they are all different, they all ultimately serve the same purpose: To reinforce messages from the elite to the masses.

Nada also quickly understands the truth about money.

“In God We Trust”?

Nada’s most shocking discovery concerns people around him.

Some people are not human. They are of another race that has infiltrated society.
Nada realizes that they are everywhere and that they hold positions of power, like this politician giving a typical “politician” speech on television. Is this a way to portray the Illuminati?

Upon discovering this truth, Nada became pissed off. REALLY pissed off. How did he react to the situation? He did not go home and write a poem about it. Nope, he grabbed a shotgun and started shooting aliens.

When the aliens realize that Nada can see through their disguise, they immediately alert the authorities saying “I’ve got one that can see”. Being able to “see” is obviously frowned upon by the aliens – they do not like to be exposed. Nada quickly becomes a social pariah and aliens start closing in on him. Confronted with this situation, Nada says profound and timeless words: “I don’t like this ooooooooone bit”.

Many aliens are part of the police force as its sole purpose is to ensure that the alien’s rule is not disturbed. Most policemen are however regular humans and just follow the orders because that’s their job … a little like actual policemen who do the Illuminati’s work.

Nada and everyone in the city are constantly monitored by flying surveillance cameras that are oddly similar to the new unmanned drones that are currently appearing around the world.

Flying surveillance cameras were considered science fiction in 1988. They are a reality today.
An actual, modern unmanned drone mounted with a video camera.

The concept of truth-seeing sunglasses is an interesting way to illustrate the importance of knowledge in one’s world perception. Two people can be looking at the exact same thing yet perceive two very different realities, depending on the level of information and awareness possessed by each person. Nada’s sunglasses can, therefore, represent one’s knowledge of the truth, which allows a clear perception of reality.

Looking for Others Who Know the Truth

Upon learning the shocking truth about the world, Nada feels the need to share this vital information with his friend Frank Armitage. Nada however quickly realizes some people do not want to hear about it. In fact, many actually get angry and offended at the simple mention of something that alludes to it. When Nada asks Frank to put on his sunglasses so he can see what he sees, Frank firmly refuses and calls him a “crazy motha…”. Nada replies with another classic line “Either you put these sunglasses on or start eating that trash can”.

Then ensues one of the longest one-on-one fight scene I’ve ever seen (eight minutes of punching and kicking), a scene that is dragged out for so long that it becomes utterly absurd and even comical. While the scene might seem ridiculous, it says something about the difficulty of making regular, average people wake up from their blissful ignorance.

Frank finally sees the truth. All it took is Nada beating the crap out of him, sticking the sunglasses on his face against his will and forcing him to look around. Yes, convincing other people of the truth can be a hard task.

It takes a lot of effort on Nada’s part, but Frank finally sees the aliens controlling the world. The two pals are then invited to a secret meeting of the underground organization that is attempting to rid the earth of the aliens.

During the meeting, Nada and Frank are given truth-seeing contact lenses. The sunglasses gave truth-seers a nasty headache, especially when they are taken off. When first exposed to the truth, adapting to the new reality can indeed be difficult, and even painful. However, after a while, it becomes a seamless part of the person. A little like wearing contact lenses.

During the meeting, Nada and Frank learn that humans are being recruited by the aliens in exchange for wealth and power. As the leader of the underground organization says: “Most of us just sell out right away”. It is rather easy to make a correlation between the movie and actual politicians and celebrities we’ve seen in previous articles on this site who readily sell out to the Illuminati in exchange for wealth, power and celebrity.

The meeting doesn’t last long, however, as police barge in the place and start shooting everyone there. They are designated a “terrorist organization” by the elite. Nada and Frank manage to escape and accidentally find themselves behind enemy lines, in the alien’s underground base.

Behind Enemy Lines

While exploring the aliens’ underground base, Nada and Frank stumble upon a party thrown by the aliens for human collaborators to thank them for their “partnership”. Although humans will never be considered equals to the aliens, those who sell out to them get monetary benefits … much like those who are not part of today’s elite who nevertheless sell out to push the elite’s New World Order Agenda.

“Our projections show that by the year 2025, not only America but the entire planet will be under the protection and the dominion of this power alliance. The gains have been substantial, both for ourselves and for you, the human power elite.”

Frank and Nada then discover the source of the aliens’ brainwashing signals: A television studio. The aliens use the network to broadcast hypnotic and subliminal signals to humans, blinding them from the truth about their rulers and the world. The message that is communicated here: Mass media is the elite’s favorite tool indoctrinate the masses and to keep them in servitude.

The TV station ‘Cable 54’ is used by the aliens to hypnotize humans. Is this science-fiction? Barely.

Nada realizes that the only way to save humanity from the grips of the aliens is to go to the roof of the TV station’s building and to take down the emitter of the subliminal messages, disguised as a satellite dish. Indeed, without an elite-controlled mass media, indoctrinating the masses will be a lot more difficult. So Nada and Frank start shooting their way towards the roof, not an easy task.

The Disinformation Agent

While this lady appeared to be nice at first, she tried to mislead, deceive and even kill Nada during his quest. She ends up shooting his pal Frank in the head.

Nada met Holly Thomspon, a Cable 54 network executive, at the beginning of his wild rampage. While Nada appears to be somewhat enamored with her, she always somehow brings trouble. During the “terrorist organization” meeting, Holly infiltrated the group, posing as a sympathizer and claiming that Cable 54 “was clean” and was not the source of aliens’ signal, which was false and misleading. Today, disinformation is widely used by the elite to confuse and mislead those who attempt to discover the truth about the world.

During Nada’s rush towards the roof of the network’s building, Holly appears again, claiming that she wants to help him. However, she is simply trying to kill him before the mission is accomplished. She is, therefore, another human that sold out to the aliens being used to disrupt non-corrupted humans attempting to liberate themselves and others.

Taking Down the Aliens

Here’s the biggest spoiler of them all: Nada manages to take down the aliens’ transmitter and saves humanity. This heroic move gets him killed, however, as a policeman inside a helicopter shoots him dead. Nada, therefore, becomes the quintessential hero, sacrificing his life for the good of humanity – a martyr for human freedom from soulless rulers.

Even though it cost his life, Nada visibly does not regret exposing the aliens to the world. With his last ounce of strength, Nada gives the aliens a uniquely human parting gift: the finger.

Once the aliens’ satellite dish is down, the masses are able to see the world as it is: the alien’s ugly faces are exposed to the world.

TV viewers around the world now realize that those giving the daily news were also those who controlled them.

In Conclusion

Although They Live is usually described as “a science-fiction movie that criticizes consumer culture”, the scope of its message actually goes way beyond the usual “consumerism is bad” lecture. They Live can indeed be interpreted as a treatise on the thorough and systematic conditioning of human experience in order for a hidden elite to covertly control, manipulate and exploit the masses. In the movie, the rulers are portrayed as a completely different race that perceives humans as inferior – something that can easily be correlated to the attitudes about the bloodlines of the Illuminati. The presence of these strong messages in the movie is one of the reasons They Live became somewhat of a cult-classic, despite the fact that it was panned by movie critics. As the years go by, the movie’s message is becoming increasingly relevant … and freakishly realistic.

Many of those who seek the truth about the world realize that its reins are held by an unelected elite, one that is essentially hidden from the public eye. As the movie’s promotional poster says: “You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You’re wrong. Dead wrong.” Working behind the scenes, this secretive elite constantly works towards the creation of a global system that would serve its interests: a New World Order, ruled by one world government. As a human collaborator says in the movie to justify his selling-out: “There ain’t no countries anymore. No more good guys. They’re running the whole show. They own everything. The whole goddamn planet!”  To facilitate the rulers’ work, the masses are kept in the dark and are distracted by the fake puppet show that is politics and the “no independent thought” programming that is mass media. Apathy, ignorance, and indifference are the elite’s best friends.

Despite its unimpressive special effects and odd dialogue, They Live manages to describe the world elite’s motives and strategy in a way that can be understood by all. And that is no simple task. However, in order to fully understand the movie’s message, one must be wearing truth-seeing sunglasses. Do you have yours on?


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"In the movie, the rulers are portrayed as a completely different race that perceives humans as inferior" isn't that what jews believe ?

No, it’s the Vatican/Jesuits using the Jews as the front fall guy. Wake up.

It’s you who needs to wake up

I’m assuming your Christian, and that you know the Dragon/Beast is a pulling all the strings on a geopolitical scale. If the dragon/beast could concoct a counterfeit Christ, and counterfeit Prophet, don’t you think it could concoct counterfeit “Jew” and a counterfeit “Israel”? Scripture clearly places the Beast System coming out of Rome, not from the Levant.

@randomguy. When I first noticed your post trying to paint Jews as the bad guys received 10 thumbs up,I was a little disappointed that even on a site like this(supposedly filled with so called “WOKE” people)the “Jews are the bad guys” is something some people on here believe. Then I remembered this current wave of Jews being viewed as the bad guys in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA and in comments sections on tons of liberal articles and videos,is expected. More than likely every person who is a TRUE born again Bible believing Christian is aware that ONE of the things that signifies how close the world is in coming to an end is tons of people turning on Israel.You know the country that is filled with Jews(just because you and others may not mention Israel, you’re in fact still spewing hostility towards Jews).Even it’s main ally, America isn’t 100% on their… Read more »

Its far to easy to say “Basically this uptick in hostility towards Jews/Israel was already foreseen in the Bible centuries ago” without saying where in the Bible you are referring to etc

They live is probably one of the best, most informative movies ever made.

Along with Soylent Green…

I've just watched this movie, and almost every minute of it has some sort of underlying reference..

Interesting facts on Wikipedia..

It made 13 mil in the first week.

Sales dwindled and despite debuting at #1 it dropped off the top 10 within 2 weeks.

John Carpenter is on record as saying (in regard to the drop)

"[those] who go to the movies in vast numbers these days don't want to be enlightened"

What did he mean by that? Well I think we all know exactly…

Veerry interesting…

I saw this movie too and wow is all I can say. I understood the concept of it. Even back then they were trying to give us a message. Wake up people.

This movie is actually far more fact than fiction – Read the book 'Intruders' by Budd Hopkins.

They live is a classic I love john carpenter movies another good movie with a new world order message is escape from new York another classic these two movies I believe show us our possible future its scary but the truth another thing looming around that has to do with they live and our world is reptilians that look human same thing as they live aliens its so crazy how they live matches up with our world today they live we sleep wake the f**k up America and world they are here and they don't care about if we live or die

Ever since I was little I love the movie they live and my mom was like that type of thing is going right now. I just laughed it off it wasn't until I was adult I things the way she she and Nada

You missed the LSD metaphor. The sunglasses (really the lenses in them) are called Hoffman lenses in the film. This is a reference to Albert Hoffman the Swiss chemist that first synthesized LSD. Psychedelic plants and chemicals can be used as a "lens" to view reality and consciousness through. They all have their different attributes psylocibin affects your inner voice and engages vocal centers to reveal things in a very verbal way whispering ideas and arguments into your mind. Each tool has a different purpose. They all have a very humbling, revealing, reflective and thought provoking purpose when used properly.

I believe that this movie is not science fiction but merely clothed as fiction to protect itself from …….ist backlash.
The situation is here now.
It is clear who the aliens represent. Who really controls the USA?

And by now we should all know who that is folks.
Every home should have a gun, by law, the same as Switzerland, one of the safest countries in the world.

It won’t be long before citizens need weapons to protect themselves against their own government/s. Americans will do fine because of their right to carry a gun. The British people won’t stand a chance.

Oh dear Lord, We did a unit in my reading class where we read a book called "Are We Alone?" a book about the alien civilisations. We watched this film in class! All I could think about was it's hidden message and the elite's and the NWO! Let me remind you I am now entering 7th grade and we watched this in 6th grade. I hated the feeling that I was the only one in my class that knew about this obvious, but hidden class of true evil. And my teacher was like "I'm glad to know our world doesn't have controling subliminal messages!" All I could think was "WTF! How do you not know!!!"

Hello everyone! Please excuse me for my bad english writing, I am a French man and I am a “complotist” as “they” call us. We have the same bastards leading the sheeps to the death row and I know now that their plot runs far away beyond what anybody could imagine. Don t judge me too bad but I understood many things using magic mushroom in an experimental way. I don t wanna promote it because it is notre a game and you can see heaven as hell, you got to be mentally strong and peaceful using it if you don t want to awake in a psychiatric hospital after a trip. While tripping I deeply felt the presence of Evil. It came because we drank alcohol when getting high. Alcohol calls bad energies and opens gates you shouldn’t open. I am now sure that “It” (demon/Devil/aliens, call it as… Read more »


If you’re already “aware” you don’t need the glasses.

While the movie occasionally stumbles into sheer ridiculousness, even for a B movie, you can't help but applaud it's social commentary. It's message alone helps absolve most of the films flaws, but I can't help but wonder how well this film would have been with less campy overtones and a more focused storyline.

Aliens ?…. I thought it was about Zionists!!!

It is about Zionists and their bought for sell outs. It’s not about aliens.

I just discovered this site last night. I woke up decades ago, with a little help from my friends and the Libertarian Bookshop. I saw this flick on cable shortly after it came out. I was totally blown away! I have noticed a huge increase of interest in all things conspiratorial. The two fake elections of GWB and 9/11 woke a lot of people up. I guess they don't care how obvious it is now, as the legislation has been passed and the deeds done to make "them" impervious to our protests or activism. Obama's continuation of W's policies and the uber crack down on OWS and medical marijuana should have completely destroyed the illusion of a two-party, right-left system. Thanks for resurrecting "They Live". I think this is one of the most important movies ever made. To that end I have made copies in several formats in case a… Read more »
rowdy rodey piper other guy was a old school wwf wrester as well that's why the fight scene was so long these guy's did live fight scenes for a living but its pretty poignant to remind people of our own bia's and our weakness how lazy we have become how hard it is to convince someone of something, this guy is just doing it the only way he knows how. even the fight scene exemplify this, he's not capable to make a long thought out argument. the woman he runs into somehow conveniently turns up on there side she ends up killing his friend, and he gets shot too , he gets tricked see he's not a thinker hes a warrior, a doer , hes only doing things as he see's right. now days most our warriors are too busy getting high or following orders a intelligent person might just… Read more »

indeed the Glasses are Hoffman's glasses, symbolic for LSD, hence, the real controllers of this planet are non human, alien/demonic beings, which can be seen only in altered states of consciousness.
That's what Hunter S. Thompson described in his experiences, along many others.

OK, Enough is enough. Im Ron Im back with info to "blow the lid of this stuff" Its scary, horrific and pure demonic, however what I am about to say here for my own protection is my hypothesis. My thoughts are crammed so hard with this info that I believe God and Jesus has transmitted to me. So I am going to just list stuff in no real order but make of it what you will. 1) They live, they are "everywhere" 2) They are counterfit "humans" they look like us but are an obomination see genesis 13.35 3) I believe they are Satans offspring i.e. Nephelim , they never went away, 5000 giants skeletons found in US were blocked off and hidden by US Gov (see Steve Quale utube) 4) Contestants of most game shows are "plants" mostly reptilians, watch for tongue lashing and deliberate losing and being happy… Read more »

Oh dear Lord, you have an excellent point! I have prayed to god 2 times while on this site. And about the gel thing I'm not so sure about that because I kind of need gels to wash my hair and face, but I get where your coming from. Also thankyou for all that overwhelming yet helpful information! What were the resources that you got all these facts from?

Believe in yourself, not fairy stories.

Creepy bastard!

lol, the government agenda to destroy christianity? give me a break…if anything the government is in bed with chrisitanity.

The Nephilim were just aliens that came to Earth in order to speed up the evolution process. Through genetic manipulation they instigated modern man. Not devils, just ETs who enjoy experimenting on other species just as we do with animals. Nothing creepy. However, they do revisit us from time to time to see how their program is getting on. I reckon they’re very surprised that we’ve advanced so quickly. Recent speeding-up of technology is another factor they’ve introduced in order to help us travel to the stars.

Great article.”They are designated a “terrorist organization” by the elite”Parallels with us freedom loving gun-toting patriots of today.

I love your article, one thing you left out was the part where the preacher grabed Nadas hands to find out if he was an alien. The preacher knew Nada was not an Alien because those of the Alien class do not work as labor.

the symbolism in the movie apparently starts from the opening scene.. look what [symbol] is on the side of the train.. as it enters the dark tunnel.. where someone has painted 'they live'

..that's a whole story in itself..

..early in the movie, as the blind preacher delivers his speech, the scene flashes to what seems to be a stack of televisions for sale [in a store window] look up in the top left corner as the tv's appear.. that _number_ isn't a price-tag.. (see there is a 'degree' symbol after the 33)

look also for the scene(s) where two towers fall and what seems to be a clock face is pointing to the numbers 9 and 11 [this is from memory]

kudo's for spotting the hoffman lense reference

Wow!!!! I had never even heard of this movie untill I read about it on VC two days ago. Then I came across it again by accident yesterday on a different site. But get this, last night I was sound asleep and was sudenly awakened at 11;00 p.m. by the Lord. He told me to turn the t.v. to 'turner channel movies'. I did and this movie was just starting. At first I did not realize what I was watching and was almost ready to turn it off. Then it hit me what God had done for me by wakeing me up. If you are son of the light of God then go now and read 1st. thess. 5:1-9 and Matt. 24:42-44. May God bless you who are his. thank you VC

God didn’t awake you. If anyone or ‘thing’ did, it would be an extra-terrestrial who (for some reason) is interested in you. Aliens use the “God” myth in order to stop you from becoming too afraid. For non-believers, they implant other types of images.

Anyone noticed how OBEY snapbacks, t shirts and stuff look a lot like the OBEY written on sign boards opinion this movie! Almost every teenager are wearing these OBEY brands

That brand began a year after this movie came out. I was thinking the same thing. Their graphic logo also kind of resembles big brother, which is not particularly surprising. I’d say the two are related

actually 2001. I was mistaken

Obi Wan Kenobi “Obay One Can Obay. All clever stuff implanted.

Notice there is a newish clothing line called OBEY check it out it's based on this movie

Whats the point? I don't think anything is going to change. The masses will keep sleeping and the NWO will go on doing what it's doing and probably achieve what they plan. It's not like we'll all gather up against them. Knowing is useless if there is no action.

I was 20 when They Live came out and I remember closely identifying with it even back then. I never could figure out why what was so clear to me was so difficult for others. Today, a few are now able to see but mostly it's still the same drawn out fight; people still don't want to put on the glasses.

Anyway, very nice breakdown VC. Thank you.

Most people will never wear “the glasses” as it takes them out of their comfort zone. The rest? – it is too late for them.

Oh my gosh! What a synchronicity! I just came across this movie the other day and I thought it was a perfect metaphor for the control that is going on in our society.

You know I find it funny that so many people are into zombies now as a trend or subculture.

Little do they know the zombies are already here, among us. 😛

I suspect they had to throw in dorky dialog and stuff, just to be allowed to show it. They think that because it's dorky, we sheeple won't catch on to the serious message.


I have this movie, although I don't watch it often as I've long since moved way past the simple revelations this film portrays… and I find it difficult to watch the terrible hammy acting 🙂 But for those who still don't understand that there is a hidden group of people controlling and corrupting us in every conceivable way, this movie can be the perfect introduction. Portraying the infiltrators and destroyers as aliens is a great way to introduce the uninitiated to the destructive forces around us, rather than portraying these people as being the same as us, but with a hidden agenda… which many people cannot understand, until they learn more. For they do live amongst us, they look like us, they talk like us, they are infiltrated into all of our positions of power, yet they deceive us with their destructive hidden agendas to corrupt us, to corrupt our… Read more »

It's an excellent analysis VC, as always.

After sifting what I want to say, I got to a question… What does it mean "God bless America" and "In God we trust", which is here and there, and Americans just kill people all around the world. What does it have to do with God?

the american government kills people around the world.

please don't generalize the american people like that. or any people.

if you were to interview the "average" people in any country of the world, i doubt they would stand for random murder.

we, the people, are not in control… or have you not read anything on this site yet?

Thank goodness that you aren’t already brainwashed. Stay like that – please. as there are very few of us left.

This movie immediately resonated with me, it wasn’t until I read deeper interpretations (thank you VC), that I realized how profoundly accurate it is (even more so today). A part of me thinks this movie is a warning to future generations like 1984 and Eyes Wide Shut, a part of me thinks it’s an occult “revelation of the method” or predictive programming like 1984 and Eyes Wide Shut.

For instance, “John Nada” literally means “God Gives Nothing” in Hebrew and Spanish. In Esoterica, names usually aren’t random reinforce the esoteric layer.

Thanks for this description of the movie, which I'm going to try to catch. We recently threw out our TV because of dissatisfaction with the BBC's disinformation strategy. Best wishes for your future work.

Wow I need to see this movie!

The signal is coming from the moon (satellite) designed for this purpose. I would like to see the real world without the blockage!

Saw the movie earlier and truly speaks the words of public mental sedation and keeping people oblivious to the domination of elite world leaders. Irrelevant to the topic on hand but you guys should do an article on the video game series Metal Gear Solid, it is a realistic sci-fi action game with multiple implicated subtle meanings such of higher beings ruling society and controlling all information and setting the stage for evolution of mankind and supposed government agendas which today are all too real.

"Our impulses are being redirected. We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep. (…) The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are nonexistent. They have created a repressive society, and we are their unwitting accomplices. Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance. They have made us indifferent to ourselves, to others. We are focused only on our own gain. Please understand. They are safe as long as they are not discovered. That is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated."

This part made me remember of "The Matrix".

Its part of the “dumbing-down syndrome. Turn off your TVs and get back to reality. Easier said than done for some, as its too late! Those who still feel they can take control of their lives again, turn them off!

hi VC,

can you do something on the movie Battleship. i think there is something wrong with that movie…


What is wrong with that movie? Man! We misinterpreted the aliens agenda. We attacked them because of the crazy irrational thing that pervades humanity – fear of the unknown.
Shot first , ask questions later. No wonder ET refuses to interact with humanity.

This movie was a favorite from my childhood and I think the message behind it must have seeped into my subconscious because although I never realized the truth the movie was trying to convey…I did have serious suspicions about advertising during my later years.

guys this might be a little unrelated.. or it could be related.. unmanned drones being sold to US law enforcement http://bossip.com/576924/onetime-just-got-bigger-

Why would anyone want to be a domesticated sheep(believer) or a goat (non-beleivers)? Actually goats are smarter and more intelligent than sheep who need a dog and sheperd to survive in the wild.

I prefer to be an American Bison Tatanka or a Wolf a warrior with a family dynamic and tribal system.

No thanks on the sheep thing. LOL. Wild things are pure and unadulterated by human slime.

The Bible doesn't say we are sheep, it likens us to sheep because we are blind and sheep tend to wander, BUT a sheep also knows its masters call. I hate how people have twisted this to mean Believers are somehow dumb, quite the opposite. When you become a new creation in Christ you learn to think for yourself really for the first time because the blinders are taken off. Jesus is also called the Lamb of God (he is also likened to a lion as well, its an analogy…), it's a consistence analogy, of believers has sheep through the Bible. It's funny, when the Israelite's strayed away from God they ended up doing strange things but usually they eventually came back to him, much like how Hezekiah turned Israel back to God. 🙂 Believe it or not, people are not always smart on our own, we need other people,… Read more »

Behave… Those which we relate to as Gods. Were aliens from another star-system. UFOs are even mentioned in the bible. Ezekiel… etc, etc. Snap out of the creation myths.
Open your mind to what YOU are. Never follow another’s teachings and star no matter how good they seem to be.

… and also, you don't need sunglasses… just don't trust advertising, or most of the other crap that's on TV. Go to the library, get some good books instead. Read! Learn something useful! Shut off the stupid TV. Mine broke recently and I haven't missed it too much.

Anybody else let out a chuckle seeing this on the home page?!

Dude this movie is such a classic! I love it! Great analyses too, but anyone with a thinking brain should understand what this movie is about. But sad truth is, there are hardly anyone with a functioning brain 😉

Where are the functioning brains? What happened to all of us? Everything deteriorates very rapidly like we're under some kind of spell. Press the destruction button.

I couldn't believe the message of this movie when I first seen it, hardly any FICTION at all. They try to mask the clear message with corniness.

Taking a trip back in time, are we? I was pleasantly surprised to see this on your site. This movie has always been one of my favorites.

And 24 years on nothing has changed.

Makes you wonder if society will still be brainwashed sheep another 24 years from now.

it makes me wonder if society will still be here another 24 years from now

make me wonder if the Nadas even are brave enough to fight this.

What's sad but true, is that we "nadas" can fight them, but we won't win. This is Satan's world right now. But you know what? If I die because I refuse to conform to this evil world- I DONT CARE. My treasure isnt on this earth, I know this isn't all we have, and I have hope in Jesus. I would rather die "non-conforming" than lose my soul to the evil in this world. I think most people on this site would agree. Right? Just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to bow down to worship King Nebuchadnezzar's idol, and were thrown into the fire- I will do the same. 🙂 Gladly. "If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. But even if he does not, we want you to… Read more »

you took the red pill, stay frosty 🙂

i believe its highly probable things wont change these are the primary categorized reactions i see in order of most to least 1) denial ( undermines the belief in common goodness order and self identity ) 2) fear of disruption ( uncaring or self absorption i.e. lifes not bad for me ) 3) perception of authority and order ( this is the way it is always has been ) 4) affirmation that this is a acceptable hierarchical structure ( until someone gets hurt here its ok ). 5) over reaction its aliens a joke or things that are way out there kinda like a panic reaction ect… 6) unacceptable order due to loss of representation liberty economic slavery class ordering by birth or location technological stagnation possibly made permanent for hundreds or thousands of years im seeing this as the calculated outcome a whole series of bad things first …… Read more »

i believe one needs a certain level of intelligence or wisdom to arrive at #6 being that most people do not have that level of intelligence the primary reason that 1 thru 4 are most popular is because

there is no base wisdom to derive the result this type of order would lead to into the future

while people can in time can gain this level of wisdom for most they won't
till they are at least in there 40's or 50's and some
not at all due to the chaotic environment around them
drugged up uneducated drones would never break such a cycle, simply enforce it.

Where mankind is concerned, things will never change. Its in our nature from the beginning. Genesis One was flawed. After all it was only an experiment instigated by a species of ETs. Bound to have some errors in the program. The Nephilim are trying to put it right by abducting humans in order to create hybrids. Unfortunately, its a slow process and by the time its of value, we may have replaced ourselves with machines. In a sense it is evolution at work. Whenever nature decides a species has run its course, it becomes extinct. Mankind has now speeded up this evolutionary program and we are building our own replacement – sentient robots. Unlike humans such devices are Ideal for space travel.

I get everything you are saying… I watched this recently and found myself pausing almost straight after the movie started. The graffiti picture as ‘They Live” appears. I can’t tell you why it happened, I have seen this movie so many times and this was the first time something said “what was that”, So I paused it and there seems to be a lot hidden there. Including the Portal spiral, Injections and IXXI, On the side of the train “Shock Control” to name a few… Cant find anything about the graffiti online.

For those who don’t know. Everything you see in a movie has been placed there, created for the purpose of telling the story!

I loved this movie back in the days of cable tv, oh, still there with cable. There is a good youtube video showing the playing of the star spangled banner back when television would end for the night and it had tons of subliminal messaging such as Obey. I talk to my 7 year old son about things to be aware of and it sounds like a lot of his friend's dads are doing the same. There is a sense in this world that stuff isn't right, people are awakening. But whatever you do don't mention Zionists to people, they don't want to hear that word, they are the chosen and have conditioned this country to look elsewhere for the trouble makers. You can find the quote from some UN stooge saying that to be accepted in the NWO you have to take a Lucferian pledge. I remember years ago… Read more »

Ther has been proven programming via subliminal methods during the evening sign off, I was surprised to see the frame by frame screen grabs from the original videos, called out and explained on a website. Look for it if you care to.

let a atheist or if you like mostly one explain to all you religious pep's a little something about faith faith is NOT the same as a religion in books written by men faith IS the process of total disbelief to the point of having faith in ONLY thing's that one CANNOT deny bull-shiting your self ergo religion is the process of swallowing things you know other people are telling you too when you CAN find doubt in it yet are TOLD not to question your own rationality and have faith. this apply's to any deity you pretend you know including satanist's they are equivillent'ly in error i should remind you it is extremely presumptuous and arrogant to claim you know god even if you could say you really did without bullshiting yourself you have as much chance to know god by reading a book about him as you have… Read more »

All man-made religion is false. Even the Bible was hijacked by the zealots in order to control the masses. Our true creators, or those who speed-up mankind’s evolution are aliens. The Nephilim.
As to the creator of “everything” Thats is another story.

The Bible is full of contradiction. This is done on purpose. The Bible has nothing to do with man made religion, its a “guide book” for sentient beings.
There are clues everywhere. Even in the first book: Genesis.
The so-called God states… Let us create man in OUR image. Plural, not singular.
For anyone with intelligence , the clues to how and why we came about, are already within that user manual!

keep going guys.this is great work"''

See Adorno (philosopher) and is work about Cultural industry and alienation. See also Freud about civilization and repression!