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The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen



The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

The 2017 Grammy Awards featured pop stars taking aim at Trump while elevating Beyoncé to a goddess-like status. It was a 2017 update of the elite’s agenda.

All award shows contain carefully planned “highlight moments” to be discussed by mass media in the following days. The 2017 Grammys were no exception and, this year, these “moments” had a specific political message which clearly spelled out what the elite expects from people this year.

At the moment, Trump can be likened to cartoonish ‘bad guy’, a racist, irrational, egocentric, intolerant, capitalist, patriarchal, misogynistic, incompetent tyrant who needs to be removed from power right away. Trump is the common enemy around which the nation’s youth can be rallied against. It is almost as if Trump is playing a role to “make the elite’s agenda cool again”.  The elite’s motto is “Order after chaos”. Trump is the “chaos”. The elite’s agenda is the “order” to fix it.

In the Grammys, the anti-Trump message reached its apex when Busta Rhymes took the stage and called Trump “Agent Orange” (which is also the name of a toxic herbicide used by the US army in Vietnam) – a perfectly cartoonish villain name.

Opposed to Agent Orange was Beyoncé who played the role of an awe-inspiring mother-goddess, surrounded by an aura of purity. She was the queen of the ceremony and the recipient of universal praise.

Mother Goddess

As in tradition, Beyoncé was the queen of this awards ceremony. While most artists offered sober performances, hers was an intense visual and auditory experience interlaced with powerful words and symbolic imagery.

Shortly before the Grammy awards, Beyoncé made a grandiose pregnancy announcement which caused mass media to lose its damn mind. Some headlines were going to strange emotional depths, stating that “it was just what this nation needed”.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

A typical headline about Beyoncé.

This mass media response was planned. Beyoncé’s team did everything right to make this moment as iconic and transcendent as possible.

Strange fact, a Twitter user by the name of beyoncefan666 accurately predicted Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement in July 2016.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen


The media frenzy around Beyoncé’s pregnancy began when she posted an eye-catching picture on Instagram.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement on Instagram.

While everybody and their mother was gossiping about this picture, nobody seemed to notice an extremely important item in there: The Veil. Why is her face covered by a pale veil while announcing her pregnancy? Veils traditionally represent a bride’s virginity.

“An occasion on which a Western woman is likely to wear a veil is on her wedding day. Veils covering the hair and face became a symbolic reference to the virginity of the bride thereafter. A bride may wear the face veil through the ceremony. Then either her father lifts the veil, presenting the bride to her groom, or the groom lifts the veil to symbolically consummate the marriage.”

By combining a symbol of virginity with her pregnant belly, we get a bizarre message about the babies being conceived without sexual relations – not unlike the Virgin Mary.

Beyoncé’s Grammy performance went even deeper into Virgin Mary symbolism while emphasizing the concept of immaculate conception.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

At the beginning of the performance, Beyoncé stood stoically, as if in a religious painting, holding her belly while a divine glow was shining on her.

Not unlike in her video album Lemonade, Beyoncé’s look is greatly inspired by the goddess Oshun. There are however added elements.

Around her head are two ancient spiritual symbols: a halo and solar rays. These are often found on classic depictions of the Virgin Mary.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

A depiction of the Virgin Mary with a halo and solar rays around her head.

Halo: Also called a nimbus. A geometric shape, usually in the form of a disk, circle, ring, or rayed structure, traditionally representing a radiant light around or above the head of a divine or sacred personage, an ancient or medieval monarch, etc.

The seven solar rays around Beyoncé’s head gave her performance an even deeper esoteric meaning – one that refers to occult mysteries.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

Apollo (left), Mithras (center) and the Statue of Liberty (right). Seven solar rays emanating from the head of a divine figure is an important symbol in Mystery schools and Masonic symbolism. The true esoteric meaning of this symbol might be lost in Antiquity.

During her visually-intense performance, Beyoncé was surrounded by loyal followers who revered the grounds she walked on. At one point, things got weird.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

Beyoncé’s chair tipped very heavily backward – a maneuver that is NOT RECOMMENDED for pregnant women.

Despite being a human goddess, Beyoncé is nevertheless submitted to the will of the industry that controls her. That chair represents the industry that could easily hurt her and her children. The same concept – a goddess controlled by dark forces – is at the core of her video-album Lemonade (read my full analysis of it here).

Despite her goddess-like status, Beyoncé did not win album of the year. It was won by Adele whose Grammy performance was the EXACT opposite of Beyoncé’s composed and ethereal offering. Indeed, Adele messed up the song tributing George Michael and cursed on live TV, something she kept apologizing for afterward.

During her acceptance speech, Adele went on a bizarre rant about how she’s obsessed with Beyoncé, even saying:

“I want you to be my mommy”.

That is a bizarre thing to say. But it is the perfect thing to say to the woman who played the role of the archetypical life-giving mother goddess alive in the flesh.

Resist Trump

Believe it or not, Trump’s election was the best thing that could happen to the elite’s agenda and the entire mass media system supporting it. In the past years, traditional media (including news and entertainment) was growing stale and losing influence. Trump’s election deeply re-energized this entire system by giving it a new sense of purpose. The elite’s agenda can now be presented as the solution to defeat Trump who is #notmypresident.

It can now be associated with revolt and rebellion, two things that young people find appealing. The Agenda is now “fighting the power” and its message to the youth this year is “resist”.

Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm is a perfect example of pop culture using Trump to give itself a contestatory edge. While Perry has been used, for years, to push various aspects of the elite’s agenda (see my several articles about Katy Perry here), she is now telling people to “wake up” and so forth.

Are we crazy?
Living our lives through a lens
Trapped in our white picket fence
Like ornaments
So comfortable, we’re living in a bubble, bubble
So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, trouble

The thing is, she is a part of the bubble. She is part of the mass media system that uses celebrity worship to push artificially created narratives.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

Perry stands in a house surrounded by a picket fence while wearing an armband saying “Persist”.

The message of this song is rather confusing. People are apparently trapped in their houses with white picket fences. They are “too comfortable and should get out of their bubble”. This is coming from a pop star who lives in a $20 million estate.

She seems to forget that millions of Americans would actually LOVE to own a house with a picket fence. Millions actually lost their house in the 2008 market crash that was all but engineered by her elite rulers.

During her performance, raging waters and hellish fire are projected on the house.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

The house and the fence are on fire. This represents a period of intense turmoil.

Then Skip Marley (Bob Marley’s grandson) sings a verse that sums up what the elite wants from the youth at this particular point and time.

“It is my desire
Break down the walls to connect, inspire
Ay, up in your high place, liars
Time is ticking for the empire
The truth they feed is feeble
As so many times before
They greed over the people
They stumbling and fumbling
And we’re about to riot
They woke up, they woke up the lions”

When reading these lyrics, we realize that we are in an interesting time in History. Revolutionary vocabulary is used against Trump, a temporary visitor to the White House and is threatened with riots. Meanwhile, the true elite, which remains in power no matter who is President, is untouched. It is the invisible puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes.

After Marley’s verse, the American house is completely taken apart.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

The house, symbol of the American dream, is broken down into pieces. Katy Perry told you that you were too comfortable.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

The house is turned into a wall on which is projected the US constitution. The fact that a typical American house, a representation of private property and land ownership, was torn apart to make up this wall is ironic.

Speaking of the Constitution, the legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest performed a song entitled We The People. While rap music always had a contestatory element to it, this song takes aim at very specific policies.

“All you Black folks, you must go
All you Mexicans, you must go
And all you poor folks, you must go
Muslims and gays, boy, we hate your ways
So all you bad folks, you must go”

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

The performance ended with Q-Tip screaming “Resist!” surrounded by refugees, immigrants and other people targeted by Trump’s policies.

While rap music has always been on the side of minorities, it is currently being co-opted to fit a wider globalist agenda. Not only is Trump being rejected (which was to be expected), but the opposite of his policies (i.e. open borders) is simultaneously being promoted. When the time will come to replace Trump, the “answer” to him will be 100% in line with the elite’s agenda. And people will perceive this as a victory.

In Conclusion

The 2017 Grammy Awards was one of contrasts and duality. It elevated to the level of holy deity the “queen” of the elite’s industry while vilifying and rejecting the “king” of the United States.

Trump is depicted as an angry old man consumed by earthly things such as hate, greed, and power. Beyoncé is surrounded by the divine aura of a child-bearing goddess. Through this powerful symbolism, the Grammys explicitly tells the viewers what to reject and what to embrace.

So, no the Grammys are not “about the music”. They are about everything else. If you like music but don’t feel like being lectured for three hours, the only thing to do is follow Ceelo Green’s lead and leave the party.

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The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

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Why do people think Beyoncé is so great?


Actually very few people do. Its the music sector that pushes her down our throat.


and people generally dont care, so mostly nobody says anything. However if anyone says anything positive they are given space in the media.

“X thinks Beyonce is great and she changed her life in a positive way”

Boom, now the mindset that beyonce is great has been successfully created.


Yeah that’s true.


She has millions and millions of followers on social media and likewise multi-million views of her videos. People listen to her music and attend her concerts. Nobody with any kind of discernment would wish to do so so that’s millions and millions of people with poor taste for you.

Don’t post stuff like ‘celebrities aren’t popular’ when it obviously isn’t true… unless you want to argue the millions of views she gets aren’t actually real and are simply manipulated data and nobody actually watches her material – but then, what would be the point of pushing her? Logic. Come on.


are you one those millions (of viewers)?


Fair point. However, often the reason mainstream celebrities get popular is because there is consistent messaging about how good they are (they may or may not be) and constant radio and tv play of their songs (paid for by record labels). Which to me is a form of brainwashing. The point is to create the persona and image and behaviour they want people to adore and emulate. They already know how to manipulate the general population to make someone popular. I noticed this first years ago, working in MTV – how artists regardless of talent can become international celebrities purely from marketing and PR propaganda. And constant airplay of their music. Even if you hate it, you know it. Beyonce has a nice voice but hardly spectacular, and for me this shows particularly when she covers classic songs and there is direct comparison. But her fans will think she is amazing regardless and better than everyone else.

Thy Unveiling

All very true.

The repetitive airplay also works in the way of making songs “grow” on listeners. I think we all have at least one song that we used to hate but eventually grew on us. The most recent one for me is that bubbly infectious conceited “Me Too” song by Megan Trainor. The lyrics are terrible but the song itself is annoyingly catchy.


You should listen to public radio, get the itune radio app, xpn is a good public radio that I know about because I live near PA, and so is WPRB.


Public radio is run by globalists. Not the answer. (and we get to pay for it with our taxes, how nice)


Exactly, who never “heared” a song in his head after hearing it on radio earlier in the day ? Everydody did. “Musical programming” clearly is a form of conditionning.

The Austrian

i see it the same way, KLM. with most of todays “stars” i ask myself: are they constantly in the media cos People love them? or do People love them cos they are constantly in the media? 😉


2nd choice. People love them cause they are constantly in the media! Because people believe what they are told to believe.

Avid Fan

How then do you explain the international popularity of bands like The Ramones or the Clash? Both bands were huge and highly influential, all without the influence of the media.


They were in the specialist music media at the time rather than the mainstream media. Back in the day young people who wanted to find out about the latest bands would buy music papers rather than people of all ages having this information about them spoon fed to them via the tabloid newspapers. There were no music channels only a few music programmes on the terrestrial channels which meant remembering to stay in and watch them


Great reply. Yes, those were different times.


Most of all these singers are only products. Like Rihanna or Nicki Minaj, they can be replaced at any moment they stop being useful to the Luciferian show business. “Celebrities” are high-level slaves.


agree. her voice is ok, but sometimes i find it annoying 🙂


Are you sure about that? Or is that the controlled media just telling us she is?


I am wondering if you are trolling right now because you just took the conversation backwards.

Billy flowers

They don’t have power until the herd gives them power


Well you speak about logic but it seems you don’t have any. Nobody said she isn’t popular. It’s only in your mind. What we say is that she’s not a great singer and she don’t have great songs neither. She’s the perfect exemple that most poeple are sheeps who like what medias tell them to like. You’re probably one of them.


You have a point to a degree although don’t forget that as one example Lady GaGa was caught with fake view counts, fake likes, etc. (and quite a lot, like many millions of fake numbers).


They’re not real. Bots on social media. songs bought up by the business to make it look like she’s selling a lot..yep. Manipulated data is right.


Fake news, in other words.


I ask myself the same question. I listened to some of her newer songs to try and figure out why she’s become such a “legend” and found them to be rather dull for the most part. I just don’t see what separates her from the rest. She can sing when she wants to but she wastes her voice on a lot of meaningless fluff. As the other person said, I think people just blindly follow critics. “if so and so said it’s good/bad then it must be because they know what they’re talking about.” They won’t think for their selves.



Thy Unveiling

I’ve wondered that myself. Even a lot of Destiny’s Child songs were boring. Basically everything that wasn’t a single, it seemed.


dull lol maybe it wasn’t meant for you. It’s ok, Taylor Swift or Katy Perry might have something you’d enjoy.


Assuming she’s somehow better than Katy or Taylor or anyone else for that matter, lmao.

D D d

She is not. Her husband is a powerful tirant with minions who only need a wink to bat a bat. If you are quick there are some 20 year old accusations to be found. And some more mumbled behind hands.


She’s seen as ‘strong’ and ’empowered’. Wow do people love to assign positive attributes to celebrities they’ve never met. I mean we’ve never met her. How do we know if she’s strong and empowered?!

This narrative about Beyoncé fits in well with the palpable push towards feminism on social media. So she’ll only get more popular.

The MSM has even spoiled feminism for me now by being so blatantly manipulative with its propaganda 🙁


Yeah but the so called feminism that is widely talked about now isn’t even feminism. It’s misandry.


Thank you.


She’s anything but ‘strong’ and ’empowered’ and inverts those terms in the same way as Orwellian newspeak. When a woman claims to be ‘strong’ it’s usually a veneer otherwise she doesn’t need to say she is. When somebody says they want you to become ’empowered’ what they mean is they want you to fit their personal agenda.


That cliche’ is so old– never want to hear the tiresome phrase “strong woman” again. Yuck.


This is the age of Aquarius, as mentioned by Crowley in his Satanic Thelema nonsense, and it’s a wholly feminine epoch. In fact, it started after the Mayan calendar ended. This wave if feminism, which makes me sick, is all about the final inversion. Good is evil. Evil is good. Up is down. Down is up. Male is weaker (patriarchal God) Female is stronger (matriarchal, hermaphrodite Lucifer). Everything’s being inverted. Even patriotism and freedom. All being done on purpose to usher in the Antichrist. Things won’t get better. History won’t be able to look back, because there won’t be time to do so. No time to wonder where we all went wrong.


males and females should be equal

Thy Unveiling

We are in the sense that we balance each other out. It isn’t always sexist when people say “That’s mens/women’s work.” There are always exceptions to the rule, but I doubt you’d want an averagely built female like myself helping you move heavy furniture up a flight of stairs if you could have an averagely built man helping you instead. Absolutely I could help you do the job (there’s been a few times it’s been just my mom and I on moving day) but I won’t deny you’d have an easier time with a man around. You’d probably like the way I clean and organize everything once it’s inside, though. (I’m not implying all women are better at cleaning and organizing. I know some piggish women and I have met some obsessively tidy men.)
Regardless, men and women need each other. Without the other we could not exist as a species. We are equal but we are still different. We were designed that way.


‘Equal but different’ is an eloquent way of putting it @ThyUnveiling

just a reader

I don’t want to be too mean, but where did you get the idea that the age of Aquarius is a ‘wholly feminine epoch’? Aquarius itself is – technically speaking – a male sign (like all the elemental air signs) and it’s symbolism is wrapped up the the Promethian myth (more male symbolism).

The Aquarian age is tradionally supposed to be the New Age, linked with spiritual growth and change. This would also incorporate the stuggle between expansive thinking and traditional, repressive forces (Uranus vs Saturn, the two rulers of the sign,which are also symbolically male planets).

Anyway, the Aquarian Age isn’t really about anything as petty as femininity (or masculinity, for that matter). Arguably the symbols of the age are more intellectual and spiritual than sexual. And if people take sides in an Aquarian battle, they won’t choose according to their sex, because that won’t be what they’re fighting for.


You can’t separate sex and politics, it’s all intertwined whether we like it or not. In this age, the media age, perception is truth more than ever before.



Frater Sukheshvara

Actually Crowley taught that it was the aeon of Horus, a solar phallic God, “The crowned and conquering child.” He did predict a coming aeon of Maat, a Goddess of truth and order (an Egyptian idea simmilar to the Indian Dharma) but seemed to view it as far into the future. The Goddesses Nuit, the Mother of Infinite Stars, and Babalon (the “woman who rideth the Beast” 666 [ie Crowley, To Mega Therion ]) are important Thelemic Goddesses however.

– Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will….Every man and every woman is a star.


Email me your knowledge please ❤️

Phenomenal Woman

Yes.. Assbackward Society


So well articulated @Dixie.


“Male is weaker (patriarchal God) Female is stronger (matriarchal, hermaphrodite Lucifer).” What do you mean by this? Who is this “patriarchal God” you speak of? Any “god” of the patriarchs is in fact the evil one. You allow yourself to be blinded by what the opposition whats you to believe. You think that Beyonce represents true feminism? Beyonce is the patriarchal intention wrapped in a woman’s body, that is why you think matriarchal society somehow equals hermaphrodite. The feminine has been slowly awakening and rose from her slumber at the first sign of industrialism. The energy is trying to awaken within us, but a seed does not grow with no water in the darkness. The seed grows in the sunlight and the rain! If we do not know the seed is there, how will we cultivate it? We won’t, so the patriarchs are cultivating it for you, they are sending us the right food for thought to grow and manipulate that seed into what they want! Be aware of the true feminine energy rising with you, and nourish it, do not let them pollute it with their false ideas! There can be no peace on earth, or within our hearts,… Read more »


Was the Age of Pisces any better? The Age of Pisces was about delusion, wars and subservience as well as faith and compassion. It was about knowing your place in the order of things. People have the ability to see through delusions now which is why the elites are panicking and stepping up the delusions to such ridiculous levels that even a small child can see through it. At the moment we are in transition between Pisces and Aquarius. Different astrology experts would tell you different dates when the Age of Aquarius started or willl start.

Monte Gross



I don’t know. I watched it specifically skipping her performance because I knew it would end up here. They literally worship her. It’s such a weird feeling like when someone is under a haze, but that’s there choice to treat her like that. I didn’t see the adele part but that weird to even hear adele was praising her. It seems staged.


The Adele thing May have a variant of the Taylor Swift/ Kanye West thing a few years ago.

Daughter of the North

Because we’re told to.


I know, I’m sick of it, I’m not impressed by her at all…. and every time they bring the Worship Wagon around, I groan…. oh here they go again… I instinctively shrink away from her, although I will admit I have liked some of her music…. but I don’t worship her… like the rest of the world seemingly does… btw, that’s cool that Ceelo left like he did, good for him, but, and this is not meant in disrespect, but why does he look like a Klingon or a Reptilian? I didn’t get a good look at maybe what he was wearing or the makeup he might have had on…. he just looks strange in that gif that’s all…. I only watched some of the Grammy’s, didn’t see it all, it felt more interesting and less weird than other years, but I didn’t see it all…. I only caught the most normal parts of it it seems… except I did see Beyonce in all her ‘glory’ in one of her acceptance speeches, and I heard Adele, a rightful Goddess in her own right, for real, pay homage to the ‘fake Goddess’ Beyonce…. why?!? I know why cuz of these articles… Read more »


Cello did look weird in the gif.


In my opinion, her speech was imposed. I think that Beyoncé needs some worshippers. She needs people to know that even if she doesn’t win, she is still adored by the chosen winner cause it would be strange if she won everything. I think that’s also what happened at the 2009 MTV vma with Taylor Swift. I think she is full of pride and ego.


She’s NOT!!! Never liked her or any of her music and she can’t even sing. She’s a demon and her camel husband is her demon controller. Again when people idolize these idiots, I look at them and let them know they are just as stupid as the artist they get fanatic about. This is why I don’t listen to the radio at all or hardly watch TV.


Camel husband? 😀 😀 pahahahaaaahahaa


The SHEEP are told she is ….. so they all BAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH


First she was B. Then she became Queen Bee. At a certain point she was Sasha Fierce. Then She got back to beeing the “Queen”. Now she is a goddess. Her presenting herself is like she forces you to believe it. She acts like a queen. .. Stands like a goddess. Whatever the reason for her “greatness” is theres a great psychological persuation involved in my opinion.

D D d

She does not act like a queen. She acts. Full stop.


She is not a queen, or anyone or anything big in my eyes. She to me is like this empty, hollow ghost that is maybe under the tightest of Illuminati control, that kinda just appears on the scene dubiously with new, secret music (yawn), to announce her pregnancies in the most gaudy, lavish way (yawn x2), always taking over award shows with dramatic, long-planned out performances (yawn x100, this has happened numerous times now and it is getting old)…. she really just keeps doing the same sh-t over and over and the press melts down like it’s the first time.

Sharon Frohberg

My guess is Beyonce is not pregnant but has gained some weight and instead of holding in her midsection is relaxing her abdominal muscles effecting the appearance of pregnancy. She would not mar her money maker (body) with a pregnancy.


Nothing great about beyonce, except for sheeple who think so since she portrays everything thats symbolic of deities mentioned in this article and in later comments on it. Beyonce is not so different from Gaga and Madonna since they portray almost anything and everything thats symbolic of pagan and masonic references, even stretching towards ancients civilizations as far as some West African countries.

High level slavery at its worst since thats what celebrities are obviously.


What I find the most disturbing is Adele praising Beyonce, not once but three times. After she finished praising Beyonce, she then won again and she praised her some more. And then after the awards, in the interview room, she again praised her. Like seriously? Here you have the top selling artist, the best singer of this new generation praising an entertainer during their winning speeches. Something is not right. Could it be this was Adele’s humiliation ritual? Not only she messed up the George Michael’s tribute which I don’t see how when she’s a perfectionist but she then worshipped/praised Beyonce in a creepy disgusting way. Adele last album sold 9 millions, Beyonce Lemonade album sold 1.6 millions yet she’s saying how Beyonce deserved it while the people who worked with her on the album standing right behind her on the stage. She even said Beyonce is OUR light. What? That praise was not normal. It’s as if someone who is scared for their life and asss kissing and begging the person to not hurt them. That “Sasha Fierce” demon must be a raging wicked witch behind the scenes, everyone is afraid it seems and must praise her. Hmm..


I have zero interest in these ‘award shows’ and whatever other nonsense the media produces so I have very little actual knowledge of what these shows are like. However, judging by what comments I keep seeing, I conclude that everything that happens in these shows are staged, scripted. Thus, my best guess is Adele (who is also part of this Illuminati slavery system or she wouldn’t be in the position she’s in) praises Beyonce precisely for the reasons VC outlined: They want to implant that idea of Beyonce as a ‘queen’ to be revered as part of a broader ‘worship of divine feminine’ agenda – probably relating to the Egyptian goddess, Isis, whom they worship.

It could be some wacky ‘humiliation ritual’ but even with no knowledge of these things I think my above hypothesis is more likely the case.

Me oh me

Wow im not the only person who thinks like this.


Damn Ria you have good DISCERNMENT


Or she could be brainwashed by Beyonce and her people. But it’s a fair bet she was forced to adulate Beyonce in that way. It seemed odd to me when watching the news the night after the Grammys.


I…didn’t even watch it.


Me neither

The light

About the trump part, trump is controlled opposition, he is under control of the Zionist elites, just like Hillary. Getting people resistance to the system and coming together for the “promised one” is their plan. You wanna know if a politician is real see what they say about Israel and the Zionist that control USA and the world.


The Jewish people who run the media are Trump’s main haters. They were especially upset when Trump refused to acknowledge their Holocaust narrative. If anyone would flat out talk trash about Israel as bluntly as you are saying is required they would never get Americans support. The Zionist mind control is too deep. Also, you say to be real we must hear what they have to say about Israel, but what has this web page ever said about Israel?

Mariah V

Because this website is biased in favour the Christian ideology and belief system.


Trump is the greatest enemy the elites have this side of Heaven. And you need to understand, there are two types of Jews: the globalists who want to turn the West into a third world hellhole, and nationalists who recognized they need a powerful US as an ally.Trumps policies are aimed at stopping the globalists .


He’s not even part of the opposition but the elites.


Right. That’s why they’re doing everything they can to him and his family.


Blaming Jews/Israel for globalism is wrong for two reasons. 1. Much of the globalist group has names like Bush, Clinton, obama, DeBlasio, Cuomo, Comey, etc — not fair that they get away without being called out.

2. When you say it’s Jews/Israel, you’re blaming everyday people who have no power, are middle-class and don’t have anything to do with the globalist elite. They’re the ones who suffer from it.

So it’s not Jews/”Zionists” — it’s GLOBALISTS doing this. And Trump is under nobody’s control. If he was, they’d be protecting him against all those lying about him. Why do you think there’s an attempted coup, if he’s “protected by the powerful”? Nope.


I didn’t watch it either but bc there’s so much talk about I figured I’d catch it at VC


your name has my name in it


Beyonce is WAY over-rated.

Qwert Asdf

I don’t understand what hold Beyonce has on her fans. It’s demonic and just bizarre.


@Qwert Asdf. Some of her fans are on here commenting on how she isn’t dressed as Mary.I guess they felt the need to defend their overrated mind controlled puppet. Lol


Even her first single back in 2003 was demonic and bizarre. I never cared much for Destiny’s Child and Beyonce the solo artist is even worse. Kelis made some good singles though.


I know no one will probably read this, but it ties in PERFECTLY with the title. Beyonce came from the musical group DESTINY’S CHILD……………..


Has anyone noticed that madonna adopted twins then beyonce then george clooney wife announced twins all within days. signifigant? hmm


An army of brainwashed satanic twins… I can see the beginning of a horror movie like that!


this are demons, not humans anymore. Why did God destroy Soddom and Ghommorha, and also the time of Noah? Because people turned into demons, they were demonic possessed, beyond repair, beyond the Holy Spirit work – and this is what is happening in this world. When you dedicate to Lucifer (Blue Ivy), the spirit from God leaves your body and soul, then evil spirit lives in your soul and body.

People do not realised that most of this celebrities are demonic possessed, HOW MANY DEMONS POSSESSED BEYONCE? Many countless demons….AND PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING HER, they have invited evil spirit into their home, lives, marriages, through Beyonce and other celebrities. IT IS ABOUT SPIRIT, ….

Remember the movie: DEVIL INSIDE…no soul is safe. Lucifer does not want any soul to escape, he puts everyone in bondage to join him in HELL.


You had me at “this”


I also believe these people are possessed… I remember about two years ago when I used to sleep with my radio on over night I would wake up in the middle of the night without any valid reason and my mind would be drawn to the lyrics of the songs being played. The more I got drawn to the lyrics there more they sounded as if they are specifically directed to me in a shady and dark way. My then partner, now an ex, use to look at me like I am crazy because I would shout “switch that thing off” I couldn’t stand it. Strange thing is I rarely follow secular music ( I am a Gospel music fan) and most of the time or during the day I would struggle to follow what the artist is singing about and my partner was very good with such music. Therefore I would also try to fit in and try to follow but it was and is still not that easy for me and ever since my “radio experience” over night I have stopped sleeping with my radio on.

Oh lee

When the time will come to replace Trump, the “answer” to him will be 100% in line with the elite’s agenda. And people will perceive this as a victory.


Trump is part of the elite.


No. He’s not. The elite, when we speak of those putting forth the NWO, are glodalists. Trump’s a nationalist.


Another thing to mention is the fact that Beyonces twins are referred to as babies, yet the largest march/protest in history by women demanded rights for women to abort bunches of cells – for everyone else it’s cells but Beyoncé carrys little child gods/goddesses


Huh?! I’m sorry but I don’t see any women 4-5 months pregnant (which Beyoncé is) running to the doctor trying to get an abortion. I think most of us know once a woman has gotten that far along in pregnancy they are now considered babies!

So yes, these women had and have every right to protest and protect a women’s choice to abort a fetus/cells that haven’t even deleveloped into a human being yet!


The unborn’s heart starts beating since its 7th day from conception. A beating heart is the primar sign of a living being. You are not declared dead until your heart stops beating. The unborn is a living being with all the sings of life. The abortion causes for the heart of the unborn to stop and therefore causes the death of the unborn. Abortion IS MURDER. Btw I know some ”women” who have got an abortion when they were 4-5 months pregnant. To women who love to abort , the unborn is never considered a baby until they come out of their mother’s womb so they dont mind killing the unborn as long as it doesnt risk their own life. Life is Life at any stage, a human being is a human being at any size. No, women have NO right to kill their unborn. The unborn’s body is not their body. If they didnt want to get pregnant they should have thought about it before jumping in bed with everything that has a p---s. Sexual anarchy is the NO 1 reason of most unwanted pregnancies


No. You’re declared dead until there’s no brain activity anymore. Your heart can stop beating and doctors still would try to bring you again. When there’s no brain activity is when you are definitly dead for them.


You have the right to your opinion and I have the right to mine. Which is why I am PRO-CHOICE. If you don’t want to get an abortion that’s your choice but allow other women to make their own decisions concerning their lives and their bodies! A fetus would have to be considered a human being in order to constitute abortion as murder, which it is not. A fetus is technically not considered a human being up until at least 10 weeks of fetal developement (abortions are usually legally performed within this time frame). A fetus has no conscience, memory or self-awareness! I think it’s completely hilarious that you believe that women actually “love to get abortions”. Deciding to get an abortion is a very personal and difficult decision for most women to make. “Btw I know some ”women” who have got an abortion when they were 4-5 months pregnant.” Unless this was for a medical reason such as the woman, developing baby being in harm or done illegally…you are a bold faced lie! “If they didnt want to get pregnant they should have thought about it before jumping in bed with everything that has a p---s.” First and foremost,… Read more »


Look if a woman was raped of course she shouldnt have to keep the baby BUT in other cases i man since you think we anti abortionists are so stupid and one minded that we cant fathom what rape is, all i can say sure, anything to let you sleep at night.
Yes fetuses are not live keep lying to yourself m’kay? Sleep tight!


I never wrote that a fetus was not living. A underdeveloped fetus is not yet a human being. It would not be able to survive without it’s life force (women) or science intervening.

I “sleep tight” every night knowing at the age of 15 that I wasn’t forced to carry and give birth to a child. I’m grateful at the age of 32 that Iwas able to legally get an abortion at that time. I’m confident that my life would’ve turned out very different.


Spoken like a true brainwashed, entitled, selfish, feminist. You are only alive right now because your mother decided to give up her selfishness to give birth to you. And yet you think you’re entitled ton n easy life that doesn’t require the “burden” of a child.


“You are only alive right now because your mother decided to give up her selfishness to give birth to you”.

Not that I’m not happy that I’m here but If my mom would’ve aborted me it wouldn’t have mattered because I never would’ve realized or known about it either way. I would’ve had no memory or recollection of it as a fetus has no conscience or memory. My mother who had me also supported me when I had my abortion. Btw there are many women who don’t consider themselves to be feminist that get abortions.

Yes, I do believe that I am entitled to what you call a “easy life” without the burden of a child!! When and if I do decide to have children it will be MY CHOICE and not someone elses! You believe that it’s okay to force a woman to go through pregnancy and childbirth against her will but I’m the one that’s supposed to be brainwashed.

German visitor

All your points have been refuted long ago and it is making me tired to see them repeated over and over again in every discussion. Viability can be no criteria for abortion, otherwise it would be ok to kill the heavily disabled as well as many old people and the newborn, all of whom are not viable. Additionally it is not true that a fetus is not a human. An egg, a caterpillar or butterfly imago of the Monarch is always Danaus plexippus. Those are developmental stages of one and the same species as every biology book will tell you. The protection of the human species has to be of an inclusive nature, not exclusive, as there would always be easy ways to twist an exclusive definition in order to deny humans their existential rights on the basis that they are not real humans. Third point: late-time abortions are common when the child is diagnosed with some genetic defect. According to Wikipedia, over 1000 cases in the USA in 2016. This is not “extremely rare”. Lastly, there has never been any case when a woman’s life needed to be saved BY an abortion, only ever such cases when a treatment… Read more »

kev allah

You would have a 17 year old kid. But instead you have a job and good standing with your social circle. You’re a f-----g android. I don’t think this site is for you.


Yeah and that 17 y/o could’ve been a waste of space and air like 99% of ppl on this planet. But whatever, keep thinking you’re special because your mama told you so.

Monte Gross

Evolution has taken hold. We are now considered animals. Life is cheap. Is was not always this way.


“since you think we anti abortionists are so stupid and one minded that we cant fathom what r**e is”. Please point out where I insinuated or stated any of this.

There’s a good percentage of “anti abortionists” that believe abortion woman shouldn’t have a choice to abort under any circumstances, this includes ra pe!

Btw I’m having a discussion about WOMENS reproductive rights “john”.


You’re not implying that a man doesn’t have a say or right in this issue, are you? Your ilk are ridiculous.


When a cold-blooded reptile cares more about its offspring than human females, you know society is terminally ill.


I can’t get past just how insane this is. Nowhere in the animal kingdom will you find a mother animal that willfully kills its own young. In point of fact, every animal mother – no matter how small – will fight to the death to protect its young. No matter if it’s a bear or a possum or a 3 oz mouse. If confronted, even by an adversary much, much larger, that mother will go at the threat with complete ferocity. Even a tiny little mouse will bite at a cat or dog trying to get at its young. Even squirrels make better mothers than these Western women. Ever see a squirrel nest? Sometimes a hawk or crow tries to get at the babies inside. The mother squirrel will fight and scream making all kinds of noises trying to scare off the bird of prey.


“I can’t get past just how insane this is. Nowhere in the animal kingdom will you find a mother animal that willfully kills its own young”.

This is a false statement. There are many animals (I’ll even throw insects in there as well) that “kill it’s own young” and this is after they after they are born.


This is for you. National Geographic: “mother bears, felines, canids, primates, and many species of rodents—from rats to prairie dogs—have all been seen killing and eating their young. Insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds also have been implicated in killing, and sometimes devouring, the young of their own kind. When mammalian mothers give birth, they must begin nursing their infants—something they can do only if they’re healthy and well nourished. But if, for instance, a mother bear in the wild gives birth to unhealthy or deformed cubs, or is unable to find enough to eat, she will typically kill and consume them. “They become a resource, one she can’t afford to waste,” Barthel says. A mother bear—or lion or wild dog—does the same if she can’t nurse her cubs or find food for them. And if one of her cubs dies, she’ll most likely eat it immediately, as Khali did. This nourishes her and has the added benefit of removing the carcass. “That way there’s nothing rotting in her den which might attract predators,” Barthel says.” Here are also seven other animals and insects that kill their young (after they are born). Sand tiger sharks, Polar Bears, Spiders, hamsters, parasitic… Read more »

kev allah

Human being is a legal term. It refers to Hue-man as in man of colors. As in the colors of your sovereign flag, which you subject yourself too when you live on the land they claim. The idea of someone with such little knowledge feeling so powerful that they can overlook facts is hilarious but unfortunately a symptom of being a city slicker brat that thinks money is god. Go out into the woods on your own and acquire all the things you have. Try eating bananas in Toronto without the government. Those people are the descendants of the people that started the concept of trade by sea. You exist because they allow you too and that’s so they can hide in plain sight, while having a pool of fresh bodies to use as they please, generation after generation.

D D d

Ever found a vein in your eggyolk? And still ate it?


What if the mother’s life was in danger if she continued with the pregnancy?


“Women who love to abort”. Hahahahahahah! Omg!


I don’t think that was the point Jane was trying to make. As to your comment though – you have every right to protest, as does someone of the opposite opinion. While it’s true the majority of women abort by 8 weeks (2 months) to 12 weeks (3 months), in most of the US, you can legally abort when you are 24 weeks or 5-6 months pregnant. And there are clinics still that openly conduct abortions later than that, as is discovered when they are forced to document the ones that go wrong (even at 36 and 37 weeks). Then there is the science. The more we learn about the bunch of cells that make the fetus (and they often already look like a tiny baby when aborted), the more we realise how developed it actually is from a young age, and how it can feel pain. The earliest prematurely born baby that survived was born at nearly 22 weeks in 2008. Doctors were shocked how this was possible, and how stable the baby was. Science is still catching up to that and it’s 2017. As a woman who is all for equal rights, I personally believe a child is… Read more »


I know I will be downvoted as opposing points of view seem to be unacceptable on this forum but i will give my opinion anyway. Jane “Another thing to mention is the fact that Beyonces twins are referred to as babies, yet the largest march/protest in history by women demanded rights for women to abort bunches of cells – for everyone else it’s cells but Beyoncé carrys little child gods/goddesses” She literally compared 4-5 month pregnant (maybe even further along) Beyoncé (who os carrying babies)to women protesting the right to abort fetuses, not “babies” a fetus or what Jane wrote, “bunches of cells”.. Now tell me where I misunderstood? I don’t agree with the point she was trying to make but I understand it and the execution of the comment was wrong imo and a far stretch. “in most of the US, you can legally abort when you are 24 weeks or 5-6 months pregnant. And there are clinics still that openly conduct abortions later than that, as is discovered when they are forced to document the ones that go wrong (even at 36 and 37 weeks).” These are VERY RARE cases that you stated and are mostly performed under… Read more »


I know what Janes point was. She was comparing a woman carrying babies at 4-5 months (maybe even further along) to women protesting the right to get abortions at earlier stages (not yet human underdeveloped “cells”). I dont agree with her point of view and believe that the comparison was a stretch. In most cases a doctor will not perform an abortion beyond the second trimester unless the mother or baby is compromised. To state otherwise as if it is a usual or regular thing that is done is spreading misinformation. According to science and doctors the fetus is NOT CAPABLE of feeling pain until the THIRD TRIMESTER more specifically around 30 weeks. Most abortions are performed before this time. You can not claim a undeveloped fetus to be “innocent” as it has no conscience, memory or self-awareness. A seed is not a plant, a egg is not a chicken and so on and so forth. A undeveloped fetus can not survive without a life force (women) and can not survive outside the womb without science intervening. “As a woman who is all for equal rights, I personally believe a child is a separate life to my own, and not… Read more »


“The earliest prematurely born baby that survived was born at nearly 22 weeks in 2008. Doctors were shocked how this was possible, and how stable the baby was.” For women and families that actually wish to have children science is great. Science is also great for women who do not wish to have children.


Yes. Very basic science. If a woman does not want to conceive, she should take all precautions necessary. It begins with not having unprotected intercourse with some one you can’t see being in a life long arrangement with in case a child is conceived despite all efforts.
& what of “plan B”? I remember being glad for women when that became “legal”, and tho’ as a “senior” I don’t keep up on some of this stuff much, it is now “over the counter”, I believe, so no one has to deal with a Dr. withholding a ‘script due to their “morality issues”.
Abortion, as an issue, has been used to divide us as a people like no other. Men Vs. Women, Women vs. Women…which I think is the whole point.
Meanwhile, too many are still too freaked out over the basics of biology to just deal with the “facts of life”, and THINK before “cuddling” with someone just for “benefits”, that really aren’t very beneficial for anyone, long term.
Once human sperm meets human egg, human life begins, generally speaking. Deal with the facts, and work your life accordingly.


I agree with you….as a Christian and as a human being, I see abortion as murder and a tool of the elite to destroy as many of us as possible.


Are your serious? Women get abortions even LATER than 4-5 months. Do some research before submitting ignorant comments. Babies that are fully developed in the womb are suctioned or surgically removed and have their necks snapped at that age and later. Babies are human beings from the time they are conceived. I will spend my life until my dying day defending the RIGHTS of these precious gifts from God.


Yes I am very serious! I have done my research, maybe people like you should do your research (science) instead of using your emotions or religious beliefs to back your claims.

Fetuses are not babies by the time they are conceived just like a egg is not a chicken. I guess by your logic I should also feel bad for dropping a egg once a month as well, many babies flushed down the toilet, right.


Very rare in the UK to have an abortion after 12 weeks except to save the life of the mother even though the legal time limit is 24 weeks. After seeing those babies born to teenagers in poorer parts of Wales where most girls are pregnant by the age of 20 and often suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome or addicted to drugs from the womb I changed my mind about abortion and can see good reasons for having them. Even if the child was adopted at birth to loving and financially secure adoptive parents they would still be too damaged in the womb to have a normal life.


VERY RARELY will a doctor perform anot bort ion that late in pregnancy (4-5 months and beyond) unless the baby or mother is compromised. For you or anyone else to state otherwise wise as if this is a common procedure is spreading misinformation!

You have the right to fight for what you believe in but if abortion is ever made illegal don’t you think for one second that a woman won’t find a way around the law if they do not wish to be pregnant. What you call a “precious gift from GOD” is a curse to many others.

kev allah

Been.Here: That curse is of your doing. Too many women that rolled the dice and are trying to spare themselves from motherhood because they want to play businesswoman or continue to ride the c--k carousel. And you can always tell who they are when they exploit the plight of a rape victim in order to get sympathy. Women who have been raped should be able to abort babies. Women that haven’t shouldn’t.


Really curious as to “how” you would do that tbh. Do you have Santa’s powers of visiting other ppl’s homes(or clinics) and interferring with their lives? Once that baby is born though, ppl like you don’t give 2 s---s about him. Pretty sure the mother or the parents are the ones responsible for him, so the decision is theirs. If you really wanna help, try campaigning for sex ed, condoms and other profilactics.


Two years later, and the dims are passing laws that you can kill the child after it’s born, if the mother wanted an abortion. And yea, it was going on two years ago, too.


Most women don’t want to abort their babies. They just want the right to do so should something go wrong or the right for other women if they want to. I wonder if Beyonce has had an abortion.


Nope she had a miscarriage though prior to this, so it makes sense why she is so excited. For all we know, she could have miscarried more than once. She is getting older it might have been hard for her to get pregnant like millions of other women her age.


What an interesting time in history we are living in.

Greff Helas

It’s easier to deceive the masses than to convince the masses that they’re deceived.. Stupid people!! look around and know the truth


This is the best explanation I’ve seen so far. Keep up the great work, I always come here to see what your take is on what’s really going on.


I agree


“The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King”

– Interesting headline. In your Economist 2017 article, one King displays trump as precisely a monarch.

Beyonce: So full of pride, vanity – and, above all, ignorance. The public worships her – she is truly the divine feminine representative of the Occultists, their worthy queen who shall defeat those evil misogynist patriarchalists. What Beyonce says and does is so important and endlessly interesting – pay homage to her and worship her, she is the embodiment of Isis! Don’t wait: Submit to your Mother Goddess, today!

” They are “too comfortable and should get out of their bubble”. This is coming from a pop star who lives in a $20 million estate.”

No words. I shake my head in despair over the stupidity of Humanity. Grammy Awards have been hijacked and are being pushed to push a political agenda and nobody bats an eye. We’re on the fast track to totalitarianism and disintegration of society – Ordo ab Chao. I wish you Vigilants strength in the coming tribulations – I suspect we shall need it.


Ya crazy I know


2nd line was supposed to read ‘one card’.


Are they building Beyoncé up to a future sacrifice, perhaps? Like they did with Princess Di? I can’t think of any other purpose for elevating her to that level of status than to later crush the masses who’ve been encouraged to become so sentimentally attached to her?


I think they might

D D d

Maybe she will give birth to the first half robot half human hybrid babies. They made two because of upcoming divorce? That part leaked out.


Good point @BobSprings. If that happens, she will forever be deified, and elevated to god status.


Yes @PeaceBeStill , my thoughts exactly – otherwise where is this all leading? Ties in with her being “Destiny’s Child” and the name Beyoncé allegedly signifying “Beyond All Others”; perhaps she’s always been groomed, as Diana seems to have been, to be a martyr for their cause. She might hold a lofty position now but she’s still their puppet with a purpose.


I hope not. But I do think you are right which is really sad. Poor Blue Ivy.


Although Trump winning did give the elite a sense of purpose again, I truly believe there are more people (such as the people that put Trump in office) that understand the tricks that the elite have up their sleeves and essentially want to take back control of their world that the elite, for so long, have had int he palm of their hands. What a sad world we live in.


You think Trump isn’t part of the elite? HAH. Have you seen who he’s filling his cabinet with? That man sold his soul a long, long time ago. He’s disgusting.


I hope that by now, two years later, you see what a hero he is and are not still part of those maligning this good man who has saved the country. Who looks like the bad guys now? Why — the people trying to impeach Trump because he’s Ameicca First! Only the globalists hate Trump –the ordinary people see him as a hero. Check out his rallies — and this in the face of fake investigations, fake news, and fake maligning of his character.

free your mind

What kind of brain dead zombie still watches TV programming? That’s the message the young should be getting. The really cool people are shunning TV.


bob marley is rolling in his grave just knowing what a fool and tool his grandchild has become!


I’d think bob Marley would be more concerned with why he was hanging out in a grave for all eternity….


Clinton and Trump are two heads to the same coin, both are evil and both are furthering the elites agendas.


Yep exactly.


By now, I’m sure you see how Clinton’s people have been trying to impeach/imprison DT for two years and no longer have these crazy ideas. if they were alike, why the Comey-clapper-brennan-media attempted coup>


Trump is VERY much a part of the elite and he fits right into their agenda quite nicely. He blindly signs things he has not read. He is a dolt, and he is surrounded by satanic puppet masters, just like any other politician. His son in law, Jared, who is married to Ivanka owns a building across the street from Trump’s. The address is 666 Fifth Avenue. One of his tenants is Lucent (Lucifer) Technologies, which works extensively on RFID technology. Trump will start chipping illegal immigrants, and then eventually that same technology will be used to chip and track all citizens. Not even to mention his authoritarian and dictatorial stances are straight out of N--i German. The author says that the press portrays Trump as a racist and bigot. I beg to differ. He portrays himself that way all on his own.


yeah he totally is


VC just spent an entire article explaining how Trump plays perfectly into the Elite’s agenda. While he didn’t explicitly point out that Trump is a puppet of the Elite (like every other American president who doesn’t get shot dead) and it is unclear to me at this point if VC still really believes Trump is not part of the establishment and a piece in their long-term plan you should be able to connect the dots and at least question the possibility that the Trump you’re seeing isn’t actually the real Trump, he’s more like an actor playing a role. He is like a charicature bad guy… so blatantly evil, which is the exact role he’s meant to play. Could a person so perfidious really become president, do you truly believe this narrative? Can’t you see what a complete joke this reality is? Trump is to be your ‘opponent’, like VC described. He’s the ‘Chaos Candidate’ and he’s the perfect choice for creating chaos and diversion – maybe so we can get that highly desirable martial law and abolishment of those annoying final civil rights instituted. All the World’s a stage and Trump is one fine actor in the Elite’s chess… Read more »

D D d

You forgot to mention, Trump did not change his style for the election. In the 80’s he was already ridiculed for more than hair alone. He was already obnoxious and blatantly rude to people (men and women). If he could not make money off of you he was not interested.
In my foreign opinion, he still isn’t. Not that that woman Clitton seemed better as ruling despot, just mentioning some backstory.


I live in Aberdeenshire Scotland, not far from Aberdeen where Trump has his golf club.Look up on YouTube a documentary outlining what happened to the people who owned houses near his resort.He forced some to leave by cutting off their power supply, stealing part of their land and other corrupt practices.
He is a sociopath and will use whatever means to get what he wants.As for Clinton and her creepy husband, they should be serving time for the deaths of people caught up in their web and misuse of public money paid in to their Clinton foundation.
I have no faith now in any government in any part of the world.


An even worse landlord than the National Trust in Lacock in Wiltshire. People have been living there for generations but their rent has escalated.

kev allah

What about Dutarte?


Incredible. Do you see now, two years later, that he is the ultimate “good guy,” giving up so much to save the country? Because this was a total joke of a post. He has not created chaos and division — that’s what O did, and DT has been fixing it for two years now. Thank God he was willing to give up his cushy life to be maligned (as in that post) daily like no other public figure before him.


Yeah, that explains why the globalist elites are trying to impeach him. Duh. Hope the last two years of fake investigations have opened the eyes of people who thought like this.


Her twins are probably lab babies.


Likely. The tweet predicting her February 2017 announcement is no surprise. Carefully planned pregnancy with in vitro fertilization, request for twins, watch maybe they will be twin girls to continue on with the female power narrative. ZzzzZzzzZzzz….


I think Jay Z will want a son.


Pretty sure Jay has a son….just stop.


ok i was wrong. for some reason i thought he did. my bad


This is pretty insulting to women who are forced to do in vitro….Beyonce included who might decide to have twins or triplets rather than just abort the “extra” babies so people like you don’t judge them.


I don’t know much about IVF and the idea of Beyonce destroying her other embryos never came to my brain. I do know the she supported the warmonger Hilary Clinton. So much for Beyonce respecting life.

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