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Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?



Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?

Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?

Amanda Bynes’ metamorphosis from a promising child star to a bizarre woman with worrying behavior is yet another example of how the MK-Ultra entertainment industry messes up the minds of those who grow up within it. While most media sources cite “drugs” or “mental problem” as causes of her erratic behavior, these are only symptoms of the true issue here: Bynes is yet another former child star going through a MK programming meltdown.

Bynes began her acting career at the age of ten and quickly obtained her own show at Nickelodeon. From there, she followed the unfortunate pattern of going from a star admired by children to a “barely-legal” sex bomb to then turn into a bizarre tabloid celebrity with erratic behavior. Is that pattern familiar? Look at the paths taken by other products of Hollywood Mind Control such as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and see if you see similarities.

Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?

Like many other child stars, Bynes started as a beautiful, down to earth girl with eyes that convey intelligence (according to IMDB, she was a straight-A student).


Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?

When she reached legal age, mass media undressed her and told the world: “Hey, she is not minor anymore! It is now safe to sexualize her!”. How many child stars went through that process? How many lead great and healthy lives afterwards? Not many.


Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?

This “Got Milk” ad is about “metamorphosis”. However, the metamorphosis Bynes’ went through in the years following that ad were definitely not due to drinking milk but to Monarch Mind Control. Maybe that is why there’s a butterfly on her nose.

Now, at age 27, Bynes looks and acts extremely different, as if she was thoroughly traumatized and “re-programmed” in the past years. Was it Monarch Mind Control? When approaching the age of 30, MK slaves often go through a meltdown – a result of the their minds and bodies not being able to cope with the intense trauma they are subjected to anymore (to learn more about Monarch Mind Control, read my article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

Not unlike Britney Spears, Bynes was spotted acting strange in public places, wearing bizarre clothes and even shaving her hair. Here’s a video summing up her recent “meltdown”.

Since then, things got even weirder when as she began posting tweets and videos displaying increasingly worrying behavior. Her tweet requesting rapper Drake to “murder her vagina” confused many as her odd choice of words maybe revealed an unhealthy relation with her own sexuality.

This “selfie” video freaked out quite a few people as is not only indicative of someone that is “not well” – It almost looks as if it’s a MK programming glitch.

Not unlike other products of Sex Kitten programming, Bynes feels the need of getting people’s attention with her sexuality.

Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?

Recent “selfies” show Bynes with a half-shaved head (Britney Spears shaved her head during her meltdown), increasingly revealing clothing and a disturbingly vacant eyes.

In the past few days, things got even more worrying when publicist Jonathan Jaxson contacted the NYPD last week because Amanda told him “I don’t want to live anymore”.

“Amanda had called me and we had a private conversation, but it was clear to me that she was high on drugs. Then, she said that she didn’t want to live anymore. I took that as that she wanted to kill herself. I freaked out. I had heard stuff like this from Amanda before. But this time, I had a mental image of her in a bathtub, wanting to hurt herself. Then I saw a photo of her in her bathroom that she’d posted on Twitter. I freaked. I did not know what else to do. I thought consciously about it for a minute and decided to call the authorities. I thought, ‘I have to do something to save her’. When someone tells you they don’t want to live anymore, that in itself would provoke anyone who cares. I know that Amanda is a person crying out for help.

Thankfully though Amanda is alive, but she is still not good. Hopefully people and the media now understand that this is no longer a joke and she get the help she needs”.
– Source: Radar Online

While many people in media now perceive Bynes as some sort of running gag, her “antics” are becoming increasingly disturbing and worrisome. Her actions cannot simply be explained away with “drugs” – They are symptomatic of a deep-seated psychological process that thoroughly modified her, physically and mentally. It is said that “Eyes are the window to the soul”. Well, look at her eyes then and now. This is what years of industry Mind Control does to a soul.

From a child star, to sex bomb to loose canon, Amanda Bynes is going through a pattern that is constantly repeated in the entertainment industry. How come these starlets go through the exact same stages? It is because they went through the same “school”: Industry Mind Control.


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Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?

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I believe the rumors of her and Dan Schneider. There's all sorts of nasty rumors about Dan Schneider and his known "casting couch" for children. He was a known pedophile in the industry. Amanda got discovered in a camp as a child then got her big break at Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is/was corrupted, I cant imagine what she had to do to get ahead and have her own show. Amanda was a very talented and funny kid to get ahead based on that, but the industry is very sinister and Dan was a MAJOR prick. Prostitution is a major part of booking major roles, gaining opportunities and positions in Hollywood. So you can make your own conclusion of why she rose so quickly during the Nickelodeon days. Her image became over sexualized during her "What I like about you" era, when she started to do more big movies roles. She was also a call-girl during this time working for Diana Jenkins and was advertised for her potential clients through Diana's infamous coffee table book called, "Room 23". There's a rumor that Diana Jenkin's is a celebrity madam that had Hayden Patientere, Lindsay Logan, and other models working in her secret "organization"… Read more ยป


Well think about everything you've just written here, and then think again… She participated in the "casting couch" at a young age. Being molested by adults is a known way of causing a childs mind to split into multiple personalities because children cannot handle the trauma of that kind of experience, she then got higher up the ladder because those personalities could be CONTROLLED by handlers, allowing her to present a wholesome image and do dirty work backstage. There's your answer.


A lot of celebrities tried to warn us what goes
In in Hollywood example look what happen
To Micheal Jackson. Illuminati controls Hollywood
Is no longer a secret

triumphant survivor

You cannot underestimate the damage that being molested and abused as a child will do to a young girl. I hadn't previously known about the alleged pedophile that had so much to do with her career. I am not a victim of mind control but am a victim of abuse and molestation and can tell all of you first hand that it has lasting effects. Little girls expect to be loved, protected and cherished by the men in their lives. If instead they are used and tossed around as objects, shown that they aren't worthy of love it's devastating. Girls who grow up this way feel that their only value is in their sexuality. They don't feel worthy of being loved. They suffer from PTSD and anxiety. I think that we have stumbled onto the key that unlocks the reasons behind the unraveling of Amanda Bynes. Perhaps this is also what happened to Brittany Spears. I notice that her little sister is fine, yet she is a mess. They both were on the mickey mouse club show and so was Justin. Yet only Brittany went crazy.

:( F :)

ALL Disney kids under go 'trauma based mind control programming" ALL kids that are in the industry are "trauma based mindcontrol programmed"; they are all victims of occult illuminatti controlled Hollywood industry its run by satanic occult pedophiles "these kids have no escape in this industry"; ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ I beleive amanda bynes is suffering from( Dissocitive Identity disorder) , and "is "unaware"Even shehas (D I D,) (so Tragic) I also Beleive like the person said also in a few comments up above also "that her "mindcontrol programming has started to break down"; I truly do "see that"; with The way "she is acting"; "I beleive "she is "unaware"; that she has (D I D) those very different pics "in different wigs "and she says in her "tweets" and says "O M G " that is "so not me going to sue";!!! do you know why she (amanda says this everytime?????) (everytime) is "because "the "alter" that is "out and "in control" at the "time" is "out"; "she/ Loses time"; and "is "unaware"; I dont Beleive she has "co conciousness" with ALL/ or any of her "alter personalitys",and I dont beleive shes scitsoprenic/or Bi polar/ she suffers from the samething Britney… Read more ยป

:( Fe:(

Britney spears also has D I D (dissoctive identity disorder)when she was on X factor you "saw her switch personalitys alot"; she was "often bursting into tears in between the adds (shes still D I D too) th at was the reason why "a serious long term mental disorder sealed from the public" in her conservertorship papers" from the courts ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ hercourt records were sealed" thats why Britney spears also a victim of trauma based mindcontrol programming breaking down" (2008 breakdown) was "for the very same reason" look at her today "she is still a "mindcontrolled cash cow zombie" her father/handler "controls and runs her life too": I feel so sorry for her Britney spears its just awful "her handler" and "cash cow dad "owns her"; These poor people "are at the mercy of "occult pedophile illuminatti run Holywod/entertainment/ occult industry" ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ these poor people are ALL Victims of these assholes "no wonder" they have complete mental Breakdowns",
usually they will give them drugs in these places and "make it look like an accident to say that they "O D", ๐Ÿ™


I have recently seen a film with Amanda Bynes, "Easy A". Incidentally, it was the last film she played before announcing she was leaving acting career. The character she played raised my concerns and that is why I returned to this article. When I read this article in May, I did not know who A. Bynes is, and now that I saw her role in this film, it made me think about the ideas that were conveyed via her character. Marianne, played by A. Bynes, is an envious and mean high school girl. She makes a public issue out of her schoolmate's behavior, and while claiming to have positive intentions, attacks her verbally and leads a campaign to expell her from school. Also, she is a devoted Christian with a Christian youth group at school and a pastor father. What struck me in this film is its portrayal of Christianity. Christians are pictured as hypocrites, bigots, and jealous of others. They do not reach out with care for people, cannot offer support and help, but shame them publicly and spread gossip. All of this is embodied in A. Bynes' character. While I know that it is a role she plays,… Read more ยป


Amanda is yet another of the myriad of kids whom Hollywood parasites off of. They make billions for
the Hollywood and when they are no longer useful as money machines, they are discarded and left to suffer
from the trauma, which often result in such erratic behavior.

The CIA and its Monarch program (a level of MKULTRA) have operated behind the scenes in Hollywood
since the 1950's. And this is why so many of these child starts have mental breakdowns once they reach adulthood. It's their Monarch programming unraveling.

I woke up

I know this is off topic , but you should do article about the legend Aaliyah and drake.

movies online

Look at the paths taken by other products of Hollywood Mind Control such as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and see if you see similarities.


she was…still is, my favourite actress by FAR! she seemed so real and down to earth in all her movies and interviews! i hate that the illuminati can just ruin someone like this with a click of fingers!! hate them!!


Reported that she tested clean for all drugs but pot


They've got her now. Parents filing for conservatorship. She's gone for good. I'm actually terribly wounded by the news. I was hoping she would manage to break free. She has such fire. I'm sorry, Amanda. I'm sorry. You must feel so alone trapped in a miserable hell.


Do they know if they are being programmed? Why can't they stop


Drake's name crops up a lot in the lives of women such as Rihanna and Cheryl Cole – is he involved in MK Ultra as a handler or something?


Have you seen this interview with her before everything went wrong? Weird how much she changed.


They finally got to her! Poor girl.


Oh My, what happened to her………….i just loved the movie where she had to trade places with her brother to play football(soccer). Shame, she was cute.


I have noticed that she gained some weight since April. Drugs or just food?


Funny how the other million people in the world who are depressed, unbalanced and on some sort of substance aren't being accused of suffering mind control…


I don’t think it’s fair to assume that Dan Schneider is a bad man without any proof.. Even just a small amount would change my mind but all anyone ever does is make fun of his looks and makes assumptions when he seems like a nice guy. Also that guy Jaxson is mentally ill and doesn’t know Amanda…he is only trying to get publicity off of her mental breakdown which is just evil. He was reported to have tried to commit suicide when it became known that he didn’t know kim kardashian (another one of his lies being proven wrong)


amanda is claiming she was sexually harassed, maybe she was i don't know but people are so quick to deny her claim, what this girl has went through i can't even imagine, her life skyrocketed down hill so quickly and now she is being put in for psychiatric treatment, i can't take it anymore why must she suffer like this

Kel Michelle

Oh poor, poor Amanda.
I remember looking up to her in a few ways when I was younger.
This made me completely sad.
I have been wondering for the longest if it isn't simply just drugs or alcohol.
Of course, being a long time reader or VC, I should have automatically known better.
Poor girl.
Such a loss.



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