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Lindsay Lohan’s Strange Accent: Another Telling Sign of a Mind Control Slave



Lindsay Lohan's Strange Accent: Another Telling Sign of a Mind Control Slave

A video of Lindsay Lohan giving an interview with a strange accent has lead to wild speculation from fans and media. However, to those in the know, this is yet another telling symptom of MK programming, from someone who has already displayed many other symptoms.

There’s a difference between speaking with a funny accent as a joke and speaking with a completely different speech pattern in all seriousness. One is the result of goofing around and the other is the result an alter-persona.

Lohan’s new accent was noticed while giving an interview to a reporter in Greece. Here’s the video.

Lindsay, who is mainly based in England and Greece and was recently in a relationship with a Russian billionaire (MK handler?), was explaining to the journalist about why she has opened up a Nightclub in Athens called Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan's Strange Accent: Another Telling Sign of a Mind Control Slave

After a Daily Mail article on the subject, Lohan “joked” and gave her accent (and alter-persona) a name: Lilohan.

As stated in previous articles, victims of Mind Control are programmed with alter personas that have their own history, identity and accent (read my full article on Monarch Programming here). The programming is so pervasive that the same person can speak different languages with different accents effortlessly – while the core persona cannot. For this reason, the spontaneous yet constant usage of a different accent is one of the main tell-tale signs of MK programming. And Lindsay Lohan has been identified her, on Vigilant Citizen, to be a Beta Kitten slave a long time ago. The entertainment industry has been very keen on proving this fact through symbolic pictures.

Lindsay Lohan's Strange Accent: Another Telling Sign of a Mind Control Slave

Lindsay posed countless times as Marilyn Monroe who is the prototype of Beta Kitten Programming.

Lindsay Lohan's Strange Accent: Another Telling Sign of a Mind Control Slave

In this photo by Tyler Shields, Lindsay lays on a bed while men get undressed. One cannot come up with a more graphic way of portraying the life of Beta Kitten slaves.

Lindsay Lohan's Strange Accent: Another Telling Sign of a Mind Control Slave

Industry slaves must work with creepy photographers such as Terry Richardson. Bonus industry slave sign: One Eye sign.

Lindsay Lohan's Strange Accent: Another Telling Sign of a Mind Control Slave

In another shoot with Terry Richardson, Lohan appears genuinely traumatized.

In past years, Lohan has floated in and out of rehab (aka re-programming) while increasingly appearing to be “out of it”.

Another famous person who has been displaying the same Beta Kitten symptoms is Britney Spears. Here’s an article about her speaking with a different accent in 2008 – around the time of her infamous head-shaving meltdown.

Britney Spears Lapses Into a British Accent

Britney Spears has a new accessory to go with her pink wig: a British accent.

In the last several weeks, Spears, 26, has been videotaped numerous times trading her Louisiana twang for U.K. inflections.

“She had the English accent thing going the whole time” while shopping at Kitson last Thursday, according to a source. “It didn’t stop.”

Even when angry, the accent appears. On an L.A. shopping trip to Macy’s on Jan. 13, she screamed at the paparazzi, “Get out of my G—— face!” – in a British accent.

So is it all in fun or has she flipped her pink wig?

“When someone has dissociative identity disorder” – formerly known as multiple personality disorder – “each identity is split off from the other,” says L.A. psychologist Renee A. Cohen, who is not treating Spears. “Each identity would have its own name, memories, behavioral traits and emotional characteristics.”

Cohen says the critical question is: “When Britney uses the British accent, or appears to take on another identity, does she know she’s Britney Spears?”

“Otherwise, she could simply be behaving this way for attention, for sympathy, or any other reason,” adds Cohen. “It’s foolish to attempt to diagnose her without a formal evaluation.”

One possible influence could be Spears’s maternal grandmother, Lilian Bridges, who was originally from England.

Also, Spears’s new beau, photographer Adnan Ghalib, grew up in Birmingham, England.

According to paparazzi who trail the singer around the clock, one thing is for sure: the pink wig means something’s changing.

“When she puts on the pink wig, you just know something crazy is about to happen,” said one paparazzo.

– Source:

While media is wondering what kind of accent Lindsay was speaking with (sounds Greek to me), we should rather wonder: Why would a 30 year old woman speak, in all seriousness, with a strange accent and a completely different speech pattern? Most of the time it is the result of a multiple-personality disorder (MPD) – which is a symptom of Monarch mind control. It is there, right in our face, but very few are actually seeing it.

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Lindsay Lohan's Strange Accent: Another Telling Sign of a Mind Control Slave

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She looks beyond bad. If that is really her then she must have gone through some horrific mk torture in the last weeks. Besides that, this new accent reminds me of the way immigrant arabs speak (“we make party, make happiness”) with a hint of eastern european. This is a really weird way for any english speaking person to talk. It sounds as if english was her second language, mastered late in life.


She recently had an “accident” when one of her fingers (the ring finger) got cut off in a boating accident. This came a few days after she went on Russian TV, mentioning her abusive relationship with some Russian Billionaire who was renting her out (“dating”). Seems to me like she’s being punished, especially with her ring finger getting chopped a few days after they announced the engagement was over, and now this :/


Accents, cutting, blood…. has she been hanging out w/ Marina Abramovic…. ?


Almost reminds me of that movie she was in “I know who killed me.” Good movie. She loses a couple of fingers & a leg in the movie. with Dry Ice.


I was going to comment the same thing regarding that movie


I think it’s odd that she immediately said after the accident: “‘To make this very clear. The bottom part of my finger was ripped off. It was not “chopped” or “severed” off.'”

Why did she feel the need to clarify that? Was she being paranoid about the truth of what really happened coming to light?

American English Tutor

I admit her speech patterns sound strange – but it should be noted that speech habits are contagious. I have been living with my in-laws who are from overseas and English is there second language. I have picked up a lot of bad habits with English grammar because so have had to “break” my own English in order for others to understand me. I have even had strangers something Ike’s ask me where I’m from because it sounds like I have an accent – even though I have been born and raised in America. I have spent a lot of time talking with foreigners, breaking my own English to be understood. This frequency of new communication changed my vocal habits. Spending time with a group of people who you must essentially speak a different language with – even if that language is only broken English – will change the way you think and talk. I’m not saying that Lindsey isn’t undergoing MK, but I am saying that it is definitely possible for a person to pick up weird vocal patterns by communicating directly and immersively in a broken language.

Xavier Abii

I was actually thinking the same thing. I lived in a place where people spoke in foreign accents for a couple years and I picked up a slight accent. Not as drastic as this though. Seems like she basically forgot how to speak English…really strange indeed.


I’ve lived in a few different countries over the years and I agree that this is plausible explanation. The first thing that feels natural in a foreign space is to let go of all the slang and colloquialisms you know, and generally to condense down your vocabulary to a very basic set of words. The reason is because you get tripped up having to explain too many things or more often you just lose people, and that gets annoying. A side effect of this is you slide back into almost a baby-talk situation where your grammar starts to break down. And then to cover up using a patronizing baby voice, you start to adopt the local accent because it feels like your words are perhaps easier to listen to. IDK… A year spent anywhere and my friends / family would start to mock me for my latest new ‘voice’. That girl is seriously traumatized though – anything is possible.


I was only in New Zealand for a month and I picked up not only some of their accents but their habits as well. If we are fond of the foreigners we’re with, I think we tend to want to act like them. When I lived in the south, I noticed I had a little southern drawl as well.


I get a strange vibe from the lady standing by Lindsay, the one with silver hair. Almost like she is her handler. She has very dark eyes even though she is quite pretty. Look again at the video and tell me you don’t sense it. She also nods her head and mimics what Lindsay says at some points, so this “speech” was rehearsed. I feel sorry for everyone who is stuck in mind control. Some choose it by selling their souls, others were forced by their parents.


Yh I was looking at her body language too


They are crowding her like a farm animal that’s getting ready for the butcher. I try not to think about this often because of my own experiences with SRA, it’s triggering to watch this sort of behaviour. When I was 14 I began to use a British accent with my sister. During school I “pretended” I was from London and called myself Madison. My accent was so accurate the British could not tell I was “joking around” I have also used other names, people start calling me different names and I thought it was because they can nicknamed me that themselves when in reality they told me I TOLD them to call me that. I never had any recollection of those conversations.

D D d

I guess you only have to google and see the abuse for yourself. I come up with a few in just seconds, she was attacked in public even, for whatever reason. Even at that Duran gig where she is supposed to shine and share happiness, she looks numb, tired, fake-happy. The folks surrounding her for the last year or so, from what i can see, appear to have ruthless, cold eyes in surgiccally enhanced faces. Fake too. All for nice pictures in the press we read and see. I did not see this video to know that the speech would sound rehearsed, offcourse they rehearse, wouldn’t you?


Same here!

All those people around her are in on it.


Exactly. They are protective of their assets, even the media, reporters, paparazzi etc. They are all vigilant in case of a mistake, mishap or a “real person” coming in contact with them. My friend was a newbie actor in L.A., he no longer lives there, he had some spots on commercials and movies and always told me how protective they were of the star. He was not allowed to talk to them outside of filming. I did tell him about the dark side of Hollywood thereafter and he told me he believed me after many “weird” and “creepy” experiences he had. He lived in the Foothills in L.A. so he was very close to the action. He told me one day he left a party running for his life with no shoes on because of the screaming he heard coming from one of the houses.


So many of the mk dolls are deactivating, like replicants in Blade Runner. Madonna’s a wastoid of some kind, Katy Perry is mutating into the Hillary Clinton of Pop and here Lindsay Lohan…Everything is changing, fast. The shift is upon us.


I agree about the silver-haired lady, but the first one I have noticed was the other one. They both are listening to Lindsay very carefully as if they are there to interrupt her if she says something wrong.


yeah… she looks odd and scary


Many of this celebrities are forced to do things against their will… Not all, but many… I believe mind control opens one up to demonic possession… Which would explain why many have split personalities…

Evil grows day by day as we near the end of this age… As long as sin continues to escalate in practice, and becomes more heinous in how it is done, only plays into the hands of spiritual forces that represent darkness…

The need for the Son of God Almighty to return goes without saying… HE is mankind’s only hope.. Without this HOPE, all flesh would perish… But HE is a HOPE that is not in vain… But of course it will darkest before the dawn of HIS return at the blowing of the 7th, and last trumpet of God’s angel…


She definitely sounds like a foreigner speaking English. She definitely sounds completely different.

Truth & Light

The man made/given fame & fortune is NEVER worth it


Well, I don’t even doubt this is a Monarch programming breakdown as Vigilant Citizen cautiously ponders is the case – based on everything else I’ve seen on this website and based on those atrocious pictures of Lohan shown above (sick, degrading beta programming shots and the suicidal one with the gun… why would anyone sensible with just the tiniest amount of self respect post those?!) I’m confident reality is exactly as this article claims and that we’re seeing something out of the ordinary happening to Lohan. The socalled ‘elite’ is sick to the core.


She’s 30 and thats when they usually break down… It wont be long before she gets suicided. Sometime before or after a major occult holiday.

Kev allah

I have a feeling Lohan will be one of the few to make it to the end. Perhaps a tell all interview.


Same thing with Nicki Minaj when she rocked that annoying accent in the start of her career.


It’s a rare occurrence to find myself disagreeing with VC.
I see this as Lindsay’s conscious way of manipulating her audience. I’m good with certain accents. I can listen to a Russian with a heavy accent and without much real effort, sound like him in minutes. Ditto with a French accent. I can go on talking, amusing the listener for many minutes as long as my train of thought isn’t interrupted. I’ve never acted. Lindsay, on the other hand, has. And she still seems to have a bit of talent in her yet. She is a Master Manipulator and has a distinct sense of what will make her appealing to a new crowd. This is her doing borne of her desire in those moments to feel accepted, popular and loved.


Yeah, i disagree on this one, too. It sounds like she’s trying to do a Greek accent. She probably thought they would understand her better, which is still dumb. While plenty of her behavior is disturbing, I’m not going to read too much into this one.


Nope again

Common Sense

Excellent reasoning.


Nope, no way

Common Sense

You give a convincing argument.


I agree, this is what I was thinking while watching the video. I myself when I am around a lot of Spanish people or Russian people for a long time just naturally talk like them. For stupid reasons. Sometimes I feel like I can’t help it, sometimes it’s fun and sometimes I have caught myself talk that way because I was trying to get them to understand me better. So this one is a meh.

Kev allah

Josh that’s a sign that you’re not in control of your own mind.


quite the opposite actually

Janet Door

this means you are a satanist and evil


No, it’s just the basic laws of linguistics at play. Go and bang a bible!


@Snowman. Are you in the same industry as Lindsay? Have you been under mind control since a kid? Have you been through tons of reprogramming like Lindsay and other puppets? I’m guessing the answer to all of my questions is no.Anyone who has been reading the majority of the articles on this site would know that the Vigilant Citizen is more than likely correct about Lindsay Lohan.It’s obvious to anyone who isn’t in denial about the illuminati and the evil and sinister things that goes on in the industry that Lindsay grew up in.


Maybe she does manipulate between once in a while but that doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t under MK ultra programming ESP in the recent years.
However I do wish her to get better and leave her alone.


Yes, she sounds like she is using the inflection of someone for whom English is a second language, while speaking–of course–with perfect English. Hence it sounds incredibly weird, and incredibly fake. If she is acting it, it is borderline insulting…I lived in Germany for a time and would never have thought to speak English with the same inflection as native Germans might just so they could “understand me (??)”; it immediately would sound pretentious and patronizing.
I, too, immediately thought of Spears and her accent strangeness and thought it might be a symptom of further handling. Not unlikely.


In India, they will not understand your English unless you speak it with an “Indian” inflection. So I can understand her doing that, if that is indeed what is going on.

Kev allah

That’s India. They only speak English in india because of colonization and culturization.


Not necessarily. I live in Mumbai and quite a few of them understand the accent. Although Indians do prefer the American accent over any other one, which they seem to easily understand versus British or Australian accent.


The accent + the severed finger which I believe was part of mind control pain is a definite sign of slavery.
But we’ve known for years she’s a MKULTRA slave.


she tweeted out something asking what she should call her accent. and of course as an MK slave she is promoting mass migration, the elite’s plan.


She keeps repeating this phrase “the world is bigger than 5”. It’s a phrase from Erdogan referring to the coalition, in Turkey many people freaked out with that and started saying that she is getting payed to promote Erdogan’s agenda.

Kev allah

It’s a reference to the number 6.


I don’t know why this programming isnt referred to as what it is. Demon spirit possesion. These handlers are not there for the person but to help the spirit acclimate itself in new form. This may be a change of spirit (stronger) for her. These spirits name themselves but want to be believable as if person named them…


Creepy. But the sad thing is that only a few people knows about this (the truth). I guess, about 90% of these “popular people” are programming slaves.

Kev allah

The program has been used on a mass scale. Entire populations have been programmed accordingly. We’re too late to just “free” ourselves. The earth needs a group of people to stand up and fight. An army of sorts.


You’ve seen it. American Patriots standing up to the Globalists and voting against HRC, knowing that, if she had “won” , it was akin to, potentially, voting for your own demise. All knew that those HRC considered “enemies” or “threats” to her power had a way of committing double shot suicide and the like. (RIP) “Enemies” of Barry Sortoro are STILL dealing with the IRS and other agencies being sicced on them like private attack dogs. The media did it’s darndest to work with HRC and her Globalist Goons to make we “deplorables” feel like we were mentally ill for even considering the man who WASN’T making a living from treason. & i think that those who voted for Scotland to be free, and those Brexiteers were the tip of the sword, & deserve props&kudos for standing brave, too. All around, the people who refuse to live in “their” illusion ARE standing up to fight. Thank goodness we got to do it through voting first. War IS “hell”, and all who aided in the overthrow of the Clinton Cabal, for even just a little while, have also aided in averting a LOT of it! Most in the US don’t want… Read more »

Eric Carlsen

Logan’s working to bring more Syrian refugees into Greece and into Europe.


Used and overabused tool, what else ud expect? U do as u are told or….


Rihanna is another mind-controlled slave since she released her Anti-diary videos this year, she has been displaying all the symptoms of a high-level slave in her music videos like Beyoncé. Also, Rihanna is always high on weed so that makes her programming so much easier. All these famous singers are part of the Luciferian music business.


Actually, according to Cathy O’Brien, marijuana is frowned upon by programmers because it encourages the release of programming. Why do you think there is such an effort to decriminalize it. Anyway, Rihanna’s on much harder stuff than marijuana. Let’s get real.


I was just reading an article in the Guardian, which quoted Lindsay saying the following in 2006.

In 2006, Lindsay announced plans to visit Iraq. “I’ve been trying to go to Iraq with Hillary Clinton for so long,” she explained, with the apparent failure to be able to synchronise diaries likely to have been of equal if not greater frustration to the current Democratic nominee for the US presidency.

“Hillary was trying to work it out, but it seemed too dangerous.” Or as Hillary’s spokesman put it: “It was suggested to her that if she wanted to go, she could pursue doing so through the USO.” Look, whatever. Lindsay had a clear plan: “I wanted to do what Marilyn Monroe did, when she went and just set up a stage and did a concert for the troops all by herself. It’s so inspiring seeing that one woman just going somewhere, this beautiful sex kitten, who is basically a pin-up, which is what I’ve always aspired to be.”

Kev allah

Lmaooo oh man. That last quote kills me.


I know…. so sad actually


she looks washed up and used. she’s not even 40 and she looks 50.


She completely broke Character when she said “and that’s all he is, is my friend and business partner”


Remember Britney’s accent? Madonna’s accent?


Could it just be bc she has been living abroad? Maybe she picked up a twang….



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