Strange Facts About Obama’s Portrait and its Painter Kehinde Wiley


The official portrait of Barack Obama contains some strange details. The creator of the painting, Kehinde Wiley, has a bizarre story.

On February 12th, the official portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama were unveiled at the famed Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, the “nation’s only complete collection of presidential portraits outside the White House”. This prestigious art exhibit contains iconic paintings such as “The Lansdowne Portrait” of George Washington. It also contains some more controversial entries such as Bill Clinton’s portrait which, according to its painter, features the shadow of the infamous stained dress.

“If you look at the left-hand side of it there’s a mantel in the Oval Office and I put a shadow coming into the painting and it does two things. It actually literally represents a shadow from a blue dress that I had on a mannequin, that I had there while I was painting it, but not when he was there. It is also a bit of a metaphor in that it represents a shadow on the office he held, or on him.

And so the Clintons hate the portrait. They want it removed from the National Portrait Gallery. They’re putting a lot of pressure on them.
– Philly News, Painter says he included Monica Lewinsky’s dress in Bill Clinton portrait

Barack Obama’s portrait, with its bright colors and lush green background, will undoubtedly stand out from the more conventional pieces on display in the president’s hall. However, a closer look at the painting and its painter’s past reveals a bizarre subtext.

Kehinde Wiley

Wiley is mostly known for his colorful depictions of young black males over classical backdrops inspired from masterworks.

Wiley describes his approach as “interrogating the notion of the master painter, at once critical and complicit.” His figurative paintings “quote historical sources and position young black men within that field of power”. In this manner, his paintings fuse history and style in a unique and contemporary manner. His art has been described as having homoerotic qualities. Wiley has used a sperm motif as symbolic of masculinity and gender.
– Wikipedia, Kehinde Wiley

In a 2015 interview with CBS News, Wiley stated that he often added sperm cells inside paintings to “take masculinity and all of its bravado down to its most essential component”.

His Alexander the Great variation features a background full of sperm cells.
Small sperm cells can be found in the background of this Napoleon-inspired painting.
The frame of the above painting contains sperm cells as well.

While Wiley’s work has been embraced by the entertainment industry, his work also drew its share of criticism. The fact that Wiley often recruits his models from the streets of New York to portray them in a lavish, sexually-charged fashion has been deemed “exploitative”.

A 2015 Village Voice article entitled What to Make of Kehinde Wiley’s Pervy Brooklyn Museum Retrospective? goes even further. It accuses him of “predatory behavior”.

But look closer at the 50-some objects — painting, sculpture, stained glass — in “Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic,” and you’ll see predatory behavior dressed up as art-historical affirmative action. Wiley’s targets are young people of color who in these pictures are gussied up in the trappings of art history or Givenchy. Judging from Wiley’s market and institutional success — in his fifteen-year career, this is his second solo at the Brooklyn Museum — Wiley has proven himself a canny operator seducing an art public cowed by political correctness and willing to gloss over the more lurid implications of the 38-year-old artist’s production.

Down, his series of billboard-size canvases of lounging odalisques, finds the artist’s male models with their underwear pulled down to reveal a few inches of abdomen and their lips moist and open in the manner of a classical Venus.

And then there is Wiley’s casting-couch method. In the early 2000s, after he graduated from Yale, Wiley did a residency at the Studio Museum and began inviting men he met on the streets into his studio to pose. “When I’m approaching these guys, there’s a presupposed engagement,” Wiley said in the 2008 Art Newspaperinterview. “I don’t ask people what their sexualities are, but there’s a sense in which male beauty is being negotiated.”

What Wiley and his subjects do behind the scenes may be none of our business, but his paintings kiss and tell. Saint Andrew grinds his crotch against a wooden cross, and in case we don’t quite get it, Wiley has painted free-floating spermatozoa across the canvas. The same goes for the bear of a fellow in Napoleon Leading the Army Over the Alps, which could be subtitled “(Through a Light Ejaculate Mist).” And if the painted tadpoles aren’t sufficiently suggestive, several of the gilded frames contain sperm reliefs of their own. (Talk about painting outside the lines.)

In what world is a Yale-minted artist who lures young men into his studio with the promise of power and glamour not predatory? These aren’t portraits. They’re type — to the point where the majority of his titles reflect only the identity of the original sitter; his models remain anonymous.
– Jessica Dawson

The article ends with a rather ominous sentence.

Having discovered the art world’s weakness, Wiley has painted himself as untouchable.

Later in his career, Wiley also painted women. And there’s controversy surrounding some of these paintings as well.

Some of Wiley’s paintings feature black women holding the decapitated heads of white women.

These paintings were inspired Judith beheading Holofernes – a recurrent theme in art history. Originating from the deuterocanonical Book of Judith, the story says that Judith, a beautiful widow, enters the tent of Holofernes, an Assyrian general, and beheads him. In Wiley’s interpretation, the Assyrian male is replaced by a white woman. No explanation was given for this notable substitution.

Despite these controversies, Obama specifically selected this painter to produce his official portrait.

The Portrait

The Obamas at the unveiling of their portraits at the NPG.

While Michelle’s portrait drew criticism because “the face doesn’t look like her”, it is the former President’s portrait that raised the most eyebrows.

The painting was unveiled on February 12, 2018. It depicts Obama sitting in a chair seemingly floating among foliage. The foliage is described by the author as “chrysanthemums (the official flower of Chicago), jasmine (symbolic of Hawaii where the president spent most of his childhood) and African blue lilies(alluding to the president’s late Kenyan father). ”Reacting to the unveiling of his portrait Obama said: “How about that? That’s pretty sharp,” The Washington Post described the painting as “not what you’d expect and that’s why it’s great”. The painting received mixed reactions on social media.

Considering Wiley’s propensity for adding hidden little symbols in his paintings, some took a closer look at Obama’s portrait … and found some weird stuff. First, is there a sperm cell on Obama’s face?

Some observed that the big, bulging vein on Obama’s forehead oddly looks like a sperm cell.

Others observed that Obama appears to have a sixth finger.

Knowing that the thumb points towards the body, there appears to be a sixth finger tucked in there.

Considering past controversies, the selection of Kehinde Wiley to paint a presidential portrait seems like an odd choice. However, several facts played in his favor: He is a favorite of the Hollywood elite and he plays into the race wars agenda that has been going on for years. Also, he might have embedded a sperm cell into Obama’s face. Obama’s response: “How about that? That’s pretty sharp”. Wiley truly painted himself as untouchable.

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Obama’s whole presidency was Rife with helping gays and a huge homosexual agenda. So for him to hire a gay artist to paint him should be no surprise! And it wouldn’t be a surprise at all if he engaged in those activities himself

It’s been rumored that Obama was bisexual.

Being bisexual and being born a man are two very different things.

It’s speculated that Michelle Obama is “a tranny” Joan Rivers conveniently died very shortly after blurting that. Obama himself has publicly referred to Michelle as “Michael” and she definitely has masculine shoulders/upper arms.

That’s disgustingly racist – black women have had their femininity questioned for years, I hope you stretched before that reach

Why is it “racist”? Simply because it’s a comment about a woman who happens to be Black? He’s talking about ONE woman who happens to be Black. Unveiling didn’t say “she definitely has masculine shoulders/upper arms as most Black women do”, and even if Unveiling would have said that, it could be more of an observation or perhaps even passing on what might be a biological statistical fact! So actually when you jump the gun (o my, am I allowed to say “gun”?) and instantly tout the race card, it makes you look like the intolerant, emotional thinker, not others.

Think about it.

do the children look like the ‘parents?’

Regarding the six fingers: The nephilim of the Bible (fallen angels) came to earth and took human wives. The Bible calls their offspring “giants” (Hebrew “rephaim”, Genesis 6:1-4). Goliath was a descendent of this line of beings. The satanic purpose of the fallen angels was to dilute the humanity of earth’s population, placing it beyond redemption, because they knew Christ would take on the form of a man to die for Man’s sins. If Man was no longer “man”, Christ’s sacrifice would be of no effect. It almost worked. Every human on earth was corrupted except Noah and his family. Genesis 6:9 says, “Noah was perfect in his generations.” In other words, the sons Noah generated were free of the nephilim impurity. According to scholars and ancient literature, these rephaim/giants had six fingers. In my opinion, the artist was either saying that Obama was a giant among men or he… Read more »

How can a (fallen angel) have babies with human woman when fallen angels are spirits and spirits can’t ejaculate?

There are angels that can appear in human form… The account of the 2 angels, who appeared as men to the residents of the cities of Sodom, and Gomorrah, within Genesis… The prophet Daniel also had an encounter with the “man” Gabriel, who is also a cherub… The fallen angels were warned by God not to have sex with humans… They sinned by disobeying God, and the Nephilim, or giants were the result… Which is why God eventually had the children of Israel go in, and wipe out those who were a part of this lineage as they entered the promise of land, or the land of Canaan… The result of fallen angels procreating with women proved to be a curse to creation because God commanded it not be done… Not all of them were wiped out, and their are still those who exist on this earth who have the… Read more »

Good analysis. I agree. And, the supposed ‘professor’ was ‘just messin with you’ Enoch was referenced by Christ and therefore has merit. As for Obama….well…IMHO They must reveal to us and then ridicule us for believing them. Biggest spoof of all time.

In God’s redemption plan that was complete before any creation ever occurred, God established an avenue whereby a spirit could impregnate a human woman, in order that the Holy Spirit could impregnate Mary and bring forth Jesus Christ, who is fully God, and fully man. The evil spirit world either new about this avenue established for mankind’s blessing, or stumbled onto it. With every potential blessing, there exists a potential curse.

Lol to funny

No, the watchers were physical, not spirits.

I believe he’s not exactly a fallen angel. Obama doesn’t have 6 fingers (haha). The picture is symbolic, but in fact there is something dark about him.

Very interesting!

An “angel” was simply a being that came down from the heavens. It’s a modern-ish interpretation to think of them as some kind of supernatural being with wings – there are no references that I’ve seen saying that they were anything but physical. I think that wings were used symbolically to illustrate that these beings could “fly” and not necessarily that they *had* wings – just as “flying craft” were often depicted with wings. If you read Revelations with the mindset that this is a non-technological man being pulled into a very technology-laden environment (ship) the story holds up. Imagine a primitive man with no sense of what a radio was, a video surveillance feed, computers, etc being pulled into the command deck of a modern battleship. A “thousand voices” and “windows to other worlds” etc.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

You call them aliens, but thats where the greaT Deception bases it’s power. Angels masquerading as Aliens, technologically advanced so as to mislead humans to place their faith in them instead of God. The science will turn up as satan worship later

They’re inter dimensional DEMONS not angels get it right.

Hi J2Fly4u, the Watchers or Fallen Angels were or are the Sons of Seth and the woman’s they had relations with are the daughters of Cain, if you read the books Life of Adam and Eve (apocalypse of Moses) and the Lost Forgotten Books of Eden or The Secrets of Enoch which is not to be confused with The Book of Enoch tho all the ones mentioned above are books taken out of the Bible, you will understand how things happened.

They can take on human form. Or didn’t you know it’s possible to entertain angels unawares? Hebrews 13:2

And wasn’t it angels that the men of Sodom wanted to r**e? So clearly they had taken on bodily form.

There a lot of pictures in which Obama makes the sign of the “horned hand”, so I lean towards the second option. Also, probably only people under the illuminati reach the power in US and in most countries in the world.

“According to scholars and ancient literature, these rephaim/giants had six fingers.”

As a professor, I’m always obliged to provide footnotes and other HARD EVIDENCE in support of my statements. That’s why it fascinates me when people promote this biblical theory, without providing any scholarly documentation whatsoever to support it.

So, if you can identify and quote these “scholars and ancient literature,” please do so. I’m not talking about vague, vernacular summaries you’ve found on the internet somewhere. I mean real scholarship. I want to keep an open mind about this, but it’s impossible to confirm or disprove these sorts of assertions when people like you don’t provide any cites. Thanks.

here you go prof

2 Samuel 21:20

In another battle with the Philistines at Gath, they encountered a huge man with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, twenty-four in all, who was also a descendant of the giants.

But you know the good “Prof” probably doesn’t believe in the Bible. But way to provide that source!

You, Glenn Smith, are an idiot and a hypocrite. Why don’t you go look up “ad hominem attacks” before you insult people whom you know absolutely nothing about?
People who “believe in the Bible” don’t hurl offensive statements at total strangers.

Calm down, Marie. Glenn and everyone else is entitled to their opinion. His statement is not an insult, it’s a simple assumption, and an easy one to make, at that. If the “Prof” – if he really is who/what he says he is- really wanted to know the truth, and really wanted to find the literature where these statements are made then the response provided would be enough. It’s obvious you and the “Prof” are here only to stab, smear, and insult others who are making an effort to answer your questions. Do you even have a question, Marie? Because all I see is you posting a personal insult that is unfounded; simply because you took something the wrong way. If you were someone who “goes high when others go low”, then you would have just disregarded the statement instead of going on a petty tyrade.

Simple assumptions? Oh my…

Here’s one: I have yet to meet a Gemini who wasn’t “touchy” as h3ll. Scout’s honor.

@Glenn Smith, et al — Typically, a Professor is looking for a little more than one citation from whomever’s random English-language translation of the Torah/Bible. (Which is what I paraphrased/cited above, too, lol!) I can see where the “Prof” is coming from…one inference does not a point make. 😉

Dr. Micheal S. Heiser: — (Professor of Ancient Languages; U. of Madison Wis.); Note his “Divine Council” Phd Thesis… Fully documented Scholar of Ancient languages…Notes that the “Sons of God”, [KJV], AND (Their offspring, the Nephilim; are the giants spoken of in Genesis 6: 1 – 4), and he also notes Job 1: 6 – 12 & 2: 1 – 6; {“sons of God”…at a gathering with God}; and again, Psalm 83 refers to the “congregation of the MIGHTY”… [but note the denunciation in verses 2 – 6 {esply. ver. 6: “ye shall die AS men…”;]…And then Deut. 32: 8 – 9; God All of these refer to the members of the “Divine Council” of Yahwey, that Yahwey speaks to at various times: Gen. 1:26 – “let us make man in our image…”; and even denounces at times, (after HE divides the Nations among them, [ver. 8]…and maintains Ya’acob… Read more »

Gen 1:26 is God speaking to himself not a Devine council, let us ( the father, the word ( Jesus), and the spirit being us) in our image. There is no Devine council, that sounds very much like mormon doctrine.

It’s in the Bible. Look under the “Hebrew” section.

Όψεως αποκατασταθεί

Please forget wiki…if i didn’t learn anything in my masters research thesis program at the University of Aberdeen, at least i learned that wiki ain’t a reliable research material…i also note that it could be doctored and edited regularly.

Thanks, but I still don’t see anything here that explains what “ancient literature” says these creatures had six fingers.

In fact, I don’t see anything here in your response, which even indicates that this (single) professor says they had six fingers. How does “sons of God,” etc. equate to “having six fingers”???

It appears to me that you are making unfounded assertions.

This is a simple anti-Christian attack. Please, get a life. If you’re genuinely interested in this topic, a simple month in a legitimate bible study would answer this question for you. I find it comical that people who claim to be “educated” feel the deep set desire to cause an emotional rise out of others simply because they believe in something. It’s hypocritical bullying which IMO is due to a total lack of education.

Thanks. I noticed the same thing from the first post. This argumentative gentleman, rather than declaring that his own research had not borne this out, decided to challenge, in a rude and confrontational way, the interesting post of the first person. Dude, if you’re that concerned, find something that disavows his statement and post it; don’t keep after him with snippy, little insults and condescending remarks..

I could see this Wiley character drugging his male models, engaging in sexual acts, and dumping them off somewhere after he’s finished, leaving them with no memory of what happened.

Wow! You need to have a good look at what goes on in your own head! How on earth did you come to that conclusion?

I read the article?

Well it’s obvious he is a fan on ancient African Philosophy: the color green represents life, abundance, food, earth, etc. And sperm is indeed needed for us all to be alive no doubt! Sperm represents fertility and life. I personally like his art more than I dislike it. He is weird though lol! Anytime your dealing with presidents things get weird let’s just be honest! This is a good article because it doesn’t speak bad of the artist work or his life, it’s just simply stating facts about him and his work! I do not like the beheaded white women though! It is pushing an agenda of racial hate that we don’t need anymore of. Felt like the article ended short or unfinished!

Yes the end felt very abrupt to me as well.

You have absolutely no discernment of what this article is all about

Yep, the article was good, but I also felt that something was lacking.

Somehow I find the portrait of the wife more disturbing, with the triangles, the duality. Her unlikeness to the painted version may well be undone in a few years time, when plastic surgery will adapt the face-part in real life.

This was my first reaction as well… I am disappointed VC didn’t touch on the symbolism in Michelle’s pic or even show a blown up version for us to take a closer look at…. The first thing I noticed was a pyramid with capstone smack dab in the middle of the painting/ dress.

It is striking how feminine his portrait is in comparison to hers. Strange for a former president who did exhibit a *generally* masculine, confident persona. Like he was slick acting and smooth talking but never came across effeminate as president. Free of the White House, he could easily come out as bisexual or gay and I would not be surprised. I know two different artists were involved and it is easy to see how that was intentional. Besides her wearing a dress, Michelle’s is a very stark, masculine rendering with some dualistic qualities. Interesting but odd. I understand Barack’s is full of nods to his heritage, childhood and to Chicago but the flowers and greenery behind him looks not that dissimilar from the loud floral patterns behind those ladies with the severed heads in other paintings (which are disturbing indeed). He does have a large vein like that on his… Read more »

Is it feminine? Looks pretty gender neutral (or rather, neither feminine nor masculine) to me. And like a rap album cover. Or a Mac DeMarco album cover. Both.

The sixth finger represents his nephilim bloodlines.

clearly telegraphing what he is

Perhaps it is appropriate that Wiley was at an Abramovic Spirit Cooking performances and has even joined the same art gallery that she is in.

If you look closely at his right hand in the portrait it looks exactly like a serpent, even with the shadow or mark on the arm resembling a mark on a serpent. Take that into account then that he is pictured in a garden, the title should be the “Serpent in the Garden” portrait.

Reminds me of the movie Passion of the Christ in which the actor playing Satan looked exactly like Obama.

That was in the Bible series, not in the passion of Christ movie.

No. It was Passion of the Christ.

You pointed out something I didn’t notice before. Can’t unsee it, now. Someone else pointed out that his right foot is at a strange angle and resembles a hoof. Perhaps?

Would have been more realistic and historically correct with a fly or two crapping on his head.

Remember the time he caught a fly with his bare hand no problem?

I have done that before

Real men catch wasps with one hand, blindfolded.

Typical predatory homosexual deviance from this Kehinde miscreant. GQ has an article about him “scoping-out”/cruising young Moroccan males on a beach for his sick artwork with assistance from some obsequious Arabic-speaking f*g hag. Race-baiting, grievance pimp indeed…

In the picture related to this description: “His Alexander the Great variation …”, the fingers of the golden staff (I don’t know if this word is correct, but you got what I meant) in the picture reminded me of the “as above, so below” fingers of Baphomet.

The sixth finger thing seems like a stretch to me. Upon looking closely at it, I think it just might be his old skin and hand muscle just folding due to the position his hand is in. The other stuff does seem pretty suspect though.

The Artist was probably working with an enlarged projection of a photograph and did not even bother to artistically enhance the looks of it?

Some of the ivy leaves appear to be clone stamped in photoshop. There are many repeating patterns that are a dead giveaway of photoshop clone stamp.

It is not the product that is the art, sometimes it is the game of selling it for loads of money that is the art of art. Some say even a plastic turt on a pedestal is art – ”if it makes you think when looking at it.. I succeeded”.
See what I did? Connecting these paintings to faeces.

VG forgot to mention that the artist uses Chinese labor to paint his own paintings. Yes, this “artist” doesn’t even do his own work! The “clone stamps” were probably stencils painted in by Chinese labor.

I don’t get it. How is he considered an author of the paintings then?

Because he’s black and thus “untouchable”

That’s the art world’s “weakness” to criticize him would be “racist”

Anna, sadly that’s the trend with contemporary Fine Art today. Damien Hirst, Ai Weiwei…some of the biggest most popular names right now……..yet they DON’T do their own work. They come up with the idea (if even that) and then pay craftsmen to produce the work.

It’s also worth mentioning that these nameless craftsmen remain just that………….nameless.

I’ll go out on a limb here (no pun intended) and guess “race.”


VG forgot to mention that the artist uses Chinese labor to paint his own paintings. Yes, this “artist” doesn’t even do his own work! The “clone stamps” were probably stencils painted in by Chinese labor.

That is the side of his hand – not a finger.

I guess a lot of people are not used to seeing people age. I see the hand as one of an older person who lost some weight over the last few years. The skin gets flappier, roomier. Quite normal, I’d say, but the reactions in the com-end-sec-tion to it are quite amusing, sometimes – although a little unsettling.

When I first saw the portrait, I thought he was sitting in a field of poison ivy. I noticed on the close up there actually are clumps of three leaves (leaves of three, let them be!) Not sure if this has any significance or not but nevertheless I think it’s a strange background.

The name of the painting of the black woman holding up the decapitated head of the white woman is:
“Woman, Desperate for Weave”.


what does any of this have to do with anything? what am I missing here?

Kehinde Wiley identify’s himself as gay. You understand, don’t you?

No! What does that mean?

the subversion of art is part of the elite agenda. That’s the point, agree or disagree.

One thing is (according to his Wikipedia page, anyway) that Obama self-identifies as a ‘devout Christian’. According to Christianity, homosexual relations is a mortal sin. Yet, Obama has proudly promoted the LGBT agenda and here hires a homosexual artist – and even one involved in ‘spirit cooking’ session circles. None of this adds up. He wouldn’t wish to be depicted with six fingers as a Christian, either.

The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals

22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

I think this artist is right up this alley and was picked on purpose for sure.

It’s extremely un-presidential for sure (painting sperm cells on the face of a US president, really? by an artist with a clearly racist agenda?). The only reason I’m not very surprised is I’ve already lost all faith in the US political establishment. It’s beyond amazing the Americans accept this but, alas, same story, we’ve seen what else they accept so no surprise…

That’s the frightening thing: the bar is already set so low most don’t even see anything wrong with this whole ordeal…


I’m not surprised if the sixth finger on obama’s hand is a demonic reference but the sperm in the paintings by Wiley may be p********a reference, especially with all the sex abuse going on in hollywood right now in addition to the Singer and Weinstein fiasco.

Seriously what the hell is the problem of everyone on this site (which I love) always using asterisks on the word “p********a”? I despise it too but I’m not afriaif to spell it out.
Pedophlia p********a p********a.
Ooh still here. Still hating p********a.

It’s an automatic censor, Titan. Did you look at your comment after posting it?

Yeah, like with television, in the u.s.a. where it was (is?) forbidden to say the words periods or dicks or felatio out loud, but where it is perfectly normal to show toddlers how to kill, on that same daytime television. This site has fluctuating check-lists, I noticed.

So Kitsch and tacky. Yuck.

The sperm cell near Obama’s head, the supposedly 6th finger – Which I didn’t even notice and the fact that Kehinde Wiley attends Abramovich’s “Spirit Cooking” sessions is well suspicious.

I’m surprised VC didn’t attempt to dissect the six fingered symbolism? (Strange!)

Here’s one besides the (generic, tired, run-of-the mill “OMG something something the BEAST! 6!!!!!”) born again cr@pola interpretation:

…In the war led at Gath against the Philistines, a warrior of big, or epic proportions, had six fingers on each hand and foot. (2 S 21, 20; 1 CH 20, 6)

Any thoughts?

There’s a reason why it is called a portrait and that’s that. Any extra playing with colors and the image is just silly. For a personal expo I certainly understand, but for such a certain collection, to not respect the line of the work to following this day, it’s just beyond silly. It might look loud and different than the rest of works in the collection, but also out of place and disrespectful. Rome wasn’t made in a day and that’s why so many traditions are the way they are because they withstand the time and they are for forever and it has been proven over and over.
Ps. It’s not the sixth finger is just skin. The last finger is a pinkey, followed by the ring finger, middle finger slightly taller and pointing finger.

When I first saw the Barack portrait I thought it was so undignified, he looks like he’s on the toilet. Wiley’s laughing all the way to the bank.

His portrait looking like he’s unloading all the sh@t he’s spewed out of his mouth into some poor innocent porcelain bowl is rather fitting for him as a president and leader of the “free” people.

I love VC, but I do feel this article is kind of reaching. So an artist uses sperm to represent masculinity in a few of his paintings…..and this is indicative of the occult? That article says he’s “pervy” but it doesn’t offer any insight as to why or have any proof or statements. He is a very famous black artist, and Obama has been trying to empower blacks for a long time. Ever think maybe he picked the artist because of that? Other than the sperm in those few paintings, I don’t see a connection here. When I googled his other works, I didn’t’ see anything else odd or symbolic. Just paintings of black people.I think people’s disdain for Obama might have them thinking otherwise. Can someone explain anything further to me?

Maybe it might be a good thing to read a biography about Jean-Michel Basquiat? You know, to see how the art world and it’s customers, together with it’s culturefans cared about a (black) artist. ”Dead? Oh boohoo. Next”.

It is a corrupt idea, to pick a less talented “artist” who has “assistants” do the backgrounds and “detail work” in a sort of “factory” in China (read about him) for a gallery that will be visited by millions in the future. Looks at the entire collection of these presidential portraits. BO’s does not belong, and will have people wondering “What were people THINKING?” when they see the portrait and read about his rotten administration that tried to undo the next election, to hide their crimes.

I understand that, but why is this then on VC? What is the link to the occult or elite that makes this so evil?

I’m sorry- I’m confused. Why do you think VC says this is occult related?
I didn’t read about the occult – I read VC’s article simply explaining the odd portrait and artist and stuff that goes with it.

The pictures- In my opinion I believe that BOs picture is totally disrespectful. I don’t see how any could put that in any Museum. Kind of like his Nobel Peace prize. Pfft.
I would just just throw those way get new ones immediately.
Guess he ‘had to be different”. Who would have guessed…

Yeah, why couldn’t BO have been more respectful, like our current President. Now he is the epitome of respect. Never puts anybody down, or says a disrespectful word or does anything inappropriately.

Thank you Meg, I’ve been wondering the same. I think some of the things said are racially charged if I’m honest. Choosing a black, gay artist is not some ‘twisted’ thing that needs to be condemned. Not everything has to be done by a white, straight male. I’m going off VC a bit now – the essence is good but not everything is a twisted occultic ritual

Not what you made the article for but removing all the creepy s**t for a second, doesn’t it look like the cover art of something you’d see on a rap album? He looks like he’s about to drop the biggest beats of the century lmao

As soon as I saw Michelle’s dress, I was reminded of the odd language used during pizzagate (podesta emails and comet ping pong Instagram comments) regarding the different types of handkerchiefs used to denote certain kinds of p********a. There’s all this feminine, flower imagery surrounding Obama and nothing but abstract shapes on Michelle’s dress. Oil and water mesh better than these two paintings. It’s ugly all over.

People say that being in favor of homosexuals is part of the elite’s agenda. Ok, but what if we take into consideration that gay people were born this way and (that’s what they say) that they can’t achieve happiness when they have sexual partners of their opposite gender? If they were born this way, why should we try to oblige them to be straight? The only possible answer (that I can imagine) to this is that the elite wants EVERYBODY (the whole world) to become gay! In one of Poppy’s (she’s under the illuminati) videos in youtube, she says that in the future “there will be no more genders”! So it means that everybody (or most people) will become gay/transgender??

The Biggest Bastard Alive

Well there are lots of researches that disprove such theory that Homos were born that way. However, there are other studies that also prove that Homosexuals are born that way. In actuality, everyone’s born with a Homosexual disposition just like how all of us have the disposition or the tendency to steal, r**e, etc. It’s in all of us but to act on it is influenced by external factors just as how the tendency to steal, r**e, kill, etc is driven by inner motivations pushed by external factors.

Yes….it’s a widely ignored fact that genetics influences behavior. Nobody can argue that dogs, for example, are bred intentionally for behavior and personality characteristics, not just physical appearance. Instincts are inside genes.

While some people might have more genetic disposition to homosexuality…just like others might have more tendency towards anger, or other “negative” emotions…it is nevertheless our responsibility as humans, even our spiritual goal, to rise above being controlled by our physiology.

Jeff – your words are exactky what makes me so leery of those DNA packets people are doing. Ancestry, 23 and Me… are they screening for nefarious purposes? Trying to find the Golden Child among the population? Its creepy!

I read somewhere Madonna had a team of dna-cleaners for her dressingrooms after concerts, to prevent some nasty people might get hold of it. Might be a rumour to fill pages, who can tell (already cattle, monkeys and pets were cloned so her scare is understandable?). But now, ordinairy people are sending their precious this-is-me-blueprint by mail to a company they do not know of who’s behind it. Are their corporative fineprints to be believed and even trusted? We all know that countries write down everything about citizens for over centuries (hence all those look-up-your-familytree-teevee). Wouldn’t it be nice for them to combine all the information from the smart-teevee-feedback, the ip-numbers, the insurance-information, the healthcare-paperworks with these new dna-gimmicks from foreign humans too..?

@The Biggest Bastard Alive. So much truth and they just can handle it.

In some countries, they are already doing away with gender and are using ambigious terms like ze (or something like that) in place of he, she, him, her, etc. I think Sweden was one of the first, though I could be wrong. In 2017 Canada quietly stopped having baby boys and girls, which surprised and infuriated parents of newborns who learned that (regardless of the penis or vagina) they legally had a gender neutral infant. (They all then got distracted griping on Facebook about some Khadr or whoever getting millions of dollars that none of us would have received anyways. By the time that blew over, they forgot about their baby Its. Which was the goal of Khadr’s money. That and distracting people from beastiality being legalized for no real reason yet we’re still waiting for legal weed. Which is why the youth registered to vote for Trudeau; legal pot.… Read more »

Obama having sperm on his forehead is just announcing to the world what we already know: he’s as gay as a post and his main agenda as a Satanist was to entrench their homosexual agenda as deeply as possible in the world. BTW, Michelle being rumoured to be a tranny isn’t racist. Its simplay the truth. That there is a man.

Show people who the real racists are, have them out in plain sight, but will they see it or admit it?

please stop. Obviously people can hate on both sides (and not all do, on both sides), but please don’t act like “traditional” racism has never or does not currently exist.

Mirror half his image and the satanic world unfolds before you. An object appears on his head above that two faces forehead wraped in a turban looking a 45 degrees of the painting. This was planned.

These are the perfect paintings to represent these two. Time will tell, as these portraits hang along side of actual masterpieces, that this couple where are fake and classless as the paintings that will come to represent them. The “artist” they both chose where chosen, not for their artistic skills so much as their skin color and political beliefs. Barry chose a black, homosexual who has a hatred for white people. One who usurps the artwork of classic white, European and American artist, rather than forging his own, genuine legacy. And “Big Mike’s” painting looks nothing like “her”: a made-up woman. Yep, seems perfect to me.

Anyone suggesting Michelle is male is racist. You people have been dehumanising and questioning the sex of black women for centuries, it’s disgusting.

This is what happens when you prefer to choose a gay artist over an artist that is actually qualified. Barry got exactly what he wanted.

What a weird combinations of words, is it an opinion, is it a riddle, a rant?

You’re a strange homophobe or troll. “This person likes sodomy therefore they cannot create art.” (Granted the artist is obsessed with painting sperm, so I’ll give you some credit there…) Not every gay person is obsessed with painting sperm. I have yet to hear of a gay hairdresser constantly making hairstyles that look like ejaculating anuses or something equally ridiculous.

The Obama portraits are the real life versions of “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” What the portraits depict is exactly who these people are at their core–racist, Satanic, and not American.

Ezekiel 23:19-20

I thought I’d throw in a biblequote as well, since they got a lot of plusses, ..usually.
This one touches part of the subjects in this story (the crotch of big men) and enhances the personal fantasies of bible-readers everywhere, no? Right, let’s discuss it than, with arguments..

You’re funny! I like you. Oh right, but you wanted arguing! Um…

How dare you imply manipulating oneself is in the Bible as anything other than a perverted sin! Sexual desires should only be acted on for reproductive purposes between a married man and woman! Insert quotes to suit argument, possibly out of context. More exclamation points!

Sorry religious people. Not mocking all of you. Although routinely arguing over the same stuff serves no real purpose. You can love God without bickering. You can draw more people to the light with kindness. People like to pet friendly dogs, but they’ll avoid ones who seem aggressive. Not calling Christians canines, just using an example that makes more sense than the “flies and vinegar” cliche. Who tf wants flies in their honey? Seems like a waste of perfectly good honey. I don’t want them in my vinegar, either.

I found this quote. This is about b********y? But answer is already known to all such accusations: “People in the Old Testament sinned a lot, and God was punishing them for this all the time.” And then he sent Jesus Christ to remind them once again what is a sin. And if I correctly found the site of the Bible, all Ezekiel 23 is about the fact that God will punish some harlots for such things.
In general, people in the Old Testament lived horribly in the majority. Even if you do not formally consider this all a sin, you do not really want to imitate them (in the moment of reading). Because it is described not as glamorous as it is now.

Still, having children read the bible is a crucial point in their christian upbringing, no? Or do parents still use censored bibles for young people and horrible originals (?) for themselves? I don’t know, I really don’t.

“Or do parents still use censored bibles for young people and horrible originals (?) for themselves?” You see this as hypocrisy, but why. In my opinion, many secular works that are studied at school, it would also be better to read after 20. And often they are taught in censored form. For me, this is an open philosophical question. In our country, it is not customary for children to study the Bible in full. We have a so-called “children’s bible” at home, but it looks like a “caricature of the Bible.” At the age when the child most likely already watches secretly p**n and so forth, why it is impossible to read it in the Bible. Probably, it’s appropriate to start in late adolescence. If you believe that the Bible is at least partially a historical book (and in part it is such), who is to blame for the fact… Read more »

The way the graphic describtion is used in the context, is to me an indication of mindfull putting in sexual obscene references in the bible. Even for grown ups it is quite possible to use a more decent describtion for horniness than loving hung men ejaculating like donkeys, don’t you think?
Imagine generations of grandma, the godfearing and carefull loving woman, reading after diner in a book like this, where she comes up to this segment, shiver and say Amen, dear let’s have coffee and mints.

Anyone notice how exceptionally long Moochelle’s (aka Michael) ‘s one arm is.? CREEPY!!!

There is a youtube that discusses the hands…the painting has 2 right hands. Thats Islamic.
The Wahabi God has 2 right hands, as in this painting; Bill Smith, You tube.

Check this out. Great analysis. theJonathanKleck on yootoobs. Video called “Portrait of Apollyon”

” I got love on my mind” you know, the song, will have a whole new meaning to it after this segment of news. Snapping fingers, miming Obama, sliding on his socks through the empty nightly halls of the White House and dancing in his underwear, holding a brush (Michelle’s), imaging a herd of screaming fans throwing roses, oh, I mean those other flowers..


One of these is a painting of a fantasy that one of the Kenyan tribal leader´s wives had about his white lover (Obama´s mom).

i like

The date the portrait unveiled is interesting. Remember few years ago, on the exact day, a video released featuring Obama playing basket ball and bla bla bla. 2/12 looks similar to 2012. And 1/22 was the day Albert Pike released the 3 world wars vision.

King of pentacles, anyone?.

I wouldn’t doubt the artist spurted a load into his paints and sperm truly do float on barry’s face

I see the face of a snake just behind obama !!!