Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Still Bringing Illuminati Symbolism to Kids


After giving us a WTH moment with her video PONPONPON, J-Pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is back with another Illuminati-drenched video. The video appears to be based on Alice in Wonderland. How many times can that fairy tale be referred to in popular culture? I believe I personally mentioned Alice in Wonderland about a dozen of times in the past few months on this site. The story and the symbolism surrounding it is obviously of a great importance for the Illuminati industry – maybe because it is a staple in actual MK programming.

Kyary’s latest video “Tsukematsukeru” is another mesmerizing symbolism overload with a typical Japanese twist. Checkerboard patterns, creepy eyes ominously watching over everything, etc. You don’t have to watch it, but if you do, prepare to set your facial expression to HUH?

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Do you guys think that the Iulluminati ever sit back and go “tha hell were we thinking”?

What the hell did I just watch? i need a place to vomit.

It may be evil, but you have to admit, IT SURE AS HELL IS CATCHY.

This is the dumbest crap I've ever seen. Is it me or does it sound like baby babble?


I've been visiting this site on-and-off for the last several months. I'm not entirely sold on this whole Illuminati thing, but I do agree that there's a LOT of creepiness in the music industry these days.

I'd like to request an article on another J-Pop singer, Namie Amuro – her latest tour DVD features checkerboards/chessboards aplenty (yes, her latest album was chess-themed, but you never know…), plus she throws the 666 sign during the "ROCK YOU" performance. She's been my fave artist for the past few years, but if this Illuminati stuff is true and she's involved, that may have to change…

Looking forward to your future works!

she, is very stupid. That is all.

its not sentiment this a reality we must accept that the world of entertainment is more than half had been in control by the anti kristu, anti-christ here does not play directly but through his followers are running an agenda that's been made by thousands and thousands of anti-christ of years so its conclusions are not an artist that plays sentiment was also really do not know and he just made ​​it a doll or artias denganancaman popularity forced him down if it does not play what's in the video

Wooooooow. I mean really. I had to keep diverting my eyes for a minute because the imagery does have a hypnotizing effect. Scary.

But just need to know whats the purpose of displaying those symbols? Does it have any affect on the viewer? Kindly let me know

it have a significant affect on the designs his or her thinking.and way of doing things.reactions and every act of your life.

For those making reference to "God" think about this. Scripture has been added to and altered 62,000 times. There is a book called "The Word of Yah – The Kings Covenant" This is supposedly the most literal translation. The linguists translating scripture found an interesting thing. The Almighty Creators name is Yahuwah, The Messiah Yahushua. The reason this is important is because they found that the terms we use to call on him are actually the names of Pagan Deities, that were interjected into scripture. Lord is derived of Halourd (a Pagan Deity), God is derived of Gott (a Pagan Deity). The word Holy and Divine are derived of Pagan Deities. It is scriptural that calling upon Yahuwah would offer protection and salvation and it was known by the Pagan Priests that is why they outlawed people to call him by name and changed the scripture. Yahuwah also warned against… Read more »

It used to be all nicely concealed by a thin blanket…


The following blog explains some of the symbols in this song.

God, she's just 18. This is utterly creepy… but also weirdly cute and… I don't know, this is just weird, very weird, I don't think I'll ever understand fully what I just watched.

A Japanese blogger said Ponponpon song has some subliminal message. When you reverse some part of the song can be heard "Die, die die" in Japanese.

My bf came in and started playing it over and over, dancing to it even. (sigh) I am still going to point out the symbolism to him. I don't want this song stuck in my head. So annoying! Yea, he downloaded it….

Pillars, lighthouses, pyramids, eyes EVERYWHERE… Gracious, what a mess of symbolism! It's almost too much to take in. But I guess it's not supposed to be conciously "taken in" but rather subconciously. And the song! My ears are still ringing, I don't have a clue what she was singing about, but for some reason I want to sing it too. Now that's creepy for you!

But…. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is not a kids performer. Her audience is mostly adults.

She has two wigs and two crowns… representing a mind fractured into multiple alter-ego's. The eyelashes i.e. on her hat could represent imaginary eyes, portals to her multiple ego's. the multiple ego's, of course, resulting from her having undergone occultist mindcontrol. That's why she's so filled up with esoteric symbols. This would be in her head. Or heads…

I find the lions 'turning into' faggy pink foxes quite androgenous.

Maybe she thinks it's about eyelashes but the people that made this video know what they're doing and know the real meaning.

Is it just me or did anyone else notice that she looks like she isnt even enjoying herself in the video. Her dancing, etc just looks like she is miserable and is doing what "they" are making her do….can it get any more blatantly obvious?!

*vomit* makes me want to buy a year supply of tampons and go out into the wilderness away from these FREAKS. Nothing as Holy as mother nature.

I wouldn't read more into the video than what is already there… the imagery it contains is quite clear, and no further examination is needed.

Quite frankly, I could barely stand to even watch it… not because of the imagery itself, but because the video is so flamboyant and hyperactive as to nearly induce a seizure.

Isin't she the model of Koji Dolly Wink brand? They do all lash stuff, fake lashes, liners, mascaras etc… maybe that explains why this song is about lashes.

I'm used to listen to childish sounding japanese music but these symbols are creepy. I got to say, the girl don't look very happy to me, the way she smiles feels so forced… normally people look more at ease when smiling.

I really don't want Japan to be infused with this horrible stuff, especially taking great independent bands to big record labels to use them as propaganda. It's the death of art.

I thought ponponpon was catchy as f… and started to like her, but then i saw this video on youtube and lost all respect for her. The eyeballs in ponponpon video i also disturbing.

Whats next?

I thing these illuminatys are stupid and make a very obvios propaganda, i cant see any good thing in these ideias, they show women are using by a system and after that "go to the waste" ….and they really like Alice…i thing thats cant be illuminaty because the japonese culture its "diferent" by itself.

The light houses at 4:13 create a triangle in the background. They actually do that all the time but is more obvious in that time. Its scary shiz guys. I am grateful i believe in God. I worship him!