K-Pop and J-Pop Into Illuminati Symbolism: New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and SuperJunior Videos


K-Pop and J-Pop acts were covered several times on this site as they are often rife with Illuminati symbolism (see the full article on the subject entitled Narsha and SHINee: Illuminati Infiltration of K-Pop). The trend is definitely not fading away, as proven by these two new Asian pop videos who push obviousness of it all to a new degree. No in-depth analysis is required here, just big, fat, in your face, can’t avoid it, can’t act like it does not exist symbolism.

PONPONPON by J-Pop act Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is…ummm…annoying. So sorry in advance. If you don’t find it annoying and I offended you by saying that it was, well, whatever. This video is like a big mash up of Illuminati/MK symbolism 101 for kids. Bunch of eyes everywhere, checkerboards, butterflies, you know how they do it.

This next video is not even a full video but a preview of K-Pop group Super Junior. I don’t think it takes much more than 58 seconds to understand what they’re all about (can they, like, hide more one eye?).

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284 Comments on "K-Pop and J-Pop Into Illuminati Symbolism: New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and SuperJunior Videos"

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is there any good things to do on this world nowadays? so many demon,illuminati sh*t , satanism and blah blah blah .. MY GOSH !

the first vid is j-pop nad c'mon kyary is amazing… and i can say that when she made it she was 18 years old… all kids dont know what they are doing in this age and in other way it is catchy… check out her another videos… like familly party or kira kira killer or invader invader..etc
OHH and kyary is not japanese lady gaga


That first song is stuck in my head now! it sounds cute like a kids song which makes this crap more appealing to children. the second video geez one eye overload

Hello there, reverse playback give you hidden messages.

Hidden Message Kyary きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – PONPONPON (English sub) – YouTube http://bit.ly/qjrAMH

This song, PONPONPON, has become a success all over the world. Congratulations Kyary! I assume that careful marketing has been planned for this quick success.

This original video contains so many clear symbols to let us know who made it.

So we have got their message. We got the message from them after the Fukushima attack, I mean " disaster " (attack my wording, if you like)

They have sent Lady Gaga to Japan to say "Japan is safe" But this massage is very different.

you are dead

perform a trick

Nobody left

Terminate Breath

Nothing left

Nobody left

Let's make this your fate

The world will end

Wake Up, Study for yourself.

Love and Peace

See 2:51 how the pink guy worships her, while she smiles.

the first video I do not like, but if they use symbolism or not, when you affect them?
I'm not Christian, I am not an atheist
but as these groups want to brainwash people, the church and religions do the same. Greetings

No Christianity is not brainwashing people it actually causes people to open their eyes and realize what is going on in the world. It is said in the bible that these things would happen. Also Satan was a lover of music and go figure the occult symbols are heavily in the music industry. It confuses me why there are atheists that acknowledge the symbolism but fail to see that it is of the devil. Otherwise if there was no God what would be the point of putting satanic symbols in the videos? I hope you come to realize that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light and that is why everything you see in the world is dark because Satan is the king of the fallen world.


I accidently was curious and listened to it and I really hope I wasn't bewitched lol..Is very catchy even thru, I have no clue what there saying , I think there saying dance like this and copy me ". But really does anyone know what there saying in the song other then what the video is saying? I think is just darkness in peoples heart is what there trying to do and make people not think for themselves like FACEBOOK.

It is every kids show on LSD!!!

http://24.media.tumblr.com/4fcc573c93838c7828df9b… Alice Nine also looks like they have smth to do with this especially Tora … -.- If U want I can give u much more proofs …

there is a death message in pon pon pon, but the song is cute

Whoa. The Pon Pon thingy one is surprisingly cute and creepy at the same time. This is annoying how can be something filled with illuminati propaganda looks somehow not so very dangerous, even cute and or funny.

I'm a little confused. I am loosely aware of the illuminati-all powerful, secret societies, masonic influence, all that but what is the root of all this (what with the talk of God in many comments above). Is it supposed to be a directly satanic group?

The illuminati were a bunch of wannabe Freemasons but were too lazy to do thing the right way and wanted power while using the freemasons to do it. The Freemasons put a stop to it because Freemasons are not about power, they are about making the world a better place by making good men, better men. The three principle tenants of Freemason are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Faith, Hope and Charity drives them, but especially Charity. Nothing there about “world domination”. that is an urban legend made up by those who were not worthy to be Freemasons.

Honestly,i am a huge fan of jpop and kpop but if its got the illuminati symbols in it i won't defend it,but Kyary's video is more random not like illumitnati but it is very random.

And Mr.Simple as a teaser looks sorta illuminati-ish but watch the full video and see it does not look the same,they changed it alot,none of the teasers really describe the song very well

Everyone should probably consider the fact that Kyary Pamyu has a contract with Warner Music Japan. Warner Music is originally an American music company, but I'm sure they have offices around the world (like Japan for example). That's probably why you see all the symbolism in Kyary's music video, not saying that other music companies in Japan don't make their artists do that. I'm just bringing up a valid fact I found out about her from wikipedia.

Hi there.

personnally i think super junior are definitely illuminati puppets … i was an ELF but i felt something weird with the teaser too and now i just watched a vid about it, it's so creepy…. i'm personnally convinced with it… the one who made the vid said she was an ELF too 🙁 if your interrested here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpJRM0iZJXo
and to those saying Siwon is a devoted christian, u know that no illuminati puppet ever said he or she is illuminati XD even madonna or lady gaga and when they say “Oh My God” …u should ask yourself of what God they’re talking about … !

Referring to Kyary's video: I'm American. I don't have the cultural understanding to begin to fathom this video. The music is facinating – can't get it out of my head. I have a sortof Japanese to English translation of this thing that makes absolutely NO sense, especially when compared to the visuals. I get the feeling it's trying to tell a story of sorts (although that may be expecting too much!), but I don't begin to understand the references. Sounds like a great subject for a sociology thesis – a full translation with all cultural and sociological references. Anybody interested? It should only take 500 or 600 pages or so. Oh, and please forgive my aparent ignorance, I don't have the necessary cultural background.

I've always wondered this: if not one eye, are the stars supposed to cover 2, then? 😀

i joke. sort of.

most people are commenting on the first vid instead of the 2nd one, so just to add on to why some people may be over-reading the mr simple video: if anything, some members change the choreography slightly during their live performances to sort of cover their face? instead of just one eye. heck, most of the time when they're dancing their hands aren't even near their eye, more of hovering somewhere beside their faces.

Most of Asia's artists these days are in their teenage years and most probably are barely aware of Illuminati matters. In accordance to what is considered as high fashion and good looking in various parts of Asia, this is what J-Pop and K-Pop stars try their best to bring out in their music videos.

Is it not possible for music videos to just be taken for what's given?

I admit that I'm a fan of Super Junior. But their poses in the teaser video was nothing more than fitting in with their new album's concept and well simply, being the good looking guys they are for their fans.

That isn't even slightly good J-pop. The songs they use in credits for anime like Bleach or Naruto are sort of awesome, if you can get over the occasional cheesiness of their singing voices or the gratuitous English. That music is a part of my youth, so I'm a little annoyed that the ungodly "Illuminati" are infesting it. Luckily, they're doing a pretty piss-poor job. Then again, TV Tokyo's logo is sort of a stylized eyeball.

Anyone have heard of the gazettE?

they're a Japanese visual kei band… while watching a video of theirs..


go look to 1:10.. and you get what i'm talking about.

Illuminati is not a secret society to those who know. In spirit we are brothers, though we have not seen each other in the flesh. We believe what we know is true. We have influence on the things around us. We are the monarchs. The butterfly effect is not under the control of the butterfly. To be enlightened is not by choice, but by assimilation into the way of the light of the truth. We were born this way. We are 666 forever, with every identifying mark. I am HIM. Read the book. The written word is the strongest form of mind control. There is no mind control where there is enlightenment. Keep learning and you will come to an accurate knowledge. We will not be mislead forever. I'll explain later. Shout out to venus-the morning star, and the queen of the heavens. Happy easter everybody.

if you freeze at 1:16 you can see a doll with a five pointed star on her right eye


You should know that they are puppets and don’t have control, but of only what illusion makes them think they have. So they aren't a member of the illum, they are only a tool to control the masses.

You should know that they are puppets and don't have control, but of only what illusion makes them think they have. So they are in it, they are only a tool to control the masses.

I'm a fan of Kyarypamyupamyu so I was excited for the release of the video. When it finally came out I was like, "lololol, countdown to see when this comes up on VC" and I was delighted to find this in your update! I love how creepy her video is and I would gag happily to have been the one to edit it. Her hengao is epic.

Hey, um, whoever runs this site, (sorry, I don't know your name), do you think you can do an article on the K-Pop group, Girl's Generation AKA SNSD? They have a TON of illuminati symbolism in there too. Seriously, every video they have, someone always does the 'one eye' hand movement.

I agree. SNSD / Girls' Generation is very subtle, but there's a lot of symbolism on their works if you pay attention to them. Well, even their debut song is titled Into the New World. Ha.

I just don't get how people can listen to these s**t anymore. I mean seriously,my ear hurts! I first watched that Mr Simple vid on fb and i was like,oh as expected! Hide one eye thingy! 😀 Btw,i used to be a SuJu fan too,but not anymore. Can't stand the shitty music,oh and the vids. >.>

i have been a faithful reader of this site for a very long time… but i disagree with this , although the Mr Simple SUJU teaser was a bit weird and awkward the actual video is nothing like that.. that teaser is just to grab attention. see here watch?v=r6TwzSGYycM

I lived in Japan for 3 years (06-09), and even though I am not fluent in the language, I knew the culture well enough. The symbolism in this video is doing nothing. What in here could affect anyone? Skulls? Eyes? The one checkerboard at the beginning? The video is so far out that no one takes it seriously, that perhaps might be the reason you guys are worried, but I do not believe it is an issue. This video reminds very much of some dark Mahou Shoujo anime (Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a great example of this). Art is evolving, it is getting dark and grittier as of recent, but I do not believe it is all thanks to the Illuminati or that this is seriously affecting our children. Kids are getting into trends anyway, but I assure you that none of them are planning to have bloody skulls… Read more »

Effing PonPonPon song, I cannot stop watching that video, I am ashamed to say…

I think they do it for controversy and attention…..and you keep giving it to them…mission accomplished. I don’t think it’s an agenda, just a media tool.

I think they do it for controversy and attention…..and you keep giving it to them…mission accomplished. I don't think it's an agenda, just a media tool.

Oh my, at the pictures that come up when you google Kyary Pamyu Pamyu:


That's not all, google search it for yourself!

Oh dear!

The first video = EYE CANCER.

That`s so effin` disturbing. I couldn`t watch the whole thing, I felt like my brain was about to explode.

The creepy thing is that even I couldn`t watch the whole video I wanted to play it again. Gah …

Pon pon way way … what the hell?

I'm a hardcore fan of Super Junior. and yes, I saw some symbols of Illuminati and I'm very disappointed about that. I pity them because they didn't even know what they are doing on camera that the staffs of the company dictated them what to do. Blame their company. Not them. They are just puppets under a Illuminati company.

hello vigilant can you kindly please make an article regarding the celebrities and singers here in the Philippines. coz i really wanted to know if this kind of things like monarch programming,illuminati mind controll and etc. has already reached our country which is Philippines please reply thanks ^_^ btw ive been promoting your website here so that a lot of filipino will be aware of what is really the TRUTH BEHIND THE SICK HOLLYWOOD MUSIC! Coz a lot of filipino's here idolizing the Bride of Satan Lady Gaga,taylor swift, britney,beyonce and rihanna and its very sad that this people do not know who there idols are and whats the REAL MESSAGES of their songs!

My friend showed me the first video last week, and I was like "Masonic bs, pass.."

I personally don't believe in the illuminati and I think symbolism is subjective and can be interpreted in many ways. What one might see as "evil" others may see as "good" or even "cool" or are indifferent to it.

That said, I am somewhat aware of Japanese culture and yes they do strange things but that Pon video is a graphic nightmare. As an aspiring graphic designer I am embarrassed by this video.

I don't think that mixing surrealism with bubblegum pop works out very well, leave the surrealism to the real artists.

Nobody is asking you if you "believe in" the illuminati, like a child might believe in Santa Claus, unicorns or fairies. We are presenting EVIDENCE that it, the illluminati, DOES exist. Evidence that THEY put out and is empirically observable. It's not a mystical fairytale. it's a bunch of rich people with too much money, power and greed for their own good who aren't happy enough with everything they already have – they ultimately want complete control and submission of ALL people in the world and part of the way they aim to get it is using influential people and influential anything, like musicians and media, to promote certain things and distract people from more pressing issues, like increased surveillance, new, terrifying and amazing technologies and secret doings and loose ends. There has even been literal mind control research done. And yeah, you can say "oh it's just art, it… Read more »

these friggin satanists are clever; the annoying Jpop video is stylistically the oppositte of the dark and overtly evil videos of jay-z, rhianna, and lady gag-me–obviously trying to appeal to a whole different demographic, through another culture/language

if you know what to look for, the symbolism is overwhelming! I can't recall that many symbols crammed into one music vid.

not to mention that this "artist" feeds into these evil bastards penchant for child p**n.

Personally, I have to say though, I kind of enjoyed when she farts out the masonic checkerboard at 1:28/1:29 mark. exactly how I feel about them. we just have to 'fart' them out of our consciousness, and STAY STRONG.

Oh! And they've got heads turning to putty, hand signs, brains bopping to the beat and they want you to bite the apple like Eve.

On another note, what browser is VC working on?

A lot of these are shout-outs to fashion brands and various coords Kyary has worn. I know the eyeballs are from a few hair accessories I’ve seen other models wear, and the butterflies and chessboards are also very common in the fashion scene. Look up Fairy Kei, Decolita, Oshare, etc. I’ve been interested in unconventional Japanese fashions for some time, so… Also: No, this is not targeted at kids. It’s merely childish, there’s a difference. If you want something like this explicitly targeted at kids, look at Mini Moni. It seems like you’re just assuming Kyary’s a normal girl thrust into a whirlwind of music videos like this, similar to other music artists nowadays. She’s been doing this “weird” stuff long before she became a singer, and this song itself is about Harajuku (“pon pon pon” is meant to be like “clap clap clap”, but an actual imitation of the… Read more »

WOW what boldness! I work in a japanese company and I have been observing some of my colleagues and I will say this from experience, if there is a nation that is brain-washed in this world- Japanese are Number one!

They flash the a-ok sign all the time even for unrelated things…anyway Thanks VC

Keep ut the good work exposing them for what they are!

is it just me, or does this video reek of p********a?

it's not just you. what's with her patting her butt throughout the whole video?

there is nothing innocent about that. there was definitely a perverted, p*******e involved in the choreography.

Wow, I only got through a minute of the first video before I thought my head was going to explode.


i actually like the instrumentation in the first song? it's very well-excuted. i particularly like the stop-and-go before and during the chorus, with the enhanced bass line.

as for the symbolism, though — it's just creepy. it's funny how vc never fails to turn me on to this kind of cultural (by?)product.

and what's with all the kraft foods product placement? meh.

we're getting there, we're getting there, the point of no return looms in the horizon…

I also noticed a "My Little Pony" product placement when I paused at 0:32. Right before they did a close-up on the Kraft.

http://youtu.be/aA3f5j8g4i0 Girls Generation Asian Pop stage concert

look at 1:30 eye of Horus…

J-Pop, K-Pop, Ker-Plop… it's all Poop to me!

peewee herman vs. the teletubbies with crows, eyeballs, and seriously sick skulls. kids television=why we don't watch.

So while watching that first video, all I could do was laugh and keep saying "wtf" to myself… I think the only possible way I could describe it as is an acid trip from hell. Quite literally.