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K-Pop and J-Pop Into Illuminati Symbolism: New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and SuperJunior Videos



K-Pop and J-Pop acts were covered several times on this site as they are often rife with Illuminati symbolism (see the full article on the subject entitled Narsha and SHINee: Illuminati Infiltration of K-Pop). The trend is definitely not fading away, as proven by these two new Asian pop videos who push obviousness of it all to a new degree. No in-depth analysis is required here, just big, fat, in your face, can’t avoid it, can’t act like it does not exist symbolism.

PONPONPON by J-Pop act Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is…ummm…annoying. So sorry in advance. If you don’t find it annoying and I offended you by saying that it was, well, whatever. This video is like a big mash up of Illuminati/MK symbolism 101 for kids. Bunch of eyes everywhere, checkerboards, butterflies, you know how they do it.

This next video is not even a full video but a preview of K-Pop group Super Junior. I don’t think it takes much more than 58 seconds to understand what they’re all about (can they, like, hide more one eye?).

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K-Pop and J-Pop Into Illuminati Symbolism: New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and SuperJunior Videos

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is there any good things to do on this world nowadays? so many demon,illuminati sh*t , satanism and blah blah blah .. MY GOSH !

Greek Fan

the first vid is j-pop nad c'mon kyary is amazing… and i can say that when she made it she was 18 years old… all kids dont know what they are doing in this age and in other way it is catchy… check out her another videos… like familly party or kira kira killer or invader invader..etc
OHH and kyary is not japanese lady gaga


some guy

there is a death message in pon pon pon, but the song is cute


That first song is stuck in my head now! it sounds cute like a kids song which makes this crap more appealing to children. the second video geez one eye overload


Hi there.

personnally i think super junior are definitely illuminati puppets … i was an ELF but i felt something weird with the teaser too and now i just watched a vid about it, it's so creepy…. i'm personnally convinced with it… the one who made the vid said she was an ELF too πŸ™ if your interrested here’s the link
and to those saying Siwon is a devoted christian, u know that no illuminati puppet ever said he or she is illuminati XD even madonna or lady gaga and when they say “Oh My God” …u should ask yourself of what God they’re talking about … !


Hello there, reverse playback give you hidden messages.

Hidden Message Kyary γγ‚ƒγ‚ŠγƒΌγ±γΏγ‚…γ±γΏγ‚… – PONPONPON (English sub) – YouTube

This song, PONPONPON, has become a success all over the world. Congratulations Kyary! I assume that careful marketing has been planned for this quick success.

This original video contains so many clear symbols to let us know who made it.

So we have got their message. We got the message from them after the Fukushima attack, I mean " disaster " (attack my wording, if you like)

They have sent Lady Gaga to Japan to say "Japan is safe" But this massage is very different.

you are dead

perform a trick

Nobody left

Terminate Breath

Nothing left

Nobody left

Let's make this your fate

The world will end

Wake Up, Study for yourself.

Love and Peace


See 2:51 how the pink guy worships her, while she smiles.


the first video I do not like, but if they use symbolism or not, when you affect them?
I'm not Christian, I am not an atheist
but as these groups want to brainwash people, the church and religions do the same. Greetings


No Christianity is not brainwashing people it actually causes people to open their eyes and realize what is going on in the world. It is said in the bible that these things would happen. Also Satan was a lover of music and go figure the occult symbols are heavily in the music industry. It confuses me why there are atheists that acknowledge the symbolism but fail to see that it is of the devil. Otherwise if there was no God what would be the point of putting satanic symbols in the videos? I hope you come to realize that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light and that is why everything you see in the world is dark because Satan is the king of the fallen world.

Greek Fan



I accidently was curious and listened to it and I really hope I wasn't bewitched lol..Is very catchy even thru, I have no clue what there saying , I think there saying dance like this and copy me ". But really does anyone know what there saying in the song other then what the video is saying? I think is just darkness in peoples heart is what there trying to do and make people not think for themselves like FACEBOOK.


It is every kids show on LSD!!!

rasta… Alice Nine also looks like they have smth to do with this especially Tora … -.- If U want I can give u much more proofs …


Whoa. The Pon Pon thingy one is surprisingly cute and creepy at the same time. This is annoying how can be something filled with illuminati propaganda looks somehow not so very dangerous, even cute and or funny.


I'm a little confused. I am loosely aware of the illuminati-all powerful, secret societies, masonic influence, all that but what is the root of all this (what with the talk of God in many comments above). Is it supposed to be a directly satanic group?

D Jay Cee

The illuminati were a bunch of wannabe Freemasons but were too lazy to do thing the right way and wanted power while using the freemasons to do it. The Freemasons put a stop to it because Freemasons are not about power, they are about making the world a better place by making good men, better men. The three principle tenants of Freemason are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Faith, Hope and Charity drives them, but especially Charity. Nothing there about “world domination”. that is an urban legend made up by those who were not worthy to be Freemasons.


Honestly,i am a huge fan of jpop and kpop but if its got the illuminati symbols in it i won't defend it,but Kyary's video is more random not like illumitnati but it is very random.

And Mr.Simple as a teaser looks sorta illuminati-ish but watch the full video and see it does not look the same,they changed it alot,none of the teasers really describe the song very well


Everyone should probably consider the fact that Kyary Pamyu has a contract with Warner Music Japan. Warner Music is originally an American music company, but I'm sure they have offices around the world (like Japan for example). That's probably why you see all the symbolism in Kyary's music video, not saying that other music companies in Japan don't make their artists do that. I'm just bringing up a valid fact I found out about her from wikipedia.


Referring to Kyary's video: I'm American. I don't have the cultural understanding to begin to fathom this video. The music is facinating – can't get it out of my head. I have a sortof Japanese to English translation of this thing that makes absolutely NO sense, especially when compared to the visuals. I get the feeling it's trying to tell a story of sorts (although that may be expecting too much!), but I don't begin to understand the references. Sounds like a great subject for a sociology thesis – a full translation with all cultural and sociological references. Anybody interested? It should only take 500 or 600 pages or so. Oh, and please forgive my aparent ignorance, I don't have the necessary cultural background.


I've always wondered this: if not one eye, are the stars supposed to cover 2, then? πŸ˜€

i joke. sort of.

most people are commenting on the first vid instead of the 2nd one, so just to add on to why some people may be over-reading the mr simple video: if anything, some members change the choreography slightly during their live performances to sort of cover their face? instead of just one eye. heck, most of the time when they're dancing their hands aren't even near their eye, more of hovering somewhere beside their faces.


Most of Asia's artists these days are in their teenage years and most probably are barely aware of Illuminati matters. In accordance to what is considered as high fashion and good looking in various parts of Asia, this is what J-Pop and K-Pop stars try their best to bring out in their music videos.

Is it not possible for music videos to just be taken for what's given?

I admit that I'm a fan of Super Junior. But their poses in the teaser video was nothing more than fitting in with their new album's concept and well simply, being the good looking guys they are for their fans.


That isn't even slightly good J-pop. The songs they use in credits for anime like Bleach or Naruto are sort of awesome, if you can get over the occasional cheesiness of their singing voices or the gratuitous English. That music is a part of my youth, so I'm a little annoyed that the ungodly "Illuminati" are infesting it. Luckily, they're doing a pretty piss-poor job. Then again, TV Tokyo's logo is sort of a stylized eyeball.



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