Megan Fox Removes Marilyn Monroe Tattoo, Claims it Brings “Negative Energy”


One of Megan Fox’s several mind-control related pics featuring Marilyn Monroe

In last week’s Symbolic Pics of the Week, I posted a picture of Megan Fox featuring her Marilyn Monroe tattoo, stating that the blonde starlet was the original “MK-Ultra Sex Kitten”. Monroe became a sort of “poster girl” for the mind control-themed industry. It is almost a requirement for starlets that are “part of the agenda” to allude to the blonde icon, in one way or another, in photoshoots or videos.

Megan Fox has recently decided to remove her Marilyn Monroe. Her reasons for doing so are quite interesting: While never directly citing “mind control”, she alludes to all of the Monarch programming symptoms displayed by Monroe, stating that: “It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life.”ย 


Here’s an article about her move.

Megan Fox opens up about tattoo removal on Marilyn Monroe ink

Megan Fox, 24, has opened up about her ongoing tattoo removal of the Marilyn Monroe portrait on her right forearm.

“I’m removing it,” Fox told Italian fashion magazine Amica. “It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life.”

In the past, Fox has touted her similarities to the sex symbol, once saying that she was afraid she might die early like the screen legend.

“I basically read every book ever written about Marilyn Monroe,” Fox told Wonderland magazine in 2009. “I could end up like that because I constantly struggle with the idea that I think I’m a borderline personality – or that I have bouts of mild schizophrenia. I definitely think I have some kind of mental problem and I haven’t pinpointed what it is.”

In April, reported that “Transformers” actress’ ink showed signs of fading at the Golden Globe Awards and appeared increasingly faint at more recent appearances. The above photo shows Fox’s tattoo at the Golden Globe awards in January and before treatment, at the 2009 at the Teen Choice Awards.

Fox still has several tattoos that haven’t been touched, including “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” on her right shoulder, which is a quote from Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and “there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart” on her ribs.

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  1. Budda ?? is that a real name ? Ha Ha , maybe your name should be Big Rookie !!
    WTF do you know about anything ? Your comments are weak as a baby bunny. Ha , You interject words way out of context and genuine relation. oh that cosmopolitan rag you read was so true wasn't it. !! Did you know the real buddha is only a mythological character. Where is your tree. ? Yep, not truly being buddhist, but agreeing with one buddhist saying = " If you are walking on the path and you meet the Buddha, kill him ! My own little addition to that would be ; " especially a rookie novice fool. ". You don't have to like Megan Fox , however, you respect her better without trying to down her. That is proof of how little a man you are butt head. Megan has the cabability for greatness you would never understand. Cheers for Megan Fox, I applaud her for her efforts. Oh, and to me, It brings her beauty that much more real. However late this comment is , I hope it reaches her and makes her smile. Cheer's to Megan Fox !!

  2. I'm Ashamed of you Megan Fox first, your face now this? what next? you become a nun? u were my favorite actress but, to hear you think that way about the tattoo is just disappointing…..

  3. The irony is that the book with Marilyn on the cover that Megan is holding, shows only one eye. Was the first thing I noticed.

  4. I personally cant stand Megan fox and all of this is just something all Hollywood girls like her say/go through everybody has one mental issue or another and her name should never even be said in the same sentence as Marilyn Monroe she was a talented beautiful mind she absolutely had her issue which may have ultimately lead to her death were not to ever know and Megan fox in my opinion is shallow untalented and and im glad she is getting the tattoo removed she isn't worthy of having it on her body i know i sound crazy by saying this i just don't think much of Megan fox and she may be one of the deepest smartest most talented person who ever lived but when i see her all i see is vanity and disappointment,she is a beautiful woman and depends on it whilst Marilyn Monroe was beautiful and possibly vain she was so much more she was a heart and brilliant mind who went through so much as a child but came through and accomplished so much and it doesn't surprise me she had personality disorders her mother was a paranoid schizophrenic. i have more to say but no time

  5. Unless I'm doing my math wrong, Megan is 27, that is 2+7= 9, Marilyn was 36 when she died again 3+6=9 when she died… what is it with this number? I've noticed some people saying that MM should/shouldn't join the "27 club", I think there is something more sinister going on, musician or not they were all in the public 'entertainment' sphere… I just noticed the similarity

  6. shes a ugly b***h (like monroe) anyways, go look up some photos of here before the surgeries ๐Ÿ˜‰

    jeeees i cant believe all you 10 year old schoolboy still think those fake lips, fake eyes…. well fake everything are sexy and hot…

  7. Some things are read into too deeply I believe. I know this agenda is very real, but when you take every small thing and tie it into this you lose truth in symbols, and you lose credential as well. When she was young she was obsessed with the Wizard of Oz, and her grandmother made her a Dorothy costume she wore everyday. To assume that has any association with mind control, makes it easy for anyone to brush off everythig you believe. My daughter loves the Wizard of Oz, if I made her a Dorothy costume I bet she'd wear it all the time. That's just an example, but assuming everythig is sinister in some way, it is contrary to your purpose as a person who is aware. If you began to look at everything in symbols, you'll see things that aren't really there. Communication is deeper than symbols because symbols can be so vauge and general. Don't ruin your own cause, be intelligently discerning.

  8. @Anna &Sarah-why? ladies why? you needn't explain your measurements and descriptions to know who you are.Don't you get it if you were overweight it still would not matter .Yes i am overweight and you probably along with meagan fox look better than me but i would not allow society to make me feel as though i am trash.god my lord savior did not make a mistake when he made you and i .I altered my temple(my body)when i chose to overeat and not exercise end of story,no excuses no one to blame.Until i work on my health issues i cannot accept that i am ugly,just cause of extra flesh i am a good person inside and out and let the world continue to chop down most people's self esteem but i won't be a part of it.There are tons of beautiful people in the world who cannot recognize it and they torture themselves .

    Sorry but i won't crawl under a rock for not being societies idea of what beauty is.Meagan fox is probably put in a situation where her livelihood was or is based on her beauty which could be good or bad according to her.My point is ladies love yourself enough to know we are not perfect and good for you all who know that until we are at the point of just loving ourselves at where we are now we will have struggles with the world dictating how we should look.If you are not strong enough to handle criticism you will crumble and fall.

  9. Well, without reading *all* of the posts, but scanning a few, I will state my unadulterated opinion. The fact that she is, or has gotten rid of the 'negative tattoo' which is a symbol of 'Innocence gone bad' is a good thing frankly. It means she may be one Hollywood starlet that is at least starting to move towards Truth and away from Deception.

    There, I said it.

  10. Is it just me or has Fox done something to her face? Did she also get a boob job? I don't remember her face and body looking like that. I found her to be… more attractive before Transformers.

    She was in a comedy series, I think it was Hope and Faith. She was very pretty and cute back then.

  11. Sounds like you need a huge dose of humility as well as some morals to go along with that Sarah.

    Vanity is an ugly quality in a woman and there are christian men are this site who are not interested in hearing about your measurements and descriptions of how you look naked.

    • Sounds like you could also do with following your own advice about the humility issue. If you and the other Christian men you are speaking on behalf of don't like what she writes then do what any mature adult should do with ease and skip.her posts.

  12. Sarah I disagree with your statements which show weakness and succumbing to the world! Why compare your self with FILTH? Megan Fox is Filthy regardless if she removed the Marilyn Monroe TAT or not. She still has 2 1 down 2 to go. Giving out body measuremnts and comparing them to filth is really very carnal. Defiling the temple is not limited to tatoos…it also entails ingesting the philosophies of the world. I dont care about your body measurements or how beautiful you looke naked <—–that naked stuff is Heathenry and Greek Goddess mysticism. WAKE UP Please. I do not compare myself with any of Hollywood's Vermin…I am the exception by way of faith…Period


    • Sarah….you sound like a complete narcissist and I agree totally with House of Jacob. Telling people the size of your bra is so disgusting, shame on you!

  13. Some of these people chose fame and fortune without knowing the full agenda. Those are the ones I pray for and hope they seek refuge in God's bosom. However, those who renounce God willingly for money, woe to you.

    If you read the old testament, you will learn a lot about what is taking place today. Prophet Isaiah warned many people to turn from their ways and they refused.

    The more spiritual people try to warn people about Satan's agenda, spiritual warfare, and so forth, the more majority people dismiss it as gibberish. Well people, believe or not believe is your freewill.

  14. @Boemslang: You can say what you want to say about me (and anyone else who speaks the truth of the Word God), the fact remains (whether we look like Tom Hanks or not) that the truth of the Word of God is THE standard of righteousness that I live my life by everyday. If the Word of God says we should not make any cuttings in our flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon our bodies, then that's what I won't do. What you did is take the verse in Leviticus above the one I laid out and tried to use it as an insult against me and Donte2k – who probably has more sense than me to be responding to your ignorance. And yes, I am a woman; and no, I do not have hair on the sides of my temples (sideburns) because hair will not grow on my temples. And yes, the hair on my HEAD has not been cut in quite some time. Do not blame your choice to be a non-Christian on Christians because YOU make that decision, we don't make that decision for you. What I've found in my experience is that non-Christians do not like hearing or accepting the truth of the Lord God Jehovah because really, it is Satan that keeps non-Christians from the truth so he/it has to plant some kind of doubt or excuse in their minds to keep them from it.

    Have a good day, sir, and blessed IS the name of the Most High God whose name alone is Jehovah.

  15. @Tattooed LADY

    African people wear tattoos because it is a pagan tradition. And no, the royalty i mentioned dont have tattoos….they aren't visable because they dont exist.

    Prissyland? Actually it's called being feminine.

    Is it any wonder that American men find wives overseas? Because they cant stand the way you women are….and I dont blame them.

  16. What's creepy is in my modeling school which was a very high up school would make us chaange ourselves to the point where you don't even recongnize who you are. And then the higher up you get, the morre photoshoots you do, the more money you bring to the school/agency, they slowly remove everything, make you shave your hair for boys (Such as Britney) and grow a new fresh set of hair, Make you remove all body jewlry and tatoos (Such as Madame Fox) and change your name. Giving you your model name . Photographers often refer to the girls as "Butterflies." And the boys as "Lions, or the younger ones are the Rabbits(like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland)." After taking a day to read a lot of these posts on this website I realize that school was chock full of MK programming & I'm glad my mom made me drop out and move to Virginia.

  17. she says that she thinks she has something but not sure what. i'm glad she opened her eyes and i hope for this girl she gets some help and sees some Drs outside, other than recommendations from Hollywood-ers

  18. I think shes in serious trouble. removing her tattoo which is a symbol of her sex kitten programming could cause her alot of grief i think. And shes got 3 years befoe shes 27? maybe they'll reprogramme her. Poor girl,such a terrible place to be

  19. Hon, you need to get out more. Tattoos in and of themselves say NOTHING about class or lack thereof. I've seen tattoos on people at the country club, and on other people who are polite, refined, accepting, and Godly. I've also seen people you would call "trash" who were rude, disrespectful and uncouth without tattoos. European royalty may not have visible tattoos, but Prince Albert did get a penis piercing named after him. Polynesian, African, and Native American cultures also had royalty with tattoos. So there goes your argument about tattooing being low class…unless your view is Eurocentric.

    I am proud of my tattoos because they reflect who I am. They are ways for me to remember my Navy service and relationship with God. If my ink makes you make assumptions about my class and character, that's your problem. It never stopped me from making friends, working, or socializing, but maybe that's because it helps repel the ignorami who make assumptions. So I guess that's another advantage: it keeps judgmental and prejudiced people like you out of my life.

    • lol, i have been to more countries than you could ever hope to have gone to, and have met people from all walks of life.

      I don't care whether you have tattoos or not, I just feel sorry for you. Millions of people share my opinion whether that makes you uncomfortable or not, it's just a fact and it is an opinion, which I'm entitled to.

      Your argument about Prince Albert falls so very flat…..a piercing 'named after him' has nothing to do with tattoos.

      Royalty don't have them because it looks unlcassy. Simple as that. Why do you think criminals in prison are covered with them? Why do you think many places of employment will not hire a person covered in them? Theres a reason for that.

      You say you have tattoos to reflect who you are – do you not have a personality? Are you that insecure with yourself?

      Like I said before, I dont care whether you have one tattoo or hundreds – my opinion hasn't changed and neither will many others. It reflects bad breeding, and shows a person to be lower class.

    • Also…one last thing, as I don't have the time to keep responding to you.

      You must be one heck of an insecure person. Why? Because you felt the need to respond to a stranger's opinion, defending the tattoos YOU have, when my origional comment had nothing to do with you and was simply about Megan Fox.

      • @Natalie

        Yet you refuse to respond to the part about not eating shrimp and wearing blends and such!! You sound very trashy by the way. Yes, I'm judging you based on your comment, just like you judge others by their looks. Deal with it.

    • "lol, i have been to more countries than you could ever hope to have gone to, and have met people from all walks of life."

      A) Yay for you. Want a cookie?

      B) How do you know how many countries I have visited? Apparently you beat me to Prissyland.

      Again, not every culture has the same hang-ups about tattoos you have. Members of Polynesian, Native American/First Nations, African, and yes, even British royalty have all been noted to have inkings of some kind. Just because it's not obvious doesn't mean it's not there. The fact that you are unwilling to look past the criminal element or assume people are on the lower rungs of society of tattoos shows your breeding is worse than any of a Jerry Springer guest.

      C) I'm secure enough to get my tattoos and not care if you think I'm beneath you. But I do feel sorry for the people who have to meet you in real life and deal with your rudeness. Oh, speaking of feeling sorry…

      D) Save your pity for me and put it toward yourself…you need it more than I do if you're going through life that way. It's sad that you're willing to write off a whole group of people just because of your willful ignorance.

      F) Just because you can't see a tattoo on someone doesn't mean it's not there. Your doctor, lawyer, Senator, whatever might have something under the suit.

      E) Maybe you'd have more energy if you only replied once to me instead of the two comments you give every one of mine.

      And I'm spent.

  20. At Feh, I normally wouldn't do this. But, 35-24-35 are my measurements. BMI is 20. I'm 4'11 and weigh 99 lbs. Blonde hair down almost to my waist (no extensions). Three children 3,5, and 11. Blue eyes. Straight teeth. I am in no way shape or form overweight. I eat healthy and work out. I'm a size D cup. Get the picture? My point was that you don't have to be photographed naked for the whole world to see to prove that you are beautiful. If you have to do that to prove it to yourself and the world it's not a gift anymore, it becomes their curse. Since I would not "sell out" as far as nudity is concerned doesn't mean I'm an overweight female. Size 1 in clothes or extra small ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW, you MUST be single because you don't sound like much of a catch. If you're not single, I pray for your partner.

  21. What about tattoos on men? Are those low class as well? If not, why the double standard?

    In regard to the Leviticus quoters on skin carvers/tattoos: If you follow those rules, be sure you're also following the ones on eating shrimp cocktails and wearing poly/cotton blends too.

    • Megan fox is not a man…so I did not mention men.

      A man with tattoos looks like he's just gotten out of prison.

      There is no such thing as a tattood Lady. No lady walks around with tattoos. A female, yes, but not a true lady.

      Does Princess Mary have a tattoo? Does Catherine Middleton? How about Princess Diana, did she? No. Because it looks unclassy. It always will.

    • @Tattood Lady – Yes, tattoos on men make a guy look uneducated and like he's just stepped out of prison, but Megan Fox is not a man so that is why I didn't mention men with tattoos.

      There is no such thing as a tattoed 'Lady' Did princess Diana have tattoos? Does Princess Mary have tattoos? How about Catherine Middleton? No. Because it looks unclassy. It looks trashy.

      • Ahem…@Natalie, you didn't give an answer to be second part if her comment. You know, the part you avoided that talks about eating shrimp and wearing blends and such.

      • They really have. I really feel for her. Her parents will be totally paid back for selling their daughter to that industry. No spark in her eyes. She is so socially awkward now, where in her earlier years she was not so. She also appears to be medicated too.

        MTV honoured her at vma's as we know and also the French NRJ awards will honour her for her work. Bit soon for all that, surely? I mean she's hardly a relic. Could this be reward for being compliant since the public breakdown?

  22. wow, i definitely feel she may start realize what she's gotten herself into and she's seeing the effects it's bringing to the people around her. I commend her for self-realization because I'm a strong believer that for anyone to change they must come to realization of self. so good job Megan! she have to start somewhere. now when it comes to the Tattoo, i have two small ones and i understand if she may feel removal would cleanse her from "sin". But…its Marilyn Monroe dude…what you expect?

    Stay Freedom Minded My People!

    God Bless

  23. Marilyn soul is not chaneling through megan. The dead don't come back as ghosts to rome the earth. They get sent to either heaven or hell in the end. I truly believe that ghosts are in fact demons tricking humans into believing that their loved ones are still present. As for megan, I suspect that she may be an mk sex slave and Brian could be her handler. I remeber reading about how she didn't get along with her father, how religious her old town was and how much she loved and wanted to be dorothy from the wizard of oz, making her own mother call her dorothy for years.I suspect that the voices she hears are multiple personalities. I also suspect that the demons who drove Marilyn to a ruin are tormenting Megan today. I think evil can penetrate from certain tattoo's. Especially ones with death celebrities who were sacraficed and mk slaves.

  24. @donte2k + ChuckyW …I asume (if you are men) then you look like Tom Hanks from Castaway or if u you are woman you are married to or are bent on marrying someone with the same look.

    Are you serious ? Read Leviticus 19:27…"Do not trim off the hair on your temples or trim your beards". These were laws for the Jews… God's chosen people at the time. Quoting Scripture out of context is a very dangerous game…one the devil himself plays (Mathew 4:5-7)

    VC has some great articles on this sight but some of the people who comment here are super short sighted and people like them are the reason non-Christians do not want to be Christians!

    I asume (if you are men) then you look like Tom Hanks from Castaway or if u you are woman you are married to or are bent on marrying someone with the same look. If you happen to be eunuchs …shame.

  25. I think this girl wants to be taken seriously by the industry as an actress and a beauty and has realized all of her rebelllious bad-girl imagery is getting in the way of this amazing transformation! I doubt she has woken up in the slightest – she just doesn't want to end up like Marilyn after all.

    • It's her body, she's not harming anyone but I have no idea why she'd want to ruin her looks with those tacky tattoos. Apart from the tattoos, I actually think she's very beautiful. I'm also baffled by the obsession with M's an insult to mankind. I never liked her and I never will. She gets so much credit for nothing whilst Ingrid Bergman's in a different league, the epitome of beauty and sophistication.

  26. Hey Vigilant Citizen –

    Have you written any past articles concerning Time Warner Cable company, possibly in connection with Google and Yahoo!?

    • No one can answer that with certainty. As much as we speculate no one truly knows what happens on the inside of the in.dustry. My reckoning is that, bonafide insiders would dare not ever speak out. If anything you get those who wanna breakout and speak about things in very vague terms. Like that wonderful piece that Kelly Clarkson wrote about Amy WInehouse passing.

  27. LOL I never thought I'd see a Megan Fox article on this site. She's just trying to blame her stupid decisions and bad luck on that tattoo. If she really did read books on her and was a fan, she would have already known about Marilyn's problems.

  28. im an upcoming actress, model, and dancer. my ultimate goal is to bring in a new generation of entertainers that are NOT corrupt and want to change the image of this tainted indistry. the devil fears being exposed but i am not afraid of him and will me a martyr if need be! team jesus!

  29. As a person who suffers from Bipolar disorder I resent her recent comments as they insinuate that people with personality disorders attract negative energy. Megan Fox's ignorance astounds me. There are a lot of men and women who adore and I believe her comments are going to add to the already negative stigma that surrounds such disorders.

    It is a fact that many successfully talented people throughout history have suffered from it and other personality disorders. Recently Catherine Zeta Jones admitted to being Bipolar and by doing so proved to many unaware people that it can affect anyone from any walk of life and I commend her for it.

  30. Perhaps she is trying to liberate herself by having it removed? Like Britney with the shaven head thing?? I am waiting to see how her life takes a turn for the negative just like Brit's.. Poor girl SMH

    • speaking of Brit.. i'm so proud at how cool and collected she was at mtv vma awards last night.. they tried to mess with her mind again and she even looked the most normal, above all of the clowns that night

  31. Tattoos on women are trashy and show lack of class…so I'm glad she got it removed, but even more so I like her reasoning behind it

    “It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life.”

    Too many times negative people are glorified just because they had a hard life and died young – but what is wonderful about this? Absolutely nothing.

    Instead people who work hard to change the world for good should be the ones we remember the most.

    • LOL. Natalie. You're ignorant. You said Tattooed Lady was insecure for responding to an idiot's, I mean, a steanger's post. Hi. Pot calling the kettle black. How insecure are you that you have to put others down because they have a tattoo? And you responded to her posts as well.

      Tattooed Lady: people like Natalie are a waste of time. The best way to win an argument with someone like her is to not start at all. She ignorant and judgmental. Whether "millions" agree with her or not, who cares. She has nothing bettter to do than criticize others, talk about how "awesome" and "classy" she thinks she is. I guess being classy means hiding behind a computer to trash talk.


      • You must be very immature calling me an idiot, name calling is extremely childish.

        I'm a waste of time am i? Then why are you investing time in writing to me? LOL

    • I couldn't care less what Natalie thinks of me. I won't be back on this post to see what awesome comeback she has posted.

      Pardon my typos.

    • It depends where and what the tattoos are. You probably do things that other people might consider "trashy" and "low class".

  32. i think the jayz and kayne west song as too MUCH in your face obvious it's like they want people to focus on the Illuminati ideals there promoting i argee with max gianni the Illuminati thing is all over the internet i think theres something much deeper going on something they dont want us to find out about until it to late i think the Illuminati conspiracy may have some truth to it but it ultimately just an empty goose chase design to make us waste our time. oh and is there any other way we can look up website with out Google i know is censoring the internet by controlling the flow of information. i feel like i can never look up anything legit .

  33. She may soon be a victim of this industry as well, I can see that happening. I'm happy she's trying to separate herself to some degree. I'm thinking her programming is breaking down.

  34. Good for you Megan! Shes finally waking up. But you know what that means. She just made herself a target. Shes one of the most beautiful stars in hollywood. I bet you almost every handler wants there paws on her. But now that they realize shes "waking up", they might try to get rid of her before she spreads the word of what they've done to her. All I can say is, "God please help her and watch over her." She needs him now more then ever. If she got saved. Not even the Illuminati or Lucifer could touch her.

  35. I actually heard about this last night on Chelsea Lately, and immediately thought

    of the most recent Symbolic Pics of the Week. Apparently word gets around fast.

  36. As this world waxes old as a garment I pray that we all can realize the soon coming of the King. Ms. Fox what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose their only soul. Let us all come together in peace and unity in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. I pray that while my country is being hit by a category 4 hurricane more people will understand that this world is about to give way. The Lord is coming soon!

  37. I'm as lovely as Megan Fox naked or dressed and I've had three children. Any mark on my body I wasn't born with is a reminder of bringing life to the world not death and evil branded through slave markings. I don't have to be rich or famous or the MOST desirable to feel worthy.Lucifer tells them ALL they are his "special one." Yaweh does not lie to me and tell me it's desirable to defile my body for material gain. He truly sets you free by not turning you into a glorified prostitute which is ALL these women are. Pampered slaves who best stay in line. That's not a life. Call me a holy roller if you like but a real loving Lord sets you free, gives you free will, and let's you choose. Lucifer is conniving, dishonest, and disloyal. He'll never admit to someone in his claws they have a choice. He imprisons them by promising to give them their every desire. Since WHEN is it EVER a good thing to serve only yourself and your flesh and HAVE everything you want?!?! That's ridiculously selfish anyway.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you Sarah, what you have just said really makes me feel better. Being a young woman, it is difficult to see other women who breeze through life because they give themselves to strangers. More women should follow what they want to do in life, and not be blinded by materialism and selfish behavior. Thanks!

    • I commend you, Sarah. EVERYTHING you said was true. People believe they're "free" by not believing…they're only free to be enslaved to the temporary pleasures of the world.

    • @ Feh:

      Hey, along with Sarah, I don't normally do this either, but I have to add, I am a 5'4", 110-lbs. Italian Brunette, shoulder length hair, only a few strands of gray every now and then, no coloring, 41 years old with (3 kids) a 4, 7 and 11 year-old and size 6 is still a bit loose on me, and never dieted.

      (I'm also a GOD-fearing woman, so HE is my witness to all of this information, including my name!!)

  38. Thanks, Industry Insider!

    Just like we suspected, more profane and vain babblings from the kings of confusion. In JZ's first verse, he asks: What's a God to a non-believer? Since he capitalized the word God, I'm assuming he means the Lord God Jehovah, and so that also confirms that he is an atheist ("…to a non-believer"). There will be no forgiveness from the Lord God Jehovah for JZ since I see that he (in the last sentence) chooses to mock and blaspheme the Holy Spirit of God. The Lord God Jehovah says in His Word that there is no forgiveness for any man who blasphemes His Holy Spirit. And if he doesn't believe in God or the Holy Spirit of God, then why does he keep going out of his way to talk about something he doesn't believe in? More of that Aleister Crowley "Do as thou wilt" foolishness. I'd be curious to see if that dead p*******e/satanist he worships so much will be able to save his Black backside from Hell fire on the day of Judgment. Whose name is he gonna be calling then?

    Kanye is just plain pathetic. I see in his verse, he's glorifying illicit narcotics and the mind-controlled sex kitten ('the girl in all leopard'). And then he had the nerve to get upset that people were calling him a dope fiend! LOL. I'm really beginning to think that this dummy is just doing this mess so he can fit in because apparently it's important for him to have friends – even if they are of ill-repute (bad reputation). I feel sorry for them both, but more so JZ because somewhere down the line he has really begun to believe his own hype – that he is Jehovah – when really he is a laughable buffoon. It's so sad that nobody will pull him aside and tell him the truth about himself, and sad that he has allowed the screaming of his name by his fans to fool him into believing that he is somebody special. Poor things. Lost souls. I just SMH at them …

  39. Anyone else noticed that MTV Music awards is happening on a prime occult date?

    08/28 ?

    8+2+8 = 18

    18 / 3 = 6+6+6

    Now here's another thing, it starts at 9pm EST:

    18+9 = 27

    27 / 3 = 999

    We know that in occult numerology multiples of numbers has great impacts, but triple of them has the highest. Essentially 999 is strong as it is, but then it is the upside down of 666.

    Just a thought.

  40. Her new image was starting to go against her sex kitten monarch programming. She was becoming rail thin. She kept getting more and more plastic/fake looking. And her tattoos were too obvious so she was told to change her image drastically, or be the next thrown from the freedom train!

    Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose: Janis Joplin

  41. I read this article in a spanish website, and I though that would be a good article for VigilantCitizen, and today I come here and see it. :). I think this is proof that the iluminatti and mind-control is no joke.

  42. Does any know of any literature on one or more actual actor/artists who explicitly claim to have undergone MK-Ultra style programming?

    I know about "Thanks for the Memories" and "Trance-formation of America." But in both of these cases there is an "average citizen" claiming they saw other stars and luminaries under control of this kind. Is there any information from the stars themselves about what happened to them?

    • Hey Chucky, here are the Lyrics to Kanye & Jay-Z's "No Church in the Wild", as usual they're completely irreverent and incoherently transition from Masonic references, to materialistic grandstanding and loosely related pop-culture references.

      No Church in the Wild:

      [Hook: Frank Ocean]

      Human beings in a mob

      What's a mob to a king? What's a king to a God?

      What's a God to a non-believer who don't believe in anything?

      Will he make it out alive, alright, alright, no church in the wild

      [Verse 1: Jay-Z]

      Tears on the mausoleum floor

      Blood stains the Colosseum doors

      Lies on the lips of priests

      Thanksgiving disguised as a feast

      Rolling in Rolls Royce Corniche

      Only the doctors got this, I’m hiding from police

      Cocaine seats, all white

      Like I got the whole thing bleached

      Drug dealer chic

      I’m wondering if a thug’s prayers reach

      Is Pius pious cause God loves pious?

      Socrates asked whose bias do y'all seek?

      All for Plato, screech

      I’m out here balling, I know yall hear my sneaks

      Jesus was a carpenter, Yeezy he laid beats

      Hova flow the Holy Ghost, get the hell up out your seats, preach


      [Bridge: The-Dream]

      I live by you, desire

      I stand by you, walk through the fire

      Your love is my scripture

      Let me into your encryption

      [Verse 2: Kanye West]

      Coke on her black skin

      Make a stripe like a zebra, I call that jungle fever

      You will not control the threesome

      Just roll the weed up until I get me some

      We formed a new religion

      No sins as long as there’s permission

      And deception is the only felony

      So never f**k nobody without telling me

      Sunglasses and Advil, last night was mad real

      Sun coming up, 5 a.m., I wonder if they got cabs still

      Thinking about the girl in all leopard

      Who was rubbing the wood like Kiki Shepherd

      Two tattoos one read "No Apologies"

      The other said "Love is Cursed by Monogamy"

      It’s something that the pastor don’t preach

      It’s something that a teacher can’t teach

      When we die the money we can’t keep

      But we probably spend it all cause the pain ain’t cheap, preach


      • I got the lyrics from this website… which allows readers to click on the lyrics highlighted in orange for definitions… the proposed message of the song basically promotes the rejection of God on the basis of Jay-Z's take on the Euthyphro dilemma, self-worship, the degradation "traditional relationship ideology" and an overall endorsement of polyamory.

      • Ahhhhh, Jay-Z… Does anyone else find it funny that our president is best friends with this man? Our country's "leader", who is "supposed to be" a good role model for the kids – the future of America – casually spends time with a man who talks about drugs, violence, and other illegal activities and who blatantly proclaims himself Jahova… All while our government is trying to become more invasive to "protect the people" from the same activities that Jay-Z condones in his music.

        Irony at its finest.

      • sarah – the luci's stick together, until they don't. And in the end, they don't..for now Obama is enjoying is 15 minutes of vacations, Final Four picks on ESPN and visiting shows like the View. Of course he'd wanna party like a gansta silly!

        You also can't forget that the more Bey sexualizes herself and slides downward, the more it appears Michelle supports her and calls her a role model for young women. Even partnering with her for her "Let's move" campaign to fight childhood obesity. Now while I think that in and of itself is a good cause…..I personally wouldn't want my daughter emulating Beyonce – who knows what kind of summoning she might throw in as a new groove! And if Michelle is worried about obesity, maybe she could talk to her husband about stopping the promotion of GMO's in our food supply and stop the ever increasing attack against local/organic farmers and producers. So much so that they introduce bills that you can't even garden in your own yard with a permit. Thanks Rep Rosa DeLaura HR875, wife of Monsanto employeed Stanely Greenburg. eh hem. Just a thought.

      • Soo…… Jay-Z raps about Coke and Kanye raps about his "amazing" polygamous sex-life with his Slutty "Girlfriend".

        NEXT !!!!

  43. Of course the VC noticed this like myself. I laughed when I first read that on x17 the other day knowing that she is removing because she is getting close to 30 and is figuring things out.

  44. That's why the Lord God Jehovah told us in the 19th Chapter of the book of Leviticus, the 28th verse:

    "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks (tattoos) upon you. I am the Lord your God."

    Something is DEFINITELY wrong mentally with a person who wants to mark themselves with any tattooing, but especially so with the image of a dead person (Megan w/her MM tattoo). What can the dead do for you? That person is dead, no longer living, and has NO power to do anything for you.

    What yall think about Brandy's "Ganesh" (false god) tattoo?

    • Brain dead zombies confined by RELIGION=TRUE mind PROGRAMMED. Free the mind from mental slavery was mentioned by Bob Marley before he was doomed by false prophets conditioned inside the assoCIAtion. Peace

    • LOL. Maybe something is wrong with YOU ChuckyW since you're so judgmental. I have two tattoos and I doubt God will punish me to hell for them. You aren't one to judge anyone's relationship with Christ. It goes beyond their skin. Beyond their past. Since we are on the topic of being so perfect I bet you are just the best & most innocent being to ever walk the earth. I mean, you probably almost NEVER sin! Good for you. Keep up the good work. Self righteous, narrow minded "saint.". Remember: every sinner has a future and ever saint has a past.

  45. To me, she's a dummy for even getting a pic of another women on her arm for all the world to see, a dead woman at that… I mean don't these actors and atresses have parents?

    • I've got a tattoo of a dead woman on my arm for all the world to see. It's a picture of my MOM. Does that make me a dummy, too? Obviously mine's not a Marylin tat, but you get my point. That was a very careless comment – she apparently thought it was meaningful to her when she got it (though why people idolize someone like that is beyond me). People get tattoos for all sorts of reasons (even though some seem stupid and absurd), don't be so judgmental.

      • Sorry my bad Sarah , I thought that's why we have pictures and paper. I didn't stop to think that our skin should take the place of paper. I agree, everyone should get pictures of people put on their skin. That way if you lose the pictures you will always have your skin to remind you… No hard feelings.

      • I have ink but not people. My favourite verses from the LIVING WORD and symbols that mean something to me. As a Christian i have had negative comments by fellow believer's and i understand their point of view…..The flesh will rot and decay and the point of Christ is the New Testament. I personally don't believe that THE MOST HIGH will be bothered about ink, bit too mundane. It's the Soul and that's why he will judge not Man. Shalom.

  46. At least we aren't seeing her shaving her head and hitting cars with umbrellas. It seems she knows something is up and she is being manipulated. I also remember her saying in an interview that as a child she was obsessed with the wizard of oz and her grandmother made her a dorothy outfit that she wore every single day. Something is definitely up with this gal. I hope she can one day find freedom.

  47. I teach psychology in a public high school. One day one of my students asked me in class if I believe in the "Illuminati." I politely said "Let's talk after class." I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this kid knows a lot about the topic. He told me the other day that he thought there was something wrong with the new Jay-Z/Kanye West rap where their talking about being like God or something – I don't know the rap, myself. He said, "he didn't need to be talking like that." I'm encouraged that kids are able to see through this stuff and I have to believe that there are more out there who are like him. Today, I was given a glimmer of hope.

    • @ Tom, i understand what your student was talking about. Jay-Z & Kanye West- Watch the Thrown Album. This album was just recently released and is already; im assuming popular because of the references Jay and Kanye put into there music. It gets old…but since you brought it up I thought to help let you know what song he might of been regarding about.

      the name of the song he talks about may be: No Church In the Wild.

      God Bless.

    • @Tom – You know, it would really be amazing if you could integrate your knowledge on the Corporate and Political elite into your Psychology course. I had a teacher in high school who use to indirectly tell us about the Illuminati…she use to speak about our false sense of choice. The false paradigm in the political and especially the corporate world where four or five Giant corporations hold monopolies in every industry- Entertainment/Food/Medicine etc… VC wrote some excellent articles on this:

      Plant some seeds in their young minds…it will really get them thinking. Just don't go too hardcore on them because of course you might just loose your job Lol…also never use the word Illuminati. I know a lot of people online and offline who dismiss anything they hear/read simply based on the fact the word 'Illuminati' is used.."Ohh my God..not you too!" – is the usual response from an extremely ignorant person who thinks the New World Order is a made up fairy tale. Its all about mind games which is right up your alley and relevant to the course your teaching…teach em what's not in the books. ; )

    • Yes it's good to know that some of today's youth are waking up to this. When I was an adolescent/teen ('99-'05ish) my friends and I were completely clueless about all of this. I think they are learning about it through youtube. That is where I learned anyway (at age 23 lol) because you cannot watch a music video these days without it saying something about the Illuminati in the comments. At first I thought that was some make believe from a Dan Brown movie, until I was watching musice videos and saw a comment about Rihanna worshiping the devil, and watched the related videos exposing symbolism in the music industry. I showed my 15-year-old sister because she was all about Lady Gaga. She thought I was full of it of course until she started noticing the things I told her about everywhere. She showed me the scene from Spongebob where him and Patrick bow and pray to the all-seeing eye.

      • It's in all films now. I used to love Pirates of the Caribbean, but since I've been reading about all this stuff, I noticed things that I didn't before; Jack Sparrow is constantly giving the Devil's Horns with his hands. I can't watch a film anymore without seeing some strange things, can't look at a magazine anymore without noticing the models are throwing up the 666 sign/devils horns in a subtle way. I think it's good o be aware, but not obsessed.

    • Jesus rollerblading christ, you people are backwards. I mean, you're trying to bring down some made up omnipresent entity. I get that. But the fact that you're doing it over the INTERNET, which you all seem to think is run by said entity, is glaringly ironic.

  48. “It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life.”

    I think it's a little too late for that Meg.

  49. while i understand the reasons she's getting her tattoo removed, i plainly just think she is full of herself. really… comparing herself to marilyn monroe… seriously…

  50. Why does she make it seem like Marilyn Monroe was the bad woman? Megan slutted her way up to the industry of Hollywood. Sleeping with Michael Mann (director of Transformers) I mean…its Hollywood have to sexualize yourself in order to make it to the top…shes a puppet…she isnt a Marylin Monroe nor should she idolize her because she not even close.

    Just a s**t of the industry…and she blames a Marilyn Monroe tattoo brings her nagative energy? Maybe she should re-consider her actions and think again.

    Im not a fan…and Transformers the movie is very fore-shadowing.

    • She didn't actually sleep with him, but she did use her sexuality to get fame and money. That's about the only way if you have no talent and she made plenty from it. And people who look up to Marilyn Monroe are fools too… she was complete s**t as well and had many problems. It's sad how people are so deluded about these icons. Even Elvis wasn't what he seemed but will always be on a pedestal. They want the masses to look up to these moral-less nobodies.

      • Marilyn was not a "complete s**t" she was abused, misguided and taken advantage of…f****d up and constantly searching for love…naive. but not a s**t.

      • Um yeah "BUDDA" there's a difference.

        And I don't give a damn that Marilyn Monroe had problems… everyone does, there's no excuse for sleeping with married men and aborting so many fetuses, and then being every little girl's icon after your death too.

      • If I need to explain, you're obviously too dumb to get it. Sexuality =/= sex. She flaunted her body and gave off a sexual presence and exploited herself and got lots of money: ie posing in certain ways, speaking and taking on certain roles. That does not mean she had sex to get rich. Geddit now?

      • You're OBVIOUSLY very misinformed about Marilyn Monroe. She was NOT a s**t. People mistreated her, lied to her, made her something she was not, made her a symbol she did not want to be- all she wanted was to be loved. Yes, she DID have problems. She was a miserable person. People are so quick to judge her when they know nothing about her.

    • How is Megan Fox "not even close" to Marilyn Monroe? At her time, Monroe was arguably the most overly-sexualized celebrity in the world, far more risque than any of her peers. She slept around like mad, and was probably unrivaled in the pill-popping arena until Rush Limbaugh. She, like Fox, was not an extraordinary actress, but was beautiful and sexy.

      Also, I don't think she's saying the ink molecules of the tattoo were the negative influence, it was the idea of what she was wearing and why. When people get tattoos, they are symbolic to them (except for the Tazmanian Devil tat dweebs.) Thus she was carrying around a physical reminder on her body of what Marilyn Monroe symbolized. As such, in removing the tattoo, she was symbolically removing the influence for/on herself.

  51. and yeah…i almost vomited wen a talk show was on in the background last nite w/foxes exboyfriend justin timberlake and shaq oneill and kevin hart the comedian. justin, as soon as he sat down started speaking of the voices in his body?….and his childhood being effed up pretty bad (ritual abuse ,etc….is no joke people) wtf? ok then kevin hart came out and says "now that im a devil… mean now that im an actor"….for real??? and the masonic pillars and arch are right there as the walk on stage thru and beneath them.get ready people……….the times are here.for they are many. but shall not prosper against the LORD and HIS people.

  52. I remember seeing her in the movie "JEnnifer's Body" and thinking, this innitiation they did of the character into Satanism/Sacrafice, is really her on screen public initiation in disguise. Most people wouldn't recognize it, but seeing as how my hubby and I have been reading up on this stuff for the past 2 years, it made all the sense in the world.

    It was a totally creepy movie.

    • ha, here i thought her acting was so good in that scene — but you think it was real. very possible when comparing it to her other movies!

  53. They're all speaking with the wrong ppl, 'cos in my turn I'd tell 'em the real situation: "You're being used by the Elite to help devil destroy the youth! once that, he thinks he can win God, but this legend even he (devil) thinks it's not possible, why the human, God's creation believe in inverse???

  54. Megan Fox is in an indirect, subtle way exposing what mental manipulation female movie stars are subject to by unseen players in the Hollywood game, Marilyn being the poster child. A signifigant part of Monroe's persona was enhanced by a network occultist therapists, psychiatrists, acting coaches, etc., disguised as doing her good as far as helping her cope with childhood traumas; she was their guinea pig and their living sacrifice. Monroe was taking charge of herself, connecting the dots to the depth of the rabbit hole in which she was, near the end of her life.

    • Not really up to date on recent Megan Fox details, yet understanding simple comments . According to what I see you are one of the biggest slave puppets and not smart enough to know it. Who do you work for ? another corporation ? – – Yahweh is but an excuse to be in self denial and lacking the backbone to stand for true value and freedom. In essence you really are the slave. You are the biggest symbolzed subliminal puppet of the population. Ha ha !
      See Ya in the funny papers !!

  55. and just as big as the mtv awards show… wary of the celebrating/ritual/ghoul festival "honouring" and re-hashing the sept 11th massacre. this im sure will be a staging ground and venue for ritual scorcery/magic/demon worship/fill in the blank with your own definition of evil/ and basically all around hell on earth delivered thru your television. Me? id rather cut my toenails….thankyouverymuch.

  56. Oh Lawd she is convinced it's the tattoo. Can some one tap her on her shoulder and tell her it's not just the tattoo ! Maybe she need to stop running around with one hand over her eye, displaying mind controll themes etc, etc,

  57. I think something has occurred to cause her to start the "removal process". This is her way of starting that process. It will be interesting to see how much "they" will allow her to remove out of her life.

  58. I Think Marilyn Monroe should be listed in the 27 club though she wasnt 27, Her death was "O.D"

    Many blessings to megan fox!

  59. Well if we here anything about her in the near future, we know why and will not be surprised. It's all smiles when someone realizes what's going on. Their biggest problem is succeeding. I hope she makes it through.

  60. Realize how her career has been suffering lately, and now she does this. I don't know, I feel like Megan is trying to distance herself from the media and spotlight. I hope she will be okay

  61. …Wow… Good for you, Megan!… Unfortunately, getting rid of a tattoo is a lot easier than getting rid of the ongoing effects of possible Monarch programming…. i hope she's also able to break away from all these mental/psychological controls that she can't quite put her finger on…

  62. "I definitely think I have some kind of mental problem and I haven’t pinpointed what it is."

    Finding it out could remove her of the riches & possibly her life as well.

  63. Quite honestly, i've always commented on how Megan seemed a little off, but also seemed very, very smart. I don't know why, but I feel she now knows exactly what she was pulled into ( I remember her commenting on how she has read every Marilyn Monroe book out there). This is a chain of events since she exploded unto the scene… she knows. Hell, she might even be one of readers.

    • wow i thought the exact same thing about megan fox. i think she knows very well what this is all about, if you get me, and for that reason i've always sort of respected her. i know people are worried about her being the next victim etc but i get the feeling that she's stronger than most in the industry. not saying that she's a no-go for the illuminati, but if they do get her i think she'd be hard to break

    • kind of a cool story for us Truth Seekers to see someone "in the biz" speak out against it.

      I wouldnt wish that kind of fame on my worstest of enemies. Praying for Hollywood…

    • we will see what she and the rest of hollywood have planned for us this Sunday at the 2011 Mtv video music awards……what stunts will they come up with this time?

      • I feel sorry for her. She felt like being trapped & imprisoned with all of these cursed tattoos.

        MAybe she had been feeLing the soul of Marilyn Monroe being channeled through her.

      • Who cares about the MtV awards, we know its going to be full of occult rituals so why even bother to watch? I refuse to help with its rating. Boycott the music awards! pssss pass the word around!

    • This here is very uplifting.

      In an entertainment industry surrounded by so much evil and death, its always good to know that there are few who are finally waking up. Those statements from Megan took great courage for her to admit it. She didn't have to but she did, and I commend her for it.

      Let's hope she now surrounds herself with positive people and not any handlers.

      I pray for God's mercy and grace for Megan Fox. That she wont end up the next Winehouse.

      • Now I wonder if that's going to be end of her career since she has identified the evil and their agenda…. Here we go, another victim which is now heading for the worse stage of her career because she 'wants out'.

      • it's ashamed if she's dies what will happen to "transformers" the world will come to an end and the decepticons will take over Mega-tron where are you but now let's be serious Megan is beautiful and a great actress it will be a let down if she's dies she's so young but this is irrelevant but did anyone else notice on "Britney spears" VMA commercial it's says "to honor Britney" doesn't sound a little suspicious or maybe death "keep on dancing till the world ends" 0___o think about it young ones


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