Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)


Meegan Fox sporting Mickey Mouse ears

In this shot, we can see her Marilyn Monroe tattoo, the original MK Sex-Kitten.

Hilary Rhoda with Mickey Mouse hat and the illusion that she has no arms, which represents the powerlessness of MK slaves.

Madonna’s “close friend” Jesus Luz in a photoshoot featuring devil horns, chains and, of course, Mickey Mouse hat.

Boy oh boy.

Illuminati photoshoot from 2009 edition of D-Mag (before VC was online).

Creepy Jessica Alba shoot with doll representing an alternate persona.

K-Pop singer Boa single cover

David Guetta single cover

Taylor Swift


A shot the children’s movie Speed Racer representing a “city of the future”. Movies are great ways to condition the youth to a specific version of the future.



    • Do you think we should have any sympathy for these people, because they sure don't have any for themselves. VC my prayers are with you whoever you are. Believe me your a God send. Thank you.

      • I do believe they should have sympathy. If we are without love, then the future is *truly* bleak.

      • i agree with you…the couple "madonna jesus" is an obvious blasphemy against Christ and his mother. Madonna the cabalist mther of sex slave kittens is one of the most perverted and ugly stars in history. She took this nickname in order to disrespect Holy Mary as much as possible doing all much disgusting things under this name, in order to spoil the purity of memory of Holy Mary, her final biggest blasphemy is that she had sex with a very young man called Jesus (the one that u see in the pic with devil horns), the man is as young as if he would be Maodnna's son…so in this way the illuminati disrespect largely creating an alternative perverted, totally opposite couple of Madonna – Christ…the illuminati's christ is devil having sex with his spiritual mother (incest one of the biggst sins) as you can see in the pic above…it is satanic ritual act done public way while teh people is unaware of the real meaning of these behaviour. The people usually see it as a "rockers madness" or a kind of cute "protest" against conservative religions…however the truth is much more horrible and disgusting and i m sorry that the masses participate even if unconsciously in this kind satanic ritual acts against God, Christ, Mary and other saints..i wish all this satanic rubbish would disappear from the existence suddenly once forever …the sick mind depraved stuff….fed up of them definetely.

        i guess the cinema and music that we have since the introduction of tv, is an arm in the hands of illuminati in order to destroy the moral values and soul of the masses. They introduce the absence of good behaviour and values step by step. The first famous hollywood vip started introducing the divorce and being constantly drunk under the alcoholic dependance (see the life of e.taylor or kirk douglas or frank sinatra etc.). They presented this kind of life style as "cool". Later once the people accepted the divorce and alcohol as "normal" getting one step back in evolution of soul (degration), the VIP started to go on heavily, this time they introduced the drugs, LCD, violence against the family members, pervertion, homosexuality, bisexuality, volgar dresses and speech (corutney love, guns n roses, rolling stones, whitney houston etc.)…the people accepted also these things as "normal" after a certain period of brainwash via mass media, cinema etc. Finally now the same VIPs try to intorduce openly the satanism, magics, atheism, pedophilia…this is the last and worst step i guess, once they will obtain the "normality" of these also, they would announce the evil power on the world…

      • @severalminds I don't think you did your research. "Madonna" is actually her birth name, not a stage name meant to disrespect Jesus (even if she does resent Catholicism). But still, Hjer dating a man named Jesus seens pretty blasphemous (but what does she care?).

  1. This is so sad, all this forcing of the Illuminati agenda! I am scared for my daughters future. I have never trusted Taylo Swift!

    • That Jessica Alba photo is only surpassed on the disturbing scale by the Boa photo – they sent a shiver down my spine.

    • Educated Cowboy on

      Caitlin Morgan,

      Interesting. When I first seen this picture, I thought the writing says "Sorry Pa – BAD BAD WORD" Like she's said something terrible and apologizes to her dad for it. But now, after reading your comment I've scrolled back and realized it could just as well be read as "Sorry IS a Bad Bad Word" I'm kind of confused right now, same picture and completely two different ways to see it….

  2. I'm happy you showed a photoshoot from '09. I'm more interested in how long these symbols have been in the media without anyone noticing them. My eyes are open now and I see symbols everywhere. It's so sad.

    And seriously Jessica Alba wtf?

    Keep up the great work VC!

    • Yup, srsly Jessica Alba. You can read more about her here, in 'Chapter Six: The Movie Stars':

      Here are a few choice bits that strongly suggest MK:

      "Her "religious devotion [began] to wane" at the age of 15 when she guest-starred as a teenager with gonorrhea in the throat in a 1996 episode of the television series 'Chicago Hope'. Her friends at church reacted negatively to her role, making her lose faith in the church. However, she has stated that she still holds her belief in God despite leaving the church.

      While filming 'Dark Angel' in January 2000, Alba began a three year relationship with her co-star Michael Weatherly, which caused controversy due to their twelve year age gap.

      Alba had at one time said she envisioned a much older man as her ideal partner, making references to Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery, Robert Redford, and Michael Caine.

      She said, "I have this thing for older men. They've been around and know so much."

      • Very interesting. I thought she was dating the attractive actor who starred on “dark angel” and “supernatural”.. I can't be bothered to google his name. More likely she’d go for the sons of the actors you mentioned than the aging actors themselves. lol That airhead would say anything to spice up her crappy interviews anyway. Unless she’s like Carla Bruni who whilst living with an old fella, she started an affair with the old fella’s son, who was 8-9 years her junior.

  3. Its funny that when your eyes are open to this stuff you notice it everywhere! I was watching the old Buffy movie today ( lame, I know) and what does the coach have in his hand? A "play" drawn up on a clip board with the pyramid and all seeing eye in it, an infinity sign, and the male/female symbol! What play were they running??

    • Hahaha thts hilarious! but so true..every since i started reading and researching all of the articles on VC ive noticed Illuminati, Freemason, and secret society sectors and images all throughout our society.. the NWO is real and the government truly dosen't care about the people any longer. The only solution to this political pollution is the people's revolution – Bobby Seale

  4. VC, you should also check out the movie called "John Carter". It is loaded with the eye of Horus at the ending of it's trailer and also on it's own website! I mean I couldn't believe seeing this in the theaters….I suppose Disney likes to keep up with it's own symbols.

  5. Im so dissapointed… I have followed taylor swift since 2006 and she has been my hero… now she is just another one of those followers.. Im so upset…

  6. Oh Jesusz!?!?! really äähhmm, stupid? probably thinking he looks cool…

    Didn't know VigilantCitizen wasn't online before 2009.

    I sent you a pic of german singer Francisca Urio, didn't you get it?

  7. I just wonder do any of these "stars" ever wonder what they're doing at these ridiculous photo shoots. "You want me to hold a horned skull in front of my head while you chant? No problem!" Mindless Sun Worshipers!

    • Remember that alot of them are Monarch victims, or mind controlled in some other way, and thus are programmed with trigger words/signs to either switch personalities (to a sex kitten persona, for example), or to go into a suggestible trance where they do as they're told. This is not their choice, they were born into it, or sold at a young age, they have been in thus game since they were babies… I am a spiritual person, but not religious, and yet I know that loving compassion is what needs to be directed at all of these players-of-the-game. They are playing out our darkside for us; what we need to do is switch off our TVs and be ourselves, and give love to one another. Enough with all the fear and hate for that is truly the goal of the darkness, to have us hate and fear each other. Love thy Neighbour and you will be saved (healed, whole). x

    • The media has the power to do this, they could inform ppl but they just don't accept to do this job, 'cos they're well paid to hide certain things that can discover satan's exploit.

    • money is truly the root of all evil; like Judas in the Bible, some people would do just about anything for money. These people are flaunting these symbols at the general populace to make them look cool before they(the symbols) become officially "endorsed"

      • sorry to correct you, but money is not the root of all evil, it is the LOVE of money, that is the root of all evil.

    • I think every star is a puppet and when the moment arrives they get dumped as fast as they were found its sad that they cant see that!

    • has anyone else thought that maybe some of these "stars" do know whats going on but just don't care cause they like the lifestlyes that it brings them…..not everyone is ignorant to whats going on around them…some of them just play along with it cause it gives them what they want, fame and fortune…at whatever cost….it's later on in life they want to play it off like "omg..what was i thinking…" when they've lost everything…please they get no pitty from me….as stated before we all go into certain circumstance where we choose what direction its just a matter if we are willing to pay the price for it…thats y people should really try to live more simply…idk..thats just me..

      • i agree….completely….but some of them are just so slow to understand whats going in the industry…by the way whats up with the dudes with the masks wearing that black drappy thing…who the f*ck in their right minds would actually wear somthing like that outside….you're right simplicity is the best form of living….lol

      • Most of these stars are children when they get their contracts. And even if they were adults, they are led into this magical world and before they can change their mind, they're locked in. It could happen to anyone. (greedy parents helps)

      • Yeah, a lot of these people just do not care. And it's not just celebrities either. The people I've tried to talk about this stuff too just say, Yeah so what? How does it affect me? and they just live their lives. We people have become so damn selfish and that's why our society is going to the dumps, and sometimes, I just feel like a whole lot of them deserve it. But the rest of us shouldn't be taken down with them, so it's completely unfair if we are.

  8. How can people not catch on to this junk? The Taylor Swift picture doesn't even seem like a natural picture. Seriously?!

  9. The Jessica Alba pic is so disgusting, she looks like a child, a sex symbol like her dressed and posed like that, and she's made to look so small and short! So disturbing, and her expression…it makes me so sad, this catering to pedophiles. Poor little children… :(

    • I'm not very surprise that "taylor swift" was in that pic have you seen her in that cover girl commercial the "one eyed" Hairstyle and when she throws that illuminati sign by her eye

      • No, I haven't seen that commercial, which is it? And I'm so disgusted by all these idols… they're all the same no matter what music they sing, or what movies they're in. It's so sad how easily people are brainwashed into thinking so highly of them. Kelly Clarkson couldn't have been more right when she pointed out the wrongful worship of celebrities, and humanity was told about it but we never listen and they manipulated us this way.

      • You know what pisses me off is when I go on Youtube or some where to talk about this and I go check my e-mail and I get a whole lot of hate mail it's annoying they like to call us "crazy conspirators" well while were the ones who are trying to face "reality" they're the ones who keep on running away from it.Youtube has the world's most arrogant ppl on there can't even put the world god unless you want to get alot of hate mail they're almost arrogant as atheist

      • Yes, Youtube is the most disgusting place, I absolutely hate it. That's the mainstream trashcan of the internet, and I don't even bother with commenting there. Idiots there will not listen to anything, and it's mostly populated with young people. Gross to think how horrible kids can be these days huh?

  10. Aside from the symbolism, what stands out to me is that all of these people look joyless. Aside from Megan and Taylor trying to muster "I'm sexy, right?" smiles, most of them look downright melancholy. No matter how wealthy or famous or attractive these people are, living out someone else's agenda (rather than their own authentic lives) has only brought them sadness. They are not to be envied, and we should pray for them.

  11. BoA is multinational, but she's originally korean having then expanded into the J-pop and a little into the american pop scenes. Still, doesn't surprise me in the least. Most of her english singles were dark. "I will eat you up!" Or "Scream", etc.

  12. Taylor Swift! Nooooo……why!

    I used to like her and Jessica Alba.

    How disappointing that the whole world is going to the 'dark' side.

    Then again, why do we get surprised.

    Great job VC, keep it up.

    Huge thanks for opening our eyes a lil more!

  13. this weeks pics are really creepy, so glad my eyes are being opened more and more. Sad future for my children. Music is pretty much off limits as are a lot of movies etc. although that is a good thig, it makes them a sitting target in school for being "different".

    • If you aren't going to let them be apart of 'society' why bother trying to live in society? Move to the country and bring up your kids like in the 'old days'. Fuck post-modernism.

    • I'm glad you're keeping them away from that stuff, but I absolutely MUST tell you that it won't make a difference. I tried to raise my younger brother protectively but children are disgustingly corrupted very early on, and public school is the biggest to blame. They are there for 8 hours everyday and meet all kind of terrible children who talk about all kind of things and have nasty attitudes. Your children aren't safe from this negative influence as long as they are in school. The school environment is horrible for raising moral kids, the people there don't care for a child's innocence at all anymore and they are sheep so they think everything is fine. You'll see by the music they play in the mornings or assemblies, same garbage, or even during some play time outside. I've seen the teen hit stations being played around little children and those songs are just about partying and dancing and sex (obviously the music isn't the focus but kids hear it anyway).

      I hope to homeschool my kids… or send them to private, single-sex schools (psychologically, those are the best and I'd recommend them because children do a lot better separate from the opposite sex).

      • You stick with that and do the homeschooling thing, and do it right.

        Done correctly, it will produce much greater intelligence – true intelligence, which is the combination of scholastic aptitude ("book smarts"), common sense and human interaction/socialization in ways other than having kids constantly exposed to bad ideas and influences, and some very important other areas that public schools have seen fit to remove from a child's education: namely, God, and with the awareness of God, the blueprint and foundation for children to know right from wrong, good from evil, and learning how to discern for themselves when something isn't right – even when it's in their little official propaganda textbook that some NEA union member teacher told them was the absolute truth.

        You get the point. Keep on doing the Lord's work, you won't be sorry for all yourhard work when you see the results of raising and educating your children in a far superior environment. And, it may take many years, but those kids will probably thank you and praise your name for doing all that you've done to protect and train and prepare their minds for what they are really up against in this world.

        Cheers to you and all others like you. Be brave and strong, and simply do what you gotta do. :)

      • Its funny you say this about homeschooling. I just graduated this year but as i began i was a foreign exchange student for a month and man i was raised by a family who had homeschooled kids man i tell you they r way mucg more educated and smart than all the students and faculty in my school which i understand your idea about homeschooling i applaud u for that. Cuz public school for me were 12 awful years sitting on half working chairs and being fed prison food and during my high school i had 0 privacy neitger did my friends. During spirit week we tried to give our school some spirit and we got in trouble for being a disturbance?!?! VC keep up the good reports i hope one day we all take action and free ourselves (:

      • Thank you LVB, cheers to you as well :)

        And 2p1, I agree, high schools are same garbage. They have the same little pyramid system of "elite" and "losers" no matter where you go. It's really pathetic and not productive or helpful to a child at all. Nothing's going to change sadly, we just gotta be aware of these things and start taking responsibility by raising our kids on our own and teaching them the right way.

    • There is no need to not let your children watch movies or listen to music. You just need to filter some of it out. For example death metal or some (most) of Lady Gaga's video's. Her songs can be inspiring but the videos don't go with the songs. Censoring everything will just make your kids view it behind your back. Just like in everything in life you need to explain things to your children. The good and the bad. Ignorance will never protect your child knowledge does. Hence VC, you can explain the agenda of the illuminati without actual saying, "Illuminati." We don't know for sure if they still exist. But it's always better to be aware and prepared than ignorant.

      • lol kids at single gender schools when they go to college or places where they can interact with the other sex they go wild. I've seen this happen again and again.

  14. BoA is actually a Kpop singer (korea). That was her album for japan. but its still sad to see this crap go all around the world.

  15. All these people making a stupid one-eye-thing and posing with horns… how can this be cool? How can this be fashion?

    People can't see things happening right before your eyes and this is so sad, like the whole world is getting numb.

  16. There are hundreds if not thousands who have access to these people. It would be easy to ask them in public what's with the weird stuff. I am hopeful someone will get the courage to do so.

    Parent's: turn off that t.v., Now!

  17. I am starting to wonder if the saturation of all this stuff is part of the Plan. I mean, it's so obvious, almost too obvious. You mean to tell me not one model, celebrity, musician hasn't balked at the weirdness of their photo shoot? Are they all that easily controlled? Too bad for them. sigh.

    Also, just putting this out there but, what if this is all deliberate to get the masses talking, to react against all that is 'bad', corrupt, to demand change, then the PTB come in as saviors (for a price-freewill) and offer up an alternative all dressed in sheep's' clothing, like the planned New One World Religion. A new god; a kinder, better god, only, it will all be a trap and the masses will be sacrificed.

    Either way, it's all evil and all sick and it must END.

    • Yes, it is definitely part of the plan. In order to bring in their NWO, which has been going on for quite some time now, they need to do what is called the "purifcation of the symbols." Meaning all this one eyed, half face, baphomet business is heavily thrown upon us so the public becomes accustomed to seeing them and eventually accepts these symbols and images as normal everyday things.

  18. it's like as if i have been waiting for such a picture of taylor swift since the thing at the VMA's. and those guys in the '09 shoot look like they are dead or something. creepy.

  19. I've actually seen the 2009 photo-shoot before, but I never really thought to send the pictures in, as I forgot about them. I was thinking, "Oh, god, what the hell? This is just horrible." At the same time, I thought it was pretty creepy and weird, also. The last picture is just sick, and scary. My breathing went a little weird, and my heart wasn't beating right at that moment.

    It's all so sick, and horrible, the Illuminati are involved in every little thing this world has. I told my sister ages ago about the Illuminati, ect. and she believed me, but guess what? She now listens to them very controlled artists, such as: Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, ect. She's 15, and we told out 19 year old sister a while ago, and she believes me, too, which is great, and she really sees the truth – not just with the music industry, but movies, the government, ect.

    It's all so scary how the mass can't see this, but not at all surprising, knowing what all we know. Think about it… what has the world come to? The Illuminati? Really? How could this even be, this is all just messed up. My life has completely changed…

  20. Well, I don't care what anyone says; it's all pretty f-ing hilarious to me. Maybe it's because I'm of a certain mature age and am at the point where nothing frightens me, intrigues me, stuns me, shocks me, mind-controls me, etc.

    I can't even stop LMAO @Taylor Swift (dumb blonde – what would you expect from such?), the dude with the horns in his forehead, the one with the red lipstick on his mouth, and the idiot with the animal carcasse on his head. What is that supposed to be telling me? That just because you have an ox bone on your head I'm supposed to be mind-controlled? GTFOOH! What it tells me is that the model is an idiot for letting someone talk him into that stupid shyt. LMAO!

    Whatever, ox face …

    • "Maybe it’s because I’m of a certain mature age and am at the point where nothing frightens me, intrigues me, stuns me, shocks me, mind-controls me, etc."

      This sounds like maybe…just maybe…you've been desensitized to the point of feeling nothing much at all anymore.

      Not saying you're mind controlled at all, just consider that those who are don't know it either. :)

      • @LVB: I understand exactly what you are saying about the mind control thing; but trust me, I am not mind controlled at all. The only thing that I am controlled by (so to speak) is the divine Word of God that I read and study EVERYDAY. It is the standard of righteousness that I live my life by everyday. A long time ago, I turned off my television, turned off my radio, and tuned the "world" out. I know how to be in this world, but not of it. The only thing I have now is the Internet which I use only for email purposes. The only reason I have been visiting Vigilant Citizen now is because a friend of mine emailed me a letter of thanks because I opened her eyes to the truth of what's going on in this world and in the email she included the link to Vigilant Citizen. It is now one of only three websites that I care to visit.

        It's not that I am desensitized to anyone else's feelings or personal plight because I do have compassion for mankind. I just find it ridiculous that a person (such as the model) can be so weak spiritually and mentally that they can be talked into putting an animal carcass on their head as so called "art". If I know that the Lord God Jehovah did not make me with an ox bone on my head, why would I then put one on my head? That model is a grown man (or so I assume) and I suspect is of reasonable intelligence. Seems like to me he could have said "Nah, I'm not putting the ox bone on my head. I don't need your money THAT bad."

        But I don't know; maybe some of us are stronger mentally and spiritually than others? Wisdom does come with age. Or at least, it should …

      • I hear you and understand completely. I was only offering that thought as a "maybe".

        No worries at all. Peace and wisdom, and may God bless you in every possible way. :)

    • And btw ChuckyW, from what you've said here it sounds like you are on exactly the right path, regardless of age.

      In this world, but not of this world – the path to God is the only path worth following.

    • They are victims of MK programming, they can't reason on their own. Don't judge them they need pity and simpathy. Pray for them don't scorn them-they are lost….

  21. Your photo of the evil eye in the palm of the model – I recall a movie called 'The Bible' with Charlton Heston (i think) – there was a seen depicting Sodom and Gomorrah with people running around with this symbol, evil eye in the palm of the hand (the movie was made in about 1967). Can't understand these people – they are destined to be defeated.

  22. I don't believe the Taylor Swift picture has to do with illuminati background. Maybe she was just taking the hair off her eyes? Or something? She's a real person, her lyrics do speak to me. I choose not to believe this. But, I could be wrong.

    • Don't be so ignorant, she is certainly covering her one eye and the smirk on her face makes it obvious. It sucks but don't fall for her goody-goody image, they all have to put on separate masks to appeal to different people so she is the same sheep with a different face. She's human so I see how you relate, but don't close your eyes to the truth, as much as you might not like it. Ignorance is not bliss but they tell you it is…

  23. The doll in the Jessica Alba photo shoot with the "Sorry is a bad bad word" on the wall is the Rebecca American Girl. I don't know if it's relevant but the doll is supposed to be a Jewish American girl who wants to become an actress.

  24. i just hope they wont bring those crap to Africa! But hey i wana take a music career in England.plz i need a strong advice

  25. here's the rest of the jessica alba shoot, featured on the wonderful perez hilton's blog (please note my sarcasm.)

    he writes:

    "Jessica Alba tries her hand at modeling again in the summer issue of Genlux magazine.

    She still sucks at it, but thankfully this time around the spread is far more inneresting than the last so you don't actually notice how terrible she is.

    The spread is suppose to promote her upcoming film The Killer Inside Me. We're not too sure what posing with dolls has to do with it, but it's definitely creepy.

    What do U think of the spread???"

    i love the "we're not too sure what posing with dolls has to do with it, but it's definitely creepy."

    perez, you really don't know much of anything.

  26. Taylor Swift looks so used up and almost sickly looking. There's nothing refreshing or inviting about her. I always noticed that about her even way before I started having knowledge about these roaches call the illuminati.

  27. look at the bigger pictures, these images are there so that people start to take note of them on a subconscious level, and just go with the flow….(people who are aware understand but are we actually changing anything?) the devil has an agenda and they are working through these false idols to brainwash us, the general public. also alot of people do not seem to understand that alot of these actresses and singers are MK'd….(they did not just sell their soul willingly)….please do your research people!

  28. Tristan Harrell on

    How many of you saw the Justin Beiber magazine with him and the one-eye symbolism? I sent a pic of it to VC, hopefully it appears sometime in the future

  29. Yeesh!!!! The last picture from Speed Racer is BY FAR the scariest pic this week…the second Jesus Luz picture a def runner up. Bleh.

    • Have kids, alot of them otherwise You are right on spot with depopulation agenda. World has never been nice and secure place, but when You have kids it makes sense. Love that You give and recieve back is truly evidence of God.

  30. I am SO disappointed in Taylor Swift! I looked up to her 😐 Well now I don't listen to music anymore so I don't care…Maybe even stop watching T.V. You know I am 13 years old! I understand these! My friends won't believe me! Ugh I wish there was a way to open up their eyes! I'm just afraid of the world now :/

  31. Hey VC –

    Did you notice the FLY down in the corner of the first Jess Alba photograph? You know they say flies represent the devil because he/it brings filth and decay wherever he/it goes.

    • Thats interesting that you said that, theres a type of fly that lays eggs in fighting rams, and sheeps heads. The eggs hatch INSIDE of the head and drive the ram crazy to the point where he's ramming his head against the ground and walls.

      A very good analogy in how evil spirits work, they lay eggs in your mind and drive you insane.

      I think to counter this farmers used a type of oil to keep the flys out.

      -Anointing oil anyone???

  32. They wants us to believe that the one eyed god they are waiting for is the real true God, Allah (God( will never reveal himself dont fall for Dajjal mankind!

  33. Hi VC

    I have been following you for months since that Lady Gaga feature. The symbolic pics each week outdid the others… it is getting very creepy.

  34. After seeing all these Mickey Mouse shoots and being vigilant when in public I noticed something. Earlier today at a public event, a young girl (4-5yo) was wearing a t-shirt with 'I *Mickey mouse head silhouette* M K' similar to an 'I *heart* NY' t-shirt. Looks like they're conditioning kids & parents in Australia too. And it seems to be working. Sad.

  35. VC your articles have opened the eyes of countless seekers. you have truly been a blessing at showing us what the face of evil looks like in this world. we can find hope in 1 John 4:4 that "greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world." this flesh, money-loving world will all pass and we must store up treasures in heaven where our relationship with God will finally be restored.

    btw, i recently went to the Tim Burton exhibit in the LACMA museum in Los Angeles — let me just say that the artwork, sculptures, and film clips presented there were so BLATANTLY illuminati but i could say that everyone attending when i was there (and it was packed!) was blinded to the symbols and figures. photography was not allowed in any part (go figure), but i was so grateful in many moments to have remembered the content in VC's articles, namely they telling symbols and motifs of the illuminati. there were checkerboard walls and floors in many sections, grotesque/distorted childrens' toys (just look at the Nightmare Before Christmas and Burton's other films… even the puppets from Willy Wonka), images of devastation, funky mirror images, shadows, and masks representing alter egos…. the list goes on and on.

  36. Thanks VC! Been following your site for some time now – 14 amilovesyou i agree – but i can't help wondering. Although we are aware of this and therefore steer clear of purchasing and supporting these companies/ideas, is the main objective to brainwash and prepare children ( and so called adults, as nowadays most adults are not beyond a 12-14yr olds development mentally/psychologically…) for the future and to accept transhumanism and other concepts in the future? I remember when I was in a psychology class years ago the teacher said to be so anti-something means the person has something to hide and it is only when someone mentioned something to me recently "to say no is so much harder than to say yes". I understand that now. 41- ChuckyW I think that's how these monarch slaves and other people get into this stuff. If somebody (or your family) is pushing you into something the pressure will go away if you agree- if they don't agree i think we all know what happens. It's not the individual models, singers and so on i dislike it is the people in closed rooms living their weird lives thinking that their plan will work that i take as utter cruelty to humankind.

    As I stay clear of such media it is so shocking to me (i don't watch much t.v. or other forms). The David Guetta picture looked like this suggestion of one eye and transhumanism (almost like cyborg idea in star trek?) and the Speed Racer film – like the idea of being controlled and watched (which we more or less are already – is it already too late??). For someone who grew up in this era and was pretty much isolated from it that is sooo scary. What would happen if you told this story and showed all of this to an isolated tribe? Would they laugh? Would they believe and be scared? Or would they just kill anyone who came near?

    I found it very interesting when reading some time ago how certain films have prepared children and adults and got them used to the idea of aliens/cyborgs. I am almost certain (and I don't like to say this as I've put pieces together and something just generally stinks about it) that something along these lines is going to take a huge leap and it is all connected with next year, the "threats from terror" and london olympics. Films/media that come to mind are district 9, star trek, stargate, avatar, star wars.

    As I was isolated I can see how impressionable young children and "adults" are. It's like watching animals at the zoo to me. If something is pushed and becomes popular you do it. You wear it, you listen it and watch it – it becomes your life (or the branders life i guess). You wear a t-shirt with a logo or a name on it – i take that to mean you're bought out – you're their property – why else would someone do it – like I put a collar on my cat. The ownership is oblivious though to the person wearing it – it seems because they think it's cool. I don't understand this part yet – is it denial, is it this part of the psychology that they studied so hard that makes it all work over the past 60 years? Even my cat understands the collar idea because if i take it off, she doesn't want me to put it back on!! I guess that's conditioning for you!! Ignorance is never bliss but it seems like that to those who know, because although we can look on in disgust we can never go back and that will make it all the more difficult as things get worse. Freethinking is targeted from a young age now – I can't help but wonder what the future holds for those in the know… The best thing I can do and suggest is be prepared in every way possible.

  37. Anyone notice the buildings that are interestingly positioned similarly to the World Trade Centres in the pic for the new children's movie?? Hmmmmm………..

  38. In the Speed Racer pix, are those real Hebrew letters (lower right)? Or are they stylized English? Anybody here read Hebrew? Can anybody provide the top characters? (which are unseen). The characters do not resemble what I see in a list of real Hebrew characters.

    Next to the column, far lower right, is what appears to be a cat's head (looks like a Pez dispenser).

    Here's a link to more images from the film, from the point of view of the designers (who also did V for Vendetta and the Matrix).

    Notice the pictures.

    1. Looks like a Mulholland Drive overview of LA.

    2. Another image of city

    3. 'Thunderhead' – (insert your own comment)

    5. The sign on the left reads 'Angry Cow', and the brightly-lit image on the right doesn't look at all like a penis between two legs, now does it?

    • from the interview with the speed racer designer:

      "So does the movie take place in a future city? It certainly looks weird and futuristic.

      There are two cities. Cosmopolis is the main city. George Hull did a lot of the design of the actual cities for me, he's one of the illustrators. We were taking inspirations from a lot of buildings around the world — and even from the [American] dollar bill, with the pyramid and the eye on top. One of the buildings is in fact that [pyramid], or very similar to that. It's a completely fanciful city. It's a huge city that's built on advertising and commerce. [In the movie] the world was a world of "corpocracy" as opposed to democracy.

      It sounds a lot like our world, actually."

  39. Sometimes I feel bad …like a lazy parent that I don't take my kids to see the latest cartoon or watch nick jr and things like that. But I'm now glad that I don't because of all the symbolism that seems to find its way into everything …including children's. Programming. Even PBS is starting to become a bit suspect. I'm so worried about the future of my children…. *sighs*

  40. the skyscaper to the left with the eye in it reminds me of these lyrics from this song 49ers – Nausea

    …Now how the fuck I’m supposed to walk a straight line

    With a knife in my back perpendicular to the spine

    They sip wine in the skyscrapers

    And think of ways to rape us

    In front of our faces, they smile but hate us…

  41. OMG, the use of all this creepy symbolism really is relentless. Its gone beyond being just a fashion trend. The models/actors/singers are, very sadly, merely dehumanized props, as the image purpose is to get a response from the viewer. So it is all the children, youth, and immature or ill-informed adults who are the intended recipients of the message. May God bless VC and all who are waking up and those who need to be.

  42. The last picture portraying the future city is really creepy. It's a shame that parents ain't really critical with the movies they take their children to. But I also understand them. People are really well programmed. We can't deny it's something that started decades ago, so when it comes to tell the people the many symbols and demonic ideas behind it they can help but thinking you're crazy. Before VC I was really blind. Now I'm more critical with all I attempt to consume. Don't forget our body is a temple.

  43. Taylor Swift…what a shame…well it was bound to happen. I'm surprised she held out for so long with the one eyed carp as this photo is the first I've seen of her covering her eye

  44. I just fished reading this article online only to look up and see Beyonce is on TV performing behind YET ANOTHER PYRAMID!! It's become so blantant that there isn't anymore creativity…even with these weekly pics. smh

  45. illuminati photoshoot 2009: ahahahhahah ahah…who the hell they thought they'd scare posing like that? children??? it better you take care, 'cos they can also laugh at those idiotic pics. hehehehehe ewh :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


  46. Is there a "mainstream" explanation for all the models and photoshoots covering 1 eye? Has any non-conspiracy theorist ever asked this question to a photographer/model and gotten an answer?

  47. Vigilant if you do read this…. I saw Ke$ha last night at the Patriot Center in Fairfax and it was creepy. I've seen Ke$ha three times before and this time she sounded as if she had switched complete personalitites and her voice sounded very childish…and when she would go back stage between songs my friend Juan who's a dancer for her said they took her and a room and she was screaming and she came out sounding even MORE childlike…. Please look into this…because you look at any live video of Kesha and her voice is trashy and off key. But she was on key and sounded like a little 5 yearold girl last night. And she kept falling down A LOT and saying GET FUCKIN DIZZURPKUH??? That's not even English!?! Look into Ke$ha!

  48. Re: the last pictures

    That's a HUGE eye in that picture?! The movie might be for "kids," but disembodied eyes are just creepy on some unconscious level for everyone. Eyes belong in heads, not hanging in space or in buildings staring at you.

    The thing is though a lot of these cityscapes in movies and the future are starting to manifest in real life. After being made aware of these pyramids and eyes, I started to notice more and more of these structures in the most mundane of situations. There was a small pyramid near the cruise boat port in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There was another housing an "internet" cafe near the dock on some island in the Carribean. Everyone knows about the pyramid at the Louvre in Paris (1700-1800 palace/museum, glass pyramid, yeaaah, that's normal..). There is also a golden "pyramid-looking" structure (actually some kind of office building) near the river area in Sacramento, CA. I'd say I felt paranoid by "noticing" it in this light, but the reason I paid any attention at all was because an advertisement came out (about 2 or 3 years ago now) that downtown Sac(ramento) would now have an amphibious tour bus/boat ride called "The Golden Dawn." They for some reason cancelled the venture, when I saw a picture of the downtown Sac area, I noticed these wierdly shaped buildings and realized there might be something to that name and those buildings after all (the Golden Dawn is the name of a hermetical society). I'd like to talk myself into believing that some just wanted to be creative in their buildings. But seriously, how practical is building a pyramid to be some kind of building structure in modern society? Maybe it is, but in light of everything else, I think there is more going on.

    And those are just the pyramids. Another example is a newer building on the campus of MIT. In the mid 2000's it replaced wooden barracks that had been there since WW2. But when they first started releasing pictures of the finished product, one person sent in a photo of a scene from an old black and white movie that had a very similar looking building in it. I want to say that the old movie was "Metropolis", but I finally got to see that movie, and didn't see the strange building in it.

    I know to say buildings looks similar is like saying straight back chairs look similar to each other; big deal, right? Too bad I can't post photos here, but the buildings in question had bulges and angles in the oddest places. On the celebration of this building's opening, articles described the building as "resembling a sponge in structure." Got to love those engineers. But that's also not easily copied, so to have two buildings that are that big and that look that strange, and still look like each other takes concerted effort. And strangely enough, that effort looks like an attempt to recreate a "futuristic movie-scape," in all its real live glory.

  49. I saw those fashion pics before. I want to say on here. Im not complaining, but more recent pictures would speak to whats happening NOW. Its not like there's a lack of imagery.

  50. Recently George Michael's "Too Funky" video from 1992 got played on one of the music channels. I was shocked. Turns out this kind of sh*t has been around for quite a while. Also turns out Beyonce et al are doing nothing new or original. Its just a constant repetition and regurgitation of the same old cr*p.

  51. Anybody else see the irony in the Jesus Luz picture? Jesus is our savior and that is the guy's name, but he is dressed up as a devil. lol

  52. I would like to know more about Taylor Swift and her case. She said before she had a great childhood on a farm and such so was she just lying or was it another personality talking? was she a monarch puppet from the start?

    thanks, please answer!

  53. The acceptance of symbols as portents of the future or representations of our present is reprehensible. Symbols are simply that…symbols. They are symbolic representations of the populous with the loudest voice.

    If we as a society wish to change the impact of these symbols in our everyday media onslaught, then we must recognize that symbols only hold power in the mind of the receiver, not the deliverer. It is basic Communications 101. The message is encoded, sent, and decoded.

    It is in the decoding of the message that intent is communicated, not the encoding or delivery.

    The general public accepts the "All-seeing eye" symbolism as part of the Illuminati. Let's change their game and attribute a different meaning to the symbol. Rather than say it's the Eye of God, the Eye of Horus, or any other mythological source, let's say, out loud, that it's the Eye of the Working Man, the Eye of the American Public, always watching the actions of its government. It sits above the pyramid because the public never rests and always watches over its governance to ensure that it does what its people demand.

    Well, s**t. Did I just advance the Orwellian NewSpeak in my effort to improve today?

    • (Last Comment)

      I Agree! My friend and I always have thought, why in the hell do we care if these morons think these symbols even hold any power?

      Who decided the devil is manifested by a goat or something with horns and a tail? Who decided that god was a man with white hair and blah blah? (a book written by man?)

      Why is the uncapped pyramid such a powerful symbol for the NWO?

      At the end of the day, the answer is because, we allow them to think those symbols are powerful and give them meaning.

      I could say a toilet is the new NWO symbol because it represents the power they hold in flushing down our dreams, control, and society as a hold and as STUPID as it looks/ sounds, people would eat it up.


      • People fail to realize that religion is the oldest form of social control and is ultimately what YOU make of it.

        People give you these little "bedtime stories" that supposedly happened thousands of years ago to strike fear in you…and there may be little truths to them, but much like a bad game of telephone (or whisper down the lane, depending on where you're from), how do you know any of it is actually true unless you were physically there?

        You don't. (And that "have faith" crap is there to keep people trapped)

        So you have to be open to the possibility that everything you hear could be bullshit.

        You do literally have to "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see" as Ben Franklin so wisely put it (regardless of who/what he was)

    • Actually, many people already do that. Right around the time I learn that the "all seeing eye" was the sign for the eye of horus and its illuminati connections, I listened to a christian minister on the radio (D.James Kennedy) claim that the same eye on the dollar bill was really the eye of Providence (a fancy way of saying the eye of the God who makes things work out according to his will).

      Here's another one. The reason everyone associates "the devil" with a humanoid in a red jumpsuit with horns and a pitchfork is because folks in the middle ages thought the best way to "mock Satan" was to make him look as ridiculous as possible. The Christian Bible describes him as one of the most beautiful of all of God's creations before he rebelled against God, so to disparage his vanity, the middle age folks gave us our most popular representation of him.

      But how many people know that now?

      There is some validity in what you say about giving a symbol too much power. But having people who don't like it "change" it is not as effective as it sounds. If it doesn't make the "originators" change their intent for the symbol, it ends up just confusing the issue.

      For an example of a modern day attempt of this, think about the whole "debate" that still exists using the "N" word. No matter how many times rappers and other artist try to make it into some kind of cool slang, those that hate non-whites will still use it to show their hate. Those who hate the word and all its history will just hate it more. And all those not "authorized" to use it will still bemoan the fact they'll get beaten bloody for even making the attempt to use it. Now ask yourself: did this really change the symbol, or not?

  54. What is with all the mickey mouse ears all the time? It looks silly.

    Dont these celebs and models want to know why they are told to wear the mickey ears, cover one eye, do this, do that? Surely they have a logial mind? I truley do not believe that they are all 'mind controlled' i just dont belive that. I think they know what they are doing but do it because of their greed for fame and money.

  55. If only I could have said it better…

    The New World Order/One World Government has apparently been in prophecy/prediction since the dawn of the written word.

    Why in the world are we, as a global society, even discussing the events leading up to the NWO/OWG as if we had a choice in the matter?

    It's not like we haven't seen it coming. Media personalities like Alex Jones make it personal, but even according to Biblical prophecies (though I am an atheist), the NWO is going to happen. Why is there so much fight against something that, in the end, will prevail?

    I'm just saying that I don't understand such passion and fight against the inevitable. As if the Orwellian NWO agenda was a surprise?! It's been out there since the dawn of the written word. We can piss and moan all we want but what difference will it make?

    We can see and have seen the future. Will we change it or can I go ahead and predict it?

    Please, prove me wrong. Invalidate my predictions. I am begging you do so.

    • I agree with you Aaron, it is going to happen. I think the bigger issue, is when. It is human nature to resist oppression and I think as more people awaken to the state of affairs we now find ourselves….it is kinda of like "not on our watch, we want more time!". I want more time. Also why I believe the timeline was never set. I know that you are an aethiest, but I believe God wants more time, for more people to turn to Him. And hey, Thomas Jefferson said it best, "Resistance to tyrannts is obedience to God."

      I will do whatever is in my capability to resist, to buy more time. I still have family and friends that need to wake up.

  56. My thoughts:

    Firstly, as much as I have my suspicions of Taylor Swift, I do not believe that this particular photo is convincing enough evidence. However, I must say that the rest of the photos are especially creepy this week.

    Secondly, I have watched the film Speed Racer many times, and I never caught that! These are the same directors as the Matrix and the producers of V For Vendetta, so I'm kinda surprised about that. I still like the message of the movie though. It's kind of a metaphor of what's going on right now. But maybe I'm looking to much into things?

    To all, a good morning!

  57. please people yes these symbols exist. But dont let them put fear into you. Fear is an element of the devil and he is happy when he sees these symbols brings you fear. Rather i advice you all to pray for our fellow brothers and sisters whom the devil has stollen that God should rescue them. Further more when You see a symbol bless God for showing you the truth rather than being scared. God bless you all. Amen

  58. Daily News has an article about Megan Fox removing her Monroe tattoo.

    They quote Fox as saying: "I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life."

    Bravo, Ms. Fox!

  59. I really didn't believe in any of the Illuminati crap. Then I started to have my doubts about what I really thought, I felt the need to check the website often. And I saw these pictures yesterday. The 2009 photoshoot really did it for me, like, hardcore.

    I still don't believe in the "Illuminati" per se, but I do believe there's some really wicked and evil people working in the industry.

    I feel like God has opened the doors of truth for me.

  60. No rest for the wicked!!all of show business is owned by

    Walt disney..but we all on here know this my child will never do this for a I catch shit for not letting my kids watch that souless junk (disney channel).but my family can suck it I'm wide awake that's all that matters!!

  61. Just saw a glimpse of some Disney movie with that blonde girl from High School Musical. And the first thing I noticed was a picture hanging above the bed in her apartment in the film. And the motive was….. Guess what? Oh yeah, picture of her, one eye covered, emphasis on the other. Yawn.

    It's so surreal once you know what to look for, how easy you can spot them.

  62. the Speed Racer thing is a joke, the Wachowskis are conspiracy theorists themselves, didn't you ever see V For Vendetta which they wrote?

    believe it or not there can be conspiracy theorists working in Hollywood too, it's not completely controlled, please don't get mad

  63. i think people on screens are manipulated by producer and “creatives´´at the industries of music , film or tv.

    What is the possibility all cellebrities out there have knowledge what they doing?

  64. Courtneydelilah on

    That one eye pose thing looks soo stupid they couldnt come up with anything else?? Also has anyone ever heard of a singer Ida maria, in her video for "oh my god" she says a verse "put a prize (or price) on my soul" while singing it she motions the a ok hand sign towards her eye..The whole song is pretty much about being controlled and she screams out oh my god a whole lot. Whoever doesnt know who im talking about should search it on youtube

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