Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/06/11)

Model So Hee photoshoot in Nylon Magazine. Yup, the good ol' combination of one-eye and Mickey Mouse.

There is definitely no danger of running out of these pics anytime soon. Tons of them appear in the media every week. Keep sending them in!

Singer So Hee photoshoot in Nylon Magazine. Yup, the good ol’ combination of one-eye and Mickey Mouse.
Same model and magazine.
Louis Vuitton ad Campaign

K-Pop group Super Junior on checkerboard pattern. The group was featured in this recent article.
Model Adel Jord.
Emily Browning, star of Sucker Punch (analyzed in this article)
Singaporean singer Kelly Poon who emerged from the singing competition Project SuperStar.
Hyuna’s logo looks like something some of you might be familiar with…
…the Masonic Square and Compass.
Lindsey Lohan in a role she was supposed to play as porn star Linda Lovelace
Hayley from Paramore posted this image on her blog. I could not find a more accurate and symbolically correct image depicting Monarch programming. (You might want to read the article entitled Paramore’s “Brick by Boring Brick”: A Song about Mind Control). The group apparently broke up by the way because the band did not agree with the “negative messages” Hayley was incorporating in her songs.
A photoshoot in French Vogue is currently causing  controversy in the media due to its sexualization of children. The photoshoot and its symbolism was covered by yours truly over 8 months ago. See the full article here.

I was still on semi-vacation this week so sorry again for the lack of substantial updates. Worry not, important articles are in the works and will be posted this week!

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scott ames
scott ames

so Obama asked congress for 4 billion dollars to pay TEPCO to build two nuclear reactors in the gulf of doesn't make any sense