Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/06/11)

Model So Hee photoshoot in Nylon Magazine. Yup, the good ol' combination of one-eye and Mickey Mouse.

There is definitely no danger of running out of these pics anytime soon. Tons of them appear in the media every week. Keep sending them in!

Singer So Hee photoshoot in Nylon Magazine. Yup, the good ol’ combination of one-eye and Mickey Mouse.
Same model and magazine.
Louis Vuitton ad Campaign

K-Pop group Super Junior on checkerboard pattern. The group was featured in this recent article.
Model Adel Jord.
Emily Browning, star of Sucker Punch (analyzed in this article)
Singaporean singer Kelly Poon who emerged from the singing competition Project SuperStar.
Hyuna’s logo looks like something some of you might be familiar with…
…the Masonic Square and Compass.
Lindsey Lohan in a role she was supposed to play as porn star Linda Lovelace
Hayley from Paramore posted this image on her blog. I could not find a more accurate and symbolically correct image depicting Monarch programming. (You might want to read the article entitled Paramore’s “Brick by Boring Brick”: A Song about Mind Control). The group apparently broke up by the way because the band did not agree with the “negative messages” Hayley was incorporating in her songs.
A photoshoot in French Vogue is currently causing  controversy in the media due to its sexualization of children. The photoshoot and its symbolism was covered by yours truly over 8 months ago. See the full article here.

I was still on semi-vacation this week so sorry again for the lack of substantial updates. Worry not, important articles are in the works and will be posted this week!

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so Obama asked congress for 4 billion dollars to pay TEPCO to build two nuclear reactors in the gulf of doesn't make any sense

but some of the members of Super Junior are Christians. di lang dahil maycheckboard illuminati na (google translate it) anyway to the paramore issue, it is obviously true. Before they went mainstream, they were a "Christian" band. and the reason why Farro brothers left the group because of Hayley's lyrics cuz they realized that it contradicts on what they believed in. alam na!

By the way, I am from Malaysia.

I remembered that argument in the newspaper one morning, the one that had a counselor of some kind in it. This is in relation to Paramore. Great on the Farro brothers. I guess that's why I see more shots of Haley in their music videos than the other guys. I don't know exatly what went on with them but I think it's a great revelation to what's really going on in the music scene. Until now, I still wonder, I am going to graduate next year with a diploma in performing arts. What would happen to me?

NOOO!! I swear i nearly broke down into tears when i saw the picture of the Singaporean star. My friends and I thought our country was safe but I guess we just cant escape from them 🙁

What's wrong with the checker board pattern?

I'm not really an expert at these things but please, enlighten me.

Also, I saw some of your articles regarding the checkered floor but isn't that a bit too general?

I mean, most of the floor/tiles before and nowadays are still checkerboard in pattern.

I'm no hater, I promise. Just a tad bit confused.

Am I the only that's creeped out to the point I want to punch them and cry? 🙁 I feel bad for Amy Winehouse and others!

Sohee…. urgh gutted. Still love Wonder Girls though.

An endless display of more mind control

RE: the negative messages in Paramore songs

… Josh panics about "Careful" contradicting a Bible verse (which was probably Jesus specifically addressing the Pharisees), but "Misery Business (which really does have a negative message in the 2nd verse (said message contradicting the spirit of the Bible at the very least (and what Paul says of himself in 1Timothy (well, it's assumed that it's of Pauline authorship)))) is okay? Plus, They would probably rather people not get the idea of setting themselves free into their heads (they tried to appropriate the rhetoric by associating it with consuming, but it didn't really work out so well if "No Logo" is anything to go by).

But yeah, could that picture BE any more symbolic? (well, yeah (finally, a picture without that one-eye thing!), but it is still pretty darn symbolic)

It looks like her face has been used for semenancy….this is so sad to me….

Jersey shore twit Snooki following the white rabbit:



“Bio-creation, and health restoration, may have more to do with frequencies of sound energy, or music, than has been previously thought.”

So with all this information available, does anyone have a battle plan to take down this beast we call the illuminati?

So far, all I hear and read are, "Spread the word", "Give yourself to Christ" and "Boycott anything with these symbols". The one that has had any effect at all (if any) is boycotting. The other two are just preaching to the choir.

VC you still on vacation? You straving us out…

Sohee and Hyuna (ex-WG) … the future of Suzy of MiSSA.

The Super Junior photo is old. It still has 13 people standing. It now has 10 (hangeng went back to China, Kibum left the group, and Kangin in the military)

don't know where to post this- can't find remember the article you have on a church you have in manhattan with hidden masonic imagery carved in on top ? well we are up to the fall of wall street part right now….at least ppl are losing faith in this w***e of downgraded…… the tsunamis are next in the future… let's not focus on controversial pics they know we are focusing on now.. there are bigger things going on this country… also for those who think walt disney was one of them- i think it was after they became corporate i don't think he himself was part of it.. he was a cartoonist and not behind the music and tv show sector they play a part in- that was after disney's time but yes the company is in on recruiting young ppl to the business and that's why u see… Read more »

he was a 33 degreed mason

What's up with Daniel's hand?

Hey VC! Check out this photo of Daniel Radcliffe

but..with all this evendency and similarities with michey, closed eye, animal print clothes, ecc… are "they" proud by doing these photos and claime to be part of this? Or simply they submit in order to what "they" tell them to do???

If still in doubt over the sexualisation issue i suggest you google Thyland Blondeau and make ur own assesment of the pictures they take of little girls.

Ultimately the kids are used for marketing. The question that needs to be asked here is who the target audience is. That will determine the motives of that photo shoot. If you understand what vogue stands for and the topics tackled within that magazine throughout the years then you will be very clear on the use of that little girl and the context of that ad.

I also found this picture on Hayley Williams' blog:

Mickey Mouse and a young Hayley, quoted as being "the best day of her life" Suspicious?

This is the link to her entire blog for anyone who's interested. Some weird mind control crap on there.

the last picture is the most shocking!!!:(

Hello! =) I read your one about Paramore with the Brick by Boring Brick and I agree with everything you said =) even though I like that song. I would have commented there but I couldn't find how to anywhere, I'm not experienced with this site hahaha. Also I wanted to add that there are some of us teenagers who understand what your saying, we arn't all a lost cause =]. Your work has made me more insightful, now I see this symbolism in everything like disney (Ahhhh! It's to upsetting, I love disney!!) and that National Treasure movie is a big one too, great film though. Anyway I really like what you've written, some people think this stuff is all unrealistic, it messes with your head when you think that that is probably what the illuminati wants you to think. Keep writing =)

Ooooooh I want to add that I don't believe we are in a war with demons and satan though I do believe that the government if hiding so much from us and moulding us in places like school, teaching us only certain things. I think that they are keeping secret their contact with other non-human races and teaching us that things like angels and psychics are just crazy stupid myths. I'm not saying we arn't at war, I think we are on earth and universally, but I don't believe in satan, I'm all for angels and God though. I believe in mind over matter and if we truely believe that evil is real then we put the energy into it and that makes it exist. If you could worship Satan than he wouldn't want to be loved, he would want to be feared, so lets stop fearing him to make… Read more »
I made the post about being at war with Satan and I think you are misinterpreting. It is very naive to think the government is this all powerful entity that runs us all into the ground with no force behind them. Acknowledging Satan doesn't necessarily make him more powerful and you shouldn't be fearful. TRUSTING in God and His word gives a sense of peace through the chaos. You can almost think of Satan as an annoying gnat if you want to, whatever gives you piece of mind. Spiritually, in order to know where you stand (God wants our spirits all or nothing), you must see the works of Satan in order to confront what is happening in your own life. Everyday you must consciously decide to use your moral compass in making decisions to be more Christlike. Simply ignoring Satan will not cut it. It won't make it go… Read more »
I am asian. I visit this site often and the facebook page. 🙂 I love to read all your comments too btw. Thanks VC for doing more on kpop, jpop, c(hinese)pop, etc. The more you do the more I can refer my friends to this page who also love kpop. Believe it or not many are listening more to kpop than any other. I mean my Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino friends don't really listen to their own kind, just only kpop. Shows how much influence they have! Kpop artists often travel to other countries to promote and perform as well it's how they gain massive exposure and also their catchy tunes are always a plus. The Korean entertainment industry is huge. They know how to work it too. What I mean is that they use their most famous pop star singer and put them in Kdramas and gain massive views and… Read more »

it really hurts me to see Hayley Williams mentioned in your articles, especially in this way. :/

I wish Paramore would go back to how they were during AWKIF!

also, why did someone have to link the blogpost, because now i'm crying again, haven't got over that.

That French Vouge photoshoot is just horrible

Emily Browning is also a very big role model of mine (Hayley being to), and it sickens me to see her this way, even though i enjoyed suckerpunch.

Don't know where else to post or ask this… is anyone here aware of anything in the works for 09/13/11 it adds up to 33–don't the mystery religions/Luciferians/Illuminati have a strong interest in numerology? Has anyone seen or heard anything? Seems like those numbers are almost worshipped themselves by those groups. With all the attention being put on the year 2012, wouldn't it make sense, if you wanted catch people off guard, to strike with something before they expect it? I know there is a 2 in that date as well, 09/13/2011 that does not add up to 33, but when 09/11/00 hit the 2 in 2000 didn't seem to factor in. Maybe it's meaningless, just wondered if anyone has heard seen anything. We are getting close and seeing some major dangerous economic issues happening right now–could we be parlaying into something worse soon (bigger than a financial collapse itself)… Read more »
And don't forget 11/11/11 – that's a doozy! Don't 'know' of anything, but I'm un-initiated lol….or Thank God! I haven't known about this stuff for very long, but I am noticing it now all the time – they mark their territory like dogs! I've posted similar to this a few times lately but my comments keep getting deleted? Anywhoz, just emailed the below clip this afternoon to one of my friends, thought you'd find interesting: Satanists believe that a carefully planned event must be carried out according to the correct numbers, or it may not be successful. They go to great lengths to make an event occur according to the correct numbers. As Wescott explains, "… so 11 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect." [Ibid., p. 100] Thus, while 11 is very important, multiplication's are also important, such as 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77,… Read more »
Thanks Sarah Connor for the numerology info. It sure seems like there is a really common thread of certain numbers and dates that traumatic events happen on and numbers of poeple involved. I thought about the 11/11/11 date too–little nervous about those dates… There's a fellow named Mike Hoggard who does a lot of research on the NWO and numerology if you google his name then click on he has a lot of vids with NWO info. He is a Preacher and relates a lot of what he says to the Bible. He has some really interesting things to say and incorporates a lot of info. people send him into his blogs. This kind of stuff seems so superstitious to me, it blows my mind that people in high places believe numbers could have special power–I guess another way Satan gets them to look away from Jesus for salvation/life… Read more »

Hey Sarah

Very interesting! I wonder what the 11 phenomenon is about then? Not sure if you've heard of it, people all over the world always seeing the number 11.

Also I was reading some of your comments on the 2012 olympic torch article and was going to suggest to you to watch Rik Clay 2012 transition of the ages video. Very interesting video talking about royal family ect., you're almost right about your prince charles theory….almost:-)

He died shortly after this video at the young age of 26, is it possible he stumble upon their big plan? You should really check it out.

Keep well

Sarah Connor…great information, might want to also post on GLP.

Keep up the great work VC!

Doesn't seem to important.
covering one eye, but this guy is a huge fan/supporter of tupac, who was killuminati, and when his music video was banned from BET he said some anti-illuminati remark on twitter, might be interesting if you dig a little deeper 🙂

If anyone wants to see something disturbing relating to children, look at this:

I dunno what's worse, the video itself or the nonchalant reaction in the comments from mothers and other people (in this version of the video, people are more sensible, but if you look at the official one, no comment besides praise is let through and it's shocking how people don't see anything wrong with it at all).

The child model pales in comparison to this…

keep it up VC!! Loves it!

Hi V.G! 🙂 Okay, well recently my daughter read a book titled 'Candor', once she'd finished it I read it too. I found it very interesting as it was about a town in Florida (a very neat and prestige one too) that a kept in a good state of mind by programming the children's brains through music. I honestly think you should read it as it is very interesting 😉

It is so unforunate that LiLo is in an industry that exploits her fragile mental health. We may never know the true extent of how messed up she is. What we see in pix like this just barely scratches the surface.

Does everyone realize those are transvestites in the fashion add? VC, you should make a note of it.

how did you know that ???? i am not sure about that !!!

but i am sure that they used real women even in the runway they used a well known models

I have a picture of Dolores O'Riordan (the cranberries) flashing the same sign covering her eye with a hand

where can I send it to?

sex kitten on south american tv?

Björk an Icelandic singer-songwriter


The last picture almost made me puke…the people who made the poor child pose like that, are a disgrace to human race. This is just sick!

the pictures of the Louis Vuitton ads are kind of creepy…..

1. Why every one in the pics above looks like a doll or a mannequin ?

2. Since when freaky wierd stuff became an " art " ? and r these people expecting us to accept and respect their work or way of thinking ? and why did they decide just now to expose every thing to us ?

Many questions one might ask …….

By the way check this out

and plz share ur thoughts about it if u like cz it freaks me out when i feel the only one who sees the symbolism of that rubbish or as they call it " modern art " .

Thx Vc gr8 work every week .

Weird page. O_O Well, to me, art is expression. Art is a chance for someone to represent what they feel and what's on their mind, and display it in a visual form for the whole world to see. Seeing that page, many of the art doesn't seem to express anything. The artists just seem to try to "outdo" each other in weirdness factor. Then again, that's just me. Everyone can have their own opinion on what the significance value of an art piece is. That's what makes art interesting. There is no uniform or set way of it to be. What seems like "rubbish" to someone can mean a lot to the artist or another person. Just because the art isn't in the taste of Leonardo da Vinci or Van Gogh doesn't mean it's useless. Like us, on Vigilant Citizen. We see the significance of a photoshoot when the model… Read more »
Stop talking to us as we would be crazy! And btw, I don't have children and certainly I'm not dressing myself like a s**t! Don't judge people you don't know! Today it is not hard to come across disturbing s**t and p**n! No matter if you watch TV, Internet, Magazines, Commercials, Radio, stores etc, there always will be p**n! And do you know why? Because it draws attention, makes people talk about, it sells good! Ever heard of "Sex sells!"? In Europe they use p**n in puplic and commercials a lot! So much that it makes it hard to avoid! I once got so annoyed that I asked the owner of a store (that sells bags and suitcases) that this is a sex-shop or bag-store? Because they had a large slutty picture of a naked woman hanging outside of their store window! I admit I do like erotic art(as long… Read more »
@Pest, Maybe if you read your first comment you would see. You judged me first. Saying 'it's people like you etc etc' forgetting so fast aren't you? OUR WORLD IS SIMPLY, SICK, SAD AND GETTING WORSE! We aren't getting rid of evil, so what should we expect? People are desentizied. Children are pure. Many of these p********s aren't dealt with. They should be named, shamed and locked up. No sort of parole. None of the mental madneess whatever thier lawyers come up with.. lawyers shouldnt even help them. it's just sad basically. The same argument came up on a show I was watching about r**e. Women should not be raped regardless of clothing-while some argue the clothing a woman wears tempts them. I have yet to hear of a woman raping a man because he wore no shirt. I hope you can see where I'm coming from. We are throwing… Read more »

I agree with you! Sorry if I came across rude!

Also important is to speak out what is wrong! Otherwise there will be no change!

no s**t!! The 'K' actually is a pentegram with a few line rubbed off!

That purple and blue LV handbag is so cute!:) LOL…

And the K in that Kelly girls signature is an incomplete pentagram…and that masonic compass logo is also enhanced with its circle around it also making it look a bit like a pentagram in my opinion…dunno if anyone else has thoughts on them?

Vigilant Girl, I got to say, all though I can not be sure what I have taken up of subliminal messages in my life, that as a kid, I loved to play with boys, whach their "stuff" and they'd watch mine, and play with it etc. Now my familiy didn't own a TV before I was 10 or something, and in kindergarden I was always playing with the boys. I don't remember if we played "nurse" or not, but we sure did play with our "small things", and I don't see why that should be a bad thing, it is not like I am playing around like that now or anything.

Whitney Huston and Mariah Carey – When you believe(Oscar 1999) = 2:58 – 3:39

Ok.. that performance was something else, there was the eye, the sun, the pyramid, the compass and the square, checkered floor and the two columns of Solomon’s Temple(stairways). I mean.. did they leave anything out.. wait.. I was waiting for one of them to do the OK sign… wow… wow… this blatant symbolism has been around for a while. I remember that song and performance and I didn't know what all of it meant.. thought it was a "pretty and creative" set design.. I am now wondering about he white dresses. Considering they were in a mock Masonic Hall, was that a ritual of some sort…!?!?!?!? who knows.. Wow.. thank you for that….

can anybody tell me the graphic designer who made the image of monarch mind control that hayley posted? i'm very intrigued!!

also, maybe the specific blog entry of hayley herself please? couldn't find it!

thanks in advance!

The sooner you people realize that we are in a spiritual war, the more sense this will all make. It is imperative that you do not underestimate the power of Satan and his demons. THEY are here on earth to take as many souls as possible- This will be a battle until the very end. The bible predicts it and one verse in particular should paint a clear picture: "The love of the greater number will cool off" (I forget the exact book/verse number). That means as we get closer to the end, love will be replaced with hatred in the hearts of many. This is inevitable. Jesus will HAVE to come back and intervene because this is what man turns to when left to his own devices. Satan knows this, the government knows this,…they only have a limited amount of time to collect as many souls as possible. Now… Read more »

And by the way Vig, take as much time as you need. You deserve a break from all this debauchery 🙂

I knew they'd get to Lindsay sooner or later. They just had to keep wearing her down, setting her up to be the stupid party girl (which she is but is way too valuable to Satanic Hollywood to go unnoticed).

Now watch her image totally change, her career sky rocket, and all her legal troubles fade away. There's no way Lindsay would ever make in Hollywood without the Cult getting a piece of her.

Course, we can all thank fame and money w****s Mommy and Daddy…

i believe that lindsey lohan picture is actually of her as edie sedgwick when she was high and got gang banged in a motel

Real classy none the less…

Notice how Kelly Poon's 'K' is an incomplete Pentagram?

Sheesh. Talk about over kill.

Next we'll be seeing little kids in school playgrounds all lined up doing the One-Eyed thingy. Parents, take a look around your children's school, see if there are any One-Eyed, Masonic type 'educational' posters about.