Symbolic Pics of the Week (07/23/11)


Harry Potter star Emma Watson loves hiding one eye.
You’re not that different, girl.

Popular Japanese goth group GPKISM
J-Pop is really into it
Mickey. Again…
…and again…coupled with a checkerboard pattern.
Another MK-Ultra-themed Alexander McQueen Pic
Jared Leto
This pretty much sums up the entertainment biz.

Thanks to those who took the time to send me pics!

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346 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Week (07/23/11)"

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Well what can I say.

They lie, we lie to ourselves, people lie and the truth becomes a needle and the internet a haystack.


Tyra is no surprise; that lady is Bat s**t crazy have you seen Top Model. It's ridiculous and all these girls idolize her for God only knows what reason. Not to mention that they have that drag queen telling women how to act you know the black one that wears a dress. If you ask me he's a total crack head. I have a pic of him sporting the Mickey Mouse ears too. It's all part of the media to warp sexuality. Homosexuals telling women how to dress how to act. It's like hello your a man that likes men there are zero women in that equation so back the hell up. Women know how to dress sexy and they don't need a skelator anorexic or homo to tell them how to be a real woman. If you throw up your food to be sexy and get laid when you… Read more »
Denise, are you SERIOUS? Have mercy on us Lord. What is so good about harry potter that people want to bend over to make excuses for it…these are kids being taught WITCHCRAFT…and since HP opened in theaters we now have twilight and countless books, shows, movies based on vampires, witches, wizards, mystical creatures targeted at CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS. Do you think it's just a coincidence? Just because it's glamorized and has interesting characters means nothing. Satan can transform himself into an "angel of light" yet he is still Lucifer. Let me share something. I made the mistake of listening to the audio book of harry potter and fell asleep while it was playing, I wish I was lying but that night I had a dream that I had never ever had before. I dreamt that I was watching a satanic coven with black robes with hoods praying around a pentagram… Read more »

Wow you are crazy pants!

A whole bunch of people from my school are starting to take pics with one eye posting 'em up on facebook thinking they look fly when they really don't. So yes celebrities really do influence peoples actions esp. my generation. In fact every teacher iv'e had says that we're the worst kids they've ever taught, wonder why -.- …

has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe their handlers make them do this stuff. i mean they go to photo shoots and take hundreds of pics. its not like it is up to them on which pics get published….

maybe the photographers just say "now put you hand over one eye… brilliant now that's art…."

but who knows i sure as hell don't… and unless you guys were watching them get photographed you probably do not know either…

but it still is sinister to see this crap all the time…

Oh not Emma Watson!!! I've always had the biggest crush on her 🙁

GPKISM… not to worry, seriously, they are NOT puppets or manipulated.

I would love it if VC made a Harry Potter article.

I am tired of seeing brain-washed children believing in witchcraft and such things. There are a lot of them. Thinking Harry Potter is real. My cousin is super obsessed with Harry Potter since she started reading it. She is so brain-washed I think that sometimes she is losing the touch with the reality.

"J-Pop is really into it"

HOLY CRAP…one of those girls…I swear…she looks like one of the girls who made Aimi Eguchi!

Is anyone of you able to link a page about specific esoteric meanings in Harry Potter, possibly describing them WITHOUT having a Catholic (or similar) point of view? ..I'm kind of tired of just finding "oh good Jesus forgive us sinners" beetween the lines, especially if they sound like Jo Ratzy's to me.

Outside of the controversy, these photos are pretty awesome especially the McQueen one.

I don't have twitter, and don't plan on creating one. Someone please fill me in on what on Earth has happened to him.

@SJ – You don't have to have twitter to see his recent post but here it is:

vigilantfeed The Vigilant Citizen

Sorry for the lack of updates…will be back with new material soon!!/vigilantfeed

Looks like he is just far behind and not "in prison" as several suggest.

i have a question,

teens at this age like ema watson realy know what are they doing or not?

Read VC's twitter and you'll see, fools!

Are you kidding me?? Now, honestly is this a joke? Are you sure he was arrested?! Maybe it is just a sick joke…HOPE SO! Please someone, send a link or something. 🙁 God! Not VC!!! But think about it. If the FBI caught him why didn't they close this site? And are they so stupid that they don't realize if they put him in jail that proves everything on this site IS TRUE? Idk…I'm really confused

VC is in custody. He was raided Saturday evening IRONICALLY charged with conspiracy and planned terrorism by the FBI & the local police. They said he was inciting violence against the state.

Other blogs that know him have been posting things.

This is not cool at all. I know I will be organizing protests & raising a defense fund to fight these ridiculous charges.

Could you link us, please? We'd like to read more about what happened.

I'm guessing they would have closed down his website immediately if that were the case.

Exactly. The website should have been the first to go -plus with all his research into this and the methods used, you think he wouldn't have foreseen that "raid" probability??

@Dannie and @freedom fighter please provide links or something as some means of "verification"

Jesus Christ, what was she on in that photo? That doesn't look like Heroin or Pot…what the f**k did she take?

news just in… controversial internet blogger Vigilant Citizen broken out of maximum security prison by pathological lunatic blogger freedomfighter…

VC is going yo love all this comments, and all the conspiricy theories- IF he comes back…

wth!!! are you guys serious? are there any articles on his arrest? & what's his real name anyway? dang!

Wow. Paranoia at it's finest.

I was waiting for the pics of the week… where's VC?

VC was arrested sat. 0730 by local & federal authorities. I don't know what the charges are but there is no bail set.

This is a set up and bs because you know it's because he's exposing these assholes.

We will make sure you are released VC.

How do you know/is there more information available if you're even telling the truth (i.e. where is he being held)?

Were is VC? No body deleting posts, no articles. Wtf?


I was worried they would get to VC eventually. expose the elite and they will kill you or send you to prison.

My prayers and thoughts go out to VC and thanks for sacrificing your freedom to bring us the truth.

Godspeed VC

I heard that too.

F**k the NWO. Free VC now!!!!

We should protest the prison & fight for his release!!

Really? This must be a silly joke.

God Bless you VC!!!

We are waiting for you with arms and eyes open!

I really hope this is just a rumor and he is vacationing!!! But if it is true (which just made me sick to my stomach) something/protest should be organized, no joke!!!! I really hope he is just getting a tan somewhere……..

I know someone that knows VC and he is in prison. The illuminati set him up on some false charges to keep him in prison.

Based on what I hear they set him up good and unfortunately we won't be hearing from him for a long time, if ever. Sucks.

VC ???

Don't worry about VC!

Hopefully he is enjoying vacation or writting an interesting full article about the 27 Club and Amy (please?).

I think we are in 2011 and not in 2010 🙂

Where in the world is VC? Today is Saturday and the weekly symbolic pics should have been up. Is he waiting till August 02? I hope he is coming back with some killer news.

I have not seen anything from vc in a week. I hope he is ok.

Its gruesome understanding what this world is becoming and how I do sometimes fall prey and just cant see the real message with my myopic eyes….I ENJOY VIGILIANT CITIZEN…….wow media, famous stars, government world leaders….right there in our homes, music you name it infiltrating our minds so sultry yet DEADLY….

VC where are you? Please reply back we are starting to get worried…

I hope you're still alive VC, I'm worried!

Don't worry, I'm sure he's fine. People just need a break sometimes. Or sometimes things just come up, you know? But yeah, I've been wondering where he is, too.

The Book of Isaiah has a message for all those HP fans:

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

God bless you!

Hey, I just discovered this site and am confused by this whole covering one eye thing. What's the big deal? If the masses don't know what it's supposed to mean how is it desensitizing them? What does it mean anyway? Thanks!

Please VC the date is 07/23/11….. thanks

If you want to condemn Harry Potter, you'll have to condemn most other children stories as well.

Wil Cinderella also go to hell? After all, she had help from a magical fairy.

What about Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk? He's a sinner for planting magical beans, right?

And Aladdin? Will he be punished for having a Genie friend and using a magic carpet?

Yes, Harry Potter incorporates magic, but so do many other children's tales. "Magic" has always been a staple in children's stories. Not everything has to be about religion or have a religious undertone. Perhaps J.K. Rowling, like a plethora of authors before, found the idea of fictional magic as a good subject of a story.

I mean in no way to offend, but merely to state my opinion.

Apparently you do not know many children's stories. Even the original fairy tales weren't as pro satan as Disney's movies… A couple of centuries ago ALL witches were portrayed as they truly are: ugly, satanic and evil. And I am not talking about physical appearance.

I do not get the double standard from society. Everyone is complaining about the downfall of the US, yet anyone says nothing about the Babylon media from the US. So the US complains about God's judgment yet stays shush about the satanism coming from within… Talk about hypocrisy.

Your previous arguments imply that ALL magic is condemned. Even "white" or "good" magic. In that case, it doesn't matter whether witches are portrayed as evil or good.

That's exactly my point !! No One is saying that magic is good ! The point is that it won't influence you just by watching a movie about magic. I'm sorry but I think you have to be pretty weak to be influenced by something you see in a movie. Just because I see witchcraft being done in a movie, doesn't mean that I will join the dark side or whatever. So yes, to me HP is JUST a movie. I watch it today and tomorrow I'll watch 'Romeo and Juliet'. @Paco: To comment on what you said earlier: No, I obviously don't think that drawing a baphomet-idol on a kidsbook is ok. It's just that i get the feeling that you believe that if you see something in a movie it will instantly influence you. And I don't agree with that. Hence, my 'CSI-remark'. The people that are obsessed… Read more »

Then maybe you should move on to another site… That's easy enough, right?

Well, no…it's not just a movie. I've never seen it but will add my 2 cents for what it's worth. There is an awful lot of occult symbolism in the media. If the powers of the occult are fake then no harm done. But if the powers of the occult are real and not of God, then yes we must acknowledge the harm all of this is doing. Let's stop kidding ourselves. Of course it would *seeeeeem* harmless on the surface–"Just entertainment." That is a no-brainer. The adversary comes as an angel of light, a wolf in sheep's clothing. But we are truly immune to recognizing this stuff becasue we allowed a slow indoctrination in the name of "entertainment". And that is the whole scheme behind the powers that be. To make it seem harmless. But i think the culmative effects can clearly be seen on society and our youth.… Read more »
Yes…it IS just a movie. If you view it as such and have a strong mind, will, and heart than you seem to allow. I wish people would open their eyes as well, and try to realize that projecting satan and demons into everything is not a very healthy mindset. Symbols are meaningless in and of themselves. Same with music, movies, books, etc. It's the POWER we as individuals give these symbols that make them actually mean anything. No power — no meaning. Get it? So now you can watch all the movies you want!! See how easy that is? And they don't have to mean anything you don't want them to mean. Like your own individuality, it's up to you what you want to ascribe to these movies, symbols, music, etc. So yes, by all means…WAKE UP. Maybe it's YOU that is deceived. Maybe it's YOU who can't let… Read more »

Thankfully, those of us who have read our Bibles know where all this is leading. God is in charge. He's allowing all this to go on while His word is spread, giving everyone the opportunity to repent and believe on Him. Time is running out though, He won't wait for ever.

I've grown up reading Harry Potter and watching all the movies and I must say I love it. Never had bad dreams, never influenced me to do anything wrong.

However, I'm becoming more and more aware of occult symbolism and it's hard to NOT notice it. Harry Potter has been HUGELY successful and when something like that happens it is usually connected with the Illuminati. The deathly hallows symbol is intriguing, is it really a coincidence?

I think it would be informative if you do an aritcle on Harry Potter, VC. I'm sure many would appreciate it.

i can bet VC is coming out with an article soon. I can hardly wait. Come on guys the illuminati is just being the illuminati theres no two ways about it.

Didn't expect that from Emma Watson.

I'm a 20-year ol Christian girl. I have never read Harry Potter, but I have seen every movie. My faith keeps me strong and it allows me to just watch it for the sake of entertainment. I love the different characters in it and the plot is pretty cool. And at the end of the day its just another movie for me. Case closed. I never had the urge to join a witches coven. I never had the urge to speak out spells out loud. I know for a fact that I have never spoken parseltongue in my sleep (I shared a room with my sister for a very long time). It never gave me bad dreams. It's just a story…. It has no power. If you think Harry Potter is evil and that it 'should go down', why just leave it at HP ? Why not go after EVERY… Read more »

Oh yeah, why not, I mean, if they portray it as ok it definitely makes it all good, right?…

If satan say he is a good guy he must be so, right?

That's not what I'm saying! I'm fully aware of the fact that there is no good & bad magic.

I'm not saying that witchcraft is ok.

My point is that it's just a movie !

It can only influence you if you allow it too.

If we should stop watching HP, we should stop watching CSI too.

All those crimes and murders might make us wanne kill somebody..



Then according to you there is no point in having VC doing all these articles and having hundreds of blogs and pages explaining the Illuminati sign, I mean if exposing the indoctrination is pointless then why even fight back?….

So also, according to you, it doesn't matter if they draw a baphomet devil in children's coloring books, because it is just a book right?

People talking about Harry Potter being Evil and Satanic have officially "Lost their Minds". I have been an avid Potter Fan for 10 years and never have I found myself becoming "evil" or anything of that sort. And yeah, also when I make incomprehensible noises in my sleep no one mistakes it for Parseltongue because… Guess what? It's not a real language! It's just hissing noises! And evil dreams being caused by HP? I don't even know what to say! True, the media in many ways portrays "Inappropriate" Stuff every now and then, but attacking Harry Potter is just Wrong!

By answering you honestly I'll probably get massively bashed, but hey, I hope that you see the other side. First of all let me say that I've seen the HP movies, I have a scarf and a jacket, and I am a very very very traditionalist Roman Catholic, I am ALL about Jesus Christ, the Eucharist, and our Blessed Mother. So now you may understand what I will try to explain to you. Take all the story out of HP, all the seductive fun characters, all the punch lines, all the cool outfits and the heartbreaking bits of the plot, that is leave it all to the very basics. The question is, what is Harry Potter all about? On the surface, Harry Potter is the story about a magician, whose parents were brutally murdered by an evil dark lord. This boy tries to survive, learn and finally fight back for… Read more »

Just for the record I am on my mid 20s, so anyone would believe I am an old guy trying to mess with your fun…

If "serpents, blood sacrifices, cruelty to humans, and all sorts of dark imagery are rubbed into your eyes at all times in HP" then you can say the same about THIS website. Yes, all the things you mention are there but they are done by Voldemort and co. The good guys fight AGAINST them! The magic taught in Hogwarts is NOT an easy solution to problems, Harry actually never turns against his opressive aunt and uncle and cousin with magic but he learns to fight for his beliefs. The magic in the Harry Potter books is just a cover, a way to make them more interesting for the young generation – what lies behind it is a strong message of love and mercy.

Dito! Couldn't agree more! Right to the dot!

Harry Potter doesn't learn that magic is the solution, if anything knowing about magic and his true identity as a wizard complicates his life even more. Harry Potter has a very definite world of Good vs. Evil even if infused with the occult and magic and no God, I don't personally find too much trouble with that.

Funny people are trying to criticize Harry Potter…

has anyone here read His Dark Materals?


This website portrays the satanism embedded in pop-culture, it is a very different thing to denounce than to indoctrinate. Black, white, gray, green, pink, and all forms of magic are condemned by the Bible, therefore if Harry existed in real life he would go to hell too. The problem with HP is not that good uses good magic and evil uses dark magic, the problem is that magic is portrayed as good in some cases, when it is bad, evil and satanic in all cases.


Thanks! Hope more people comment about it!


So by using your paradigm I could portray good rapes and bad rapes right? For as long as the good guys do the good raping it should all be ok, right?

when the planet nibiru returns with yahweh and his annunaki u jesus freaks are more than welcome 2 go be slaves and humble servants in the house of the the lord , while i burn like the phoenix 2 be reborn stronger and rise from the ashes

with the help of lucifer!

U should never need help

People Please listen, WE NEED A NEW WORLD ORDER! People are incapable of thinking on their own

Speak for yourself.

thanks 3, but it humbles me to know that at the end my side wins, I think it's safe to say that only 5-10% of people think like you do? case closed!

I encourage to all the readers of this great site to take a look to one forgoten visionary of this century. In my personal oppinion he is far beyond the arcane prophecies of Nostradamus, in one of his visions, he speaks about 9-11 and the loose of liberties in the USA. "The liberty of North America will loose his light, his torch won´t illuminate (in spanish "alumbrara) like yesterdays and the monument will be attacked twice". With this prophecy, Parravicini make two draws, in one you see the Statue of Liberty made of two rectangular blocks (like the twin skycrapers), clear reference to the 11-S (Tisha B'Av) attacks. Some people says that in the first sentence, when he is speaking of liberty he is not refering to the monument, but indeed to the liberty of rights in USA, that their citizens loose with the patriot act. But he makes another… Read more »

Another interesting prophecy.

"The electric music will be in conjunction with the black's music. Both will devastate the world and with them the worl will march as a slave towards the final Chaos"

Go to —its illuminati spelled backwards and see where it redirects you 🙂

ewww CREEPY!


easily done. Simply register the URL and redirect it. Anyone can do it, someone like John Fenley fo instance


John Fenley

1985N 360E

Provo, Utah 84604-1803

United States

Registered through:, Inc. (

Created on: 20-Nov-02

Expires on: 20-Nov-12

Last Updated on: 22-Nov-10

Administrative Contact:

Fenley, John

1985N 360E

Provo, Utah 84604-1803

United States


Technical Contact:

Fenley, John

1985N 360E

Provo, Utah 84604-1803

United States


The owner of “” turns out to be John Fenley of Provo, Utah, a robot enthusiast and inventor. But lest you think that settles the matter, Anonymous Coward notes that spelling words backwards is a:

A basic Illuminati technique – a left/right mirror image. Remember George Dubya holding the book upside down on the morning of 9-11? Yup – another up/down mirror image. Oh, and btw, the name of that book was “My Pet Goat”. Goat – get it? Bapho’s nic..