Symbolic Pics of the Week (07/23/11)


Harry Potter star Emma Watson loves hiding one eye.
You’re not that different, girl.

Popular Japanese goth group GPKISM
J-Pop is really into it
Mickey. Again…
…and again…coupled with a checkerboard pattern.
Another MK-Ultra-themed Alexander McQueen Pic
Jared Leto
This pretty much sums up the entertainment biz.

Thanks to those who took the time to send me pics!

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346 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Week (07/23/11)"

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Denise, are you SERIOUS? Have mercy on us Lord. What is so good about harry potter that people want to bend over to make excuses for it…these are kids being taught WITCHCRAFT…and since HP opened in theaters we now have twilight and countless books, shows, movies based on vampires, witches, wizards, mystical creatures targeted at CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS. Do you think it's just a coincidence? Just because it's glamorized and has interesting characters means nothing. Satan can transform himself into an "angel of light" yet he is still Lucifer. Let me share something. I made the mistake of listening to the audio book of harry potter and fell asleep while it was playing, I wish I was lying but that night I had a dream that I had never ever had before. I dreamt that I was watching a satanic coven with black robes with hoods praying around a pentagram… Read more »

Wow you are crazy pants!

Well what can I say.

They lie, we lie to ourselves, people lie and the truth becomes a needle and the internet a haystack.