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Symbolic Pics of the Week (07/17/11)



Cover of Selena Gomez’s album.

Album cover of Lisa Miskovsky’s Violent Sky

Pianist Lang Lang? Why not.

Bollywood is back in the symbolic pics. Here’s Aishwarya Rai Bachan.

Bollywood stars posing on Masonic Checkerboard floor. One could argue that the pattern of the floor is purely aesthetic but another detail confirms the Masonic influence of the pic: the guy’s hand inside his vest known in Masony as the “Sign of the Master of the Second Veil”.

Image from Duncan’s Masonic Ritual Monitor. (Read the full VC article on this hand sign in history The Hidden Hand that Shaped History)

Bollywood movie poster

One Eye and Mickey Mouse ears in Danish magazine.

Never thought I’d feature a naked one-eyed Hellen Mirren on this site…but there we are.

That’s real original Anne Hathaway. Real original. You’re a genius.



Thank you for keeping BOTH your eyes open and sending in these pics!


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