Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/30/11)

Uma Thurman in Monarch Programming-themed pic. The butterfly is right on the area of the cerebral cortex (memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness). Her lack of limbs represent her powerlessness.

Uma Thurman in Monarch Programming-themed pic. The butterfly is right on the area of the cerebral cortex (memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness). Her lack of limbs represent her powerlessness and her blank stare tells the rest of the story.
Frances Bean Cobain in a mind control-themed image with masks representing alter personas.
This 2007 photoshoot by photographer Terry Richardson (whose works with Lady Gaga and others were often featured on this site) reveals is knowledge of occult symbolism and ritual.
The inverted pentagram on the model’s forehead bears the same colors as the logo of the Order of the Eastern Star (regarded as the “female version of Freemasonry”).
Logo of the Order of the Eastern Star
Inverted pentagram inside a circle on a black background, similar to the insgnia of the Anton Lavey’s Church of Satan.
The french clothing company Jours Après Lunes caused quite a stir when it released its “loungerie for kids” line along with pictures of young girls in “sexy” outfits. Notice on this image the butterfly.

Girl, put down that makeup, put something on that bikini top and go play in your sandbox or something.
Scarlett Johansson on a magazine cover from 2008. According to some occult circles, holding the horns of Baphomet is a source of power.
Created by the founders of Pirate Bay, the infamous illegal downloads site, Bay Files is apparently the “legal” version of it. Notice the pyramid with capstone design of the website. An arrow in the capstone points down towards the base – does it represent the elite’s media being sent down to the masses?
That’s right.

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hi guys! i got a butterfly tattoo recently because i thought it was pretty. please tell me its not an illuminati symbol or i might cry and scratch it off! blimey!!!! :'(

hey savannah
ummm yeah a butterfly in and of itself is not a problem – don't sweat it.
it's all about symbols in context wherein meaning is derived, which is the premise of what VC writes as it relates to the illuminati.
the illuminati have not taken over butterflies as their own symbol so nobody can use that symbol or they're an illuminati slave – not like that at all.
enjoy your butterfly. 🙂

savannah · 158 weeks ago
hi guys! i got a butterfly tattoo recently because i thought it was pretty. please tell me its not an illuminati symbol or i might cry and scratch it off! blimey!!!! :'(

I appreciate, lead to I found exactly what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

hmm…i mean…im not yet sure about this occult stuff although i have been reading a lot of articles especially here…VC, how do you know all this stuff???im just really curious and a little bit skeptical…i hope you would explain things to me a little further 'coz im just plain confused.

one word – wow! Not the amazed "wow" but the shocked one!

I was thinking about Kurt Cobains mysterious death and how perhaps he was Courtneys sacrifice so she could stay in the biz. even though she has f'd up a lot.I remember watching her "Behind the music" episode and when they got to the part where courtney was "grieving" with her friends around her she said "Something good can come out of Kurts death,I don't know what it is yet but something good can."Go to 5:17

Clearly, there was not enough outrage directed at the " high fashion" aka child p**n pictures. As a mother of a child r*pe victim, my outrage is not enough. This blatant commercialization of "child p**n" should be met with the same hostility, disdain, and harassment that has been directed at parents for years in regards to our children. Where's CPS in this? The police? Child advocacy groups? Human rights group? How 'bout it. Our media is saturated with legal " child p**n". It makes me sick. Forget the UN, they absolutely advocate this. Parents, people in general need to take a serious stance on these issues. Don't think for one minute that some p*******e doesn't have these pics on his wall. Get educated, take control , stop sending our children to public schools,stop letting the TV and video games babysit your young ones. Flood these editors of this smut with… Read more »

In the Jours Après Lunes ad, the little girl with the pink panties that has a little bow, has a little upside down star tattoo on her back O.O
there is so much more one with baphamet hands and she is nude once again, the othe is the one eye. i hope the best for frances too!

Second pic didn't come through, but that first one is disturbing!!! Kurt as the sacrificed Jesus with the Holy Bible fallen on the floor…..then the kid blocks saying "heaven to hell"……makes me wonder if she is admitting he was a sacrifice? Weird. Poor bean!

COURTNEY LOVE HAS A FEW SYMBOLIC PIX I CAN POST THE IF U LIKE. like it took me a while to knotice she sold her soul too like in her songs she talks about havnig no soul and wanting it back.

Awesome pic of Mubarak, left eye on flames!

90's rapper Foxy Brown talking about how the media attacks your image and she talks about Amy Winehouse and her own struggles, also notice the butterfly in the bottom corner… I pray for this lady and hope she finds peace and solid ground in Christ Jesus, because she's obviously broken… it's ironic that the headline is what it is, since she was just talking about how the media defamates and criminalizes your image.SMH, and she's not on drugs, she's just reeling from the torturous entertainment industry…:

The star on the little girl's back is TRULY scary. I pray to God that a miracle comes over ALL these people.! I fear for these people, I really do.
Stop the vid at 0:27 sec…you'll see a maltese cross,just underneath you'll see the Nazi Eagal and above to the right you'll see what looks like another maltese cross connected to a chain..but viewing the whole outfit you'll see the Nazi Eagal sitting right above what is shape to be a pyramid,no?or is that just a coinkidink?At 3:24 you'll see dude have a transhumanism breakdown and what's with the whole black VS. red bit?

Thought kelly was one of the good ones,damn Kelly not you too!

@27 the emblem is an eagle on top of a shield which is seen a lot in American symbolism. It could be Harley Davidson. (: I think if it were a Nazi eagle it would be holding a swastika.

What is absolutely amazing is that people are realizing this now! This information has been already prophesized, revealed, taught for the past 14 centuries!!! My intent is not to start a relious debate, or any debate for that matter. However, think and do ponder over this: 13. [Allah] said, "Descend from Paradise, for it is not for you to be arrogant therein. So get out; indeed, you are of the debased. 14. [Satan] said, "Reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected." 15. [Allah] said, "Indeed, you are of those reprieved." 16. [Satan] said, "Because You have put me in error, I will surely sit in wait for them on Your straight path. 17. Then I will come to them from before them and from behind them and on their right and on their left, and You will not find most of them grateful [to You]." [The Quran: Chapter 7(The… Read more »

"Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes."

Profound. If I were ever to get a tattoo, that would be it.

You must be pretty stupid to think that p********a & homosexuality are on the same level… Homosexuality is when two consenting adult perform sexual acts on/with each other, even though they're the same gender. P********a is when an adult takes an innocent child and forces, pressures, blackmails or talks the child into performing sexual acts or having them practiced on them against their will and/or without understanding it fully. I think there is a distinct difference between two adults doing things they like together, and raping a child. In the Old Testament (where it's stated that homosexuality is an abomination) it ALSO states that women are not permitted to wear costly things such as jewelery, it also says you musn't eat pork, musn't work on the sabbath day, the list goes on and on. It ALSO says that every sin is as bad as another. Yes, bacon-eater, you are as… Read more »

Part of the butterfly brigade with the red shoes, too?

Madonna's metamorphosis this week:

Oops. You beat me to it, although your pics are from a different source. Did you see this part of that article:

The singer-turned-director is apparently a fan of innovative beauty treatments including human placenta facials.

Disturbing abuse-themed photoshoot with girl (the one that plays brittany/britney) from glee:

There is no reason for lingerie for kiddies. Who do they have to impress? And I noticed that this isn't the first time France tolerated p********a (can anybody say Thylane Lena-Rose Loubry-Blondeau?). Disgusting.

maybe other little boys? why does it have to be immediately pedophilliac? kids have played house and fooled around since……..well ever! You ever see a young child completely free? of course they play with themselves! Every amazing young child ive ever seen is completely liberated and VERY sexual. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Kids always emulate adults as well. But nooooooooooooooooo Kids have sexuality? Well thats just plain wrong and evil and sinful and youll go to hell if you enjoy the natural pleasures of your body. No wonder Organized Religion is dyin' out, its bloody masochistic sex negative views that completely turn off children/adolecents from these terrible ideologies. Now if we can only get appropriate Education on the matter, hell just better education in general…..We can actually start moving forward in the this world instead of staring at our feet, hopin to be spared from some non discript… Read more »

The 1 pic with the model and the pentagram kinda looks the scene from Metropolis with the whole metal gold robot suit she has on and the inverted star of david behind her.

Anyone seen this video? It's strangely "the girl in pink with Rebecca Black.." but there's a load of butterfly symbolism towards the end. I find this disturbing…

Butterflies (when not being used in a Monarch'd way) represent freedom. Since self-esteem and freedom is what the song seems to be about, they probably thought it would be a nice touch.

You can CLEARLY see from this that it is these CLOTHING COMPANIES, who are themselves OCCULTISTS and SATAN worshipers that are REALLY pushing this whole thing for little girls. They want to HYPER SEXUALIZE the kids, especially little girls to turn them into w****s and hookers from a young age, as soon as possible. In ancient Rome, there was one month out of the year where all the courts were closed and virtually any crime was allowed and not prosecuted, this included p********a, child molestation and r**e. It was a culture where children were encouraged to have open sex with adults from a very young age. This was all part of the later religious practices of ancient Rome as their moral degradation led to their eventual downfall, just as it will here in the United States too. This is why these clothing companies are making thong underwear for 3 year… Read more »

Good information!!! As someone who grew up with, and personally knows the girls who started the soft high heels for babies, I can tell you the company went belly up and ceased production. Thank God……it was sick. The love of money and all……exhibit A. They are no longer friends.

This seems to be a reliable argumentation.


You will all rejoice after reading this

Bon Iver calls VMA's out on EVERYTHING!***s-on-mtv

sorry meant to say *MTV instead of VMA's!