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Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)



Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)
Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

Meegan Fox sporting Mickey Mouse ears

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

In this shot, we can see her Marilyn Monroe tattoo, the original MK Sex-Kitten.

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

Hilary Rhoda with Mickey Mouse hat and the illusion that she has no arms, which represents the powerlessness of MK slaves.

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

Madonna’s “close friend” Jesus Luz in a photoshoot featuring devil horns, chains and, of course, Mickey Mouse hat.

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

Boy oh boy.

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

Illuminati photoshoot from 2009 edition of D-Mag (before VC was online).

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

Creepy Jessica Alba shoot with doll representing an alternate persona.

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

K-Pop singer Boa single cover

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

David Guetta single cover

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

Taylor Swift


Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

A shot the children’s movie Speed Racer representing a “city of the future”. Movies are great ways to condition the youth to a specific version of the future.

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Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/20/11)

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No rest for the wicked!!all of show business is owned by

Walt disney..but we all on here know this my child will never do this for a I catch s--t for not letting my kids watch that souless junk (disney channel).but my family can suck it I'm wide awake that's all that matters!!


Daily News has an article about Megan Fox removing her Monroe tattoo.

They quote Fox as saying: "I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life."

Bravo, Ms. Fox!

honey b

Recently George Michael's "Too Funky" video from 1992 got played on one of the music channels. I was shocked. Turns out this kind of sh*t has been around for quite a while. Also turns out Beyonce et al are doing nothing new or original. Its just a constant repetition and regurgitation of the same old cr*p.

Max Gianni

Vigilant if you do read this…. I saw Ke$ha last night at the Patriot Center in Fairfax and it was creepy. I've seen Ke$ha three times before and this time she sounded as if she had switched complete personalitites and her voice sounded very childish…and when she would go back stage between songs my friend Juan who's a dancer for her said they took her and a room and she was screaming and she came out sounding even MORE childlike…. Please look into this…because you look at any live video of Kesha and her voice is trashy and off key. But she was on key and sounded like a little 5 yearold girl last night. And she kept falling down A LOT and saying GET F----N DIZZURPKUH??? That's not even English!?! Look into Ke$ha!


The Jessica Alba shoot, shows 3 different heads like 3 different personalities. I feel sorry for her.


good eye or should i say eyes.


Did anyone else say "Wtf" while looking at these pics?


Your photo of the evil eye in the palm of the model – I recall a movie called 'The Bible' with Charlton Heston (i think) – there was a seen depicting Sodom and Gomorrah with people running around with this symbol, evil eye in the palm of the hand (the movie was made in about 1967). Can't understand these people – they are destined to be defeated.


The future city also has the New York twin towers with an eye on the left tower


Everytime I see Taylor Swift I think about her “initiation” at the 2009 VMA’s.


i think people on screens are manipulated by producer and “creatives´´at the industries of music , film or tv.

What is the possibility all cellebrities out there have knowledge what they doing?

new believer

I really didn't believe in any of the Illuminati crap. Then I started to have my doubts about what I really thought, I felt the need to check the website often. And I saw these pictures yesterday. The 2009 photoshoot really did it for me, like, hardcore.

I still don't believe in the "Illuminati" per se, but I do believe there's some really wicked and evil people working in the industry.

I feel like God has opened the doors of truth for me.


please people yes these symbols exist. But dont let them put fear into you. Fear is an element of the devil and he is happy when he sees these symbols brings you fear. Rather i advice you all to pray for our fellow brothers and sisters whom the devil has stollen that God should rescue them. Further more when You see a symbol bless God for showing you the truth rather than being scared. God bless you all. Amen

Artemis Grey

My thoughts:

Firstly, as much as I have my suspicions of Taylor Swift, I do not believe that this particular photo is convincing enough evidence. However, I must say that the rest of the photos are especially creepy this week.

Secondly, I have watched the film Speed Racer many times, and I never caught that! These are the same directors as the Matrix and the producers of V For Vendetta, so I'm kinda surprised about that. I still like the message of the movie though. It's kind of a metaphor of what's going on right now. But maybe I'm looking to much into things?

To all, a good morning!


If only I could have said it better…

The New World Order/One World Government has apparently been in prophecy/prediction since the dawn of the written word.

Why in the world are we, as a global society, even discussing the events leading up to the NWO/OWG as if we had a choice in the matter?

It's not like we haven't seen it coming. Media personalities like Alex Jones make it personal, but even according to Biblical prophecies (though I am an atheist), the NWO is going to happen. Why is there so much fight against something that, in the end, will prevail?

I'm just saying that I don't understand such passion and fight against the inevitable. As if the Orwellian NWO agenda was a surprise?! It's been out there since the dawn of the written word. We can piss and moan all we want but what difference will it make?

We can see and have seen the future. Will we change it or can I go ahead and predict it?

Please, prove me wrong. Invalidate my predictions. I am begging you do so.

Sarah Connor

I agree with you Aaron, it is going to happen. I think the bigger issue, is when. It is human nature to resist oppression and I think as more people awaken to the state of affairs we now find ourselves….it is kinda of like "not on our watch, we want more time!". I want more time. Also why I believe the timeline was never set. I know that you are an aethiest, but I believe God wants more time, for more people to turn to Him. And hey, Thomas Jefferson said it best, "Resistance to tyrannts is obedience to God."

I will do whatever is in my capability to resist, to buy more time. I still have family and friends that need to wake up.


What is with all the mickey mouse ears all the time? It looks silly.

Dont these celebs and models want to know why they are told to wear the mickey ears, cover one eye, do this, do that? Surely they have a logial mind? I truley do not believe that they are all 'mind controlled' i just dont belive that. I think they know what they are doing but do it because of their greed for fame and money.


Is there a "mainstream" explanation for all the models and photoshoots covering 1 eye? Has any non-conspiracy theorist ever asked this question to a photographer/model and gotten an answer?


The last picture portraying the future city is really creepy. It's a shame that parents ain't really critical with the movies they take their children to. But I also understand them. People are really well programmed. We can't deny it's something that started decades ago, so when it comes to tell the people the many symbols and demonic ideas behind it they can help but thinking you're crazy. Before VC I was really blind. Now I'm more critical with all I attempt to consume. Don't forget our body is a temple.


OMG, the use of all this creepy symbolism really is relentless. Its gone beyond being just a fashion trend. The models/actors/singers are, very sadly, merely dehumanized props, as the image purpose is to get a response from the viewer. So it is all the children, youth, and immature or ill-informed adults who are the intended recipients of the message. May God bless VC and all who are waking up and those who need to be.


Sometimes I feel bad …like a lazy parent that I don't take my kids to see the latest cartoon or watch nick jr and things like that. But I'm now glad that I don't because of all the symbolism that seems to find its way into everything …including children's. Programming. Even PBS is starting to become a bit suspect. I'm so worried about the future of my children…. *sighs*


speedracing children's lives into hidden hands.

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