Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/13/11)

Rising star Zoe Salnada is flaunting it alright

Anthony Keidis, the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a one-eyed transhuman robot. 
2PM (yet another K-Pop group in the pics of the week) being as blatant as can be
2PM again in a disturbing Illuminati tribute. Does it bring back a bad memory?
Iraqi detainee that was tortured by American soldiers in Abu Ghraib prison (2003)
Anna Kendrick from Twilight
Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusa
Jelena and Baphomet head: get a room.
Katy Perry.
Programmed to be a sex kitten. Look at the eye.
Popular french singer Yelle: sex kitten.
Jessie J
Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain. I sincerely hope she is not being introduced to this.
Advertisement for a Mozart tribute concert – who was a prominent Freemason. The stage is reminiscent of this Masonic image depicting Masonic degrees.

Can’t really add anything to this one.

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208 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/13/11)"

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Uhm, just for the sake of posting once more! 😛 I think we shouldnt hate these people. Buddha would say that we should actually feel sorry for them, as they are so deceived that its very difficult to get "back on track in this life" They want you to feel miserable, telling you that they have got the power because they are rich and famous; well you should consider yourself fortunate! You arent a slave to the Illuminati, moreover do you think that these slaves ever get the chance to study about what life is really about? When such people get a grasp of the true life, they immediately recurr to drugs or alcohol in the hope of falling asleep into the samsara dream once again.

heyy hello i'm from romania and i've noticed that even the romanian "artists" (aka singing boobs ) have gone mad….i've stopped asking myself if they do really know what they're into. (antonia,the girl from the last picture is romanian and honestly i hate her song"marionette" bleah)

Funny thing about East Europe stars is that they think this is a new trend.And they act like "grrrr be scared I`m illuminati" 🙂 Its obvious that Monarch project was highly distribuited on West Europe and America.But spending so much money on East Europe where thy (us) can be programed for nothing,is problem even for them 🙂 So,let me asure you.Im from East Europe and I really know that our "starts" do they pics without even knowing what are they doing.Its trendy.Wich is more dangerous than MK itself.We need Vigilantcitizen in this part of the world,belive me!

yes you're right but from my point of view i think helping these artists is worthless because they are they are stuck into that level of ignorance. of course this brings them money

Last night i watched a b-movie called "hardwired", it had a lot of illuminati symbolism, wich i learned to recognize thanks to you VC.


Take solace in the fact that this generation are actually opening their eyes to all this. I am 18 and most people I know have been on this website or one like it and are becoming more aware. Yesterday my 15 year old brother suddenly started asking me questions about the Illuminati and it made me feel a lot better.

All of the celebrities in these pictures look completely clueless.

They just do what they're told. Artists, they are not. There is no such thing as real artistry.

Someone tells you to cover your eyeball and so that's what you do. Period, point blank.

I am a big nirvana fan and hate to say this but Kurt took a pic doing the one eye several times es and the bassist Krist has one where he covers his eye as well… Very strange BC as a kid I always thought it was strange but couldn’t figure it out BC there was no internet like there is today

The one of Anthony Keidis makes me sad. I love Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea is really cool. but sometimes I do wonder about that band and who directs some of their videos.

I'm starting to wonder is it more than just "greed" on these ppl…..I wonder if the illuminati are threatening these ppl & their families. It seems like a lot of big timers have had close ppl "suddenly die" or they themselves suddenly die. Look at what they did to MJ and Katt Williams. Its sad. We need to pray and fassst!

Hi VC!! Thanks sooo much for using the photo I sent in. I apologize for being a tad late… Been so busy with college. I will definitely send in more… Thanks again! 🙂

Yall heard heard about Megan Fox removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo? I found it very interesting why she's doing it. She said her character is bad and she had multiple personalities with being bipolar. She didn't want that negative energy. To say Im shocked is an understatement. Wow! Its on

I think Kurt Cobain's daughter & The last one COULD be coincidences…

Just coz theres some kitten leather in the background or a movie thats called Marionette has a human Marionette as the picture doesnt mean anything.

I have leopard cushions that look like that pattern on the girl's picture, Ive taken pictures of things there, It looks good.

And the movie, Its about a marionatte, Ofcourse theyre gonna make a picture like that!

Not saying theyre not Illuminati, But yeah… There's nothing wrong with those 2 in my opinion, They could (& Would) be used the same way if the Illuminati didnt exist.

"Antonia" is a Romanian artiste…"Marionette" is her latest work.

Ashley Greene wearing a strange shirt…

How about this pic of Princess Beatrice with dissociative stare?

Have you posted the picture of Chris Brown Holding his head covering one eye, He used it as his twitcon for awhile. I think he did that pose one purpose.

The one about Mozart sorta ruined (some of) my childhood, as I study his music. lol.

Here is some pics from a french show "Secret Story", like "big brothers":

One of the actors was a free mason, hard to find his secret….

I really wonder if they are actually aware of what the symbolism they portray means. If they have people directing them in these fashion/film shoots etc. Maybe that's what they're told to just pose this way or that. And it's the people behind the scenes who are really the evil ones. I also wonder how much of it is mind control and how much is choice and if they're mind controlled I feel so sorry for them. I can see with some of them they are very superficial and all their interview are so controlled..I don't see the real person there at all. Like Brittany and Beyonc'e and Rhianna. All have this fake energy about them. And poor Brittany. She seems like she really has been crushed down and forced to submit.

Ever seen "Tetsuo, the Iron Man?"

These folks look and feel like a Romper Room performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, compared to "Tetsuo, the Iron Man!!!" Triple exclamation point!!!

THE most incredible display of brute metal is flesh, incarnations of all time!

They're using Frances now? Okay, that's just wrong. She's still practically a kid.

I am almost certain her father was doing the same thing… Do you have the in utero CD? Look at the pic with Kurt and his red hair with the one eye and then rolling stone 93 shoot of Krist covering one eye

Even Phineas & Ferb (Across the 2nd Dimension) love the Baphomet head. I have nieces and it is extremely sickening to see that they are being introduced to this foolishness. This is really getting out of hand…

Been a fan of this site for a long time! Awesome post!

P.S. Try looking up 2NE1's I'm The Best. So creepy. Pyramids and symbolisms everywhere!

There's even a girl that has her hair like Baphomet's horns! Gave me the chills. :/

All these things about the Illuminati makes my young pathetic mind depressed 🙁 I want to be more aware about these things so I wouldn't be vulnerable and easily controlled and stuff while I am still very young….but It's just really sad and I feel like there's no escape from it 'cause this whole Illuminati/ sex kitten things are ubiquitous. And even if we do have this knowledge about the Illuminati, we really can't do much about it since they already control everything from the very food we eat, music, television, fashion….everything!. What makes the job of educating other people harder is when they don't listen and they don't care.Whenever I try to tell them about these mind-control stuff they're getting from the music they listen to and the movies they watch , they would just ask me this questions obtrusively 'How am I being mind-controlled? huh?' and 'So what… Read more »
To 12 y/o — Do not fret. You cannot force people out of their ignorance if they are not ready to learn… all you can do is plant seeds in their mind. Also, pls bear in mind that the very word "Illuminati" instantly conjures up thoughts of crazy conspiracy theories, etc. and makes any argument seem less credible. It's like using the word "Boogie Man" or "Loch Ness Monster" or "Chupacabra." Nobody knows for SURE whether such a group by that NAME exists…. What IS a fact, however, is that there is a small group of rich and powerful elites, and they are the FEW that control the MANY. Is this group of ELITES good, bad, moral, amoral, indifferent, evil? Maybe there are a few good men/women amongst them. Maybe not. It is up to the INDIVIDUAL to decide who they will answer to and who they will serve. Lastly,… Read more »

you are very intelligent! And God will bless you for what you are trying to do. You can lead them to water but cant make them drink. Just pray for them. I have the same problem with 30year old adults. they don't care. Its hard but God will reward us for trying! keep praying! God has the real control!

Katy, Jessie and Jelena Karleusa is … WOOOOOOOOWWWW … Mmmmmm … ^_^

how so!? I want to understand this correlation.

So, does anyone have a battle plan to counter the Elite? Week after week all I hear is "I can't believe these artists" and "We have to inform everyone" yet I see no concrete plan. Without a concrete plan, this website and others like it is just wasting time and making everyone paranoid. Why worry about something you either A, don't want to act on or B, can't do anything about? Just simply "getting the word out" is not going to have any drastic effect on the Elite who we're all supposedly against.

The devil uses these people to encourage their fans to commit sins, especially sexual sins. That is a sure path to hell, and he wants us all there with him.

He encourages sexual sins in every disordered way which is the opposite of its proper use within wedlock. Wide is the path to hell.

Of course, the Illuminati, etc, think that they will win (hence the blatant one-eye symbolism) but their 'master' lied to them (he does that). God has other plans. The next 4-5 months, perhaps; just keep an 'eye' out for strange events. 🙂

Obvious effects of semenancy if you look at their faces.

VC just blows my away. At first glance this whole site may seem like popycock, but it's over and over, in your face symbolism. How can it be denied? It would now take you a month to go over all the material amassed. Do we smell a book in the works? Like a huge coffee-table book with large full color pictures? That's something I'd LOVE to buy! I guess the copyright issue would be a disaster to work out though. Still…

Soo that's why the Red Hot songs are so encrypted!! But I still like them. My love for God is so strong that I don't get affected for what they say or do! I feel protected and safe. That's my way to survive in this world!! Don't lose your faith and hope!

God bless you all 😉 ♥.

This is not so surprising any more. unfortunately most the world is still asleep and living in what I call ignorant bliss of what is being forced fed to them through music, films, advertisement and just everyday general living etc, until the people of this world wake up and realise and start to question the bullshit that is happening around them this crap will continue. Its great that VC is able to showcase the elites gender but it is not just down to ONE person it is down to ALL of us. God bless us all.

My friends (even myself) used to cover one eye and stuff because the so called 'artists' did and we thought it was 'cool'. Until I found this website that is. I was horrified. I tried and tell the others about it… no one believed me… then gave them the links to show that every popular artist is doing the 'one eye' symbol and trash.

This is just disgusting. Lesson learned: never see an artist as your idol. Just listen and ignore.

OMG i saw the Red hot chilli peppers just last week i even took a pic of it

they prefer to be criticized negatively, have lots of money and being famous than simply being humble artists, healthy, normal and know what is good and what is bad. This is so sad and disgusting, 'cause they know what they're doing EVEN with these all illuminati rumors?? For God's sake they're artists! then what makes 'em become so stupid?? Course and again: Money and Fame, this is stupid live in color, 'cause they don't EVEN care that their attitude is used to distract layer global youth from the truth and salvation and, this is GOD…


You know, I like the peppers too (at least, the older albums with Frusciante) and, you know what? I STILL DO!. And while I think RHCP have made some descent tunes, I absolutely love Mozart's music and the knowledge that he was a mason (something which I knew for a long time now) doesn't make his musical creations any less good. So stop idolizing those people and just listen to their work, for God's sake, you all sound like a bunch of fifteen year old fan girls.

nice article n cool comments, Hey VC, if you got time please do an article on Dr Dre, from the little research i did on him, i got fraked out, especially the video for puppet master with soul assassins(how appropriate), in there is an incredible amount of symbols but the one that struck was when pan/baphoment/B real laid out the terms of the deal with Dre, that struck a serious nerve with me.

He also has those Beatz earphones where the b looks like a 6. On the commercial you can clearly see 666 strategically placed

I saw that too and wondered if anyone else did. Superbowl 2011.

Jessie J really disguised me, feels like wanna puke when i see the feline print skin. These people really go crazy to become famous..

I know but the speed of the transformation is what gets me. Literally, a few months before her first single 'Do it Like a dude' came out she would post frequent videos in her living room/bedroom on youtube either singing accapella or talking to camera. Just a regular sweet and naturally attractive girl in t shirt and jeans with her hair scrapped back. Then fast forward just a few months, Do it like a dude video premiers, with overt trashy sexual image, complete with 'edgy' dark video, weird twitchy dancing/body movements. Gaga has a lot to answer for. Lol. Seriously, it was so odd that they changed her up so quickly. Thus cancelling out the reasons why people dug her in the first place.

Thats what I was confused about also.

I recently saw a make up ad for Illamasqua, 'makeup for your alter ego' it read, with an Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot. Hmm… I wonder what that symbolises… (sarcasm)

Check this out, this is a heavy metal band with Christian members. I really don't know what agenda they're pushing with this…shock value?

Mein Gott i can't belive that 2PM is also included T_T

anyone notice a large large large portion of these are almost always female, almost always doing something sexual?

Know all religions and faiths are a farce, is disrupting of our inner being,

The only creator is: AL that will be.

Because we are Stardust from the first moment of creation of this Universe.

We are the gods and goddess of this universe.

Light in Love.

Hot Burmees on the road.(K)

Just gonna go ahead and say that I personally know the band Yelle and Julie is in no way a puppet. Sometimes a picture is just a picture.

more blatant k-pop symbolism. It's like a game, 'see if you can count the checkerboards'

When will they ever stop doin that one-eyeball mess?!? It's getting sooo old. Same s**t – different day. Don't they have some other creative ways of expressing how much they hate the human race? Oh, I forgot – they don't.

"Jelena and Baphomet head: get a room" hahaha

I grew up like everybody else. I loved music and have been huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan for almost 20 years. I loved it so much because back in the day I thought the stuff they had was original. In my early 20s I even got RHCP tattoos because I thought nothing could ever dampen my enthousiams toward their music. In recent years, I opened my eyes to the symbolism that is anything but "original" in mainstream music. I feel a bit stupid about my tattoos now because I feel like I branded myself with something that isn't genuine. In a strange way I feel duped by the mainstream music industry. When we are young, we think we are embracing art created by people we think of as "cool" who are making it big because they are somehow "original". You grow up and then realize that it's just another… Read more »

Damn I can't wait to go to Zion…