Symbolic Pics of the Month (11/11)

Fashion photoshoot by Terry Richardson featuring a symbol most of us know by now.

The “Pics of the Week” series ended last month but that does not mean that pictures with Illuminati symbolism stopped being released. NOPE. The agenda is still being pushed, notably in the fashion and music industry, so here’s a new series keeping an eye on pop culture: Pics of the Month.

Fashion photoshoot by Jayne Lies featuring a symbol most of us know by now.
A slab of raw meat on an eye of Mischa Barton. Another disturbing shoot by Tyler Shields.
I don’t think her doctor would recommend doing that.
Alexander Skarsgard showing who’s the boss of him.
Yes, that was the guy that was in Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” video.
Speaking of which, here’s Gaga entering at Jonathan Ross with a one-eye thing-a-ma-jig (felt like using that word) and a ram.
Pic of Lady Gaga representing three alter personas…
…which is kind of reminiscent of Kim Noble’s painting “I’m Just Another Personality” (as seen in The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist With 13 Alter Personas)
Nicki Minaj on the cover of W. With a focus on one eye, of course.
Natalia Kills: Straight Illuminati.
A Noami Campbell photoshoot torturing some guy tattooed with Christian imagery and other symbols.
The lack of expression on her face is rather unsettling.
Singer Kerli has lots of mind control symbolism in her works. In this pictures, she is “wind up” and holds a one-eyed stuffed animal.
Katt Graham with Sex Kitten symbolism.
Rihanna’s performances are full of Illuminati agenda. Here she is chained up and felt up by some dudes, representing mind control.
Gotta make military police state imagery sexy too.
This UNIF shirt has it all


Memorial for the Battle of Britain in Brussels. I wonder who they fought for.
Turn your kids into scannable objects. For their safety, of course.

Share symbolic pics by uploading them somewhere and sending me the link here. More next month!



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Deadly Rose

So there targeting us youth huh? Haha, they dont know who there messin with.


Its weird when I look at this images in the magazines, it's quite unusual but not distinctly disturbing, instead I find it cool. But seeing this images group with others, I begun asking why that eye-hand gesture?, I mean majority almost in any country celebrity are doing that hand pose.

During my teeny days I, ignorantly tattooed temporarily an Egyptian eye without knowing its symbolism. It's good that this kind of articles can awaken and give awareness to people like me.


As I K-POP lover, it hurts me to see all the symbolism. Super Junior's Donghae wore that shirt before. I know he's innocent, but it's clear he's a puppet and the rest of k-pop is.

Melissa H.

I find Rihanna's military state photo quite interesting. I was reading some magazine at a doctor's office a while back (either people or some magazine that keeps up with celebraties), and it had something about rihanna and the military. After seeing this pic I decided to look it up. Rihanna, while in high school, was a cadet in a program that trained with the military of Barbados. I guess its like ROTC in our high schools except we don't actually train along side the military. Her drill sergent (or should we say handler) Shontelle, by the way, is a singer/song writer who has done opening acts for Beyonce's I Am tour (hummmm). Anyway, Rodgers and his wife, who is from Barbados, were vactioning there when a mutual "friend" of Rodgers' wife and Rihanna (I say friend I can never verify it was Shontelle or not which is who I believe the friend is) told Rodgers about Rihanna. He met with her, listened to her sing, produced a demo and the demo was heard by Jay-Z and L.A. Reid and the rest is history. I just wonder if Rihanna was already under mind control training way before she was ever signed… Read more »

wat is wrong with them..

they better repent and consider themselves forgiven

or there 1 way ticket to hell will increase speed


The man being tortured by Naomi Campbell has Russian prison tattoos,that symbolize something completely different than what you are interpreting.

I wonder if these models, actors and actresses, and singers know that their photos are screaming with all symbols and creepiness…


Johnny Depp mentioned in an interview how he watch his films because he “once the job is done on the film, it’s really none of my business,” and he says “…If I can I try to stay in this-profoundest state of ignorance as possible.” That means he knows that his movies are going to be used to control the masses, and he knows full well that he’s a pawn. At the end he says, “He’s up there watching.”


I've long been of the mind that the Twilight Mania has a hell of a lot more to do with the further glamourizing of domestic abuse than with vampires. Girls in love with violent men who kill and have to control their urge to kill the woman they love. There's also another angle at play here, and the argument that it's about cannibalism is missing the point. These are metaphorical vampires more than than the horror monsters of old. Example of what I mean….these guys " sparkle ", that is to say they are " illuminated ". The powerful and often aristocratic vampires pass their power to their chosen ones via "bloodlines". They are held in permanent bondage to the one thing more powerful than they are….the sun. I could go on and on here…..

Also, that Mickey Mouse shirt is about the creepiest damn thing I've seen. The very creepiest? Baby QR tags.


check these pics out of naomi. if anyone can upload these to vc that would be great

Indiana Farmer

I knew for years about Monarch programming, etc. but I'm new to VC. I must say, after careful consideration it seems as though literally every aspect of our daily existence is saturated with illuminati symbolism. Like the protagonist in the movie "They Live", I am switched on, awake, and aware. Like him, also, I'm ready to kick ass & chew bubblegum…. and I'm all out of gum. Seriously, these illuminists / satanists are winning because good people are doing NOTHING for fear of getting their hands dirty. America needs a shooting revolution and these evil bastards need to be put down for the hell hounds they are!


We have to pray. I have noticed that they are trying so hard to antagonize and create anymosity among the people. If most of the information we are being fed is false, we cant trust anything. We know who wins this war.


The Nicki Minaj photo reminds me of Frida Kahlo's work. Particularly this one:


She was reported to be illuminati. The one eyebrow thingy and all.

Have u all heard about 'the man from the east'?He s coming soon i allah..

Dun worry….


In my previous post i asked if anyone knew the location of the battle of Britain memorial (pyramid). After more research i can confirm that it is real, it can be seen on google maps too. I'm surprised it has not been shown on the internet more……or am i. Nice site btw, i shall visit again as i study this sort of thing.

manly man

i believe the victoria secret is on the illumanti thing. because victoria secret is the most biggest fashion show,many peole watch it. and its disgusting……. there actually commercials of models who are half naked on tv having our childrens see this (im 16). but it gets worst, the models are know as ANGELS…… and they have lingeria on with wings on them, saying that its sexy. aren't god angels poses to be beatiful and pure. and im watching (vs ), i think of devil angel, becuase they lingerie on with wings. there ain't nothing right about that. and i bet there some symbols in there somewhere, espiecally becuase its aired on cbs. and there performers were illumanti hoes.= JAY-z, KANYE WEST, AND NICKI MINAJ. and plus the models were saying its every child dream to be a vs angel/model. that when kids grow up they want to be models… just imagine a 5 year old girl, saying mommy/daddy when i grow up i want to walk around my underwear and bra and have the world see my body, with lots of make up and glitter and be paid lots of money. i believe the vs models are posed to positute,… Read more »


Wow. I really don't know what to say apart from what you see isn't the truth. Keep your faith in our Father strong and Satan's schemes will have absolutely no effect on you regardless if your kids watch the inappropriate things on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon etc.


The fact that people actually think that those rihanna stage designs are COOL???

thousands of people die each day because of the military weaponry and they try and dress it up, sugar coating it with pink and s**t……. it aint right.


I'm watching all of you, with my eye 0.-


A good candidate for the December Symbolic Pics:


Also watch the above video.

Notice that one eye was covered, after the deliberate fall on stage?


IU, the one singer who did all she could do undermine K-Pop, seems to be in a criss of her own, as seen in the above videowhen she attemps to uncover the eye which was covered. Her new videos will be out tomorrow and it will probably show her completely in the domination of the machine; I give her at most 4 years.

Asian singers don't have to adhere by the 27 year "Jimi Hendrix" rule since they mature a bit faster.


Here's a little bit on Naomi Campbell on front page news this past month…


I know this is an unrelated topic…….but where i want to leave the comment seems to be full……..hv u guys noticed that in the Kardashian's 2010 Christmas photo the women mostly had .vacant doll like steers? No softness love or carry.


This is all very disturbing…………but people do not fear, do not anger, because these negative emotions create negative energies and this is what they feed off of……………it strengthens them(evil spirits and those channeling energies)…………..pray to God and try to remain at a sound, peaceful state……Jesus will come for us very soon…….. "…The world will not end. It will be transformed." Carlos Barrios goes on to say that the transformation will be both spiritual and physical. The transition started in 1987. He says that we are in a spiritual transition from the rule of materialism, greed, and enmity to a new period of cooperation and peace – but not without difficulty. The current oligarchy is happy with what they have and don't want to give it up, and they are powerful. The Mayans claim that 2012 marks the end of the period of the fourth sun and the beginning of the fifth sun. Carlos points out that adversarial revolution against the ruling class will not work. It is up to those who want this shift to connect with others of like mind and begin actively creating networks of real cooperation. The old will crumble. The new period will dawn with its… Read more »


Isn't it ironic ..?

Hidden in plain sight ..

Nice work VC – greetings from E Europe !

Well It Pays!

Hahah!!!! I remember as a kid when my parents wouldn't let me watch too much TV. I played outside all the time with my friends and wrapped up the week with church all in my 80's childhood. Growing up I would see shows and/or commercials on TV and think "I don't like it" or "how cool am I actually to be wearing the same thing as everyone else?" Goofy as this may sound, the trendy stuff just wasn't ever my thing. My parents would always tell me that I always strive to be my own person and not wear a jersey of some sports player of whom I would probably ever see/know because doing so, I would most likely lose myself. I used to laugh at that junk they said, but anymore I'm very thankful that I had those words beaten into my brain ;). Anyway, these days the gear just looks flat out stupid imho. This just makes me glad I was never into this crap and also that I don't really intend to make myself anymore silly than I sometimes am looking at this garbage. It sucked at first not being able to have the privilege of watching… Read more »


Animal prints doesn't nessessarily=Sex kitten. i love fashion, i love prints, specially animal prints, like leopard, zebra..ETC….. some of those people just happen to love fashion like i do. So, if i were famous, since i own lots of leopard prints things, i bet i'd end up in the "symbolic pics" photos. I'm not saying i don't believe in all those stuff, i'm a huge fan of VC myself.


Isn't Naomi Campbell going out with a Russian Billionaire (Vladimir Doronin)? Would that have anything to do with the photo shoot? Isn't he the same guy who got her an eye of horus house, as VC pointed out.