Symbolic Pics of the Week (09/28/11)

Martha Stewart (?) with butterflies all around her - including her face - and her persona named "Motha"
Martha Stewart (?) with butterflies all around her – including her face. The Hollyween issue also introduced her persona named “Motha”” (??)
The new rave generation hides an eye.
Australian group Angelspit has the checkerboard pattern symbolism covered…
…big time…
…fo real…
…with the one eye thing…
…big time…

…and let’s not forget mind control.
Kanye West as a robot in a transhumanist magazine cover…”beyond human”? Right…
Popular handbag designer Michael Kors (MK) on ritualistic checkerboard pattern with model Rachel Zoe laying lifeless
The house given to Naomi Campbell by her billionnaire Russian boyfriend Vladislav Doronin.
…but she’s still a puppet.
NBC’s classic Sunday morning political show “Meet the Press” under a statue of Prometheus – symbol of the elite – as featured at the Rockefeller center. This reminds us that, despite the slight divergences of opinion during these “debates”, everyone knows who they are all working for.

PLEASE NOTE that this will be the last edition of the “Symbolic Pics of the Week” series. The goal of the series was to prove that there is a constant flow of a particular set of symbols throughout mass media. I believe the series served its purpose and opened some eyes so I am now ready to move on to other kinds of articles.

Thanks to all who have contributed pics!


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Naomi's island house is just a monument to greed. Who would want to live inside an eye with 25 bedrooms….creepy.

I guess if the owners are gon host those dodgy ritualistic parties that require extra security, well perfect spot then.

But honestly as innovative as they'd like us to think in terms of design and enginnering, this is just way too creepy for comfort. You can imagine the view from the sky, that eye is almost mocking God. First it was the tower of Babel, now frail and shallow humanity told themselves they will in turn design an all seeing eye zeroed into the heavens.

It's a strange strange world, we live in Master Jack (singing)