Symbolic Pics of the Week (09/28/11)

Martha Stewart (?) with butterflies all around her - including her face - and her persona named "Motha"

Martha Stewart (?) with butterflies all around her – including her face. The Hollyween issue also introduced her persona named “Motha”” (??)
The new rave generation hides an eye.
Australian group Angelspit has the checkerboard pattern symbolism covered…
…big time…
…fo real…
…with the one eye thing…
…big time…

…and let’s not forget mind control.
Kanye West as a robot in a transhumanist magazine cover…”beyond human”? Right…
Popular handbag designer Michael Kors (MK) on ritualistic checkerboard pattern with model Rachel Zoe laying lifeless
The house given to Naomi Campbell by her billionnaire Russian boyfriend Vladislav Doronin.
…but she’s still a puppet.
NBC’s classic Sunday morning political show “Meet the Press” under a statue of Prometheus – symbol of the elite – as featured at the Rockefeller center. This reminds us that, despite the slight divergences of opinion during these “debates”, everyone knows who they are all working for.

PLEASE NOTE that this will be the last edition of the “Symbolic Pics of the Week” series. The goal of the series was to prove that there is a constant flow of a particular set of symbols throughout mass media. I believe the series served its purpose and opened some eyes so I am now ready to move on to other kinds of articles.

Thanks to all who have contributed pics!

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213 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Week (09/28/11)"

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Naomi's island house is just a monument to greed. Who would want to live inside an eye with 25 bedrooms….creepy.

I guess if the owners are gon host those dodgy ritualistic parties that require extra security, well perfect spot then.

But honestly as innovative as they'd like us to think in terms of design and enginnering, this is just way too creepy for comfort. You can imagine the view from the sky, that eye is almost mocking God. First it was the tower of Babel, now frail and shallow humanity told themselves they will in turn design an all seeing eye zeroed into the heavens.

It's a strange strange world, we live in Master Jack (singing)

thank you for continuing this series! i have found it to be very eye-opening – BOTH of them!

Google some of Angelspits lyrics…. their track 100% seems to suggest they are quite awake, if this is so why all the symbolism? just another example of the Illuminati puppet Juxtapose. Say one thing represent another. it is possible to create Left brain right brain confusion. Also how did they get to be so successful on the alternative scene when they are rubbish & all their songs sound the same??? Just goes to prove that the Illuminati brainwashing media machine has infiltrated ALL genres of music, be it punk, hip hop, Industrial, Goth, Psy-trance, Hard Dance etc etc. I used to listen to Ministry (think their track NWO) Al Jorgensen hates George Bush but it doesn't make him on our side. Go check all the Illuminati Symbolism on his website, he's a straight up satanist so that makes him one of them. After reviewing my record collection 700+ CDs are… Read more ยป

@becca I'm also new and each time I read an article or scroll through the comments I'm left speechless. But I guess that is the inital shock. About the butterflies: I know right and I used to love butterflies now when I see one I keep thinking about all of this crap.

I'm going to pray that I see all creatures of God the way that God see's them because honestly I don't want to hate or dislike butterflies.

Standing Ovation *as curtains close on symbolic pics of the week articles*

The more I see these photos, the more pathetic the entertainment industry seems to me.

I'm a fan of the band Agelspit and what would should know is that they used this symbolic to reveal more than make propoganda as for mainstream artist like Kanye West, Rihanna, Madonna etc…
I can't see how undreground artist like them with a restrained audience can be part of the "elite".
In my opinion they are on the side of the "revealer" with artist such: Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Laibach.

I very much doubt they have such noble intentions. If you want to demonstrate murder is wrong do you go out on the streets and slay someone? Get real…

check out donald marshall take on cloning etc… and naomi campbell house to please the vrill who likes egyptian stuff. eye of horus vrill infestation

pretty sure that band angelspit just do the illuminati rubbish for a gimmick. some of their lyrics speak openly on the subject. not very secretive, ya know? doubt they're a part of it. wannabe's maybe. or just a bunch of goofy australian white kids trying to be cool and rebellious.

That pic of Naomi's Campbell's house as a "gift"…. just wait till a Tidal Wave or Tsunami hits that place!

Let's play spot the iluminati, MK ultra references: Angelspit "Kill Kitty" lyrics: I love the way you sweat when you lie hearing you beg always makes me smile It turns me on when your honey starts to drip as I put on the thumbscrews and tighten their grip Slip a little bamboo under your fingernails one wrong answer and I send in the girl… Kill Kitty Kill Kitty Kill – Claw up to the top hell born animal Kill Kitty Kill Kitty Kill – if you wanna see your pretty face on a dollar bill I say Alien, you say salvation I say government, you say Free Mason I get bigger kicks when I pay for torture :: all your White House clients come back for more and more and more I said I gave a s**t but I lied my apron says illuminati child Kill Kitty Kill Kitty Kill… Read more ยป

another interesting photo…

Kirstin Davis –

regarding the martha stewart pic…she's dressed as a moth, those are moths, not butterflies.

hence the name "motha"

thanks for all the pics. I enjoyed the series. Might I suggest you do, not necassarily on a timely manner but just whenever, standout pictures? like once a month or every two months?

hello all! I'm rather new to this site. like 2 months. does anyone else feel totally disparity. after opening your eyes to this?i feel like everything was taken away. the music, movies and t.v. shows. they have taken things that are beautiful (butterflies ) and made them ugly. how do you go one knowing all this??

Awwww…I'm not happy that the series is ending. I normally look forward to it every week. But if it most go so that we get more articles from VC then so be it.

Thanks a lot VC.

O I will miss this series.. I frequently check this website. It gave me what the world has offered to the humans whom they thought as "irrational" beings. They didn't know that we got mind like theirs and even more human and intelligent than they have.

Please continue this series it's a real eye opener (no pun intended) to anyone new to the truth. By being aware to these subliminal images it helps people recognize and spread the word when they notice it around them.

I like symbolic pic of the week oh well ๐Ÿ™ I, like many of you, will miss this very interesting series of pictures. But here's one I'd like to add. The model here is of Donyale Luna (born Peggy Ann Freeman). The ONLY reason I ran across this pictures is because for fun I happened to peruse a page in Wikipedia I bet you didn't know existed: "African American Firsts." According to Wikipedia, she was the first African American to appear in a Vogue magazine (the March 1966 British issue). As to be expected, a lot of African American females were appearing in magazines, TV, and movies in the '60 (a lot meaning more than one per generation). But I was curious if there was anything that made this lady stand out. The first thing I see on that page linked above was our favorite "one eye salute." I don't know when the picture was taken, but the model… Read more ยป

Thanks for the symbolic pics section, it was great. I look forward to more in-depth articles as frequently as you can post them. I look forward to another The Secret Arcana article too, but of course I realise you are a busy man anyway and thanks for all these brilliant investigations.

please dont stop the symbolic pics! i look forward to them each and every week!

Ah, no more? Well, it did certainly prove a point. There's probably enough material to make articles like these for YEARS. Adam Lambert's definitely trying.

Also, what is Nelly doing and saying at 2:30?

Check out Kanye Wests fashion line

Epic post, will be remembered throughout VG history.

Thanks so much for providing us throughout the summer with these very memorable "Symbolic Pics of the Week" posts.

It is a real pity whether it is the last time for " The symbolic pics of the week ", I always waited for this moment to see finds and comments!

I am a little disappointed, but I continue every week to look at new published articles!

From Québec, Canada!

i'm pretty upset that this is the last edition. But it has opened my eyes and my view of this world is totally different now. it's sad to think that a group of wealthy-evil people have nothing else to do but corrupt this world and the people that live in it. Symbolic Pics of the Week have exposed many renowned people in the world that i would have never guessed would be in this dirty game. thank you VC.

>.< no more symbolic pics? that's fine, i am learning from your articles as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

awareness is the first step to change.

Oh no, Mr. Vgilant! Symbolic Pics of the week is my favorite from your blog! I hope you think about this and keep on posting it. Thank you for opening our eyes

I am really going to miss these symbolic pics of the week, here is why. I can only get so much time from my teenager to take me serious on issues, the pics of the week tell it all in a nutshell and she looks forward to what we find. THANKS FOR GETTING US STARTED

nooo! Don't stop putting up pic of the week! or instead of stopping, why not make a "Pics of the Month" article? ๐Ÿ˜€

So sorry to hear this will be that last edition of Pics of the Week! I visit your site every week to see the regular updates, esp. the photos. Thank you, thank you, thank you Vigilant Citizen for the work you do in the world to expose the truth.


oh please… dont stop it pls….

if u do, we could not stop u….

but please do more exciting trick to update us of the mass media agenda weekly… i wish its not only pics but its more than pics…..btw, tnx 4 all the pics… i do always look forward to u.. god bless

please..keep doing the pic of the week!!!please dont stop…i know you may be thinking you are just posting the same stuff but keep doin it for the new people to see..i use it a lot to bring people to this website..think about it please!!!

Satan is a liar and a thief. Jesus said that if our minds will be single, our minds will be filled with light. The enemy steals that which is good and tries to make them attributed to himself because he has nothing of himself to promote. He is also the father of confusion. I do believe the single eye is good; the enemy would have you stay away from things that bring one closer to God if he can have his minions steal and claim symbols that promote healthy spiritual empowerment.

By the way, thanks Vigilant for the series.

I have to clean up my Jesus quote; He said that if our EYES would be single, our minds will be filled will be filled with light.

Don't Stop Believin'!

We'll miss this feature – maybe someone somewhere else can continue it on a blog of their own?

Thanx for the pics VC, I just love waiting on new pics to arrive for me to analyse so I will be sad to see them go, but one appreciated the time you put in to wake the dead so to speak,lol peace ๐Ÿ˜‰

V Magazine is appalling.

When I saw the 5th photo I just thought :wow,this girl looks like a black queen…

and the following…It's really looks like Gaga trying to looks like Cruella Devil…Plus the two words over her hands ,mode and mort,means respectively fashion and death in french….*cough ,cough*desensitisation agenda through fashionalisation of death,cough,cough*

Oh and the photo with Michael Kors….it's just like he want to burry her with …bags ??

Vc,thank you again for the time you spent to your site,I'm sure it must be really binding.I understand your decision,even if I'm really sad,the Symbolic pics were sorta a rendez-vous to me…But just do the way you feel.

The fashion and death part actually comes from a song of theirs called A la mode, A la mort. It talks about how society wants us to conform and follow certain standards of beauty and how we become shallow and plastic because of this obsession with beauty&fashion. You really have no idea what you're taking about, there's more to this band then just some pictures and it's very shallow to judge them like that. Read the lyrics, it doesn't take a genius to figure out they are actually promoting the opposite of that you think they do.

Im so sad this is the last article in the series!! I love looking at these every week… always so interesting. Thank you for putting them up.

If I haven't stumbled upon this site, maybe I am still one of the people who love those kind of photos.

I thank you VC for the enlightenment.

"fo real"

All of the Apollo rockets and space shuttles were painted checkerboard black and white because of freemasonry. So is the piano. Black and White. Just saying…

Haha nice try with Angelspit, I'd try listening to their music/reading the lyrics before throwing stones and declaring them Illuminati puppets. It's very easy to put a label on them just from their looks, I thought we were supposed to analyze things at a deeper level compared to the average Joe, but this site is actually becoming the opposite of it. We are so indoctrinated with these symbols that we don't actually take the time to think for ourselves and do research, we just identify some symbols and we think we know everything about these people just from that. A bit superficial, I'd say.

I actually agree with you. After all, Angelspit seem like a Gothic band. Obviously there's going to be a lot of dark stuff in their work.

''despite the slight divergences of opinion during these "debates", everyone knows who they are all working for.'' VC you have no idea how true this statement is. Top to bottom, despite changing appearances every now and again, everyone is a slave. Why be a slave to some petty little materialist human agenda though? What do you get out of it?….Nothing. Why not free your soul for a better and better existence? Sometimes I really believe this is the fate of the material world, to be in the hands of these kinds of people. The useful souls don't stay on this planet….They go somewhere better. Thanks for the photos they remind me to work hard on myself because the consequences of letting yourself go in this society are really really bad. Eugh

That naomi pic the house of horrors or should I say horus, first time comment


Is it just me or for the first pic of Australian group Angelspit isn't her hair symbolizing Baphomet? (she's trying to look like him)

just throwing this out there, regarding Naomi Campbell's new home – did anyone else catch the slit-shaped "pupil"? eek!

whats next VC? im sure its going to be amazing. i love this site.