Symbolic Pics of the Week (09/28/11)

Martha Stewart (?) with butterflies all around her - including her face - and her persona named "Motha"

Martha Stewart (?) with butterflies all around her – including her face. The Hollyween issue also introduced her persona named “Motha”” (??)
The new rave generation hides an eye.
Australian group Angelspit has the checkerboard pattern symbolism covered…
…big time…
…fo real…
…with the one eye thing…
…big time…

…and let’s not forget mind control.
Kanye West as a robot in a transhumanist magazine cover…”beyond human”? Right…
Popular handbag designer Michael Kors (MK) on ritualistic checkerboard pattern with model Rachel Zoe laying lifeless
The house given to Naomi Campbell by her billionnaire Russian boyfriend Vladislav Doronin.
…but she’s still a puppet.
NBC’s classic Sunday morning political show “Meet the Press” under a statue of Prometheus – symbol of the elite – as featured at the Rockefeller center. This reminds us that, despite the slight divergences of opinion during these “debates”, everyone knows who they are all working for.

PLEASE NOTE that this will be the last edition of the “Symbolic Pics of the Week” series. The goal of the series was to prove that there is a constant flow of a particular set of symbols throughout mass media. I believe the series served its purpose and opened some eyes so I am now ready to move on to other kinds of articles.

Thanks to all who have contributed pics!



  1. I'm a fan of the band Agelspit and what would should know is that they used this symbolic to reveal more than make propoganda as for mainstream artist like Kanye West, Rihanna, Madonna etc…
    I can't see how undreground artist like them with a restrained audience can be part of the "elite".
    In my opinion they are on the side of the "revealer" with artist such: Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Laibach.

    • I very much doubt they have such noble intentions. If you want to demonstrate murder is wrong do you go out on the streets and slay someone? Get real…

  2. check out donald marshall take on cloning etc… and naomi campbell house to please the vrill who likes egyptian stuff. eye of horus vrill infestation

  3. Google some of Angelspits lyrics…. their track 100% seems to suggest they are quite awake, if this is so why all the symbolism? just another example of the Illuminati puppet Juxtapose. Say one thing represent another. it is possible to create Left brain right brain confusion.

    Also how did they get to be so successful on the alternative scene when they are rubbish & all their songs sound the same???

    Just goes to prove that the Illuminati brainwashing media machine has infiltrated ALL genres of music, be it punk, hip hop, Industrial, Goth, Psy-trance, Hard Dance etc etc.

    I used to listen to Ministry (think their track NWO) Al Jorgensen hates George Bush but it doesn't make him on our side. Go check all the Illuminati Symbolism on his website, he's a straight up satanist so that makes him one of them.

    After reviewing my record collection 700+ CDs are going, I don't want this satanic crap in my house.

    Also please be aware that the "X" symbol is VERY important to the Illuminati… think of how often it appears… X factor, as kisses on your emails, X rated, triple X etc etc

  4. pretty sure that band angelspit just do the illuminati rubbish for a gimmick. some of their lyrics speak openly on the subject. not very secretive, ya know? doubt they're a part of it. wannabe's maybe. or just a bunch of goofy australian white kids trying to be cool and rebellious.

  5. Let's play spot the iluminati, MK ultra references:

    Angelspit "Kill Kitty" lyrics:

    I love the way you sweat when you lie

    hearing you beg always makes me smile

    It turns me on when your honey starts to drip

    as I put on the thumbscrews and tighten their grip

    Slip a little bamboo under your fingernails

    one wrong answer and I send in the girl…

    Kill Kitty Kill Kitty Kill – Claw up to the top hell born animal

    Kill Kitty Kill Kitty Kill – if you wanna see your pretty face on a dollar bill

    I say Alien, you say salvation

    I say government, you say Free Mason

    I get bigger kicks when I pay for torture :: all your

    White House clients come back for more and more and more

    I said I gave a s**t but I lied

    my apron says illuminati child

    Kill Kitty Kill Kitty Kill – Claw up to the top hell born animal

    Kill Kitty Kill Kitty Kill – if you wanna see your pretty face on a dollar bill

    you love my punishment, I love the glamour

    now you’re all tied up and I got a hammer

    my cup is full with sweet iniquity

    and you thought I was a lady

    light a fire in the 33rd

    splash around petrol like a dirty word

    Kill Kitty Kill Kitty Kill – Claw up to the top hell born animal

    Kill Kitty Kill Kitty Kill – if you wanna see your pretty face on a dollar bill

    getting into your head, getting up to no-good…

    I am the fire, you need me to light the gas

    you are the paper, I use you to wipe my —

    Kill Kitty Kill Kitty Kill – Claw up to the top hell born animal

    Kill Kitty Kill Kitty Kill – if you wanna see your pretty face on a dollar bill

    revenge bend psychos, senile and dangerous (Kill Kitty…)

    I’m on a mission, to be malicious (Kill Kitty…)

    In God we trust, s**t ain’t fair (Kill Kitty…)

    It’s all a fraud, I don’t care, I DON’T CARE

  6. thanks for all the pics. I enjoyed the series. Might I suggest you do, not necassarily on a timely manner but just whenever, standout pictures? like once a month or every two months?

  7. @becca I'm also new and each time I read an article or scroll through the comments I'm left speechless. But I guess that is the inital shock. About the butterflies: I know right and I used to love butterflies now when I see one I keep thinking about all of this crap.

    I'm going to pray that I see all creatures of God the way that God see's them because honestly I don't want to hate or dislike butterflies.

  8. hello all! I'm rather new to this site. like 2 months. does anyone else feel totally disparity. after opening your eyes to this?i feel like everything was taken away. the music, movies and t.v. shows. they have taken things that are beautiful (butterflies ) and made them ugly. how do you go one knowing all this??

  9. Naomi's island house is just a monument to greed. Who would want to live inside an eye with 25 bedrooms….creepy.

    I guess if the owners are gon host those dodgy ritualistic parties that require extra security, well perfect spot then.

    But honestly as innovative as they'd like us to think in terms of design and enginnering, this is just way too creepy for comfort. You can imagine the view from the sky, that eye is almost mocking God. First it was the tower of Babel, now frail and shallow humanity told themselves they will in turn design an all seeing eye zeroed into the heavens.

    It's a strange strange world, we live in Master Jack (singing)

  10. Awwww…I'm not happy that the series is ending. I normally look forward to it every week. But if it most go so that we get more articles from VC then so be it.

    Thanks a lot VC.

  11. O I will miss this series.. I frequently check this website. It gave me what the world has offered to the humans whom they thought as "irrational" beings. They didn't know that we got mind like theirs and even more human and intelligent than they have.

  12. Please continue this series it's a real eye opener (no pun intended) to anyone new to the truth. By being aware to these subliminal images it helps people recognize and spread the word when they notice it around them.


    I, like many of you, will miss this very interesting series of pictures.

    But here's one I'd like to add. The model here is of Donyale Luna (born Peggy Ann Freeman).

    The ONLY reason I ran across this pictures is because for fun I happened to peruse a page in Wikipedia I bet you didn't know existed: "African American Firsts." According to Wikipedia, she was the first African American to appear in a Vogue magazine (the March 1966 British issue). As to be expected, a lot of African American females were appearing in magazines, TV, and movies in the '60 (a lot meaning more than one per generation). But I was curious if there was anything that made this lady stand out.

    The first thing I see on that page linked above was our favorite "one eye salute." I don't know when the picture was taken, but the model lived between 1945 to 1979.

    Which in itself was a bit weird; she died relatively young, but fast lives often lead to that.

    But as I skimmed the article, I realized this was STRANGE story. This gal had problems (if Wikipedia and their sources are to be believed) from very early on. Supposedly her mom killed her abusive father, and people who knew her referred to her as living in a "wonderland, a dream world." Sound the least bit familiar?

    This whole business reminds of that famous quote from Ecclesiastes: There is NOTHING new under the sun.

  14. The first picture-The one with Martha Stewart?? I know the make-up artist who was in charge of Martha’s look that day-She done the make-up for that shoot…
    The make-up artist-We’ll call her Jenny* for now, is a friend of mine, and I’ve asked her about this job…
    Jenny came up with this look & theme by herself-She’s been wanting to try it out for a while now, and it fit perfect for the brief she was given- To deck Martha Stewart out, Halloween style, but still make her recognizable as “Martha Stewart”.
    At no stage was Jenny ever told to use butterflies, or ANYTHING even slightly masonic…
    She was just given the brief & left to her own devices-After all, it is her job…

    • Hi deadgirl.

      I ran into something similar a few months ago. I attended an activity in a Christian church's community hall, and found the whole place decked out in an Egyptian theme: hieroglyphs, pyramids, dog-faced statues, etc., not your typical decorations for a church hall run by a Christian organization. As a frequenter of this site, all my little alarm bells started sounded, and my digital camera had quite a field day in there.

      A older gentleman saw me snapping away and introduced himself as the artist. When I asked him what inspired him to do this particular decor, he told me the idea just kinda came to him, and almost all of the things he had painted or fashioned were straight from his imagination. But when a lady from the community saw one of his "made up" borders. she said she recognized it from her anthropology studies in ancient Greece and Egypt. She stated that whether he knew it or not, those borders were very authentic.

      I told the artist how in the Old Testament, when God told Moses to build the tabernacle, He specifically "inspired" a dude named Bezaleel to make the type of items He detailed to Moses. (Exodus 31) This guy I met seemed a very sincere and earnest fellow, so I didn't add that God wasn't the only spirit giving out inspirations.

      But I AM telling you. The "Jenny" setting up that shoot may have had innocent purposes, but it is not an unfounded thought that what inspired her could be the same thing inspiring the rest of the other more "suspicious" butterfly shoots. It's too bad folks have to make ugly things that would normally be very beautiful. But then that's the reality of this here and now.

  15. Thanks for the symbolic pics section, it was great. I look forward to more in-depth articles as frequently as you can post them. I look forward to another The Secret Arcana article too, but of course I realise you are a busy man anyway and thanks for all these brilliant investigations.

  16. Epic post, will be remembered throughout VG history.

    Thanks so much for providing us throughout the summer with these very memorable "Symbolic Pics of the Week" posts.

  17. It is a real pity whether it is the last time for " The symbolic pics of the week ", I always waited for this moment to see finds and comments!

    I am a little disappointed, but I continue every week to look at new published articles!

    From Québec, Canada!

  18. i'm pretty upset that this is the last edition. But it has opened my eyes and my view of this world is totally different now. it's sad to think that a group of wealthy-evil people have nothing else to do but corrupt this world and the people that live in it. Symbolic Pics of the Week have exposed many renowned people in the world that i would have never guessed would be in this dirty game. thank you VC.

  19. >.< no more symbolic pics? that's fine, i am learning from your articles as well. πŸ™‚

    awareness is the first step to change.

  20. Oh no, Mr. Vgilant! Symbolic Pics of the week is my favorite from your blog! I hope you think about this and keep on posting it. Thank you for opening our eyes

  21. I am really going to miss these symbolic pics of the week, here is why. I can only get so much time from my teenager to take me serious on issues, the pics of the week tell it all in a nutshell and she looks forward to what we find. THANKS FOR GETTING US STARTED

  22. So sorry to hear this will be that last edition of Pics of the Week! I visit your site every week to see the regular updates, esp. the photos. Thank you, thank you, thank you Vigilant Citizen for the work you do in the world to expose the truth.


  23. oh please… dont stop it pls….

    if u do, we could not stop u….

    but please do more exciting trick to update us of the mass media agenda weekly… i wish its not only pics but its more than pics…..btw, tnx 4 all the pics… i do always look forward to u.. god bless

  24. please..keep doing the pic of the week!!!please dont stop…i know you may be thinking you are just posting the same stuff but keep doin it for the new people to see..i use it a lot to bring people to this website..think about it please!!!

  25. Satan is a liar and a thief. Jesus said that if our minds will be single, our minds will be filled with light. The enemy steals that which is good and tries to make them attributed to himself because he has nothing of himself to promote. He is also the father of confusion. I do believe the single eye is good; the enemy would have you stay away from things that bring one closer to God if he can have his minions steal and claim symbols that promote healthy spiritual empowerment.

    By the way, thanks Vigilant for the series.

  26. Thanx for the pics VC, I just love waiting on new pics to arrive for me to analyse so I will be sad to see them go, but one appreciated the time you put in to wake the dead so to speak,lol peace πŸ˜‰

  27. When I saw the 5th photo I just thought :wow,this girl looks like a black queen…

    and the following…It's really looks like Gaga trying to looks like Cruella Devil…Plus the two words over her hands ,mode and mort,means respectively fashion and death in french….*cough ,cough*desensitisation agenda through fashionalisation of death,cough,cough*

    Oh and the photo with Michael Kors….it's just like he want to burry her with …bags ??

    Vc,thank you again for the time you spent to your site,I'm sure it must be really binding.I understand your decision,even if I'm really sad,the Symbolic pics were sorta a rendez-vous to me…But just do the way you feel.

    • The fashion and death part actually comes from a song of theirs called A la mode, A la mort. It talks about how society wants us to conform and follow certain standards of beauty and how we become shallow and plastic because of this obsession with beauty&fashion. You really have no idea what you're taking about, there's more to this band then just some pictures and it's very shallow to judge them like that. Read the lyrics, it doesn't take a genius to figure out they are actually promoting the opposite of that you think they do.

  28. Im so sad this is the last article in the series!! I love looking at these every week… always so interesting. Thank you for putting them up.

  29. If I haven't stumbled upon this site, maybe I am still one of the people who love those kind of photos.

    I thank you VC for the enlightenment.

  30. All of the Apollo rockets and space shuttles were painted checkerboard black and white because of freemasonry. So is the piano. Black and White. Just saying…

  31. Haha nice try with Angelspit, I'd try listening to their music/reading the lyrics before throwing stones and declaring them Illuminati puppets. It's very easy to put a label on them just from their looks, I thought we were supposed to analyze things at a deeper level compared to the average Joe, but this site is actually becoming the opposite of it. We are so indoctrinated with these symbols that we don't actually take the time to think for ourselves and do research, we just identify some symbols and we think we know everything about these people just from that. A bit superficial, I'd say.

    • I actually agree with you. After all, Angelspit seem like a Gothic band. Obviously there's going to be a lot of dark stuff in their work.

  32. ''despite the slight divergences of opinion during these "debates", everyone knows who they are all working for.'' VC you have no idea how true this statement is. Top to bottom, despite changing appearances every now and again, everyone is a slave. Why be a slave to some petty little materialist human agenda though? What do you get out of it?….Nothing. Why not free your soul for a better and better existence? Sometimes I really believe this is the fate of the material world, to be in the hands of these kinds of people. The useful souls don't stay on this planet….They go somewhere better. Thanks for the photos they remind me to work hard on myself because the consequences of letting yourself go in this society are really really bad. Eugh

  33. I just noticed that this is the last installation of the weekly pix. Although part of me will 'miss' it (and I can't help but wonder why that is… makes you think…), I completely respect and applaud VC's decision.

    As stated, it has served its purpose. Not to mention that if all this imagery truly has a certain 'dark' power, then too much of it can backfire in a number of ways, including triggering negative thoughts/feelings/ideas in those who might be sensitive to this.

    Some might argue, "but what about new visitors?" If newcomers want or need to see them for informational purposes, they can always go back into the archives… or obviously just look at any TV show, magazine, billboard, catalog, website, CD, press kit,… get the picture?

    • well written πŸ™‚ my husband asked me one day – babe if you are reading and seeing too much of that, does not that give it more power?

  34. The island of Cleopatra looks like it's in the shape of Nefertiti's (or maybe Cleopatra's) fetus adorned with a crown and an umbilical chord still attached. Naomi's new house is at the navel/stomach…I wonder if that was intentional…I'm sure there's something to say about it…or I could be reading into it a little to deep.

    • wow funny you say this because i just saw that pic this morning and i was trying to figure out what the island resembled – and i just said whatever it is it's gotta be some occult crap. there's always intentionals, i like to think i never read into things too deep. because if you are thinking at that level and to that deepness, there's a strong posibility that the Spirit is leading you. to question, to think……wow – these folks just keep getting bolder.

    • When I clicked on that link it saw the shape of it looks like a fetus.

      Top is the head, you see the arms a bit, umbilical cord, then the legs….

  35. i always look forward for feature articles… visiting this site has become one of my most fave things to do… Keep it up VC! I Love You!

  36. Whoa! Naomi Campbell's house O.O

    Awh- kinda sad that this is the last edition (and on my bday too) but V has a point- it has served its purpose! Thanks for these articles V! Reminds us to always be vigilant. There is practically nothing innocent in the media world!

  37. …uhm…thanks VC. Everyweek i neve fail to check this site for the SYMPICS…i find them really interesting. Though i must say i was saddened by the fact that you are now going to stop posting pics…haay…ow well…

    Hope you continue providing great articles!

    • that they are planning their "wordly" survival should be a HUGE hint to us to plan our "spiritual" survival. Man the LORD is near, blessed is every man who believes in HIM.

  38. And angelspit is a very populair in the underground scene. It is sad that they even have power in that piece of music. And now that I think about it emilie autumn have also a strange back story with mental disorder. And many pictures are with the chekerboard thing where she sits on. She has also a biography about her time in the mental institution, she even stated that her psychiatrist told her to make music to proces her things she has been trough.

    It is really sad that even alternativ music is corupted.

  39. aaaaww no πŸ™

    i really look forward to see this section each week…

    tis sad that this is the last issue D:

    anyways thank you for posting and sharing :DD

  40. N. kambell's house looks awesome (im into abstract and artsy things) too bad it has a bad meaning i love the eye of horus but i def dont want anything evil in my house…and aw man i love the symbolic pics of the week sad to see it go..

  41. Angelspit pic of the girl in the bath is ever so subtly doing the As Above So Below Hands I believe?

    Re: Naomi Campbell's new house, would she be aware that her house and surrounds are in the shape of the f*****g Eye of Horus !?!

    What I want to know is, do "puppets" as they are called KNOW about the symbolism and it's a big ssssh secret, or are some really and truly unawares?

    • everyone is aware of what god they serve. even at it's most uncivilized stage of humanity, everyone always had a god they worshipped, our souls know which one to serve and worship. the Bible speaks about how the LORD knows us before the womb.

  42. SPotW will be dearly missed! Thank you so much VC for giving us the opportunity to take part in your blog for this long. I was happy to see that a couple of the pictures I sent in made it to the list a few times.

    The Skrillex picture just makes me sad, I wanted to like him really badly but something always kept me from him, now I know what it was.

    As far as Anglspit goes, you had a few good points… However, calling them Illuminati puppets is very far-fetched as they have some anti-Illuminati songs. I guess no one bothered actually listening to their music…

  43. Hey VC, I really enjoyed this weekly section. Although you have proved your point through the body of evidence that you have amassed, it is still such an interesting and poinant part of your website. I enjoy it quite a bit, and I hope that you consider continuing doing this.

  44. I was watching the Ellen show, and during her monologue she put up a picture of a model and joked that it must be the "in" look to be an elk pirate bride. She was wearing a purple dress, with a matching purple eye patch, horns, and a veil. Of course she displayed the image because it looked ridiculous, but having read the articles on this site, it made perfect sense to me. The audience laughing because they didn't understand made me kinda uncomfortable.

  45. Aw, now more Symbolic Pics of the Week? I really look forward to these every week. Guess I will have to make due with whatever else you decide to release. I'm sure it will still be interesting.

  46. last time of pics of the week?? aww.. why.. u give so much insight with all this info.. i come to this site just to check to pics of the week πŸ™

    so sad that its not going to be continued …

  47. aw i really liked the symbolic pics of the week and i was just about to email you about naomis house. its so crazy how they advertise it on yahoo n everything like its a positive thing. so pretty much everyone is in on it right? how sad.

  48. How do they live with themselves?They aren't God and never will be….

    They're Human not "Beyond Human"just people with the same legs,and arms you and I have they need to understand quick in the end they won't win…

  49. I'm sad to hear that this is the last in the series. It was a great series and definitely served its purpose. Each week my doubts would return that all of this was fictional or portrayed with a little fiction but this series would always confirm my thoughts and my doubts always disappeared. This has definitely helped me confirm inside myself that this is real. God Bless.

  50. Nooooooo! i loved symbolic pics of the week!! can't believe it's over!….. well, it was very good topic and you did a great job exposing the media, thank you VC!

  51. Thank you very much Vigilant Citizen for this wonderful series. You have certainly acheived your goal in opening eyes. Sad to see that this is the last one in the series; but I look forward to the new series that will replace it.

    Thank you for opening my eyes.

  52. The last edition of the “Symbolic Pics of the Week”? Will REALLY miss that! It's already part of my weekly conversations!

    But THANK YOU very much anyway!

    You are the best!!!!


  53. Everyone on this site should know that the context matters. I've never heard of Angelspit. So, I'd be interested to read their lyrics, see what record label they're signed to, their marketing and PR team, what they have to say for themselves in interviews, etc. Often, upon investigation the trail leads back to the same record label svengalis, same photographers and same marketing and PR firms. If most of those things turn out to line up with the overall message of that imagery, well…

    • It's an electronic band from an underground label. It's not popular except with those kids that wear fangs and face paint. This isn't going to build up to be like Lady Gaga, so don't worry about it. The label is probably even indie, or some German label. Hence the band is German. But didn't you know that German industrial bands play music like this? I mean, if you want to just say "Germany is evil" then, fine. But whoever posted this Angelspit stuff is way off-key. Let's get back to the popular media and not the underground, thanks?

      I mean, when the underground gets popular then I'll be worried. But I don't see that happening ever in the history of this planet. When a president says "I like Slayer" then I'll run for the hills.

      • um, just because it isn't at the height of popularity in the U.S. doesn't mean it isn't important. Do we not care about people in Germany or where ever this is popular? Besides, it is part of a bigger story that these things are not only in the U.S., it is all over the world. One world government coming at ya.

  54. Im a college freshman now 18 :] I just graduated but I been earning about this since I was about 15 or 16 I never trusted the government. Even to make this short Alot of students and teens know about it not many but more and more as they keep putting it out there. But they just think that the music industry as Jay Z and the stars are the Illuminati when they are clearly not which I try to explain but no one listens to me. Anyways I was watching Ellen the show and one of the Judges from XFACTOR was explaing which contestant he likes the most and it was just the most pedophilic thing to say.

    He said its a young girl named Zoe I believe

    She is so adorable and She looks like a "Disney Creation"

    I just want to (he did a eating motion with his hands) and was like yum yum yum and I was like WOW

  55. That angelspit pic with all the possitive messaging behind it is delightful.

    some will be drawn to violence

    others will swarm like bees

    dissection party

    swallow my hook

    with the knife you make me numb

    in my mouth piece by piece as we go to hell

    stitch closed their eyes

    the hounds are closing/wolves

    very subtle

  56. Funny thing that just happened to me. I saw a butterfly necklace and I said "Oh, so cute!" But in that second I replied to myself: "Oh no, not so cute". I guess I'm influenced by this "crazy" Vigilant! lol

    Stay strong people, I ♥ YOU πŸ™‚

    • There's nothing wrong with butterflies. You don't have to avoid everything with a butterfly on it. What about real butterflies outside flying around? Are they evil too?

  57. The house really freaks me out, but can't understand the fact; accepting to be on the devils side surely if you know/believe that the devil exists then you have to believe that so does God?

  58. the house of naomi campbell even resembles the phallic statue of the hindu god shiva (lingam – the great phallus) complete with the yoni symbol of his consort parvati…….hmmmmmm…….

  59. The Kanye West cover disgusts me… he just looks so gross… yuk.

    When I was a little girl I had an ankh necklace. I loved Egyptian and Greek Mythology when I was taught it in elementary and middle school. I have always loved to read anything and gain knowlege for my own self. My mother likes african things too, we have african masks in our apartment, etc. So for someone who like "things from the motherland" "african things" etc. How do I explain to them what the eye of horus means? It's evil/satanic/evil symbolism, but why? Is there a symbol glossary on this site? Just so I can explain it to my friends. Because everytme I mention illuminati to friends/family they say its fake, BS. mumbo jumbo etc. If I go to the library Im afraid the books I find will tell me some facts but not "the whole story". Thanks

      • Yes it was and is. Egypt is part of Africa. The original Egyptians migrated from Kush (Ethiopia). Pleas do not spread ignorance. Especially on this site. kthxbye

      • P.S. Divide and conquer tactics making black people all over the world think they aren't black or that black is the lesser is an old school and very effective tactic of the elite. Black is the majority, after all. And yeah, I'm talking to you Indians, Aborigines, Brazilians, North Africans, Dominicans, etc. One cannot acquire melanin just by hanging out in the sun, fyi.

      • It was a black civilisation.It's just because nobody can accept that a great civilisation like this would be built by black people.

      • Even though Egypt is in Africa, the people looked different from the Nubians and Kushites. In the murals and books, the Khemti ("Beloved People") used a reddish brown color to paint themselves, and a much darker brown for the Africans at the southern end of the Nile. The pharoanic families even had red hair. I went to a travelling exhibition of King Tutankhamen and saw the mummy of his mother, Kiya. I swear, her hair was auburn. And on a side note, don't forget about Ahkenaten, Tut's father, who broke with the traditional religion, ousted the preisthood and (temporarily) instituted Monotheism in Egypt. He was probably fighting against the same corrupting influences we are all witnesses to today.

        I too look forward to the "pics of the week" feature, and to reading the comments posted by all you fellow VC fans. It's nice to know there are others out there that really see what's going on. (even my own husband doesn't believe me when I talk about this stuff!)

        I have spent many years studying history and religions, and the more I learned the more things just didn't add up. This illuminati stuff is the only thing that makes sense, historically speaking. And it really has been going on forever, with people like Zoroaster and Buddha and Jesus (Yeshua) getting in their way, undermining their power and curtailing their agenda by getting the peoples of the Earth to stop worshipping and sacrificing to them.

        IDK if they are aliens, or demons, or what. I guess in the end it doesn't really matter either way because they only want the worst for us. This battle has been fought again and again, and they lose every time. They will lose this time, too, because of you and me and all of us who hold in our hearts to what is pure and true. Have courage, brothers and sisters, in the tribulations that are to come. We are stronger than they are–that is their biggest secret, why they have to work so hard to keep us "under control." Because that spark of God/Love that we carry around in us (and that they try to get people to give away to them) is not only the greatest of prizes, it is also the most powerful weapon against them. Good luck, stay true.

  60. Kanye West is the most influential brand in the universe? HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! That piece of comedy gold made my day.

    Otherwise, yes, very creepy pictures. The ones by the group "Angelspit" are on the verge of being tired, cliche, and overused, at least from an art perspective. From an "MK trigger" perspective, I guess they serve their purpose, whatever that stupid, sinister purpose may be.

  61. They're trying to desensitize us to the freaky, masonic, satanic, mind control displays so we can see it as no big deal. I'm so thankful for this site that even though it's hard to believe, it's opening our eyes so we're not mindlessly supporting these destructive causes.

  62. In regards to the band Angelspit, they are an industrial/ebm or "gothic" group that has been around for a while. It is kinda of hard to distinguish whether or not they are illuminati due to our infatuation with occult symbols…HOWEVER…they just started getting popular all of a sudden. They have no radio play whatsoever and when they would tour, they would only generate 5-10 people turnout. Just recently they have been averaging 75-100 people per show. So, if they break out of the underground and into the mainstream, I will know why. πŸ™

    • Remember that this is the album cover for Krankenhaus. That album came out a while ago. Plus, if a few more goths come in and enjoy the disc, then what's the big deal? I doubt a band like Angelspit or KMFDM will ever be as popular as the Black Eyed Idiots. That's because they don't want to.

  63. Regarding the house, the eye of Horus/Ra should have a round Iris (human). Interesting that they've chosen a Reptilian/feline vertical slit iris.

    Notice that the island that it will be built on ( you'll have to google the article) is called Cleopatra's Isle. It actually has the shape of a head wearing the red crown of lower Egypt and the torso is possibly holding an infant. It's very Isis/Horus, Madonna/child in shape.

  64. Did anyone else think that the first Angelspit album cover looks like it has a baphomet? Looking at the way she is positioned in the tub and how her hair is styled. The top ponytails look like the horns and the image on her shirt looks like a snout….not to mention the chalice she is holding. I could be reaching though, any thoughts?

  65. Note LA Live, the Staples Center, round, and the Ritz Carlton Hotel standing tall next to it. The same kind of symbolism (as Naomi's house). VC discussed something similar to this in another article.

  66. The first time i came on this site…i was skeptic, then i visited again. I used to tell my brother "oh ppl see what they want to see" when he used to tell me about satanic symbols. Now, i cannot believe that i believed what they (Illuminati) want us to believe. To know it's so obvious yet people don't want to believe…it's a difficult thing. *sigh* what to do?

    • Bless you Da…at least you were willing to keep looking. Most people will glance once, dismiss it and turn away. I feel safe in asserting that there are many of us whom post here whose families think they are just that “crazy conspiracy theorist”, when the evidence is right there in front of all of us. But that’s the power of the divine spark of the Holy Spirit living inside of you, giving you the nagging feeling that something isn’t right. Pray it be poured out onto everyone!

    • i know. i love skrillex too. but i have to say, i wasn't so surprised to see the funky colored fingernails covering one of his eyes. the first song of his i was introduced to was "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" but other song titles of his include, "Kill EVERYBODY"; a remix of La Roux's "In for the Kill"; "First Of The Year (Equinox)" (watched about a minute of the official video for it and it kept getting creepier: p********a, a room full of dolls, the young girl summoning a demon??), and last but not least… "Reptile"

  67. I boycott all these damned designers…will find my own way to express through style and not pay these sell-outs, better to give that money to a hungry person!

  68. Notice in the Michael Kors photo –

    the arc of light

    Notice on the back wall the arc that separates different lighting. The arc is right above the standing shadow's head, and at neck level of Mr. Kors.

    the two shadows to his left

    One shadow shows him standing and facing the lifeless model. We can see near his head something that he's holding. Notice in particular the precise line of light that divides his head from (an axe blade? the shovel?). That precise line should not be there – any such shadows would merge. That dividing line was put there for a purpose (IMHO).

    The other shadow of him is bent over the model.

    He's dressed like a trendy pallbearer.

    Personally, the message I get from this picture is that his purses suck the life out of beautiful young women and maybe that is the intended message.

    As usual, there's a whole lot of creepy out there.

  69. I can't tell if that "raver" is a boy or girl. Probably intentional.

    Disney advertises a 'Free Pirate Eyepatch' with purchase of some kids movie. It only makes sense to make a Skull and Crossbones over one eye fashionable. The band name Angelspit is just laughable.

    I wonder how long until Rachel Zoe is actually tossed out like trash… That is obviously how they view her……

    Kanye is such a joke, as well. I hope he knows that someday.

  70. I'm sl glad you posted that pic of Martha Stewart! I saw that the other day while standing in line at Walmart, and of course Monarch Mind Control was the first thing I thought of!

  71. I wanna live in Naomi's house, eye or no eye!

    VC – Is there any reason why you are not on youtube anymore? Apologies if I have missed something.

    Thank you again VC! πŸ™‚

    • @ Matthew

      You would like too live in that house…….???????????????????

      Sorry to say but i think you may have missed the whole point…..!!!!!!

      God Bless

    • Matthew I'm quite disappointed with you, I have been reading your comments, and it's so different what you've commented now. What happened with you? There's nothing wrong to live in a place like that, but knowing the whole story, since VC started with this site, you still would like to live in there??? there's something wrong buddy…

      I use to wear and loved that t-shirt with an eye right in the center shinning inside a big pyramid, so when I met VC and his site and with the development of many posts with logic, guess what I did? I just put it in the trash, I didn't want to be complicit of this shamelessness, my mind opened, I was looking in to a world naked and cruel (USA government).

      I just have to thank VC, for his good soul, the availability, and certainty that he used to put us informed and vigilant in every step of ours life towards God's word.

      Matthew, please: Stay Always Vigilant!

      Peace πŸ™‚

      • @vcfan3,

        Many thanks for the compliment on what you have read of my postings so far.

        When I made my original comment, I had only scrolled through the pictures quickly, lets be honest they are pretty much the same week in week out and thats why VC has made this weeks the last of them as he rightly says they have proved their point.

        I thought the glass dome was what he was referring to looking like an eye – It was only after I looked again, I clearly saw the eye of Horus in the hole picture which I missed the first time but it was too late by then my post was already on.

        Apologies if I have offended anyone, that would never be my intention. I have spent the last 16 years studying the same stuff VC covers along with other topics so I guess I should have been more vigilant!

        The people who comment on this site make up a sort of invisible family to me, after a while you sort of get to know what people are like by their comments and its interesting building that picture up.

        To me that is what is more important in life – not some stupid overpriced house for a stupid over-excitable model with a major attitude problem. The best things in life have never been and will ever be "things".

        Thanks for pointing out the obvious my friend! Peace.

      • Aww thank you guys, it is really appreciated. Its funny because no matter what we as a group may disagree on, ultimately it all boils down to one fact and that is we are all one together, one race and no matter how much crap the elite throw at us, they will never be able to distinguish that bright human spark of love that we all share.

        Peace and love guys always and forever. πŸ™‚

    • Angel's Pit! Sounds like the demon from the bottomless pit. All these names are not coincidental; they are given to these groups for the purposeful elimination of morality. His look and the air around him is not an act or a stage thing, look at him, look at all those write up behind him; its in him, like that's what he'll always look like on or off stage.

      • If you want to listen to boring hymns all day that's fine with me. But don't make false assumptions about people until you've met them. Some of us like industrial music, good sir.

    • Okay, I'll jump to defend Angelspit. I'm highly skeptical of this sort of stuff, but I will admit that I don't know everything (and besides, academic papers have been written about the subjects on this site, so they do at least have academic interest). Angelspit, however, are the kind of band who will 1) use and abuse the imagery without any deeper meaning because "it looks cool" (for newer industrial bands) or 2) They are one of the few groups who openly know of this group and are against it and/or deal with themes of rebellion against the current hold of mainstream society (even without illuminati/NWO knowledge).

      Angelspit are simply an alternative music band from australia outside of the spectrum of "mind control slaves"/mainstream music. If you look into industrial music, and most metal music, you'll find dark, disturbing imagery which either conveys the messages they are sending out, or they simply look cool. Besides, many people go through a stage of "pseudo-satanism", e.g. thinking pentagrams looks cool (which, in the non-satanic sense, which exists, they do).

      also, I'll take a look at an artist which vigilant analysed on this site earlier – kerli. When she produced "love is dead", she was in a very dark place, and is an open sufferer of bipolar disorder. However, she has recently adopted the moniker of "bubblegoth" – making dark things beautiful and beautiful things dark. Her music has shifted from a darkly-tinged form of pop rock to happy, joyous dance music. She now is encouraging moonchildren to spread a message of love, integrity and unity, in order to bring about a spiritual change in her fans (which, as a person who used to have an EXTREMELY misanthropic outlook on life, I feel is working).

      Just because a person has adopted a darker image doesn't mean they have a dark agenda, or that they have been "enslaved" by an evil corporation, but that they simply aren't in a good mindset. So please, the next time you read an article on this site, please, take it with a pinch of salt – and please, spread love, integrity and unity – not fear!

  72. Wow… that band Angelspit is just creepy. If I say something like that in public, all kinds of people will be rushing to their defense saying things like, "You shouldn't judge by appearances!" and all kinds of stuff. Now, that applies to some things…. but… apparently, there are no more freaks in the world.

    And that house is WEIRD. I wonder how many rituals were conducted there before it was inhabited?

    • before – ha ha – u mean "still" ! funny when i saw that house all i thought of was beyonces song – who run the world, it hit me that these women are top witches and have extra favor with satan and the men who worship them also "gain" from being with them, i.e. oprah, beyonce, gwyneth, naomi and many others….just a thought.

    • I bet rituals are still conducted there seeing its a very convenient location; I mean the "temple" sits on an island- not too many people around and Naomi herself might be a potential sacrifice.

      • a perfect new age temple for her elite buddies all over the world. I can't see her being a sacrifice, she has too much power in that realm, the business she does. i can see many a sacrifices though, real satanic these folks………….

    • Visually the band comes off as just another trite group of young folk trying too hard to be "hard". I'm not familiar with them but I bet their music is the same…

    • Alright, first of all – Angelspit is a industrial/metal band. They're not trying to brainwash anyone. It's just the whole "industrial culture thing" they know full well that these are symbols and that's why they are blatantly putting them in their music. Also, this band is as independent as can be, and that album came out years ago. I listened to it once and it was good if you like industrial.

      I didn't suddenly decide that I wanted to worship the devil after listening to it. Think with your heads, people. We are human beings and we're free to listen to, watch and read what we want. But if you're that foolish to think that some industrial band told you to worship the devil, you're as big as fool as one who would think that Judas Priest's album told them to commit suicide when it was played backwards.

      Unlike the pop music, Angelspit is meant to be that way. People who think outside the box, or just like electronic and metal music enjoy listening to them. Is Skinny Puppy next? What about KMFDM? You do know that they're against the New World Order, right? They're on your side, making music to inform people. This music is made to inform, not to decisive.

      Another thing you need to stop doing is posting metal albums, because they are full of blatant imagery. Of course it's going to have demons and monsters and blood and guts and weird symbols. It's heavy metal! It's supposed to. You do know that Christians also make metal, right? Go check out the Christian unblack metal band, A Hill To Die Upon. Yes, they are Christians.

      Besides, throwing in blatant imagery distracts our minds from the real imagery. How can one discern the fakes from the real deal? Some people use these symbols just for the heck of it. It's all a part of the rebellious metal/industrial nature.

      • So, I, as one of the people you mentioned, used my head and guess what I came up with: You put garbage in (your mind), you get garbage out.

        You don't seem to be thinking very deeply, unfortunately. Your argument about that type of music is that imagery and symbols are there because of the type of music? That's a circular argument and makes no sense. Let's think a little harder. What is the real reason? Maybe it's another of the too numerous to count shapes and forms that satan/illuminati/new world order, or whatever you think of it as, uses to persuade you to their side. They take a little seed of truth, like pretending they are just giving information and they are on "your side", and pack it full of garbage like the symbols and imagery you were referring to. And then they get you. See?

    • not creepy but very disturbingly crazy! would i literally ask for my house to be in da shape of that.. HELL NOO! Anywayss i wonder what VC is gonna put up instead of the symbolic pics.. but i definitly would like to see sumthing new (not that his article’s aren’t great cuz they are)!! :d

    • It is starting to look like the elites serving the demonic extraterrestrial entities are starting to reveal themselves. More and more people are seeing the illuminati/freemasonic symbols and are pointing the finger at the freemasons and other secret societies that the elites associate themselves with. If Satan is really the ruler of this world, why would he reveal these obviously satanic symbols? Why would he let info leak out to the public on the freemasons, and let popular conspiracy theorists like David Icke expose the elites and their connections to secret societies? I believe what we see developing now through this road towards a police state dictatorship is the emergence of the a flase New World Order that will be sacrificed and destroyed along with the freemasons and secret societies who will be willing to sacrifice themselves and their careers in order to let the appearance of the anti-christ take the position as Jesus Christ promising world peace and unity. This will be the true New World Order. If Satan is really running things on earth, and the evidence of history says he is, then why would he be letting us in on the freemasons? Because he is going to sacrifice them as the evil of the world and introduce himself as the Savior, as Jesus. I believe it is important to look at prophecy in the Bible to confirm this. God Bless!

      • Your explanation is a good one I can she that happening, but it could be many reasons on why it has been played this way. For 1 fear, letting this sickness slowly leak out and become the main topic of everyones agenda and yet we as the "stupid masses" as they refer to us are still half awake and in full not taking any action, but those who are aware (us) are any of you afraid, honestly. It could be because near the time of finding/ pushing the anti-christ to power they no longer feel they need to hide, or as they have stated in their backwards religion; We must see a glimpse of the future in order for it to become the future. It could be millions of reason, the only thing we need to know for sure is that this is REAL and it's happening now and we need to be prepared for the next steps. GOD bless us all.

      • "If Satan is really the ruler of this world, why would he reveal these obviously satanic symbols?"

        Because the best place to hide something is in plain sight.

      • My friend, I don't mean to offend but you might be giving to much credit & power to Satan without noticing. He might not be allowing us anything. Jesus might actually be the one exposing & "allowing" these things to come to the light. Remember A kingdom divided against it's self can't stand. It's very possible that these things must come to pass, so that people will recognize the works of the enemy & seek salvation. This is my personal opinion & I choose not dogmatic about it, but it does make some sense. God bless.

        John 3:20

        For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. (Satan himself could easily fit in this category)

        Ephesians 5:11

        And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

  73. The today show, just did a interview with Laura Bush seated under the Prometheus Statue on Monday morning. She was discussing education reform…and some new program shes promoting.

  74. nice pics!! .. really a Naomi n Vladamir? He knows he has a Nubian goddess, and im sure maximizes all her melanin essence … funny how we didnt see that s**t on ET LOL

    • I saw this lest week on a brazilian website and posted here. my jaw dropped when i saw the shape of the house. its like she is living inside of the hell itself… for me.

      i thank GOD for the day i found this website, and VC for letting my BOTH eyes very much open…

      God bless you all

      • it is th ehorus eye, known also as masonic one all seeing devil eye…the ancient egypt was heavily under the power of entities which today called as "reptilians" by david icke, commonly called as demons in religious texts…

        they may try to make it appear as much as possible fashionable and "inn", but it is simply called "satanism", the satanic symbolism is too obvious, there is nothing even to cover up. We see the balck and red, baphomet, sacrifice ritual, depression, hate, sadness, suffer, bath of blood, ritual torture and etc. Where are the eyes of good sense censure? why they shut down the websites if there is even the word "al qaidai", but they don't touch these satanic magazines, music groups, movies and etc.? it is all clearly harmful for the children…

    • I love Naomi's House.. As High Frequency stated in an earlier comment.. Thats Melanin at its best. It time we take back OUR Symbols, Sciences, & Energy And Use Them Ourselves To Manifest The Power

      • @Heru Tehuti I totally agree. Sometimes, even on this site, even though VC states that the Occult has been inverted & perverted by the elite (eg symbolised the inverted pentagram and cross), many still believe the occult in and of itself is devious, when it is the opposite! And that is why the elite run with it while feeding the masses religion (which are all derived from (the much misunderstood) Kemetic (Egyptian) Spirituality). Imagine the true Spritual Power the world would possess were we to reclaim – how would you control a nation filled with Heru's (Horuses)? Its impossible! Horus is a victor, warrior and king, and that is how he is able to resurrect his papa (Ausar [Osiris]) or The God Self from the dead (enslavement by worldly forces such as the illuminati).

        Thanx brotha

        *Greetings frm Africa!!!*

      • YES!!! CHHUURRCH! …. the ancients knew what/who they shared their knowledge with and knew this very thing would come to pass!

        Its like the humans in district 9, they had the alien weapons and could not activate them… this same theory applies. If you are Melanin DEFICIENT, the science is not gonna work for you.

      • i understand your desire to put the Egyptian Symbols on a pedestal. Perhaps as some sort of reference to "Black folks" empowerment, but you are delusional to believe that it is anything other than devil worship.

        the fact that it was done in Africa, by people who kinda look like "Black Folks", does not make it "Black culture".

        All religions are full of crap, and Egyptian "god" worship is no different. But the evidence of blatant satanism is rampant through out that culture.

      • That article makes the barest hint that the Horus house might be used as a disaster-preparedness house. So, for example, if the masses revolted and there was a world war, Naomi would be safe and sound here with her boyfriend and a select few friends.

    • I was hoping that VC put that house up of Campbell's I was hoping and they did it. smh at this mess that these celebs trying to put on us. More and more people are waking up to this mess and I for 1 so glad becaue I been telling my friends and they don't believe me but some of them now they do and they are waking up about it the others think I am a hater or something whatever I tell them.

    • Don't stop the symbolic pics of the week Vigilant! It's my favorite part of the site! I'm sure a lot of people agree. At least I hope they do.


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