Symbolic Pics of the Week 08/01/11


Sorry for the delay…even VC’s take vacations!

Androgynous Australian male model Andrej Pejic in Photo France. MK butterfly “muting” him.
Same photoshoot with classic MK mask
Andrej Pejic again
Same dude. Again.
Colin Firth
Brandy in the classic MK theme of good girl VS bad girl personas.
The new TechnoMarine ad campaign features a bunch of models using the watches as eye-patches and therefore hiding one eye. 


I’m not sure who these people are (I believe they’re part of a dance group), but here’s an example of how media influences people.

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225 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Week 08/01/11"

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Dude looks like a lady.

Someone is directing the people to pose in this manner and to create this kinds of pictures.

look at the techno marine logo…it looks like smth right ?

That Techno-Marine pic reminds me of this:

I've always hated Colin Firth, winning an Oscar for that s**t movie ugh. anyone can win an award these days. but this just makes me hate him even more.

HEYYYYY. The TechnoMarine logo thing kinda looks like a ram's head with horns.

Maybe I'm just trying to hard…

It's pretty obvious about the watches since it's meant for your hand…

"Androgynous" my ass. That dude's prettier nine-tenths of all the chicks I've ever seen in my life. I was of the impression one must look a little like both genders to pass for androgynous.

anyone else take notice that the TechnoMarine logo resembles a baphomet?

how to send suspicious pics?

The one with the dance group scares me!

Some people are naturally adrogynous and some people are actually born with both male and female parts. Is that against God? Is that unnatural? I mean seriously people, come on.

God made male, female, straight, gay, believer and non believer, he made the handicapped, the mentally ill – I don't think adrogny perverts what is natural about men and women. Some people naturally have that look. If that's how they were born – it is not unnatural.

I've watched the behind the scenes video clip of Andrej's photoshoot…a masquerade mask and a butterfly clip prop seemed so innocent…

The guy withe the orange watch is Tuki Brando – Marlon Brando's grandson.

whats wrong w/ that girls leg to the left of the very last picture???… take a look at this, dear VC's

Vogue shoot. Animal print background, 10 yr old model. Apparently she is a famous supermodel (?) – at 10yrs old? Very disturbing… but not surprising.

Parent’s fury at 10-year-old ‘supermodel’

On how media influences people: I know a guy who is obsessed with Lady Gaga and acts just like her, imitating her fashion and obviously her jestures, and addressing to his friends by "little monsters, yes, please adore me!" but what's really ridiculous/annoying about the whole thing is that he thinks he's original, and that he's not copying anyone, that he's been like that since always (as Gaga sings: born this way) and most of all, that he talks about Illuminati like some cool organization who makes you become cool and famous, and also like some sort of God or church, as he often invokes them, or says "I'm a true Illuminati, my mother teaches catechism to children and she's got an Illuminati son… omg!". Observing his behavior I just think this may be exactly their aim, they'd like you to be exactly like that, maybe.

Is wondering what time the watch Andrej is wearing in his last pictured photo wrong?


I just heard that the infamous Aokay sign is now also being used as a gang sign for the bloods if you tilt it horizontal……..

I actually thought Andrej Pejic was Female until I read the writing beneath the photo o.o

Here's Andrej Pejic in a strange video…

re: the technomarine watch shots – doesn't look like anybody's mentioned this yet –

they're a take-off on the Borg (think Star Trek) which is an allusion to transhumanism – even the name fits- "TECHNOmarine". (If you're not familiar with it, google "Picard as Borg".)

i have seen a picture in a magazine where the model is modeling a watch and she's raising her hand up to her left eye.

i guess the watch companies put time on the devil's hands. :/

very interesting…. i believe you all should continue to investigate more behind all of this, the watch photo has significance, alice and the wonderland, the rabbit who always was watching/chasing time, apparently according to Brice Taylor (mk victim and survivor) mk slaves were/are not at all allowed to wear watches… in addition, many child rapes, child p*********y and satanic rituals were/are done at disney (mostly in california). moreover, mk slaves also have categories – diamond is one of them, when these celebraties are participating in these photo-shoots they may well be under some kind of deep and perverse program, the brandi pictures as you know are the alter personalities (good and bad), Brice Taylor also had a twin personality one was used for presidential sex, p**n, prostitution, ect and the other one was for a human computer (between the intelligence team and the government), in any case this is all… Read more »

Thanks again VC, you have taught me so much! Keep it coming! God bless. (Could you analyze E.T by Katy Perry please?) (:

Colin Firth too …. no wonder! I could not believe for sometime when I saw Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Nicolas Cage and many others practicing this stuff.

VC you're missing too much, I'm not lazzy to make researches, but you know, I think God gave you this gift to discover some obscure secrets all over the world, secrets that ppl would never find out without ppl like you VC! Go! lets show these evel and out of mind ppl, that we're awake with eyes wide open to where they want to lead our youth…to the hell. God is with us, and for the logic of our natural characteristics the good always wins, nobody wants to be hurt, or cry, or lose a loved person, so there's no logic the evil wins, 'cos God is love and best think is that HE IS WITH US GOOD PPL!!!. Did you notice how the MIDIA is trying to scare the world with that statement "…till 2020 there will be famine all over the world…" come on ppl, let's think with… Read more »


That girl's a dude..?! wtf!

We all need vacations 🙂 Hope you had a good time.

the guy with the orange band watch is marlon brando's grandson, tuki brando

Thank you for the info. He's GORGEOUS. Looks a lot like Brando's daughter. Must be her son…:)

finally you're back!! i wont lie i've bin comg here every single day to check for any new thing!! u wre rily missed. nw dat u're back, its tym to get back to exposing the devil and the music industry for wat they truly are. 😀

Nooooooooooo!! Not Brandi! :'( I always thought she was so cute, ever since "Moesha".

Speaking of ordinary people being influenced by media, it's spreading, know of two blogs that also have started hiding one eye, using butterflies and such..If they only knew what they're doing..

just disgusting

im surprised a lot of teenagers are aware but many of them find it cool.


i know im not the only one that thinks that the ok sing thing over the eye looks super f*****g plus i dont know why they even do it if they dont know what it really means… ok is not a cool word its an ok word lol id rather give em my fabulous middle finger

super f*****g stupid* sorry

Although you had me a teensy bit worried, I am glad you gave yourself a breather, you most certainly deserved one!! Hope you enjoyed your lil holiday 🙂

Now (forgive me if it's already been said– didn't read all the comments) did anyone else notice on Colin Firth's eye, it's an upside down pentagram?!! Weasely, sneaky (yawningly unoriginal) little bastards they are!!

Until now, I thought Brandy was one of the most uncommercial black female musicians, it was always just about her voice, i mean her last album was called 'Human' and the tracks were so empowering.

Know she has an alter personality titled, Bran'Nu

such a shame…

the last picture…it almost appears as if they were MOCKING us. C'mon, even one of them had a shirt with "ILL" on it as if saying ILLuminati. They know full well what it represents. They are mocking us.

No, they're not mocking you nor anyone else. If you're familiar with the dance culture (particularly the urban Asian youth in California), then you'd know that "Ill" is synonymous with "sick", as in cool (slang). I see it all the time, nothing out of the ordinary, even with the shirt designs. The symbolism only became cool because of how taboo it is. This generation of youth aren't as ignorant as you'd think. Look at the brand "TISA" (which was created by one of Kanye West's friends), the letters are designed in a way which would create a firestorm on this website. You'd be surprised how many mainstream rappers and youth wear it today. All it takes is a simple google search.


that dude looks just like taylor momsen from gossip girl lol.

Thank you! Could not remember who that guy reminded me of.

You may hate me for saying that but he's beautiful! Andrej, I mean. If female clothes suit him more, let it be.

I feel sorry for him, though, if he's a MK slave.

Someone once mentioned how

making the 'diamond"

opens a spiritual gateway into the person's soul

allowing evil to enter and take control,or the

person's energy and thats why jay gets fans to put it ip

so is it safe to assume your friend on facebook is harming herself

without knowing it everytime she makes those one eye hand signs?

just to let you know how media influences people and how they make the whole thing "in", i have a friend on facebook who keeps posting pictures of herself covering one eye, a pic of her with herself (like a reflection), a couple of pics wearing a t-shirt with an inverted triangle print. the latest is she received a gift from a friend – a big eye pendant.

if she's a celebrity i would be so sure she's part of it but no i don't think she knows what she's doing.

check out LV's latest campaign.

I do not believe the watches are symbolic, probably just representing pirates. The rest is quite obvious.

Maybe they should immediately getting blind on the ONE EYE when they do it. Satan is really "ruling the world". You better talk right B!

I seriously LOL'd at the TechnoMarine campaign. Really?!?! I mean, a watch over the eye like a pirate patch? Not creative, Not original, Not eye-catching… Dude needs to be fired.

Let me get this straight: so if somebody, anybody, poses with an eye patch or make up in just one eye (like Colin F.'s) the person is being controlled? That's a bit far fetched, don't you think? Just because of one photo?

Now, if we keep on seeing Colin F. (or whomever) showing red flags continuously, that's another story all together, but to assume a person is "this or that" because he/she flaunted one eye ONCE is not realistic. (IMHO)

The model looks like a girl and a very gorgeous one if I may say so. Poor thing. His photos are disturbing. Talk about mind games…

Welcome back, VC.

Well said.

…..the first four pictures…I'm more shocked at the fact that he's a dude! He looks like a woman!

miss U