Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/11)


It has been thirty days since the last instalment of Symbolic Pics of the Month and you better believe that the constant flow of Illuminati symbolism in mass media hasn’t stopped. In the December edition of Symbolic Pics of the Month: Sugababes, Kanye West, Fergie, Jessie J, Robyn and many others.

British girl-band Sugababes on the cover of Fabulous magazine, posing limbless with mannequins: a classic way to depict mind control slaves.


Kanye performing with a big Baphomet face on his shirt.


Jessie J giving a Mickey Mouse/One Eye salute on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s December’s issue


Fergie in what appears to be a tribute to Monarch programming: submission, degradation and…oh yeah…a butterfly tattooed on her ass.


Monarch Butterfly and One eye hidden. You know what it refers to.


Robyn doing it again.


Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti on the cover of L’Officiel. A butterfly wing covering one eye.


Eye inside a triangle…mmhmm.


Model Ana Buljevic just reminding you who she’s working for.


Norwegian singer Annie too



Ayumi Hamasaki, Japan’s “Empress of Pop”




She also brings that Sex Kitten imagery


Nicki Minaj: Yet another female pop star dressed as a robot, a la Maria from the movie Metropolis. In this performance, she is literally plugged into a giant machine that “feeds” her. What a great way to portray those running the entertainment industry.


Model Andrej Pejic (featured in previous Symbolic Pics) in a shoot alluding to multiple personalities


This is rather old but Dollhouse was a TV show featuring several types of MK programming. This ad shows a “doll” as a mannequin holding a gun: Delta aka Killer programming.


Prada ad


These ads for a Toy Story-inspired clothing really insist on that One Eye thing.




Even making the kids do it


This is just a great image representing disinformation in America. All of the other covers of Time are about revolts in Egypt. The cover of the US version? “How depression is good for you”. Can’t make that stuff up.

Thanks to everyone who sent in pics and keep them coming!


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'These ads for a Toy Story-inspired clothing really insist on that One Eye thing…'

To those of us who know this symbolism, we catch it right away. However, I know even for myself I was completely ignorant to everything illuminati until about a year ago, and sadly I assume most of America is also…probably including that little girls parents. 🙁

I think many of those who make those signs are just imitating what they see their idols doing. They don't know or don't care about the purported meaning of those signs. You can't call that evil or dark, just ignorant and – well, maybe a little stupid also.

Well .. I've read about this and I also have some friends that are aware of this stuff. What surprises me is that many of my acquaintances are laughing on the subject. You can look to Romanian singers and you will find that most of them are somehow taking you to think they are marionettes. Men and women. Girls have eye-glasses that actually cover the eyes so they can not see. It's a kind of submission and mind control technique. Look at Andreea Banica – Electrified, Corina – Monkey Funky, Andra – Telephone and others. Search them and you will convince yourself. It seems that this Illuminatti thing is everywhere.

nice work u r doing, such hard work need apriciation. i am an indian girl born and brought in hindu riligious valus, never ever thought of the explanation you have given to each little detail. spacial thank to gaga who made me think. i study litrature and philosophy and one question comes in my mind whenever i read your articale why this same repitation over and over ,are they out of ideas or people are dumb, are they just copying what other are doing to make us think. all over the world u can see the trace of voilance, no offence i think cristianity has done more worse then any religen, in our daily life we also say god is not halping but we never talk about any saton who can save us, if ther is they not in mainstrem public life. i think this the problem of being too… Read more »

I have a butterfly in my back and has nothing to do with the fact that Im the governments slave, I just had 15 years old and did it to do a methamorfosis or what ever I thought I needed to do to change and actually happenend. but i recognise im a slave …

Anyway it has nothing to do with what i said above, but guys most of you seem to be intelligent so why would u refer to religion all the time. we all know "Religion is the opiate of the masses" , they just want us to stop using our brains ! no one has de demon inside them, their are just ignorat puppets of people with the napoleon complex.

It is so easy to use religion against people or for religion to sometimes lead people against each other. But it usually has to do with people who take the words of whatever religion they're from and turn them into something…alarming…which is not.

Religion, churches… < I don't relate to all that stuff. My GOD loves all people. Good people. I don't read the bible, or go to church, but I do believe in a GOD, a God that does not discriminate or hate.

If you read the writings by the old Christians of the first centuries A.D., you'll see they were far from being brain dead ! They are not the same people as those living today. Possibly those that want to control the masses discovered the potential of religion in controlling the masses, so they are using it. This implies of course it's not Christians who are behind it.

seems everything is been controlled by them what should we

non-illuminates (wear) cause for sure the lord shall and always

keep his children……………………i am so confused

this post is from africa and we are against iilluminatii and all

these innocent killings and wars also wassup with all

the naked videos ………. iiluminatii disgusts me

This whole covering one eye thing is really ridiculous. I don't see anything creative about it. Some people may know what they're doing but others don't. Let's not generalize…stuff like generalizing is so easily done here in America.

Man I just can't get over that first Toy Story pic.. the girl looks like she is on a noose, and about to be strangled by what would be considered a form of beauty (her hair). Makes me glad I went through reading and interpreting symbolism in school before it realized teaching that was a bad idea!

This is mind-blowing!

Why is the States trying to hide its people from the truth?? It wont succeed im telling you. And all these messages are a perfect example of subliminal messages!!!

Kayne is probably wearing chaps under his manly skirt

Lindsay Loham doing a Marilyn Monroe photo-shoot for Heffner, ominous for her though she might think that by doing this she wins THEM over to her good side now that she is off rehab and so needy

Hi All,

Great site. As time goes on, there's less and less to appreciate since it's drenched in illumati evil. There are also various games made by comapanies with blatant symbols. I'll try and add a link below:

Being that I work in retail i'm always seeing illuminati and other satanic imagery in clothing. Butterflies are abundant on girls clothing, so are peace symbols, and the five pointed star. And for the boys, skulls and cross bones and other satanic looking stuff. And a LOT of Hello Kitty. I use to be addicted to hello kitty at one point, and stopped when i was growing in faith of Jesus, I didnt force myself to not like hello kitty anymore because of faith, but its something that just happened. Since accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior and the only way of salvation for us all, I look at things completely different. I was NEVER an atheist but i never really knew Jesus, but Thanks to God I do now. During my time of growing in faith i was also becoming aware of the illuminati and other evils related… Read more »
"Die Religion … ist das Opium des Volkes" Religion is, indeed, the self-consciousness and self-esteem of man who has either not yet won through to himself, or has already lost himself again. But man is no abstract being squatting outside the world. Man is the world of man—state, society. This state and this society produce religion, which is an inverted consciousness of the world, because they are an inverted world. Religion is the general theory of this world, its encyclopedic compendium, its logic in popular form, its spiritual point d'honneur, its enthusiasm, its moral sanction, its solemn complement, and its universal basis of consolation and justification. It is the fantastic realization of the human essence since the human essence has not acquired any true reality. The struggle against religion is, therefore, indirectly the struggle against that world whose spiritual aroma is religion. Religious suffering is, at one and the same… Read more »

Am not surprised at all .it is all written in the book of REVELATION,its a great sign of the end-time. Christians out there be vigilant.this life is more than our every day activity.serious activities goin on in the spiritual realm from chidi

Could you please leave a comment or explanation on the new Versace for H&M campain?
What do you think?

There has already been a VC article about the video.

Adam Lambert retweeted a post from a twitter page called the Illuminati ,"If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time."

New vid by the band Skrillex, very strange. (Owned by Atlantic Records):

Here is a source. Pike and the three world wars..

Check this out, Bollywood…can it be more obvious?

i found this in a oonely subreddit <– is ti possible to be the one eye symbol ? its from the new christmas movie

I was really looking forward to my future too. Oh well……

The Sugababes and Dollhouse covers seem to me like they are trying to get us to accept nudity. The mannequins are unclothed for a reason. We focus on the symbolism and ignore the nudity. One more breakdown of morality gets slid right in.

i had a horrible nightmare last night. it had many famous people in it doing all types of scary s**t. i was shopping at h&m and all they had was Baphomet shirts and jewlery i cant remeber all of it but these images kept flashing of his face and i woke up sweating and screaming Baphomet and it was 3:33.

Wow, that's scary, especially it being 3:33 when you woke up. Perhaps it would be good for you to take a little break from reading about this stuff for a bit. It can get to you after awhile. Relaxation tapes and visualizations before going to sleep has helped me. I don't know if you are so inclined but if you are then saying a prayer as you drift off to sleep could help. I say something like the following sometimes when I have trouble sleeping

"Watch over me, Lord, body and soul. Stay beside me through the night. Protect me from harm. Banish my fears. Send me dreams that are sweet, fill my heart with Your peace, set my mind at ease. And, at first light, please, restore me to new life. Amen."

Unless you're housebound because you have chickenpox. Then you remain in your house and read as much as crap as possible.

Thanx Sarah not only you're an amazing mother/wife/sister/counselor and who knows what else, to top it off you're also a spiritual mentor in a female form. We can always count on your maternal instincts. You're truly the personification of mature nature.

Dear vigilant citizen,

i was on youtube the other day and came across a video of Jessie J claiming she doesn't know about

the illuminati and she doesn't know what people are talking about with the one eye thing.

maybe that was her in her real state of mind. but how could she possibly be in her subconscious

state doing all this imagery and stuff ?

Do you believe her? is she for real?

please get back to me on this. thank you

As always so many interesting mind control/one eyed photo shoots. I just wander if the people in the photos even know what is up? Do they know why they are posing in such a way that is disturbing or rather strange. Do the models and celebraties even know about mind control, oz programming, alice in wonderland programming or jewel programming,hello kitty,disney-mickey mouse and sex-kitten programming. Do they rely only on someone else to tell them when they can move or breathe or what to wear etc. Do they not find it odd that so many stars and other entertainers have butterfly tattoos. Do they even know what the monarch butterfly programming is and that they may very well be under its creepy control. I find it all very, very strange and creepy as well as interesting. The more I see on the site the more I want to do my… Read more »

Been trying to figure out what's so disturbing about the Sugababes photo for days. They are life-sized sex dolls. Mouths wide open, ready for fellatio.

Then i got alot of friénds showin ths signs unknowingly. I've done it myself, but nt anymo. Wat can happen wen u r doin it unconsciously?

What about covering one eye with your hand ?
It could be not related at all to any illuminati stuff.
Why shouldn't you be free to cover one eye if you happen to feel like it at that particular moment ?
It could be absolutely spontaneous.
I know for a fact I have sometimes made this movement kind of involuntarily just because it felt it helped me to relax when I felt tension in my head.

I agree. The bible does talk about poeple making motions (or signs) with their hands. And feet think of the Nike symbol on shoes its a v.

Proverbs 6

12 A troublemaker and a villain,

who goes about with a corrupt mouth,

13 who winks maliciously with his eye,

signals with his feet

and motions with his fingers,

14 who plots evil with deceit in his heart—

he always stirs up conflict.

Making motions with your hands while talking is not the same thing as those hand signs.
In many cultures it is very normal to gesture a lot. Why should that have to do anything with illuminati ?
On the contrary, the "illuminati" hand signs were (purportedly) devised by occult groups to carry meaning and be intelligible to the initiated only.

And so all those celebrity rappers and hiphoppers who love to be shown on posters with penetrating eyes and making bizarre hand signs (they love having bizarre names too, did you notice) try to fascinate the unwary public…

the girl surrounded by birds and butterflies creeped me the most.

the girl in the pixar suit looks like she is being hung by her hair. Of all the places for a pony tail to be. Suggest suicide much? And that girl is well over the age of wanting to wear pixar memorabilia. I don't know if the illuminati is as big as much of the internet information seems to think it is, but there sure are a lot of sick commonalities that emerge from all entertainment entities. No one seems to notice or care, I sometimes wonder what the point of caring is, but I would rather not be ignorant and know what I am up against. All philosophies speak of evil, Seems to be showing its face more and more with hollywood as its main vessel and the media, omni present to make sure everyone knows who is really in charge. And will project whatever they see fit for… Read more »

Question, so we see all these celebrities promoting the agenda of the illuminati by posing with hand gestures and symbols, etc, are these celebrities:

a – under mind control themselves?

b – not under mind control, and unknowingly promoting illuminati agenda?

c – not under mind control, but knowingly promoting their agenda?

d – others?

All of the above.

20 min ago I have seen on romanian tv chanel rtv a news regarding the foto of inna from this aricle. They are saying that she is suspected of beeing an illuminati puppet by the american website 🙂 . here is the link on their website:

A massively popular all around the world, with performances in america, russia, israel, etc, russian singer Vitas is in the illuminati. Men and women adore him and he is talented but it is because he did sell his soul for fame. Check out this song called "Soul":

This is just bizzare whats going on in the world…we raise kids infront of the telly and video games in the name of intertainment instead of encouraging them to go out and play outside.This is when they get exposed to all this crap and they think its cool and want to be part of this cool world they see on the screen. its not too late to fix this mess,we need to do things differently.We need to do things the way we did it as we were growing up.lets tell our kids to go out and play to stimulate their minds with nature…. lets set up a bedtime and a "no telly after 9"rule….when we see or hear our little ones say something is cool when its not,correct them on the spot.You will be amazed how kids respond to such control….pure minds and hearts,as intended by nature. As for we… Read more »
i've seen so many of Facebook friends do the same thing with the Okay sign and the eye not saying my friends are being controled by some dark force for the most part all of my friends are church going God fearing people however , really believe that with ALL the Lady Gaga hype the Eye in the Okay sign has been overdone and like you said has been made to look cool,Pimp, or trendy … However what it represents isn’t good… For example the cornuto sign is the sign of the devil or 666.. Most rockers and entertainers know this and flash it like its going out of style but many fans have no clue.. It’s all "Monkey see monkey do"… so our Facebook buddies are being strongly influenced by the powerful force know as Monkey see monkey do Syndrome 😀 its also a very good way to show… Read more »

Watch on youtube:

midnight sun -elena gheorghe

The same elements, the same lyrics, the same act, the same kind of girls, the same signs…

Tim hortons had its birthday three months ago.and i swear the symbols on the picture of promotions were so creepy. I know there's a butterfly in the middle…

The problem with most of the public in america and some other countries is that they are soo engrossed in people like kim kardashian, music, sex, money and all things marterial that we have become oblivious to the changes that are taking place before our very eyes. Im sure that 2012 will be a year to remember…its hard to exscape the hold that it has on all of us, cell phones, FB, and all things that numb us to harsh realities and the ablility to think for ourselves…the agenda is set and they are getting everyone in place to usher in the new reality. I was listening to beyonce, the song countdown and in one of her verses she says " london, speed it up, houston rocket!!" what do you think she ment by saying that ??? Hmmmmm

even in nicki manaj's song boom boom bass or whatever its called she has a lyric that goes something like "even scarier than the guy with the thing on his eye" These scum just adore the one eyed thing apparently because the antichrist is going to have some sort of eye damage. the bible descibes him as looking like a "deathstroke that got healed" could mean a big slash over the eye a missing eye. regardless. the illuminati are so stupid for worshipping lucifer some scrubby angel a fallen angel piece of trash. how pathetic. like ants worshipping a caterpillar when the caterpillar didnt create them…hes just a fat caterpillar wearing a crown saying "im almighty!" yeah right

Unoriginal, boring, lame. Models=robots, very sad!

And yes, USA lives in a big bubble. Someone will have to pop it.

rihanna‑esquire‑november‑2011 should be up there

VC said, "Model Ana Buljevic just reminding you who she's working for."

If the illuminati controls entertainment/media, then are all celebrities aware that they "work" for them? I'm having a hard time picturing the logistics. ie Did someone approach, let's say Britney Spears, with an offer of outrageous success if she helps them spread their evil agenda? Or are all celebrities "mind controlled" and blindly do whatever they're told. idk. Makes them seem either really evil or really dumb.

Personally I think some of the musicians like Britney Spears and Michael Jackson are and truly were victims, largely because they were brought into it as children. I've seen photographs of Michael giving the triple six hand sign when he looked to be about seven years old, and with Britney there is of course the Mickey Mouse club. They are the ones who often try to break out of it at some point and end up paying the price. Then there are the ones who come in as adults and seem to know exactly what they are doing and seem more like handlers ie. Jay-Z. This has been going on though for a very long time in the industry. There are many valid reasons to believe that Kris Kristofferson is a mind control handler. The industry handlers of old seemed to almost always come from families with a military background.… Read more »

Kris Kristofferson's eyes scare me in a very bad way. I don't know what the deal with him is but there's something not very nice I can't put my finger on.

A little background on Kris Kristofferson might help. His grandfather was on Officer in the Swedish army. His father was a US Air Force General. Kris is a Rhodes Scholar, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa at Pomona College in 1958. Kris also graduated from Merton College at Oxford University. He is a trained military and civilian helicopter pilot having served in West Germany in the 8th Infantry Division. He was offered a job at West Point as a teacher. He has also been fingered by ex mind controlled slaves as being a mind control handler and slave runner.

All I can say is that these smbolic gestures are so passe' and B-O-R-I-N-G now that it is almost laughable at how desperate these so call "Illuminated" ones appear to try to be "noticed" now.

So enough already… we get it… and we have openly and vehemently REJECTED it and YOU.

Hey guys. I just want you all to know that every thing being talked about on this site is very true and even worse!!! Not only are celebrities targeted but everyday people also. It is basically anyone that is not for them and are clearly against them…whether rich or poor.If you decide to stand up to them you will be in for it and there will be few to help you. You will have to depend solely on the Lord. I cant say too much.

The Gaga stylist cover…"love sex magic"…wow. How obvious is that? I mean to those who know what sex magick is. Very blatant stuff. Once again demonstrating how confident they are in the general public's ignorance.

I sent this to VC Im a little confused as to why this wasnt posted LUPE AND TYLER THE CREATOR AND YES LUPE IS DOING THE DEVIL SIGN!

It has all become so obvious and out in the open now that I do believe the elite are openly mocking us and we the peasants who REFUSE to wake up are mocking ourselves. People are degrading themselves and their own souls by wearing and recreating the symbols of their own oppression. I can kind of understand busy, tired people being deceived even though it is so blatantly being fed into their subconscious. What I don't understand are people who have access to and read websites such as this and still refuse to believe that is an all out onslaught and campaign for our very souls. It gets frustrating that not even one star will be honest and truly and openly admit that they are doing the one eye and horns, triple six signs etc..because they are part of a luciferian cult. I know the dangers, probably a death sentence… Read more »

the one eye thing is so obvious,its becoming ridiculously boring!!!

has anyone seen Cassie's photoshoot for Idol magazine? yea, they didnt even give it a fancy title with double meanings! its called the Illuminati edition

That first picture reminds me so much of the advertisement picture for "Valley of the Dolls."

Hey everyone, as Christmas holiday is starting to approach and putting up Christmas trees and lights and stuff. Not to down anyone or anything but I think everyone should look into what Christmas is really about I found some good information online that speaks about that its a pagan holiday and no one for sure really knows the birth of Christ and that has a lot to do with the real meaning of Santa.. you guys should really look into that…

Saturnalia & Satan are what Christmas is really about. 😉


Why have I only just realised after your comment that if you rearrange Santa you get Satan?

I've been saying that for years, and people just think I'm killing the fun… I never said we couldn't have a season of love and giving it's just retarded to fool children with a real fictional character called santa and have young kids praise him as THE man of the season. WHAT MAN? If only humans would find healthier lifestyles rather than telling their kids to be nice or else santa/satan won't get you toys. B***h please it's you mom's and dad's hard working money that's getting you that brainwashing toy to begin with, without really giving the thanks to who they really should, their parents and God for allowing their parents to give. <— now that is a real lesson. Oh no but I'm ruining it for the children because children really can't survive with santa/satan. Everyone will make fun of them… B.S.

Xmas is mainly a celebration of capitalism.

Dang. I never thought of that. Good catch.

Yes, Christmas is awful….once you know what it's all about you get a strange desire to go into malls with a bazooka and blow up all the Christmas yuck.

You missed Kim kardashian's checkered black and white lips! And, Katherine Heigl's daughter Naleigh in her Halloween costume complete with butterfly over left eye!


Great article !

Has anyone seen JessieJ on Tv where she wore a grey top, and it had two triangles with one eye ? Also once on Daybreak, her shirt in one of her performances had a weird looking eagle thing on.. wondered if that meant anything :S:|