Narsha and SHINee: Illuminati Infiltration of K-Pop


Illuminati symbolism is not only present in American pop culture, it is also heavily referenced in Korean pop (K-Pop), a multi-billion industry that reaches millions of young fans. We’ll look at the occult symbolism found in Narsha’s “Bbi-Ri-Bop-A” and SHINee’s “Lucifer” to see how the same hidden force that rules the American music industry also rules K-Pop.

Most of the articles found on The Vigilant Citizen have discussed the Illuminati symbolism found in the works of American artists. In the last years however, the J-Pop (Japanese pop) and K-Pop (South Korean pop) industries have been producing their own factory-made pop stars to serve the enormous Asian market. Considering the importance of its large population, it is not surprising that the popular culture of the Far East is heavily tainted by the elite’s agenda.

Narsha’s video Bbi-Ri-Bop-A is a prime example of Illuminati symbolism in K-Pop, using the same story line, symbolism and color codes found in other ritualistic videos described on this site (see Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce). The homogeneity of the messages the global population is exposed to is becoming increasingly apparent as cultural and local differences are being replaced by a single, calculated and debased popular culture.

Here’s the video with subtitles.

Analysis of the Song and Video

The song and video revolve around the themes of ritualistic initiation and spiritual duality,   which have both been abundantly observed in other videos. Narsha starts by being a good, godly girl and undergoes a profound spiritual transformation.

The video begins with an average working guy (representative of the masses) working hard for his money. While drilling a hole, he accidentally uncovers a secret underground world that immediately attracts him.

He peeps through this world with his left eye, symbolic of the Eye of Horus and/or the All-Seeing  Eye.

He is then swept into an alternate, spiritual world—some might call it the astral plane—where he must choose his spiritual destiny.

Narsha poses as a dualistic spiritual being, starting the video wearing classical Christian symbols.

Narsha wearing Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns in front of a solar halo

The lyrics of the song invite the listener to follow her into a place “without sadness and happiness,” “with no disease,” but that is still compared to a nightmare. During the bridge of the song she says:

People that are worn out come to me
Give me your worn out soul
I will erase for you every memory you want to erase
What you want boy, what you want girl
Try to believe me, entrust me and come into me

While those words are being said, Narsha undertakes a visual spiritual transformation, illustrating the lyrics’ deeper meaning. Indeed, she is going from being godly to luciferian.

Narsha’s Initiation

At the start of this pivotal scene, Narsha is dressed like the Virgin Mary, in a white robe— representing purity and innocence—and is praying assiduously. A supernatural force then intervenes and starts her metamorphosis.

Narsha’s virginal white robe turns to red, the color of sacrifice and initiation

Narsha has her purity “tainted” by the supernatural force. She then changes into a crow and flies over to the trident in front of her, symbolically representing that she has gone to the “dark side”.

The trident is also known as the “devil’s pitchfork” in religious iconography, as the adversary of God is often depicted holding the weapon. The trident can also be associated with Shiva the Destroyer and Poseidon, two mythological figures usually depicted holding a trident and who are of great importance in secret society Mystery Religions.

The devil, Shiva and Poseidon play similar roles in occult allegories.

The red-headed Narsha then zips through the forest where the construction worker is still looking for answers. The singer stops and unfolds big black wings, in a tribute to Lucifer, the Fallen Angel.  Narsha is in tears and looks troubled, hinting to a sense of pain and regret.

The construction worker is nevertheless attracted by the beautiful temptress and goes to her.

Narsha smiles with satisfaction. The same way she was tempted to convert to the dark side, she uses her alluring powers to bring other people to it.

The worker (who, remember, represents the ignorant masses) is then shown laying on the floor, dumbfounded and bewildered. We are back in the “real world”, hinting  that the entire scene took place in the man’s spiritual interior.

The video to Bbi-Ri-Bop-A symbolically portrays what happens in the occult entertainment world. Promising young talents looking for fame and riches are chosen and “initiated” by the elite. The stars are then used to charm and attract unsuspecting minds—the fans—who admire and imitate them, ultimately adopting the values the elite wants them to adopt.


K-Pop’s latest puppets?

SHINee is one of Korea’s most popular music acts. What seems to be an Asian male version of the Pussycat Dolls released a second album that seems on par with the Illuminati’s Luciferian agenda. It is subtly called … Lucifer. Here’s their video of the same name:

There is no elaborate storyline in this video just product placements from BMW, complicated hair and a supernatural force (Lucifer) mesmerizing the singers.

The song’s lyrics compare the love of a treacherous woman to the spell of Lucifer … or is it the other way around? Here’s an English translation of the lyrics:

Even if I try to avoid you, I can’t find a place to hide
I’m trapped by you, who I can’t even deny
If it was love, if you really loved me, don’t do this to me
Her whisper is the Lucifer

If you tie me down and trap me
Then the love is also tied down
The future is also tied down
It can’t grow anymore
Freely empty yourself and look at me
I’ll fill you only, I’ll completely fill you only

Your undeniable spell is the Lucifer
Your undeniable magic is the Lucifer
When I approach you
With your angelic face
Say the reason you live is for me
Say it

When I first saw you, I stopped for a short time
As if someone was tightly seizing my heart, not letting it go (still)
You took all, all, all, all, all, all of my heart just like that
You make my heart burn out when you’re not here

If you tie me down and trap me
Then the love is also tied down
The future is also tied down
It can’t grow anymore
Freely empty yourself and look at me
I’ll fill you only, I’ll completely fill you only

Loverholic, robotronic, loverholic, robotronic

The love stories I shared with you
You look towards the same places I do
When we feel that we can’t get any more perfect
Only stare at me, you want me more, more, more, more, more, more
Only look at me, you’re the center of everything, thing, thing, thing, thing, thing

Since before, something has been wrong, you’ve been weird
The love I knew left my side, one by one
All I have is you

If you tie me down and trap me
Then the love is also tied down
The future is also tied down
It can’t grow anymore
Freely empty yourself and look at me
I’ll fill you only, I’ll completely fill you only

I feel like I’ve become a clown trapped in a glass castle
I dance for you, who will never be satisfied
You look into me openly, touching my brain
I think I’ve become a fool
I think I’m only getting more and more attracted to you

Loverholic, robotronic, loverholic, robotronic

It’s not that I hate you or that I dislike you
It’s just that kind of stare is a burden is all
I’m not going anywhere
I’ve waited like this by only looking at you

Your stare captures me
As the days went by, it became sharper
I’m tired of your obsession
I’ve been cut a lot, my heart is bleeding
When it’s about time for me to pass out
She comes to me like an angel, saying “I love you”
Even though I knew it was really you
You really confused me

If you tie me down and trap me
Then the love is also tied down
The future is also tied down
It can’t grow anymore
Freely empty yourself and look at me
I’ll fill you only, I’ll completely fill you only

I feel like I’ve become a clown trapped in a glass castle
Leave me alone, when I’m free, I’ll be able to truly love you
Leave me alone, don’t make me sick of you
So I can truly look at you

If you tie me down and trap me
Then love is also tied down
The future is also tied down
It can’t grow anymore
Loverholic, robotronic, loverholic, robotronic
Your undeniable spell is the Lucifer

I feel like I’ve become a clown trapped in a glass castle … what an interesting way to describe the fate of pop stars. Like their counterparts of the Western world, these pop stars sing about being trapped, used and confused while their young fans dance and recite the words. As if to confirm the occult inspiration of the song, the video finishes with a shot of all the group’s members flashing the hermetic sign of “as above so below”.

SHINee pointing one finger up and one finger down well singing the word “Lucifer”

What other figure displays that sign? Oh yeah: Baphomet.

The whole “loverholic, robotronic” bit is reminiscent of the transhumanist theme found in western pop videos. The same  mix of occult, robotic, mindless, mechanic and sexually ambiguous imagery found in Western Pop is found in the Illuminati-controlled K-Pop.

Overt occult imagery is also found in the group’s performances. Take a look at the stage they performed on in a recent performance.

SHINee litterally surrounded by a Masonic checkerboard pattern. I guess we know who owns them.

Trivia: What was the name of the other single they performed on this stage? Up and Down … Yup, as in “as above , so below”.


In Conclusion

As popular culture is being produced by an ever-shrinking number of media conglomerates, we are witnessing a homogenization and standardization of the message that popular culture delivers. Through Narsha’s video, young Koreans are exposed to the same spiritual ritualism that young Americans witness through Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Christina Aguilera. Throughout popular culture, young people in America, the UK, Australia and Korea—and anywhere else that gets MTV—are exposed to the same “trends,” symbols and messages as their idols transmit to their fans the Illuminati agenda in a strikingly similar fashion: the same symbolism, color coding and hidden meanings are inserted in the videos as if they’ve all emerged from the same blueprint.

The elite’s New World Order aims, as its name implies, to cover the entire world. To achieve this, the world’s population must embrace the same culture, the same values and the same messages. Who better than “clowns trapped in a glass castle” to embed those messages in the minds of the younger generation?




  1. WOW! Amazing content, thanks VC! I never expected to be revealed to the dark side of K-POP. I mean, it is K-POP after all. Thanks alot, you constantly remind us to be alert on whatever content we choose to listen or watch.

      • It is not just becoming an "international thing", kpop and jpop has been corrupted by these evil agendas or new age movement.

      • I guess it is easier, perhaps, for these symbols to go by without merely anyone noticing them in Asia… As far as I know.. occult symbolisms are present in many non-christian religions t(hat make most of the religions) of Asia.

    • Good observations but these correlations don't directly nor necessarily point to evil.

      You may as well say that the developers of Quake were satan worshippers. They aren't.

      • how do you know they dont worship satan??? theyre clearly lifting his name in this song. man i was so confused i thought the guy with the red pants and the one with a half shaved head were chicks 0_o

        but back to the point of this comment, for all we know they might be worhipping i mean after everything weve seen in the media, anything is possible now to explain why they do what they do.

      • people who worship satan will not tell directly that they worship satan………they will slowly attract you from the first thing you like the most…..most people love music, they can send their message indirectly through music that we hear and slowly the characteristic build up in us and apply it in our live before we know about it…eg. get angry easily, cursing…

      • …for your information….shinee’s key and onew are christians…
        hard to see them having the “top secret” agenda of turning their fans into satan’s followers
        oh…and its a real turn off to see Christians with so many conspiracy theories…
        i’m a christian, and all my friends are always asking me i became one when it seems to them that all we do is nitpick

      • The one who wrote this article never said anything about how 'evil' they are or whatever. Everyone's blowing this WAY out of proportion; all that's happening is that he/she's making simple observations of the potentially satanic themes in popular media now a days. :<

        He/she NEVER stated that they are, or aren't satanic.

        Although he/she DID mention that it was sad how the majority of artists don't even KNOW the symbolism that they are being asked to show. Many Christians don't know anything about other religions or anything– I doubt Onew and Key even knew. ;P

      • great article. now i realized why sumthins odd with the title of the shinee's new album..but then narsha?? hmm,no wonder theres people who doesn't like SM entertainment in south korea..if anybody here a shinee's fans,don't worry..u and them(maybe) are not wrong,this poor guys are SM's puppet..just see all their live perfomances,the background must be a mind control view..even there's a sign of one eye seeing all and star david..everything that leads to illuminati. i'm a super junior fan,and i'm f***in sad and hate to say dat they r SM's puppet too. 13 is an important number in illuminati. SUPER JUNIOR=13 MEMBERS. coincidence? check this pic out.… (THE SUPER SHOW 2 POSTER) . manyyy beautiful colours exist in this world but what the heck with the checked floor? and their 'cross' like stage in their concert? more like an anti-christ symbol for me. for anyone here who confuse or sayin that i'm talking rubbish without any proof,or doesn't really clear yet bout illuminati,please watch dis videos with your open mind..may u know u truth..insyaallah…

    • you're right…i'm so shock and at the same time sad after learning that narsha is already one of those illuminatis…how i wish she could discover the truth…

      • The thing is, in the majority of the k-pop industry, artists are puppets. They dont write their own songs, they dont choose the theme of the promo, what to wear, haircut; THE CEO has the last say on EVERYTHING. They're being told what to sing, how to dance, what to wear and sometimes how to behave in public.

        So from a former k-pop biased, we shouldn't be pointing our fingers towards the "artists", the ceo

    • THIS is so stupid, POP-ASIA groups part of illuminati f### it's damn evil they need to repent and receive Christ NO OFFENCE!!!

  2. Thank you, Vigilant Citizen!

    After watching Narsha's MV, I couldn't help but remind myself of the fact that there are already approximately 6 million Freemason members in Korea. The director of "Bbi-Ri-Bop-A" said that he used religious symbols in order to express certain emotion in some unique way, well, the content is way to revealing to believe that – trying to fool the whole public? :p btw, I never expect that you would write an article about Korean Pop culture!

    There are very few people concerning that activity of Freemason in Korea. Majority thinks it's just a fiction and they think such a movement or organization doesn't exist at all. it's a tragedy because they are insensitive about this matter.

    • Excuse me

      Juyoung ,

      What's up I'm korean and I think you're korean too maybe. aren't you?

      I have some question about Freemason that you referred .

      How did you know that? you know, I never heard about that so many freemason in korea.

      I'm so confused

      could you tell me more about that?

    • theres worse in england look at little boots's videos like remedy & earthquake, its kinda ovbious. also possibly tinie tempah's frisky, ohh and estelle in freak uses the all seeing eye imagery

  3. Well done VC eventhough this does not suprise me as Ko/Japan have the same elite as the US/UK and with the same goals . Yes the Zionist Illumaniti are working hard to take over the world and built their onecity world and newbabylon but this will not succed . Just like babylon was destoryed Newbabylon will be destroyed .

    ps to VC I have looked at the page where it says gueess which country you are from. My answer is Persia, let me know if I am correct.

    The rebel

    • Thank you so much VC! I totally wouldn't have guessed that. But I have to disagree with Rebel, I think you're from Lebanon. Well your parents anyway because the artifacts that you showed were created by the Phoenicians. And with a bit of help from Google I came to the conclusion, Lebanon. Let me know if I'm right or not!

    • The Iluminati are not Zionist. They are Globalists, and, as their agenda is the same of the Antichrist, they will try to destroy Israel.

  4. Since the release of this album by Narsha, I've actually seen the symbols and I was stunned.

    The same goes with SHINee. Who would choose a title such as that? And yeah, even the dance moves show the symbols related to these organizations!

    Some people actually were surprised about the "Lucifer" title and they were scared (my friends were), but then they just got used to it when they watched/listened to the song. What's happening??

    Good job VC~ I was researching for this before and glad you came up with it. I hope more people realize what they've been following through your posts.

    • This is exactly why the whole thing is so dangerous. Now youth in Asia will be singing about "lucifer" … very scary. I'm very surprised there isn't any backlash in Korea given how Christian that country is.

      • The truth is so-called "Christian" religions play a huge part in the whole. Just their involvement alone in politics makes them guilty by association.

    • Lucifer's a real bitch to listen to. Do you realize that even if you only listen to it for research, it gets stuck in your head? I did that, and then while I went about chores at home, I caught myself humming it because it was playing so loud in my head. SM's a manufacturing genius in a bad bad way.

      • yeah..'lucifer' realy sucks..after i heard it always comes to my mind..even when i have an important test, i heard lucifer in is realy annoying but i dun know why i kept singing that song…at first..i do feel weird with the title 'lucifer'..i thought that shinee don't know bout lucifer..

        i guess..the song hounted kinda funny..

        i'm a big fan of onew till today..tomorow will be others..haha..he dissapointed me

  5. AAHHH thanks for this onee !!!

    Really loved it!!! You should also look into the japanese pop culture i think it's a little bit stronger there !!

      • I think Kpop is more "hot" and popular in Asia nowadays since it very similar to American music trends. In my opinion, Jpop is declining in popularity and there isn't as big of a global appeal since their music is more eccentric and different sounding.

      • Yeah Its Really Annoying ….
        But what I think is Its always the cycle of ying/yang ..that is bad and good… just aware of that face it …
        Conclusion…. Never worship “Idols”…just worship thoughts…

      • Yeah, that's a creepy one. And also Koda Kumi- Love Goes Like. I also find some Gackt to be very creepy!

      • hey — you got a point about this koda kumi video.

        it's like whoever came up with it took notes after reading vc's posts and made sure to include all the main signature elements. it's all there. no way of saying it's a "coincidence".

        very similar to kerli's "walking on air", reviewed by vc some time ago.

        sad & creepy.

  6. Hey, thanks for this article.

    I actually listen to a bit of K-Pop- my favourite group being SNSD – they had a song called "Run Devil Run". I love J-Pop too.

    However, the type of music I listen to most is Arabic music- Arabic pop/mainstream more. Having said that, maybe I'm just oblivious (and I hardly expect an answer from anyone here) but I haven't noticed ANY symbolism used in any Arabic music videos except:

    Amr Diab – Wala 3ala Balo (It's not on his mind) with the eye of Horus flying over everywhere.

    Besides that, I can't find anything else. If anyone can correct me: please do. Until then, I can feel guilt free listening and singing along to every Arabic song I like 😛

    • @ Draco

      Well I used to listen to arabic music, but stopped after noticing that all the songs have the same theme. And the thing that really bothers me is that all or most of the arabic female singers all look alike – you know pastic surgery and tattoo eyebrows ect. they almost look like dolls, the funny thing is that the Arabic female population are beginging to look more and more like them filling their faces with Botox and what not.

      • Haha, tell me something I don't know. I find it funny the lengths some of them go to to look "beautiful", but it's tragic really… And alot of the songs have a beautiful theme behind it, however corny the lyrics may sound…

        That wasn't my point though, I mean… when these articles refer to how the elite use media to attract masses, they mention incorporating symbols, etc. I'm wondering if there are any artists in the Arab pop market who do this… Whether subtly, blatantly, lyrically, etc. Until someone can tell me that, I'm content listening 😀

      • Im assuming not sure if im right or not but i think it's because most arabics are muslim and the religion is against all of this NWO and whatnot (it's in the koran), youtube FARHANK he has awesome videos and the one about the mecca and the muslims is a very good vid! keep up the good work VC

      • I'm subscribed to FarhanK on YouTube, his videos are nice.

        However, Christianity is also anti-NWO, yet so many so called Christian artists sell out, etc

        I think once they've broken into the Arab market to even this level, they'll have leverage on the music industry :-(

  7. Hey, anutha GREAT article. Didn't expect this one at all. But ur rite tho…one government, one religion, one currency…same themes everywhere. Hey but on a sidenote, I KNOW u saw dat Kanye West "Power" video…ill be looking for dat article soon. THIRD EYE OPEN

    • You do know what a third eye is right? You shouldn't be shouting at that yours is open on here. You're bound to get flamed by people who actually know something.

  8. Candy Kisses on

    << Rolls eyes. Not really fazed that most pop singers are jumping on the illuminati bandwagon. I think they think its cool because of the subculture. They do not care that they are puppets..

  9. I knew it! I've always wonder if you're gonna put Kpop in one of you articles. Hehe!

    Nice article! Some people just decided to listen to Kpop to "escape" from listening to US artists, not knowing that illuminati has also got Kpop and Jpop as well.

    *sigh* as for now, i really don't know what to listen to. it seems like love songs have their hidden meaning. ~_~

    • you are totally right!

      i started listening to kpop around the beginning of this year because i was so sick of hearing about US artists. the music here has gone to crap and i wanted something different to listen to. i guess what i found is no different but for some reason it was nice to not have to know what they're singing about… heheh.

      i'm actually really upset that now SHINee are becoming illuminati puppets, because they were among my favourite korean boy bands. augh.

      might as well just stick to the blues now…

      • well i can suggest some awsome christian music!! i was suprised when i discovered that side of christian music XD

        -Kierra "Kiki" Sheard (Wave Your Banner, is the bomb!!)

        -Lecrae (he's album Rehab is killer! btw "Killa", "God is enough" & "I Love You" is bombing!)

        -Trip Lee (you HAVE to listen to his album Between Two Worlds)

        -PRo (Redemption is a must!)


        -Sho Baraka (His song "We Can Be More" is my ultimate fave!)

        -Mary Mary

        -Kirk Franklin

        -Deitrick Haddon

        -Trin-i-tee 5:7

        -Suzy Rock

        -Canton Jones

        -HeeSun Lee


        -Jon J

        -Chris Lee

        -Jor'Dan Amstrong


        -DaQuela Payne

        -DJ Erick

        -Michelle Bonilla


        -Jai (prenounced Jay)

        these are a few of my favorites enjoy!!

  10. wow..i made a comment about 'lucifer' few days ago

    but i didn't thought you would have knowledge about k-pop!

    people say seo-taiji has already started those symbolism a decade ago.

    he used some backward maskings that include 'i love satan'

    i searched about korean mason lodge and i found all that famous korean CEO are involed in…

    so sick of it.

    because LG/SAMSUNG use catchprize like 'i love you' or 'your family' or 'another member of your family'


    asia is no more safe place…

    i wish korea does not become like japan.(that is all i wish. cuz korea is already US colony :( )

    but i see so many phedophiles increasing here!

    people are happy watching teen girls dancing in sexy mood…..OTL…save them…

    they are selling teen vikini picture just like japan…uh…….plz…not japan rather america…

    at least america have christian base in their society

    but japan has no idea about what religion is or god.

    …god save us…..

    • I agree with you about Japan~~ Very few people believe in Christianity there..

      They even burned Christian missionaries before. But of course, I also want these Asian countries to be saved from the hands of these evil organizations but then… how can we stop them? Let's just pray they won't catch us all! DD:

      • Wow I must say a lot of people are waking up. That masterplan scares me "One World Government under ruled by the enemy" this is a worldwide thing it's bigger than what it seems and it's scary. It's every where and even at my place of employment there is that "Checker pattern".

    • no!!! seo taiji can't' do this! of course, i'm not as obsessed with his music as i was with SHINee, but still!

      DBSK better not do anything like this, or i will one day be sent to juvenile (spelling error?) prison for lashing out at them whilst tey sign autographs. i do feel i will go to an autograph signing with SHINee and personally strange jonghyun, and i will punch kibum's pretty little face. i adored kibum, but how could a bunch of innocent little boys turn into such bastards overnight? to think just this march and april they were looking after a little baby in that variety show.

      • Wha-? D: SHINee?

        ….So…uhm…the song is definitely odd, I noticed, but…does that necessarily make the members bad as well? :( I just…I dunno. They're so pure and innocent and…young.

        And God knows I'm practically in LOVE with Onew. :(

        But…but this whole Illuminati thing…it…I dunno. It's so true. :/

        But I just wanna know….do you actually think that the members themselves believe in it? I mean from what I've heard, they're all (minus Jonghyun) very devoted Christians. :S

      • can't this all just be a trend too? where people just take the religious and occult symbolism & incorporate it into their music video…because that's the current trend/fascination? O_o i mean if you ask me all k-pop bands have already sold their soul to SM Entertainment. I don't think they have another one to sell to the devil LOL XD

        it doesn't necessarily have to be that they believe in anything or have even made any agreements with an organization. for sure this is some kind of trend sweeping across the world but just because people follow the trend doesn't mean that they are part of the originators or anything. to be honest i don't see why shinee would be involved with the illuminati unless SM Entertainment has something going on with them, in which case I still don't think of the boy bands a directly involved. I mean, to them, their idoldom is just a career in which they are trying to make money– much like any other job, though it's a great deal more exhausting.

    • i think SM entertainment loves those GOD thing.

      ex) shinhwa(means myth)

      TVXQ(it include SHIN to. it means 'eastern god rise')

      koreans don't use negative word as a name of group.( i think every people in world would..)

      still rock'n roll is not major culture here so death is really not famous keyword

      and if you think about relationship between korea and japan…

      • LOL. Are you serious? What's with the "eastern god rise" thing? It doesn't mean that so gtfo with your broken English.

      • Dong Bang Shin Ki does in fact mean "rising gods from the east". Dong Bang means eastern and Shin Ki are gods.

  11. I didn't read it yet.. but when I first saw the title I screamed OMG! I felt that there's something wrong with all these K-pop musics videos and I was going to send you some links to show it to you, but you were faster than me!

    I'll read it and reply again

    • it's japanese not korean!

      and the group's name is SHINee which refer to word 'shiny' in English.

      Think first before you comment!

    • Shine does not mean die. It's the word shi, that means death. Which is why in Japan there is never a fourth floor.

      The number 4 is skipped.

    • "Shi" means either "4" oder "death" in japanese. "Shine" or "Shinu" literally means "Die".
      In Korean however it has no meaning the way you would pronounce the japanese "Shine"
      It's more like an "Shyainii" (well that's how it's pronounced) so it's more like the english word "Shining"

  12. @ Draco

    Well I used to listen to arabic music, but stopped after noticing that all the songs have the same theme. And the thing that really bothers me is that all or most of the arabic female singers all look alike – you know pastic surgery and tattoo eyebrows ect. they almost look like dolls, the funny thing is that the Arabic female population are beginging to look more and more like them filling their faces with Botox and what not.

  13. Thanks for the knowledge…keep it coming!!! I saw a piece of kanye's "power" video & it doesnt take a genius but I cant wait to read your analysis…wish I could share these articles on fb! Knowledge is Power!

  14. Oh and BTW I think you should skip over Kayne' the attention hungry fame junkie. Happy to say I didn't watch his video but most likely it's a bunch of symbolism through together like Jay-Z's on to the next one. Meaning no story line, just a bunch of images to confuse the masses to say " see we only want attention" some of them try too hard. I know he wouldn't make my blog i'll pass!!! Some don't even deserve negetive press ( only my thoughts just saying)

  15. Crazy but @ the same time believable! Global domination is a "trend" that is full speed!!! With this happenng in the Asain market I only have this Question: What videogames are tool of the Illuminati?

    • You will discover that many (almost every one such as Zelda, Mario, Guitar heroes) video games are owned by illuminati, the most flagrant game being "Babel Rising" for ipod, there's an interesting video on youtube about MGS (Metal Gear Solid), you can see it here:

      God bless you!!!

  16. Thanks Vigilant for bringing to light (true light that is!) a conspiracy that is a world wide movement, if we can call it that. Surely the naysayers have to awaken to this conspiracy when the messages are so evident as in these videos.

    The repeated use and reference to masonic symbols and imagery demonstrates that it not about art, money or pushing the envelope. It is THIS REPEATED use all across the globe that really proves what you Vigilant have been writing about on this website.

    To all the naysayers ask yourself why are the same images and ideas used over and over again?

    VC continue the good fight it is important!

  17. Great articleee. Pleaseee do an article on Kanye west-Power. That video is ridiculously filled with satanic shit! I was wondering is this NWO/taking over the world gonna happen soon. Can you please base your answer on everything you have written or read. Thank-you. Keep sharing your wisdom.

  18. hkafgdsglsgjdgjkghl on

    So wait… does this mean we'll only get Lucifer/Baphomet/Robotic/Alien type of music and imagery for the rest of eternity?

    Seriously. I'm really tired of seeing the same things over and over… checkerboards, gazelles, masonic pillars, etc… SURELY, many people are noticing this repetitiveness and are also annoyed with it. How much longer will this go on?

    What's next, after all this? You just cannot have Illuminati-themed videos (or music or clothes, etc) forever!

    The music industry is probably preparing to shut down soon or something??

    How many more times do we have to see Baphomet's horse face, really? It just doesn't make any sense for these people to keep flashing Baphomet's gazelle head everywhere.

    If the Illuminati is trying to annoy people, it's unfortunately working.

    • Considering that sales of CDs are already 17% below last year and many people only buy product when they MUST (when there's nothing else out there, or when there's a specific reason to buy said product), then it's entirely possible that the creative pool out there is SHRINKING. Fewer dollars/euro/yen/dinars/whatever, leads to fewer writers to hire and stuff.

      And who's left? The same old "illuminated ones," who keep putting their stuff out.

      It's like TV in the seventies. Once you saw a new idea out there, you knew there'd be a half-dozen other shows that would have the same idea in their shows.

    • Hahaha I think the same way! Its really getting annoying, but its probly cuz we're noticing it and the masses are not. So there wont be a change for a while…

  19. hkafgdsglsgjdgjkghl on

    I actually visit this website just to see if there will actually be a new update… and sadly, there is!! There's always a new freaking Baphomet-related video that get's released somewhere!

    It's unbelievably ridiculous.

  20. HumanObserver on

    Thanks VC for another great article. Another place this occult symbolism is popping up is in video games.

  21. Every One Wll Bow- J on


    Amazing information. I became dumbfounded after watching Narsha's performance. There is no doubt that these videos hold power and influence to recruit those who have weak minds.I am very stunned that Korean would endorse such videos. However, the illuminati is a world organization.

    Lucifer is definitely busy. Since 1980, it became prevalent that Satan has attacked people through the widespread of drugs. There are at least three decades of lost people he gave promises to through drugs. Now, he is using fame and money to attack the others who did not fall for the drug trick. There are millions of young people who are hungry for fame and fortune. There are more reality shows on televsion. That says a lot in the evaluation of Lucifer's performance.

    Thank you for the informative awareness. May the Lord in Heaven continue to bless you and keep you. Your ministry in spreading this information is shielded by the Holy One- Jesus Christ. You are going to be blessed to take your purpose farther. I know you already received revelation regarding my message. Continue to keep your eyes on the prize. You are going to go farther. He is going to use you in high places. He places His people there as well and you are one of them. Always remain faithful to your purpose and His wil. He will always protect you. No one can harm you.

    • Yes! Everyone will bow to Jesus Christ. I just hope more people realize that the devil is no longer scare to hide in the dark, be ready because the darkest and most sinful one will rise. You all better be on the right side.

  22. Bee Palatino on

    Mr. VC, please consider watching BoA (the Korean "Queen of Pop")'s new video, Hurricane Venus. The symbols are EVERYWHERE.

    The Eye of Horus

    Being trapped inside a glass box

    Good to bad transformations

    And a whole lot more.

    I've been reading this site for a very long time and you had my eyes opened. Thank you so much.

      • Your Idol? Don't make me laugh. The ten commandments were listed in order of importance, and what was the first one? "Don't worship idols". In the Bible, there's a story of how a man cut down a tree. The first half went to stuff he wanted to use, and with the other, he carved an idol and worshiped it. SM made BoA, but by being fans, Jumping BoAs made her the icon she is. She's something man-made–actually, the materials (be it wood or human) were created by God, and then fashioned by your common variety two-legs.

  23. Actually look at it carefully at Shinee's lucifer lyrics, It is actually very satanic themed and the lyrics is very very obvious in showing so if you read the lyrics carefully preferably without the sound playing…

    • don't judge SHINee because they are just a singers and they are just singing what the composers compose to them…its like if they have a chose they will change the lyrics and the title of the song but they don't have a chose so they will just sing it to do there job

      • They do have a choice of not singing it…but again…I am judging the lyrical theme not the band…I am not labeling the band as satanic and Shinee is not satanic as far as I'm concern….I know bands that are real satanic in nature…So please do read carefully the next time before start scolding and no offense taken yeah?

  24. Wow.. thtt girl is really pretty.. she shouldnt be doing that.. i luv japanese culture and the music.. but not this kind lol



    Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him. MATTHEW 4:8-11


    One must be born again…

    Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. John 3:3 KJV

    Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. John 3:5-7 KJV

    If not…

    Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God. John 8:42-47 KJV





    And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:14 KJV

    And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. – Jesus Christ (Luke 10:18 KJV)

    How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

    For thou hast said in thine heart,

    I will ascend into heaven,

    I will exalt my throne above the stars of God:

    I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

    I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;

    I will be like the most High. Isaiah 14:12-15 KJV


      “Then the Bible, that serpent which, with head erect and eyes flashing threatens us with it’s venom shall be changed again into a rod as soon as we are able to seize it for you know but too well that for three centuries past, this cruel asp has left us no repose you well know with what folds it entwines us and with what fangs it gnaws us!” Source: ‘The Jesuit Conspiracy: The Secret Plan of the Order.’ By Abbate Leone, Published 1848, P. 98

      You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means. – Extreme Oath of the Jesuits

      See, my lord, from this room — from this room I govern not only Paris, but China; not only China, but the whole world, without any one knowing how ‘tis managed.

      Michelangelo Tamburini, 1720 AD
      14th Jesuit Superior General (1706-1730 AD)
      Speaking to the Duke of Brancas
      History of the Jesuits Vol. 1, p. 107
      Andrew Steinmetz, 1848 AD

      Let us lay to heart this maxim as the rule of all our efforts:—one sole authority— that of Rome: one sole order—that of the Jesuits… You well know what we aim at is the empire of the world…

      Aloysius Fortis, 1825 AD
      20th Jesuit Superior General (1820-1829 AD)
      Secret Council at Chieri, Italy
      The Jesuit Conspiracy: The Secret Plan of the Order
      Ex-Jesuit Novice Abate Leone, 1848 AD


      • Bay State Observer on

        Sounds like extreme Evangelical Protestant propaganda that Marco's pushing.

        And it has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject of this thread.

      • Are you even surprised that Marco is so blatantly trying to get the attention away from satan and send it to the Jesuits? I just have one thing to say, back in the 80s an evangelical association promoted a tv show called Super Book, which back then, had a very nice Bible portrayed and some good fun, nowadays they made a revamp and guess what? They portray the Bible with a serpent and an eye on the cover. Nice work you evangelicals, keep spreading satan's word!

      • Trust! It's all connected. Truth be told "Babylon the Great" is all false religion prophecied to be destroyed by the worlds governments. Revelation 17:17 .

      • The USA and the Zionists are Babylon. There is no way to deny it. In the end, when our Lord Jesus Christ comes he will punish all the false prophets, you better be ready!

      • DiziLLuZioNed on

        First of all, Marco is trying to provide you all with some background information on the REAL Illuminati. Which was a Bavarian Secret Society created in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt who was taught by the Jesuits. He was also an occultist and deeply involved in channeling satanic spirits. I think that the modern day use of the word "Illuminati" is a catch-all phrase for conspiracy theorists to group all NWO proponents together under one umbrella heading. This is a misleading use of the term as the OFFICIAL story behind the Illuminati is that their organization became outlawed and it's members were forced to resume underground. Also, this secret society was comprised of the wealthiest 1 % of the world's population and they were/are much more concerned with more pressing topics such as WORLD DOMINATION. NOT Lady Gaga, Jay Z etc. To say that these artists belong to the Illuminati is ridiculous, these artist do not have that much power nor are they important enough to be considered true Illuminist. They are merely puppets working for a much bigger cause. I have no doubt that alot of these artists HAVE sold their souls to the devil for fame and fortune but I think that it is a mighty reach to say that they belong to the "Bavarian Illuminati" because of some flashing symbols in their music videos. Now I do believe that there is a secret society of some sorts in Hollywood that is in alliance with satan and uses celebrities to push a satanic agenda BUT that society is NOT the REAL Illuminati. And anyone who tells you otherwise is pushing Disinformation. I encourage all of you who commented on Marco's thread to do some REAL research on your own of the HISTORY of the Illuminati and not merely rely on VC's articles to inform you.

      • Bay State Observer on

        I've done my research on the Illuminati over the years. And they're not what Marco is portraying them to be.

        The Illuminati hate Catholicism with a passion and most religions in general. The pitiful souls in Hollywood who follow their agenda do likewise. Poor folks like Marco who buy into and promote this extreme Evangelical Protestant propaganda about "Jesuits here, there and everywhere" only do the Illuminati's bidding…without even knowing it. Spreading confusion about who's behind whatnot and so on.

        But the thread is supposed to be about how two prominent K-Pop bands have sold out themselves to the globalist occult agenda. Not about the latest skirmish in the nearly 500 year old Catholic-Protestant conflict.

        Thank you all for your time and attention.

      • Have you ever considered that the "illuminists" can have ,and have probably ALWAYS had innerworkings within the Vatican itself.??? The ultimate deception. DUH…. The Pope blessed the United Nations efforts a year or so ago. They are in cahoots!

      • Occult organizations hate "True Christians". And since its inception the Catholic Church has not taught the Truth. Reality check…. "Protestant" religions are merely knock offs from the Catholic Church. Same underlying non-biblical beliefs and traditions flow among them as well. As far as Satan is concerned , as long as you don't know or live the Truth, his mission has been accomplished.

        Marco is merely pointing out that the Jesuits have roots within the Catholic Church which has ALWAYS been in cahoots with the governments.

        See Revelation 17 and 18.. The INTIMATE relationship between the governments=kings and the Whore= False Religion will suddenly change in the near future. And this by God's doing. Revelation 17:17 . God want these blood guilty "religions" DESTROYED and he and obviously IS motivating the "kings of the earth" to do it.

        Revelation 18:2, 4. urges people to check what they believe , and what religious organizations they are connected to , and if it doesn't fit with what the Bible teaches ,, get up on out of there.! RELIGION IS DOOMED. 99.9% of them..

      • I have known about the Illuminati, read about them, and studied them for years and I have NEVER EVER FOUND ANY of Marco's information in ANY book. It makes me wonder, who published the books where Marco read his info, and moreso, did he read it somewhere or he just made it up?

      • Amen!

        "Read about everything, listen to everyone, but believe nothing unless you can prove it with your own research.” – Milton William Cooper

      • I agree with you. The Jesuits are behind all these secret societies. They are the ones who created wars and revolutions and are responsible for the deaths of millions, perhaps billions of people around the world for centuries. They want a one world government with the pope as head and satan as their ruler. The illuminati are subject to them, then they are subject to the pope who they swear allegiance to and not God, and the pope is subject to none other than satan that serpent of old himself.The music, films, ads etc are all there to distract us from what is really going on in the world politically and religiously. We seem to be more interested in trivia about people we don't know and i think who laugh at us behind the scenes about how gullible we are, than important knowledge that involves our souls no less. They have taken away our liberty although it may not appear so. The laws that have changed in the america and in the european union especially after 9/11 boggle the mind. However most people don't know this because they are more interested in beyonce, jayz, shinee. boa etc. We are interested in people and idolize(they have become our gods) them instead of focussing on God and His Word. If we don't have Jesus Christ in our our lives we have nothing. No one can else can save us except Him. What these occultists are doing and have been doing for decades is indoctrinating us with this rubbish so we can knuckle down and do as they ask. Better late than never for some of us. Its time to switch off our tvs, stop litsening to and reading that filth and open the Bible and invite the holy spirit into our lives. The Bible makes it clear most people will do as they(the occultists) say because they are going to tighten the laws and their will be severe punishments for those who don't do as they are told, but God will protect His people in the last days. The road to hell is wide but the road to heaven is narrow and difficult, we can all do it with God by our side.God save us all.

  26. litterally shoked…

    i knew that the whole world is being lead by the illuminati and freenmasons but i never thought that it would implie also to the far east…

    but come to think of it japan and even south korea are the eastern allies (puppets ) of the USA…

    i never heard korean music but though i read some mangas, i believe that these symbols are also present in there, these are few names: fullmetal alchemist, naruto, d-gray man, and many others…

    but what i wonder is how could the elite go there, i think maybe it's the lee family ( one of the 13 illuminati families, like the Rockefellers not sure how it is written) who owns the hole thing there.

    I just have one question vigilant, what should we do to prevent this kind of stuff, i meant not just not listenning and not buying…

    should we be doing anything else? because these guys won't be going easy, it's a war and we need to win!!

  27. Ohhhh poor SHINee..!! my Korean friends didn't even know what Lucifer meant! they don't believe in the Illumnati stuff. One of them said,"we're korean, we don't worship the devil!"… totally missed my point.

  28. Shiva's trident on

    So Shiva is the devil according to Vigilant citizen. Keep spreading hatred against a religion of a billion people in india while accusing the illuminati of being evil. What about the evil of your prejudice. Hinduism was around thousands of years before the judeochristian belief system and will be here thousands of years after your narrow minded one god fanatacism has faded into a distant memory.

    Christians spreading hatred against Hindu Dharma:

    • I did not say "Shiva is the devil". I said it embodied similar aspects of deity in Mystery Religions: an agent of death and rebirth. Shiva is not called "The Destroyer" or "the Transformer" for nothing.

    • The Judeo Christian beliefs existed as soon as God created the earth.

      Shiva is a Demon.

      Hindus statues uses illuminati hand signs and the satanic Hexagram

      They all represent 666 and Saturn.

      Saturn represents Satan.

      • LOL! God created us? The earth? Then he made some major and unforgivable mistakes! Go and take ur pills, dude! Or read Zacharia Sitchin's books! 21st century and we "think" like wed be in the Stone Age!

      • Wikipedia- do not contain accurate documentation. It's an open source site which allows common people to edit its pages to suit their needs. So listing them as a reputable source is kind of crazy

      • Blatant .. You are on point. Any worship NOT directed to the only ONE TRUE GOD ,, the CREATOR , is Satan worship. This is in the Bible. But if you don't believe the Bible or doubt it, one misses the point completely. If there is a God. There is a Truth. Interested individuals have to make it their interest to FIND IT. It won't POP OUT at you in this LIE dominated world.

      • @viola … hahahah :) exactly. Tell them to have a blessed day and keep smiling. Happiness/love, this is what they hate most and keeps us strong.

      • Just like Shiva, Saturn , Set, Molech, Baal also occasionally require human sacrifice.

        If Hindus sacrifice humans, it's usually to Shiva.

        What other evidence do you need ?

        Yes Shiva represents the devil…

  29. Great work VC! the Narsha video is just plain scary.

    @hkafdfl….. There is definitely an increase in the pace and momentum with which these illuminati/masonic/satanic symbols and agenda are incorporated into entertainment and other aspects of social life. Unfortunately it will only get worse…as the Elite progress with their agenda of the New World Order aka a One World Government. That is what it is all about. Basically people keep getting bombarded with these images, mind control, militarized and police-state ideas etc oh and also the idea of aliens/extra terrestial beings so that when the time comes , a one world government and police state will be put in place to prepare and herald the arrival of the anti Christ. So that when the anti-Christ arrives, people would've already gotten used to the idea of aliens and extra terrestial beings, one eye etc. It sounds crazy…but that's the general idea.

  30. Really! This things can be found in any culture. And I was wondering if the VC has noticed the extremely amount of sadness in the new Christina Aguilera's video, You lost me. What is the real meaning of the words "She has won"? Is she refering to her alter Xtina? Who is she talking to when she says I fell our world's been infected? Is she talking to God?

    Thank you VC for keeping our eyes open.

  31. 'Hinduism was around thousands of years before the judeochristian belief system and will be here thousands of years after your narrow minded one god fanatacism has faded into a distant memory.'

    LOL are you sure???????

    Shiva is a demon, you can worship him if thats what you want but Christ has defeated all of them already and they can do nothing to us Christians if we are with Christ. Shiva is a demon there is no doubt, but there are many other demons in hunduism as in all pagan faiths.

    You make youself idols because they are easy to mold to the sick human will, same as masons, but noone wants to do the hard work to mold themselves.

    The first video creates a good smell of the devil even though it doesnt smell yet..though they do stink pretty badly…shows how human nature is the same everywhere and so is the spiritual warfare. There are many Christian-Protestant Koreans I wonder what they would think of this.

    • Intolerance to other religions shows a lack of intelligence…I do believe in the One World Illuminati agenda but in no way am I a Christian. I still dont believe in evil or agree with the actions of these powerful corporations or governments

      • Intolerance ? Shiva is a demon. Why is there to tolerate ?

        Indians are nice people though. I love them. And I mean that 110%.

      • If you go over the Bible or history, you'll find that there is nothing ''wrong'' with Christ, He's all about love, love, and love… a greater love that Ghandi, mother Teresa, or anyone else could never show. It's Christians (and many of them, not all of them) that make me want to (excuse me the language) puke sometimes. But there is nothing wrong with Jesus… no negative testimony of him anywhere, no human sacrifices, he sacrified himself… Let's not focus on those that make up religions, but Christ himself to judge on christianity.

      • Viola! I believe the same way! I hate how people proclaim themselves as christians and do all these blasphemous things. I know everyone is not perfect and we all fall short but come on! All these "christians" today just think its ok to do their sin and just as long as they go to church they will be ok. No way will Jesus accept that!

        Repenting is a big key in the new testament of what Jesus and John the Baptist, Paul and many other diciples talk about. Repenting of your sin is not going to church every sunday will some how wipe all your sins away… then you just go right back to your sin and wonder why your still in the same place you were before not changing, repenting truely repenting is turning your back on the sin and to go towards God. To die in the flesh daily as you renew in the holy spirit.

        Many Christians forget that key fact to get into heaven that is also what being born again is all about…. to die in the flesh (sin) and to be born again in the spirit.

        As Jesus said you will recognise them by there fruits and then you will know if they are truely from God. And like Marco said we are all the devils children until we are born again in God's spirit in order to recieve his promise of heaven.

        VERY SCARY VIDEOS by the way.. and good interepretation as always VC but it is true satan is not just in america but all over the world. BUT like everyone else says if you follow Christ you will always have power over satan.

        God Bless,


  32. "Promising young talents looking for fame and riches are chosen and “initiated” by the elite. The stars are then used to charm and attract unsuspecting minds—the fans—who admire and imitate them, ultimately adopting the values the elite wants them to adopt."

    I can only think about how many times I have heard lady gaga talk about her obsession with fame, her never-ending goals to be 'famous'. it's like she would do anything to be famous.

    • Why don't you add the martyrs you have killed in India, or what about the Christian Elephants?

      You guys can find on the internet, google Christian Elephants in India. After some savages satanists in India killed and burnt alive dozens of Christians in their country, a year later, exactly, a big number of elephants got down to the city and literally killed each and every of the evil satanists. Ever since the fear of God and Christians got a bit more of respect. What can you say about that?

  33. Megan Bishop on

    Woah! That's crazy! I never thought of looking into K-Pop and J-Pop. Thanks again for the awesome article! :)

  34. I knew it.

    When I first heard of that Korean song "Lucifer" I couldn't believe the amount of symbolism in it and the amount of brainwashing it have.

    Also this proves that Jay Sean's song "Down" is ment to Lucifer.

    He tried to become famous in the UK for four years but failed, When he signed to an american record company… Bang he is famous.

  35. What amazes me is not the numerous occult references that have seeped into the MSM, but that people still believe that this is all just symbolism and Lucifer is not real.

  36. The NWO is not the end result , it is merely the system put together for the Antichrist to take over at his appointed time. The NWO is the pyramid base with Antichrist (Satan) as the chief cornerstone (the top stone).

    1 Peter 2:6-7 Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded. Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner,

    The good news is Christ is the chief cornerstone and will displace the antichrist and destroy him. You can choose not to believe, but the facts are all there. This has been unfolding for millenia.

  37. great work vc!

    most ppl believe that its just North Americans into this blasphemy but really its all over the world the shenanigans is goin on

  38. What a great and profound article vigilant!! I just want to say, to all the people who says"what do we do,what do we do next". Well God said don't worry that's why in the bible jesus kept saying "peace be still" because there's nothing to worry about!! So He wants you to do the same. He knows what's gonna happen end the if you have God on your side you have nothing to worry about. For God is not of fear!! Do you get what I'm saying guys?? "They" just want you to be all worked up and nervous about it because then they think they have a sense of control!!don't let them have it. They may have us physical(toxins,badfood) but not spirtuall(prayer and askingGod).. So you guys stop worrying for the devil causes stress. I hope I reached out to you guys!!:)

    • I've just seen the video you posted. The guy, who looks like a girl starts wearing white, then eats and drinks 'apple' juice, remember the Genesis? Then he transforms and his clothes are all black, goes through this fabric and hits the wall and breaks through and then the same guy in red is set free.

      satanic transformation, anyone?

      • I totally agree. What's this world coming to?

        Oh, that's right. It's coming to an end.

  39. I'd be really curious to see an article on some of the movies coming out of Korea. A Tale of Two Sisters has a lot of disassociation, mental compartmentalization and trauma themes. Chan-Wook Park has a lot of interesting symbology in his movies [in Cut he strings up a woman like a puppet over a checkered floor, his vampire movie has a Christian priest becoming a morally conflicted vampire, etc].

    Also, I'm pretty sure "Shi ne" means "Die!" (as in a command) in japanese. Makes the name SHINee more interesting. How dualistic to play on the opposing meanings for the word.

    I'd be interested in any resources discussing Illuminati infiltration of asia and the influences thereof.

    Thanks for the article! Keep it up!

    • i'm not sure about your deduction of the naming..

      first,SHINee is naming them after a japanese word is kindda not fit..

      second,the name is pronounced as 'shiny'.

      i don't know..but lucifer is a weird one..

  40. Your work is genius as always! VC I want your book! Please write a book , the world needs it! It may be published privately.. amazon has a way to publish it as it's order. I love your research, enlightened mind by God, honesty, intelligence, and caring towards the souls of men! Thank you!

    • The knowledge about occult sciences (occult symbolism, sorcery, witchcraft, illuminati, sacred geometry, synchromysticism, astrology, etc…) is NOTHING!!! While, the keeping of GOD's words in the heart is ALL! (Philippians 4:8)

      You could read a book of WC but if you don't understand the spiritual laws of the words, it's useless!

  41. Great intresting article. I don’t know if it’s a good thing to say I am glad Americans are not the only ones, but I mean that in the best way possible. I was just thinking I am aggravated people beleive “every “love song is about lucifer. Thinking some songs have to be made in the name of love. Well I guess I was wrong! Oh well. VC I don’t know how you pick your topics but your direction and variety is awsome. I don’t think I was ready for another American troll. Give those “played-outs” a break thankyou.

  42. It's not surprising that they have this in Japanese and Korean culture or the cultures of entire world for that matter. After all it is the New WORLD Order. Japanese cartoons/anime are filled with occultist beliefs, symbolism, ideas, etc, so including it in their popular music was a definite.

  43. This is a bit off the topic, but has anyone seen the Brian May is Satan web site? There's been some word going round about it and I found it to be obviously joking, but there really are several legitimate items of evidence that point to Brian May possibly being a player in the Illuminati. Perhaps VG could look more into Queen and Brian May. Here's the site:

  44. BenderBendingRodrigu on

    Has anyone noticed how many nominations ladt Gaga received (for MTV Music Awards)?

    13, it is like, "we thank you gaga, you made a great job in making people all around stupid, this is our appreciation, keep up the good work".

    For those who think that 13 is the same number as everywhere else look at a dollar bill, at the pyramid on that bill (count how many steps it has), look at how many arrows the eagle has etc.

    13 isn't the starting number of states, it is the number of the "main" illuminati families…

  45. I mean VC just confirmed everything in this video. I mean seriously, I would think that this video was rather strange and satanic. It's all clear. And the lyrics, oh my God, is clear and vivid enough screaming satan.

  46. i really havent seen the video yet nor do i even know the song! yet,i think this is brilliant. it has always been! Satan is just breaking loose gradually and we the listeners of this kinda music should take heed b4 its too late.

  47. It's getting really crazy out there. If someone says that the devil does not exist…then they really need to rethink that. God is real and devil is real.

  48. I need a briefly answer…direct to the point…why did you make this article and what is the meaning if this article??? am not objecting the article but i want a direct and brief answer to my question explain WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS ARTICLE? AND WHY DID YOU MADE THIS ARTICLE? AND WHAT IS THE USE OF THIS ARTICLE? thank you so much


    • yep….this is completely meaningless
      as if anyone would stop loving the adorable shinee
      just because some extremist christians have too little confidence in their faith and feel the need to smear the name of fabulous and talented artists.

  49. YAY If I go to write about these videos on my blog now I get told I've got stolen it from here XD

    Even I was going to write about a lot of Kpopartists and videos. XD

    I know it won't be Vigilants fault, but well…

    First, it's nice to see you browse trough your forum and answer requests which get postet there. :) Like it's nice to see the owner is around.

    Nice you tell the people about these things, even there is a big part missing about the Narsha video but everyone watching it should also understand those parts. Like her representing the devil in hell and such.. mou. But it's easier to understand for those who are not into kpop much/point out the most important parts.

  50. Very interesting article. Its about time other cultures & musical genre's were explored.

    These articles again create a juxtaposition between an occult critique of the widespread use of occult symbols within popular culture & the artist & video maker's seeing their work as expression's of performance art.

    The two positions kind of "deconstruct" themselves as the artist protest that their making performance art ( la' lady gaga) & Vigilant position that she beyonce jay-z rihanna aquilera etc are mindless robots of the illuminati controlled music industry.

    The debacle over salman rushdie's novel "the satanic verses" brought this dichotomy to the surface with the ayatollah accusing rusdhie's work as "blasphemous" & rushdie lamenting on about "freedom of artistic expression"

    The danger i feel is vigilant works could fall into the wrong hands of "secular ayatollahs" creating a modern day medieval witch hunt on popular culture with the artist's censored all over place

    creating a new style hollywood hay's code.

    Nevertheless its great to read vigilant fortifying his side of the equation.

    • There is no need to fear that there will be a banning….the key is inform and awaken people.

      When the market is soft there will be no product.

      In reading the posts here, most people are not in reactive mode, even though they may have been fans they are thankful to have this shown to them.

      It is only those few who have that emotional idol worship that tend to be over the edge…which makes sense when one looks at the object of their idolatry.

      Lets spread the word .. I believe many people will see if we give them information in an objective impartial manner the way VC does.

      "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6

  51. Thank you VC! Thanks to your articles, I have educated myself to see these messages. I'm surprised you took an interest into kpop and I enjoy reading this article. I myself is a fan of kpop and SHInee and Narsha, and have noticed strange messages about the videos and english lyrics to narsha's song, and now I can see more in this analyzable. Great article again, VC!

  52. Yeah. Just opt not to listen to secular music – if you can help it; because, it’s not going to get any better. Every Movie and Music Producer is in the occult – they’ve sold their soul to the devil and are pushing his agenda. I don’t know what else to say or how else to stress the Truth. It’s not shocking to me anymore… but, it clues me as to how close we are to the enforcement of the National Sunday Law and Jesus’ Second Coming.

  53. Concerned KPop fan on

    I'd urge you to check out more of SMEntertainment's (SHINee's label) artists for Illuminati references. One group called Girl's Generation' released a song entitled "Run Devil Run" and SuJu's album Bonamana (meaning "of course") has lyrics about the "world's logic", powerful enemies, and tells listeners that "brave guys" should follow them.

    • "Run Devil Run" is about a girl being pissed at a guy who's a playboy. And "Bonamana," which is actually titled "Miinah" (which means beauty) is about a beautiful woman and their pursuit of her. Lol, fail facts.

      • Concerned KPop fan on

        It is you who are "fail facts". The Illuminati implant secret messages in songs that on the surface are about innocent things. SNSD sings about trapping a man in the palm of their hand. They claim over and over again in the song that no matter how far he runs he will always be theirs.

      • Concerned KPop fan on

        KE$HA just sang the demo … but I don't doubt that KE$HA is also a tool. How else to explain her meteoric rise with such a terrible song?

      • Ju-young Lee on

        My friend, that was an overreaction.

        SNSD isn't involved in such issues.

        I know what you're talking about, but

        "Run Devil Run" does not contain

        any suspicious message, it's mere

        story about a girl breaking up with a

        bad boy :p

    • To "Concerned Kpop fan" :

      Yes, actually SNSD is in illuminati/satanism too, and not just with that song you say.

      Apparently from the start, look at this video I recently found (after reading this article I searched for more so I found this):

      It seems like all the groups from that company… it seems that SM ent. are one of the most illuminati companies there (no wonder why they are so powerful and treat so bad their artist -except snsd-, and all that).

      And maybe all the Kpop groups… it's very worrying and also very sad…

      When I first knew snsd was with the video of the song "Girls' generation" and UNFORTUNATELY I liked the song (not the lyrics because back then I didn't know the lyrics).

      NOT like one of my favorite songs, but yes as one of the song I liked (and that was the first and only song I liked from them).

      I saw the video and I had a feeling of something wrong. Really, I'm saying the truth.

      I had that feeling, I couldn't tell exactly why, but something was telling me there was something WRONG, really wrong in that video.

      But still, back then, I chose to ignore that feeling.

      That was around 2007, when I didn't even know they had antis even before their debut. Now I am an anti.

      In 2008 I began to be an anti-snsd (when I started to know who they really are), and I finally accepted I was an anti in 2009.

      Now I read this article, I guess I know now what was wrong with that video.

      (One of the many wrong things about that video, and that girl group in general, actually).

      And what was wrong about "Mirotic" too. I like DBSK (mainly before "Mirotic", actually), but "Mirotic" and "Wrong Number" always gave me a bad feeling you know. It's a little difficult to explain, but yes, I never liked much those videos, nor those songs.

      I felt that after "Mirotic" they changed…

      And they were even banned because of the lyrics (and was not even their song but a song from a german singer who did sing that first), and then all their big problems with the company and everything… I feel sorry for them =(. I wish they hadn't those problems, and hadn't those illuminati crap upon them too.

      Now I finally understand the "I got you under my skin" part. Of course it is a possession!

      (Thank you to the comments here that mention it).

      -Sorry for my bad english; is not my language-

    • for your information, choi siwon of super junior is a very devout christian

      i'm sure he was trying to lead youth on a stray path…i'm sure

  54. wow! um i did’nt notice anyone spreding hate. But this is eye opening. If you want to avoid being tainted by the ignorants on tv. The answer is (turn it off) I have been doing so 4 the last two months and it helps clear the mind. Encourage your kids to read books (not disney books). You’ll notice a lot more peace in your home. And in spare time read to the kids and prepare meals together, its good family time. So they wont become mindless puppets like so many other kids, following every illuminati trend. Also teach them about Christ and whats God holds for us who love him

    • Amen to that. I barely watch Tv or listen to the radio… I LOVE music though, and I listen to a lot of it ! However, I cannot love any song of which the words are meaningless. Reading and spending time with family… the brain needs to be fed of good things too !

  55. COMPLICATED HAIR SHALL RULE THE WORLD. MARK MY WORDS. ;~; Protect yourselves, weak people. Throw out all your hair gel, your hairspray. Say no to shampoo. Burn your blow dryers, break your straighteners. For fabulous hair will be our downfall. We have our eyes on you, Eleventh Doctor and Korean boy groups!

  56. I hope Korean-Christians and Asian-Christians start realizing what has infiltrated their pop culture and REJECT it. I'm surprised that Korea, which is one of the most Christianized countries in Asia (30% Christians and one of the top missionary-sending countries) has succumbed to this. I'm so glad that VC has exposed this and I hope more and more people read it!

    It's not just SHINee and Narsha:

    – HyunA's "Change" music video depicts her dancing sexually in front of the image of a demonic face:

    – Extremely popular boy group Dong Bang Shin Ki's ("Rising God's of the East") song Mirotic is about possession:
    (although I have to admit I do find some of their music catchy)

    – Boy group B2ST/BEAST (another name for Satan) uses a lot of occultic/Satanic symbolism in their marketing.

    Their song "Shock":

    There's probably a LOT LOT more, especially the subtler ones that we don't know of. I doubt even Super Junior with its devout Christians is "safe" from the occultic symbolism.

    Stay careful, guys!

      • Why not? They are under SM Entertainment after all (SHINee’s company) and we all know how sketch SM is (mistreating trainees and artists, etc.). I think Super Junior is probably “safer” than some of the other artists, but I’m not sure songs like Bonamana, etc. are completely clean. I would be careful.

      • I can definitely agree upon the fact that SM Entertainment treats it's artists terribly and care nothing for them, that's a given. I could possibly believe that maybe SME was putting messages into it's artists music, but I don't think the artists would be aware of this. The majority of them don't even write their own music/lyrics. However, I just feel like the idea of them being "Illuminati Puppets" is a little implausible. :

        Also, I apologize for being rude to you. You responded in such a nice manner that it made me feel a little bad for being impolite in the first place. :]

    • aaaand where are you seeing this ~demonic face~ in hyuna's mv? cause i don't see it. also what symbolism is presented in shock? might wanna have the facts and examples before you start accusing.

  57. Would it be stupid of me to say that I really don't understand the whole thing behind the Illuminati?

    or the new world order?

    I tried to find information online but I really really don't understand.

    could someone please explain it to me? what the Illuminati is?

  58. Her Whisper is the L on

    Geobu hal su eobtneun neoeui maryeokeun LUCIFER

    Geobu hal su eobtneun neoeui mabeobeun LUCIFER

    Real talk, thank you for spreading the hype of my favorite group.

    I don't mind going to hell for them.

    • Oh I see. So you're encouraging someone who says they want to go to hell for a pop artists… right. See? This exactly confirms what VC is talking about — how vulnerable people just follow their pop artists like sheep no matter how evil or wicked their company's intentions may be.

      • I'm encouraging him/her to stand up for something they like/enjoy. Encouraging them to be willing to "go to hell" has nothing to do with it.

      • Right. And what happens if this "something" that they enjoy actually has negative and harmful effects? Especially pop culture which has become an obsession for many.

        If your friend enjoyed smoking, would you encourage him or her to do it?

      • all hail Onew Christ on

        dear MR.J i fail to see how following androgynous Boy bands into hell has anything to do with smoking, on is clearly more srs than the other.

        smoking is nothing to joke about.

      • The problem is you are just buying into the faulty thought that pop culture is just innocent and happy and full of rainbows that can't harm anybody. What could possibly go wrong music about mind control, hypersexuality, and occultic/demonic spirituality… RIGHT?

        Well, you could not be more wrong. In this postmodern age, pop stars are considered gods/elites of society. You might not know, but there are many weak and easily-influenced people in society who would sheepishly follow whatever pop stars say and do (especially Asian fans who are very obsessive about celebrities). In history, various regimes have used propaganda to influence people and get them to do terrible things. In this day of age, pop stars are the key to propaganda and influencing people.

        That's why some very unrighteous and ill-intentioned people are trying to control/have already controlled the music industry. I'm not saying I know all the facts about who is controlling the industry, but as evident in so much music and videos (Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Narsha, Shinee, etc.), something wicked and sinister is brewing in the background.

        Unfortunately for many, many uninformed people — perhaps including you and me, the music has already penetrated them. This includes hypersexuality that leads people to do desperate things like unsafe sex practices and perhaps even rape (especially in our postmodern culture that has less intimate interactions with people).

        Concepts about mind control make subconsciously brainwash people to be emotionally weaker and more likely to be controlled by others, especially by pop stars. In South Korea, some people have simulated (or even committed) suicide when their celebrities have done so (sadly, SK has one of the highest suicide rates in the world).

        Last but not least, the spiritual world is very real. Just like we cannot see infrared rays, there is an invisible spirit realm beyond the physical — which includes evil spirits, ghosts, and demons. Demon possession is very real and very dangerous, where many have only been freed when Christians release them. I also know various people who have encountered such things. Music like Narsha and Shinee opens unsuspecting people up to the spirit world, and this is of great concern.

        Trust me, occultism in pop culture has more dangerous effects on society (especially the vulnerable) than you want to believe.

      • all hail Onew Christ on


        yep i know all about sk's crazy suicide rate, usually bc ppl cant get into the college of their choosing, not cuz of something their Idol's done, but whatevz, there it is. trufax.

        And im not saying the spirit world isn't real at all, in fact i believe in it. but i really doubt yelling Lucifer is going to invite demons into your body.

        And yeah there are a lot of weak willed spineless individuals out there who blindly follow ideals like lams to the slaugher, but who cares about them? if they're not strong enough or responsible enough to think for themselves and take care of their own shit, then they deserve what they get.

        and i hate gaga =and all the American Pop icons and their shitty ass music. And IM offended that your now lumping SHINee in with trash like that.

      • Actually no, people simulated or committed suicide specifically because their Asian idols have done it. It's just like how some people terminated their own lives after Michael Jackson passed away.

        Yelling "Lucifer" may not invite demons into your body per se, but it certainly desensitizes people to something very dangerous and it opens people's minds to the occultic and demonic.

        And WOW. You're advocating that people who blindly follow pop stars deserve to die? That's not responsible at all… in fact, it's pretty shameful. I'm suggesting that we expose the evils of the music industry out of compassion and a sense of justice to help these people flee from their dangerous obsessions.

        You seem to be so desperate to defend SHINee that you would even suggest that people should die of their own problems — where's the morality in that?

        This is the dark side of the music industry at work. Your comment has proven my point.

      • all hail Onew Christ on


        i dont recall saying the deserved to die, i said they deserve what they get.

        And i fail to see how me defending SHINee has anything to do with my dilike to inept human beings who cant handle themselves. i never said die, but if thats where it takes them, them maybe they shouldnt have followed the sketchy man down the ally way, hm?

        I dont have to take responsibility for people i dont even know. you wanna be a dumb ass and kill yourself, go ahead, no one ever said it was my job to stop you.

        im defending SHINee cuz i think calling a woman Lucifer is different that, like, referencing the actual Devil. I defend them because I care about them enough to do so, and because i know enough about the korean entertainment scene to kno that think has the potential to hinder their career and thus there dreams. which isn't nice.

      • You did suggest that they deserved to die because you said the “lams [being led to] the slaughter” (sic) deserve “what they get” … which is death. My point stands. In desperation to defend Shinee, you were basically suggesting that people deserved to die. And yes, you should take responsibility for it because as humans we have the duty to do what we can to spread the truth to other human beings. It’s the right thing to do. I don’t mean to get personal here, but you yourself seems to be one of those fans who blindly follow whatever their artists do.

        I also have no idea what you were trying to say in your third paragraph.

        Look, I’m not trying to be mean or belligerent, but I hope you realize that there is more to Shinee’s music that meets the eyes (and ears). I’m willing to bet there is a lot of dark things that happen in the background, and what we’re seeing with this song “Lucifer” and other symbolisms attest to that. Please be careful. It is for your own good and wellbeing. Don’t be too obsessive over Shinee or K-pop artists.

      • all hail Onew Christ on


        do i sound that way? its hard to follow whatever my fav kpop artist do when they're in different country then me, and im stuck where i am forever. i care about them because i like their music (it being brainwashing or not) and because they're funny.

        I am not mindless or blindinly following my artists. i willl not kill myself it they do, nor will i suddenly change my religion if they do. i mean, they're Christian and im Agnostic, and im not gunna switch cuz some hot asian men say that Their god is the right one. like, yep, good for you, and stuff.

        that might be a bad example….

        anyway, i dont obsess, i just happe to have the mentality that they best way to defend my favorite artists, and there are a lot, is to go on the attack for them.

        and sure maybe there are subliminal messages, but if your not looking for them your not going to see them

        uhg Im super incoherent at 3am.

      • You may not kill yourself or change your religion if they do, but no matter what, you are still being influenced. Subliminal messages do actually have effects such as desensitization, but even if they didn't, it is a good indicator of the sinister intention behind the music. That in itself is a good reason to drop the music.

        While you claim to not be a fanatical Shinee fan, you did stay up until 3 am to defend them. I think it's certainly worth a reassessment.

      • Anyway, neither of us will budge on this issue. I just hope you will be careful in choosing which music and entertainment you submerse yourself in. I'm not saying this to annoy or hurt you, but I'm saying it out of good intentions.

      • Freeyourmind on

        I agree with you J. Thats real! People don't think

        This is crazy. I remember a few times people were saying that

        there were Koreans using symbols in their music as well. This just confirms everything

        Sad how its spreading all over the world.

      • I hope you understand what he is saying and what many of us are saying. There is world out there that isn't in immediate sight and you have to understand what J is saying. You have to detach yourself from the situation and look at it with differently. Look at Vigilante's other articles and then you will understand why J lumps Shinee (sorry for misspelling of their name) with American artists. Artists may not affect you that much but they affect others and unfortunately subliminal messages and cues go past the conscience and are dealt with on the subconscience so you are being affected but on a different level and it will show it's self in different ways that you aren't gonna understand until you notice the imagery in these controlled artists. And as well, CONSIDER THE LYRICS THAT THEY ARE SINGING. BOTH SHINEE AND NARSHA HAVE LYRICS THAT ARE WAY MORE BLATANT WITH SYMBOLOGY AND SATANIC/DEMONIC MESSAGES THEN EVEN OUR MUSIC IS TO A CERTAIN EXTENT. YOU WOULD NEVER HERE LYRICS LIKE THAT ON OUR RADIO WAVES UNLESS WE BECOME THAT UN-ATTENTIVE. IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE. Anyways, God love you and I hope you understand we are helping not hurting. We want you to understand TRUTH not lies.

        God love you,


      • @Manuel

        That's something I noticed to. The lyrics of the K-pop songs are very blatant…they seem overtly wicked rather then covertly so.

        Sure Jay-z had a song called "Lucifer" as well, but if you listen to the lyrics he's story telling, nothing much that is actually pointing directly to Lucifer. No strange lines about "Entering into me" or "Entering into you" or strangeness like that.

        Either way, crazy world man. Crazy world.

      • The "lyrics" you are reading are a translation. And speaking from experience, a lot of Korean concepts don't translate very well into English. You're looking at one person's subjective view as to what the song is about. Another person could translate it into something entirely different.

      • Music creates an atmosphere, what sort of atmosphere will this type of music create.

        Reading the Word of God and listening to this music are worlds apart.

      • why would anyone listen to this while reading the bible is beyond my comprehension.. why would anyone listen to anything reallly

      • It doesn't matter if the English translation of Korean isn't the same. The concept of the video speaks volumes of the message that they are sending. Its still illuminati puppet bs..

      • Just throwing this in.

        Everyone deserved to die. I deserved to die, you deserved to die, All Hail Onew deserved to die, Onew himself deserved to die.

        Which is why God gave us Jesus to sacrifice, to trade our dirty selves for his purity.

      • I think the other poster was trying to say you lack compassion and I would have to agree. It's pretty easy to judge people and call them fools, especially when you haven't yet gained the experience or the wisdom of how valuable it is to show compassion to another human being who has suffered and made mistakes.

      • SHINee are also victims in this one big mess. it's the higher-ups and the unknowns we all want to blame.

      • J,

        Thanks I totally agree with this. We are being blinded by material things but the spiritual world is more real because it directly affects our soul and spirit, which is more immediate and superior to body/flesh. There is no way out of this demon-infested world without Christ, that is why He came to us people, some take Him and have an opportunity to become free (with faith and hard work, spiritual warfare, constant!) and actually Live, not Exist.

        Materialism wants us to exist on the level of animals. That way people are so much easier to mold. The most radical and independent were only Christians, millions of them martyred for professing their faith alone, and will always be persecuted in different parts of the world,right now as well, but of course the Illuminati newspapers will never write about this, unless they distort the message of Christ in some wicked way that is easy to believe for those who don't take time and effort to study the Word. I hope more people will wake up and see that having comfortable, if I can use, typical Western life with devotion to material things alone, is just as dangerous spiritually as worshiping idols, at the end, it is really the same thing.

        I think we should beware of pseudo-Christian messages out there, or messages that call upon a spiritual existence to replace materialism, however, not being Christian it is just the same thing with a different mask. Learn and never stop searching. Even if you are a Christian already, take up your spiritual arms, we are called to fight

        "For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world's rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12

      • one of my fav. korean entertainers hung himself a couple of months ago.


        just saying

    • To: Her whisper is the LUCIFER

      Are you even AWARE of the stupidity you are saying???

      (sorry to say, sorry if I'm being rude, but IT IS stupidity)

      I wish you knew what you are talking about!

      I DOES NOT MATTER if you believe in God or not, it doesn't matter if you believe in Satan or not, it doesn't matter if you believe in Heaven or Hell, it doesn't matter what your beliefs are, it doesn't matter if you don't believe in anything,

      It doesn't even matter if you believe in the existence of the illuminati or not, or if you are a Shinee fan or not…


      YOU CAN NEVER BE SURE about what happens after death…

      So don't play with fire. YOU SHOULD BE MORE CAREFUL about what you are saying, even if it is only a joke or whatever…

      Really, you can never know what happens after death (no matter what you believe or not) until you die, and if Hell really exist, really, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING and you are really ruined (and for the eternity).

      Let's hope if you regret what you are saying, when you do, it's not too late.

      (sorry, that message was directed to "Her whisper….", but I forgot to write that, please delete the other one if necessary. Thank you)

    • SHINEE!!!!!!! on

      Okay, those two boys (Onew left, Key [Kibum] right) are my favorites and they're both christan. So please research before you jump to any conclusions. Besides, half the time the stuff ANY artist wears on satge is just for the stage or when they go on shows for promotions etc. What they normally wear is COMPLEATLY different from what they wear on stage. The stuff they wear out in public is exactly what you and I would wear everyday, or what you would see everyone else wearing. So please, I don't want to start a fight but I just thought I should point that out to you. Thank you

      • Agreed. Korean entertainers (especially Idols) are occult ignorant. What they do everyday is practice practice practice and perform on stage and then show up on some talk shows. I'm very sure that they don't even know whether Freemason exists.

    • wtf is the world coming to? on

      I’m sorry, but I really reeeeeeally don’t see how this whole “brainwashing- satan-tryign to take over the world and blah blah blah” is injected into our music. I won’t lie, there are people out there who do put some crazy shit into their music, but what you’re saying here is just, so very utterly absurd and highly implausible.

      You’re freaking out about Lucifer? Do you even realize the whole misconception with the name Lucifer being connected to Satan? And before some one goes off and says, “oh she’s a devil worshiper” or something along those lines, no. I’m not. Whilst I do not have a religion, I am open minded to all religion’s. To me, it seems as though people out in the world twist religion. Mangle it and break it, gluing it back together in order for it to serve their purpose. Either that, or they’re to narrow-minded, to realize that they’re misconstruing the words of their religion so horribly that what their religion is SUPPOSE to teach, falls on deaf ears. No, I don’t believe that EVERYONE is like this. But I’ve known my share of people who are.

      The name Lucifer comes from the Latin word for ‘light-bearer’. It is a name given to the planet Venus when it appears as the morning star.
      The hebrew word for lucifer is halal(haw-lal) which appears to be this cherubims real name before he became known as satan. In the scriptures lucifer is call “the son of the morning” and the hebrew term halal means morning star.

      Some scholars also believe that the name ‘Lucifer’ is actually a mistranslation and also a misrepresentation linked with the wrong character in the bible. As mentioned above ‘Lucifer’ means ‘light bearer’ or ‘light bringer’ a pretty strange term to be associated with the prince of darkness. Also, one must raise the question, why is the name Lucifer, a latin word, in the old testament, which was written originally in Hebrew and Christs language would have been Aramaic, yet this Latin name dominates ideas represented with the ‘devil’. It seems, some scholars would think, that ‘Lucifer’ was falsely translated;

      3. In A.D. 382 Pope Damascus commissioned the scholar Jerome to make an official revision of the Latin versions of the Bible that were floating around in the Catholic Church. Jerome went off to a cave in Bethlehem where he proceeded to make his translation, supposedly based on the Hebrew text, but in practice based very largely on the Septuagint version (i.e. “LXX”) that Origen had produced about 140 years earlier while in Caesarea. (The truth about the LXX is another subject that I have discussed in a separate paper.)
      Anyway, by A.D. 405 Jerome had completed his work, which we today know as “The Latin Vulgate” Bible. It is far from an infallibly accurate translation of the original texts. Rather, it is an interpretation of thought put into idiomatic, graceful Latin!
      For a thousand years this Translation was without a rival–and herein lies the problem!
      4. Jerome had understood that Isaiah 14:12 is talking about Satan. There the Hebrew word “heylel” is used and Jerome translated this into Latin as “lucifer”!
      This is a mistranslation!!!”

      In actuality, it is believed that the character of Lucifer was not a demon, but instead, perhaps, a representation of Christ, the bringer of light and knowledge, not the devil of biblical tales;

      “They knew very well that 2 Peter 1:19 refers without doubt to Jesus Christ. This verse calls Jesus Christ “Phosphoros” (in Greek) or “Lucifer” (in Latin). Yet the translators have hidden this fact behind the words “day star.” The facts are that “Phosphoros” has absolutely nothing to do with either “day” or “star”! The translators simply borrowed a term that is elsewhere used for Christ–namely “morning star” in Revelation 2:28 (Greek = proinos + aster) and in Revelation 22:16 (Greek = orthrinos + aster).”

      ‘So Lucifer brings knowledge symbolised in the bible by the two trees. He first instructs man on the nature of good and evil and makes him wise. This wisdom enables man to access the tree of life or the Gnosis. It is through this Gnosis that man is able to access a deep and unconditional love which we call the Christ or the son of God. It is God descended and suffering in matter so that we may be saved and reunite with the most high God. The love of Christ is not a judgemental love in which a young girl may be outcast because she has had sex before marriage or a divorced couple may be stigmatised. All these rules and more are of Satan. The love of Christ for one s brother and sister in Luciferianism is unconditional.”

      I’m pretty sure either up in the comments or in the article itself, I read something about DBSK, SHINee and SuJu and such trying to spread their hypersexuality or something of that nature, correct?
      I fail to see how they’re spreading their “obsession of sex”. That’s what hypersexuality means. You compare them to them to the Pussy Cat Dolls. I don’t see a baring of cleavage, dancing like strippers on poles or chairs and such. I have never seen anything that has screamed, “HAVE SEX. DO IT NOW.”

      One more thing, you talked of how they’re puppets. And how the lyrics in Lucifer were talking about being trapped in a glass castle, were representing the artists feelings, correct?
      While they DO write their own lyrics every blue moon, they don’t write them all. M’kay? Alright.

    • D: No. Not Onew. >___>

      Believe me, those two are devout christians and gosh they're my favourite. I refuse to believe that they're corrupted. ._. I mean, half these people barely even know about all this let alone believe in it. I don't doubt that their company is injecting all this into their system while they're completely ignorant about it. But I DO doubt that they'd ever willingly do all this if they knew what it meant.

      *sighs* Do I make any sense? I don't think I do. D: I just….Onew…can't…he…ijzdnis. D: :/ Sorry.

      It's just kinda a slap in the face for me because I'm extremely religious and…I dunno. :/

    • i'm sry…but key's christian

      so i am…but in my jewelry box is a cross and a similar symbol to onew and key's

      its a fashion statement

      something that does need to be nitpicked on…

      i love god and i thank him for making me a stronger person and saving me over and over again

      god isn't the problem here….religion is

  59. @Jason8d

    It does not matter if the millions of children and youth who surround their lives around this pop stuff believe in Satan or not. The illuminati and other demonic-controlled bodies have a dangerous and harmful agenda that can seriously affect and penetrate into the lives of vulnerable youth. For example, the excessive images of mind-control and hypersexuality jeopardizes wellbeing of people — whether they believe in Satan or not, he effects are still real and dangerous.

    Trust me, I really don't want to believe this was the reality, but to ignore it would be irresponsible. I'm not saying that everything VC has exposed is true, but I'm willing to bet a lot of it is the tip of the iceberg which gives us a glimpse as to who is controlling the music industry — obviously people who do not have good intentions for our society.

  60. dont scold me or anything but what is with the chant at the begining the "Bbi-ri-bop-a etc. is it japanese or is it something else can somebody tell me

  61. I agree with J who asked, "Where's the backlash considering how the Asian Govt feels about Christianity". It's a matter of time, but once again, VC has brought it to our attention and we need to be aware of when things are happening and hope that a HUGE backlash will being soon.

    The New World Order cannot continue because once you have complete control, then you lose control and things should spiral out of control any minute. I do pray someone somewhere will help these young people see the Light the way we are seeing it and help them escape the clutches of New World Order, Bilderberg Group & Lucifer. These kids had no idea how much they were going to be used until it was too late. Even Rihanna regrets following JayZ into Hell and now, it's just a matter of time before they each kill themselves or try to repent & earn their soul back in Salvation. I don't see that happening, but I do see them regretting every step they've taken so far & their photographs show this on a daily basis.

    New World Order news a new world order of its own to straightened out the mess Man has made of the world so far.

    Thanks VC for nothing but true enlightenment . . .

  62. I'm a K-pop super fan, yet I never thought they'd be composing or dancing songs like this. When I first watched Shinee's Lucifer, I was kinda disgust cos why would they title their song lucifer? I mean, he's the rebel angel of the Lord right? And why would they make all the choreography and set be like Lady Gaga's? Sure Lady GaGa is a trend setter, that doesn't mean that we should copy her illuminati deeds.

  63. The Illuminati is not only in Korea; occult themes are widely used in anime too! I'm a huge anime fan, and since I started reading VC's articles, I am also able to point out some occult symbols. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE IN ANIME!


    A lot of people need to be aware of the dangers in life. VC simply points out that there are bumps & curves in the Road and to be careful whom you "become friends with". Some people are very susceptible and need to be told or reminded just how easy they are to fall prey . . . like some of the people who have sold their souls to be in the music business.

    Just lately, Bob Dylan, Katy Perry and some other have come out and said, they DID SELL THEIR SOULS TO THE DEVIL! Should I be upset that my mother blared Bob Dylan songs while I was going up? No! Do I know the lyrics, yes, but I have NOT sold my soul and I will no longer be confused as to how so many talentless people got into show business now that I know they took the shortest root possible.

    This link is to a website that makes fun of some of the people who did sell their souls. It's sad because some of them I really liked their work. But it's sad because they took a shortcut that didn't need to be taken in my opinion. And my opinion may not count, but my credit card sure does when it comes to making decisions about what I'm going to buy and what I will listen to.

    So yeah, it is good to know who's on the Dark Side and who might still be in the Light. But I do know I have not downloaded or bought any music and thanks to VC, I should be a multi-millionaire soon because I am saving my money and not giving it to New World Order, Illuminati, Bilderberg Group or Satan. We have choices and free will & I choose NOT to buy or waste my time on things controlled by people who want my soul.

    • To "guest":

      Me too!

      Quite much!

      And actually, the more I think about it, the more comments I read… I'm more and more freaked out!

      (I will calm down when I go to sleep… and/or when I have already slept … I hope).

  65. awww. I really love SHINee. the boys who comprise this group are really funny and amazing.

    I don't know what to do because i've been supporting the said mv to reach 3 mil views. Although I know the title is somehow satanic i never thought that the concept of the mv has it too. What should I do? Should I hate them? 😐

    • jesusistheway7 on

      Hey! i struggle with the same thing too. i love them…absolutely! they are amazing. and im a christian, and when i heard that was the name of teh song, i was DISGUSTED!. and i hated the song at first, but it grew on me which is exactly what the song is intending to do to lure people in subconsciously. And no, don't hate them, are you a christian? cause if you are, the only thing u can do it pray for them and the whole music industry,

      and if you are not a christian, don't hate them, but try not to listen to them because it will affect you even though you may not know, but it will be subtle. Hope this helps 😀

      • Oh no… just when I've fallen for SHINee and they came out with the very controversial title track "Lucfier" and then you're saying "Up and Down" is related to this whole illuminati thing… now im thinking of the other songs in the album… Electric Heart etc.

        It does sounds serious and that it is being carried into Kpop which is a popular culture… it will reach out to millions of people…

        I do believe in the New World Order because the Bible has stated that in the end of days there will be a false prophet who tries to rule the world into a single unified religion… Antichrist.

        Thanks for this article on providing me with such knowledge on hidden influences… i'm sure to look into knowing more about Illuminati and other cult or false prophesies…

        But now I'm just not sure if i should continue fangirling over SHINee… after reading this article and so many comments that further shows the evident use of symbols like checkered pants, makeup, ONE EYE HORUS, and the 'SHIN' in SHINee… o.O etc.

        Now should I continue to listen and support them because I dont think the boys would know about such things and I'm sure they personally are not into 'promoting' this whole illuminati thing… T___T

        And i'm so convinced now that the CEO of SMent is a part of the Illuminati.

        And which brings me to other artistes example like Charice Pempengco singing Pyramid and doing the handsign? o.O

        im terribly shocked and dumbfounded… T___T sigh…

      • i'm a christian and im struggling with this too!

        tonight im still here reading more about it… i'm having sleepless night as im quite disturbed by this…

        can we help each other? :)

      • I'm also a SHINee fan; and I'm Christian.

        Hate what SM is doing to them; not the boys themselves. If you're a true SHINee fan, you'll know how the boys are.

    • i'm a christian

      i love my god, for he is great and generous

      but realize this, god isn't the problem here…religion is

      and…sry to say but religion is quite man-made

      christianity had long periods where they sold redemption tickets….did god dictate that?

      absolutely not

      therefore…u can choose to believe in the people who shaped and created this religion

      or you can choose to admire and appreciate one of your favorite artists

  66. i can't believe i have to say this but it's not good to tell someone to stand up for something just cause they enjoy/like it. That's no different than me telling someone that if they like crack then they should continue and enjoy it no matter what anyone says. On the other hand you don't have to believe the things that are on this site but they ARE thought provoking and intresting and help you keep an open mind. It's not for everyone.

  67. Hey Vigilant,

    Nice to see some great new work from you. This is a part of the nusic world I knew nothing about (Korean Pop), but I have to say you've really nailed it with your analysis. I think it has gotten to the point now of being imitation, but it is still just as dangerous. Absolutely standardized and homogenized – might even go so far as to say bastardized! lol

    Seems like you really struck a nerve with a lot of the fans of it, too. :)

    Keep up the good work and take care, brother.

  68. is that the lucifer refer to ad dajal. this kind of thing has been told in Quran 1400 years ago. don't need to suprise but be aware.

    • Lucifer is not dajjal. It's stated that lucifer is the fallen angel, which means (according to Islam) iblis. Illuminatis are the followers of dajjal. And dajjal is the guy whose one eye is blind. Many followers of dajjal are women, who will be mesmerized by his looks and aura.

  69. peaknikmicki on

    You missed mentioning that in the Narsha video in the dreamlike state the background dancers were dressed up like freddy kruger (terror on elm street).

    My own take on this is that 1, it is a dreamlike state and 2, it is not good.

  70. SHINee is not a male version of PCD!!!! -_- That is comparing apples to oranges; please do not insult them like that. Good luck with the netizens rushing over to bash your site

    Now that that's out of the way, VC, you find whatever you're looking for in anything if you look hard enough. These people are entertainers and clearly the whole darkness concept is a growing trend now. There's no reason to assume that they're illuminati puppets because they mention something illuminati-ish.

    By the way, isn't it kind of excessive to point to every little detail and claim it's the illuminati's doing? Look that guy is playing checkers, which has the masonic board thingy! He must be a illuminati puppet. Really?

    Anyway, while i disagree with some of your articles, I think it was a great idea to expose the food industry in your trilogy. People really don't know how tainted some of the food they're eating is. How about writing more articles that pertain to everyday life rather than entertainment?

  71. melissaanjell on

    Hi there.

    I'm a big fan of K-Pop, and yeah, when I heard about Shinee's Lucifer, it's kinda disturbing.

    Really upset with the situation.

    I didn't watched it before because of the title.


    Thanks for revealing. 😀

  72. K-pop with all illuminati/masonry signs and homage since 2007. south korea music scene is shows sooo many freemason rituals and sign. south korean US fav ally remember?

    • To Rainbow Snake

      That is VERY creepy. Seriously. Is that a mv? Why it lasts only 1.35 or something like that? (is it a teaser?)

      Anyway, I didn't know Ayumi Hamasaki could be that scary, she and her videos…

      (I don't like J-pop very much, so I don't know much about it).

      That Ayumi Hamasaki video has to be one of the most disturbing and scary videos I have ever seen. I'm serious…

      And this comment is from me (this is coming from me): someone who is 28 years old, and is a very fanatic/admiror of asian terror (horror) movies! (I watch a lot of ASIAN terror films).

      I don't know if it's because of these days -in particular- FOR ME (personal situation), or that I haven't sleep much since before yesterday or I don't know… The thing is that is scary ( I saw it with no sound, so I don't know -don't care- what the song sounds like).

      I even may have nightmares because of those scenes, really.

      -sorry for bad english-

  73. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    Ephesians 6:12

  74. caribbean_girl on

    At first i was kinda hesitant of thie illuminati new worl order thingy…….but look at the reality of it, they're even preaching it in churches now. John Hagee, Rod Parsley……..they all be warning of the new world order now. This isnt a joke its all happening…..however am not scared it just mean am soon to be with the lord.

    • i believe in my faith

      i believe in my god, the one who saved me over and over again

      and what it means is that i don't care what people around me say or preach

      i appreciate it for what they are and continue to believe in my god and my faith

      you should have more belief in your own faith and god

      cuz being scared means ur not a strong enough believer

  75. ~Truth be told~ on

    Great article. It is nice to see that you are allow the Lord to use you to deliver this vital information. Satan is definately busy and we all need to stay aware. this web site has definately opened up my eyes and ears to what is truely going on before us and i am very grateful of this. so many people are trapped in the dark so it is a blessing for those who see the light.

  76. Inadvertantly subjected to Mylie Cyrus' latest "Can't be Tamed" which is full of dark symbolism involving cages/trapped beasts with the highlight of the video showing Mylie unfurling a massive set of black wings…

    Great work as always VC – I just wish you could do this fulltime and have new articles more often :-)


  77. Oh no! Sharks…. I've been a fan of k pop for a long time…. I knew that there was something fishy in those two videos! But I didn't expect them to be so serious :( it makes me so sad that there are these signs in k pop too… Is this the start of the first few videos with these videos? Or have they been there all along? I hope not. Thank you vigilant for your hard work an god bless :)

    • jesusistheway7 on

      I think they have been there for quite some time now. i mean… Ring ding dong… they were fallen angels and something was already not right, it was all dark nd sinister…colour coding as well was red, black white. ><

  78. WoW!!!

    Thank you sooo much for publishing this. I'm an African-American female who loves to listen to K-Pop! Lately, however, it has been somewhat of an escape from the overtly sexual and at times crude music that is offered here in the good ol' USA. But lately I have noticed the Korean pop scene is also looking to the dark side… At first, I wanted to believe that perhaps they were inspired by our artists not realizing the gravity of it all. But as you have CLEARLY pointed out, it is quite the contrary. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

    You are appreciated! <3

  79. good observation, i saw a lot of occultist imagery also that is one of the most fruitiest looking dudes I've seen what the heck is happening to guys.

    • all hail Onew Christ on


      YES because if your 'fruty' lookin your OBV gay and thus working for the devil? fail logic is fail, go stand in the corner

      • MLove RICK ROSS/JAYZ on

        I have to agree in some ways with both of you but a lot of guys (especially in the hiphop community) are dressing a little more "fruiter" not that im against it it's just weird to see someone like lil wayne who not even five years ago would wear the baggiest hood clothing and now he's always rocking the skinny jeans and vans and tight v necks same with diddy, jay, kanye, drake all of them professor griff says in a video theyre trying to europeanize (if thats a word lol) hiphop and all that…on that note here's a few songs to listen to


        it's kind of weird because it seems like rick ross is pretty much admitting it in this song but jayz is still denying it even though it is overtly obvious what his intentions are

        some lyrics:

        this for the soldiers that see the sun at midnight…

        …we the lost symbols speaking kryptick codes ancient wisdom valuable like gifts of gold

        …i embark on life my path is all math (illuminati and numerolgy) i understand the codes these hackers cant crack

        ….i wont fail but a lot of men will…..its just the intro allow my flow time to sink into the temple…freemason freelancer free agent we faster, big contracts big contractors built pyramids period we masters

        no catepillars it was just a lot of n****s a lot of great thinkers and a lot of great inventors all white mansion im the child of god, all black diamonds times were hard, new rolls royce guess you made it n***a all white neighbourhood and you they favourite n***a…..

        jay z- n****s couldnt do nothin with me they put the devil on me ida preferred n****s would squeeze the medal on me, rumours of lucifer i dont know who to trust world want my demise turn the music up…hear me clearly if yall n****s fear me just say yall fear me fuck all these fairytales go to hell this is gods engineering this is a hail mary pass yall interfering he without sin shall cast the first stone so yall look in the mirror double check yall appearance …bitch i said i was amazing not that im a mason… its amazing that i made it through the maze that i was in lord forgive me i would have never made it without sin holy water my face in the basin diamonds in my rosary shows he forgave him bitch im red hot im on my 3rd 6 but a devil im not my jesus piece flooded thou shall not covet take your eyes off my covet im a bad maf*cka it's hov just say you love it

        usher and jayz have a new song "hott toddy" which came out last week and jay z says "they call me king hov copy, ballin is my hobby so much so they think im down with the illuminati…my watch to illuminate my pockets all knotty but im god body you better ask somebody i was born to god i made myself king which means i downgraded to human being you was born a goddess i made you my queen which means we upgraded to louis the 13th…….

        keep in mind jayz (also rihanna) got interviewed by the same radio station (a top hiphop station) on separate occasions being asked about the illuminati and it is so obvious that it is staged (you can youtube it) and jayz said he believes in god he just isnt christian…and he believes in one god but he also isnt saying that that god isnt lucifer

        jayz's blueprint 3 album had a few songs too that i recently heard (even though the album was released last sept (sept 9th 2009) one of them is off that with drake which sucks because i love drake it's called off that and jayz at one point says "we got a black president we got green presidents" which was pretty trippy….

  80. great article once again!

    Can you look into how video games play a role in the subliminal images? After being introduced to this website i start to notice the images more .. and a very popular game series, Final Fantasy … (yes, final fantasy for u hard core gamers) has tons of them, especially Final Fantasy 9 .. it even has the huge Eye of Horus in it! lol

    Love the site!

    P.s. the MTV music awards are coming soon again… cant wait to see all the subliminal images they have this year, ha

  81. all hail Onew Christ on

    So im clearly a SHINee fan, and generally a Kpop fan, i really, i just want you to analyze all these songs for me, BoA's New Song, SHinee's Ring Ding Dong, DBSK's Mirotic, Anything from SUJU.

    Why not 2pm? some of them are From America, or JYP himself, those plastic pants cant be anything but evil. Now that you've just bearly touched the surface of kpop (and badly too) why not just jump in, you muckrucker? do a whole series. I know someone mentioned GDragon, so dont forget his band Big bang(which should really be exempt because they clearly dont believe in the creation theory)

    but really im not trolling or anything (with this post) i just really want to see what you think of them because its interesting. so please so so asap plz and thankz.

    • TO "All hail Onew…":

      (I guess you are the same person "Her whisper is the lucifer").

      You can mock whatever you want, you can mock, you can laugh, you can say the blasphemy you want…

      You can mock before a so serious and so worrying issue… I guess no one could stop you / force you to stop.

      BUT really, again, let's hope when you realize your mistake (IF you do), when you are being desperate with regret, it's not too late.

      • i don’t see the serious issue
        i’m christian and a shinee fan
        i heard the title lucifer and recognized it as the name of the fallen angel
        but as a literate individual…i also recognized that IN CONTEXT, it was simply used to symbolize the feeling of restraint in a relationship
        sure…take it at face value and say that the song is promoting the fallen angel
        but i don’t think any true intellects will believe in this very shaky argument….

  82. There are also occult symbols in J-pop and anime! I'm an anime fan and ever since I started reading VC's articles, I was also able to point out these symbols. It's just sad that you can see these symbols nowadays…

  83. Thank you VC for telling us these things! I really like SHINee's songs and dances, the members also have good characters, one of them is a Christian, and they really seem to be normal people. They were definitely more innocent when they started out if you just check their previous albums. But with their new album, I don't know what to say and I was scared. Their agency of course claimed that they were singing about a girl that they loved was 2-faced; an angel and a devil to them. But when I saw the lyrics myself, I thought of Lady Gaga singing Bad Romance. When I watched the MV, especially the last part, I also thought about the up and down thing. I do not know if the agency wanted them to go this way (in terms of daring to sing and dance such a song) so that they will be considered more manly (as they aimed to be) and fresh as compared to other bands in the eyes of the entertainment world. One thing for sure is that the person who wrote this song is not SHINee (even though they went along to sing such a song, they might not have other choices as the agency mostly decides for them, even in the way they dress especially in the past) and also this person has written other songs which are quite controversial as claimed by some for the agency. But it is also said recently that the SHINee members themselves have made decisions themselves for the present album.

    I don't know how much the singers will be affected and we ourselves too if we continue listening to these songs even if we know the meaning. I also don't know if the singers themselves really know what they are doing. Are they being brainwashed, influenced, etc.? Do they really know what the signs mean? One thing that we Christians need to pray about is that there will be Christian "warriors" to fight out any satanic music/actions in the entertainment industry! I pray that there will be good natured singers/entertainers who will be great testimonies for God and will spread God's love and word to other singers who are and have yet to fall into such traps in the entertainment world so that they and everyone in the world will truly see what is good and bad and choose to follow the good. Many people nowadays do not want to remove what they enjoy even if deep down they know that what they are listening to or seeing is immoral. We all need breakthroughs! As I roughly remember what the Bible said, the god of this world has blinded many of us and many of us refuse to wake up. As for me, I got rid of SHINee's lucifer, song and MV. The rest of the songs in the present album is normal as they just sing about love and they are mostly ballad songs. But should any of the rest have any hidden meaning, I hope to know. I just pray that SHINee will all be truly saved. and yes, I also pray that even Lady Gaga will turn away from satan and turn to Jesus before it's too late. Even Saul could turn into Paul!

    Hope that SHINee's future albums will not contain any hidden meaning. I am a SHAWOL (SHINee fan), but a fan who love JESUS CHRIST even more. Things of the world do not last, only the Word does. God's thinking and ways are truly higher than the world's.

    Hope I did not offend anyone, and if I'm in the wrong, please tell me. Thank you!

    • Well said, Janice. A very thoughtful response.

      "Lucifer" is basically a song that glorifies Satan, and to see the words "LUCIFER" high up on the Korean pop charts is very disheartening. But I agree full heartedly with you that we need to pray that God will protect the vulnerable from these dark influences and that He will transform the industry into something that is godly and righteous. We also need to pray for SHINee and Lady Gaga that they will recognize Christ and realize the evil that is influencing or controlling them.

      There are actually a lot of Asian celebrities being saved. Check out for a documentary that talks about Christianity in Asia. Some of the clips on the site feature Christians in the entertainment business like Vanness Wu, Brian Joo (from Fly to the Sky), and Jin. This documentary was partly made by a pastor/missionary named Jaeson Ma ( who has converted various Asian stars.

      • all hail Onew Christ on

        yes, Pray for them PRAY! because you praying is SO going to influence the crazy cosmo magic and somehow save a korean boy band from Hell. but according to other comments they're to pretty for heaven, so idk where they'r gunna go after you finish shaving them.

        plus i mean, for sure god or whatever is gunna take time out of his ruling the universe thing to tend to the aid of a couple of teenagers.

        good luck

        (also, you forgot Cho Siwon, he's kind of single-handedly 'saving' suju cuz God loves him more than he loves you)

      • Prayer is real, it works, and God listens and moves. I cannot argue the validity of prayer in empirical terms — this is something you will have to experience personally and with an open and honest heart. But from personal experience, prayer has done many things for me.

        And of course God listens to us young people — in fact, the Bible says that blessed are the poor, weak, humble, and such, for these are the people that God listens to intently and works through their lives. This is how great and loving our God is.

        (P.S. Don't speak for God, please. I'd challenge you to debate intelligently and not with sarcastic rhetoric, because that actually hurts your argument)

      • all hail Onew Christ on

        pray has only done things for you because things happened while you were praying.

      • As I said, unless you experience prayer personally and with an open and honest heart, it is hard for you to understand. Sometimes my prayers are not answered. But when they are, I know it's a God thing. Opportunities arise that cannot be explained other than God moving through my life.

      • Yes, i second that. Let us join our hands and pray for the media industry and this world.

        Surely all these will happen according to what has written in the Bible. But we pray that more lost souls will be saved before the coming of judgement.

        Hey J, i see that you are regular commentor here… are you Christian? mind keep in touch to join hands in this?

      • @gwenyth

        I come here occasionally, but this article spurred my interest further as I listen to Asian music more than I do American music. I am a Christian and as a sinner, I know how hard it is to live life purely. That's why everything wrong in the music videos is so appalling, especially because it is corrupting the young generation.

        I guess I'm going to quit listening to a lot of the Asian artists and be really selective. Maybe I'll just listen to Christian contemporary and country music instead haha

      • i don’t understand how the song glorifies the fallen angel….
        i mean…does it say that lucifer is good or even implicate that?
        it merely used lucifer as a metaphor
        and i believe in prayers, they gave me strength when i was weak..
        but i feel like u guys r misrepresenting prayer as an almighty thing
        no…it works on small things, like god works in small miracles

  84. There is indeed a special "emotion" captured by the video, it's the emotional and spiritual state of one who is drugged and in a hypnotic state, and spiritually open to evil possession.

    Great job, Vig, I'd never see all this symbolism on my own, it would just bore me to death.

    Something interesting going on (funded by the Satanic UN, I believe) a "global direct democracy/voter referendum initiative," intended to deceive the public into thinking this will bring true power to the people. Instead, it leads the masses into believing they have the power, when in reality, the same old mind-control through media, religious institutions, and the schools, programs people into voting however the elite want them to vote. Also, it is one more step towards one world government, in that it attempts to bring the same style of "democracy" to all countries in the world, by "popular demand." It is such a good deception, (they hope) that the people will clamour for it. And in fact, it may be an improvement on many countries' current systems (at first), but, as with all things, the good only lasts so long before the true evil intentions are manifest.

    I had the chance to get acquainted with some of the academic grunts creating the media for this mock-popular movement on behalf of the elites: they were typically in their 40's, dependent on grants to get by, churning-out whatever was required (kind of like Madison Avenue Ad-Men), and very worried about where their next grant would come from, and how long it would last.

  85. ok so am a kpop follower who came into kpop to i guess escape the Illuminati messages in the american music industry, I agree hundred percent with the narsha vid analysis.

    When the vid first came out, it freaked the hell out of me, then when I saw the lyrics, it was butter and jelly, the vid made so much sense with the lyrics. This vid though really made question the christian idols though, because narsha has said that she's christian, she goes to the same church as taeyang (another kpop idol) yet she did this mv so its like a total contradiction (its like saying lady gaga said shes christian-thats just not believable period). So it has gotten me to think is the christian label just being used to look good over there?

    Now SHINee…i mean wow I have all their albums so yeah I'm a fan, but this vid, at first I was shocked at the name of the song, even more of the album, but SM(their company) just tends to name albums after the title song,as I have noticed…and the fact that the lyrics have nothing i guess clearly satanic, made me overlook it – and also the fact that in the vid the boys i guess break or shoo away that whisper effect u see flying around in the vid, but I do have to admit when I saw the finger pose it really reminded of that goat pic – cause I have researched a lot into illuminati… Anyways at first I was shocked but after reading the lyrics I let it go, the song its not in my ipod though, the other songs from the album though, are. And this is what concerns me.

    Not Shinee, but SM. People not aware of the korean "idol" music industry have to know that it is very different from the American music industry. American artists here are involved "in making" their album in korea not so much. Idols are lucky to get to write the lyrics for one song of the album, or even more lucky compose a song. Also, as for title songs, lady gaga chose to release alejandro, shinee on the other hand didn''s all SM in my opinion.

    Now with symbolism in other songs, someone said ring ding dong, and I agree there's a transformation going there that seems very fishy but again all SM, they chose the title song. Now DBSK, another group that I just love , but Mirotic really has a spell feel to it ( I once saw a vid saying songs are used by the illumintai to plant ideas, work on the unconscious ex: britney spears – i'm a slave for you – i say a slave to who?…..) So after analyzing mirotic, it just didnt feel right now matter how much i love them… Now Boa with Hurricane Venus. From the reasearch I have made due to the title song of SHINee, I did come accross that Lucifer means light bearer, and also morning star, however, venus also is known as morning star….soo u could say Lucifer=Venus can be synonyms… and when I saw the vid and lyrics it just made me more suspicious…so can I say Hurricane Lucifer?….sounds so bad but those two words are similar…n now I'm at the point of just waiting or anticipating more illuminati stuff from SM to proof my belief that that company has something going on inside- for lack of better words

    But the pic one of the users just posted made me wow
    I mean thats the eye of horus, plain and simple , and who made shinee wear it, SM, so kpop lovers everywhere be very careful now….korean companies seem to have jumped into the bandwagon and unfortunately the groups just have to go along…they prolly have no idea what their companies are making them use of, but yes they are becoming puppets , well more like blind puppets … someone said koreans don't even know what lucifer means….yeah to international fans its light bearer, but in the satanic book , its one of the demons they worship so….yeah thats y its not in my ipod….

    To close, please, do look more into kpop vids like everyone is suggesting…to refresh ur mind it is DBSK-Mirotic, BoA- Hurricane Venus, SHINee – Ring Ding Dong, <—-all from SM. Also I think I saw something in MBLAQ- Y but it was just a shirt on G.O (member) but u know thats how it starts…

    Well all i can say is knowledge is power so as crazy as something might seem to u now, don't close up and just listen, cause even though u might disagree now ,in the future it might just make sense….

    • Some K-pop things are alright, you just have to look carefully and make sure. I know it's hard for you to let go of Shinee, but even though most of the choices were made by SM, you have to admit that it doesn't look good on the boys for being puppets of SM. Personally, I'd say stay away from Shinee. If they're willing to let their company choose a song called "Lucifer" for them, what else could they do in the future?

      • To: J

        Some things in Kpop are alright? No, I don't think so.

        Well, here it is a small list from some artists and groups I know:

        ZE:A Children of Empire — well, their name pretty much says a lot, but I was so stupid to ignore that. Video looking like Mirotic (coincidence, right?), touching their member in the choreo, and saying jewish word "Mazeltov" (the title of the song).

        Oh, and one of them inside a pyramid like he was born from that.

        And their second video: promoting fights and violence (copying a japanese movie or something).

        But I began to dislike them soon, since they threw to the garbage the letters and gifts from their fans.

        Nine Muses — OF COURSE. Since the beginning I notest. Dressed as prostitutes (so called "sexy and mature" concept), doing the DEVIL HORNS at the end of the MV /choreo, the promo pictures…

        Seo In Young — Back in 2008, flashing all around in the choreo, she and her dancers are doing the 'eye of lucifer' -OK hand sign = the 666 sign.

        Lee Hyo Ri — Back in 2008 also, flashing the pyramid with her hands in "Mr. Big" choreo.

        SS501 — "Love ya"… dressed in black, doing hip movements, looking like vampires, using clothes like… I don't know … from 1800' in England? look alike, and that ORANGE WEIRD SKY… Golden Dawn much?

        That coat-cape similar to Sherlock Holmes. (Used from one of the ZEA members as well).

        After School — saying in the first place they was the korean "PCD" says already much. And apparently in "Amoled" they are doing some illuminati stuff. (Too bad I wasn't aware, back then).

        And some photographs, showing "illuminated" some of them, etc.

        Son Dam Bi — of course. "Amoled" and this year "Queen": robot-compartiment head, 2 personalities (she divided in 2), pyramid.

        And I thought that song was nice and positive… and she repeating "Wake up, wake up"?

        DBSK — Mirotic, Purple Line (yes… before Mirotic I was feeling really uncomfortable, what's with that "I really want to touch my self"???), and probably since their very beginning actually.

        KARA — Lupin (white and black outfits, monocle, gun move), Mister (butt dance, less clothes, and in the MV using military outfits).

        And the "coincidence" of the music from Lupin and "Insomnia" from Jelena, some european singer. A very evil video.

        I knew about Jelena thanks to Lupin, people mention the music alike.

        In the video I had (in not too good quality) in some scene I was able to watch a weird and evil Jelena face (all the times I did watch the video) but, I chose to ignore that.

        4minute — of course mainly Hyunah. And for example, recent songs "Huh" and "I my me mine" (dressed with few clothes, provoking dances, wearing reminiscent military outfits).

        GDragon — Heartbreaker. Yes, as some already did comment here. One of my fav. songs… And in "Breathe" he mentions "Venus" also. (From the same album).

        And other Big Bang members are also related, right?

        Rainbow — I don't know if since their beginning, but their recent "A" … few clothes on (almost flashing their butts also, almost just like snsd), black clothes, dark makeup, then black and red clothings, provoking dance steps, and doing one dance step from Beyonce (what a coincidence, right?).

        Oh and people is noticing, in one minute, if you pause it, one of them is touching her breasts (when I knew that and saw that, thanks to the people's comments in the video, I thought it was nothing of importance… But apparently is something similar in "i my me mine" of 4minute).

        Supernova — In their recent "On the days I missed you" (or whatever the title is) weird dark outfits and in the MV they are on a crystal cage.

        SMASH — The 5 point star in their name (They put the "A" as that star), and in their debut video one of them "draw" the star at the end.

        One of my fav. groups, thank you very much!

        Super Junior — Maybe since their beginning, but I began to dislike them a little since 2009 "Sorry sorry" (what's with the girl at the beginning ripping off her dress?).

        SNSD — Where to start? The most negative group, with most ANTIS all around the WORLD, weird videos (doing OK -and eye of horus signs, double message, being mannequins, WEARING WAR-RELATED OUTFITS -making war look like cute and sexy-, and using NAZI signs in their cd cover, etc., all that "cuteness" mixed with sexyness), pedobait, only scandals and lies to promote them, their rudeness and constant disrespect… laughing when some one was speaking about one earthquake in China, mocking about disabled kids…

        Constantly showing their underwear and even showing their butts on stage, lifting eachother their skirts on stage… Always wearing SHORT shorts or very short miniskirts, throwing to the garbage the letters from their own fans… etc.

        (And yet, their fans says their are so innocent, they even call them "angels").

        Black Oceans/silent treatments all people make in protest towards them (2008 AND 2010), their pervert and violent fans attacking all the other fan clubs, ripping SuJu banners, hitting, and even raping members from the other fan clubs, mainly ELF, Cassie, Triple S…

        Their sick pervert fans always attacking, always being rude and vulgar, always speaking about their bodies and legs, always making comments about lust (in youtube most of them make pervert, dirty and obscene comments about them)…

        (All I am saying is the truth, there are so many pictures and videos about this. If you don't believe me, please do your research).

        Now I understand why SNSD exist and why they keep existing no matter all the issues, problems, PROTESTS around them.

        Fx — I never was interested in them, but I know they had a member who is a girl looking like a boy.

        And now there are issues because two of them are being very rude with people.

        GP Basic — 11-12 year old girls (I guess the older is 15) making hip-movements, even in the floor… very appropriate, right?

        Girl's Day — too sad one of the girl groups -new girl groups- I began to like so much… In "Tilt my head" (debut song, debut MV): robot-doll theme, alter persona theme, and masonic checkerboards in floor and wall in some scenes.

        HAM — Heart and Mind… using dark outfits and skulls in "TT dance" (sadness dance). Mixing sadness with happiness.

        SISTAR — Their message of their debut MV ("Push push")… at the very beginning of the MV: the girls going to jail and laughing and mocking about it.

        And when they are entering the room, we can see one or two people dressed in black and a little weird, i guess some of them is wearing a skull t-shirt.

        And all the rumours of them being bullies.

        Also the meaning of their name "sistar" is a little dark according to what I've read… Death star or something like that.

        Brown Eyed Girls — Narsha group… Well, of course "Abracadabra"… dark clothes, provoking dances, sex scenes and even lesbian.

        Fortunately I never liked that song and video.

        T-ara — "Bo peep bo peep", adult video- just sex from some girl looking like a cat. Everyone video- them dressed and acting like cats.

        And of course some other artists/groups you mentioned and some other mentioned in Youtube: BoA, Bi Rain, 2pm, 2am, of course Shinee…

        2NE1 I don't know, but maybe in "Fire" must there been symbolism…

        And one of them is 14 or 15 years old and is very sexualized.

        Wonder Girls I don't know… there is something in "So hot" and "2 different tears" that I don't like. But of course I could be wrong (I would like I would be wrong… )

        Those are from the most known and popular artists…

        Please tell me something which is alright in Kpop. Mention one artist or group not involved in all this crap.

        Maybe it exists. I'm just curious, although that doesn't mean I will keep listening to Kpop. As I said in some other comment I wrote some minutes ago, I don't want to listen Kpop anymore.

        Sorry for my bad english.

      • sapphirepearlbluelov on

        then, like, dont listen to k pop -___- i'm kind of sad about what you said towards super junior…

        it's not like people's gonna force you to listen to k pop… who are you to say what they are? anti, pshhh 😛

  86. This is sad… I was actually a fan of Shinee's and thought nothing of this Lucifer song. And yet they're only around 17 years old and being involved in this.. The members of Shinee probably are not aware of the meaning of the things they are doing in the dance..

  87. VC,

    Once again, I commend your investigations into "pop" culture. Very good work here. The Koreans are a beautiful folk and it is a real tragedy to see them under siege by "the Chosen race."

    Sectum Sempra

  88. Vigilant, I was hoping that one day you would analize videos from artists outside of the english speaking nations. Actually, not just in Asia, but in Mexico and Latin America too there are Illuminati.

    Check out this mexican pop princess Belinda:

    Or this other mexican pop princess Anahi: or this one

    Or what about colombian pop queen Shakira: where she literally says everything you want in this world is yours, satan, anyone?

    Chile pop group talking about blood pacts and selling their souls: , you know, the common topics in music, right?

    Puerto rican or dominican, don't remember, pop singer Noelia:

    And the list continues! on and on and on… It really isn't just in the US, or Canada, it is definitely all over the world, people should be aware!

    • TO Paco:

      Could we talk, please?

      I have been reading your comments here and I really would like to talk with you.

      I'm very worried, and I really don't know what music to listen anymore!

      It seems like all music, every single genre is infected!

      Yes, it crossed my mind several times that "Pop" could be satanic and evil (I mean, one just have to look at Madonna's videos, for example). Very, actually.

      And I watched the japanese movie "Suicide circle" where maybe they are talking about something like this… evil in pop music.

      I know satanism is in "Pop" and some other very popular genres. I heard something about Juan Gabriel years ago. And in a tv program some weeks ago they were talking about one VERY satanic ritualistic in a "Gloria Trevi" performance. And that performance was from many years ago. I always knew she was very negative, so vulgar, so obscene and everything, but I didn't knew she was also a satanist (at least not in those times).

      I'm from México, by the way (born, raised and living here all my life).

      I thought about K-pop too, BUT not at this extent…

      I started to have my suspicions… mainly recently… with "Nine muses" and with "shinee"… so the other day I decided to search in 'google'.

      I wrote "Kpop satanism" or something like that, so I found this site, and so here I am.

      But still I didn't know it was going this far…

      For me, 2 of the most negative and evil (AND DISGUSTING) music genres are cumbia and "reggaetón" (if that really can be called "music"). For me those 2 are like the worst (and they are spreading like some plague).

      They maybe not have direct relation with illuminati (I don't know… I don't doubt it anyway), BUT they promote so hard the most low instincts, the most immoral, I mean, just look at the way "reggaeton" is "danced"! (I wonder if there are something more obscene than that).

      And of course all the violence against women, all that misoginism (I don't know if I wrote that well).

      Anyway, as I said, I would like to speak with you, please.

      My e-mail: (very important the ".MX", .com.MX, without that, the mails don't came)

      I hope you read this comment and I will wait for your answer.

      Thank you.

  89. Before you start putting SHINee and SM Entertainment into a bad light from assumptions, try actually asking them what the meaning of the song is. Last time I checked, South Korean provides the second largest number of Christian missionaries in the world and so far, they seem to be fine with the song. Why? Because they understand the meaning of the song. And seeing as you conveniently got yourself an English translation of it, I would think you would too, but I guess not.

    Go and check this article out then:

    When it comes to the lyrics, rather than encouraging the listeners to join the "dark side", it seems more like they're discouraging it:

    "If you tie me down and trap me

    Then the love is also tied down

    The future is also tied down

    It can’t grow anymore"

    And if you want to put it in a different perspective, here's the meaning of the names:

    Lucifer = Bearer of Light

    SHINee = One who receives light

    Sounds like an appropriate name, if you ask me. After all, you can't deny that Lucifer was once an angel. And the point of SHINee's 2nd album was to show that they "matured into men", which is in a sense "transformation" since most of SHINee members (besides the youngest who has one more year) are now legally adults, compared to their debut when they were all naive teenagers.

    If you're going to talk about the choreography though, wouldn't it natural to put related symbols in there to match with the song? It'll be a waste if you give them a choreography that has no connection to the song; rather pointless. And considering that this is a promotional song, it'll be considered a marketing strategy by giving something viewers can recognise to remember the song.

    Furthermore, SHINee is under SM Entertainment, who's artists are well-known for promoting songs that encourage good behaviour in society, and strong belief and will in oneself. I'm fairly sure religion encourages that too; do correct me if I'm wrong. Here's only a few examples:

    Super Junior's "Don't Don": A message about how money, hypocrisy, and the change of society has made the world into a twisted and greedy place to live.

    Girls' Generation "Run Devil Run": A message about how women should have the will to stand up against a partner who is continuously unfaithful to them. (Tiger Woods, anyone?)

    [Trivia: What was the name of the other single they performed on this stage? Up and Down … Yup, as in “as above , so below”.]

    No, as in "like a rollercoaster ride". Do try and listen to the song before jumping to conclusions, because I'm positively sure that this song has no relation to the Lucifer song besides the fact that it's sung by the same group.

    Well, these are some of my points for you, feel free to close your eyes against them and claim that I'm wrong. Feel free to say that you really did research on this song and group before writing this article, and that you actually took the time to understand the song before letting your religious belief get in the way. Sure, there are symbols, but is it really a bad thing once you understand that is wasn't meant to be used in a negative manner? If you really think so, then please go and ban about 80% (if not more) of all popular songs and be ready to face the flames of all it's listeners. I'd write more, but then I'd be wasting my time on people who only know how to see their side of the story.

    By the way, fun fact: One of the choreographers of the Lucifer dance is Rino, a member of the Pussycat Dolls. Lo and behold!

    • Oh geez if I could hug you right now, I would. Thank you, SO much for putting my thoughts into the right words. Honestly, thank you. I agree with you one hundred percent.

      • Lucifer= light bearer

        Shinee = one who receives light

        Call me crazy but I don't think I want the light ( light bearer/ receiving the light). The examples you gave go right along with what we have been saying all along. Then you give all this talk about dance going along with the lyrics of the song, they have matured, not talking about money clothes and cars BUT I find it strange all artist across the world even the one who don't even have GED's talk about the same thing in their music & have the same underlined message in their videos. Do you have an explanation for people like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye, Gaga, Rihanna, Eminem, K pop, Shinee, Janell Monae, Alicia Keys all having the same underlined message? I would really love to hear your thoughts on this

      • Alright then, Crazy, please go rot in the darkest pits of hell where you certainly won't see any light. Either that, or go hide in a hole. Sarcasm intended, thanks.

        And yes, I'm fairly sure there's an underlined message in their videos; it says "PLEASE BUY MY CD". Unless, of course, you're aiming for a more sinister, a more wicked and/or a more ridiculous message, then please do "enlighten" me as to how I should elaborate myself.

        Hmm… Although, if you're going to ask me to say that their message is, "Ooh~ I'm trying to get you all to be pozzezzed by ze devil!! (insert dramatic gasp and/or cackle)" then I'd probably won't bother answering you.

      • I like how you danced all around what I was saying. cute but still in English : if Satan is the bearer of light, and shinee is the receiver of light ummmmm ( scratching my head) ??????? try this again and if you are going to respond back try not inslting me, to cover the fact you have no response to a simple question. We see right through it…..again

        I could have easily read your post and said " you are crazy, sthu, blah, blah, blah but no I asked you a question & I expected an explanation but noooo you did the stupid and danced your ass off…nice try all that bs you wrote and can't even back it up. It's here for all to see, so save yourself the embarrasment and give your thoughts. I am pretty sure others would like to hear this. Lucifer= light bearer SHINee = receiver of light…or wil we dance again, will you insult me like I made a crazy statement…remember it's here in black & white for all to see

    • The fact that some SM artists might promote good behaviour is beside the point. It doesn't change the fact that many of their songs and music videos promote dangerous concepts. As I have already stated before, Shinee's song is based on Lucifer… yes, SATAN. I don't care if it's about a girl or whatever. When you have little kids going around chanting "it's the lucifer" you know something wicked is brewing in the music industry.

      In fact, it could be argued that the artists' good behaviour and innocent demeanor are used as a tool to draw people in. Look at BoA! I used to like her music because it was generally clean and catchy. Well, ever since she went to America, her music became hypersexualized and dark. Now she's singing about a "Hurricane Venus" which is pagan and Satanic (Satan is also known as "Venus"). As a result, I no longer listen to BoA.

      It does surprise me that there isn't a great backlash in Korea, considering how many hardcore Christians in the country (or maybe there is, considering how Miss A, a rookie group beat Shinee on some music charts).

    • awww,,, i was not expecting that i would have read a comment same in my thoughts just like what VAN said…thank u so much.. and i agree to some of ''TRE's comments too… reading almost all comments make me wonder what should i believe.. RAWWR.. x3 besides everyone has thier own opinions..

      i love j pop and k pop.. and i guess its up to people if they understand the meaning of the song and still wants to listen to it or blah blah blah @_@.. im not good at explaining things that i want to say.. brrrrr :3

      i still love shinee and other k pop bands.. no matter what kind of song they sing.. i just enjoy it..lolz.. oWkay …no haters,,that's my opinion and u have yours… :)

      ( sorry for ma bad engLish.. :P)

  90. williteverstop on

    This song is horrible and video was scary. I feel sorry for all of the youth. They need to hear INSTRUMENTS. I like a lot of electro when its done right.

    I question the frequencies being used by corporate industries.

    All these girls are being done the same, all the male dancers feeling them up, its scary disturbing disgusting and unacceptable as music!

  91. im so disappointed on Shinee…i hope other otther kpop artist wont let their industry become afflicted by this evil thing. tnx for the trivia^^

  92. A HEALTHY SUGGESTION TO THE EDITOR from an old soul:

    Given the importance of LANGUAGE, perhaps it would be beneficial for you to STOP referring to the small group of people who have conceptualized this plan as the ELITE. They are no different than any other person. Perpetuating this type of language will ultimately be detrimental to your audience. The choice of the word 'elite' will cause many readers to consciously, or, more seriously, subconsciously categorize their movement as being a superior force, which is untrue. I appreciate your work and think what you have done is very commendable but there is a matter of finesse that needs to be actualized. All the best to you and your readers.

  93. ever thought that maybe korean music really IS innocent and happy?

    and now for me it's just being ruined cause i'm being told what it's supposedly really portraying- something to do with satan, not something along the lines of SHINee = to bear light and Lucifer = being light bearer

    [it was so simple as light bearer couldn't i just have been left at that? ==" WHY SOO DEEEEP??]

    anyways i find this a little silly.

    i listen to korean music to lighten my mood

    but now this article has got me thinking

    once an oblivious girl, now searching up eye of horus and illuminati…….


    • "ever thought that maybe korean music really IS innocent and happy?"

      It's not. Korean entertainment is a harsh place — like the mistreatment of trainees as well as the suicide of various actors. With regards to the music itself, K-pop is pushing the boundaries farther and farther and getting creepier and creepier. Don't get me wrong, there are some good artists still, but a lot of the top mainstream entertainers are "tainted." BoA, Shinee, Se7en … all their recent stuff is remarkably creepy.

      Just look at SM Entertainment's human rights problems. It makes me wonder who is really controlling them.

  94. Thats great. Why not cover the world too? I know many scandinavian artists who can join this list and also many middle eastern singers. I think this issue is quite wide like the article has emphasised. People are just not aware of this particular problem because simply we dont know whats going on in other continents.

  95. Hello guys. Something to say here,

    Don't be exaggerated on a simple thing. ASK ALWAYS THE PRODUCER, not the artist.

    But in SHINee's case, I watched their making and they said that the concept is about 2 characteristics of a boy, one angel and one devil. So what's wrong with that? It's true there are a good and bad boys in the world. And about the pointing thing, it's a ROBOT concept! GOD forgive me, but exaggeration is showing in this case. I'm not an anti christ. But please, try to make things clear. Ugh~

  96. Oh i just remembered this video ^^

    the J-rock band malice mizer made a complete album in 1998 (the album tittle means "the woods of wonders" in english, good alice in wonderland reference uh) wich includes this song and more with symbolism, images, rituals and stuff about mind control, satanism etc

    since japan is a really freaky controlling country, it's not a coincidence and it's not a new movement either in asia i think…

  97. This is so glad u took ur time to talk abt the influence of the occult on other music industries apart from the states.. iv always suspected that it isn't just an American thing. its a global problem. i feel u must do an article relating to Africa.. Millions of Africans ar living in complete ignorance. In Nigeria, where I'm from, we ar never preached these tins in our churches! but i know the effect of the occult here is so profound and they pretty much get away with anything because everyone is neck deep in ignorance. I know that so many so-called Nigerian pastors ar into dis as well..they have totally deceived thepopulation and have gotten continually rich at the expense of the poor! its so bad that the average Nigerian respects their pastor more than they respect God or Jesus! we are the most Religious nation on earth but yet so many of us are extremely ignorant! All cus of the intentional passive doctrine preached by our occult pastors! its so bad that i dont go to church anymore! please research more on Christianity in Africa and plzzz do an article abt it! I'm sure you'll be stunned by the things you'll learn plus you'll help deliver so many people out of darkness! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  98. Instead of bashing these people for being associated with the Illuminati, we have to pray for them because they are headed down the very very wrong path and they are brainwashing the minds of millions of people. pray pray pray-thats all we can do

    • Yes, that and stop consuming their products.The minute they see their sales go downhill because people does not want the Illuminati agenda added everywhere they would start changing it, or at least making it more subtle.

  99. retardeeeead on

    geez. thank you VC for this! :)

    i will sure share this to my K-POP-addict-friend. :)

    I hope, (Bi) Rain is not a member of this kind of things.. for i love him.

    anyway, God bless you!

  100. It's so sad, really. And the even sadder part is that once they sign up for it, they can't get out, so more than likely they're just singing what they have to. More and more young people keep wanting to get caught up into this…they have no idea.

    Anyway, thanks for the great article, VC.

  101. This is no surprise, if there is a devil, must be doing something everywhere. i cant be surprised that K POP is also infiltrated, I would be surprised to find one which is not. this is the beginning of the new world order and if you are to escape well, you need to use your Knees and pray like never before, its coming strong to destroy the believers, the Bible says 'even the strong could be destroyed had the Lord not shortened the time', meaning the intensity is huge.

  102. my eyes are opening on

    I just popped in to add that SME's biggest groups, SNSD and SuJu currently have 9 and 11 members respectively (SuJu debuted as a 13 member group).

    9 is becoming a popular number among kpop groups with the Nine Muses set to debut and eight member After School announcing plans to add another member.

    Also if you add up the number of SME's popular acts: SNSD, SuJu, SHINee, f(x), BoA, and the two members of DBSK that are still with SME you get the number 33. Coincidence?

  103. omg@K/LOVE that rick ross/jay-z is just puttin it all out there. If anyone does'nt believe it after hearing that' then they just don't want to know the truth. It's as plain as it can get

  104. Hey Vigilant I think you did a really good job on this one 😀 Honestly i was into the whole k-pop thing, only because i wanted to escape the the devil-riddin' american type music. I came across Lucifer once, and its gave off bad vibes honestly. Now that you've done this I understand why it comes across that way (negatively). Not just the name alone but, the hidden message. Thank you for posting this valuabe information, Please please please!!! continue in the Korean music industry :)

    Thanks again for opening the eyes of many people who are blind to the unknown truth.


  105. OMG…. so thats why koreas taking the world by storm…they had some 'help'….huh…. its just a matter of time before every culture in the world is tainted with what the elite want…if it isnt already….thnx for the article …. keep on writing :)

  106. There is so much to set straight here it's ridiculous.

    First of all, K-POP is an umbrella term for a wide range of various korean music (ballad, hip-hop, acid jazz, etc.) that's been around and started gaining popularity in the early 90's. Look up HALLYU.

    Just because artists here and there start popping up with Illuminati symbols, does not mean the whole genre is infected. Some of the commenters here are blithering on about a subject of which they clearly have no knowledge. I will address comments as well as some flaws in VC's article (yes, there are flaws, as he is – simply put – an Illuminati expert, not a K-Pop expert).

    -That bit about the male version of PCD – just so wrong. If you want to start comparing K-Pop stars to American ones, I suggest "After School" for PCD

    -Where did you get the translation?/

    -The artists really do not have a say in what they look like or sing in their MVs. Once they sign in with their agency, the agencies pretty much own them. Some of the boys are no doubt Christian. Koreans have several variety shows that get idols (wordplay for koreans "i"- "ai" meaning child) to volunteer in the countryside, babysit, or compete to earn money for hospitals. Their genuine personalities really shine through in these shows – regardless of the scripts.

    -SM is notorious, but people are making hasty generalizations here. Not all their product is tainted with Illuminati crap. Siwon from Super Junior is an ardent Christian who wanted to be famous in the first place for Christ. He sang a Hillsong song in one of their concerts. No, this is not fake and they're not putting up a show. Narsha is actually Christian too and attends the same church as Taeyang (and no, just going to church does not make one a Christian). I'm not really saying much here, and I have to admit I am pretty annoyed at some of this trash they're putting out, but some of these "idols" are real Christians planted within the entertainment industry and making changes for the better.

    -Unlike Lady Gaga, who composes and directs the flow of her work (she knows what she's doing and has control of what she puts out), SHINee boys don't have much say at this point in their career. It's not a matter of them being Christian or not here.

    -There really is not much to SNSD's Run Devil Run. SM did buy Kesha's cover of the song, and some Illuminati themes may have occurred in her lyrics (I don't know, didn't listen to it), but SNSD's lyrics are not that deep. Here, it really is just a concept they follow after being all cutesy in "Oh!"

    -DBSK's Mirotic is just a sex song. It doesn't need Illuminati to desensitize youths about sex. I'm sure their intent wasn't to desensitize or whatnot (the artist's at least), but bluntly put, sex sells. They came out with a sexy concept, and the audience loved it. But FYI, their song was banned the first time and forced to change lyrics b/c it was too sexual.

    -G-Dragon's Heartbreaker. He's from YG, who promotes his artists' creativity and individuality. GD just has a peculiar personality and taste. And his fashion sense… can be compared to that of Gaga.

    -If you're one of those blinded K-Pop teenybopper fans, OPEN YOUR EYES. Yes, something can be wrong with what you're favorite bands are doing. They're good people, but when they're forced to send retarded messages about Lucifer, you can always reject the song and not support them for just that mini album.

    -So SHINee's fruity because they do not fit America or Latin America's definition of masculinity? I confess I do not know too much about machismo and how they portray masculinity in Latin America, but I do know America correlates manliness with violence and aggression. They dump you with all these images of how a woman and man should be. Watch Jean Kilbourne's KILLING US SOFTLY.

    -Don't look into the name SHINee. There really is not much to it. It's just catchy and pretty as FinKL, S.E.S., H.O.T., g.o.d. (and they put it in lowercase to not disrespect God), T-Ara, 4 Minute, 2NE1, Big Bang, Super Junior, 2pm, 2am, Fly to the Sky, Epik High, Clazziquai, Brown Eyed Girls, C.N. Blue, Supernova, Jewelry, MBLAQ, U-KISS,… get my drift?

    -Yes, Korea has some of the biggest Christian churches and is 30% Christian. It has a strong missionary base. WATCH THE MOVIE 1040 by Jaeson Ma.

    -Narsha's MV just looks/sounds like a bad mix of Bo Beep Bo Beep, Abracadabra, and Bad Romance, while SHINee's song just sounds like some shamanistic ritual chanting. Just reject this kind of trash, fans.

    -J-Pop is not big as K-Pop (J-Rock is).

    VC, I suggest you contact me or some other K-Pop expert before delving into this issue further. I truly appreciate your work, but it can be misleading especially with some of your apparently ignorant and close-minded readers. They have so much to learn about the world outside of America.

    Readers, I'll put this bluntly – Stop assuming and jumping to conclusions. Educate yourselves before you start commenting.

    • Hahaha, I laughed big time at some of the things you said… J-Pop is waaaaaaaaay bigger than K-Pop, you have got absolutely no idea. J-Pop is big in Europe and America too!

      J-Pop artists make waaaay bigger numbers, I'll give to you the fact that K-Pop is getting bigger everyday, but there's no way a K-Pop act will get to sell as much as J-Pop acts like X Japan, Ayumi Hamasaki, Hikaru Utada, Gackt, among others have sold for decades.

      I see you LOOOVE Korean culture, which is fine, but you have to face the facts. K-Pop is an industry and it is totally sold to the Illuminati, whether you like it or not, the symbolism Vigilant has discussed for years is all over the place in the K-Pop videos, so, the question should be, why are you so mad about it?

      • hahah dude i'm japanese and i can tell you that k-pop >>>> j-pop. x japan is a legend, and falls under j-rock. we OWN in rock. but yeah… k-pop is def more prevalent… even in japan :p

        i don't think "right" was mad. i mean we all know the illuminati's taken over everywhere. he or she was probably setting the record straight for the other commenters.

        btw you a fan of x japan?

      • heyy i know you didn't reply to me but yeah j-rock > k-rock… actually i just don't like k-rock. lol. i know x japan too! i think their song "tears" is absolutely beautiful… tried to play it on my violin.

      • You idiot, the only thing that makes me upset is ignorant people like you spewing shit about things you do not know. Go do some research and talk. And no shit the Illuminati's everywhere. FYI, I admire VC's hard work and appreciate this article. I was the one to suggest one for K-Pop in his former articles.

      • she's right, K-pop is bigger than J-pop.

        i mean the groups are smaller that's for sure (they don't have groups that are more than 13 members lol…. not like j-pop with 20+ members)

        but popularity wise, K-pop has it. just look how k-pop artists (DBSK, Big Bang, snsd, super junior, Kara) have made a HUGE break in Japan while when Kat-Tun tried to make it in Korea they flopped.

        however if you're speaking about j-rock now that's a WHOLE different story.

        j-rock is very popular … everywhere lol

    • Your arguments are naive. Yes, Korea has a large Christian population, but so does the United States. Both countries have popular music industries and both industries are controlled by people with an evil agenda. I don't care if Taeyang or Narsha "go to church" … going to church does not say very much about a person's faith. Britney Spears said she was a Christian and vowed to be a virgin until marriage … not to be judgmental, but I'm not sure that turned out too well.

      The fact that you know about Jaeson Ma's 1040 movie tells me you are knowledgeable about the Christian movement in Asia. However, it disturbs me that you are trying desperately to justify and defend Shinee's "Lucifer" song. The song is name after Satan! Whether it's about a girl or about Satan himself doesn't matter –the concept is based of demonic ideas. As a Christian, how do you justify this? You can't. The fact that millions of children around Asia might be singing "it's the lucifer" disturbs me very, very much.

      • You need to start reading carefully before calling someone's arguments naive. Where exactly in my comment am I defending "Lucifer"? I called it trash, and said to reject it. I specifically said I was addressing the misinformed comments about K-Pop as well as VC's article, and I stopped doing the latter after inquiring about "translations." What did you think was my argument? Your thoughtless replies are crowding this page. Stop typing, and start reading carefully. It just looks like you want to start arguments for the fun of it.

      • I was responding to the fact that you're trying to make the whole issue less important than it actually is. For example, you said Narsha attends church — as if somehow that makes the whole issue "better" and her video less Satanic.

        I hope you will acknowledge that despite idols who might act nice and genuine on the shows, and despite the fact that many call themselves Christian, it's not so simple. There is much, much more than meets the eye, as evident by the Satanic imagery presented in the music videos.

      • well i'm not sure where you got lost but i'm thinking it's either:

        A. different generations

        B. Different cultures

        C. Different perspectives

        D> All of the Above

        i vote D

    • VC, apparently it wasn't clear enough for others, so I would like to point out that I stopped addressing you after asking you about translations. The rest of the bullet points are in regards to the comments on this page, not your article.

    • O.O … after reading your comment.. i feel so innocent now.. dunno y.. :

      but thaNkz.. i really love j pop and k pop.. and it will never change..

      at first i was very confuse because of all the comments i've read.. but because of your wonderful comment .. my mind is clear now.. 😛

      thanKz u.. :)

      * hugs* :3

  107. Vigilant Citizen, You've done it again! Your posts are awesome. Please keep this wonderful work up!

    I've never liked K-pop in the first place…I wonder if you'll do a post on the arabic or russian music industry. These might be interesting.

  108. DiziLLuZioNed on

    The first issue that needs to be addressed here is “why” the masses are so infatuated with entertainers. An infatuation that turns into idolization. Idolatry is usually defined as worship of any person, cult image, idea, or object, as opposed to the worship of a monotheistic God. Or anything that distracts you from putting God first in your life. I have always been amazed at the level of dedication, reverence, and awe that people place on celebrities. Examples of this can be seen at any Michael Jackson concert, where all of his fans cry and pass out by simply being in his presence. These people go so far as to actually revere him as a God. I have never been a “fan” of any entertainer, and I think that if more people would stop worshipping these celebrities then the Elite’s stranglehold around the public’s mind would weaken. It is through this “blind following” that the Elite’s agenda is able to spread so quickly. Take someone the public already worships and use them to be the conduit to further your agenda by making it mainstream. It wasn’t until the 40’s that average people began idolizing celebrities. This is when the Hollywood PR machine began placing these people on a pedestal and encouraging the masses to do so as well. This in itself is not surprising when you consider the fact that since the beginning of time, humans have looked outside of themselves and focused on a supernatural deity to be the object of their worship. People should be aware that there is an innate desire (embedded in our DNA) to worship. Our desire to worship gets misguided and perverted through Satan’s tactics to distract us from God. The bible shows that Satan wants to turn man away from God. Satan wants man to worship him. Satan says in Isa. 14:13. “I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly [wanting all to worship him], on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain.” He then said to Jesus/Yeshua ‘All this I will give you,’ he said, ‘if you will bow down and worship me.’” (Matt. 4:8, 9)

    Another thing worthy of noting is the fact that a lot of mainstream music contains spells. There is a former witch who managed 5000 covens that had 65000 priests and priestesses and later became a Christian named John Todd. He said that many secular rock artists would produce a master tape of their album and it would be placed in a Masonic temple/coven inside a pentagram and the witches would pray over it/cast a spell so it would sell well and be used by Satan. Some albums like the Beatles white album, Hotel California, Elton john's Beyond the Yellow Brick Road are written in Wiccan language and witches know what the symbolism of these albums represent. This was being done in the 70’s and was common practice among rock musicians. What’s the saying, history repeats itself? Whether placing spells/incantations on an album through

    prayer/ ritual or embedding a spell within the lyrics of a song, the end result is the same: Giving Satan a foothold into your subconsciousness. Wake up people and realize that we aren’t fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places, EPH 6:12.

  109. Lifeless puppet monkies – that is what they are.

    From the looks of things all over, symbolisms in commercials, movies and especially the various sitcoms, the evil old snake charmer satan is about to or already has made its grand entrance.

    Alot of people can feel it in the air, the tribulation hour has arrived. Too bad most souls will end up lost in the abyss of Hades after satan finishes the harvest.

    God be with us.

  110. Thanks so much VC for this article! I didnt kno much about about "K-Pop" but I'm not surprised

    by the symbolism or the lyrics. That's what the Elite are aiming for. A One World Agenda with like

    minds (hive) all over the world. Especially the youth b/c their more susceptible to the music. Just

    the other day I watched the Windows 7 commercial with DR.Dre in it. It clearly shows '666' in

    red on the table but passed off as looking like the letter b. Most people don't pick up on it cuz the

    music and the artists are a distraction.

  111. wow o.Ó I knew these crazy videos were wrong, and korean fans are one of the most crazy fans in the world, they even try to poison a member of a boyband D:!! Definitly their mind has been affected or something D:!! XD

    and they always said koreans are so cool because they have this crazy videos full of symbols that they don't even understand but who cares!! it looks nice and they are cuteeeee !!

    I don't blame shinee boys for this, I know their company it's pretty evil, and they forced them to do this things D:

    Im glad I was never into k pop x_x it's a copy of the american industry

  112. I didn't watch Narsha's video, and I don't listen to her, so I bypassed that whole part. What really "interested" me was your analysis of SHINee's MV. I am an avid fan of many kPop artists, SHINee being one of them. To be honest, I feel like you were overreaching. When people look for something, any and everything looks like it. Meaning when you were searching for symbols, you found them- whether they were meant that way or not. Like the stage, for example. SHINee members don't choose what stage they perform on, the production team does. I've listened to this particular album many times, and I remain a devoted Christian. I know almost every lyric of the songs and haven't heard anything remotely satanic or masonic. I applauded you when you exposed the symbols in the videos/lyrics of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, BEP, and Jay-Z; but this sir, went too far.

    tl;dr: the SHINee part was overreaching on your part. *Tosses mic down, leaves stage, plays SHINee loudly*

    • You basically said that you agree on everything Vigilant said about music acts you don't like but God forbid he said something about groups you like!

      You called yourself a devout Christian, it does make me wonder, are you a adventist? or an evangelist? or another small denomination?

      There is a passage in the Bible which clearly specifies that one should not eat the meat offered to false idols, for that offends our Lord.

      I say you should try to listen less to those groups and actually pay attention to what the true meaning of their lyrics is.

      I'm sure Gaga and Britney, among other satanist acts don't really have much to say about their music.

      • Did I say I didn't like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, BEP, or Jay-z?? Contrary to what you may think, I don't make my choices on what songs to listen to based on what vigilant citizen says. I get his opinion, think over it, then make the ultimate choice when it comes to what I want to listen to. I love Lady Gaga's Just Dance, I like BEP's Imma Be, and Jay-z's Empire State of Mind still gets played.

        I am a Baptist by the way, and yes I was aware of the passage that you mentioned.

        And yet you contradict yourself- you tell me to "listen less to those groups" (I'm assuming you mean kPop and the other singers I mentioned) and then tell me to listen to the lyrics more. Which is it?

        tl;dr, I'm going to listen to what I want regardless.Thanks to vigilant citizen. I know about the Illuminati, and I respect his opinion; however, I do know most of the lyrics of the songs I'm listening to (and sense no deeper evil meaning) will continue to listen to what I want.

      • I'm not in any position to judge how devout you are, but you did mention you are a devout baptist Christian. However, don't you think that you are bending over backwards to suit your fandom for Shinee? I am shocked to hear that even Christians are feeling okay about this song. I don't think it's justifiable.

        I mean, the song's concept revolved around Lucifer/Satan — the fallen angel who rebelled against God and who continues to destroy many people's lives. Doesn't that make you feel uncomfortable? When I saw that they were releasing a song by that name, I knew instantly that they would be a band that I would never listen to.

  113. Name (required) on

    i wonder how much of this is intentional – i mean, the artists cultivating certain themes. it seems like that is the case, however, i wonder if upon an artist's being open to certain influences, if the result is beyond whatever they might have intended, almost incidental, as in, "their will be done" through the medium of the artist. do you think lady gaga has it all together to put together the montage she's arrayed about her? or is she just a conduit for forces to manifest themselves?

  114. But don't we need to rush in the anti-christ and get a one world government so jesus can come back and save the day?

    Just sit back and enjoy the ride I guess, the music is catchy and if dancing to it FULFILLS THE ANCIENT PROPHECIES so be it.

  115. But don’t we need to rush in the anti-christ and get a one world government so jesus can come back and save the day?

    Just sit back and enjoy the ride I guess, the music is catchy and if dancing to it FULFILLS THE ANCIENT PROPHECIES so be it. (this may have been posted twice, sorry)

  116. jesusistheway7 on

    Has anyone ever thought Se7en is in it now with his 'Better together' mv?! the Pyramid…the gaggs on the girls towards the end… he now has a sun tattoo on his arm … he even has a gagg on in his photo shoot! >.<

  117. Seeing as religions and all their symbols are created by man, I don't really see what you're trying to argue here. Religion is man made, faith is spirituality. Therefore people dancing around on a stage, doing what some money hungry manager wants them to do does not mean that people are being stripped of their spirituality. The music is all about money. Even Christian music is about money. Churches are just as money hungry as these executives you think are in the Illuminati. Tell me this: why the hell would a powerful organisation like that (assuming they exist) bother with ambiguous symbols in music. I find your interpretations less and less rational or intelligent. It is you who is polluting people's minds, along with the creators of this rubbish.

  118. VC please do an article about the war against the penis by the illuminati, as always your latest article is amazing

  119. WOW when I saw this post, I got the chills! I have been a fan of Korean pop for some time now, but lately I have also noticed signs of occult symbolism in more and more Korean music. It's just sad to me that more parts of the world are starting to mold into the same evil agenda set out by powerful business and political leaders.

  120. CherryBlossom on


    I've been reading your articles recently. I can't believe the Kpop is involved too in all this circus. As a fervent SHINee fan, as soon as I heard there was a new video out in july, I checked it out. But when I saw the title of the song, I knew something was really wrong. Now everything is clearer.

    Thanks for writing the article.

  121. I’ve honestly been waiting for you to write up something on K-Pop. I’ve been into K-pop as of recently, well atleast before SHINee’s ‘comeback’. Yet, when they came out with this ‘Lucifer’ song I couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Then to go back and watch their video, Ring Ding Dong, in which they have black wings and butterflys throughout the video ; I can’t say that i’m surprised. I’ve noticed Narsha but I was never really interested in her. Luckily I was able to detach myself from the music once I started to feel uneasy about it but I can’t help but think about the fans who are so obsessive and possessive over these groups as if they LIVE for them.

  122. I added a post a couple of days ago but it was deleted… or not approved…

    Anyways, I hope that Vigilant also starts talking about Shakira's music videos, HIGHLY symbolical and satanic. Especially Ojos Asi, Give it up to me, among others.

    And also mexican singer Belinda's "Egoista", Anahi's "Mi delirio" and Fey's "Se lo que vendra" are deeply symbolic.

    But not just in pop, also in reggaeton, singer Daddy Yankee's "Descontrol" and Wisin Y Yandel's "Abusadora".

    So I guess it is pretty much safe to say that EVERY music industry in the world is owned by the Illuminati and is used to spread their agendas.

    Oh, and an oldie but a good old J-Pop song extremely symbolic is Utada Hikaru's Colors.

  123. LuciferSHINee on

    HAHA!! I LOVE LUCIFER!! THAT SONG IS JUST AWESOME.. I'm actually learning the dance moves..


    Really? come on people.. They're just young men and women doing what they do best which is singing and dancing.. They rarely compose their own songs and that's why they're pop idol groups.. Now you guys are just gonna say of their recording companies are followers of the Illuminati and use their artistes to spread the belief, arent you?

    What else? Michael Jackson is not human? Lady Gaga has wings?

    Your constant paranoia about this whole illuminati thing is really amusing.. MILLIONS worldwide listen to the likes of Narsha, SHINee, Lady Gaga, and whatever artistes you claim to have Illuminati influence.. You dont exactly see Kpop fans worshiping or following anything do you?

    No offense to everyone because I believe people have the right to believe whatever it is they want to believe no matter how ridiculous it may seem to others.. I might have just contradicted myself there but I kinda think this is ridiculous. To you guys, Lucifer may be something bad.. To me, its just a pretty cool name.. Come on, gotta admit it is pretty badass to have a name like Lucifer.. haha

    Just voicing my opinions and nonsense.. I apologize if I have offended anyone with this..

    • pardon for being so blunt.. but are you a christian or atheist?

      these young idols may not know what they're doing. i mean, they know their job is to sing & dance, but i don't think they really know what they're promoting; all these symbols. they're just teenagers, they do what they like. and it's not surprising if they don't actually know that they ARE puppets. i don't say their company is the puppetier, for they may be the victims as well.

      just my point of view. like you've said, everyone has their own opinions.

    • "Your constant paranoia about this whole illuminati thing is really amusing.. MILLIONS worldwide listen to the likes of Narsha, SHINee, Lady Gaga, and whatever artistes you claim to have Illuminati influence.. You dont exactly see Kpop fans worshiping or following anything do you?"

      Yes, I do. I see Kpop fans worshiping their idols as gods. In some Asian circles, fans are completely infatuated with them, putting them as their reason for life. The fact that "millions worldwide" listen to them makes it even more likely that Satanists have taken hold of the industry to exploit some of society's most vulnerable but yet most important — the youth!

      "To you guys, Lucifer may be something bad.. To me, its just a pretty cool name.. Come on, gotta admit it is pretty badass to have a name like Lucifer.. haha"

      Even if Lucifer weren't real, the concept behind him is very evil. There is nothing cool about the concept of Satan. Lucifer or Satan stands for rebellion, hyper-sexuality, perversion of many things, lawlessness, hatred, jealousy, cheating, deceiving, insecurities, lying, and ultimately destruction and ruin of human beings. Tell me now — is this "cool" or "pretty badass"? I hope you don't this it is.

      Satan is, without a doubt, real. Just like we cannot see infrared rays, we also cannot see the spiritual realm. Some people get so absorbed into the demonic realm that they become demon possessed. Only when Christians free them in the name of Jesus Christ are they able to be healed from this condition. This is all true, I have known of people who have shared their personal stories.

      Clearly, a lot of Kpop songs expose youth to the spiritual realm and is therefore dangerous.

  124. The world is going crazy, for sure. This really shows that there is a global conspiracy that has recently been speeded up by unseen forces to unite mankind to bring about the Satanic government. How else will you explain these sudden similarities between Western and Eastern music that haven't been there before? And remember that these two geographical areas have totally dissimilar backgrounds and cultures (which normally influences the kind of music they produce), so how come? The truth is becoming harder to ignore. Vigilant, big up to u!

  125. fuckthedevil! on


  126. Jennifer Chen on

    one of the worst things about human beings is that they will do anything just to belong to a group-they will torture their neighbors-or they will sit in church pretending to be pious-they are not capable of their own original thoughts-ideas or capable of creating a conscience (soul) about what is right (god-like-supportive of life/truth) or evil (satanic or destructive of life/lies)-they want to be told what is right and wrong by the group and will accept that as long as they can belong to the group. So you have governments with laws that are criminal-so you have the cesspit that will soon implode into a Hell your world-none of you see beyond the superficial-you are all superficial. When you finally destroy your earth it couldn't happen to nicer morons.

  127. Narsha`s song has a really good beat and rhythm to it. Sounds as good as the best western music. Shame about its occult dark meaning.

  128. K-Pop: Korea is named after Korah or Core, the rival priesthood of Moses; Muhammad is of the Koreish Bedouin Tribe their symbol is the Yin Yang. Pretty simple eh? Cheonan means "Heaven's Peace"; it was sunk during a US-South Korean exercise "Foal Eagle"; Eagle being the symbol of Esau; still simple? Sung Myung Moon and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon are Unification Church as well as K CIA agents. The final war for Order out of Chaos will begin in Korea and the Dome of the Rock where Jesus was Crucified, Abram's mythical white horse el-Barak, Muhammad's horse al-Buraq and the US President Barack (also Koreish) hail form. The war will herd cattle between floods of Pakistan, fires of Russia and civil war in Kyrgystan to Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and Jezreel where the Phoenician princess Jezebel has been fertilizing Kibuttzes for 3000 years. Pretty amazing eh?

  129. I was never a big fan of K-Pop; it's just annoying how their beats get stuck in your head after listening to them. Nice work VC! Now, I've got all the more reasons to avoid listening to their songs. 😀

  130. only few things good to be korean living in korea is…

    -> no dope

    -> no gun

    and…other thing is just same with US now. haha…

    sex and music thing..hahahaha………..(why am i crying? :()

  131. only few things are good to be korean.

    -> no dope. no gun.


    nothern one is daddy's bastard


    southern one is daddy's little girl

    ………our fuckin stupid president once said we should use english in korea.

    at least nothern kids have guts…

    • What are you even talking about? People like you make this site look stupid. You should only talk if you have something relevent to contribute.

  132. I laughed throughout this entire article.

    These are manufactured pop stars. They want to make money. They want to be remembered. Therefore, they come up with catchy songs and memorable concepts. Edgy, if you will. They are not corrupting the masses' minds for "The New World Order" or whatever that paranoid conspiracy is called. Look at the history of them as artists and all of their other songs, they are not out to corrupt people. They just happen to release a few dark songs; almost every Asian pop singer does it for variety.

    J, I think you're insane. That's about all. Well, insanely paranoid to be specific. You dig deep into pop music, putting way more thought into it than even the video directors did, just to support your little theories.

    Demons aren't real. Religion isn't real. Pop music being used as subliminal messaging for anything other than being remembered isn't real.

    You'll argue against this of course, but I pity you in all honesty. You're crazy.

    • The stupor lays heavy on the Reed. Everything around the Reed is golden and perfect. It's difficult to keep your eyes closed when walking, unless you are already blind. The spirit of the old dragon is moving at lightning speed around the world. His defacto return is eminent. BE SEALED w/ the TRUTH.

    • In all due respect, what the fuck are you doing on this site if you don't agree with it?

      Yeah free speech but dude get a life. Do you have nothing better to do than sit at your fucking computer and read an article that you give two shits about? No wonder you're bitter and narrow minded you have nothing else to do!

      May God have pity on you.

      • maybe some of u think this illuminati things is just a joke…but what if it hits your own nose..walk by faith and not by sight…illumminati cannot be seen but can be felt…

      • Mr. Talvin, what exactly are you talking about when you say "illumminati cannot be seen but can be felt?" Are you hinting that the illuminati is something spiritual or a secret order? Please feel free to elaborate.

      • There are tons of people who visit this site because they enjoy reading the viewpoints of others while not necessarily siding with whats actually said the majority of the time (me being one of them). What's amusing about this site to me is what comes from the people who claims to be so spiritually intuned but yet spew so much anger, and hate because someone has a different opinion from theirs. I actually find enjoyment in see how hypocritical they (including yourself) are.

      • The Realist, you shouldn't let a bunch of dummies, because yes there are a lot of insane dummies who like to write stupid things of this site, spoil what this site has to offer. Just look for yourself at all the coincidences that VC points out and decide for yourself, thats what I did, no I don't beleive that there is some NWO that has been planning a takeover of society for centuries. But I do believe that there are powerful people that have satist beleifs and don't have a problem showing them to the public. By the way, people who speak of love and peace and christianity but say vulgar things are not christians, not peaceful, and have nothing positive to contribute to society, so don't let them influence your beliefs about other people.

      • The Realist,

        It's not hypocrisy that turns people bitter. It's the accusations and the sarcasm in the tones of those who do not share the same belief as this website. They come on here laughing or calling names. Meanwhile, we are the ones seen as bitter…hmmm. We ALL have the FREEDOM to choose what we believe in. My view and opinion happens to be just that. While you share a different view and you like to engage in a debate (friendly I suppose) regarding these opposite views, others like you are not as reserved or cannot find non-hurtful way to express their opposition. Both sides have those that sound bitter or show anger. It's not one more than the other.

        So instead of those who believe this website to be psychotic to post a comment mocking the belief of another. Maybe they can employ the same respect that you show when commenting. In return it may not make those of us who are VERY passionate about our beliefs not feel like we are being ridiculed and attacked and lash out in defense.

      • Relationship is the on

        Honestly for all the people who do not believe in Jesus you will one day and on that day you WILL bow to my Lord Jesus…but i love the people who do not believe I pray the God chooses you like he choose me…

    • REED says, "You dig deep into pop music, putting way more thought into it than even the video directors did"

      Naivety at its very best.

    • Reed,

      Before calling someone crazy and paranoid you should research the history of the mystery religions in connection with political power. Behind every king there was priest. All of the ancient kings and rulers were put there by the hidden hand. The symbolism is ubiquitous throughout society, hidden in plain sight. What appears to you to be nothing more than art or meaningless window dressing is a complicated and ancient language that the elite of this world understand instinctively. Why do all of the powerful corporations of the world choose to use pagan symbology to represent themselves?

      Examples: The Templar "double cross" in the Exxon log, the eye and pyramid that Time/Warner AOL uses, the Serpent eating its tail that Lucent Technologies uses, the vast amount of solar symbolism used which represents Lucifer, etc. The symbology is everywhere. Either the elites are all coincidentally lovers of ancient mythology or something deeper is going on. How about the Goddess Columbia (Statue of Liberty)? America was supposed to have been founded by Christians, but our architecture (Washington D.C.) and the names we use tell a different tale.

      Take a look at the many portraits of Royalty and you'll begin to see there is something much more sinister going on then you could have ever imagined. Read some of the quotes that come from the mouths of the people who have been in power and then try to reconcile those quotes with recent history. It's easy to use the mantra of "conspiracy theorist" and downplay the seriousness of the danger we all face from these ancient cabals but it takes real courage to take off the blinders and seek the truth.

      Demons aren’t real. Religion isn’t real. Pop music being used as subliminal messaging for anything other than being remembered isn’t real. You’ll argue against this of course, but I pity you in all honesty. You’re crazy.

      There is ample evidence, factual evidence, that proves your ignorant statement to be completely ridiculous. Like most people you base your opinions on nothing more then your ego and your fears. You have no credibility because you speak from a place of ignorance. It is people like you who help perpetuate the darkness the human race has been scurrying around in for the past 500 years.

      • "It’s easy to use the mantra of “conspiracy theorist” and downplay the seriousness of the danger we all face from these ancient cabals but it takes real courage to take off the blinders and seek the truth"

        you deserve the biggest pat on the back- CANNOT HAVE BEEN SAID BETTER

        this is the bottom line!! there is no point even analyzing more videos- how much more do we need to see- its all way beyond obvious now – in my country in europe i see dark themed videos for supposed love songs that you think have nothing to do with the video. then you do a double take and you realize that the man in the song wasn't singing to a woman and vice-versa

    • how the hell can you see a whole lot of artists doing the same shit and not think anything of it? no really i need to know. u'r as blind as a bat if you don't think something is up!

    • If I'm insane, then so are billions of devout Christians and other religious believers around the world.

      Call it paranoia if you want, but I call it being aware of what's really going on in the pop culture world. It takes intelligence and openness to really see the dangerous agenda of a corrupt and greedy music industry.

      Do you think the same Satanic symbols and hyper-sexuality occurring in music videos around the world are just coincidence? They certainly hint at something wicked and dark going on beneath the public's eye. Billions of unsuspecting people are emulating their pop stars without really understanding what it's all about and to me that's creepy and worrisome.

      If being worried about the future of our generation of youth is considered "insane" then so be it.

      • dude, sex sells. that's the fact.

        sexuality is a key factor for entertainers.

        and it's because of man kind's obsession over religion that many have died through out the centuries.

        look at all the bloody crusades and such.

        Man kind's paranoia has killed many because they have to always feel threatened by something.

        even if it's just their imagination.

        the way i view it is that it's healthy to have a religion, but there's a limit.

        i was baptized, i had my first communion and go to church every sunday however i still love the song lucifer and the group singing. It has not affected the way i feel about my religion in any way shape or form.

    • Reed: He's not necessarily saying that Demons or whatever are real, he's saying that the elite BELIEVE these things to be real, and the concepts and ideologies that they're promoting are degenerative to our society. He's also just showing a consistent pattern in pop music. And even if you can't accept this stuff, you should know that record labels strongly influence, if not fully decide, what the artists write and release in their songs. Simple fact. If you just realize this, then you'll see that every "trend" these artists are putting out are really just the record label's or MTV's ideas.


      Listen, im not going defend everything i see on this site but through my past research i know that alot of the info on here is accurate. if you people use this site as your primary research then you guys really need to do your homework. its definetly pethetic to see so many people blissfully ignorent. if thats your path then i advise you to take all your vaccinations , eat as much "good food" (tesco asda) as possible , drink from your council fountains , take a good deep breath of "fresh" air , listen to all your "heavenly" music and im sure you will be a fully functioning human (caugh) drone in the next ten years. your goverments need to give a medal for good service.

    • @REED…..

      You can turn a BLIND EYE if you want….. But I refuse too!!! The blatant disrespect is in your face and being put in your eyeballs. Do be STUPID and IGNORANT… Look at it for what it ACTUALLY is…. It is what it is and why would anyone deny that? I have already chosen my side. He is Almighty and Omnipotent. If you don't believe then this probaly was not written for you and you should redirect yourself to another website….. THATS ALL!

    • Demons are real. And im sure they are happy that they have you convinced that they aren't. Don't you notice a rise in demonic video games, music, media, movies…its everywhere….you are blind to the truth. Its NOT just for entertainment purposes. I personally know demons exist ive witnessed exorcisms and people who have been demon possessed and its not fun at all…i know about the supernatural… if you truly want to know the truth you will find it. You are just trying to criticize. If you really got down on your knees and asked GOD to reveal the truth to you, God will, but if you just want to live your 'happy' life ..then so be it. But I pray individuals like you will find Jesus, because its not worth spending eternity in hell. God Bless you

    • You have no idea what you are talking about, and I pity you.When men of means pour large amounts of resources into getting a message across and use symbolism that dates back to eons ago,and use embedded messages that hearken either directly to dark/negative spiritual forces, or mind control programming, they aren't just whistling dixie. YOU may not believe any of this is real but THEY certainly do.The whole thesis that this is hinged upon and what has kept them safe for so many years is the grand magnitude of the conspiracy makes it sound impossible to pull off.However when you have the generational continuance of this plan for a new world order, and the same families ruling the earth, when you start to research and see how many of them are related to one another and how the percentage of those in these families and orders taking part in politics,media,entertainment is so much statistically higher than those who are not either bloodline, or initiates, then you start to realize that there is more to it than meets the eye.

      I pity you for your ignorance and your unwillingness to learn.

    • Peace-a distant drea on

      @ Reed

      Okay. If you believe thet Demons are'nt real, subliminal messages dont exist (even though the've been proven so many times it's actually a fact), and you believe religion is fake, then WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU BOTHERING TO READ THIS ARTICLE AND COMMENT? if you think we are all crazy, leave us alone and dismiss this site. thats what people who dont believe in something usually do. Yet you waist your time reading and even commenting on top of it. People like you are just trying to persuade themselves.

  133. Did you guys notice in the first vid she used the same themes as the sweet dreams vid by beyonce? Also how the male dancers looked like freddy kruegers? look at the vid and how many of the scenes of the vid are reminicent of horror films like The Cell, The ring and im pretty sure i'm missing some I only watched half of the vid when i felt like i had to turn it off

  134. Notice how the themes in the first vid are like the sweet dreams vid by beyonce? Also notice how the male daners look like freddy krueger. I noticed in the vid they used things that seemed to be from horror films like The Cell, The Ring and i'm pretty sure that there are more but I couldn't watch it because watching the vid just seemed …. really familiar

  135. oh oops my bad i didn't see my thing got posted and i entirely rewrote it bc i thought it had just disappeared sorry guys :)

  136. While I think this is going a bit far-fetched, there's still some merit in it. I can't exactly agree with everything, but a bunch of fags singing about Lucifer can't possibly be a good influence. Moreover, how anyone can bare this crap is beyond me. Don't get me wrong, I'm Asian too, and do enjoy some Asian music. However, this is shit. These guys belong in a fucking circus more than on stage, and why would any American listen to this crap is one huge mystery. I doubt half of them even understand what these queers are singing about, let alone notice the symbolism entangled in it. The only idiots ignorant enough to listen to this crap is, and do take this offensively, are antisocial, rejected girls who have no taste whatsoever in music. I don't think this crap extends to as many young teenagers as you claim, but if they're stupid enough to listen to this crap and be "desensitized," I feel this article to have been in vain.

    • I don't think Vigilant was insinuating that Americans are listening to Kpop in vast numbers, only that the same sick template is being used on the Asian youth. In order for their New World Order to come to fruition their must be a consensus and a synchronization, i.e., harmony. This means that there must come an eventual standardization so that all of the cultures of the world begin to merge together. This is easily accomplished through the mass media in the form of entertainment. You don't have to crush the ancient cultures of the world, you only need to create a new culture that the youth of the world will blindly accept. The Afro-American subculture of Hip-Hop has been the driving force in this regard. You can go almost anywhere in the world and the youth are dressing, talking, and acting the same.

      The elite have spent vast amounts of money in order to learn how to successfully manipulate the masses and gain control over the minds of our children. Think about how radically American society has changed in the last 60 years. We went from having strong spiritual and family values to aborting over 55 million babies and supporting "alternate lifestyles" that less then one percent of the population practices. Instead of investing in the security and infrastructure of our own country our politicians have given away our hard earned money to support every foreign cause imaginable.

      Did you read the Opt Ed piece in the New York Times the other day? Our leaders are literally busting up our highways because they cannot afford the upkeep on them. Important local government services are being scrapped because there isn't enough money to run them anymore. Our country is being destroyed from within and no one is noticing or caring. You can thank MTV and other mind control agencies for the mass apathy that has gripped our country. Americans know more about their favorite televisions shows and sports heroes then they do about freedom and liberty. All of this didn't just happen by accident.

  137. I like how this site is mostly Christians. Anyway, I did some research before this and I knew it was affecting everywhere. My parents once told me that the Illuminati are the most powerful beings here on earth. It got my brain going and I investigated. This site opened my eyes. I didn't know that the Illuminati existed until I read about this site. I don't like to anyone J ever listened on here lol.

    Thank you fir your inquiring mind.

    God bless you.

  138. Jessy Matador is korean, and he's not like that… 😀 haha

    but it's weird to think about j-pop and k-pop as illuminati.

  139. WOW!! And I thought K-pop is a "safe" alternative for A-pop…….

    Tnx for this VC!!!

    I believe you should also make an article on Wonder Girls, K-pop too. I truly believe they have "cross over to the dark side" as well when they released their very suspicious MV "2 Different Tears".

  140. well,

    most of you wonder why the heck Illuminati want Jpop and Kpop to spread their influence??

    can you ask friend around you if one of them is a fan of Kpop especially..

    I'm Asian but I'm not Korean and Kpop have been huge impact to most of Asian country..Asian people don't listen to American songs no more, Kpop is the hit right now..

    like everyone else in Asian region, I love Korean songs so much..I already tired of listening the same style of American songs..and I bet Kpop phenomenon is spreading to American too..Wonder Girls?? ring any bell??

    Shinee and Narsha(BEG) is my fav singer..I been listening most of their song..but when Lucifer song come out by Shinee, it is kinda weird..and on top of that seeing Narsha's MV is really weird..not much of their usual..

    Their before song like Abracadabra or Ring Ding Dong I don't think have Illuminati influence(maybe?)..but this just really proving they been influence by it..but I don't know..if I'm not mistaken Narsha and Shinee is not in the same entertainment bout checking SNSD since they also under same managament as Shinee..who knows their new song may also influence by Illuminati..

    to make things clear, this singer know nothing about all their concept..they just do it as what been told by their entertainment company..mostly Korean singer just follow what need to be done and all their song also is under the control of their company management..

    i'm just sharing my two cent..if there is wrong, i'm sorry..and sorry for bad grammar..English is not my native language..

    • to make things clear, this singer know nothing about all their concept..they just do it as what been told by their entertainment company..mostly Korean singer just follow what need to be done and all their song also is under the control of their company management..

      I wouldn't bet on that being entirely true my friend. Most musicians and entertainers are somewhat innocent when they first enter the business but after the corporate Luciferians get a hold of them they are finished. Almost all of the big names in the music industry have been duped into following the darker aspects of spirituality, usually at the behest of their agents and producers. Bob Dillon did an interview with 60 minutes and admitted that he sold his soul to the devil, "The head Chief". Watch the documentary "They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll" and you'll literally be shocked at what the musicians themselves have to say about Satanism/Luciferianism in conjunction with their success. It's no secret that Satan controls the music industry, especially if you run in their circle.

      The Scriptures calls Satan "The Prince and power of the air". How odd, huh? Where does all of our entertainment originate from? Satellites and radio waves, transmissions that travel through our atmosphere. It might sound far-fetched but it makes sense. After hearing the horror stories concerning Satanism and black magic coming directly from the musicians themselves I've changed the way I listen to music. I pay attention to the lyrics and the feelings that music generates within my spirit. I understand how powerful music truly is. Jimi Hendrix openly admitted that his music was used to control the minds of the youth of his time as did George Harrison of the Beatles and many other popular acts of the sixties. Another thing to think about, one of the attributes of Lucifer when he was an angel of light was his unsurpassed ability to create the most beautiful music.

      • mayra marimon on

        This is a very interesting article because it shows that there really is not creativity or talent, just willing victims to mind control and follow orders if they want fame and money. You are right, these people must know that they made a decision towards the dark and then perhaps to late realize that it is not bringing them happiness as they thought. This just shows there is little talent and originality if the same theme is expressed but I really belief the message is good, you have choices to make in life and it seems that fame is an illusion.

        When the power of love overcomes the love of power, tghe world will know peace. "Jimi Hendrix".

  141. Yeah, its all over in Japan Pop as well, as well as video games. I can't wait for VIGILANT to do a look at video games… Video games have some of the most blatant images too. (look at the CRACKDOWN logo) or (LEGEND OF ZELDA/SUPER MARIO BROS…. sigh, and I too love those games) Yeah, there is more than meets the EYE (TRANSFORMERS)… We really are living in a matrix. And I am not here to scare people, because not all of this symbolism is bad, just like not all of PAGAN knowledge is bad, however we must understand that what we don't know really can hurt you. And many in the television/movie/music/entertainment have kept this knowledge to themselves to have an advantage over everyone else.

    • Video games – my son and I debate this over and over. He plays a game that involves the knights Templar – I don't like it, he insists he is the "good" guy. My son is also a believer in Jesus Christ and says it won't hurt him but I disagree. We are instructed to focus on good – whatever is Holy and true. He is not the same child I raised up and I know in my heart it is because of the media influence. I rest only because I know his salvation cannot be taken away. He could be so much more but since he's waisting so much time on video games his true potentional is not being utilized. At least he still attends worship services and he's 16.

      Country Music – When i listen to too much secular or country music it makes me depressed and I notice now how even country music is all about having affairs (fornication), drinking, smoking, partying. The fact that just recently two different lesbian country singers are "coming" out at the exact same time a new album is released – why? cuz it's cool to be gay but it's an abomination in the sight of the Lord. The country station listen to (because it's all i get at the office) is now playing hip-hop remakes – stuck like glue.. – music genre sounds like it's starting to morph together… I'm sure the country music industry also has it's illuminati-mafia boss. Country music has always been doom and gloom but now it's way worse.

      Hold every thought captive.

  142. Find those who spear head the “elites” and you’ll see people in the overcast shadow of the dragon…(Book of Revelations – last book in the Bible)

    The dragon said to have several "smaller heads"..these smaller heads can be found sprouting where these "pop" (people over-powered) cultures arise from..

  143. From the Book of Revelations – I hope people find the rising of these pop cultures similar to the "smaller" extended heads of the dragon. Each one that sprouts may be found in each country where pop culture spears out.

  144. Dear Vigilant Citizen,

    Just letting you know, someone named evil4life posted your entire post word for word on their website asia holics forever. I don't think they gave you any credit, but just thought you night want to know…..well at least the message is getting out?? Idk. It can be found here:

    Hope you read this.

  145. may i just ask…

    what if these "puppets" don't know that they are being used to propagate these things?are they considered…bad?

    • Your comment got me thinking. Do you reckon they start peoples music careers when they're kids so they're easy to manipulate and control? I was originally going to reply 'they're smart enough to know what they're doing' but even Rihanna was only 16 when she entered the industry, let alone Britney Spears or Michael Jackson.

      Lady Gaga on the other hand… no excuse lol

      • Yes, same with SHINee. the youngest was discovered when he was 15. but the oldest is like… 20- something? i don't really care for him, so i didn't learn the facts. i didn't deal with this too good either. i dealt with it terribly, infact.

        but yea, lady gaga is just a retard.

  146. I thought the same, that Kpop was good because i got tired of Illuminati american music. But after Girls Generations's new song "Run Devil Run:", Shinee's Lucifer and BoA's Triangles.

    KPop is the most controlled music. These guys/girls have to be attending a training school for several years until they can get picked to be in a official band. Like the group DBSK, everyone of the fans know how bad they get treated.

      • these things also get me to wonder what if someone has talent and they really in their hearts want to pursue music? i have talented artists in my family who want to go into the music biz but have NO CLUE about what is behind it and what it entails.. its a shame, if you aren't smart enough like madonna or jay-z or mj (pre-trials) to be their A students and get so high up you get people literally worshipping you, then you are a lower grade puppet like beyonce, katie perry, christina, many if not most rock, alternative and metal bands, etc and or if u really don't want to be part of it or they don't offer you a piece of it to stay with them-promote this, and be famous- then you are a one-hit wonder= loser.

        this video with the girl coming out as a bad angel who is in mysery also reminds me of the offspring video for "you're gonna go far kid" (ironically said) where a working kid in a poor village digs up a woman – devil symbol- she looks kind of miserable herself come to think of it -and she gives him a guitar, makes him famous, he gets money and fortune but the lyrics say "you never had a chance" so it's like the kid never had a chance even if he made it and became famous he STILL was the loser in the end … my heart goes out for the young talents who dream of making it in this industry

  147. just to add on to some people's arguments with Reed, i recently went for a road trip to British Columbia and there is this little town we stopped and we were walking along the sidewalk and i noticed this sign hanging off the sealing and it read "Masonic Hall" with the masonic symbol…seeing that for myself was very frightening

    and all the stuff ive read here and elsewhere were all confirmed that there is evil and it literally is EVERYWHERE if you open your eyes.

  148. illuminatiareboring on

    How many times must we see Baphomet's gazelle, horse head?

    It's so incredibly old already… I really wonder how much longer this satanist imagery will go on… what's next? Seriously? People can't keep flashing Baphomet's skull for the rest of all eternity?

    Is the music industry preparing to shut down or what?

    The Illuminati make the YAWN with their repetitiveness and ridiculousness. SURELY, I'm not the only person that feels this way.

    What's new??? What's next???

  149. I don't know anything about this… but I really hope VG would do a article on Video game influence and how to overcome it…My brother is in my opinion been completely over turned by them… in a sense that he is no longer seeing what in life is good and bad… I don't know if he has an addiction or not but hopefully oneday I can get to him. F%$in games have only caused me problems and I will win this battle

  150. This is….interesting. I'm a big fan of J-pop, well, more like Anime music. But they sing in Japanese, and I just wanna say that when I listen to Anime songs, I'm damn sure I'm not being influenced or whatever, especially since I rarely watch music videos – of any kind [of genre].

    But still, thank you for taking your time on writting this.

  151. Kathy says:

    August 11, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Video games – my son and I debate this over and over. He plays a game that involves the knights Templar – I don’t like it, he insists he is the “good” guy. My son is also a believer in Jesus Christ and says it won’t hurt him but I disagree. We are instructed to focus on good – whatever is Holy and true. He is not the same child I raised up and I know in my heart it is because of the media influence. I rest only because I know his salvation cannot be taken away. He could be so much more but since he’s waisting so much time on video games his true potentional is not being utilized. At least he still attends worship services and he’s 16.

    Country Music – When i listen to too much secular or country music it makes me depressed and I notice now how even country music is all about having affairs (fornication), drinking, smoking, partying. The fact that just recently two different lesbian country singers are “coming” out at the exact same time a new album is released – why? cuz it’s cool to be gay but it’s an abomination in the sight of the Lord. The country station listen to (because it’s all i get at the office) is now playing hip-hop remakes – stuck like glue.. – music genre sounds like it’s starting to morph together… I’m sure the country music industry also has it’s illuminati-mafia boss. Country music has always been doom and gloom but now it’s way worse.

    Hold every thought captive.

  152. Hi VC!

    I've been watching some videos of this band after you published this article and I've found an interesting comment which random girl left in you tube. the message goes like this:

    "replay=big smile

    love like oxygen=smile

    ring ding dong=smile fade


    our boys has been transform…good luck SHINee!!!"

    As you can see the girl names the first and lasts videos and she realizes these boys have changed…

    I've also seen a video which seems to come before "Lucifer". It's called "Ring ding dong" and you can see some black butterflies…

    Well thanks again for another good article!

  153. Anonymous User on

    I've been reading your previous articles, not because I believe them, but because I they are interesting and they surely give me a laugh.

    Now, as I'm a fan of kpop, aware that these are manufactured artists, I find this article the funniest of them all. When I first saw Narsha's comeback video, I definitely accepted it was weird and the backup dancers looked like little Freddie Kruggers….But the SHINee part, it was as ridiculous as their new hairstyles.

    Although I still find your articles interesting, I prefer when you write about things you are familiar with, american organizations and mind control seem more of your, style. This whole kpop article, was a little disappointing.

    • You should learn to be open-minded before you judge something as farce, or a joke. I have been a K-Pop fan too for years, but I cannot deny that these songs (and a lot more what with all the idol groups shifting into "dark" image) are suspicious. It's sad that I can't listen to my favorite singers anymore, but I have to accept it. With the influence of K-pop to Asians and the rest of the world, I always knew it was only a matter of time till news like this came up.

      You know, people laughed at Noah when he said there would be flood that would kill them all. Look where it got 'em. I say this because I care: please don't make the same mistake.

      • i completely understand. when i learned of this new vid, it tore me apart.

        honestly, dir en grey are more trustworthy then them, and dir en grey's music videos have been banned from TV due to the gore. (you can watch them on youtube though)

        i'm looked through most dir en grey videos, although they aren't really designed for people under 16, but i can't find much symbolism. looks like this heavy metal band aren't deceiving bastards, but this contempory r''n'b group SHINee, are.

  154. I am of Asian background and well familiar with these K-Pop bands. Many non-Korean Asians, LOVE listening to this kind of music and these bands in particular. Mainly for its beat and the 'catchy-ness', not even knowing what the lyrics they're listening to.

    When I was told about the latest song, 'Lucifer' by SHINee, I instantly thought of Vigilant Citizen, hoping that one day you'd write about it.

    I am at school at the moment, But THANKYOU for reporting this,

    I'd share this with my fellow Asian friends, but I'm up for some ridicule.

    Thanks again, and GOd bless

  155. The latest girl group (9 muses) with their debut video has two obvious references to the devil:

    The devil hand sign at the very end of the video, and the M flashing in the video looks like the M of Mephistopheles.

    There are also more robot and mind control imagery:

    this is beginning to get sick

  156. its tough to judge based on whats different from here in usa, kpop's music, verses, n creativeness is different ftom america. if you were an idol, then you might decide on what your theme of music should be.

    now do one for justin bieber.

  157. I just watched the videos and the thing that I'm more mad at then anything is that these elite bastards are making a TON of money off the SAME–OLD–SHIT!!

    For heavens sake! The Narsha girl is just so indicative of that American Demoness (Gaga) and that Shinee group…all I could think of while watching it is…Justin Beiber, Justin Beiber, Usher, Justin Timberlake.

    So unoriginal!

    I can give the Illuminati props when they produce something even a little original…like that Kanye West video–POWER. Yeah, that's demonic, but I liked it, lord help me! It's something i've never seen in a video before! But the same crap they are marketing to american teens they are marketing to korean teens. It really is a sad and the people handing us this dog shit are sitting on thrones like kings.

    That ending part with SHINee when they did the as above, so below sign and said "Lucifer". Yeah, that was creepy!

  158. Thank you Vigilant Citizen for all you have published, I believe that in order for a person to sing a type of song there must be an inspiration behind their lyrics. Over and over you have revealed the truth about what the written message / agenda's are in / behind the songs.

  159. The thing which I don't understand about this article is – why bring attention to the puppets? In the case of Shinee, the choreography is done by an American, the lyrics are written by someone else, even the "complicated hair" (…what?) was down to the stylists. They are, as you have said, controlled. The youngest member of Shinee is seventeen, and talks frequently about being a Christian. You are telling the planet he's Satanic – did it ever occur to you the damage that might do to his family?

    Kpop artists are signed up at ridiculously young ages, usually while they're still at school. They then go through a strict training regime, and often work 20+ hour days. Every aspect of their lives is dictated by…the record company. In the case of Shinee, this is SM Entertainment.

    Reading through the comments, at least four other artists mentioned (SNSD/Girl's Generation, Shinee, BOA, and DBSK) are all under contract to SM. So… why is this article not about them? It would have taken two minutes for you to find out about SM's questionable treatment for their artists or how dark themes are currently the "in thing" for KPop. Or did you just see the title of the Shinee song was "Lucifer" and ran with that?

    If you want to draw attention to this, why not target the people who are actually responsible?

    • Vigilant has gone after the puppet masters. This is not the only article here, and should be taken into consideration along with all the other information here. There is a theme running in all these articles, and it is up to us to take the time to make the connections and not jump to conclusions.

    • I believe part of this article. About the Illuminati and stuff. I was annoyed too when I heard SHINee's new song. I'm a fan of SHINee's. The song does have the weird meaning to it, I guess. But seriuosly, I think the boys are innocent. All of them are Christians. And one of the member frequently went to church with one of the Super Junior guy Siwon. So I really think they're innocent. I know you might say that I'm saying this because I'm a fan but really, I'll support them no matter what. The company is at fault no them. And thanks for the article.

  160. the mysteries on

    The infiltration is definitely on a global scale, although i would argue thats its sphere of influence is decreasing slowly, but is still a so significant that it cannot be ignored.

    For all those of you who call yourselves "Christians" or any other religious group, understand that your "religion", just like all others, has its origins in the esoteric/0ccult Mysteries. The Mysteries are not inherently negative or positive for that matter, it is the manner in which they are used that makes them positive or negative.

    Most "Christians" only understand one of the meanings/interpretations of the Bible, the most literal one, whereas there are 7 different ways of interpreting the same Bible based on the degree of esoteric knowledge one possesses.

    Oh and by the way, the modern version of the Bible was compiled by a king who was a known pedophile himself. Go figure.


    ……………..Listen, im not going defend everything i see on this site but through my past research i know that alot of the info on here is accurate. if you people use this site as your primary research then you guys really need to do your homework. its definetly pethetic to see so many people blissfully ignorent. if thats your path then i advise you to take all your vaccinations , eat as much “good food” (tesco asda) as possible , drink from your council fountains , take a good deep breath of “fresh” air , listen to all your “heavenly” music and im sure you will be a fully functioning human (caugh) drone in the next ten years. your goverments need to give a medal for good service……………..

  162. You guys nbeed to open your eyes and wake up , this is the TRUTH ! If you don't want to believe it , then dont waste your time reading it , but wake up soon because god is coming back to take us away from all of this stupidity !

  163. Whether the word "Lucifer" from the lyric refers to the 'Prince of the World' or just an attractive young girl, exposing that loser's name to Korean public is not going to make the circumstance better anyway; it would rather make it worse. I just realized that most people who listened to SHINEE's "Lucifer" prefer to interpret "Lucifer" as 'Shining Star' rather than 'Satan,' and it's not a good thing.

    We should keep our eyes on these controversial K-POP artists in order that we can decide if their companies (SM Entertainment, Nega Network) are really corrupted by the evil or not. Regarding the certain characteristics which Korean entertainment industry has, there is also some probability that these deviations were nothing but just an another trick the companies used to gather the public's attention. Let's not be in haste too much.

    Lastly, do know that the performers mentioned above – SHINEE and Narsha – are Idol Stars. Most Idol stars in Korea spend most of their time in practicing and performing on 3~5 minute stage. Which means they are occult/religion IGNORANT. I'm very very sure that they don't even know whether Freemason exists. They just do what the company orders – you, go and take some part in this entertainment program; you, act in drama; you, stay behind and don't do anything stupid in public… yeah so they maybe called 'puppets' but they are not the same kind of Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

  164. honestly guys…. that "reed" dude is most likely a agent or mole for lack of a better term. u know that the NWO / illuminatti have ppl that hop on websites such as these & try to sway ppls minds from accepting this as truth…. BUT everybody keep up the good work bcuz u kno that there are ppl out there who will watch info on this site, KNOW IT"S THE TRUTH & then just totally disregard it bcuz of comments coming from the unfortunately blinded minds such as "reed"….. May the Lord shine his light on those who need it.

  165. I used to listen to music from that side of the world, I wonder how many people will disagree with this simply because it's ~asian~ and therefore so superior to "oh so terrible "western" music". Believe me, I've seen many kpop, jpop, jrock, etc. fans try to pull that.

    Not that I agree with the article myself because I'm still really skeptical about this stuff in general but I admire the amount of research, work and thought you put into this.


  167. Wow, just because Shinee had a song called Lucifer and Narsha's video, people automatically think their talking about God. I'm not going to defend Narsha, cause I have no clue what she was trying to get out of this song, and it's clear that it does have to do with God, but in Shinee's case. Lucifer in Latin means light. So: "Your undeniable spell is the Lucifer(light)" The company is the one that really decides everything. Another reason why entertainment companies in Korea are just cruel.

    • I agree with some of what you said, BUT Lux means light in latin, NOT Lucifer….lucifer means light-bringer or bearer of light in latin..which is what the devil is referred to as…so no, they are not talking about "light". Not trying to start an arguement, but just letting you know that that was wrong.


  169. Oh, hello there. on

    In the Korean music industry, most of the people writing the lyrics can't even speak, much less write, English properly. Heck, even the CEO of SM ENT can't. Like someone else said, Korean lyrics can be translated in many ways, so they may mean something in Korean and something completely different in English. Most people listen to music as a form of entertainment, a way of escaping reality for a few short moments to be able to handle the real world.

    Also, I'm not saying the Illuminati influence is unreal, or that occult reasoning doesn't touch many spheres of our lives. But most of the time, these Koreans use them just because it LOOKS COOL. That's just about it. Not trying to say that it actually IS very good for the general public, but they just don't know, and nor do I think they care. A music agency, originally, is a BUSINESS. It's there to MAKE MONEY. SM ENT is the biggest of the "Big Three", SM, JYP and YG, so it using the largest amount of varied "concepts" is nothing unusual. Take JYP, for example. I haven't seen many Luciferian-related concepts as of late. Sure, 2 Different Tears was a bit sketchy, but, what the heck, it was kinda meant for comedy as well. I mean, in the music video, JYP said the alien was shaped like a Pikachu. Like a PIKACHU. Where's the evil in that? >.>;;

    The third company, YG, is far from the said concept as well. All I've seen so far are mostly generic electro pop and R&B songs that we can see in America… with a little Korean Drama twist to it (Tae Yang's Wedding Dress, anyone?).

    If you really don't like the EBILNESS of certain songs, then just don't listen to them. Go watch some One Way (U-Drag, Magic, etc.) and everyone's happy. Listen to the artists in it for the MUSIC, not the MONEY… 'cuz that's how the world's revolving, these days. Well, that and the occult, since, at this point, they're inseparable (America's 1$ bill, anyone?).

  170. I'm new to this site and once I started reading I couldn't stop. This is all new to me even though I always felt something was really wrong with what was being shown to the masses. Everyday, I'm shocked by what is "allowed" to be shown on TV. Nothing is safe.

    Question- Most of what's presented here is current. Does anyone know of anything from the past…ie early r&B or rock…that was heavly influenced by the illuminati?

  171. I'm suprised you haven't done one on Adam Lambert. I love his songs and think he is awesome, but looking at his videos and listening to the lyrics that go along with it, there is some interesting stuff there. HIs most recent video reminds me of what Alex Jones describes in the Bohemian Grove, (there is even a person in a Moloch costume in the video) l myself am pagan, but I find the info on this site both facinating, funny and horrifying at the same time. I find the Christian reactions eye opening. It really shows how deep the rabbit hole has become.

  172. Vigilant.. do an article on Bible Prophesy!!!!! about all the things in Revelations that started in the 1940's with the reestablishment of Israel and how shortly after the all seeing eye was found on our currency… There is so much being passed in congress to EVERYDAY to take away our rights… OUR RIGHT TO INFORMATION IS ALREADY GONE.. Last month it was passed that we the people can no longer see government documents and even know what they're planning.. That is the whole point of all this! we were told this was all going to happen.. I recommend EVERYONE to read this amazing book that really showed me how soon things are going to get bad.. Please read the book at this address..

    It's amazing, it talks about the Astronomical chances of these Bible prophesies happening and how they still happened!!! And how they still are happening… PLEASE REALIZE THIS ILLUMINATI MEDIA IS BEING INFLUENCED BY THE GOVERNMENT BECAUSE IT'S THE PERFECT TOOL.. IT ALLOWS THEM TO MAKE THE MAJORITY OF THE COUNTRY THINK THE SAME THING AT THE EXACT SAME TIME…..

  173. Off topic but has anyone seen today's google logo?? It's the wizard of oz…..VC did an article on the meaning of the wizard of oz some time back. I'm grateful to him for sharing his knowledge with us, because if I hadn't read the articles on this site I wouldn't know any of this stuff was going on…this spiritual, psycological warfare…

  174. damn! I was thinking of writing an article about all these kpop bands etc because of the recurring illuminati themes but it looks like you beat me to it 😀 I'm so glad you did this ^__^. There are so many other kpop songs and artists that are just.. plain weird.

  175. The Second Coming

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre

    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

    The best lack all conviction, while the worst

    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;

    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.

    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out

    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi

    Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert

    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,

    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,

    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it

    Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.

    The darkness drops again; but now I know

    That twenty centuries of stony sleep

    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,

    And what rough beast, its hour come round at laSt,

    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

    By William Butler Yeates

  176. Crazy! Just more of the same in foreign nations.

    I hope that people realize that the Satanism and occultic/Illuminati messages being sent out in entertainment is a product of a SPIRITUAL war. The spirit world is real, and there is a war going on, and WE are the prize.

    There is a coming New World Order. And the Bible predicted this 2,000 years ago. Here is my blog on it:

  177. I am 100% with the writer I have been looking up about the Illuminati and its role entertainment for over a year are so. It doesn't surprise me at all. What people need to understand even if the artist "narsha & shinee" are not apart of the illuminati and don't understand what they are doing and actually saying, it's most likly the people who actualy write their songs, direct their videos that are the ones behind it all that are apart of the illuminati. Nobody realizes it. I urge you to look up on the illuminati. Look up on this before you judge the writer. Its very real and it's not just in kpop! Check out Jay-z and the illuminati on youtube (someone brought of jay-z song) jay-z does not believe in jesus look it up on youtube he said himself and that he never read the "damn" bible, look at the jay-z backmask song on youtube and he says murder murder jesus. Just a side note i found ironic, taeyang from big bang wore a shirt that says Jesus is Lord the day big bang had a show at summer sonic who happend to be there the same day JAY Z. Im almost sure thats not a coincidence. check out chris brown fallen angel song on youtube with lyrics and explanation. hes talking about the freaken devil while everyone thinks oh hes talking about a sad girl who didnt get to heaven. Really? I mean theres tons of illuminati and masonic symbols all over m/vs and ppl dont realize it cuz they don't know what the hell it means. it's like everyone thinks their watching and listening to one thing but its actually something else.. Call us crazy paranoid whatever you want but it's true and very real.

  178. I am 100% with the writer I have been looking up about the Illuminati and its role entertainment for over a year are so. It doesn’t surprise me at all. What people need to understand even if the artist “narsha & shinee” are not apart of the illuminati and don’t understand what they are doing and actually saying, it’s most likly the people who actualy write their songs, direct their videos that are the ones behind it all that are apart of the illuminati. Nobody realizes it. I urge you to look up on the illuminati. Look up on this before you judge the writer. Its very real and it’s not just in kpop! Check out Jay-z and the illuminati on youtube (someone brought of jay-z song) jay-z does not believe in jesus look it up on youtube he said himself and that he never read the “damn” bible, look at the jay-z backmask song on youtube and he says murder murder jesus. Just a side note i found ironic, taeyang from big bang wore a shirt that says Jesus is Lord the day big bang had a show at summer sonic who happend to be there the same day JAY Z. Im almost sure thats not a coincidence. check out chris brown fallen angel song on youtube with lyrics and explanation. hes talking about the freaken devil while everyone thinks oh hes talking about a sad girl who didnt get to heaven. Really? I mean theres tons of illuminati and masonic symbols all over m/vs and ppl dont realize it cuz they don’t know what the hell it means. it’s like everyone thinks their watching and listening to one thing but its actually something else.. Call us crazy paranoid whatever you want but it’s true and very real. (sorry if i post my comment 2x i didnt see it)

    • How can you call anyone out and instruct them to look at videos on youtube? So what if Jay-Z never read the bible that was translated and written by imperfect men (supposedly)…neither did Jesus. Have you ever heard what's being said when "church music" is back masked? Probably never even thought about it. Christianity now a days is a cult, because of the extremist views and hatred they have with all who opposes when in actuality its supposed to be a way of life. And that way is faith, respect, diligence, honor, commitment, and love to say the least. All of what's not directed at Reed, so much for convincing him and whoever else was looking for a religious faith as their home that lacked hyprocrates. It amazes me that only the mainstream religions think that theirs is the "one." The only reason that it is mainstream is because of the media that you all hate so much. If it wasn't for books, television, and radio the mainstream religions wouldn't be so mainstream, especially without all the music, movie, athletic, and super rich entrepneurs that donate vigiorously to support their causes.

  179. Ok, so Ive always known that this is like worldwide, and yeah also in my beloved kpop aish.


    theres this new Korean drama that im watching its called My girlfriend is a gumiho (a nine-tailed fox).

    i dont know why but somehow it got me to a question in my head that said, why do i feel this drama is full of occult signs? humm..

    anyway after some time I actually got my answer in ep 2 how i dont like to admit it but u guys gotta see this it shocked me cz it was SO UNEXPECTED.


    it creepy ill tell ya that, ugh.


  180. I appreciate that you've taken the time and effort to write this article, though I have to say it was an….interesting read for me, I'm afraid I don't agree with what is written.

    However I really believe in everyone having their own opinions :)

    So everyone should just believe what they want and keep their beliefs to themselves.

    If you don't agree then don't fire off at other people,

    everyone is entitled to think what they want.

    I love SHINee and I know alot of other people who do.

    I have alot of Korean friends who like SHINee, they can understand the words.

    They are Christian too.

    I honestly just believe that you should think who to put the blame on at the end of the day.

    As you've mentioned K-pop is more controlled than Western pop bands

    so SHINee don't choose the songs, they don't write the songs,

    they don't decide all of the choreography either so how they dance, what they sing

    is decided by other people. Same for Narsha.

    So even if you believe this article, just be smart as not to point the 'blame' on the wrong people ^^

  181. to be honest..all you people know reed could be someone from government trying to hide it be honest all of this is true even Narsha did the 1 finger up and 1 finger down sign and to be honest dont blame it all on MTV and the record labels..these artist signed the contract most of em know what there getting into and still do it and also i feel sorry for rihanna she was a nice church girl..and she just had to sell her soul PEOPLE open your eyes narsha talked about a red SUN hello BLOOD RED MOON THAT WILL HAPPEN AT THE END OF THE WORLD! shes basically telling all her veiwers to be like her and to be in the Blood red moon when man will suffer like none has suffered before!,Narsha is just gone…

  182. wow. VC is usually dead on about stuff but this article upsets me. most kpop artists just do as they are told by the record companies. everybody views things differently and what they are trying to say can come out different to others.

  183. Feels great to see it before VC, haha.

    But really, Illuminati used to do way better. Using K-pop is just… low. Everyone knew it by heart that fangirls of Asian sensations are rabid and overprotective and intolerant to any tiny bit of stain on her idols. At least some Gaga's fan are mature and accept that Gaga may or may not be associated with some organizations and that there are some people accusing her for it, and some can embrace it. I like watching the pop culture, and I do embrace it. Using K-pop? it's just too easy that not much controversy is even going to happen. Just release a new single and then people fangirl over it. On face value, everything is just like before.

    If they're going to invest in K-pop, they could have at least make something original or really interesting. Lucifer and Bbi Ri Bop A are just another catchy songs.

    By the way, Narsha of B.E.G. is from Neganetwork, Shinee is from SMent, Wondergirls is from JYP. Hey VC, do you have any thoughts on G-Dragon from YGent? Because if he's included, then we can say they have completely taken over.

    I'm excited for this! No, I'm not a satan worshipper or an avid illuminati enthusiast, but I don't hold anything against them and I kind of want to see what they have in store for us next.

  184. Dear Vigilant,

    I appreciate your investigations into this, as they always show what we all wish we couldn't see branded right in front of ours eyes, forcing us to face reality ; however, have you ever considered using your knowledge of these things to help develop a counter ? The arts, as you know, can be used for good or for evil : and while exposure of the dark things is entertaining and always sensational, I believe a real, lasting positive good would be to use your knowledge and help artists know how they can get their positive music to be effective using allegory, symbolism, etc., of a positive nature, thereby glamourizing and glorifying those things that ought to be glamourized and glorified ; namely, self-sacrifice, the Cross, God, virtues, wisdom, faith, hope, charity, perserverance, etc, or even stories/songs/movies (any art, really) that relates a positive moral by learning from other people's experiences (morals), ad infinitum.

    While exposing the obvious obsession with occult in main stream media is good, I believe developing an alternative to combat or replace it would be even better. The internet allows for mass networking and the sharing of information, media, etc., and therefore is a wonderful starting platform for connecting people and developing a counter to this that is both truly enjoyable and truly good. I'm not talking about modern Christian gospel music that tries to immitate what and blend in with the mainstream media : that's a fixed game and bound to loose and be lousy. I am talking about helping develop artists who can use and understand symbolism, allegory, allusion, harmonies, etc., but in a positive way.

    Just my two cents.

    Keep up the work and God bless you,


    • All-seeing Eye Opene on

      I'd love to make such a video!

      I'm planning something a bit less nice, though, more like the opposite..

      In the end it's something you people would call 'good'

  185. i used to think that these kpop stars are just imitating gaga coz shes in right now..i never knew that theyre part of that illuminati thingy…coz these kpop stars are treated like slaves by their companies. i dont think they know about these things. i cant believe i cant listen to them anymore if this happens to be true

    anyways i want these MVs checked too

  186. arrgh i dunno what to think. but i guess i have to make a choice. and i choose to believe this and find a way to save my beloved shinee T-T

  187. omg vigilant citizen have u seen kanye west's new video for power. the video is completely and utterly crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!. and i don't mean in a nyc way. i can't believe a blatant portrayal of everythin illuminati, pagan and watever else is in d mix. its a miute plus video and it scared d hell out of me.pls do take a look
    with d above link on you. be warned, u can never be prepared for wat u see!!!!

  188. these things also get me to wonder what if someone has talent and they really in their hearts want to pursue music? i have talented artists in my family who want to go into the music biz but have NO CLUE about what is behind it and what it entails.. its a shame, if you aren’t smart enough like madonna or jay-z or mj (pre-trials) to be their A students and get so high up you get people literally worshipping you, then you are a lower grade puppet like beyonce, katie perry, christina, many if not most rock, alternative and metal bands, etc and or if u really don’t want to be part of it or they don’t offer you a piece of it to stay with them-promote this, and be famous- then you are a one-hit wonder= loser.

    this video with the girl coming out as a bad angel who is in mysery also reminds me of the offspring video for “you’re gonna go far kid” (ironically said) where a working kid in a poor village digs up a woman – devil symbol- she looks kind of miserable herself come to think of it -and she gives him a guitar, makes him famous, he gets money and fortune but the lyrics say “you never had a chance” so it’s like the kid never had a chance even if he made it and became famous he STILL was the loser in the end … my heart goes out for the young talents who dream of making it in this industry

    • There are many truly talented musicians who perform locally and are not backed by any elite mega-industry. Just check your local musician's union. They share their talents daily and weekly in coffee houses, piano lounges, theatres, concert halls and places of worship, and they need our local support. Support a starving artist, not the mega-industry complex.

  189. The best reaction to all this is to not take it too seriously. Have a sense of humour about it all. Yes its very sad but the real power is with those who put their faith in Jesus Christ.

  190. I'll be honest.

    I LOVE Korean and Japanese music, and hate American music.

    If there's Illuminati symbolism in the music I like, I don't care. I seriously just don't care anymore, the Illuminati can have my mind if that means being able to enjoy the music I like.

    I admit, I'm a hypocrite. I always tell my mum about Illuminati and how she shouldn't be watching E! and VH1, when in fact I'm just using that because I don't like American media, and I don't find American guys attractive.

    I've seen the symbolism in MVs before, but have chosen to ignore it because I have no protests about seeing a cute Asian guy with no shirt on.

    • i really wish i hadn't found this article. i dont want to believe that my favorite song has hidden messages in it. but in all honesty, if the messages are hidden and teenagers dont know what to look for then how can it really affect them. How can a checkered floor make a person think any different if they didnt know it meant anything? this is all pretty stupid once you think about it. Go ahead illuminati, put your 'symbolism' in my beautiful kpop.. but really, it wont change anything. saying that im going to start worshiping the devil, is like saying im going suddenly fly. it just wont happen. everyone is entitled to their own opinion but tha fact is i dont believe in religion of any kind. so this whole illuminati thing is pretty much a joke to me. if your going to brainwash me with my favorite music, then whats to stop you from brainwashing me a million other ways. go ahead. im going to keep living life because were only given one.

      next your gona tell me my cheerios are the 'all seeing eye' thing or whatever.

      AND ANOTHER THING. everyone who thinks lady gaga's style is cause of the illuminati must take a closer look at kpop and the artist BoA. shes the inspiration behind lady gaga's style and also came out years before her.

      what a joke.

  191. ~Truth be told~ on

    okay so i was listen to common online at work and i came across this song and the video is all about mind control. hence the type of the song.

    Lyrics to Universal Mind Control (U.m.c.) :

    (feat. Pharrell)

    Get Get it [x4]

    This is the automatic I stay fresh like I'm wrapped in plastic

    Beat goes fast, exceed galactic

    Southside boy we Cadillactic Charismatic, Asiatic, I'm a so for mathematics

    Camera, action, change tha status

    Acta type of your favorite actress

    Gucci – Rock It

    Coochie – Pop It

    Movies – Watch It

    Booty – Drop it

    Body – Move it

    [? ] and Being Fly.

    I touch the masters like a Catholic [? ]


    This is that new shit. Keep em' standing in line. That Universal Mind Control, now move your behind. You know you like it, it's calling your name. Nigga, this is that new shit and it don't feel the same. It's that da da da da da da da dang. Da da da da da da da dang.

    Some pop, some lock, some move robotic. Like Cash Money, I stay impoctic? UMC Ra Ra Ra Rock, don't stop it. Chick's exotic, mixitnotic?, Superhero ro-ro- Boy I'm bionic. You a fad, so [? ] I'm Supersonic.

    Girl you bout' it, you can strip like comic and transfer [? ] techno-tronic.

    Beats – Rock It

    [? ] – Drop It

    [? ] – Pop It

    Streets – Rock It

    Freak it, Shake it, Money make it, Stylin' and being fly.

    I'm the one the lady lady chose to [? ] the one that goes coast to coast to [? ]


    This is that new shit. Keep em' standing in line. That Universal Mind Control, now move your behind. You know you like it, it's calling your name. Nigga, this is that new shit and it don't feel the same. It's that da da da da da da da dang. Da da da da da da da dang.

    [? ] I've never been afraid. Fresh and I'm gettin' paid [? ] of this Age!

    From the south, so I talk this way. Twista hate at the Grand [? ] Rock the [? ] like everday. To the top and I'm on my way. Let's go, uh!


    This is that new shit. Keep em' standing in line. That Universal Mind Control, now move your behind. You know you like it, it's calling your name. Nigga, this is that new shit and it don't feel the same. It's that da da da da da da da dang. Da da da da da da da dang

    [ Universal Mind Control (U.m.c.) Lyrics on ]

  192. VC, can you please just make all the comments fit on one page?

    and SMent is indeed corrupt… BoA's Hurricane Venus reminded me of that one picture britney murphy took with the people with the creepy masks before her sudden "mysterious" death.

  193. you know i'm an avid listener of kpop and i was really quite disturbed with what i was seeing.

    i really love/appreciate how you took the time to write about it.


  194. I've noticed for awhile now how dark and ominous the pop world has become. They're not trying to hide the agendas anymore. They want to let it "all hang out" so as to speak. I don't feel comfortable listening to anything anymore. I don't support these artists, I regret the fact that people refuse to see the truth, it makes me physically ill to view such filth, and I'm not sure how much longer I can inhale this bullshit. Like so many others, I'm feeling suffocated and pressured at every turn while having this garbage force-fed to me.

  195. This is so sad. Kids here in the Philippines dance to this kind of music. I wonder how dumber the next generation will be. I can't deny the infectious influence of kpop in the asian scene. and my country is a huge fan of this music(except for some citizens like me!)

    • swish-swish :D on

      that was just… judgemental, just because VC told the world wide web about shinee and narsha's song w/c specifically is kpop, now you're looking at the whole genre as an evil occult.

      so is Nobody, Sorry, Sorry, Fire, I Don't care and Bonamana satanic? O_O

      i suggest you watch your words because you don't know what kpop really is -_-

      oh yea kids in the philippines are stupid listening to these songs… says the person who thinks she knows the whole thing. i'm ashamed that you look down on your fellowmen especially the younger generation..

  196. All Hollywood music, movie, games etc are helping to bring in the NWO. Very unfortunate. Continue to keep your faith in God.

  197. Brief Intro Analysis on

    I do not claim this to be fact but rather a speculation I found interesting while listening to the intro to Narsha prior to the start of the actual song (A catchy rhythmic tune I must say) WITHOUT the addition of the motion picture:

    1.sounds of intro is adjecent to bullets being fired from a automatic firearm

    2.ambient vibration plays

    3.sounds of wind, or slashing cuts it off abruptly

    4.ambient track continues

    5.larger swipe of wind / slashing of some sort cuts it off abruptly

    Send your perception through a prism of light to attain a plethora of possibilities using sounds as symbolism..quite shocking the conclusions one can come up with if looking at it from certain perspectives.

    Interesting video & track will spark interest in learning about the illuminated related symbols


  198. I think the crux of Reed's point is that you shouldn't read (no pun intended) too much into things. I'm a Literature major and throughout my career as one, I've learned various theoretical frameworks that one can use to interpret a text. However, at the same time I also learned a cardinal rule of analysis and that is not to analyze each and every text with the same framework over and over again. The same rules apply for interpreting things other than literature, including films, music and music videos.

    I've been to this site a couple of times and while I appreciate the effort VC has put into his analysis (who knew that so much anti-Christian and/or pagan symbolism could be present in a couple of music videos?) I also strongly suggest to everyone here that we take EVERYTHING we see, hear and read with a grain of salt. Historically speaking, assumption is deadly and while I recognize that Korea is slowly becoming a very Westernized nation, they will still be predisposed to appropriate all this and interpret them according to their own tropes, symbolism, etc.

    Seeing Lady Gaga flaunt the All-Seeing Eye and branding her an agent of some "powers-behind-the-throne" is just like seeing some guy on the street wearing a Che Guevarra shirt and branding him a supporter of Che. I'm aware that Lady Gaga has cut her teeth in art schools and hung around artists for the most part of her life and like the guy with Che's mug on his shirt she will most probably use all this knowledge of symbolism as a means to her own end–not necessarily to the Illuminati's.

  199. korean music industry or any music industry mainstream entertainment industryt is ALL the same…they have sold there souls to the devil to wait for there God dajjal/Antichrist and its ALL true…..check this video from THE ARRIVALS SERIES rather be free than being controlled by these false idols…

  200. God you guys who are arguing; who gives a damn? Okay so there are some dark stuff going on within the music industry and there are tons of blatant illuminati references in videos, so what?…Just enjoy the damn videos and songs for their artistic value. I find this article very interesting, but I don't intend to take any claims of any agenda to heart. What the music industry does with their symbolism does nothing to affect how you live your life (as long as you're aware that is)…Whether or not the record companies really believe these sadist beliefs, I do not know..but there is one fact. They are making tons of money…

  201. I thank you, for every moment that you take ,to share the wisdom in you, will be good to know an opinion if you can

    take some time, and let us know more, about SAMAEL AUN WEOR. please its important.

  202. Ego pandering, arrogant self indulgence and posturing in the right here now society …What more could "the masses" want…… ???

    An observation I have made that you will see in ALL of the music industry clips whether it be the overt occult offerings presented in this excellent site , mtv designer punks or the black gang dancing dribble dished out to the weak minds that pass off as lamestream group think is as follows…. Ever notice that doe-eyed look the stars give the camera alluring to the fact that you're not there and could never possibly ever be there experiencing their experience….. ??

    The hook and line all in one neat package……

    Do androids dream electric dreams……?? Baa,Baa…

  203. You're all getting too caught up in mana of your own self importance by the looks of things being written here…….. Step outside of yourselves for once….. oops I forgot you're Americans…..

  204. Elvienepronto! on

    Read: Trip into the supernatural by Roger Morneu. You will be amazed by the battle that is raging between good and evil!

  205. Aww, but I love J-pop…this sucks…

    All I'm trying to do in life is get a job, go to a good college and become a manga artist in which I will write a story that will hopefully bring God closer to it's readers as a gift to him…

    But now I'm beginning to wonder if their are illuminati symbols in manga…

    Can you do an article on manga and any hidden symbols that might be common in the most popular manga series…?

    I mean "Death Note' had some creepy things and so did 'Full Metal Alchamist", but "Ouran High School Host Club" was just a heart warming romantic comedy…

    Manga = Japanese comic books by the way.

  206. i know this iluminati through my friends. they told me kpop are also one of that thing too. so can i ask you something? i mean if we know that they are anti-christ right,and we still watch them perform or sing,or even memorize their dancestep,is it wrong? im confuse now,i dont know if it its wrong or not. soplease reply me thank you

  207. finally an article about it..

    whoever wrote it, damn STRONG to expose it..

    i SALUTE you on that..


    i knew all about this (illuminati) ..

    long before the article came out ..

    it started during RDD days.. (i love SHINee)

    really,??? what is up with the new management??

    are they getting funds on that Secret Society(SS)??

    now the illuminati has set foot on Korea and Japan..

    their sounds and style are totally different now,

    yup, because they are trending …

    personally, they don't have to..

    they have their own thing, own sound and style

    and they did exist

    without the help of that SS/illuminati

    K-Pop’s latest puppets?

    reading this makes my heart totally crash..

    i've seen it all, even before their RDD days

    through all their performances..

    I feel like I’ve become a clown trapped in a glass castle … what an interesting way to describe the fate of pop stars. Like their counterparts of the Western world, these pop stars sing about being trapped, used and confused while their young fans dance and recite the words.

    —SO TRUE

    maybe part of them(KOreans) are Buddhist, some are Catholic

    and some are CHRISTIANS..

    see what happened to some of their talents

    –our very own minho.. he's Christian

    and to other artist under SM company….

    still, i knew that they are fighting back

    through their second single..

    dropping the black outfits (RDD)

    then going on colored outfits (JOJO)

    i say, yeah, people will say colored clothes are so out of fashion

    but then, i love them because they are COLORFUL

    better than wearing black and white outfits..

    perhaps, i still hope and pray, that behind all these manipulations

    they could still KEEP their SOULS–that is the MOST IMPORTANT

    i still believe that KOREANS are one of those countries in bible

    that are described as the SALT of the world..




  208. I know this is really late but I just want to say something.

    First of all, I'm a Christian. My faith is strong and I learned and know my morals and values well.

    When I first saw Narsha's video, I was surprised and really thought that it was demonic and like Lady GaGa's Alejandro(though I didn't watch the whole video of this-ti coudn't handle it). I totally agree with what you have said about the video. But like what's been popping up; Korean artists are 'puppets'. They have no control of what their agencies/video director/etc. wants them to do.

    I see a lot of bashing on SHINee and them being illuminati puppets. The boys of SHINee are just normal people who once dreamed of becoming entertainers. Fortunately, they passed auditions and strict trainings. Yes, one of them is an Atheist, but that doesn't make him an illuminati. The rest are Christians.

    SME mistreats their talents, well most agencies as far as I know. Like what I've mentioned above, artists have no control on what their agencies are wanting them to do. Before you say, "They can just resign or something," Here's what I've got to tell you, it's no walk in the park.

    Bottom line is, don't hate on the kpop artists themselves, hate on what those above them are making them do.

  209. oh, and of course, HAVE A STRONG FAITH. Don't get easily swayed.

    (and don't assume too much. Coincidences sometimes do happen 😉 )

  210. D: When I heard Shinee's Lucifer..well, i thought the beat was pretty nice.. But then, I just couldn't seem to like that song..Or get hooked to it… I guess, my concious told me that it's not a really good song (in between those lines might have other meanings). I don't condemn them, or maybe it's art or something.. But singing about Lucifer or a girl's like lucifer or devilish or whatever doesnt seem right.

    I just hope Super Junior won't dwelve into things like that~~ :(

  211. laceybellissimo on

    i think this just kinda proves that they aren't just doing it to piss off conspiracy theorists since conspiracy theorists wouldn't probably look at anything other than like american pop.

  212. I'm into k-pop on

    I can say that I'm into K-pop right now which is something that I'm not ashamed of even if some of my friends, classmates or family relatives find it weird or strange. About this Illuminati infiltration in k-pop, I for one can say that is present and that I cannot deny the fact about such an issue even though I'm into k-pop. But I for one can say that the saying "It's a matter of choice" is the perfect saying for such an issue affecting billions of people around the world. Why? Because in the end it only matters if we let ourselves get affected. Sure, some might say that I'm being impractical and a hypocrite because they can say that if I slowly listen to k-pop, I cannot avoid such an issue and I am bound to follow it sooner or later but let's get realistic people insult me if you will, we have the choice to get affected by such an issue and follow it or we can disregard it and just enjoy the pure awesomeness of music. BTW, you're just making it into a bigger issue than it already is.

  213. Mind. Blown.

    Honestly, I love K-pop, especially Narsha and SHINee so I was really shocked to read this article. By the way, I read your other articles about Lady Gaga and such and all of them are really good.

    I don't even think the artists have a clue about what they're doing or what the company is making them do. On reality shows and stuff, you see them and they're all so happy and funny and loveable. It makes me sad that this occult thingo is spreading to Korea/Japan already.

    Just my opinion though, haha.

  214. check out The Gazette- The Invisible Wall

    .The Gazette is another asian band, an their official video, The Invisible Wall, has another 'the all seeing eye' symbols

    can u tell me the true meanings?

    • Their song is abt a murderer who can do what ever w/o getting punished for it –> Illuminati zionist much?

      So yeah I think the album (DIM) is abt them.

      Its a creepy album and I know for sure its abt them haha.

      Its more like theyre KILLUMINATI

      bcz they dont come on tv either they try to avoid the media at best.(eventhough its usually a VK trend to be mysterious that way, they do come on radio shows)

      & I remember one radio interview where at some point Ruki went like ''the entertainment industry is scarier than u think'' and the DJ of that radio station was like ''oh ok blabla'' -> so he went offtopic as fast as he could haha. It totally showed. They also just changed their record deal like most bands did and MYV was the first one.

  215. Wow, I am really trippin out! Now as far as it being surprising I can't really say that it was because if you think about it the world is involved in alot of this NWO (New World Order) agenda. One thing I can say though is that group of Korean pop singers is kinda addictive, well the song anyway. I hate to admit it but it was highly entertaining to see and hear, but I guess that's the idea, right?

  216. There is no God, at least not the 'God' everyone believes there to be as depicted by current religions. Therefore, there is no Satan/Lucifer.

    It is 'cool' to be on the dark side than on the 'morally correct' side. Biggest reason for most of these symbols. Even for myself, I feel more drawn to the dark songs because they are more…thrilling. At the end of the day, these celebrities are worth nothing without make-up and a mike to sing into.

    Not to mention that even if the masses were to be 'brainwashed' it can't be said that things were better before. Children had to work at the age of 7. They weren't 'protected' then even though the suggestion of anything remotely anti-religious would've probably resulted in a lynching. I'm actually rooting for the likes of Gaga and Narsha.

  217. VC & community I have a question recently Beyonce did an awkward photoshoot that is said to be a Derion ( clothing )add. Looking at the picures my initial thought was are they selling Beyonce or the clothes. The adds seem to be more about her vs the clothing. Fast foward to this week now they are saying that the pictures were leaked and were susposed to be uploded to Pagen followers, and when her camp realized what happened they quickly photoshopped " DERION" on it and said it was an add. I noticed she had a similar spine to the one in gaga's Bad Romance video (I think).WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS???? ?

  218. laceybellissima on

    i think it just kinda just goes to show that its not just lady gaga trying to piss off conspiracy theorists, most conspiracy theorists wouldn't even think to look at korean pop.

    … and why did my comment similar to this not show up…?

  219. In my view, Illuminati and Masonic symbolism is a subcategory of an older and wider goddess-symbolism. Goddess symbolism may be found everywhere in our arts; music, literature, sciences and religions because all those things had their beginnings in the nature-goddess worshipping civilizations which existed before Jerusalem was thought of.

    As I watched the Narsha clip I noticed the following:

    The heavy use of the colours white; red and black. These are the colours of the three aspects of the Triple Goddess. White is the colour of Spring (Persephone) who is often represented by a young girl. Red is the colour of Aphrodite, or woman in her sexual and child-bearing phase, and black is the colour of the death aspect of the goddess.

    The Madonna – Mary comes from mare ( the sea) and represents Venus, who ruled the seas.

    The raven – another symbol of the death aspect of the goddess.

    The breaking through to the underworld scene – this is referential to the Orphic Mysteries – the Greek story of Opheus' visit to the Underworld ruled by Persephone in an attempt to retrieve his dead wife.

    Finally, the word "music" comes from one of the names of the goddess – the Great Muse, and from the Nine Muses – which were aspects of the goddess reponsible for inspiring music, dance, poetry and astronomy in suitable men.

  220. oh, recently, i've just switched my interest to k-pop bcoz of too much of illuminati found in hollywood stars. this is very dissapointing. now, i just hope that my dear super junior is not one of those devils.. please koreans,, u should really do something to save ur country and stars… :(


    Titles include must-reads such as:

    * 1984 By GEROGE ORWELL

    * The Illuminati Formula to Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave By FRITZ SPRINGMEIER

    *The lost keys od masonry By Manly.P.Hall

  222. i was waiting for something from the J & K-POP, i knew something was going on, BTW, im from the Philippines and just to tell, half of my class likes K-POP, just a few days ago, they were singing LUCIFER, dang! dont they even notice it?! its already in the title! hehe, well, nice job again! you're really good! ^^

  223. This music definitely has some kind of hold over people. I listened to the songs one time and can't seem to get them out of my head…..You look the videos up on youtube and all the fans seem to bypass the "lucifer" part and talk about how cool, hot, awesome these guys are, and don't get me wrong they are attractive (which is probably the point)…..maybe some people just don't want to wake up

  224. I just thought of something. What did Korea give up when IMF came in to "rescue" it in 1997? Perhaps 100% media control/ownership? Basically Korea was economically colonized by the IMF in 1997. Even though Korea supposedly paid back its loans the loss of 100% ownership of major companies including the media still remains. Are Rotschild (Illuminati) backed agents calling the shots in K-pop? This is all starting to make sense.

  225. Christianity is the biggest occult of all time.
    Forcing people to convert to the religion, taking over foreign lands in the name of God.
    Millions of people murdered in the name of Jesus.

    -_-… all from “God’s Will”.

    Who is worse, God or the Devil.

    Both are bullshit to me.
    Just fools listening to someone else opinion. Puppets either way.

  226. Everything about these videos are so vacant. It's clear that the entertainment industry has an overarching agenda. But it is not a human conspiracy, it is a Satanic one. None of these people ever need meet one another or share the same producers, writers, etc. in order to channel this message. It has been passed from generation to generation and culture to culture and in the Bible is known as Mystery Babylon.

    The Narsha vid, especially, clearly preparing the way for the anti-Christ.

  227. OMG noo wayy. This is just unbelievable. Narrsha and SHINee are my fav kpop starss. And i love those songs they sang. I never kneww tht it had that meaning to it. OMG somebody stopp thiisss… friggin scaredd O.O

  228. I suggest VC to write about Taiwan's pop culture as well.

    Check out this vid

    I cant help but notice many symbols and it creeps me out. The theme of this artist's concert is exactly like beyonce's alter ega "im sasha fierce". This taiwanese artist's name is A-mei and in her concert she calls herself Amit and tell her fans, A-mei is taking a break. In her taipei Amit concert, everyone is given a sticker tattoo. although its just a triangle with the signature amit on it, It looks very all seeing eye. What scares me most is her baphomet costume. YOU GUYS MUST SEE IT.


  229. Well, I hope everyone knows that one of Lucifer's duties in the throne of God was as the master musician as described in Ezekiel 28: 13-16, particularly where it talks about "tabrets and pipes" and how beautiful he was before he got kicked out of God's throne.… In Genesis 4:21 we find Jubal has probably had an encounter with Lucifer/ now Satan in the Garden of Eden as he is now the father of all who handle the harp and organ, only a few generations after Eve.… So Lucifer/Satan was in charge of music from the get-go, and he is still in charge particularly of instruments, which is why some churches only allow vocal music without instruments in their worship services.

    Lucifer/Satan's big deceit and best trick is to get people to think he doesn't exist or he has no effect… Don't be deceived. Learn to discern. And stop giving your mind and your money to these people and mega-industries. Protect your soul and mind…

  230. There are many truly talented musicians who perform locally and are not backed by any elite mega-industry. Just check your local musician’s union. They share their talents daily and weekly in coffee houses, piano lounges, theatres, concert halls and places of worship, and they need our local support. Support a starving artist, not the mega-industry complex. That's what I'm saying. Be intelligent about what you expose your mind and soul to…

  231. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    After reading the comments, it is obvious that we all have our favorite music artists that we care for and want to support. However, I agree with many respondents by being careful. I liked Beyoncé’s music, but she left me no choice. I had to stop supporting her along with others. First of all, it is very important that we Christians safeguard our hearts (minds) to music that consist of demonized lyrics. I live by the old adage- "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck." Narsha and SHINee’s videos are not cute little videos I would like to share with anyone. They are dark and forbidding.

    Secondly, it is never okay to mock Jesus, the symbolic of the crown of thorns and cross while praising Lucifer. For the Lord is holy. I cannot see these particular music artists being deceived. They are completely aware of her actions. If you know of Satan, you know of the Lord. Let's see- glorify Satan for $1,000,000.00 or no deal; no money. Well, it is obvious which one these lost souls shook hands on.

    Apparently, these artists are popular among the Korean’s culture, so we can only pray for these artists and their fans/followers to be guided. As we all know, people are guided to the “true” light, but still refuse to accept truth. To all those who are enjoying the singing unto Satan, beware!

    I pray that the Lord will seek vengeance on this ungodly established high place soon, so that His people will know that He is the Lord, thy God, and there is no other like Him. "Let the hammer of the wicked be broken in Jesus name" (Jeremiah 50:23). "You (the Lord) are the Highest; I walk in the spirit of Josiah to deal with the high places" (2 Chronicles 34:3).

    • all hail Onew Christ on

      i cant believe im back here. the hell am i doing?

      anyway @Every One Wll Bow- Jesus Christ

      just to clearify. no matter how much the music deal is for, the artists dont even see half of it. SM artists see less. so 'selling out to saitin' isnt exactly what your doing'

      and, to all Shinee fans, and kpop fans. while i dont take this article seriously at all, everyone who comes here, including me, will not budge on their opinions. you can see my arguments above. its pointless comeing here unless your just trolling. which is cool, and all, i guess. but to suddenly stop liking someone because of one stupid opinion article is stretching it a bit, dont you think?

      now that im back, i guess i'll see if anything new has happened, but really, this is old, insignificant news, and we should just leave it to the dark clutches of the iterwebs.

      • i’m completely agree with u
        there are certain extremist in this world that are meant to be ignored
        while i feel angry as both a christian (because being christian doesn’t mean nitpicking) and as a shinee fan (certain activities are postponed because of this illuminati theory)
        this article won’t affect any true shinee fans, and thus shouldn’t matter

  232. I really think Shawols need to stop coming here! (Myself included.) I think this article is really refreshing! It may or may not be true. Its really up to all you to choose. No need to bash on each other. The way I see it, mostly everything that happens to the artist is the company’s fault. No the artists(I’m only talking about kpop). It certainly surprises me at how well Kpop music is doing during this year! Probabaly those people mentioned(Satan’s worshipper) helped them. Who knows.

    For me I believe in all this Illuminati thing. But I’ll never stop supporting my boys.

    I’ll forever be a Shawol. So please sto bashing on them. They are innocent! And everything that they are doing with their career is being told by their company.

  233. Once again, another big group is exposed for being a tool of the corporate/Illuminist forces luring the masses deeper into occultism.

    But i Hope everyone sees that this is a spiritual. Souls are at stake. Including yours.

    The solution in this war is to find God and serve Him. There's no neutrality. These folk are clearly on Lucifer's side and just want to recruit as many of us possible.

    See my latest blog "40 Days Until Judgment" to get a better idea on what we should be doing as Christians or non-believers.

  234. As with the "as above, so below" concept, the construction worker is "above" looking "below" him. At the end of the video, his mind is changed while he remains "above", because he now becomes what is "below" him.

  235. Sorry, this article is just reaching FAR too much. I didn't get ANY of that from these videos or lyrics even AFTER you pointed them out…….these are just coincideces/nothing interesting. There is nothing to see here. NEXT!

  236. Korea is known, and so is Japan, for taking things they like and using it for their fashion and music. Korean's are highly known for copying and I don't even like Korean music so I don't listen to it.

    Translations are hard to do since you can interpret them in different ways.

    Besides there are many music videos in Asia that seem a little 'off' but they dress and perform like the world is a alternate reality. I was just in Japan and seeing everyone dressed up made me feel like an outsider. That was beside th point.

    Illuminati have not infiltrated K-pop, K-pop is just taking the works of other artist and incorporating it to their usage.

  237. I think the world is coming to an end.

    So many evil things happening,mansory,illuminati,mercury in vaccines,the list goes on

    this probably should ring a bell….

    • Honestly, I think Epik High is an anti-Illuminati artist, much like Immortal Technique. The symbolism in their Map the Soul MV is that of the recreated dollar bill (all seeing eye, Illuminati hand, skull and bones society symbol) burning, which to me is an exposure of and a symbol of hatred towards the societies on the bill. Also the MV in general seems to be critical of war, industrialization, corporate puppetry etc.

      I wouldn't be saying this if this was their only symbolism that I noticed in Epik High's music, but take a listen at Tablo's English solo rap section of Mr. Doctor (Remapping the Human Soul)

      blame it on contaminated wisdom

      poorly sanitated injections

      gory animated visions

      no we can't evade the system

      or the virus no survivors

      you might as well

      just die on us

      the iris on the dollar bill's

      got a fuckin' eye on us

      and George double-u of course

      troubles you

      but your chores muzzle you

      what's yours smuggles you

      in this slave trade

      lie and kill to stay paid

      diet pills and AKs

      silent hill day trade

      mister missus

      this is the business

      from kiss to kisses

      from dish to dishes

      the price on your head

      is triple sixes

      and this is reality

      human bestiality

      put a bullet in my cavity

      to feed your vanity

      I'm crazy

      Seems to go against everything the Illuminati stands for. =)

  238. Sorry but i need to let you know the true meaning of Lucifer..

    On the 16th, Sm Entertainment released Idol group SHINee’s image of their 2nd album ‘Lucifer’, releasing SHINee’s image at 10PM on that day required huge amount of technology/skills, to display the members’ new look.

    *Members using their eye expression to show their main song ‘Lucifer’, in Christianity, Lucifer means the falling angel of the devil. SHINee with a refreshing image in the past activities, showed a big transformation and a feeling of approaching in their 2nd album.

    SM expressed that ” A selfish heart, persevering love, wrongly threatened and repeatedly revolving appearance of an angel and devil, lovers having a vague feeling in Lucifer” “The meaning of religion is to have courage”.

  239. SHINee… I loved those guys. but, knowing WHAT this symbolism meant when i saw it, it tore me apart to hate them.

    they were my roel models. i haven't got a single female role model apart from my mother.

    they've changed too much from they're nuna nomu neoppo days…

    the youngest turned 17 this year. he was 'discovered' when he was 15. that's like me hitting the level of beyonce right now.

    What happened to them? it's ridiculous how fast they changed, over a breif time from roughly april to this june/july. to think this march/april they were looking after a baby in a variety show.

    just to think of how much i adored them makes me sick. they've betrayed all of their fans, and everyone who's ever loved them. they make me sick, and if anything, i'm terribly worried.

    i can't properly force myself to hate them, because they WERE amazing people.

    if anything, i hope their career hits rock bottom. then they'll have no reason to continue this. hopefully.

    the worst part is, many girls are certain that 'No, they're just talking about a girl who's a bit of a tease, so they refer her to lucifer.'


    some people try to justify by saying, 'lucifer means light-bearer in latin'. that is probably why satan is named lucifer, as i'm sure most of you know what the serpent did with adam and eve. (according to christianity)

    and even if you're not christian, it should still piece together relatively well.

    i'm rather relieved though, that some people online DO realise, that someting is wrong. many point out that lucifer is in fact the name of satan, and it turns out many others know that too.

    i think, these people should tell their fans. 'i worship the devil, and the following songs have hidden symbols and meanings.'

    then, we will really see how the world reacts.

    i have a feeling that most of their adoring fans will react as i have; be totally disgusted, distraught and unwilling to support them any longer; though i know there are people who will try to ignore this. (as there are always ignorant people.)

    if there is a god, then please take these little innocent boys and put them back on the right path. they've got too much of their life to throw away.

    • all hail Onew Christ on

      wow. i dont even

      i just. . .


      1. "they were my roel models. i haven’t got a single female role model apart from my mother."

      this better be for lolz. I am SICK of people calling them girls. its redic. they're pretty boys. not girls. seriously.

      2. the youngest turned 17 this year. he was ‘discovered’ when he was 15.

      Taemin, who your talking about, debutd when he was 14/15. all Asian idols go threw a training period before that, so he was much younger when he was discovered. this has nothing to do with the illuminati, im just SICK of people getting it wrong.

      3. they’ve betrayed all of their fans, and everyone who’s ever loved them

      why, because one person wrote an article pointing out things that could be construed as symbolism? you must not have been a big fan to begin with, if your fandom is shaken that easily.

      4. if anything, i hope their career hits rock bottom

      you not only stop liking them, but you go from fan to anti in less than 10 seconds. Im impressed. but there's no reason to wish death upon their dreams, is it? i mean, you could have just gone, 'i wish they would change back' or something.

      5. as i’m sure most of you know what the serpent did with adam and eve. (according to christianity)

      and even if you’re not christian, it should still piece together relatively well.

      and now im being controversial, but your acting like the bible isnt a book full of passages that contradict each other. i mean, its a good read, and its thought provoking, which i believe is what every good book should be, but its by no means FACT.

      • i agree with you "all hail onew christ"

        although i don't quite agree with your name…

        i can't believe i actually found someone who would stop liking shinee after reading this extremist article

        i think she's posing as a fan to gain integrity in her speech

  240. there's no point being a Christian if u don't understand what Christian is.

    and by understand, i mean to know even their enemy. basically these k-pop singers, well, are Christians, but if they don't understand anything, even about Lucifer, what's the point of becoming a Christian?

    i'm not one of the fan, but what interest me the most is if u look at the poster, music, video clip, they're pretty much are the same with US. wearing a suit, sexy, checkerboard. is it really a coincidence if there's too much of them happen? mathematically speaking, NO.

    maybe u can say they are just following the example of the US, but then they don't realize what exactly are they following.

  241. BleedingHeartSociolo on

    Hmm… I'm a little miffed that you put Shiva in the same category as Baphomet/Devil. You (intentionally?) missed out a crucial point.. It's Shiva the destroyer OF EVIL. He is part of the Hindu triumvirate that consists of Brahma, Vishu and Shiva. They are, respectively, the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of the Universe.

    I vehemently detest that Christian ideology that deems everything "non-Christian" to be pagan and therefore the work of the devil. Especially since much of "Christian" mythology is stolen wholesale from mysticism.

    As for the Illuminati's influence in KPOP, hello people what DON'T you understand about New WORLD Order?

  242. I'm a bit late to this one, but I'm surprised that nobody other than me seems to have thought that the worker in the Narsha video looks less "dumbfounded and bewildered" than post-coital, particularly the way he's hugging his jackhammer and has a silly grin plastered all over his face.

  243. Response to the Narsha video. I think I heard the name Satan repeated. When the bbi-ri- bop-a was being repeated I thought I heard baphomet. That was before I scrolled down the page to see the reference to the Baphomet. Don’t anyone doubt that they work on you through your ears and into your mind in addition to conditioning your mind through what you see. The peace of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ to you all. He will soon crush Satan under foot. His time is short and he knows it. He would like to take many to hell with him.

  244. swish-swish :D on

    ok.? narsha really gave me the creeps that woman was a very sweet girl, can't really imagine her getting into Illuminati occult or being illuminati-driven.. actually here's my point about the situation:

    first of all the industry of American music is WAY Too different with Asian music (specifically K-pop)

    If Lady Gaga makes or should we say produces her own music, on the other side of the world they don't.

    THEY SING THEY DANCE IN SHORT, THEY ENTERTAIN.much like every artist's main agenda after debuting. i'm not taking shinee's side because i've been a fan of kpop, though i still listen to american music but i'd rather listen to christian songs..( o_o since more of the music today focuses on party, sex, any sort of bull crap and has no sense..)

    if you have seen their succeeding performances, they haven't used the same stage because of course they perform on every different networking company and i think further than that, we haven't seen any more signs of occultism of illuminati there. the Up Down song.. er have you read the translation of the song? it has no connection with illuminati or satan it sounds more like a woman having mood swings over his boyfriend o_o.

    The company (SM entertainment) is responsible for the song, choreography, production and etc. i mean the boys are still young, their company would be one of the most ruthless guys when it comes to training an artist, getting them into a contract.. you really leave them no choice but to abide with their conditions, if you want to be an artist. and i think their approach on the market this year would be inspired from the american/western artists. It's like "Monkey see Monkey Do", they don't care about occultism, they're too caught up with being successful themselves, in different aspects. but that sounds greedy too doesn't it :((

    If we look at the song at a different way, it would be about a man trying his best not to give in to darkness.

    wait i think eventually in the next comeback they'll have they would probably have another concept.. so i think this isn't really much of an issue about them getting illuminati-driven or being in illuminati itself.

    like i said, it's different from how their industry goes like.

    ^_^ i'm done pointing out my opinion.

    • yes, the boys are innocent. at least that's what i believe. but, if anyone's the devil here, it's the man Lee Soo Man himself. he may be collaborating with illuminati now and enforces this symbols onto the people by using his young and innocent puppets; shinee. i so wish we could protect those boys. all industries are the same.

  245. thanks alot for opening my eyes and making me realise what's happening on earth and that i have to keep my faith. i'm so shocked that it got to Korea. i didnt really see it in Japan, only Kumi Koda's Love goes like MV. but there are freemasons everywhere, in all countries that are exposed to american media except for idk….the arabic countries?

    this might be a sign. i think the appocalipse might approach soon because recently i heard american scientists found out about a meteorite which is going to hit the Pacific ocean and dive the US and maybe destroy some other countries, and i suspect they might be Korea and Japan, they're full of masons. but I'm not saying it's true. it might be BS.

    in the bible, it says that Lucifer will come on earth inside a powerful person, and the description fits Obama exactly. He's in the illuminati. yea, he is. and so is Betty White, but who gives a crap really.

    ever since Obama became president of the US, i noticed how he revealed more and more carelessness regarding natural disasters and stuff like that going on in the US. he just says "yes we can" and sports his devil horns to show illuminatis that he really he is Lucifer and he has to be worshipped.

    all this stuff happening is too freaky to be just another stupid apocalipse theory, this one's true and later on we'll get to see Obama's true side when we'll have codes printed on our wrists or the back of our heads or whatever. i dont wanna die yet, but we have around 5 years left at most.

    but wait, Greenland is also melting. That means that by 2012 it will be completely melted and it will flood the US and even Europe if something isnt done.

  246. guess that i've to be careful with the kpop scene now.sad that lucifer song that is addictive hidden many dark things=( not that i blindly follow and memorize the lyrics but i will try not to get influenced by it.hurmm..

  247. Vigilant, right as always. I always had a shrewd suspicion that some asian artists were satanic, due to the dark nature of their videos and flashing satanic symbols, but felt that they are in another market. Howeever the grip of the elite is becoming tighter and soon we might find ourselves in trouble.

  248. i really don't think shinee is in the illuminati :< they're just saying in lucifer tht when you've fallen in love, you get addicted to her similar to satan.

  249. was i the only one watching miss univer? was i the oly one that noticed kosovos national costume?!!??! omg shoking i swear

  250. Hi I'm new to this post thing! But I can see what's going on here! In the UK KPOP isn't really popular as we don't value they're entertainment as something big as we are not blind to see what talent they have! I don't follow kpop really, but I have seen a rise in popularity in the recent years for KPOP! And it is a bit strange and this evidence clearly shows what they're unto and no one can deny this! The only people who deny this are the people who don't want to hear or see the truth! Also I'm glad to see it's not only the Muslims who are posting on here and are the only ones realising what's going on! I have always said if everyone follows they're religion we will all get on! Also I have always said that the real religious people (I don't mean hardcore religious people who try and be perfect in they're practicing religion) have always known the truth! But certain religions are letting they're own religion down by being brain washed into believing all this pop culture and they think that this illuminati stuff is made up! Therefore leaving Islam the only ones who majority of the religion know what's going on. This then singles the Muslims out to be the bad guys and mad but I'm glad to see other people that realise this devilish activity going on! Remember we are all in this together no matter what religion u are! We all have one goal! And thanks very much for this post, it has changed my views totally about KPOP!

  251. I LOVE Kpop music I listen to it all the time. I have noticed the reoccurring themes in the different Kpop videos. I would love to see you do an article on Boa's Hurricane Venus or on 2pm heartbeat or heck on ANY kpop video. I love the fact that you are now doing articles on different music from around the world. Keep up the good work I love reading the articles!

  252. something had happened to k-pop now…no lovely2 lyric anymore..most of it bout betray and hateness..and now this things and symbolic..i hope k-pop will be like be4 pure from this all….

  253. Wow, thanks for this international information. I knew all of this was in American music videos. Keep doing what you are doing. I would like to point out the tv show True Blood to you. There are occult and cult symbolism in that show. I think you would disect that show pretty easily.