Opening Sequence of “Poland’s Next Top Model”: Symbolism Overload


The opening sequence of the second season Poland’s Next Top Model manages to pack in a single minute a whole lot of Illuminati mind control imagery. Not unlike Versace’s H&M ad (described in this article), the opening features a handler figure – a role played by the show’s host, supermodel Joanna Krupa. Wearing a black and white checkered dress, which becomes a Masonic checkerboard floor, the handler looks over the models, who are running around in a labyrinth and manipulates them at will. She also has control of all aspects of the labyrinth, including time (not unlike Jareth in the movie Labyrinth, analyzed here).

Based on Alice in Wonderland (of course), the sequence features countless mind control symbols and triggers including: tricky mirror reflections, “drugged” by cupcakes, butterflies, etc. In short, this sequence represents Illuminati control of the fashion industry.

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I'm Polish and live here in Poland. When I first saw NTM on Tv I noticed the symbolism straight away. I remember few years ago, it could hardly find any of it in mainstream media, but now there's more and more. TVN chanell is especially dengerous here. It's full of commercials and very sad and depressive programmes. As far as I know main TVN shareholder is some corporate media from USA.