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Opening Sequence of “Poland’s Next Top Model”: Symbolism Overload



Opening Sequence of "Poland's Next Top Model": Symbolism Overload

Opening Sequence of "Poland's Next Top Model": Symbolism Overload

The opening sequence of the second season Poland’s Next Top Model manages to pack in a single minute a whole lot of Illuminati mind control imagery. Not unlike Versace’s H&M ad (described in this article), the opening features a handler figure – a role played by the show’s host, supermodel Joanna Krupa. Wearing a black and white checkered dress, which becomes a Masonic checkerboard floor, the handler looks over the models, who are running around in a labyrinth and manipulates them at will. She also has control of all aspects of the labyrinth, including time (not unlike Jareth in the movie Labyrinth, analyzed here).

Based on Alice in Wonderland (of course), the sequence features countless mind control symbols and triggers including: tricky mirror reflections, “drugged” by cupcakes, butterflies, etc. In short, this sequence represents Illuminati control of the fashion industry.

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Opening Sequence of "Poland's Next Top Model": Symbolism Overload

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I'm Polish and live here in Poland. When I first saw NTM on Tv I noticed the symbolism straight away. I remember few years ago, it could hardly find any of it in mainstream media, but now there's more and more. TVN chanell is especially dengerous here. It's full of commercials and very sad and depressive programmes. As far as I know main TVN shareholder is some corporate media from USA.

it's me

and, what's more, the Polish edition widely promotes alternative models of sexuality, by putting 3 homosexuals (2 jurors and 1 host) and one alleged trans-gender contestant (she later on explained that she was operated on hermaphroditism as a child), but still – it nicely fits into the picture…


well, i'm polish, so i can say something about all the Illuminati thing in here. i read a lot about it and also try to find out if this industry somehow reached Poland. So far, i found only few polish artists who can be called, let's say 'suspected'. But we are talking only about some singular videos that contain some controversial symbols similar to those used by Illuminati Members. They were comitted, for sure, unconsciously, cause, to date in Poland Illuminati symbolism is known as fashionable and nothing else. Many polish celebrities try to copy their favourite top stars from Hollywood or whatever, so they are trying their best to just do the same and be the same (however, it is awfully pissing off) and as they're constantly watching (for example) Rihanna's or Gaga's videos or images when they're showing devil horns or checked white-and-black floor, then just they try to put the same symbols to their vids, etc. On polish websites dedicated that Illuminati stuff, it is said that polish industry is still 'clean' and in fact, polish artists have no clue what Illuminati is, even if they pose for a picture with that one eye covered and "6"… Read more »


I haven't seen the Polish version of this show. I don't even watch the American version. I don't watch television period. But, just watching this one minute commercial made me feel sick to my stomach for some reason, and I'm not even sure why. It had nothing to do with the models, it's something else, maybe some subliminal images or frequencies my conscious mind didn't see or pick up on, but my subconscious did?


I'm still not certain on one thing….when watching or listening to these things what is supposedly happening that makes it wrong to participate in it? How is it brainwashing you if you know what's going on in it but you are now able to seperate from pure entertainment verses subliminal messaging?


This is a blatant example of the illuminati slapping you in the face with a cold fish! The imagery depicted in this clip is so in your face! call me crazy! but then again the people that call you crazy about conspiracies, are ones that base their beliefs because the media tells them to, without researching a single aspect of an argument…. having said that ive decided to remain among the 1%


The girl who runs through the gate in the end actually won this cycle, coincidence or even more mind control? (In Poland the viewers choose the winner)


They make claims the viewers have a choice but you won't believe how many times they cook the results and manipulate the viewers in order to confuse them and make a huge profit through the phone calls.


I don't really understand why models have to look so very thin. Actually, I never understand fashion at all. At first, I was amazed by Lady Gaga's "unique" fashion, but I was naive. And now, whenever I tried to watch these model programs (which I switch to another channel quickly since my mind has no interests in it) all I think about is a little disgust and more faith for contestants and people watching this to the see the light and not let themselves fall to Illuminati's false hopes…


0:44 girl named Michalina is actually a BOY called Michal (Michael)… im not kidding!


Michalina haves boy features, and she has difficult childhood. She dreams about top model career.

She is an very inteligent person. I like her, she is so beasutiful, and she feels as girl.

Sorry for my english 😉


Michalina is apparently a hermaphrodite. She was born like that and she had an operation have the defect corrected. She's very cute no matter what.


…So? Of all the disgusting things in this video, that is what gets your attention? Get your priorities straight.


Tyra Banks has launched a book "Model land" with a single eye accented with a monarch butterfly wing. It seems that she has been recruited into the Illuminati ranks. She described the book as a journey of three models through a bizarre story including "sacrifices". I knew she was waiting to get endorsed by them. Her talk show logo now features her own smokey left eye over her name.


Also from Poland. It truly amazes me how in just over a few years this process has been implemented into Polish mainstream media. Same schematics. First, it was celebrities promoting certain symbolism and sex, now it has clearly gone to a higher level with Top Model and few other media events. I guess next we get a regular brainwash as rest of the world. Cheers!


Hi, I notice my earlier comment is not on here, so I'll try another.

Who does putting this symbolism in everything benefit and how?



An interesting short account of the world of modelling straight from the horse's mouth. If that's what inspires parents to push their minor daughters or even sons to get on in the modelling world..


This opener was clearly conceived on a bad acid trip.


we must do something about this, we can't just sit here and wait for vigilant to write his next article and whine about this world so be brave and stand up against those bastards, whoever they are!!


I saw that earlier and discovered all of the symbols used, due to reading this side. But I didn't expect to find it here.

Still that only shows that, unlike I previously thought, Poland is also very deep in that Illuminati thing. Check out the symbols in the videoclips of Polish mainstream performers:

Blenders – Astropunk (they are, however, not that mainstream)

Marina – Electric Bass

Edyta Górniak – Teraz Tu

and most of all:

Doda – XXX (in a chorus she sings "You will be ex, ex, ex" which of course sounds like SEX, SEX, SEX, and the video is even creepier – eating a snake is involved)


Totally agree. In Poland this evening there's gonna be the final of this edition of Top model and I can't wait to see which girl ig going to be the next Alice in wonderland….

I will analyze closely vc

thanks for doing great job


I feel sorry for the people who watch things like this and then think "That's so cool! :D" these people need to be informed.


Check out the ad for the Australian version. Pure pedophile material. No girl is older than 19 & the only thing they're selling in this ad is sex. Its an epidemic & thats why kids are getting molested at an alarming rate.



Except for the end. That was just stupid.


Since the're all earing red & white, it seems to me like these girls are all lined up to offer up themselves (or someone they love) to be sacrificed to the Fame Monster. And the end scene, while it masquerades as a comedy, is meant to illustrate to those in the know that these girls are willing (possibly trained) to abuse each other for their masters' entertainment. Gee, I used to like watching Tyra's talk show; she seemed to be a genuine person and to care about people. What a bummer that she's one of the devil's dis-gusting w----s, and most likely a handler herself.

P.S. I had a dream that Beyonce tried to run away and hide from them in a church. But she chose the big, flashy church instead of the little humble one in hidden in a strip mall, and they found her. Pray for this girl and her baby, y'all.


Wow they really are open about themselves nowadays like telling all of us whose going to stop tehm.

Thanks VC for this review.

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