Opening Sequence of “Poland’s Next Top Model”: Symbolism Overload


The opening sequence of the second season Poland’s Next Top Model manages to pack in a single minute a whole lot of Illuminati mind control imagery. Not unlike Versace’s H&M ad (described in this article), the opening features a handler figure – a role played by the show’s host, supermodel Joanna Krupa. Wearing a black and white checkered dress, which becomes a Masonic checkerboard floor, the handler looks over the models, who are running around in a labyrinth and manipulates them at will. She also has control of all aspects of the labyrinth, including time (not unlike Jareth in the movie Labyrinth, analyzed here).

Based on Alice in Wonderland (of course), the sequence features countless mind control symbols and triggers including: tricky mirror reflections, “drugged” by cupcakes, butterflies, etc. In short, this sequence represents Illuminati control of the fashion industry.

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91 Comments on "Opening Sequence of “Poland’s Next Top Model”: Symbolism Overload"

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and, what's more, the Polish edition widely promotes alternative models of sexuality, by putting 3 homosexuals (2 jurors and 1 host) and one alleged trans-gender contestant (she later on explained that she was operated on hermaphroditism as a child), but still – it nicely fits into the picture…

I'm Polish and live here in Poland. When I first saw NTM on Tv I noticed the symbolism straight away. I remember few years ago, it could hardly find any of it in mainstream media, but now there's more and more. TVN chanell is especially dengerous here. It's full of commercials and very sad and depressive programmes. As far as I know main TVN shareholder is some corporate media from USA.

I haven't seen the Polish version of this show. I don't even watch the American version. I don't watch television period. But, just watching this one minute commercial made me feel sick to my stomach for some reason, and I'm not even sure why. It had nothing to do with the models, it's something else, maybe some subliminal images or frequencies my conscious mind didn't see or pick up on, but my subconscious did?

I'm still not certain on one thing….when watching or listening to these things what is supposedly happening that makes it wrong to participate in it? How is it brainwashing you if you know what's going on in it but you are now able to seperate from pure entertainment verses subliminal messaging?

This is a blatant example of the illuminati slapping you in the face with a cold fish! The imagery depicted in this clip is so in your face! call me crazy! but then again the people that call you crazy about conspiracies, are ones that base their beliefs because the media tells them to, without researching a single aspect of an argument…. having said that ive decided to remain among the 1%

well, i'm polish, so i can say something about all the Illuminati thing in here. i read a lot about it and also try to find out if this industry somehow reached Poland. So far, i found only few polish artists who can be called, let's say 'suspected'. But we are talking only about some singular videos that contain some controversial symbols similar to those used by Illuminati Members. They were comitted, for sure, unconsciously, cause, to date in Poland Illuminati symbolism is known as fashionable and nothing else. Many polish celebrities try to copy their favourite top stars from Hollywood or whatever, so they are trying their best to just do the same and be the same (however, it is awfully pissing off) and as they're constantly watching (for example) Rihanna's or Gaga's videos or images when they're showing devil horns or checked white-and-black floor, then just they try… Read more »

The girl who runs through the gate in the end actually won this cycle, coincidence or even more mind control? (In Poland the viewers choose the winner)

They make claims the viewers have a choice but you won't believe how many times they cook the results and manipulate the viewers in order to confuse them and make a huge profit through the phone calls.

I don't really understand why models have to look so very thin. Actually, I never understand fashion at all. At first, I was amazed by Lady Gaga's "unique" fashion, but I was naive. And now, whenever I tried to watch these model programs (which I switch to another channel quickly since my mind has no interests in it) all I think about is a little disgust and more faith for contestants and people watching this to the see the light and not let themselves fall to Illuminati's false hopes…

0:44 girl named Michalina is actually a BOY called Michal (Michael)… im not kidding!

Michalina haves boy features, and she has difficult childhood. She dreams about top model career.

She is an very inteligent person. I like her, she is so beasutiful, and she feels as girl.

Sorry for my english 😉

Michalina is apparently a hermaphrodite. She was born like that and she had an operation have the defect corrected. She's very cute no matter what.

…So? Of all the disgusting things in this video, that is what gets your attention? Get your priorities straight.

Tyra Banks has launched a book "Model land" with a single eye accented with a monarch butterfly wing. It seems that she has been recruited into the Illuminati ranks. She described the book as a journey of three models through a bizarre story including "sacrifices". I knew she was waiting to get endorsed by them. Her talk show logo now features her own smokey left eye over her name.

Also from Poland. It truly amazes me how in just over a few years this process has been implemented into Polish mainstream media. Same schematics. First, it was celebrities promoting certain symbolism and sex, now it has clearly gone to a higher level with Top Model and few other media events. I guess next we get a regular brainwash as rest of the world. Cheers!

Hi, I notice my earlier comment is not on here, so I'll try another.

Who does putting this symbolism in everything benefit and how?


An interesting short account of the world of modelling straight from the horse's mouth. If that's what inspires parents to push their minor daughters or even sons to get on in the modelling world..

This opener was clearly conceived on a bad acid trip.

we must do something about this, we can't just sit here and wait for vigilant to write his next article and whine about this world so be brave and stand up against those bastards, whoever they are!!

I saw that earlier and discovered all of the symbols used, due to reading this side. But I didn't expect to find it here.

Still that only shows that, unlike I previously thought, Poland is also very deep in that Illuminati thing. Check out the symbols in the videoclips of Polish mainstream performers:

Blenders – Astropunk (they are, however, not that mainstream)

Marina – Electric Bass

Edyta Górniak – Teraz Tu

and most of all:

Doda – XXX (in a chorus she sings "You will be ex, ex, ex" which of course sounds like SEX, SEX, SEX, and the video is even creepier – eating a snake is involved)

Totally agree. In Poland this evening there's gonna be the final of this edition of Top model and I can't wait to see which girl ig going to be the next Alice in wonderland….

I will analyze closely vc

thanks for doing great job

I feel sorry for the people who watch things like this and then think "That's so cool! :D" these people need to be informed.

Check out the ad for the Australian version. Pure p*******e material. No girl is older than 19 & the only thing they're selling in this ad is sex. Its an epidemic & thats why kids are getting molested at an alarming rate.


Except for the end. That was just stupid.

Since the're all earing red & white, it seems to me like these girls are all lined up to offer up themselves (or someone they love) to be sacrificed to the Fame Monster. And the end scene, while it masquerades as a comedy, is meant to illustrate to those in the know that these girls are willing (possibly trained) to abuse each other for their masters' entertainment. Gee, I used to like watching Tyra's talk show; she seemed to be a genuine person and to care about people. What a bummer that she's one of the devil's dis-gusting w****s, and most likely a handler herself. P.S. I had a dream that Beyonce tried to run away and hide from them in a church. But she chose the big, flashy church instead of the little humble one in hidden in a strip mall, and they found her. Pray for this girl… Read more »

Wow they really are open about themselves nowadays like telling all of us whose going to stop tehm.

Thanks VC for this review.

This is so true, the illuminati control everything!!! Fashion is so raw these days.. take Lady gaga for instance.. is that even normal!!! I think when you read Revelation 12:12 But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!" The devils time is short.. the coming of the Lord is so near, so I think we are going to see much more happening in the world of the "Hollywood stars" All these stars are the folk that will be hiding "in the mountains" Rev 6:15 Then the kings of the earth and the great ones and the generals and the rich and the powerful, and everyone, slave and free, hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains, … Just have a look at Brittney spears' music video, world… Read more »

If you look closely at the checkerboard pattern dress, there is a number hidden on it : 29.

What would that mean? 2+9 = 11. The number 11 is an important number for these people. I wonder what it means now…

She also has a crown on the side of her head. It's plainly visible at 37 seconds into the video.

I used get really scared/depressed learning these things but I feel very aware now..that not too much surprises me anymore..I feel calmer about things, knowing what's going on…and prepared..well as prepared as I can be knowing what lies ahead in the future…and thanks to VC, I am wiser, my eyes are open…but I am always on alert..

The mirror scene tripped me out. The whole thing just looked really sketchy.

I am very happy to see all the Polish people visiting VC!! Keep the education worldwide!

damnit! i'm from Poland! what the f, i guess it was bound to happen sometime

nuff' said

Is that a snake symbol on the handler's dress? Just curious…

wooow that was horrible. i thought the american one was bad enough!

creepy vid, those girls look malnourished! the things people do for high fashion…

Heidi Klum always seems like a Nazi and a handler on Project Runway. Awful personality, awful show.

Man, I got headaches from the wierd whispering and high frequency sounds…uhhhh!

I predict to see alice in wonderland/mind control/illuminati fashion very soon, judging by the amount of models seen wearing this crap (check out some of VC's past "symbolic pics of the month).

It's already here, brother. Check out some previous Symbolic Pics of the Week/Month in VC's archive… or just check out tumblr once in a while… There's Illuminati, Freemasonry, Satanic, Mind control, etc. symbolism on most of the popular/designer brands these days, right down to children's clothing.

My bad, I'm half asleep & didn't see the other half of your post!

By the by… Did anyone else catch the more-recent episodes of America's Next Top Model where they've taken the fan favorites and brought them back to compete against one another? For one recent challenge, Tyra had the remaining models act out /her/ alter personalities for a motion editorial to promote her new book, Modelland, which, btw, features a huge all-seeing eye on the cover… The things she had the models do were very disturbing & highly symbolic. I hope it's posted here on VC soon but here's a link, if you care to watch for yourselves…

Well, 1984 is coming out of the closet. The sad part is so many young women aspire to be like the mannequins in this show. I only made it 18 seconds. I felt like vomiting. The whole is dark and of its' father, baphemot. Oh, well, just another reminder to keep the idiot box off anywhere. Lmao.

I hate this show top model whatever country it is.. Its all the same and the women look malnourished. It just brainwashes girls into thinking that looking like a skeleton is the way to go.

Amen brother.

Your comment made me opened my eyes. It made me realized that I was being brainwashed by the media that being "super thin" is being beautiful. I am not the type of person to be swayed easily by the media. Unfortunately, I let myself believe that I am not beautiful because I am not a size 0-2. Now, I have realized that I am not fat and that I need to stop with this pernicious mentality because not only am I hurting myself, I am also hurting my husband as well. I NEED TO STOP LISTENING TO THIS GARBAGE from telling me I a worthless!! I need to remind myself and "praise the Lord that I am fearfully and wonderfully made." He did not make a single mistake with me!!! I will now listen and believe my husband when he says I am beautiful. I am thankful for him because… Read more »

Congratulations, you freed yourself ! <3

@hollywoodsux I AGREE. I can honestly say I have a mild obession wit ANTM I even have dreams that I'm on the damn show that's how much I wna go on it. But I feel I wud never fit in because my face isn't as chiseled n "remarkable" bone structure. And the funny thing is..its funny how on the white side of the modeling n fashion industry, they force these images of slim n slender girls n define that as beauty where as in the black urban market they advertise borderline obesity, ass n titties to define a woman's beauty. I dnt get it. But I'm aware of how they use these ridiculous standards of beauty to gain control over our self esteem, self worth and sense of self image. On one side u can b skinny as hell, strut around half nude n still be respected but on the… Read more »

It's completely insane but so true. The white ones use fake tan to get darker, the exotic ones like their complexion bleach, the ones with thin lips overdo it with the lip fillers and have some kind of trout pout, the ones with big lips prefer to have thin ones, the noses have to be exactly the same, others go for breast augmentation, the ones with real big breast go for breast reduction surgery. Honestly my mind boggles with all this crap.

And the teeth have to be huge, big for the size of mouth and illuminate in the dark. Hopefully this sort of craziness isn't contagious.

Something about that wide-eyed pale horse creeps me out…

And so it should, the pale horse is representative of the fourth horse of the apocalypse, now i've never quoted scripture before as i don't knowingly belong to any religion but here goes,

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come and see!" I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. — Revelation 6:7-8 NIV

Excellent find! Have you seen the Americas Next Top Model All Stars show!! Very weird!

An alternative intro with a couple different scenes. and more magik

i just watched it and you are right. It's very disturbing that the highest rated comment is "Poland's Next Top model has the best openings!" it has 89 thumbs up. Pretty sad

HI! I'm Polish and I don't even watch this show so I hadn't been aware of this opening until now. It's pretty shocking how I visit Vigilant c. 2 times a week to see the symbolism of the american-hollywood pop industry and I come across the video loaded with symbolism produced in my very own country! It scares me, I mean, the spreading of the agenda. I can only say that TVN that produces the polish version of NTM is the most up-to-date (read: trying to keep up with the illuminati symbolsism trend) television channel in Poland.

I am Polish too and I've never watched this stupid top model program (apparently I guess I'm doing the right thing). Unfortunately many people likes this and I hear all the time how excited my friends are about it and can't wait to see next show and discuss who won last season… blah blah blah…

I must say I'm a little bit disappointed about TVN and what they've done. It seems like we fallow world's trends (I mean symbolism) and it's very surprising for me and sad at the same time.

Ha ha! follow not fallow… my english still needs some practice 😉

Don't worry, your English is excellent–better than most native speakers.

There was a time when I couldn't even imagine watching Polish tv and finding out the symbolism. I don't know whether it's now like this because of some mighty people who rule the international show-business market and want to have certain symbolism included or because TVN doesn't even realise what it's reffering to (e.g. when showing the checkerboard floor) and simply 'goes with the flow'.

I think it's to prepare the survivors of the upcoming False Flag/ War/ depopulation events for a precisely controlled life as a chipped tracked police state serf. Won't be long now. Reason it's so bold.

You're probably right. I just discovered something very disturbing. Recently, the hotel I work for has begun sewing RFID chips into the employees' uniforms. Two weeks ago, I found one on my chef's jacket, AND one on my kitchen apron! (They're on my hotel-issued work pants too, but I wear my own, rather than the ones the hotel provides.) As it turns out, I happened to notice something weird and heavy at the hem of my jacket and so I looked inside it…to find a small square of cloth, marked 'RFID INVENTORY CONTROL'. Not one word of warning was given to us employees that this chipping was taking place. Anyway, I opened a seam and pulled the thing out. It's round, and about the size of an overcoat button. I've since removed the rest of them from my other jackets and aprons…and I'm going to be washing my own work-issued… Read more »

That is crazy! They are going to have people all over the world thing mind control is cool. Its going to become a fad. People is going to accept mind control as the norm.


Wow. This really is creepy. People who don't understand it will just think it's cool and ignore their slowly dying-but good- instincts…

I agree; but I just don't understand how anyone can think this is cool. Look at Joanna's eyes…she looks like her soul has been sucked out.

It's called acting.. And good acting can portray all kinds of different looks. Soul sucked out, little mermaid, santa klaus, shrek.. etc..

During the show she behaves as a person, who has a brain sucked out 😉 – in Poland she is almost a symbol of brain-dead person, someone really dumb, and thats because of her low intelligence and problems with Polish. People even sell t-shirts with her dumb quotes. In the second season she speaks better Polish and that upsets producers, as they semi-officially said, because it is less funny. Top Model is the "tool" to spread stupidity.

Her hand signs remind me of jessica alba's commercial

There's nothing on this video that doesn't relate to mind control. They are doing a better job each time to expose it and hide at the same time :/

at first i thought the words to the song sounded like "stupid girl" which was fitting but i had misheard.

Not surprised honestly. Im more surprised about the fact there is a polish ntm

Well we just take american shows and make them polish, quite stupid really.

Illuminatii don't sleep even here in Poland 😉

DrA that was funny. They're as sleepless as it gets, time to get their sleeping tablets for once.

I'm not surprise..the average Polish chick is smoking hot, and there's a general obsession with beauty and fashion in Poland (and Polish immigrants in the U.S.) Easy fodder for NTM

Omg, Im a goth and even I am disturbed by it o.O

gives me headaches.

Getting braver by the Day

I feel sorry for anyone who falls asleep in front of their TV. At least when a (vigilant) person is awake, your B.S. filter is on, which means that you have a sporting chance of minimizing any damage this crap may cause; but when you're asleep, it's funneled directly into your subconscious.

Funny you should mention falling asleep in front of the TV. I was asleep one day when I all of a sudden woke up, agitated, to that Tom & Jerry episode where they were "worshipping" Hollywood and bowing down to the triangle:

I remember waking up all of a sudden, and switching the channel; it didn't seem like such a coincidence.

Ive noticed a couple of times when i fall asleep with the radio on i wake up knowing all the words to songs that have been playing (nicki minaj, lady gaga)

I just saw this on YouTube this weekend, too. Not too subtle…

Neither is that model promo.

But then, this kinda reminds me of a quote I heard around the time I saw the movie "Pret-A-Porter" (ready to wear). The comment made was that models were human hangers. So their job was to adapt to whatever their clients wanted. Given that, this really isn't that surprising. But that doesn't change the major creep factor with that video.

Ha. I just saw this on YouTube this weekend, too. Not too subtle…

Neither is that model promo.

But then, this kinda reminds me of a quote I heard around the time I saw the movie "Pret-A-Porter" (ready to wear). The comment made was that models were human hangers. So their job was to adapt to whatever their clients wanted. Given that, this really isn't that surprising. But that doesn't change the major creep factor with that video.

This was pretty much inspired by Alice in Wonderland and I've played Alice in Wonderland to go to sleep many times. Yup, I'm so messed up now, eating brownies that make me grow, drinking potions to make me shrink, I talk to a cat that flies, a mouse that talks. My life is ruined.

Say it again! You read my mind!

Thanks for sharing…that ad was equally disturbing.

It bewilders me how people can mindlessly hand total control of their entire lives over to someone else.

Maybe it's because our educational system deprives students of the opportunity to develop the capacity for critical, independent thinking?

@Voice of Reason: No. School is the only place most people are going to learn any critical thinking skills. Yes, you're right they don't teach it in elementary school or high school (which they really should do) but this is what higher levels of education are for. This is the reason why I study philosophy, so I can think rationally and critically.

Just curious, do you have post-secondary education?

Hi, Brendan! Yes, I did go to college (Culinary Arts major); also, not to brag (I promise(!) but I was in the Honors Program as well…but my own ability to question the motives and opinions of others…both individuals and corporations/politicians…was actually something I developed on my own, from a very young age. It started when I realized that people have differing, conflicting views on things like religion, politics, etc.; and so, I began trying to figure out what was 'truth', and how people's personal motives could manipulate and distort it.

Awesome! I appreciate the response and your insights! I guess I could actually say the same for myself but it wasn't until I started studying philosophy that my rationality and critical thinking was taken to a whole other level. K ya I just felt like I needed to respond to your first comment there because it was contrary to what I found, thanks!

first when I started reading this website I thought people are starting to open their eyes and understand the symbols and their hidden agenda

but now after the increasing symbols that became more and more obvious I think that this is just a phase where they start to show off and start revealing some stuff and instilling it in our minds