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Jason Alexander on Britney Spears Engagement: “She Marries her Handler”



Jason Alexander on Britney Spears Engagement: "She Marries her Handler"

Jason Alexander on Britney Spears Engagement: "She Marries her Handler"


Britney Spears has been the subject of a few articles on this site – notably in  “Britney Spears, Mind Control and “Hold it Against Me”). What makes Britney’s case so special is that the highly publicized events of her personal life give a direct glimpse into the tightly controlled world of pop stars. This time, it is Britney’s ex-husband (of 55 hours) Jason Alexander who hints to the tight control imposed by her entourage. He told Us Today: “I think it’s fake and I think people are afraid to say it. It seems like a answer to the court thing. Sort of a nice way to sew it all up she marries her handler. That way she always has someone controlling her. It’s sort of sad.”

As we have seen in previous articles, spouses or relatives of pop stars often double as mind control handlers. Is Jason Alexander on to something or is he looking for publicity? Maybe both. Here’s an article from Huffington Post.


Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Jason Alexander Slams Engagement To Jason Trawick

Britney Spears said “I do” in 2004 to childhood friend Jason Alexander, and the two were married for 55 glorious hours.

Less than three days after the pair exchanged vows at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, their marriage was annulled.

If you thought that was the last you’d ever hear from Britney’s first husband, guess again. Perhaps a torch still burns for Britney, because Alexander is not happy about her engagement to Jason Trawick, reports Us Weekly.

The one-time Mr. Britney Spears is currently training for the World of MMA fighting competition and must have been hit in the head one too many times, because he thinks the engagement is fake.

“If you look at all the pictures between [Spears and Trawick] there is no connection,” he explained to the magazine. “They look like they are going through the motions. It seems like an answer to the court thing.”

Alexander was referencing the conservatorship held by Britney’s father Jamie Spears, which will likely end when the star is married.

“Sort of a nice way to sew it all up, she marries her handler,” he quipped. “I think it’s fake and I think people are afraid to say it.”

Alexander likely blames Britney’s ‘controlling’ team for the annulment of their marriage, but it’s been nearly eight years since that night in Vegas, and even ex-husband Kevin Federline, the father of Britney’s children, is happy for her.

– Source: Huffington Post



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Jason Alexander on Britney Spears Engagement: "She Marries her Handler"

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I met that dude once in LA. I was with a Realtor friend of mine who showed him a house for rent on the west-side. He seemed down to earth.

Funny.. at the time I had no.idea about ALL this going on right in front of our eyes.. Illuminati, MK ultra, horrible-ness.

..but I!!.


Kevin Ferderline will be sued up the wazoo if he says anything bad about Britney. This Alexander guy has nothing to lose.


maybe she is staying alive for her children?


I just went to see Britney at her concert, and as a constant visitor of this site I took all of my knowledge with me. First of all the theme of the WHOLE concert "Femme fatale" is Delta Programming, she's an assasin programmed to "do her thing". The intro shows Britney escaping from authority or controlling figures, curiously enough, when she appears on stage she's tied up to a chair and the authorities are by her side, after 2 or three songs of being trapped in cages and behing bars, she manages to escape, however from this point on in every backdrop video in between songs we see a handler figure talking to her through a radio, giving her orders, oh did I forget to mention he's wearing an eye patch ? Yup, he only has one eye! (Shocking right?). While this handler is giving her orders "You gotta be quick, you can't fight me, you can't escape, do your thing" We see Britney in hotel rooms as if she was secret spy on a mission, different passports with different identities (shocking right?) also she changes her hair with wigs. When the handler says to her "Do your thing" We… Read more »


Finally, someone else who understands what the song "Pearl" is actually about! I even emailed VC and asked why he did an article on "Who am I Living For" and failed to mention Pearl, which is about selling her soul for fame, not dumping some controlling boyfriend.


Thanks, that song really fits Britney when I first heard it I thought it was dedicated to her, but it also fits for every single artist subjected to mind control for fame.


great read jval.very interesting read


Thanks! Glad you liked it, sorry for the typos, I wrote it really fast.


Not try to defend her or anything, but why should she kill her handler at the end? doesn't it rappresent some kind of rebellion? isn't it quite the opposite of the message the illuminati want to send? anyway great reveiw of the conert! it is so sad to see her in this state.


I asked myself the same question but it do not have the answer, maybe because her fans are wanting to see her "free and in control" So they can dance "till the world ends" with the last song LOL


She is reading it from a screen and then she did watch like confused and looking for someone to say to her, you did it right!

So strange that someone who has everything in life, can't make her own desicions.

I wonder how she will be like when she does marry him, I do believe Jason Alexander for telling that she is marrying a handler, he had also said a year ago or something that Jason Trawick abused Britney right? maybe that was really false..

However, he looks more like a dad figure than a husband or anything else


Damn…that most recent tour had to be the equivalent of a soldier watching clips of a devastating war he participated on replay. What ARE they doing to this young woman? Her last tour was like a slap in the face for her trying to get out while suffering all of those traumatic "Nervous Breakdowns" It was just TOO MUCH of an overload of symbolism. I actually just wanted to see the way people were saying she was a zombie on stage compared to her earlier days. I just wanted to see if what was going on was just that freakin bad. It is! And they are force feeding the reality of what is truly going on to EVERYONE as they cheer and beg for more. The tour has everything from her being caged and controlled & even hair covering one eye as she becomes killer (assassin…whatever) but check it out for yourself > Even I could only sit halfway through it. If I were blind to the facts and what was truly going on then maybe I could have enjoyed what were once a few of my favorite songs but not even.



You are so right. No wonder Britney will not rebel. Her handlers are showing her the public does not care about her. They are acting out her life onstage and instead of helping her and saving her, the audience is cheering on her demise. How lonely she must feel. One can only imagine what must be going on in her mind. NO WONDER WHY she is frightened when fans are brought onstage to her. She must think they are blood thirsty maniacs. May she find the strength to be brave and leave the showbiz life when she wants to stop suffering bad enough.


They're right, dancers were b/w Brit and the fans. At the end though, she lets them hug her at least. They don't look like full-body hugs, looks like she's giving side hugs and at the very very end, she shushes the crowd amiably. No, not a lot of energy, she's just bouncin & raising her hands, and yeah, she looks a little bored.


This is just one tiny example of a worldwide disease amongst the chosen ones and whoever or whatever this Jamie Spears is or is not, he certainly benefits from the prostitution, rape and merciless exploitation of what is supposed to be, his daughter. Is this why yids have kids?


its so wronge. shes the next michael, watch her death be a ginormous world wide epidemic all the while being set up. i will cry if she dies..or just be really depressed.


I dont think so. Britney have already gave up resisting the Ilumminati. Unlike Whitney and Michael


of course they're going to make it look like jason alexander still holds a torch for her, when in reality he's just saying the truth…just says a lot about our media and who's side they're on

Her Eyes Don't

I feel so sorry for Britney.Her eyes look so dead and soulless-she's clearly broken.I hate how they're trying to make Jason Alexander look crazy because he pointed out the obvious-that Britney's being controlled and isn't happy about being engaged to Jason Trawick-who,by the way,gives me the creeps.I wish she'd break away from her handlers for good-but it seems they won't let her go without killing her off first.


Of course she's marrying a handler! I would think if you were too unstable to require a guardian, you'd be too unstable to decide to marry, to tour, and to have your children. That poor woman is a hostage and anytime she tries to break free, well it's like RoseMary's baby- everyone's in on it. She can't get out. I feel for her in so many ways being used and abused and obviously unhappy. She used to love performing and you can just see it that she doesn't enjoy it anymore. Everyone thinks she's some dumb bimbo, and she's quite intelligent. She's smart enough to know she is a prisoner.


there setting her up to knock her down and all the cash that follows

The Hyperinflation L

Jason Trawick looks like a grandpa…it's creepy.

Flob0t Deactivated

"Britney Murphy"

Have you ever looked deeply into her eyes in her films? In my opinion she always looked like a robot, or had those "dead eye" "crazy eye" looks. Ignore everything about her and just watch her eyes throughout her films, spooky!


Well at least he is speaking the Truth. I love how the huffington post tries to say he has been hit in the head "one too many times" maybe he is speaking out for a little publicity, but the man is telling it how it is. Good article VC.


Really this is Trailer Park Trash who just squeeked thru u think she had alot of influences around her jeezzz to pick a qualified mate u got to be drinking the Kool-Aid too…


One question. Christina Aguilera is under mind control too?


Have you seen pictures of her ex-husband? Definitely she's controlled in a bad way. It's such a shame cause she has a fantastic voice and she should be able to make it relying on her talent only.


I just realized that all this lot Spears, Aguilera, A N Smith, the one who passed away last year Britney Murphy and so many others seem to get married or whatever to some really unattractive Jewish men. It makes you wonder how controlled they must be, unless they are attracted to their awesome characters. It's just odd.


"Handler" is often used synonimously with "agent". Jason Trawick is Britney's agent. Sorry for giving you some perspective. Believe me, I AM open-minded, but this website fails to convince me again.


He is her FORMER agent. Christina Aguilera did marry her agent and look at what happened afterward.

Oh Vigilant

So Britney has a sexual relationship with her professional agent, he's one of the only people with access to her, when they get married he'll be the one in control of her money AND basically her, yet she's not sane or together enough to do anything or control her own money, but yet still is enough to decide to get married?

Seems legit.

Oh Vigilant

Also to be fair that's just from the details as I've read them, so as not to pretend I know I know for sure


in couple of months from now we will see how this story unravel , i can't help it but i feel like they are setting her up , if she dies they will cover it up as suicide or they'll blame her "new handler" smh

i pray for Britney she's just a puppet … 🙁


I think that death is the only way of relief for britney from her controllers 'cuz even if she is dumped by her controllers, she wont be able to lead a normal life 'cuz of all the memories from the programming and also her personalities, also the media wont let her lead a normal life. So she must die peacefully and live in the afterlife, the life she never got to live now.. May the lord come to her rescue..


oh and another thing, why the media constantly praising her now? They know she's like a robot, this is like movie or something!

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