Britney Spears, Mind Control and “Hold it Against Me”


Britney Spears is a pop icon who simultaneously embodies the glamour of stardom and the destructive side of fame. She has reached the heights of super-stardom and the lows of tabloid humiliation. Her erratic behavior lead to numerous questions regarding her mental stability, but most are unaware of the most important fact: She is a product of Illuminati mind control. In fact, the video for “Hold it Against Me” symbolically portrays the manipulation and mind control she goes through. This article will look at significant events in Britney Spears’ life and at the hidden meaning of the video “Hold it Against Me”.

Britney Spears is the prototype of the modern pop star: young, beautiful, controversial and completely manipulated by the entertainment industry. She has been literally groomed since childhood by industry execs to become a pop star. From working in Broadway at 8 years old and the Mickey Mouse Club at 12 to becoming a world-renowned pop star at 17, Britney is a true “showbiz child”. Today, most agree that she has reached the status of pop icon. Rolling Stone magazine wrote that Britney is “one of the most controversial and successful female vocalists of the 21st century,” and “spearheaded the rise of post-millennial teen pop”.

Despite her seven hit albums and her iconic status, most will remember Britney Spears not for her music, but for the drama surrounding her personal life. She was indeed involved in a long list of controversies and rumors regarding her love life, her pasty, her drug use, her mental stability and even her parenting skills. While some believe that Britney deserves this public ridicule due to the fact she’s a “talentless hack” or “trailer trash” living a decadent lifestyle, others see in Britney the classic symptoms of a young performer who went through the devastating mind control machine of the entertainment industry. Britney indeed bears many classic symptoms of a Monarch programming victim. Further, the video of Hold it Against Me contains many visual clues that hint at Britney’s mental prison. We will first look at some significant events in Britney’s life and how they are related to trauma-based mind control, then we’ll look at the occult meaning of the video Hold it Against Me.

Raised in the Illuminati Entertainment Industry

Although it is difficult to determine which celebrities have actually undergone trauma-based mind control programming, Britney Spears displays the most obvious symptoms. She grew up in rural Louisiana in a family plagued with substance abuse and violence, making her an ideal candidate to be handed over to the industry. At age eight, Britney and her mother Lynne travelled to Atlanta for an audition in the 1990’s revival of The Mickey Mouse Club. Casting director Matt Cassella rejected her due to her young age, but still referred her to their talent agent Nancy Carson. Britney was then introduced to what Springmeier calls “The Network”. She then moved with her mother to New York and attended the Professional Performing Arts School. Soon after, she landed a job as an understudy in the Broadway musical Ruthless! with other industry child Natalie Portman.

At the age of 13, Britney was finally cast in the Mickey Mouse Club and entered Disney’s Illuminati mind-control system.

The Mickey Mouse Club is one of Disney’s many projects aimed to recruit and mold child stars. The corporation obviously means to  make money off these young talents, but there is also a more sinister side to its operations. Disney has been used by the occult elite since its beginnings in the 1930s and has closely worked with the government on numerous occasions. Disney was hired by the government to produce numerous propaganda films and Walt Disney himself even participated in secret CIA secret projects. According to several researchers, Disney was part of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program: Its properties were used for mind-control experiments and many of its productions deliberately contained mind-control triggers and symbolism.

“This author theorizes that the reason the FBI and CIA are so touchy about letting people know that Walt worked for the government is that the Network knows how the FBI and CIA worked together to procure children for mind-control programming purposes. Because Disney and Disneyland played such as an enormous role in Mind Control, Disney’s connection to them, although on the surface a seemingly minor fact, is in reality a minor fact sitting on top of an enormous ghastly secret.”
– Fritz Springmeier, Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula

CA–Disneyland has been an off hour site for Illuminati and satanic rituals for years. Programming has gone on using Disneyland as one big prop for programming. Many of the Disney movies are used for programming, and some Disney scripts are especially tailored for Monarch slave programming. The Peter Pan programming can use the ship. The space programming can use the space props. The satanic programming can use the castles. Lots of mirror programming is done at Disneyland, and Disneyworld. There is also Magic Mountain programming, and programming using the Around the World Dolls, and its theme song. Some of Wizard of Oz and the Cinderella programming was also done at Disneyland using costumes. Preverbal children are taken to Disneyland to get them ready for the scripts.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Disney’s involvement in mind control also reflected on the The Mickey Mouse Club and its trademark mouse ears became a symbol of mind control.

“In 1955, Walt Disney made his cartoon character Mickey Mouse real by creating a fan club–the Mickey Mouse Club, which aired five days a week usually just as children came home from school. Twenty-four children called Mouseketeers would help Mickey, and they would dance and sing and do skits. The Mickey Mouse Club adored the unique, cute little beanie Mickey Mouse caps with their big ears mounted to each side of the beanie. In the 1950’s, most kid viewers of the show wanted their own “Mouse Ears” and to become a Mouseketeer, especially children who were receiving Mickey Mouse scripts in their total mind-control programming.”
– Springmeier, Op. Cit.

According to ex-Illuminati programmer Svali, many pop singers are used by the Illuminati to promote their messages and perpetuate the idea of mind control. In one interview, Britney Spears and the Mickey Mouse Club are specifically mentioned:

“I believe that Brittany Spears, and others are being used by them to sing lyrics they like. (…) In fact, many of the top pop singers come from an internship with the “Mickey Mouse club” (yep, good old Walt the Illuminist’s Empire) and I believe they are offered stardom in exchange for allegiance or mind control.”
– “Exclusive Interview with an Ex-Illuminati Programmer/Trainer”, Source

Kitten Programming

In 1998, Spears signed with Jive records and released her first solo album …Baby One More Time. As it is the case for almost all teenage Disney stars, Britney’s image was focused on a blend of childhood innocence and sexuality – the sexualization of childhood is now a recurring theme in pop culture. It is also the bid of Illuminati Kittens (those who underwent beta programming) to be portrayed in the media as teenage idols. In her first video, Britney is dressed as a Catholic school girl while singing lyrics like  “hit me baby one more time”. Some of her early photoshoots exploited the same theme, causing controversy.

About the above picture,  Britney (who was 16 at the time) claimed that Lachapelle tricked her into a sexy shoot:

“Sexy superstar BRITNEY SPEARS is fond of the photos taken of her by DAVID LaCHAPELLE for ROLLING STONE magazine – but insists the legendary snapper tricked her into it.

The BOYS beauty was just 16 when LaChapelle snapped her in her bedroom surrounded by dolls, and the finished product shocked readers around the world.

But Britney – who is now proud of the images – insists she had no idea they would turn out to be so saucy.

She says, “He came in and did the photos and totally tricked me. They were really cool but I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing. And, to be totally honest with you, at the time I was 16, so I really didn’t.

“I was back in my bedroom, and I had my little sweater on and he was like, ‘Undo your sweater a little bit more.’ The whole thing was about me being into dolls and in my naive mind I was like, ‘Here are my dolls!’

“And now I look back and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, what the hell?’ But he did a very good job of portraying me in that way. It certainly wasn’t peaches and cream.”
– Source

Tattoos are often significant in Monarch programming. One of Britney Spear’s first tattoos – a butterfly (a Monarch is a type of butterfly) leaving a vine – symbolizes the  slave emerging from the elite’s bloodline system. Tattoos are the preferred way of the Illuminati to identify Monarch slaves (see former Disney child star Vanessa Hudgens first tattoo).

“A note should be made that the American intelligence agencies tattooed some of their slaves with blue Monarch butterflies, bluebirds, or roses for identification purposes. (…).”
– Op Cit. Springmeier.

After a couple of albums, where she went from singing “I’m not that innocent” to “I’m a slave 4 U” (can we be less subtle?), Britney became a fully grown woman and an industry veteran. Her “consecration” into the Illuminati industry was celebrated by Madonna in a symbolic performance during the 2003 VMAs, alongside fellow Mouseketeer Christina Aguilera.


It has been observed that years of Monarch programming often result in the subject breaking down around the age of 30. The unbearable abuse these slaves have to live through cannot be sustained for decades, especially when one is under constant public scrutiny. Celebrities who go through this kind of life almost inevitably succumb to drug abuse and self-destructive behavior. When their programming starts to fail, they often die in mysterious circumstances. Look at the lives of Monarch slaves such as Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Anna Nicole Smith and see if you detect any similarities. Hopefully, this won’t happen to Britney.

In the past years, numerous events surrounding Britney Spears led to the questioning of her mental stability. Many strange episodes, documented by various sources,  show that Britney often exhibits telling symptoms of a Monarch slave. One of them is having multiple personalities.

Monarch slaves are trained to dissociate and to take on alter personas, each of them having their own characteristics and even different accents. People close to Britney have described these precise symptoms:

“Sources are now painting a very disturbing picture of Britney Spears, or whoever she happens to be at any given moment.

We’re told the whole British accent thing — well, it’s more than an accent. Britney has multiple personalities, including, as people in her life call it, “the British girl.” We’re told when Spears loses the British personality, she has absolutely no idea what she did during the time she assumed that personality.

Sources say Brit has a number of other identities, where she becomes “the weepy girl, the diva, the incoherent girl,” and on and on.

Sources say Britney had become the British girl the day she didn’t show for her deposition and has no recollection of it.”
– Source

Britney Spears’ recent bizarre behaviour may be down to multiple personality disorder, it has been revealed.

The troubled singer’s ‘favourite’ identity appears to involve talking with a British accent, inspired by her latest boyfriend, Birmingham-born paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

Sources claim the singer, 26, is suffering from dissociative identity disorder, which leads the sufferers to take on various personalities to dissociate them from reality.
– Source

During her turbulent period with Kevin Federline, many accounts surfaced regarding her suicidal tendencies and her alleged bi orientation – other characteristics of a Monarch Kitten.

Probably the most infamous moment of Britney’s public life is her head-shaving incident. The event occurred the day after she was admitted to rehab – “rehab” often being a code word for “programming”. At closer look at the details of this bizarre incident bear all of the signs of a mind-control slave attempting to break free from their handler’s control.

Here’s a video of a witness describing Britney’s state of mind.

So Britney said that she was tired of having things plugged into it (her head) and did not want anybody touching her. Is she referring to the abuse given by her mind-control handlers? Britney’s radical act of shaving her head might be a desperate attempt to “shed her old self” and restart anew. What did Britney refer to when mentioning “things plugged into her head”? One of the only instances in which something is plugged into someone’s head is during electroshock therapy- one of Monarch programming’s basic techniques.

“Electroshock is used to create the dissociation from trauma during the programming, and later it is used to remove memories after the slave has carried out a mission, or to instill fear and obedience in a reluctant slave. Slaves generally carry horrible body memories of excruciating electro-shock to their entire bodies. As the slaves begin a therapeutic deprogramming process they will recover these horrible memories, not to mention many other painful memories.”
– Springmeier, Op. Cit

Despite Britney’s multiple attempts to break free, she is still under the Illuminati’s control. Proof of a celebrity’s allegiance can often be found in the slave’s body of work. Celebrities are indeed used to propagate the symbolism relating to mind control and to hide in plain sight the Illuminati’s modus operandi.  Hold it Against Me is another blatant example of this Agenda as the video symbolically portrays Britney’s mind control by the industry.

Hold it Against Me

Hold it Against Me was directed by Jonas Akerlund, today’s go-to director for mind-control/occult imagery (see this previous Vigilant Citizen article on Lady Gaga’s Telephone). Not unlike Telephone, the video has absolutely nothing to do with the song’s lyrics. While the song is apparently about doing it with a stranger met in a club (promoting promiscuity to teens is always part of the Agenda), in the video there is no guy, no club and no doing it. We only see Britney, trapped in a giant cylindrical modernist nightmare, attached to intravenous lines and wearing a wedding gown. The video gives the song another meaning: It becomes about Britney’s mind control and her alter personas. It is the classic Illuminati industry story of the “good girl gone bad” and all of the ritualistic symbols and color codes described in previous articles are thoroughly apparent.

At the beginning of the video, Britney is shown in a huge cylinder composed of  television monitors and video cameras. This space symbolizes Britney’s “media prison”. Like mind control slaves, she is constantly monitored by her handlers using cameras. She is also being “programmed” as monitors continually display footage of Britney’s past videos. She is closed to the outside world and can only see the images that are fed to her, which are of herself as portrayed by handlers.

Britney is wearing a white wedding gown that hints at the ritualistic aspect of the video. The white dress symbolizes Britney’s purity and innocence at the beginning of the process. This will, of course, change.

To further emphasize Britney’s mind control, she is shown attached to intravenous (IV) lines.

IV therapy is the giving of substances directly into a vein. It is used in hospitals to deliver medication, blood transfusions and lethal injections. It is also used in Monarch programming.

“The following is a partial list of these forms of (trauma-based mind control): (…)

16. Drugs to create illusion, confusion, and amnesia, often given by injection or intravenously.
17. Ingestion or intravenous toxic chemicals to create pain or illness, including chemotherapy agents. “
– Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D, Kinds of Torture Endured in Ritual Abuse and Trauma-Based Mind Control

“If an alter is not being cooperative when they are accessed, they can be locked in place mentally and given a quick shot of a fast-acting hypnotic-inducing drug. One drug which was popular for programming was demerol, which would be administered intravenously (an IV). It takes about 5-7 minutes to take full effect after administration via an I.V. The dosage can be administered so that the effect remains until the programming session is over.”
– Springmeier, Op. Cit.

During the chorus of the song, Britney magically levitates.

In the video, the chorus is the moment where Britney dissociates and therefore symbolically levitates. In actual mind control, the dissociative slave gets a feeling of light-headedness, as if one is floating. The lyrics of the chorus emphasize the concept of escaping reality, in other words, dissociating:

If I said my heart was beating loud
If we could escape the crowd somehow
If I said I want your body now
Would you hold it against me

Cause you feel like paradise
I need a vacation tonight
So if I said I want your body now
Would you hold it against me

Due to the pain and torment lived by the mind-control victim, dissociating actually “feels like paradise” as the slave stops feeling physical pain. They are encouraged by their handlers to escape to their “happy place”. In other words, they “need a vacation”.

While Britney is levitated, strange eyeless dancers emerge from under her gown.

The lack of eyes of these dancers gives them a non-human quality. Do they represent the spirits/demons assigned to mind-control slaves during the occult rituals conducted by their handlers?

After the dissociation scene, the next step of Monarch programming is symbolically depicted: the creation of the alter persona. This happens in a big, messy ritual where the virginal Britney dressed in white gets soiled and consumed.

During the breakdown of the song, Britney’s IV lines start spilling out colored paint (instead of blood?) all over her white dress and the monitors showing images of her youth. It is the blood sacrifice, the soiling of her innocence, the ritual abuse she must take from her handlers.

While this happens, another scene depicts two Britneys fighting – a visual representation of what happens in the slave’s psyche: the battle between two personalities.

At the end of the battle, a new Britney emerges from the process. From the pure and innocent Britney dressed in a white wedding gown is created a bad, Kitten version of Britney, who is dressed in black BDSM-style leather and surrounded with men wearing masks.

Britney’s transformation is complete in yet another video exploiting the “good girl gone bad through mind control” theme – a theme that all female pop stars seemingly have to go through. The ritualistic metamorphosis from pure to promiscuous as portrayed by other stars including Rihanna (Umbrella), Lady Gaga (Bad Romance), Christina Aguilera (Not Myself Tonight), Mariah Carey (It’s Like That) and many others has taken place once more. Young viewers witness yet another ritual that is subliminally concealed in symbols and color codes.

In Conclusion

Britney is, without a doubt, a modern pop icon embodying both the inspiring and repulsive side of fame. She has achieved her life-long dream of becoming a successful singer, yet this success has required her to become part of a dark, manipulative, abusive system. Of the many pop stars promoting the Illuminati mind control agenda, Britney is one of the most obvious cases of an actual Monarch slave. We have looked at some events where Britney exhibited typical symptoms of a mind-control slave but many other instances could have been added. While it is easy ridicule the behavior and the work of pop stars, most people have absolutely no idea of the pain and the trauma these people have to suffer in order to be in the spotlight. The reason why some stars are able to remain popular and obtain airplay is because they are part of the System. Britney is part of it and, at this point, I don’t think she has much of a choice. Like other industry puppets, she is even forced to portray her own mind control in her works.

The Akerlund-directed video Hold it Against Me symbolically depicts the process of mind control and occult transformation in a semi-subliminal fashion. The constant usage of this concept in pop culture has many goals, including: numbing the viewers to the system’s symbolism and motive, forcing the performers to go through mega-rituals witnessed by millions of viewers, and hiding in plain sight the true nature of the industry. According to the Illuminati’s occult philosophy, it is their karmic duty to reveal their actions (whether in a subliminal, coded matter or not): Concealing and revealing is the game they play.

Critics of  Hold it Against Me video said that “Britney didn’t seemed involved in the video and was not appearing to be having fun”. Would you have fun if you were forced to reenact a trauma you’ve been experiencing for your entire life?



    • Her time is over…now they have new talentless Rebecca Black…but the story they spin out is…we spot people randomly from youtube like Bieber etc and make them stars..all the while they were theirs all the time..just using youtube to pass her on to higher grounds.

      There are 1 million super duper talented singers in America…but they never get airtime…yet these people hope some day they will be like gaga 'cos they sing better than her…sorry that they don't know the dark and real evil hand of the music industry.

      • Let the truth be kno on

        I think I should add – I did not purchase the album from iTunes, because that would only support the system. I'm not a diehard Britney fan, either, but I did grow up watchin' her and my heart goes out to her for the hell she's been put through.

        Imagine if millions of people clicked on her album on iTunes and scrolled down and read a review that mentioned her song "Rebellion" and the dark side of the industry. Let's make it happen!

      • People can choose to obey and go with the flow and the ones that are able to break free from the cold harsh reality of fame have to take on a whole new life. Check out one who broke free from the illuminati on youtube. Her code name is SVALI! This woman was born within the Illuminati and her programming started at birth! She has memories from the age of 2 going through the torcher of her own parents locking her in an empty cold basement for hours on end until she gets slapped in the face! Her mother comes into the basement every 4-5 hours and offers her 2 year old a drink of water and then doesn't give it to her and as she reaches out crying to accept the water, she is slapped so hard in the face she is knocked across the room and then left to think about the situation in solitude for another 4-5 hours! Only to have the process repeated, until she no longer cries when her mother comes in the room to offer her the water again and she has learned not to accept it or to cry! When she finally gets the point in order to receive her freedom from the basement, she must wait qiuetly until a man whom she has never even met comes into the room and he offers her the water and comforts her and she is taught the lesson of how to respond & accept what mind control is from the age of 2. Not to mention it only becomes worse the older these chosen ones get! SVALI grows up her whole life being tortured, beaten, brainwashed and she eventually becomes a mind control teacher herself, thinking this life is completely normal. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention as an illuminati slave/puppet she worked in a large Christian school as a teacher for young children. Her position in the illuminati was her secretive second job, where she was told when & where to go & what to do, without questioning, or the result would end in death. The details I have given here are only a small portion of her life before she broke free! After years of death threats, she managed to find Jesus Christ and her life is totally different, but she will never lose her past memories of what she went through and what she did to others. It is only through the grace of God this woman "SVALI" is alive today!

        So when you say you have no sympathy for the likes of Britney Spears, you don't even know half of the hell these people are put through. This crap is evil and it wants to destroy everyone! The people who watch & love these pop stars, as well as the pop stars themselves! Some but very few mind control victims break free, but most of the ones who do break free from the only torturous lives they have known, do not live long enough to tell their story. Or they return to their torture in hopes that they might prevent the same thing from happening to their own children or they are too afraid they will die if they leave.

        Great work as usual Vigilant Citizen! Thanks my Friend! May the Lord bless you & keep you, and may you continue to awaken the masses, before time runs out! Love ya brother!

      • Imagine…when I was like 12 I dreamed of become that famous too…. heheh…ignorance makes one happy sometimes…what I cannot understand, is why people keep defending Jewish people (Khazars or real semites) and do not want to accept the truth and real facts even ater they are told what is really going on ? Why are most of people so stubborn and prefer being brainwashed and belie in those who manipulate them instead of believing those who (like me for instance) try to wake them up ? I don't understand, I mean, what part of LIE don't they understand ?

        Cheers J

    • "Critics of Hold it Against Me video said that 'Britney didn’t seemed involved in the video and was not appearing to be having fun'. Would you have fun if you were forced to reenact a trauma you’ve been experiencing for your entire life?"

      Really good point, VC.

      Regardless of what is really going on with Britney (occult or not) I feel so badly for that girl.

      I remember once reading an article where she was speaking about her sons. She said something to the effect of, "If they ever want to be in show business, I'm going to lock them in their rooms until they're 30." I have no doubt that she loves her sons (possibly the only real and good things to come of her existance) and felt like this was a way to protect them. Even the court appointed psychologists acknowledged that she seemed to care a lot for her boys when she was under scrutiny and going through a time when her sanity was in question.

      Life in the public eye, a brutally critical fishbowl, is not easy and often comes with a high price. It's not surprising to see people who aren't extremely mentally strong cracking up.

      • Update: An article just got posted on MSN calling her a "media puppet". Not too far off from what VC is saying. Poor girl.

      • Great points Skywalker. The elite control Britney's Handlers who – "BY PROXY" – are trying to control us through the television. Vigilant Citizen is outstanding, brilliant. Thank you so much for helping the everyday folk see the predictive programming, the contamination. Britney was all over television this morning on ABC, MTV, and elsewhere. VC adminstered the anti-dote just in time!

        These two videos provide a clear overview of the "handlers" behind the entertainers and how they contaminate the TV-watchers, the slaves. Watt talks about the elite, the entertainment industry and its ties to history, religion, culture, and the profane. An outstanding synopsis and it is so relevant. This is closer to the reality of our collective history and future.

        Reality Check with Alan Watt Part 5 of 9

        Reality Check with Alan Watt Part 6 of 9

      • the problem is though that her sons father is a reptilian….he looks just like one it would not suprise me at all….

      • Listening to the track it definitely has techno roots: Here's the lyrics to old school depeche mode. listen to the song online if you want to here how it's been remixed/dubbed/reinterpretted…

        You had something to hide

        Should have hidden it, shouldn't you?

        Now you're not satisfied

        With what you're being put through

        It's just time to pay the price

        For not listening to advice

        And deciding in your youth

        On the policy of truth

        Things could be so different now

        It used to be so civilized

        You will always wonder how

        It could have been if you'd only lied

        It's too late to change events

        It's time to face the consequence

        For delivering the proof

        In the policy of truth

        Never again

        Is what you swore

        The time before

        Never again

        Is what you swore

        The time before

        Now you're standing there tongue tied

        You better learn your lesson well

        Hide what you have to hide

        And tell what you have to tell

        You'll see your problems multiplied

        If you continually decide

        To faithfully pursue

        The policy of truth

        Never again

        Is what you swore

        The time before

        Never again

        Is what you swore

        The time before

        Never again

        Is what you swore

        The time before

        Never again

        Is what you swore

        The time before

        Never again

        Is what you swore

        The time before

    • Once again all of you little followers out there need to grow up!..We are all born with a conscience, knowing what feels right and what feels wrong…She knows damn well that little girls are being affected when being exposed to this trash…She does not care…If she did she would just not do it!…she has all the money she needs….So save all this pity garbage…Its like abercrombie coming out with padded bikinis for 8 year olds…sick does'nt even come close to how disgusting this is…Young girls are now starting puberty before age ten nowadays…the reason is because their minds are being hit with biebler fever and all this hormonally charged stuff…forcing their minds to go through chemical changes before they even have a chance to just enjoy innocent childhood..Turn away from this madness…Do not Give these people one more red blooded cent!..And stop waching this crap on tv, cause the bigger the ratings are the more advertisers pay these people…We are also culpable for this..We can make this nonsence stop…Its good to be aware, but knowledge then requires action…Or in this case inaction, other than making others aware…Yes people will say were nuts but eventually the scales will fall from their eyes too GOD willing….Vengeance belongeth to me saith the LORD….Try to stay out of the way….That is all.

      • Thank you..Not for being agreeable..For thinking for yourself…I dont mind other opinions that differ from mine..I only ask that 2 plus 2 still equal 4…If it a walks like a duck and quacks like a duck..Please dont tell me is a chupacabra…

      • I think what you don't understand is that death is the only way out for her. She doesn't have any choice but to obey what is instructed of her. She was just a little kid when they imposed this min-control system on her. There's no turning back now in her case but she can prevent what happened to her to be experienced by her kids. I just hope she can survive this torture

      • Death is not the way out for her, death is never the way out! It is obvious that, if she tries to disengage herself from these people, through her own limitations (i.e. as a human) – she will not succeed. What is one wo/man against them? Or even several hundreds? These people are being led by the devil himself – and in our confusion and ignorance, in our inadequacies, the outcome is evidently always the same.

        We need a higher power.

        We need the only One who knows our futures and the solution to our problems.

        We need Him who created the world, who has power over the devil and from the very beginning, set plans in place for his ultimate defeat and shame….

        …We need God.

      • I agree with most of what you are saying, but maybe the reason that she continues to come out with videos and advance her career is because so many other people are economically dependent on her. We've got to show some compassion and not be so quick to judge. Her moral compass is probably broken from all of the brainwashing she's endured.

      • economically dependant on her? I would imagine if she gave those she cares about a million or so, that would be plenty to hold them over from their inability to earn a living themselves. Don't know who those people are, other than her children, but nonetheless…

      • "We are all born with a conscience, knowing what feels right and what feels wrong…She knows damn well that little girls are being affected when being exposed to this trash…She does not care"

        Were we all completely manipulated and used as children and forced into a destructive lifestyle before we even knew who we were? Are you under the impression that she writes her own songs and directs her own videos? Are you aware that people sign business contracts under false pretenses and are then forced to carry them out?

        Of course she has culpability but the world is slightly more complicated than the whole, "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" grandpa routine your selling.

      • Narcissistic Personality Disorder..Look this up, then tell me if the shoe fits a large number of celebrities…Just one individuals opinion.

      • Oh yeah, that definitely fits if we’re looking for the most simplistic, obvious and superficial answer.

      • the reason is because their minds are being hit with biebler fever and all this hormonally charged stuff

        Uh… or it could have to do with growth hormones in our food and milk thus triggering early onset puberty, just saying.

      • You made a good point…I tend to think its a confluence of things..just didnt feel like going into a monsanto rant..thanks none the less.

      • I don't think Britney wants to be in the spotlight anymore. I never really cared for her, and always thought she had no voice or specific talent of her own, yet I agreed her songs were always catchy the beat was great, and every time, they are on top of the charts. But now even more than before, you just see how used up she is, she barely dances, is out of shape and def doesn't seem like she is enjoying herself. When you say "She does not care…If she did she would just not do it!…she has all the money she needs…." It doesn't exactly work like that. You don't know the kind of contract or clause that TIES her literally to the music industry. Just like Michael Jackson with Sony.Those people might be getting the spotlight, but they don't necessarily have a say, especially if they are weak-minded, or already broken down by mind control, battling with drugs and mental disorders.

        By any means, I don't defend Britney. But even if you refuse to believe in this whole Illuminati manipulation, please you have to admit, it's not like the girl has ever had the brains to come up with that whole marketing strategy in the first place.

      • When I watched MTV's short documentary about her called "for the record" I was so sad for her.

        BTW I recommend watching it on youtube so you can see how sad she seems.

        Throughout the movie you could see the pain in her eyes, her dad came off as creepy and at one point she cries and says no one listens to her when she says she is angry, sad and unhappy. In many previous interviews she has said she did not want to be a pop star but dreamed of being left alone, married and being a mother.

        I like how her dad has been granted complete control of her life, custody of her kids is held like a carrot to keep her in line and after her breakdown her dad was telling everyone the best thing for her was to go back to music, regardless of what she wanted to do, which was to be left alone and tke a break.

        The whole thing makes me sick and despite what others say on here I do feel sorry for her and look forward to the day her dad faces judgment and pays for sacrificing his own daughter.

      • People can't help what age they start Puberty. Body development has nothing to do with what children are exposed to. But I do agree that making padded bras for girls that age is just wrong.

      • You know, i'm feeling The Cures' vibe, although to be fair, if this mind control stuff is running from childhood, what choice does any child have when being groomed as it were. However, in a supermarket today, I actually heard a little girl telling her mum about the next Bieber whateva she was gonna get next. It is somewhat unnerving when you see the effects of these, "Pop Icons", fame.

        Britney is Britney, whoever she is, mind controlled well, if so, that's it for her, if not, then her soul is soulless, however, the reality is that regardless of what she has or hasn't chosen to do in her life, are the rest of us all under those same mind controls … ??? … and if so, how are they stopped … ???

        I tend to think that we do have within us all, the ability to recognise when our energies are being taken to places where we're not comfortable, and basically … "WE" … are the accountable ones, not the system, not mind controls, but …. "US" …. !!!

        It's time, as it has been pretty much fro 9/11 for us to start denying the system it's ability to control, our elders must firstly own up and acknowledge their failings, and start looking in the mirror. It seems quite reasonable to believe that the Private Club that is Hollywood, probably has agendas that indoctrinate young people, however, what excuse do the rest of us have uh ??? …. Wot …. no ability to think, don't think so, no ability to affect change, again, nope, sorry, and as for the media labelled stars themselves, are they really in some Manchurian Candidate place … ??? … and even if they are, is there no point where they recognise or become aware that the levels of criticism aimed at them holds some kind of weight ???

        Again …. hard to believe …….

        A lot of questions, I know, but, we have to be rational and logical in our assessment of how things are controlled and to what level that control is, actually controlling us !!! The net and sites like this open up a lot of, i'll say, different angles & perspectives, however, when all is said and done, if we know so much about this stuff now, when & how will the REAL revolution get televised, through the web, hmm …. watch out for those spiders ……

        anyhow …. this might interest a few of ya …..

        Peace y'all.

      • Can't just blame Justin Bieber for hormonal changes. The chemicals found in our food and water and probably lots of other places we are unaware of, can be blamed for many changes in our bodies including onset of early puberty. Just saying.

      • it has been very long since i heard someone speak so much sense. let us all stop the pity party and actually save our little ones before the entire world is full of mind controlled individuals.

      • Your comment made me reflect a lot. I wish I could speak to you more privately if I dare ask ? I've been searching loads of pieces of info about the Industry, those manipulative Jews out there and other stuff for a long while. I'd like to be able to keep in touch with somebody who's got knowledge about it :)


    • Her Mom is partially responsible for exposing & exploiting Briney at such a young age to Fame. I'm sure she now wishes she had never done that to her daughter.

    • this vid might be odd, but have you guys seen katy perrys new vid ft kanye west E.T?

      wow.. that needs major deciphering

    • In Love with Jesus on

      So true, @Leonardo, our world is soooo lost. The devil is really manifesting himself through music and the world is blind to it now. But i believe God is about to expose some things.

    • 1)serious knee injury–if you’ve ever injured your knee like she did you will think twice before you do any kind of twistin’ and spinnin’ again

      2)venus transit when she met her nadir–kfed (and she injured her knee!): she’s as much puzzled by her atttractions and disillusionments as you are, so being up on stage as a performer for you who his attracted to her isn’t the same anymore

      3) treatment for histrionic behavior: she’s absorbing the idea that her oevre has been established by {a} sex-absorbed {me} monster

      4) she’s got kids now. how does she want them to see her in the press? She’s not like other performers who really don’t give a shit what their kids think–all they want is props for mad money

      5) possible medication: fact is on a bad day she moves better then most obese americans who are criticizing her

      6) possible drug addiction: her eyes are indeed very sad…did anyone ever tell her ecstacy in consistent large doses would fry out her neurons?

      7) maybe moby is right that she’s a shell of a human being who doesn’t know who she is because she’s been performing more than she has been forming a personal identity

      maybe it is indeed control. maybe a diagnostician could differentiate between the possible systematic abuses and just plain friggin’ mess of her purported family/private life

    • If this were all true, what happened to the rest of the Micky mouse club cast? Only a few made it big. There are inconsistencies to all of this

  1. Omg this is incredibly depressing. I am crying my eyes out freaking out omg :( I can't believe this is the world I live in. Must stay strong their is a light at the end of the tunnel. I don't care how many of u ppl think these victims go to hell that girl has a special place in heaven with Elvis, and MJ.

      • You mean one of the 24 elders or one of the four beasts? Get yourself together. The time is coming when the Precious One who gave His Son would say enough. Whoever is left out of Jesus would pay with his/her blood to get to heaven. If you love Britney that much, I suggest you pray with fervency for her salvation and redemption till something happens. Satan more than anyone knows that his time is indeed short. No need for sentiments other than compassion. BTW, compassion means love in action. You pray and let the Creator of Britney take it from there. Thanks to you and VC. Nice one.

    • This is really sad and very scary. All of these people being controlled& just seemed so innocent that it's sad to think that all the wanted to do is be liked and admired for there talents and then some people just twist their dreams. I couldn't really tell if you were serious about the celebrity reservations in heaven though. Just because a lot of people liked someone doesnt mean That they automatically get a ticket into heaven. And even if she does something farfetched like worship Satan doesn't really mean she is going to hell (just a good indication) because people can change, but hey the road is narrow…

      • I wouldn't be surprised if there was a "christian" or two in the Britney Spears mix. And that they were placed within her in case they felt the need to have her turn "Christian" for the audience.

        That "christian" or two is likely hidden away, though, kept up-to-date just in case…and I'm sure The Illuminated Powers That Be would like to just get rid of such programming.

      • Interesting that you mention a couple of alter-christians locked away in britney – not sure if its just a coincidence or not (is Britney Spears her real name?) … but 'Britney Spears' is a letter-for-letter anagram of 'Presbyterians'. Make of that what you will.

    • Welcome to the real world Mandy, but fear not, it is coming to a cruel end for these evil manipulators of the human mind.

      • i wish to god one of these HUGELY famous stars would just come out and say what is going on. sacrifice yourself for humanity. i wish someone would. i think if i were in that position, i would feel like i was incredibly selfish for keeping silent. i know stars have before but they have only beat around the bush. JUST SAY SOMETHING!!!

      • Tupac tried. He "mysteriously died." MJ tried. He "mysteriously died." Marilyn Monroe tried. She "mysteriously died."

        all of these mysterious deaths in reality arent mysterious at all. The Illuminati killed them.

        Do you honestly think if a celebrity told everyone it would actually get to the public? The Illuminati CONTROLS EVERYTHING.

        They want to put it on their website? The Illuminati runs that, they wont let them. They want to make a public statement on the news? The Illuminati RUNS the news, pffft they wont show that. If a celebrity EVER tried, the Illuminati would block it/immediately kill them/note them off as insane, or likely all three.

        If Britney were to say she was being mind controlled on, say, her twitter, or something of that sort (the illuminati probably see what she says before she posts anyway) the illuminati would IMMEDIATELY delete it and then kill her.

        There is no way for them to tell us. We are at the whim of The Illuminati. They control everything. We can't fight them. No one can. All we can do is wait and see what they want…

      • On way is turn off all media devices but then you are alone because people think that you are crazy when you don't watch TV or constantly live for the media. At this point you need to find like minded people and just be content with the simplicity of life. I really do think that simple things and balance are the keys. We no longer know how to do much of anything in moderation everything is self indulged to the fullest. I do think that we do have power but there is so many people stuck and lost in the Matrix and many of them don't want to get out so that just leaves the small few that they love to write off as crazy. Now and days having friends and relationships is very different and is rarely stands on any real foundation or understanding. People tell me this, when will definitions, words and actions all stand on the same accord? We no longer think that things and words need definitions and character behind them and that is why the world is so confuse today. God says that he is not the author of confusion or fear but most of us we live off of confusion, chaotic and fear. So at the end of the day standing for nothing bring you everywhere and nowhere. It might be boring to most but each day that I live I see the narrow road as being the best destination for me because most of the things that we encounter or want is simply just as illusion and all we really have is the power of now.

        On another note it also trips me out what VC was saying about tattoos. I don’t have any and have never wanted any because the body to me is way more beautiful natural but now we see why so many stars are devoured my tattoos. I am just glad that God gives me the power to see with clarity and that I am not the kind of person who follows trends or people for that matter. The older I get the real struggle is walking alone and it takes nothing to follow people but people alone carries so much power in it. I believe in God (Jesus) with all my heart and still like everyone else I continue to fight bondage in my life because the mind is truly the battle field in the realm of life in this world. Guard your heart and mind with all diligent because there springs out the issues of life because as a man thinkith so is he.

      • Harlequin Nameless on

        Oh yes you can, Mia. Yes you can. Even in an hypnotic/brainwashed state, people will not do things they know in their hearts are wrong. No matter how many times the enemy asks my real name, I will reply "Harlequin Nameless"…

      • also remember that it is all they know, it is much like growing up in a cult and being surrounded by people who are keeping them silent and ignorant to the reality of their condition.

    • System_Failed_0 on

      WTF? SERIOUSLY? "Crying" Like you have NEVER heard of people selling their souls to be rich, famous, powerful. Wake UP!

      I don't feel an ounce of sympathy for these people "stars" who make this shitty music and continually advertise sex to young women and girls who sadly "look up" and aspire to be them or like them.

      "Heavy is the head that wears the crown"

      to me, regardless of the fame and fortune these people are losers to me. Sadly they cant TRUST hardly ANYONE! no friends, family, lovers are to not be trusted. (Probably why celebrities date other celebs) 'best pals are 'prolly their personal security and they still have to hope they will keep their secrets. I've never once been jealous of celebrity fame.

      who really wants the paparrazi stalking you every where you go, climbing trees, digging thru your trash to sell whatever they find.

      I think this world is sick with ppl caring way too much about celebrities. GET A LIFE! AND ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN!

      • She didn't sell her soul. She was forced into it at an early age which is the saddest part of all. After a while she didn't even have a choice.

      • Which part of the article did you not read. She didn't sell her soul for $$$$, THEY took her soul and made her into one of their spokespersons to forward their agenda. She had no control over anything that happened to her. What were u doing when you were 6, 7, 8 years old? Surrounded by people who saw u as a cash cow, knew how to keep u that way? Hopefully you were riding your bike in your garden and playing with your new puppy.

    • YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. So, YES! SHE SOLD HER SOUL. Even taking account of MK mind control. You ALWAYS have a choice! You are only stupid fashion victims, and IDOLS WORSHIPPER. STOP WITH THIS BULLSHIT.

    • she is not "bad" if anything she is a victim. Some seem to be willing participants, and most are given by their parents at an early age to be groomed. Just for the fact that she has tried numerous times to break free and be normal and out of the spotlight she has no control. we should pray for her and others.

      • people do not seem to understand the real issue at bay here. these people are victimized as children ok? little kids. how can they be evil if they only know what they have been programmed to know? she is not going to Hell, the programmers and evil are however. britney did not make a choice to sell her soul to the devil.

      • When the blind lead the blind they both fall into a pit. Matthew 15:14. That means BOTH fall into a pit, because an ignorant, confused sinner is still a sinner. There's no 'get out of jail free' card with God apart from faith in Christ. We should just pray for her.

      • Britney has always thanked and praised God for her sucess. Britney knows who God is. But as others have pointed out, she literally can't break free. No matter how hard she tries. and let's not forget that she can't exactly forsake all and run to the public, she has two little boys that she loves more than anything. If she tried to "come out" or "came clean" and then "mysteriously died" where would her children be? left with their dad? or grandfather? who, might i ass, is the one controlling britney's life in the public eye. Britney's not Blind, she's trapped.

  2. Dont forget about the radio in that pic with the dolls. I forget what it represents, but i know its something

    • Perhaps the radio stands for one source of Spears' programming.

      Listen to "Radio Gaga" and consider the line, "Someone still loves you," possibly in reference to the fact that (nowadays) nearly 1/4 of individuals live without genuine confidants and turn to radio (or more often) television as a substitute for companionship and *guidance*!

      Jon Stewart (Leibowitz) on The Daily Show joked about the elderly and how they are (for the most part) lonely and abandoned. According to the joke, the elderly view television as a substitute for friendship. I found Stewart's (Leibowitz') "joke" so hurtful. I myself have encountered many elderly people who use the television as a source of companionship and turn away (nearly altogether) from their neighbors and family. Stewart's (Leibowitz') was much more than a joke. It actually was a way to "mock the victims" of the programming (and their pathetic status in life).

      Stewart (Leibowitz) primary agenda – in my opinion – is to fictionalize and trivialize our reality, create apathy, and reduce our individual and collective human potential.

      Political comedy and programming should be viewed as a potent source of programming. For example, consider the debate concerning the healthcare benefits for the 911 firefighters. Unfortunately those poor heroes could not get much air time on the "real" news networks. Jon Stewart (Leibowitz) invited the firefighters onto his show. On one level, the invitation and appearance could be viewed as a gesture of kindness. But on another level, it could be viewed as a form of "mocking the victim" since the suffering of the firefighters appeared alongside an "episode" of a (blue and black) comedy show. They – the firefighters – are nothing more than a "joke". That's why they're on a Comedy network. As Kissinger said, military men are "dumb, stupid animals." And to the NWO, so are the firefighters.

      Remember that Stewart (Leibowitz) goes to dinners with Mayor Bloomberg/Bilderberg and Stewart's brother, Larry Leibowitz, is the chief operating officer of the New York Stock Exchange who referred to President Barry Soetoro as "dude" which indicates that Larry is above the CIA's, Barry Soetoro.

      [Please do not interpret my mentioning of Stewart's real name as anti-Semitic. My point was to briefly demonstrate on superficial level how there are so many layers (an onion) to TV people.]

      Giuliani called NYC the capital of the world. In my opinion, NYC is the "pacemaker cells" of the world. NYC is a woman (according to Suzanne Vega, an illuminati musician) and she sets the tempo of our lives and orients our moral compass. Even though you or I may not reside in NYC, we are all New Yorkers since she, NYC, is prominent source of our programming.

      The media and our elected representatives have been telling us that we are all New Yorkers after 911. Our TV and radio programming of the last century has originated mostly from NYC. Well, after 911, we are now to live by force, not by choice, as New Yorkers, i.e., under a police/surveillance state. There is a Stasi file on each and every one of us and there are so many laws on the books which are quite ready to be used against any one of us whenever we get out of line.

      "Live from New York, it is …. THE POLICE STATE". "Live from 10 Rockefeller Plaza in Studio 1-A it's the POLICE STATE with Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira". Oh, but Robin Roberts of GMA sits on such comfy and inviting couches. Her smile is so friendly. That disingenuous smile is the new face of evil.

      There are teams of lawyers and psychotherapists who work far behind every soft-spoken teleprompt reader. Those morning shows, for instance, are massive programming and therapy rituals for the whole of America. In the end, whatever happens in New York leaves New York and then constitutes normalcy for the rest of the world. Without a heart, the human body dies. The NWO may never end since there are backups throughout the world. When Bank of America lost its offices on 911, it continued operations elsewhere thanks to satellite headquarters in London and elsewhere.

      NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO THE MEDIA (OF ANY KIND). Alan Watt (of cuttingthroughthematrix), has recently been strongly warning his listeners that they should NOT "consume" his "shows" (or any anti NWO shows) as *programs* because he does not want to de-program and then inadvertently re-program his listeners. Instead, Watt's "shows" should be viewed as "educational talks" and each listener should mull over his talking points on an individual (personal) basis.

      I will emphasize that the same could be said for any website, talk, college class, or book. Anything.

      Oddly enough, CSPAN was re-airing some old *programming* from the early 90's of Hillary Clinton (when she was on her disingenuous crusade to "save the children"). Clinton discussed how the media should be viewed as a "guest". Guests can be invited, not un-invited, or asked to leave. The television, radio, and Internet (but to a much, much lesser extent) are the guests of your home and can be invited, un-invited, or asked to leave. It is as simple as that. YOU are the GATEKEEPER of your CASTLE and MIND.

      Do not view anything from the Media (…books included…) as mere entertainment. All of it is programming. The schools are primarily responsible for programming the children. The media (especially entertainment/fiction) is primarily responsible for programming the adults.

      Remember that entertainment (fiction) is used so that the viewer will let his guard down. According to Alan Watt, Plato considered dramas and music so important that the actors and musicians ought to be licensed! [I cannot find any reference to this; I would appreciate it if someone could show me where.]

      But I do know that Joni Mitchell in her "Painting with Words and Music" concert discussed Plato's Republic and called it a "strange sort of fascism" and the "enemy of the renaissance." Joni's talk was a preface to her song "Sex Kills" which was inspired – in part – by an impromptu conversation between Joni and an environmental lawyer about "What is Justice?" In the end, Joni concluded justice to be: "Just Ice…governed by greed and lust… just the strong doing what they can… and they weak suffering what they must…" Socrates said that in order for there to be justice, there ought to be a "just society."

      In conclusion:

      Vigilant Citizen does an outstanding job in my opinion of breaking down the "esoteric" versus the "exoteric". Keep up the good work VC! I thank you for showing us the esoteric facets of the media and culture.

      Bad medicine treats the symptoms and ignores the underlying cause of the symptoms. Vigilant Citizen is helping us uncover the underlying cause of the symptoms. Since we now understand some sources of the symptoms, we can go about "creating a *just* society" through compassion and love. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". And you, my friends, have good judgment and a visceral understanding of what constitutes a just society.

      • I'm sorry you feel I attacked Suzanne Vega. I greatly admire her wit, poetry, and songwriting. She's brilliant. However, *many* of her videos are homages to the illuminati. NWO, and others.

        Take her song, "Book And A Cover" which was released in 1998 AS A WARNING of September 11, 2001…AND THEN SOME. Vega is part of the COLUMBIA University crowd, Barnard College. Here music, like nearly all popular music, is baptized in evil at 75 Rockefeller Plaza and other infamous locations.

        Notice how the video begins with janitors picking up street debris and then looking up toward the sky in anticipation of something. (You know there will be much debris to clean up on 9/11!!! In fact, it took months to clean up).

        Then the video cuts to a scene of Vega on her bed. The entire world begins to turn upside down BUT VEGA HAS NOT EVEN GOTTEN OUT OF BED YET. Up becomes down, and down becomes up! The inversion of down with up and up with down indicates our world on and after 9/11.

        Recall that the WTC was hit relatively early in the morning on 9/11. According to the vermin in the mainstream media, many WTC workers had not reached the towers when they were hit. Hence – they were still many WTC workers in their homes (or stuck in traffic), possibly in their beds – while the world was in the process of being turned upside down!

        Is this Chinatown at 23 seconds into the video?

        At 24 seconds into the video we see Vega's "all seeing eye." (In the land of the blind, the woman with the one eye sees all?)

        At 35 seconds into the video, the camera pans to the "upside down triangle" of the bridge trusses. (See VC's other articles regarding the significance of the upside down triangle).

        At 40 seconds into the video, we see an Asian woman, perhaps Chinese, looking towards the sky because an event – OF GREAT SIGNIFICANCE – is about to take place. (Please also notice where all the people throughout the video are looking, that is, they are all looking towards the sky, as was all of New York City (and the world) on 9/11!).

        At 43 seconds into the video, please notice an airplane, possibly the same series of airplane as the ones which crashed into the WTC. Also notice two men – possibly homosexuals – dancing exuberantly together. Notice how they are dressed in the garb of businessmen, i.e., suits. It was the businessmen – in part – who orchestrated 9/11. These two businessmen are performing a celebratory dance in honor of the pure and outrageous profits they (and many others) will make in the upcoming years from the military industrial complex as our country invades Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya….Not to mention the insurance fraud and the profits of the Medical Mafia in taking care of those injured by the toxic fumes from 9/11. According to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), the US, under Bush, was to take out seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

        The stereotype (not my personal opinion) of men is of filth and contamination – relative to children – and men are therefore seen as the exact opposite to the (supposed) innocence of children. For instance, the archetypical man is instructed by our society to lust after sex, money, and power. Well-behaved children – well, at least the children of yesteryear – are to be seen as obedient, honest, and pure. Hence, after the homosexual businessmen, we see a young girl looking towards the sky. HER generation will be the ATLAS who will have no choice but to carry this New World Order on their collective shoulders. This generation will also be known as the cannon fodder – according to the Rockefellers – of the NWO.

        (Homosexuality is a facet of the NWO for far too many reasons to list here, but in part to bring down the population and to turn it against God. Non-procreative sex is the desecration of the reproductive organs according to the strictest religious orthodoxy as it is an act of selfishness. The NWO is about making 1 = 0 and 0 = 1. To make men more feminine and women more masculine. To turn the sacred into the profane and the profane into the sacred. Got it?)

        At 54 seconds into the video, Vega has left her bed; she is wearing a coat and looking outside her window at the upside-down world. She is wearing a coat and is ready to leave for something. She has work to do. But first she must survey the damage from her apartment.

        At 1:04 into the video, notice Vega's radio in the left hand corner of the screen. Also notice her apartment has lost all walls and is exposed to the entire city for everyone and anyone to see her. Vega no longer has privacy….perhaps.

        Since 9/11, the military industrial complex has put Americans in a choke-hold and has forced us to exchange our privacy for more so-called security. We have lost our Fourth Amendment just as Vega has lost the walls to her apartment which kept the outside world from looking in! But, notice that her apartment is near the New York skyline. So, it is difficult, “possibly impossible”, for the commoners to look in. To Vega, her walls are a relatively pretty skyline. To the commoner near the ground/dirt, the lack of walls invites voyeurs.

        Notice how the entire video is shot in black and white, the "masonic" black against white. Although there is no particular masonic patterns to be found in the video (as far as I can tell), there does not need to be since the ENTIRE video is black on white and white on black. White equals black and black equals white. 1 = 0 and zero equals one. Wrong is not wrong and right is not right. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Opposites are equal.

        Hence, an INVERSION of up and down took place near the beginning of the video! That's why America is under control by foreign powers. To the layperson, it looks as if we were attacked from the outside, but in actuality – we have been taken over decades ago – and subsequently attacked from within. Obama is serving two allegedly different masters at once. He is president of the United States and chairing the UN Security Council.


        Marcus Cicero Quote:

        "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague."

        At 1:05 into the video, notice the same Asian woman as seen earlier in the video. According to the NWO, the world will be divided into 3 trading blocs who will compete with each other. Say what you want about Donald Trump, but Trump (just like Michael (Alan Weiner) Savage and Alex Jones) has extensively discussed how the NWO raped the West of its talent, education, and resources to prop up China over the past half century. Of course Ron Paul talked about this too. Moreover, the American schoolchildren have been deliberately dumbed down and degenerated by design. (Look up Charlotte Iserbyt and her website, American Deception.)

        I have heard and read about how our Federal Reserve Notes (tax dollars) were used to build factories in China and to train their engineers. China with its forced abortions and commoditization of humanity is the endgame – for now – of the NWO. The NWO is a parasite which will continue to feed on its host as much as it can (but not so much that the host collapses/dies). Around 2030 or so, the NWO will build up America again and then collapse it.

        There is the Asian Woman, Chinese? Eyeing NYC. China owns America. The Chinese, in fact, are buying up the West Coast. The same will happen in NYC (if not already).

        At 1:15 we see a man WEARING SUNGLASSES – remember to read VC's other articles for the significance of this – who is receiving programming on the same radio which was in Vega's bedroom. (Recall Lady Gaga and her sunglasses) Did that man have a device which detonated bombs? Per covert and esoteric instruction received over the airwaves? WHY DID ALL OF THE MEDIA KNOW BLAME CAVE-DWELLERS IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE TOWERS FELL? Again, the Illuminati admire the inversion of opposites. How the hell can cave-dwellers carry out a sophisticated attack which most American – house-dwellers – with computers could not? Is it because Cheney told NORAD to stand down?

        (Officeworkers who worked in the WTC towers claimed extensive construction had been performed on the towers about 1 year prior to the attacks. About every other floor or so was forced to relocate while contractors used heavy equipment to drill into the building. Workers complained of fine powder appearing everywhere as well as in the air vents and clogging the filters. After 9/11, the workers suspected the construction they witnessed was to plant bombs. It was a controlled demolition).

        At 1:19 we hear a cymbal crash and then see Vega – AS THE LADY IN RED (look this up)- with multiple mirrors around her. Something has shattered – split. THE WORLD HAS! Read VC's articles about the significance of the mirrors. Although the mirrors are not shattered, Vega's image has – and so has our collective reality. Fractured personality. Fractured life. Fractured images.

        Well, at 1:23…here is the firefighter! Ta-da! He's in quite a rush and looking towards the burning towers. He is the cannon fodder for the NWO…just stupid muscle, trained to obey and follow commands. He will meet death shortly. If not immediately, then he will acquire an illness due to the toxic smog he is breathing in. And this illness will be covered up by the Medical Mafia of New York. The firefighter will not receive compensation commensurate to his bravery. After all, he is just stupid muscle. No brains, not sentient beings (according to my Philosophy professor from New York University).

        At 1:42 into the video, we see a man who looks exactly like David De Rothschild and he is holding a toy version of the airliner in his hands and is taking it on a crash course into the WTC.

        At 1:45 we see Vega on the edge of the pillar as homage to the moaning woman from the Masterpiece Theater (Mystery) intro. 9/11 is quite a mystery, eh? The moaning woman herself has significance too.

        At 1:51 a man is escaping from a building and he runs down the steps in a hurry. He appears to be the same man as seen dancing with the other (possibly homosexual) businessman by the twin towers before their collapse. Perhaps the planners of the WTC attack were inside the building on the day it occurred but escaped in time?

        At 1:57 we see a woman looking right into the direction of the towers but she is not actually seeing them because they are only present in her mind, her memory. The towers are now gone forever.

        At 2:01 a man is bi-cycling away from the "invisible but visible" oncoming cloud of asbestos. The towers have collapsed.

        But Vega is still singing on her rooftop at 2:05. She is "Building a Mystery." (See Sarah McLachlan).

        At 2:11 is an everyday guy, a man with a melancholic expression with an American flag draped around his back. IT IS THE END OF AMERICA. NOTICE THE HELICOPTER. THE ENCROACHING POLICE STATE IS COMING UP FROM BEHIND US.

        At 2:25 we see a sign which says "ONE WAY." The NWO IS THE ONE AND ONLY WAY… unless we all do something about it. RIGHT NOW AND EVERY DAY!

        So, at 2:28, Vega's imperative is to: "JUST GIVE "IT"…. ONE THOUGHT."

        At 2:31 we see a man launch a rocket. At 2:39 the same man catches the rocket. Notice how the man who launched the rocket is the same man who caught the rocket. THE SAME COUNTRY WHO LAUNCHES THE MISSILE WILL RECEIVE ITS MISSILE. This is yet another FALSE FLAG ATTACK on the horizon.

        Uh-oh. Notice how the tempo of the bridge speeds up beginning at 2:35 and ending at 3:05. This is the same melodic sequence as during the collapse of the towers. REMEMBER THE FACTURED IMAGES IN THE MIRROR. VEGA HAS APPEARED – ONCE AGAIN – AS THE LADY IN RED. SHE IS TAKING THE WORLD ON QUITE A DANCE. "Lady in red. Is dancing with me. Nobody here. Except you and me. That's where I want to be…"

        We see chaos. People are franticly running around. There is total chaos. The melancholic man with the America flag draped around his body appears yet gain to signify that the next false flag attack – is to be in the form of a missile – and it will be launched by the very same collective of VERMIN who have taken over America as on and before 9/11. The melancholic man – the real, true American – at 3:05 is now looking at the missile, not the WTC.

        At 3:14 – the WTC are still in America's memory as America is beaten up again. BAM! Right to the face. Take THAT Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        At 3:18, the Asian woman appears once again.

        At 3:29, we see David de Rothschild (plastic jesus?) looking at the missile. Perhaps the Rothschild dynasty is not behind the missile attack. He looks relatively surprised.

        And at the end of the video, we have janitors picking up the figurative debris of the missile attack.

        Book And A Cover

        Heck, even the Federal Reserve Notes supposedly are tainted with predictive programming. And since it happened, they are now mocking the victims.

        PsyOps: New Series US Dollar Bills Tell 9/11 Plan

        If you like the write-up then copy it and send it onto anyone you like. Just credit it as K86529J. I apologize for any errors. I wrote this in a hurry, but there is still more to the video. I'm tired for now. See you all later!

      • That is a very generous and kind response. I was a big fan of her early career and saw her perform a few times. She obviously is a different kind of performer than the ones most often featured here so it seemed jarring for a moment to suggest she might be of the same ilk. I knew of her being a Nicherin Buddhist but perhaps that has more to do with her family and past.

        Thanks very much for this post and I will take a close look at the info.

      • Thanks B9! The album cover for Vega's "Crime & Beauty" is quite telling.

        Notice the black on white and red…which also happen to be of the Nazi regime. The CockRoachefellers (Rockefellers) have very strong ties to Nazi Germany (which was imported into the USA) and EUGENICS. I call them the CockRoachefellers because there are so, so many of them. They are the ones who ought to be sterilized and wear the ankle bracelets and implanted with RFID chips! Look up Rockefellers and IG Farben and others. Also look up IBM (the Eye BeaM) tabulation Nazi Germany. Remember, eugenics is still here. It just changed its name to BIOETHICS. That's all!

        I read through a copy of IBM's Data Management magazine recently. The esoteric meanings throughout the mag ought to be explained to the "unwashed masses," the "profane." Some of which were – once again – the black on white with red, which indicates that IBM admires its heritage, the Nazi order. There was also an article regarding Order out of Chaos and so, so much more.

        On a related topic with IBM. Trust me. I know. Universal Healthcare is eugenics. I have been told this – DIRECTLY TO MY FACE – by Medical Directors and other well-known MDs and scientists who are in the know at some of the so-called finest Universities and hospitals.


        "Those things which are sacred, are to be imparted only to sacred persons; and it is not lawful to impart them to the profane until they have been initiated into the mysteries of the science."

        Read the "Plutonium Files" and "Acres of Skin". Also read "Bulletproofing your Medical Practice" and other "Risk Management" texts and journals. Read up on the economics of medicine.

        The whole point of universal healthcare is to dump the "risk" from the insurance company onto the doctors. THE SAME FILES WHICH THE INSURANCE COMPANIES USED TO DENY INSURANCE TO APPLICANTS HAVE BEEN RE-ENGINEERED FOR THE DOCTORS TO DENY CARE TO PATIENTS but covertly. Romney-care is to be the model for the nation, and it originated in Massachusetts. As of now, most doctors in Massachusetts work under the "global payment system" (which is a new beast) and it incentivizes physicians to NOT order necessary medical testing and to blacklist patients who carry too much risk. Romeny-Patrick-Obamacare also creates a "Healthcare home." WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE OF HOWARD DEAN, MD TALKING ABOUT THE HEALTHCARE HOME.

        In a regular home, there can be domestic abuse. So, in a healthcare home, there will also be "abuse." Like most humans, physicians are lazy. They will choose the "path of least resistance." Bad medicine *is* the "Massachusetts Model." The insurances are paying to the doctors a mutually-beneficial form of "hush money" to not perform good medicine. Good medicine would be to treat and (ideally cure) the underlying cause. Some patients – the overtly sick- will be given the treatment, but others (the so-called "worried well" or those with silent diseases) will be kept as a control and denied treatment, that is, kept sick on purpose along the lines of the Tuskegee experiments for studying. These diseases include those with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, Morgellens, and hundreds more. Remember, there are at least three categories of biostatical study: "Retrospective", "Cohort" aka "cross-sectional", and "Prospective". Read "Wall of Silence" for more info.

        This global payment system is also known as "reverse capitation." The opposite of "reverse capitation" is "fee for service" (which in itself can be abused by greed-driven doctors). There are other systems. Read up on them.

        AS OF TODAY, THERE IS NO INCENTIVE STRUCTURE (IN WIDE USE) WHICH CAN REPLACE A SCRUPULOUS PERSON. Sure, such an incentive structure exists and should be implemented. But there are covert agendas. That is why Amazon, Google, and IBM will create an ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORD which will look fancy to the masses – on the exoteric level, but at the esoteric level there has and will be eugenics built into the system. They will call this, "cutting waste."

        New York has now picked up on "reverse capitation" (cutting waste) and it will spread from the Northeast to pollute the entire nation. Empire NY BCBS had a propaganda piece in the past year regarding end care and its costliness. They used a useful idiot BCBS member for that piece. Did they pay her off to turn against her own family, if I recall, it was her very own father?

        The NWO is destroying healthcare through "artificial scarcity" in order to kill off those who supposedly are too costly, too high-maintenance, who have the so-called "junk genes", or who are not compatible with "round-up" and other man-made toxicants. The elite are doing this under the guise of lowering premiums and deductibles – which will appeal to the dumbed-down public – but in actuality this cuts the jobs of the providers in the collective (to a certain extent). Don't believe it? Look up the secret Pentagon bioweapons database and the selling of baby's blood.

        The global elite want "so-called Round-up ready" humans who are very highly productive (according to the terms set by the NWO, not your terms) and who can perform according to the least caloric input. THEY WANT THE MOST CARBON-NEUTRAL OUTPUT PER HUMAN WHO WILL WORK ONLY ACCORDING TO THE TERMS SET BY "SCHOOL TO WORK" PROGRAMS. GET IT? They want to reduce free will. They do not want you to work up to your full human, god-given potential. THEY ARE DOING EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO STUNT OUR COLLECTIVE DEVELOPMENT IN THE WOMB TOO, "teratogens".

        Eventually, only the humans who have a specific function in society will be allowed to be born. Any human who currently exists and is in need of medical care will have to plead – based on his/her history of conduct within the behavioral economic system – to be kept alive. There will be no money. Everything will be based on behavioral carbon-neutral credit system. Hence, the Pavlovian training – thumbprint scanning – to get a school lunch is now in place! Your school records, work records, and medical records will all be integrated at a fusion-type center along with your criminal records, library records, and purchase history. Everyday behavior will be criminalized if it has the capacity to be used against a globalist. That's why Amazon's Kindle monitors which pages you read and for how long your read each page (AND THEN SOME)!

        Such irony. The globalists are always in the process of creating new mental illnesses but they are the ones who are the true sociopaths. They are the most "adverse to risk."

        Carbon-neutral healthcare is another facet of the NWO. Medical waste is yet another issue. Thus, medical testing will be ordered according to a carbon system. If an MRI costs too much in terms of carbon, then it will not be ordered. A cheaper test will be ordered to create the illusion of healthcare. Now, critics will argue that physicians will not accept such risk. But this is nonsense. Most medical malpractice cases fail, about 80% of them. Physicians – whether you know it or not – also cherry-pick their patients and turf them to introduce doubt into the patient's mind and force him/her to take a "Rockefeller pill". If you are unfortunate and have an expensive illness, your HEALTHCARE HOME will be turned against you. They, your healthcare home, will argue that you have a psychiatric illness, a psychosomatic order, not a real illness.

        In Massachusetts, many physicians turn away patients who are deemed to have "too much risk." Thus, when physicians cry of being driven out of medicine due to "defensive medicine" and "ambulance chasing lawyers," and "litigation" and so on, that's a 55-gallon drum of bullshit. I have seen all of this with my own eyes. Lawyers say it is an uphill battle and do not take on difficult cases remember.

        Healthcare providers are a guild, a secret society. They have collectively created a "false dilemma." The medical mafia has a "persecution complex." Do not ever forget that Nancy Schneiderman is on the Payroll for General Electric/NBC. That's why she says to take your vaccines and shut up.

        Craig (in)Venter's is gathering genotypic data and this will interface with the national Electronic Medical Record system to determine environmental interaction with genes with the ultimate accuracy and precision in goal. At first, it will be used to alleviate suffering in order to sell it (convince) the public, but then it will be turned against them. EVERYTHING WILL BE CHANGED GRADUALLY THROUGH INCREMENTALISM.


        Living organisms are made primarily of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur. The end-game of the illuminati – to put it in the most simplest terms – is to control each and every single biochemical activity but to their own advantage. They want their wage-slaves to be smart enough to perform the task, but not too smart to revolt. The small circle of the elite are doing everything in their power to remain un-modified, i.e., feral humans.

        Universal health-care is a very slow – to the untrained eye – form of a soft-kill weapon which will be used to usher in this new form of slavery. REMEMBER INCREMENTALISM and FABIAN SOCIALISM.

        The best slave is the one who performs his task – AND – likes it. They are trying to create the perfect human robot. Hence the transhuminist agenda. But this agenda will not directly interface with computers at first. Instead, a silent genocide is actively underway. It is taking place right now.



        HECK, I AM WELL AWARE THAT WHAT I WROTE ABOVE IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT A "magnum opus". BUT I DO HOPE I WILL OPEN UP SOME EYES TO SHOW YOU HOW THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM ACTUALLY WORKS. I AM TRYING TO SHOW THE PAST 20 YEARS OF MY REALITY TO YOU AND THE GENERAL TRAJECTORY OF THE NEXT 20 YEARS. I have 3 college degrees. I know how the system works. Sure, there will be cases of small victories against the system, that is called the "anti-thesis." But the synthesis, the endgame will never be discarded.


        There are plenty of people who work within the system who are quite pissed off and who will turn against their masters and handlers. The illuminati of the local, state, federal, and international levels have done so much damage, that it has touched every single person – even if she or he does not recognize it now. Each and every one of us has been contaminated and stunted by design.

        The sleeping giant is waking up.

      • Woah. That's some outstanding overview of the corruption. It all comes together. I had a prof who asked us how many students had parent or granparents with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. Nearly the whole class had their hands up. It was outrageous. They are definitey poisoning us and cover it up in every way. Almost everywhere I go there is some kid with an autism-spectrum disorder. A local park hosted the get together of parents and caretakers of kids with autism and some 3,000 people attended!

      • I read your comment over twice. I have to follw up with a 2nd reply. I am so impressed . I have a relative in the biomedical sciences (she has a graduate degree) that told me about some of the corruption you brought up. When you meet with an MD, there are invisible people in the room with you —someone from the insurance, another from the drug company, another from government. They are all working against the patient.

        Your comment made me think of Cher when she was on CNN (after Farrah Fawcett) passed away. She brought up her struggles with Epstein Barr/CFS and the failures in medicine. Michael Jackson's doctor was alleged to have tried to hide any evidence of wrongdoing before performing CPR on him!

        Michael Jackson's Doctor Allegedly Stopped CPR To Hide Evidence

        Witness told police Conrad Murray interrupted CPR to collect and hide drug vials.

        Shit like this happens all the time in medicine according to her. I am so grateful for the few good people in medicine who stand up and blow the whistle.

      • You are talking of a subject I know well being a resident of Mass and a victim of Mittler's Health Fascism. I have not been to a doctor in years. I don't need them. I use Kangen Water, Colloidal Silver, Fish Oils, Organic Foods and other self directed healing modalities. I don't want or need their rotten so called health care. I actually pay a fine as it is cheaper. Imagine that folks, I have to spend a large sum of money each year as a fine for not buying their garbage health plans. This cuts into the money I have for actually looking after my own health in a self directed manner.

        I can do more for my own health with simple things like vinegar, baking soda, charcoal etc than these fools can do for me with their toxic drugs. If you go see them they will find something to treat with this crap.

        You are a wise spirit and I appreciate your efforts to communicate here on this wonderful site.

      • DiZiLLuZioNed on

        All great points 3D, It is no secret that our healthcare system is screwed up, that doctors treat symptoms rather than treat causes of diseases. That instead of preventative medicine, the public is encouraged to pop pills by the medical society. That you will be hard pressed to walk out of a doctor’s office withOUT a new prescription. That most prescription drugs do more harm than good. That doctors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. All of these facts collectively equal one thing: death via healthcare is by design! Consider this, Revelation 18:23, "… because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia)." The English words "pharmacy" and "pharmaceutical" are derived from the Greek word, pharmakeia which means sorcery, witchcraft, the casting of spells. The symbol for pharmakei is a stylized “Rx” which means “prescription” to most people but in actuality is a form of the “Eye of Horus” (the egyptian all seeing eye that all pop stars pay homage to) The Rx symbol is also an abbreviation for the Latin word “recipere” or “recipe” which means “Take, thou” as a command to receive the drug/spell being offered. It has also been suggested that the Rx is an invocation or prayer to Jupiter to make the treatment effective. And finally, the original hippocratic oath that all physicians must take before practicing medicine begins like this: “I SWEAR by Apollo the physician, and Aesculapius, and Health, and All-heal, and all the gods and goddesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this stipulation” As we look at the history of medicine in the ancient world, we can trace back the esoteric roots of modern medicine to sorcery and witchcraft. In ancient times, people who prescribed treatments and medicines were referred to as witch doctors, or shamans because what they were practicing was and still is a form of sorcery! It was considered sorcery because after the preparation of the treatment, the witch doctor or shaman would cast a spell over the treatment invoking the power of different deities to facilitate the recovery of the patient. The only difference today is that the witch doctors and shamans have been given new titles and white coats but the practice is still the same. Most people are casual about prescription drug use today because it is legal and because an authority figure told us it was okay to take but the fact of the matter is, drugs induce changes in our body chemistry. They affect our body’s function and metabolic processes, they influence how we feel, think, and act. And what most people are not aware of, is that they influence us on a supernatural level as well by opening what is referred to as the third eye or sixth chakra enlightment channel. This is a supernatural door or gateway through which demons can pass and influence your life.

      • You're right. A scientist who was working working for the pharmaceutical company that developed the swine flu vaccine was really pissed off with the company's practice and made it clear that the vaccine is not appropriate. He was so fed up with the corruption in the company that he was looking for something else to do. I remember he adviced NOT to have the kids and ourselves vaccinated. That was in 2009. Illuminati controls the health systems and bought the biggest pharmaceuticals companies. They seem to have under their wing everything, media, companies, petrol, the whole nine yards. Methodically they destroy everything and everyone. I wish it was a conspiracy theory but unfortunately it's real and sinister. We're under the umbrella of dangerous sociopathetic creatures. And only death will release us for once and for all from them. In the meantime we just have to live our lives. There is nothing else we can do.

      • Hey you, can you please be my teacher? Lol, I really want to learn more about this and I feel I only know barely the skin of what is going on….

      • Brilliant post. The only S Vega song I ever liked was …my name is vega, I live…But I din't fail to notice the usual one eye photos, she covers her other eye with an apple…

        As to Britney Spears we can't foresee her future and if she goes to hell or heaven and things like that…if she's been mind controlled since since was a child, you can't put the blame on her…we don't know her circumnstances but she's certainly an illuminati puppet for whatever reason…

      • I found your thoughts on NYC pretty intriguing and made me think of the "NEW YORK" song by Alicia Keys ft JAY Z (who we all know very well is part of this Freemason/Illuminati agenda). When that song was being played regularly on the local station here in Arizona I was quickly annoyed by it and wondered why should we care so much for a song about a city we're not close to and most of us probably never even seen!

      • I have a question. I know a man who I know was subjected to this. It has kind of turned into a scary stalker situation. I had to call the police, long story and the cop inquired as to why he would do some of the bizarre things he does and I had to say he is crazy. It makes no sense and that is the truth. I have some background in psychology and if you try to understand it you will wind up crazy. I have tried for a long time.

        To make a long complicated story short, I had known him for years and we just kind of fought and he would not go away. Complicated situation. Then I said, yeah your not so bad and he just went nuts and did some terrible crimes to me, like try that mind control crap when I told him to go away and never come back and it is only by the grace of God I got out of it. Did you know they have a very large human trafficking industry and he is part of it. I freaked when I found out.

        Now he keeps playing the song Blue On Black, Kenny Wayne Sheppard. I was wondering, is the Blue On Black does that have anything to do with The Occult and Mind Control? I never knew this existed and had to figure out he had been through it on my own and yeah, this man really screwed up and there is nothing that will make it right.

        Do they even really know what reality is; because observing his behavior at times I really wonder. To be blunt, he is very rich and well – sometimes I look up in stunned amazement he can find his way out of a wet paper bag. I feel bad how he got this way, but it is not helping me. The man turned out to be a very smart sadist and he actually knows the governor of my State. Lucky me. I got a stalker with money and he is fairly intelligent. He stole from me once and I asked was that you and he said you have to have proof. He knows I won't have it and you can think of the bind I am in. Not good. I have known him about 10 yrs. and the real problems began about a year and a half ago. Actually before that; but he forgot to tell me. Long Story. Are these people sane. I can't get a straight answer out of Hannibal Lector.

        I hear the programming starts to break down at 30 yrs. old and he is 60 yrs. I asked him if he had a choice and a woman with him stated yes he does. How does that work, do they have a choice and I know for a fact he is a controller and programmer of a probably fairly high level and has CIA links and the man scares the living crap out of me and is OCD I think.

  3. Although I agree with most part of the article, I really don't think Britney is a major representant of the Illuminati order or so. I see her as someone who suffered a lot from the music industry and once tried to release herself from it. She often claims that all that she ever wanted to do is to be with her kids, something which we can see she can't. Good article, as always!

    • I agree; while I believe in spiritual warfare, I don't buy into the notion of a secret society that wants to be found out, and blatantly shares its bizarre symbols and imagery with the world. I think entertainment – starting with the oldest folk tales long ago – has always flirted with the dark side, because that's what fallen humanity finds titillating. In other words, sex and violence sells; this is nothing new. Going all the way back to Arthur Brown's "Fire," the music industry has used occult imagery to create controversy and get attention. While I certainly believe that the bigwigs in Hollywood and the music industry know exactly what they're doing, and give marching orders to many of these naive young pop tarts, I would hardly suggest that they actually torment and shock them like chimps in a lab. The pressures of fame, fortune and success lead to sexual promiscuity and drug abuse, which in turn leads to shocking behavior. Why? Because they can; they get caught up in the thrill. And who wouldn't? It would take a very strong person to resist the kinds of things celebrities are constantly tempted with, and they are surrounded by sycophants who never say "no." Over time, that's got to mess with one's head. They're very vain, selfish, messed-up people, but mindless drones who have had the life sucked out of them? I just don't think so. However, this is a very thought-provoking article.

    • and if u see the song stronger, it's like saying " they reprogramed me so lets continue with this cuz "my loneliness isn't killing me no more cuz I'm stronger"

      • with that song I can actually see it coming from a 'broken heart' from a former love interest.. but whos to say it isnt both

    • yes that song was a big sign for me. it was off her second album. even though i was young and didn't know anything about this, i knew it was more than a song and there were autobiographical elements.

      i was abroad in paris when britney shaved her head. i was so sad to see that footage. all i could think was that it was a form of self-mutilation. on a tabloid in paris there was a huge headline over her picture that read "DESCENT EN L'ENFER" — literally, "descent into hell." it always stuck with me. and later when i began to research this, that headline made sense.

      it's so crazy she said she was tired of having things plugged into her head. i always thought that she looked crazy/out of her mind in the picture of her shaving her head, but at the same time, she kind of looks happy/relieved. i never thought her crazy for it. i just knew that something was very wrong and she had enough of it.

      i remember that rolling stone issue. i was a fan even at a young age but much of her overt sexuality bothered me, especially that particular shoot. it's so amazing to look back and see even deeper and new meaning to the things that never sat right with me.

      i will always be a britney fan. she has entertained me for many years and i really wish her well — i hope that she can break free and be a good mother to her children, and live a better life.

    • Things That Make You on

      She was married to the head of Sony, Tommy Matolla, for years… He was called out by Michael Jackson for being one of the most evil men in the industry…

      • Mariah went on to lose it for a while. She has since gone on to a sort-of stable life as a former pop diva, with her music released on her own label. (Monarch. Get it?)

      • Please explain to us how Mariah (Nunez) Carey's "Fly Like a Bird", "My Saving Grace", and especially her cover of "Oh Holy Night" are of the Illuminati? NWO? Satan? (But Mariah does refer to her fans as lambs. Uh-oh!) Hey, what about "(Make it) Through the Rain"? Aren't all of these – and many of her other – songs Christian-esque and uplifting?

        Keep in mind that many of her songs are about absolving (emancipating) herself from Tommy Mottola, the devil.

        Although she has some (in my opinion) borderline-offensive songs like "Touch my Body," I feel there are many redeeming qualities about her and her other songs.

        I mean, how can Mariah be noticed unless she is a little naughty? "Touch my Body" keeps her relevant (in my opinion). None of us, including myself, are perfect and pure. We are all sinners.

        And about Mariah and her butterflies, I would like to say that there are certain animals and symbols which I have liked from the childhood which have happened to be used by the Illuminati and others. How does her preference for butterflies indicate her membership into evil and acceptance of evil?

        But in the case of Lady Gaga, it is beyond a reasonable doubt that she is of the devil. BWL

        ~Anti-NWO Synopsis of our Current Events. OUTSTANDING!~

        Immortal Technique "Cause Of Death" (Very Explicit)

        "I MAKE PAPER" by the Federal Reserve

        (Beats sort of sounds like Tom Tom Club's Genius of Love sampled by Mariah.)

      • Are you serious? on

        "Touch my body" helps her to be 'relevant'? WHAT KIND OF MESSED UP WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN THAT YOU HAVE TO ACT LIKE A SLUT TO BE RELEVANT?!?

        sorry, call it "sexy" if you will, but these days being "sexy" is the same as being sluty. What happened to women being beautiful and modest as apposed to little sex salves? and no, dressing in next to nothing and seductively saying "touch my body" is NOT empowering anyone.

        I think you may have absorbed too many illuminati de-sensitising media programs if you think mariah that her song was ok and christian-ish and releant and not that bad…

      • They mix good and bad, so yes some of her songs are nice and uplifting so you become a fan…. and then the star will bring out other songs, that arent so nice and uplifting (such as touch my body), but becuase in your mind you are already a fan you accept it quite easily as 'not that bad'

        Of course its not the worst song ! but really, the message doesnt need to be out there.

        Sex should be private beteen two people, not having your 'assets' out there and seducing a camera that will be broadcast to millions of people.. all that does is set up unrealistic expecations and ruin relationships imo.


        Yes. TT, I completely agree with you. Mariah (and/or her handlers) mix the "better" songs with the "trashy" songs in order to entice the unsuspecting and dupable. The good songs are the vehicle or transit system which leads to Satan. Once the unsuspecting are brought in through the "good" songs, the "contaminated/bad" songs are used to seduce and mislead the vulnerable/docile lambs into evil. I most certainly recognize this. Unfortunately others – especially children – may not.

        Mariah went downhill (around 1998) once she began to collaborate (or rather, degenerate) with the rappers and gangsters. Old Dirty Bastard, Snoop Dog, and others. Her #1's album cover was the first vociferous uproar over her skankiness.

        If a child is listening to Mariah's "(Make it) Through the Rain" or "My Saving Grace" and then hears Mariah with Snoop Dog, the child (or vulnerable/docile adult) will likely then move on to Snoop Dog and hear about how he's "stuck on yssup". This is how the contamination takes place.

        Yes. The entertainers and their handlers use the "higher-elements" to win the trust and praise of the "masses," and then they bring in the "lower-elements" to get the public fixated on sex, the genitals, and materialism.

        Another example – but in the reverse – is Adam Sandler and Jimmy Kimmel. Both are absolute slobs in my opinion. I remember the "Man Show." It was so degrading to men (and women). But then the star-making machinery brought Sandler and (especially) Kimmel out into the public more often and on TV. And now Kimmel has his own show on ABC. These two pigs and their handlers were training to *sanitize* satan to the public!

        And yet another example – of bringing "good" out of "evil" – is AKON and his "I Wanna Love You." Well, when I heard it on the radio and then looked it up on the web, it turned out – as most of you already know – that it was *sanitized* from "I Wanna Fuck You." I actually felt physically ill when I heard it.



      • Chrisanthemum7 on

        I am a huge fan of Mariah's (a lamb!), but I have increasingly noticed a lot of trauma-based attributes with her as well. I overlooked the butterfly thing, and the innocence period followed by the sex kitten thing… but she also does the dissociative personality thing. And is pre-occupied with childhood. And she loves Disney, lol.

        She too has had history of being "handled." Mottola used to have her followed, and she basically lived in this ginormous castle with him that she nicknamed "Sing Sing" b/c that was indeed the only thing she was allowed to do there. She too had a public breakdown, collapsing after years of working 20 hour days, to the point where her entire crew was also sleep and food deprived, and no one ever stopped her b/c they knew she would run herself into the ground for them and they didn't care. She says that she doesn't blame anyone but herself for putting herself into that position, but at the same time, the average person has the right (at least for now) to expect ethical conditions of their employers who don't act like they're doing you a favor by making you well known.

        She's also talked about her handlers telling her that one side of her face was less photographable, resulting in a lot of one-sided (one eye?) photoshoots and covers early in her career. One thing that is notable about her, besides the fact that she is actually talented, is that the public seems to have turned on her after the sex kitten phase, as if it didn't take. It's odd b/c that kind of backlash hasn't really happened with any other female artist, especially someone so prominent, and I think it does have something to do with the music and the fact that she is a self-professed Christian, or at least I hope it does. It's the only thing I can think of that would keep her sort of "unveiled" to the point where people are just like, "um, no seriously what are you doing and why are you wearing that?"

        With Spears and Aguilera, and Rhianna, and Beyonce, and Katy Perry and whoever else, there's no reason Mariah's sex kitten metamorphosis should be any more bothersome than the others. What's funny is that it's the press that prints all this bad stuff about her and rumors of being crazy and "diva demands" and all of this. They don't support her even though she's a clear– and lucrative– product of the very same system. I think it's b/c she WON'T sing their songs/messages and she knows she's talented enough singing what she wants which is (Christian) faith-filled, positive, truly creative music. And she's making enough money with her royalties that she is not dependent on the system for success.

        So the media turns on her and does not defend her or make her image seem appropriate, though it is the EXACT image it lives off of (Keep in mind Mariah also emulates Marylin Monroe and has a deep admiration for her). They insist that her music is trite garbage (compared to who, exactly?) and for a long time used her race as a divisive issue. In the Rolling Stone issue totaling the 100 greatest singers she was #79!!!!!!! Just before Sly Stone and Iggy Pop (!!!) Her latest Christmas was the most Christ-heavy Christmas album that's been out in years. I think her career shows an interesting dynamic within the industry with those who enter into it with a strong faith in place already, and how far the programming can go before it breaks down.

  4. back in the ol days we would have said: disgusting video and mindless music.

    well – indeed, this world is in need of a lot of healing . @1

  5. trustthelord on

    Great article VC. I just watched the video in full and there are a few references to japan (the camera says made in japan) and they flash sony at least 5 times. It struck me as odd. They are so blatantly obvious with all this symbolism thrown in your face. Its so sad. I have two very small children and I want to cancel the cable and take away all of the disney dvds. Nothing is safe anymore.

    • If you have high speed internet, especially with a wireless router you should invest in a Roku player for your television. Look it up and find out more but I will testify that it is the best way to get away from cables evils and prices. It works best if you have a subscription to Netflix or Hulu Plus, but there are some free channels with kids shows although not many. If you are christian you can add the TBN channel for free and it has the network Smile Of A Child on it. Ive had this Roku player for about 3 months now and it only cost me a one time fee of $75 to buy it and my monthly subscription to Netflix is only $10 so it has saved lots of money for me already. We can pick what shows we want our child to watch when we want him to watch them and the next best thing is no commercials to hypnotize him into wanting products he doesn't need!

      • My child grew up watching a lot of Baby Einstein and VeggieTales (a Christian cartoon). Those seemed pretty good and safe too.

      • Yup! Netflix has all the VeggieTales series on their instant play option and thats one of the main toons we let our child watch.

      • trustthelord on

        Thanks for the info. Id never heard of roku. We do have netflix already though. I will look into all of this!

      • next time you go on the Netflix site click on "watch instantly" tab then look for "instantly to your tv" link and then scroll down and look for "streaming players" and it will list links to many different players but Roku is the most affordable!

      • To be honest ive been doing a lot of research on children's early development and its never good to leave children infront of a tv, computer, laptop, cell phones etc. There is a VERY VERY large increase in autism because of it. It was proven by many scientists and apparently hidden from the people because these things make a lot of money. ( children's shows etc. )

      • Why not have your kids watch nature specials on PBS and shows like Nova? Science, history, anthropology… They are not exactly "entertainment" shows, but they foster curiosity about the world and an awareness of many fun and interesting things other than crap like Hannah Montana and GI Joe. At least these shows don't groom kids to ask their parents to buy them a particular product. Kids should be feeding their curiosity about life and not their latent insecurity and greed.

      • Why do you "need" television? What negative thing would happen if you just turned it off?

    • So – regards the references you've noticed to Japan.

      At the beginning of the video VC links in this post –

      – if I understand correctly, the woman is stating that one of the main bases for her prediction is the Elenin comet is going to be aligned with the Earth at that point. A lot of people in the thread were saying that they thought the Earthquake had been caused deliberately by humans to create chaos.

      At the beginning of the Britney video, before the cameras reading 'Made in Japan' on them, the words 'Earth 2011' come up, and there is a comet hurtling towards the earth. When it hits, this is what it looks like –

      I don't know what stretch of industrialised coastline that is that it's hitting, but this is what the oil refinery looked like in Japan after the quake –

      Soon after, Britney holds up a bottle of her 'Radiance' perfume – this is an actual product that was already on the market late in 2010. Regardless of the relevance or otherwise of the comet in Britney's video to the other video mentioned, she clearly *is* linking the (actual, real-life) perfume to the cataclysmic event portrayed at the beginning of her own video.

      Also, that smile is *really* creepy. Why would anyone do that?!

  6. Why make these videos? To show continued dominance to the viewers? Like you are still buying into our pawns? Sigh. I wish there was some angelic team that could help Britney get out.

    • if that were the case, there'd be no more media, the only way to kill it is like they said in the simpsons: "just don't look, just don't look"

    • while you are wishing you should just take a moment to pray for her…as I have done and will continue to do….if it is God's will He can take her out of this and make her a great example to the people watching!

  7. I'm so glad you wrote about this. 😉 I hadn't noticed Baphomet at first. Good catch!

    Another thing to add is that after the fighting scene, both Britneys stand up together and seem to unite, if you will, representing duality like in Black Swan. As that happens, her eye is shown, yet again, for about a second.

    I think the soiled dress and "fall from grace" represent her mental breakdown and the uniting of her two sides/personalities represents her decision to cease fighting her handlers and the mind control process. Hence, both sides unite, the eye is flashed and she is once again given power by the industry to dance on the world stage.

    Also, I believe the eyeless people simply represent mindless fans and followers who are not "enlightened" and have no clue what's really going on. They seem to be bowing down and worshipping her at times.

    • Also, when the eye with two pupils is shown, the coinciding lyric is, "you might think that I'm crazy" … as in, you might think that I'm crazy, but it's just that I have multiple personalities.

  8. Ok, I just saw the video, and gotta say: It´s sick!! Totally twisted! It´s like Sony (several references in the video) saying: Hey! dont forget you're our! Maybe it´s their way to get her back after all that "free" period she had… I never liked her, and cirticized a lot a friend who really loved her… but now I feel sad about her… and about my friend… and about all this generation!!

  9. Great article ! It is amazing that your recent article on the super model Candy Jones fits so well into this one. The similarities are over whelming ! Same exact experiences ! Lord help her run for her life !

  10. I feel bad for Britney Spears…she needs god and she needs love and support. all the people around don't do her justice. she needs to get away from it and be close to god, because when she is with god they can't touch her or harm her in anyway.

    The music industry is a destroyer but we must stick together and inform everyone and destroy the destroyer together.

    We all can accomplish the impossible.

    May god be with us, these evil people are already doomed but we need and must save ourselves from becoming their slaves.

    • Things That Make You on

      I wondered the same thing about that, and the only thing I could come up w/is product placement/funding for the video??? I dunno, but Sony sure is in there a lot too, lol… Remember Sony and Tommy Matolla (sp) he was married to Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson personally called him out as "satan" an evil man and a "handler" at on of his press conferences announcing his "This Is It" tour…. Just saying…. But I think its true, and I have sooo much sympathy & empathy for Brit and I honestly feel like she has NO IDEA what's going on. I mean the state of California went as far as stripping her of her rights and giving her father conservatorship of her life and finances… I mean if that's not enough to convince u, google "Britney delivers restraining order to her mother" (I posted this all further down) but I'll stop rambling, lol

    • there is no god do you not understand that GOD was created by the earliest of illuminati and all it stood for was Good Orderly Direction and was the biggest scam in the world to become the richest most powerful entity in the world "the catholic church" religion takes in billions of dollars and pays no taxes

  11. What I wanna know is what is with the reference to that I have seen in this video and others?

    • yeah i know what you mean. its in the telephone video but why? its just a dating site but it makes no sense to have ads for it in a music video especially for gaga and britney. very suspicious

      • I am highly suspect of it as well… I looked at the site out of curiosity and I do not see anything special or odd about it. Hmmm…

    • I was wondering if someone noticed this, as well.

      Lots of BP references…the PlentyOfFish (no damage to the ocean) as well as the stylized "sunburst" symbol referring to BP. There's also a couple of tabs on the top (looks like something I would have put out on the Web circa 2002; around the first peak of her popularity) that refer to "chemistry" and "upgrade." "Upgrade is highlighted and in blue…as is the word "live" below that (although without an underline).

      More (bleep) hidden in plain sight.

  12. I'm getting more and more CONVINCED this stuff is for real.

    Seriously, there's NO reason for a goat head to be in that room- it's not part of the decor, there's no other animals or taxidermi around- WHY IS IT THERE????? Unless the industry has gotten ahold of all our "conspiracy theory" and is messing with us to get attention, WHY WOULD THEY PUT IT THERE????

    Yeah, Mariah Carey needs an article too, VC- she's butterfly CRAZY and she was married to Satan- er sorry, the biggest record exec around. She's also had "melt-downs" and other "episodes". She started singing really young too…

    My thing is this- if governments are into mind control, do they REALLY do stuff with Satanic rituals as well? I just don't see how the one can really relate to the other. Mind control has practical uses for government (compliance, espianage, etc.), but Satanic rituals…where does that come in???

    • The reference to Baphomet is blatant – no question about this. And I also asked the same as you, and I thought that that might happen because they want US, the CULT AND AWARE OF GLOBAL SH!T, to freak out and, you know, "respect them" and so, do nothing about that. Remember that the Illuminati worship Lucifer, the right hand of Satan, so that's where the link may be. But knowledge is power, so we should make others aware of this but NOT SCARE ABOUT THIS AND DO NOTHING, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT US TO DO.

      PD: VC, would you be my wife if I asked you to?? XD

      (Sorry for any mistakes, I'm studying English)

    • something like how in the bible sacrifices were made? blood sacrifices play a big part in types of worship. witchcraft devil worship etc use sacrifices for more power. i know not very technical but basically what its for. and sacrifices can also be made for materiel wealth, health, status and so on. that is if you believe in it.

    • It is said in occult knowledge about government & Hollywood mind control that sometimes demons are sewn into the victim's mind in the process of constructing the 'matrix'.

    • it is all part of mind control. all these images are there to expose our minds slowly to their techniques. also all of the music industry is theirs, so they like to leave their mark. they also have to do this to keep worshiping satan. it is all done for him. the entire music industry is there to worship him. (at least that's what i've come to know about this, many of these are my own theries based on the bible and my religious background). also all this mind control (and what i mean is brain washing- they glamorize this horrific lifestyle so that at the end, satan steals your soul and then you are doomed) but this is also there to prepare us for the end of times: the torture we will face by these evil beings when they are gonna rule the world. if u watch almost any movie, especially horror, they reveal what they plan on doing. all those messed up scenes? like some crazy systems going on with technology or prisons, it is all that they are planning in future.
      i kno i sound like a complete nuthead but i cannot tell you how dangerous all this is. we must all start preparing ourselves. we must rise against them.
      also black magic and rituals are real. in the bible, it talks about demons possesing animals, humans. this is what modern society might call black magic. and numerous times in the bible it talks about the non-believers and how satan gives them powers (just like God has when he performs miracles). just trust in God dude. read the Bible. it will dissapear off the earth in the end of days. did you know that? we never know when that will happen. so we must memorize as much as possible. listen to the preachers. God will never bring bad unto you and He will be there with you always if He does allow bad to happen. sorry if i sound completely crazy or if you are not religious. i just wanted to share what was on my mind. good luck to u and hope my respose was for the better and not worse

  13. When I first saw this video a cupla weeks ago I thought…she really looks dead inside…Maybe its Gods mercy that they die at 30 ish because this is no life … Poor poor girl my heart really goes out to her.

  14. I thought that Britney figured out that she was being manipulated and controlled just after she shaved her head. Do you guys think she knows what's going on, but doesn't go against it because she has no other career options? Does she follow the Illuminati agenda and know it, or is she clueless? I'd love your input guys. Thanks!

    • After Britney's "breakdown", she was taken not once, but twice (against her will) to the UCLA Psychiatric Center for "evaluation and treatment".

      The UCLA Psych Center has long been known to have involvement and participation in MK-ULTRA and other CIA mind control programs. You can all make of that fact whatever you will.

      After being released from UCLA Psych Center, Britney went right back to her pop star thang, like everything was cool and back to "normal"…just like nothing ever happened.

      To me, it strongly suggests a breakdown (in her programming), and then some sudden and intense reprogramming to get her "back on track".

      She is certainly one of the "poster girls" for classic and obvious signs of Monarch programming, since her early childhood. Very sad, indeed.

    • Those within her who know are kept weak; many of the rest are given only what they need. But they all have SOME idea (at least) about what's going on.

      Some like the attention, some like that they get out on occasion, and some are beaten down. Many others are probably too young and innocent to know anything else (and are kept at that age for various purposes).

    • Angelina Lazar on

      She KNOWS.

      THAT'S WHY she called herself the "Antichrist" when she was in rehab in L.A.
      She tried to hang herself there.
      She REALIZED what a NEGATIVE FORCE she was programmed to be for YOUNG GIRLS
      and she was REPULSED in her moments of CLARITY.

      I feel VERY, VERY SORRY for her, too.
      As yes, she has a VERY KIND and SWEET heart, and IS humble and was very pure and joyful and sincere. . .

      She was BETRAYED again and again and again by ALL those SURROUNDING HER,
      and has NO ONE to turn to
      as the WHOLE SYSTEM is PITTED against her.

      I think the BEST THING her fans can do is to PRAY for her!
      THAT will help her GREATLY, PROFOUNDLY and IMMENSELY . . .

      Best & God Bless!
      + + +
      Angelina Lazar
      Spiritual & Political Ideologue
      Defender of Human Rights
      W O R L D W I D E .

    • Angelina Lazar on

      She realized it BEFORE she shaved her head.

      There is a spiritual power, which FREED HER when she shaved off her hair, the blond hair they love….. that is WHY she died it……. She SMILED as she shaved her head, as she KNEW this would NULLIFY the power they had over her.


      Like when she used an UMBRELLA to JAB the VEHICLE of one of her PERPETRATORS. . . .

      She was SICK of ALL those ELECTRODES they placed on her head, and the drugs and shock treatments. . .

      She was FIGHTING BACK
      but no one knew it.
      Instead, they just condemned her as having gone "bizerk".

      People are FAR TOO SHALLOW and UNINFORMED to JUDGE, today.
      So they should just spend all their time praying and researching and learning
      and praying for Judgment and Discernment.

      This gal needs SERIOUS HELP, LOVE, SUPPORT and PRAYERS.
      THAT is WHAT he FANBASE can BEST DO for HER . . . .

      As she is BLOCKED from SPEAKING OUT.
      Even though she wants to "SHOUT IT OUT" . . . .

      God Bless her and Free her
      In Jesus' Name,
      + + +

  15. 2 words = awesome article.

    And ofc, the Baphomet…but then we already knew that Jonas Ackerlund is a big fan of the horned beast, didn't we? :)

    Great job, VC.

  16. In spite of being this HORRIBLE (and the fact that this is obvious makes it MORE HORRIBLE), I must say that this makes me feel… kinda angry, with the educational system I have (in my case, I'm Argentinian). I can't believe how noone here knows what the Illuminati are (WE AREN'T EVEN TAUGHT THAT SAN MARTÍN, THE LIBERATOR OF ARGENTINA, WAS A MASON!!!). But we are taught 8 times during all our time in school about the Greeks, the Romans, more Greeks, etc. It is fantastic to know about these cultures, but I'm 15, about to be 16, and I didn't know what the hell a Mason was, I didn't know that many Argentinian presidents were Masons, all because I'm at a Catholic school were we only know about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, etc. OK, it is a Catholic school but, why the hell don't they tell us A BIT about Masons, Illuminatis, Satanism, etc. I mean, we must know what we are facing nowadays, for God's Sake!!!

    • I dont think any education system anywhere in the world is going to teach you the truth man….we dont learn about this stuff in the US either so dont feel left out or nothing. Our whole country has been built on Freemasonry and we are barely noticing.

      • same here in France

        I mean when I was a junior in high school, we spoke about the rotschild and freemasons as we were studying the 2nd industrial Revolution in the 19th century but the teach was basically like "freeamsons were hard working nice people who worked hard and then became bourgeois bla bla bla" some teachers are gonna tell you the truth about this world, like my history teacher, but they won't mention religion. And that's the same for slavery, and colonisation, what they tell you at school is not wrong but nicely re-interprated !

      • Well, the same all over the world!!

        I completely agree with you, they do not teach this stuff as it should be taught (or they DO NOT teach it). I think that not many teens in highschool would like to know the truth about this; however, it's the TRUTH, and if teens aren't aware of truth when they finish their studies, will they notice a Baphomet head when they see it, or will they say "Uh, what is that?? Looks like a goat head…creepy" ?? Teachers are also USED TO THIS SYSTEM, and they just want to teach a certain subject according to a programme made by the Ministry… dissapointing. There are exceptions, though, luckily.

        In addition, I see a lot of comments on Lady Mason's (EHEM, Gaga's) videos on YouBrainWash (still sarcastic), made specially by female pre-teens, saying "I didn't understand the video at all, but it was so cute!! I love U Gaga" and I feel sad for these girls, so INNOCENT, (as Britney's case), being so brain-washed without noticing it AT ALL.

        I really thank God I've been taught to be curious (not much by my school, but from my parents), that's what teaching needs nowadays, CURIOSITY, instead of "getting used to a system and try to survive through it the best you can".

        You may think that what I'm saying is obvious. It IS obvious for us, but you know, everybody needs some catharsis :)

        Just hope the best for humanity and for all readers here ^^ (sounded too apocalyptic xD)

        (And hope that any grammar mistakes made did not disturb your reading through my comment)

  17. ok, so the mother is guilty of this. She was the one who took his precious pearl and trow into the porks. Do you guys remember that when she was in her break down she mentioned the bible? I wonder if that asseveration makes her handlers angry and because of that the humiliate her with that performance in which everyone made fun of her because she was fat… :( I can't imagine her pain…I know that in that moment her desire was to be free. The bible says that in heaven we are going to see surprises, and due to the fact of that "child stars" were bad guided by the greed of their parents (but also of their selves) maybe she can enter to the kingdom… but the word also says that the pay for the sin is dead and we all know that in the movie black swan they showed that the only way to get out of the industry is to die…

    • ive wondered the same thing about that performance. that is if youre talking about her supposed "comeback" at the vmas? it like she was programmed to dance bad because no one dances that lazily unless they are either a programmed robot or heavily medicated. and it seemed as if she did it on purpose. it was right before she started to really get back to the medias good graces but like they had to humiliate her first before they would give it to her.

      • yes, that performance in wich 50 cent was laughing. The VMA's. It was kind of shocking to me, because I was thinking that she was dancing like that because of her new body, but now I realize that it was an act to humiliate her because she made an attempt to be free. I wonder how her mother feels right now in her insides… Who wants this for their sons? I hope Britney take care of her babies. : /

      • I think you have a great point Fraka, Britney's MTV VMA performance was in fact Britney's 'attempt to be free'. I recall her being the one that dressed herself in that bra and shorts at the VMAs, which was also the bra in her Gimmie More video that she choreographed herself. Remember the video- it was her dancing around a stripper pole the whole time. But yes, she did her own hair for that VMA- which was the saddest we've seen it, her press-on nails here half gone…. She was trying to have control of herself. Omg it's so sad, you just made it all click in my head Fraka!

  18. "…and programming using the Around the World Dolls, and its theme song…"

    When I read this, I suddenly flashed on a scene from an early "Simpsons" episode, and I'm now wondering if it could have been an early "hidden in plain sight" reference to the use of the Disneyland "It's a Small World" ride in trauma based mind control. In this scene the kids are on an amusement park ride which is clearly a takeoff on this Disneyland ride. On a dare, Lisa drinks the water the boat is passing through, and, if memory serves (I got some serious flack from a post I made in the "Rosemary's Baby" comments when I was drawing only from memory and got some facts wrong, which might also happen here, but here goes anyway) she goes into a scary drug-induced hallucination (reference to injecting the child subject/victim with drugs?), she sees the dolls all around her multiply into double and triple images of themselves (splintering into alter personalities?), and when she emerges from the ride she announces, "I am the Lizard Queen!" (outwardly manifesting a separate personality/alter?). Then later in some back office in the park, an official looking man comes in and hands her aunt a bunch of pills, saying, "Have her take these… and these… and these…" The aunt says, "Thank you, doctor," to which he replies, "Oh, I'm not a doctor…" (because he's a handler, and maintaining the programming through the continued dispensing of drugs?; in addition, all of the "celebrities" who are MK-ULTRA victims are lifelong addicts of painkillers, probably because of the electroshock described in this article, as well as other abuses).

    Just a thought. Like the article says, they love to flaunt what they're doing, but in veiled ways. Judging from that "Three Little Pigs" cartoon VC analyzed elsewhere, they've been doing this for a long time.

      • If that water was beer, then Homer's been going on some wild LSD trips for twenty-plus years.

        "The Simpsons" as a stoner comic. Who woulda thunk it?

        (although one wonders how that Nuclear Power Plant lasted for so long…)

      • Thanks!

        I had completely forgotten that it also shows Bart having anxiety and saying, "I want to get off!"

      • Thanks to New Creation for the video clips, is what I meant. I didn't know the message would show up three steps farther down…

      • DiZiLLuZioNed on

        Another FOX reference to Disney being a MKUltra factory is an episode in Family Guy where Peter takes Stewie to Disney World and Stewie gets abducted by some "handlers" and is forced to work with other kidnapped children on the It's a Small World ride. Peter saves Stewie but they have to escape out of the park because they are being chased by security guards.
        This is interesting because DisneyLand/World does in fact have their own police force. They essentially have their own government complete with laws, jurisdiction, tax rates, hospitals, and jail cells. Since Disney has its own jurisdiction, outside law enforcement is usually not allowed to interfere with anything that happens on Disney property. Disney security guards have been accused of assaulting people and throwing them in a cell where they are unable to get a phone call, water, or the use of a toilet. Parents often have to pay Disney to get their children out of a Disney cell and they never get due process of the law. Also, all Disney theme parks have a complicated system of underground tunnels and facilities. Like a city underneath a city. The Disney staff use these underground facilities that contain power plants, water systems, a separate police force, cafeterias, security units, fitting rooms, wardrobe design and repair units, restrooms, utility encasements and large connecting tunnels. As well as programming rooms. TPTB refer to Disney as “the little syndicate of mind-control” and it has been used as a programming center for decades. Disney is used for a number of reasons. 1. Walt Disney is a high ranking freemason and satanist. 2. Disney is the perfect cover for programming, kidnapping, satanic rituals, money laundering, and child slavery because of the whole-some, all-american family-orientated image that is ingrained in the collective consciousness of the American society. 3. It is a place that people from all over the world can come to without raising suspicion. 4. The “amusement” of Disney, (i.e. rides, games, life-size Mickey Mouse, candy) can keep a kidnapped child happy and distracted. 5. The heavy crowds of people make it easy to kidnap children.

        All in all this is a very sick operation and there are tons of resources to find out more about the seedy underbelly of Disney.

  19. Wow…this literally scares me. I was watching this in the dark, but when her creepy smile came on it was like the kjoker or something LOL

    Poor girl tho. Oh well I guess she wants to leave, but cant because she is drawn towards fame.

    • I didn't notice it around the first time, but after I saw the still of it here, I got chills up and down my spine. That smile is the most horrific thing I've seen on this site. Cognitive Dissonance does not equal Creative License!

  20. Wow i cant believe they actually assign spirits/demons to these ppl… That is just crazy.. Why would anyone want a demon assign to them??

    • The demons help them accomplish certain aims. For instance having tremendous powers of influence over other people. Or tremendous charisma, so that crowds will be fascinated with them and adore them. Or the ability to foretell the future, or read people's minds (these abilities would be given to slaves other than entertainers, ones who are used for other functions; it is not actually the person who has these abilities, it is the spirit which does, and implants these ideas in the subjects' minds). Or to induce a state of absolute absence of human empathy, emotion or sympathy, basically to become a soulless robot; this is used on their assassins, the "manchurian candidate" style killers. Or sex slaves who are also dispatched as information-gatherers and/or assassins. (Watch Britney Spears' video for her song "Toxic": It is yet another dramatization or her multiple personality splitting, and in this case the sex kitten is also a professional killer. This may be Britney's "other job" in the MK-ULTRA world. I have a strong suspicions it's Justin Timberlake's — since he got out of the boy band phase of his life, that guy's demeanor has become incredibly criminal and menacing.)

      • The soul represents the personal Will, the thinker and the chooser so if you let someone or something take that away from you then are puppet that will be easy to control, manipulate, and persuade as we see so much in your youth and children and now so many adults are being brainwashed to act just like children. You got grown women and men who only want to date people hate there age. What grown women or man wants a young adult right out of high school? Now being a parent is only recognized as being a friend! What kind of mess is that you raise a family unit off of? Everyone is acting like money see money do but money never thinks for itself right? There are places in the world that do not use media devices or have black magic I mean TV in there sights and live very simple and happy lives. I see so many very young children be zombificed by Tell a vision and when the mind see vision such as tv provides it thinks that it is really living in that state of living causing all of us to be in trance induced states.

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Vigilant, great work as usual. This is becoming too easy for you, because the music industry is so redundant. Illuminati has no other strategy to get it message across. People fail to realize that this has been taking place for centuries. We are fortunate to figure things out now due to the advancement of technology. Technology has improved communication abroad.

      I pray for Britney. I hope the Lord uses her to expose the industry (these people) while freeing her soul. She was a great person and innocent angel, but she became soiled by those wicked people. The Lord is the only one who can wash her clean again.

      By the way, there is a female who was discharged from military. She was an officer (prefer not to mentiont the branch). She constantly mentions how doctors were trying to kill her by the medicine they prescribed for her when she was involuntarily put away. She was diagnosed as having multiple personalities. She is forty-something. She was a school teacher for 20 years. She left on military leave for a year. She was closed to finishing a doctorate program. She was very happy. Upon returning home the next 7-8 months, she was viewed as a different person. She does not have the cognitive ability to complete the doctoral program. Her mind is all over the place. Even though she discusses issues at random, she is very serious and clear when she states that she does not trust the government. She also states, "they are conspiring against me." Her family sees her as mentally unstable and confused, but she must have endured some programming while she was away.

      This is all real. I pray that it never becomes so bold that millions of average people are not randomly chosen to endure such programming in order to begin the NWO.

      • As you said about technology making it so we are able to communicate much easier and get the word out about this stuff…its definitely true and one of the main reasons why I believe prophecy is absolutely manifesting itself in these days we live in:

        'For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.' Luke 8:17-18

        Many people argue that the prophecies in the bible can be held relevant to Jesus' times just as much as our times right now and therefore the "world" has been ending for 2000 yrs and its people are just paranoid….but this prophecy is only now coming true as we do have the technology, the means and the freedom to bring everything to light like never before in human history!

      • DiZiLLuZioNed on

        Don't forget about Daniel 12:4 "…many shall run to & fro and knowledge shall be increased"

  21. I hate to believe that this makes sense. I love Britney and all this makes me sad and angry. I fucking hate those ppl that used her (and still using her) as a puppet and mind control thing. I just want to scream out that this is all BULLSHIT! but then I think that there's so much evil in the world, oh yeah why wouldn't this exist? Well it's a good convincing article…but I'm not 100% on this just for my mind to be at peace 😛

    • I am too, a long time Britney fan. Grew up with her videos, music, she inspired me to be a dancer etc… but now that I know she's been manipulated and a puppet for mind control all these years and now that I've woke up', I feel like I've been duped too, except I didn't have to experience the trauma first-hand like she has! Think about why we love her products- it was all manufactured by the mind control kings- Disney, and her more recent handlers like Jive Records. They masterminded Britney's videos and the Britney company, and Britney just dances around on strings like a puppet for them. She'll always have a way out, but that door seems to close more and more as time goes by.

  22. Her wedding dress is shaped like a giant pyramid. The virgin whore dichotomy. Satan's whore vs. Bride of Christ. Every color is associated with a deadly sin in christianity while in freemasonry they have a totally different meaning. Order of Rainbow founded by a freemason named SEXton is where the girls get whored out.

  23. Someone above mentioned that the only way out is to die, my feeling is that even when they die they've left behind all the symbolism all the pushing of their agenda. When she dies everyone will look back on her work and say wow look at how inventive she was how talented she was. They will still be eating up what they wanted her to dish out.

    They are never done with you.

    • While this is mostly true, as a Christian I believe that the only way for anyone involved in this industry to be truly freed is to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour. From what I've noticed, most of the celebrities that allow themselves to be used by the elite thereby "selling their souls" to the Devil try and escape on their own.

      This usually results in them being severely tormented, humiliated, and murdered. Without Jesus, they are just fighting a losing battle because even after they die the devil still has their soul which means they are still going to hell. You can't fight a spiritual battle with your flesh, moreso, you can't fight against spirits using the same source of their power (eg trying to use witchcraft or something against the devil, evil is evil).

      Eminem is a very good example of this, he raps about his struggles with the music industry and the devil and demons but he is still involved in the industry. When they can't escape, they just succumb to the reality of being used by the system and that's when you can start to tell they are really tired. Britney Spears is definitely tired, eminem is tired and I'm sure there are many others. I believe it was a recent issue of Rolling Stone that I read where Snookie was on the cover and when I read her interview her responses gave me the impression that she is beginning to be reluctantly stuck and dependent on the entertainment industry as much as she hates what she has to do and how it makes her look and feel. being a "party girl" is no longer fun to her it's just something she has to do now to make a living.

      Anyways, these are just my opinions and observations shaped around my spiritual beliefs, thanks for respecting :-)

  24. This just proved to all of us "awake" souls that Satan is trying SUPER hard to deceive the nations through this music. I was awakened to all this demonic activity after watching the Born this way video by lady gaga. The Lord has never let me let this subject leave my mind. I cant even listen to the radio anymore without wondering what message is hidden in it. We need to be spreading the news of this and supporting each other!

    • Sad thing is he doesnt even have to try SUPER hard because its working….its SUPER hard for us to get people to see this without thinking we are nuts or without them simply writing it off as if it doesnt matter!

    • Sarah Connor on

      I just want to say bless your heart Katie!!! The biggest lie the devil ever tried to pull it is he does not exist. It is practically impossible to deny his existance and influence in this day and age….

      Blinders falling off, so that you can then see the big picture is awesome. And though Gaga is doing what she is doing…for whatever purposes…..the fact that it was your final straw just proves:

      Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.

      Even Gaga is being used by God!!!! I'm certain you are not the only one.

      Here is a cool little song on how Satan Likes to Manipulate – I posted it on another thread, but just feel it is that important and wanted to make sure you got a chance to see too. God bless you lil one!

      PS – No article I have read by VC so far have broken my heart the way this one did. That girl is a victim, trying to escape, in the biggest way. She is broken….and needs prayers!

  25. Britney has been on my mind recently as well. I heard that Hold It Against Me song on the radio and started laughing at how bad the lyrics were, when I realized WHO was singing them. Britney? OF COURSE Britney.

    I honestly feel really sad for her and her life, no one deserves to be exploited like that. Humans are not machines, although that is exactly what they are trying to turn us into. Britney, poor Britney though, she's just been through too much. Too much media criticism. Too much control. Too much of her life not lived by her.

    I found this video about Britney in relation to the illuminati:
    Its very interesting, plays songs of hers that never made it public but were created by her such as "Rebellion," she was making an album called "Original Doll" . . kind of rind before her breakdown, actually. The video is very well done, I recommend anyone interesting in VC's Britney article to take a look at the video as well.

    Anyways, I hope one day Britney will be free and get to enjoy the true love and beauty of the Universe. Although at this point it doesn't seem like it'll happen until she has a human life no more.

    It also worries me how many people around us, walking past us, have just as a traumatizing life as hers. . . But no one knows . . . And so many people don't even care to know.

    This world makes me so sad sometimes.

    • You are right….the world is passing away and it can be devastatingly heartbreaking to witness at times.

      I have had opportunities to be very successful in many areas of life that were evil and thank God I got away from them all….I now make very little money as a janitor only part time but always try to help the homeless people when I see them asking for money. It disappoints me that others with more assets don't try to do so as well….I see many people in nice cars who look like they are doing well pass right by these homeless with a somewhat guilty look on their face as they ignore them. I almost always stop and give what I can if I have cash on me. Many of these homeless have said God bless you to me with a most sincere look on their face and you can see it hurts them to be begging but they are desperate and don't know what else to do. It is a shameful and humiliating act to commit I am sure. I have been pretty low but could never see myself having to beg like this and so it bothers me when I see anyone doing it.

      Please people remember to help when you can and do what you can….you never know whose life you can save or change or at least make better for a day!

      • Most of my 'interpersonal' most blessed moments have come from helping the forgotten and societies misfits – and in private, not for show! Such a good point NC!

        Matthew 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done [it] unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done [it] unto me.

      • One time a really eccentric homeless man was at the end of the drive thru at McDonald's and was jumping up & down with his hand out as cars passed by after receiving their food….everyone I seen ignored him…people in nice SUV's and such…it was late on a Friday night too so you can tell people where busy about their usual partying & having fun….all packed in their cars with music playing making fools of themselves as usual in my area….anyway as our food was coming to the window I got out the car and handed the man a $5 bill and he jumped around dancing singing God Bless you to me over & over as he grabbed up his belongings and started to walk away….it made me laugh and I got in the car and as we pulled out my wife said here give him this too and handed me the change from our purchase, but we couldn't find him he just disappeared it seemed…it was only maybe 30 seconds tops since i handed him the money and the McDonald's was already closed inside and wasnt anywhere else he could of gone into and he wasn't in the street or anything….i thought it was strange & my wife said maybe he was an angel really just testing peoples generosity so it made me think of this passage too:

        "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels." -Hebrews 13:2

  26. Excellent and informative article, VC. As I don't much care for TV (or what used to be MTV), I wouldn't otherwise know/care a thing about today's music videos. If you didn't take the time to carefully analyze and explain their true purpose and motifs, I'd be oblivious to the blasphemy they call 'music' videos these days. Big ups for that. When you mentioned of the use of Disney movies in programming, it reminded me of the Adam's Family Values movie when Wednesday and Pugsley & fellow misfit pal are banished to the shack at Camp Chippewa.

    – The three are often sent to the "Harmony Hut", a tiny cottage decorated with flowers and inspirational posters, and forced to watch sappy musicals and Disney films as a twisted form of punishment. –

    It definitely went waaay over my radar at 8 when the film came out, but recalling it now… I mean, the blatant mind programming promotion – in a CHILD'S movie – it shows you (yet again 😉 the level of their audacity. Thank you for being a bright shining light of knowledge in a time when so many are so inclined to spread the darkness.

  27. VC!! i've been waiting for this article forever! Thank you

    I have to say ive been studying britney's work for a while. I beleive she has many answers to give. Britney: for the record; and britney and kevin's: can you handle our truth, home movie was very imformative if you really LISTEN TO WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY.

    She released a song Called Mona Lisa that wasnt part of her industries plans (she ended up calling kiisfm herself to try and promote it).

    I believe britney is a normal girl who has alter persnalities to protect herself from her pain, but i dont see her as any less because of it.

    I just wish there was a way i could help her! Without it resulting in her death (like micheal jackson). She's crying for our help! It hurts me that she's hurting :(

    All i dont understand is WHY do they make these videos soo obvious if they want mind control to be a secret? it doesnt make sense to me..

    • Answering your last question, they don't want to tell us that they're so stupid (whereas they are not stupid at all!) that they show us how they manipulate "artists" (can I call "Art" to that s*** they are forced to make?), because the main aim would be to keep it secret. The only objective of this is to CONFUSE and SCARE people. Scared and confused people are easier to manipulate, specially if you add to this the ignorance.

      Artists accept this because they just want money and fame. If they have to do evil things, they'll do them, because they were TAUGHT TO DO THAT. That's were we say that Knowledge is Power, as I said before in a comment. If you firmly know what is good and what is bad, I'm sure you won't want to this at all.

      best regards :)

    • What we can do is keep praying for Britney Spears that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will save her! Anyone that calls on the name of the Lord will be saved! God knows shes been manipulated and bound by evil. Please pray that God will get her out of this Mind control system.

    • I totally agree with you and quite honestly that original doll album is probably her best but they would not allow her to release it … I really believe we should all stand together and say hey fuckers we know what your doing so fuck off lol

  28. I'm a Britney Fan…But I think is VERY SAD to think she could be going through all that suffer and pain…I think nobody would judge her…nobody deserve such kind of suffer… I hope she could find herself again and be really free…I think her real personality is a kind person with a noble heart…

  29. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Vigilant, great work as usual. This is becoming too easy for you, because the music industry is so redundant. Illuminati has no other strategy to get it message across. People fail to realize that this has been taking place for centuries. We are fortunate to figure things out now due to the advancement of technology. Technology has improved communication abroad.

    I pray for Britney. I hope the Lord uses her to expose the industry (these people) while freeing her soul. She was a great person and innocent angel, but she became soiled by those wicked people. The Lord is the only one who can wash her clean again.

    By the way, there is a female who was discharged from military. She was an officer (prefer not to mentiont the branch). She constantly mentions how doctors were trying to kill her by the medicine they prescribed for her when she was involuntarily put away. She was diagnosed as having multiple personalities. She is forty-something. She was a school teacher for 20 years. She left on military leave for a year. She was closed to finishing a doctorate program. She was very happy. Upon returning home the next 7-8 months, she was viewed as a different person. She does not have the cognitive ability to complete the doctoral program. Her mind is all over the place. Even though she discusses issues at random, she is very serious and clear when she states that she does not trust the government. She also states, “they are conspiring against me.” Her family sees her as mentally unstable and confused, but she must have endured some programming while she was away.

    This is all real. I pray that it never becomes so bold that millions of average people are not randomly chosen to endure such programming in order to begin the NWO.

  30. Tristan Harrell on

    I must say… out of all of the possessed/mind controlled celebrities there are.. Britney Spears it the only one I feel really bad for. And I don't know why… I just feel like she didn't want this.

    • I feel the same way. There is a vulnerability about her and genuineness and even a certain innocence given the circumstances. The same thing Marilyn Monroe had. Unfortunately for them, these are the most thought after qualities in the industry because the authenticity attracts attention. In the same time the same qualities burn the butterfly real fast…

    • I always felt a strong sympathy for Anna Nicole Smith and didn't know why. She embodied and spent her life promoting things I find reprehensible: the mainstreaming of pornography, the objectification of women, the "fashion" industry, the culture of celebrity, etc. I should have hated her, but instead I always found her fascinating and endearing. Now I know why. She was one of the most vulnerable, and broken, and helpless of the famous MK-ULTRA victims. I guess I sensed that on some level, long before I'd ever even heard of MK-ULTRA. And the strange saga surrounding her continues to live on and on even without her!

      • Tristan Harrell on

        I felt the same exact way about Anna! I can remember being only 12 or 13 and just thinking she was a really sweet person… because she was. I don't doubt that.

        … It's just a terrible thing when Satan preys on the minds of the vulnerable.

      • I had a sympathetic feeling toward Anna Nicole Smith. When she painted her face like a clown, at the time I thought it was weird, but now reflecting back on that particular incident it makes more sense, because I think that was her breakdown moment where she was trying to break free from her "handlers".

  31. Try to listen "I wanna go" from Femme Fatale (new Britney's album) maybe there is a message hidden there…

    Lately I've Been Stuck Imaginin'

    What I Wanna Do and What I Really Think, Time To Flow Out

    Be A Little Inappropriate Cause I Know That Everybody’s Thinkin' It When The Lights Out

    Shame On Me

    To Need Release



    I I I Wanna Go o o, All The Way ay ay

    Takin' Out My Freak Tonight

    I I I Wanna Show ow ow

    All The Dirt ir irt

    I Got Running Through My Mind (Repeat)

    [Verse 2]

    Lately People Got Me All Tied Up

    There’s A Countdown Waiting For Me To Erupt

    Time To Blow Out

    I’ve Been Told Who I Should Do It With

    To Keep Both My Hands Above The Bl-an-ket

    When The Lights Out

    Shame On Me

    To Need Release (*giggles*)



    I I I Wanna Go o o, All The Way ay ay

    Takin' Out My Freak Tonight

    I I I Wanna Show ow ow

    All The Dirt ir irt

    I Got Running Through My Mind (Repeat)

    Shame On Me

    (Shame On Me)

    To Need Release

    (To Need Release)




    I I I Wanna Go o o, All The Way ay ay

    Takin' Out My Freak Tonight

    I I I Wanna Show ow ow

    All The Dirt ir irt

    I Got Running Through My Mind

    I I I Wanna Go o o, All The Way ay ay

    Takin' Out My Freak Tonight

    I I I Wanna Show ow ow

    All The Dirt ir irt

    I Got Running Through My Mind


    • No longer able to declare what she want to do directly (Rebellion), she's forced to code it in lyrics that sound "acceptable" to her handlers. Hence what appears to be a song about pent-up sexual drive (more about that in a second) has within it a cry of help and the idea of Rebellion as the key to freedom.

      Of course, we're talking about that cry as sung by a sexual alter. Hence the sexual connotations and denotations in the song.

  32. Hey VC I have always been extremley struck by the whole Walt Disney thing. I'm a fan of the art of animation in general, and considering Walt and his crew of early animators basicaly revolutionized animation from a crude, lifeless media to one of life and art, I was wondering how long did Walt desire for this? In the beginning he seems genuinley involved. I read he even drew things all over the ambulance he had in WWI (for red-cross), and at first he was readily involved in the animation until his animators grew more talented than him so he essentially just ran the business, though they created 'weight' in animation as well as the multi-place camera. but i have had a hard time believeing this was all for the sake of programming and wonder where the line is drawn and Walt stepped over (thus becoming involved with the CIA and whatnot) I remember reading this at a site, though and it struck me:

    "Once Walt returned from France[for WW1], he began to pursue a career in commercial art. He started a small company called Laugh-O-Grams, which eventually fell bankrupt. With his suitcase, and twenty dollars, Walt headed to Hollywood to start anew.

    After making a success of his "Alice Comedies," Walt became a recognized Hollywood figure."

  33. I've carefully watched Britneys career since I was a little kid. I've felt that something wasn't right since 2003 after she kissed Madonna. I found out about the "Illuminati" and the evil puppet hands behind the scenes in late 07 – early 08. I immediately saw connections between Britneys career and occult symbolism.

    Britney doesn't get the credit she deserves. I would say she is the most selfless, naive, and modest celebrity in the industry. She blushes and cowards her head at each compliment and seems to always be dumb founded by the amount of people that admire her. Britney has always received heavy criticism from people insulting every aspect of her life. "She can't sing, she's fat, she's talentless, she's a whore.." One thing that no one can deny is no one could quite put on a show like she used to at her peak. She possessed a spark I've only seen on someone like Michael Jackson. Nowadays her performances seem dragged out, she's no longer into it… there's no spark. She doesn't want it anymore.

    I think what happened to Britney was she was introduced to the occult aspect of the entertainment industry by Madonna back in 2003. As Britney dug deeper into Kabbalah and the purpose she served in the music industry, her instincts told her it was not right. I remember her during this time making comments about not wanting to be famous, wanting to have a normal life, wanting to get out. She married the first guy who presented her with the opportunity and had kids. She probably saw this as her escape. During this time she also recorded two eerily revealing songs "Rebellion" and "Mona lisa." Both songs talk directly about selling your soul, rebirth, people using her and manipulating her and how she was going to fight against it.

    During this time the media unleashed an attack against her. This girl achieved iconic status almost accidently. She sold over 100 million records, the only other musicians to reach such a feat all have deep symbolism in their work and it's clear to me they were used as tools from the get go. I don't think the industry intended on her being as huge as she became, so they needed to initiate her. That's why she ran.

    She fought pretty hard but it was obvious that they were too big for her to a have a chance to escape unharmed. She's too much of a big influence on society for them to lose her. She could either cooperate or meet her demise. Being that Britney is a mother of two (her children mean the world to her) I understand why she chose to cooperate. It wasn't until Britneys "comeback album" Circus that I started seeing her participate in all the symbols the elite makes their puppets do. At the same time, it's obvious she's only doing it only so that she can be alive to raise her kids.

    That's pretty much it.

    • I agree with most of what you said.

      What pisses me off a lot too (and it's so hidden, no one even brought it up in their comment) is that she is a gifted singer but they managed to make her look like a joke. They made her change her voice to fit the pop mold better. It's all a lie, she's not a soubrette like they want to make us believe she is.

      Her real voice is so heavenly, it's unbelievable.

      Sometimes I feel bad about listening to some of her song because I know the agenda behind it but I love her voice so much that I just can't help it (yeah even after all the studio trickery, it still shines through sometimes). =(

      There's such a gap between the talented girl she is (can write, sing, perfom, compose etc) and the perception people have from her. Sickening.

      When I think about it, she never had a chance. Her family is really spooky especially her parents though I get the feeling her father feel guilty for all he has done to her but he can't turn back now or else they would destroy him.

      Her mother on the other hand seem completely aware, calm & composed. The exact opposite of her daughter…

      Britney's is bound to her handlers. I love her and I know she's a good person at heart.

      Ultimately, when all is said and done, she will not be the one to pay for all that sh*t, her masters will.

      This was before she was bought by the corporate machinery that made her sing the way she sings today, it's a real waste if you think about it, she could've developed her voice further from this but no.

      The voice is still in there though. Will they ever let her show it to the world ?

      I doubt it.

      Case in point:

      She hits a D5 here (the kind of notes you can't pull off unless you've got great vocal abilities), and of course they had to digitalize it. They won't let her do live performances of this because they need her to be the scapegoat of pop music. People are not allowed to find out her secret, that is to say she's a very talented lady.

  34. Fuck I don't what her going through all this pain… fucking Illuminati forcing her… Maybe she's afraid of what could happen to her or her kids so she will continue with the game…but inside knowing that she's another person…she said she's one person on stage but when she left she's a normal person who love to spend the time at home with her kids cooking or watching movies…

  35. thanks for this tribute to Britney, Vigilant. It was long due… It saddens me to see a human being subjected to so much abuse and then read the vicious comments of unaware people about her state of mind. All stars are abused but Britney touches me the most because she seems so vulnerable. I hope I'm wrong but I sense she won't be here for much longer. Her 'come back' in Vegas last week looks too much like Michael Jacksons' final tour.

  36. It is absolutely disgusting that anyone could get away with doing things like this to another human being. It's heart breaking. Even if she wanted fame, no one deserves this and none of this should have to happen to her. I pray she breaks free someday and can finally enjoy her life. I have been told all my life that the world is evil, that Satan is like a lion looking for whom to devour and that he is the father of all lies. It wasn't until after my awakening that I truly understood it. I only wish I would have woken up sooner.

    • Your correct no one deserves this….we are all a product of what the world has become though unfortunately. There was a time when the majority of people believed in God and tried their best to obey the 10 commandments and to do otherwise was heavily looked down upon if not punishable as well. Little by little Lucifer has gotten men to follow their own ways and devise many God rejecting trends, ideologies, technologies and standards that have stripped the morals of society to the point where all this can now take place on a massive scale and majority of people just accept it and/or look the other way. Some even excuse it or condone it. Its a sad mislead world we live in and will only continue to get worse until God sets it right. Pray for these people. I cant stress that enough!

      • The price of fame Jesus always told us to count the cost because everything cost you something. The price of fame is way higher then your so called talent. Satan wants to be and feel like God so think about it Hollywood is his throne just like God throne is in Heaven. Hollywood kinds of embodies a heavenly like image think about it, it holds great power and influence, it can make you a big star or keep you in a place of being a nobody meaning unseen, It wants all of YOU and the greatest cost is the soul as we see, and it surrounded with other egotistical people so that you always feel the need to be exulted. Now these are fake images of what heaven might feel like to most when you leave the God factor out of it. As I once hear live your life on earth and enjoy it now because if you make it to heaven Jesus is the supreme bring there. There will no one Beyonce and Jay-z there, there will be on superficial platforms there, and there will no other entities there to put under your self by exulting yourself. We will all be equals in God eyes as we are now but following and loving Jesus who made the ultimate sacrifice to died for our sins. Always remember Satan wants to be his very own God as well with you as his subject praising him which I am sure he will be happy because he will not be alone by far the choice is yours.

  37. We must pray for these people. I wonder if common folks as us the listeners are programmed by these lyrics and/or videos?

    There is a book call "Hiding in Plain Sight" for Mormons which is ironic thing.

    "Beneath the Tide" by Ken Bowers is better for other people who are not Mormons.

    The author is LDS but the book is very good subject.

    • There is so much occultic relations out there that is so creepy because it can even be involved with so called mainstream "christians" when they are truly not "chrisitian"

      Kabbalistic rituals are associated with the occult and dark forces and here is an article how Joseph Smith founder of the Mormon church was connected to the occult, Kabbalah, Masons, and black magic spells that included killing black hair animals as offering to the spirits to help him find gold. Not a lie sorry please do research and pray for these Mormons too who are deceived by a fake religion based on the occult. Source: "Early Momonism and the Magic World View by Dr. Michael Quinn (1998)

      Thesis paper on Kabbalah and Joe Smith

      Summary found in comic book style "The Enchanter" by Chick free online. If you are a VC fan check this site out below!

      • Also check out the article here on vc's sinister sites section about the main Mormon temple in Utah…so full of occult symbolism its ridiculous!

  38. Things That Make You on

    My heart breaks for her, and it makes me sick…. I've read all the comments every one left and I'm sorta surprised that NO ONE'S mentioned the court order that put her father in charge of every aspect of her life! I remember b4 the whole head shaving thing (embarrassed to say, but I'm a huge Britney fan & followed her 4 years) one of the magazines had an interview with her about serving her MOTHER w/a restraining order, and her saying that she had to get herself & her children away from her parents. After that it seems like that's when shit blew up for the girl. In & out of rehab, shaving her head, the humiliation by the tabloids, the pink wigs, the TMZ videos of her sitting out side of her house speaking in a british accent saying she had no clue who Britney was, her name was Amy (If U Seek Amy aka F-U-See-K-Me) In rehab again, forcibly taken by ambulance to the mental institution then BAM, back to old Brit w/her FATHER at the helm!!!! Its so, so, sad, it really does break my heart. I didn't know back then what I know now, and looking back it is obvious what she was trying to do w/those restraining orders, she was trying to break free & save her own babies. My heart aches, my stomach is sick and I pray that some time soon, she "wakes" up again but this time, she actually gets away. And I hope her parents BURN for willingly offering up their own baby for nothing more than a few bucks!

    • I believe why this thread is so sympathetic to this girl is because she is a mother (of three I believe.) She's not some party girl running around promoting human secularism like Ri or Gaga. She's a single mother. We all saw her trying to get out of it. And it's heartbreaking when even a force as strong as maternal love cannot break the hold they have on her.

  39. Like Gaga, I do not feel sorry for Britney. She has no talent but the casting couch. No different than Gaga, Perry, Kesha, etc. They are fabricated "stars" who can do nothing without getting underneath a desk and doing what their handlers tell them to do. They make money off of the fools who think they have talent.

    • I don't see you out there showing any talent! I just see you posting hate comments, that is so far from the point of it all.

      Go look for yourself learn a little about whats going right in front of you everyday. Its about time we start realizing whats really going on. And start thinking for our selfs.

      • What's going on is the pop music industry finds someone who fits their image regardless of talent, hooks them up to autotune, and dupes people into buying their records. The only thing they care about is making money off of others.

    • You're a sinister hateful prick. You're exactly what the "Illuminati" wants. Someone cold, bitter, ignorant and with no compassion.

    • Look at her past. Her mom was like Marilyn's Mom, selling her to Disney/Hollywood/Whomever-Would-Buy-Her-Little-Daughter. She's been tied up in the business all her life, and not necessarily fully by her will (or even consent).

      Katy, Ke$ha, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Gaga's real name…and to be honest, I wonder whether Stefani belongs on this list considering what her mother knew about her dreams)…they made a choice. I'm not so sure Britney had that choice.

      • I know MM's history so let me make a little correction:

        Marilyn's Mom worked as a film cutter at RKO studios, which is now Paramount- well the building was on what is now Paramount's lot. Her mom then went to a mental institution and Marilyn was put in an orphanage. Then Marilyn was put off to a few foster parents and even molested by one. Marilyn turned 16, and married a normal guy she didn't really know. She worked at a factory for a little bit, but then Marilyn started doing some modeling, and then making a little money off of it in commercial magazines- the factory job ended. She loved the attention and acceptance from men and fans, so she took the steps and became a weekly paid actor at Fox studios….then her career really took off eventually.

  40. Once again why would a secret orgranization be so blatant in putting their symbolism into music videos revealing what their, programming, intentions, mind control, etc… are? It makes no sense, and the Baphoment as as part of support columns for a monitor display is pushing it. With all due respect I believe some of this stuff is going too far looking for symbolism in every little thing. This is no different from Religious fantatics turning every little thing into God's plan or signs of miracles.

    • I don't necessarily believe Britney really is a MK ultra victim. I do think these people like to flash their symbols and tell certain stories because if they let it all out, the public will think it's just a manufactured story and will automatically possess the same mentality you have. Reverse psychology.

      • Reverse Psychology? Not if they are blatantly displaying their symbolism as this website implies. Besides I believe it's over analyzed, "the white dress standing for purity, the two eyes representing dual identities etc…" Most of these things do have a sinister purpose, over-sexualization to market the artist and sell to the masses. "Money" not world domination, it's all a business and a very lucrative one.

      • The thing about Money is that Money is not a cause, but an effect. More to the point, a delayed reaction to something else.

        And that something else is Power.

        If you can get someone to like you, you can make some money. If you can MAKE them like you (limiting of choices, overpowering them in some way, or just putting out something too good to be held down) than you can make LOTS of money.

        Isn't it interesting that the recording industry has left a "long and winding trail" of abused and exploited artists? Simple: the recording industry had power, so they got the money. The Artists just had talent, so they got their moment in the sun and were left aside (for the most part; superstars got rich because there HAD to be someone getting the rewards outside of the office).

        Remember: Power first, then money. That's why there's an Illuminati – it has the power of Satan behind it.

      • I honestly did not notice the skull and thought I was looking at a frame for the monitors. Upon closer inspection I see the skull (goat or other antlered animal) in the background. This could mean anything from real Baphomet worship, to a poser who by inserting that skull into the video knows he will create controversy and gain views, hence making more money.

      • Partly to charge the video with its meaning. That it would show up during the "Innocent Britney" section (the chorus) is part of that; also adds a further context to the chorus section.

        Partly to signify the artist. The guy who did this video is a fan of Bahomet.

        Partly to trigger.

        And partly as a message to those in the know. That it would be hidden in the mess of wires and need to be highlighted would seem to point to that intent – hide in plain sight.

      • yeah i know this Godozo but thanks….i was asking Joe to explain why there would be a baphomet skull on here since he was acting like it was a stretch but as he explained he didn't see it like we did.

    • Joe, maybe you should read the article before leaving pointless comments. Directly from the article:

      "The constant usage of this concept in pop culture has many goals, including: numbing the viewers to the system’s symbolism and motive, forcing the performers to go through mega-rituals witnessed by millions of viewers, and hiding in plain sight the true nature of the industry. According to the Illuminati’s occult philosophy, it is their karmic duty to reveal their actions (whether in a subliminal, coded matter or not): Concealing and revealing is the game they play."

      • I was just giving an opinion and had failed to notice the skull which I admitted I did a comment later as I was tired and had been working the whole night. There is no need to say my comments were pointless, you could have omitted that part and just referred me to the article which I had read but I don't agree with. This quote you use from the article is also an opinion as everything is in this website because we cannot prove one hundred percent whether this is the absolute truth or not. The author of the article is writing about his observations and using his knowledge to point out what could be symbolism within the video. We could all be wrong or right. The skull may have been placed there by a set dresser who thought it would look interesting, or it was lying around the set, or who might be the true baphomet worshipper and the director could have missed it and just left it in during the editing process to avoid a reshoot. If I can't make a comment without it being called pointless than what is the point of comments if we cannot voice our opinions. I respect all those who visit the website and expect the same in return.

  41. It might well be a sad tale with any one of these individuals, but try to keep in mind that God has given us a choice. We will live with our decisions, irrespective of what they may be. Life is difficult, darkness is real, but we all have choices regarding how we deal with life's circumstances. After all, the consequences are everlasting!

  42. I'm kinda surprised this wasn't mentioned in the article/comments, but did anyone else notice Britney flashes devil horns at 0.30, just like Lady Gaga…

    On top of that, the tattoo that she got was lips on her wrist, and in the vid there is lots of lips imagery..? Just a thought.

  43. And I just thought this was Britney's message to the next generation of pop tarts: "I'm still around, while you're busy posing and fighting I'm getting down to business."

    I have been schooled. Thanks again, VC.

  44. I love the song itself, but I'm worried about Britney.

    Is she still under mind-control and is she used by the industry?

  45. Well I'm not a fan of Britney, and I do believe that she's a monarch slave. I just wanna share my analyzation of the video.

    The first part where the meteor hits the Earth, It represents how she hit the music industry

    The part where she's surrounded by her videos and singing the chorus : it represents her career.

    The part where she messed up her wedding gown and those televisions surrounding her. It represents her failed marriage to Kevin and how she messed up her career.

    The part where two Britneys fight. The other one represents the showbiz Britney, and the other represents the mother Britney. But in the end they both lose to each other.

    The part where she lies and looks up while lying to the other Britney. It's when she realized that she could do better and change.

    The last part where she dances while wearing a black outfit, It means she's now back and better than ever.

    Well I agree that there some symbolisms used in this video Thanks for the info VC.

  46. GREAT article VC, thank you!

    I watched the video on You tube after reading this and was horrified at the graphics and sheer "speed" of the camerawork. God only knows how much programming I have just subjected myself to watching it but hey! Did anyone notice feelings of anger from within when watching it? I did, sort of like I wanted to hit someone half way through.

    Reading the above comments, many support her and many feel she has brought it all on herself. I would like to add this point. At the end of the day the elite have used "divide and conquer" to make us all hate each other. Lets not pass blame and instead send the poor girl as much love as we can. She is every bit a victim as the 25.5 million people who have watched that video and probably enjoyed it without realising its anything but what it appears.

    We have been pitted against each other for far too long. Forgiveness is the key here and that includes the people who have done this to her. If you dont believe in total forgiveness, and of the perpetrator's, you dont believe in it at all.

  47. Interesting with the mention of Marilyn Monroe. I was listening to the testimony of Robin Harfouche the other day and she was molested as a child, had a great grandmother who was a witch and during the molestation she opened up to the spiritual realm and began having OBE's, activating her sixth sense. Later on she was led by her spirit guide to become a dancer in Hollywood and the guide appeared to her as Marilyn Monroe and told her to dye her hair platinum and get the same look as her.

    Just very interesting how all these stars at some point get the "Marilyn look".

    Also interesting what you mentioned about "I don’t think she [Britney] has much of a choice." Robin was called to be a "prophet" of the New Age much like other Hollywood stars but she felt that if she continued down that path she would loose her own will and she would be gone, the guide would take over her will. So she started resisting and was crippled by a door that fell on her unexplainable, ending her dancing career. She was convinced it was the spirit guide that did that to her as punishment for resisting. Same thing we see with a lot of the Hollywood stars who resist it.

  48. WhiteOut Crusader on

    Hey VC,

    Theres a recurring theme in recent music videos that you're yet to explain. I've noticed (beings or entities) with their mouths covered or sealed with black. e.g. (Jay-Z's Onto th next one: the drummer had a black seal painted over his mouth and lower jaw, towards the end of this video too theres a strange looking dancer with a doctor-like seal that also looked like something used for S&M covering his mouth).

    You're doing a great job here!


  49. It's obvious how Britney is involved in this whole thing, and how Xtina is, but I don't understand why Justin Timberlake is so successful and popular and yet he shows no symbolism in his videos or anything like that?

    • you mean you aint seen his album cover with him throwing up the 666 and one eye looking through it????

      Also I distinctly remember when Britney was initiated by Maddona live on stage one of the cameramen showed Justin's face and he had kind of a quizzed look….not sure what it meant….maybe he didn't approve for some reason? or maybe it took him by surprise? I'm sure he knows something or plays into all this somehow…as another poster said his roles and persona have grown darker since the N Sync days and he is the only one of them dudes that is still popular.

      • missysignifigance on

        Missy is the Madonna figure (turning out girls, pushing them into lesbianism) for the black community.

      • I know this one! Justin and Brit used to be boyfriend and girlfriend- like that was a big deal guys! They had been broken up already at this VMA show. Their relationship was such a big deal to their fans, it was only perfect to get 'the X boyfriend's' reaction. At the time, I thought that Mad-Xtina-Brit kiss was supposed to be a 'screw you' to Justin move, and it was done to put Britney 'in control' of the game/industry. Now I look at it, and it was done to Britney at the top in a sacrificial way, but also was to look like a 'revenge' move on Justin. I can't believe I know this stuff! Haha silly.

      • Don't forget he was involved in the "Wardrobe" malfunction with Janet Jackson. I think they use the guys much differently than the girls.

      • Yeah while searching for pics of him i saw that one with Janet at that Superbowl show and was thinking along similar lines like "hmmmm what was the significance of that event?"…. These things aren't mere coincidence!

  50. WhiteOut Crusader on

    Do you also notice the second line of the song:

    "hey, over there…"

    30seconds into the song. Do you notice her pose? Her hands on her head look like they form horns.

    Could she be talking to whatever it was that possessed her before? Is the song an apology to "the powers that be"? is she asking to be re-possessed by the same thing that gave her the fame she enjoyed before?

    • WhiteOut Crusader on

      17seconds later, she makes up her face with a brand called "make up for ever"… coincidence?

      We've seen different references where female pop-stars that have been programmed infer to a sexual relationship with their possessor.

      Revelation 17 talks about a woman that commits fornication with the kings of the world and the people of the world are drunk from the wine of their fornication.

      The chorus of this song says "if i saidi want your body now…". I think this is some sort of apology/invitation

  51. Personally I'm a Britney fan and I love her new album.

    I just hope that she is not suffering as she did few years ago.

    Is there any evidence that she is still under mind-control?

    Anyway, I just hope that she is not getting used again as the article seems to mention.

      • I disagree. I think she could be free of mind control, but it will be when she's way older in age, and the music business has milked her for every dollar and she not useful to them anymore. She'll be able to then see if she's lucky.

  52. HOLLYWOOD, Radio, TV, Mass Media Print are all owned by the same multi corporation billionaires, the select few who are moving us into the NWO. The purpose is to mind wash the masses with ShockandAwe or sssssssssssssssssssssTRAUMA ON INDIVIDUAL AND MASS SCALE. These psychopathic control freaks need to feel they are Gods by destroying themselves and the masses…….that's control, control godlike. So they start with our icons in Hollywood, enterntainment , prop them up so they are idolized by the idiotic public, then bring them down to the pits, death and destruction to traumatize these poor followers of their own .

    What this leads to is destruction of the family, community and nations. They ol saying goes; "as the family going so goes the nation. Destroy the individual through their icons thus you destroy family and nations. These satanist are destroyers as their father of lies is a destroyer, trying to wipe out God's eternal plan.

  53. I really wish she could break free. After reading the article and all the comments i think that she is still controlled even if she tried to escape. We can't be sure for anything. Can anyone see her personally and try to wake her? like a fan at her concert?(lol) .Unless she knows that she is controlled and whats going on which i doubt though. We can only pray for her . Sad really.

    And all those people( the handlers and the elites,illuminati) don't they know they are going Straight to hell with satan for what they are doing? Are they really so stupid and naive?

    And people need to wake up. Satan can't hurt us if we are with GOD but people have really lost their faith :( This world is getting worse and worse. The end is near, really.

    • Evidently 'weird' seems to be a trigger word for her… then she says 'strong britany!' was that a statement or was she summoning one of her alters?

  54. Vicky McQuarrie on

    Good article Vigilant, the only thing is you might want to do some research on Fritz Springmeier because he has been discredited too many times for me to believe a word he says!

    • Every single person that comes out to reveal the truth gets discredited at one point or another. Character assassination is the oldest trick in the book and you are falling for it.

  55. Have you all seen the new Rihanna "S&M" video? At around 3:30 it says "Illuminati" in the background where she's standing. Are they messing with us? Or more hiding in plain sight?

    • Have you seen Rihanna's super occult videos "Who's That Chick"? There is a 'Day' version and a 'Night' version- the night version is creepy!!! They both have all the occult and Illuminati symbols you could ever imagine. Check those out!!!

  56. Didn't Gaga and Madonna had British egos too?

    Madonna's accent (but that can be explained by living in England) and Gaga's tea cup that she always carries around.

  57. Excellent article VC ! It was clear and precise, well explained

    Poor woman, I seriously feel bad for her and all them mc victims. It reminds me demi lovato, a new disney puppet, who went to rehab last november at only 18 :(

    Back to Brit, we all knew there was something deeper than the constant presence of paparazzis (the version medias gave all) that made her do all the crazy stuff she did.

    Everedy day I get to see how evil and nasty some human beings can be and I wonder where the true Jesus followers are and what can they do ? (I am not one of them yet but I'm working on it for sure). It makes me so mad that I don't even care about 2012, if "they" want to blow everything up then fine because I can't take no more wars, no more famine, no more bs on tv x radio, no more people suffering frome depression, loneliness, mind control…

  58. christina ag was already a bad girl. anyone remember dirty? her transformation seems to have vleaned her up?!

    • I think her first transformation was both premature and botched. They cleaned her up, then took her in a direction that I thought was actually pointing towards a more mature sound (before the recent botched tart-up).

  59. Well the masters of manipulation are at it again with their sick twisted and evil deeds, all the bad karma that they want to get rid of is stacking up against them sooo high that when it reaches them its gonna be like squashing a cockroach with a with a hammer.

  60. I almost knew VC would come with her latest video. You see in her eyes that she is done with it. And I didn't even saw the baphomet head till you pointed it out!

    Ofcourse the to pupils in her eyes, I didn't saw them either.

    I feel so sad for her because I watched her while I grew up and Never thought they did this to her. She will always be trapped.

    What is it actually when they show the computer with PlentyofFish (just like telephone) and you see a ring with a lot of triangles on it.

  61. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I love your response. The #81 comment does not know for himself what is wrong with dark, which is symbolic of evil (dark signifies that evil is present) and #83 wonders where the followers of Jesus (the world is present waging war against Christianity). Both responses equated together sums up the war between heaven and hell; good and evil.

  62. I somehow knew this was going to be your next article. I am glad to tell you that you didn't disappoint me at all.

    But… you've got to write about Muse. Please. Please. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.

  63. Heaven and hell is what we create here on earth. They both are individual vibration states, among numerous ones. The reason why they focus so much on trying to capture your mind and your souls, is because they realize that we all (human beings) are quasi-dimensional beings who have become trapped into this 3-dimemsional material complex here on earth. And if they can keep us here in this matrix, then they can continue to feed off our creative and heart chakra energies called love, until we are not needed anymore – thus the transhumanist/depopulation agenda. I suggest everyone to pick up a book and turn off the t.v. to really strike a blow to their agenda.

  64. Also, I would like to add that Britney said to paparazzi in late 07, I quote "You're better off being homeless than being me, sir".

    Can you imagine the amount of desperation a person must be going through to say things like that ?

  65. "So Britney said that she was tired of having things plugged into it (her head) and did not want anybody touching her. Is she referring to the abuse given by her mind-control handlers? "

    Obviously she is referring to hair extensions. Entertaining article nonetheless.

  66. You should do an article on the movie sucker punch it looks like its givin people the hand book on how to diassociate

  67. Has anyone noticed too that her voice sounds so different when she was promoting her new song on America Today (or something like that)? As if she was drugged and really someone else, another person.

    If totally freaked me out because her voice always sounds as a child and in this time is was more serious and lower

  68. Another excellent and fascinating article, however we do have some questions about Springmeier and "Svali" as sources above reproach. Springmeier, notwithstanding his insider knowledge re: mind control programming, is himself an unquestioning believer in fundamentalist(?) Christianity and as such is a programmed, mind control slave himself. The same seems to be true of Svali and she is always promoting fundy Christianity. This is not a coincidence as they are both programmed programmers themselves. If they were not, how could they both advocate Christianity and work on the behalf of Christianity? It's "six of one and half a dozen of the other."

    It would be far more convincing if objective, non-religion affiliated sources could be used.

    • Well if you knew anything about true bible-based Christianity, the human mind and mind control and possession are very relevant and adressed. And a true relationship with Jesus and receiving his holy spirit is enough to heal you of these demonic spirits and release your mind from bondage and truly be free I know from personal experience!!!! There is a big charade joke "christianity" that is being propagated by the media, but it's only to divert people from the true help and freedom and redemption and joy that is in true bible-based Christianity. Christianity means to be "like-Christ" and you can't be that way being judgmental, hypocritical and deceptive and programmed and that is how Christianity is portray in the media, and many people follow that type of "religion" which in it's self is a joke as well, but it's really through a relationship with Jesus that you can find this freedom from evil and bondage. We are all vessels and sheep, why not follow the force of good and prosperity knowledge wisdom freedom and joy, instead of the force of evil, deception torment pain destruction… If you follow this site then you must believe in satan and demons and if you believe in those thing, which obviously do exist then you must believe in Jesus and his angels and the HOLY spirit!! lol

    • Hold on a second, Chaote.

      As a former fundie and one who knows fundies, I can assure you that Fundamentalist Christianity is not equal to being a mind-controlled slave. Deluded maybe (and definitely with blind spots), but they're much more aware of what's going on than your average American. That awareness MAY BE why many of them become fundamentalists in the first place – any port in a storm, and that port's one of the more protective ports around.

      • I AGREE GODOZO!!!!

        I wouldn't call myself a typical fundamentalist Christian although many of my beliefs are in line with fundamentalist Christianity….all because I used to be so much the opposite!

        I know personally what kind of pit falls into sin that result in the things people love and condone and that makes me so much more less approving of these things…..some may say I am taking it too serious but I don't want to chance these little holes growing into large sinkholes….while I don't run around condemning people to hell like some may do I simply warn others and when I refuse to participate in things I don't approve of I will tell them why and if they think I am crazy so be it! I am mainly trying to avoid hell as much as possible myself and it is indeed a narrow path to take away from it.

  69. Poor Britney!!!! You'd have to be absolutely sick not to sympathize for her!! None of this is her fault, just her disgusting parents and this sick industy!!

  70. VC when i read your article about candy jones and this one, and again yesterday i saw some tattos on angelina jolie. i would like to know if it is not her case too. as in she goes through what candy jones went through


      listen to this………….

      Am I A Sinner Lyrics

      Keep telling myself

      Get out of my mind

      The way it feels

      It feels so right

      And every night

      I feel the heat

      Close my eyes

      And it comes to me

      I confess if I've done it wrong

      But in your eyes i see i'm guilty

      Im guilty

      The stress that keeps me strong

      I feel as though

      My heart is empty

      Cause you're not with me

      In my secret place

      Where i drift away

      Tell me am i a sinner?

      Tell me am i wrong?

      Something is wrong with the picture

      This is not my fault

      So am i a sinner?

      Am i a sinner?

      Dont watch the truth unfold

      Please dont try to see right through me

      When u touch me

      You will never know

      Imagination starts to haunt me

      It controls me

      In my secret place

      Where i drift away

      Tell me am i a sinner?

      Tell me am i wrong?

      Something is wrong with the picture

      This is not my fault

      So am i a sinner?

      Am i a sinner?

      Am i a sinner?

      Am i a sinner?

      Just tell me

      Am i a sinner?

      Tell me am i a sinner?

      Tell me am i wrong?

      Something is wrong with the picture

      This is not my fault

      So am i a sinner?

      Tell me am i a sinner?

      Tell me am i wrong?

      Something is wrong with the picture

      This is not my fault

      So am i a sinner?

      Am i a sinner?

      And there are many songs like this one……. I feel so sad for her.

  71. Hi VC.

    The director, Jonas Åkerlund is a creation through Madonna. As far as I know it started when she embraced him and asked him to make the Ray of light video back in '97. After that he became more and more occultic/kabbalah until he became what he now is. He was always had bit of a dark persona so he probably knew about the occult through the death metal bands he was/is into but I dont think to any further extent than that. A person I grew up with worked with him for a long time and I suspect is now also into the Kabbalah and he hade no connection the occult until he became a huge Marilyn Manson and NIN fan when he was 17 a few years later he started to work for Jonas Åkerlund and I guess he was drawn into the Kabbalah through him and his work environment. My friend made a short film called Malkhuth in '06 and around that time his mother suffered a stroke, poor woman.

    I believe both of them were intrigued by Satanism Light through there taste in music from before but really got into, organized and tutored by Madonna and Hollywood


  72. Jonas Akerlund directed one of roxette's videoclips, I believe before he even started working with Madonna. Roxette that swedish duo from the 80s/90s. How Madonna did get to know him, no clue.

  73. I have to say…This is very very sad. How people can be so heartless to use someone in this manner. I feel very sorry for her and I hope she gains her freedom but hopefully not in death. But it leads me to ask, if people like Marylin Monroe, Judy Garland and M.J etc died prematurely, I hope this will not be her fate. I pray that God, our God of Justice will pay these people back and give her and people like her peace.

  74. Remember she was made a monarch SLAVE as a child. She has no choice, They fractured her soul and created DID. She is like a robot. Do not judge her. Its like murder. They are programmed to destruct if the programming breaks down. I don't hink God would judge her. She had no choice. Judge her parents who sold her. They are evil. Her mother even wrote a book on how to raise childre. Pure evil.

  75. I have a question if anyone can answer:

    It does seem like Britney is/was being controlled, but:

    How does Disney do the "mindcontrol". Overworking / drugs? If it is some sort of sexual abuse/physical abuse? If so, aren't there so many people around that it would be tough to get away with?

    And, why make it apparent in the videos that she is a victim to this? What's the purpose of it?

  76. I've only just recently found out about your site and I have to say firstly, thank you for creating this place. Secondly, thank you for your honestly.

    I always had a feeling something was off about this video and going back to watch it again i happened to of found that split second picture of her "creepy smile" and I have to say, I have never felt so unbelievably frightened in my life. I dont know what it was exactly about the picture, but you have to wonder why is it there? Why was it distorted so much to make her look that way? I hope more people find the truth about artists and the handlers behind them. I really wish they did already.

    Again, thank you for being around!

  77. Great article, VC, thanks for the effort. As a fundamentalist Christian for over 20 years who "woke up," I agree with the comments comparing Christianity with mind-control. Indoctrination begins at a very early age (where children are "traumatized" by threats of Hell and eternal punishment), catechisms are employed drilling memes into the subconscious reinforced directly and indirectly by the iconic symbolism of the Church (this is more apparent in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions), the flock is supervised ("handled") by inner-circle controllers (pastors, elders, deacons, etc.), the use psycholinguistics, and, last but not least, Christianity is based on fear. Fear of life, fear of death, fear of "deception," fear of judgment, and fear of Hell (for the unforgivable "sin" of being born). Christians may not be "mind controlled" in the "MK" sense of the expression, but given the typical Christian's knee-jerk reaction to criticism, inability to think beyond the limits of their belief system, and annoying habit of "repeating" what's been drilled into their heads over and over and over again, they might as well be.

    I do believe, intuitively, and by educating myself and discerning the times, that we, the human race, ARE dealing with an inter-dimensional negative force of some kind. But we don't need a fictional character ("Satan") to explain occult symbolism, ritual sacrifice, trauma-based mind control, OR Britney Spears.

    Once again, thanks for the great article and, for the most part, the interesting and thoughtful comments it's generated. Clearly, this is hitting a nerve.


    • I couldn't agree more. It took me 20 years to finally see Christianity for what it really is, but I'm glad it's now, rather than never. 😉

  78. You know, I used to feel real sorry for her, until I found out she really wasn't nice at all. I mean, she used to be talented queen, but now she's an Untalented bitch and that's it. Shit, she'd sell her brother out if she could, but she can't so she'd stab any man in Hollywood. Freak… beneath the sheets I guess it is, any producer got bibs, bids, and mass amounts of antacids? It's classless… yeet the masses is mostly to blame for this since they selfish, incoherent, irrelevant fucking bastards. She ain't evil just a twit, there's a million times her genius limited to nothing but time constraints in this business, bitch. fuck off.

    • …What are you talking about? Every celebrity that has met her has commented on how surprised they were because she was so down to earth. Everyone she comes in contact with says she's one of the sweetest most pleasant people they ever met. Stop talking out of your ass.


    Actually, this is the first time that I disagree with you guys.

    This was not soley a video, discreetly praising mind control and the MK ultra program. It was Britney's resubmission into the program, her forced 'rebirth', 'baptism' , and overall humiliation that they 'got her after all'.

    Note the white gown, that you've previously referenced as intiation for women. Only this time, she's made to 're hook' herself back into the matrix . while promoting herself as their slave once and for all.

    Look how sad she looks.


    And that 'creepy smile' , there twisted sense of humor that she has to 'grin and bare it' as she is meant to embrace her twisted , controlled life.

  81. its extremely irrational for people to say that death is the only way out for her. ITS NOT!!! ITS REALLY NOT! she just needs god in her life.

    this is extremely sad!! :[[[[

    • freakingweirdo on

      true, but dont fear death either

      we will all die one day that is a FACT and better to die fighting then stay alive as a s lave forever. part of the resistance and the rebellion against the NWO is to be fearless and know that death may be a consequence

  82. There have been some rumors that Spears might retire. If her recording contract is typical of others, I would think it would be coming to an end.

  83. My main question is that these young ladies do have free will don't they? If they know that they are being manipulated, why not do something about it? That's what confuses me. If they really wanted out, they'd get out. With God nothing is impossible, why don't they try if they are so sad and miserable?

    • do some more research on MK Ultra Victims and you might better understand why they can't just leave or break free.

      • What does that have to do with brainwashed trauma victims? What the fuck are you even talking about? If you think it's okay to turn a blind eye towards slavery because you think they're stupid, I worry for you.


    Last Thanksgiving weekend, Love publicly accused Jamie Spears, father of Britney Spears, of having molested his daughter. Two weeks after posting the claim to her Facebook, Love lost legal control of her 17-year old daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, to the guardianship of Kurt Cobain’s mother and sister.

    Commissioner Goetz, who has been the commissioner on Britney’s conservatorship case for two years, ruled on Love’s case on Dec. 11, according to court documents. Goetz also approved a temporary restraining order against Love that bars her from seeing or contacting her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

    The lawyer representing Frances Bean also works for Jamie Spears case and represents him in the conservatorship case before the commissioner.

    Since last November, Love has continued to be vocal in her accusations against Jamie and she has also said that Jessica Spears, a niece of Jamie’s, was an eyewitness to the molestation. Love said that Jessica passed a lie detector test at Radaronline but wanted to be paid and no financial agreement was made. Jessica has also been put in touch with media based in the United Kingdom, said Love over the weekend on her Twitter account.

  85. Look, I used to be friends with a lil girl from Jersey who was supposedely beaten regularly by her father. I liked the little girl from Jersey, with the out of place country accent and funny sense of humor. One night she told me, she was beaten by her father so I told her to go to the police. The next day in the paper Britney was seen wearing sun glasses with reports coming out that she contacted a lawyer concerning similar alegations. The girl told me that, there was nothing she could do, that the police didn't do a thing.

    She had a way of calling me very early in the morning and I would become accustomed to hearing from her, telling me how everything has going and so forth. Sometimes she'd even sing songs, she seemed to know every pop song in fact. She'd even sing Britney, who she hated. She didn't know who Donald Duck was and told me when asked if she coud meet any person in all of history, it would be Marilyn Monroe since she was an Icon.

    Anyways, a month or so passed and we were close friends, I'd look forward to hearing from this little girl, the drama in her life, her boyfriends and such, but at the same time I knew I was putting her before me…… like enough was enough, man… I was a grown adult taking to an underaged minor that I met online on britney's little mebo chat box on her myspace and who at the time had told me she was 20 something, but later tells me she wasn't and her dad beats her. Naturally, it felt odd having this young agirl constantly calling me and me trying to boost her ego, but in the end I concluded there was no harm in being this girls friend. She had shown me her myspace profile and it turned out she was a really obese, not very pretty young lady. Still, I started feeling like it was all a game, that her father didn't really beat her and that she thought I was 'weak' for being her friend as if something was even wrong with me for it. I even went to a psychologist, who told me I was quite sane.

    Well, one weekend she just disappeared. It was odd, I hoped she was allright, but the thing was her number was unlisted and came from a computer, she told me. I couldn't call her, since her father would beat her if I was talking to his young daughter. He even called me and told me, he was going to beat her. The voice sounded remarkably low, however, like some digitally enhanced program was used or something, but who knows. Either way, what you know, that very same weekend Britney was on vacation and had a fling with her camera man, who was later fired.. or was let go, since finishing his duties. Jokes aside, I told her she had to stop calling me so early in the morning, unfortunately she was very upset and has adhorred me ever since. Now, a week or two after that, Britney's relationship with current beau manger/handler was 'exposed'.

    There were many things that were similar between the girl from Jersey and Britney.. She would never call me when Britney wouldn't be unavailable I had noticed… It made me feel utterly mad.. but it was something that became a habit at the time, checkin celebrity feeds, seeing if the two stories matches.. I had started writing them all down but quit since I figured all I ever have to do is look at the britney section in TMZ and will vividly remember that time I met, pseudo-britney, the black girl from Jersey.

    So that's my story.

    • Thank you for sharing your story with us. That girl was surely an imposter, but what is disturbing is the fact that you went to a psychologist to discuss her. Unless you regularly visit a professional. And I was wondering what a male man has to do with Britney Spears' chat box. She's is cute but I don't think her music appeals to males.

      • I went to a psychiatrist actually.. and it was concerning other matters as well, such as stress and anxiety being I was working long days and was in school full time. The end result was the professional asked me bluntly, is there really any reason why I was there? And I was on the box chatting, because it was out of concern for Britney, it was right after she was locked up. We'd be on there chatting talking shit, it was quite amusing at the time, the people that little chat box would draw. I had made friends with another girl in her twenties named Amy from the south and another from Turkey as well.

      • And Pat, what makes you immediately say she is 'surely an imposter'? And than why do you attack me afterwards? Hey, Pat.. why you even on this site?

      • First of, I like the site. Besides, there was no attack involved. I was curious as to why you were in the B Spears chat box. I never heard of the existence of such chat box indeed but then again I don't follow B Spears' website or tweets. Regarding the girl you were chatting with, apparently from what you've said that person pretended to be someone else. I believe the word for it is "imposter" as my native language is not English. You rectified the matter though with your answer, which is very much appreciated.

      • imo that is a very wierd and unusual story and for some reason i tend to think it might have been britney…its not like you would ever know for real if it was her she wasnt about to tell you that and by showing you her 'real' profile doesnt really prove anything….tbh she could have shown you any ones profile

        matthew what do you think truthfully?

        do you think it may have been the real britney?

      • I don't know to tell you the truth. I found the similarities very odd indeed, but at the same time some things made me think otherwise. In the end I didn't really care who it was, I just cared for that person and wanted the best for that person. What ended up happening, however, is that person didn't care about me and found me to be nothing more than some sort of game.

        When she sung, she was on tune, she once sang a britney song, sounded just like her. She'd also do the faux kitty britney voice too to a t.

        I also find it odd that her latest album is called femme fatale. YEt… she really isn't much of that, now is she? Except it did feel like she thought I was some sort of perv for talking to an underaged abused girl.. that was the thing about it. I was just labelled guilty in her eyes and when she was sure I couldn't be pinned down in to such a pigeonhole, the friendship ended, besides a call here and there and the next week Britney was dating Jason. It was all too in sync. In the end I miss the girl, she had a lot of personality, more than most everyone I meet, but she also had too much hatred and she never saw me for who I was; someone that just tried to be her brother, tried to relate to her best I could. Tried to be there for her, whoever she was. And with all this about how she just wanted to be loved for her as she would constantly say, I know that it was all some twisted shit that I would just agree with, but for her, it was something different by me simply playing along.. it was something she couldn't put her mind around.. this girl was just confused! Whoever that girl is, its been 4 years now, has it? And she still acts the same.. I could still call her and she'll still be the exact same person. Oh one other thing, she told me she was going to college to be a photographer then she laughed.

      • As well, this girl tended to talk in a baby voice much of the time as I had read in numerous articles that Britney was known to do. Either way, she lacked knowledge of self and did not wish to obtain it. My job was incomplete, but no fees lost.

  86. Britney was also a child of the Disney clan, being exploited as a child, and obviously brain-washed. Disney is well known for being high up in the chain of the illuminati and mind controllers. The Disney logo symbolises the illuminati pyramid.


    VC you shoulda added that short clip form that interview of her where she switches – its probably the scariest thing I've ever seen …

    Anyhow Good work PEACE.

    • I was wondering, what do you find scary about that video? I don't see where programming is part of the clip. Diane Sawyer asks her about illness in her family (an aunt who died of cancer), a break up with a boyfriend of over 4 years and the incident in Mexico (I was in Central America during that time, which mainly features Mexican channels, so I saw the brutality and rudeness that the media throw at Britney). Just asking about her aunt, would be heartbreaking, but asking about all these sensitive questions at once would make anyone cry. If anything, it's pretty messed up to ask anyone in a public interview how they are dealing with a family member having cancer. wouldn't you cry?

  88. KILLUMINATI-777 on

    now how the hell you gon put a goat head in with a bunch of tv screens, and not expect it to get noticed????????? f*ck that, might aswell put the whole baphoment there or, why not just make the dancers wear baphoment costumes huh?? might aswell, dam! sh*ts getting to obvious round here, and yaall think popstars are the only ones being controlled? look around you!!!! EVERYBODIES getting fed with this b*llsh*t (ecspecially kids) and soon, the whole worlds gonna be controlled. its only a matter of time. DAM. if only i could see into the future… errybody would be walking the streets.. NAKED!!…

    spread this knowledge… and take ACTION. switch off the DAMN TV and go outside. BREATHE the air… cause you dont know what you got, til its gone!! so, when people ask ''what has the world come to?'' you all already know the answer!!!


  89. "While the song is apparently about having sex with a stranger met in a club … in the video there is no guy, no club and no sex."

    WHAT? No sex?? :(

    I'm not gonna watch it then

  90. Without a doubt whitney houston was a mind control slave with bobby brown as her handler just look at how her life like brittney's was dismantled an in cases where they said she was feed on drugs. I think this has somehow slipped us under the radar. And come to think of it stars that die at relatively young age were mind control slaves and if they were not with the program would die for some mysterious reason or mare sacrifices by those who seek fame and fortune. 3D HD ur fantastic ur like a second VC with that post, Sarah you rock, new creation jus relax ma brotha dont sweat the small stuff. Guys lets keep it together let us all unite for the greater good for all, the illuminati is a strong force backed by satan and his minions. The few that knows whats happening are the ones who are not fools to whats going on it really pains me to see what these people are doing but their time is at hand and if there are any illuminati infiltraitors in here tell ur scum bosses that their punishment is truly ripe and is ready for the picking. Fellow VCites choose wisely and carefully the info you read pick sense from nonsense,not every info is correct but you have a clear indication of whats going on, ilove you all and lots of blessings as well caio!!! Things that go hmmm u sound zippy.

  91. Do you guys think her current boyfriend, Jason Trawick is one of them too? She often seems in love with him and other times not at all. Why would her ex come out with that he beats her? I mean for the money? Why didn't he tell that to the tabloids when she was with Kevin?

    I find it very odd of her mother that she writes a book about her, goes to interviews acting as if she cares but she doesn't care at all. I do believe her father is a good man (her mother tells he is an alcoholic) but he seems very genuine with her and her children) I think he regrets this for selling her soul.

    Her smile is so creepy it totally freaks me out. How come no-one notices this?

    In a interview in youtube she told that she should believe in God because why would her boys be here if she didn't. But she said it in such an odd way as if she was censoring herself in a creepy way.

    Has no-one seen her talk on Good Morning America. how strange her voice sounds. She definitely is a different persona there. Just like her British accent and many other strange things.

    I feel so bad for her I really do. God bless us all

  92. I praise God for all the information you share the world.

    I'm with you in prayers for the world to be informed and saved.

    Since I 1st read from this site, I got more aware of what's really going on.

    By God's grace, I am able to survive without music popular to the ears.

    For weeks now, I've been enjoying worship songs alone.


    Take all the information and pass it on. Of course, stay away from getting possibly controlled — stop watching/listening/reading the things mentioned in this site (and all the other things that don't make sense). But please PRAY FOR ALL THE ILLUMINATI SLAVES TO BE SAVED BY GOD'S MIGHT. Let's not hate on them but pray for them. And again, stay away from getting yourselves controlled.

    I'm a big fan of Disney stars, I loved their works but the more I learn about the Lord and how this world is now, I realize how true all these posts are. Let's all be CAREFUL & FAITHFUL.

    God bless us all.

    • Turn on the Disney channel right now. I am willing to bet my life on the fact that there will be at least one character wearing a striped article of clothing. Look for Egyptian symbols. Look for Dark/Light imagery. Do not answer to their master, they are all brainwashed and full of evil intentions. It is so sad to see these shows that parents let babysit their kids. I am in my early 20s and hadn't watched Disney in over a decade.. but lately I have been tuning in for short periods to check out what agenda they are pushing. That's when I noticed that you will see colors, stripes, plaids and symbols all OVER the screen. (Seriously, count the stripes. You will be mesmerized just as they want you to be)

      Watched that Zach and Cody Suite Life on Deck or whatever… the episode had the A and B plot.. and the A plot was about how snakes were loose all over the boat. (Snakes.) and the B plot was about "Dating" (of course, because a Disney show would not be complete without one dating scene) but in the B plot, there was a scene that revolved around the Number 6.

      I don't know which twin is which, nor do I really care. But one was giving the other "dating advice" and he told him to answer all his girls' questions with "6".

      *my rendition of the scene*

      twin1: when she asks you anything, just remember to answer '6'

      twin2: 6?

      t1: yeah 'how many girls have you dated?' '6' what is my dress size? '6' on a scale from 1-10, how cute is that other girl? '6'

      *then twin 1 goes on to say* I just love the number 6. It is so magical.

      they go on and talk more about adult topics, then t1 reverts to ending the scene by saying "Juuuust remember, the number 6!"

      I could go on and on about the evil brainwashing of Disney. Please Google "One of the greatest deceptions of all time, Disney" and I can guarantee you will lose all respect for anything affiliated with Disney.

      Sexualizing childhood!


  93. Its funny how some people come to this site and type stuff like 'Satan'(as if to say the imaginary enemy) Yet the elite,who are by the way take every opportunity available to worship their god who makes them so prosperous on earth tend to disagree on his existence.What do all these elitists have in common? They all worship Satan.Whether literally or otherwise.Oh well like Cypher said 'Ignorance is Bliss'.

  94. Four years after Britney Spears’ breakdown, she’s again promoting a new album, Femme Fatale, out Tuesday, though it’s far from clear she’s fully recovered. But industry sources tell Jacob Bernstein that won’t hurt her career.

    How do you market a pop star with a fragile connection to reality and a work ethic that appears to be somewhat diminished?

    It’s a question record labels have faced over and over again, from the worst days of Stevie Nicks and Chaka Khan’s careers in the late 1970s and early ’80s, to Whitney Houston’s comeback attempt last year, and finally to Britney Spears.

    On Tuesday her new album, Femme Fatale, is released, and Jive/Zomba is doing everything it can to keep her in the public eye, while at the same time avoiding the glare that comes with that.

    The solution: Britney Spears, everywhere and nowhere, all at once

    She’s doing interviews with magazines over email (enabling her to control which questions get asked and answered), pre-taping performances on morning shows (helping to insure that there won’t be a repeat of her 2008’s MTV Music Awards fiasco), and going on Glee, where her appearance can be scripted to the letter.

    Even in the case of the hit Fox TV show, the results from her episode last fall haven’t exactly inspired confidence from people around her, insiders say.

    A source on the Glee set tells The Daily Beast that Spears appeared “out of it” during the filming of her scenes and totally reliant on her team of career minders in order to function professionally. “They led her to her mark and she’d sit there like a deer in the headlights until she had to say her lines,” the source says. “When she was finished, they’d take her by the hand and lead her away again.” (A spokesman for Spears did not respond to requests for comment for this article.)

    But what else is Spears’ team to do? Four years ago, their golden goose had a meltdown of Charlie Sheen-like proportions, shaving her head and then attacking a car with an umbrella, as a slew of paparazzi went snap, snap, snap. From there, she spent the next few months checking in and out of rehab centers, failing to show up at custody hearings for her children, and being hospitalized, presumably for having a psychological break. Her money was placed in a conservatorship that her father, a notorious stage parent, controls to this day.

    Since then, things have gotten quieter, but there have been conflicting indications that Spears has fully come out the other end, or that she even wants to be famous anymore. Touring in 2009 for another album, the appropriately titled Circus, the singer of mega-hits like “…Baby, One More Time” and “I’m a Slave 4 U” barely addressed her fans on the microphone in between songs. During an appearance on Ellen around that time, Spears did a skit where she went caroling with the chat host, but she hid the entire time beneath a pair of sunglasses, again saying little.

    One source whose company makes money from Spears says, “The idea of a star having a breakdown and putting them back into place is near impossible,” before going on to liken her promotion process to putting “an alcoholic back in a bar and expecting them to be OK… So you end up putting in safety cushions and still, it seems weird.”

    That it does. One after the other the interviews come, and one after the other, the elephant in the room just gets bigger.

    As Lefsetz sees it, Spears has always appeared to be a tool of marketing people, an “inanimate object” who is largely presented as such. “She works with these people who churn it out, there’s no soul, the records come and go…Everyone knew Madonna was intelligent. She was a phenomenal marketer. No one believes Britney is pulling the strings… You just don’t want to take her too seriously.”

    • they re-animate her fame before they kill her: exactly what they did with Michael Jackson. Her record sales will skyrocket after she's gone.

  95. Britney, Lindsay, Christina, Gaga, Rihanna, etc., are people of average talent who have been promoted to celebrity status. I can go to any local community theater, or even a high school play, and see actors/actresses who have more talent than they do. I know a lot of people whose singing talent exceeds any I hear on the radio. I've often questioned why these people attain superstar status and others much more talented do not. Well, now I know the answer. It is abhorrent that this kind of horrific treatment is imposed by evil sick people on young innocent children. What is even more horrifying is that parents, in essence, sacrifice their children on the altar of fame and fortune, seemingly blind to what is really happening, blinded by the dollar signs and popularity their child brings to them.

  96. There's something I don't understand… All these famous popstars that has things referring to mind-control, are they trying to control OUR minds or is it like a cry for help?

    • yes, mind controlled stars are being used to manipulate the masses. They are our youth' idols and role models. They dress like them, act like them, THINK like them.. so yes, this is totally mind control. But they do more than that: they hypnotically transfer their spiritual beliefs and practices to the unaware people. They make them unconsciously adopt their symbolism and 'magic'..

      • Hey Raphael,

        Speaking of "stars" influencing and transferring their spiritual beliefs to their fans, here's an interesting thing about Britney's role model, Madonnna Kaballah….

        EXCLUSIVE: Madonna‘s “religion” and the main object of her charity giving, the Kabbalah Centre, is being investigated by the IRS. Sources tell me that a federal grand jury has been convened to ask questions about the organization. I’ve personally spoken to two people who were served subpoenas from the grand jury, being held at the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York.

        The targets of the investigation, sources tell me, are the Kabbalah Centre, Raising Malawi, and the Berg family–mother Karen and sons Yehuda and Michael, who own the company. Madonna, they say, is aware of the grand jury. The pop star has given millions–not “loaned” as some reports say–to the Kabbalah Centre and its offshoots SFK and Raising Malawi. In 2008-2009, she donated $2.5 million to them.

        This may be yet another reason that she hired top gun pr specialist Mark Fabiani through the Kabbalah Centre. As I told you this weekend, the Kabbalah Centre is being sued in Los Angeles for $20 million by Courtenay Geddes, a wealthy donor who claims now that she was swindled by the Centre and the Bergs. Madonna is being sued in Malawi by the board of directors of her cancelled school project for Raising Malawi, her charitable effort there with the Kabbalah Centre.

        One of the things the grand jury might be asking about is who actually does the bookkeeping for the Kabbalah Centre, Raising Malawi, and SFK. The two women who’ve handled the business in house are said to be the daughters of Karen Berg, the leader of all the organizations and wife of Philip Berg, known as the “Rav.”

        Carly Sullivan of the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan said the office could neither confirm or deny anything about grand jury proceedings.

      • Hey LVB,

        I heard something about the Malawi school but nothing yet about the Kaballah Centre.. I'm sure the center has other problems too. Funny though how celebrity sponsored schools in poor countries tend to have nasty problems (Oprah's school for girls in South Africa was involved twice in a sex abuse scandal)

  97. KassieLoveland on

    I'm a first time poster I want to respond to so much! Firstly we all need not Judge her and pray for her! And love her , she needs that ! I'm by no means a holy roller but I do have a personal relationship with Yashua and I kno that's the only way to free herself . Now ! On to the commentary :) , the bahomet I think was not that obvious , at first glance it looks like a support , it has no reason to be in a digital type setting and I don't believe it is there for you , or them I believe it's a subliminal thing we look at these things different because we kno wat they are but the symbols and figures are powerful things that if left open to them can effect you , and make u accept many things that u haven't even thought of doin they aren't doin these things to freak u out ! Or to show loyalty to each other , they kno who each other are , they are doing this because the end time is soon and they are tryin to win weak dumbed down souls to busy havin sex and consuming trash to see wats goin on and come to Christ , btw VC I'm so positive that britt was talkin about hair extensions trust me I feel her on that lol 😉 bless you all be vigilant ! Stay awake , walk with god , I love you all

  98. Very interesting post. But may I just ask, how does one become part of the illuminati? Are there some specific rituals in which artists or leaders or whomever becomes mind-controlled?

    • well it depends. Some of them are sold in the program as kids, by their parents (like Britney, Lohan, Suri Cruise, the Fanning sisters etc.) so they don't get to know anything else. But there are others who adhere as adults and these ones are to blame because they sell themselves willingly for fame.

      Anyway in both cases heavy ritualistic practices are involved.. there are demons summoned upon them, there is all kind of dark stuff being done to them you don't want to know about. Practically they kill the victim's soul.

    • You don't become part of the "Illuminati"… you can't "become" a member. These stars are often initiated in some way to an outer affiliation of the hierarchy but as for the illuminati or any number of other dark, secret sects… its all about the bloodline. You have to be born into it.

      That's not to say some of these stars aren't bound by blood.

  99. and to think that everyone of us has seen at least one Disney film. SMH. Sickning.

    FYI. My kids wont. Fact.

    -God Bless.

    • Be sure to explain and teach your children WHY they should not watch and not just WHY NOT. Otherwise they will realize one day "dang, this is fun, no wonder my parents wouldnt let me see it!"

      • Ben10 must be illuminati stuff too. I remember Svali making a point about pokemon and ben10 is all about aliens and transformations. And the eyes are always greenish, red, demonic. I believe warner bros are behind ben10. I have watched some bits and pieces and they are very scary.

    • alot of people on this site come here for opinion yet they dont seek it and practice it. so why bother coming here?

  100. Alter egos is the new reality for many celebrities. Now look at Britney she does not seems very happy at all. Her whole life has been taken away from her and she has no real control, personality, or freedom and she is a mother of two wow. I have seen clips of her talking in the third person, and seeming very unstable and all of the people in the background just pick her up for another introduction of that shock therapy. She seems like she may never be the same. I wonder how her little sister is doing now. We sacrifice our children for the American dream that always seems to be subtracting of there life lessons and energy then it adds to there mental and emotional health. Why have children if you are just going to give them off to the world before there are ready and before they have real understanding?

  101. while I know she is being forced to do many things I do believe we are the ones that do that because people do love her and admire her and wish they could be her but like they say becareful for what you wish for cuz you might just get it and you wont be happy, And about her saying she didnt want things plugged in her head thats why she shaved it simply had to do with extensions she always had them done and i think she needed a break she didnt even know what part of her hair was real anymore surely she was not being shocked..

    • Ah, yes, that meltdown was simply because she was tired of getting hair extensions.

      (Please excuse me while I laugh hysterically then cry over the absurdity)

      Really? You think someone will shave their head because they don't like having synthetic hair weaved into their own? I would rejoice if that were the actual reasoning- but alas, hair extensions are just another part of the material control over her and her fans. A distraction. Poor girl has most likely been shocked, sodomized and totally exploited… I highly doubt she is that concerned with hair extensions and more concerned with the programming done to her on a constant basis.

      I wish fame on No soul.

      • Okay, okay that was rude- and I am sorry. But for real, I hate to break it to you…. but there are many many horrific things that have been done and are being done to people, especially those in the limelight, with most influence over masses. electro shock therapy isn't just some myth. It is hard to stomach, but it does not mean it is impossible.

      • People should watch the documentary, "Tarnation":

        "Tarnation is an autobiographical documentary focusing on Caouette's early life and adulthood, as well as his mother, Renee LeBlanc, who was treated with electroshock in her youth. She did not need this electroshock therapy, which resulted in lifelong insanity…"

        The filmmaker comments during the movie that he thinks she might of been part of a CIA experiment.

        There's a lot of evidence out there concerning this:

    • Me from Colombia on

      Britney started using hair extensions when her hair was just started to grow back. She never mentioned hair extensions as the thing being plugged into her head. It was the media so people wouldn't ask questions. Remember people like Perez work for them. He just played Rihanna's dog in her latest super kinky video.

  102. Metal Mickey on

    "According to the Illuminati’s occult philosophy, it is their karmic duty to reveal their actions (whether in a subliminal, coded matter or not): Concealing and revealing is the game they play."

    In that case – I'm more concerned about the comet (?) at the beginning of the video myself.

  103. I actually feel really sad for Britney. Her eyes look so lost in this video, like she is unhappy to be doing what she's doing (which is obviously true). I hope that somehow she can escape, but it's clear that she has tried and failed.

    • i know, i get that impression too. in the picture with the IV she just looks so different… so tired, unhappy. it makes me so sad.

      • Her eyes have physically changed. They're droopier and give the impression that she is always sad. Poor Britney, she can't escape the madness. I hope her kids will be okay.

  104. Just saw this article when I went to check my mail…

    More criticism, more dumbfounded ignorance at what happened to her..

    "…her dancing has become lifeless and stiff, and she no longer glares into the camera with what was once a ferociously determined gaze. It's like she's not there at all. What's to blame? Nobody but Spears knows the answer, but something certainly changed for Britney following her very public meltdown, which spanned nearly three years, from 2005 to 2008."

    What's to blame? WHAT'S TO BLAME?! The fucking inhuman pigs that ruined her, that are ruining what was to be a beautiful Garden of Eden, that's what's to blame.

  105. Metal Mickey on

    “According to the Illuminati’s occult philosophy, it is their karmic duty to reveal their actions (whether in a subliminal, coded matter or not): Concealing and revealing is the game they play.”

    Oh yeah forgot to say – karma's nonsense and they must surely know this – they all believe in God (even if they worship the devil instead). Karma's not going to save them from God's judgement.

    Also – the Bride – symbolises Christ's church and is worth looking at as a possible additional layer of meaning/symbolism. It is their intention to try to destroy the church afterall – as this is not just an earthly battle but a spiritual one too.

  106. There is more to this video. I watched it in slow motion and several things caught my eye:

    1. Every writing is shown in a mirror perspective. Britney seems to be in a reverse world.

    a) Her perfume is called "radiance", possibly referring to her effect on the masses. Could also be a reference to being "radiant", another word for lightful or enlightened.

    b) The website, she is watching, is named "PlentyOfFish". Is she meant to cash as many "fish" (=men) as possible in her demonic industry's net? People do not read letter by letter, so this reverse writing would spell out like "shiFfOythelp" to a casual glance, since the letters s+h are usually combined to "sh" and a reverse "n" makes up an "h".

    c) Same website: the heading says "FlyMeToTheMoon : One life to live". Again, to a short glance, it makes up something entirely else. "live" at the end becomes "evil" instantly. The whole thing reads like: "evil of efil one" (one being short enough to be recognised either way) and "nooMehToTeMylf", forming "no me". Doesn't she have a "I" or "Me" any more?

    2. Police also shows up. Very short glimpses (at around 1min40sec), but they are there, furthering the police state agenda.

    3. Britney evil self, as I would call it, is wearing a skull for a necklace and a kind of claw on her left index finger (several times shown, e.g. about 1min48sec), clearly separating one persona from the other.

    4. Her innocent self, represented by the wedding gown, is apparently imprisoned in a room or tower full of video screens. All the screens show something else. Maybe this is to show her "ebony tower" (like in neverending story), where she lives with no contact whatsoever to the outside world? When has her real self last seen the real outside world? Since when is she being presented with a sort of "directed version" of reality? And how does she decide, what to believe? I do pity her!

    5. The IV-lines protruding from her armpit or dress could also stand for her promoting the new age agenda with her life. Apparently, she spills her blood, which is rainbow coloured. The rainbow is one of the icons of the new age movement (see Helena Blavatsky, Alice Ann Bailey and others). The meaning of this I take as follows: Britney has to promote this cause, whether she likes it or not. It is her life. She is being sacrificed on the altar of men's self deification, and afterwards risen to new life – an evil life, a possessed life, being represented by jerky body movements. As if it was not herself, who is steering her body, but someone or something else entirely: A life in living hell, symbolised by leather and flames.

    So much for my assumption. Keep up the good work, VC!

    • Good analysis! I took the gown to be like a wedding dress. Not symbolizing innocence but her vowed/covenant relationship to the industry. Whether she wants it or not now is irrelevant; she has sworn herself to it.

  107. Dear Britney, I am sorry your life has had to be so tragic. How does it feel to be envied by those you must envy? I wish I could save you, sister, but now I must save myself! I loved you and admired you so many years ago & now I abhor all you represent. Why am I free from that prison we once shared? Why must you endure the darkest aspects of existence? For once, I will pray for you. I have no faith you will escape, but may your true self find solace in knowing that you had no control over your fate. What a cruel joke. I hope you may find your innocence once more, maybe in another life.

  108. Her death will inevitably due to what the media will label "an overdose" or "a suicide", and when that happens, we will know for certain that there are strong, erroneous forces at work here. The game is simple. Use the helpless, exploit, humiliate and then sacrifice them for profitable gain.

  109. another open eye on

    once again i am astonished by VC brilliant work. everything make so much sense to me.

    congratulations VC for your wonderful job and especially that "semi-hidden Baphomet head in the cylinder" part, I don't think i would be able to see it by myself.

    go VC go!

  110. I really feel sorry for this girl and the others who have gone thru this. I just finished reading thru (although quick and hurried) Cathy O-Brien's "TRansformation of America". She was one of the Presidential Models in the 70's 80's. She goes into depth on the details of the trauma, abuse and then the usage of herself and others like her. These people that do this to the girls and guys are pure evil.

    Now – this is scary, I have been hearing commercials in our area – Central TX, for auditions for kids to be in Nickelodian and Disney films, videos and commercials. I guess they are looking for the next generation of Monarch slaves. If parents only knew. Please, if there is a parent in your area who is thinking of taking their child to an "audition", please make them aware of this. Keep praying for Britnney and the rest, that they can be saved from all the abuse before it is too late.

  111. Just saw on Yahoo main page that the media is slamming her live performances, as if she "is not there". Read a few of the comments people leave half expecting that among all one is to find in such forums, somebody would mention what is being discussed here, but alas, seems like the masses are very painfully unaware of the reality of showbiz…

    • you don't get it. She's not being fooled, she's being forced. I wonder how brave you'd be with your kids in their power.

  112. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Rihanna is a sick person. This is part of the lyrics to "S&M." I do believe there was more to that incident with Chris Bown than meets the eyes. The truth will surface, and it will leave her standing in her lifeless track looking brainless as usual.

    "Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it

    Sticks and stones may break my bones

    But chains and whips excite me

    Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it

    Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it

    Sticks and stones may break my bones

    But chains and whips excite me"

  113. Who me? Yeah YOU on

    An excerpt from an article I read (it fits VERY WELL with this topic):

    "So can we presume that Spears is, when all is said and done, the secret mastermind behind this hive of pop-manufacturing activity? Our insider shrugs. "If you're in a position to work with these guys, it doesn't matter what she thinks, as long as she understands what's expected of her." (By the same token, this source also admits that sometimes staying out of the creative process pays off, noting that once teen diva Christina Aguilera became actively involved with crafting her own material, she went on to "make records no one cares about.") Peter Zizzo sees it a bit differently: "There's no way you can survive this long without in some way being aware of the creative choices you're making.""

    So, for those who are saying she's well aware, blah blah blah, stop judging and start praying or SHUT UP. I too, feel bad for her. It really touched me when I saw her on TV few years back with the ambulance and stuff. I've been through that (mental breakdown), and it's really, really horrible.

  114. When I seen the video for Britney Spears "Hold it Against Me" I knew there was something strange and confused about this video. The part I was confused about was when she was hooked up by the IV. So when I read about the handlers using IV laced with Demerol on Monarch Programing I think of Michael Jackson (RIP). from there alot of things come to mind. One, he had a song called Demerol. Second, everytime I see a pictures of celebrities it always look like as though they are on some kind of drug. It could be how these celebrities look "high as a kite" and maybe another way for celebrities to get hooked on drugs? Lastly, remember when Michael Jackson always had those bandages around the tips of his fingers. People had thought it was a fashion statement but probaly it was more than it meets the eye. As for Britney, I knew something wasn't right with her. She would have multiple personalities everytime she wore those pink wigs and speaks with a British accent. Also, I wonder if those people that was with her such as her ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib and the other guy (cannot remember his name) was trying to help her out. But that fizzled out because Britney's father put a restraining order on them. I always wondered about them.

  115. OMG!! I'm from Australia and only browsed this article because it was suggested to me. I wouldn't consider myself to be smart or well worded so my comment may seem quite lame but you have roused my attention through all of this and it has got me thinking….I suffer from anxiety and my sister is an agoraphobic, my grandfather is involved in the Freemasons, does anyone think that this could be related?? I am also currently havig my daughter tested for autism and my nephew has been diagnosed with torettes. Please help I need to know what cruel world I am facing!!!

    • Hi strawberry,

      Please keep in mind that many freemasons don't have a clue about what they're involved in, meaning, it clould very well be that your grandfather has anything to do with you or your family's condition.

      I wish you a lot of strength.

  116. Let the truth be kno on

    Hey everyone,

    I have a favour to ask. Britney's album came out at midnight and I wrote a review on iTunes, sayin' a little about the songs, which I listened to through AOL and then about how she tried to escape the industry and to look up the analysis for this video. Since it took me a couple minutes to write a paragraph and a bunch of people just wrote, "Love the album!", the review showed up on the fourth page. Please take a second to find the review titled "A love letter for Britney Spears" and press "like", so that we can get more people to look at it, especially those who love pop music, but have no clue what's really goin' on behind the scenes. Thanks. I think it could be really effective. :)

  117. The Mickey Mouse ears look like a water atom. The two ears represent the two oxygen atoms and the face is the hydrogen atom. H2O. Reasearch and find out why they do this

    • Always Aware on

      This is a totally pointless comment so I apologize in advance, but H2O has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Just sayin.

  118. The release of the Britney Spears, "Hold It Against Me" music video, coincided with the culmination of the pagan "Ides of March rites of Cybele, and Attis, twelve day death and resurrection rituals", which began on the 15th of March, and ended on the 27th-28th of March.

    The number 15 has to do with the negative aspect of the planet Saturn/Satan, called ZaZel, being illusion, the shadow cast by sexual immorality, lust, and abused love, called Lucifer, the Devil, and false light-bearer of self ignorance, self delusion, and self deception, who himself sits purposely in the void of ego-centric darkness, and divorced from the higher realms of divine truth, and spiritual illumination/intuition.

    The number 27 has associations to the "The Dark Tower" representing the shattered anima, and perverted animus, the end result of sexual immorality, lust, and abused love, under the direction and manipulation of the Luciferian Adept.

    The number 28 means "via emotional will", and carries association with the "Beast", and The "Feast of the Beast", wherein a young woman is sacrificed to the infernal image of Lucifer, to become "the Bride of Satan", represented by the peacock, and the unicorn, and by "Bahimirion, who is Beastial", who is also celebrated with rites and rituals during "the Feast of Priapus, and Festival of Isis", on the 24th of March.

    Through the "Dark Arts and Sciencies", the Luciferian Adept is the occult master and manipulator of the human anima, and the human animus, the basic instinct, and primal emotional feeling, animating human beings, being also the dynamic energy upon which the demon feeds.

  119. What I can't understand is how parents could something like this allow to happen to their children. I guess they call it GREED.

  120. Vigilant Observer on

    VC you also sanitising us by always pointing out the obvious… this hardly qualifies as revelatory, testament to your vigilant work…:)

    Poor Britney boo hoo, but look at her eyes (in above article) they are downcast and cresfallen and its by no account of the heavy eye makeup.

    So VC is assuming that Britney boo hoo is a brutally victimised mind control slave, who is no longer in control of her own thoughts, emotions and life? Yet she is sane enough on those rare and dramatic occasions to escape the desperate 'grip' of her handlers to get the odd frantic DIY haircut while uttering nonsense and to point out that she will lock her kids in the bedroom until they reach 30 should they want to pursue the music industry!!!

    Yes sure, these people, these stars are being given a choice between being famous, rich and being poor and unknown. So they choose stardom above everything else not because they're brainwashed but because their greedy for fame.

    Britney boo hoo left the building a long time ago, the lights are on there's just no one home, i believe we all witnessed her departure on that space ship during the 'lockdown' incident in her mansion. She's not mindcontrolled, she's an attenton seeker. The illuminati, monarch programmers have plenty of candidates to pick and choose from shows like Idols(so aptly named), America's got talent and whatever offensive show to common sense is out there.

    She should pick a number, sit down and stop singing nonsense. She is a has been who has been replaced by younger versions (thanks in part to her role modelling – stellar). Maybe she could write a book about the evils of fame, there are many puppets waiting in line to take her place. mxm!

    The devil doesn't not hold a gun to your forehead and tell you to shoot, he merely appeals to your vain and destructive nature, people will lap up their bad behaviour and when sh*t hits the fan they don't duck.

    It's high time popstars were held accountable for the destructive content of their lyrics and videos, illuminati or not.

    • Unlike many other soul scalped celebrities that I don't pity,I feel bad for Britney. She was forced into this career from childhood, so she never made the conscious adult decision to become an entertainer, her mother did. And once she inked that deal with Disney it was done. So yes I feel for Britney, what pains me more it that she actually tried to escape it but was imprisoned again, obviously against her will. She copes with a chemical cocktail that is handed over to her by her own damn parents. How's that for justice? I hope and pray that she is liberated from this evil that has taken over her life. She is a ghost of herself, you can see it in her lifeless eyes.

  121. oh my goodness VC. I just saw B.S. on good morning america and boy I can't wait to read your take it! She looked like she was scared, or maybe couldnt move. She seemed like she was trying to cover herself at one point. And SHAME on Robin Roberts for laughin and jokin as she is hosting this girl to sell sex to the crowd. They all seem like it was something great about to happen, or someone was singing a nice song. poor girl, bc when i was 30 the last thing in the world that i wanted to do was stand around and shake my butt in people faces and cameras. its better things to teach teenagers then to teach them about then if they will hold IT against you. all we can do is pray for her.

  122. Vigilant Observer on

    The blatant double standards, Rihanna and lady Gaga are of the devil but poor Britney had no choice she was enslaved from a young age… come on! People feel better cursing the former two to hell because they are part and parcel of the illuminati agenda but Britney Spears somehow is exonerated because people at some point bobbed their heads to her 'innocent' music and improper but cute outfits. The agenda is one and the same always was. If you gon pray for Britney might as well include all the other monarch enslaved artists on the website, inlcuding JZ, Riri, Beyonce, Lady Gaga etc all and sundry… God can't be partial remember.

  123. Another good article. Thank you VC. There's something that I want to address though. I have read recently that in Britney's last album, she didn't do anything for the album, I mean, not writing a song, not composing a tune, nothing related to the album art… nothing ! And it seems like she hasn't contributed much in her past albums either. My point is… I kind of disagree with the affirmation that Britney is revealing her internal struggles in her music or videos. Why ? Because she's not doing anything. Her videos are prepared by choreographers, or people who know about dancing and pop styles. Likewise, her music is written by many other producers, music arrangers and writers. Britney has NOTHING to do with it. She's just a poor puppet whose body and face are heavily utilized, but that's it. So I don't believe she's kind of "asking-for-help" with her songs or videos. All of this is planned by others. But yes, definitely there's a whole industry thing in all of her stuff, especially because many elements in her music and videos are those of the other puppets around (Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, etc). Britney is not portraying anything from her personal life. She's just following the agenda she's been requested for in exchange for fame.

    If you ask me, I feel bad for her. When she started her "career", I was really hooked. She resembled a lot of childish tenderness… or at least that's what I saw. I remember the Baby One More Time video, where she appears as a lovely schoolgirl, the dream of every man. Come on man, I'm not a pervert, I was not even having bad thoughts on her. I just said… God, this girl is so cute. I didn't even pay attention to the "hidden message" of the song… and the less I related it to was sex. Then it came the video for "Sometimes"… again she caught me… very tender and mellow, and very cute. Probably I was being involved by all this programming too and I was not even realizing it.

    Britney was apparently christian when she started… and I was very happy because I am christian too. But at a certain point, she lost perspective and started to act in a very disappointing way. I remember when I heard in the news that she was found in a bar, completely drunk… and I said… what ?? Britney ??? Then someone sent me a picture of Britney smoking a cigarette… the dream died there… at least for me. And then you know the stories… the shaving of her hair, the kiss with Madonna which is something repulsive for me if you ask me… the weird episode when she's asked about her ex-boyfriend Justin and she first laughs and then of a sudden cries and changes her mood… and many, many other things. So sad. I really liked her, and definitely I know she's suffering in many ways. And I believe she wants to be liberated of all this shit. She needs help. But I just wanted to say… all her videos and messages in songs are completely planned by the evil entertainment industry. I don't think she has the mind to put a hidden Baphomet in her video, or showing disturbing images of eyeless men. That definitely can't come from her mind, but from a disturbed, creepy and dirty mind, probably that of a Illuminati programmer.

  124. Why does this sites articles or any site/person discussing this topic always bash the director Jonas Akerlund?? The guy makes dark art! Yeah, he used to be in a death metal band, the guys art is always gonna lean toward dark..ok I guess my real question is, what is WRONG with dark art? About every significant artist in all of history has at least went through a phase were there work was very dark in nature. As an artist of many mediums myself, my work tends to be dark. You know why myself and so many artists do this? It is a very healthy way of letting your dark side out (which we all have) and expessing things that may have happened to you in life or whatever reason; it is healthy! I think as far as all the talk and "exposing" of pop music, is blown waqy out of context. Dark art is a trend right now! I realy think its that simple! And I know there will be some to tell me to "open my eyes" and other cliches I see blurted out, well my eyes are open, thanks, I like dark art. And some of what goes on when disgussing this "pop star conspiracy" topic is downright slander. And it really saddens me when people do it in the name of Christianity. What happened to thou shall not bear false wittness? Or how about, he who is without sin? I see a lot of judging and shameless (with NO solid proof) badmouthing, I would be careful cause in this "sue happy world" some sites like this might find themselves in trouble legaly. Just to clarify.. When you discuss in a rational way, thats one thing; a GOOD thing! But if you take someone's image, like the guy who scrawled a 666 and blacked out Lady Gaga's eyes in a pic he puts in a vid, that YOU, this site linked! Im ALL for freedom of speach, but be careful, there's a fine line between that and slander. Love to all. :)

    • I think you've the entire point of this article (and of this website). It is not about "dark art being evil", it is about an agenda being pushed to teenagers. Most of the time, the videos aren't dark. Quite to contrary, they are colorful, fun and sexy to appeal to young people. I wouldn't even qualify Britney's video as being "dark", theres choreography and a bunch of product placements. Nothing says "dark art" better than L'Oreal Makeup.

      Furthermore, I've seen no slander in this article and I dont know what 666 video youre talking about.

  125. As a mom, this breaks my heart.

    I hope and pray parents will think twice before pushing their kids into show-biz.

    All that glitters is not gold.

  126. Watch the movie Sucker Punch. It is all about disasociationg, multiple personalities and Monarch Programming. Not suprising from the director of 300.

  127. I just check the video clip and I saw a weird coincidence. She shows her perfume RADIANCE and appears a image of the camera taking the shots "lens made in japan".

  128. Many people are becoming aware because it seems that the plan is that what was hidden will be revealed; either by intent or by discovery, this year many will start to understand the darkness, we must go into the darkness in order to see the light. If we do not know the darkness, then we cannot change it. Could this really be true, that these children are born to a generational line of pedophiles and sold at an early age to the bussiness for FAME AND MONEY. The parents sold them, they are sold like cows in a farm. The truth is stranger than fiction, the reason it is hard to belief it is because we are not told about MK ultra, trauma to dissociate the mind, satanic rituals are never on t.v. Why??????? The hidden hand is revealed.

  129. Vigilant Citizen, why don't you or someone else do more research on the parents of these children, it all starts there. There should be a huge site that starts to paint the picture of who they really are, this is the seed that needs more exposure instead of just focusing on the puppets.

  130. Did anyone see her GMA live performance this morning? during the HIAM break down SHE WAS IN AN ELECTRO SHOCK CHAIR! they are really controlling her, it’s so sad.

    • Yes just saw it on Dlisted. The chair was obviously fashioned to look like an electric chair. She even started jumping up and down on it as if she were being shocked. How disturbing and perverted.

  131. woww thanks VC, been waiting for this one – and actually you provided some new, interesting info on Britney – I didn't see the baphomet, but did see the creepy smile and the double iris in the eye.

    I saw Britney on her Circus tour. She literally looked like she was going through the motions, with no vigour or life or happiness, she is a slave to the recording companies, there are so many artists like this, and we need to try and help these people.

    I sincerely hope someone can help Britney, but unfortunately she is surrounded by people who are all also indoctrinated and/or under mind control. Also, re: Jason Trawick, her new supposed manager/lover, I actually read an article in the Daily Mail where it described him as 'handling' Britney. As in her 'handler'. when you see them together, they look so unhappy. It doesn't look like a real relationship.

    There is some tape of Jason Alexander and Britney speaking, where Britney relays that Trawick 'beats on her'.

    Also, there was some info about her ex body guard who came out about Britney being extremely predatory and sexual towards him, he was suing her for distress, recently. Could it be one of her sex kitten alters?

    Thanks for relaying this, I hope this info will help others to do something now about this, maybe people that are surrounding her will read this article, and those who are not under duress may try and help her escape, she seems like a really sweet person who has just been royally taken advantage of.. Poor girl.

  132. steven spears on

    Britney Ur the best just don't pay attention and keep doing what U do best… PERFORMING and being U Queen B!!!

  133. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Vigilant, this is my question to you. Why want you do an investigation on Rihanna? I strongly believe that she provoked this man, because he would not comply with Illuminati.

    We all know that these people have her simple mind in their hands. There is not too much to her brain. I do not mean to be harsh in reference to her, but hey, she is a simple-minded person. She has done wrong against another human being that she will soon reap.

    Rihanna has faith in these people. She believes that these people actually have control over her fate and destiny and that her future will always be bright as long as she slaves to these people. She is a foolish female to believe such garbage. She can wear her hair red as long as she desires, but that want save her from the doom she has created for herself.

    • Nice one. I don't watch TV or buy magazines and papers. I read bits and pieces on the internet and there is no day that Rihanna trollop is not. Like she's some sort of goddess. Some people are questionning what's the big deal with her as she can't sing and I'm thinking to myself..yeah but she gets the approval of her bosses because she does as she's told. Saying that her cd "good girl gone bad" is the only cd i ever bought in my life. I listen to the radio when I'm driving and she was on endlessly, let alone her songs being in the shops…I bought that cd ages ago (£6 is it 9 dollars) and I hardly listened to it. As I don't watch the music channels I wasn't aware of her disturbing video clips. Now it's all binned and dusted.

  134. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Someone asked why pray for Britney and not Jay-Z, Beyonce, etc. Well, we should always pray for all people to learn the truth. We should be committed to pray for people who try to help themselves. Britney appeared to be reaching out for help, but she is surrounded by wicked people who stage events to take place in her life such as the Paparazzi. Britney cannot distinguish from reality to fantasy. She honestly does not know what is real and not real. We must be her rock by interceding on her part by praying to God to protect her. We must stand in for her to ask for the impossible to take place in her life.

    We can do more by praying to God to heal this nation, America.

  135. Great article VC! 😀 I'm only 14 and everyone around me acts like these artists- Gaga, Jay Z, Britney, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, etc. are gods to be worshipped. They are just contributing to the power the Illuminati has..

    Ever since i found your site my eyes have been opened. I have even started picking up on Illuminati symbolism in videos/songs myself 😀

    God bless!

  136. FemalePharoe on

    Also, just gotta note: How sad is it that they have used her as a living advertisement. I initially thought this was a commercial. Like the thing videos show before they come on on the net. Then it was 2min in and I was like .."oh" .

    Close ups of SONY? Makeup Forever ? Her handlers are selling her off like a 2 dolla hooker.

    Say what you will about Britney, but that woman consistently brought a performance and a show. She's barely even dancing in this.

    They're not even trying anymore to…

  137. Me from Colombia on

    I think somebody said "Femme fatale" doesn't mean only that Brit is a sex-kitten but it means that she is being headed towards death. I hate to say this and my heart breaks for her and her children but I think this is what they have planned for her.

    In the video the two Britneys kill off each other and in Justin Timberlake's video "What goes around comes around" his lover (played by sex-kitten Johansson) is killed in a car accident after cheating on him.

    I also remember that Britney did all she could so nobody took the kids away from her maybe because she knew they'd be programmed (God forbid I hope I'm wrong) and I when she was sent to rehab/programming she claimed she didn't need it… of course not! And when she was admitted in a mental facility I thought it was weird fashion sense when her mother Lynne was photographed wearing a Mickey Mouse jumper I was like "Isn't she like 50?" but now I see it was just symbolism meaning Britney was being reprogrammed. I also found it very weird that she was released after days, I mean, she was so seriously ill… but now I see that they just needed to reprogram her and release her…

    When Britney's system broke she also mentioned being raped by her father just like Karen Mulder…

    I also want to note that the "white dress tainted by paint" was seen in one of Alexander McQueen's runway shows… and now he is gone.

  138. People are also quick to blame her parents to.What makes you think they are not MK-ultra slaves to? Its probably a generational family thing. Thats why her 50 year-old mother is wearing disney clothes? How absurd.

    • Me from Colombia on

      I think Britney's father is a paedophile who sold her daughter to the elite. Her mother is probably mk'd or just crazy.

  139. My God… Paramore, Gaga, Aguilera, Carey, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kerli, Beyonce… so who's next? Groban? P!ATD? Mika?

    … Oh no, don't tell me Bowie is one of THEM. I saw one of his photo as 'Ziggy Stardust', the one with that 'thunderbolt' thing on his face. He looks like Gaga in one of her early photos. No, not Bowie too…

    • he is one of the originals, gaga is just a repeat. Look at all his stuff and his videos, it's painfully obvious.

  140. now i get the connection of her song LUCKY!!

    She's so locky but why does she cry?

    She has been living a life of fame while being puppeted

    I so love her actually, poor britney hope she gets away from this terrible world and change anew

  141. Thank you for mentioning Madonna. She is a Jewess and very heavily involved in Kabbalah, which she herself admits.

    Great work!

    • Yes, she seems totally blank, totally vacant. Her eyes are dead, like they’re painted on. It may just be a shadow or something, but it also looks like there’s a scar, or some other abnormal discoloration, running from the left hand corner of her mouth down to her chin. Marks of a recent trauma?

  142. Folypeelarks on

    There is no other pop (or whatever) star that I take pity on more than Britney.The poor girl.She is the best example of the horror that these people experience.They took her kids, they make her insane and pressed out her whole talent for their own benefit.Britney may be everything – a whore, a drug addict e.t.c, she may have made the mistake to trust them but no matter what she is or what she has done she does not deserve such fate.I am not saying this as her fan, I'm not such.But I really respect this girl because of her try to brake free and the fact that thanks to her we looked at the iluminatti programs in their most ugly and terrifying side…I wish her to reach a day when she'll escape somewhere…among the african tribes for instance, or into an eskimo village even..haha =)) I'm sure she'll be much more happy there, really. :(

  143. you also forgot about the part where one of her hands has long black nails (in comparison to rihanna's entity in the video disturbia)

  144. Oh! I`m really surprised about the video and the possible meaning of it. I`m a huge fan of Britney.. You may think I`m crazy but even I know that the Illuminaty is taking control of music industry I really love her. I hate Lady gaga because she is too obvious and Britney isn`t. I may think that the freaky director of the hold it against me video make her do this and put everything in the stage in order to adore evil and control people and fans. I still in love of Brit and her music even though she doesn`t sing and dance like she used to. sorry for my english I`m from Peru and I like this page so much.

  145. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    First of all, I want to say that Britney is a beautiful talented woman. So many people allow their jealousy to take control of themselves whereas they speak ill of her.

    Secondly, I was viewing some of the comments and wondered something. She is singing not to hold it against her if she wants your body tonight. I cannot help but wonder if she were practicing some form of meditation where she is able to exit her own body to enter another’s. May be someone is doing it to her more than she desires. The song (lyrics) could actually be a message to her (thinking aloud here).

    I remember this lady who called herself a Master Zen. She takes over people’s minds, etc. She wanted to do me, so I can experience it. She spooked me. This led me to believe that you have to give her total control in order for it to work. I had to be in a position that I was in total submission: laying down, nothing on my mind, no movements, etc. Of course, I did not agree to this.

    Apparently, these people practice eveything under the sun. I prefer to keep my Chrisitianity. It is safe.

  146. They seem to keep pushing out the same "stars" over and over at us when their falling apart, not that talented, etc. It's like they're saying: "We've made the investment in you, the public WILL like you."

  147. Britney's team are allowing directors like Jonas and Ray Kay to depict what they like, there hasn't been any deeply satanic symbolism yet, unlike Xtina's most recent videos…I wish she would surround herself with better people…

    She has had problems with alter-personalities though, its sad i thought the industry would at least leave people along when they become parents,

    looks like J lo is up next…

  148. @182 Everyknee

    With regards to you wanting an 'investigation' into Rihanna. According to you she has a 'simple mind' and she apparently 'believes her future is bright as long as she slaves to these people'. You tellingly say 'she is a foolish female for believing such garbage'. I'm sorry if I misread or are reading too much into what you said but do you personally know her? Your post reads as a rambling personal attack and is not based on any facts. Or even based on any of the ideas or theories that is noted on this site. One thing I have realised is that the dissecting of music video symbology and it's connection to the occult, is that due to (for whatever reason) many of artists that are discussed here happening to be female. Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Xtina and Beyonce etc are people who have captured collective imagination of the pop loving public at large as well as those wanting to delve deeper into the esoteric meanings behind these women's image and music. As a result because of this at times gender sway, I find that there are people who could be using the illuminati/occult talking point as a mask for misogyny and to spill pure spite and hatred. The comments following this Britney post contain such a outpouring of empathy and kindness towards her that I have not seen on this level towards other artists. Many times amongst the insightful and reasonable posts,I see judgemental and cruel posts blaming these women, disparaging remarks (whore, bitch etc). It's so incredibly disheartening to see. As if one believes about MK torture and you believe that the artists discussed may have undergone these traumas then surely it's not actually about them having a 'simple mind' or wanting to be 'reap benefits' of being a slave but that it may possibly be the case of them not actually having the option of free will and knowing their own mind at all. You mentioned that you think Rihanna 'provoked' Chris Brown into attacking her. Interestingly this is in-line with a majority of thinking that I've witnessed via newspaper websites comments, message boards and forums across the internet who seemed united in absolving Chris Brown from any wrong doing since that violent attack on Rihanna in 2009. There are those seemingly, convinced that 'she must of done somthing' to set him off. It's so unsettling that having seen the battered and bruised pictures of Rihanna that many were and still are joined in blaming her for his behaviour. It's sad because why is it we here can advise one another to pray for other artists who may have suffered under mk/illuminati regime but attack and say hurtful things against others? The pattern with those entering/picked to be in the entertainment industry is age. Many get into the industry from childhood. Rihanna is no different. Having been discovered as a 13/14 year old. If these things we discuss here are indeed true, children are not the ones making these decisons to promote luciferian ideas/worship but the onus is on their parents for allowing them to be part an industry that could promote these evil things. The blame for this awful and it seems terrifying situation Britney is in, lays firmly on the shoulders of her parents-both of them. May God have mercy on her and all those affected by this brutal abuse system.

  149. Another great article, one that I feel hits the nail right on the head.

    Poor girl. To me, her eyes always held such a deep sadness. She never had a chance did she?

  150. "According to the Illuminati’s occult philosophy, it is their karmic duty to reveal their actions (whether in a subliminal, coded matter or not): Concealing and revealing is the game they play."

    I was wondering if anyone has more information about this philosophy. I'm just curious. Are the Illuminati revealing information about themselves because they know that "what is done in the dark will soon see the light of the day" so they control how their darkness is revealed in the light of day…or is it something else? Again, just wanted to know a little more information about this particular belief of theirs.

  151. I have a question: How is it that only some Music Artists suffer breakdowns as a result of the mind control trauma and some don't? People like Madonna and Rihanna have been through it for years and still haven't gone through a public breakdown like Britney. Why so?

    • They are obviously mentally stronger than Britneyand are able to withstand it.

      Some Celebs can just get on with things and not care about it.

    • Me from Colombia on

      Rihanna is still young and reciently added to the network. Her system could break around age 33 I bet she won't even be famous when she reaches that age.

      Madonna is a member of the occult herself. If her porogramming ever broke, she still went for it.

  152. It seems like they're always try pushing these stars on us, even after they're washed up and spent as if to say, "We've put a lot of effort into you. People WILL like you." No one cares about them or they're "talent" yet they keep coming back in our faces.

    • no offense meant but how do u know shes really been under monarch programming? if u look for something ur gonna find it example look up "mysterious scream in love rollercoaster" love rollercoaster was a old song and suposedly a woman was killed down the street from the studio and if u listen closely it sounds like a woman's scream but 2 things bout tht 1 wat do ppl do on a rollercoaster ? they scream so most likely they put some technical sounds in it to enforce the title 2 recording studios r sound proof just for the reason if a loud sound was outside it wouldnt interfear with the song so take any song album cover or even music video nd listen and watch closely u will find something

  153. Something struck me when I read this article, this bit here:

    “If an alter is not being cooperative when they are accessed, they can be locked in place mentally and given a quick shot of a fast-acting hypnotic-inducing drug. One drug which was popular for programming was DEMEROL, which would be administered intravenously (an IV). It takes about 5-7 minutes to take full effect after administration via an I.V. The dosage can be administered so that the effect remains until the programming session is over.”

    The following link is a song by Michael Jackson called Morphine from the HIStory Album…

    some of the lyrics go like this;


    Oh God he's taking demerol




    Oh my Oh God it's Demerol




    He got shit baby

    Your dog's a bitch baby

    You make me sick baby

    You are a liar

    Is truth a game daddy

    To win the fame baby

    It's all the same baby

    You're so reliable

    Trust in me

    Trust in me

    Put all your trust in me

    She's doin' morphine

    once again another creepy and disturbing article! but I'd like to thankyou for keeping us informed you do a great job at it and keep it up! I sincerly feel sorry for Britany and all the other stars that have to endure this, I wonder though, if its possible for any of them to escape their programming? Has anyone managed to in the past?

    I am also very curious and concerned about the link between the MORPHINE song and what you have mentioned. I have listened to it in the past and tried to come up with many ways to decipher what the song is actually about, but ive never been clear about about it. I wonder at the hidden meaning and what your interpretation of it it?

    Thanks again !

    • Very excellent job Vigilant! This is one of my strong references to the Illuminati infiltration in our society.

      I want to add to the post of little BlUe that there are rumors that MJ receive a daily dosis of Demerol and THAT members of his family says that an overdose of that sustance could be the of his death.

      MJ give IN RECENT DAYS BEFORE HIS DEATH a pair of interviews where he states without dobut what is sayed above the illuminati (REWRITING OF HISTORY, THE MUSIC INDUSTRY), and sayed it with all their letters CONSPIRATION.

  154. I haven't read all of the comments in this section, so I apologize if I am repeating something already shared here. One thing struck me while reading the analysis of that video and the comment that was made that she (Britney) didn't look like she was having any fun or she was not involved in the video. She was recently performing on Good Morning America, and I had the same thought about watching her on stage. She barely smiled, her dancing was very loose and she seemed to just be meandering, basically, around the stage while "singing" and playing with the various props. She looked dazed and not engaged in what she was doing at all. Now, after having read this post, I have to wonder…is it possible that we aren't just seeing a symbolic representation of mind programming, but rather – in the videos themselves – we are actually witnessing someone's programming taking place while it is being filmed and given to the public viewership as a "music video"? What if the actual making of the "video" is in fact part of a process used to conduct specific programming? We all know how they like to film the things they do and the perversions that they endulge in. Wouldn't surprise me at all if they released actual footage of a programming taking place and sold it to the masses as a "music video". Just a thought.

  155. if you go & watch the video at 3:47 the two iris’ change into one. I am guessing that this signals the completion of the take over or merge perhaps.

  156. Hello everyone! first of all I wanna say that I appriciate your job and I think you're articles are very interesting, but I didn't understand something: why does music industry need to do this to theyr singer? I mean, out of here is full of people who would do ANYTHING to get in this business, even without being mind controlled, so why spending money and time with all of these practices if they can get the same results without phisically hurting someone? I know I may look naive but seriously there's really need a mind controll program for convincing a singer to act sexy and promiscuous in order to be famous? Hope I can have an answer.. have a good day everyone…

    PS: sorry for my bad english, I'm italian!

  157. Hello everyone! first of all I wan to say that I really appriciate your job, and I think your articles are very interesting. I didn't understand something: why music industry need to do this to theyr singers? I mean, out of here is full of people who would do ANYTHING to get in this business, even without being mind-controlled, so why do they spend a lot of money and time if they can have the same results without physically hurt someone? I know I may look naive, but seriously, there's really need a mind control program for convincing a singer to act sexy and promiscuous in order to be famous? hope I can have answers. have a good day.

    PS: sorry for my bad english, I'm italian!

    • That is a good question Mario.. I am sure many of us wonder.. there are dark, sinister reasons for that though.. if you read up more about MK ULTRA and mind control.. read Springmeier, the guy that VC refers to.. some dark in there though..

    • Me from Colombia on

      You know there are people who would do WHATEVER to be famous but there is a limit to everything. I mean if Britney Spears father is such a paedophile psycho to give her daughter to the Network, it means people are still greedy sick and evil enough without being mk'd. Yes but the victims would come out eventually, like Karen Mulder when her programming broke. She accused many people including her father of torture and sexual abuse but the tape was erased and she was sent back to programming, like Britney. The network programs monarch slaves because they want to control the person in a way they can do monstruocities to this people from childhood and keep erasing their memories.

  158. I love this site for all the work it does, but there`s one thing I do not understand…why would all these Hollywood stars explicitly enact their tortures on stage? Why would they leave symbolic clues towards the true meaning behind their facade?

    …and now that we walked down this avenue, I know for a fact that modernity (i.e. Illuminism and its many revolutions) was brought about by Mason…that put an end to the horrors of the Middle Ages and eventually lead to improved living conditions (medical break-throughs, access to education, individual rights etc). Why would they do something like this, if secret orders want to enslave humanity and make us regress, why would they save us from a regressive situation in the first place?

    This is the one thing I don`t get. Are we talking about division within Masonry? With some being "good" and others "evil"? With some starting projects for the betterment of mankind and other hijacking them and perverting them? Please explain!



    • There are most certainly divisions with Masonry and all of the networks.. the ones on the 'lower rungs' have no idea what the higher ups are really doing, yet they end up doing their bidding anyway, at times.. if you read more about it, you will see how that is.. I don't think that all in the Masons are necessarily after these agendas, yet they may still be in the dark 'cause that's how it is..

      • For a very mundane example, for instance.. all the first Presidents of the United States as many will know, were Masons.. and every President to this day, with the exception of a few were and are as well.. look that up for the history, but anyway, the first ones came up with the Constitution and all that, which is of course good, but what happened..??? That is a question for the ages.. what did happen? Some say it was highjacked yes.. long story to look into.. just gotta keep investigating..

      • Thank you for the reply! I suspected as much about the presidents and this indeed is the case with most politicians (even the founders of the EU and other such organisms). Yes, gotta keep investigating!

  159. Child prostitute rings, human slavery, and bloody ritual sacrifice are used everyday by those in power. Few have escaped the grasp of this dark force to bring forth this knowledge; the Mother Goddesses themselves, Cathy O'Brian and Arizona Wilder are two made popular through the works of Fritz Springmeier and David Icke. They tell us that, most victims of Monarch come from broken homes that usually involves sexual abuse. The Illuminati seek parents that are pedophiles. They want fathers that will abuse baby girls. The handlers program the children with the expectation that they will be "thrown from the freedom train" when they get to age 30. They own you, and when they are done, they kill you. Could our leading stars be part of an Illuminati Satanic Ritual Cult that eats babies for Moloch? The idea is not as far out as it seems. The truth is, this is the more likely reality.

  160. hi, interesting article,

    does anyone have any idea why on earth they give britney the creepy smile? is there a hidden meaning to it? thanks to anyone that responds :)

    • I think it might be a reference to "The Joker" in the playing card pack or the equivalent "The Fool" of the Tarot. The Joker is a devilish super-villain often depicted laughing sadistically with an impossibly wide smile, as Britney is seen to have here.

      What is disturbing is that one of Heath Ledger’s movies was The Dark Knight in which he played The Joker. His last film was The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in which he plays a character called Tony Liar and is depicted hanging under a bridge just after Doctor Parnassus pulls out the Tarot card of the Hanged Man. Heath died during the filming of this movie of an "accidental prescription drug overdose". I sincerely hope that Heath and Britney will not share the same fate.

      See Vigilant Citizen's insightful analysis of the sacrificial nature of Heath Ledger's death here in which the question is asked: "Did The Fool evolve into the Hanging Man?"

  161. Reminds me of a performance I saw of hers recently on the Jimmie Kimmel show.. there were lots of bells and whistles, costumes, lights.. and she was dancing away, usual kind of robotic dancing though.. hate to say it, but she can't dance! Her singing sounded manipulative, doubled up using those machines they use for that.. but with all these bells and whistles, there was really no spirit in it.. not everybody could probably see that, as the audience was going wild.. but even that seemed made up, like they were told to go crazy.. of course what else? Gotta sell that new album.. she didn't seem to fully be in the performance, something missing.. after all she's been through – we really should feel sorry for her.. I hope that she gets out of what she's in one day

  162. Any one else find this strange: it has been announced that her summer tour will have a "Apocalyptic" theme. Like could this be the end or something? Like her Armageddon?

  163. I advise you to take a listen to her never leaked in full song 'Rebellion' and her cover 'All That She Wants' with her original lyrics that might show some insight in to her sad life. She recorded those songs during 06/07, while she was rebelling against the system.

  164. I was hoping you'd do this video, because as soon as i saw it, I knew it has something to do with mind-control… its so obvious with so many videos, i recommend you checking up on our good Illuminati friend Kerli, she got two new songs (Army of Love and Tea party) full of marionettes, horns and unicorns… you'll be amused I'm sure.

    Well done Vigilante!

  165. its pretty obvious brit has gone through a dramatic change..was an avid fan..and noticed the change in her second album!!..and it got worse to the third and s0 on..

    let's put brit aside and check out katy perry and kanye west's new disturbing vid yet!!!

    called E.T………u gotta do an article on this..katy luks scary with the snake eyes and kabbalistic look of a faun or goat..A GOAT!!..

    there's been vids in youtube saying that katy's a draconian race with snake eyes and all that stuff…

    lotsa creepy stuff in the vid and the song itself!!

  166. When you pointed out the skull i was pretty suprised; i didn't notice it.

    also, you mentioned Jive. has Jive got any significant role in this? Two of my favorite bands have signed with Jive…

  167. Have u seen the "plenty of fish" side on the computer screen? The same as in Lady Gaga's video "Telephone" used by the prison guard before Gaga left the prison. It's weird that this "plenty of fish" side shows up on both vids.

  168. In the last part of the video you see a colorful triangle forming…….with a question mark in the middle………….

  169. Good article once again VG.

    Some people comment that Britney knows that she's being used and wants out, but dont you realise that when you are mind controlled you are probably not aware that you are trauma based mind controlled? The other personalities are not aware of eachother.

    I do think that some mind control victims will have glitches and problems that sometimes show through. Maybe the illuminati underestimate the mind/heart/ energy connection.

  170. Rebellious Ronnie on

    We need a leader to fight back against this some one to take a stand against this mind control american citzens have had enough

  171. notpowerless on

    I think the video is a divine sacrifice. The Britney in the white gown was sacrificed for the black persona to be born. I personally think there's nothing wrong with that in terms of creativity, but I am being uneasy now with this theme being ever present in every minute and every day in films and music videos. I don't wanna believe in this Illuminati thing, but the facts are drawing the line clearly now.

  172. I noticed all the symbolism in this video before I even read the article. My boyfriend even mentioned that she looked "wore out, "ran through" and "tired". SMH sad.

    Please check out Jennifer Hudsons new video "Where You At?" . She is in a church at the end, looking up (to the heavens) screaming "Where you at?… Deliver" (mocking God) So sad what people will do for fame. Her poor family.

  173. Has anyone seen Brittany's "You want a piece of me" video? She has a group of girls following her all dressed exactly alike! Possibly alters? Check it out!

  174. Robin Shadowes on

    Since Jonas Åkerlund is a fellow countryman of mine, I'm curious to if he is really in on it or just another Illuminati puppet. What's your thoughts of it?

  175. BlindedBefore on

    I'm from Asia. Most of my countrymen idolize Hollywood Stars and Singers.

    For many yeas, I've been following American Idol,, but Haven't started the first season.

    Now that I know about these symbols, I've been starting to notice those in AI..

    2 weeks ago, Hulk Hogan surprised James, a contestant in AI, he was wearing a Shirt with Baphomet's print. Jennifer Hudson guested and was doing the Triad Claw(?),

    and while Sugarland was performing, their Background was Heart with pointed end(face of Baphomet),with with wings(horn), and the right eye was normal but the other eye was like of a machine with screw above it, not so sure what it was(transhumanism). Contestants were wearing silver and black.

    Last week, Fantasia was wearing red, in their VTR showing how their schedules were so hectic, their was A Baphomet Sreensaver(?) in a computer(it was just so fast), one of the audience, a girl, was wearing a Baphomet-print shirt. And during Will I.Am and Jamie Foxx, There was an "EYE" in the middle of the stage sorrounded with Dancers. Coincidental huh?!? And how about Rio's promotional Poster, parrot looking down at Jesus Christ?

  176. BlindedBefore on

    I hope that you would also do a weekly analysis of American Idol's Episode, performance and Elimination .

  177. I love how you state all the facts, and instances without sounding bias. When we get done reading your article, we have no idea if you like or dislike the artist, their music, or their image…because you weren't basing anything on your thoughts,…just the facts and how they relate to each other, and I think that is very genuine reporting. That way, when left with the facts, we can decide for ourselves. Keep it up man, you are always so incredible!

  178. BlahBlahBlah on

    Nice article, very well done.

    I wish my best luck for Britney Spears that she will get back together, she is a good singer and performer.

  179. Did anyone watch the I am Femme Fatal show on MTV? I watched before I ever read this article and came to my own conclusion that the BRITNEY we all loved at the begining is gone. Even her voice and demeanor are different. She seems like a little sad lost puppy. I feel bad for her! Definitely something has happened.

  180. Another great article. Doesnt surprise me at all, because Britney is a bit mad. But yeah, very insightful indeed!! Thanks VC!!

  181. Well Britney makes the transformation from innocent pop idol to an idol that definitely realizes she is under mind control. I think it's obvious that she knows what's going on, especially after shaving her head to try and prove a point. I think that the fact that she knows there's no way out, she's has no where to run or hide. And, in my opinion, her creepy smile represents her recognition to her mind controlled body. It looks evil because she has no control over it. I almost feel like an evil spirit enters her body at that point, I mean that smile doesn't look normal. Just so weird.

  182. as i saw the video i felt the bad energy in it and i recognised the illuminaty symbols

    the sad part is that trully she seems really sad in this video and i can say that she doesn't seem to be part of the video also the video is hard to watch is grotesque

    i feel sorry for her and for her life i believe she feels exhausted

    we really live in a sick disturbing world in many ways

  183. Lyrics to Hold it Against me: "You feel like paradise, and I need a vacation tonight" Strage, but does anyone remember she got matching pair of dice tattoos with ex-husband Kevin Federline? Funny how that works : "Paradise" sounds like " Pair of Dice" Maybe another trigger that she doesn't realize she is singing? Here is a link to the tattoo pic: you have to scroll down past the booty photo to the second picture to see the "Pair of Dice". Certainly, fame is a gamble that is not paradise for Britney.

  184. im usually pretty sceptic about this, but i believe this. and it makes me sad. really, really sad.

    also, that creepy smile picture scares the hell outta me.

  185. Wow Britney!! I didn't know she took that picture at 16! thats crazy

    you gotta ask where are her partents???? I know def well mine would be right in the room with me. these videos are something else. right in front of peoples face and they still can't see it. good look on the Baphomet pic i didn't see that. i don't like the song either.

    thank you again Vigilant for your hard work!!!

    • Hey FreeYoMind!!!!

      Where have you been??? We missed ya around here. I hope everything is going well for ya lately.

      Keep in touch here and over at my place, too.

      Peace, love and respect!!!

  186. helpless flip on

    Oh My Gosh! I wish I could help Britney escape those demons, I feel so sorry for her.Is there anything we could do about it? Let's all pray for Britney and other mind-controlled stars who are suffering in the hands of these demons.

  187. But what I never understand, what is their goal? Yes they are transforming all the tv icons into puppets, but what is the actual goal?

    Can VC tell me please?

  188. It would be interesting to take a closer look at her personal life starting from 2006, when she filed from divorce from Kevin Federline. When she met k fed, she began to pull away from her career and was wanting more of a real life…marriage, kids and the like. after divorcing everyone thought it was the best idea ever, which i'm sure was a good idea but people also believed that she would throw herself back into her career again. But instead, she continued to struggle to have a normal life as a single mother. It even appeared that she was tired of the industry. when she was with her kids, the media scrutinized everything!!! and yes, she did make mistakes as a mother, but who wouldn't when you have cameras every second in your face, the media bashing about you every evening and people only showing the bad parts b/c it sells. people failed to see that she was trying to do things that she was not allowed to do before marriage, when her career was her main focus, such as going out to party. She did make terrible choices during this time period, but was it out of desperation of wanting out? I find it interesting that in a world where celebrities were getting away with everything, Britney who had millions and could obtain the best lawyers, lost custody of her kids to a man who didn't have a job and had a history of not taking care of his other kids with Shar Jackson. Maybe removing custody from her was a way of trying to show her who's boss and that it would be better for her to follow their rules or her most prized possessions would be ripped away? Britney was also placed into a rehab twice but it has never, ever been found that she used drugs or abused alcohol. It has always been said that she had a mental disorder, like being bipolar. She even said in the MTV documentary that she was taking meds and seeing doctors. So is rehab appropriate from being bipolar? No. But what does the mental disorder stem from? Possibly being in the control of others for so many years? But again rehab was an attempt to have control of her. What about the head shaving? I have read that it could have been a way of starting new and trying to not be part of the programming. What about specific people in her life who were putting her in danger? like sam lutfi, who has a history of trying to take control of people's lives and who britney's mother claims would put medication in her food. Then she was placed on a conservatoryship. Yet another way of getting her to be controlled. After all the struggles of finally getting britney to be under control and possible reprogrammed with mind control, we have a britney who is back to performing for us and making millions for her handlers. it's sad. Where there was once an abundant of magazine covers and t.v. interviews, there are now only a hand full. Where there was once joy on her face during performances, there is now less pace dancing and less interaction with the public. Overall, I think Britney tried to break free. I remember in the MTV documentary, she said that she has seen "the cruelest part of the world" and I wonder what has this poor girl been through? I think she wanted to do almost anything for her freedom, but is willing to do way more for her kids. I believe the removal of full custody of her children, was the beginning of her loosing the battle of freedom and their way of keeping control of britney. I pray that she finds happiness with her family and that she can find her freedom with only healing scabs to show for her struggles.

  189. How about that pyramid at the end? The pyramid (illuminati symbol) is multicolored in rainbow (gay pride).

  190. blondevigilante on

    thank you for this.

    i've been waiting for you to do a piece like this on britney because she is my generation's most obvious illuminati pop (or better term for pop would be puppet) princess and has such a cat-and-mouse story with her public image and ultimately her handlers. to me, her videos aren't as artistically demonic or strange as some of the other "puppet" musician's and i've had a hard time reading into the true messages of most of them so i really appreciate your breakdown of this video as well as the other artist's videos you've done. your pieces, make sense of what the media is really stuffing down our throats and keep me critically aware of it's numbing nature.

    Too many of us are blind-viewers, hypnotized by the song-and-dance and are not really aware of what is really going on in the world. so when i get wrapped up fantasizing about owning the hottest designer clothes or the sexy hairstyle i see on MTV i take a closer look at what i'm watching and remember the men-behind-the-curtain want me to want or be what i see and the clothes and the hair are all a part of their nwo agenda.


    1. do you think that, during the time of her public mental breakdown, her British boyfriend Adnand was helping her deprogram and that's why she was showing signs of dissassociative behavior OR was he her handler doing a crappy job?

    2. what was that creepy smile about during the transformation scene in the video?

  191. I watched the video and foud other things:

    At the beggining in her coreography, she makes the horns with her hands.

    In a moment she is surrounded by microphones, and wearing a red dress.

    At the end it shows a question mark (don't know why)

    We have to temember that those videos are not always the idea of the eartist. There's someone who write the script and create the set. The artist can be an absolute puppet of the director.

    Thanks for this article, and others. It helps a lot to know about these things. The ignorance can kill, and I feel sad for those who ignore the simbolism and meaning of these videos.

    See you around, or read you (whatever)

  192. This really really explains a lot & i did know some what of MK ultra and monarch mind control programming

    but this is very good & explains a lot & clears a little something up for me

    thank you for this extremely educational article VC

  193. The first scene in the video depicts a burning comet falling from the heavens onto the Earth (similar to that from Kanye's fallen angel in Runaway). When it reaches the Earth, all of the cityscape lights up indicating that the fallen object has illuminated the Earth.

  194. another disturbing vid of brit-brit…!!! i want you to do an article on this one..she's now talking about "the end of the world" conspiracy…it's time you should try connecting 2012 conspiracies and how it's related to one of the illuminati's agenda…

    the song is "til the end of the world"…there's a part where they show the illuminated pyramid..

    its not only brit who tells about the impending 12.21.2012..michael jackson and other legends who died trying to reveal their agenda…

    i want you to look into this one..thanx…

  195. they may have power over us in this world…but they don't have over the next…

    this world is just temporary…live or die…but in God's hands…is far greater than selling your soul for pleasures that we can't bring to the next life…

    To God be the glory!! Amen!!!

  196. Britney's becoming 30! There's medicine for that: ear plugs.

    Britney's work, which improved the lives of American people, should be an example for other stars. Make people happy, you know, give them something to look forward to, not look into. This is just getting creepy. It's night time in pop art I guess. The Illuminati needs to pack their bags.

  197. ive noticed that britney doesnt dance very much anymore in her performances. She performed her latest single on one of the late night shows and hardly moved. poor britney.

  198. Lol Britney,Gaga,Xtina and Rihanna all doing bdsm orgies in their new videos? It's most definitely orchestrated in order to promote dark exctacy.

    All of the lyrics are completely devoid of any artistic value seem to have been written by someone who is not even female and almost obsessed with keeping it dumb and simple,aimed below the waist,where all the animal instincts are….and the music just plain sucks,trying to be trendy yet still commercial. Even Marilyn Manson would applaud the visuals.

    It just reeks of occult shit, and they don't even try to hide it anymore, blogs like this have made it en trendy,not that the whole conspiracy genre isn't booming already.No offense, great job exposing all this, this is just an observation.

  199. Jonas Åkerlund played un the amzaing blackmetal band Bathory, credited with creating blackmetal together with Venom and Hellhammer/celtic Frost. 666!!!

    1. Storm Of Damnation – 03:07

    2. Hades – 02:45

    3. Reaper – 02:44

    4. Necromancy (Necromansy) – 03:41

    5. Sacrifice – 03:17

    6. In Conspirasy With Satan 02:29

    7. Armageddon – 02:29

    8. Raise The Dead – 03:42

    9. War – 02:15

    10. Outro – 00:23

  200. I found other occult symbols just by pausing the video in certain times. I found another hidden creep faces in miliseconds 2:45

  201. Luciferian-just_kidd on

    Do an article for Till The World Ends, Britney's new song. By the way, I know God will win in the end because he's omniscient and he knew his victory was certain long before he even created Lucifer and humans but I find it quite sad that God is just playing with us….well if I was God I'd do all sorts of crazy things to kill boredom. Oh well, eventually Lucifer will also be saved.

  202. In the video there is also another distortion in her face when she's dressed in red and juts her head through the space in the circle of microphones(eye). And there is a triangle 4 minutes or so in formed by the speakers. And there is a triangle right at the end of the videos using 2 swipes of colours.

    She tried to break free once, so I agree – free Britney.

  203. -.- i have 1 thing to say bout most of this stuff if u look for something ur gonna find it

    say u play a song backwards lets say the song "american idiot" by greenday if u listen close im sure u will find something of the "bad nature" but the same goes for all songs and if u look in any music videos or album covers u r gonna find somethin that doesnt mean that it was actually meant to be there but u cant make anything perfectly innocent

  204. Voice of reason on

    hey VC i just saw lupe fiasco's "words i never said" its pretty blatant but i figure you should post it up on VC asap at the beginning this girl gets thrown in jail for being the voice of the people and they try 2 put her through monarch programming with the all seeing eye quite visible and blunt and through out the video lupe fiasco makes his way to jail to free and helps people gain the voices they need for freedom

    • Woah, good find. That video is pretty heavy with symbolism and messages including about 9/11. The "Lasers Manifesto" (or "Losers' Manifesto" as it is implied) at the very end of the video says it all.

  205. It's only painful if you resist. The world already is full of misfortune. Enjoy the sweetness. Isolating yourself from society is impossible at this phase. The net covers all. There's really no more need for making it hidden anymore. People are willing to embrace the future.

  206. Hey VG great job again.

    Could you do Natalia Kills – Mirrors. It started playing on our local radio, and I was so surprised how obvious it. And then the video, gosh it scary. Could you please put an analysis of it here.? I'm like, scared.

    I'm 13. and, it's so hard to live in a world like this, where everything is in control by "the goverment" and to see your friends listening to that kind of music ( like lady gaga, kanye, rihanna..), seeing the consequences on them, and not being able to protect them from it. Cause if you say something, they'll think your crazy or something. Sometimes I just wish I'm like them, not knowing that our minds are been picked and controlled.

  207. What is interesting is that she is selectin a male on a dating website. The male’s name is ‘Fly me to the moon – one life to live’. ‘Fly me to the moon is a song by Frank Sinatra’. I don’t know what this would mean. But ‘One life to live’ is an american soap opera from the 70’s involving an interesting character:

    Since its inception, One Life to Live has centered on the character of Victoria “Viki” Lord (originated by Gillian Spencer), who has been portrayed by six-time Emmy winner Erika Slezak since March 1971.[2] Long-suffering heroine Viki has weathered love and loss, widowhood, rape, divorce, stroke, and breast cancer, and has been memorably plagued by dissociative identity disorder (or DID, once known as multiple personality disorder) on and off for decades. Viki has also had heart problems, leading up to having the heart of her dying husband transplanted into her, to save her life. (wikipedia).

    Dissociative Identity Disorder, as all illuminati abused victims suffer from. Coincidence?

  208. It is pretty clear that what VC explains is actually true: the story of the virginal girl turning into a sexy kitten by drugs and other abuses. It is really disquieting. And the computer generated creepy smile is really really sordid, it is scary

  209. LoveConquersAll on

    Its funny that her handlers took one of the most cheesiest pick up lines in history and made a horrible song out of it…..I mean, these are the people controlling the world, but there so damn lame.

  210. if yu ask me i believe yu 100%…she got intrigued by the things they want britney to be pleased by in the world far as materialistic things to keep her satisfied.however the Illuminati don't care about us they care bout the devil(satan,Baphomet)and pleasing him by his orders so with that being said they totally manipulated her obviously and she's tryna tell us she can't do nothing bout it but complain or force to be/pretend happy how sad rite…thats why yu shuldn't mess or be in the Illuminati cause their bad nicki minaj as they new puppet/sacrifice she's gonna learn and see later what they want from her and make her she's gonna slip up 2 all a matter of time :(

  211. First of all I just want to praise this such for such informative articles. I never did like Gaga from the beginning. It's so sad of what has become of the music industry and all those singers that I truly adore and love listening to their music.

    Britney Spears was my most favorite singer of all time. It just pains me to see her as a person/human to have undergone such trials in her life. So many controversies in her life, I say "Why does it have to be this way?" And the last thing I needed to heard is that Britney's comeback — she's a puppet. If ever there's a way to just help her, if only she would realize, I would love the old Britney back. I don't want to see Britney's MV to be like that of Lady Gaga — all the signs/symbols is not good. I could have cried for Britney if I can. I really really feel sorry for her and I just hope that she can break free from the system asap.

    Is there such a way?

  212. in 0:34 sec. in the video when you make a pause there is foto aparat and strange "Made in japan" 1:14

    could this be about earthquake in japan 11.04.2011.

    whats more there was quake in japan 11.03.2011, in japan 11.04.2011, in Spain 11.05.2011. What will be next?

  213. amazing article. personally Britney Spears is my one and only fave singer. I just love her. Not until this article i had read, i would never would have believe she is illuminati.

    i don't think she is illuminati but that she is being used. I just hate that they control every production, every tour she has. I miss the old britney. when i saw the video hold it against me, i was like, "OH NO. (very sad) not her." Even though you say her involvement with them goes a long way back, there is no sign or no stuffs (articles about illuminati) going on back then. Sorry but I feel so personal about Britney.

    Is it true that her shaving her head was her protest or her wanting to break free from the system? I heard bout the conservatory crap that is under. I think it's not good for her. :((

    It all started with lady gaga. I hate Lady Gaga. I believe she is an amazing artist but what's up with her videos, does it have to be like that? I blame her.

    I just hope britney breaks free from them. Like DMX or eminem.

    I have found out also about this illuminati stuffs in youtube at FarhanKhan. He has series of videos bout it.

    Anw, thanks for the post VC. I am a regular reader. Thanks for so many insights. I have learned so many. From knowing noting about this stufs, when i saw Lady Gagas video's, i knew there was something fishy about it. something not good for the public to see.

    Looking forward to more articles.

  214. "We are given free will from G-d but they do everything in their power, the ones that must be obeyed, to take it away from us using violence and manipulative tactics. They set their rules and if you don’t comply with them you have to suffer the consequences."

    This is unfortunately true for some, but there is always the choice for your soul and eternal destiny. And that is the most important thing in this world. So I hope Brittney realizes it and repents!

    Here is an article breaking down Lady Gaga's Judas video and song for its symbolism and meaning. God bless.

  215. Same thing happened to Bettie Page. Bettie stop modeling after she heard while waiting to testify in supreme court against Irving Claw, for all those bondage pics he took of her. She supposedly heard another witness's testimony about how his son killed himself accidently while auto-erotically asphiciated himself while masterbating and they found Bettie's bondage pic's next to him. His father found him dead in a barn. It's in the movie The Notorious Bettie Page. She was never called to the stand though. After the court dismissed her in the case, this changed her dramatically. She stop modeling. She became a born again christian. Even though she changed her life and she probably stopped modeling cause she was getting older. Her mid life and after that was no picnic, plauged with mental illness and being institutionalized as well. I think about it now and she was probably another pawn in the illuminati's game. And also all those bondage pictures probably didn't help her either. I think it gave her bad karma and bad juju. In a way it made her a slave in her own mind years later.

  216. 1)serious knee injury–if you've ever injured your knee like she did you will think twice before you do any kind of twistin' and spinnin' again

    2)venus transit when she met her nadir–kfed (and she injured her knee!): she's as much puzzled by her atttractions and disillusionments as you are, so being up on stage as a performer for you who his attracted to her isn't the same anymore

    3) treatment for histrionic behavior: she's absorbing the idea that her oevre has been established by {a} sex-absorbed {me} monster

    4) she's got kids now. how does she want them to see her in the press? She's not like other performers who really don't give a shit what their kids think–all they want is props for mad money

    5) possible medication: fact is on a bad day she moves better then most obese americans who are criticizing her

    6) possible drug addiction: her eyes are indeed very sad…did anyone ever tell her ecstacy in consistent large doses would fry out her neurons?

    7) maybe moby is right that she's a shell of a human being who doesn't know who she is because she's been preforming more than she has been forming a personal identity

    8) maybe it is mind control. maybe a diagnostician could differentiate between the possible systematic abuses and just plain friggin' mess of her purported family/private life

  217. i used to be obsessed with her but i began to hate her when she had the breakdown. i wonder what effect she has had on my subconscious?

  218. Hello,

    first of all, thanks for the very detailed info, but i want to know why the music bussiness bothers in doing this type of videos with such obvious sylmbolism, and second, this type of videos has any effect on people?? what´s the purpose on showing us this??

    • Yea, I totally saw that new one…. and then her "Handler" at the end of the video? He's a robot?! Creeepy!!

  219. Since VC has come back to talk about Spears, I wanted to share something. I've known several females who were victims of terrible sexual abuse. They all went through a phase where they shaved their heads, sometimes multiple times. One girl told me it was a way to "shed" the past, or at least that's how it felt while she was having her head shaved. Sort of a way to try and get rid of the person their abuser had created through trauma. (I used to work as a councilor until the system squeezed me out with all the weird licensing and rules and red tape.) It would be interesting to see if other councilors or psychiatrists/psychologists have discovered the same thing?

  220. What about the end of the video? When the multi-colored lines come together to form a pyramid and fade into a question mark! What the hell… totally creepy!

  221. Did anyone notice that at 0:28, right before Britney starts singing, there's a dancer standing in front of her and he's back is to the camera, it appears that he has a tattoo on his entire back of the devil and a drawing that looks like Britney next to it. very creepy! wow, we def have to pray for our salvation and that of Britney. God is great!

  222. at the beggining, miss Britney Spears was loved, she was the americas sweetheart, she was the best on the scene & stuff, until Madonna brought her to Caballah. That is a cult very friendly and closely to Freemasons and Illuminati, they're all brothers. Britney was hanging out with Madonna, and Madonna tought Britney about things of Caballah, so she could get in, but when Britney gave a birth to her 1st child, she realized that believing in something you can't see, nor touch, is stupid, so she started saying that her religion is her baby, which is very nice. Once Britney rejected Madonna for tutoring to get in Caballah, Madonna stopped talking to Britney, and Caballah provided the HELL to Britney, they were making pressure on her, they were, mentally destroyingher. She shaved her hair, she had a fight with paparazzi, she had like 10-15 body guards around her 24/7h, she was protected to the maximum. Because, even some people are saying that they threated her with dead of her own. Then, she decided to fight back against them, and she did it, she made it, she's alive, they left her alone… She's not in illuminati for sure, and I don't see nothing So DEMONIC in her newest music videos and songs… she just likes to have fun… If you see those symbols, blame that on the music video directors, not her…and remember Musims and christians Worship One God the same be Unit,.. britney is not a satanist ANYMORE and i see nothing symbolism in her VideoMusics…be sure…who is naked and appears s€#y,doesnt mean that he/she is SATANIST u know.that old b!t¢# Madonna involved her god bless u all and also britney…

    • I also believe that the symbols found in her videos and concerts have nothing to do with her, but instead her handlers that are trying to make it seems like Britney is into the illuminati world. I doubt she is, unlike other artist who singing about the devil and worship him in their performances. If you notice with Britney, it's more about the video directors, tour directors, etc adding in the illuminati symbols and not her talking about it. She has talked passionately, in the past, about her Godly beliefs. We must pray for her so that she doesn't get sucked into the Illuminati world before it gets to her.

  223. On the Jugment Day,if God will tell britney get away from me, This will happen regardless of her bad experiences but her faith in god … is He part of her life? if things are so hard to bear call upon Him humanbeings has no power over your life until u give it to them. god bless

  224. All of the governments of the world are working together. When children see all of these sexual videos, movies and songs they unconsciously start to follow these people and try to be just like them. Their main focus in life is to dress sexually and hopefully become a singer,actor, or model which are all linked to the illuminati. By this the governments can do all their dirty work like start wars, kill many innocent people without people caring because they are too focused on their own lives. But it's done differently in every part of the world. I'm from Iran and the kids here are worse. Iran is a fanatic Islamic country who push ppl to be islamic, torture ppl and put everyone in major tramas like putting them in jail for not covering their hair, going to a party or what so ever, the more the government takes from the people, the people will go against it to a point where they go overboard. I have never seen so much drugs, alchohal, ANC little kids smoke all my life in this country. Everyone is on drugs because we all are hopeless. By this the government control the people, do all of their dirty work and the people will never fo against them or start demonstrations because they are to depressed, scared, and drugged up. And the women here only care about their look and put tons of makeup on, and dress very sexually at parties. It's all the same everywhere in the world but done differently. They all are together, it's just a game they play with us. I mean why the hell is bush, khomeni, the royal gov all filthy rich????? It's because they steal money, kill many people, start wars, take the oil and so on…. They just need the people to not notice or care to doo this….and they are doing a pretty good job at it too.

  225. I mean most of the diff presidents, governemtens, and so on are all family. They are all the elite, and they make money out of all of this. Kids in America don't care about anything but getting drunk, how they look, to become popular, go to parties, look sexy, and the gov. Start wars everywhere in the world, kill ppl, steal oil. Why ims bush so rich? Why is the royal British family so rich? Do you know the royal British family, sweedish family, and monacco royal family are all related? And the are the elite of the world and are all filthy rich! WHY? u guessed it. The make all the decisions in the world.

  226. Poor Britney. At 2.33 in this performance the dancers reach out to her and shudder and shake as if administering electric shock treatment. It's tragic that she has to play this all out in a live performance, and without really being awake to it. Like a robot.

    Her body art is also full of symbolism – starting with the Monarch butterfly overlaid with the skull and crossbones on her arm as she goes on stage at 0:42-0:43 through to the all-seeing eye, the American flag, a large sun, a serpent, an inverted pyramid, Baphomet and the large wings on her back. She's branded like a prize animal – not to mention all the other stuff going on around her. They want us to know they completely own her.

  227. couldnt agree more with this article get used to mass produced mind controllees its a big secretive fact to life

    btw what makes anyone think harry potter book series wasnt channelled too

    its probably how the bible was transmitted and recorded too in some parts

  228. Belief-O-Matic on

    Ugh, I always hated that Rolling Stone photoshoot. I like Britney's more risque shots, but that one was just disgusting. And it's not her clothes, it's the sets. They put her into a room full of stuffed animals and dolls like an 8 year old little girl and then they dress her up like a Wh*re. That's majorly warped.

  229. Fixing a Hole on

    Well another very interesting article by Vigilant. But I must add that I actually know Bonnie Mckee who wrote the music and lyrics for "Hold it Against Me" for Britney. And while vigilant points out that the video has nothing to do with the lyrics, there is one part of the article that says the chorus emphasizes a dissociation with reality and implies that they were written with the intention to reinforce the practice of handlers encouraging slaves to escape reality. i know for a fact this is not the case, it is merely a coincidence. Bonnie is not involved in this type of lyric writing- yet. I will concede that the ubiquitous nature of pop symbolism, in other words all the illuminati themes, make it difficult for someone not yet "initiated" to get exposure for writing anything with themes other than that which is supported by the establishment. I just wanted to clarify that the actual writer of the lyrics has no purpose other than writing dumbed down hooks to sell to Britney, Katy Perry and Taio Cruz- no secret meaning, just a talented girl with no knowledge of the underlying meaning of what she's doing yet. In one way I guess that makes her an ideal offspring of the culture of the illumanist.

  230. I'm still contemplating and sifting through the things presented in this article, but one thing I can add quickly is re: 'having things plugged into her head'

    before rushing too far to things like electroshock, please know that –

    performers, models, 'stars' and often simply gals with above average incomes routinely have *hair extensions* added. It sometimes gets "plugged" in at the scalp level, similar to *weaves* that black women get.

    If not done well (and it's not always easy to do it well depending on hair texture, head shape, sensitivity, etc.), it can cause alot of pain! You might have to get it redone, or taken out completely.

    Over time, the hair extensions thing alone for me, I think, would be incentive enough to shave my head!… though I do sense that this was also a symbolic act for her, no matter what else is/was going on.

  231. Fixing a Hole on

    Well another very interesting article by Vigilant. But I must add that I actually know Bonnie Mckee who wrote the music and lyrics for “Hold it Against Me” for Britney. And while vigilant points out that the video has nothing to do with the lyrics, there is one part of the article that says the chorus emphasizes a dissociation with reality and implies that they were written with the intention to reinforce the practice of handlers encouraging slaves to escape reality. i know for a fact this is not the case, it is merely a coincidence. Bonnie is not involved in this type of lyric writing- yet. I will concede that the ubiquitous nature of pop symbolism, in other words all the illuminati themes, make it difficult for someone not yet “initiated” to get exposure for writing anything with themes other than that which is supported by the establishment. I just wanted to clarify that the actual writer of the lyrics has no purpose other than writing dumbed down hooks to sell to Britney, Katy Perry and Taio Cruz- no secret meaning, just a talented girl with no knowledge of the underlying meaning of what she’s doing yet. In one way I guess that makes her an ideal offspring of the culture of the illuminist.

  232. Ok, this is what I do not understand (about Britney and about others in her situation)

    They acknowledge mind control through their videos and songs….they talk about how they would never allow their children to become stars…..yet they still do it.

    She and others like her are mutli multi millionaires. They need never work again. Yet they stay in this business – why? She could retire. She could move away from hollywood and live somewhere else. But she stays. This doesn't make any sense to me.

    If I were in her place, I'd retire, take my money and leave California, maybe even the country.

  233. They just gave a tribute to Britney Spears at the VMA's I feel its weird they usually gives tribute to those who had passed away. Lets all pray for her it's the only way she'll gets out of all this.

  234. Britney, i am really sorry!
    um this is just a theory but has anyone ever thought of the possibility that just because she sings the songs doesnt mean that she necessarily writes them? i mean i thought that they were part of an industry and had managers that wrote most of their songs. that might just be one of my crazy theories, but wait, i got more
    this one also supports my first idea:
    if you think of the music industry like the united states, like with a president and stuff, if you think of it ina reslly weird way, they might not have voices at all. the "president" of the industry might just be using them. or they might have good voices and thats just a coverup for the "president". Well, that was longer than i thought

  235. I believe she is closely watched but really? If she was controlled why would her so called "handlers allow her to make a video in wedding dress with that symbolism as you interpret it" and she is a fan of Madonna maybe the dress resembled her thoughts of something else entirely. Like a Virgin comes to mind. This article is bull shit. possible swayed by managers but mind controlled bs. Everyone knows sexy sells, I blame shitty men and innocent naive girls. Marlyn Monroe comes to mind. Sad world.

  236. It's just sad period. I don't think any of us can judge whether or not someone will go to heaven or hell but I do pray for these people in particular because I do think most of these people (singers and actors) are under mind control and abuse. It's incredibly sad!

  237. Timothy Rigney on

    Or it's just Art.

    People, there's NO real evidence here. Just unsubstantiated claims.
    The symbolism discussed could just as easily be referring to
    "the trappings of fame" – simple, non-conspiracy-related trappings
    of a mundane sort such as fame's inherent "addictive nature" or the
    loneliness of it; or having to perform what sells – for PROFIT – rather
    than "quality stuff."

    Look up "Occam's Razor."

    Epic Fail in Logic.

  238. masses awaken on

    what is wrong with her face in that pic ?????????????????????????????????? I don't think that is even her anymore let alone HUMAN that is so wrong on so many levels

  239. Very similar to the story of Miley Cyrus …
    Rejected by Disney for her young age (for Hannah Montana) accepted at thirteen and then a big change Is not it?

  240. and the sad part this, this messed up industry gramorizes all of it- the drugs, the mental breakdowns, the whole celebrity life and selling of one's soul but in reality it is the complete opposite and one reality that ones is noticed is too late. i would of gone into more detail (im kind of surprised u guys didn''t, there's a lot more in that video than what u just said) but u've had some good points too. so thanks

  241. i think she is really really depressed. not that she is dead inside but after she realizes her fate and how she has no way out of this, the terror of the life she's in, i mean how can a person not feel dead inside? that's when they start unable to deal with it all. i really hope there's some hope for these people, because it's so unfortunate to lose your soul and have this choice that is completely permanent unable to do anything about it

  242. I am disabled I am being targeted because I am white and part Souix . My relatives served in the union army in the civil war in the 1860's

  243. People are already dead, they just don't know it yet. And the Illuminati, and whatever force is behind it will triumph in controlling and manipulating our souls.

  244. not all of us Justin. And THEY will not triumph in the end. They will win a battle or two but the victory belongs to God.

  245. In response to Justin K's comment – Only if we let them.. we always have free will.. and they know it, which is why they have to 'hide' what they're doing.. see… but you must be being facetious.. hopefully.. but I have to agree with Raphael…

  246. We are given free will from G-d but they do everything in their power, the ones that must be obeyed, to take it away from us using violence and manipulative tactics. They set their rules and if you don't comply with them you have to suffer the consequences.

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