The Hidden Meaning of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”


Lady Gaga’s 9-minute video featuring Beyoncé is steeped in weirdness and shock value. Behind the strange aesthetic, however, lies a deeper meaning, another level of interpretation. The video refers to mind control and, more specifically, Monarch Programming, a covert technique profusely used in the entertainment industry. We’ll look at the occult meaning of the video “Telephone”..

Just when I thought I’d written everything I had to write about Lady Gaga, Telephone comes out. An inevitable deluge of e-mails instantly followed, demanding an article about it. So I watched the video and, gosh darnit, the people who wrote those e-mails were right. There are, yet again, a whole bunch of Illuminati/mind control symbols in Lady Gaga’s latest video. I can’t say I was surprised, however, knowing that Jonas Akerlund co-wrote and directed the video. In the article Lady Gaga, the Illuminati puppet (which I suggest you read before this one), I dissected the Akerlund-directed video Paparazzi and its references to mind-control programming. Telephone acts as a sequel to Paparazzi, where Gaga still plays the role of a mind-controlled drone who kills people. This concept is never openly discussed by the artists when they are asked to explain their videos because it is not meant to be understood for the masses. The hidden meaning of the video actually depicts the elite’s contempt for the general population, hence the scene of ritual murder of average Americans in a diner by mind-controlled slaves. Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Keep reading.

The Hidden Meaning of the Song

When I first heard Telephone on the radio, I thought the song was about Lady Gaga receiving phone calls from an annoying dude while she’s out in a club. I could already picture a video of Gaga on a dance floor not answering her cellphone. I’ve imagined this video because I was interpreting the song at its face value and going by its literal meaning, like most people do. Akerlund’s video has however infused a second, deeper meaning to the song, giving it an entirely new dimension. In an interview with E! Online, Gaga herself explained this fact:

“There was this really amazing quality in ‘Paparazzi,’ where it kind of had this pure pop music quality but at the same time it was a commentary on fame culture. In its own way, even at certain points working with Jonas Åkerlund, the director of both videos really achieved this high art quality in the way that it was shot. I wanted to do the same thing with this video—take a decidedly pop song, which on the surface has a quite shallow meaning, and turn it into something deeper.”
– Source

What is never stated, however, is that this “deeper meaning” found in Gaga’s video relates to mind control, a covert practice used by the military, the CIA, religious cults and the Illuminati elite. It is used to program human beings to become mental slaves and to execute specific tasks. In Paparazzi, Gaga plays the role of a mind-controlled slave who was “programmed” to poison and kill her boyfriend. Telephone is a continuation of this story, where Gaga goes to jail for her crime.

In the video, the “telephone” is a metaphor for Gaga’s brain and the fact that she is not answering that phone (her brain) means that she has “dissociated” from reality. Dissociation is the ultimate goal of Monarch mind control. It is induced by traumatizing events, such as electroshock therapy or torture, to force the victim to dissociate from reality. This enables the handlers to create in the victim an alter personality that can be programmed to perform various tasks, such as carrying out an assassination.

“Trauma-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation, oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death), and then employs suggestion and/or classical and operant conditioning (consistent with well-established behavioral modification principles) to implant thoughts, directives, and perceptions in the unconscious mind, often in newly-formed trauma-induced dissociated identities, that force the victim to do, feel, think, or perceive things for the purposes of the programmer. The objective is for the victim to follow directives with no conscious awareness, including execution of acts in clear violation of the victim’s moral principles, spiritual convictions, and volition.

Installation of mind control programming relies on the victim’s capacity to dissociate, which permits the creation of new walled-off personalities to “hold” and “hide” programming. Already dissociative children are prime “candidates” for programming”.
– Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., The Relationship Between Mind Control Programming and Ritual Abuse

Gaga’s brain as a non-answering telephone is represented in two separate occasions during the video:

Gaga’s head is the telephone. She is not answering that phone, which is symbolic of her dissociative mind state.
The telephone receiver is made out of hair and covers her left eye, representing Illuminati mind control

So in the context of the video, the telephone is Gaga’s mind and the dance club is representative of her dissociative state, the “magical place” mind-controlled slaves are trained to escape to during traumatic events.

“Hello, hello, baby
You called, I can’t hear a thing.
I have got no service
in the club, you say, say
Wha-Wha-What did you say, huh?
You’re breaking up on me
Sorry, I cannot hear you,
I’m kinda busy.

K-kinda busy
K-kinda busy

Sorry, I cannot hear you, I’m kinda busy.”

By “kinda busy”, Gaga means she has dissociated from reality. Real life is calling her brain but she “has no service”, she’s not there. The chorus pretty much epitomizes this concept.

“Stop callin’, stop callin’,
I don’t wanna think anymore!
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.
Stop callin’, stop callin,
I don’t wanna talk anymore!
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.”

Gaga is not thinking or talking for herself anymore, her head and her heart have been dissociated from her core personality due to Monarch programming.


Video Analysis

The video is a Quentin Tarentino-esque short film which is heavily inspired by Thelma and Louise and peppered with tons of product placements and transvestites. That surely wasn’t the video I was picturing when I first heard that song. From the comments I’ve read, the video left many fans confused about its meaning. This is quite understandable, knowing that most viewers have no idea what the song is really about. When the hidden “mind control” meaning is brought to light, the symbolism of the video becomes evident and the storyline becomes more coherent. I will now attempt to go through the many symbolic scenes of the video and explain their occult meaning. Here’s the video:

The video starts with Gaga entering the “Prison for Bitches”. So, yeah, I know, she addressed that hermaphrodite rumor and many think it was the most hilarious thing ever. I’ve never really cared about those gossipy rumors so I won’t elaborate on them.

In the prison yard, Gaga walks around chained up and wearing sunglasses made of lit cigarettes.

Do the cigarettes covering her eyes represent her blindness to her highly toxic life as a mind controlled drone?

Gaga then sits down and “gets busy” with a weird-looking inmate, but is interrupted by a phone call. She seems to be enjoying a special status in the jail … maybe due to the fact that she is a slave only obeying orders … and that she is needed again.

Gaga is then bailed out by Beyoncé and leaves prison. Inside the car, Gaga and Beyoncé engage into a highly dissociative conversation. It basically sounds like dialogue between two mind-controlled slaves. The phrase “Trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it’s broke but you can still see the crack in the motherfucker’s reflection” can refer to a cheating boyfriend and can also refer to the permanent damage caused by the fragmenting of one’s personality in mind control.

The dynamic duo then enters an all-American, good ol’-fashioned diner.  Beyoncé meets with probably the biggest douche in the universe (played by Tyrese Gibson) and proceeds to poison him. At this point, Gaga comes out of the kitchen with poisoned honey and serves it to the customers.

Gaga stares blankly (the way a dissociated mind-controlled assassin would stare) while Tyrese eats the poison

The mass murder begins … people eat up Gaga’s poisoned honey and die. Does this represent the Illuminati elite poisoning the masses with toxic media?

Lady Gaga turns the a-ok hand in front of her eye (representing the Illuminati’s “All-Seeing Eye”) into a gun pointed towards the viewer … the masses eating all of the poison served to them.

The entire clientele of the all-American diner gets poisoned and dies. You might have noticed the emphasis on “bees” and “honey” during the entire video. Gaga calls Beyoncé “Honey Bee”. She also serves poisoned honey to the diner’s customers. What does this signify? Beyoncé and Gaga’s poisonous honey is actually their music and videos, which are served to the general public through mass media. You can figure out the rest.

While the customers are agonizing and dying, Beyoncé puts on the Mickey Mouse sunglasses, the same glasses worn by Gaga in Paparazzi while killing her boyfriend.

Beyoncé wearing Mickey Mouse sunglasses
Gaga with Mickey Mouse sunglasses in Paparazzi

In both videos, the singers wore the glasses during the killings, hinting to the fact that they are programmed to execute the poisonings. As stated in previous articles, Mickey Mouse ears or designs often occultly refer to mind control , probably because Disney films were known to be used on MK slaves during their programming.

Gaga and Beyoncé then start dancing in “patriotic” outfits surrounded by the lifeless bodies of dead Americans … pretty disturbing.  In her interview with E! Online about Telephone, Gaga stated she wanted to take

“the idea that America is full of young people that are inundated with information and technology and turn it into something that was more of a commentary on the kind of country that we are.”
– Source

Is that what she meant?

To sum up the situation in the diner, we have Lady Gaga and Beyoncé dancing around dead people and singing about the fact they are dissociative, mind-controlled drones.

“Can call all you want,
but there’s no one home,
and you’re not gonna reach my telephone!”

Gaga and Beyoncé finally flee the crime scene. Gaga is then shown in front of the Pussy Wagon wearing a leopard-print suit, a reference to “sex kitten” programming.

Beta (aka Kitten) Programming

BETA. Referred to as “sexual” programming. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters may come out at this level.
-Ron Patton, Project Monarch

In the final scene, Gaga and Beyoncé prance around wearing dresses by Emilie Pirlot. Beyoncé’s black dress and the veils hint to the ritualistic nature of the murders.

Illuminati Signs

As stated in previous articles, the hiding of one eye and the “a-ok” sign (which seemingly means 666 in the music industry) are flashed by all Illuminati artists, apparently to show their allegiance. There are a truckload of them in this video.

One Eye Hidden

Gaga dressed in police tape, covering one eye. Knowing the trauma mind control victims must go through, her body is truly a crime scene.

A-Ok Handsign

Electroshock Therapy

Electroshock therapy is the main tool employed by mind control handlers to induce dissociation and fragmentation in the victims. This horrifying practice has been referred to several times in Gaga’s works. Here are two examples.

Manifesto of Little Monsters

In this interlude video of the Monster Ball Tour, Gaga clearly gets electroshocked:

David Lachapelle Photoshoot

Another instance where Gaga gets electroshock therapy.


In Conclusion

Telephone is yet another Lady Gaga product permeated with references to mind control and Illuminati symbolism. Gaga’s “commentary” on today’s youth is certainly not a positive one. The video basically says: America is ready to eat any poisonous crap the elite serves them, and that is accomplished through controlled puppets. I will now pre-address comments I’m bound to receive:

“How is Lady Gaga mind controlling me? I’m not feeling controlled to do anything”
I am not saying that Gaga is controlling your mind. I’m saying her video is ABOUT mind control. This disturbing theme keeps reoccurring in pop music.  What you should ask yourself is this: does mass media shape and mold our society’s values and beliefs? Billions of dollars invested yearly in marketing say yes.

“Your articles are a form of mind control.”
Someone voicing an opinion on a website is not a form of mind control. Quite to the contrary, it is a freedom guaranteed by the first amendment. To compare this article to the ritual abuse mind control victims have to go through is a total aberration. If you were forced to read out loud this article numerous times while being  deprived of food and sleep, then maybe it could qualify as mind control.

“She is doing it on purpose to piss you off”
I heard this comment when Bad Romance came out and after her Grammy performance, where her hype man alluded to her “mind-controlling music”. As much as I would like to believe that I’ve got that much influence on today’s biggest star, I highly doubt that Gaga, her staff, her video directors and her record label with its millions of dollars would concentrate all of their creative efforts to piss off one blogger. The truth is: She was doing this before this site was even online and she keeps doing it now. Her works, like the works of many other pop stars, are part of a greater agenda. It used to focus on exposing the youth to materialism and sexual promiscuity, but it has now expanded to occult symbolism, mind control and transhumanism.

Am I reaching you or is your telephone busy?




  1. good work… still have yet to watch the vido…i cant stand lady gaga's music or antics. she kind of bores me since she tries too hard.

  2. i think that theres more in it…^^

    what about the MARCh 2011 thing?


    why is she also using "FICTIONAL" POISONS?

    she or the director uses FRITZ LANG FILMING SKILLS (METROPOLIS)

    in her animal sex kitten look you can see a SPLIT SCREEN WITH TWO SIMILAR- BUT DIFFERENT FRAMES

  3. Gicu de la scularie on

    Hi vigilant!

    can i copy this on my blog? I'll try to translate it in romanian…., so romanisn know what are you trying to say…

    Do I have your ok?

  4. Go on, be a good little bee and make the poison for the rest of the world to swallow. Go on, take it to the Bee hive – behave and be(e) like the rest of the wor(l)d and follow the CULT(ure) you live in.

    They play with symbolism of words and meanings. We humans tend to forget the power of the word – and the power of the mind. Thanks for the clarification Vigil.

  5. Hi Vigilant,

    Besides being devoid of any real talent these day's it's clear the music being produced has an instant 'dumbitdown' effect on the populace. The repetitious chanting moron's mantra of our all powerful MTV, LOL.

    It seems like each year the IQ of those who drink this sewage is exponentially lowered as time goes by. I used to think the general public's IQ was lowered by 10 points roughly every 5 – 10 years, but as of the past decade it seems to be much worse than I had once thought. It seems to be several points every year. And we all know the best media to create idiots is T.V. &/or Music.

    Sad really, I remember when musician's actually had to have talent to get their product out there, now they are merely just that, a product.

  6. Good work,but analysing all their b.s. Is only making the ones like us get slandered more. How can we put an end to this madness,now that its in the open so much,I know my Lord Jesus Christ is not far from the Final War

  7. wow!!!! i actually had 2 watch the video after reading this!!!!! what are they trying really? this recurring business they are doing just keeps going on and on and……..

  8. very good article, not really a fan of lady gaga,..but your info is always very usefull,.sometimes i share this with my peers in church and we discuss it,..thank you for your effort in researching all this info and keep it coming,.

  9. Thanks VC. As usual you are the only english speaker who has the balls to say the truth. People in the US are so braindead that the Illuminati care no longer in hiding. Satanism is so big now, that Islam gets a free card and Christianism is being attacked every day more.

    May God have mercy and save your souls.

    USA = Babylon

  10. The gaga/jayz influence is definitely a form of mind control. Average man doesnt understand subliminal messaging, its a perfect front for the realignment of the youth of today. I hope my seven year old daughter is not going to be affected by this onslaught. Well done VigCiz, thanks for all your hard work and devotion- PEACE

  11. eww… i thought the music video was so creepy… i couldnt tell if the acting between lady gaga and beyonce during their conversation was bad on purpose or if it meant something… and it sounds like it was intentional… what is the point of making all these references to mind control??

  12. hi, one thing i noticed is that in the prison yard scene she makes out with an inmate with a beelzebub fly tatoo. thought it might have been symbolic?

  13. MTV = Grammys = Satanist music awards…

    Taylor Swift = Miley Cyrus = Lady Gaga = Beyonce = Jay Z = Kanye West = Lil Wayne = Justin Timberlake = Britney Spears

    All of the Satan's spawns.

  14. My sister showed me the video for this song the other day and warned me it was quite disturbing. I can't believe "people" like Lady Gaga and Beyonce, cant believe how much evil there is in this world. I know one day when they have kids they will be brought back down to reality, that they are endangering their childrens lives by meddling with evil. Everyone gets their Karma in one way or another.

    As soon as we saw this video we were waiting for Vigilants perspective! We ourselves saw the many occult symbols througout the video. We had no idea what the video had to do with the lyrics of the song "Telephone".

    Thanks Vigilant for these articles, so interesting!

    Keep up the excellent work!

  15. To answer the question of the person above me. The purpose of making all these references to mind control is to tell you what they are doing to you. Did anyone ever consider the effect of digital subliminals?? This stuff is affecting you subconsciously. Of course you do't feel controlled to DO anything, but your subconscious is affected.

    Remember, they can only cast their spell with your permission. So they SHOW you exactly what they are DOING and you still lap it up. You've just given them permission to get inside your head, alter your values and affect your taste levels. I can't tell you how many people love the crap music of today and don't even recognize how vapid and poorly written it is. Not to mention how it lowers standards of morality.

    Nowadays people think killing, torture and symbols of death are "cool" and artsy. So yes, they ARE mind controlling people.

  16. i agree w/Kore — these videos are showing you what is being done to you — anyone who watches tv –your mind IS being affected, no matter how smart &/or spiritually protected you are

    i was just watching a Peggy Kane interview [reverse speech] — according to her, our controlling masters refer to the energy they extract from humans as 'honey'

  17. ian relampagos on

    wow….the disney controlling minds thing is true because there was a scene in Rihanna's video "Hard" where she was sitting on top of a military tank wearing a mickeymouse hat…really this is incredible

  18. Great stuff. My 'telephone' certainly isn't busy but I have a lot of friends who I try expalin this info 2 but its like I dnt anywhere, I'm just ridiculed.

  19. pinky promise on

    I LOVED THE ARTICLE VC! I love all your articles! Before you posted this one, the symbolism was so apparent I began to think that it was just there to piss people like you off…but Lady G's going to continue doing it anyway regardless. I have never had so much hatred and resentment towards someone I don't even know, she just spews negative energy. She doesn't actually care about her fans, in fact she's insulting them, and at the end of the day she just wants money and fame (power), that's what it's all about with her!!! She's disgusting, inside and out!

  20. I am really starting to see Beyonce coming more to the forefront with all this symbols and in this video she is not Beyonce she is way more Lady Gaga… If you ask me Lady Gaga seems to be the leader in all of this when coming to the stars/ artist like she is the one to follow because she is the most out there and gothic one of all… So now Beyonce is about to convert to the next level… I was reading and watching the way that VC is breaking down there messages and videos but I must make sure that this vision and invasion of thoughts and concepts does penetrate my normal world and the world that I am desperately trying to stay attached too and that in one of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ… I am so sick of this mess and the way that the media try’s to embody our personal space… I was watching a Michael Moore film this weekend called Corporations and it was good… God has been speaking to my heart very much lately about moving to Canada because at least for the moment they still care about there countries mission and the safely of those who that resides within that country unlike the US… I think in the end all countries will be subjected to the same mess or so called truth but just trying to use my time wisely while it is still freely my choice… This is all a test and we are fallen badly…

  21. I think people dying the diner is about to become real in US, people may die in US by poisoning. They symbolized that in the video to hypnotize the masses .

  22. On top of that Lady Gaga videos never really matched her music in anyway… It is too gothic for me to even let my eyes to absorb this mess nor do I want too… This is a sad day in television that we set in front of a box and let out minds and emotions be taken over my something this is not your heart true desires until you conform to the message… I am just feeling so blessed to be aware even when many follow on auto pilot… Having awareness carries a type of sadness but being deceived carries more of a death…

  23. 30… They are always telling us that we are there dummies because most people like to stay in stupid as long as it feels good… I just try to keep my minds on higher things so I want to thank you VC for making a more informative type of blog that is about something deeper because I was getting caught up in other celebrities blogs because there is not to many other kinds blogs… The air in most blogs are thick of nasty minded and mouth people only wanting to present a bigger then thou attitude of bullying others and the praise of artist… If you are different in your desires or interests in life then people call you judgemental when a blog site is only comments of judgement for and from everyone…

  24. Hey Vigilant,

    I wanted to point out that she's good friends with quentin tarantino, and the lines they used for the video are based on his movie "Natural Born Killers", a movie he did not direct but he Wrote. The Honey-B was what they called each other in the movie. And the Line about the mirror I believe is also in the movie. You might want to Analyze that movie.

    I have one problem with pinning her as illuminati. Lady Gaga is an avid Stanley Kubrick fan she mentions him in a song too. Everyone knows HE was trying to expose the illuminati for what they were when he met his untimely death. So there is a hang up there, I can't really picture an Illuminati member being a avid fan of Kubrick let alone a regular fan.

    Look up the lyrics to Dance In The Dark by Lady Gaga you'll see what i'm talking about. I have read all of your articles on this and I really feel she's pointing them out. What they are doing and how we fall for it. When you think about how the poison was actually placed in all the food she made in the video it gives a since that are food is slowing killing us. Seeing how everything nowadays causes cancers is not far from the truth.

    Also, i do believe there's something to be said about the food. A lot of theories on that topic revolve around something that happen 50-60 years ago when everyone said they wanted cheaper food and the government designed and started genetically engineering our food. I know this woman from Egypt, she told me that the food there doesn't taste like plastic , yet ours does. This is not the only time I've heard this.

  25. Could You reply just one thing please.

    Maybe Gaga knows about all this stuff, and she just want us to find out what is happening, and she is showing how much the American culture have bad effects.

    She's a good person, stop saying she's ''evil''…

  26. Do you see the shape of a Nazi officer hat on the cheetah suit? Why is she always wearing Nazi hats?

  27. america and americans will soon be eating the honey just like in the video,people we are getting so close its not funny anymore,as much as i appreciate vigi's work i feel the massess (we) need to start boycoting music,music videos etc using myspace,facebook to let everyone know what is going these are the instruments available to us to send out a message .i feel something needs to give the sooner they start being exposed the better,just this website alone has opened so many peoples eyes.the music industry needs a wake up call curtesy of US THE PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT THEY SH…..T SO CALLED MUSIC.JAY Z BEYONCE GAGA MAY SOUND LIKE THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD TODAY BUT UPON THE RETURN OG JESUS CHRIST ,MY FRIENDS THEY WILL BE NO CELEBRITY NO VIP PASSESS .VIGI KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK VERY IMPORTANT

  28. this is some very deep stuff. I really liked the song when i first heard it but now wow this is erious. Great article vigilant citizen and keep it up as always. Beyonce and Lady Gaga are jus plain stupid

  29. Very soon, the only music videos on TV will be those of Lady Gaga and Beyonce. The whores of Babylon!!!!

  30. What another fantastic expert analysis on the great deception that is lady gaga, when she first appeared on my screen, i could have swore there was something sinister, i called her a 'weirdo' but now i have realised that she is extremely dangerous. if only the people could wake up and see her for what she truly is.

    if only there was someone with the power to shut her off.

  31. alllison_wonder on

    No one said lady gaga was evil..calm down it's not like you know er enough to call her a "good person" sheesh!

    And bravo to you vigilant this was a great article..and fast!

  32. hey! this is the first time i'm commenting here but i've been visiting this site regularly. i'm only 15 and i'm not gonna lie i'm the biggest fan ever of lady gaga. i love her so incredibly much….BUT i'm aware of the symbolism in her videos and i know a lot of things about the illuminati trust me. this is not a coincidence anymore. i started listening to muse too, they are against illuminati and some of their songs really opened up my eyes.


    what if lady gaga is trying to warn us? i'm not kidding here. think about it. and tell me your opinions on it please.

    • From Gmo's, flouridated water, to high fructose corn syrup we are DEFINITELY being poisoned by the food supply. Animals stumbling into a GMO crop get killed, every last one of them. Aspartame, a neurological poison and cause of infertility, is in so many things. They've even added it to NON sugarless gum! The things in processed foods kill you and give you cancer. Almost all non-organic corn and soy (which effects female hormones) are genetically modified and deserve a skull and crossbones on the label! They are not only saturated with pesticides but the body cannot recognize them as natural food thus producing free radical, cancer causing effects on the body. Fluoridation of our water has been referred to as "The Great Culling" which is a documentary available. This fluoride is actually chemical waste and a byproduct of industrial companies. All these things, causing cancer, Alzheimer's, infertility and lower IQ's, are put in the food deliberately! This is called a "slow kill". Don't even get me started about what's in vaccines that slow kill us, cause brain damage and autism.
      I don;t know gaga's motives but our food supply is tainted.



  34. Airlie Cameron on

    Nicely done article VL! And you didn't mention, at one point in that first video you've got listed under Manifesto of Little Monsters she's actually wearing a Mickey Mouse mask.

  35. I also noticed that during the fight scene, a black woman had an upside down star tattoo on her chest that was pointed at by the woman sitting beside her.

  36. "It used to focus on exposing the youth to materialism and sexual promiscuity, but it has now expanded to occult symbolism, mind control and transhumanism"

    ……thats it. thats why they do it. but what is their ultimate goal? to steer today's youth away from spirituality and morals? so they can do what? what will they do once they successfully corrupt everyone??

  37. usewhatiwasblessedwi on

    i understand what was said and addressed in this article. i also took a look around the site and read a couple of other articles about music videos from artists like beyonce, jay-z, and rihanna. after i read each article i read the comments posted. the praises, the paranoia, etc. it can be overwhelming at first (the discovery of the conspiracy theories, mk-ultra, illuminati, talk of super highway, real id chips, etc), but you have to take into consideration how well you know your source, and further more, their sources. what religious viewpoint is this article written from? can you find believable sources NOT LISTED on the EDUCATE YOURSELF tab? personally i think this website is genius. it is doing to you exactly what it is warning you about. shocking and scaring the crap out of you (trauma and shock therapy). you leave the website feeling a little light headed from the rush of adrenaline that comes when you find yourself enthralled in one article after another. you feel doubtful about everything you have been taught up until now in life based on the many many many facts( how do you like your handler?). and when you are done, you feel like a new you. i personally think transformation is a great thing, as long as it is positive transformation and falls in line with both social and religious morals. all i am saying is you were blessed with a brain just like the writer of this article and myself. absorb as much as you can, and pray for clarity and guidance. thats all i have to say:)

  38. @21 "Nowadays people think killing, torture and symbols of death are “cool” and artsy. So yes, they ARE mind controlling people."


  39. gravityembraced on

    Good evaluation and many valid points. Lady gaga is certainly under the control of the Illuminati or what so ever. Totally satanic. Vigilant citizen, continue to publish your findings and keep us well informed. God bless!

  40. Wow! I REALLY love your work but…I have read both parts of Lady Gaga,The Illuminati puppet and what you wrote about Bad Romance video…But I still have a huge and the most important question that you have unfortunately NEVER mentioned !!! Finally,is Lady Gaga doing these things to inform us and wake us up or to influence us?????? Is she good or evil???? I'm a really big fun of hers so I really need to know…Cause I think she wants to save us by using these hints to raise awareness….But I wanna know what do you think is the truth??? YOU that write these articles I mean….Plzzzzzzzzz If you ever see this answer me….I REALLY NEED YOUR GUIDANCE

  41. If I might add this:

    OBVIOUS CHEMTRAILS can be seen during the final shots of the video where G and B is driving away. A detail, albeit a small one, that most people miss.

  42. This is great–I honetlty never even thought of the whole telephone as a metaphore for head/mind/brain before reading this. Makes a lot of sense…..possibly why she is wearing so much headgear made with telephones atop her head. Wow!

  43. human being See MONSTER.

    —Ballentine's Law Dictionary (1930)

    monster A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.

    —Ballentine's Law Dictionary (1930)

    They edited out a scene that they played on The E Channel, which was when Gaga was in the kitchen poisoning the food. The scene they edited out was when she went crazy with the powdered poison and was spilling it everywhere. You said it best when you stated that this video is The Evil Elite's contempt for the American people and all people. When I saw this I was like DAMN, they hate us that bad??? Also Honeybee in ancient Egypt represents royalty.

  44. I always lol at these articles, you sir are the one who's making them paroinoid I'm a big fan of her, honestly, just leave the artists alone and let them do their thing, rather it's unoriginal or not. I wish the stars knew about it. So, they could shut this site down from so much BS you spew. people you need to make you're own opinons. If anything you're the one brainwashing them VC . If I'm "mind controlled/"brainwashed" then I'm quiet happy to be, and I can't think of a more perfect way to "die" oh, for you followers who didn't get it I was being sarcastic, or is you're phone busy? btw I turned out perfectly fine and so will my future children, without you're BS in the world and you closed minded people. I think I've ranted enough, so excuse me , while I go and losing to my "brainwashing/mind controlled" music and be happy unlike other ppl who can't because of you!!

  45. another great article. keep up the good work. now if i can only convince people that this is for real and not a joke…

  46. You're reachin my telephone loud and clear. Keep up the good work man!!! I actually watched part of this video this mornin and wondered, "When is Vigilant gonna do an analysis of THIS shit…

  47. Autumn: You really are the perfect specimen for them. The Illuminati love people like you, because you can't be bothered to ask questions and would rather live in sheer obliviousness–as long as you have your silly distractions, you are pacified.

    You should leran to question things in life and not be content with the whole "just roll over and die" theory and perhaps you would seem less pathetic.

  48. So I guess the one question left is why?

    Why would they choose to parlay allusions if they're intent isn't to mind control us? Why even risk the Illuminati operation by showing blatant symbols and imagery in pop culture?

  49. The more i watch this video, the more i feel like gagging. No pun intended. How come things that used to be rated R18 only a few years ago are now apparently for 'family viewing'? And yet, we complain that our children lack moral values. Even without the occultic/illuminati explanations given by our dear Vigilant, any moron should see that this video is not healthy for consumption, especially by the younger generation who are more easily corrupted and indoctrinated by the immorality in conduct and dressing that i can see grossly displayed here. God have mercy!

  50. Having a critical mindset in scrutinizing Gaga's videos was quite difficult since the scenes were so fast and you know what? My head friggin ached all the time, but this one's different. It have me a bigger headache than the rest of the videos

  51. Paco* Islam has a "free card"? In what world are you living? Guess Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran and Syria are just friendly neighbours with the USA?

    RELIGION is being mocked as a whole whether you're a Jew, Christian OR Muslim. They don't want you worshipping one true God, they want you to either be atheist or a Satanist. Watch any movie or TV. Religion will never be portrayed in a good light, it's always doubted, mocked and ridiculed.

  52. VG, you rock.

    Additional symbolism:

    – Beyonce wears triangles and stripes, not stars and strips (in her American Flag outfit).

    – The clothes at the end, the veils, are similar to what a bee-keeper wears to keep out stinging bees.

  53. To Autumn, you won't have any future children, dead people can't give life. Wake up and smell the fluoride!

  54. DashingDesignDiva on

    Un-F*ckin-Believable!!! What more does one need??????????? I made my 11 yr old and 17 year old children aware..Now whenever they listen to music or watch music videos or tv/movies they look for symbols and hidden meanings and agenda…unfortunately it seems I can't get through to anyone else…

  55. Try movies also… like the one with Gerard Butler called GAMER…. it was really mind control stuff!

  56. CPerfringens on

    I used to enjoy GaGa's stuff. Pokerface and Paparazzi were great songs, about the best I've heard in the last year. There was always something about her video that made them stand out. She says it "fashion", but everything Pokerface to Paparazzi to Bad Romance had something pleasantly disturbing about them (weird dance moves, the eye gesture, extravagant outfits). I discovered your site yesterday and I read most of the articles, it kinda put every pieces of the puzzle together.

    Like I said, I "used" to like GaGa's work. In the video Telephone which I discovered yesterday, it goes way too far. And I'm not even talking about subliminal messages. On the first level, for every teenager to see : it glorifies murder, cigarette smoking, sex without ANY limit/non-consensual sex, then MORE murder/mass murder! All without the slightest hint of remorse or moral. And it's certainly NOT a healthy "commentary on fame culture" as she says. It like there's no boundaries anymore.

    The video really embodies the Bible's "last days".

    "2 Timothy 3:1-5

    1 But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away."

    If recognize the world we live in, in the above statement, feel free to visit

    It's based on the Bible . Feel free to compare with your own Bible.

    It contains the answers about what is going on in the world today.

    Vigilant, thank for the great article. Could you add a "link" tab on your site? Your site is a quality site, but I tried to find some other quality sites that approach to subject of Illuminati and NWO, but a lot of them range from anti-Semitic to downright paranoid schizophrenic.

  57. – The hat she wears in the first shot when being released from prison is a black masonic square, as in checkerboard patterns and also the black square that University graduates get on their head as a hat upon graduating (the symbolism being that now they are "illuminated" ones).

  58. We can all say that Lady Gaga isn't controlling our minds, but I think our subconscience is a lot weaker than we would like to believe. Listen to this song, ask yourself how you are feeling at the time of listening to it. I'm sure there is something you may feel, but won't like to admit.

  59. i was so disgusted when i watched this video! when i initially heard the song, just like you, i thought the video would show gaga n beyonce dodging some phone calls while shaking it in the club. but of course, you've analyzed it for what it really is!

    what was that making a sandwich bs?

  60. Thank you for this amazing article. There is only one disturbing thing that I would like to add: when Gaga dances in her "patriotic" outfit, I noticed how all the stars were pointing down on her dress. As I learned from you it refers to upside down pentagram (Baphomet), and "evil rules".

  61. I Dont wanna ruin it, but the part that she kills the whole restaurant is completely wrong.

    In Behind-The-Scenes she said they killed the whole restaurant by mistake, cuz the toxic spreaded from beyonce's boyfriend's food to the other ppl's food.

  62. Well Done again VC!!!! And Poor Autumn… it's because of people like you that these "artists" can blatantly put things in front of our faces…. because they know that a MAJORITY of the masses will just look the other way…. They try to Desensitize us to things like, sexual immorality and Mass murder… and people like you will still stand up and defend them…. SMH…So sad…. Autumn you shoulda been an extra in the video…. you woulda played the perfect " Dead Person " …and by the way… if you don't agree, why do you keep coming back to read????? HMMMM?????

  63. Great article! It has been a while since you made one that is so good. I knew it, when I first saw the video, that it had something creepy. However the song is so catchy… And yes, you're reaching my telephone.

  64. 80 Ben- Did you watch the video? You must have missed the part when gaga was in the kitchen pouring the poision in all the food.

  65. Hi I've read most of your articles and I have to say it all makes sense to me. Before I was aware of the symbolism and the Agenda within these music videos, I not once noticed any of these symbols that ate pointed put in these articles. I would just watch the video and not really think much of it, but now that I'm aware of these symbols and the Agenda I can't listen to or look at these 'artists' the same way. Basically, if people aren't aware of these symbols and whatnot, no one is going to notice them just like I didn't notice them before! So you can't really say "why would they blatantly put these symbols out there for the world to see?" well unless you are already aware of the things the Vigilant writes about, then these symbols aren't going to even register in your head. So many people are not informed but they need to be! Keep in informing Vigilant!

  66. I watched the video after seeing it pop up several times on websites, and shortly thereafter, I wasn't surprised to see an article pop up on here. The first time I heard the song, I figured it was more or less in line with "Just Dance," in terms of its vacuous directive, but after watching the video for "Bad Romance," I started to wonder if there was more to it. Most of the album seems suspect of having an underlying meaning at this point.

    Out of curiosity, did anybody else catch the "real," brunette Gaga inside the jail cell, shortly before the blonde, "fame monster" version answers the phone? Talk about disassociation, standing on the outside looking into yourself playing the part of yourself.

  67. um, everyone, just because vigilant came out with ONE interpretation, which, in some areas was really stetching to explain this video, it doesn't mean that's the ONLY interpretation.

  68. According to one ancient egyptian myth, honey bees were the tears of the sun god Ra. In this context, the bee was seen as the messenger of the gods, falling down, like tears, towards the earth (and man) to pass on some secret message.

    So, Beyonce, the "honey bee", is the messenger of Ra, the Egyptian "Sun God." Lucifer = lightbearer = Sun God.

  69. i've been waiting for this article! good job VC!

    my parent's didn't let my watch MTV when i was younger…now i'm starting to understand why. they said it would make me stupid…i'm starting to believe them for once in my life. this stuff does make you stupid, it weakens the mind…it makes it so you can't think for yourself. you think you aren't being controlled? think again. you ARE. all those hours you're clocking in infront of youtube are killing more brain cell than if you were to smoke a blunt everyday to your face. these so called "artists" are taking away people's originality, look at how they refer to "bees". they ARE the queen bees…and we are merely their drones.

    i really don't think it will, but i honestly hope something happens to the world in 2012. because this just needs to end.

  70. islam means peace on

    Rhiannas new video "take it" or something dirty like that!, is full of blatant symbolism. it wasn't too long ago that showing sexual videos in the daytime was prohibited! well its fine now to show a women dancing around like a possessed prostitute! when i gauge my friends reactions while watching this video i can see that the objective has been achieved. its a real shame that people find it pointless to fight their basic instinct (sexual desire) the worst thing that hits home is when i hear girls as young as 7 singing gaga's lyrics "walk walk fashion baby work it baby OR i want your love i want your disease! " trash! information overload!, and parents have no idea what primary knowledge their children are taking in! not only is it just dirty its damaging for the child's future!

  71. Excellent analysis. Unfortunately after listening to Gaga's drivel, it has been quite hard getting it out of my head.

    A lot of my friends find her disturbing ("she seems possessed" etc), but I've noticed that as time has passed by, we are all getting desensitized to her messages. She and her weird vids are starting to seem normal to the masses- we sort of expect them now.

    That's why I go back to the Lord, Jesus so He can clean my mind and soul of this toxic waste that I willingly expose myself to by watching the MVs and other crap on TV.

    God bless :) and for those that read this article- don't be scared- there's nothing as powerful as our God. The only thing you can do in the midst of all this shit is to cultivate a pure, loving mind and do good/be kind whenever and wherever you can.

  72. So even if all that cutesy symbolism is as oddly specific as you seem to think it is, how logical is it really for some magical monstrous shadow society to lay out all of its plans like that? That doesn't seem a little too much like the bad guy in any comic who thinks he's finally got the caped crusader for good and spills all the beans, all too conveniently for our hero? Perhaps it is you who have been brainwashed by action films.

    Also, it's more than a little frightening how aggressively sex-negative, misogynist and downright Puritan many of these comments are. Shouldn't that be some sort of red flag to any reasonably intelligent person? I mean, part of your objection to this supposed Illuminati conspiracy is that they disdain the masses, am I right? So why all this disdain for, well, the masses? I agree that the mass media has spiraled (OMG SYMBOLISM) out of control and we should definitely be taking actions to dismantle the ruling cabal, but I think that diving head-long into conspiracy theories will make the greater public wince with that special sort of embarrassment reserved for That Crazy Uncle and turn away rather than turn off their televisions and "pick up their telephones".

  73. It seems to me that she is using all this symbolism as just that…symbolism to convey the superficial nature of todays youth… the saddest part of that is how many kids are lost in just that and become her fans…they are "little monsters." She wants us to figure this out and think about this for ourselves so we can become illuminated and see the deeper metaphorical meaning. She's teasing us. At the same time she realizes that those who are illuminated and intelligent and deserving enough will understand. We have bitten the fruit of knowledge.

  74. Is Ga Ga trying to warn us? Um no I don't think so. Every thing she do is against God. She will say this is for the gays and God in the same sentence which is blaspmey. In Bad Romance she says " I want your love, I want your revenge" Who wants revenge? Satan against God. So promoting homosexuality across the world, to all the little monsters…what do you call that?

  75. No, no… my telephone is not busy… I am actually shocked and thinking what our youth is idolizing today… It's depressing. What could we do to stop this monster (cause that's what she is)? To help our youth, to save them…

    Another thing I wanted to say is… the food poisoning in the video actually suggests… FOOD POISONING, they are actually and literally poisoning US all… Chemicals in food and water… I mean it's not novelty… Is it? One of the reasons we should start to produce our own food and become independent consumers, not rely on the system anymore… That is… if we want to survive this "mass assassination"…

    Please let us know what we can do… for our teenagers. There has got to be a way… an anti-campaign or something. To reveal the TRUTH to them… Because they are idolizing a freaking monster…

  76. Hey Vigilant (and everyone else too),

    You will love this one. Someone did a great job editing this. It's obviously done in humor, but for those who see beneath the surface and understand the MK aspect, it is amazingly revealing. Almost like they knew. :)

    Gaga in Wonderland

    The pairing of these two is a marriage made in…well, not Heaven, that's for sure!! Enjoy!

  77. The bible said we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities in high places.

    This has nothing to do with the physical person, but with the influence that is upon them. By this we all should know that all these artist are in volved in acult some way or the other. We can be ignorant to the fact but it is true…. Instaed of us debateing this we should be look to God for protection. Whether we be christians or non-christians. The great book tell us of these things. Turn off the TV and pick up the bible everything is in it. The book of daniel, Revelation and others talk about the things to come… People think this world is going to go on forever….Jesues is coming again to put a stp to all this madness, but before that we will have to suffer great tribulationss… Not his will…But thats what sin does…Thank vigciz… for opening the eyes of many…..

  78. Also I think the big question is: Is Lady Gaga showing this to lead the masses or the save them? "LADY GAGA" itself seems like the biggest, most sarcastic slap in your face answer. Who calls themselves this? SOCIAL COMMENTARY….again, the truly ignorant cannot be saved. The masses have to save themselves, and become not only vigilant citizens but strong thinkers and strong individuals.

  79. “Trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it’s broke but you can still see the crack in the motherfucker’s reflection”

    Also…. you can see the true meaning here if you look at the ugly cracks in this immoral, reflective-of-culture and masses music video. Lady Gaga isn't Paris Hilton, shes an educator.

  80. I knew once I saw this video online that you would write an article! Too much symbolism to just let this pass. I couldn't believe the poisoning, once I saw that I knew what they meant. Dancing around dead people, it just continues to get worse. They are letting us know what they are up to, yet people don't want to believe. Great job once again Vigilant!

  81. Charlie McRae on

    Great stuff. Love how you can make your crazy bullshit sound almost believable. Keep up the good work.

  82. The honey/bee references also have occult meaning. It is used across many occult belief systems. There's a fairly good discussion on the topic that I found:

    Seems mostly accurate. Interesting nonetheless.

    Verily, the onion has many layers. The deeper you peel into it, the more strongly it smells and makes you weep…

  83. Soon as I seen the video I just knew they had to be a "dark" side to it;

    But regardless I still like lady gaga and beyonce.


  85. Very interesting post from VC. However, like someone here already mentioned, I think there is much more to this.

    I believe there is something wrong with the logic of the theories in this post – the reason I say this is because of the first 'act' of the video…where Gaga is in the Prison for Bitches…the person that is calling her IS BEYONCE…as it's heard over the speakers…and Gaga won't go and answer the call…I can't remember how many times the call comes through from Beyonce…But this makes no sense when following you logic. Later Beyonce bails Gaga out and tells her she's been a very bad bad girl (or words to that affect).

    Later we see Gaga creating the blue poison for Beyonce to administer to her boyfriend. But Gaga is also making the poisoned Honey which which she gives to everyone in the Diner. (Beyonce puts the blue poison in the guy's drink I believe – then Gaga does the rest).

    What about they blatant lesbian references (not the transvestites) with Beyonce…what is that symbolizing?

    If the telephone is the brain disassociated – then HOW is Beyonce calling Gaga – and WHY is Gaga not answering – This is my main question….something doesn't add up (sorry)! Perhaps you can explain this part as I may have misunderstood?

    P.S. I also spotted the chem-trails (near the end of the video)

    P.P.S. There is obviously a connection between VIDEOPHONE and TELEPHONE apart from th obvious, where the former was strictly Beyonce featuring Gaga and the later is Gaga featuring Beyonce!

    One is Watching – and the other is Listening perhaps????

  86. Isn't there a small possibility that like you, Lady Gaga, is trying to tell the world about the Illuminati? Or that she, like most of our society, does not believe in conspiracy theories but is using them for interesting plot points in a narrative? Jumping to the idea that she is a mind-controller or even mind-controlled and then that she has evil intentions seems a little too quick. If she was a mind-controlled evil entity or if she was trying to take over the mind's of young people, she would NEVER present the themes so clearly.

  87. Lol, this website is so crazy it's so good.

    Ya'll go now and get back to your churches, bible belt rednecks

    Oh, and Lady GaGa is coming for ya'lls, for realz

  88. something else interesting, not sure if you guys care about MY life or not,

    but my father worked for the government, and he has a tattoo of a pyramid with an all seeing eye on his hand.

    wonder what he knows?

  89. Did anyone else notice that GaGa was standing beside this brown haired girl in the scene with the two ladies fighting? Didn't she look a lot like the old brown haired Lady GaGa? Or was that just me?

  90. What a great work you do… I watched this video before this article was made, and I just found it disgusting!

    I also think that maybe the food poisoning killing is not so an analogy, because we are actually being killed with food! and I found it so shocking… god!

    I'm also surprised by the fact that some lady gaga's fans are shocked too or don't understand the plot of the video.. I read a lot of commentaries like that on youtube

    Keep the good work! thank to blogs like yours I've learnt a lot and I can also see through!

    last nite I watched the movie Tenacious and it was so illuminati!!! god!

    Thanks :)

  91. so triangles, eyes, circles, checkered squares, zig zags, lights, anything that references disney, anything that references Kubrick, anything that references electricity, upside down stars, rightside up stars, triangles formed with only two fingers, a ok signs with any amount of fingers, blank eyes, one eye, eyes on hands, things without heads, covered heads, lightening bolts, cats, honey, bees, guns, ciggarettes, anything with cracks in it, anything that even sounds a bit similar any god thats ever existed, any conversation tht you think sounds like its being controlled, anything to do with controlling or binding or restricting are all symbols.

    can you name a single video/song/person that hasnt done any of these in one form or another?

  92. I am amazed at what is going on,and music is a big part of this world,And i know satan is out for the youth!

    I completely agree and you have my full support!

    God Bless you!

  93. Alex S

    If it is a waste of your time then why are you here? U do have the control over what you give your attention too so why comment? I am at a place in my life where I no longer want to be a pond in anyone else game… It like everything that Capitalism stands for is corrupted but let someone else speak of something like socialism and now it is war… They want us to reject socialism because it will really be the death of there world not ours… It is time to stand for something or be like everyone else and fall for everything… They even promote and advertage for the people and messages that speak against them as well because they believe that many will still take the poison because for most American working hard is too much work… It is funny how we can have so much in history that warns us of this because this is not the first take over in attemped in history but still we are still dumb even with many years of lessons in-between us…

  94. @Unconvinced

    This is called reverse psychology. The aim is for us to think like you do "well, why is she so obvious about it, if she is representing something hidden as in conspiracy?" As you put it, "If she was a mind-controlled evil entity or if she was trying to take over the mind’s of young people, she would NEVER present the themes so clearly." So by this, she can defend herself based on that argument "No, I'm just trying to open their eyes and save them". Yeah, right… Through symbols…? Why not just come out and say: "Hey, listen, these people are controlling you… Let's all just rise against them!" Or "Hey, I'm NOT this evil entity, just trying to open your eyes, stupid people!" Then again… she chooses symbolism, occult symbolism. And vague "interviews".

  95. Re: the bee and honey references- The occult likes to use bees to symbolize themselves, as bees are born with innate knowledge about the world. Bees build their honey combs with the rotation of the earth's axis in every comb.

  96. Her Youtube hits are fake. She sold 250 thousand her first week Which is not that good. She came to my city 2 months ago and performed at the small venue down the street from the big stadium. So I think they are faking the funk all the way. The math is not adding up and we know the tube likes to take away hits so who's to say they don't add.

  97. This site is giving us the antibiotics because there are so many who don't see what's going on or won't see what's going on. It's work is to inform, educate and to make sure you know what's happening in today's world. It's changed a lot since the 90s and has become more subtle but aggressive, ugly & macabre. We need this kind of site because it's necessary.

    I was never turned on to Beyonce or GaGa. But since the list is so long, what about the ones who are NOT CONTROLLED? There must be a True Minority that aren't under the spell of the Illuminati. Where's that list? Which jazz, classical, or country singer/band is under the Illuminati? We shoulld have information on them as well.

    Thanks to sites like this, we can now confirm the subtleties we've been experiencing but had no place to express those thoughts. And it looks like more & more are going totally vegan (no eggs, milk, dairy) unless it's organic. Some of us are there, the rest need this site to remind us our minds should be stronger and to build from strength. Know when & how you're being exploited so you can turn that crap off & let others know as well.

    I was mad because I had to watch the video but that's because I read it first then watched the video then read the article again to make sure I didn't miss any of the article or the comments.

    Another excellent article!

  98. u missed 1 very important thing of the music video..for a split second in diner look what happens before gaga puts her hand infront of her mouth in suprise. It looks like beyonce's eye rolls back

  99. Many years ago our ancestor would have never been so invested in Television and that is why it was never represented… I do see TV as a negative entity and that is why I really no longer watch it I only have a TV at home to watch video movies like Netflix or Blockbuster but I choose them they don't choose me… We are so celebrities obsessed all for the love of money and the image of fame… I was looking at this Michael Moore movies and they were talking about how Wall Street and there many financial advisor recruit young adults from college that are talking up stuff like science and engineering which has nothing to do with stocks… So now they are taking smart educated student in other fields to work only on how to make more money so that they can pay off there student loans but they never leave that professions and many years later we all see them our today congressmen… So this corporations and Capitalist world is messing up everything making it unbalance and we are just following them to the grave even heighten and living through there corrupted desires giving them the green flag to continue… They can care less about the few because they believe that the major have already taken sides…

  100. Nah… It's just a message right in our faces… "We're killing you, slowly and poisoning your minds… and you can't do sh*t about it… You're so damn ADDICTED, you can't break free, even if you wanted to. You'd better GET USED to this. You are no longer in control over your own lives". While the puppets (aka Gaga and the like) will say "It's just a show. We are here to "entertain" you and keep you DUMB… In the meantime, we're laughing right in your face"

  101. Critical thinking time, ladies, gentlemen, and children:

    Research the meanings of: Parody, Irony, Sarcasm, Humor, Subversive.

    Wait until your head is wrapped around their meanings, because step two will be tougher.

    Look at a few theories of psychology and philosophy, notice the many writings about the conflicts of thoughts and messages and meanings within a psyche or soul.

    Comprehendo? Ok, next:

    Consider Lady GaGa has large well-educated creative team and other artists and consultants to work with. Artists engage in the almost magical process of metaphor and can achieve the result of satire! You're missing the forest for the trees as well as the trees for the forest, here. By self-consciously demeaning and enhancing her, GaGa's team is sending a strong message. GaGa is a self-aware pop idol, modern art has introduced the idea of an artist as the medium for their own art. She's the canvas, the message includes many, many facets.

    A person's telephone can be busy for any number of reasons, including but not limited to:

    Pop Culture (such as is expressed in music videos)

    Religion or dogma (especially fundamentalism, which I suspect of a few of you, which is guilty of triggering dissociation as well without any Satanic involvement)

    Instability of life/emotions (which viewers of this video may sympathize with the violence somehow, triggering dissociation as well without any Illuminati involvement)

    And much, much more!

    Every person in the world lives constantly in danger of having their mind controlled and washed clean of any original, self-motivated purpose by *preachers* as much as *musicians* and much as *politicians* and the *film industry* as well, among others.

    Amazing works performed empty of original motivation is a waste of life. Those who can engage into a two-way process of communication with their religious leaders, even deities, and can similarly understand and comprehend the art and media they receive: this is a well-realized human being.

    Now please, one of you address comment number 36. They seem to be the one of few with full control of their telephone.

  102. 110.alicja March 15th, 2010 12:05 pm :

    Did anyone else notice that GaGa was standing beside this brown haired girl in the scene with the two ladies fighting? Didn’t she look a lot like the old brown haired Lady GaGa? Or was that just me?

    Yes! I had forgotten about that part in the prison – For a few moments I was not sure which one was Gaga – seriously – that is a really freaky few seconds – where Gaga has black eye brows and there does appear to be 'multiple Gagas'!!!!

  103. jobe said: "Her Youtube hits are fake."

    It's very likely. Youtube fracks with numbers constantly.

  104. there does appear to be ‘multiple Gagas’!!!!

    yes, what are they saying? she's got multiple personalities or multiple clones?

  105. To sarah post # 46 read this

    Your not crazy!!

  106. Michael DeAngelo on

    We need to get prayed up and get close to God for this onslaught. Soon a clear line will be drawn on the sand, what side will you stand on?

  107. To the author:

    "As much as I would like to believe that I’ve got that much influence on today’s biggest star, I highly doubt that Gaga, her staff, her video directors and her record label with its millions of dollars would concentrate all of their creative efforts to piss off one blogger."

    You've got more influence than you think, buddy. This stuff gets around places like twitter pretty fast, and you have a great argument, even if in the opinions of many others who aren't compelled enough to comment: your perspective is a bit paranoid about GaGa herself. Fun, yes, I wish I could believe GaGa was some awful secret mind controlling weapon, but she's just the latest model of artist like Warhol and Crowley or anyone who reverses expectations, flips the script, changes the game—the rest of the world just needs to catch up.

    What I think is valid is your attitude towards mass media. It is poisonous. It limits and it wastes lives, warps morals or ethical codes, and destroys valid, necessary traditions. The time is now that important changes can be made to break its hold, I'd rather be one who helps that (as you do, vigilantly) then one who lives in fear.

  108. TO ALICJA

    March 15th, 2010 12:05 pm

    Alicja, I noticed that woman as well. I wonder if Gaga misses her old self & that's why that girl is there to remind her what she gave up in exchange for this new lifestyle and her music??? And how do we know that isn't the Real Gaga & the blonde is just a shell? Won't be the first time the Illuminati have used a substitute. But I was stunned to see the how much alike she was. It was that WOW moment that made you realize that Gaga is a character.

    Janet Jackson had a similar incident years ago when she gained 60lbs she claims was for a movie roll that never existed. No movie was ever registered for why she gained all that weight. She got caught with that extra weight & got her trainers to help her.

    However, there were photos of her during that same period, shopping with a friend/cousin and she was still 60lbs heavy. Yet when she appeared in public, she was buffed. That was all smoke & mirrors & the Illuminati let the Old Janet out for the press, but in reality, Janet still had to work off that weight. She eventually did, but it took a lot longer than the press let on.

    Now that I know about the Illuminati and how they operate, I start to remember little things like this because of this site.

  109. @ Caligurl #76

    You are exactly on point! People that have already been persuaded by Lady Gaga will stand firm that she's not evil (unless their eyes have been opened) thus validating the subliminal influence her music and videos has. I myself despise her music but I've found when viewing the videos, I start to feel things (pleasures even) that I'm not comfortable with. The "cause and effect" paradigm is prevalent beyond comprehension!! Lady Gaga and the others want to have our minds disassociated from murder, homosexuality, symbols, militalia, etc. so that when the Anti-Christ begins his reign, we won't recognize him for who he is!!! They want us to think this is normal behavior when in essence, it's an abomination to God. "The objective is for the victim to follow directives with no conscious awareness" (taken from VC's article). We may say: "Well, just because I watch and listen doesn't mean they have control over me". Well, they do……UNLESS, you've committed yourself under GOD'S guidance. We are lost with out Him..sheeps to be slaughtered!

    Oh, and for those asking the question as to whether or not Lady Gaga is giving YOU a sign, she is alright. She's telling you that she knows exactly what she's doing. She's pulling in the sheep to be slaughtered. She doesn't care about YOU or your soul. She's doing what the puppet master is telling her to do. She's making money so that she'll be a part of the elite that THINK they're going to rule this world but what they fail to realize is this….The devil is going to kill them too.

  110. wowow! that vid was craaaazy!! thanks so much for continuing to open our eyes.

    Question: has anyone else been hearing about Beyonce saying that she's going to "kill Sasha Fierce" ??

  111. Also re: Food issue. He who controls money and food, rules the world. Notice how numerous food products contain Soy and Soy Lecithin. I've heard of a plan referred to as Codex Almintarius(sp?),where the gov. is going to ensure we get absolutely no health benefits from our food so that we eventually will die fro eating it. The food we have is already unfit to eat, though there are options that don't contain soy, preservatives, etc. But let's see how long that lasts.

  112. Excellent article as always. You are very accurate. Let me say that the hand sign they use so many times is 666, Luciferian symbolism. Look at it and you will see that it really IS three sixes on top of each other. You cannot miss it. I see industry people, elites etc. making this satanic hand sign. People need to wake about the media, the pop music industry and Hollywood. Who do they serve and why? Do your research, the information is now available. They cannot stop people right now from finding out the truth.

  113. Good job as always VC!


    John 14:6 "Jesus told him, – I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. – "

    Acts 4:12 "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."

    Psalm 145:18-19 "The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them."

    Romans 10:9 "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. "

  114. March- You make no sense. "Why would Gaga team make videos to piss off bloggers"? This was going on in videos before bloggers came full circle. GaGa is not the only artist on this site. This is not about a blogger, this is about the world. When you look at the world today the youth are drug addicted, gang rapping, gay and, disfunctional & you ask the question why would GaGa team do this. This is what they get paid to do. Confuse the youth, turn away from God. You thought todays artist get paid to sing lol at you. They get paid to destroy, all the men wear tight pants, the women are gay, the men are gay if you can't see the change in the world maybe you should stop stan ing for a minute. Stans should not be allowed to comment. No one want to hear that my favorite artist crap. If most stans could plop their head out the artist but for a second they could see what is going on.

  115. Thank you for yet another great analysis. I applaud you for doing this. I grew up watching Madonna and MTV in the nineties, and surely it had a huge affect on me. Even up until age 30 I thought these videos are harmless. Then I woke up.

    Anyone who says that violent and oversexualized videos and movies don't alter people's mind and behavior is lying, or working for them.

    Look at our society. It's all about dumbing down and demoralizing the masses, and it's working. We need to wake up people about this because we are entering a dangerous era. If any of you cares about people's souls tell them about these things, show them the info! Don't just sit around and be, like, OK whatever…The war is on for our minds AND souls!

  116. GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LISTEN: THAT PERSON WHO LOOKS SO MUCH A LIKE HER IN THE VIDEO IS HER SISTER NATALI! It's not that she have multiple persona's. it's just her sister.

  117. I found this artist to be too gimicky for my taste but I see that the majority just loves her! Although I like a few of her tracks for the most part I can do without all the extras. As far as the symbols goes, it seems as if it's becoming more common to the point that children/teenagers do the same poses without even thinking about its meaning or origins, its usually just mimicking their favorite artists. This is scary to say the least but its bound to happen…..the last days.

  118. PS Absolutely! Jesus Christ can save you, nobody else. Do not buy into the New Age garbage, it's the same old paganism recycled, and it comes in a million colors, with a million doctrines but it all leads you to destruction. Trust me, I was on that road. Also at this point there are a lot of infiltrated and fake Christian churches, get out of them. Satan knows his time is running out on this planet, so they are starting to push the agenda real hard.

    God bless!

  119. "Promise we'll never come back here? I promise." = They will never remember what they did.

  120. You could also say. She killed her no good BF for her lesbian lover. They looked as if they were off to get married at the end!

  121. Ok, while doing some more looking around I find that there is a huge list of news articles on Google which are basically a run-down of pop-culture references spotted by the writers while viewing this latest Gaga video – layers and layers of it!! (No MK themes mentioned of course!)

    Some of the reports seem to be stealing info from each other – even the Mtv site has a breakdown of the video with some obvious 'guesses' as to what the different aspects represent!

  122. I think you guys are the brain washed ones buying all of this bullshit. Lady Gaga is a performance artist, she's a fame whore. You're FEEDING her. This is what she wants you to think. Lady Gaga was a weird kid in school, you think she doesn't know about all this stuff? She probably studied this stuff to pass the time and is now using it to get a rise out of middle America and crazy conspiracy theorist like you gullible people here.

    Good day to you all, I'm gonna go watch the Fab lady Gaga be fab. <3

  123. Thank you, whoever wrote comment 122, the only one that made sense on this entire thread.

    Lady Gaga is fully aware of everything she's doing. She knows she's a contrived pop act. She knows she has Illuminati symbols in her videos. I believe she even used them to gain their attention before she was popular. She played the game, got famous, and now she's using her fame to create this 'fame monster' to show that no matter what she does, the masses will eat it up. She can do something completely outlandish and people will talk about it.

    You fail to mention other things in the video, such as the blatant product placement. Again, Gaga does everything on purpose. The multiple advertisements that appear in the video allude to our culture's consumerism. This extends to the music industry, with pop artists packaged and sold themselves, like a product. Gaga herself is a product. This video plays on this idea.

    Is it possible that she is actually telling us of these things? How about how our culture is actually killing us or how we are killing ourselves? This is completely relevant: the lifestyle we live has caused poverty for the rest of the world, diminished natural resources and climate change, and these things are literally killing us.

    There's something different about Gaga in that she's aware. She's not like Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-Z, etc. She's trying to say something and you all are too worried about your Bibles and gods and paranoia to see it.

  124. Probably won't get read this far down, but something that struck me:

    The chains Gaga wears in the beginning (with the cigarette shades) aren't complete. They're open, like the chain could be dismantled at any time if she wanted to. Also, to my eye, the incomplete links resemble the Chanel logo.

  125. gaga 148- Do you care to explain the difference between gaga and Jay, Ri, and Beyonce. They all are puppets, they all rock the baphomet, Gaga use the word God and gay in the same sentence. Her flashing the 666 sign and the all seeing eys sign…….. again I ask how is gaga different? In my honest opinion gaga is not gay. She gets paid to play gay. Have we ever met or heard of a women she has been with. She recently stated she hasn't had sex for like 2 years. I could be off with the number but it was something like that. I don't beleive she is gay. I know she is not gay but she has to play it off to get paid.

  126. so nobody thinks it can also be about them killing us through actual food? like the new codex alimentarius? sorry to keep insisting but I think it is a grave danger that this thing (CA) is being accepted! 😀

  127. *yawn* no new material VC? i've read all your articles & the more i read the more im like why? why do i even care? -__- good day!

  128. Nina Lassonnier on

    I think the lyrics are about telling God not to try to contact the person who is singing. I read them and the excuses she gives are similar to those people give to explain why they do not give enough time to God, why they do not pray or listen to His instructions.

    Moreover, the telephone is a very common representation of the relationship between God and a man. We usually say that God is always on the other line 24/7 an that the communication is free.

    As a conclusion, I would say that this song has been made so that people when singing it would actually say: "God stop trying to contact me, I don't want to hear from you, My life is devoted to something else and anyways, I can't hear you. So don't call me anymore because I won't listen to you."

  129. @151 The fact that Gaga is pro-gay has nothing to do with anything. Just because you believe God hates gays does not mean everyone else does, or that God actually does hate gays. I don't care if you are anti-gay, but please put your personal homophobia aside so you can discuss things that actually matter, because whether someone is gay or not has no bearing on anything discussed here or elsewhere in the real world.

    and @152 I have also heard of the codex alimentarius, and as far as I know, people tried to get it passed by the end of 2009 and it never happened. So for now I think we're okay and still able to make our own decisions on what food we buy.

  130. There are numerous reports one which aired on "tru tv Jesse Vantura" and they stated the medicines are faulty, the food is faulty, they even said the baby food is faulty. It was the medicine, food, water..and something else (can't think of) but the hard part was seeing that they put poison in baby food and it's listed in the ingrediants. So this is nothing new. Why did they cut the part where she pours poison in all the food? Watch the episode Jesse Vantura it's should be on tru it's the one on the "builderbergs" They go undercover on the Gov and this is what they found every thing is poisioned. and what is anime?

  131. I've been young and I used to see very mindless music videos and movies. I found them normal and fashion. I thought I was strong enought to do not be influenced by anything, but looking back, my behavior was deeply influenced by the mass medias products. When I finaly openned my eyes, I was amazed of how a few people make such efforts to turn million of young people into unsensitive puppets. I realised that everything I've read in the Bible is true and it's so blatant that WE, Christians and believers in JESUS-CHRIST, are the enemies of this elite. They are trying hard to deveive and confuse the more people they can. They want to imitate GOD who is ALMIGHTY, that's why they remain secret, to gain power in the shaddow by making people think they are all powerful, but in the name of JESUS-CHRIST they are NOT!!

    I just can't stand Lady Gaga, from the beginning I've had a really bad felling about her. I tried to watch her videos but they are so violent to my eyes that my heart is hurt to know that too many people are exposed to this horror around the world. The evil has become very accessible to people, especially our young generations. They are turning good into evil and evil into good. CHRISTIANS, let's take position and FIGHT because those people are in a war against the LORD of JESUS-CHRIST. Not with hate nor guns because JESUS command us to love our enemies (the point is they can't love us and we can't hate them or we'll be like them! We're higher than that!), but with PRAISE, WORSHIP, PRAYER and ACTION!

    Luke 6:36 “Love your enemies! Do good to them. Lend to them without expecting to be repaid. Then your reward from heaven will be very great, and you will truly be acting as children of the Most High (…)."


    Ephesians 6:10-18

    "10 A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. 12 For we[c] are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

    13 Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. 14 Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. 15 For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.[d] 16 In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.[e] 17 Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God."

    Please wake up and let's praise the LORD JESUS! Let's work on his Kingdom to-come! The fact is, they are trying to deceive a lot of people but the destiny of their chief, Satan, is in hell for the eternity! Don't let him and his deceived crew bring you with them! Stand for GOD! Stand for JESUS!

  132. Oh man, you are going to LOVE this one, Vigilant…

    When Gaga and "B" are in the truck leaving the prison, at 5:23, the voice on the radio says:

    "this is radio K – U – K" Ok, whatever…sounds like nothing….right? :)

    OMG…are u ready for this?? LOL

    "Kuk (also spelled as Keku) is the deification of the primordial concept of darkness in Egyptian

    mythology. In the Ogdoad cosmogony, his name meant darkness. As a concept, Kuk was viewed as

    androgynous, his female form being known as Kauket (also spelled as Keket), which is simply the

    female form of the word Kuk. Like all 4 dualistic concepts in the Ogdoad, Kuk's male form was

    depicted as a frog, or as a frog-headed man, and the female form as a snake, or a snake-headed

    woman. As a symbol of darkness, Kuk also represented obscurity and the unknown, and thus chaos.

    Also, Kuk was seen as that which occurred before light, thus was known as the bringer-in of light."

    DARKNESS…ANDROGYNY…FROG or SNAKE…reptiles….CHAOS….and "Kuk" occurred before light, huh? Before God Himself then, huh? And Kuk was the "bringer of light"…hmm, who else was it that is known as a (false) bringer of light in occult stuff…oh yeah, it's that Lucifer, fallen angel evil guy, right?

    Bringing light = ILLUMINATI. Could it really be any more obvious? Un-F-ing-believable, but it's right there in your eyes and ears…and in your face, mocking all of us.

    more later…you're doing a great service to humankind, Vigilant…keep it up!!

  133. 157- They had to change the video. Thats what I am trying to tell you. When I watched the video the morning after it aired gaga was in the kitchen and she poured poison in the syrup and in his food, then she poured it every where, the bottle even fell over in the food and then she poured more. I don't get what you are saying where is the accident coming in at. The original video every one saw gaga pour the poison in Beyonce man food AND all the food in the kitchen.They cut it out. why I don't know, but get it right!

  134. MK-Ultra is only one small aspect to the larger agenda that has been going on long before our parents, grandparents and we were born. Plato coined the term "fashion industry" in his dialogue, "The Republic" He also said that music and drama could be used to control the masses by creating a fictional reality. Our brain is like a computer, that is to say, it creates associations based on incoming data. If that data is faulty, then the decisions it makes will be so as well.

    It's much more difficult to control a single individual, hence the need for such horrific techniques as are used in MK-Ultra. But similar techniques are used on us as a group. Mass media is another arm of control over our minds, pounding us with crisis after crisis, whether man-made or natural, until we begin to disassociate and our ability to analyze these so-called problems shuts down. What has happened to Lady Gaga has happened to the majority of people on the planet.

    Guard your mind, otherwise it will be taken from you.

  135. i recently read about mk ultra and all that shiz and it made me feel sick after. I just felt so disgusted at all of it. But thanku vigilant citizen and all the other sources of information on the net and in books which have let us good people know the truth abothe real situation of the world. Once again welldone VC :)

  136. I was waiting for you to put this out .It was clear all the symbolism in the video .People need to wake up and our masses are indeed being brainwashed by this crap. Im sppechless by that electroshock therapy video by the way wow.The elites in music is trying to mind control us all very few of us realize wats going on with these artists. I thank god for opening my eyes to this garbage.Nice article vigilant as usual.

  137. I don't know if this means any thing but, the date when she was being walked to her cell was 2-11-2010 and the time when the news reporter was reporting on the story was 11:21.

  138. @LVB Guys…………hahahahah to the person who wrote about K-U-K or KUK.

    did you know that the producer of this video is swedish? Jonas akerlund. and do you know what kuk means in swedish??? it means DICK.

  139. no fallen angel on

    That crap was horrible!! Please all protect your children and educate them as much as u can.

    The "OK" sign is really heavy now. Even Monique is constantly doing it on her show.

    These entertainers know what they're doing. For the $, they will put anything in their songs and vids. More shocking things are soon to follow, only for it to appear to be normal and the utter opposite of the Bible. With VC and others exposing the artists, they can't afford to lose the legions of fans. More and more fans will follow them in exchange for each person who turns away from this crap.

  140. I think you are not seeing something very important.

    Gaga is trying to show exactly what you say, with her videos

    and music. You are totally right about the symbols and

    meanings. But it's for a purpose. It's for people to wake up

    and realize that we can no longer be puppets.

    Now, sure she could go make a song that is literal but

    she is an artist so she researches this kind of stuff and

    puts it together artistically.

    It is speaking a message that of course the masses cant understand

    cause most of people are first of all not artistically educated to

    look at art in any deeper way.

    They will just look at it through theyre superficial eyes

    and believe me that wont affect them too much.

    All of the symbols you show, no one sees them because no one cares.

    People care about good music and having fun

    not about being possessed.

    You need to take things more easily… but however I

    enjoy your articles because they are very creative and

    someone could make a movie about it =)

    You make POP culture far more interesting and meaningful.

    when its really not. but thanks for that.

  141. I like this article except I feel like you forgot to analyze huge aspects of the video….. here are the biggest things i think everyone should notice :

    1) the Real lady gaga is present in the jail cell, if u didnt notice 3 lady gaga’s r present in the scene. If u have seen her dualistic album covers u would see that on the front is the New lady gaga with short white hair and u will see the “real” lady gaga who is sad and had bloody tears running down her face. This is important, because it symbolizes the death of the real lady gaga…someone gets beaten up at the jail, and i am pretty sure its one of the three lady gaga’s. she also gets left in the jail while the “new” lady gaga gets bailed out.

    Why is this important? Well when Beyonce feeds lady gaga its kinda symbolizing a passing of the torch, if u have ever seen the Crazy in love video u know that it is the birth of Sasha fierce (Beyonce’s 2nd identity) This happens in a key scene where beyonce is blown up in a car by Jay z and the new sasha fierce emerges out of no where. I believe this is the same thing..

    2) the weirdest thing i notice was the scene where all the pple r murder. if u loook closely around 7:41 of the vid u see something odd written in the asian women’s eye. I am pretty sure it says Allah (God in Arabic).

    What do u guys think? either way this video is creepy and i think if u seriously deny all these symbols and call it “artistic” u have noooooo idea what we r in for.

  142. i don't understand how some people can say this is a "conspiracy" and paranoia when it is PROVEN fact that the under MK/MKUltra (a collection of over 140 experiments) the CIA did things like test LSD on African-American prisoners without their consent, dosed unsuspecting Americans with LSD to see the effects, and basically invented that whole drug culture in the early 50s', amongst other horrible things…the US also adopted the idea of heavily fluorinating (* spelling*- adding too much fluoride) water in municipalities from Nazi Germany- they wanted to see how fluoride made the POWs docile and it really that far-fetched to believe that something like music- which is soo pervasive in our culture and important/influential to the young masses is being used for their benefit…we already know how the US has continually tricked the masses (ex. Tuskegee experiment- telling African-Americans they were going to help them cure syphilis and doing the exact opposite just to see the effects, giving the Native Americans blankets with smallpox to kill them off in droves, sterilizing poor African-American women, Native Americans, people with schizophrenia and down-syndrome without their consent, how the "father" of modern gynecology tested out experimental surgeries on African slaves without their consent and without anesthesia…just a few examples)

    I suggest listening to the Podcasts on Itunes – Stuff you should Know (particulary "is fluoride making us stupid" and "did the CIA test LSD on Americans") for a little more info and a starting point for YOUR OWN RESEARCH and the documentary entitled "Food"

    and in regards to the video…the negative agenda they r pushing is not cool, when has murder and vulgar inappropriateness ever been cool…i stopped watching videos years ago for this reason..i find myself wanting to listen to the oldies but goodies (Teddy P, Aretha, Lenny Williams) and people like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu more and more (i'm in my mid twenties) because the music is just so out of control

  143. Ian Erickson on

    Aldous Huxley was right.

    Riots in Iran over obvious election fixing. A lack of riots over obvious election fixing here in the US.

    3rd world countries acquiring nuclear weapons. The US and Russian misplacing or losing nuclear weapons.

    An island of a plastic in the Pacific the size of Texas. A hole in the ozone layer the size of Antarctica.

    China painted mountains green for their Olympics. US mining companies have leveled the Appalachians.

    Lady Gaga's a great singer and a great artist, and this article is really well done. But a song is just sound. You can craft a video to tell a story. But that doesn't make the song "mean" anything.

    We're turning into a society fascinated by Fake Problems (like Web 3.0) because the real problems are maybe too difficult and too heartbreaking to face. Global warming? Too difficult or the whole thing's conveniently not real. But hey look, Tiger Woods got caught cheating on his wife! What are we going to do?!!!!

  144. And one more thing.






    If you are real Christians talk about Jesus to your kids, not about Satan.

    Makes you more of a Satanist if all you talk about is Satan.

    Jesus is the subject you want to focus your kids onto

    not Satan.

  145. Would gaga's damage control team stop coming on here talking about gaga is trying to tell us something.!They have put a lock on utube you have to be 18 to see the video fyi- Are we that dumb to beleive the gay monster has something postive to say, cut it out team Gaga. You need more people

  146. Bunny- I was thinking the same thing. It seems as if the normal GaGa was left in jail. I don't know if I said it up above that I thought Beyonce could be so called " handeling" gaga but I said nall she is dumb as a doorknob. I don't think she could handle the task at hand. The blind leading the blind!

  147. Hey Sarah,

    That''s a good one, if that is correct in Swede, I couldn't tell you one way or another on that. lol

    However, you put KUK along with with Ackerlund's obvious infatuation with the Baphomet/Satanic symbols and all the rest and tell me again how it could only mean "dick". If that meaning is accurate, it's interesting that the Swede word (or slang usage) would mirror one of the most ancient civilization's representations of reptiles/serpents, darkness, chaos and such. Nice double meaning play there, bravo to Jonas/Gaga.

    Believe what you want to, but it is what it is. Brilliant, but evil…just like Jonas Ackerlund's horned idol and good friend, "B"(aphomet)…also andrgynous and all that other stuff, just like Kuk. How many "coincidences" can you see repeated again and again before it occurs to you they might not be coincidences at all? :)

  148. "America is ready to eat any poisonous crap the elite serves them and that is accomplished through controlled puppets."

    For once I agree. GaGa has stated this plainly in interviews. Whether or not the "elite" = the Illuminati is subject to debate.

  149. PEOPLE.







  150. @ Darinka

    Art is useful when the message is clear and helps people elevate themselves to something higher. As a Christian, real art leads to GOD. Lady Gaga as a lot of modern artists make an art that reveals more than the first look. The other layers of their works are much more dark than the beautiful artwork first seen. Their real nature is not that beautiful.

    However, the first look of Lady Gaga's work is disturbing. As an artist who wants to pop out something grave, there is other ways to proceed. You can't denounciate sings by acting as you were part of it, all the time. Aesthetics just make it… artisticly beautiful. Please don't get decieved. Read more of VC articles, make your own research and you'll see by yourself how everything connects.




    "It kind of comes out of nowhere but now that I watch it, in retrospect the way that it works into the video and the commentary on being overfed communication, advertisements and food in this country, it kind of makes sense by the end."


  154. Gan Nebhardt on

    at least this article is entertaining

    everyone has a different interpretaion of this song.

    there are a diversity of interpretation

    and i cant believe this meaning espeacially the entire one-eye-stuff

    i mean its definitively a fashion trend ( ive got one eye covered too)

    but some thoughts in this article are quite understandable f.e.

    the advertisment in relation with influence of media etc

    nevertheless a great song 😀

  155. I am so happy to see that you did do an interpretation of this video, however why did you not do video phone? That video is way creepy!

  156. The most incredible thing is that easiness in killing, that "oooops, hi hi, I've just kill them all"… It left me speechless… This is the main thing that we in Europe don't understand. It's constant and in every Hollywood film – people without an identity. Dozens of people are killed just like that, in passing by. Nobody asks about their name, family… in all those detective shows, they treat those bodies and victims like puppets – laughing while they picture them, appointing dates, ordering food… And in this video, puppets are killing the only normal human beings in whole video. That man is the douchiest douche, not educated…but he's a human being, killed by puppet, not by a disappointed woman…

  157. @ 80 – that's right. it sounded a little far-fetched after watching the video, but i can see how that's possible. everyone pours the honey on their food and gets poisoned [not to mention the cross-contamination from the powder]. a commentary on greed, perhaps?

  158. Autumn,

    How dare you!! What is it that is creepy about GUNS GUNS GUNS and more GUNS being handled joyfully by mostly naked women?? You think they are subconsciously associating sex with death and violence???

    How dare you!! It's all very uplifting, sweet and "empowering to women"…oh, and "artistic", too. Don't you know anything??!! LOL 😉

  159. Thank you so much VC i've been checking your site all week waiting for this one! thanks again!

  160. Darinka,

    We can't keep wool over our children's eyes either!!!! You tell them in a way that they'll understand and should fear arise…ease it! And as you so cleverly put it.."real christians" should talk about Jesus AND satan to their children. Life isn't a fairy tale where everything is perfect and safe! They need to know the dangers…my God! Children should be told lovingly what to look out for while instilling a sense awareness. We can't shelter them forever…get a grip!

  161. @ tori – it is widely believe the "2/11" date is an homage to Alexander McQueen, who died on that day.

    "Lady Gaga is fully aware of everything she’s doing. She knows she’s a contrived pop act. She knows she has Illuminati symbols in her videos. I believe she even used them to gain their attention before she was popular. She played the game, got famous, and now she’s using her fame to create this ‘fame monster’ to show that no matter what she does, the masses will eat it up. She can do something completely outlandish and people will talk about it."

    I completely agree. The funny [or ironic] thing about it is that she's STATED this blatantly, which just enhances the effect. She talks about taking something inconsequential and making it into art; taking something trivial and making it important. Many things she's said in interviews speak to this truth. Any good little monster [hehe] will know that she wrote "The Fame" [an album full to the brim with songs about–you guessed it–FAME] before she was even famous. That should say something in itself. And for those who think many of her fans are just part of the equation and she's laughing in our faces: many of us are AWARE of what she's doing and appreciate her for it. This is her aesthetic as an artists; this is what she has chosen to speak about [Kinda like Bob Marley and his changing the world's perception about marijuana (: ]. I like her for the same reason I like Andy Warhol. She takes something bland and makes you want to consume it. And consuming it you are, readers of VC. Brilliant.


    More information:

    On developing an artistic vision for "Telephone":

    "I really believe in the power of visuals and sometimes visions come to me and I know I have to do them. It doesn't really matter if it makes sense or if it doesn't make sense."

    "By the end of the video, it became so much more as we explored each scene it became about transsexual women and it became about making fun of American hallmarks like soda cans and cigarettes and mayonnaise and bread."

    On the bizarre sandwich-making scene:

    "It kind of comes out of nowhere but now that I watch it, in retrospect the way that it works into the video and the commentary on being overfed communication, advertisements and food in this country, it kind of makes sense by the end."

  163. to be so seriousz….vigilant…iloveyou.!….lykee' not to be kcreepie butt icould talk to u forever with the many questions I have….but anyway…I was on yahoo and all of a sudden all of this buzz about lady gaga and telephone….I thought., I already know something is wrong with this vid….&&nd I didntt even view it…please keep posting….I look everyday for new posts…..keep doing what u are doing because I am trying to inform all I can by using the info you provide and now people are more informed…..soon these shall spread…..KEEP POSTING.!!!!


  164. Have you ever thought the glasses that they wear are symbolism for the blinders that people have to see the truth? Or maybe the whole mass murder and poisoning of food is whats to come and its under our noses?

  165. This made me lol… Oh wait am I aloud to say lol or is it some sort of hidden satanic message?

    You have way to much time on your hands. Chill :)

    it's art, she is representing death in some parts of this vid, it's not meant to be a representation of her. It's revealing amercan culture etc. She is an artist, gaga means "crazy". She might be giving signs to illuminati but it's all in art form.

    If you know gaga, she only ever promotes love. She said that she will never fight with hate only love.

    You are actually promoing satanism, by always saying what is wrong with people. You're very full of hate, I would prefer to live a life full of love, art, music, and happiness then fear, hatred, and trying to put others down or scaring them to believe what you believe. Different opinions should be respected, not tormented.

    Leave her alone? Stop trying to rip apart gaga's happiness and art.

  166. In the video with the Arabic symbol for Allah in the dark eye:

    Try pausing the video. The eye rolls up into the eye socket. The white of the eye turns muddy and the arabic word doesn't move along with the eye rolling. It just stays there, photoshopped onto the eyball. It changes color, but that's all. Pause on the last eye frame and that looks reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally sinister.

  167. re: Sarah, KUK, Baphomet, androgyny, Jonas Ackerlund, etc.

    Lady Gaga: "I Love Androgyny"

    What a "coincidence" – Baphomet and Kuk love androgyny, too!! LOL

    And I'm sure with all the nonstop tranny action in this video, the "KUK" reference had NOTHING whatsoever to do with androgyny. Too funny!! :)

    (in case u missed it in the flood of comments….at 5:23 in the video, it says "this is radio K-U-K"…..)

    oh, and also this very minor, trivial detail…

    "In Magick (Book 4), Aleister Crowley asserted that Baphomet was a divine androgyne and "the hieroglyph of arcane perfection": “ The Devil does not exist. This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade 'Know Thyself!' and taught Initiation. He is 'The Devil' of The Book of Thoth, and His emblem is BAPHOMET, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection… He is therefore Life, and Love. But moreover his letter is ayin, the Eye, so that he is Light; and his Zodiacal image is Capricornus, that leaping goat whose attribute is Liberty."

    No deception here…no sir, nothing to see here folks, just a coincidence…move along now. :)

  168. this vid and the song is a successful criticism of the society and not a far-fetched illuminati work .

    maybe you shouldn't believe everything the media tells you for example the all-seeing eye – Illuminati , Dan Brown ( based more on ficiton an less on true facts . but still a nice book )

  169. Why the fuck are we calling the illuminati elite? like i've read into it that far where he says illuminati "elite" and i am rather unhappy that we refer to them as elite, like they are better then us or something. they ain't no elite. although I know if they could live better lives if given the chance, they have extreme mental poison that you can't blame them for. like let's be real if you were on our side you would understand. but anyway enough of this elite they are equals and the people working at all levels for them are suffering including the people that created the original purpose for this but, from the programmers to the people they program it's a thing that's passed down mom and dad are used big time to be effective for programming it's really sad anyway though. the earth is about to sift through all of Life's vibrations in a grand renewel of love for the earth so all will pass soon enough.

  170. Someone said here something like "how can she control my mind" or something like that…

    Let me ask you… How many of you have hummed

    "Rah rah ah-ah-ah!

    Ro mah ro-mah-mah

    Gaga Ooh-la-la!

    Want your bad romance"


    That's called mind control… also…

    A song that got caught in your head… and comes over and over again… almost obsessively…

    And you don't even realize this… How did it get stuck in your mind? How do you get it out of your mind… if you hear it EVERYWHERE?

    If one SONG can do that… Imagine what a hidden message (which is not perceived at a conscious level) CAN do…

    Not to mention the images in her vids… It's enough to watch them, over and over again…

    Don't be surprised if you'll begin to LIKE them, admire them… to the point you want to do such things…

    They realized this a long time ago… That the music/film industry INFLUENCES people's lives and minds… It's a major tool for them.

    What better way to create the society they want? Their ideal of a society…

    What if… there won't be any consumer for their sh*t? Think about it… and reject their attempt to control you.

    So let's not underestimate the power of hidden messages sent through media…

    And you can be sure that Gaga's music and videos will be promoted… Big time… They want to be sure we ALL consume them.

    Turn off the outside influence and turn on your inner consciousness.

  171. Good stuff! I saw that video, and knew something was wrong with it immediately.. The video just not make any sense.. Keep it up VC

  172. Turn off the outside influence and turn on your inner consciousness.< love that! its so true pple r so blind…they want to view this as "artistic" and "expressive" and its "just her style". if ur really saying that then uve already been brainwashed by this bs

  173. You guys when beyonce is in the car with lady gaga isnt she wearing something really weird on her head? it loooks like there are 2 wires that are connected to something???? What do u guys think pause it at 5:39!!!!

    every time i pause the frames i see something else that looks weird! thats how i noticed the arabic word in the eye at 7:41

  174. i felt sick the minute i watched this video. the bad thing about knowing this stuff is living with the knowledge. knowledge is sort of a double edged sword. thanks for all you do. you would not believe how many people i have been able to educate because of your site. keep up the good work!!

  175. Wow! You are way ahead of me! I noticed in one still of her doing the a-okay hand sign the word "EIN…" Made me think of Ein Sof. Isn't the number one in German "eins"? I wonder if they purposely left off the s.

  176. Well DUH ! Doesn't she reveal herself and her true master…

    "I really believe in the power of visuals and sometimes VISIONS COME TO ME me and I know I HAVE TO DO THEM. It doesn't really matter if it makes sense or if it doesn't make sense." >> Uhm… Puppet !!!

    Here, doggy, doggy…

    And… another one…

    "It kind of COMES OUT OF NOWHERE but now that I watch it, in retrospect […] it kind of makes sense by the end."

    So uhm… visions that don't make sense, you are not aware of the meaning or the purpose… but you just GOTTA do it, right?

    Thanks for being so honest. Yet the blind ones still love ya… Right on !

  177. Lady Gaga is nothing more than a edomite jewish whore of babylon. If you do enough research you'll definitely findout that she's nothing more than a crypto jewess. She hides behind the religion of Roman Catholicism, but her ethnic background is most certainly jewish. She's had plastic surgery to hide her jewish features, like the hooked nose.

    Jews are the antichrist as a race. They are the seedline of Satan through their fathers Cain and Esau.

    All Jews will be destroyed as depicted in the book of Obidiah. The house of Judah will be the flame and fire that burns the House of Esau to stubble.

  178. Another theme that is prevalent in Lady Gaga's video is sado-masochism. She is a microcosm of the world we live in: brain-numbing stimulation, gratuitous violence, banks robbing us in front of our eyes. And what do we do? We take it, like good little masochists.

    LG's audience is living through her. The pre-teens, the outcasts, the center and the fringes of the bell curve. They are feeling vicariously through her all kinds of emotions, but also sociopathy.

    Sociopaths don't even need mind -control (though that helps) to not feel remorse. They don't care about you. They don't have compassion. Just like the corporations, IMF, media–controlled powers that be. Gaga is just spelling it out plainly so you can FEEL it. Just take it.

  179. Vigilant. another fantastic, well thought out article.

    I would love to see an article about the positive activism that we as free thinking individuals and artists can produce in order to combat and dissolve this kind of mind controlling media.

  180. Hey, I tought it was a FEMA camp when I watched this at first, because of the white train, the black helicopter and the fences… but now I understand where it comes from.

    It creeped me when the face of GaGa and Beyoncé was deformed while signing the first time I saw it…

    Thanks for your article!!!!

  181. Really I dont know what to think. The whole video is evil but the poison in food in true too. So what if they are trying to make it look good but in reality is all about satan? then God is right. only digest the good stuff what ever else throw it away.

  182. I'm not sure if anyone noticed but ar 3:09 in the video…she has just answered the phone and has begun to sing and they close in on her face and hand that is holding the phone she has a ring on her finger that is a skull with mickey mouse ears!

  183. anyone notice the upside down star with a circle around it (pentagram) at 2:59? Check her right arm when paused at 2:59

  184. oh and also at 4:21 if you look at her right leg…near her right shoulder and her neck…does it look like crosses on the crime scene tape or is it just me???

  185. @ 216, Ben: Ein, zwei, drei is one, two, three in German. You can say eins as well though.

  186. its really sad and terrible disappointed in beyonce.she z a shame to christiandoom its funny wat money, fame and an evil husband can do.aniwayz vigilantcitizen keep up the good work,u r really educating us especially those who r nt in the united states(am in nigeria Africa).

  187. The problem with our society is we indulge and justify.

    We justify homosexuals, we justify pedophiles, we justify murder, we justify rape, we justify drug addicts, we justify prostitution, we justify abandonment of children/old people, we justify revolution/war/weapons, we justify ill-treating… We justify the laws of our governments, even though we still suffer the consequences… (Then, we complain…)

    We justify Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson. >> Are these the ones that represent US ? No? Then why do we accept them??? Why do we promote them? Why do we listen to them and watch their so-called "art"?

    We close our eyes. "Oh, it's okay…" As long as it does not affect us personally.

    We IGNORE. We don't care. "Oh whatever…"

    We are dead. Robots. Slaves of the system. Puppets on strings.

    Wake up !

    Our future, our children will not be able to turn back time.

    What do WE do for them? What do we offer them? What is their alternative?

    A world where Lady Gaga is a pop idol? Is this ART? Watch her videos and see what she stands for…

    Wow, what a bright future…

    It is because we have accepted and allowed all these "tumors" to grow that our society today suffers from an incurable cancer.

  188. GREAT JOB!



  189. Fearlezz….great catch on the Mickey Mouse ear skull ring…

    Also at 3:01 the star (pentagram) in a circle and the DOOM logo on her leather jacket.

  190. Fleur….thanks, you're right that "kuk" in Swedish is c*ck, etc. Kuk is also the Egyptian deity representing darkness, androgyny, chaos, etc.

    And yes, I'm familiar with Jonas Ackerlund…have you seen his website?

    Interesting, huh? The horned beast Baphomet staring at you on his website also represents androgyny, among other things.

    All coincidences I'm sure. :)

  191. Thank you as soon as I seen this video I was hoping you would speak on it a little more.

    And thanks to your site I recognized most of the symbols and even the costume changes.

    What's disturbing to me is that as time goes on the video's become more and more obvious.

    I mean at this rate they can come out with a video where Lady Gaga is wearing a shirt that says "Illuminati" while covering here left eye with Jay Z throwing up his so called Rocafeller Sign and Beyonce is in the background holding a book entitled 666 and I bet not one of there fans would even question it.

    Sad but true

    Good Job and keep doing ya thing


  192. @ Adam(#112) I advise that you do some research before you make such ignorant and unstudied remarks. You, apparantly, notice the pattern with all music videos, yet, you think that its just how it's supposed to be? Well, you are a great example of what they deem to accomplish. How about you check out the 10 Point Chapter by Alice Bailey, look into Madame Blavotstsky, Satanism, The Rothchilds, hell, even Rupert Murdoch. Start your education somewhere, PLEASE, and don't let the bliss of ignorance rule your life. Please and Thank You!!

    PS- Thank you Vigilant!!!!!

  193. @225, LBV: Yes, KUK is is the deification of the primordial concept of darkness, and was, as a concept, viewed as androgynous. However, KUK was also the bringer-in of light. Kuk and his wife Kauket helped creating the light.

    K.u.k is also a short for "Kaiserlich und königlich" , which stands for "imperial and royal" , which refers to the Court of the Habsburgs.

    Kuk is also an archaeological site in New Guinea.

    It´s also a short for Katolsk Ungdoms Klub (KUK), a Danish catholic organisation.

    And I am familiar with the webpage of R.A.F. production company.

  194. lazer gun funk on

    I also noticed that in David LaChapelle's shoot of Gaga that you posted, that the background could likely be yet another homage to her beloved 1921 cult film Metropolis. If you look closely those things in the background are skyscrapers of a sprawling urban metropolis. Just throwin that out there

  195. maybe she is not mind controlled, but she is like " warning us " to it.. because a person who is mind controlled, does not know that is mind controlled! For a reason it's called, mind control. The person does not know about it. So she is warning us i think

  196. Very interesting… even if there was none of these symbols in this video it is still disgusting. And the sad thing is that people don't seem to notice. Its is sad that so many youth do want to follow gaga and think nothing of what she is doing or wearing… prancing around naked and acting so provocatively . Young children watch these videos! And Beyonce is now jumping on the bandwagon… or the *****wagon as they showed in the video. :-/

  197. Fleur,

    So, let's be honest here…in this video that is loaded with transvestites, done by a singer who says in her interviews "I love androgyny", and done by a director who is very fond of the androgynous horned beast Baphomet symbol of androgyny…which meaning of KUK is most likely? LOL

    I'd say it's obvious that the Swedish word for c*ck and the Egyptian pagan deity of androgyny were intended. Very clever double meaning. I had never heard of kuk until today…but the pagan deity is the first thing you find if you google it.

    Also, Habsburgs are definitely O.G (original gangsta) elite royal bloodline Illuminati…interesting that name came up!! Weird, huh? :)

  198. Another interesting and insightful article VC! Keep up the good work! It seems these artists are becoming even more blatant inducing the masses to occult and satanism. I'm just gutted Beyonce has seemingly 'converted' to the 'dark side' as she's one hot mama !! :(

    Well done VC!!

  199. Yeeeah I really was confused by the video when I first watched it. I was stumped, yet I knew something wasn't right about it. The symbolism in music nowadays is too reoccurring in too many videos and songs, yet when you try to shed any light on it to others, they still won't believe you. It's crazy… Is there really any way to avoid it anymore?

    Oh and if you notice, all the head phones within the video were pyramid shaped; looks like there are little pyramids in everyone's ears that are listening to the music. You tell me what that means and I might give you a cookie.

  200. Sageline,

    Those are "heartbeats" headphones, designed by Gaga herself. So, showing them is clever product placement and marketing. On another level, you could also wonder why Gaga chose the pyramid as the basis of her design. If those were the only pyramids I saw in music industry stuff, I'd probably just think "sometimes a headphone is just a headphone", to borrow from Freud. But, since we're seeing the pyramids and eye of Horus symbolism literally everywhere in pop music, movies and corporate logos…it probably means something more than just cool looking headphones.

    Ok, so where's my cookie? :)

  201. I've read through some of the comments. I may have missed this but I can't help but notice that no one mentioned the fact that all the people who were killed were straight, while all the people who lived and assisted in the mass murder were homosexual. The homosexuals were dressed in American flags and colors while dancing ritualistically in the presence of the dead heterosexuals. It's quite obvious Lady Gaga is on an agenda here. From the onset of the video we were inundated with lesbianism. One of the ways they are poisoning the population is through the progression of homosexuality.

    Lady Gaga said this video was more about Beyonce than it was about her. And I quote "The video in a lot of ways is more about her even than it is about me". I have a feeling like it was about her becoming a lesbian. In the Papparazzi video Gaga killed her man. In video phone it's as if Beyonce has to go through a learning experience in terms of realizing that that women are better than men. The lyrics of the song are about a women who is fed up of the way her boyfriend is treating her so she's treating him the same by ignoring him and having fun with her girls.

    At face value the lyrics are teaching girls to start ignoring their men and have fun at the club or party. The video expounds on that by saying you don't need men, just kill them and move on to your girls.

    With most esoteric messages they are always layered with deeper meaning for different individuals depending on how vast your knowledge is on the mystery teachings.

  202. @ LVB

    My point is just that if you are looking for something, and really try to, you most certainly will find it. The House of Habsburg is a good example. "Kaiserlich und königlich" is coming from the k.u.k. Monarchy, or the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It´s not a short for the Habsburgs alone. If they were associated with the Illuminati is not up to me to decide. Their tree begins at 1218, and they have ancestors living, so maybe some of them have been associated with the Illuminati? I don´t know, and really don´t care.

    You keep mentioning transvestites in the video, but I haven´t really noticed any. If I had, I wouldn´t care.

    What I think, though, is that when he used the word "kuk", he was referring to the male genitalia. Sex in all kinds of shapes and forms is a recurring theme in his work.

    So Lady Gaga´s videos are filled with different signs and messages. Ok. What do you think they will do? Will they make people murder others? And join the illuminati? Personally, I don´t get the urge to do any of these things. I have seen many, many music videos, and I don´t think they have made me a bad person.

    I treat other people with respect. I don´t call people names on the internet, I don´t lie, I don´t judge other people. And I can think for myself.

  203. iwtbChrist's_di on

    This is the first time I have ever left a comment, but take a look at her jacket in the prison cell fight scene. She has an ANARCHY SIGN on the back, she has the PENTAGRAM WITH A CIRCLE around it on our left hand side and at the bottom right hand portion of her jacket it reads DOOM (look at it very closely because I thought it was a serpent signal but my husband pointed out that it read doom!) I pray that people continue to wake up and seek the light please for your own sake. Demonic forces are real and people continue to blind themselves because it makes them uncomfortable!

  204. ChristSoldier on

    i can't believe this is the actual video what does this video have to do with the song. what does the whole prelude have to do with the video? this is just too much i mean gaga i expected it from, but beyonce c'mon. i mean i've seen most of your analysis of her videos but i didn't think she could actually be so evil. did you notice that she gave gaga something to eat the wrapper said honey buns and did you notice how weirdly gay this scene seemed. this is just too much these people are so bold faced. did you notice how ritualistic and sexual the dance is. i mean their singing about a telephone and in the video they are just killing random strangers since when did this become right. and all of the lesbianism and homosexuality and the robotic way they spoke this video is just too much may the lord have mercy on their souls

  205. @ K Doll 227, or you could all do with a lesson in conformation bias and falisifiability. the point of the huge list is that you have described every shape as being a meaningfull symbol. it is impossible for anyone to do anythign that doesnt have stars, triangle, circles, squares and eyes. your position can never be proven wrong, so it can never be proven right, its unfalsifiable and meaningless.

    a friend invited me to play chess today, but bloody hell the board had the masonic black and white checked pattern on it, and i looked up and his emo hair was covering one eye, clearly showing me the illuminatti one eye symbol.

    we all know these emo punk musicians have sold their soul to the mind washing machine.

    he didnt even bother to hide it, there were upside down stars all over his wallet, clearly working for baphomet.

    and to top it all off he set up a light above the chess board, litterally ILLUMINATING the board. needless to say i could tell what he was about.

    when you make your standards of proof as low as, 'there needs to be anythign from an almost infinite list that i make up as i go along' of course your gonna get paranoid about an intentionally esoteric pop video

  206. iwtbChrist's_di on

    @ 251 Well knowing that group disturbs me even more, that either she would promote that OR as VC (about being mind control victim and not thinking for her own self) she is controlled and subservient to the directors request and adhering to his desires. Although the lettering does copy the group's name/logo. That music was very disturbing.

  207. Oh dear. This is truly, truly horrible. This video appears to be what you say it is, Vigilant. Unconsciously watching it could certainly serve a mind control agenda. The intent behiind it is clear, and as you say, it's not a positive one. This seals it with Lady Gaga for me (her very name suggests the dissociative state, doesn't it? Which brings the possibility that her whole career has been planned to perform this function for the elites. Do you think this is so?).

    Thanks very much for your work on this one. No criticisms from me. Keep it up, we need you to keep on doing these kinds of analyses. Today I shall agree with those of a highly religious persuasion, at least as far as the harmful nature of this utter garbage is concerned.

  208. I have to interject a thought VC re: the cigarette sunglasses…In Jail cigarettes actually have monetary value, and are a highly valued commodity…they're actually traded, hoarded,often times fought over..sold etc..(being inaccessible unless an outside visitor brings them in or an inmate actually has the ability to purchase them in the commissary)..Id have to say there's definitely a correlation between the cigarette glasses GaGa wears, and the next moment which is her dominance in the courtyard..

    .the scene in any other movie would unfold with Gaga entering the courtyard to be sexually dominated as a new inmate by the others' instead in in this scene she's the one taking control of her "initiation" into inmate life… (I do also agree with the thought of the toxicity and addictive nature metaphor)

  209. iwtbChrist's_di on

    @ 252 Adam You are right, as far as the symbolism can be seen in many things, but I find it hard to be a huge coincidence that there are the same reoccurring symbols made by these artists (Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Rihanna, etc.) I have watched tons of music videos in my day and recently and I don't see Illuminati symbols even when I am trying to look for them. But they make it so blatant that looking away and ignoring it should be a crime and deserves some type of investigation. If one feels in their spirit that something is not right odds are that it isn't. And Lady Gaga is very articulate and intelligent woman, I must say so myself, so for her to be so intelligent and not have any deep meaning to her music or her videos would be a waste, I am pretty sure she knows what she is doing when she directly looks into the camera and throws up her "A-Ok" sign.

  210. Whatabouttheface on

    Please, wht about the face on beyonce's sleeve? I figured u would mention more to this video. I dont blame u gaga is boring and more important stuff happening with illuminati than these obvious videos. Look at the face on beyonces sleeve LOOKS LIKE HEATHLEDGER gagadaily posted it on twitter and im like OMG the same thing was in jay – z's on to the next one. Ppl are waking up everyday…yes some want to love gaga for being an artist and I did too….but if she really wanted us to know, she would come out and say it like MJ did. lauryn hill, ad many others, prodigy, others have verbally discussed this, stefani germannota was nOTHING like this before she became lady gaga the dumbest name ever. Poor girls I wished we could set them all free. I feel they are being used, I do not think they even know what this is, they been brainwashed, ppl thought lady gaga was a robot before all this by her voice and empty headed interview lol turns out she is part maria from metropolis. CMON even beyonce wore that….ITS NOT A COINSEDENCE. EDUCATE YOURSELVES, YES QUESTION EVERYTHING EVEN ON THIS SITE, coz there more going on than u will alow urself to blv.

  211. What I want to know is, what is the main purpose of "the illuminati", what advantages do the people of "the illuminati" get from sending out messages or symbols through music or videos?

  212. @ 256.iwtbChrist's_disciple im not saying its a coincidence, there are certain shapes, images and the like that we are all programmed to find interesting and draw out attnetion to. And i mean programmed in the sense that our brains have all essentially developed in the same way.

    eyes: we all have em, we all need to make eye contact to maintain social relationships, be aware of what others are aware off, its no coincidence that artisits have taken the eye and add it to things that they want to add extra levels of meaning to

    stars: we all evolved from times when at night stars and moon would be the source of light. Far away unfathomable sources of light. Mystical things, its no coincidence artists use them to add a sense of wonfer or new levels of meaning. Its no coincidence that stars, moons and suns are used in so many symbols, no matter what time or where you grew up they were there.

    Its no coincidence that we all notice these things. How could lightening bolts not become symbols of mystical power, how could we not find a perfect circle visually pleasing, how could we not light sources to be illuminating.

    Do you people not see that anthropology, socioly, psychology, history, science is incredible and fascinating stuff already? Why do you all have to cheapen it by adding lame conspiracy theories? Isnt the world amazing enough as it is?

  213. why do u suppose its such an important objective of gaga's to articulate through visual stimulation, symbols associated with the illumanati? also, what makes her think that her viewers will understand what the symbols represent? im pretty sure a majority of her fans only love her because of the shallow lyrics to her music and the stunning direction of her music videos. if this is the case, then is gaga really associated with the devil or the illumanati, or is she really just trying to convey a message to her fans that do understand? i mean overall the telephone video did nothing for my personal development and i do not wish to ever use gaga as reference to growth psychologically and emotionally.

  214. Yknow, I don't usually keep up with American pop culture these days, but every time I do I see more and more symbolism and less and less people realizing what's going on…

    Ignorance is their greatest weapon.

    I watched Telephone with my cousin the other day and she thought it was "so cool".

    I tired explaining to her the symbolism (before I even read this post) and she just looked me like I was insane… -__-

    Thanks for the post! 😀

    Good job, look forward to seeing more!

  215. SomethingINoticed on

    This is in response to the person who asked why she is always wearing nazi hats. I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but when she fell off of the balcony in Paparazzi, just before she started spinning (in front of the black-and-white spiral), her body made a swastika-like shape. Another person laying on the ground in Paparazzi was sprawled in a swastika-shape as well.

  216. iwtbChrist's_di on

    @ Hallow #263 Because Gaga objective is not to display these symbols and messages to her fans but to who her allegiance is to, whatever evil entity it may be, secret society, Illuminati. She greatly admires Andy Warhol, and whenever he painted he usually didn't have a painting that symbolized nothing at all, even if the painting only spoke to a few selected people. And her fans are being brainwashed into following her just like Maria in the movie Metropolis so that when the time comes for people to show who they choose to follow it will not be that hard of a decision.

  217. iwtbChrist's_di on

    (cont.) Her fans are not suppose to understand the symbols, if an artists yelled out in the middle of interview or arena and said "Hey, just to let you know, I worship Satan and I am part of an agenda to take over the world and have you all follow us." Tons of people would boo her and never listen to her again, so they have to be subtle but notice so those who are watching for it may see it! She even said in an interview that in order for her to maintain longevity as in artist that she must be "relevant and irrelevant" at the same time (youtube CNN talkasia lady gaga interview). They are trying to make all Americans dummies by being influenced only by television. Believe me you should hear the ruckus when people get their cable disconnected, like they are going to have a heart attack. (I know people who work for collection companies of those sort) They make up reasons as to why they need it turned back on such as "I just came from the hospital, and I need my t.v." Why? Because I'm pretty sure that is part of your medication.

  218. Anti-Illuminatist on

    Through my "all seeing eyes" all I see is meaningless, brainwashed people, made up to look alot better than they actually do in real time/real life. THEY are the ones that have been sucked in, not me the watcher of this, I feel as though I am in a position to pitty them. The lack the educational prowess to remotely fathom what it is they affiliate themselves with! They are in far greater danger than any fan that watches this, ofcourse this video and many like it can have an effect on the weak of mind. They affiliate out of fear, the need to feel protected, but they have no clue. They are but pawns in a game that they have no idea how to play.

  219. First I would have to say I have spent my entire life looking up to artist's like Madonna, Britney, and Beyonce. I have lived thru alot and have always turned to these stars for guidance when times get bad. They never really seem to get good, and im often left struggling to find acceptance. Hmmmm I guess i know why. After spending the past few years reading about Chemtrails and 911 i felt like i was starting to understand the truth a little more. I have had many ipods cellphones, and lap tops, that were all destroyed by water or the sun. I wonder if that was a true source trying to warn me from what i would never suspect in a million years. Somedays i would just listen to Beyonce over and over. I even got a DUI, the same time all the famous stars were making them cool. My last form of music was on my cell phone, i've since sat on the headphones for it accidentially breaking them. I haven't had a Tv for a while too. I can't really entertain guests because i don't have things and things equal value. I now choose to listen to the sounds of nature. Ughhh telephone seeps in every few often and its like my brain just knows it. The only thing left for us all to do is START GETTING LOUD ABOUT THIS!!! I deleted my twitter, removed my youtube, i still have facebook, im trying to figure out how to lose that one, doesnt seem possible. I want to blab more about this, but I am weak from years of being brainwashed, hense my bad spelling and grammer and friends abnd family are thinking am crazy. THANK YOU FOR YOU HARD WORK POSTING ALL THESE TRUTHS IN TODAYS MUSIC.

    Also Shutter Island is full of occult symbolism, and has a very dark screwed up ending that really fucks with your brain if your just starting to learn about the occult, it made me feel like am crazy for thinking about all this stuff. I trust my intuition tho.

    TREES, fluffy clouds, birds, flowers, people, love, water, fire, wind, stars its all we got!

    Also isnt there something about bee's becoming instinct?

  220. I'd like to address all of the posts claiming that Lady Gaga is really a good person who is trying to show us all what is going on. This is rationalizing what is blatantly apparent. Lady Gaga is serving a sinister agenda. I'm not judging you for trying to rationalize your affinity for the "entertainer" and the occult themes she represents. It is a human response. When I discovered that my favorite artists were betraying humanity, I tried every way to make it okay – to make it some horrible misunderstanding. A free mind will do this, naturally. Metaphorically, reality was calling. The evidence was in front of me. Plain and simple.

    The blessing for you is your opportunity to take an unflinching look at the world around you. You have the freedom to reject or accept what these people are serving you. I won't lie to you: it's not easy. Nothing that is worth having is gained easily. You are all amazingly unique with a beautiful range of dreams, perceptions and ideas. This is how God made you. Don't allow a demented agenda to mar your being. Fight for it. Fight for yourself. Fight for what is righteous and pure.

    Noneya Biz

  221. I'm surprised you didn't delve further into the Honey Bee theme. From her hair, outfits, food, Queen-B Beyonce, the fact that the honey was poisoned.

    Also I see another story occurring here; the poisoning of an entire populace through the foods they eat. If you noticed, all the foods shows were cheap, chemically enriched foods. Not to mention her Diet Coke/Aspartame hair-do.

  222. @Lis March 15th, 2010 9:47 am

    Finally a comment with some interesting input regarding the topic at hand…

  223. So you think mind control, tyranny, getting poisoned and brain damaged is cute and funny? This video is so diabolical. It made me sick! It's really time to wake up people before it's too late!

  224. in the video for her tour (the one under MANIFESTO OF LITTLE MONSTERS)

    what she is saying in the video sounds pretty important, sounds like she is telling her fans about her ruler and what he is doing to her. is there a way you can dissect this and tell us what you think?

  225. @ 178 , LVB: Yes, kuk is a Swedish word and means c**k, d**k etc. I know, because I am from Sweden. And if you are familiar with Jonas Åkerlund, you would know that sex has a prominent place in his work.

    And to everyone else who keeps asking about that “Brunette Gaga”, “the old Gaga” etc. in the video (even though a few people already pointed it out): It´s Gaga´s sister!

    I won´t comment on anything else, because the comments here are downright frightening.

  226. I wanna start off by saying you are doing such a great job by blogging about this stuff and really basically just spreading knowledge through your blogs. I found your site like a week ago and was eager to see the video just to "spot" the symbols i was sure to find.

    Freaky stuff! they put it out there so obviously with this video!

    Our generation is so blind…thing is there is no worst blind than the one who chooses not to see.

  227. Adam and Fleur, respectively…

    Adam…I get your message, but at least pay attention to detail and try to get it right if you're going to counter-argue something….as you said re: like the bit about "eyes, everyone has them so it is no big deal, etc"

    What is being pointed out is that over and over and over the emphasis is on ONE EYE, and symbols like the finger sign of the triangle, thus the ONE EYE in the triangle. This could not be more obvious, and it does mean something and represent something, whether in Freemasonry, the US dollar bill, or the numerous pop stars, including Gaga who really go out of their way to display this emphasis on ONE EYE – the all-seeing eye of Horus. It's not a new thing that Vigilant invented. It is a very ancient thing, and it does have a meaning.

    And Fleur, what I saw in the word DOOM on her jacket was just the logo of the video game.- nothing more. I didn't know there was a death metal band or whatever called DOOM, but that's a logical explanation, too. If it weren't also tied into a video involving mass murder, I wouldn't think anything of it. It seems like the critics here are really going out of their way to avoid seeing and explain away what IS there right in front of you. Granted, some things are interpretive, and I'm not talking about that part…but some things really are just simply THERE…and it is what it is, whether you like it or you don't…whether you contront it or you dissociate and rationalize it away as being silly or crazy or "they should get a life". The very meaning of life IS the search for truth, isn't it? I would only encourage you and others to do the same. It's not easy to confront what you find in your search sometimes.

    And just FYI…my original idea when I began reading things on things on this site was that Gaga is no doubt intelligent enough to be doing these symbolic things as a warning or cautionary tale to people through her art. But the more I see of her choices, I'm doubting that more and more. I don't see uplifting and beneficial things, especially in this video. I see mass murder done in a comical fashion, without remorse – and lots of very sexual dancing around a room full of freshly murdered corpses. Does that remind you of any other sort of groups of people or rituals at all? I could be wrong, but do look at what IS there in front of you, that's all I'm saying.

    The mention of all the trannys in the video was in just reference to the multiple levels of the androgyny messages within the video, nothing more. It is clearly there, and I was only illustrating the several obvious points of reference to it. No one said you should have noticed it or cared…but it is pretty much in your face, I must say. :)

    As far as the Habsburgs, I was only referring to your comment when you brought up their name, apparenty as a result of your own research into the various possible meanings of kuk. It was ironic to me, that this name came up in your comments about the lack of truth and/or what you feel are wrong conclusions in this discussion. It is serendipity, perhaps, that the name of this ancient royal elite bloodline family popped up. :)

    Peace and wisdom to you.

  228. Also, the radio station playing while Beyonce is driving the "kitty" wagon is called K.U.K. Kuk is the egyptian concept of darkness, which has an obvious role, considering that "Telephone" is playing on it.

  229. The end is near on


    Suas reportagens são sempre muito pertinentes e esclarecedoras.

    Até parece que vc é um deles :)

    Sabe tudo e mais um pouco…

    Um forte abraço e que Deus abençoe esse trabalho de divulgação.

  230. I think if anything all of these occult references are used to make artists seem more dark and cryptic simply because it's a trend and it makes them seem more interesting. The evidence is too substantial to ignore but it seems more like an homage to those kind of practices more than an actual system set up to brainwash the world. It's just fashion.

  231. Whatabouttheface on

    Someone mentioned something about her eating from gaga, interesting I thought that was so weird and irrelevant any other way, this is the worst video ever, wht if her doing the MJ imiation is saying the illuminati sacrificed him, MJ already told us allll about it. IF she wasa really just doing it in dedication, plz stop gaga, u are not MJ! I liked her for a while I really did but now that im awake her music sucks and she is under MK if not her, britney sure is :( poor girl mariah too, It does make since the top illuminati are evil LOOK AT THE WORLD!!! lol…its definitely the time of awakening. I have protected my soul against this evil crap they call ART. GAGA does not have a real artistic mind…she is egotistic not artistic. & STILL WTF IS UP WITH THAT EVIL FAcE ON BEYONCES SLEEVE!

  232. Whatabouttheface on

    OH YEAH and read her lyrics for dance in the dark its sad….its about marilyn, KUBRICK (who taught us a lot) JESUS and DIANA. So idk gaga confuses me…what if she was playing dumb and thats why seems EXTRA robotic welll IF she is trying to tell us she better do it quick while shes got such a following and fans that kiss her butt … if she really cares about MJ HE verbally told the world the entire thing, he went as far as saying our history books are even fake. RIP MJ u are no longer a prisoner in this world. GOD BLESS HIM and forget gaga she is not of god lol.

  233. Whatabouttheface on

    SO TRUE with that darn chant on bad romance I find myself chanting it in my head even OUT LOUD and my fiance who is also aware of all this tells me to stop so I do….i only wished she was that artistic. Too much evidence against her and she doesnt seem that smart in interviews at all. Plus times are serious if she was aware of what she was doing she would tlk about it coz she is a fame whore and would love to be worshiped for it. Trust me, she calls her work a materpiece she cares too much about being a legend. Loved her at first but gosh she gets old and idc what she blvs in but she is not a real christian. She mocks GOD with wearing crosses and being a whore in videos. HOW CAN U CALL THAT ART OR EVEN DEFEND THAT? Especially since its kids who mimick her. Shes the downfall of society and very sinister!

  234. 272 LVB i already went into how its nothing special that certain images have adopted meaning, it would be shocking if they hadnt, especially the more ancient and universal they get.

    for a group that doesnt mind flashing their symbols and spreading illuminating anologies they havent used anything kingly or royal or monarchy in this video, whats that about?

    i saw alice in wonderland recently, it had two monarchs in. one likes to control the actions of the people. and she liked to stamp them with her symbol, right on the forehead/mind of those two little guys, anyone who thought for themselves she wanted their 'head off', removing the minds of all who oppose her. she had the biggest head, keeping all the knowledge for herself.

    it hard a checkered masonic board, it had a cat, it had a creature who had one eye taken out, another creature carried that one eye for ages, it had poisonous food n drink, it had beast that controlled everyone by traumatising them with lightening, it was all done by disney, who we know a freemans. It had ANOTHER guy with only one eye, one eye covered for the entire film.

    jesus christ this is so easy. you have made so many symbols up that they can be applied to anything, you are dealing with an unfalsifiable premise, it is meaningless i fear.

  235. ThoughtCriminal on

    Very simple exercise to render yourself immune to mind control, vacuous thoughts, sexual reprogramming, Illuminati/Religious/Political agendas, and all other reasoning which is not based on sound evidence, research, and critical thought.


    And don't turn it back on. In the past three years, I've seen maybe 12 hours of television. It gets more ridiculous every time I look at it by orders of magnitude. Wanna win the culture war? Don't participate.

  236. Wow, what a great analysis. It is quite interesting what Lady Gaga has done with this music video, to me it is appreciated. Moreover, I found that there were brief clips of a younger looking Stephanie Germanotta in the jail scenes. What is Gaga trying to portray there?

  237. Whatabouttheface on

    I felt sick since I seen this video…throwing up even! But who couldnt be sick from seeing this? I pray and pray we get saved from being slaves of mind control im actually worried coz I cant get her evil chant in bad romance out of my head :( I never ever liked pop music till mj died and ive learned such a lesson. WOW

  238. oh and good job post 204.

    ppl who try and rationalize for lady gaga's symbolism on EVERY single video need to educate themselves… just search Illuminati before you dismiss this for "nonsense"

  239. kinda funny how she threw the illuminati sign the kinda sorta hit a michael jackson move… so we really know they killed him

  240. is there somthing up with all the sandwiches in the movie? when queen B picks up Gaga from jail, they eat a sandwich, yet throw out a hunny bun.. later then gagas randomly making sandwiches, yet brings poisoned honey?? and .. thats not Gaga proving she doesnt have a dick, right? because as the credits scroll through quickly, are one of those actresses by the gun icon the nude gaga in prison?

  241. Whatabouttheface on

    & her headphones are not only pyramids its her signature headphone called heartbeats. So lots of lil girls prob. wearing them -_-

  242. emily miller on

    It's funny to me how many people commenting think you are showing the light of Gaga's mind control when clearly to me that is not your intention. Maybe I've been fooled?

    I wish you would have delved into her statement on gender and sexuality instead of just calling the butch lesbian weird looking. There is clearly a homosexual theme – and a play Thelma and Louise. How does that tie in, if at all, with the theme of mind control?

    And what about the insane amount of product placement? Verizon, Plenty of Fish, Polaroid (which she has a tie with), and Wonderbread? Maybe this point was just too obvious to mention.

    Regardless – great piece!

  243. Is Lady Gaga soon going to be appearing naked in her videos? Talk about portraying sex to the viewers. The dance sequence in the jail with the bras and panties is obvious Illuminati mind control. You broke this video down very well. As soon as I saw it on TV I had to come to your site/blog and see how you analyzed it!

  244. Is it possible that that these trends we're seeing in pop-music are just images rising from the collective unconscious and not the agenda of a clandestine super elite?

    That's not to say that a clandestine super-elite with a nefarious agenda doesn't exist, but I think when we talk about music it's important to consider that it's the thing that connects us most to imagination / subconscious, and the imagination / subconscious is what connects us most to "God."

    Might these trends we're seeing in pop music be reflections on what humanity collectively "knows" is happening to it?

    I'm not sure if a super-elite group with the sort of power the Illuminati supposedly has exists or not, but I know that they can't be more powerful than God.

  245. You are trying too hard. I disagree with a large amount of your analysis. I will tell you that there is in fact a legitimate Illuminati type power structure in existence and that symbolism plays a large part in their advertisement scheme. However, this video was meant for another purpose entirely. It was pure SATIRE of the American drone lifestyle, along with a serious mocking of celebrities (Including Gaga herself) who "sell out".

    The video was thriving with advertisements, and that was by no mere scheme of super-marketing…no this was a critique of the American corporate machine. The virgin mobile ads, the diet coke ads, the plenty of fish, the HP laptop, the honey bun, the Pussy Wagon, the fast food, the Wonder Bread, the Miracle whip….it was all direct and to the point. The fact that Gaga and Beyonce were actively performing while showing off these products was a direct slap to all of those who sell themselves to the industry.

    The diner scene does nothing but confirm my findings. The "American Way" of capitalism and blind consumerism (corporation rule) killed everyone in the diner. Sure, it was the "poison" but what was the poison…thats right, what the corporations pump out to the general public. To further solidify this notion, the individuals in the bar were eating off of the American Flag, showing how they are being poisoned by the symbol. After death, Gaga&Beyonce along with the dancers dance in their American attire while showing their allegiance to the corporations or "Illuminati" type organization. America is controlled by the corporations and this video is meant to represent that. It is satirizing how Americans are bombarded with these images day in and day out while criticizing the organizations and artist who participate within the exploitation.

    Yes, there were some of the illuminati symbolism that the "vigilant" citizen caught but that was not the focus of the video. The video is blatantly satirizing the slaving of the world while overtly criticizing those who do it.

    Oh yeah, and if you think there is only one type of Illuminati type group, then you are incorrect. Whichever of the other two (there are three, the one you hate, the one that cares about you, and the one who is out for its own cause) produced this video, is sending a message.

    Think and enjoy. (No I am not a disonfo agent, so let us not start that little game)

  246. You did it again. Thank God we still have conscious people alive. I saw the video and immediately my mind went "yup its loaded" because it was so obvious. I googled telephone analyzed and there you were ready to save the day. Be blessed and keep keeping your eyes open.

  247. Hey this is good work Vigilant

    I wonder why her eye-colour is shown brown in this video in most of the other video's it's blue – maybe just another lie to show that she's not really what she is…?

    What is the meaning of all those tattoos that she's got?

  248. First of all, great work as usual VC. With that said, I think we can all agree that what we need to do now is to act in some manner, the first thing that comes to my mind is to protect the defenseless, the children under our care, as a young mind is still up for grabs, older folk are harder to break.

  249. I actually liked the meaning behind the video.

    The whole "the media poising people" think was actually pretty smart of her.

    It actually makes me wonder, again, if she really is trying to warn us.

  250. By the way….. if you haven't heard about thesis and anti-thesis = synthesis also check out http://www.amazingdiscoveries.

    Some good information – and if you watch the DVD's put together by Prof Walter Veith you'll see it also highlights the Secret Societies, talks about the Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, the Roman Catholic Church etc etc………………………

    Amazing how people would say "yeah the truth hurts, but the BIBLE the word of God says that the truth will set you free!

  251. Welp, I don't know about you but I certainly want to give up my family, possessions and livelihood to follow her and become a fisher of monsters.

    If loving Gaga is mind control then I don't want to think right.

    She ate my heart and then she ate my brain!

    And I am so okay with that.

    I guess that means IT'S WORKING

  252. @ Lena, I HIGHLY doubt she's trying to warn, firstly because the message is sublime, secondly, the ppl that run that industry would never let a 'warning' get past unnoticed, thirdly, this is how the gloat, they throw it in our faces and get a good laugh out of it because we simply don't have any idea wtf is going on.

  253. I enjoyed your analysis, once again. But I'm gonna admit it…this video actually made me a fan.

    I like how she was speaking out about how this generation is being poisoned by what's in the media. If she really WERE part of the Illuminati she'd want to keep that hidden, don't you think?

    I'm starting to believe that she's throwing all of these symbols so people would wake up, and find out what's going around them. I mean honestly, look at all of the people that have found out about this.

    Maybe she really isn't using these symbols for evil…

  254. “the idea that America is full of young people that are inundated with information and technology and turn it into something that was more of a commentary on the kind of country that we are.”

    So, to sum up the situation in the diner, we have Lady Gaga and Beyoncé dancing around dead people and singing about the fact they are dissociative, mind-controlled drones.

    …Oh. I just thought that that she was commenting on how the media throws commercialization and so much information at us in American culture.

  255. At 6:28, when Beyonce is sitting on her bed having her seizure or whatever… lol

    There are those dissociative spiral thingys on the pink bedspread…hidden in plain sight.

    Also, look at the little end table beside the bed…it is white in colour, and on the DOORS (Huxley, "Doors of Perception/LSD, MK-Ultra, etc.) – where you would normally see handles to open the doors – there are two figures – ancient looking Roman statues maybe? Hard to tell for certain.

    The one on the left looks like maybe a Pope type outfit (pagan Babylon, etc), and the one on the right looks kinda chubby and more animal-like than human, maybe Pan or a goat-type guy, and it is holding a long staff or a torch up high in the air…maybe the old pagan staff with the pine cone on top, also a Pope/ancient Babylon thing. Hard to make out the exact details of these guys…but see for yourself.

    Maybe someone else has Avid or some other cool video editing software so they can zoom in tight without losing resolution and see what/who these might be??


  256. She said somewhere that she's interested in the art of symbols and body gestures so I'm sure she's knowledgeable about this baphomet stuff and does it to be artistic. I've seen some kids from my school doing the A-Ok sign, because they thought it was cool. My generation -.-

    But great article, VC :)

  257. Whatabouttheface on

    THE illuminatia actually feel powered my symbolism they practice black magick

  258. Whatabouttheface on

    HA! & for so long they call other music evil which has positive meaning and the pop music which is supposedly happy go lucky carefree bs is actually brainwashing us and PURELY NO WAY AROUND IT diabolical! EVEN without the illuminaughty bs signs its still a gross excuse for art. The fact there are illuminati symbols in everything this girl does is creepy. Actually everything about this entire ordeal is creepy. The best thing to do is remain calm & get some sleep at night knowing ppl are awakening & there are good ppl also. Not everything is evil :( Animals, I look at my Dogs and cats and just get so happy knowing they are sweet and angelic beings who feel my positive energy and love me. Oh man, the whole ra ma ma ma ma crap or whatever that chant is wont get out of my head, I pray God can reverse the spell thats been done to me..I am not joking. Its creeping me out. Ive read other ppl be concerned with this chant in their head even ppl who do not like her. MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!

  259. this is pretty scary stuuf! i belive the whole mind control thing thorugh media but it still feels like your missing something. why are all her videos about mind control if they dont really wanna control your mind? are you saying that lady gaga actually is a person controlled (literally) by the illumanati?

  260. Carrie. Who isnt sur on

    i think that its amazing that you expose these artists. but i think you should go public. im talkin like, "good morning america", public people would be absolutely astonished at what you have to say.

  261. I think some of this is over analyzed, though it still is a great article (as usual).

    Lady Gaga wrote this song before she was even Lady Gaga. That would mean that she wasn't aware of any of this, meaning that the lyrics really ARE about being in a club, and an annoying guy is always calling you.

  262. originalthought on

    I appreciate all the thought and time put into this analysis, but for all the points being raised… has anyone stopped to think that everyone has a right to choose for themselves? If you have decided that the Illuminati are brainwashing the youth of America and you want to keep your own children from being brainwashed, that is your right. But how is it also your right to tell other people how to think? Does that no go against the entire argument against brainwashing?

    Not everyone is going to look at the imagery in this video–or even the eye on the back of the U.S. dollar–and think of the Illuminati. Yes, these symbols are out there. Yes, they occur repeatedly in our society. And I'm not saying that the observations people like you are making are not worth researching, because it is all very fascinating, but it's no more your place to tell other people what to believe in that it is the place of the Illuminati to tell people what to think, say and believe.

    I'm with Darinka: Causing fear and paranoia in the general populace is not the way to go. This video in particular is filled with a lot of references and allusions–so many that it is overflowing. It has classic grindhouse elements, several themes directly borrowed from Russ Meyer, product placement bordering on Warhol-esque pop art, and blatant references to several perspectives of American culture–including, but not limited to, references that people can also associate with the Illuminati. The movie National Treasure came under a lot of fire for references and symbolisms, but you have to consider the source.

    Gaga's video is just as much about consumerism and capitalism and the gluttonous mindset shared by many Americans, including the people in the diner. Beyoncé's line says it all: "I knew you'd take all my honey…" Not just some of the honey, but all of it. Americans just can't get enough; it's become ingrained in our society. We always want more, we strive to have the most land, the most food, the most money. We live in a first world nation of Super Sizes and Hummers. We'll be the death of ourselves. No one made any of the diner's patrons eat all that food; they chose to.

    This is a music video, but it's also so much more than that. It is a short film, a work of art–however controversial the art may be. Art is never told from a single perspective. If it is, it isn't a very successful work. There are layers upon layers to any work of art that has been made with careful planning and thought on the part of the artist(s). That's the beauty of even the most controversial works: they are open to interpretation. I'm not saying that my opinion of this video's meaning is the most correct one, I'm just asking that each of you keep in mind that neither is yours. Because there are no absolutes in art.

  263. This is very interesting, and GaGa's video is pretty interesting, actually kind of fun too watch cause it is so damn interesting, ha ha! Something about GaGa, what if she takes your assumptions and uses them for her creativity and likes to be I guess "creepy"? Hm, maybe yes, maybe no? Does she know people talk about this?

  264. Oh and in the part where GaGa, B and some other dancers, are dancing around the dead diners, they do their hand signal, the "A-Ok" sign, but GaGa does not, she puts up a…um… I think a ' C '. Oh and the lines on the bottom of the news flash in the little "fake news flash" thing. It has some pretty weird writings that I do not know….wow thoughts are like going crazy.

  265. Great analysis once again VC…im a big fan of yours…keep up the great work…Frekin illuminati bastards…the hell with thier poison, this Cat aint havin nuthin to do wit dat shyt…

  266. that monster video on

    Ill have nightmares, that is the sickest crap ever, for KIDS to witness tht? I know there is dark art and whatever , this is music KIDS emulate and they shouldnt see that video I am not but 22 and tht ws just WRONG on several accounts, i truly blv in Mind control its been around for so long makes sense they would use it on the biggest popstars thats the saddest thing, she recently collapsed on stage they do not care about her, I HAVE DREAMS of lady gaga dying, this shits so messed up. She haunts me…. she may not know whats going on but her subconsious knows whats happening to her maybe thats where she gets her ideas is when shes in a dream klike state? SO unreal…plus go look for yourselves there is an ANCIENT egyptian statue that looks JUST LIKE MJ JUST LIKE THIS…LOOK IT UP! Id like to know more about that as well, thats as weird as that face on beyonces sleeve, she definitely has an alter I knew that before I knew about mind control. She used to look so innocent and now…u can TELL shes dark…I feel sad they are probably sex slaves we know taht stuff actually goes on rather its with them or not, I pray we are all set free from this literal torture. This lady gaga story has yet for un veil I remember when the masses dis liked MJ so much he was so not understood AND when he passed on tapes of him exposing illuminati came out. Turns out he was a REAL good person who did write about REAL events and cared about earth and humanity. Lady Gaga used to be amazing if u see stefani germanotta band, lady gaga is her alter for sure.its sad and looking her in the eyes creeps me out and makes me overwhelmed with sadness shes probably not EVIL like her handlers and the top illuminati ppl but there is definitely something VERY weird about her that not even this explains…

  267. Hey Adam,

    You are clever and humorous, and you do make a persuasive argument. But what you keep glossing

    over (conveniently?) and what I think you are truly missing is this: You keep saying Vigilant

    keeps making up these meanings for symbols, and making it up as he goes along, etc. Wrong. Very

    wrong, indeed. You obviously haven't taken the main point of Vigilant's site in the first place –

    DO SOME RESEARCH. Clearly, you haven't done so, or you wouldn't be missing so much when you take

    these stabs like you do…for example, let's start here…you say:

    "for a group that doesnt mind flashing their symbols and spreading illuminating anologies they

    havent used anything kingly or royal or monarchy in this video, whats that about?"

    U ready for this? Ok….(flashing "Ok" hand signal lol )

    "In time, though still in the predynastic period in Egyptian history, the figure of the BEE

    became a symbol of royalty in Egypt (Footnote 10). One of the titles of Pharoah in his office

    as King of Lower Egypt and wearer of the Red Crown was "Ny-Bit" — "he who belongs to the BEE"

    (Footnotes 12 and 13). It is very likely that this title was derived from the association of

    the BEE with the Mother of the Gods, Neith. After all, Pharoah was seen as a descendant of the

    Gods, if not a god incarnate himself. But this is not all. The Red Crown of Egypt is called

    "deshret", but in some Pyramid texts, it is termed "net" — a word etymologically very similar

    to the Egyptian word for Neith. Indeed, Neith is often depicted in temple drawings wearing the

    Red Crown of Lower Egypt. "

    Wow…the BEE symbolized not only Royalty, but the mother of all the gods? Pretty big important

    title there, not just your everyday run of the mill job, huh? I wonder if BEE-yonce knows this

    stuff? Is that her real name, by the way? lol

    No one is blaming you for not knowing these things, Adam, but it doesn't serve you well or help

    your powers of persuasive debate when you go off half-cocked and so passionate about things when

    you (apparently) have no idea what you are talking about…yet. Just keep searching and learning,

    not so much rebelling and rejecting for the sake of rejecting. No one is saying Vigilant, or I

    myself, have any lock on the absolute truth. But the facts betray you on many levels. Just think

    about that a little bit next time before you mockingly say something as you did like "they havent

    used anything kingly or royal or monarchy in this video, whats that about?"

    They most certainly did, and it was one of the primary themes of the entire video, and you and

    most people watched completely unaware of the BEE – heavily symbolic of royalty. And not just in

    some obscure culture or dogma in ancient Norway or some mundane place like that. No, symbolic of

    royalty (and many other occult meanings) in ancient Egyptian society…you know, that same place

    with those silly meaningless pyramids, that silly meaningless Eye of Horus, etc. lol

    You may not see the connections yet…take your time. Everyone discovers and accepts truth at

    their own pace, a pace they can handle. No one here is trying to force feed you like the mass

    media does…just keep searching.

    "They" may not have gotten to your Emo chess buddy and his masonic chess board (funny stuff btw)

    but very serious and factual bad stuff has been done along the exact lines of what is being

    discussed here in relation to mind control, MK-ULTRA, etc.

    Meaningless coincidences? All of them?? Maybe so…but more likely not.

    Ahhh, so what…let's go have a beer!!

    Peace and wisdom to you, sir. :)

  268. "When I first heard Telephone on the radio, I thought the song was about Lady Gaga receiving phone calls from an annoying dude while she’s out in a club."

    That's because it is, VC 😛

    The song has no hidden meaning, but the video does though.

  269. that monster video on

    Sometimes I wonder if she does this for the attention but its a bit of both, too much of it happens in every major coproration using these symbols. I wished she ws smart and eventually exposes it. Times running out coz things are getting real, real quick!

  270. you know what else caught my attention in the video they count upwards in german. Germany is rumored to become a major power again and play a major role in the end of the world. Likewise when she points the "gun", i think she was really pointing it to viewers not those in the diner. Really crazy video. I was deeply distrubed by it. I think the plan is to numb everyone's mind so that no one will think of Christ or even think they do not need Him. Sadly the devil's plan is working. He has a firm grasp on so many : ( I mean people are captivated by music and follow each dance moves, fashion trend, and what not of clebrities mindlessly. I should know, I use to be one of them. Thanks for analyzing this video!

  271. i come from Kenya, its funny how even in the third world countries, all we listen to is Gaga, Beyonce, Jayz, Rihanna e.t.c. these songs, play in the restaurants, radiostations and even Matatus (vehicles used for public transport). young guys around here especially teenagers are seriously hooked to these celebrities and the worst bit is that no one wants to believe that these people are purely occultic. if its fame they want, well they surely got it 100%. the question is, at what cost? soon they will all start being sick and dying 1 by 1……that is how the devil rewards himself for the fame and money he gives to anyone. keep it up VC!

  272. People asking if she's "good" or "evil" – trying to expose or promote these messages – I think, that that is up to the viewer. You can see the symbolism and deeper meaning in the video, and see it as a commentary on these inner workings or whatever you choose to call them, and to that individual it can become a significant, even beautiful piece of art. You can see it as promoting them, and it becomes something evil. Or you can be oblivious and ignore them, and you become a victim, a follower, a consumer (and look what happened to the "consumers" in this video). That goes for all music videos and music. The most important thing is to be your own person. Make your own decisions, don't change yourself based on what's "in" in popular media. Don't live in fear either. I think it's good to know these things, but not obsess over them. If you stay true to yourself there is nothing to worry about.

  273. ”I am not saying that Gaga is controlling your mind. I’m saying her video is ABOUT mind control. This disturbing theme keeps reoccurring in pop music."

    Ok, but so what? How does a video about mind control benefit the Illuminati?

  274. Interlude to monster on

    Tht ws the creepiest thing ever. ppl still defend her showing something tht dark to minors? Minors go to her shows as well. Heck that even scared me.

  275. Cheers for another great article, VC. I found your blog only recently and have found it to be really interesting and informative. My husband and I are serious 'conspiracy theorists' and most of our friends just laugh it off and are content to live in their sad little bubbles, shutting out the messages and warnings that are everywhere if you just know what you're looking for… so I thank you for deciphering all this stuff for people like me who are highly interested but still new to the whole concept and need a little help in working it all out.

    For what it's worth, I'm a HUGE fan of Lady Gaga's 'art' and have tickets to see her in concert in under two weeks – I can't wait… I just wish I could somehow get an opportunity to talk to her about the symbolism in her music and videos and get her own personal take on things (wishful thinking, I know!).

    As soon as I saw the 'Telephone' video on YouTube I wondered what your take on it would be, for once I was a step ahead of myself and had seen the covered eye and blank (dissociative) behaviours without you pointing it out. Great article :) Keep up the great work, I always love your take on pop music and the MTV cult(ure)!

  276. I think Lina might actually be Lady GaGa, herself!!

    It sounds a lot like the stuff she says in interviews.Is that you, Gaga??? lol

    If so, welcome to our nightmare, we're so glad to have you here with us!

    Just know that pretty much all of us love your songwriting/production skills,

    your voice is outstanding, and you're a great pianist. It's just…well, you know,

    all the pagan/satanic/Illuminati symbology you're throwin around is a little

    bit of a concern for many of us. So, you know, WTF is up with that shit??

    Tell us how you feel about these thangs….and keep writing great songs,

    just maybe ease down on the remorseless mass murders in your vids!!

    Peace lol

  277. Hi Vigilant, thanks for this window into the somewhat bizarre reality we face.

    I agree with what you say, and how you interpret these things, because you are 100% correct. It IS obvious. Noxiously so.

    What i would like to ask for help with, is my 12 year old daughter. While i know what dangers these songs hold, and this lifestyle that is presented, she clearly doesn't, and is swept away by these, unorthodox currents. Hannah montana is one, gaga is another. By the gods even mj.

    Since you are so clued up on these things, how does one present to a kid, that it's not in fact worth paying attention to? We have no tv, and seldom listen to radio, but these songs and concepts bleed into my house anyway. And it's those blasted repetitive lines that eat into the mind!!

    Could you look into, a method of disuasion, perhaps?

    peace 😉

  278. God forbid a woman with an empowering message should become huge because of her own crazy vision. Yes, I agree there is a huge amount of symbolism, it's plain for all to see, but it's a comment on crap in the music industry meant to make us think. Otherwise it would be a little more covert. More like Beyonce's music, profoundly inane lyrics chugged out by machinery.

  279. Do you really have this much time on your hands and like seeing the negative in things so much? There is such a thing as being OVERLY analytical and paranoid. Think about it? In the 80s, it was KISS-knights in satans service, queen–play the record backwards and it says worship satan. yada yada. Its 2010 now, and we are still at this? I am amazed.

  280. Good article VC. Just wanted to add a couple of things that disturbed me more than the contents of the article. I have read a few of your articles on various subjects, monuments, music, films etc, but one thing that has really struck me and disturbed me is, whay do all these people demand you write an article about this or about that? You started this article by saying that the number of emails you received demanding you do an article about Gaga`s new video, this comment has also cropped up in the comments section on previous articles. Can your readers not think for themselves? I mean seriously, for fuck sake come on people, time to take your head out of your arse or bible, which ever applies but to me it might as well be the same thing, and start fucking thinking for yourself. I mean no offence to you VC but as you said you are only a web blogger and you cannot even write these articles in your own name, you have to use an avator to hide behind, why? Also most people who leave comments on this site are hiding behind avators and cannot come out and show the world who they really are and how they really think, fuck sake everyone on here is spouting shite about being free and freeing the rest of the world but how can that be when the people on here cannot even think for themselves, let alone be honest with themselves and stop hiding behind avators. Is that another form of mind control????????

    "lets pretend to be some one elase and start gossiping about this artist or that artist, yes much better than thinking for ourselves now eh Doris, another cup of tea????"

    My apologies for ranting but I just get pig sick (without the fake swine flu) about so called awakened people "DEMANDING"

  281. You dont have to do much thinking to know she is a sick, twisted women, who has a love for money and media attention. So she's going to do whatever she's asked to do by her sick employers.

    And whether or not you expose the truth of these mind control freaks to the masses (who on the whole wont believe you), the masses still wont react in a way to free themselves from the slavery they are in.

    As Hitler said, the way to get the masses to believe a lie is to tell the biggest lie you can think of, and the masses will believe it.

    So while you may be right in your analysis of this vdeo and others you report on…..your not going to change a thing.

    This women behaving like this fifty or sixty years ago would have been put in a mental institution, and now adays?

    A freak of a women like this can pass for enetertainment… sick we have all become.

  282. just wanted to add, to my "how sick we have all become".

    MAYBE WE ALL DESERVE TO BE CONTROLLED if we give anytime to this women by watching her perverted sick videos.

    Just turn her off. If the masses want to watch a sick dog like her and otherslike her, they deserve all the trouble their headed for.

    As for me? well I wouldnt have to watch one of her videos to know she's a sick perverted women, who's obviously sold her soul to mammon.

  283. Hello,

    I enjoy your posts they are very interesting i try to tell my friends but they like the sheep you know :

    If i interviewed Lady GaGa i would say "Do you enjoy being satans bitch? hows it feel to be mind controlled?"

    Thanks again!

  284. Sorry, I pressed a wrong button and the PC deceided to post my comments before I had finished, technology eh???

    Anyway, yes, My apologies for ranting but I just get pig sick (without the fake swine flu) about so called awakened people “DEMANDING” you write an article about things, when surely the very same people could take the time out to research the subject and write the article themselves?????? I know this would remove an element of your website, as you are the main man here and I should maybe just fuck right off now and leave all to it, you never know Jesus might come down and save you all, but theres more chance of Lady Gaga turning out to be Jesus re-incarnated. Religion, along with all other forms of control are all produced by the same people in order to enslave mankind into serving their own aims. So please people WAKE UP and start thinking for yourselves!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not claim to be awakened myself, I am just starting out on the slow process of trying to awaken, and I sincerely hope I make it, but when I look at sites like this one, the comments sections always reveals the level that people are at. and with over 300 hundred (I think i counted that correctly) then there is a lot of people out there that still need to get out of this net of the matrix, especially the religous one. By the way I am not religoues nor have any real feelings towards religion (positve or negitive) but what I do know is that religion is another form of control for the thoughtform matrix and the sooner people realise this the quicker humanity can progress and awaken as a whole. If that was to occur then the puppets that are the illuminate/nwo crown would no longer have any say in this world and mankind can then become what we truely are.

    Guys I suggest that you also read Matthew Delooze`s work on and also David Icke`s work (but please avoid the forum section on Icke`s website)

    Both these guys have done a power of research into alot of subjects and certianly tell you straight how they think it is, while engourage you to check it yourself and think for yourself.

    Again my apologies for ranting, I am not in a good place just now and people demanding you write about this or write about that really piss me off. So Vigilant could you please write an article about how thick your readers are and how they lack the brains to think for themselves?????



    P.S. Keep up the good work VC, this level of infomation still needs to be produced and put out there for people to learn and grow from.

  285. Ferocious_Imbecile on

    I always love coming to your site buddy. You're doing some good stuff. Keep up the good work and I'll keep reading your blog.

  286. It does not matter what people demand, to give in to them is a choice. or is that mind control too? Did they make you write the article? 😉

  287. hey can ii add one thing you guyz might have left out.. was that in the diner when they poisen everyone and i paused it on the girls eye rolling back and theres something writting on the glare of the eye …

    pretty freakkyyy…ii always thought there was something wrong with the song because beyonce and lady gaga making songs together pretty sus i rekon

  288. OMG i want to add one more thing in the diner when they poisened everyone with the honey..the girls eye rolls back has anybody thought of stopping it right there on the eye…well i did and please guy from VC can you plese tell us what the hell is on the eye it says something i want to know if it says so curious

  289. I bet half of the people that comments here are just haters and don't even donate to charities and help out needing people like GaGa does, she donated ALL of her profits for a day to Haiti for hells sake, even if she is a puppet, she is obviously a good person with a good heart, this article saddens me.

  290. BCNBasedCitizen on

    Has anyone noticed in this quick close up of LadyGaga's blue telephone on the head while in kitchen, that apears de 999 as an emergency call?

    999 can be referred as an occult 666, and the numbers of the telephone wheel, as you can appreciate, are disposed correctly to read them, but the emergency numbers inside, are sliglthly turned to one side.

    May this have been made on purpose to emphasise that this 999 is REALLY an occult 666 in this scene?

    I think i'm pretty sure of it.

  291. I haven't read all the comments, but scanned through them. Nobody seems to have mentioned the fact that in the large communal jail cell area you can see two Gagas on screen at the same time. One is a much more normal looking Gaga (perhaps the shadow of her former mind-controlled free self) and the other is the monarch-programmed slave.

    I posted the two pictures of her here.

    I always look forward to your posts vigilant citizen. I actually missed most of the obvious signs in the video.

  292. Anon you are obviously blinded. She gives to charity for you to say such things and not see the truth. She didn't even came up with that herself. It was probably her manager aranging it. What do you think of this video? Is it good? Do you let your kids watch it?

  293. It's funny really, how people latch from one mindless stance to another. You were mindless when/if you liked these artists, and now that they've been exposed, you mindlessy believe anything VC has to say. You people are ignorant, not because you want to agree with this, but becase most of you feel the need to agree with others on a topic, on some deeper level. What I mean by that is, most people are just jumping on the band-wagon. Learn to look at everything objectively and fairly, while keeping your own morals and beliefs intact.

  294. @BCNBasedCitizen there is no 999 on the phone you are paranoid.

    @gagabean I agree with you, and its sad that this site is just filled with haters that just want a reason to bash artistes, a SMART person could tell what this video means, but a "vigilant citizen" would say its mind control, so sad.

    @Gaga Curiosity thats here sister, try harder.

    @ro4sho she went on shows and said it was her idea, see this is the same thing im talking about, she does something good and people like you said it was her managers idea, stop making excuses to hate even more, GaGa is a good person and is not a puppet, its almost like a woman cannt be successful now a days without there being some demonic thing behind their success. But it seems like VC has brainwashed you into thinking such, because it certainly aint GaGa.

  295. BCNBasedCitizen on


    Watch min 6:23, stop it and put HD, at minimum of 720.

    You'll see it right there!

  296. Excellent analysis as always!

    I was just wondering though if the poisoning of the people in the video may also be a reference to how the major corps and food producers have/are poisoning the population through their food and drink products.

  297. Brilliant article – this one and all the others.

    One other thing to add:

    Gaga and Beyonce represent bees in parts of this and other videos due to their colours, masks and names for each other. Poisoned honey is also used to kill people in the diner. Bees are essential on planet earth due to the way they spread pollen and create new life. In the X Files – bees were to be the way that the alien virus would be spread around the world.

    The illuminati/annunaki/babylonian bloodlines have often used bees and the beehive to symbolize their bloodline. This video could therefore symbolize the spreading of the luciferian/satanic consciousness and agenda into the wider collective consciousness. The masses are influenced by this colonizing power and poison themselves with their own free choices.

  298. GaGa isnt a good person what you talking about a lady that dresses like that and acts like that cnt be a good person

  299. I quote from Mr Anon:

    "I bet half of the people that comments here are just haters and don’t even donate to charities and help out needing people like GaGa does, she donated ALL of her profits for a day to Haiti for hells sake, even if she is a puppet, she is obviously a good person with a good heart, this article saddens me."

    By the fucking way – the money going into Haiti is almost solely going to the American and international forces and being used to further suppress and destroy the Haitan people for the purpose of oil and other resources. Also the technology to create earthquakes artificially is almost certainly being used by the US.

  300. Very enlightening! The church respects your boldness and courage to expose what really is happening behind the scenes, its more than music! keep it up

  301. This video reminds me so much of Natural Born Killers.Luke you referenced towards a Tarentino movie. Did you notice the Baphomet head in the opening jail scene? Pretty sure its outlined in diamonds/studs on her black jacket, right upper sleeve. I see it when she goes to the phone for the first time.

    Maybe, I'm imagining. Anyone else see it?

  302. BCNBasedCitizen on


    Ditto Heads are in the agenda, also contemplating conspirational theories. And the ditto heads themselves will make effords to finish with these theories. As you said, who is ditto head here?


    I also beg for Beyoncé's Video Phone meaning, even if i can imagine quite a lot of things

  303. Raymond Osbourne on

    @ 220: In German, "ein" means 'a or and'. As in 'ein man' (a man) or ein frau (a woman). The only correct way of counting is eins, although the use of "ein" in 'ein man' refers to one man. As an example: Das its ein man (This is a man). Saying "This is one man" would be incorrect.

    What is more important here, is that "ein" in Hebrew means 'Nothing or Null'. Could this refer to Gaga being nothing without mind-control?

  304. but in this film clip for telephone someone tell me im not seeying anyting because im so confused when they poisened every one at the diner can someone pause it on when the girls eye rolls back and tell me there isnt somethn written in her eye..

  305. @BCNBasedCitizen i have the video in 1080p – I got it even before the release date because I am close friends with the team, that is why I can genuinely say that you all are nuts and crazy. But then again half of you dont have brains for yourself and have to come to VigilantCitizen to get answers, because thinking for yourself is too hard, ANYTHING AT ALL can be made in to look like something demonic, the only difference with this situation is that this person is doing it through a site like this one and has loyal followers.

    @Amz so you are looking at the way she dresses despite the fact that she has helped over a million people in poverty in the past? Logical thinking there. Plus thats just a glare in the girls eyes, this is exactly what I mean when I say people can make a little thing into something demonic, if you see six people in a classroom reading page 6 in a book that has only 6 words will you automatically connect it to the devil? Because thats EXACTLY what is going on here with this article.

    @Ant777uk I dont see your point. More power to you for helping the Haitians.

    @mindwhut I agree, although it is sad to see the lengths people will go to hate an artiste, it is quite humorous to see them try to bring them down.

  306. @Anon no i wouldnt connect it to the devil because that would be just a coincidece but these people here actually put it in on purpose and i don't think it would be a coinsidence because ALOT of the film clips have the same symbolls shown..they do it purposely

  307. @Anon so you are close friends with the team? can you explain WHY there is symbolism is the video and why they are using it all the time? what's the purpose of it? DOES ILLUMINATI EXIST?

  308. BCNBasedCitizen on


    You have to recognize that they are aware of this stories. ANYONE OF US CAN SAY that it's really happening or not, what is true is that this stories have overcome in all medias, amb many artist are using them as a departing point to make their artistic work. This is what I stand for, is it true or not, it's just fantasy or not, it's just like taking Bible stories and use them to base your work on. And that's a good way to focus your briefing on a project, 'cause the better is everything connected and argumented, even if people doesn't notice, it gains strength and the better the project is.

    And as you are talking as "close friend of the team" i'm talking as an artist and designer.

    Take aside if those stories are true or not, get only the fact of the story, and you can see that it has been used many times in many artistic, mas media, projects.

    I hope you don't missunderstand me again.


    I knew it. When I saw that brown haired girl in the video I just got this feeling I had to pause and take a closer look. The parts with the girl that looks like the old brunette GaGa on the Youtube video:


    -2:22 (looks like brunette GaGa's eyes are closed or looking down)


    -Full shot: 2:38 (If you don't see how similar they are there, then I don't know. The teeth is what really convinced me.)

    -and 2:49.

    And I think when GaGa's dancing while on the phone with "Honey Bee", the brown haired GaGa isn't in the background, she just disappeared.

  310. 320.LVB there my well be alot of meaning with bees and royaliy. the trouble is, that your premise is 'this thing has a few refernces to bees in it= illuminaty mind control'

    do you not see this is too vaugue, in the last week of so ive seen alice in wonderland had bees in it. so does futurama, candyman, jumanji, x files, simpsons, family guy. Imagine how many times they've been used overall.

    The fact that you people are willing to see honey bee, as bee, bee as ny bit, ny bit as neith, neith as net, net as a red crown, and red crown as a monarch, For the point of propping up your own beleifs look how many unjustified links you had to make there. maybe one you could have got away with, but 7?

    in this video, becasue your looking for confirmation. confirmation bias and all that. Rather then seeing honey as a type of food commonly served on pancakes, you see it as proof this is illuminati stuff.

    Im not saying this vigil guy is making it up. Im saying not so long ago some people would have been looking into freemasonry, and noticed triangles, circles, eyes, checkered patterns the next day everywhere. Then they look into it more ooh incredible, its on the money as well. So they'll look into it more, now theyve got to keep an eye out for disney, kubrick, and light source, anything that sounds like a gods name. Then they'll look into a few abandoned goverment conspircies and few old cultures, and find out that anythign that refernces bees, royalty, cats, vacant looks, cracks, ciggarrettes, butterflys and electricity prooves their point. The criterea for proof is far far faaaaar to wide.

    just using your bee thing i could start my own bee conspiracy, anythign that has yellow and black, haxagons, honey, workers, a queen, a pharoah, anything red, anythign that looks a bit like a crown, anything that sounds like ny bit or neith, anything thats got a net, or checkered shape in anything with pyramids, sphinxes, the nile, any well known hieroglyphics, any unknown hieroglyphics, the nile, anyone called nial, anyone who has a similar name to any pharoah or egyptian god. this is no different to what you do, and of course i would find loads

    again not saying you people made the meaning up, just saying you are willing to accept to many things as having direct meaning to the illuminatii, without any proof at all

  311. TheyAreNotSaints on

    One thing people must realize is that she is definitely not doing this to warn us. Let me tell you why! Those of us who are already aware of illuminate and it’s symbolism, don’t need any warning and those who have no idea what illuminate or their symbolism is will not know the meaning behind her videos so how is she trying to warn people? Nobody is more awakened than before they saw her videos. Her videos are nearly a mockery to those that know what’s going on and those that don’t alike. They are telling you what they are up to and those of us who know this, can’t do anything but sit back and watch while the majority eat it up like honey. The video is nothing short of the promotion of immorality and Codex Alimentarius! Wake up now or be put to sleep forever. It’s your choice but just stop justifying everything just so that you can keep that “nice” image you had of these artists before you found out who they really are and what they really represent! Peace be with you all and RIP MJ

  312. This may have already been referenced, but the poisoning in the diner could also represent the literal poisoning of America with chemical pesticides that are used on produce and "additives" that are used in processed foods.

  313. @Veritas looks like Beyonce and Gaga were "inciting terrorism" to me for giving Al Qaeda ideas. Meanwhile ordinary citizens get harassed by police for megaphoning ironic sarcasm(see "The love police" on youtube). My take on this is the ruling classes can get away with murder; the masses must be obedient and do as they're told. Or they must fight each other,(divide and rule mentality from Roman times), also notice how Lady Gaga doesn't get involved in the prison fight, that's why we must unite to defeat them, thus dividing the ruling classes.

  314. I never realized that Lady Gaga is Amy Whinehouse's twin sister until I saw this video

  315. The lyrics and the production of every single one of her songs

    leaves me feeling "off" while the rest of the world around me

    praises it as it plays constantly on the radio in their ipods and their stereos

    her songs are all extremely watered down, and this one is no exception

    that is what makes the video so stupid i don't think it would have mattered

    if the song was about cheese "they" would have still done a stupid video

    filled with symbolism

    it's not an accident that Beyonces in an illuminati video either..

  316. Given the relative monotony of modern computer algorithm manufactured Pop, then stardom is conferred for reasons other than talent. Gaga came from nowhere, and seems a purely media driven phenomenon. This makes her more of a vehicle than a musician.

  317. the video about elektroshock is just INSANE. gives me the creeps, can't believe people watch this without thinking something is wrong with her or the musicindustry.

    great article, thanks

  318. There seem's to be a theme running threw lady gaga's & beyonce videos regarding a critique of the straight male hegemony & the sexual objectification machismo-ism & violence of women that results from that.

    In the paparazzi video her boyfriend push's her over the balcony when she refuse's to take their kissing further. she then ends up poisioning him during her rehabilitation crippled recovery. In her bad romance video her sexuality is prostituted & bargained away to the highest male bidder & in the final scene where the winning bidder & her consumate the "deal" her female energy blows up the male ! i.e. gaga is too "hot" to handle !

    Video phone with beyonce continues the same theme. Camera headed men ogling beyonce's body & two shirtless ghetto thugs trying to "check up" on her. She's shown to be in control as the two thugs have sacks over their heads & beyonce yields a gun to keep them in place.

    Beyonce later in the video shoots arrows at a camera headed guy tied to a giant spinning board. She & gaga carry the "shots" (the power) represented by the guns both of them use throughout the video.

    The telephone video carries on this same theme. Look at the way beyonce's boyfriend is portrayed in the video & what happens to him ! He's controlling (to beyonce) full of machismo (try's to start a fight with another male) chauvinistic (slaps a female on the butt) & is unduly finished off by beyonce by being poisoned !!!

    After which they drive off to a lesbo's paradise holding hands a heart shape is flashed around this & the female astrological sign (male astrological is absent) is shown which ties into the early prison lesbo's prison scene's.

    Lady gaga & Beyonce biggest fans are females & gay males & i feel there is a constant attack on straight males within their videos to push a "girl power " & "gay power "agenda. My telephone wont be ringing for either of these two its plugged out !!!

  319. If Lady Gaga was trying to expose these elite groups I'm sure she'd come up with something better than that damn a-ok sign. Seriously. I think she could at least comb the hair out of her eyes if she was delivering some righteous message to the world.

    I also saw that thing with Jesse Ventura with all the conspiracy theories, specifically the bit about our poisonous food. While I'm not quick to believe everything I hear from Jesse Ventura, it was pretty unsettling to see everyone in the diner poisoned while Gaga and B danced in American flags around their dead bodies. Oh that's so artsy! Yeah right.

    It's getting annoying how many people praise Gaga but never understand her work. They refuse to take a deeper look at it. I don't care what you believe, two bitches poisoning a bunch of innocents will never be cool. Not to me!

  320. Hi Vigilant,

    Yesterday I saw this video for the first time, I wanted to check your site to see what you thought of it.

    I'm glad I did because this stuff is really starting to bug me.

    I feel like these tricks really do think they can shit all over us with their bullshit videos and whack songs!!!

    I have friends who say, oh I really like it cause it's different. and I'm speechless. DIFFERENT!!! that's for sure.

    Your showing people how to poison and murder people and the best summation for it, is that it's different!

    It's some devilish whack ass shit and I thank you for pointing this stuff out.

    I have also looked at your educate yourself tab and once again I thank you, I have been doing my own research and found out a lot of things I was always interested in but didn't know where to look for the information.

    I love your site, it's it great!!!

    To all the numb nuts out there that don't see any harm in it, all I can say is those artists deserve fans like you! (Sheep)

    Adolf Hitler – said it would be better for all governments if men did not think………wow what a statement!

  321. I just saw this vidoe the other day, and I was shocked with the more and more obvious symbolism and mind control references that I HAD to come on your website to see if any new articles had been written… I found 3, including the one about this video! Thank you for opening the eyes of the public <3

    There are two kinds of people in this world: puppets and co-creators. Which one will you choose to be?

  322. Anyone who believes this girl has any input into what she sings, wears, says, does or the content of her video is as deluded as she is. Gaga is a traumatised, drugged, damaged, deranged Monarch slave, who responds only to programmed commands and triggers. The 'themes' she enacts on stage, like being thrown into an incinerator or hung etc., are things she has witnessed or experienced during her ritual abuse. Gaga has no control over her "fame" – she is 100% controlled and expendable. Jay-Z is Beyonce's 'handler' and he calls her "B" – she tells Gaga; "You have been a very, very, bad, bad girl" – something I'm sure she's told very, very often by her abusers….She should be pitied not admired and will break down eventually, like Britany Spears. I think the 'Elite' are using her to see how far they can go and what they can get away with in the public (one) eye.

  323. hi Vigilant

    i was waiting for the video and i was right that it is indeed full of theses crappy illuminati symbolism.

    i am also waiting for this article to come out as soon as the vid came out.

    thanks for the info you shared.

    keep up the good work on giving us this sort of things.

  324. I read from a new source that she originally wrote this long a long time ago for Britney Spears, but Britney (or her team) rejected it and the song was put aside, and now she was happy to finally be able to include this song as her single. This is an additional info, hope it kinda helps with something.

  325. This is crazy! I don't know why people can't wake up and realize whats going on. All i have to say is that we need to be careful of who and what we listen to. The music industry is trying to minipulate people in every way. Vigilant you are doing a good thing here. I only hope that people would open there minds and understand all of this. God Bless!

  326. Just curious to know if you believe 9/11 is a conspiracy? I am thinking PARANOID, YIKES. Lady Gaga is a huge Pop Culture fan and all her references are Pop Culture, not evil. I think you are the evil one for propogating a sinister agenda. Have a nice day and I will not be visiting this site again. sorry I looked cause you are the one that scares me!!!

  327. Episkopos Mordecai on

    so… the elite mind-controlling conspiracy she works for isn't clever enough not to announce its presence to everyone, about every five minutes?

    can i ask how you're immune to their mind control? or, for that matter, how the ancient illuminated brotherhood allowed this to slip out? 'cause if you can figure out the symbolism, surely the MASTERS of hidden messages and symbols could.

  328. 384 mimou- Intresting, but who knows the language, VC should post a picture of the word on the eyeball. Someone made another intresting fact. The song was for Britney. That just goes to show what we mean when we say "puppets" it does not matter who portrays the image as long as they get their message across. Maybe thats why little old Brittney had a break down and had her children taken for no reason. ( Brit was not crazy, only made out to be)


  330. Did u hear Beyonce trying to explain this video.

    Beyonce told L.A. radio station Power 106:

    “The video in a lot of ways is more about her even than it is about me. It was sort of a pop-art venture for me to bring her into my world in a way, the video is an attempt for her and I to erase pop music as we know it up until this very point. It’s meant to change the perspective of the world on what a pop music video should be and she’s kind of the vehicle for that. In reality, more people around the world are familiar with her aesthetics than they are with mine. It was something for me to kind of change the way that you see her for one video.”

    Scary–they have an agenda and they are doing whatever it takes to put it in place

  331. To anyone defending these videos/songs-I understand. It's a lot to take in @ once. We all like to dance, music can be fun and harmless, but let me ask you this:

    Can you name one thing that is positive about this video? Mass Murder, poison, jail, sex? I don't know Beyonce or Lady GaGa personally, so I will not presume to know what they do. But, can you agree that these types of videos and music promote nothing positive? I used to listen to Lady GaGa but more more. I was never a huge fan of Beyonce, but this is taking it to a whole different level, and she is really alientating a LOT of her fan base.

    Someone in an earlier post touched on this, but I, myself, have caught myself humming Lady GaGa's songs, EVEN THOUGH I no longer wish to relate or even WANT to hear her music. That's mind control. Think about it.

  332. 36 kay–

    gaga appreciating kubrick is no different then me appreciating (old) woody allen movies. it doesn't mean I agree with his choices in his personal life and beliefs.

    none of us here will ever be sure if this woman is in the mind control business. but this doesn't mean there is no such thing as mind control. in fact it's just been confirmed by the mainstream media a few days ago regarding the LSD experiment in France conducted by C. IA. this may be the first time the mainstream media acknowledged this reality.

    now we established the fact that that mind control DOES exist, and being used by the intelligence agencies, I think it makes a lot of sense that it's also being used by the media to control a VERY large population.

  333. 397- Thet sound so stupid. You come acuse VC of who knows what, not to mention it's only information not instruction. Funny you acuse VC of having an agenda and you missed the music industry agenda. If you can see the wrong in VC, you can see the wrong in gaga and the crew. You can't have it half-way. I comment and add iinfomation to the site. So what are my motives? am I lying because ? making money has nothing to do with the truth. The truth is the truth, come again son

  334. Yall may think I'm crazy but this video also led me to think that Lady Gaga and Beyonce are screwing each other….and it seems to me that they are trying to promote lesbianism…is it possible?

  335. @405, Ms Deep South:

    anything is possible if you want to try and perceive it that way.


    btw, we don't promote or recruit. please quit believing that ugly myth. the animal kingdom shows the same levels of varied sexuality.

    "Heterosexuality is not normal; it's just common" — Dorothy Parker

  336. @Ms. Deep South-the lesbian referances are off the hook. People should be who they are, but if Beyonce' is married to a man, is that who she is? People need to be who they are ALL the time, not only for money and a few youtube video hits.

    One more thing-these eye patches, type of dress, mickey mouse glasses-forget being famous, but most women usually wouldn't DARE copy another woman's style. Women will go back home and change before they come out knowing someone else is dressed like them or has the same pair of shoes-what happened to that?!

  337. I think this website is awesome. I love your analytical skills and I believe it's a gift from God. Thank you for unveiling the masks in the media and please keep up the good work. We need to be enlightened. Thanks!

  338. Why this song does have two videos? i Gaga and Beyonce have done this song in video many months ago, is too much money for this song that is not so good

  339. "Do the cigarettes covering her eyes represent her blindness to her highly toxic life as a mind controlled drone?"

    Cigarettes are $100.00/pack in prison. There is a whole underground structure, bartering and commerce withing the confines of most prisons. From what followed next, it is quite evident the "barter trade" that she was involved in.

  340. @animadverto- exactly

    this chick is so brilliant

    do you people realize how many different meanings are going on at the same time? i thought bad romance was brilliant for the dual meaning (sex trafficking and selling your soul for fame) but this video is totally insane- theres sooo many themes in the real world of today going on here

  341. the english 2p coin had 'ich dien' written on it

    ich dien is german for 'i serve'

    now should i assume that the germans are sectretly trying to take over england? should i dig up details about the war? should i mention all the secret german links the royal family and government have?

    should i find subtle nazi referneces in pop culture, should i expand my search to include anythign red and black? anything occult? anyone with blonde hair and blue eyes? anyone jewish?

    should i find german words that sound i bit similar to commonly used english words and try and warp it to make it sound liek the germans are after me?

    or should i acknowledge that long ago englands rulers had german connections, and a tiny bit of the symbolism has made its way to the modern world, on the back of a 2p coin

    america: your county may have been founded by freemasons, some of their symbology is still around, but that doesnt mean theres a secret freemasonesque group controlling things, anymore then theres a secret german group controlling england

  342. i want to comment as a Muslim,

    first of all,freemasonry has nothing to do with Islam, as in our Quran, it is stated that 'dajjal' or 'antichrist' is our biggest enemy of all

    secondly, the thing that u can see in the eye of the Asian girl is not the word 'Allah', but it is something else,

    even if it is Allah, Islam does not taught us to show our 'Aurah'(certain parts of the body,esp. woman), therefore it is illogical to relate Islam with all the lesbo thinggy that they are promoting in the video

    as one of the comments said,that all these movies,music and new culture are right now mocking our own religions. so stop blaming on other religions, because i believe that all religions in the world taught their followers to differentiate between good and evil,so that they can be good people, isn't it?

  343. I first visited this site 6 months ago around the time of the VMAs. We all remember Gaga's shocking performance (the blood sacrifice). Before that I only thought of her as an anonymous dance artist with a couple of club hits. But after that night I had this creepy feeling that Gaga was on her way to becoming a Madonna-like cultural phenomenom. And sure enough that's what has happened. Now even little kids and old people know who she is and even can sing some of her songs (very much like Madonna in the 80s). This site along with a few others has really helped me to notice all the symbolism in her work. She very deliberately uses masonic imagery, from the Masonic hall fashion spread to the set used for the VMAs to her concert interludes. For people to come on this board and say "she's just a pop artist, stop reading into everything" shows a real lack of perception on their part. It's almost like they think it's coincidental or not that big of a deal. Pop music has always had controversial elements added simply for shock value, but what Gaga is doing is so much deeper than what has come before. If it's such a harmless coincidence then why do the same artists keep coming up in this discussion (Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay Z, Kanye). Is it a coincidence that these artists are all affilated behind the scenes and have similar themes in their recent videos ? "On To The Next One," "Russian Roulette," "Bad Romance," "Video Phone," Sweet Dreams," "Hard," "Run This Town," "Coldest Winter" "Rude Boy" and now "Telephone." This is not a trend this is a movement. And this is coming from a fan that loves the music of all these artists. Bu the last 6 months have been very sobering to say the least. There's just too many common elements to be ignored.

    P.S. – Nobody's mentioned Beyonce's Crowley jacket yet. Another coincidence I guess.

  344. Correction

    Did u hear Beyonce trying to explain this video. Sorry this was actually what Gaga said not Beyonce.

    Gaga told L.A. radio station Power 106:

    “The video in a lot of ways is more about her even than it is about me. It was sort of a pop-art venture for me to bring her into my world in a way, the video is an attempt for her and I to erase pop music as we know it up until this very point. It’s meant to change the perspective of the world on what a pop music video should be and she’s kind of the vehicle for that. In reality, more people around the world are familiar with her aesthetics than they are with mine. It was something for me to kind of change the way that you see her for one video.”

    Scary–they have an agenda and they are doing whatever it takes to put it in place

  345. I'm so glad you did this article. Going back to the "Honey Bee" thing, I was watching a video on YouTube about transhumanism after reading your article about it. During the video, they mentioned the hive mind. I was wondering if the hive mind and the whole "Honey Bee" thing had anything to do with the Telephone video? I notice that in music, there are female artists that refer to themselves as the "Queen Bee". That was Lil' Kim's title for a long time and now Beyonce has taken the name. If you could elaborate on this I would appreciate it.

  346. Bella In Black on

    I see some Gaga defenders and considering their comments – what they say and how they're written ,I'd say they're between 13-17 and …their telephone is not answering! 😀

    Some people just need to wake up and smell the coffee.Life isn't so literal – what you see that's the meaning of it.People need to look deeper and that's why I love all of the posts on this blog! It brings out the truth everyone needs to hear! :) Thank you (:

    And now about the article – it's really interesting ,In just minutes before I read this I was reading another blog where some people were getting crazy about the new video.. And then you read this and think of all the filth that spilled in our faces daily!

    I've never liked pop culture and least of all Lady Gaga.I've found this woman so disgusting and her songs very disturbing… :[

    Keep writing these! ^^

  347. thanks so much VC for another great article.

    one question tho

    How do i get people to listen to me without them thinking im crazy? :((

  348. Vigilant,

    I have been visiting this site a dozen times already, and read your recently written blogs. I am also a huge Gaga fan, believing thats she is a talented and very outspoken artist, a hard worker, determined and ambitious. When I saw the her new video, I was almost certain, you would write about it, and when I came back, here it goes, I wasn't wrong, your newest article on her video starred right into my face.

    As much as I do agree with the frequent appearances of occult symbolisms in visual arts and music, I do not think that all that is the sign of the "devil", which or "who" has been mentioned on this site -if not by you, then by your fans- as an actual person, not a character of mythical stories or old beliefs.

    Expressing occult, pagan and old religious symbols and references is a favorite thing of many artist, since it's the easiest way to to help the viewer to understand their artwork. Like your logo says, "Symbols rule the world, not words or laws.", and is true, I agree and there is nothing wrong with it, right?

    So, Gaga comes out with a new video, like it not, superficial song or not, -each of it's own-, she speaks with imagination and visuality, like all of us. Sure, the video has a deeper meaning, which could be different to all of us, with references to the mind numbing technology and media aspects, which the public eats like honey, but it's really bad for their psychological and moral development. If anything she points toward the direction of seeing these problems accurately and be aware of the influence. She is also a show woman, dramatizing in music videos delivers her point across with a sure hit.

    Illuminati -if that exist at all- has nothing to do with all of that. Nor mind controlling, and I am not saying that some people are not manipulated, but the horrific event of traumatizing victims to carry out some government duty or spreading the "devil's work" is rather a hilarious idea, unbelievable only great for a movie or book idea. You make it sound like Gaga is programmed, but to do what exactly? From my point of view, soldiers are kind of manipulated to be killing machines, but that is far as my mind controlling believes go.

    You are basically using a hard working and very passionate artist -and important artworks in your other articles, not necessarily music related though- to expose some groundless theories and feed the helpless souls who think that the devil might show up on their doorstep one day -in a red robe, all hairy with horns if they see a video on MTV and even like it. Please note that it's ok to listen to music and like it too. You can be aware without being fanatical. We can pray too, but action brings us further.

    Hope all is well, and just note, that I appreciate the info you put here, all this rather interesting.

  349. #36 I did hear Beyonce say Sasha Fierce is dead and she killed her. It was an interview with AJ before her show in Trinidad…the last stop on the I am Sasha Fierce tour…you can google it.

  350. ***Did you notice on the restaurant scene they poison the straight customers and then all the homosexual customers start dancing with gaga and beyonce. When they're being poisonded gaga makes the ok hand symbol on eye and says one in german language while looking at camera. She then points hand to camera like a gun and says two in german and then covers her mouth and says three in german. Would like to know is somebody knows what this means.***

  351. I wanted to comment on the alter egos of the people in the video. I believe @ that monster video mentioned this as well. Tyrese (the guy they kill in the video) had a song called Alter Ego years ago, where he battled three versions of himself. The R&B singer, the Rap artist and the Movie star. All aspects of his personality. Lady Gaga is the alter for Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (her actual/birth name). Beyonce just recently "killed" Sasha Fierce, claiming she no longer needs her.

  352. @imnot you:

    Yes, the blue one at 6:30. It refers to the marching band-style jackets worns by the Beatles on the Sgt Pepper album cover. It has been said to imply a connection with Aleister Crowley (also featured with many others on the Sgt Pepper cover). There was a youtube video (can't find it now) that showed several different artists wearing jackets in the same style with the epaulets and button designs (Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Rihanna, Bono, Kanye, even Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus and several others). It always looks odd and not very fashionable on whoever's wearing it (except for Michael Jackson since it was his signature look).

  353. The conclusion of the article was, "I’m saying her video is ABOUT mind control." so why have product placement? 2 separate uses of Virgin Mobil as a REAL exploitative form of mind control. In other words, she makes a statement about how the masses shovel out all of the crap the media elite dishes out, to only then, turn around and do the same thing with product placement in the same video.

    I'm still convinced the video's primary purpose was to create boggling weirdness to get attention.

  354. Well done , did you notice that that last pic before the conclusion of this article Lady GAGA hands signals and pose is the same as the Baphomet

  355. Did anyone notice Beyonce's EYES during the "victory dance" after everyone dies in the diner? Her eyes were angry yet vacant, and almost red, like she just had a big fight? I also think it's most disturbing that the "poison recipe" was so blatantly flashed in the video.

  356. I think there might be a simple reason for doing such videos. Not to warn us. Surely to influence us.

    I thought a lot about movies like Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction or Saints from Boston (there's loads of these type of movies!), which make in various ways murderers to look "cool". I literally watched the movies with some different groups, and all of the people reaction after watching was "that is so cool!". Same as with games when you just go around, kill others and get a lot of blood on your chest. Ofcourse my friends would deny that killing is cool, but inside they like these murder characters. They are their funs, and the characters are idols. This brakes the thin border within people and slowly but consistently alters their behaviours and morals. Five years ago it was unthinkable and now it is so cooool. I think it is the same as with shooting games which where invented first to create in soldiers a habit of pulling the trigger easily.

    And I think the same makes Gaga and other pop stars, on many different levels – through vision, music, definitely through our emotions. People like their music, like their faces and bodies, they will watch them and admire them and along with that, all the manipulative crap that is put with it.

    "What is the point that Gaga is weird and that there is a lot of violence, sex, or even killing, this is only "the art" and she is so COOL!!! " omg… I almost hear the voices of excited teenagers. Sad. So they will be devoured by their childish ignorance and mass-media. Same with "emo" crap. Never thought that cutting yourself, crying and feeling sad could ever be considered as cool.

    The question is what to do with the masses that will be affected.

    Ignorance + blind trust + weakness + disease + stress + no time + stupidity (aka no thinking for yourself) = huge group that will act defending their oppressors believieng they are their saviours. And I am not sure if it is possible to wake up so many people, which has been brainwashed for such a long time.

    So what can we do…

  357. oops I just watched the vid again. her eyes were not even red. no idea why I remember it to be red. maybe it's cos she looked so angry…

  358. OMG you can totally see the evil in her eyes, too! and Beyonce's eyes.

    …aren't these people afraid of Hell???

  359. Wow this is so sad all these articles are on point and these things are so blatant's sad to see this is what's being fed to the mass media.

  360. Look up the 'making of videophone' on youtube. Its quite interesting. Both Beyoncé and Lady Gaga come across very well in my opinion.

    And stop with the stupic religious fundamentalism in the comments. It makes me want to punch my computer…so for the health of my electronic equipment please stop shitting on about JESUS coming THE END OF THE WORLD IS NEAR!

    I'm Christian and you people make me ashamed to be.

  361. @Anon

    Anon, i'm in the music business so i know how stuff works in here. Tell me which star didn't give money to the Haïti fund? In this business it's all about marketing and appearing different then you really are. Look at Paris Hilton, she did a great job at this cause most people genuinely believe she is stupid and naïve.

    Answer my question please: 'Would you let your children watch her videos?' And do you think a person exposing your children to such videos(occult meaning or not) a good person?

    Someone also stated that art is free interpretable and this is of course true at some point but keep in mind that art is also often used to bring some 'hidden' message. Look at a lot of Masonic art from Grand Master Masons like Leonardo Davinci and you'll see that some art has a definite message.

  362. If you look at Gaga in the last pic being electrocuted, you will also see a symbolism of Christ's crucifiction. Look at where they have placed the sparks..on her wrists..these represent where the nails entered, then the spark on her private part. Jesus was given a loin cloth because he was circumcised. Then the halo could represent the crown of thorns, or the way Christ was depicted in some art work , with a halo.

    Jesus is very near let us be ready for his soon return.

  363. Omg thanks sooo muchhh i asked yu about thiis and i new i wasnt crazyy!!

    right now for my public speaking class im doin a project on the illuminati and freemasonary

    i mean yu have helped me out soo much i look at these videos like omg people really need to open thier eyes for real im just at a loss of words.. im very nervous as to how my speech on this whole illuminati project will go but i mean people have to know about this , they can take the info and throw it away or they can take it and run with it.. but when NWO starts to unravel im not gonna be there to say i told yu so but at least they will remeber that i warned them about it!!! thanks again VC!!!


  364. To tictac. Saying that Jesus, is coming at end of the posts should not make you ashamed to be christain. All that we are seeing in the media is prophecy being, Jesus is coming back and we should get ready. JESUS has everything to do with it!

    For we are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

  365. You can take any critical angle and find it in this video. Feminist, Marxist, political, religious, occultist. The thing is so packed with symbols that you can selectively read them to be saying anything you want. Absolutely anything. This article was cute but unconvincing.

  366. When I first saw the video my thoughts were as follows: "Oh, some more Lady Gaga porn," and: "I wonder if they sell outfits like that at Wet Seal."

    What is meant by this is that over-sexual shock value is common place in pop-culture and is consumed in mass. I realize that articles were getting a more in depth look at my initial reaction.

    As I sat down to watch the video I had my general flippant attitude in regards to pop culture, within the first minute or so I had formulated my original wry comments, but as I watched it I felt more and more drawn in and forgot what my opinion was in the first place. On a personal level the hypothesis of the articles rings true.

    I'm doubt the hidden conspiracy-theory meaning is inherent to Gaga's songs, but I'm sure they're purposefully placed in the videos and in the entire image of Gaga.

    These hidden meanings make the pop-icon more interesting, because they are a commentary on the culture itself. The "Lady Gaga is playing both sides of the fence" theory that has been brought up in comments seems to be a valid one. Ultimately pop icons have a lot of power, so does the human mind.

    On another note, if anyone wants to see something unique, weird and beautiful that defies over-sexed pop culture, check out some of Fever Ray's music videos!

  367. Hi Adam,

    I hear you, man. I really do. Unfortunately, I think you may have missed my whole point again. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

    All I did was take your critisicm (and your critical thinking is a good thing, btw) and answer it. You were on your rant about "why isn't there anything about anything kingly, royalty or monarchy there if they are so proud of the Illuminati, etc". I didn't have a preconceived concept or position one way or another on that point, but I was open to the idea that you may be right, and that's an interesting and valid argument. Why is there nothing symbolic of the very thing they hold most dear – their elitism and superiority to all of us "useless eaters" and "useful idiots"?

    All I did was do some quick research and show you that there most definitely IS a direct relationship between a primary symbol in the video (BEE) and exacty what you said wasn't there, royalty. It wasn't the Wonder Bread, or the telephone…or a tattoo on a guy's leg that you can barely see for a spilt second that I found rather quickly was directly symbolic of royalty. No, it was the exact thing that you said wasn't there, and it was featured prominently in the video. And, I wasn't struggling to show you 7 examples, I think only one of those really matters, it was just a quick and dirty paste of the paragraph from wiki…which, ironically, sort of makes both of our points – that it fairly easy to find these things if you want to. But please do pay attention to what is really there, you don't exactly have to read between the lines or make anything up to see what I've said.

    I'm saying to focus on what really is right there in front of you…it wasn't some obscure example of eggs or toast or the "number 23" possibly being symbolic of royalty. It was, significantly, the ancient Egyptian pagan civilization's very own symbol of royalty, divinity…the creator of the gods = the BEE. And that ancient pagan Egyptian civilization is very much the core and focus of many occult ideas and symbols…as I said before,

    not some obscure Norse legend about a woodpecker in a tree on a Tuesday evening. Do you get that?

    Let's just put it very simply and directly, nothing complicated, just exactly what was shown to us:

    The bees (symbol of royalty?) and what they produce (honey) was used to murder the whole room full of innocent regular people (peasants, as it were?) by the two pop stars (mind controlled puppets as Vig says, maybe maybe not?)…but they are certainly tools of the mass media, no matter how you look at it. That's all.

    That's what is there. What it means is open to interpretation, of course. But please, don't stretch further to explain it away or dismiss it than many folks do to believe it!! I'm giving you some direct, logical correlations with clear historical basis here, not far-fetched Illuminati evil waffle conspiracies! lol

    BTW, I aso found it a little odd that HONEY was used in this video. One of my first thoughts without even knowing about the bee Egyptian symbol stuff was, "wtf are they using HONEY for? I've lived in this country for many years and never seen honey put on pancakes or as they used it." But maybe those were biscuits?

    Maybe in the Southern US they do it that way who knows? I've never seen anything but maple syrup used in the many places I've been…so why honey? Another issue entirely, and who cares, really?. :)

    As far as the German coin you mentioned…who knows? But I can tell you what we DO know, although you may not really want to know…I wish I didn't. After defeating the Nazi cockroaches in WW2, literally hundreds of Nazi scientists were given immunity from prosecution at Nuremberg war crimes trials and brought to the US by the forerunner of what later became the CIA, the OSS. And these Nazi scientists were not just physics or rocketry guys, like Werner Von Braun. This project was called Operation: Paperclip, and you can look it up for yourself, I won't bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say that there were numerous Nazi and Italian Fascisti scientists brought to the US in the late 40's/early50's. Many were close associates of Dr. Joseph Mengele himself, and among their specilalties were psychological warfare, torture and various trauma-based mind control methods, including drugs, electro-shock, propaganda, surgical torture and experimentation, etc.

    So, yes, you could definitely say there's a pretty large connection between one of the most infamous, evil and murderous regimes in world history and the very beginnings of the US govt's decade long (at the very minimum) quest to research and actively test human mind control, at a cost of of billions of $$, btw.

    Yes, you could make up a conspiracy about bees or Wonder Bread…but why don't you just search for yourself and see what you find, if it interests you. That will be more productive for you in the long run that just arguing with others who have done their research. It's a neverending process, and painful at times, but it's rewarding to validate ideas and know what you can. Granted, we will probably never know the truth of many of these things, but that shouldn't stop you or any of us from searching…if you even want to know. It's fair enough that some people don't, but that carries its own price, just as yearning for truth and knowing the truth does. It's often very ugly, this thing that is truth.

    So, I've just given you some facts related to the bees symbolizing royalty, which you mocked before you knew better, and the German coin that you say apparently says "I Serve". ..I haven't seen it, personally, so I'll take your word for that at the moment. I've given you a definitive basis for the German link to what Vigilant is

    discussing, mind control. so that's one possibility, but it could just be a random coin that one of the film crew had in their pocket and made it into the video. It is important to realize, though, if you know anything at all about the music business, which Vigilant and I have both been involved in, you will know that nothing in these high-budget videos is there by mistake, whether it is just aesthetics or deliberate symbolism.

    These are hard, cold facts. Whether you pursue it any further than this to increase your own knowledge is up to you. Good luck, and I really do enjoy your hunger and desire to counter-argue. It's a good thing, so keep it up. Just don't let it make you blind to those things that really are right there in your face. :)

    Peace and Wisdom to you.

  368. The "mask" that is covering all of her senses (mind control torture technique) in Manifesto of Little Monsters video has mickey mouse on it!!! did anyone else notice this too?? look at the 1:00 mark and watch.. it shows it twice and the second time her smile simply looks like shes lost her mind…

  369. @446

    To add onto the royalty thing… lady gaga wears a crown in the bad romance video and when she accepted her award at the mtv music awards… rihanna's new music video for rude boy is full of crowns and lions (king of jungle) her whole video was one eye's, pyramids, skulls, lions and crowns.. i always wondered why there was the lions and crowns, now i get it after reading your post.. just thought i'd share

  370. @Sean. Good point. Pop Culture Entertainment & Organized Religion – two sides of the same mind controlling coin.

  371. Too true, VC. Also some of dance moves with the patriotic clothing were poses of the Baphomet.

    Ironically enough, Lady Gaga has a peace symbol tattoo on her arm. Tsk tsk.

  372. Love your info! You forgot however the black and white symbolism at the beginning of the vid, and the triangle earrings. also the girl fight where one girl is wearing white and one is wearing black. check it out again.

  373. please read 413 he clearly has the right kind of thinking!!! you stupid fools who think this shit is shock value..

  374. I really enjoy your articles and find them insightful. Keep up the good work. I was wandering if you could do one on Tears for Fears?

  375. @ms deep south- yes i believe so, this one of the things on the agenda in the one world religion – back to the pagan way and the ying/yang balance of woman and man.. you hear rihanna and bayonce singing songs to other women as if they were the guy like the “if i was a man” song and the whole lady gaga hermaphro rumor is for her to bring the balance.. they used mj back then to bring the balance of black and white.. now they are duing it with sexuality– i dont want to start a new topic but the more you see it its like ppl are “experimenting” with it, im sorry but i thought people were born gay- not doing their own sex in order to be cool or just try it,- ufortunately this is what is happening with today’s youth and was also a hidden secret in hollywood and the music business for a long time, this one one additional thing lady gaga is bringing to light along with her ton of other symbologies

    which gets me thinkig- despite all my research on the illuminati, and the music business along with hollywood and the media etc etc.. p.s. Mtv no longer says music television in the logo- its like they are ok with letting you know its not even music tv anymore – more like masonic tv- its all reality bs, that and every other channel trying to get us used to the idea of being watched- regardless, one thing i have yet to figure out is- is lady gaga another one of them mind-traumatized, mindless robotic artists just doing as she is told and promised fame and fortune etc etc OR are they already at the point where she is allowed to show us everything, as long as its hidden and not saying it 100% clearly- because she indeed is a smart, talented woman very intelligent if it truly is her behind most of her ideas and not other people, and its already like-0 heres the scoop people, trying and make out what im saying here– and the new collaborations with beyonce make me wonder if shes using this stupified robot to continue proving her point- because something tells me beyonce is still controlled and has no clue, unlike madonna and lady gaga who know exactly what is going on and what they are promoting- but is lady gaga promoting or is she warning, like here stupid people im telling you shit- and getting paid -so shes playing both sides of the fence???

  376. GoddessUnveiled on

    VigilantCitizen you missed alot in the video you need to do your research. Honey Bee is a nod to Quentins movie Pulp fiction was the name of a character. The AOK sign does not only symbolize 666, it is also a spiritual sign in both Hinduism and Buddhism for purity as well as a tantric symbol for achieving spiritual ecstacy. The poisons names are from Star Wars. The whole movie is a nod to Quentins dark mind as he consulted on the movie, I am sure you have watched his movies. The Illuminati eye symbol called the Eye of Horus is not satanic, it symbolizes Horus the son of the Egyptian goddess Isis. The symbol is used not just for Illuminati purposes supposedly but also as a reverent nod to the Sacred Feminine i.e. Recognition of the suppression of the female aspect of divinity Mother God as opposed to only Father God. The video is about acknowledgement of the suppression of the sacred feminine in society as evidenced by the brutal treatment of women, the violence against women, the blatant misogyny in society and also authority's acceptance of these acts. The video symbolizes women taking back their power using their goddess within which is through their sexuality and abilities to feed and nurture. The suppression and oppression is thus avenged through acts more associated with men than with women , such as murder. Gaga knows this and also the Illuminati knows this , she is giving an up yours to the secret societies and religions who want to suppress the knowledge of the mother goddess. Watch her videos against from this point of view. And research the similarities between freemasonry practices and those of some white witches, the rituals are very similar. The G in freemasonry is their biggest secret which is Goddess. How could they reveal it? Quentin T both know this which is why there are always powerful heroines in his movies. Open your minds sheeple not everything is sinister, some artists are trying to reveal the secrets to the masses and only the enlightened will see it. If you want to convince yourself that the whole video is about mind control then you will be. Open your minds to other possibilities.

  377. I have been reading this website for the past 2 days, starting with this article and moving onto other pop artists such as Rihanna and Beyonce. I get what is being said and it is undeniable that there are recurring themes and symbols but there is one thing that isn't clear to me as the article seems to point out some facts but doesn't seem to take a particular stand either for or against this phenomenon.

    I don't understand if we are exposing that these artists are being controlled, or that they are controlling others.

    If they are being controlled, are they aware of it or not? Do they agree with what is being done to them? Why were these people chosen as opposed to others?

    If they are trying to control others, how can they do that through recurring symbols? I mean Vigilant knows these symbols through studies but they would be completely lost on someone who doesn't know how to recognise them. And a symbol can't change somebody's mind anyway. It would merely communicate to an ignorant viewer that certain people who are famous and influential are connected, but it's still not giving the ignorant viewer any instructions on how to be a part of this elite.

    And in any case – who are they opposing? If they stand for negative values, such as corruption, excess and drugs, what is the alternative to this? I see many comments on this site are of a religious nature and mention God but I don't see how this elite could be against God, after all, if you believe in God you will think that these people will be judged by God based on what they have done in this lifetime – they can misbehave if they so wish but they will be judged for it.

    If the things they are portraying are man-made things, or processes, such as mind control, which other man-made things and values can defeat these people?

    Please forgive the ignorant nature of my questions – it's the first time I am exposed to these concepts.

  378. @450… you know what i am sick of hearing people like you diss religion… every christian concept is there to improve the life of the individual… if God isn't real tell me why we all realize and care about morals? we notice sin… you think we are all here out of chance??? We create, we love, we build, we communicate, we make music… its so amazing everything God has given us that you take for granted… sit and think how astronomical the chances would be that life would just magically appear… oh wait no i guess TWO life forms would have magically appeared… oh wait and then they magically had the ability to reproduce… and then the magic ability to improve with every reproduction… NO THIS WORLD IS SOOOOO COMPLEX AND BEAUTIFUL! YOU ARE SO COMPLEX, YOU HAVE A SOUL, YOU CARE FOR OTHERS, YOU NOTICE EVIL IN THE WORLD, YOU CRY FROM HEARTBREAK, YOU CRY WITH JOY… and if that doesn't convince someone, then even if God isn't real is it so bad to encourage people to love one another, to not kill one another, to not steal from one another, to respect one another… YES THAT MUST BE MIND CONTROL… NO WAIT ITS CALLED BEING A CARING HUMAN BEING… QUIT GETTING MAD AT RELIGION BECAUSE YOU FIND SO MUCH COMFORT IN YOUR SINS! GO AHEAD AND KEEP SUPPORTING THOSE PROMOTING BEING PROMISCUOUS, VIOLENCE, SUICIDE, MURDER, DRUGS, ALCOHOL ETC… and the thing that kills me most is that so many little children watch this garbage and are losing their innocence more and more everyday… you should be ashamed of yourself America…

  379. GoddessUnveiled on

    Some more things missed – beyonces eyes roll up after the diner mass murder, symbolizes not mind control or possession but channeling of the goddess. Beyonces nails painted with the US flag as she closes her mouth, symbolizing that the government know the secrets, the US patriotic dance is filled with Egyptian styles nods to Isis and her son was (eye of) Horus. Their dresses are ritualistic they represent the rituals of pagans who worshipped the mother goddess and represent the occult symbols for duality, purity and evil which is recognized as a pagan concept used by secret societies. The bee is a symbol that was used to symbolize the Queens of Egypt the mother goddesses, the Queen bees who could conceive without male intervention thus virgin mothers, immaculate conceptions. The cigarette glasses represent a smoke screen, on other words look deeper , nothing to do with toxins. How do I know these things? Because Gaga has referenced Stanley Kubrick many times and these are concepts he strongly believed in and wanted to expose. There is alot more in the video that was missed in your analysis but don't feel like going into all the detail. I love your analysis though as it always makes people think although it makes some simply believe everything you say without doing any research on their own, but nevertheless of it opens your mind and hopefully leads to the pursuit of more knowledge on the occult literally lifting the veil. Tx

  380. I think as much as this entire article is about Lady gaga either making us aware of mind control or trying to control our mind, this article appears to of played a similar dangerous function.

    I think it is a very interesting interpretation of the video and of gagas work, but this does not mean that this bloggers words are factual and to be took as gospel. Mosty repsonses to this article are off people who have read it and in the process have decided it speaks the truth. This follows the same function as the brainwashing from mindless contemporary pop videos; people take in the words (images) and dont question them just believe them.

    I agree with someones comments above try to read this article and see it as an interesting interpretation but not the only one, it seems to be creating a worrying vendetta against lady gaga.

  381. LOL bmshortay. You're making alot of assumptions there. Why so angry? Can't I be a kind, creative, appreciative being without glomming on to some organized religion? And wishing "shame" on another person? How very Christian of you.

    And FYI, I don't support Lady Gaga, et al. This stuff is horrible. We'll will co-create a more loving world when we stop feeding our subconscious with this nightmarish stuff.

  382. telephone isn't busy.


    and thanks for having this website!

    OH!!!and can you please do an article on rihanna's rude boy?i saw a lot of triangles and even a eye in it.and there's this one scene where she blends in with the background…man,did i feel hypnotized!and she is just talking about some insane shit!thanks for listening!

  383. "Trauma-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation, oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death),"

    They do exactly that to the Guatanamo prisoners???????…..creating in front of all over the world, these traumatized slaves…and send them back to their countries specially Pakistan where they are activated to become human suicide bomb….ok i m paranoiac lol i must admit that since I read about this MK ultra program , this thought came in my mind……

    peace up!

  384. @459 – never wished shame upon anyone… said we SHOULD BE ashamed and there is nothing wrong with that because its the truth.. but thanks for putting words in my mouth like so many do on this site

  385. Little Monster on

    Actually the song is about her fear of suffocation and never being able to enjoy herself because of her work. and the dinner scene is a commentary on America. i.e. Beyonce's curse is bleeped out and then we see her hand cover her mouth with the American Flag painted on her nails( meaning how America is obsessed with censorship) another one is how fast and unhealthy food is killing us all.

    Needed to do more research for this.

  386. 454goddess- I feel where you are coming from, but this is only the music aspect of the situation. I could beleive you point of veiw, if it wasn't for the chanting they do. Many insiders have admitted to ther being an alter room in company. Where they chant over music exposing the demons to every copy. If you research you will see. On top of that. Why do they have to die? When Beyonce first started with the illumanti crap it was her and Jay-Z in the video he burned Beyonce alive in the car, as the car was on fire Sasha Fierce emerges from the side, remind you Beyonce is still burning in the car. Same with Gaga she hung herself. Then you have the interview where Beyonce admitted to ( speaking on sasha fierce) thats Sasha takes over her body, she can't feel her face or legs…( Sasha Fierce is a demon) look up the interview. So when you put other aspects together. There goes the gaga and beyonce, Jay,z is trying to help us understand thing. Not to mention Gaga is like the only one educated. The rest are H.S dropouts. Who probably can't multiply. So wouldn't you think if they wanted to be smart or learn they would have stayed in school. If you didn't finish I think you would need to know basic math before you learn all about the world. You don't know the capital of your neighboring state but you know about occult. No sweetie no. Makes no sense. Do a little digging and you will find all the interviews speaking about the alter room in music used to cast spells on the buyer. I know I sound crazy but click a few buttons.

  387. I didnt know her but went to hs with her FOR ONE YEAR then moved but she was pretty but kinnda boring looking, not in a bad way she was just a weird girl she was creative but she WAS NOTHING LIKE THIS, I really feel shes under mind control it is sad. This is NOT Stefani. Listen to her old band and see the difference its heartbreaking. I blv they corrupted her. ITS SAD. Unless shes got a darker influence than I recall. & ppl talk about her all the time that went to school with her coz her persona is such a mystery. I hope shes just that creative and not actually a mind control victim. Then again, its happened a million times before.

  388. @ 456. A brief look into history will show that that the banks and organizations that funded BOTH SIDES of the world wars were indeed the Illuminati and their subsidiaries. With that simple concept in mind of playing both sides, is it so far fetched to believe that they are still doing the same today? They have a hand in everything that reaches the masses, from media to religion, every possible avenue is and will be used to indoctrinate us, they are relentless in their cause, and would go to any lengths to see it achieved! I would like to think if 450 had put some body to his post that he'd have drawn on a similar example.

  389. 469- Thank you thats all I have been saying. It's strage or should I say fake, to be this normal talented girl, then turn into a monster.. I am sure she had to sign on the dotted line that she has to stay in character and follow the rules. I know it's apart of her contract. Thats fake to me, made, no originality. You are doing what someone else wants you to do Carying out someone else vision. You have no control such fakeness.

  390. 446.LVB the ease with which you link germany to rulers in your contry isnt a testament to soem conspiracy theory, its testament to how easily facts can be twisted to confirm whatever bias you have

    you didnt show me a monarch in the video, you took a small aspect of it and went through seven bad links to get to royality. the video is so full of pop culture refernces it would be shocking if you couldnt, especially since your willign to consider egyptian word mistranslations sound likes links.

    rather then just having an easy. oh look, anotyher eye and another triangle, oh wait, i cn link that through seven torturous links to an easy answer why dont we actully learn whats goin on the world? the real social economic political psychological answers? becasue theyre bloody confusing to understand is why, its much easier to link everything to some bizzarre group which none of you have any evidence for. your making a cheap lazy, oh i know whats going on, i know more then everyone else, everyone else is fooled but as long as i can spot a single eye, pull some obscure religion out of no where, i undertsand

    your all just looking for answers, understanding and stability, its what we do. but just because the answers hard doesnt mean you can make somethign up, which is what your all doing

    anyyhign can be linked to you illuminaty, your standards are too wide and vaugue, dealing with a meaningless concept, its that simple

  391. GoddessWithin on

    466@Samson – no not part of the "Illuminati" but very very close to it…

    468@newbe – Lady Gaga was admitted to NYU at the age of 17 – I don't think this qualifies as a high school drop out. There is not only one type of intelligence i.e. academic – there are about 5. Music being one of them. IMO – On Dying of Gaga and Beyonce in their videos…this is in relation to the Phoenix – even some masons believe the eagle on the great seal symbolizes the Phoenix which rises from the ashes (death) – a pagan belief of death and rebirth of a female. (Click a few buttons).

    On chanting – I practice and listen to Sanscrit and English chanting (for spiritual and meditative purposes)- so I can't dispute that there must be others that would use it , be it for malevolent or benevolent purposes…What kind of chanting are they doing – can you post a link to your source ? This would be very interesting to view. I don't dispute that it happens, I would question the motives. If it's to increase sales and draw more fans then I believe it – if it's to put demonic sumbliminal messages into the songs – then this would work, but only on those who are spiritually weak. I don't however believe that Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Jay Z do this – only because of the symbolism in their videos and lyrics on songs they all co-write. Slipknot maybe :) I'm just saying.

  392. Paris Hilton School on

    I still think its Marilyn Manson wearing a clever disguise.

    Take away all the S'n'M halloween costumes, outsourced lyrics, porn style choreography, and you've got absolutely nothing there.

    I predict that this latest slutty flavour of the month will be long forgotten in a short time.. considering the brain wave action of today'sgeneration, give it a week.

    Her entire career is based on shock value. And even that wears off after a little while. So what has she got left?

  393. Lady Gaga is just pure genius………When there is so much controversy over someone and their music, videos, etc.. it is because she is really bringing us to another level of creativity and higher level of deeper meaning to pop music.

    She has reinvented herself from her humble beginnings. She has such a mystery about her, that people can't get enough of, elaborate costumes to say the least, and yet above all she is one of the most talented performers that we have come across in our time and this is just the tip of the iceberg of things to come from her.

    She has undeniable talent……….LOVE her or HATE her…….she is here to stay!!

  394. I will never understand why so many people are shocked and/or doubtful about this. Just like Christian music exists and people make movies and music and books about positive, good, GODLY things the devil has his followers too and they create their kind of music. Why is it so unbelievable that people worship Lucifer/satan and sing songs for/to/about him and his agenda? To me, that is not at all far fetched. There are only TWO "teams" in this world, it's called God's team (good) vs. the devil's team (evil) None of this stuff is new or surprising. Read the bible. You are a fool and you are a victim of deception, lies and manipulation if you don't think that the devil is real and he is very busy. Most (meaning the majority) of earth's humans are living for satan. Unless you have decided to live for God and obey Him and submit to his holy will you are on the devil's team.

  395. Dance Dance am on

    are celeb tattoos their new binary codes….lets look into that! –gaga.kanye.rihanna ect have specific tattoos all which holds a deep meaning

  396. NotAnAmericanIdiot on

    # 477

    Lady Gaga is a talentless whore plain and simple.

    She has a mystery about her alright… MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. Revelation 17:5

    She will be here until she is used up just like all the rest of the "stars" like Michael Jackson.

    Everyone thought he was here to stay as well.

  397. It could be that, well put. But Lady Gaga is just weird, and I dont consider her a good singer, I also saw the video. which is also pretty wierd, but it's lady gaga what do you expect, I just hope she doesnt poisen Beyonce with her crazy mind

  398. 473godess- First I said gaga is the olny one educated and that includes, Britney, Michael Jackson, the majority of them are drop outs. Um you say you chant. Thas seems weird to the average person no offense, so that would explain your initial comment. you being in to all that "go figure", thats all I can say. " The death of the pheonix…" what ever you said that is weird, you proved my point. Like I said most are uneducated artist how the hell would they know or care to know all about a pheonix and a bird. In order to began to understand you have to have basic reading and math skills, So if you don't care about education why/how do you become so intrested in all "this" hmmm let me guess money. They call it programmed, vehicles, vessels for a reason, all they need is a body!!!!

  399. Thanks for the article…I spotted a few things that were missed..I paused alot in this vid and took notes. I thought off Abu Graib when they grabbed Stephanie(Lady CaCa) and put her on the bed. Significance of 2.11.2010? (Date of vid in prison).On the crime scene "outfit" were crosses…Do Not (Christian Cross). When she is on the phone the Mickey Mouse/Death Skull ring. The truck's chrome numbers on the side are SS 502. Mashup of Natural Born Killers, Thelma & Louise, Wizard of Oz. They looked demonic when they danced around the dead bodies in America outfits throwing satan symbols and biting; beyonce covers mouth with American nails. After this beyonce makes stephanie promise they will never go back there (America??). I would NEVER let anyone under 18 watch this. Disgusting.

    and they make the catchy tune so people will listen and like Caca. Ick…I need to go take a shower now. GOOD OVER evil FOREVER.

  400. Hey thanks for the blogs…very helpful.

    One of the things u didnt mention is what I noticed the firt time i saw the video…Around 2:37 into the video, one of the african american girls (the one standing up) has an upside down pentagram on her chest. You have to pause the video n look at it closely (its kinda faded) becasue it is a quick shot….Check it out

  401. YOU guys dont be suprised if illuminati are commenting on this very form….the individuals that r writing that this is all a coincidence and that this is sattire, artistic, etc can very well just be messing with out heads…

    keep it ur eyes. speak the truth.

  402. It astounds me how many people read this site and still force upon everyone there religious views and connect everything vigilant says to some biblical prophecy that results in jesus saving us all.

    If some people were genuinely interested and open minded enough to research the full implications behind the global conspiracy then perhaps more would take seriously the very important message that is being put out across on sites such as this.

    I don't mean to offend anyone but seriously guys…. a lot of people I know have discredited this site purely because of the strongly narrow-minded Christian dogmatic belief system that permeates it.

    If you can put a name to what you believe- you have a prison for your mind

  403. Pardon the redundancy, but I decided to post the full text of this article instead of just the link…this is just way to important to ignore. Read it and weep.


    Contestants turn torturers in French TV experiment

    by Roland Lloyd Parry Roland Lloyd Parry – Tue Mar 16, 8:00 am ET

    PARIS (AFP) – Game show contestants turn torturers in a new psychological experiment

    for French television, zapping a man with electricity until he cries for mercy — then

    zapping him again until he seems to drop dead.

    "The Game of Death" has all the trappings of a traditional television quiz show, with a

    roaring crowd and a glamorous and well-known hostess urging the players on under gaudy

    studio lights.

    But the contestants did not know they were taking part in an experiment to find out whether

    television could push them to outrageous lengths, and which has prompted comparisons with

    the atrocities of Nazi Germany.

    "We were amazed to find that 81 percent of the participants obeyed" the sadistic orders of

    the television presenter, said Christophe Nick, the maker of the documentary for the state

    owned France 2 channel which airs Wednesday.

    "They are not equipped to disobey," he added. "They don't want to do it, they try to convince

    the authority figure that they should stop, but they don't manage to," he told AFP.

    Nick and a team of psychologists recruited 80 volunteers, telling them they were taking part

    in a pilot for a new television show.

    The game: posing questions to another "player" and punishing him with up to 460 volts of

    electricity when he gets them wrong — even until his cries of "Let me go!" fall silent and

    he appears to have died.

    Not knowing that the screaming victim is really an actor, the apparently reluctant contestants

    yield to the orders of the presenter and chants of "Punishment!" from a studio audience who also

    believed the game was real.

    Nick said 80 percent of the contestants went all the way, zapping the victim with the maximum

    460 volts until he appeared to die. Out of 80 players, just 16 walked out.

    One contestant interviewed afterwards said she went along with the torture despite knowing that

    her own grandparents were Jews who had been persecuted by the Nazis.

    "Since I was a little girl, I have always asked myself why they (the Nazis) did it. How could

    they obey such orders? And there I was, obeying them myself," said Sophie, quoted in a book by

    the film makers.

    "I was worried about the contestant," said another contestant. "At the same time, I was afraid

    to spoil the programme."

    The experiment was modelled on an infamous study at Yale University in the 1960s, which used

    similar methods to examine how obedient citizens could come to take part in mass murder.

    Some observers were sceptical of the manipulative way the participants were handled.

    Jacques Semelin, a psychologist and historian who studies genocide and totalitarianism, pointed

    out that the participants were made to sign a contract obliging them to obey the presenter's


    "There are elements of manipulation from the start," said Jacques Semelin, a psychologist and

    historian who studies genocide and totalitarianism.

    "They are obedient, but it's more than mere obedience — there is the audience, the cameras


    But for the film makers, the manipulative power of television was exactly the point.

    "The questioners are … in the grip of the authority of television," said Jean-Leon Beauvois,

    a psychologist who took part in the documentary.

    "When it decides to abuse its power, television can do anything to anybody," said Nick. "It has

    an absolutely terrifying power."


    Pretty SHOCKING, huh?? lol But, of course, none of you could EVER be manipulated or programmed by the mass mefia, oh no, never. hee hee

  404. The "vigilance" provided here seems to spotlight this performer, try to tell us her shallow work has deep meaning and should be viewed repeatedly and carefully. I don't know what a single one of her songs sounds like. I heard her greatest talent was changing clothes. Not interested in studying her.

    While the Illuminati/mind control angle is highly entertaining, there seems to be one major flaw in this overall theory.

    If the Illuminati are running the music industry, they're really, really bad at it, at least since we got iPods and turned off the radio. Mind control? Then why can't they sell any records? Sales are off 67% since 2002. No Jedi mind trick going on there.

    Attributing the actions or product of the major record labels to the Illuminati seems like an insult to the intelligence of the Illuminati. If they're no smarter than Edgar Bronfman (Warner Music) or Guy Hands (EMI), well, they can't exactly be the all-powerful group that they're made out to be.

    Just saying…

  405. cheesemirror on

    YES! FINALLY! I was waiting for this review. She is the Queen of the Harlots. Maybe other have noticed it but I could not look at all the million comments….but look at the pentagram in the chandelier when there is a telephone in her eye.

  406. hey I will like to know I mean you have good articles and is such a crap that you wasted into garbage stupid people like gaga, beyonce and others.

    I will like you to search for “iamamiwhoami” videos, that videos have some occult message and you are good find out occult messages so I hope you figure it out whats the meaning of the videos that no one know what is about and who is on the videos (the people pull the finger to Chris. Aguilera, Trey Renzorm, Gaga (I don’t know why? cuz this is too worked and genius to be that stupid bitch), Goldfrapp, MGMT and The Knife…oh and now they say that is a girl called Jonna Lee, maybe you will know who is and what is about please I will like someone to find out all the mistery cuz really freak me out the videos cuz looks very dark and disturbing.

  407. TheyAreNotSaints on

    One funny thing I see on here is that the people quote the words of Robot GaGa to dispute this blog written about her being part of the Illuminati. You think just because she says something then it makes it true? Just because she says she wrote this song before she was famous, you think that she's telling the truth? she also mentioned she wrote it for britney spears so why is there 2 stories being told about when she wrote it? this mind control slave can't even keep her lies in track. Also, just because she says the video is about americas consumption of products (which i find ironic since the video is full of product advertistements), it doesn't mean that's what it's really about. It's just the cover story. It's funny how gullible her fans are that they just take her word for it and not question anything or look into it themselves. just a bunch of left-brain sheeps. monkey see, monkey do. this is what her fans are. Merely monkies just repeating whatever she has said!

  408. 449 bmshortay:

    You are so right. I didn't even connect the lions and crowns (every 5 seconds) in the Rihanna video – excellent find there!! It's amazing how when you finally do recognize some of these things, you say to yourself, "Man, how could I have not noticed that the first 3 times I saw it?" Good question, huh?

    The world of audio/visual media is very powerful, audio can very effectively distract or blind you to what the video is doing, or they can be made to work in combination to propagandize where something false is being said to your EARS, while something else that is very emotional is simultaneously shown to your eyes, or vice versa, which makes you empathize and feel that is true. One example of this would be, telling your ears that the polar ice caps are melting and we are all doomed while showing your eyes the poor polar bear struggling to find some ice to sit on so he won't drown. Meanwhile, outside, it's the coldest winter with the most snow in 100 years in most places…but don't worry about that detail…the propaganda seed is planted in your subconscious by the propaganda. It has the same effect regardless of the subject of the propaganda…it can be "all whites/blacks/Jews/Muslims/Christians, etc are bad"…while showing your eyes false images of something bad happening, so people tend to associate what they are hearing with what they are seeing, and vice versa. Especially when it is high-tech, cool looking and sounding ear/eye candy to stimulate your senses…alpha/beta/etc brainwave euphoric responses, boring technical stuff.

    I don't know if Vigiant has any similar experiences from being involved in the music business, but I can tell you I've personally seen "focus groups" and studies done with people that show you amazing and frightening things about human nature. People who otherwise would not agree with a certain idea at all, can be manipulated (sometimes quite easily) with the right combinations of words/sounds and images. It's actually quite horrifying what it can (and does) do to us.

    I could give you some names of music biz corps and specific projects where I've had direct, personal knowledge of these sorts of things, but I better not…cough cough sony cough interscope cough WB….cough. Seriously, though, you don't need any insider knowledge to figure it out…you and many others have already done that, or are at least starting the process. It's a great thing, and just to remind people – Vigilant has said more than once, the whole point here is to encourage people to do their own research and think for themselves, not necessarily to agree with him or me, or anyone else – it's an especially difficult and unpleasant subject to deal with, especially at first. I won't speak for him, but personally, I'm very confident that the people who do their own research and truth seeking will be rewarded with the truth, ugly as it is sometimes. The ugly truth is much better for you than the beautiful lies, though, in the long run.

    In evil hands, the mass media is far more dangerous than nuclear weapons…and it is not in the hands of people most of us would call nice or benevolent people. Hasn't been for a very long time. Those of you who, rightfully, despise Exxon or Enron or whatever X corporation for the evil criminal things they do, say environmentally, for example…what makes you think for a moment (or have you ever thought about it?) that the global mass media companies that produce your music, videos and news are any better or different? They are actually far worse…but their toxic waste isn't dumped into a beautiful forest…it's dumped into our beautiful minds, aggressively and intentionally so.

    Keep up the good work, bmshortay. Knowledge is power, and ignorance is not bliss, ultimately.

    King of the Jungle…Queen Bee.

    There's no elite royalty mocking the peasants here…look away…go back to sleep, sheep. :)

  409. Hey Adam,

    Once again, I'm hearing what you're saying, but I don't think you're getting my message of making the effort to discriminate between what really is there, on a factual basis, and what is speculation. You believe it is all merely speculation, and toss it all aside rather than intelligently filtering the info presented and allowing yourself to say "yeah well that part is BS but hey that part there actually is documented fact", etc.

    So, I've said my piece, and you've said yours. I'm totally cool with that, man.

    It does make me wonder a ittle bit about why you'd spend time posting here when the entire subject appears to disgust you and violate your beliefs so much. Maybe you just love a good debate? I can relate to that, if so.

    I wish you the best.

  410. sdak da'sd; a&# on

    Lol. LOL. LOL!

    Jesus' cross is also a sign of ancient Paganism. I see no harm there. Lololol.

  411. wow, this is awesome. thanks i learned a lot! damn i hate lady gaga. she's corrupting our youth.

  412. To biz01 you need help if u don't agree Keep it to yourself thank u once again VC! Keep up the great work

  413. G Ziemann –

    You do make a good point. Bronfman family also owns Seagrams and plenty of other stuff since way back to prohibition and all, so they're not doing too badly…they're diversifed. Don't feel too badly for them lol And, Lady Gaga's boss, Jimmy Iovine, at Interscope (who she is very, very careful to thank at every awards show, but not her family who she says she's "so close to"?…only "Jimmy Iovine, God and the gays" she thanks). Interesting. Well, Iovine is worth about $900 million, so I wouldn't lose any sleep over him starving to death, either. It is a very different market now, though, you're right about that. A Brave New World.

    Also, just know that Lady Gaga, as a new artist out less than 2 years, just hit the "diamond" mark, selling 10 million of the first album, and the second is well past platinum (1 mil), probably triple plat by now. You rarely ever even hear the term "diamond" in the music biz….and with this being the age of free (bootleg) mp3 downloads, as you mentioned, with probably at least 40% or people in the biggest markets NOT buying the product, for a new artist to be selling 10 MILLION copies in less than two years is….astonishing, to say the least.

    She is certainly able to cause chaos and attract attention to herself, I'll give her that. And, she does have some actual musical talent as a vocalist/pianist/songwriter, so I'll give her that, too. Having said that, though, I think that while profits are a huge motive, their overall objective involves subjugation and control, which is the arena of mass media. It can also be done with overwhelming, brutal force, of course, but that is much messier and often counterproductive, but is always an option. I'm sure the current opiates of the masses (music/movies/news media) are achieving most of what they are after, in terms of shifting and shaping people's perceptions to their advantage…and making them a few bucks. When you're sitting on a few billion, you can relax a little bit and see the bigger picture – or "grand design" as the Freemasons call it.

    Just sayin…thanks.

  414. biz01 thank you for saying what a lot of us have been thinking for a long time but have been too afraid to say.

    Such a kind, welcoming thing religion is eh

    Seriously biz01 thanks

  415. Okay, ignore my username, it's my initials (no illuminati/egyptian/satanic undertone what soever) I'll add, im a musician/film maker/artist/perofmance artist myself, and enjoy exploring themes of mind control in my work.

    Throughout the video, there is the obvious symbolism and PRODUCT PLACEMENT, also cctv. Notice the product placement lingers, with irony. Also the products being placed are mearly ones that are funding Gaga on her tour etc etc, so theres nothing new the fans dont know about. Also she is the crative something or other for polaroid, hence, the polaroids. She said herself (i have no source of quotes, can't be bothered to search them right now) the person trying to reach her 'telephone' is music and work, and the song is about her just wanting to leave it behind,e ven for a night. notcie the '2nd' gaga – stefani- people are commenting on, how beyonce 'summons' her from the prison over the phone. she leaves Stefani in prison, to become the chic gaga once again, to send her poisenous music out to the public, along with B. whose to say she isnt performing as the villainess, killing the masses with music? and over indulgence? and products? and technology? and mind control?

    Now, another thing that had me wondering, when she does the a-okay at the screen, and shoots, is she shooting us as veiwers, or is this a big

    "FUCK YOU ILLUMINATI SCUM" you also have to think, how far would she have pushed the propaganda without the contraints of interscope? she can get away with alot now, shes a huge earner, THEY need her.

    Now with other stuff, she refers to POP in the candy warhol video (just a thought, ANDY WARHOL/ CANDY JONES) as eating her heart and swallowing her brain, whilst she remians mind controlled saying 'the fame' etc. listen to fame monster. Monster=pop. see her tour (the uk version especially) wizard of Oz themed (mind controlled) then Fame/Pop/Monster, eats her. SHE IS A PERFORMANCE ARTIST. She is bringing out truth in a world where it has become lost. SHE IS TEARING APART THE POP BUISNESS! You could say she did in a way sell her soul, but now, she is within the belly of the beast( monster) tearing her way out. dont think about what she is doing past or present, think about where the performance of Gaga will go next. this is her beauty and talent. she is amazing, in the fact she is showing this generation you dont need to be a bimbo to make a living in the industry, she is paving the way for real, raw talent and making music history at the same time. dont loathe her, appreciate her if you can. also, listen to dance in the dark, listen to the words, feel the music, it is one of the best songs. stuff about mind control and sex and feminism and death and such,

    A Highly 'awakened', disgruntled Gaga fan

    p.s. please, no one tell me 'thats what THEY want you to think…. seriously dont.

  416. Stop being so damn narrow minded. Do you know her personally? Can you explain the vast amount of Illuminati/ MK symbolism around this woman? No.

    The truth is always stranger than fiction. People should not be so arrogant.

    "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."= Albert Einstein

  417. ive been checking the site since the video came out, it is so immoral!Bleh!!I hate that she can feed the masses what ever and they swallow it down and enjoy it.And her music is very enjoyable!It's addicting and artists piss me off with this crap!Write what you're feeling, why disguise it?And all those people who say we shouldn't bring God into the equation, they don't understand!God IS THE EQUATION!His Word are what our morals are based off of, and our laws as well!I am rooted in Him, because without Him, Lady Gaga wouldn't be here, she wouldn't have a voice, she wouldn't be able to put together her art.We wouldn't even have eyes or ears to acknowledge them with!I love her music, no lie i do, but I will not lose myself to it, because God has me, and I won't, or can't, be lost

  418. I am sick of religious folk on this site constantly foisting their opinion upon everyone else as though they are somehow more enlightened and intelligent than the rest of us and patronise us into accepting yes, I really do need to find Jesus to make my mundane life complete.

    However I respect these type for their passion, and their sincerity.

    Unlike those who spend time hovering around this site trying to discredit anything and evrything that is said. I cannot understand why anyone who disbelieves what Vigilant is saying could be arsed to even contemplate visiting this site again and again just to discredit what is so obvious to the many.

    Seriously, get a hobby guys. I don't like football but don't hang around football sites just to tell all about how shit I find it. If you don't like what is said fair enough but why be so narcissistic as to believe we care

  419. ra:

    I respect what you've said here. I don't agree with all of it, but I've had several of those same thoughts, actually.

    It's refreshing to see a criticism here that isn't the extreme "i don't believe any of this sh!t, you're all crazy, get a life/job, F Christians" stuff, ad nauseum.

    You know such things are real, but choose to believe Gaga is doing her art in defiance of the Beast. I've been exactly where you're at, but sort of leaning the other way more and more now. However, I do totally agree with you, and I've said here before, that it will be extremely interesting and revealing to see where she goes from here, as she is more established and, therefore, gains more (or total?) artistic control. Perhaps

    we'll begin to see where SHE and her artistic vision are different from the rest of the controlled artists. Sadly, at the moment, her thematic symbolism is pretty much identical to that of Beyonce, Rihanna, and etc. All the same occult sh!t, but there is an undertone of defiance there…mocking fame, mocking the industry scum.

    And, you are quite correct that Gaga is, without a doubt, the hottest commodity that Interscope has at the moment, and the biggest selling artist right now period, I would guess. So that does give her some clout,

    and to a point "they" need her. Well, they like the wealth she brings them, at least. However, there is also nothing in her persona, videos or overall message that an evil elite would have the slightest disagreement with…yet. She's their wet dream, promoting and representing pretty much everything they could ask for…for now, anyway, and making them wealthier in the process.

    But, in the larger picture, just keep in mind that what you're dealing with in terms of the overall "elite" or Illuminati (if you are ok with that title throw the "OK" hand sign NOW lol) which involves so very much wealth. Wealth that has existed for generations and is not affected the least bit by the current recession/depression that is choking the rest of us peasants. We're talking WEALTH here…so, overall, even a big earner like the Lady Gaga Corporation is expendable and no more "needed" than you or me. But it is a fair point you make.

    Time will tell. Great post though, thoughtful and confrontational, without the usual hateful ignorance we see too often here. Thanks and do write again.

    p.s. Dance in the Dark is one of her better tunes…will be interesting to see what that video looks like, if it is ever done. Musically and lyrically great stuff…and the production value (Produced by Fernando Garibay) is better than a lot of her other stuff, produced by RedOne, etc.

  420. Good work.. This is sickening to see, now I don't watch music videos anymore I'm fed up with the blatant use of occult symbolism, and the mare thought of the millions of people who don't see it on a conscious level makes me kinda sad. So I avoid it. All the checkered floors, all seings eyes, triangles… God help us all. Please, all you who think this is harmless, think again. They are controlling you through these subliminal symbols. Do you wanna be dumb dumb be dumb like Rhianna sings?! WAKE UP! *snaps fingers*

  421. padme

    Great post. Bravo to you and Einstein.

    You won't need any other person to find Jesus. He will find you. It's a very personal thing, between you and your Creator. Anyone who tells you otherwise has been deceived or is deliberately lying. Take your time.

    Your writing shows your sense of fairness, even to those you disagree with. That = good soul, kind heart.

  422. Hey Vigilant –

    WTF is going on, man, is this MK-ULTRA / mind control week or what?? All this stuff came out in the news in the past 2 days or so…classified for 50+ years but now suddenly in the news all at once out of nowhere. Weird, huh? Kinda makes a person wonder what they might be up to nowadays, doesn't it? I'm quite sure they have gotten much better at their "craft" by now.



    French "game show" using mock electro-shock torture

    (Maybe they're test marketing a new reality show…what would they call it…."Trauma Queen!!??" ) LOL


    MK-ULTRA French village LSD "experiment"


    MK-ULTRA New York subway LSD "experiments"

  423. Woah, you guys are…haha seriously? One, her songs are about mind control that doesn't necessarily mean she's controlling your minds. Two, the occult and symbolism scares people and what happens when you get scared? You get paranoid and gullible.

    This blog even stated that:

    "I am not saying that Gaga is controlling your mind. I’m saying her video is ABOUT mind control. This disturbing theme keeps reoccurring in pop music."

    And I don't disagree with it but I think it's stupid to think she's mind controlling you when this blog said her music and songs are about mind control, doesn't mean she's mind controlling you. And if you were wondering, yes, I believe in the occult.

  424. Great Review!! For those who love God, please look at the crime ribbons, inverted cross all over, satanic symbolism.

  425. Hello, firstly, i have to say that great analysis done on your part. But seriously, does EVERYTHING has to do with occult? i mean seriously, they may not mean it that way nor do they realize that what they were producing could actually be inferred to as being occult.

    besides, if it was really on the occult and all, why do you insist that the artist themselves are practising those? why not say they are also trying to raise awareness about the occult? thought most of the time the viewers don't get it themselves. it's ridiculous to just slander the artists just like that.

  426. @Thomas, thank you.

    Everyone-Do you think we can discuss/make our points/give our opinions without insulting eachother?

    No, this isn't my page, but I think most of us are very passionate about what we think, and that's okay. I don't think it's okay to bash religions, sexuality, or anything else. Please-I know we can do this. : )

  427. vidaliasweet on

    @Kay #36 and VC

    I agree that she might not be Illuminati either but rather trying to expose them. I would recommend that you look up" Lady Gaga Live at NYU" 2005 on youtube. Pay particular attention to "electric kisses" starting about 3:35. You will see a very different girl who is more about bringing soul to the music industry.

    Lady Gaga is running herself ragged. She does not even own a home, she is always on the road. Take a look at her and tell me the girl isn't on medication just to keep up! Between composing music, photo shoots, albums, events, interviews, videos, and live performances she barely has time for a decent meal. More than likely, her work is being remolded by dirtbags like Akerlund who skillfully manipulate the artists message to have double meanings that suit their own agenda. I think that's why her videos have so many layers and people are getting many different interpretations. Even Lady Gaga's own interpretation of her videos seem to fall short. It's sad really.

  428. 492.LVB jesus christ, u can pretend you understand everything through circles and triangles, but u r not painting that for anythign other then what it is:

    a repeat of Milgrams (1964) social psychology experiement into obediance to authority, done to see whether there weas anything articularily evil about the ordinary men and woman on nazi germany

    interestingly 2/3 of people in general go up to 450 as you said

    im guessing this is just repeat of the experiment for entertainment, which i have seen done on british tv before

    again its would u rather actually learn about social psychology and historical cultural factors behind obediance, or would u rather have the easy answer of 'oh its those pesky illuminaty at it again'

  429. she's a sick women who is being manipulated and controlled by sick pimps who make a lot of money out her, from sick people who pay a lot of money to be entertained by a women who's nothing more than a whore.

    Her reward for this is fame and a great deal of money for herself.

    Just like prostitution really…..isn't it!

    nothing changes.

  430. Logic Vector on

    This is an interesting article, and pretty well written. Unfortunately, you've put together completely disparate elements that do not, in their current configuration, form a cohesive concept. If anything, Gaga's message is that there's not enough real personality in music these days. It seems to me that she uses shock value to underscore the lack of anything startling in other pop media, indicating just how soulless and over-marketed it all is. This isn't about MKULTRA – I have firsthand evidence that that project ended in failure. Mind control is difficult, if not impossible. The OCCULT angle I see in some of these comments is another red herring for the followers who still trust The Church. Organizations in control of the world understand this, and they have chosen two much simpler and more potent tools – apathy, and fear of the "other" (that which is drastically different from oneself).

    I know that everyone will think that I'm not talking about them here, but as a professional, I feel I should let you know that some of you show most, if not all, of the signs of schizophrenia. I'm not saying this in a judgmental way; rather, I find myself concerned that you are focusing on a relatively harmless (if excessively hedonistic) pop star and her supposed conspiracy message. Things like this simply serve to distract people from the true evil in America: the fact that corporate lobbyists are in complete control of all aspects of this government, and that the people no longer have a voice. Keep concentrating on the shallow and shocking filth that's meant to distract you, and one day you'll realize that you live in a police state, the inception of which had nothing to do with pop culture. The main toxin in music and television isn't Satanism, or any of that mystical absurdity, but the sole fact that it is all a distraction. Hilariously enough, this isn't being perpetrated by so-called "Satanists" at all – that nebulous, non-existent crowd of self-parodied psychopaths whom you all love to blame for every problem under the sun. The criminals here are self-proclaimed "Christians", people you trust to guide you to some sort of xenophobic light (perhaps it is prideful of me, but as a Christian myself, I cannot accept that the most common implementation of said religion is anything but pure evil) who believe that it is their God-given right to enslave, rape, and oppress everyone else on Earth, as they are TRUE CHRISTIANS and can do no wrong. They aren't seeking supernatural power, just money. There's no need for black magic. Their pet control mechanism, the almighty Dollar, works just fine.

    Pop music is not the media that should worry you. You should be afraid of the news, the police, and what The Church says is the message of Jesus. They are all liars, and to them, you are nothing but a resource, expendable for profit and power.

  431. it had to take this for people to see egyptian moves in the dancing? janet was doing it from the late 80s early 90s. mj was doing his triangle cross and walking backwards when little wayne was a toddler. lady gaga is just showing the sheeple how effing stupid they, though still in a hidden fashion, how stupid people realy are and those who realize this stuff are doing nothing but bitching and blogging..whatever will happen will happen… the false apocalypse is going to happen regardless, as the US and UK have planned since the time of george washington and the stupid ones will fall for it.. look up the metreya- the new antirchrist- and you will really sh*t yourselves.. beyonce is a stupefied robot, there is def nothing going on in her telephone but lady gaga is brilliant and if she beleives in the sacred feminine and that is yet another symbolism going on here, then power to her. lady gaga is a million times truer person than this false prophet that will soon visit us and peopele will look to him for one world religion.

  432. @ Logic – i understand and even agree with some of your points, but to not be logically able to follow VC's opinionated explanation of this video and others, i do not understand. the thorough analysis provided, that yes does not include everything you can say about the videos in total, but is def analytical and to the point, is clear and makes sense. you don't have to agree with it but you cant say it doesnt make sense either. you dont even have to go to the whole religion thing, just the basic ideas present in this artform are so obvious and can be followed through these step by step video analysis that VC provides.

  433. why do they only talk about lady gaga….beyonce what role does she play in the video….when she pick's up lady gaga she tells her youve been a bad girl gaga…so who is honey bee….and in when she goes to the resturant and shes wearing yellow dress and then puts the micky glasses and lady gaga wears the same colors in the video paparazzi. yellow and black …and in the end they hold hands they were saying something about that too when gaga went in the ophra show and she was holding ophras hand….but love this website… 😉

  434. Wow…this video is pretty bad. It's bizarre, disturbing & basically just one big eye sore. Even without having to interpret any meaning, it's plain to see that this video has nothing to do with the song and serves another purpose. I asked my younger sister what she thought of this since she's so into mainstream and is a fan of Beyonce. She said "It was really weird and dumb. It made no sense at all. I was like 'what are they doing!?'" Exactly! I was glad to know that even someone her age (12) can be smart enough to see when something's not right. Ahhh…I remember the good old days when music was easy to relate to and an expression of actual human emotion. And I hate the fact that the media shoves these 'artists' down people's throats through tv and radio; it's like you can't get away from them. Lady Gaga looks like the devil in drag, and Beyonce looks like a cheap slut in a trance. Such a shame i used to be a fan of hers. Sad but true, but music has taken a turn for the worst.

  435. Incredible news that Vigilant Citizen has made Digg!

    We absolutely do have to hold all religion accountable and not simply dismiss this as "Satanism," hoping that a savior will destroy this "evil." This is the secret; they are giving people exactly what they want. This audio-video symbolism has nothing to do with what the audience seems to perceive as the New World Order or Illuminati or Anton La Vey's "Catholic Satanism." We are witnessing the media sorcery delivered by low-level initiates bragging about a secret global religion that we know very little about. You are most correct in your assessment of what we call blatant "Illuminati symbolism" in our media as a "Transhumanistic" agenda: media of this nature mostly disaffect a very young (8-16?) pre-adult demographic intended to be the disaffected adults of a future Dystopia. Whether or not "Lady G" herself is aware of her role is inconsequential. Thank you for writing this article so that more and more may become wise to the nature of the game.

  436. great article VC….do people realize there were about 10 other Gaga's that the industry could have hand picked the be the next big "pop" star ? She's just another pawn in a game she doesn't understand.

  437. "Transvestites" and "gets busy with a weird looking inmate" ?? Too bad you totally missed everything intentionally queer about this video. Gaga is specifically referencing the intersex rumors about herself, and intentionally choosing a hot butch to be her prison girlfriend. Lady Gaga has been open about her bisexuality and this is one of the queerest videos on mainstream television. Too bad that's too uncomfortable for you tro write about.

  438. vidaliasweet on

    I'm learning to look more into the photographers and directors for these things, and I'm really glad that VC makes reference to them. They usually have websites that boast their work and a lot of it is very graphic and disturbing, but it shows the real culprits in the industry. VC has really opened my eyes, it's absolutely astounding!

  439. Thank you vigilant for yet another great article! These videos are getting worse everyday! Did you also notice the overt homosexual theme of this video? I used to be a Beyonce fan but she has really gone off her rocker in the past couple of years! Lady Gaga is so creepy to me and most people think she is so cool. Anyway thank you again for this website and for all your eye opening articles. I am really starting to recognize how much our society is permeated with occult symbolism.

  440. Hey that girl with the black hair standing next to Gaga in the cell whereshe received the tele that not lady gaga? that 's how she looked b4 she became a star!

  441. It disturbs me so much that there are still so many people in denial about what's really going on. I'm so glad that this website exists so that people can begin to understand. I really appreciate how things are put into terms that everyone can understand. This sh*t is not a game, it's not some funny thing that just popped up. Do some backtracking people and you'll see that this has been going on forever and the more they're allowed to get away with-the further they'll go. It's sick and disgusting, I don't get why anyone would want to be so evil. Now don't get me wrong, I still jam out to some of Lady GaGa's music, and my husband and I often argue about the fact that I REFUSE to allow ANYTHING jay-z in our house/radio, etc. That's because I feel that he is the most disgusting of all–him and his freak wife Beyonce. I Loved her SO much for YEARS and I defended and supported and looked up to her. Now to see what a piece of…yeah. I'm gona stop with that. I kind of feel like there isn't a damn thing that any of us can do about this–all we can do is keep ourselve edjucated. This kind of stuff goes deeper than even VC can comprehend, ya know? What are we really gona do? I wouldn't doubt that trying to stop them would result in horrible consequences. I'm not even gona try. LoL. However, I'll chose what I still associate with and what I don't. And I haven't quite decided how I feel about GaGa…a big part of me feels REALLY sorry for her. wrap this up, I just want to tell all of you who insist on being blind sheep: wake up. Stop being an ignorant idiot. Nobody says to shut your ears to every musical artist in existence, that's impossible and you'd NEVER have anything to jam to..LoL.. just be aware. VERY AWARE. And be afraid, cus sh*t's gona hit the fan soon, and Idk what's gona happen. But it's not gona be good. Don't believe me? Google Tiffany Evans and read what she has to say.

  442. I personally agree with the notion that the additives in the food we eat are poisonous to our bodies. What if these additives served as drugs to aid in mind control when coupled with such mindless media? The diet coke cans Gaga used as hair rollers is a symbol. It has been speculated (is highly likely) that aspartame is a chemical sweetener that, when heated in the body, becomes neurotoxic and can lower ones IQ. When the MK-Ultra tests were being done in the 60's, there was a great deal of attention paid the the effects of LSD as a interrogative, mind control drug. At this time thousands of hippies were experimenting with this powerful drug. What if mind control tests were done with this drug prior to its release on the public? What affect did it have on the populace? Was it an inentional sociological experiment used to eradicate the anti-war movement? I believe that the consumption of any drug, whether illicit or legal, coupled with specific submliminal programming can be used by the elite (after extensive scientific study) to slowly break down the minds of the population over time. We as conscious individuals must be careful what we allow into our bodies whether it be food we consume or the media we consume. Just a thought :)…Peace

  443. You missed a spot! How about an update? She's got a head full of diet coke, there is custom writing all over the sets, iconic tattoos all over the place, and even a 3-cornered american-revolutionary-style hat when she's released from prison. I'm surprised there weren't any contrails in the skies.

  444. what VigilanteCitizen fails to mention is that the Illuminati is mostly comprised of Talmudic Jews. Lady Gaga is a jewess. She is a Jew by race and like all Jews, they love pushing debauchery, homosexuality, racemixing, and twisted unromantic love.

    Lady Gaga is a younger revamped version of Madonna. Madonna follows Talmudic Judaism and worships the Kabbalah.

    Judaism and it's Holy Book the Talmud are well documented in their hatred towards Christendom. Anything to destroy Christianity is what they aim for.

    Lady Gaga is nothing more than a Talmudic Jewess doing what she's been programmed to do…

  445. @ 116, the bees also represent the number 6, as their honeycomb cells are 6-sided, hexagonal.

  446. I'm not Muslim, but I know that in the Qu'ran it states that the antivhrist will have only one eye, a film over the blind one, which will be "swollen like a grape"-perhaps this is what the frequent "one-eye" is meant to show. Could there also be music in these type of songs that secretly programs our brains or destroys them?

  447. The purpose of the Powers That Be (PTB) illuminati in exposing the general public to their plans and secrets symbols is to gain maximum power and control through pre-programming and de-sensitizing the unsuspecting public that they despise. There is a plan for de-population (google "Georgia Guidestones" and "Protocols of the Elders of Zion") that relates to poisoning all the "useless eaters" (google that term) in the diner. You think this is fiction but it is not. The devil's/illuminati's best trick is to convince you they don't exist, lol. We know their mind-control is working, because people can no longer tell right from wrong: that is the result of a change in education away from teaching moral absolutes (don't kill, don't steal, don't cheat, etc) and pushing the moral relativism on children (do whatever you like), so that when the SHTF, there will be no resistance from the masses. Resistance Is Futile, that's what they want you to think, that there is nothing wrong with their agenda when they finally present it. You will follow the program and you will be controlled, your mind is being prepared even now. People won't be able to tell lies from truth, bad from good, down from up. We are being pre-programmed to accept that resistance is futile. In occult lore, apparently a curse is more effective if the victim knows about it in advance, another reason to produce these videos, music and movies, they get an extra kick of power from it. Just take a look around at society and you will see that people are losing their grip on their own minds, absorbing all the trash put out there to pollute and weaken our ability to think critically. We don't all have to think alike, but we do have to think…

  448. @nwNO you are absolutely right about Aspartame. its a chemical, a substitute sweetner that harms the body. Its in sweetners. The FDA will approve anything. We have to watch what we eat, watch,think, etc We are what we eat that statement is true (Meat, sugars,sodas,etc)

    We have been so brainwashed that we can hardly tell when we are or not. I was watching Tavis Smiley last night and he had Tom Burrelle (owner of Burrelle communications) He has a book called Brainwashed out and we all need to read it. It connects a lot of things :)

  449. As stated before, it's no more brainwash then the rest of your blog. If you try hard enough anything can be found, but what scary is that people with guns are listening to you and think God is on their side.

    The future is kinda shitty, but the only way to fix it is by working together, not dividing us apart. Ever see the 'JOIN or DIE' cartoon form pre-revolution USA?

    Now go plant some trees, and volunteer at a soup kitchen.

  450. I love Lady Gaga, I think she is probably just doing this for the attention, and she is probably a genius, and knows she will get more hits on her videos from people wondering what this and that mean.

  451. @454 GoddesUnveiled. The Masonic G stands for Generative Principle, meaning the male phallus, the organ that generates. Masonic philosphy is phallus-worship oriented. The Masonic G is not government, not goddess, and not god.

  452. Very thought provoking. I must admit like others I was confused about the song and the video and like you imagined a video of her on the dance floor not answering the phone. I definitely research your ideas and use my own judgment but thank you for your thought provoking & bold articles.

  453. 36 Kay – You're absolutely right about "Natural Born Killers". I never saw the movie, but the Wikipedia description says that there is a scene at the beginning where all the patrons in a diner are killed.

    Also take a look at copycat killings. There is an element of mind control as if the movie is capable of turning ordinary people into "natural born killers". The Columbine killers, for example, were engrossed by the film and referred to "going NBK".

    As for the symbolism of honey and bees, I would like to hear more about this from VC. Apparently bees are a part of masonic symbolism. There is a connection the Egyptians, Merovingians and Napoleon. "In the texts of ancient Egypt, bees were born from the tears of Râ, the Sun G-d."

    Honey is associated with Ambrosia, the drink of the G-ds. By poisoning the honey, the video may be telling us that the deaths are ordained by G-d. Or else that we mere mortals are not entitled to share in the drink of the G-ds.

    My personal thinking as to why these symbols are being dropped into videos for mass consumption by young people, is that they are planting subliminal messages. This will leave questions in the minds of these kids about the true meaning of these videos. Later, some cult leader comes along and claims to decipher it for them as part of an indoctrination into the cult. The inductee will feel that he/she is gaining esoteric knowledge and this will inspire him/her to continue the indoctrination process. Before long the poor soul is trapped in the cult and at the mercy of the cult leader.

  454. In Egyptian pharonic religion they worship the phallus of osiris, that's what all the obelisks represent. The Washington Monument is the largest one, erected (pardon the pun, couldn't be helped) by masons! George Washington was a mason himself. Google George Washington Masonic Temple for a virtual tour.

  455. Google "fluoride and mind control", see what you find. How long have we been drinking that?

  456. This is so bad how could anyone allow themselves to be in video like this. I have no doubt that this will mess up a bunch of people.

  457. Oh dear. Have you ever thought for one second that an artist such as Jonas Akerlund might be infusing his creations with Monarch and occult imagery and references as a knowing wink? Visual artists have been using this stuff for years, cuz yeah, humans do respond to it on some primal level. However, considering the ever more quickly approaching death of the music industry, I seriously doubt they are all "in on it". Yes, I've read David Icke, yes I've studied the symbolism, and yes, I do agree that our government using these hideous tactics is gross and wrong, but I think you are a tad self deceived about how prevalent the use of such tactics is. Of course, it does help with getting page views, right?

  458. Oops. Forgot to mention something: Jonas also hides little easter eggs related to geek culture in the video too. There is a reference to the Japanese anime One Piece (the kanji subtitles when bad boyfriend slaps the Asian girl on the butt), and some video game references in the "poison recipe" scene in the kitchen. Does that mean we should be afraid that the music industry is going to brainwash us with videogames and anime?

    Oh god, don't answer that. Please.

  459. OMG i knew she was hiding one of her eyes on purpose &to show off the evil eye.!! what about the end when their talking to each other does that have a double meaning too.?!

  460. I am not sure about talmudic- isnt that the original judaism? i thought she followed quabalistic or "kabbalah" as the modern call it- the qabalistic judaism that madonna follows is not modern day judaism- dont be fooled- its all about the original pagan form, before the jews took it and changed it to meditate to today's G-d, back then it was to pagan gods. madonna worships the ancient pagan form, the bad one. The "good" kaballah has higher level mystic hyms and so forth that only higher level rabbis can perform. People have asked Madonna if she is Jewish and she says no, then why is doing that stuff that higher level rabis can only do? Because its not the same kaballah. This is the first im hearing about Lady gaga's religion, i dont think it even matters. Shes using her videos and outfits as an artform to show us what is happening around us. I think for example she does the 3 6 hand symbol over and over to mock them and all the stars who have been influenced and dont even know it, thats also why she isuing beyonce here, and at the same time show us what is going on, while she is probably still pleasing the other side that pays her as promoting it. she's def playing both sides of the fence.

  461. WaxingAndWaning on

    Great Site & Most articles right on. Gaga's music & videos contain triggers for programming that 99% of the population already have. This has been going on for some time. Michael Jackson was killed because of his failure to perform as a prominent programming icon should. Elvis before that. Take a look at any star that people are infatuated with to distraction as this is the essence of the programming. If you watch ANY tv or listen to ANY music without protection your subconscious is being programmed. Use the color violet for protection…Using your mind. Lot of blatant symbolism these days in the media but has always been there. Take a look at our money or the layout of Washington DC from above. As Confucious once said – "The world is ruled by signs & symbols, not law & order". Way smarter than most of today's mindless minions.

  462. 340 AMZZZ

    Hey, u noticed the writing aswell eh? FINALLY some else, well I IMMEDIATELY RECOGNISED it as the arabic for God, written in arabic! I have screen shot the image and well google it and ull see exactly wat i mean,. ITS a blurred version of it, trust me, I hv no idea why they wud do this though….

    EVERYONE, check it out at 7.41ish, on beyonces eye I fink, its very quick!

  463. Also, in the scene where they're still in jail, one of tge women is wearing the triangle shaped headphones that LG wore in bad romance.

  464. "stop calling, stop calling, I don't want to think anymore I left my head and my heart on the dance floor."… perhaps a subtle cry for help? Maybe it could be interpreted as someone not wanting to listen to God? Or perhaps someone expressing how they're trying to drown out that "inner voice" we all have inside of us? Eh… I don't know, but that's the impression I got the first time I heard it and tried to deceiver some hidden meaning. lol.

  465. If you pause the video at the right moment at 3:09, one of her eyes is rolling partway back and the other one is not. At 3:19, pause it and she is looking to the side, and all that's visible is the white of one of her eyes.

  466. great job VC

    i'm from the french west indies and i think that the answer to "why all this ?"is right in our BIBLES when no one will have no control over themselves the antichrist will be ruling over them!

    and remenber that the devil NEVER get into your home,mind or whatever else if you DON't ALLOW HIM TO… keep GOD first and things will be ok!

  467. Ok I saw someone on here say that people defending Lady Gaga could be Illuminati. I am not Illuminati nor am I brain washed. You think that just because not everyone agrees with your Opinion means they are brain washed? Isn’t that the very definition of you say is brain washed… people all agreeing with the same thing. Seriously if we all agreed …
    1.We wouldn’t have anything to talk about.
    2. Words like controversy wouldn’t exist
    3. Secrets societies and conspiracy theories/theorist wouldn’t exist.

    I Enjoy Lady Gaga because I feel she does make a statement to the world. That you don’t have to match the idea of society and societies ideas in order to be successful. I want to point out that we learn about these things regardless of people like Gaga.

    Sex was something they have talked about since the Sumerian ancient civilization 40,000 years ago +. I am a college student studying Archaeology. I am a smart person and above all I am someone thats never ran with the pack. I go against the grain and I do what my heart tells me.

    I’m a pagan I made this choice on my own a long time ago because of the hypocracy I personally experienced growing up with the Christian church, I practice Buddhism mostly. I’m a peace loving dirt worshiper and environmentalist. I’m and activist and conspiracy theorist. But I am in no way a supporter of violence.

    So when I say I am a defender of Lady Gaga it’s not because it’s not based of on hip, pop-loving, tweeny that goes go go for gaga and other things like Twilight.

    I am a huge Kubrick fan I love his work I agree with most of what is said about the Illuminati. But I don’t understand why “HE” could make videos and do what he did and not be called Illuminati. Yet when a pop-artist makes a video with the same symbolism they are targeted as Illuminati Satan worshipers.

    If people who claim to be Satanist don’t actually worship Satan. They don’t even worship anything, they don’t believe in his existence.

    There is not second thought to this you people who claim to be against Gaga also claim Christianity you spout all this hatred. Doesn’t that go against your religion? Jesus was if anything a merciful peace loving man who listened to everyone.

    Really look into what she says, think about everything she says could have a variety of meanings. Just like Kubrick. Her videos take a lot of what he did in them. Especially this video montage she did at the early stages of her career. It was Very “A Clockwork Orange”.

    IN FACT: THAT VIDEO OF WHICH I SPEAK OF: she accuses one of her dancers of being a traitor when she sees the “ILLUMINATI PYRAMID with the all seeing eye” TATTOOED to the back of her head. YES that was in her video look it up

    the video is called THE Fame: Part 1. from start to finish mirrors A Clockwork Orange. and so Does her video “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.” Telephone is like the Movie Natural Born Killers directed by Oliver stone which is aimed at how the media feed murder to us in spoon fulls and the whole videos does the same kind of representation of how these people are fed Violence and act on this violence and people who get engulf with the media support these killers like Mansion because they feel they are doing good work. Face it there are people out their like that, that are just sheep. They love Charles Manson and what he did, they love him. A real murderer, these are the kind of people that if Charles Manson had met them he would kill. Some people have that violence in them.

    Ok so in conclusion: nothing is ever what it seems I really think people should do a little research of their one and not just take what Vigilant Citizen has to say about it because sure he has a lot of good points but I do not agree with everything he says. I’m not brain washed I don’t want to go out and start doing the things she does or dress and or act like her. Yet, I really am on her side I feel she is pointing out the Illuminati or the secret societies that are doing the things she talks about or shows in her videos. Research, Research, Research.

    I never take anyones opinion and make it my own, VC you are an amazing idealist, but I don’t agree with everything you say.

  468. Children. Children. None of you obviously know anything about bees. The smoking cigarette glasses is a reference to the use of smoke to tranquilize bees. This keeps the other "bees" in the prison away from Gaga. The prison is a reference to the beehive. Notice the word cell can be a prison cell or a cell in a beehive.

    One possible reason that Gaga doesn't answer the phone right away is because a worker bee spends 20 days in the hive before going out to forage. Also notice the use of the word "busy". As in "busy as a bee". All the bees in the hive are females, which relates to the prison being all women. The only males are drones whose sole reason for existence is to fertilize the Queen Bee.

    Perhaps Gaga and Beyonce are intended to be Queen Bees. Or maybe Gaga is a drone that mates with Beyonce, the Queen Bee. Either way, this breaks the analogy because the drone should die after mating. I kind of think the butch prisoner that kisses Gaga is an example of a drone. The other possibility is that Gaga and Beyonce are just worker bees and the true Queen Bee is hidden from sight. This seems more likely. This would fit in with the mind control theme, where they are just slaves following orders from a hidden master.

    I think on one level this is a portrayal of a radical from of Feminism where males are only kept around for the purpose of mating. This is contrasted with the current male dominated society which Gaga and Beyonce destroy in the diner scene. Notice the lack of males in the video in general – not a coincidence. This is part of the indoctrination of young girls towards radical feminism. They are told that this is "liberating", but actually it is only another form of enslavement. This is another way of breaking down the fabric of society – through moral corruption – so that the society is more easily controlled and manipulated by the Elites. A society without a moral compass can be induced to do anything with the right programming.

    This also fits in with the transhumanism theme. It suggests a form of transhuman society where the females dominate the males. In this radical feminist view of a future society, the only males are drones which die after mating. But in bee society the only fertile female is the Queen. So this is an even more radical and elitist society. The other females are essentially slaves to the Queen. Notice the Queen is sexually distinct from the other Bees. The male/female model that we are accustomed to does not fit within this society.

    The occult connection to bees goes all the way back to the Egyptians. The cells of the bee are six sided like the Star of David from which the freemason's square and compass are derived.

    The bee theme is maintained with the heavy use of the color yellow. Someone already mentioned the costumes towards the end looking like the clothes that a beekeeper uses. I think the beige colored outfit that Gaga wears as a cook in the diner is meant to look like the larval stage of a bee.

    The only difference between a Queen Bee and a worker bee is the food it is fed. The Queen to be is fed "royal jelly" exclusively. This relates to the diner patrons being fed junk food.

    The conclusion is that there are multiple themes at work. None of them are healthy for young adults – especially young women. The sexual exploitation and lesbianism are so blatant that they hardly need mentioning. Something like this would have been completely banned from television 40 years ago. "You've come a long way, baby!"

  469. "wow….the disney controlling minds thing is true because there was a scene in Rihanna’s video “Hard” where she was sitting on top of a military tank wearing a mickeymouse hat…really this is incredible."

    She was also sitting on a RED tank. Doesn't that symbolize sacrifice or something?

  470. darkadaptedeyes on

    First of all, you don't even have to believe in any worldwide conspiracy to ascertain that what passes for "entertainment" these days is vapid, moronic, debased, mindless pedestrian dreck that appeals to people with zero taste and no standards.

    BUT, all you folks posting here who proclaim to be "Christians" while simultaneously spewing bile about homosexuals and transgendered people: you are hypocrites and phonies, and you are part of the PROBLEM, not the solution!! Jesus never said a single word about gays, and you are following the Old Testament, NOT the teachings of LOVE AND NON-JUDGMENT that Christ taught! You are wolves in sheep's clothing.

    The solution to corruption and evil is LOVE, not prejudice and hatred!

    You are boils on the arse of humanity.

    That is all.


  472. I have to say I agree with Ewan about the whole religion thing! The comments on this site are very interesting but in relation to the posters that write about it being the work of the "devil" and quote scriptures from the bible.. Do they not stop and think that maybe religion is the biggest form of control and oppression of the masses? Instead of analysing the hidden meanings in music, maybe they should have a think about how corrupt and manipulative certain religions are?

    Good Work VC, i really enjoy your articles, these musicians are becoming more transparent..there is definatley a bigger agenda, and a blatent promotion of promiscuity and materialism. These artists are further enforcing that such behaviour is the norm. Says it all when Rihannas "Come on rude boy can you get it up, come on rude boy are you big enough…" is played about 20 times a day on national radio!

  473. vidaliasweet on


    Interesting post. I think we're going to see a lot of bee themes associated with transhumanism. I noticed Black Eyed Peas song "Imma Be(Im-a-bee)" has a transhumanist/borg agenda video. Besides the obvious chorus the music is all buzzing bee sounds.

  474. Really, people? Have you guys ever thought that maybe Lady Gaga and the creators of this video stuffed it full of images that were designed to create as much controversy among people like you as possible? Showing the act of poisoning is not the same as encouraging it. The Bible, after all, contains countless murders, and presumably most Christians here don't take that as an encouragement. If anyone watches this video and decides to poison a bunch of people, or to become a Satanist, or join any other weird cult, clearly that's their own stupid fault, and this video can't be in the least bit blamed for said stupidity.

  475. Awesome stuff!

    I think you are 90% correct in your analysis. I also think it's more than likely Gaga is picking up ideas from you, indirectly perhaps, but there is too much convergence for me to believe in mere coincidence. You are better known that you seem to realize.

    Where you go wrong is believing there is anything real or significant here. Gaga is just a kid waving her arms and saying "Look at me! Look at me!" You've given the kid something to think about, a way to deepen and give meaning to her art.

    If you two ever met, I think you'd get along great. You'd have a lot to talk about, that is for sure.

  476. I agree with everything you said. I wish everyone else did, too. Maybe this is why I've never liked pop music, because I know deep down how evil it really is. Hm.

    It makes me wonder about what else is out there that I'm viewing casually that could be damaging to my mind. Scary thought.

    Thank you so much for having a TRUE education and not being afraid to expose the dark underbelly of our screwed up culture. You're a hero. ^_^

  477. can anyone really be surprised about this. the united states is the most evil country in the world founded on the principles of free masonary. every two seconds they US is trying to rid the world of the evils of Islam. give me a break as a roman catholic ( one of the true religions the second being orthodox) i fathom whyamericans can not see why they r the target of the terrorist. the muslims see the evils of your nation. the jews of the ancient and sacred lands see ur evils and the romans see the evils of ur world domination empire.u tried to emulate the romans but u americans so much more evil. u control to much in tems of wealth/ ideas of beauty/etc. u are poisoning the world and robbing other countries of resources on the pretence of democracy and evil front for ur blood thirsty colonalism. america better pray for it's soul for it is so corrupt that it two shall fall like the british and the romans before. i shall pray that america finds it's way and that all these new christian evil groups find there way back to God and the true roman catholic church. for it was a church built upon Jesus rock St. Peter. Blasphemy is just as evil as satanism so i pray that all return to two the 3 core religions of the cloth. that is the only way God will consider ur salvation.

  478. heya, I posted a comment yesterday asking for some bona fide explanation and clarifications about the matter of mind control but I don't think I got any replies and yet there are a good hundred more comments than they were last night.

    so I'm going to say it again – I have a few unanswered questions from reading these articles and I would like someone more experienced to answer these for me:

    – are Gaga/Beyonce/Rihanna aware that they are being controlled?

    – why are these the people that were chosen to be controlled and spread this message? how were they chosen?

    – are they trying to control other people or not?

    – how exactly are these symbols meant to brainwash people? If the viewers don't recognise these symbols, how can they know what they even mean? to them they will just be pictures or patterns or moves of no particular significance.

    – do you interpret these symbols as them being overtly Satanists and therefore defying God?

    – why does it matter if they defy God if God is going to judge them regardless?

  479. So, VC, on what side do you think Lady Gaga is?

    She's clearly aware of the symbolism she uses.

    So, is she admitting : "I'm poison and you love it." ?

  480. me again, just want to say that based on what I've read so far, comment 589 by Gra seems to be the opinion most similar to my own.

  481. And, what do you make of people like me who understand and see such symbols, and still celebrate it ?

  482. I think GAGA and Beyonce are singing about ignoring the calls of God's Holy Spirit.

    It's the quickest way to damnation because it leads to the unpardonable sin.

    just my impression…

  483. @RSWebb. Yes, I'm pretty sure LG and VC would get along well! I mean, VC knows a lot about symbolism, and LG, like any artist with half a brain, knows that using symbolism is a pretty much effective way to boost up sales and ratings! They would make a pretty good team for music videos!

    If I was LG, I'd make sure to give a call to VC and ask him to give me whatever documentation he has about such symbols! I would love to be in LGs place, seriously, how many persons can go on and brag that they're a walking piece of conspiracy proof? Awesomeness.

  484. oh wow. -.- i didn't even notice this stuff until u ppl commented on it? innitially i was like ooo her new vid. i watched it and i thought it was artistic and i didn't notice any symbol or anything until u guys posted all of this lol. >…<

  485. oh wow. -.- i didn't even notice this stuff until u ppl commented on it? innitially i was like ooo her new vid. i watched it and i thought it was artistic and i didn't notice any symbol or anything until u guys posted all of this lol. :)and yeah there are lots of ways of seeing things. if we keep looking out for the bad things. thats wat we see and hyping about it isn't helping anyone either. ur just helping to promote it. 😮 sooo… lol. chill ppl :) and this isn't gonna make me hate her or anything like that. lol i like her creativeness and uniqueness lol :)and i'll continue listening to her songs and that doesn't mean im gonna worship satan or anything like that :)

  486. @freak . Normal. Symbolism plays with subconscious feelings of one individual. Without all of it, I doubt you would have thought much artistry about the video!

  487. The telephone video is post-modernism "popular culture" kitsch at its zenith.

    Film Scenes taken from Madonna's "who's that girl" " natural born killers" "Thelma & Louisa" "kill bill" etc.

    Corner stone popular cultural clothing outfits: "wonder woman" "captain America" "sergeant pepper " .

    Product placements: Virgin Mobile , Polaroid, Hewlett Packard, etc

    It's all very Andy Warhol. Take mass marketed consumer items & turn them into "pop art" as pop art is "low culture" for the proletarian as opposed to "high art " for the aristocratic "blue blood" elite's.

    Lady ga ga & the director Jonas Åkerlund have a very extensive knowledge off past "popular culture" corner pieces & as such know how to cleverly re-cycle past pop cultural reference points for this generation.

    This as such is nothing new as this is how mass consumerism operates. The Thriller video used the film "an american werewolf in london" as its reference point brilllantly interwoven with old school hollywood musical's . It worked brilliantly primarily because of Michael Jackson's other worldly dancing

    In a few years they'll be a new lady gaga as she will be recycled like she is recycling madonna as madonna recycled marilyn monroe & so on( all of them non blondes who became blondes). Same robot formula same robot outcome !

    Capitalism & it's free market-ism triumph's once again. Lady gaga is now becoming an "event". The distraction the powers that be need to keep the mass's controlled & distracted in "entertainment" while their historical illegal stealing & controlling of the resources of America Africa Australia & middle east meddling's etc continue's unchallenged.

  488. @vidaliasweet – You are very good at peeling off the layers of the onion :)

    It never occurred to me that "Imma be" by the Black Eyed Peas could be "I'm a bee". I took another look at the video and could not find any other reference to bees or honey other than an occasional black and yellow striped street sign. However the whole Transformers theme of the video reminded me that there is a character called Bumblebee in the movie. Sure it could just be another coincidence. But the transhuman theme was certainly front and center.

    In bee society there are no individuals. The whole society is a superorganism centered around the Queen Bee. So this can fit in nicely with a borg/transhuman society, as you said.

    Maybe they're dishing this stuff out to us in little pieces. Kind of like moving pieces around a chess board, setting up for a checkmate without the opponent realizing it. I have no doubt there is an agenda behind all this.

    For those people doing the Christian bashing… There is a difference between respecting the rights of gays, lesbians and transgenders and pushing that sort of highly sexual message on young kids. Even pushing "normal" heterosexual images on young kids is bad. You have to remember that there are 8 and 9 year old boys and girls watching this stuff on TV and YouTube. It would be OK in a Las Vegas show where adults who have the judgement to decide what they want to see can watch whatever they want. In this case a kid just turns on the radio or TV and gets bombarded with this garbage.

    When you change a society too quickly it loses its moral compass. It then becomes vulnerable to manipulation by people with their own personal agenda and the money and power to control the mass media. You're not so naive to thing that Gaga came up with the concept of this video all by herself, are you?

  489. @baba: I fail to see how it can be wrong to show sexual imagery to a kid. Sexual activity is part of life and everybody is sexual in a way or another. And I believe it's a parent's job to educate a child about what he/she sees in the medias. To censor things is one of the highest form of disrespect towards intelligence, in my opinion.

  490. @ R you have to be one of the most unintelligent person i have ever met if you think that exposing children to sexually explicit material can not be wrong. children are not mature enough to handle sexual exposure and exposure is a form of sexual abuse. so please stop being an idiot in your opinions if you claim to talk about intelligence cause it is in fact a crime

  491. @Di Di : Well, if you believe kids aren't curious by themselves about sexuality, you got something wrong.

    I looked, by myself, at porn (which is not what I was talking about by the way) when I was 10, and I did not become a rapist, a junkie, a criminal or whatever. I completed university studies, I have a well paid job, I have a more than satisfying social life and sexual life. My parents had talks with me about sex and the porn I watched, and everything's fine with my life today. So, from my own experiences, I , indeed, see nothing wrong (which is relative to an individual's moral system. Universal rights and wrongs are chimeras) with exposing a child to sexual activity.

  492. @554: Lady Gaga is most definitely a Jew by race.. She’s an Italian jewess. Jews have ugly noses that they hide with plastic surgery. Italian is not a race, but a nationality. Jews love to hide behind other religions. In this case Lady Gaga claims to have been raised Roman Catholic..

    Same thing that was claimed by Madonna. As stated before Madonna follows Talmudic Judaism. Lady Gaga is no different. She pushes the same edicts of Talmudic Judaism.. Homosexuality, Saedo Masochism, and all forms of other debauchery….

  493. EXCELLENT ANALYSIS!!! I watched the video when it was premiered then came straight over to this site to see if you had analysed it – I knew it wouldnt take you long!! I was wondering if anyone had any information on just what Miss Steffani gemanotta was doing *before* her rise to fame (which appeared to happen overnight!) She seemed to be able to produce top class videos with top quality costumes and dance routines, even though nobody had ever heard about her – hardly a rags to riches story – so where was she and what was she doing before her first music release???

  494. Debbie: Gaga was a burlesque act performer in new york before she became famous. She also wrote and produced music for the pussycats dolls, britney spears, and such. For future needs of information, websites like wikpedia or google can help you…

  495. hey could yu please do something on the princess and the frog ?? i want to make sure if its safe to watch. its reallyyyy important lol

  496. I like your site VC but I think a lot of your readers are taking this shit WAY too literally. A lot of people here seem to be of either the open minded rational kind or the Paranoid overzealous religious haters.

    I am an open minded person, I can see the forest for the trees but somehow not everyone here seems to be able to. Do I see the symbolism? Yes; Am I aware of it’s meaning? Yes; Do I like most of these artists? Yes; Does that make me a mind-controlled puppet like most people seem to think that’s all their music accomplishes? Hell to the NO!!!!; Why? Because I am aware of it and I know better than to let it influence me. I CHOOSE not to let it influence me. Just because I like their art doesn’t mean I’m promiscuous, it doesn’t mean I’m materialistic, shallow and devoid of a mind of my own I’m actually quite opposed to consumerism and people swallowing any kind of pre-fabricated doctrines. It doesn’t mean I’m a satanist or evil person as my personal belief are quite opposite. My beliefs are to be and let be and do as much good onto the world and be as compasionnate as possible onto all living beings. So for all your religious zealots out there thinking OMG they’re turning us all evil. They will only turn you evil if you LET THEM!

    I’m an Atheist, crucify me for that all you want but I believe that RELIGION is what make people evil because it prevents them to think for themselves…everybody has to look to “some god” for guidance and answers…if that’s not being a puppet or brainwashing and mind control then I really don’t know what is. People kill for the sake of religion…”My God is better than your God or is the only God”…says who? And then they all fight and start wars over it…if anything THAT’S EVIL in my mind!

    So I’m sorry if my beliefs contradict what most people seem to think is going on but that’s what it is. You can like this music and still be a good person. So there’s no need to act like it’s the end of the world. Be aware, be educated, inform yourself and pass that information around. Do with it what you will. You just need to have an open enough mind to see it for what it is, not always take things literally and to not let it consume you.

    I do believe that Gaga is trying to warn us, make us aware of these facts so we become enlightened people and not succomb to the “control” everyone seems to be so fucking scared about.

    Think for yourself, Question Authority….but never take the answers that are fed to you from all and any sides at face value for you only become a puppet yourself if you swallow whatever is sent your way as the one and only truth.

    With that said. #36, #51, #62 you make very good and valid points. And especially #93 you couldn’t be any more dead on!!!!

  497. @baba #559 Yes I watched the movie just last night in fact and the last minutes of the movie was a montage of the violence exerted in the media i.e. the Simpson trial. I was just a kid when that happened but I remember it was on 24/7. The whole theory behind the movie is that we grow up with this violence in our heads. Both of the main characters in the movie were abused children the female sexually abused and physically. Near the end the Male lead states matter of factly that it was in his blood hence the name.

    Tarantino wrote that movie Natural Born Killers and is good friends with Lady Gaga which is why there is a heavy influence in this video and comes off very Oliver Stone/Quentin Tarantino. same themes yet no one accuses Stone who directed that movie of being Illuminati.

    Psybersoma #564 please do more research Jews are not a race, I am part Jew, you might want to be careful with the whole Jew=evil race it way hail Hitler… REALLLY. Lady Gaga is Italian. Italian and Greeks too are noted for big noses as well as People for the UK. Don't believe me watch the movie the Elephant man. Or how about the Greek Actress that did My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Your comments have no backing. Madonna practices Zen Yoga and the Kabbalah. They WERE RAISED catholic, but neither of them ARE catholic anymore. Not to mention the stuff your spouting has no documentations and or proof to back it.

    #577 the song is written by lady gaga it's even on every site and interview she's done about it not to mention her album her name plain as day. SHE wrote it for Britney spears but Britney didn't use it so Lady Gaga took it back.

    You all give me headaches research people do some da** research. really research.

    Also, the beehive effect is a cliche' made by people in the work place I can't tell you how many people i have heard this from. It's about the queen bee and everyone fluttering around her trying to be the best but knocking out the competition due to jealousy and social climbing. The smoking part is true the also use sage to keep bees and other bee like insects for coming in a certain area like a picnic area for example.

    last but not least one more thing Psybersoma I happen to know a lot regarding the Hebrew culture, but I know a lot about history in general because thats my major. They way you talk about certain "cultures and ethnic groups" and calling the Jew a Race when there is no such thing. we are all HUMAN, and just like any civilizations there is always a group, a click, and society, and not everyone in each culture is going to follow what everyone else is.

  498. Thank you R March – I'll get onto google – I'm interested in the tatoo on her iner left arm too!

    I was wondering if anyone had analysed the news footage part of the video yet – and also the end titles? Some of the letters in the end titles appear highlighted, and I wondered if that meant anything – and I also noticed Lady Gaga had several stand-ins listed on the video too! Which one is the real Gaga??? :)

  499. @571: RELIGION isn’t the only thing that causes wars… If you were to eliminate all religions, there would still be wars of conquest. If religion wasn’t such a hinder, White culture would have wiped out all of the non-white diseased cultures due to their inability to do anything productive.

    Imagine what Africa and South America would be like today if those 3rd world races were exterminated and their lands left for White people to develop and build higher civilizations on…

  500. In the bedroom where Beyonce is on the phone, there is a picture on the wall of a woman that looks suspiciously like Alice Bailey (Lucifer Trust) but I could be wrong. I do think it means something though. If anyone can comment, thanks.

  501. The tattoo is interesting, and so is the author of the quote – his biography is really interesting! It seems there is more to Miss Germanotta than meets the eye! I'm beginning to wonder … perhaps she's not under the influence of the 'Illuminati' – but *is* 'Illuminati'!!! (Doesnt that mean 'intelligent'?)

    Anyway – this is what I found on the tattoo on her upper left arm;

    "While in Seoul in 2009 she showed off a new tattoo to her friends. The tattoo is on her left arm and is a result of a late night visit to a Japanese tattoo parlour.

    The tattoo is a quote from Lady GaGa's favorite philosopher – Rainer Maria Rilke and translates to –

    'In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write?'

    Deep – and a VERY interesting philosopher to quote from!

  502. @VC

    I think you forgot the fattening/poisoning of the 'genetically modified food' and Beyonce's "steal all my honey"; the peasants consuming all 'their' resources. "Never come back here again" could mean the complete destruction of what was(current U.S. factory) to the overt control by TPTB. This video is more obvious than all the others to me…it's just wrong in all kinds of ways. Murky feeling as soon as it started.

  503. Errrrr, hang on aren’t you conveniently forgetting the fact that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta a.k.a Lady Gaga didn’t even write the song!!! Which was actually offered to Britney Spears.

  504. Lady Gaga is a child of Hell. She knows exactly what's she's doing just like her racial talmudic jewish DNA makes her out to be..

    She's been the poster fag hag of the gay community.. Remember her rant she did on the Capitol steps months ago when they had the big gay pride event to bring a voice to their fag leader, Obama.

    This is a direct reference to Genesis 3:15. The Woman's seed will have enmity against Satan's seed who was Cain. Cain went on to have offspring.. People that act like Lady Gaga and promote those kinds of perverse lifestyles are NOT of God.

    Anyone who promotes gay rights and other acts of sexual perversion, are NOT children of the Creator of the Universe..

  505. This all makes me think of how the Beatles ran with the "Paul is dead" rumors in several of their songs. It added to the mystique of the band and gave its members a good laugh at all the people who really believed it.

  506. 593-evie- Are Gaga Beyonce, Rihanna…. aware of what they do?( yes). If you look on the internet you will see a lot of pictures of them throwing up the satanic sign, only in a sneaky way. For examples VC has one posted on the last Beyonce post she is kneeling down and if you look at her hands she is throwing up the devil horns, but if not paying attention you will not notice. There are numerous pictures of her and others pictured throwing up the same sign picture after picture. So that alone tell you they know. It's how they pay homage.

    How are these people chosen? Beyonce- Take a look at her evil dad, who would have done anything to bring his daughter to fame, also her husband, who is associated with Rihanna, then you have what they call the MK- ultra, which happens most inmilitary families people like Oprah heres another example Oprah Winfery, in a few years she will have her own television channel and guess what it will be called OPRAH WINFERY NETWORK backwards that NWO, do you think that is a co-ink-ke-dink. That had to start at birth. She belonged to a military family, was abused. Some people have never had a dime in their life, so if you say I have to do this to keep getting money or you will never sing another note, you have to make a decision(key fact- fame is an addition). For example people like Dave Chapelle, Lauren Hill, and I am about to add Katt Williams to that list. It;s like you can fall back and never make music, money,movies again or be murdered like Pimp C, Mj, Tupac..

    Heres where the control thing come in at. Music is very effective. When you hear positive music like " war , what is it good for, or ole happy days, you know whatever especially coming from influential people, you will see a lot of positive effects on the world. So imagine what the bad do. With all the weak minded youth, Whic is our future. which at one point wasn't so weak, but after years and years of our main social outlets TV & radio saying, gangs, drugs, tight, jeans, gay, shoot him, the reality shows, sleep with her and her, the list goes on and on an on. So here we are 2010 and by now it's bannanas OC.

    How are these symbols meant to brainwash people. I mention the sign Beyonce was throwing up. Rumor has it THEY HAVE to pay homage, represent, scream out loud or it's curtins. Also throwing it in your face to say YOU ALL ARE SO DUMB AND WEAK , I CAN SAY I SOLD MY SOUL AND YOU ALL WILL LOL like I am playing.

    And yes they defy God in all they do. If you listen thats what it is all about "every thing against God". Example Gaga this is for God and the Gays (yeah right) Beyonce with the gay men in video phone, video, wearing the bapohmet, Jay-Z, Jesus can't save you……..It's the return of the God peace God, I could go on and for your last question thats what sums it all up. God will judge them. Satan is clever and I am pretty sure he still uses the same trick he used on Eve. This is only to give you a idea. This is not the gospel only a simple break down. Hope it helps.

  507. Adam,

    Once again, I've said my piece, and you've said yours, I'm cool with that and very confident in my position. But you come across as hostile and very insulting at times, and I don't really wish to pursue that sort of dialogue, with you or anyone else. There's a big difference between disagreeing with someone, and being generally disagreeable.

    Let's just agree to disagree, shall we? Comment however you like with others, and in general, and I won't bother you. I may continue to wonder why you are spending your time posting here at all, almost like a sort of provacateur, when the entire subject obviously disgusts you and violates your belief in meaninglessness.

    BTW…that mock electro-shock game show story that I posted, and you immediately wanted to discredit and explain it away….well yes, it was, in fact, based on a previous psych experiment…from Yale University about 50 years ago, as was clearly stated in the article. Yale is, of course, quite notorious for the Skull and Bones secret society and heavy CIA conections…and this electro-shock psych "experiment" occurred….well, right around the time that the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind control program was happening…oddly rnough, also using electro-shock torture, mind altering drugs and so much more. All documented facts.

    I'll just let the facts speak for themselves on that one.





  509. notice that on the police tape ., it says do not cross .. and A CROSS is reversed… lots of meaning right there

    open up your eyes ppl !

  510. @LVB

    It's nice to have a response, thank you (if you ever manage to find this!)

    I was listening to dance in the dark again last night and kinda thought about the talking part

    'Find your FREEDOM in the MUSIC find your JESUS (saviour) find your KUBRIC'.

    Wasn't Kubric (who met an untimely death) trying to expose illuminati? i dont know too much about him just yet, But this line may well point out that Kubric – esque meaning is hidden behind her music and it may well save you (like jesus) . Also alot of her perfomance involves martyrdom (as she says anyway) which is dying for a cause, hence jesus.

    'you will never fall apart diana, your still in our hearts, never let you fall apart, together we'll dance in the dark'

    now wether or not gaga is just being melodramatic with the whole fame thing i dont know, but she could also quite possibly be predicting her own suspicious untimely death for what she believes in (like many mentioned in the song, Marilyn, judy etc…not so sure what sylvia plath has to do with it all though)… perhaps she knows she has sold her soul, so to speak, but will still go on pushing out her truth till the day she, herself, becomes a martyr.

    I also noticed alot of the songs on the album use 'boys' or 'monsters' or 'teeth' (love teeth), maybe, as a metaphor for music.


  511. I'd be upset if I wasn't convinced that you have your tongue planted firmly in cheek. Surely, you don't believe this. If you do, you're probably a Truther and a Birther as well. You must be laughing, as was Gaga when she made Telephone. For some great insight into the making of the video from the lips of a co-star, see Heather Cassils interview in Out. She's a performance artist and was Gaga's prison lover.

  512. Thank you for a great article. I saw the video directly when it was released just to discover illuminati symbolism and found quite a few! Then I have just waited for your article and you sure confirm all my thoughts… Very scary and disturbing that GaGa and Beyoncé are so popular. I actually tried to write about this in a commentary to an article about the video in my country´s biggest tabloid – but my comment was deleted!!

  513. Lady gaga is a dumb whore her music sucks and so does the stations that broadcast that faggotry crap.. good blog post guy i think she is a mindcontrolled bitch and her motives are undesirable.

  514. Just to be the devils advocate here.

    You talk about how Mind Control is a common theme in pop culture.

    for the last 10 years, movies, portray devistation, and the demise of humans.

    Zombies, Virus, Mind Control, every possible horrorific scenario.

    This influences us as people, makes us think differently, act differently.

    Lady Gaga said herself that one of her largest influences is science fiction movies, and horror movies.

    In a day and age where sci/fi, fantasy, and horror movies rule the cinemas, dont you think hopping on the band wagon and creating "horrorific pop music" playing into your militant unified police state theory, wich also comes up quite often in books, and movies, along with miind control, and apocalyptic themes as well.

    you might as well go into saying that she's possibly the antichirts too. She's forcing her illuminati/pagan/satanic images on us subliminally, corrupting our subconsious just before the apocalypse… Right? The MTV VMA's was the opening ritual to the apocalypse. I think it could be just as plausable as your theory.

    but now im off topic…

    perhaps she was influenced by books and movies on secret societies, and relates these ideas to her real life.

    thus creating her material, she makes art. just like any writer, painter, singer, ect. they all draw inspiration from something. She told you what her's was.

    now to completely counter my own arguement on purpose, i also agree with alot of what your saying, but just as valid your points can be, others can achieve the same validity in thier thoughts.

    "It wouldnt suprise me" as you said, if there was a mass control behind everything we do, food, entertainment, ect.

    Cheers! to the H+ Movement!!

  515. … this articles makes me hate lady gaga but still … i love her music ,,. i dont know what to do her music makes me dance.. /sob

  516. I don't know if i'm reading too much into this, but if you look at the second image on the page, it kind of resembles the baphomet. What do you think?

  517. 557 SayWhat

    I've only seen that the "G" in Freemasonry represents the "Grand Architect", their god. But what you're saying does seem relevant, too. I've just never heard that before, so I'm just curious where u got that from?.

    And, yes, the phallic stuff is obelisk stuff is correct.

    Did anyone else notice the tons of phallic symbolism when Gaga is in the kitchen making the sammiches? All those giant, long rolls of bread, and the dudes dancing around, holding them and posing here and there in sexual postures with them? Take a closer look. Males posing suggestively with long weener shaped things definitely fits witn the rest of the homo-erotic messages in the video, without a doubt. Not judging anyone, just saying it's there. We all know Gaga is totally a supporter and activist for the gay community, so it is what it is.

    And the rolls were just sorta there as props to be seen, they weren't what she used to make the sammiches…she used the Wonder bread for that.

    I've also heard people refer to white people who are cleancut, pretty religious and not into drugs, partying, etc. referred to as "wonder bread". as slang. But here's what is in the urban dictionary, which is quite a bit more insulting:

    Layers and layers of messages being sent in this video, I'll give them credit for that. But they definitely aren't what I'd call good messages being broadcast to the masses.


  518. reading this was about 0.17xAs fun as the video, and the comments even less so. And the reason she dances with the gays after the mass murder is because the gays make or break pop divas- she's pretty much a female female impersonator/drag queen for chrissakes. She's just working the hero archetpye from a female perspective and working it in general.

  519. paul m

    She co-wrote the song with the producer, Jerkins, Beyonce and 2 other writers…as follows:

    Telephone songwriting credits- Lady Gaga, Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels, Lazonate Franklin, Beyoncé

  520. 614 Kay,

    I agree with you that the racism/anti-Semitism stuff is out of line….and I like your comments. :)

    Just for my own education, since you say you study this sort of thing a lot, can you please tell me more about this?

    Germanotta is a Jewish surname like many anglicized surnames were. Many Jews went to Germany and moved through the Brenner pass between Italy and Germany and created Yiddish and changed names to reflect this. Other names are Romani, Rosenberg,Gutenberg ,Rosenblatt etc

    Looks to me like it has been both an Italian and Jewish name at various points in history. At least, it was used with Ashkenazi (European descent), not the Israeli-Jewish family names, right?

    But, of course, this doesn't really matter, because like with my neighbors down the street, they are Italian as it gets, Brooklyn, NY etc. But there are also Jewish people in their family. We are all a mixture of this and that, so I wouldn't be surprised one way or the other, actually..

    I appreciate whatever you can tell me about this…thank you!

  521. 631 ra

    I didn't know much about Sylvia Plath either, but I checked it out, and you might want to do that also, since you're interested. I'll tell you what I found so far. Sadly, it has very similar themes to the mind control related subjects being discussed here, but check it out and decide for yourself.

    First of all, her son committed suicide recently, hung himself:

    Sylvia Plath also committed suicide in 1963, by turning on the gas and putting her head in the oven.

    Her most famous work was "The Bell Jar", a novel that is "semi-autobiographical", about the "fictional" adventures of her real-life multiple personalities.

    The Bell Jar is American writer and poet Sylvia Plath's only novel, which was originally published under the pseudonym "Victoria Lucas" in 1963. The novel is semi-autobiographical with the names of places and people changed. The book is often regarded as a roman à clef, with the protagonist's descent into mental illness paralleling Plath's own experiences with what may have been either bipolar disorder or clinical depression. Plath committed suicide a month after its first publication.

    One of the characters in the book, "Esther becomes increasingly depressed, and finds herself unable to sleep. Her mother encourages her, or perhaps forces her to see a psychiatrist, who then hastily diagnoses her with a mental illness and administers electroconvulsive therapy. Also, this first therapist is noted by his sex, and also his good looks, which Esther resents. By this time, Esther is suffering from intense insomnia and is traumatised by the therapy, which was improperly administered. When she tells her mother she refuses to go back, her mother smugly and callously announces, "I knew you'd decide to be all right."

    "Traumatized by the electroconulsive therapy"….wow, that sounds exactly like a Vigilant quote talking about the methods of MK-ULTRA mind control programming, doesn't it? LOL

    It's very odd how there is so much stuff in Gaga's "art" and music referencing things and people that are

    related to electro-shock therapy, torture and what not, isn't it?

    I had no idea about the Sylvia Platt connection either, but now I do, and the connection is pretty obvious.

    The intro to "Dance in the Dark" is also very obvious, the electrical buzzing/zapping sounds and her moaning a lot. Very creepy stuff, man. Great song, though, once you get past the torture part. LOL

    Hope this helps you, take care.

  522. @MFSB yeah he erases all of the comments from people who doesn't agree with his theory.

  523. I saw this video when it came out and headed straight to this site because I don't have a mind of my own and I had to find another reason to hate lady gaga, even though its just a blogger making something out of nothing, thanks VC i love you guys so much. Spreading hate, one artiste at a time <3

  524. ra

    also these, re: Sylvia Plath, Dance in the Dark

    Pretty weird but interesting stuff…turns out she had several poems about BEES, something that is being discussed here as it was shown in a big way in the Telephone video. Among Sylvia Plath's many poems using the subject of bees are. "The Bee Meeting", "The Arrival of the Bee Box", "Stings", "Wintering". It says that she wrote all of these right before she killed herself, sort of similar to what you said about the possibility that Gaga knows she's sold her soul, and is pushing out some truth before she is "martyred" like the rest – Marilyn, Judy, Sylvia, Jon Benet-Ramsey, Princess Diana, Kubrick, Jesus.

    Kinda creepy…all were (said to be) suicides or were murdered, except Kubrick, who supposedly died of a heart attack in his sleep, just 4 days after screening the final version of his film, "Eyes Wide Shut"….a film about an evil, elite sexual cult, rituals, murders, etc., oddly, enough. Maybe she is suggesting that she thinks Kubrick was murdered, as well.

    Here is one of Sylvia Plath's bee poems, in complete form…pretty disturbing.

    It is very interesting that the same stuff keeps popping up over and over in Gaga's music and videos. She was obviously very interested, affected and inspired by electro-shock torture/therapy and bees, that's for sure.

  525. 628.LVB yeah your right, why bother understanding the cultural factors into immoral obediance, it was the illuminaty at it again

  526. lahinar lamir on

    bravo my dear VC.In fact u are our end time prophet sent by God to redeem us from those demons in sheep cloths assigned by the devil to destroy our lives.but i have a message for them u will all fail and die like chickens like ur predecessor Micheal Jackson.they think the devil loves them.u are all in your worst nightmare and when the day of reckoning comes u will feel his wrath.

  527. I noticed that the mayonaisse bottle showed both the M + W

    but in the short-cut-for-tv version, the camera shows gaga holding the bottle and only the 'm' showing …


    I get 'm' for mayo — but isnt it also something else? (wink wink nudge nudge)


  528. @ baba- that was excellent- i actually read this essay once, i wish i can find it- on how feminism as an ideology itself was used to promote the exact opposite; how radical feminist women were actually being exploitated and losing their womanhood so to speak, how it makes them the entire opposite of what they are promoting. a lot of master masons including davinci himself were gay and feminist, which i think the whole balance of man and woman was a lie to those who really beleived in it; for if there is 100% balance it goes back to pseudo socialist totalitarian beleif system that we are all the same sh*t; using equality to their own benefit. at the end of the day, its the futurist-illuminati pulling the strings of all the equal drones, so it doesnt even matter feminism or not.. but u see the gay and the bee theme everywhere now.. shes def going in a million directions at the same time, and i think she is brilliant to even remotely know and bring out all these things, though indirectly

  529. Does a Christian have the right to picture the world as he sees it, as many people do? Are those people called "fanatics"?

    Why do we applause when other people express their point of view and always disrespect christians when they do the same, as they give their christian objective prospective (which in fact is universal) on things that happen in our world (we all live in the same world remember) ? The answer is very clear. Do you see it?

    John 7:18:

    18 Those who speak for themselves want glory only for themselves, but a person who seeks to honor the one who sent him speaks truth, not lies.

    John 10:24-27:

    24So the Jews gathered around him and said to him, "How long will you keep us in suspense? If you are the Christ, tell us plainly." 25Jesus answered them, "I told you, and you do not believe. The works that I do in my Father’s name bear witness about me, 26but you do not believe because you are not part of my flock. 27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.28I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.

    John 10:31-38:

    31 The Jews picked up stones again to stone him. 32Jesus answered them, "I have shown you many good works from the Father; for which of them are you going to stone me?" 33The Jews answered him, "It is not for a good work that we are going to stone you but for blasphemy, because you, being a man, make yourself God." 34Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your Law, 'I said, you are gods'? 35If he called them gods to whom the word of God came—and Scripture cannot be broken— 36do you say of him whom the Father consecrated and sent into the world, 'You are blaspheming,' because I said, 'I am the Son of God'? 37 If I am not doing the works of my Father, then do not believe me; 38but if I do them, even though you do not believe me, believe the works, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me and I am in the Father."

  530. This all makes sense, except I don't see where the mind-control comes in at all. Where's the mind control? Gaga killed her bf out of free will in Paparazzi. And her dialog with Beyonce is just bad; doesn't point to mind control. If there is no mind control, then everything else the author is saying falls apart [except for B and LG's poisoned killing the masses]

  531. @novelero- its also man and woman- the balance of man & woman- pagan adopted the yin yang ideology from the ancient chinese – in the end it makes u wonder if there is some chick on chick action, you see a lot of femal singers equating themselves to men in their songs.. also lady gaga herself was used to promote the balance with the hermaphro rumors, how she is both, having the ultimate balance.

  532. This article's interesting but the fact that some things fall in place doesn't mean that it's 100% accurate

    I can come up with the sickest and weirdest ideas for a video and I don't know anything about mind controlling or Illuminati or whatever, so it'd be really interesting if you VC would like to find any association in my upcoming videos.

    My telephone is busy by the way, call me another day

    I'm talking to my girl

  533. Remember, because you are the God Almighty's children, you are already gods. Don't defy your father by trying to be him, to replace him. Return to him, because he loves you, his children.

    Psalm 82:6:

    I said, "You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you;

    1 John 3:1

    1See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

  534. Jonas Åkerlund is best known for his stylish music videos, which are often mock forms of movie trailers and short films. His video for Madonna's song "Ray of Light" won a Grammy for Best Music Video, Short Form, and a record seven awards at 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, including the Video of the Year.

    remember what ray of light was about??? the chip itself.. read the lyrics without the background music thats' dance/club music… he accepts specific video jobs for these artists based on their lyrics- if he likes them – and what they are promoting, he has to be on the same page with the singer in order to work with them… they agree on the ideas of the video-making

  535. JesusIsLife –

    Amen, brother. It is either policially incorrect or illegal in these times to openly criticize any religious group or culture in this world…except Christians. You don't have to wonder why that is the case.

  536. Hi Adam,

    I am with you more than you realize.

    What you may not see is that these "cultural factors into immoral obediance" and otherwise, are tremendously influenced by the sickeningly wealthy, elite scum who truly do run this world. Whether it is via banking policies (currency manipuation, interest rates, etc.), University and most other educational curricula, mass media information control and entertainment selection and so forth…the culture and world you and I live in is shaped and guided by those in control of those powerful tools, You see that, right?

    Further, it is shaped, guided and manipulated to the advantage of those in the ruling class.

    And, it's not at all that those darn elite scum are at it again, perse. It is that they have been "at it", and

  537. Adam –

    Sorry, man, I had a computer glitch/human error thing there…

    What I intended to say there is:

    it’s not at all that those darn elite scum are at it again, perse. It is more that they have been “at it”, as you say, for a very long time…constantly and incrementally shaping, guiding and manipulating those cultural

    factors, as well as immoral/moral obedience.

    You do seem to completely avoid commenting on the actual facts and reality of the CIA's known involvement with the MK-ULTRA programs, electro-shock torture, mind altering drugs being given to unknowing victim populations in the US and abroad, etc. Why is that? I'm curious about that.

    Do you just feel like, "Oh well, they did it but who cares and it's not connected to anything else", or what is it exactly that you think in that regard?


  538. stacy-nyc

    Very, very interesting. So, Ackerlund will only do projects that agree with his "vision", huh? I'm guessing that his vision (and mission in life) may have a lot to do with that lovely goat head staring you in the face on his website!!

    Ya think?? LOL

  539. @LVB

    Lol, i'm a massive Plath fan and have nearly all her published work. I must have a thing for derranged and tragic women!

    i dont know if this is very interesting or not, but Gaga performed Dance in the Dark this year at the Brit Awards as a tribute to Alexander McQueen. Manged to find this video
    its not overly informative, and is pretty negative, but there could be a link.

    lol i typed in 'Alexander Mcqueen illuminati' and dance in the dark 'illuminati' into google, and it came up with breif sentances that somebody had posted on gagas website, but when clicking on the link it says the forum is down. pissed me off


  540. Ok. As an open-minded athiest and huge fan of Lady Gaga, let me say this. I am aware she uses much symbolism in her works. Like another commenter pointed out, she is a huge fan of many anti-Illuminati artists. This doesn't exactly coincide with her being an "Illuminati puppet." She is, as a person, very open about what she believes in and will not hesitate to point out how she feels. She may not be trying to make Vigilant Citizen angry or upset by playing on Illuminati symbolism, but there are more people who say the same. Also, to the people exclaiming that religions other than Christianity are growing, please realize that not everyone wants to believe in Christianty. Look at it from this perspective: no one becomes a believer of a certain religion with the intention that the religion in question is the wrong one. Every believer feels that they have chosen the right religion. Accept the fact that people believe in religions other than Christianity. With the mass media of today's world, the messages of other religions will reach people faster and they can make their own decision from there, not be fooled into thinking that the religion that some missionary told them about is the only religion out there or that anything else is wrong. Thanks. :)

  541. Ra

    I'm curious, since you've apparently read tons of her writing/poetry at a previous time, what do you think of the Sylvia Plath connection, now that you know a little more about the whole mind control angle, electroshock, multiple personality / dissociative identity disorder among ritual and/or sexual abuse victims?

    Here's one for you…it's quite disturbing and tragic, but it seems like you're ready to handle it. Read this poor lady's story and look at this artwork, and give me your thoughts. Pretty good site, too…I don't know if Vigilant is affiliated with them or not, but it's along the same lines.

  542. 652 stacy-nyc – Someone earlier called me a misogynist. For some any criticism of the feminist movement is considered anti-woman. But any movement can be subverted, and there are always people lurking within movements with hidden agendas. (A simple example is how the communists attempted to take over the labor movement.)

    It's also no secret that the women's suffrage movement (to get the vote) was used by Public Relations pioneer Ed Bernays (a relative of Freud) to promote women smoking. He called cigarettes "torches of freedom". Many years lated in the 60s women's "liberation" movement the Virginia Slims cigarette brand coined the phrase "You've come a long way, baby" to increase sales to women. The trick worked both times, showing that we are just a bunch of suckers to the corporate PR (propaganda) machine.

    Gaga represents the latest in the radical feminist movement's attempt to demonize the image of heterosexual males in society. And again it's all about "liberating" women.

    613 kay – Watch out for hollywood loading their movies with sex, violence and drugs and then justifying it with some moralistic ending. The end effect is to sell sex, violence and drugs to young people. The moral at the end is just a fig leaf to cover their hidden agenda. In the case of Gaga they don't even apply the thin facade of a moral. That's because their PR people have determined that there is a large market out there that is tired of the moralistic approach. If you watch the documentary "Century of Self" (which VC highlights on his "Educate Yourself" page) you will see how the corporate propaganda machine adapted itself to the anti-corporate sentiment of the 1960s.

  543. Has anyone read "The Androgynous (Hermaphroditic) Agenda" by Alan Watt?
    Here's an excerpt that talks oddly enough about BEEs. Does this remind anyone else of "Imma Be" by the Black Eyed Peas?:

    The purpose is to usurp power

    from the individual and have him slave willingly towards "the betterment of

    humanity." The beehive has always been the symbol of the perfect society in

    ancient Egypt, the Minoan culture and Freemasonry. Behave is from

    Beehive. Plato discussed the types of bees in relation to classes of people.

    The majority were workers who brought home the nectar. The drone priests

    sorted it into grades of honey. The best is Royal Jelly for themselves and

    the "Queen" while the workers are given denaturalised refuse.

    Unlike modern freemasonry where the initiate must say "I AM" pre-Jaques-

    Pierrian English had no Am. The candidate said "I BEE". The number of

    masonry is Four. "To bee or not to bee=2xb(2)=4.

  544. hmmm…and we just get influenced by everything they say and do


    IT'S SO SAD!!!

  545. Great work, i couldnt have said it better myself

    After they had poisoned everybody in the diner, Beyonce and lady gaga were wearing clothes with the american flag on it , meaning they had "poisoned" america ( brainwahed)

    Many people dancing behind them as they were dancing and using the illuminati signs

    As well as that, i would like to add that in the end Beyonce reluctantly asks Gaga " promise we'll never come back" she Promises (** Meaning that they are not going back ( duh@_@) but they are also finalizing their entry into the occult ! From now on its always going to be songs with signs , id rather just nit listen to anything> *** ANYWAY ANOTHER PERSON I SUSPECT IS ALICIA KEYS, making a sing with Jay Z then Beyonce and Vigilance do an analysis on TRY SLEEPINGWITH A BROKEN HEART because there is something really not right there, how she got her was in her room, got the powers, anyway please try and do an analysis! +_+ .

  546. 670 LVB

    Absolutely. I was not at all looking for anything Lady Gaga related when I went to the Alan Watt website. It kind of blew me away to see all the Bee references.

    I found this video online where Alan Watt talks about what he calls the Androgynous Agenda.
    He says it has been a goal of the Elite to create a working class that is both male and female and capable of reproducing itself. This is modeled in some way after Bee society. It's pretty strange stuff and yet it fits in neatly with the whole Lady Gaga persona, which is obviously androgynous. Way back it was male rock stars like David Bowie, Prince and Michael Jackson that were into the whole androgynous thing. Now it is the female rock stars that are going androgynous. What gives?

    P.S. There have been some interesting comments about the Sylvia Plath connection, and I'm looking into that.

  547. ra

    also, Princess Diana wasn’t suicide or murder….well, some say she was murdered, but who knows. Anyway, Gaga must view her as being a “martyr”, somehow, along with the others in that list.

  548. You know what's weird? You guys who were talking about Sylvia Plath – I know for a fact since I've read a dozen biographies on Madonna, that when Madonna was a little girl/teen she would read Sylvia Plath poetry. And for Kabbalah Madonna took the name Esther. Strange what you said about the electroshock therapy. Also, any Madonna fan will know that Madonna is known to struggle with insomnia. It's all very strange. Maybe a hint?

  549. I'd just like to say thanks to the last ten posters for turning this comment forum back to relevant debate worth reading!


  550. @lvb- gross i just saw the head – its like ridiculous how much its everywhere, so we can notice it now from everyone and everywhere- movies, fashion, music

    its not even hidden anymore which is exactly what gaga is saying in her music- she is showing us all these dif things going on

    when janet and paula abdul did the 2 fingers under the eye move, no one cared it was just a dance move

    when mj did his quick triangle cross i his dance moves and his moon walk (walking backwards=backwards body language=backwards language= talking backwards- part of secret communication btwn members of the dark religion)

    when metal bands like slayer had drawings of a full figure baphomet all over albums, no one cared (because there were no videos and no club music- unless you were a death metal fan, u had no clue who there were)

    when madonna sang beautiful stranger everyone thought it was a cute song (read lyrics!!!!! you will sh*t yourself that she was singing to the dark force all along)

    when bono sang "new years day" we also thought that was a cute song (new years day= day of new world order)

    when kiss painted their faces we thought they were cool and fun(i urge you to research the true meaning of those masks and the connected to aleister crowley and the meaning of their names!)

    even christian louboutin the fucking shoe designer portrays himself as a magician- check out his site

    did you see the fashions of alexander mcqueen who recently killed himself? deer & goat horns and scull and bones and witches anyone

    we got scull and bones on clothing targeted to the black community- i thought those were more for the metal/rock crowd? now everyones wearing it!

    that gosh darn baphomet head is everywhere now (some people argue its not even evil! just a symbol of good ol' balance)

    the eye sighhh the eye… gee in my religion we have a blue eye that is used to ward off evil presence of the evil one and bad luck energy.. of course adopted from those mighty ancient egyptians everyone seems to be talkin about- add those 2 teardrop lines on the bottom and you got the eye of horus

    machine guns and weapons for the first time in music videos

    killings for the first time in music videos

    good and bad- like in madonna's song "hollywood says"- i been everything good and bad

    list goes on and on- there must be a reason why its all out there

    is it really because they think we dont have a clue anyway, and its all a fad that sells?

    or are they just throwing out there all dif relgious symbology and everything in between to mix us up, have us forget our individual, initial religion in attempt to create one big one for everyone later on? mixing it all up! i mean what on earth does a christmas tree (lighted up= illuminated- get it- haha) have to do with the birth of Christ? wait a minute, that is not new.. why do the Muslims use a star and a moon (ancient pagan god symbology) on their flags?

    We have been mixing it all up from the start- we are paying more attention to all of these conspiracy blogs than our own spiritual literature- guess what? thats the point!

    perhaps the butterfly is going to be the modern religious symbol for everyone.. notice how that is everywhere… from childrens' clothing to the cover of music albums…. ah the butterfly, a whole other story..

  551. just like sandy rios, #youguysareadisgrace lol (: little monsters will know what I'm talkin' about (;

    then again, you can rework and analyze ANYTHING and contort it to fit your beliefs or mindset. For example, I'm recovered from anorexia, and, well, I still struggle from time to time. I can probably relate ANY song I hear on the radio to anorexia/eating disorders because of my experiences. Even this song. GaGa says it's about feeling suffocated and not being able to have a good time because she works so much, and also the voice in her head telling her to work harder. When I listen to it, the song is about the stupid voices in my head telling me I'm not thin enough and I need to eat less. I bet I could relate ALL the symbols in the video to that message as well. If you guys took eating disorders as seriously as you do this Illuminati crap [and, btw, ONE of those (i won't say which) is more imminently dangerous to society than the other] I could start a freakin' blog too about how everything in the media relates to eating disorders.

  552. I don't know if I believe in all of your iluminati theories (however, they're very well explained and backed up with solid background) but for me the most important part of the video is this:

    You forgot to mention that after Beyonce kills the boyfriend her nails are painted with the american flag, and they're dressed in the american flag after they kill everybody. Different possible "conspiracy" theories:

    – They're trying to subliminary say to people that USA kills people and this is a small part of the NWO agenda of destroying patriotism and embracing a world government. But I'm not too keen on this one because patriotism has been used on their agenda (assuming it exists)

    – This is a profetic message, like that one with the vodka bottles Nemiroff from Ukraine and the burning in Bad Romance and then the events that happened in Ukraine… Which means that something like this will happen in the USA planed by the government (this interpretation is too imaginative I guess)

    – They are killing because they were programmed to do that, like the CIA (american dresses and nails) used to program people with the Monarch Mind Control to kill and etc.

    The dialogs are similar to the kind of dialogs in Natural Born Killers. In that movie Malory Knox speaks in a similar way to Lady Gaga. You'll find out that they seem to be emulating that movie with the dialogs, mass killing with humor parts in it. Natural Born Killers was written by Tarantino, the one who gave Pussy Wagon (Kill Bill) to Lady Gaga for the video.

    I'm not american nor I am very informed of this subjects of mind control, CIA, NWO, Iluminati etc… But I just wanted to say that for me the strongest message are the american flags dresses and nails.

  553. Here is an article about Gaga's Telephone from the transhumanist magazine H+

    Lady Gaga & the Dead Planet Grotesque

    Written By: Jason Louv

    Date Published: March 16, 2010

    Over the last year Lady Gaga has come to embody —for me and, I imagine, for her fans — a kind of posthuman life strategy. She presents a response to the horrors of the 21st century that reeks, strangely, of absolute sanity — the sanity of very archly embracing the most grotesque excesses of the materialist culture that is destroying the planet.

    At once very human and also indistinguishable from the inhuman culture machine that promotes her, she is the perfect evolutionary advance, designed to outlive the cockroaches themselves. She is a successful gray alien hybrid, stripped of all human emotion or compassion, a thing made to flourish in this grim, mechanical age. She is the newest model android from the MTV fembot assembly line. She is the latest and greatest Terminator. She is Skynet. She is self-aware.

    Horror Vacui

    Artists hold a mirror to society — but in this bizarre new century, the mirror has been splintered into a million little pieces, scattered to the floor for us to sort out and build some kind of identity from. Artists make meaning out of meaninglessness. Lady Gaga has her work cut out for her.

    (Beyoncé to Gaga in the “Telephone” video: “You know, Gaga? Trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it's broke…”

    Gaga: “But you can still see the crack in that motherf**ker's reflection.”)

    If David Bowie's chameleonic posturing prefigured the hypertext web, Gaga may be the first version of a human being we have seen capable of thriving in the era of the social web. She is shiny, clickable, and malleable in the face of endless attention fragmentation. She is an adaptive strategy. Without any solid or “real” self, her identity becomes whatever it needs to be, immune to the toxic shock of the incoming century, fully geared up to party in the ruins. Is it any wonder that she's provoked the response she has, both adulation and hatred? She's the first non-boring thing to happen in pop music for almost fifteen years.

    Consider Lady Gaga in prison in the beginning of her new video. That's all of us, “held captive” in the modern condition — but Gaga is the Magician, able to transform any situation to her will. Five minutes in and she's reassembled her outfit from chains and cigarettes and is wrapping herself around the girls in the prison yard. The other people in prison are already listening to her songs on her branded Lady Gaga headphone… she set the context before she even arrived. Though she may be in prison, she already rules the world. This is what adaptation to the 21st century looks like. The brand “Gaga” can be reassembled from anything, even in a vacuum, even from trash, just as we must learn to do with our own masks of self.

    The experience of coming to grips with the inherent lack of meaning in our lives or in the universe —and learning not only to survive in such a universe, but to thrive in it — is a crucial stage in many religious traditions. The moment when you finally, deeply understand that there really is no point… this is Buddhism's stock in trade. The medieval mystic St. John of the Cross called this experience the “Dark Night of the Soul.” In the Hermetic and Qabalistic traditions, this experience is described as the invisible sephira Da'ath aka “Knowledge.”

    While undergoing this experience—which usually comes when the mind has been pushed as far as it can go through meditation or other high-octane spiritual practice — consciousness is torn apart by its remaining attachment to ego, as if by a pack of wild dogs, as the false individuality shakes apart, unveiling the true self —primal, unconditioned awareness — that lies beneath. Here, meaning goes in drag as meaninglessness. Gender inverts as well, as consciousness loses its sexual conditioning.

    “In the earliest spiritual traditions known to humankind,” Randy P. Connor writes in Blossom of Bone, his study of transgendered shamanism throughout history, “gender-variant, homoeroticly, or bisexualy inclined persons served as shamans and priests of goddesses, gods, spirits, and ancestors.”

    Da'ath is traditionally symbolized as a prison cell—the place where Gaga finds herself in the “Telephone” video, as her shamanic gender inversion reaches its pinnacle, straight woman in drag as a gay man in drag as a gay woman, emerging as a weaponized new self. “I told you she didn't have a dick,” one of her butch prison guards remarks as she is thrown into her cell. “Too bad,” the other replies. And so we embark on Gaga and Beyoncé's version of a lesbianized world, as they murder everything in sight.

    When both meaning and meaninglessness have been destroyed — when Gaga and Beyoncé have passed through the pillars of initiation, as symbolized by their black and white dresses at the end of the video — a new Star is born.

    The Fame Monster

    The 21st century is pure chaos. Reactionaries of every stripe tell us to turn around and go back. “We have lost all meaningful interaction,” they yammer on and on as they have for decades. They said it about MTV, they said it about the Web, and now they're saying it about texting and Twitter and Lady Gaga. But just as our individual intelligence grows based on the number of connections our neurons make with each other, so does the intelligence of the mass mind grow based on the number of connections made between its individual neurons — us. We are the neurons. The more connections we make, the smarter we get as a whole.

    This, then, is perhaps a better metaphor for the age of social media than the message that we are being “driven to distraction,” coming from concern groups and well-meaning psychologists.” Look at it this way. We're learning to think as a group mind, instead of as individual minds. This, again, is the message of Da'ath — that ultimately our individual egos are illusions. That may seem chilly, but it also might be exactly the type of cognitive approach we're going to need in order to successfully navigate the challenges of this century. Pop stars are charged with pointing a way forward through an increasingly chaotic, confusing, and fragmented world for us — perhaps here, then, is what Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z and the rest are pointing to when they make Illuminati hand signs in their videos. Become illuminated. Evolve or die.

    Lady Gaga is a success story, a victorious Magellan of sleaze. She is the anti-Tiger Woods, able to surf our culture's sexual psychoses instead of drowning in them. Did they build her in an underground laboratory, like the one featured in the “Bad Romance” video? They must have, for what other perverse, mutated perfection of the human form could be better equipped to succeed in this most horrible of world climates?

    While the rest of the world spirals into economic degradation, environmental pestilence and complete systems failure of all of the old world models, Lady Gaga reigns above the flames. Pay attention to the lesson. Lady Gaga is the only person prospering in this cultural climate. Therefore she has done something right. She is the necessary evolutionary adaptation to our times and this is why she disturbs people: This is what we must all become.

    Indestructibly vacant.

  554. AWESOME! Another job well done VC. I really appreciate the time you take out to show everyone about this perverted music idustry and more… God bless you!! :) For those that don't believe… thats on you, but sooner or later the truth will come out!

    Much love to ya!

  555. @ LVB

    We must never never be discouraged. We must keep faith, hope and most of all, love! All of these in action of course! :)

    Mark 1:17:

    17 Jesus called out to them, “Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!”

    Luke 10:2:

    2 These were his instructions to them: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.

    1 Corinthians 13:13:

    13 Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

  556. Guest – Thanks for the kind words. That's why I come here. I love exchanging ideas and thoughts

    with other people who have their brains working at full speed. It's a great thing.

    and stacy-nyc and baba

    You guys are very cool, I'm learning a lot from both of you. I've been heavily involved in music biz side of things, but was never much into the fashion side of it…but it seems like you both have some serious knowledge and interest in that world, so here's some stuff for you to chew on:

    R.I.P Alexander McQueen…

    And something relevant to a "supermodel" / fashion related…

    And Paris Hilton's fashion designer convicted of pedo rape, etc. gets 50 years in prison

    (some nice people in this ruling class elite playground/industry, huh?)

    And this one REALLY creeps me out…I guess this Terry Richardson guy is a very famous photographer.

    The bottom link there is from one of the sessions he did with Obama, before the campaign even started. And, I don't care about anyone's politics, so don't be offended, but just tell me that isn't the creepiest intense stare you've ever seen! And, when you look at all the other really messed up satanic type sh!t this guy does, it sure makes an impression on me…and not a good one, to say the least.

  557. I first saw this video today on TV, it got replayed more than a dozen times. Made a Facebook status about it and got 33 hits in an hour. This video is not only about mind control IT IS controlling minds. Think of all the band products they showed.How many people will get a Virgin Mobile subscription? How many people will get a Beats lap top? How many people will watch Kill Bill 1 on DVD? how MANY people will sing along? How many teen girls copied down the poison recipe to try it out on their bf's? If this shit gets played over and over again people will eventually follow along like mindless drones.

    Its sad that the South African Media got sold out to US Media. I feel our local music is sooo much better and tasteful…

  558. i am so glad that there is a sight out like this. since i discovered what the illuminati is about i have been educating all of my friends about them, i dont care if they despise me for opening their eyes, i am just making sure they know. && dont u think when they say ein zwei…(1,2,3) she is counting down the days til the new world order?

  559. Hiten on