Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet


The symbolism surrounding Lady Gaga is so blatant that one might wonder if it’s all a sick joke. Illuminati symbolism is becoming so clear that analyzes like this one becomes a simple exercise of pointing out the obvious. Her whole persona (whether its an act or not) is a tribute to mind control, where being vacuous, incoherent and absent minded becomes a fashionable thing.

Essential Background Information

What do you mean by “mind control”? I suggest you research “project MK Ultra” to get a little background information on the subject. Here’s a quick overview taken from the surprisingly accurate Wikipedia:

Project MK-ULTRA, or MKULTRA, was the code name for a covert CIA mind-control and chemical interrogation research program, run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence. The program began in the early 1950s, continuing at least through the late 1960s, and it used United States citizens as its test subjects. The published evidence indicates that Project MK-ULTRA involved the surreptitious use of many types of drugs, as well as other methods, to manipulate individual mental states and to alter brain function.

Project MK-ULTRA was first brought to wide public attention in 1975 by the U.S. Congress, through investigations by the Church Committee, and by a presidential commission known as the Rockefeller Commission. Investigative efforts were hampered by the fact that CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MK-ULTRA files destroyed in 1973; the Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission investigations relied on the sworn testimony of direct participants and on the relatively small number of documents that survived Helms’ destruction order.

Although the CIA insists that MK-ULTRA-type experiments have been abandoned, 14-year CIA veteran Victor Marchetti has stated in various interviews that the CIA routinely conducts disinformation campaigns and that CIA mind control research continued. In a 1977 interview, Marchetti specifically called the CIA claim that MK-ULTRA was abandoned a “cover story.”

An outgrowth of that project is unofficially referred to as “Project Monarch”. It is a mind control technique which exposes the subject to a trauma so violent that his/her mind creates a dissociation. The victim’s brain becomes compartmentalized and a new personality, which is then molded and educated  by the manipulators, emerges.

“When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique.”

During their reeducation, subjects are said to be exposed to numerous symbols such as trees, spider webs, masks, mazes, butterflies, etc. They are also shown movies which contain specific symbols (or “triggers”) such as The Wizard of Oz and many Disney Movies. The same way those subjects are brainwashed and reeducated, mass media conducts a large scale mind control project, which starts at birth with Disney movies and continues with Hollywood flicks and music videos.

(For more information on Monarch mind control, check out the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch mind control.

OMG! What does this crazy stuff has to do with Lady Gaga? I luv her!!

What we must retain here is the symbolism Monarch project engendered and its use in mass media. Monarch is a type of butterfly and became the ultimate “insider’s”symbol of mind control. Symbolism surrounding Lady Gaga, in her pictures and videos, mixes those symbols with occultism of secret societies..  Her vacuous, robotic and slightly degenerate persona embodies all the “symptoms” of a mind control victim. Let’s look at what Lady Gaga represents, starting by the basics: her name.


Her Name

Gaga is a term that immediately refers to absent mindedness. Here are some synonyms taken from a thesaurus:

  • Given to lighthearted silliness: empty-headed, featherbrained, flighty, frivolous, frothy, giddy, harebrained, lighthearted, scatterbrained, silly. Slang birdbrained, dizzy.
  • Afflicted with or exhibiting irrationality and mental unsoundness: brainsick, crazy, daft, demented, disordered, distraught, dotty, insane, lunatic, mad, maniac, maniacal, mentally ill, moonstruck, off, touched, unbalanced, unsound, wrong.

“Gaga” is probably the easiest word to say in the English language, as it is often the first sound emitted by babies trying to imitate speech. So her name basically says: I’m a lady and I’m empty-headed. This empty head can filled with any crap you want. Imitate me young people. This state of mind is achieved after successful mind control.

Her name is also said to be inspired by  Queen’s song “Radio Gaga”. The video of this song contains many scenes of the 1927 movie Metropolis.  As seen in my article onBeyonce/Sasha Fierce, the motion picture tells the story of a woman from the working class that was chosen by the elite to give life to a robot, through a mix of science and Black magic.

Scene from Metropolis – Maria giving her likeness to a robot. Is this a metaphor for mind control? Notice the inverted pentagram in the background: Black magic.

This robot becomes a sexy and alluring performer and is given the goal to corrupt the working class. References to this movie abound in music videos, as if it was very significant for the occult elite. Madonna, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue and many others have taken the likeness of this female robot and, as you’ll see in the “Paparazzi” video, Lady Gaga also continues this “tradition”.

Her Logo


Her logo is pretty revealing and particularly fitting. Its a headless female body with a bolt of lightning  going through her and exiting  her genitalia. There is once again a focus on the lack of conscious thought by the singer. The body looks like the weird headless mannequins you find at clothing stores. The bolt of lightning implies that her thoughtless body has been “charged” with a force that gives it life (interesting note: trauma-based mind control is often induced using electro-shock treatments).

All-Seeing Eye Symbolism


You only need to look at a couple of Lady Gaga pictures or videos to notice that she is constantly hiding one of her eyes. Most people will simply interpret this  as “a cool thing to do” or a “fashion statement”. Those who have passed the 101 of Illuminati symbolism know that the All-Seeing Eye is probably its most recognizable symbol. The gesture of hiding one eye, usually the left one, goes way back in occult orders. Here’s an explanation of the origin of the Eye of Horus.

Horus, the sun of Osiris and Isis was called ‘Horus who rules with two eyes’. His right eye was white and represented the sun: his left eye was black and represented the moon. According to the myth, Horus lost his left eye to his evil brother, Seth, who he fought to avenge Seth’s murder of Osiris. Seth tore out of the eye but lost the fight. The eye was reassembled by magic, by Thoth, the god of writing, the moon and magic. Horus presented his eye to Osiris, who experienced rebirth in the underworld.
-Dictionary of the Occult

One thing is for sure: Lady is Gaga for the All-Seeing Eye.







This last picture is very significant. It confirms the fact that the closed eye is used in the context of esoteric symbolism. Her left eye is in her hand, referring to the Hand of Fatima (evil eye). Also, one can’t ignore the resemblance with good ol’ Baphomet. (For more information on Baphomet, read the article entitled Who is Baphomet?)


All Seeing Eye on the backs of Gaga’s dancers during her Monster Tour.
Baphomet Reminiscent horns


How about this ad…could there by more pyramids and eyes?

Her Videos

Almost all of Lady Gaga’s videos contain occult symbolism and not-so-subtle hints referring to mind control. We’ll first look at a short video used as an intro during her tour.

Intro Tour Video

Lady G is talking in a vaporous  and robotic way, as if she was lobotomized, about a man who “swallowed her brain”.  Gaga is questioned by a man who is talking in a very strange and hypnotic matter. If this is not about mind control, I have no idea what its about.

Paparazzi Video

This video is loaded with symbolism but we’ll focus on the main story. It basically describes the fall and rise to the top of Lady Gaga, who, during the process, went through a huge metamorphosis.


Lady is in a bedroom with  her boyfriend and they’re “getting it on”. Notice the Masonic checkerboard pattern on the wall and a ram’s head, representing Baphomet. He takes her outside on the balcony (which also features a checkerboard pattern). After noticing cameras taking pictures, the guy starts acting strangely and things get violent. He finally pushes Lady off the balcony.


While falling down, the background becomes a swirling pattern, typically associated with hypnotism. Lady Gaga falls down rather stylishly, hinting the fact that this descent is not physical. It represents the “trauma” victims of mind control have to go through in order to be “rebuilt from scratch”.

Lady Gaga then enters a mansion in a wheel chair and gradually takes off her clothes.


She slowly starts walking, with the help of crutches, representing her reeducation by the occult elite (she is inside a mansion). She is dressed like a robot, hinting Maria from the movie Metropolis, as seen above. Another scene shows her dancing in a half white/half black wedding dress. This signifies her (forced) association with the “dark Brotherhood”. Her transformation is then complete.

We then see her next to the boyfriend that pushed her off the balcony.


She is wearing Mickey Mouse clothes, hinting once again Monarch programming. She is behaving in a very robotic way, as if her thoughts and actions were controlled by someone else. Gaga then proceeds to poison the guy and smiles very weirdly about it. The fact that she murdered her boyfriend refers to the level “Delta” of the Monarch project, which is also known as the “killer” programming. Here’s a description of it

DELTA. This is known as “killer” programming, originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Delta Force, First Earth Battalion, Mossad, etc.) in covert operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled aggression is evident. Subjects are devoid of fear; very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Self-destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level.
-Dr. Corydon Hammond, Project Monarch Programming Definitions

After carrying out her murderous mission, Lady Gaga is more popular than ever and reaps the rewards of being an Illuminati slave.

If you are still doubtful of the occult themes of this videos, check out this snapshot from the Behind the Scenes video of Paparazzi (available here).

The director of the Paparazzi is wearing a Venom shirt, bearing the face of Baphomet and the Sigil of the Church of Satan. So, there is a chance  that the director is slightly aware of those kinds of things.

Sigil of Anton Lavey’s Church of Satan



Literally bound by “the Illuminated”


To Conclude

Lady Gaga incorporates in her videos, photos and shows symbolism that refers to the Illuminati and mind control. Her symbolism is deep, esoteric and even spiritual yet she makes song like “Just Dance” which is about being totally numb. This paradoxical aspect of Lady Gaga is something that deserves to be analyzed and understood. While masses of young people imitate Gaga’s gestures, her act is part of a bigger system that incorporates many other stars with the same symbolism.  She is creative and a gifted song writer. But at the end of the day, the “Lady Gaga” persona is a Fame Monster, doing everything required to be an international superstar, including incorporating in her act the symbolism of the elite, making her an Illuminati puppet.

What’s your opinion on the subject, Lady Gaga?


That’s what I thought.




  1. To make matters even more twisted, "lady" GaGa may actually be a man. look at this link,

    s/he has reportedly admitted to being a haemaphrodite some say s/he is a man.

    All i know is (no disrespect to any1) but i heard haemaphrodites were a product of incest?!? Also if s/he is a guy and not a haemaphrodite. How sick is that to make guys fantasise after him/her whilst not knowing s/he is (perhaps) a dude? Sick

    Thanks for the info, i never liked Lady gaga anyway. I just hate that all the music that we see/hear is loaded with this crap and so overtly sexual. I heard my kid singing u spin me right round by flo-rida and i had to tell her to stop and she asking me why. Do i tell the 8 year old that the song is refering to oral sex? This is sum bullshit man, is this the "music" and entertainment of the 21st centuary?

  2. was not that convinced by this article. was more affected by the beyonce and omarion articles.

  3. You forgot to touch on the fact that the name Lady Gaga is actually a tribute to the song 'Radio Gaga' by Queen. The video for 'Radio Gaga' uses actual scenes from Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

  4. Charles Deckert on

    Ah, I see now! They’re putting out “role models” for us all, aren’t they? I see now why the music sucks; the point lies in body language and neurolinguistics, which for today’s youth and even their immediate predecessors is easy to hide under a bunch of mindless noise (wrapped up with its own programming of course). The downgrading and desecration of art on all levels can be seen as a means of turning the clarity of the collective consciousness into mere noise and blur. Cinema has gone to shit, music has gone to shit, even literature has made the contents of Dom DeLuise’s septic tank much more interesting and educational. For this, I propose that those of us who’re artists in any field make it a point to put out what we do from the deepest levels of our brains and our hearts and to avoid getting sucked into the machine from which artists like Lady Gaga and Rihanna (and many others!) have been produced and payrolled to pollute our understanding and our tastes.

  5. This is truly amazing im shocked. I believe god told me to check this site. I feel like a total fool I wad becoming a fan of hers. Im totally conviced that this is what she's trying to convey. I think that her total image isn't her fault though. We as people have to keep in mind that these stars are handled and most of them are somewhat stupid. Im not surprised though because her cd is tittled the FAME!! I cannot look at her in the same way. Im finished with her and her music.

  6. WELL YES>> ISN'T LIFE FASCINATING….. ie. the "reality" beneath the surface appearance of things.. Yes well that is everywhere if you know your symbols.. A FACINATING ARTCILE INDEED.. Yes the occult etc.. 'The Da Vinic Code'.. 'Eyes Wide Shut' etc.. Lucifer was also the bringer of LIGHT.. While we know that all ART uses symbolism… & after all LIFE is "Art".. is it not…….. All this as we fly through time & space on this tiny little planet in the outer arm of the Milky Way.. amongst the countless Stars & Galaxies in the Universe….

    Meanwhile also being a student of astrology.. philosophy.. mythology.. ancient & modern history & culture.. the phenomena of synchronicities in life etc etc over the last 14 years or so I have been able to expand my view of reality through studying & learning from all kinds of subjects.. & of course my own life experience.. having to confront the "unexplainable".. the idea of 'the Soul'.. moving from lifetime to lifetime.. learning as we go.. & having to humble myself to admit that no matter how much we think we know.. the "greater mystery" always remains somehow out of reach.. Unless we are willing to experiment with "altered states" of consciousness.. it's not always a bad thing.. a fine line.. since we don’t have our Shamans anymore to guide us all….

    AH THEN WE HAVE THE WHOLE "GARDEN OF EDEN MYTH" CONTRIBUTING TO THE WHOLE "ENLIGHTENED IDEA" OF "SPIRIT BEING GOOD" & "THE FLESH" BEING SOMEHOW "EVIL".. The primary cause for the existence of SADOMASOCHISM….. *'Angels & Demons' anyone…. Yes we have become so "civilised" we have raped the planet so to speak symbolically.. the Earth being a parallel to "the feminine"….

    Meanwhile all this too as I have come into the practice of using Oracles etc in order to get a glimpse into a situation that seems to be debated by many.. ie. in an attempt to try to get an "objective" answer to a question.. beyond all the various opinions & biases we have.. religious or atheistic etc.. Yes.. like Lady Gaga who has risen to such "Fame".. And so I decide to ask *the Sabian Oracle what Lady Gaga symbolises for all of us.. I got *7degLib..

    A WOMAN FEEDING CHICKENS & PROTECTING THEM FROM THE HAWKS.. The need to face antagonism of “powers of darkness” as one attempts to feed the mind of as yet helpless & frightened apprentices.. The most basic “Law” of our Universe is that every release of new potentialities brings about a polarisation of effects.. the forever-present struggle involved in making it possible for the future-oriented actualisers of an ideal to survive the attacks of tradition-worshiping minds that can only follow the lines of automatic response.. GUARDIANSHIP…(Dane Rudhyar's 'An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation & It's 360 Symbolic Phases')

    Meanwhile Lady Gaga is also an Aries.. So astrologically she is meant to "boldly go" where no one has dared before.. & it seems obvious that she is not "dumb".. in the ordinary sense of the word.. but perhaps rather clever.. I am going against the grain.. & so can you if you want to.. Yes perhaps this is the "Occult" message to all fo us.. ******KNOW THYSELF.. TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE…. ABSOLUTE SELF HONESTY & INTEGRITY…. Absolutely no longer based on Societal & or religious GUILT & MORALISM….. Cutting away all the crap…. ie. How does it FEEL to you personally.. & how well do we even know ourselves anyway.. "Well we are all here to learn aren't we????"….

    And so it seems quite to the contrary that the "freedom to be" who we are is on trial here.. beyond mind control conspiracies etc.. leading us to the idea of there perhaps being an even "greater ordering principle" at work in *the Universe beyond all logic & belief…. ie. NATURAL LAW.. beyond all man-made religions etc.. "For all actions.. there is an equal & opposite reaction".. black-white.. night-day.. etc etc.. ie. observation-correlation.. Is this what the ancients knew.. that *the Universe takes care of us all.. in the long run… & slowly "evolves" us all as a Whole over the greater periods of time.. However we are also co-creators… We must at least attempt to go BEYOND "GOOD & BAD".. THE "REAL ENLIGHTENMENT"…. into a kind of NATURAL ORDER.. that is far greater than any individual Society.. belief system or personality alone.. And yes.. sometimes we have to "let go" of our at times overly controlling judgemental modern mind.. & re-connect with the emotional body!!!!!! The Great Mother Earth Within us all…… LIFE just seems to be the whole process of UNDER-STANDING where we are at Collectively & Individually.. & that all that comes to us is part of our LEARNING & PROCESS…

  7. Hey Vigilant. Thanks for the info! I for one listen to Lady Gaga, and watching some of her videos I did always wonder what the hell was up with her doing the all seeing eye. Sometimes more than once in 1 video! Great article once again. One thing I think you forgot (if im not mistaken) is the baphomet statue on the wall in the video for "Just Dance"

    Also as per the link you provided to PseudoOccult; i previously found that post a few months ago. It really opened my eyes to MKULTRA and the Monarch program. Hope the other readers check it out.

  8. Sedition or Perdition ? Dementia will soon become the norm (that’s if we survive the cull-the jab). A ‘Brave new World’ is perfect prophecy. Reject the suits, Reject the uniforms, Reject the ‘compulsory’ jab(s) and stand up for your future-your innocent children. I JEST NOT!

  9. well, just if you guys remember the 1980’s, heavymetal bands were more daring at the time to say that they worship satan…. Black Sabbath singin “my name is lucifer, please take my hand yeah!”, Motley Crue with upsidedown pentagram everywhere, Venom, Kiss, Ugly Kid Joe – singin.. “sweet satan.. i believe in you…” those stuffs really sent chills down my spine, but i love the music though..
    why now satanism is presented in symbolism? probably because the straight-forward satanism of the 80’s scared people away, but this gradual demoralizing of the mass works much better for satan…
    whatever happened to Marilyn Manson???
    i love rock music… what to do? help…. can I be a good Christian while listening to these “popular” and “satanic” songs? somehow I heard my heart said “of course not!” when i typed that rhetorical question earlier..

  10. Your work means such a lot for those who want to remain in the truth. Thank you for all your mails. I always print, copy an send them along to all my mailing buddies. My eyes opened about 2 years ago towards music and I don’t listen any more. The only thing I would listes was christian music but after I saw that most of them also serve satan under the name of Jeses Christ I gave up. I was fooled so much with music that it had change my personality and made my mind open to lust and all kinds of evil deceptions. And all this just because off the music I was listening to. Now I only listen to the bible mp3 and keep on learning everyday. The Word of God has every story, every romance, war, crime, ect. in it.
    A great site site as well is My eyes opened wide up after watching the dvd series “They sold their soul for rock n roll”. In fact that is where it all started to make sence, another one is the dvd series of Prof Walter Veight. Keep up the good work. Don’t you please wan’t to look into Krystal Meyers for me.

    Oh, Marilyn Manson is as evil as his always been, and working hard in satan’s army, you find a lot of info on “They sold their soul for rock and roll” about him and alot of music, songs that you though were ok like stairway to heaven, I mean what a beautifull song that was, yip it’s all evil. But yes satan was the angel of music, so what better way to deceive the masses. Yeah and most of them die young, don’t they know that it is just not worth selling their souls for rock and roll…

  11. Elke, what do you mean by Christian music also serve satan under the name of Jesus Christ? You mean like Hillsongs too? cannot be… cannot be… what else can I listen to then???? i love music..

  12. besides…. King David used to be a prominent musician too.. with music he served and praised the LORD..

    could you help me where in the Bible does it say that satan was the angel of music? i’ve heard about this before, but never read the verse..

  13. Bismillaah

    Dear Truth Seeker,

    Islamic rulings regarding Music:

    Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

    Ruling on singing:
    There are many types of singing. Each kind has a different rule. 1- If the singing contains any musical instrument, then it is Haram for both men and women. 2- Many scholars have sanctioned prohibition of listening to the musical instruments. Among them are IMAM QURTUBI, AL-TABARI, IBN AS-SALAH, IBN RAJAB, IBN AL QAYYIM and IBN HAJAR AL-HAYTAMI. IMAM QURTUBI said: Listening to reeds, strings, drums etc. is Haram. I do not know a jurist in the past or the present permitted it. How would it not be Haram? This is the motto of drinkers, dissolutes and shameless people. If the matter is as stated here, then nobody doubts its prohibition and nobody denies that whoever uses these things is a disobedient”. This is narrated by IBN HAJAR AL-HAITAMI in his famous book “AL ZAWAJIR MIN IQTIRAFIL KABAIR”. As regards (DUFF) Tambourine, it is permitted for women in the occasions of EID & marriage. 2 – If the singing is not accompanied by a musical instrument, it is of two kinds: A. Singing of women for men. This is absolutely Haram. Islam forbids women from calling for the AZAN and reciting the Qur’an in the presence of men. If a woman sings for ladies saying something containing good words, then it is permitted. B. Singing of a man. If he is singing good poetry that involves good subjects, then many jurists have permitted it. If it contains bad things like calling to depravity, abomination or describing a woman’s body, etc. then it is prohibited.

    Allah knows best.

    Playing the guitar as a hobby

    Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

    Allah says: {And of Mankind is he who purchases idle talks (i.e. music, singing…etc.) to mislead (men) from the path of Allah without knowledge, and takes it (the path of Allah, the verses of the Qur’an) by way of mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment in the Hell-fire} [31:6] This verse is an explanatory apposition of what proceeds it which explains the state of the (M‘uhsinu’n) good-doers who perform Salah, give Zakah and believe faithfully in the Hereafter. Allah mentioned that those who refuse to profit from Allah’s words, and who prefer listening to music & songs will be humiliated in the Hell-fire. According to Ibn Kathir, al-Hassan al-Basri explained the verse [31:6] above as being revealed on singing and music. But this is only if the person is too inclined to these things. Taking singing and playing the guitar as hobbies is unlawful. One instead should use his leisure time in lawful and useful matters in this life and the Hereafter. Listening to music is unlawful for the following Hadith: The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “A time will come where people will make adultery, fornication, silk, guitars and wine lawful”. So, as long as listening to music was counted among these unlawful things, it shouldn’t then be taken as a hobby.

    Allah knows best.

    Music for children

    Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

    All kinds of music are forbidden. Indeed there is nothing good in music. So, if the child grows up with it, he will like it too much and will be addicted to it. Allah, the great and Almighty, has made legal a variety of useful means for acquiring knowledge. So, one should stick to these means and leave out anything that is forbidden by Allah.

    Allah knows best.

    Halimah bint David
    SurvivorsAreUs.Com and Affiliates

  14. You realize, of course, that when the space brothers come to rescue the planet, all this will be superfluous and your minds will be controlled by much more effective methods.

  15. L8d Gaga is wearing the Metropolis robot outfit in the Paparazzi video like Beyonce and Rihanna in their videos. After reading how the L8d may actually may be a dude (or apparently hermaphrodite by own admission) I look at all the pictures to check for an Adam's apple but the neck is almost always covered.

  16. To "metoo"….I b elieve the writer Elke was referring to groups who call themelvs Christian but who look like all teh other bands, sound like all the other bands but they "think they are singing Christian Music and they give themelves a so called Christian Name for their band…but they are far from Christian. i think years ago there was a band called Stripes or something like that….but today there are tons of bands that call themselves"Christian Rock"….ooops sorry there is NO such thing. Is there Christian beer, or Christian Cigarettes just cause you put Christian in the name does not change anything that it really is. If it does not glorify and lift Jesus up and it has the same sound as any other band you would hear, well you can bet its not of God…….Your heart will let you know…..that is if you areone of His children and have come to know Jesus personally…….

  17. To metoo…….

    Yes Satan was created and he was in charge of music, so what better place to stell, kill and destroy generations of young people but through music, it is what he knows best. You made a comment “i love rock music… what to do? help…. can I be a good Christian while listening to these “popular” and “satanic” songs? somehow I heard my heart said “of course not!” when i typed that rhetorical question earlier..”

    Your heart and soul is already letting you know that is not the stuff a christian should be listening to…….ask for Jesus protection from it and for Him to convict your heart when you listen to it and ask Him to show you and open your eyes to the evil in the world and in the music of the youth today…..

  18. To Justmell

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, I am a committed Christian. I am also a guitarist and I love the sound of distorted guitar, which is prominent in rock music. I don't think rock music is evil by itself. Hillsongs also blend a little bit of rock in their music, but I believe they worship God genuinely. Music by itself is just music. The instruments are just instruments. What makes it evil is the lyrics, not the music. God created us differently. I think I will bleed to death if you force me to listen to Celine Dion-like music all day long, even the Christian version of it. But in general, I would agree, as a Christian, I have to stop listening to "worldly" music, especially the blatant satanic ones.

    Holy Spirit is helping me out on this matter. Lately I've been too busy in my new job as a husband and a daddy, I don't have time anymore to listen to "worldly" rock music alone like I used to when I was single. I used to like Slipknot for its aggression, I must admit, if I listen to it again now, I still like it. But I also realize the aggression in the music stimulates my anger. Angry of what? Dunno, just anger. It's bad. Now I only listen to Christian music in my car. That's the only time I can be alone listening to music.

    I also saw on a Christian music TV, some young Christian punks screaming in anger and banging their head on the floor ala KORN & Limp Bizkit. I felt there's something with the picture. It seems like they're totally out of control. One of fruit of the Spirit is self-control, but these dudes seem like they totally lost it. I wonder how those songs could make it to a Christian music TV.

    Alright, too much talk. GBU Justmell!

  19. I'm not sure about the whole Lady Gaga bit. I don't doubt that there is symbolism here, but to me (and this is strictly a personal query) it seems too obvious, like she's making a parody of the Illuminati. It seems just way too obvious to be what we think it is… I feel something abstract behind it. Now mind you this is not a biased statement – I am not even close to being a lady gaga fan… in fact I think her music sucks, but still I wonder…

  20. Lady gaga is quite weird. In one comment someone said rihanna wore a robotic suit. Please tell me in which video. Another thinq, I think that a lot of these stars(beyonce,especially rihanna) are just doinq this to be cool and different some(beyonce swaqqa jacka)take from other artists and think its harmless. But I keep seeinq a pattern its always the women sellinq there souls,is there any men who also partake in these acts?

  21. undrgrndgirl on

    if music is such an abomination…and "created by satan" as one poster claims…then why are there references to music in the bible? and wasn't king david a musician?? and aren't all the psalms songs??

  22. 1) Lady GaGa is NOT a man, and the fact that some are suggesting this just goes to show that you people are prone to using sources which are not credible. The “quote” where she says she’s a hermaphrodite is fake, if you looked for a legitimate source you wouldn’t find one. Nice job, whoever made that comment. I have met her on several occasions and she is most definitely not a man. Would I care if she was? No.

    2) The author of this article and the majority of those who comment in favor of it are not from my generation, and not from GaGa’s. I am not ageist, but I find it absolutely ridiculous that someone who is not part of the scene we are part of would try to make a false meaning out of something for their own ends just because they do not understand it. The was young people communicate is different, as you have pointed out. But I believe what she is doing is art. It is not mind control nor is it evil.

    3) Her persona absolutely is commentary on mind control. Key word being “commentary.” Some people like to read into things in completely false ways. GaGa has always been honest that she is a persona, that there is meaning behind everything she does. But is this for evil purposes? No. She is commenting on fame. Everything she does shows this. She is commenting on pop culture, in the same way Andy Warhol did. You propose she is degrading human consciousness, but I believe that by turning things around she is expanding it. She is taking something people don’t consider art and calling it art. She is a pop star and she knows it, but instead of pretending that the world of “the fame” doesn’t exist, she comments on it. She comments on how it can change people and make them “monsters.” Is she evil herself? No. She has constantly and repeatedly said that all you need in life is “love, art, and friends.” Does that sound evil? She has also stated that “anyone can do what I do, it just takes hard work.” Does that sound evil? No, it sounds inspiring.

    4) Stop confusing symbols of spirituality with “occult” or “evil.” For some reason, some people insist on calling anything that isn’t Christian “occult” and this is ridiculous, especially when the implication is that occult is evil. Yes some of the symbols you mention are “satanic,” but I don’t believe GaGa is actually using them in that way. Also the hand of fatima is a symbol common to Judaism and Islam. It is not fundamentally “occult.” Does it have a spiritual meaning? Yes. Can GaGa use it in her commentary? Yes. You people don’t give the younger generation enough credit. We know exactly what is going on, or at least the smart ones do. We are not being lied to, we are a part of it and we understand it in ways that you do not.

    5) I am a believer in God. I am a believer in an all-powerful God who is in all of us. I do not worship Satan nor do I find pleasure in evil or other people’s pain. I believe the goal of life is God-realization, but I believe there are as many paths to God as there are people. God is bigger than we can describe, too big for one religion. And yet he/she is always consistent. The world is a pattern. God is the tenth dimension. We should not judge, and we should not be so quick to comment on something which we do not understand. I can tell you right now you are misreading a lot of her meaning and I can tell you this from first hand experiences. I encourage everyone reading this to be open-minded, and to always seek God to the best of your ability. Always question, but never assume.

  23. Duude.. very good work.. took the "words" right out my

    But.. Hav u looked into corey taylor.. that guy is screaming at us.. difrence is he writes his own stuf..

    Look in to it.. i cant get my info out..

    peace and love

  24. Christoper wrote "GaGa has always been honest that she is a persona, that there is meaning behind everything she does."

    It seems that you are really young. How about getting an internship at Viacom (… ), read a little on neuro science, neuro liguistic programming, monarch, mk-ultra, among others and I would love to hear your post once you return.

    I worked in the commercial film industry for many years at a very high level and I ASSURE YOU, putting these products together -artists, films, music recordings- takes so many resources in terms of people and money that nothing is done at random. When a music video director is getting paid 40K per production day, i assure you that he/she did not get there at random.

    Perhaps there are some views here that can be perceived as a bit extreme but it is much safer to perceive that way, than to live in utter ignorance. Keep in mind that the human brain functions with symbols. Despite the intellect's individual capacity to process the meaning of the symbols, the subconscious gets the message. If you want to understand how it works, I highly recommend "Man and His Symbols" by Jung. I read it a few years ago while I still directed television commercials for children. I used to sell to children things they should not buy. Fortunately, I became a father one day.. and i quit for good.

  25. I'd like to applaud you on your articles, which I have almost all read completely. They are so well written that I have enjoyed sharing them with others in blogs.

    The Lady Gaga story is very interesting, although the least interesting of all your articles, as it simply deals with a celebrity rather than a monument or building.

    Well, I think like other artists she's trying to make a point about the influence of illuminati mind control rather than being a puppet herself. Many artists protest against the illuminati without being a part of them. They are not publicizing the idea but protesting it. Look at Muse, for example. They are the best example today. How about the German band Gamma Ray or even Megadeth?

  26. be wise as serpents on

    Lady GaGa stuck out more than any other Illuminati Puppet i've seen before, it just gets more and more blatant… 'Hidden in plain Site' once again! Looks like she's been promoted as the main puppet to promote the illuminati agenda and Madonna's been demoted.. all that interest in the Kabala (Satanism) must be wearing her out!

    Illuminati (Satanic) Symbolism is EVERYWHERE, more that ever… TV, Movies, Music, Books, Magazines, News… and on and on. If the songs aren't about sex, they usually contain some other hidden meaning to promote the Illuminati agenda (The Killers have some esoteric meaning for one example)… Don't get me started with the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury with the disappearing/re-appearing capstone.

    What's that..?! Your NWO is nearly complete you say..?! Enjoy that seven years while it lasts… I'll be starting the countdown to your eternal holiday in a lake, and it certainly won't be the lake district… mate.

  27. Hey undrgrndgirl –

    That’s a fair question. consider this:

    Satan, aka Lucifer, was in fact the chief of Music in heaven, before he fell. That doesn’t make music an abomination, but it does mean that music can be used to mislead and manipulate people, on a very deep level, depending on who’s doing the performing. Believe it or not, the Bible’s stated origin of musical instruments is that they were brought to humanity by the children of Cain, the satanic brother of Abel, Adam and Eve’s son.
    Again, Cain’s intention, and that of his offspring, was to manipulate humanity through music. Yes, David played the harp well ( and manipulated King Saul with it too! ) The psalms are actually intended to be spoken aloud, but not WITH music. Back then the spoken word was referred to as a ‘ song’.
    Lots more very good info on this on it’s heavy reading, but I bet you’ll enjoy it.


  28. Man, this is one hell of an article. The symbolism is definitely there. It’s just, I think she’s trying to tell you something. I’d be very surprised if she was an “Illuminati slave”. I could be wrong, though.

  29. Karl, Christopher said that nothing Gaga does is random, that she has stated it herself, so why are you insisting that Christopher thinks it is random. Additionally, don’t you think the symbolism is a little to blatant to be illuminati, it is symbolism, but saying it has the stature of the illuminati is way underestimating the illuminati. In short, this article is not that deep, the author is giving themselves to much credit.

  30. Holes in this argument may come from the presumed lack of knowledge on Gaga's part of her usage of this symbolism. One can denounce any usage of occult and archetypal symbols as the work of demons, but at some point, the Black Lodge and the White Lodge look exactly the same, to use shorthand of Twin Peaks' mythology. These are images and themes that symbolize and focus that Big Scary Nasty Machine stuff. Gaga had been performing from the standpoint of symbolism Grand Ritual since long before she broke it big, and perhaps we've yet to see what acts of ontological terrorism she can unleash from this position of hypercharged attention. The Gaga persona reminds me a lot of Mr. Quimper, the creepy alien sex midget from The Invisibles, whose existence derived from a transdimensional "fiction suit" adopted by one of the characters who sought to explore multivalent perspective and existence. Gaga is like a suit put on to explore the Beast, to dress in its colors and mouth its creeds to lull it to exposing its soft parts. Flies and honey.

  31. To Meto if your Christian listen to AUGUST BURNS RED their a rock band, Or Kill Switch Engage. Anyways i knew when Lday Gaga came out that there was something wrong with this chick, and i was right all along thanks to your website KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…

  32. Revolutionary Unit on

    Its amazing how catchy the tunes are that come from these mainstream props. Before the veil was lifted off my eyes I probably would of been at a club where this song of would hypnotized all the woman there to be promiscuous. However I see now the the secret workings of those that strive to be all powerful. Immortal Technique has a good grasp on what has transpired through history and how many of history's events were orchestrated by those still trying to push society into a Slaved World Order. It will happen and the sad thing about it is those of us that are on the level which we are at can and should do something about it. These enticements through media and political speeches have not fooled us and one day we will have to make that decision- Will we stand for something or fall for anything. My name is definitely a coincidence and one day through RIGHTEOUS WILL- will take aim at not allowing the NWO to take place……..

  33. To Halimah bint David: I am a guitarist and I take exception to your and I piss on any religion that espouses such ridiculous rhetoric. Music is often hated and feared by rigid religious sects oppressive regimes because it opens people minds and can lead people to think more independently

    To Vigilant: Below is a link to the new Behemoth video I am wondering if you would analyze it for any Illuminati symbolism, I looked at it and it seems to me that its their but I am not as schooled in it as you.

  34. voir les videos the signs , see the videos the signs and arrivals interesting i think the dajal is maitreya ?

  35. Good work man. This realy surprised me, now I know why sometimes heard people say that music i not always what it is like. And sometimes it even controls your feelings. I realy hate that. ty for the info.

  36. ~TM, if you read the paragraph carefully when Christoper wrote?

    "GaGa has always been honest that she is a persona, that there is meaning behind everything she does. But is this for evil purposes? No. She is commenting on fame."

    I meant to say that there are ulterior motives that may not be evident at first. Perhaps next time I may write "random comment" instead. For instance, would you consider Lady Gaga's image mimicking the pose of Bahometh social commentaire? Perhaps the repeated use of the "All Seeing Eye" is just mimicking Madonna the singer? There are people that are so blinded by the glitter and gloss of mainstream media actually believe everything they are shown. Others simply don't care. There are two layers to everything.

    Vigilant's work is brilliant because it raises questions. We should all ask lots of questions and demand right answers. There are so many things going and our attention is being directed on to the bread and circus just like in roman times.

    Thanks Vigilant for all your great and very valuable work!

  37. Great article. I’m not too into pop culture these days, so I barely heard of “Lady G.” But I happened to catch a music video of hers for a song called ‘Poker Face,’ and all I can say is it was freaky. Yet I can’t get the damn thing out of my head! As usual the mainstream media is doing everything it can to hasten America’s descent into depravity.

  38. Vig, in case you didn't know, I am a big fan of your site. You always provide incredible insights in the works you examine. And this is another great analysis. Thanks for emailing me about it, and keep my informed of all your great work.

    As someone who had been literally hypnotized by Lady Gaga's work for three months this year (I still think she's amazing) I was kind of dumbfounded by why I found her videos so damn appealing. Don't get me wrong, she is ridiculously hot, but so are a lot of other pop singers, and Gaga is not my normal taste in looks anyway. This piece goes into the subliminal underpinnings that permeate her work. Some of them I had already noticed: the ram's head above the bed in "Paparazzi" was pretty blatant, for example. Some you really illuminate the history of the symbolism: how she made the circle around her right eye with her hand was something that always mystified me.

    In any case, this, like your other analysis, may not be the final word of Lady Gaga, but it does provide a fascinating, if provocative, spin. How much of this is "coincidence" and how much of it is by design? I don't know. But your work shouldn't be ignored either way.

    Thanks again,

    Robert Sterling

    PS – Here's a link to my article on Lady Gaga from earlier this year when I picked her to be the next big star of pop music:….

  39. Yep. Spot on!

    I really think that once we are aware of this stuff we should not fight it, but embrace it as real. That way, at least we'll be fighting on a winning side.

    You must surrender to the illuminati. They are just too powerful.

    Dantalion Jones.

  40. I agree that Lady Gaga is definitely working for some kind of evil masters, be they Illuminati or not. If you really want to get into mind control, why not analyze her song "Just Dance." Look up the lyrics. The song is about getting so drunk that you don't know where you are and eventually getting raped. "I love this record babe, but I can't see straight any more." In the song, she has lost her keys and phone and doesn't even know what club she's at. What's her answer? "Just dance. it'll be okay."

    As if that song wasn't a clue that she was representing evil, one of her other songs goes "beautiful and dirty rich, rich, dirty." That's the whole point of the song. She is wearing red and writhing about on a bed of money.

    I think the fact that her face appears on a one-dollar bill is also significant in the video cited in the article above, "Paparazzi." That's a blatant reference to any Illuminati ties that she may have.

    Good work, but I think you can go deeper with this one. Her other videos are dripping with symbolism; I'd like to hear your take on them.

    Even if these music "artists" aren't representing the Illuminati, they are certainly representing a toxic frame of mind in our modern culture.

    And to those who think that being a hermaphrodite is somehow bad or wrong or deceitful, I think you are very close minded. People can't help the way that they are born. If she is a hermaphrodite and has come out as such, I applaud her for her bravery. It is people like the ones who left negative comments about hermaphrodites that make the world unsafe for those born different. The idea that there is black and white is a myth; we really exist in shades of gray.

  41. All of this MKUltra and Project Monarch was first proposed and developed in England at the premier psychological think tank TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE based at Suffolks University. This is the mother of all think tanks that passes their findings to the lesser ones in the U.S. and worldwide to effect their mass brain washing experiments and mind control tactics. Sigmund Freud, the sicko psychiatrists with a Kabbalist Background In the Zionist movement in Germany went to Paris France to study a hypnotist advocate before he launched his own movement in psychoanalysist, a form a mind control in itself. This stuff is highly organized down to the symbolism and music itself. It is purely Satanis since the Kabbalist and Secret Societies it has spawned such as the Illuminati is had at work in driving everyone nuts so they can manipulate them and if possible eliminate as many as possible. Traumatizing America and the world is their goal in order to inject their split personalities, etc. These people use any means to justify their ends which is world domination of the people and all in it. There one obstacle is God which they believe to be themselves but are sadly mistaken.

  42. endless nameless on

    ‘Lady’ Gaga the hermaphrodite? It figures. Don’t be surprised if ‘Lady’ Gaga is really a man. That would tie her directly to Baphomet, Dionysus, and the many bisexual demigods of the Left Hand Path, and it would make PERFECT sense as an invitation to initiation into Luciferic Black Magical orders.

    A not well publicized but persistent part of hard occultism is a marked preference for bisexuality and hermaphroditism. This is well known by those who conjure demons because demons often appear in forms combining male and female genitalia, or that of humans and animals; also, naturally gifted magicians are usually gay, and for those brought into magic, the spirits themselves will incline towards effeminacy, often forcefully.

    Lady Gaga also often wears lavender in her suits and hairstyles. Anyone well acquainted with natural magic knows that lavender is used in curses to remove vigor in men and turn them gay or impotent by flooding their systems with estrogen. You may verify this for yourselves by googling ‘herbs AND magical properties AND lavender’ and see what you find even in the blanched-out wiccan directories. For the real hard uncensored uses of lavender, feel free to do research in hoodoo manuals and grimoires. It’s all there.

    Also, one must never forget the Aleister Crowley’s Xith degree rites in the OTO lodge:
    this of course is an initiation into certain types of hard sex magical practice. The trauma of initiating into this level of black magic creates a perfect servant who has gone too far from the normal human mindset to be of any use to anyone outside of their magical order. ‘Lady’ Gaga’s casual bisexuality, robotic victimization role, and headless need to be loved is perfection of the kind of sex slave Huxley described in Brave New World.

    In pop art today you will see many causes leading to sympathy with those who would explore the XI degree in social situations (aka casual bisexuality is on the rise, No longer does MKUltra need to subject victims to hard trauma. All they need to do is visit the dance clubs and select a bisexual youth who has already put themselves through the paces due to social peer pressure and modern trends. The victims are willing accomplices in their own demise.

  43. Lady Gaga went to NYU. I wouldn’t be surprised if she WERE the mastermind behind her own imaging. All it takes is a couple of great classes on cyborgism and mythology to shape her budding college mind, eh?

  44. Christopher: You contradict yourself when you say that "we should all be cautious to see both sides and not simply believe what we want to believe" and that "we should question absolutely everything," and yet the rest of your posts seem absolutely biased to the view that there is no possibility of the validity in any of the things that the article talks about or of some of the people's comments.

    Also from the Biblical/Christian standpoint, the occult is something that's evil and that shouldn't be messed with. And the occult is something that has been closely tied with Satanism throughout history. Look at Aleister Crowley, the notorious Satanist and Occutist who practiced all kinds of crazy magic.

    I believe that the God of Christianity is the one and only true God, and that the rest are false gods. In the Bible, Jesus is quoted as saying that he is the one and only way (to salvation and eternal life.) Basically, I disagree with you about what or who God is.

    Lady Gaga may have a hand in the creative concepts of her videos and everything else, but how do you know for sure that she comes up with EVERYTHING that shows up in her videos and promotion? Surely it's possible that there are additional creative directors that help her and work with her with their own ideas.

    Also you may have known her personally, but it doesn't mean you know everything that she does or thinks or that she's completely innocent. I find a lot of her lyrics and videos very demoralizing and troubling.

    Even if the symbols she uses predate the Illuminati, you still don't know exactly if her inspiration comes from the Illuminati or Egypt. Also even if she did get the symbols from Egypt, that's not really assuring either since a lot of occult stuff came from Egypt (like Egyptian gods that Satanists like Aleister Crowley worshipped or tried to do stuff with.)

    I found this article fascinating and very freaky. I don't know how I feel about it, but I'm glad that I'm more aware of this as I was kind of a fan of Lady Gaga. I definitely feel like I should be more careful and aware about her and other artists and their art.

  45. gaga is a songwriter who creative directs everything she does. there are photos of her sitting on the floor hand drawing the storyboards for “paparazzi.” she hand-picks the directors she works with. plain and simple fact is she’s a smart girl who worked hard; she attended and extremely prestigious program at NYU on early admission; she is one of the few pop stars with a large amount of creative control.

    let’s assume for example that lady gaga was kidnapped as a child by the cia/illuminati and programmed, via shock/trauma, to be a mindless drone pop star. if this were the case, then why on earth would her own act mirror this experience? the whole purpose would be able hide that it happened, so that people like you wouldn’t catch on. fact is she was never “programmed” any more than you or i have been programmed. she was never taken to some secret fucking tunnel under disneyworld and molested.

    now, is she commenting on some of the themes you mention? most probably, yes. i think she knows more than you give her credit for. is she a spiritual person? yes, i think so. does she use spiritual imagery? probably. but here is the thing, first of all: all of the symbols you mention actually predate the formation of the illuminati. if we’re going to say she’s “inspired” or “controlled” by a philosophy then it would be safer to go back to the very origin of most of these symbols: ancient egypt. but since that idea does not further your own beliefs and assumptions, you say that these are “illuminati” symbols. suggest it sure, but believing it outright is the definition of a fallacy when the symbols you’re associating with illuminati are not exclusively illuminati symbols.

    we should all be cautious to see both sides and not simply believe what we want to believe to further what we already think we know. yes, i agree we should question absolutely everything. but this is ridiculous. i’ve known her since before she was signed and she’s always been the same. i know it’s hard for some to believe, but pop music is art and it does have a purpose and that purpose isn’t necessarily “controlling” the listening. she is doing what andy warhol did, and she is getting shit for it in the same way he did. but that’s part of the point. the fact that she has you talking is only a good thing; she is expanding this dialogue by blatantly using this imagery, not suppressing it!

    would you be less concerned if she were singing neil young?

    • Christopher, you're certainly entitled to your opinion. Let me just ask you something: do you think that Lady Gaga came up with the same exact symbolism as Beyonce (Baphomet, female robot from Metropolis, dead dummies in videos) by accident?

  46. p.s.

    “beautiful dirty rich” is about being empowered DESPITE having NO money. it is not about a love of money as one commenter suggests; it is about the opposite.

  47. i have looked at both sides. i am allowed to have an opinion on what i think is most likely. i don’t claim to know all.

    of course there is only one god, but i think he/she has different aspects. in the purest form, god/infinity is unchanging and pure and loving. problem is, unfortunately, christianity does not own this god. christianity has little to do with christ these days and a lot to do with conformity and coercion into believing someone else’s interpretation of his words. no one owns this god. god is to be sought on a personal level by an individual seeker. unfortunately for your claim, the god of christianity was the god of judaism and islam before he was the god christianity; these three religions are all based on the old testament god — the old testament god that created the world in six days. so to say the christian god is the one true god is misleading. the one true god exists, and we must all do our best to find him. i think that christ was a wonderful example and i think he taught his disciples how to seek god, but unfortunately i think the modern christian church misses his point entirely.

    the whole “occult” equals evil thing is stupid. the word occult has been used to describe such a wide variety of things that’s it’s basically meaningless unless you’re going to be specific about it. people who believe in the one true “christian” god tend to think that anything which is not christian is immediately “occult” — even if it has nothing to do with worshipping devils or committing evil deeds. many christians have called religious and spiritual practices that are pure and meaningful “occult” just because they don’t understand them. i’m sorry, but this is ridiculous, and before you call something satanic, do your research.

    is lady gaga tapping into dark energy? i have no idea. i think at some point we are all tempted by evil and greed and let he who is without sin cast the first stone. but regardless of this, assuming she is connected with the illuminati is a very bold presumption.

    people can find salvation and happiness without ever hearing anything about jesus. he was a great teacher, but he was not the only one. he taught his disciples to seek the one true way, but you do not need to know who he was to seek that way also. the technology to be at one with god is within all of us. we don’t need jesus, although he, and other teachers, are profoundly helpful.

    plus, if you believe in the prophecy of revelations, why even try to stop a new world order initiated by the illuminati? the bible says there will be 1 world government, so there’s nothing you can do to stop it, right? RIGHT?

  48. you know, regardless of whether or not lady gaga has a role in the creative process of her music, the product still has to be greenlighted by the producers/record company. You don't get to that level of popularity that GaGa has without selling your soul to the industry. Unless your superstar who has been in the industry for ages and has piles of money to do whatever they want to do creatively, you're not going to find an artist that has a whole lot of 'creative control'. Come on, the only way she would be in control of her work is if she had put it out on her own label and paid for all of it her self. Record companies don't put money behind an arist and build them up unless THEY are in control.

  49. @Christopher August 7th, 2009 12:40 am

    Good, level-headed comment. Symbols, like words, can be used in a positive or negative sense. Take for example the word (symbol) 'war'. It can be used in two opposite sentences; i.e. 'war is good' or 'war is bad'. It is the context that defines the intended use of the symbol.

  50. All these wordy comments, & not one mention that "GaGa" was the Sumerian name for Pluto.Whats up, learned ones?

  51. some of you really need to find better music to listen to, there is so much more out there with real depth, besides just what is marketed on television and radio. I'm so very embarrassed by some of you who are talking negatively about music being satanic and who's only knowledge of music comes from things that the popular media pushes and sells as being THE artists of our times.

  52. beem1 August 9th, 2009 2:26 am writes

    Also from the Biblical/Christian standpoint, the occult is something that’s evil and that shouldn’t be messed with. And the occult is something that has been closely tied with Satanism throughout history. Look at Aleister Crowley, the notorious Satanist and Occutist who practiced all kinds of crazy magic.

    Occult: Etymology: Latin occultus, from past participle of occulere to cover up, from ob- in the way + -culere (akin to celare to conceal)

    1 : not revealed : secret
    2 : not easily apprehended or understood : abstruse, mysterious
    3 : hidden from view : concealed

    Do you see that the book of Genesis, and even more the book of Revelation and many other parts of the Bible are also occult. The book contains many things that are not easily apprehended or understood.

    He answered and said to them, “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given. (Matthew 13:11)

  53. I knew something was way wrong with Gaga and her music from the first second I saw her in a video. No idea what it was; something just seemed way wrong, way out of place, and disturbing.

    I have zero problem with the genre in general or the music vids in general. Decadent, yes, but NOTHING in music or video has ever bothered me like this Gaga.

  54. OK……………………………………………………………………………….someone with enough time on their hands could produce a convincing article about how Larry King is actually Eleanor Roosevelt and Harry Truman's love child, intent on destroying New York City with methane gas produced by Musk Oxen out on the frozen tundra. Giving the people want they think the people want. The public is merely mesmerized by flash and something with a rythmic beat. You seem to believe your own press.

  55. The big problem isn't so much Lady Gaga and others. It's the music corporations like Sony and others working together with media corporations, some of which also own mainstream record labels or are owned by the same people who own the record labels, pushing this music. Plus it seems to me that the music corporations prefer to promote solo female artists rather than male artists, solo or in groups, as they're easy on the eye , more expendable and less likely to read and dispute the fine print on their contracts with the record labels.

  56. Gaga's handlers seem to be having a lot of fun with their little puppet. As for Gaga you should understand that she really does not know any better – THEY named her Gaga and basically parade her around representing what they want you to think of human beings, soulless animals (sheep) who only know what they are trained – youll understand this level of sick, deranged mind control upon reading Tranceformation of America by Cathy O'Brian … whom was rescued from MK Ultra.. I imagine if Gaga got a hold of that book she wouldnt be alive to tell it. Or she would be replicated, or cloned and replaced. There is no escape for that girl. The lunatics guiding her are having a good laugh while people buy just about any lunacy they put on the shelves, even as its entire purpose serves to publicly insult and degrade not only the performer but the fans who buy it .. and they will excuse it with the charge of idoltry.. all that is left is for the people to get informed , that is all that will salvage musicians with actual substance

  57. I'm no going to argue that the music industry isn't a very well-connected organism. The similarity in symbolism between GaGa and Beyonce could be explained in a number of ways. They could have worked with some of the same people, with the same ideas, but the fact is that the image of Baphomet has been around in music for decades and so it's not surprising that it continues to be referenced. The reasons people reference that image, I think, can be diverse. We should not assume that because they both use this imagery they are both connected to a secret society — they could just be influenced by their love of death metal, or by their desire to explore, or publicly struggle with, their own dark side. The reasons are endless. I simply choose not to assume that I know the reason when I do not know it in all instances.


    GaGa's producer named her GaGa, after the Queen song, because she was so "dramatic and theatrical." If we take any given name or word and search for its various meanings through history and its various meanings in other languages of course we will be able to find an occult reference. But we could find an occult reference in anything if we stretch our logic far enough.

    I never meant to state that she was not influenced and guided by handlers. She is, but she acknowledges this. With this said, she works within the structure of her label as creative director of her work — but of course, someone higher up could shoot down something she does, not approve it, or alter it. That's how any company works and that's what she got herself into by signing a major contract. I don't think this is categorically a bad thing, I think it's a personal choice of how you want to operate.

    also @ brent:

    many of your claims, including the whole "cloning" thing are absolutely baseless in relation to gaga. You cannot use "facts" from another set of circumstances and apply them to any circumstances (gaga's career) that you want.

    Think I'm going to leave my argument at that, but I enjoyed this discourse. While I may not agree with this article, I applaud anyone who questions authority and promotes honest discussion.

  58. Through Jesus Anointed, the Placer is going to save everyone. The lake of fire will be doing its good work during only two eons. After that, death, including the second death, will be completely nullified, and all will enjoy the Placer as all in all.

    The entire creation has been subjected to vanity, by the One Who creates it. The same creation is also scheduled to be freed from the slavery of corruption, into the freedom of the Placer’s offspring. So, everyone has something good to look forward to, whether they believe it or not, whether Lady GaGa, the puppet masters, or the galactic deceivers.

  59. Then again, this site may be nothing more than a trojan horse attempting to persuade us to expose ourselves as people who havent drank the Kool Aid, or who have drank it but remain unaffected.

    Paranioia and skepticism are wonderful survival mechanisms.

  60. In the early 1970s when a group by the name of "Black Sabbath" came out, it was all a bit of a joke really. I mean many kids were brought up on Horror genre and the like, such a vampire films, etc., Hammer Horror, Universal Pictures etc. NOW somebody could say this was mind control along with the hippy movement and the music etc., but that is not how a lot of kids looked at it. The establishement was already considered evil and even Black Sabbath has a song called "War Pigs"

    Now the whole thing takes on a much more sinister connotation and I agree that it has been ramped up to the level of "cool" or hip to be a satanist. There is no more joke about it. Music and movie lovers just liked having a laugh and as I can see that laughing at blood or vampires is no joke anymore as well when you look at the unbelievable level of blood soaked gore that is in today's horror genre.

  61. You're looking for a fire when there is no smoke! EVERY song ever recorded can be dissected to find multiple "dark" lyrics. Beach Boys encourages young girls to drive around and sleep around until her dad (the Middle Class; squares) try to stop her. Chubby Checker wants people to "twist" their morals. "Amazing Grace" does not mention God, so what truly restores a man's sight? Is it the shining light of Horus? Come on guys!

  62. She is revolting and laughable she is no way in the class of Michael Jackson this is so false i do not like her or her style as a young kid i know would say SHEs RUBBISH

  63. Someone just put a documentary about interscope records and Tupac about how Illuminati runs Hollywood and how they killed tupac for wanting out.

  64. The strange thing about all this is if she really is an illuminaty puppet etc. why the hell all that symbolism is so obvious??

  65. TY Mr Vigilant on

    The Gaga logo with the lightning bolt down the torso – reminds me of how man was supposedly split into two, resulting in left-brain, right-brain thinking – never being whole or able to deal with the totality of anything. Artists learn early about the literal line that runs down the center of our body, acting as an axis for our organs to roost around. Next time you're naked – look. That line is there, although it's straight and not a lightning bolt.

    As I have read, the Beatles songs were actually penned by a psyop named Adorno. I don't have any links recorded, but a search will probably yield the articles. When we're attracted to songs, it's because they were designed that way for particular reasons. If you get a song stuck in your head, hum The Girl From Ipanema to yourself and the song that's stuck will go away. Do not sing the lyrics to Ipanema or that song will stick, too. No joke.

    Behind the scenes of Christian music is some really heinous stuff – I get that from two separate friends who were very closely associated with the biz. Those groups do the same thing as others do. Do not let the Christian label (or any other label) fool you.

    Dr. Emoto and others have proved that certain music is very beneficial to our bodies and minds. It's all about frequency and resonance. Ozzy and da boys were operating at the low end of the scale, as so many others did.

    It has been known for a long time that the drug lords use the touring music groups (of many genres) to do their dirty business, too.

    And hmmm. I see Chubby Checker mentioned. An excellent (free) e-book to read is The Montauk Project – Experiment in Time, by Preston Nichols (get it at, who was in the rock biz in the beginning. He describes how they discovered they could put subliminal thoughts into the recordings – done on reel-to-reel recorders at the time. He worked for Phil Specter and was handler to some of the really big rock stars who you'll immediately recognize. This backs up what Dr. Emoto has found.

    Now, we're finding that mind control has graduated to the upper levels – of our atmosphere. If you haven't gotten your Smart Meter on your home yet, just wait. Do some research. You will not believe what they're doing now. This ties into SSSS technology and the digital TV's we've been forced into.

    These are very interesting times. Turn your TV and radio OFF. Listen to your heart and do not allow your head to be fooled. Study. Learn. Use the rest of the brain that's just waiting to come out of its long-time storage.

  66. this stuff is so damn catchy!! her albums got little in the way of digestable content.

    but its so hooky, and yea. videos are busy, tarcks too.

    time for a bit of carl jung

  67. What is so surprising about this article? Raw talent will be discovered, encouraged, entered into contract and packaged. The media takes hold of the packaged performer and makes it public. The talent must drive it forward. The treatment of the talent and the ever constant need to nurture it is yet another subject and there is another part of the media that feeds off that. Yet, talent must perform well. It must payoff for a public audience and it's handlers like managers, promoters and the many support types that make up what is know as industry. It becomes a big machine. The image is created as it always has with costumes and makeup. A kind of false image is made both physically and symbolically. The Beatles were subject to this until they took over their own directions. Sometime artists, raw talent or performers self invent themselves. Most often it's not enough and industry has to get behind it and push. That's is what become product that sells. Where does Lady Ga Ga fit in? You decide.

  68. As an occultist, I can honestly tell you that her videos have NOTHING to do with magic, or occult practices. Her music is slightly and intentionally hypnotic, but I think that's more of a human plan, and it seems likely that it is just a plan to sell more records.

    It seems like y'all get a kick out of playin' this game though. You keep jumpin', we will keep supplying shadows.

  69. @RobT: I can’t get her songs out of my head either. Sometimes it takes prayer to remove them, sometimes just focusing intently on other music will work. Perhaps something else is at work in her ‘music?’ Could be demonic, but I’m guessing it’s just some powerful subliminals.

  70. Butterfly's, wizard of OZ, Disney Movies….

    OMG my 5 yr old daughter is an illuminati

  71. Open Minded Andrew on

    I'm not a fan of Gaga, Im not religious (Infact I think religion is a load of shit) and I believe in the Illuminati. I always suspected that Main streem Artists I mean Puppets are sending suttle messages throughout there music to try and change the way we think and change our minds on whats acceptable.

    So far its working, the younger generations dont know any better and with Mum and Dad being too busy these days, its the Media who are bringing them up. Religion wont save us and fighting wont save us, the only thing that will save us, is a change in the way we think.

    Start thinking for yourselves!

    P.S. Lady Gaga can ride my Disco stick any day of the week! I'd also love to poke her in the face! Not with my fingers ofcourse 😛

  72. As someone who studies symbolism, art, magic and secrets, I'd like to propose a little fact for ya. Subliminal control of a subject or subjects is useless once the symbolism is consciously recognized. With the likes of Lady G and all the other poptarts being labeled here as meat puppets, morons and downright evil doers you all may want to think about how these sex kittens have outed these symbolis and their uses for control. After all they have no power whatso ever once they enter the conscious mind. It's only when these images slip past the critical thinking portion of the brain, that they have any power to control ones mood or thoughts. The video described earlier with lady killing her "boyfriend" appears to me to be a direct comment against sleezey guys like k-fed, who use these women by feeding them or indeed throwing them to the paparrazi. To you she looks like an evil meatsock with nothing between her ears. To me?she's a double standard busting stand up kinda gal.

    I don't doubt mkultra, CIA mind control programs, etc exist . They've effectively scared so many people out of their wits that critical thinking goes out the window . You see so until a person gets a grip, they will continue to see succubus and Lilitu under ever rock, around every corner. Guess who that damages? The likes of lady gaga? Or you?

    • Noni,

      the point of this article (of this whole site actually) is to make symbols consciously recognized. Everyday people dont recognize those symbols so they are subliminally affected. I dont see too many MTV viewers discussing Gaga's symbolism yet they are the target audience.

  73. It’s an interesting perspective/interpretation on Lady Gaga – and that’s all that it is. It is not fact. It’s more likely, in my opinion, that she is making a statement on the centrality of mind control in modern civilization – rather than endorsing it.

    Some of you right wing Christians have absolutely no knowledge about popular culture. Black Sabbath were, as one man accurately pointed out, using a gimic to sell music – the songs and lyrics were sometimes horror movie inspired but most of them were social/.political commentary – and decidedly anti-establishment.

    And they were f**king awesome!

  74. I have noticed in every video clip of Lady Gaga I have watched after reading this article is some scenes of orgy depicting women tongue-kissing, or otherwise engaged in deviant sex activities are shown for a very short time, maybe less than a second. These are the typical subliminal flashes that everybody has heard about regarding Coca-cola advertising inserted in films being shown at the theater.

    The duration is so short that it makes you wonder if it's not YOU that has unclean thoughts, but in fact these thoughts of homosexual sex are planted by these subliminal scenes. Totally in keeping with the Illuminati plan to pervert, demoralize and depopulate.

  75. Endless Nameless on

    Btw, the lightning bolt logo is quite obvious: it’s the lightning bolt exercise of circulating the body of light through the Kabbalistic sephiroth in the body. This of course is the inversion of the Indian Tantrik system of kundalini awakening, so the energy is moved downward instead of upward to avoid Kundalini Syndrome (google it). Crowley’s occult student Israel Regardie described the exercise as well as it’s cut-down version in his classic Golden Dawn book The Middle Pillar, and it is an exercise for creating an astral body in order to astral project into witches’ sabbats for the purpose of copulating with devis.

    These things are not a coincidence. ‘Lady’ Gaga’s imagery (an occult hypersigil) is very well-stocked with Rosicrucian occultism.

  76. Oh god have people actually got nothing better to do then come up with conspiracy theories about someone that is clearly listened to more then they are.

    People like to be entertained and thats all she is doing.

    Its petty coming up with comments like this and as for the guy thats talking about her really being a man if your going to do your research do it right, theres are photo's everywere of HER growing up.

    Get a grip on reality pal.

  77. Have you seen the video clip of her showing her "package" during a concert event??? Explain that, she seemed to realize what she had done, but too far gone to really excuse it away coherently. I believe you can catch it on Ebaums world. Doped up on electroshock therapy and street drugs, the perfect combo for a puppet.

  78. Hey Guys….

    I have watched the Paparazzi video in full length on youtube…..I find the video quite disturbing even before I read this analysis…

    I especially noticed many images of women lying around dead with their eyes open…what do you guys think this represents? To me they seem like sacrifices they way they are just strewn around various parts of the home….It’s very disturbing how they are all dead with their eyes open…


  79. Have you guy's tought about the possibility that symbols ect could be chosen for a reason? Sites like this are more and more common throughout the internet. By using these symbols the video creates a buzz. Even negative buzz is good in showbiz. If an artist came out and showed the mark of the beast and a holy war broke out on that account, it would be a jackpot for the artist. So even if someone would be doing illuminatis evil mindtriks, there are so many that could be just posing as ones.

    Just something to think about…

  80. This is truly one of the most bizarre and stupid articles I’ve ever read. Wow.

    Though, now that I think about it, that guy that winked at me at the bar last night was probably trying to invoke some kind of illuminati mind control trick by emulating the all-seeing eye.

    What a joke. You really need to grow up. You seem to exhibit classic signs of a serious paranoia problem. Good luck having a fulfilling life, and trying to save the world by attacking it with its own imagination.

  81. Vigilant……This is great…lets tell the world..We gotta let them know whats happening around them. it seems people still dont want to think wide. This article has just climaxed the thoughts l had about gaga. l have realised that alomost all the artists are linked one way or the other. l would not be surprised to find out that Akon is in the same bout because he has been featured in gaga's video and projects. its just so simple like seeing "The Dream" featuring Rihanna..these birds flock together. My advice to other guys out there…(this is what l did as well)…destroy these hip hop, rnb collection..dont leave any…coz they all linked.

  82. Few years ago I would have laughed at you. Now I found myself independently reaching similar conclusions to you by just watching her stuff on TV. She and her act is actually a bit grotesque, and her music is pedestrian at best.

  83. Everything in the world, from pop music to the weather, is a sign of some all-encompassing, opaque conspiracy. You'd think that all the energy that it takes to put all these secret signs out there, keep them secret AND take over the world, they could maybe JUST take over the world and save themselves some work. Schitzo much?

  84. Andis Nikolla on

    For those of you who wonder, how is it possible for Lady Gaga's controllers to compromise themselves by revealing in her videos the very secret of her mind control and her being an illuminati puppet, I would say that it is a legitimate concern.

    To understand the nature of this paradox one must understand the nature of the people behind her. Their qualities are among others hubris and arrogance. By doing this this they say that they have dumbed down this society to the degree where they reveal their agenda in front of our eyes and we are too dumb to understand it!


  85. Vig, You also should have went into detail on the fact that she is a former song writer for a whole bunch of other zombies. Heres a clip fro wiki

    "She began writing for artists signed to Akon's Konvict label, as well as Fergie, the Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, and New Kids on the Block after her songwriting abilities left an impression."

    All pop stars, sports stars and Hollywood people are riding the same train. I say ban and throw away and trace of zionist media from your life and educated instead of entertain yourself… But alas we are still Human and even I need a cold beer after work…

    Cheers keep up the good work.


  86. Great observations.

    However, have you ever thought, that just maybe (akin to Marilyn Manson), that Lady Gaga is exploiting this symbolism intentionally?

    Perhaps she is a very calculating, highly intelligent, and shrewd artist, that is playing with symbolism to get people talking and create a buzz.

    Many Artists do this.

  87. @ Andis Nikolla and all: Read this excerpt taken from an interview with an ex-Illuminati programmer:

    “Q: But, with the evidence out there, why aren’t more people concerned about the Illuminati?

    A: Because they simply can’t, won’t believe that this is happening. I am a strong Christian, and in Revelations, it says that right before the return of Jesus, people will be acting as if nothing has happened, that all is normal, in spite of evidence to the contrary. You could show people a video taken of a ritual, and they would declare: “it has to be a fake; people just don’t do those things.” You can show them a site with pentagrams, buried bones, and other evidence, and they would say, “Oh, that is just teenagers playing around”. You can show them photos of underground tunnels near Los Alamos, and they will say, “Isn’t that interesting. Must be some government project.” They can be shown the scars on a survivor’s body, from cigarette burns in childhood, and old lash marks that have healed on their back, and the question would be “are you sure it wasn’t self inflicted?”

    The evidence is there, but in my opinion, the average person does NOT want to know, and even when confronted with it, will look the other way.

    The Franklin case is a point. How much evidence has come out? Or the MK-Ultra documents that have been declassified, shown as real, and people ignore it.

    Okay, I’ll get off my soap box. But I believe that the media that downplays ritual abuse is feeding into a deep need in the average person to NOT know the reality. In fact, how can a person face the fact of great evil in mankind, unless they have either a strong faith in God, or are faced with insurmountable evidence? We as human beings want to believe the BEST of our race, not the worst, IMHO.”

  88. Maybe you’re right. Maybe this all is illuminati symbolism. But maybe she has no ties to the “Illuminati” and instead, as an artist, she was fascinated with the symbolism and decided to use it for her act. Hmmm. That’s a thought too.

    Or maybe it was accidental. Maybe the stars just aligned and somehow she adopted all the signs without evening knowing it.

    Or maybe she is a puppet. Like a muppet.

    Or maybe you haven’t slept in days.

  89. I think that she's just another pop artist with sucky music, trying to get young adults to listen to her and look at her as being innovative and cool.

    because she likes fame and money….

    not because she's part of the illuminati

  90. One of the most interestign things I've read on the iluminati in ages. Good examples used.

    Is there not a case for her being anything but "GaGa" – and this is her trying to binig attention to the illuminati, as opposed to endorsing it?

    My best friend taught her at Summer Camp when she was just 14. She was bright and unpopular, so I'm tempted to believe she might not be trying to seduce the masses on behalf of the trilateral mob.

    A star and flag for you, Sir, if I could!

  91. Shannon Wright on

    Ever felt paraniod? A pop star winks in a photo shoot and the New World Order are chuckling at us all, gloating with their achingly clever and overt symbolism?!? A star who plays around the whole postmodern fame irony thing (yawn, been done before and better) is likely to make use of hypnotism and robotic symbolism.

    If the world WAS run by a small evil elite, I;m sure they would have more interesting things to do than to seed the pop charts with a cherleader for their new world order. Anyway, the world iisn't run by a small elite sitting in a mansion somewhere. Yes, shit does indeed float, so you will always find unpleasant despots in charge of things (businesses, councils, coutries, trade organisations etc etc).The truth is that the world is far far more complex than the illuminati conspiracy theorists would have it.

    Chill out, stop the godbothering, put on a good record and relax. And don't choose Lady Gaga as her records are cack.

    Here endeth the rant.

  92. Dr. Reginald Von Kum on

    nice article. I think that you got the meaning of "gaga" right, as she is more of the same, typically vapid and empty headed pop star. which is fine for what it is.

    as for the symbolism in her persona and videos: I would continue with the idea that she's shallow and empty, and used these symbols because she thought they were simply "cool". keep in mind that, since that Matrix film and the X Files, our pop culture openly embraces such things, and more and more people cling to the idea that we are in the grips of some massive conspiracy.

    surely there are many conspiracies at play in our world; but, there now exists numerous people in our culture that passively watch a lot of tv (sci-fi shows and movies) and read tons of internet paranoia sites, that insist that they know all about the "illuminati" or worse, "the aliens". my guess is that gaga got an earfull of this drivel at NYC, hanging around st. mark's place, etc.

    she's nothing but a pop star trying to appeal to the allegedly "aware" crowd of fanboys out there. ignore it and it will pass.

  93. I think you are looking way way way too deep for too much. like the people who clearly see airplane lights and are so desperate to see a UFO (which i absolutely do believe exist) that you will say ANY light on film is one. or the ghost investigator who ( and yes i believe in ghosts and the science/art of gathering evidence for them) hears a mmmAbllkahhj and says "hear the tape? it says im a father" You are just looking too hard. You talk about being aware of the illuminati , fear based programming …………yet you program fear by spending HOURS worrying and disecting lady gaga. No one cares.

  94. Interesting inferences. It is fascinating that a performer using using goth/steampunk aesthetic is controlled by a secret order of males, while performers such as Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, and on are themselves the active agents, leading youth astray. In essence, your assertion is sexist. Give this performer some credit.

  95. Dr. Reginald Von Kum on

    thanks, me! I feel like an ass for not noticing that too! funny how sexism rears it's head…

  96. Vigilant,

    You really put your finger on something with this article as the comments keep flowing in. I had never heard of this performer as I really don't listen to music. There is no doubting the symbolism you point out in your articles. And there is no doubting this does not happen by accident. These productions cost incredible amounts of money and are obviously planned out meticulously. The diversity of comments on this article is quite entertaining. The human ability to rationalize has no bounds. It is not surprising. I hope the commenters howling the loudest sincerely disagree with you and aren't disinformation agents. If sincere, they simply need to pay attention and the truth should become obvious if they wish to know the truth.

    I had commented earlier that Rihanna had a video where she appeared as a Metropolis robot but I believe I was mistaken.

    The L8d Gaga hermaphrodite/tranny stuff seems to be pretty common on the internet. There is even a video where L8d was asked on a british show whether he/she had a penis and she jokingly acknowledged it for what that's worth. It does make sense if true. Name her/him Lady, make her/him up like a Barbie, get boyz all worked up like the commenters above and then let them know he/she's packing. Sexual confusion. It's one of the primary methods of societal breakdown.

  97. She’s just pop at the highest possible level. No one really talks about “poker face”, which is essentially making a song about the most popular thing at the moment, a real worldwide mania that goes beyond the simple card game.
    I believe in some theories here explained, but for me she’s just trying to override everything and everyone by simply exaggerating in what she does.. no doubt she has lots of people behind her in order to achieve this.
    She’s just a worse-dressed gwen stefani, younger, more catchy and less obvious.
    As said sir Wilde, symbols are everywhere in art – though I don’t consider her results exactly as works of art.

  98. Check out Lady GaGa before went 'pop', and she got her mind kontrolled:

    Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and that is the music she made without 'help' of handlers.

    It doesn't really matter if Lady GaGa has a penis or not, the implication that she has one is the important symbolism there. Hemaphrodite.

    It is sick and nasty how naive most people are, and let their little kids experience crap like this. Or mind kontrolled themselves.

  99. I have from the first time she appeared, thought Gaga (gaggag) was a male. Clever lighting and clothing have so far given no hint of an Adam's apple. A simple 'touch-test' is all it takes.

  100. Patriot,

    You need to look broader than a so called conservative agenda. The two party system (duality!) forces the status quo of a de facto one party system. The far left balances the far right on the pyramidal fulcrum, while justice is blindfolded. Justice is not blind, she is blindfolded, prevented from seeing the truth. AgendA, conservative or liberal, crip or blood, is still the same in the long run. If millions of dollars of cocaine, heroin, crack, meth, weed and the rest are sold each year, is the some head Crip that is a Trillionaire? No. There are players who are wealthy beyond imagination, but the street dealers, the ones who get blamed for selling the drugs, they end up dead or in prison. But in reality, where does the wealth go from these dealings? Well 5-10% goes straight to the system in the form of Sales Tax on the luxury items bought with the black market money.

    But Lady GaGa, she goes from a normal girl, to worldwide pop star as soon as she disassociates from herself through drugs and wild acts, and then starts pumping out the symbolism herself. Maybe if all our daughters took a bunch of drugs, and acted like sluts, they could all be millionaire pop stars… oh wait….

  101. professor2030 on

    Fantastic analysis, thank you for your efforts, please keep them up and keep people informed.

  102. You want to know who and what the Illuminati are check out check out Stewart Swerdlows book "Blue Blood, True Blood Conflict and Creation. And Mind Control his other book "13 cubed" it is a troublesome subject because we are all affected by these mind control techniques of Illuminati. You saw the movie the matrix and thought it was cool and eye opening. When you read Stewarts books you will never be the same since what you where taught about our history and religion and it knowledge will be totaly destroyed by his information. And you finally be able to see little clearer what exactly is going on in this crazy world because it is place for victims and opressors to hang out. The used and the user. The physical Unvierse is teaming with such alien and ET's as well who have an agenda totally oposite then our own. Why it just they have inner conflicts as well. This physical world is just a infintismal speck within god.

    They also have books to help you discover who and what you are and where did you came from. And the definitive answer on who or what this concept of god really all about and is all about that is creation since the answer seem to resonate with everybody who hears it for the first time.

    Basically the One who is the only true soul wanted to know itself and so it created from its thoughts of creations that reflected itself wanting to know who and what am I. It is the One who became the many in order to know itself. So on the physical level we all asked the same questions. So god has many compartmentalized Alters or persoanlities to himself wanting to know who and what it is. Mind Control involves the Illuminati copying this fundamental operation of god and fragmenting an individuals normal personality(if it is truely the one god sent forth) in a artifical construct of 13 cubed compartment to imitate what god does in exploring himself within us as his vehicle to gain experiance.

    He also gives info on what the Illuminati have in store for us humans in the near future that will severly chanllenge us as to who and what we are and help us rise higher then where we are know that is if we are up to the challenge.

    Stewart Website is By the way I do not represent his site in way what so ever because I have read most of the materail and I am blown away. Since I have been search for info that will give me rest from searching hundereds of metaphysical sites looking for info that will help me understand what it is all about and how can I go higher with myself. The answer to that I never need to go high I just needed to work on the now and not the future. Since if I work in the physical reality of my inner self then the outer changes. If we all do this we all benifit to change each other. Since we can not fix anybody elses problems since our responsiblity is to fix our own internal conflicts in order for the physical world to be better. My way is the only way but only for me and no one else since everybody has to find out what works for them since everybody is different.

    Their are infinite realms in all shapes and forms within god all happening at the same time. Time and Space is nothing but an illusion but can be manipulated either by machines or the mind. Also us being separate beings from others is an illusion as well. Including the soul personality and Death is an illusion since their is only one true soul that we human call god but the enormity of it is hard to grasp but yet we have been always connected to it and never can be separated from. Since apart from it we cease to exist. Much like the hologram people creations on star trek episodes who step to far far from the hologram emiters will cease to exist.

    The Illuminati have a method to their madness that seems crazy to other people but ritual they take very seriously. Example Lady Gaga with all the programing triggers for the strict purpose of activating other monarchs and mks programed people to do what they are programed to do becuase it is in their very being to do such as murder. Maybe another life time they did this or in thinking this about another person. Since you can not be programed to murder if it was never in your matrix within god to do. Since god allows all things to happen and prevents nothing from happening in order to know itself.

  103. Must have some great PR agents, this Lady. With this kind of conspiratorial talk, she doesn’t have to spend money to get coverage in perpetuity. I fail to find it convincing that her employ of symbolism is anything other than a great way to get talked about. It is, however, really good for that.

  104. The rescue packages will fail miserably, which is exactly what the ruling elite anticipate. Then, the global recession will develop into global depression. The ruling elite hope that history will repeat, and just as the Great Depression of the 1930s led to World War II, the ruling elite hope that the twenty-first century economic depression will lead to World War III.

    If the ruling elite have their way, things will get decidedly worse for the people. Those who understand the situation should resist the ruling elite.

  105. “she’s nothing but a pop star trying to appeal to the allegedly “aware” crowd of fanboys out there. ignore it and it will pass.”

    what do you mean it will pass? Of course it will pass, every “popstar” eventually passes. And is replaced with an even more evil being.

  106. joseph Mulholland on

    just a few brief points…

    1) Could it be that lady gaga is oblivious to the symbolism (and that the video directors are responsible?)

    2) lady gaga has stolen most of her moves from 'karen O' of the 'yeah yeah yeahs'

    3) the writer of the article ignores the fact that in the 'paparazzi' video lada gaga sports crucfix jewelery (ears)

    4)get ready for this one!! the god of the bible has, in fact, the secret name of Oz — hence the wizard of… (check the NT for the reference about G-d's secret name!) This is why so many illuminati jews sport the surname Oz…. Oz created day and night — yes, that's right: black & white, good & evil…. hence the brotherhood's obssession with the black and white checkerboard!! BALANCE!!

    I suggest that all those pious christians stop sweating over heaven and hell and learn to 'roll with it' (Oasis)

    most overused magic numbers used by musicians (magicians??) = 33, 36, 39 — try reversing them as well!

    Oh my g-d!! all the illuminati's secrets are coming out!!


    The illuminati is not just a cabal of enlightened elites/families etc. It is a living testament to G-d's existence through ordinary people. The elite you expose are merely sharing the goodies and enlightening the masses…

  107. Okay 1st… Lady Gaga is a music artist. That’s all folks! 2nd …If you believe in a powerful invisible superbeing such as God, you probably believe in the tooth fairy & all that other crap too. And 3rd.. It sounds like everyone on here is on acid!

  108. I laugh at the people who point to Lady Gaga as mind control and then spout religious jargon. Religion is just another form of mind control. Just look at Jim Jones, David Koresh, or how about Heaven’s gate.

    Any time a person looks up to a charismatic personality (Lady Gaga, the Pope, Bill Oriely, etc…) that person becomes receptive to manipulation. Bring a group of these people together, and the manipulation becomes self reinforcing. Kinda like a witch hunt.

  109. Great Article! One thing i do believe that she does have something to do with Illuminati there is no denying that, but one thing that could be a possibility is that she might of planned this out purposely just to make her publicity

    be more then what it truly is. This could really be something that we all might having waiting for us or it could be something that she just truly admires a powerful like image that people think of her, idk but one thing i would like to see is a interview of some one asking her about this whole Illuminati/new world order thing and then listen to what she says,,, and then maybe i will take this less serious,

    -Thanks for the article really got me thinking,


  110. Interesting article…started looking up gaga on wikipedia. Turns out the director of 'Paparazzi', Jonas Åkerlund, used to be in a Swedish black metal band Bathory in the 80's. I took a look at some of their lyrics. As a christian I was appalled. Interesting to see all the connections to Satanism. The 3 people on the sofa making out with gaga in the 'Pap' video are also called 'Snake of Eden'. HELLO!!! Where's the subtlety in this. Basic bible stuff. Take a look at one of the songs from 'Bathory' below:

    When the sacred oath is broken

    and the lie is spoken out loud

    when the angel is POSSESSED

    and the virgin is stolen her pride

    When the flame of love and pureness

    have turned to BESTIAL LUST

    when the walls of gold in heaven

    close in and turn to dust

    When THE WIND OF MAYHEM whispers

    through the vale of tears and death

    when the golden river is empty

    and the SADIST tear the angels' flesh

    When the SON OF THE DAMNED strides the earth

    and THE RITE OF DARKNESS is done

    when the REVELATION OF DOOM comes closer

    and the battle just begun

    When the beauty is BORN FOR BURNING

    and the TOTAL DESTRUCTION draws near

    when the disciples under the sign of the black mark gathers

    and the REAP OF EVIL is here

    Then the clouds of death shall gather

    then the night shall always burn

    then the ancient prediction comes true

    and the bells of fate chime


    Take comfort in the fact the victory is already won. Thankyou Jesus for what you did on the cross.

  111. You can't just accept the fact that she's weird, or popular, no there must always be a reason behind it that involves either cults or goverment. I swear, stop with the cannabis, it's making you paranoid. Come on, lady gaga the face of a legendry cult. Somehow those two things don't exactly mix well.

    The thunderbolt eye = DAVID BOWIE

    the weird eye symbols = POKER FACE !!

    i can see where you're coming from but I just don't believe it, because the people she works / collaborates with don't do the same thing.

  112. Great article, i bumped into this website thanks to Lady Gaga I suppose. Great humor with detailed references, i always love them.

  113. Yes this in depth analysis is all good.. but has it been definatively decided whether she has a cock or not?

  114. Ist it possible she got the lightning bolt idea from David Bowies alter ego Ziggy Stardust he wore a lighting bolt over his eye ???

  115. Good Info! thanks for waking people up to this, very in depth and very precise. Keep opening eyes and minds. Peace

  116. It's public that she was just a regular singer-songwriter in New York, making harmless pop-rock/blues, and then (as she stated in Rolling Stone) did lots of cocaine, established a plan to get herself 'out there' and famous, and started doing the 'party scene', go-go dancing, etc. If you see photos of her during her struggling singer-songwriter years, she's dressed casually and looks laid back, then all of a sudden she is dressed like a drag queen and making songs about getting completely wasted, sex orgies, bisexuality, fame whoring. Of course her fans will say she is making "commentary", which is ridiculous because why would you parade yourself as the thing you're making "commentary" against?! If you're a bright, non-manipulated person, would you ever consider walking around dressed like a drag queen and acting like a slut, just so you can say "see, if I look like a drag queen and talk about sex, I can make money! it's so easy, there's my social commentary", um, I don't think so! People who aren't being manipulated invest in other forms of art, they don't parade themselves as objects of emptiness, shallow behavior and sex-obsessed loons. Sorry. :)

  117. All symbolism is ‘illuminati symbolism’ when you know how to look at it (understand its beauty), because it is universal, mystical symbolism representing different aspects of the cosmos (both within and outside of our self), that is why people find it attractive, because people are attracted to both conscious and unconscious familiarity.

  118. Nameless Shadows on

    How do you know that she is a slave? Given her blatant use of occult symbolism and how it is manipulated in her music and music videos, it seems to me that she is not showing off that she is a slave at all… more that she is sending orders to brainwashed operatives in the field.

    I think that she is a knowing and willing Illuminate somewhere in Their power structure, and that she is orchestrating things we know not of yet. The symbols are aimed at specific people (or cabals of people), telling them to do specific things at specific times. The Monarch references are juxtaposed against highly idiosyncratic symbols, which I believe to be unique designators (‘code names’) of slaves that the Illuminati no longer have any use for, and who are being instructed to destroy themselves. The reason her videos are so omnipresent is to maximize the possibility that these slaves will see them and follow the orders encoded in them.

    Her use of the all-seeing eye in her gestures are not flaunting her membership at all – they are a beacon to children whom the Illuminati wish to contact and possibly corrupt to their own ends. All of us are programmed to recognize certain symbols without knowing realizing it – some are more susceptible than others because they have been programmed since birth to act on them. These children are bred and engineered to become Illuminati agents, and are dispersed in deep cover as infants. Now is their time to awaken.

  119. I’m one of Lady GaGa’s back up dancers. I just wanted to say that this article makes a lot of sense from what I’ve seen, and have talked to her about. Everything is highly organized in her life, not by her, but by her record label, and those people she keep closest to her. She has worked herself beyound exhaustion, but she won’t stop and smell the roses (I don’t think she can do to the conditioning perhaps?) Also..while she says that her name is from Queens, “Radio GaGa” song. One time while going past her backstage room, which was cracked open. I noticed she was on the couch not as herself, acting like a little girl while saying “goo goo ga ga”, but not in a joking manner. Then the guy she was with, said something to her, I’m guessing a “trigger word” and she changed back to her “music ego”. It was odd. I never told anyone about that before.

  120. Gosh, have I missed something or did the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's pass the author by in terms of 'mind altered/altering pop culture/counter culture acts'?…..Portraying Mz.Gaga like she has some sort of masterly influence over the masses, because of her 'blatant' illuminati connection (?)….hmmm….hey, I loved Black Sabbath and everything Ozzy stands for….ever read his lyrics or seen the state of him these days?……I shant expand.

    What Gaga is, is little more than pastiche. If you think her audience seriously consider the motifs of butterflys on her dress (?) or a checkered wall with a rams head (?) as being anything other than decorative, then I'd commend her audience (presumably young teens) greatly. I'm 30 and didn't give any of your cross references a second thought.

    Im a believer in New World Order and well read on the subject, but paranoia on this level is hardly educative. Shes about as relevant and trivial any minor pop star, its her 15 minutes. If her act and persona is strewn with heavy symbolism (hmmmm!) so what?…

    Kids know that, give them some credit.

    P.S – Jimmy Hendrix has probably altered more minds in the past 60 years than this chick ever will. Dont worry about it.

  121. well, i dont know if anyone has also said this, but on the second video, when she is in bed with her boyfriend the scene cuts to 3 jewelry things with the letter G on them and beeing 2 of them blue (the G is a masonic simbol by itself [usually seen with a compass] and the G in blue is also part of their simbolism [im not 100% sure about this last one] btw, check google's logo out :) )

  122. This is exactly why any of us who can see beyond the hype need to start putting out our own programming. What’s stopping any of us from becoming artists/programmers ourlselves!?

  123. wowowo after i saw the video of her brushing her hair i started thinking i want the fame and then i snaped my self out of it

  124. You people are idiots. There’s nothing wrong with the Illuminati, and anyone can become a member after filling out an application, much like a job. for info + application. It’s not like we’re the christian chuch, now THAT is something to be afraid of.

  125. Much as I appreciate the service you have done exposing Lady Gaga, I feel I should point out some sad truths.

    1.Lady Gaga fans (the ones who can read) would not be able to process even ten percent of your feature.

    2.The article you have written is well researched and amusing. It must have taken you at least a couple of hours. That is way too much time to devote to the subject of Lady Gaga, and time you will never get back.

  126. It does not matter what she does, I only know I wanna smash my radio anytime I hear her popopopopopokerface crap. Stupid music for stupid people.

  127. Of course she’s evil, she’s different and no-one understands what her image is supposed to mean, and we can’t accept that, so we’ll turn her into a baphomet. Even if she is some sort of crack pot evil witch, who the hell cares? Comparing her logo to the SS is pretty smart, but until she kills a couple of ethnic minorities, I’d very much urge everyone to stop caring about the artist and care about the music. Which in my opinion is awful anyway. But this seems like a pointless witch hunt to me, to entertain conspiracy theorists.

  128. i cant believe what im reading, this is somewhere between hilarious and infuriating.

    shes just a vacuous pop star like thousands of others, this ‘evidence’ you give for her being some puppet of a super-governmental mind control program is completely circumstantial and unsubstantiated. ever heard of confirmation bias? look it up. you decided already that this was the case, then cherry-picked bits of information that appears, on purely face value, to back it up. that renders your whole argument invalid. look at the caption to that photo of her with fairy lights wrapped around her. “literally bound by ‘the illuminated’ “. ridiculous assumption that that somehow signifies being controlled by the illuminati. i mean come on, be serious for a second.

    where can i start… ok, heres a quote: “The bolt of lightning implies that her thoughtless body has been “charged” with a force that gives it life (interesting note: trauma-based mind control is often induced using electro-shock treatments).

    “The bolt of Lightning also bears an occult meaning as it symbolizes Lucifer who was “cast out of heaven like a lightning bolt”. It also relates to the ancient cult of Thor and the sigrune. All those interconnecting meanings inspired many occult groups in History such as the Nazis to use the bolt as a symbol.”

    how do you back up that first statement? what is your argument to show that that is what it is symbolising? how many people – rock stars in particular – have used a lightning bolt as a symbol and part of their image? loads, for fairly obvious reasons. AC/DC, david bowie, and the hundres of others. ffs its a pretty simple image – lightning bolt = power, excitement, edginess, its just adding to the image shes trying to build.

    [about her video] “Lady G is talking in a vaporous and robotic way, as if she was lobotomized, about a man who “swallowed her brain”. Gaga is questioned by a man who is talking in a very strange and hypnotic matter. If this is not about mind control, I have no idea what its about.”

    this isnt even an argument, its rhetoric. youre asserting that these are all references to mind control without explaining the logical connection. these are circumstantial similarities that can be found in pretty much anything if you look hard enough. go look up confirmation bias on wikipedia.

    “You only need to look at a couple of Lady Gaga pictures or videos to notice that she is constantly hiding one of her eyes. Most people will simply interpret this as ”a cool thing to do” or a “fashion statement”. Those who have passed the 101 of Illuminati symbolism know that the All-Seeing Eye is probably its most recognizable symbol. The gesture of hiding one eye, usually the left one, goes way back in occult orders. Here’s an explanation of the origin of the Eye of Horus.

    “One thing is for sure: Lady is Gaga for the All-Seeing Eye.”

    ok, the one-eye thing has been used by a lot of groups, sects, religions and other movements in the past. its also been used by pop stars (gabrielle? tori amos? suzanne vega?) where is your evidence that this definitely is a nod to the illuminati or some related symbolism? i dont think you have any, and this is clear from the fact that you just state this asumption in a rhetorical way without actually explaining your reasons. its all just justified because it agrees with a presumed conclusion.

    i could go through the whole article like this, because there isnt a shred of objective analysis of anything you bring up, its all just presented in a way which appears to justify your existing ideas about the world. its also called the Reverse Scientific Method, and is one of the most classic fallacies since formal logic was ever conceived.

    this is absolutely ludicrous, just take a deep breath, look at it again, oh yeah actually its just a f**king pop star making crap music and rehashing old images and styles, sculpted by cynical record labels to sell records to the idiot record buying public, TO MAKE MONEY. no need to bring in mind control and new world orders. that is something that can be soundly demonstrated and confirmed with very little argument against it. if you want to show that it is for some other, more sinister reason, then give me something more concrete that this cherry-picked circumstantial FANTASIZING which will only be even remotely convicing for someone who is already convinced of your conclusion and is looking for something to vindicate it, no matter how vacuous.

  129. This was interesting. I found myself feeling somewhat put off whenever I saw Lady Gaga before, and now I know I wasn't alone in having these uncomfortable feelings.

    Also, to metoo:

    "well, just if you guys remember the 1980’s, heavymetal bands were more daring at the time to say that they worship satan…. Black Sabbath singin “my name is lucifer, please take my hand yeah!”….

    i love rock music… what to do? help…. can I be a good Christian while listening to these “popular” and “satanic” songs?"

    The Black Sabbath song you're referring to is a 1969 song called 'NIB'. The song is sung from the point of view of Lucifer, describing his falling in love with a mortal woman and the fear and other strange emotions he felt from experiencing love. They felt juxtaposing the evil Lucifer with the goodness of love was an interesting idea for a song. Black Sabbath was NOT saying that they worshiped Satan. Many have this misconception based primarily on the band's name and that particular song, but it simply isn't true. You don't have to fear that you'll be a bad Christian for listening to a Satanic band, because Black Sabbath is absolutely not a Satanic band.

    The name Black Sabbath was taken from a 1963 Boris Karloff movie by the same name. The movie had been playing at a theater near the band's rehearsal space, when the band still had their original name, Earth. They had formed at the end of the 60's and were surrounded by very light, 'bubblegum' music, and they decided that the name was more fitting for the heavier, more mysterious music they had written. They never meant to imply any association with Satan. They were actually quite open about their belief and love of God. Take the lyrics to their 1974 song After Forever, for example:

    "Have you ever thought about your soul – can it be saved?

    Or perhaps you think that when you're dead you just stay in your grave

    Is God just a thought within your head or is he a part of you?

    Is Christ just a name that you read in a book when you were in school?

    When you think about death do you lose your breath or do you keep your cool?

    Would you like to see the Pope on the end of a rope – do you think he's a fool?

    Well I have seen the truth, yes I've seen the light and I've changed my ways

    And I'll be prepared when you're lonely and scared at the end of our days

    Could it be you're afraid of what your friends might say

    If they knew you believe in God above?

    They should realize before they criticize

    that God is the only way to love

    Is your mind so small that you have to fall

    In with the pack wherever they run

    Will you still sneer when death is near

    And say they may as well worship the sun?

    I think it was true it was people like you that crucified Christ

    I think it is sad the opinion you had was the only one voiced

    Will you be so sure when your day is near, say you don't believe?

    You had the chance but you turned it down, now you can't retrieve

    Perhaps you'll think before you say that God is dead and gone

    Open your eyes, just realize that he's the one

    The only one who can save you now from all this sin and hate

    Or will you still jeer at all you hear? Yes! I think it's too late."

    As you can see, this song is addressing non-believers and cynics who sneer at God, Christ, and religion as a whole. They say that it is a shame that so many people are close-minded and scoff at God, when love of God and faith in Him is the only way to happiness. God is the way to salvation, the road away from sin and hate, and hopefully those who scoff will open their eyes and see the truth before it is too late. Certainly not the kind of lyrics you'd expect from a Satanic band, huh?

    Many people suspected that the band was Satanic when they made use of seemingly-occult imagery in their album artwork (this was almost entirely done by their record label, however, and they always protested because they did not want their audience to mistake them as Satanic; many of the occult- or Satanic-looking things on their record artwork were done without their knowledge, specifically the upside-down cross on one album sleeve and the numbers 666 and images of what appear to be demons on another album backside, they even tried to leave their label after the upside-down cross incident because they were so infuriated, but their contract prevented it). The truth is, they were firm, unabashed believers in God and Christ. The band members, primarily the lead singer Ozzy Osbourne, didn't always lead good and sin-free lives, but they're human and they made mistakes as humans do. These sins definitely don't change the fact that they love the Lord, and as they said in the above song, "God is the only way to love."

    Depending on your own particular religious views, you may not be able to reconcile your beliefs with a band using their music to artistically explore the idea of Lucifer experiencing love, as they did in the song NIB that you mentioned in your post. I understand why this could make someone feel uncomfortable. I just wanted to explain the motive behind the song, which was exploration of an idea: Lucifer, someone inherently evil, experiencing love, something inherently good. Their intention was this artistic idea, not an admission of Satanism. They were wondering, "How would an evil being like Lucifer experience something as good and beautiful as love?" The band used their music to express this idea, but due to the personal nature of such artistic expression as music coupled with the prominent lyric "My name is Lucifer", the message behind the idea was muddled a bit and was unfortunately lost on some, and people began to associate Black Sabbath with Satanism. But the band had no qualms about clearly stating their own religious convictions in their lyrics, as they did in the song I detailed above. If you're able to recognize the idea behind the song NIB and see that it isn't Satanism, and if you're able to look past the somewhat questionable imagery used by those outside the band to stir controversy and sell records, you can hopefully see that Black Sabbath was simply a band that made enjoyable music, and one can certainly enjoy that music and still be a good Christian. It would be a shame to miss out on enjoyable rock and roll because of misconceptions or rushes to judgment. Many band used imagery like pentagrams because they felt it looked "cool" or "dangerous" or they felt it would be controversial, all an effort to get attention, really. It doesn't mean that the bands or the music is associated with Satan or Satanism, and it doesn't mean that listening to the music would be an affront to God. There are some bands that do claim to be Satanists and reflect that in their music. Examine the bands and music you come across and dismiss the ones that are actively in disagreement with your religious convictions. Just be open-minded and try not to judge something too quickly based on the initial appearance, and you'll often find that things which seem like they would clash with your religious beliefs are actually easily reconciled with your faith. Certainly as a good Christian, you can agree with Black Sabbath that God is the only way to love, right?

    I sincerely hope you do not take what I've written as an attack or an insult on your faith or your beliefs. I've heard many people voice the same misconceptions about Black Sabbath before, and I was just hoping for the chance to clear them up and show you the truth about them, and hopefully give you the opportunity to enjoy their music as a Christian. Your concerns about popular music clashing with religious faith are definitely valid. I just wanted to show you more of the picture in regards to Black Sabbath, so hopefully you can leave with a better understanding of their music, and see that they aren't a Satanic band but rather the very opposite. Thanks for the opportunity to address this issue, and I wish you luck in the future as you search for rock music that you can comfortable reconcile with your faith =)

  130. Outside the ordered universe is that amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity—the boundless daemon sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond time and space amidst the muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes. When they stop playing, he will wake and end the universe.

  131. The purple/violet carpet when she re-enters the mansion symbolizes the awakening of her 7th Chakra, the Crown

  132. The woman disgusts me, almost as much as Madonna and the people who admire them…nice article.

  133. Alon,

    Was that post merely the product of astounding naivite, or are you perhaps unaware of how effectively you have already been programmed?

    You begin by hiding behind the appearance of rationality, deploying impressive sounding concepts such as "confirmation bias," but pretty soon you reveal yourself as advocating policing and mind control, and in no time your anti-christianity surfaces.

    My friend you really need to do some reading on subjects such as covert hypnosis, mind-control and especially persuasion techniques, before you try to bust up someone else's party.

  134. OMG! Did anyone notice, when she said in the second video that her mind was "in his belly" the camera caught a close up shot of that devillish looking skull on the dude's shirt, which is ON his belly? And the way she pointed and touched the star on that brush. I cannot believe i used to listen and watch crap like this and LOVE it!

  135. Most women today have been virtually taken over by the spirit of Jezebel.

    So what else is new? … they are puppets of satan. … there *is* deliverance, … but most of them refuse it.

    Why? … because it requires repentance, … and they love *this present evil world* too much.

    There It Is.

  136. I agree with dave angel. This article is ridiculous and is an obvious example of confirmation bias and “conspiracy theory” paranoia. You’re saying the Illuminati are brainwashing us into obedience and submissiveness? It is conspiracy theorists like you together with hippies, Big Brother protesters, and all other groups that whinge and bitch about even the slightest form of order imposed by authority, that are causing our society to become weak, mindless and decadent. You use the guise of “say no to being controlled” to subliminally promote your “be wild, be free, smoke weed, protest in the streets” message of anarchy. The world is like a kindergarten and it is full of noisy, hyperactive, shit-stirring, smartass kids who NEED to be policed/mind-controlled so that the rest of the kids can learn and enjoy themselves in peace and quiet. I’m not saying we need to be completely devoid of free expression and feeling A La “Equilibrium” but to roughly quote that movie, we have to sacrifice some of our more extreme freedoms and rights in order to attempt to gain order and peace and avoid anarchy.

    I’ll bet you are Christian, white, middle or upper-class with too much free time on your hands. You and the whole of Western society have become weak and decadent. Stop complaining, focus on being your best instead of pointing out the worst in others, and be thankful to your government for taking care of you and imposing order around you instead of bitching about not enough “freedom”.

  137. The irony on this page is overwhelming entirely. You retards are the mindless brainwashed people. You are completely ruled by your so-called faith that a simple article that is laughably awful is completely changing how you think about innocent people. Have you ever thought maybe Lady Gaga just enjoys techno sounds because her music is techno? Or that she has a fascination with eyes therefore showing one for more dramatic appearances? She is a performer and a symbol of fashion not some dumb brainwashing experiment. Have you guys considered how brainwashed you really are? A couple butterflies, some robotic sounds, SHE MUST BE ILLUMINATI!

  138. Regarding Islam and music: please read this before making up your mind.

    Regarding Lady Gaga: yeah, she's a tool. I read an interview with her in Rolling Stone and frankly, it all seemed weird and contrived. Now that I read this, the weirdness makes more sense. Thanks for the article.

  139. Hey Alon – learn to have a good time, would you? Your "order" is my "pain in the arse". Thanks for listening.

  140. I frankly don't believe that lady gaga has anything to do with the iluminati, I for one do see the mind control implied in all the aspects sorrunding her, and I see how it affects the young minds of the world, it's very sad too see how kids I know, think decandance is "in" and "cool" trying to imitate her…taking the superficial rout into life.

    But i believe she is just one more stupid pop star, that simply fits into the mold of what the world is today…there is no way lady G would have been famouse when britney spears first got out, the world had diferent "values" back then.

    Ofcourse all of this benefits a group of elite, a group of filthy capitalists whom benefit of the mindless persute of wealth and "comfort" and "lifestyle"

    but did it not ocurr to you that maybe this girl was just in the right place at the right time? and ofcourse being a person who promotes mindlessnes she was accepted by the controled media, yes i believe medias are controled.

    she does have a really eriee aura all around her but basically she just something new, a fashion that has been underground for sometime,

  141. this is interesting… however i dont see why the illuminati would purposely show this blatant symbolism, afterall its supposed to be a 'secret society'. can someone explain what the illuminati's goals would be from this symbolism?

  142. what always frightened me about Lady Gaga, besides symbolism, was in fact her lyrics alone. Just listening to the obsession with fame, vanity, sex, and “freedom of expression”. Just creeped me out. She’s not saying, “Hey kids, be your own person, liberate yourself from the old fashioned views of America.” It’s more like, “Chase the dream of physical perfection, and the adoration of people who chase the dream of being more like you, and me.” it’s like really… how pathetic.

  143. At the end of the day allumni couldn't possibly succeed anyway so what the hell does it matter, it's probably all true but who gives a funk? S'not like she's actually TRYING to control our minds she's just got alot of mindless imagry, probably aimed simply at the 'male gaze' so as to appear the 'blonde bimbo' stereotype. And to be honest the entire of the media is mind controlling anyway because the big companies jus wanna coax everyone into spending more money? So this is really a completely useless article aimesd at scare mongering which makes u no better than the media itself.

  144. I also noticed in the Paparazzi video, Lady Gaga was wearing a helmet very similar to Athena’s helmet. I noticed something very similar in Rihanna’s Disturbia. Is there anything relevant about this? Because I swear Athena represents justice, truth and wisdom, but it is being suggested that both are quite evil.

  145. btw, I don’t believe she’s a puppet. She designs alot of her stuff and basically works with and oversees the Haus of Gaga. She’s an artist.

  146. People need to do more research its all very easy to explain.

    Everyone is right and everyone is wrong. She is a member of a generational occult family so yes, she is using the symbols consciously because she grew up with them. And yes she is ALSO a part of the Illuminati because the Illuminati [enlightened, BLOODLINE OCCULTISTS] are who controls popular culture, and they place their DESCENDANTS or descendants of their slaves in positions where their symbols/ message can be spread……………..Hence the entertainment industry is a platform for them to propagate their agenda.

  147. Christopher: Yes the God of Christianity is also the god of Judaism. However, I believe He wasn't the god of Islam. That's another religion. And I never claimed that Christians "own" God, just that the God of Christianity is the one true God. I'm of the belief that the Bible is true, and in it, it says that Jesus is the one true way to salvation.

  148. Donatien: I believe what that verse from Matthew is saying believers/reborn Christians will understand the parables, but unbelievers/non-Christians won’t understand them even if they hear them. I think it’s saying that some people just won’t understand or choose to understand and accept the things that Jesus said.

  149. Sides why didn't you jump on the "S" under her eye – its the same S as in the Waffen-SS

    She must be a nazi 😛

    spurious connections throughout

  150. As a formally trained semiotician I think the symbolism and sign interpretation is a stretch at best.

    That being said, no one should listen to Lady Gaga because her music is terrible, and she’s a stupid twat.

  151. All of this serves to further Gaga's presence in our society. The writer of this article is either working for gaga or doesn't realize that by bringing light (and thus validity) to her symbolism he furthers its cause. And all of you morons that post on here paragraphs of how much you hate it are only adding fuel to its fire. Its so simple, the symbolism is there to cause controversy. Ever heard of the phrase "There is no such thing as bad publicity" ???? Get it through your heads.

  152. I don’t follow pop music or pop culture. I grew up in NY in the 60s and have other interests in music and art than pop culture. I stumbled on this discussion when I read about LG on other sites such as Huffington Post. My curiosity led me to view her vids and read a few articles about her and eventually to this interesting discussion.

    The analysis of Vigilent seems well reasoned if one accepts some of the premises he use to build his critique. I don’t know that I am prepared to do that… yet.

    But I would suggest that one need to look at the motivation of people as providing insight into the meaning of their actions. In a sense their own history will play a large role in what they do.

    In the larger context each of us will find things in the environment that attract us. This is largely the media which brings the world from far beyond out personal experience into our consciousness. This is both formal education about the world and out culture (and others) and informal education from the media which surrounds us almost 24/7.

    The media we are immersed itself has two main purposes among others – to sell us products and to sell us ideas, values which will inform out actions such as how we vote.

    All these influences, formal education, media and our family mix together and become the background for the decision we make when we go out into the world. Most have to support themselves and many consider education as a career step. Others forge ahead in a job that they find attractive while others have little choice in what they will do with their lives.

    Some will choose the arts and feel they have to make a statement expressing some view they hold which they need to get out, or want others to be aware of… and some will see the commercial value of art. They make this a career choice and understand that lots of money can be made if you provide a “product” (art or otherwise) that people will pay for. And then there is the ego which feels the power of influence on others, fans the culture at large. Once money is no object, power and influence become the more potent motivators.

    In order to get noticed in pop culture you need to have talent AND be a shiny object. If you don’t have some look which makes you stand out, it’s likely that you won’t attract attention to anything else you do (your art/music/self expression)

    Pop culture is very much about being a shiny object. In fact, many with little talent and no message simply try to sell their look, whether it is the body they were given, or the one they created by work and plastic surgery, or the clothes and fashions they wear. Modeling as a career is selling you body as blank canvas for others to paint on for their commercial use. Acting is similar. There is varying amounts of talent required in these professions.

    My sense without a deep analysis is that LG has recognized how the pop culture works and set out to make some money and then get some power, much the way the big pop stars get to do what they want, get others to follow their lead, make lots of money doing it, express whatever ideas they might have in their head about their culture.

    There is rarely anything completely new under the sun, so those who want to sell their shiny object have to take what’s there and repackage it so it looks new. The end result is in fact new, or what we call new. LG did not invent the pop song, or the vid or any of the items she uses in styling her look. She pulls them in and exploits their power to enhance or create her shiny object – which leads to sales and power noted above.

    You can see how pop stars don’t dress as we do, always seeking to push some limit (because it is expected of pop stars). You can see how they use (borrow or steal) ideas, themes and even “things” out there as component parts to their “art” or shiny object as I call it.

    Pop culture is ALWAYS dependent on that object being very shiny and attractive. I use the world shiny because shiny things, as opposed to dull ones are what attracts our attention. A shiny object is a metaphor for something, anything, which attracts attention.

    For LG the shiny object is her fashion style. Fashion style components have associations and meanings usually attached to them which are like short hand message people send with the “clothes/look”. If you see a female in a skin tight catsuit, corset, tall high heeled boots, you think, dominatrix or S&M for example. Whether we are conscious of the language of fashion it works on the subconscious level. Most females have learned to used this language to communicate things about themselves… are they hunting for a partner, are they chilling out and want to be unnoticed.

    LG and the people who are behind her understand how all these things work and she is perfectly comfortable in being as bright a shiny object as she can be to get the money and power which is the reward/goal of a pop “artist” many of whom are not artists at all.

    I think she considers this entire process of styling and creating her as a shiny object, or using cultural memes as “art” and in the sense that it reflects aspects of our culture, her success would almost qualify it as art.

  153. for the record, i know quite a few people who knew here in nyc before she got big… girl takes a whole lot of LSD- think thy got in that way?

  154. beem1 August 23rd, 2009 12:43 am :

    Christopher: Yes the God of Christianity is also the god of Judaism. However, I believe He wasn’t the god of Islam. That’s another religion. And I never claimed that Christians “own” God, just that the God of Christianity is the one true God. I’m of the belief that the Bible is true, and in it, it says that Jesus is the one true way to salvation.

    @ beem1 how can a man or woman of god make such a statement ? god of christianity is the 1 true god !!!

    a man or woman of god should know that this statement will be taken as an insult depending on who is looking at it if i were less educated in life and love i would take this as an offence. My brother i believe in allah and the prophet mohammid are you telling me that my belief is nonesense? i believe their is 1 god with many prophets jesus christ is 1 i would never tell another human being who lives by god that what they believe is false , i hope you understand where i am coming from :-) peace and love always

    gods child

  155. Please visit my website at your convenience…


    The World’s Greatest Prostitution (Cover-up)

    “This is the most subtle, engulfing, suffocating, living and breathing organism ever conceived that has interwoven and intertwined throughout man’s history and conscience; purposely “designed” to deceive every man, woman and child on planet Earth.” ….. AvenueOfLight

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  156. Listen, Lady Gaga may seem stupid, but she is really one of the smartest most well thought out "pop stars" that exist today. she knows her stuff, and by stuff i mean pop culture history and American psyche. she plays into pop culture and mass media, very carefully and meticulously, creating an image for herself that is clearly mocking the "brain washing" effect. this is meant to scare and intrigue us, her audience, and clearly it does (a la this article). all I have to say is that Lady Gaga is brilliant. I love her play on the body as machine; how she stylizes deformity and and associates it with pop culture symbolism. She knows where to hit, on a freudian level… what is more unsettling than losing the mind, the self, the ego. Just look up julia kristeva. Clearly a comment on society, clearly to create publicity, clearly it works. In conclusion: is Lady Gaga brainwashing you? no. thanks for playing.

  157. So many people stating things they believe to be absolute here! Thanks for the article Vigilant – food for thought.

    I'm not a christian, I'm not an athiest, I'm not a satanist, I'm not into fashion and I don't believe everything a man in a white coat tells me, etc, etc. All those things require "followers". I did go to University and key into a left-brain education system but I learnt way more "on the outside" after I deprogrammed. There's a lot to be said for living clean (organic food, pure water, no added chemicals…) – it definitely helps the mind to "see" all this stuff and deal with it on so many levels. I'll bet the majority of people commenting here don't balk at smoking ciggies, drinking coke or eating any of the myriad of "products" placed on shop shelves and sold deceptively as "food". Maybe that's where you need to start – clean mind, clean body, clear energy flows… That's all I need to say… Oh, and I haven't got long hair or a beard and wear open-toed sandals either in case you're wondering. There are smart, aware people out here who don't fit ANY steroetype 😉

  158. Right. She's a typical narcissistic pop tart copying what others did to ring the register. Not a original thing coming out of gaga.

  159. I find this whole Lady Gaga conspiracy business interesting to imagine, especially that it goes hand in hand with the notion that there is a twilight language of the media influencing us on some level beyond cognition. There’s a lot that’s curious (and very true) in that but at the end of the day I have to say there’s nothing here but a pop star trying to be artsy and Gaga’s persona is only laughably creepy, not to mention a little overwrought for my taste.
    Does she do drugs? I wouldn’t be surprised, most artists and musicians, especially in NYC, are surrounded by drugs. Is she promoting promiscuity? Like most pop stars these days she teases us with promiscuity and that’s because sex sells. Is she borrowing from David Bowie? Yeah, definitely. Bowie’s more occult than Gaga any day, folks. Check out the video for “Ashes to Ashes” and try to wrap you mind around that. You’ll probably want an exorcist.

  160. Just so you know, she's an artist and she has a public image.

    Generally celebrities are different publicly and privately. Perhaps you haven't realized that.

    Also, that first video you posted, she's advertising for her album, the theme of which is becoming famous and maintaining that fame. In the video she's talking about how that's what she has to live for.

    Besides all that, why would there be any hints whatsoever if she actually were a victim of mind control? Don't you think they would try their hardest to keep it a secret, especially if there is so much information about the subject (such as the quotes you posted). If the illuminati exists, wouldn't they try to stay hidden if they don't want to be out in the open? Seriously, if you wanted to keep your secret society a secret, why would you put hints and symbols in so many places? It doesn't really make sense, does it.

    Same goes for the people conducting mind control experiments. If they didn't want people to know, why wouldn't they use contradicting symbols to make sure people don't associate them with anything secret.

  161. What if all this symbolism is just done by a clever creative director (with good taste, I might add)? I have produced a large number of printed material trough out my career in graphics, and alot of them are full of satanic symbolism without the clients ever knowing about it. 999 out of 1000 people who see it probably doesnt recognize it either. Its purely for my own enjoyment, and its a easy way to tap into some creativity (for me at least). It does NOT however mean that I work for MKUltra, og that my clients are mind control slaves 😉

  162. Oh and the statue of liberty was a gift from the french free-masons…the torch is the torch of illumination. This Luciferian occult symbol represents the knowledge lucifer brought to man-kind as he has often been described as the "bearer of light". Do some reseach before you make statements backed only by ignorance…

  163. This is ridiculous. Some people are off their heads! Who in their right minds can possibly believe that Lady GaGa is an Illuminati puppet? This is either a desperate attempt at a scandalous article or the ramblings of some paranoid mad-man. Do you know, maybe, Lady GaGa uses a lightening bolt because she likes the shape. I’ve also heard that she was inspired by David Bowie’s use of it. The persona of an almost robotic person is an act, and I’m willing to bet that it is a just to make her different which is what she does well.

    And my Lord (I hope I don’t appear too much of a Satan-worshipper by saying that), that analysis of Paparazzi is actually, the single most hillarious thing I have read in a long time. I’m thinking that maybe GaGa used the symbolism of Satan in the sex scene – if she even realised it was so – because it foreshadowed the evil deed that was to come. Maybe the swirling pattern is just to symbolism Lady GaGa’s confusion and daze. More likely that she’s an Illuminati puppet though, ey?

    Next thing they’ll be deestroying the Statue of Liberty because it has “devil’s horns”!


  165. Wow everytime i find a artist or band that i like some one kill’s it

    but atleast it seem’s truthfull enough so thank you

  166. Holy Jesus fuck, you're INSANE! I have eyes too, does that mean I'm a puppet of the illuminati? Goddamn, you're nuts

  167. Its the symbolism behind the of isolation of the one eye…learn some real history instead of beLIEving the herd mentality books your read in school. The things that are hidden in plain sight are undeniably occult…though most people wouldn't know truth if it came up and pissed on their shoes anyway. Agree to disagree and figure it out when its too late with the rest of the brainwashed masses, your not going to close the eyes of those who have opened them…

  168. This is some impeccable research. …Unless of course, the very person / people exposing Lady Gaga’s “occult” background are part of her army of promoters…

    The lengths people will go to, to elevate a mediocre musician to the subject of mass-hysteria. Thanks for making the world a better place. Not that I know anything about the real world — I spend all my waking hours on the internet.

  169. Dude! Dont you think you re the one who got the brain wash bad?Will you crazy christians just let Satan be?We ve been neighbours for ages and i have no complaints.Seriously..What do you have against art? Nice to read you though Vigilant.The sinister sites are priceless.WTF are they up to in Iran?

  170. @Iron Chic:

    1)He never once said SHE was stupid and brainless…he said that that is what her image represents.

    2)He never said that she was the one responsible for portraying this imagery – she may not even be aware of the symbolism portrayed in her videos or behind her "persona".

  171. I cant believe you guys are using the covering-up-the-eye thing as a proof shes a illuminati puppet. Thats hillarious! The british fashion and lifestyle magazine has had girls with one eye closed on every single god damn cover since some time in the 1980’s… now if THATS not proof that its really an MKUltra journal I dont know what it 😀 😀 😀 😀

  172. Jeez, way to read too much into Lady Gaga. haha.
    If she is such a stupid, brainless woman, as you point out, then how is she smart enough to convey all of this supposed imagery?
    This is hilarious though.

  173. wow, as much as i know, seen & heard…..turns out i know very little. I need to get DEEP in2 dis ish & pray God got ma bak. Cant thank you enough for this site & the knowledge I’ll gain from it.


  174. Wow, cool article!

    I got such a weird vibe from that music video that I too wondered if she was illuminati – and I didn’t even pick up any of the symbolism – and then I find this analysis!


  175. great article, i always knew since the first time she was up and coming in the media that she was illuminati-orientated, with her one eyed pictures and her overall persona. So many obvious signs yet nobody is bothered to see, people are so ignorant that in the blink of an eye the nwo will be upon everyone

  176. I’m not surprised. she’s so forward with her style and music I always feel some what brain washed when I see her so of course she symbolizes the illuminati. more power to her =b

  177. i just wanted to note that i looked for this "dictionary of the occult" with the entry about horus, but i couldn't find it………so searched and found out that the quote is from "Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience"

  178. Yeah, you are spot on, and the funny thing is that people are not willing to accept this truth, i hope God reveals it before its too late

  179. Hello I am Laurentiu P from Romania

    Is true that all her videos are a representation of mind control (mc) activity. In the video they ( director , screenplayer,singer) impersonate real life individuals that are mind control targeted by american government.The individuals are Romanian citizens so it needs a bit of overstretching imagination to see the fact for what they are.I am one of those above mentioned .For example the first photo is an personal

    reperesentation of mine.Another person represented is an romanian girl whom they refer repeatedly

    especially in first video posted. "I want the fame" is an mind control projection by means of infrared

    microwaves that causes a subject to absorb the message and appropriate it as his own without even suspecting outside foul play at the hands of mc operators. Is an hypnagogic messge that will crop up

    unwittingly at a later time during wakeful state.

    Paparazzi video is a composite of scenes depicting rather situations more than characters.I know for a fact that sun representation refers to me and the same girl is character enacted but are not the only symbolisms. Much is unknown to myself. But personal illustration is readily recognizable and straightforward. The scene of the patched eye guy going through the papers and given a poisonous

    drink concocted of a chemical stashed in a compartmentalised ring is without doubt one impersonating

    my near future situation. Message they encrypted here was they inteded to (and did) use their accomplices

    feminine charms in dealing with me, chemicals as means of aggresion and thirdly media as means of harassment and confusion.Mickey mouse character is a reference that some of disney films

    are mind control ridden full of messages (apart from the usual stuff you see debated on internet my hunch is that they go much deeper)

    Last photo (eh eh nothing else I can say) includes this my very personal saying and in it she strikes a pose

    undoubtedly one of my favorite play posture I used oftentimes

  180. Also on the intro vid you could say she is speaking in a child like way, implying she is in her child like alter/personality. Notice whats on the guys t shirt!

  181. If you want to know more about mc victims condition and turmoils they go through visit pages
    debating organised stalking microwave technology and their deployment in influencing human thoughts moods and health. One of them and there are many others

  182. Watch ‘The Arrivals’ and this will all make much more perfect sense.

    This world is scary, so it’s our duty to become more aware.

    Thank Allah I have never watched a Lady Gaga video or heard her songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. Wow some people have wayyyy too much time on their hands? Coincidence or conspiracy? I dunno. I know shes talking about pop music when she says “instead, he ate my brain.” Im not saying this is true or not, but does everything really have an occult link to it, or do some people just read too much into these types of things? However, on the other hand, it isn’t too teribly hard to notice Jay Z an Kanye throwin up thei
    r pyramids an what not. Oh an its kind of interesting to check out pics of GaGa before she was famous, definatly looks like SOMEONE scooped her up, and changed everything about her. She was made into what she is now. Weather the Illuminati has anything to do with or not, who really knows for sure.
    Interesting article.

  184. i’m very greatfull that someone out there isn’t afraid to tell the truth. thank you very much. the info you telling us has really opened my mind and now i know alot that the singers we love and listen to are secretely cursing us and turning us into them…
    thank you, 18 year old

  185. Ok, I have a number of positives and negatives to say about this article, and I hope I can come across as reasonable to both sides of the spectrum on this article.

    Point 1. You made some very interesting connections on this subject, that were very interesting to read. It is uncanny how often she covers one eye and she does use pyramids a ton in her videos. These pieces of symbolism are hard to refute after you've seen them argued in this fashion.

    Point 2. Who really cares??? I mean she a gorgeous star making music that's terribly fun to dance to after a few drinks. Half the people who listen to her music every Friday night have never seen her in their lives, and most of the girls who emulate her looks and attitude when they go out show up for class the next day in jeans and that sesame street T shirt they got in 7th grade that they still think is cute.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that brain washing is an extreme condition (at least pure mind control) and in a time when the president of the U.S. has told people to send concerns that their neighbors are misconstruing health care, and telling children to express concerns about how to achieve governmental agenda, the deep seeded symbolism in a lady gaga song that 95% of her drunk fans will miss is rather less of a concern.

    Final note: if this is a hobby I hope at lest you enjoyed doing your research for this, i know I'm a conservative piss ant, and doing this with your time instead of playing the playstation like most of us is more constructive then anything I'll likely do any time soon. So while I disagree with the deeper meanings of this article, it was an enjoyable read and a nice step away from the norm and forced me to think beyond my boring every day thought's. Good luck with your future research and nice writing.

  186. Gaga is a Hermaphodite (sp?) Look it up…this came out of IT's Mouth! This is a sick, twisted, and demonic Freak! You have men looking @ her as a sex object (courtesy of Maxim) and women thinking she's hot as well (due to poke-her face)…Listen to the lyrics…IMO Paparazzi (which is a catchy song) is Nothing more than a keyword for Satin/Illuminati…She said one of her main influences is her "obsession with fame"

    This is SICK!

  187. To swank

    You posted your message with much style and conviction and I think the bulk of it is at variance with

    your apparent lack of concern:like we should be "playing the playstation like most of us " and "she is terribly fun to dance to after a few drinks" .Consequently we shouldn't bother our heads with imbedded insults and

    mind control politically meaningfull messages.

    Well, what I've stated earlier are the true facts.Lady Gaga is acting the part of an poltical representative and therein (in videos) are

    represented fragments of personal lives of TI victims.(one of them myself)

    Firstly, to gather knowledge of above mentioned pieces of information there is required extensive surveillance effort and you can easily imagine it is secret intelligence domain.Then all this is analysed

    and a strategy is elaborated pertaining to mind control strategy. This includes organised stalking, image projection and mood manipulation via microwave technology,employment of suggestion or hypnosis

    inducement of deep feelings of fear anguish and depression.

    Then all this is conveyed into rymes that illustrate the situation. Some of them are outright insults

    directed at certain established persons (as in Alesha Dixon – The Boy Does Nothing).There is TI harassement with no direct link between singer and victim but government cold calculated business.

    To sum up there is humongous work behind apparently casual fashionable cutups.There is political

    interest and most important of all severe infringement of human rights.(of TI rights more exactly) It amounts to torture and equals to Guantanamo situation in gravity.Only this time they got the assistence of media the helping hand of artists guild.

    So, if you think sexual innuendos,insults,threats,harassing remarks and government mind control encrypted messages are "fun to dance to after a few drinks" maybe next time you will give it a second thought.

    PS: Anyone can fall victim to the MC gang and who knows you could be dancing to the tune of your harassment warrant like I did (MC people are true sadistic executioners)


  188. Also want to point out some hypocrisy in these here comments…

    If I enjoy Lady Gaga without accepting your reading of her work, then in your mind, it is to be assumed that you would think me susceptible to her "mind control techniques", correct?

    If so, then what say you to the hundreds of people who seem to have accepted your reading into of Lady Gaga, seemingly without a SECOND'S skepticism about how loony you sound? Are they buying into your scheme to brainwash them? I think the people who accept your theories are just as liable to fall into a mind control scheme as Lady Gaga's fans are by listening to her. How about you, "Vigilant", what's there to prove you're not trying to brainwash us?

    Sorry to get a bit meta here, and I don't mean to actually accuse you of brainwashing people. I just want to point out how silly this whole thing is to me. Your site's tagline is "never take freedom for granted", but with the way you're preaching I feel like you're being a little hypocritical. I like your writing, very meticulous, just please watch the preaching.

  189. Susie Q got it right….

    People need to do more research its all very easy to explain.

    Everyone is right and everyone is wrong. She is a member of a generational occult family so yes, she is using the symbols consciously because she grew up with them. And yes she is ALSO a part of the Illuminati because the Illuminati [enlightened, BLOODLINE OCCULTISTS] are who controls popular culture, and they place their DESCENDANTS or descendants of their slaves in positions where their symbols/ message can be spread……………..Hence the entertainment industry is a platform for them to propagate their agenda.

    I went to the Convent of the Sacred Heart school with Lady GaGa and Paris Hilton. I even had some classes with them. My own family has a generational history of witches, and my father and uncles are all freemasons. We were raised to be on this platform that we’re on. This platform called the “New World Order”. Granted many of us know the many disturbing things that go on, from incest, to ritual abuse, to ritual killings, but there’s not much we can do, besides play along, shut up, commit suicide, or be killed.
    Even the many celebrites who aren’t priviledged and make it to fame, cross over to our side at some point.

  190. Oh puuuuhleeeeze!!!

    I’m as into conspiracies as any of you are, but this is just silly. Usually when discussing something like the Illuminati, I find the most convincing theories to be engrained within things that vitally impact people’s lives (like 9/11 truthers for example, not saying I agree with them 100% but investigation is valid). I believe there are quite possibly forces at work to bring about a New World Order, but Lady freakin’ Gaga sure ain’t one of them.

    People, we’re in a time where our government is seeking to grab hold of our healthcare industry and squeeze many elements of private enterprise out of it. This is certainly dangerous from a privacy standpoint, with a government operated health insurance company possibly having access to many Americans’ medical records. THIS is where an Illuminati influence is most likely to manifest itself, not in the meaningless lyrics of a popstar that’s just about pure fun.

    I’m a hardcore Libertarian, and I’m also a hardcore Lady Gaga fan. Listening to her music has not changed my outlook on public affairs one bit, and I feel empowered when I listen to her, not at all like a hypnotized drone. Admittedly, this post is quite entertaining to read, but it means virtually nothing. Most of Lady Gaga’s fans are in the tween demographic, and I doubt any of them thought twice about the fact there’s prominent pyramids in a German TV ad she did. I’m not sure whether to read into this seriously or just assume you’re joking. I hope it’s the latter.

    If you haven’t listened to The Fame, I strongly recommend it. It’s great fun, and there are zero allusions to mass cult suicides or brainwashing people to become murderers or anything like that. The record is all about utilizing your sexuality to gain power and respect rather than transforming yourself into a thoughtless sex toy. It’s incredibly empowering music, and impossible not to dance to. I mean, cmon folks, think of better targets to scrutinize in this matter, like Obama, Pelosi, Limbaugh, Beck, or any other of the brainwashing partisan hacks in media or government. Not Lady Gaga, fer chrissake. XD

    P.S. I notice that a lot of folks in these comments are mentioning God. Full disclosure, I am an aetheist. Mind control puppet or not, I’m sure as shit this has nothing to do wtih God.

  191. Its all been done before, we are in time where people are just recycling the same "art" ,style, etc. for their gain… For example: that robot suit everyone is talking about is by Thierry Mugler and was worn in a George Micheal video "Too Funky" by Emma Sjöberg a very hot model, she wore it better then any of these pop tarts!

    I believe Lady Gaga was raised in highly informed family which granted her a lot of privileges which in turn has led to her career. Her education gave her a lot knowledge in this kind of stuff, so yes "mind control" is in there as with any educational system. We are all being "mind controlled' from birth, we eat what we eat because our parents thought us what to eat, we have all been conditioned from the start is what I am getting at. May it be for good or bad, its just part of life. If Lady Gaga was part of a bigger plan I wonder why they didn't "recruit" a better looking individual. I must say Lady Gaga has good voice but I rather not look at "it" at all! Many people are on my side on that one, we all call "it" LADY CACA for a reason cause it makes us want to vomit on the other end…so if 'THEIR" master plan was for us to be brainwashed by this unattractive being its not working…. So its my educated guess that Lady caca worked to get to this point, and is using all the "education" that it has been taught to keep us interested in its "art" . Either way I find it all boring and I have seen better….

  192. Seems kinda silly that a secret society with designs of mass control would seek to eliminate organized religions. Organized religions are the greatest means of mass control ever devised.

  193. dont worry, i am enlightened and i am a r&b/hiphop/pop artist and i will be famous one day and i WILL change the image for young ones and the world. They will ever get me!

  194. It is NOT the Illuminati folks.

    The Illuminati and many others are just "fronts"

    for the real monsters.


    Read like your life depends on it.

    It does.

  195. I calmed down and did a little more research and found out this article was totally correct. Lady Gaga is definitely an Illuminati mind control victim. That poor soul. Please disregard the previous comment.

  196. Most of you guys have way too much time on your hands. Everyone should focus on raising their own families the way they see fit and leave everyone else the hell alone. Not everyone is a christian. Not everyone is religious. Some people do worship the occult. It's called freedom of religion, and it applies to everyone, not just self-righteous Christians.

  197. You state the Illuminti has been around for the past few centuries. But I am with the impression that they have been around for thousands of years, stemming from Sumeria…Atlantis, perhaps.

    Also, from your articels and the media outlets I surmise that is is important to note they these evil spiritual forces hide in the light. Perhaps, when we die, we should beware of entering the light.

  198. I love this article…i have been saying all along that Lady Gaga is a gimmick….yes she can sing and has actual talent but if you look at pics of her RIGHT before she became famous she has dark hair and is a normal girl….i can’t stand battery operated artist (rihanna is one of them also) all made in a factory to tell us what we like….BULLSHIT thanks so much for this info…now i really can’t stand this chick

  199. Um I really think you have alot of good facts here but I cant commit to this 100% not until I see more proof…and If she turns out to be a IT because if she does thats gonna make alot of guys I know want to kill over and it would deff create mass confusion.

  200. In the photo of her in yellow robot outfit, her boyfriend has an eye patch on. There is so much here on this comment page. I’m not sure if that was mentioned.

  201. Well,they continue the demoralization and degradation of the masses. If people are stupid enough to like it, so let it be! I guess they deserve it. How come from age 15 I always suspected there is something wrong with our culture today and I understood that there must be a hidden agenda behind all of this. So I did my research( the information is available for anyone and everyone) and my mind is outside of this matrix. It is getting darker and darker, more satanic. People who are still not waking up is because they don't want to.

  202. One more point I need to make: Christianity in its original form and meaning is the polar opposite of this satanic culture.BUT it has been infiltrated and a lot of the denominations are false even big ones like the Catholic Church. Guess what ? Read about the history of the Catholic church- you will understand that the Romans who founded it never really converted to Christianity. The whole church is false , from the beginning.

    Does that discredit Christ and His message? Absolutely not! He has warned us about all of this.

    Have you ever wondered why the Illuminati is okay with any form of occultism, any New Age religion and doctrine, any garbage, atheism, Darwinism etc. BUT they always attack and ridicule Christians. Get the picture? Their only enemy is God and his true messenger. Whether you believe it or not, the truth is the truth -and there is only one truth! Relativism is also THEIR false doctrine.

  203. Regarding the 'it seems too obvious' statement, I comepletely agree.

    You and many others have said that lady gaga is basically 'gaga'. I couldn't disagree more, I know nothing about this 'illumanti' but I resect opinions so I'm sorry if I offend anyone by what I say.

    This all does seem VERY 'in your face' which lady gaga certainly is! (even the clothes she wears!)

    It wouldn't surprise me if this was purposely done, maybe if you look into other elite groups you'll find that she fits into those? Publicity is crazy these days and famous people have so many different people working for them, one of those could've thought of this. After all, it's all publicity, even if it's not the best form. I mean, you have a whole page on her, her pictures and even videos and they aren't even paying you! (As far as Im aware)

    In my opinion I find Lady Gaga to be an amazing actress, whether she is acting or not is a different matter, I can tell that she isn't 'brain dead' She can play people and act sweet to those she wants to, yet she manages to act 'brain dead/washed' and sometimes even verging on 'crazy' in performances.

    Her lyrics have a lot of meaning, granted they're probably not about about the meaning of life (or maybe they are, who knows…) but they most certainly aren't from an absent minded woman, they are so full of emotion if you listen to them properly.

    I am aware of religion and cults and what-not, I just find it so difficult to believe that whoever would spend time creating a media of 'illuminati'. Maybe I need to wake up? Maybe I'm in denial? Who knows.

    People chose what to believe in, it's their own choice. A Lady Gaga video won't influence anyone who isn't aware of any of this. Especially the checkered floors and stuff…

    I'm not particularly religious, but I do have my beliefs. I would maybe be more religous were it not for that fact that I'm actually afraid of being completely brainwashed by the religion, funnily enough. I would hate to think that I had to stop listening to music I like because a few people claimed that the musician is a part of a different cult or religion trying to brainwash people. After rereading that last sentece, I can't believe how insane it sounds.

    Someone one youtube made a video about Harry Potter really being Prohomosexuality, He has very good points! I don't particularly believe that's what the author actually intended the story to be about, but it just depends on whether you *really* want to believe it. If someone wants to believe in something so strongly, you can make them believe anything.

  204. i kinda of wonder is she is doing it as a parody of the industry itself…i mean it seems a little over the top to be considered "subtle" mind control.

  205. i believe there is an illuminati and i think everyone should believe or open there mind for it and wether youre an atheist or not it has something to do with being human and having youre place in the world…
    instead of developing a world in where money doesn’t make a point they keep on developing things in wich more and more money is needed. eventually only the richest will survive and and according to me that’s wat illuminati wants. everybody is free…. free in this system but youre not free in this world because materialism keeps us wanting things that are ectually not neccessary in our lives. Ofcourse for everybody its hard to believe that without our tv and phones and know in last 20 years computers how will we communicate??
    Wel with our minds (i know i know its some psycho mumbo jumbo but i really believe it ). They always say that we only use 10% percent of our brains. Well i think that if humankind had depended more on there brains and there instinct instead of depending on materialism we would have developed an other kind of intellect then we have know.
    What i also had read somewhere was an article about the ascension process aqbout us earthlings(yes earthlings so animals and plants to everything) changing in this universe our cells are kristallyzing something like that because we are changing to the fouth dimension( doubting if i should believe it but my mind is VERY open fot it ) in wich our human bodies can’t remain in the state they are know so thats why you should open youre mind (in other words WAKE UP!!!!) and not worry about things to much like money tv
    only the things that really matter or else you will only produce and receive negative energy (hope youre getting where im going) and with that you receive stress or u can become sick things like that .
    But with all of this info its ofcourse hypocriticall for me to say this all to you to cause i also live in this systematic world like everybody and its put youre mind open like that and that’s where we are all trapped (funny isn’t it :P) But i believe that if put are mind open to this maybe all if it be tru cuz it had something to do with 2012 shizzle and stuff so im also still investigating on that maybe we are evolving into something that will us as earthlings and as humans equal.

    As for Lady Gaga… in general pop is not my thing(only micheal jackson ofcourse and a few songs of other artists). I prefer hiphop(’90’s early 2000) R&B, Gangsta rap(also from 90’s ) Dancehall reggea reggeaton.
    I like the time when black music really was BLACK music ( no offend to white people but thats where you also begin to like it. even if it where a white artist like UB40 to me it still was black music) thats when music still was pure to me then it is now.
    But Lady gaga does has something that appeals me in a strange way with her music i first think its dumb and after a while listening i kind get a groove for it atleast that is what i had with just dance. I don’t like poker face that’s wherei begain to dislike her again and after that came lovegame(i live in holland so the order of singles maybe different for you ) and thats a song i liked because it was very urban for a pop song and the video reminded me of micheal jackson only she should quit making thos BG danser act so gay while she is such a sex symbol. Then came paparazzi and first times hearing i skipped it but after a while i liked that song to (i think it does has a nice beat to it after i heard it in acoustic i begin to have some respect for her as an artist cause she really has a pretty voice if u listen to her ) beautiful dirty rich was okay to but i only liked the beat.

    For her connection with the illuminati i think for now that she really is nothing more then a puppet used by them to promote symbolism to the subconscious mind nothing more then that cause what i take of her music is that she is a free spirit that wants to do wat she want( to bad she has a dick thouh). i think she IS aware of some mind control system but then she nothing more then a singer and i don’t think it will have much effect on people who listen to her music for fun or just because people think she’s is good.
    She does portray sex alot but then again i still think that Lil Kim and Trina beat or that one especially miss Kim. Last thing what im going to say to you all is that you should beware of those symbols cus even though she or any artist may do that for a trent or a statement ,the symbols do represent something odd and occult wich may or may not have effect on our brain or on children. so be aware of things around u and don’t ignore things just because u learned it that way on school or it seems unrealistic follow youre own human grown instinct to lead u tru youre life
    (wow got cramp from typing :p)

  206. is there any way that you can maybe post some information about her VMA performance this year? The whole thing, to me, was completely masonic/satanic ritual. Could you disect this and shine some light on the meaning of her performance? I mean, it seems blantantly masonic. The whole stage setting, the costumes, and the fake blood. What does it all mean?

  207. "The Brain" is the most terrifying music video I have ever seen. I don't watch TV, so I was unaware of Lady Gaga except for brief glimpses here and there. I had wondered why so many young girls were starting to behave in such self-centered, vapid and dissociative ways, why their minds appeared to be fragmenting why they were dressing up like some sort of weird combination of Barbie doll and prostitute.

    This is terrifying. Obviously it's not Lady Gaga's act on it's own influencing these girls, she's obviously part of a larger (but probably carefully orchestrated) trend. But to see a scene straight out of "Thanks for the Memories" or "Trance-Formation of America" being shown as MUSIC-VIDEO, purported as simple entertainment is just… I have no words. May the Lord have mercy on us.

    I guess if you don't see it… you don't see it. If you look up at the night sky and can't see Capricorn (overhead right now) doesn't mean its not there. You are perfectly right to say "it's just a bunch damned stars – I can't see anything", but I will still see Capricorn as millions others trained to see have done for thousands of years.

    Excellent work Vigilant Citizen. I truly appreciate your efforts.

  208. Seriously…
    Didn’t read all comment but…

    To the author;
    1st : Good text; Well written. Though, you’re not better than those “so-called” illuminati. If the Illuminatis wants to decide what’s good and what’s bad for us, so do you in this text by tagging Gaga as “bad”.

    2nd : With over thousand years of history behind us, it is REALLY easy to make link with anything. OF COURSE there will be symbolism, all art lies in symbolism… For years nothing has been originally created, it’s always been recycled over and over again… So what if she’s just inspired by all this and just having fun ? If someone likes zebra and puts it in all her music video… does that make her satanists cause the skin of the zebra could be related to a fence… hence the gate to hell ?

    To the rest;
    3rd : For people making comments about God and what not. Yours to decide what’s “Godly” and what’s “Satan’s property”. But if music or any other things surrounds you, it’s because it has to exists in some kind of purpose. It’s not by putting yourself in a box and hiding away from reality that you will grow as an intelligent, minded adult. Face the music, become your own advocate and instead freaking out about when “the supreme force” is going to save us all or when the “evil forces” are going to kill us all, just try to embrace life, its differences, its subtleties and whatnot. If someone truly “made us”, then he/she/it “made us” able to survivre through all this, cause if that “supreme force” exists and it’s as good as you all say it is, then it probably doesn’t want us to suffer cause I don’t think “good” rhymes with “sado/masochism”…

  209. check this out!!!

    lada gaga dresses to resemble the virgin mary.

    (If you aren't aware, the worship of the Catholic Virgin Mary is not the mary of the bible, but an amalgamation of the pagan goddess Ashtoreth the Queen of Heaven, Aphrodite the greek goddess of love beauty and fertility , Venus the Roman goddess of love beauty and fertility and Ra the egyptian sun god. [Mary is commonly depicted with the sun behind her]))

  210. OMG! You guys are literally retarded. I take that back, it’s possible you’re schizophrenic. Please listen to me people. I’ve been a student of conspiracy theories for most of my life (I come from a long line of irrational thinkers) and I can honestly say that even if what you say is true (which btw, you are truly grasping at straws) there are so many other threats on which you should be concentrating. Concentrate on our governments leaders. All of this other shit (and that’s exactly what it is) is inconsequential and has no bearing on anything that remotely applies to your or my life. If you have any concept of what a smoke screen is, then you know that Lady Gaga is not the problem. In fact, I seriously question the author who accuses someone with so little relevance to whats actually affecting our country. Is Lady Gaga really the problem? My god, what is wrong with you people?

  211. TO brendan

    haha yeah that's indeed true instead of concentrating on stars we should concentrate on the government and what's behind them. Because if its true then its the government still who plans it all so its best to concentrate on the source. u should listen to music just because its music and it makes u feel good every

    other thing around it that involves materialism is kind of the brainwashing but is not that much of a deal if youre a sober person and have better perspective of life in this system. But i must agree on people that they do use the media in some way.

    like i said before lady gaga and other artist are just puppets. they are people like us and just what is told.

    only artists i think that DO have some in direct conncetions with the Illuminati are jay-z, kanye west and beyonce and rihanna just following them like 2 stupid dog..

    the thing is, i hope i am wrong because i love music and can't live without it

    but with all those signs i can't help consider them being a part of it, either they know it, don't it or they just don't care.

  212. Maybe she is just another pop singer looking to appear to have depth by pulling out all the symbolism she can find and throwing it in there.

    If this secret society is so powerful (and secretive) why would they throw their symbolism around when everyone knows about it. Wouldn't a secret society try to be, I don't know, secretive?

    Try devoting your extensive research skills into something that matters.

  213. Am I to be suspicious of every girl wearing a butterfly design? I believe in the presence of all the symbolism, but I'd say it's more because of the masonic & satanic symbols that we are bombarded with all our lives. I think when most people pick a symbol to represent them selves or something, like in art, we tend to use those symbols because they have become so familiar to our sub-mind. I think that Lady Gaga has just choosen these popular and familiar symbols to sell her image. I think that implying that she understands the TRUE meaning of these symbols and that she is involved in a plan for World domination would be giving the self proclaimed airhead too much credit. It would be a little bit paranoid to think, but not unreasonable, that forces greater than her would use her unknowingly. Maybe the record company itself…

  214. so she wants the fame at any cost (losing her brain) just like millions before her_ yeah that is a pretty brainless decision to make 4 sure. turn off your radio and stop watching tv folks, it will fuck you up (more than ever) 4 sure.

  215. dude make the pictures bigger you cant make them out, also lady gaga is pretty fugly, jeez…. shes a mind control kid for sure, anybody who visits this site and is a victim of psyops or is currently being monitored by those folk, i must tell you this_ become brave and raise your courage, have no fear they fear you_ the time to fight back and break those mental locks is NOW!!

  216. uhm i believe in god and love him as my savior but u guys should understand dat some of these celebertiys might not know some of this stuff is satan related i sure didnt and u cant just go on saying dat they worship somebody as evil as him u dont know these people to me u guys are just hateing on them cause they are rich and u want to be rich like that andthe lord is the only one that can judge these people so next time u go on saying these people are satinist think of how god will feel with u judeing people when you dont have da right so u guys should really stop dis cause you dont know these people and personaly i dont believe in a hell as a afterlife i believe we life in it to conclude think before you say anything like this

  217. Here's an interesting link to an article about GaGa in her early days….one thing about her is she's got a great voice when singing!

    There's an intersting video of her and she appears just as freaky as she looks…she talks about her songs not only being just music but a whole life-style and that she puts a lot of efforts into the 'visual' element of her videos!

  218. is it just me or does it seem like those that disagree with this article seem to reinforce it through their very arguments?

  219. So now no one can use a butterfly on their videos or clothes, or they become Illuminatis?

    Somebody should hurry and tell Mariah Carey…

    Now, to be honest, this seems like VERY paranoid thinking from you Illuminati believers… Of course these women are vacuous-headed and manipulated by the market, but I find the whole ‘hermetic magick’ illuminati theory incredibly twisted and badly explained. The mentioning of certain symbols as if they are “insider” symbols…
    Symbols are present in the collective consciousness. The “illuminati” are not the copyright owners of certain imagery, such as the butterfly. Giving a certain time, you’ll all deny every artistic endeavour of mankind, on the grounds that they are “illuminati insider symbols”…

    Seriously, this is paranoid and very disturbing to read. Not because of this Lady Gaga person, but because you all sound like a very creepy and dangerously psychotic bunch.

  220. The butterfly is a positive, good symbol that represents the metamorphosis into something good, delicate and beautiful…

    The change from caterpillar though to the chrysalis and emergence as a butterfly is the greatest change in the animal world. It symbolizes significant change in the course of one’s life, personality or way of thinking.

    The caterpillar stage with its voracious appetite has been linked to insatiable materialism. The chrysalis stage represents fundamental changes occurring on the inside, for example in one’s mentality or point of view. The final adult butterfly stage is seen as the free expression of these changes in the outside world.

    The Greeks likened the butterfly’s constant flitting from flower to flower to the restlessness of the mind: constantly changing from subject to subject. Indeed, the Greek word for butterfly is ‘psyche’ from where we get our word ‘psychology’ – the study of the mind.

  221. She has a tatoo of the “peace” sign on her left forearm(look at very first pic of her on this page). The “peace” sign was made popular in the 60’s and was to represent peace and harmony as far as everyone loving each other right? But according to ex-illuminati member John Todd(look him up on youtube) the sign is meant to symbolise peace as you practice witchcraft.
    There’s a whole series done on this!! Very informative!

  222. they all (gaga, beyonce) seem to make the same, limp, inverted left leg move, making their bodies appear to be Swastika shaped. the mind-control vids are becoming so popular, even at beginnings of concerts

  223. this is the most idiotic thing I've ever read, good thing i got a mind of my own to decide why i like the things i like, and if people listen to lady gaga doesn't mean you are being brainwashed to commit all kinds of sins, for Jebus all tv does is brainwashing you to buy things you don't need and to eat your life away with fatty fast food, I don't see you tracing that, what about the brainwashing you get at your local church, whatever your affiliation is, and what about Muslims, and budhist, are they being brainwashed? or like you they believe what they are told. Ignorance.

  224. if you think this is paranoid, you're not connecting the dots. she is clearly displaying this combination of certain symbols/images on purpose. and there's nothing to be "scared of", she's not a "threat". she's just another typical media distraction, whether placed by someone or of her own design. if the latter; kudos to Gaga, she's making an interesting point while mocking her own audience and laughing all the way to the bank. isn't that what this society is all about at this point? "I'm selling you bullsh*t, even telling you I'm selling you bullsh*t yet you're still buying the bullsh*t! YAY ME!"

  225. Vigilant wrote, “This last picture is very significant. It confirms the fact that the closed eye is used in the context of esoteric symbolism. Her left eye is in her hand, referring to the Hand of Fatima (evil eye). Also, one can’t ignore the resemblance with good ol’ Baphomet.”

    Did you notice her left eye is in her LEFT HAND?

    Satanism is commonly known as the “Left Hand Path”. The Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions and the Occult states, “Left Hand Path (occult). Term used in the occult circles synonymous with evil. In the Bible, the goats (wicked) got to the left hand of God to be separated for judgement, while the sheep (righteous) go to the right to be saved” (Mather, George A. and Larry Nichols, The Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions and the Occult, p. 175).

  226. The Left Hand Side or Path is often ssociated with Evil – Occultism and Satanism.

    According to Satanists, Satan is the personification of the Left Hand Path. The term ‘Left Hand Path’ has become an umbrella term of self-designation used by certain contemporary ritual magicians and is usually taken to incorporate practitioners of Thelemic magick (beginning with Aleister Crowley), Tantrik magick, and Chaos Magick (inspired by both Crowley and the magickal techniques devised by the occult artist Austin O. Spare, 1886-1956).

    The word ’sinister’ actually means ‘left handed’.

  227. Interesting about the Left-Handed theory…Did you notice that all of the Presidents are mostly Left-Handed including Barack Obama….

    Yes Lady Gaga is a MK Slave…All of them in the Entertainment Industry are!

    It is so damn apparent! The Powers that Be are showing their asses NOW because they are moving towards their NWO!

    I think she is a MAN!

  228. SexyFoxyRoxy I’m liking all your comments on here. I can tell you’re probably around my age but are intelligent and have a mind of your own it’s refreshing!!!!!!! I wanna talk to you sometime, I don’t know many people I can discuss this stuff with.

  229. i haven't had a chance to read all the above comments, so if this has already been mentioned i apologise, but the lightening tattoo, on her face and incorporated in her logo is symbolic of Satan (the fallen angel), describing his fall from heaven as a lightening bolt.

    Also, this is used widely in satanist occult groups by members who identify themselves as Satan's Slave, abbreviated as 'SS'. The lightening strike is always composed of the SS in a diagonal format.

  230. this is sooo true….i really noticed that about her!! SHE SUCKS..u cudda evn c that from her vma performane and her costumes(u couldnt evn call it clothes)…xpecially the red devil looking 1!!

  231. VC-

    Excellent. I don’t listen to pop music so I have merely heard of LG and never really knew what she sang even. I did hear a story that she admitted in a live radio interview that she used cocaine before she wrote her songs. If true this is a clear indicator to me that she doesn’t write her “material” and that she is a complete puppett. I think this because it sounds like a programmed repsonse to deflect attention from her handlers. AND it appears she is being handled 100% now.

    As for Beyonce, I think she actually had her own mind, and aspirations before she got involved with jay Z. And now like LG she is every bit a puppet. Its sad and disturbing. We just have to make sure our young ones are not exposed too much to this garbage.

    Good stuff! Keep up the good work!

  232. Uhm.. okay, the picture titled “literally bound by the illuminati” is not even close to what you said.. that was not even an official picture okay.. lady gaga has a song called “christmas tree” and that is from the christmas tree photoshoot..


  234. I think she's disturbing and, yes, an illuminati pupper. Just look at her eyes during her VMA performance. Totally devoid of emotion and soul.

    Here's what I don't understand — WHY the symbolism in her performances? Is it to "condition" our kids so they are accustomed to seeing? Or is she trying to trigger some behavior in other MK's? Or is it a way to program the masses?

    I mean, is it just to tell us we're so stupid we don't recognize it when it's right in front of us? Or is there some other motive behind it?






  236. Very interesting article indeed!

    I agree that these symbols presented by Lady Gaga are very likely to be referencing the Illuminati, but I'm still confused or uncertain whether the intention for these references are really to propagate the public with ideas of the illuminati and mind control.

    I mean just look at Stanley Kubrick. I don't study about Illuminati symbolism on pop culture but I always thought that Kubrick tried to reveal the secrets of the Illuminati through his movies more than thinking that he's one of the members of the Illuminati.

    If lady gaga is an Illuminati member, then should we say Kubrick is also likely to be a member too?

    I don't understand the difference. Can't she also be like Kubrick who is trying to reveal this secret of the Illuminati? Can anyone tell me the difference?

  237. These images that you are referring to, are also used in the occult as positive symbols for knowledge and have been around since ancient times. The all-seeing eye was stolen by the so-called Illumanti Brotherhood from powerful priests and magicians who practice high magick. Sometimes artists use these symbols to indicate their influence from such magickal arts as wicca and chaos magic and have nothing to do with elite bankers and their so-called New World Order. Oh and by the way, Organized Religion is guilty of much more MIND CONTROL than anyone.

  238. Hey, thanks for this. I have recently been overwhelmed by info regarding the illuminati. It's daunting trying to tackle all the info out there, but your site helps a lot. Thanks

  239. Lady Gaga has a European counterpart called 'Little Boots'. Look her up and you will find very similar symbolism in her images.

  240. I can’t believe how blatant the symbolism in her videos or her pictures. It is extremely disturbing and it seems as though they are getting more bold with their messages.

  241. It is amazing that you say Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rehanna and Omarion are all possessed by an evil entity (lets call it the DEVIL) or go a step further and say in some points that the are in fact “the DEVIL” but Lady GAGA is under MIND CONTROL, when in fact because as you said it is very plain to see in almost everything she does there is an EVIL connotation to it.

    In Her video Paparazzi when she was falling did she not have on those fake long fingers just as Rehanna did in her video Rehab. But Rehanna is EVIL.
    The head of the ram above her bed in Lady video means she is being forced into something but in Omarions ICE BOX it is BAPHOMET and he is worshiping it.

    When Lady wore the robot outfit it shows that she in under mind control from the NEW WORLD ORDER but when Beyonce wears it she is under the control of the DEVIL.

    It is amazing to me that The same symbols can mean so many different things when it comes to a WHITE person and a BLACK person. With a WHITE person it is being forced onto her via mind control of the New World Order but with a BLACK person the very same symbols mean they are worshiping and Evil Entity (THE DEVIL)

    You are unbelievable. What you are doing is no different from what you say the media and the World Order is trying to do. You are taking people that are looking for something to believe in and feeding them this.

    I hope you are proud You have stired conversations and put doubt into the minds of many.

    A round of applause go to you.

  242. It could very much be related to conditioning. I personally do not believe in 'Mind Control', however I think with effort and time people can be conditioned to see things and feel comfortable with what they see and relate to it as if it is normal. It is social conditioning, where each individual decides to follow certain patterns of conditioning because of the fact that it is all that they know and all that they have ever been shown, or because of emotional dependability, fear and pleasure based.

    The bible is the perfect media in order to manipulate through marketing for the fact (whether or not its origins come from true enlightmentment). Many people possess one and many people do read one at sometime in their lives. Anything that is popular will be no doubt a source in order to manipulate the masses with. Music, television, religion and so forth.

    Just remember when we are born we come not conditioned by anything. As the years go by we are taught what to think and what to believe through conditioning of society. This is observational fact, and what we are acknowledging in the media is pure conditioning, through and though, no matter where it comes from. Life is conditioned through structure and set regimes. We are taught to think and act a certain way.

  243. I wonder if the guy in the intro tour video is her actual handler. I noticed he also had a picture of a huge skull on his shirt…not sure if that ties into anything though (i.e. it was done on purpose or he just chose to wear the shirt that day). Also, when watching the Paparazzi video I paused during the mickey mouse part and noticed that the pattern is her face with the mickey mouse hat on her head. I’m so glad there are people like you who can catch these things because I’m still a little rusty when trying to recognize all the “hidden, but in your face” illuminati symbolism on tv and in music.

  244. Hysterical article…the part about the “all-seeing eye” was the funniest because you are completely missing the obvious: she constantly covers her face or part of her face because she looks like a horse. That is also why she wears outfits which obscure most of her face…she has a rock’n bod and hopes that – if she covers her face often enough – people will forget how heinous it truly is.

  245. Just to add more symbolism, the lightning bolt which is on lady gagas logo is a satanic / occult symbol which has been used repeatedly most notably by the NAZI SS and also in the lightning bolt pentagram: – they just have to cram everything into one with gaga!

    I mean for gods sake look at harry potter, his scar is a lightning bolt!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For those of you who do not believe any of this is real or happening and its all random coincidences…. have fun in the fema camps…

    I read in above comments stating that this is a racial thing, gaga vs beyonce…. congratulations, racial strife was part of the new world order plan to divide racial groups and keep us all fighting and distracted… seems to be working…. turn your television on were all racist now according to the news and now we have hate crime bills etc that will then for example, put a radio host in jail if someone goes and commits a “hate crime” and says they did it after listening to someone on the radio!!!!!!!!!!! argh

    REMEMBER: “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” – PLEASE WAKE UP SHEEPLE

  246. If Lady Gaga is the worst threat we face then the world is a lot better off than I thought.

  247. amipossessed??? on

    lady gaga is first and foremost an artist. she has created her own world which is separate from your ideas. IF she was working on mind control of the masses, it would be for her own purposes and not the illuminati. and in response to a few comments: satan did NOT invent music; he was like keeper of music, sort of like a band or choir director. baphomet is its own entity and lady gaga was not copying it. illuminati and kabalism are NOT synonyms for satanism. my last post on the rihanna analysis was nice and respectful, but you people are being RIDICULOUS!!!! and please do NOT call yourselves christians because you dont act like it. JUDGING IS GOD'S DUTY, NOT OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my goodness! now im pretty positive that this site is just trying to scare people into satanic possession. fear is a tool of satan and this site is obviously using fear to make people succumb to satan. this is really hilarious. its sort of like when i worked at a fast food restaurant; the manager was actually stealing but she blamed it on everyone else., i believe that youre judging all of these people and making the masses hang on your every word. i see right through your ploy for mind control. lady gaga being a tool for the illuminati, psht; you are the illuminati. so dont go placing the blame on everyone in the media to disguise the fact that youre doing everything you blame on others. hippocrytes. im very amused with your site and how you have warped the minds of all your followers. and my excuse for what i had to say is first off, that God blessed me with a brain and free will, and second, i have the first amendment to the constitution, and third, youre allowed to say what you would like, so i can too. GOD BLESS!!!!

  248. Miamihorror September 28th, 2009 12:35 pm wites:

    Lady Gaga has a European counterpart called ‘Little Boots’. Look her up and you will find very similar symbolism in her images.

    Do you know the translation of 'little boot" in Latin…

  249. So I was in the store the other day looking for something to drink, and I see a product I’d

    never tried but recognized from Lady Gaga’s video of her catchy tune, Paparazzi: Neuro Sonic,

    the drink that she spiked with poisonous powder before giving to her boyfriend! ‘Lady Gaga’s

    death juice’ I thought. Looking at the bottle, I am intrigued because the bottle says, “GET

    SMART: energize the healthy you.” The packaging claims it increases energy, curbs appetite,

    reduces oxidative damage and stress, liver support, anti-aging, and antioxidant. And only 35

    calories a bottle! Odd, though: the logo on the front is a sillhouette of a head with what

    looks like a EKG running across the center circle. I looked at the ingredients and wanted to

    look up one of them: sodium benzoate. Wikipedia (not the most reliable source but the article

    is footnoted and the claims might be verifiable) explains that it is a preservative that is

    made by neutralizing the naturally occurring benzoic acid with sodium hydroxide. There’s some

    stuff about a study that showed the chemical mixed with food colorings was linked with

    hyperactivity in children. But more disturbing than this was that the article states that

    when sodium benzoate is mixed with Vitamin C, it can produce benzene, which is known to be

    carcinogenic and can possibly cause a host of diseases. In my bottle of Neuro Sonic (in

    addition to the sodium benzoate), there is 120 mg of Vitamin C- 200% of the daily value. This

    is supposed to be a “nutritional supplement?” I don’t know about Lady Gaga being a puppet for the Illuminati, but we can’t say she didn’t warn us this is death juice.

    Red Kool Aid, anyone?

    Little Boots -> Caligula

  250. i found this article kinda absurb

    a lot of people here first assume that lady gaga is an illuminati slave already then starting to find clues to prove this so called mind control conspiracy is exist. like u assume the use of pyramids and this "all seeing eye symblism" in her videos are implying she was being brainwashed by the illuminati mind control and become a mindless drone or remoted control puppet….whatever you said. shes only 21 and a person at her age usually does not think this kind of stuff or even never heard of these things. she is a pop star and she want to be famous. thats all she was emphasizing, it neither related to mind control nor occult. this is pop culture, the robotic way is like one of the many styles that young generation use to convey or express themselves, nothing more. many symbols this article has mentioned are just embellishment purpose, and i don't think the general public would even care about what those means.

    one sugguestion for you guys, don't randomly judge people.

  251. Albanian Todd on

    WHO CARES if she is satanist? Just one more person worshipping an imaginary being.

    All of our progress and still our most advanced society on earth is filled with superstitious fools.

  252. fucking ridiculous on

    Ridiculous, fucking ridiculous. Come on, why the hell should someone like Lady Gaga be part of some kinda Illuminati? Or Jay-Z or Rihanna? People should go outside more often than once in a year. Get your heads away from these satanic monitors which are by these terms fucking your minds with bullshit.

    If someone or anyone makes himself or herself unique in music business, she / he is for sure Satan's child? Burn the witch?

    And besides, in that Paprazzi video the guy tried to kill Lady Gaga and there was a guy hidden somewhere taking the pictures. The guy was paparazzing there with the help of this balcony guy and Lady G hit the guy with the bottle so that drove the guy into that little mistake so he dropped her down. And that hypnotic thing. Ever seen movie Vertigo? There are lots of hypnotism if you like to say it that way.

    Conspiracies. Maybe this site is conspiracy and they're trying to wash some brains here to make bad things. Who knows?!?

  253. my name is swelling from the information on this site.
    There is so much proof on every topic that no one can doubt it is true.
    Thnx dude

  254. Robert Anton Wilson on

    Hey buddy,

    Your a paranoid.

    Have you considered that perhaps Lady Gaga's University education could be responsible for the "symbolism" that you are finding within her video's?

    Your arguments are further eroded by the fact that you do not posit the possibility that Gaga is intellectually capable of making her own artistic and cultural statements in her work.

    If you check out Wikipedia you will see that she has studied music, art, religion, etc at University prior to becoming "famous"

    Do your research and find the "real' truth's and conspiriacys

    P.S. for the record I am not a fan of Lady Gaga and do not own or listen to her music

    P.P.S. Your mention that she "does not seem to be the antichrist" proves to me that you are probably more of an occultist then she will ever be.

    Good Luck,

  255. Thanks VC for outing this illuminati mind controlled slave. I always wondered why I would immediately be repulsed by the sight of this talentless freak of nature. Now I know why. After reading your article on Lady Gaga, I decided to delve a little deeper into the subject . Check out the video that I made dealing with this MK Ultra tool.

  256. Everything you mention in this article simply helps me to confirm what I already thought about her. The tunes are catchy, and I will admit I listen to her often. After listening to a new single she is releasing just now I was compelled to look up,” Lady gaga is a mind controlled puppet”. I found this site, and I am really glad that I did. You give much more depth of perception to what I was already catching/caught on to with what is going on. Though I do disagree with you on one subject, and that is that she is surely Antichrist. To clarify that, I’d like to say that i’m not saying she IS the antichrist.. She is one of his followers. Anything that is anti-Christian.She also has the Worldly peace symbol tattooed onto her wrist, which is of course the upside down cross broken on each side… and also after seeing some of the latest photos of her she is clearly mocking Mother Mary.

  257. I read the article and found it eye opening…however my thoughts were opposite. I believe she is showing the world through her music (sort of like De Vinci through art) that there is more behind the power of the Illuminati than we know or see.

    I want to believe she is telling the public stories with her videos and her presentations.

    She is way too young to be in so deep with the Illuminati….just my opinion?

  258. Escaped from Hades on

    Please, somebody send that demon back to hell already.
    Her and Manson are not the only thing this world has to offer, but it’s some of the worst.

    We are going to see more and more people like her taking the center stage, to be praised as idols of worship who’s only goal is to assist taking as many to hell as possible before the gates are closed.

  259. This is hilarious….its funny beyond words…mind control indeed..lady gaga a serious mind control device…lord the people on here are ridiculous…it's called artistic license..anyone..expecially an artist..understands that..or rather doesn't..they simply do..because they want too…no reasons…the amount of people involved in the production of any pop video is fairly vast, I'm sure they all colluded with the illuminati….chuckle..

  260. Well ever since i was born, very soon i realized that something was siriously wrong with this world we live in. then i began seaching for the truth, i wanted to understand why to many things we do, think or believe and the outcome was….. lies everywhere, everything i see or hear others say, mainly history books, magazines, the media etc.. so that i developed a highly sense of criticism, which my fellows call "the negative thinking" which also in their language i call "the realistic thinking".Always felt like i was born in a wrong place and time, making me feel different in every aspects of my being, i have no religion, no flags, no nationality but the one atributted to me, no government and law but those to whom we all have to abide by, iam not even a genious but it feels like a strange being forced to adapt himself in this brainless world sorrounded by humans self consented robots or machines tought to do, believe, understand only the way they want humans to comply. But i keep questioning myself, what if the illuminati didn´t even exist, what if those who have the power to manipule societies wanted to create or give it a name so we could never stop wondering , debating and talking about them, watever reasons they may have, i really feel sorry for those still asleep in this superficial dream world. am special and unchangeable with no choice but to live through my reality and your reality till my watch stops ticking.

  261. When she is doing the A OK symbol over her eye she has 3 fingers up which makes the hand symbol for 3 sixes.

  262. ALL MUSIC can’t be evil, usually it’s just the mainstream and the people that are trying to get into the mainstream industry…right?
    K so what about indie bands? Bands that are very, very unknown and have like, an independent record label.
    They can’t possibly be evil if they’re probably not trying to get famous in any way, and have pretty peaceful music.
    It would helpful if someone could answer my question please ?

  263. I cannot believe there are so many fools out there. Conspiracy theorists and bigots are normally the ones most likely to dabble in mind control.

    That means you.

    People stop lapping up this bullshit.

  264. Anton/Robert you are a victim of mind control as well! Ive worked in a record store for 6 years before the industry collapsed, and have played in bands for sometime and can tell you you dont just rise to stardom out of knowhere, especially in a desperate market . You know where Michael Jackson came from, you know where Beyonce and Madonna come from, you know where Guns N Roses comes from, Hell you know where Hannah Montana comes from. Lady Gaga comes from an Illuminati family and her real life/background and rise to fame is a mystery unless you are brainwashed enough to believe everything the T.V, MTV, and "Wikipedia" tell you. Occult Symbolism will always be hidden in plain sight

  265. is there one with fraternities and freemasonry? i know to most its obvious, but i dont know how to gather the info for a friend of mine wanting to join Alpha Phi Alpha

  266. It's funny, in that "parazzi" clip of hers … you can see what it says in the newspaper .. on top "Morning star" .. the "M" being subliminal .. Lucifer the Morning Star. Everything is just as blatant as it gets anyways..

  267. Amanda Makintosh on

    With number ones in half the world let’s have a look at what Lada Ga Ga has to say to the nation:

    Just dance—–I’ve had a little bit too much…I can’t see straight anymore… I can’t remember but it’s alright, alright, Just dance

    Poker face——A little gambling is fun when your with me…I’ll get him hot, show him what I’ve got….Cause I’m bluffin’ with my muffin…poker face

    If you are happy with your children singing this – that’s up to you.

    Is is just a coincidence that there are 3 times the number of deaths from alcohol consumption since 1989 and this figure is on the increase. You may not be suprised to hear that 30% of 15 year olds (study from 8000 teens) think is is OK to get drunk. And what do these teens do when they are drunk??? Well they all ready have this in their head…..I’ll get him hot show him what I’ve got.

    Think these people have a choice in the matter??? Do these people have a choice what is being fed to them repeatedly, daily, in the supermarket, at the gym, on the TV, on the radio, on the internet. – But it’s Alright, alright……

  268. Yawn…Is this illuminatii shit in vogue AGAIN? I wonder if those illuminatii who dabbled in enlightenment should have known that supernatural silliness would step in when their "knostic" symbolism came short of scientific reality. No, I suppose not. Look at nature. So many mysteries. So much bad poetry.

  269. bee, I'm totally with you. There are wars going on, and these people are sure that Lady Gaga is controlling our minds LOL Gotta love it–nah, gotta hate it. Get yourself a life people!

  270. WOWww… just wow. So what if she is… people kill me with this finger pointing. Why not do something to help raise a better, mentally strong society. I mean… there will always be people pushing their views on you, it will never stop. Raise your kids to be stronger mentally, so they will not fall for things like this. Teach the children. Children live want they learn. If they’re not been taught good, then of course they will gravity towards evil… Just my 2 cents.

  271. This article is ridiculous. If anything it makes me like her more for being smart enough to include all the symbolism you've described. Nice Job.

  272. I had a dream 3yrs back, The earth was a field and small platforms were everywhere. On these platforms was people of influence, they only had enough room to move frt, bk, lft, rht: down on the ground were people so captivated with these people that they did not realize the pits surrounding the people til they walked right in them. I understand this dream completely now; The reason the people of influence could only move 1 step in either direction was they are under control and have a restricted range of motion, as for the captivated people they walk blindly by the BLIND!! All that i have seen on this site conferms it!! Thank u GOD for the wisdom, and understanding!!!

  273. okay so you say that laddy gaga worships satan……but why would she reveal it on every music video and every where see goes….why ? why is it when somebody is in the spotlight like lady gaga they bring them down?

  274. Why would they give us all this so-called "symbolism" in the wide open for us all to see?

    To be honest if i wanted to take over the world i wouldn't have signs outside my "secret lodges" to tell the world where i was based…

    And i'm sorry but checked flooring…?

    I bet 10% of houses have checked tiled floors in their bathrooms or kitchens…

    You can pick anything to pieces if you try hard enough…

  275. I’m sure there’s a whole lot more to be said about the symbolism in Lady Gaga’s videos. The recurring, mock “orgy” scenes, for example, struck me when I first watched a video by her. (It’s evident in the “Paparazzi” and “Poker Face” videos, especially, that I’ve seen.)

  276. dude awesome! this just confirms about her being a space lizard. for some reason after i saw her on MTV and heard the bad romance song- i just knew… the world is getting crazier..

  277. Some people have too much time on their hands. Music is not evil. THE BIBLE was written by ordinary people thousands of years ago.. I truly can’t believe in 2009 people revolve their lives and thoughts around a book of stories that is so old. The Bible is nothing but STORIES. You can believe in a higher power, a God, whatever you want. But that does not mean your beliefs are correct. Life is life, love is love, sex is sex. Everything is what it is. No deeper meanings to decipher. I am a good person and love helping others in need and I don’t believe in a particular religion..that does not make me a bad person, and enjoying songs written by a young artist such as Lady GaGa is not evil. There is no devil; no hell. You live, and then you die. So if you deny yourself enjoying harmless things such as music and catchy pop tunes, then the only person missing out is YOU. You should focus on the true evil in our world, such as anyone who harms a child or animal in any way shape or form. Those are evil people.

  278. I don’t think she’s smart enough to do all that stuff. Lighten up, guys.

    Of course, I could be illuminati myself 😛 YOU NEVER KNOW!!!

  279. hmm interesting……my friend told me that muslims belive that before the Doomsday will came a man that will affirm that he is god……and…..he won't have one eye……coinsidence??

  280. So after reading this I am now convinced.

    this afternoon I saw a 5 year old girl in the mall, she had a hat with a butterfly pattern on it, I accuses her of being part of the illuminati plot, and a CIA opperative working on the monarch project, she started to cry, I knew this was an act so I punched her in the mouth and ran.


  281. @Izzy

    So just because YOU have played in bands, and knew people who played in bands, and YOU weren't successful, you automatically assume that everyone who is must be in some secret cult?

    Did you ever consider the fact that maybe your band just sucks, and no one wants to hear that shit? I am so tired of people using these ridiculous, illogical conspiracy theories as excuses for their own fucking mediocrity.

    Lady gaga's rise to stardom is actually well documented — it took hard work. She had to hustle. It wasn't handed to her, she worked for it. She was dropped and then signed again.

    She has been playing in new york for almost a decade, and writing for interscope for years. There are vids up on youtube of her singing at the bitter end at the age of 18. No one knew who she was then.

    Get a life.

  282. my name is B-Ron, fo on

    Has anyone heard the news that a famous photographer dropped dead of a heart attack minutes after photographing Lady Gaga?

  283. Hey, Im very interested in what you write. i want to maybe "inspire you" to investigate Michael Jackson. he could have been the first illuminati slave… Here's why: He lost his pigmentation (skin color), his hair probably fell off and "grew" straighter hair, he looks like an alien, his fashion designer must be from another galaxy, and was a pop icon…. PLEASE INVESTIGATE IT!!! it's probably one of the secret documents burned.

    I'll be waiting for a response!

  284. you young cats catch on quick. the fact that the music sucks ass didn't register so quickly did it? remember Madonna? same thing.

  285. Yes, it is entirely possible for separate creatives to come up with the same exact idea, at the same time. You guys are CLEARLY not artists and you are not and never have been involved with an artistic scene. This HAPPENS in a scene. A club scene, an art scene, the fashion world, it has a vibe, a pulse of its own. People are creating together and communicating out in the bars, after work, and online. You see this at fashion week every so often, two lines will look uncannily similar and both designers are mortified. Seek and you shall find could never be more misappropriated than on this site! Lady Gaga comes from the art and music scene of New York City. She comes from the clubs. What she is doing was happening in the clubs before she brought it to the mainstream. Someone was commenting on Just Dance being about mind control. This song is about what its like to be 20-something in the clubs. It's slightly menacing and that reflects the world out there. It's what kids in the clubs are experiencing! The arguments on this site are stretched to the point of taffy-making.

    Vigilant said:

    Christopher, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. Let me just ask you something: do you think that Lady Gaga came up with the same exact symbolism as Beyonce (Baphomet, female robot from Metropolis, dead dummies in videos) by accident?

  286. @ Grace with all due respect….you are extremely wrong music is not evil but people are now passing devilish message through it, in case u don’t know music is the most powerful form of getting peoples attention and luring people into things. these people are role models to poeple out there young, old and so on. People are influenced by music, music has the power of setting you into particular type of mood depending on the type of music your listening to. WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS REAL AND IT IS NOT A JOKE!!!!


  288. To okthen… and most people that don’t know why symbolism is there:

    Symbolism is a way of making illuminatists and/or the devil powerful. Having their symbols regularly seen and used by huge populations kind of makes it easier for them to take over the world.

  289. i realy dont believe this. what you are doing by making these websites are just as bad and corrupting people’s minds just likke you say this is. i never noticed these things before i read this. im not a robot i am a good normal girl who enjoys life and guess what…i love lady gaga. if they are so what. let them god never told us to expose people and to pay to much attention (thatsif you read this for reigious puropses). you people are hyporcryts. they aren’t brainwashing us you guys are manifestig this into a big deal. since when do i relate checkers with being a mson or eyes. right now im blocking one of my eyes, i am i mason how scary, right? well you should be ashamed. im goignt to wear a butterfly top tomorrow. im a mason. im going to wear black half the day then white. i am a mason. i will draw an eye. i am a mason. ill wear checkered socks. i am a mason. ill talk like a robot.. i am not a mason but i can do all these things and you have no idea of my intentions because you are not a mind reader. maybe your a mason and trying to give us secret messages, have you ever thuoght of that. it is sad you live in so much fear. et off thew computer, go to the beach, smell fresh air, be happy. stop thinking about others and focus on living your own life. do you want to regret thinking about these things instead of having fun.

    please think about this LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE AND LET THEM LIVE THIER OWN

  290. OMG!!! Paparazzi is my fave song ever!!! But my opinion on stuff like this is that if u wanna be influenced, you will!! I decided to see Paparazzi is more of a love song as something dealing with what she did for fame. “I’m your biggest fan, i’ll follow you until you love me, Your Papa-Paparazzi.” It’s stalker-esque but it just means that she’ll be dedicated enough to follow the guy and “I’ll be kind” shows that she’ll treat him well. The song is a love song!

    But i love your site, VC. I never saw all of those symbols before. You’re awesome. And i love your writing style. But i can totally see the plausability of everything you see!!! GREAT JOB ON THE SITE, DUDE!!!!

  291. That was supposed to be “I decided to see Paparazzi as more of a love song as opposed to something dealing with what she did for fame.”

  292. tegan, Kyron, and Brittney, your comments are proof that anything with 4 lips that bleed for seven days cannot think coherently

  293. interesting idea. still i think she is clever. wrote this before finding your article. thanks!

    I find it interesting that Gaga uses obsession with fame as a means to achieve it – even through us. The video is fascinating for positioning gaga securely within the realm of taboo – sex, money, and murder.

    she references lady di in a certain sense – as LaTirge makes the point that fame kills.

    she also quotes visually britney spears crotch shot
    She also sings six notes of the melody of Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me" in the breakdown section of this song (the maximum number of notes you can get away with without being sued).

    at 5:45 here:
    I'm sure I'm missing many other references I don't know.

    On the one hand she is using taboo imagery and our fascination with it to make us more fascinated with her.

    On the other hand there seems to be something deeply magical and shamanic going on with her energetically, as if she is claiming the energy of the deaths of these highly sexualized women for her own power, and avenging them against men in general, something that seems to be a theme for her. Well i suppose it is about time a women turns the table on the male dominated attitude which permeates much of pop culture, and it is no wonder she has such strong reactions to her.

    Freud, in "Totem and Taboo" postulated an innate human psychic trait adapted over years of living in patriarchal tribals settings: a place in every human mind for a relationship of both hate, respect, dependency, and fear – towards the primeval "alpha male" – perhaps gaga is setting herself up as the first primeval alpha female of the modern world. The rumors of her being a hermaphrodite can only help this cause.

  294. ….are you serious?

    you took things way out of proportion here.

    And I agree with Andrew, this article is ridiculous.

  295. Shes no Illuminati, you over look the simple things, and make them sound bad.

    Shes an artist, she gets inspired by other things, wrong things, good things, whatever it is.

    And that whole one eye thing, even teenagers do that in posing in pictures, and don't even know what it means. Chances are, she just thought it would be cool to do that.

  296. Oh come on, the woman probably doesnt even know what the Illuminati is, she's only 23.

    She's an artist, and she just wants to make it in the music industry. Leave the girl alone, let her have her fun. She works very hard.

  297. What’s wrong with you?
    You’re just trying to brainwash people. I mean, you can’t be paranoid and start comparing people with the devil and evil!! That’s really immature, and Lady Gaga is just a musician who sings smart songs, but people often change the lyrics and turn them around like you are doing.

    IF YOU HATE HER, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! You don’t have to humiliate Lady Gaga. In fact, you look like a mason to me. Trying to make Lady Gaga look bad, humiliating her, etc.. Lmao!

    You are such a fanatic! I’m an intelligent boy and Lady Gaga didn’t “BRAINWASH” me like you said.. I just love Lady Gaga and her style 😉

    I know you are religious, but I think you are taking it to the extreme! Let her live that way she wants and don’t criticize people.. THAT’S WHY THE PLANET IS ALWAYS AT WAR, BECAUSE PEOPLE NEVER ACCEPT OTHERS AND FANATICS ALWAYS TAKE THINGS TO THE EXTREME..

    So I suggest you delete this article 😉

  298. This article is truly PATHETIC.
    Honestly. Listen to what you’re saying. Using a successful pop icon such
    as Lady Gaga to convince people that the illuminati is trying to brain wash
    everybody is so ridiculous. Who ever wrote this must really have nothing else
    to do but sit in their home and make up conspiracy theories. Really people,
    think about how absurd all of this sounds. THIS article right here is what’s
    trying to brain wash you. Not Lady Gaga. It really takes stupidity to another level.
    If you spent enough time on any other artist you could find other “clues” suggesting
    that they’re part of this “conspiracy” or any other philosophy at that. Let’s try to not
    become one of those paranoid societies that with any little indication of of such influences
    will send us writing articles such as this one.

    ‘In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write?”- Lady Gaga’s tattoo (left arm)

    Let’s not write such ludicrous stories and lets recognize that Lady Gaga is one of the best
    and most creative artists of our time. Learn from her and listen to what she has to say you’d
    be surprised what she TRULY stands for.

    Thank you.

  299. Re: Andrew
    does the expression “hidden in plain sight ” mean anything to you? symbols are everywhere and to think that people get to the top and the level of fame and fortune which Gaga has achieved this quickly with honest hard-work and mediocre singing/dancing is naive. She has basically admitted to being a puppet with out flat out saying, she’s refers to herself as a fame monster, she lives for her fame and for the fame. Think about it. Unless that hurts your brain.

    they can hide it out in plain sight because the average person does not know how to look beyond the surface and question the motives behind the action.

    there’s nothing wrong with being ignorant and naive it will make it all the easier for you. we are the ones that will have to go down with a fight, it would be much simpler to go down peacefully.

  300. Hi…I read this article and i was wondering if you can interpret her Bad Romance video..because this time remember how in the beginning she was making love 2 the guy in the beginning of the paparazzi video and the rams head was uptop above her…in her second video Bad Romance…it ends with a dead burned corpse with her on the bed next 2 it…but this time 2 rams heads uptop? i mean the video itself is skeptical cuz der is a scene where there in a cofin n one has a cross painted on it and uptop says monster..i dont know…was wondering if you can decipher that video

  301. Hey Jack, the video is actually quite simple really, you just have to look at it a bit more.
    Lady Gaga said that the video is talking about tough female spirits.
    In the beginning of the video shes being kidnapped by supermodels before being sold off to the Russian mafia. There they bid on here, and the man sitting on the bed was the highest bidder. But instead of sleeping with the man, she burns him, representing the whole tough female spirit :)

  302. LXOK... NOSTYLE on

    I think you underestimate her. I love this article however. I think just offing her as a slave is a bit harsh. Have you considered the idea that she was part of the entertainment industry long before becoming an artist. Maybe she knows something that you know too. Maybe her material IS this article, but more subliminal. Either way I know she isn't just an entertainer. She continues to evolve, she is making people think about things. I know I wouldn't have stumbled onto your site if it weren't for her saying how her new video "Bad Romance" is filled with symbolism. This is the first site that popped up on google when I searched Lady Gaga Symbolism. Something VERY interesting is going on. I can't wait to read part two.

  303. I listen to her music, and actually like her…what does that make me?
    And if that’s the case, does it mean that all of her fans are horrible people?
    Also, a bunch of people listen to Jay Z, Rihanna, Beyonce, and people claim that they’re Illuminati, so does that mean that those people are that as well?
    She’s not brainwashing me into worshiping the devil, and when I watch her videos, I could care less about the symbols that are hidden, I just watch it because it’s different, and it’s art, and that’s something I rarely see in videos anymore.
    I listened to Michael Jackson, and people claim that he was going to put a stop to this Illuminati business.
    So if I listen to him, and listen to those singers, the “Illuminati” as you claim them to be, where does that put me in?

  304. Wow. This World is confusing, and messed up. You really can’t trust anybody :/
    Ah well, I enjoy her music, I see no harm done in listening to it.

  305. Can you spell photoshop? That photo of the mannequin is obviously a fake. Somehow I don’t think vigilant citizens are above doctoring a few photos to sell their point.

  306. RE:Uriel

    There is nothing wrong with living for your success. As an artist she clearly states

    that she lives for her music and her performances. It's the reason behind her success.

    Clearly paranoid people such as yourself wouldn't able to understand what success feels like and as such you run towards another method of attention like oh say….writing fictional and childish

    stories such as this one? Lady Gaga doesn't have to "explain" her motives behind

    anything and yet she still does.

    "we are the ones that will have to go down with a fight, it would be much simpler to go down peacefully"- Uriel

    And now you reach a new level by actually insinuating that there's some sort of war or fight going on here.

    The words written by a true conspiracy fanatic. In case no one cared to look at the rest of this website I suggest you do. Not only do they speak about other artist as well but different monumental structures as well! Next then you'll see is an article on president Obama. ABSURD.

  307. RE:Uriel
    There is nothing wrong with living for your success. As an artist she clearly states
    that she lives for her music and her performances. It’s the reason behind her success.
    Clearly paranoid people such as yourself wouldn’t able to understand what success feels like and as such you run towards another method of attention like oh say….writing fictional and childish
    stories such as this one? Lady Gaga doesn’t have to “explain” her motives behind
    anything and yet she still does.

    “we are the ones that will have to go down with a fight, it would be much simpler to go down peacefully”- Uriel

    And now you reach a new level by actually insinuating that there’s some sort of war or fight going on here.
    The words written by a true conspiracy fanatic. In case no one cared to look at the rest of this website I suggest you do. Not only do they speak about other artist as well but different monumental structures as well! Next then you’ll see is an article on president Obama. This whole thing is quite laughable and I laugh at myself for actually responding. But hey I defend what I believe is the truth and what is right.

  308. You all are the INSANE ones. Is there someone behind a curtain telling you to write this crap? You're probably part of the mass of idiots who believes that Beatles songs were evil. Her work is unique, and yours is not. The End.

  309. #1: The all-seeing-eye is a symbol that has been around since before the "illuminati" came about

    Reference: Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics. See: Eye of Horus

    #2: The all-seeing-eye you guys obsess over has nothing to do with the freemasons as you see it. The one that is on the dollar was created before the freemasons ever used the symbol.


    #3: The "New World Order" and "Illuminati" term was created because the Freemasons adopted their own version of the All Seeing Eye to iconify god:
    Some nutjobs like you tied this icon to the one on the Dollar which existed before the Masonic Eye of Profidence was ever created. Around the pyramid on the dollar has the phrase "Ordo Seclorum" which is latin for "New Order of Ages." This is where some uninformed masses tied the "Illuminati" to today's group that "controls" masses. The NWO, Illuminati or any of that does not exist and was created by fundamentalist nutjobs.

    Furthermore I would like to close my comment with some scripture:

    Matthew 7:1 "Judge not, that ye be not judged."

  310. to joemammy: we women CAN think coherently.

    I’m with the idea of pop art, and the Warhol’s comparation. But you may never know ¬¬.
    What you will know for sure are the feelings and sensations that she provokes on you. So stop thinking rationally and use emotions. Don’t judge, feel. You know, the first impression on a person marks your relationship with him/her. Your opinion may change after knowing him/her, but that first sensation is always there.

    She provokes me the same sensation that Liza Minelli in Cabaret. Weird.
    What provokes she on you?

  311. 17These men are springs without water and mists driven by a storm. Blackest darkness is reserved for them. 18For they mouth empty, boastful words and, by appealing to the lustful desires of sinful human nature, they entice people who are just escaping from those who live in error. 19They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity—for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him…..2Peter2:17-19

    Hey Thanks…its just cuz lol I love Lady Gaga lol not like LOVE HER but shes awesome I lover her fashion and her songs there catchy…so i was just wondering..but THANKS FOR THE INTERPRETATION

  313. Omg.. you guys are so messed up. You make a big deal out of everything, lady gaga is an awesome artist & you criticize her because she’s different. In my opinion, you need to get a life & stop looking for things that will mess up her career & go live your life. If she wants to be weird, let her be!! Everyone is different & what you’re actually proving is that you’re not tolerant at all (God there’s this thing called freedom of speech.. so let her be). Stop hating..! =)

  314. What Lady Gaga does is satirize our culture.
    She isn’t actually brainwashed herself, but she’s making the point that others are. The whole video with her brushing her hair, to me, is saying how people want fame so badly and will do anything to get it. Also, how most celebrities are brainless and will do whatever it takes to keep their fame.

  315. i am appaled !!!

    never have i read so much shit in my life and i am 60 years old !

    you're all very deluded and i should spank your tight toushes with my lady gaga CD

    i love the gaga, i have sexy times over her

    after my wife left me she was all i had. she could'nt handle my love for the gaga ……… and her firework bra

    see ya later bitch tits xxxxx

  316. Blunderbussbrigade on

    You read way too much into things. Not to mention reinforcing the idiots garrison with all this, you’re no better than the guys who first made up Gagas whole hermaphrodite story. All you people do is either make something up or take something out of context, you’re just filling all the brainless people who visit this page with stupid ideas that only lead them further on the path to idiotville. From the comments up near the top, “i heard hermaphroditism is a product of incest?” Perhaps not in those exact words but no, that’s not how it is, Hermaphrodites are the way they are the same reason you wear glasses or the guy across the street has a large nose, bad luck and genes. Try not to encourage the stupids please.

  317. Blunderbussbrigade, you’re a fool.

    GaGa made up the Hermaphrodite story herself, as she brings it up sardonically in her interviews and stage shows, so that it would build up prior to her VMA performance, which many would tune into, and catapult her ensuing tour ($$$$$). How naiive are you?

    How would I know this? I’M A FAN. I’ve always had this inclination about GaGa used as a way to dumb down the masses.

    That said I differentiate her (and Jay-Z who quoted ‘I dumb down for my audience and double my profits) from victims Beyonce, Kanye, Kylie, Britney, Miley et al because I feel that GaGa and Jay aren’t ENTIRELY victims of the Illuminati.

    The creative content, while symbolized, is still party their own, and you can see from these two specific artists (Jay and GaGa) that they leave clues for the masses to figure it out, almost tongue-in-cheek, while others like uncouth Beyonce and Kanye just regurgitate what they’re told. It’s almost the former are having their way with the occult while walking to the bank, and the latter are merely victims.

  318. Blunderbussbrigade, you’re a fool.

    GaGa made up the Hermaphrodite story herself, as she brings it up sardonically in her interviews and stage shows, so that it would build up prior to her VMA performance, which many would tune into, and catapult her ensuing tour ($$$$$). How naive are you?

    How would I know this? I’M A FAN. I’ve always had this inclination about GaGa used as a way to dumb down the masses.

    That said I differentiate her (and Jay-Z who quoted ‘I dumb down for my audience and double my profits) from victims Beyonce, Kanye, Kylie, Britney, Miley et al because I feel that GaGa and Jay aren’t ENTIRELY victims of the Illuminati.

    The creative content, while symbolized, is still party their own, and you can see from these two specific artists (Jay and GaGa) that they leave clues for the masses to figure it out, almost tongue-in-cheek, while others like uncouth Beyonce and Kanye just regurgitate what they’re told. It’s almost the former are having their way with the occult while walking to the bank, and the latter are merely victims.

  319. I think I aslo forgot to mention that her Bad Romance video is one the very smartest video clips to come out in a very long time and will most likely go down as a classic for years to come.

  320. Heh. Maybe this is true, maybe it's not. In any case I LOVE LADY GAGA. And I'm not doing anything better with my life, soo.. ILLUMINATI, COME GET ME!! 😀

    can't wait for the "paul is dead" article btw (:

  321. Wow an interesting article this was indeed, I had no idea people actually still used such language in 2009.

    I do have to say this is one of the biggest jokes I’ve read in a very long time. Indeed it’s not hard to infuse meaning and symbolism within media and communications of the current day as that’s exactly what art is. Using such old conspiracies such as the illuminti, secret societies and other urban legends are really not so hard to diffuse into practically all contexts: they are generic in essence and hence easy to apply to practically anything, as this website has done a very fine job of.

    So many examples you have used really don’t have great foundations. For example, her name gaga was adopted as a nick name when she started in the entertainment industry within clubs and while you may say she is an air head because of such nonsense, by the same token do you also suggest that only dumb airheads are strippers? I hope I don’t have to elaborate on how much more there is to people than what they do within public lives and their social identities.

    Aside my personal feelings on lady gaga, she is truly one of the smartest people to spiral within the entertainment industry in a very long time: for example her studying culture and media at the Tisch School of Arts at NYU, of which has a ridiculously tight acceptance rate from applicants across the world. Maybe it should have occurred to you that these ridiculously old conspiracies are usually the subject of studies within cultural studies, if which she is very familiar with.

    Based on many other ridiculous stories on this site, it seems that most of the authors feel quite threatened by this “illuminati” and what’s a shame is that it seems the authors can’t seem to think at a level objective of Christian ideology. Religion aside, detailed insights and perspectives should come from discourses independent of such institutions.

    I hope to god people take this article with a very small grain of salt as this is a great example of just dumbed down accessible information has become through the internet.

    I think someone’s been reading a little too much Dan Brown.

    I am however looking forward to the feedback on this article and my comments.

  322. It's not blatant because it's a sick joke, but her own artistic, parodic gesture. Whatever her mixture of symbolism, with her decidedly eye-pleasing, hip-moving conjugations, it is what it is: a pop-culture phenomenon. What bothers me about all this intellectual riffraff is that no one is stating something else that is obvious: pop music has never been intellectual. It is phantasmagorical. In the same vein as Jackson, Madonna, and Bowie, Lady Gaga's music is merely the background noise of a much more elaborate stage show whose purpose is to get the audience (club, living room) moving, gyrating, flailing, fantasizing in primordial and physically liberating – and not at all controlling – ways. Better Lady Gaga than ecstasy, I say. It's not supposed to make you think on any deep (let alone a subliminal) level. She's much smarter than anyone here is giving her credit. To say the overlying purpose of the music industry is to control the masses is laughable. Just dance, ba da be bop….hey!

  323. Anyone can make anything sound Satanic if they try hard enough.

    And anyone who's stupid enough to believe everything they hear and read will support it.

    You seem to put lots of hard work into all these articles-carefully analyzing every angle to make sure you don't miss any hidden messages or symbolism ect- and thats GREAT that you've found something to do with your time and i dont mean that sarcastically, but PERSONALY i think this is all shit. Sorry.

    Believe what you want, but i choose to LOVE LADY GAGA!!! WHOOOOHOOOO!!!! 😀

    I have her debut CD The Fame and i'm SOO buying The Fame Monster when it comes out in a week! In fact i've already pre-ordered it online!!! GAGA FANS STAND UP!!

    Good day to everyone… 😉

  324. Aww, I’m glad to see there are more opposition comments on this article than pretty much any other one. GaGa fans, STAND UP! While listening to GaGa I never felt fear or any smidgen of evil or anything. She’s inspired me to follow my dreams and finish school. Your article, however, kinda creeped me out and made me wanna hide in a hole. Heck, idc about that NWO crap anyway. If someone wants to watch me all day and monitor everything I do, fine. They’ll prolly be bored to death. “I’m the one that’s gotta die when it’s time for me to die” – Jimi Hendrix. I love you Stefani Joanna Angelina Germanotta. Your fans are here for you no matter what. <3

  325. Anyone notice that 3 of Lady Gaga’s outfits in “Bad Romance” are completed with pointy like hat things? And what about the color scheme? Anyone also ever heard of how supposedly the presents used to meet secretly wearing red and black outfits with pointy hats? (Meaning they were worshiping the devil.) I’m just saying. The whole idea is kind of stupid, but it’s also stupid to say she isn’t trying to symbolize the Illuminati. She seems to be a huge attention whore, maybe that’s why she does it. Or maybe she did actually “sell her soul to the devil”.
    If we’re getting started on conspiracy theories, how do you guys feel about the deaths of Bob Marley, Tupac and Michael Jackson? They all hinted towards the Illuminati, and went against it. Not to mention all three are deceased. Tupac framed for rape, Michael Jackson framed for child molestation. Maybe the world’s a bit too paranoid.. but this is interesting, isn’t it?

  326. Dear Vigilant Citizen,

    Don’t listen to the nay-sayers. Your article is very thought-provoking and convincing — and personally quite eye-opening. We need a little independent thought in these modern times of pop-culturally brainwashed sheeple. No insult intended to Lady Gaga fans, but an open dialogue should always be encouraged in order for a freethinking society to flourish, and you are contributing to that dialogue Vigilant Citizen. It is pretty undeniable, upon closer inspection, that Lady Gaga employs an unusual amount of Masonic symbolism in her aesthetic. The implications, can only be guessed at, but the symbolism is there. You’ve sparked this conspiracy theorist’s imagination, and I thank you for taking the time to share it.

  327. Perhaps its not about god vs satan.

    Perhaps the polarity is the illusion.

    These elite are themselves mind-controlled.

    The system is a system.

    Trauma is also a natural condition.

    Enlightenment through suffering, right.

    The oldest religious teaching.

    Every moment tearing into the next is an opportunity to re-educate oneself.

    No conspiracy necessary. A fact of life.

    To be or not to be.

    Ah, that's the rub.

  328. Thank you for turning me on to Lady Gaga (or L8d – which seems to have potentially symbolic gender messages embedded in it). I have been completely unaware of her music and public life, having only seen her in one or two clips from awards shows. She always just seemed harmlessly narcissistic and a bit goofy (no Disney pun intended). But as a result of reading this fantastic article (you could use an editor, but your writing is nicely direct), I am now going to pursue Gaga in the media, buy her albums, and definitely check her out in concert. You've shown her to be the most compelling, self-aware, and subversively satirical (no satyr pun intended) pop artist since Eminem (who was arguably the most crafty since Madonna). Every decade needs its genius, no?

    One other thing: Is this a Christian site? I totally thought this article was intentionally showing how rad (radical pun intended) her symbolic menagerie was, signaling and exposing the very mind control techniques she is parroting. If there is a Xian message, it's not very clear (which is another reason you could use an editor). But, while I think what she's doing is pretty great, I could also imagine the argument that no matter how intentional or self-aware her art is, it remains hopelessly complicit in the mass media manipulation: even while puppeting puppetry, she remains a puppet. For greater insight into media manipulation, check out Adorno & Horkheimer’s prescient essay on “The Culture Industry” in their book *The Dialectic of Enlightenment* – great stuff. Anyhow, I fucking love puppets.

  329. If you cannot grasp the ironic and self reflexive nature of her work than the joke is on you. Its hillareous and a tad pathetic to see you deconstruct Lady GaGa, of all pop artists. Of course there are hypnotic elements in her work, its pop music for fucks sake. She’ll be the first to admit that Lady GaGa is a lie. Do a little research, friendo.

  330. Maybe this is just how you people follow pop, which is fine, a little cute even. I’m guessing you are old most likely, male, and live in a rural area. That, or you work for Haus of GaGa, haha. Either way I have a feeling you could come up with some killer stage sets. Wasn’t Bad Romance incredible? Sort of Cremaster Burlesque

  331. I agree Luke! She’s paying homage to Warhol. Lichtenstein, too. Characters trapped in the frames of our emerging technologies and perfectionist fantasies. Symbology and allusion – NOT illusion – to more recent pop standards litter her landscapes.

  332. @327.. okay off topic kinda but Lady GaGa didn't just rise to fame she's been in the industry for years. since she was 17. she even performed at lollapalooza and still hadn't become famous.

    so because someone likes triangles and goats they’re automatically trying to control your mind, or under mind control or something.
    get a grip!
    my friend’s grama has frogs all over her house.. what does THAT mean!?!

  334. okay you guys so I’m a Christian.. Catholic actually.. I don’t always make it to church on Sunday but I am fully confident in God and the love I have for God in my heart.. he’s helped me through a lot of tough times [a bout of anorexia to be specific] and I consider myself extremely spiritual because of the love I can feel him giving to me.. But I like Lady GaGa.. and I don’t think that’s harmful. I mean if it turns out that GaGa is gonna be the spearhead of some new world order operation [highly doubtful] then I will be the first to advocate against her and line up on the good side ya know.. on 2pacs side haha (: but srsly if I like lady GaGa does that make me a bad person? I’m certainly not sinless but neither is the author of this post.. Not everything is black and white.. certainly not in God’s eyes.. all I know is I love God and I love lady GaGa. so where does that place me?

  335. oohh please!! your so funny!! you’re telling me that LADY GAGA<3 is a robot!! hahaha, you make me laught with all this BULLSHIT, I love lady gaga, and all her vids, and im not hypnotized!, whatever…
    i LOVE the vid of RTL, she lloks so beautiful :D,


    and i hope she will still making all that FASHION "SYMBOLS"

  336. @ 327, Are you telling me that everyone in the entertainment business is a friggan Illuminati? WELL DAMN.
    Oh well, then we’re all doomed. ‘Cause children watch Hannah Montana, and people listen to music.
    Guess we’re all Illuminati’s -_-

    You people are ridiculous. I’m not brainwashed. I don’t worship the Devil, nor do I plan to. Listening to music, and watching TV won’t fxckng brainwash you. It’s just for our entertainment.

  337. Uh, Jason? Lady gaga most definitely DID NOT come up with those hermaphrodite rumors. I think it all started when Christina Aguilera said she didnt know who Lady Gaga was, or if she was even a woman or a man, and people went into it. And as for Lady gaga bringing it up in interviews and on stage, she’s just poking fun at it. Shes a sarcastic girl, and I’m glad to see that she find humor in the whole thing.

    And as for the whole Illuminati thing, you have way too much time on your hands. You’re over analyzing things. Ever thought that maybe everything she does, she was inspired to do by artists before her? Like the thunder bolt came from David Bowie. If anything, shes just as brainwashed as we are.

  338. 403, chillll that means none of that. Have you seen Max’s outfit from Where the Wild Things Are? They look exactly the same. Gaga got inspired by that, and spiced it up a bit.

  339. dear GOD the maker of heaven and earth you know what is right you know the truth, father have mercy on us so we can see nothing but your trouth i pray that you protect us from evil by the blood of the lamb in JESUS name my lord and saviour………. AMEN

  340. Religion isn’t the end-all be-all of morals.. some of you could take a lesson from james joyce or geoffrey chaucer. just because one has religion doesn’t make them a good person, and if someone is devoid of religion they’re not necessarily a bad person. heck I’ve met a lot of strong-willed, really nice atheists and a lot of really malicious evil people that spew Bible verses out of the mouths. remember that girl from wife swap or whatever who went all crazy and was like “IN JESUS NAME I PRAYY AAHHH!!!” throwing all kinds of stuff around? ok so I don’t know where I was going with all this lol but I think this topic is kind of related because I see ppl on this article and others that say “i’m gonna pray for you but I hate you.” it all seems so hypocritical to me.

  341. F**k I love her but I always had a weird feeling about her
    also many of her lyrics contains words like: “systematic, psychotic, hypnotic, mannequin”


    SO lets get this straight!

    1) Lady Gaga is setting an example for the world's youth, through her terrible electro-pop music, that glorifies or somehow promotes submitting to mind control, because she's a puppet/part of the illuminati/CIA?

    2) Your evidence is, well, this stuff?

    Ouch man. . Save your time. Pump this effort into something worthwhile. This seriously is the biggest load of crap I've ever seen. Man, I can't even summarize this sh1t without laughing. .

  343. This is ridiculous. Sure the facts are very well researched but, really? She’s being “mind-controlled?” I’m a fan of her, but I’m not just disagreeing with this article because I like Lady GaGa. She’s a pretty young artist and like many others, she wants to stand out. To be recognized as somebody. Doesn’t everybody? She’s only 23 years old, how would she know all of these facts? It’s a surprising on how well the facts relate and fit in with what she does in her videos, but how people think that the music industry is corrupting their artists by “brain-washing” them or whatever is just as surprising. I may be wrong because I’m not that religious and do not fully understand the concept but all of these saying on how she “gave her soul to the devil” is just plain foolish. Please you guys, maybe this is a little over-reacting?

  344. WAIT! Are you guys all Christian nut-jobs? The type that, because they happened to be born to the people they were, in the time they were, accept their faith as inherently superior/correct? The type that say the bible was “written” by god?

    That would explain the big time creep factor. But hell, you guys are terrifying in your own right.

  345. QUOTE: F**k I love her but I always had a weird feeling about her
    also many of her lyrics contains words like: “systematic, psychotic, hypnotic, mannequin”

    I’m a huge GaGa fan and I can only think of one song where she says “systematic” [beautiful, dirty, rich], one song in which she says both “psychotic” and “hypnotic” [just dance], and one song where she says “mannequin” [fashion]. not a huge argument I have here; I just wanted to point out that untruth.

  346. I would just like to clarify a previous comment (#4, browneyez). In no way are hermaphrodites or intersex individuals a product of incest. It is the result of problems in the development of the fetus due to varying levels of certain hormones which determine the sexual characteristics of the fetus. Please get your facts straight before spilling your diatribe for everyone to read, it only encourages ignorance and intolerance.

  347. She is the mind behind all her concepts and art, and at only 23 years old, if this is all true, she’s a genius. I am honored to live in her era and watch her grow!

    -Mindless Drone

  348. wow i do believe the lady gaga thing but all the industry i don’t think so i mean i think alot of the music undustry and maybe a few movies and shows but all im not so sure about the insudtry still has artist in it not all of them are satanic but as for lady gaga i defenantly believe that….good article.

  349. Hello, I’m sorry, I don’t see the correlation here between her ‘art’ and symbolism and the secret elite societies. Yes, she may be conveying this in her work, and I am sure she is aware of it, she is really so far from being ‘mind controlled,’ On the contrary, she is very intelligent, one of her favorite writers is the German writer/poet/philosopher Maria Wilke. But anyway, if anything, I think she is just making everyone aware that these things go on although in symbolic artistic ways. What is wrong with that..? Actually, someone posted a comment from ‘Rhianna’s Umbrella’ if anybody is mind controlled, I feel that girl is, she has that vacous sort of ditziness about her (no offense), and allowing herself to be in an extremely abusive relationship, is a sign of being abused or mind controlled at one point in her life. She, although very talented, appears to be dazed by the lights of the entertainment industry and does what she’s told. Although she also seems to be getting out of her predicaments. But back to Gaga. Never once in any interviews or articles or videos have I seen her seem out of control, but more in it. She very well knows what she’s doing and has even said in an interview that she wishes her ‘art’ to portray the deadliness, the ‘dark side’ or destructive nature is maybe how she put it of ‘Fame.’ But again, if you analyze her work, and are knowledgeable of her ‘sources’ or inspirations, which range from Metropolis as it has been said to David Bowie (obviously the Ziggy Stardust logo of lightning, which has multiple hidden meanings in itself of course), and other threads running through from the 70’s and 80’s, and probably 90’s, then you will she what she is really doing in her art. And third, it’s art! Like a painting, it’s portraying what is true yet hidden. That can only be helpful if seen for what it is and inspiring. It is ironic that she is starting to get famous for portraying the dark side of fame and the underbelly of the music industry and industry in general and of course the so-called ‘Illuminatti’ have their hand in anything that garners any fortune as well as power, but most of all, the myth of them is that they do not want to be exposed and here, she is supposedly ‘exposing’ them? Although symbolically, for those who get it anyway. I think the key is not ignorance and suppression of material, but enlightenment, knowledge, that is after all one thing they would not want us to have, knowledge, they keep it from us, but we should seek it. And truth of course as well. Yes, of course there is the dark side of Fame, and at the same time she is portraying the destructive nature of it and speaking out against it, she is gaining it. That is one of the myteries of life, how strange it is indeed.. but what would we do without art, music and all that in life..? I mean, we should stop it altogether..? No, I think we should enjoy it but at the same time also analyze it for what it is and be aware. Why not enjoy the ‘light’ for what it is and just not get burned…?

  350. Just to add to my points, and reiterate a bit, there is indeed something very paradoxical about the whole Lady Gaga persona, and if she were do ‘dumb’ and vacuous, I don’t think she could rise to the heights that she has so quickly really, although, yes someone else could have ‘helped’ her along, but judging from how she performs and things she has said in interviews, I know a lot if not all of this is coming from her. But it is ironic how her rise to ‘Fame’ is ridden on the back of talking against it in a way. Such a paradox! Perhaps this is the new way of being in a ‘new age’..? I don’t know, this article, the many comments and my own thoughts on the subject bring up so many more thoughts.. it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is going on here. The fact is yes our young people are being ‘dumbed’ down by everything in the media (and school!), but if they were to be enlightened as to all the ‘meanings’ of everything going on, these ideas could be used for such great teaching tools!

    By the way, just saw something I think it was Stu wrote:

    “All symbolism is ‘illuminati symbolism’ when you know how to look at it (understand its beauty), because it is universal, mystical symbolism representing different aspects of the cosmos (both within and outside of our self), that is why people find it attractive, because people are attracted to both conscious and unconscious familiarity.”

    Very well said and beautiful! I think we should look at everything with a certain reverence, because ultimately it all comes from the same source, if we look deep enough. Anyway, just also wanted to say that this is a very well written article that spurred many thoughts in my head and inspired me (obviously).. so thank you.. very thought-provoking article. Bottom line is this too, just enjoy the art of Lady Gaga for what she is, just know what she is, or what she is doing/portraying, that’s all. That goes with anything I think.

  351. Hmmm…I think your points are interesting, however I do not find them valid. I think that Lady G just has a different sound, and I agree with Christopher, who posted that her symbolism is just TOO obvious, TOO in your face, to be subliminal…I think she is most definitely poking fun at the Illuminati, and those who believe in conspiracy theorys 😉

  352. gaga4worlddominator on

    First of all you have no proof, no sources, and no facts except from the CIA experiment documentation. This is one of the worst "article" (if you even want to call it that) I have ever read. All you have is a conspiricy theory, and like most conspiricy theorys there is no proof, no facts, and no sources. THIS IS NOT REPORTING!

  353. Sorry to both the person who wrote this and the believers but you basically just proved yourself wrong… Anyone that can do the slightest bit of outside research will quickly disprove 99% of the points in this article. All of your arguments are scattered and sporadic when they’re trying to point out connections to Illuminati. You got the first and most important point wrong; you completely misunderstood what the Illuminati organization is, what they do, and how they go about doing it. And then you try to relate all these different aspects of Lady Gaga’s career to this warped view of the Illuminati that you have. Then, further destroying any presences of validity, you make random assumptions/ connections to other sources, cults, organizations, and projects that have NO underlying relation to your original point. You’tr trying to prove something with multi faceted research that when actually considered by an intellectual mind have correlation to one another or an underlying theory. Very frustrating to read…

  354. i have been researching everything that i read. and with all this i have determined that there is a person behind it operationg from around the world. i belaive he is the face of satan with lady gaga as his slave spreading his message. much in the way of hitler. his name is jason shanley. i have even found his facebook profile brandishing his guns in the way of control. with his satanic tattoos. i think he is trying to take over the worls through the voice of a pop star.

  355. No one promotes much goodness anymore, in a world where evil triumphs over good and the voice of the truthful are being oppressed by the wicked. No one really takes heed. How are we to stand and watch the very voice of hope diminish before our eyes, before our tongues, without any say? Would their be an atoms weight of goodness still alive if the demand for injustice continually manifests? How will you contribute, or consider to our progressively dying world. Has it enough evolved to the state where no one cares? or even feels to care? I can only see so. Someone should stand up for it, if not tribes or communities and only bring the news about that within you is a great entity which you take for granite. There is so much energy inside you which you fail to see. Potential, we have it all unique in different strength. One difference can make a multitude of differences, the universe is big but our voice is bigger. Stand up for whats wrong with modesty not anger, with confidence not doubt, with ambition not discourage. Let harmony pierce through our daily oppressions that we face from time to time. With held hands and unwavering hopes, why not make the difference?

  356. Fantastic work, It’s nigh on impossible to keep an eye ( no pun intended ) on all thats happening around us, this work is essential in getting the individuals to take notice, with over 400 common purpose inside the BBC alone, filtering out truth, not to mention schools and colleges,it’s vital to get to the younger generations, I regularly give out flyers etc at my local college and university, who said” I care not for the disssident voice as long as I control the minds of the children”?
    On a positive note, there are now artists and actors, as well as other high profile in front of and behind the scenes, who know the score, I believe humanity will defeat this cabal, unfortunately it’s going to get messy first.

  357. Honestly, I think this article is completely ridiculous. YI DIG Lady GaGa’s music, and although I don’t feel like I need to be an advocate for her, I feel like this article is completely out of context. Here’s my reasons why:

    a) On the matter of her name: Sure, I’ll take that dictionary definition. But, I think she’s proving a point. If a woman is so “stupid” and “airheaded”, would she be able to make her way into show business, so successfully, and with complete creative control over her work? I think it’s the irony she was striving for, but what I really want to acknowledge is the ties to the Queen song, and thusly, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Having studied this movie in my film class, I feel as if I have a right to clarify where this article stretched the truth. The woman robot in the flick is the antagonist…she messes EVERYTHING up…forces the workers to question their existence in a cold, unfeeling world…with no source of inspiration. In fact, the only light they have is the positive preachings of the woman the robot was modeled after. Because the robot comes from a dark place, with a dark purpose, they attached symbols of witchcraft and satanism to illustrate this unnatural, ungodly birth. The mad scientist that creates her is trying to achieve god-like powers, and, like in every mad scientist story, this is their downfall….because that is something that we should never attempt. Nevertheless, the robot is modeled after a source of good, a heavenly, archetypal woman that INSPIRED the people opposed to uniting them in fear. In the end of the film, the robot is the source for everything coming to an end and a great FLOOD wipes everything clean. If anything, this film advocates questioning the world around us, but ULTIMATELY towards a greater good. I understand that perhaps GaGa imitating this figure may have some darker connotations, but I think it serves more as a warning. I think that she’s trying to throw it in our faces….the stupidity of people; the way so many follow what the media tells us to. In reference to her costume likenesses of this robot in her videos, she always shows herself without this getup. In every video. In my opinion, she shows this fabricated, dark side of what she’s SUPPOSED to be in the world of pop music, and then the true, innocent, exposed, honest person underneath. The REAL person. I don’t know if any of this makes sense, but I don’t think her ties to Metropolis scream that she is a figure of the occult. If anything, I think it makes a statement on how ridiculous that would be. How EXPECTED that would be.

    b) The “inner eye”:
    Okay, so this is harder because I don’t know as much about pyramids and Baphomet and what not. BUT, I do think that her eye infatuation is a combination of things. She alludes to the eyes of people so much in her songs….talks about how she likes to hide them from others, so that they can’t always see into her “soul”. I don’t know…I like eyes. I draw them, look for good ones in boys, etc. I think that it’s a symbol that is very prevalent in music….Brown Eyed Girl? Green Eyes? I mean, that’s 2 but there are THOUSANDS. It’s a source of inspiration and one of the greatest ways we connect. No doubt, the picture of her with the eye in her palm has some sort of connotation, but she’s propped up and posed for this picture. I mean, she looks like a DOLL. A PUPPET. I think it would be more logical to say that in this picture, she’s assumed this character…this role….that people keep trying to label her with. I think, if anything, she’s saying…”You think I’m this blasphemous figure, and that’s what you’re trying to make me into, and so suck on this picture, baby.” I mean, if it was REALLY something dark, would there be doves flying in the background? Naw, it’d be fire and weird-ass pyramids. ALSO, what more is an inner eye than your conscious? You’re inner voice? Or even the voice of god? I don’t know how I feel about all this yet…but I don’t think it’s something wholly black. I mean, if she was really going to be hardcore about this whole “seeing-eye” thing, wouldn’t she always cover the same eye? If there really was a connection?

    c) The music video for Paprazzi and Illuminati ties:
    Now, since I’ve rambled on here long enough, I’m going to keep this one short. OBVIOUSLY there are references to Project Monarch or whatever. AND Metropolis…..just remember this: The name of the song is freaking PAPARAZZI. She’s doing it because THIS is the media fabrication everyone desires so much for her! This is what she’s being made into, so she’s going to give it to us and name the damn song after the very thing she’s spoofing.

    Okay, I’m sorry. I had to do it. I just think she’s a great pianist, she wears some great stuff, and has some songs that I just love. Like “Again and Again”. I just feel like there is a lot of backlash against her, simply because she’s a tad eccentric and extremely popular. For the longest time I thought she was stupid, then I saw her perform and thought she was great. However, you are absolutely right about there being a message behind her music….but I don’t think there is any way to tell exactly what that message is quite yet. Maybe when she releases a new album, she’ll have a totally different concept, focus, and direction.

  358. jessa from th phils on

    OMG! the first time i heard her name, i was irritated, but when i isten to her songs, i was something like brainwash and started to love her song. and now, seeing the latest video of her, i have found out the symbols that appeared in the video and thru the help of this article, i have enlighten my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    great job!!!!!! i salute you for working this

  359. well personally i believe if shes happy doing what shes doing then so what cus at the end of the day we as parents have an obligated responsibility to our children we cant control ppl but we can control ourselves so lets give our kids another view of life and maybe they wont get affected parental control but it is what it is.

  360. OMG
    how stupid can you be???
    I hate lady Gaga, but she is not evil or anything like that!
    this is what makes us Europians hate America.. you are so fucking stupid!
    just like some of you believe that the government is hiding evil alien things or something insane like that

    you disguste me

  361. Frederiekeisafaggot on

    Frederieke, you are truely a dumbass bitch, probably a fucking frenchie with a dumbass name like that. Do you blindly trust your government like a crying baby sheeple. Fuck you, Fuck Obama, Fuck Europeans if they have a problem with Americans, I have no problems with europeans, only dumbass ones like yourself.

  362. im all for equality, and everyone having their own beliefs and all that… but i actually pissed myself laughing when i read this

  363. and to jessa from th phils, you…. theres a possibility the songs just catchy…..instead of it brainwashing you

  364. Thanks for this article. It made me look into Lady Gaga more, and now i'm a huge fan. I can't stop dancing!

  365. you should do a post about beyonce ft. lady gaga – video phone. its scary i think its conditioning us to get used to being monitored on camera lol

  366. It seems to me that more people worship the devil than worship God. In fact, devil-worshippers like to think they’re worshipping the “true” God — Satan. Watch any televised sporting event and you’re likely to see fans flashing the satanic hand signal to the camera. They used to flash the peace sign! It’s rampant at rock concerts, too, especially at Green Day shows. I’ve seen pictures of the last three U.S. presidents, Clinton, Obama and Bush, flashing the satanic hand signal, and their wives, too. Michelle Obama flashed it on the cover of Vogue magazine. Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, who was working for the CIA when he helped to bring Nixon down, made a telling comment in a CBS documentary on Watergate when he said, “God is in the details.” I always thought the expression was, “The devil is in the details.” That shows you just how inverted this world is. That reminds me, The Shins named one of their albums, “Oh, Inverted World.” That pretty well sums it up. The irony is, they’re probably devil-worshippers too, like almost everybody else. I’m glad there are still a few of us out there who don’t want to be gods, we just want to be humans. And we know the difference between Satan and God, which is why, if we worship a God at all, we worship the REAL one, not Satan.

  367. jessah from phils on

    Wake up!!!!

    Seek for the truth!!!!!!!

    Remember: Satan can appear in any form of deception!!!!!!

  368. You DO realize that masons do not have checkerboard patterns on the walls…right?

    Yours truly, Claus – a master mason, swedish system

  369. -sigh

    What is the world coming to? Now this woman can't even enjoy what she loves doing, just because people are making her a "hermaphrodite" or an "Illuminati princess"

    She's worked hard to get here. Can't we just enjoy her music, and her videos?

    They're all very entertaining. Leave the woman alone, eh?

  370. I listen to her music, they’re catchy. You don’t see me worshiping the devil.
    Music is music, it doesn’t affect our life, its just for our entertainment.

  371. It’s always fun to see it doesn’t take much to make the upstarts of the religious world fret over their ill-earned position of dominance. Sweat, heirs of “abraham” and shulmanu, the evhemerized sumerian gods, sweat.

  372. it’s all true. lady gaga has commanded me to have buy shitty music and wear bad clothes. the illuminati is controlling us!! william cooper was right!! or you retards could just ignore it and turn your attention to things that matter.

  373. This is cute.

    The Lady would be flattered by having her work so deeply examined.

    It’s this stuff that she thrives on.

    The Lady is a master of mindfuck and she’s thoroughly fucked yours. So many observations.
    So many theories.


  374. but if the mind control program was in the 1960's she was born in the 1980's so that is contridicting i can't say that i believe you because your facts don't quite add up altohugh some of the facts make sense esspecially the robotic state but i think it's just a coincdence.

  375. I know I’m going against the grain here, but isn’t it possible you people are taking this a bit out of context and over-examining everything? Is it possible, albeit slightly, that she is fascinated by these particular symbols and as such works them into her advertising and music (although the last time I checked, the director was in control over what was and wasn’t in the video)? I mean, I find the idea of the Illuminati fascinating, and I’m quite sure I’m not one. I also find the Quran to be a particularly beautiful piece of literature, and I’m quite sure I’m not Muslim. I’m a huge fan of country music, but I was born and raised in the suburbs of Maryland. Not everything is an evil symbol, freaks. Some people have hobbies and interests outside of analyzing everyone elses actions. Also, I think she’s absolutely stunning, and I’m normally not attracted to blondes at all…. wait a minute… did the Illuminati brainwash me into being attracted to blondes???

  376. Some one could just as easily make a website and systematically break down lady gaga except to prove that that she is really a cat

    Its easy to accuse someone of something when they are such a blank canvas like lady gaga

    No one knows anything about her that's why all these rumors erupt

    That she's gay or a tranny or a hermaphrodite, or now mind controlled

    Just because you pull everything apart piece by piece and find erratic and unrelated things and somehow just barely relate them does not mean your on to something.

    Besides even if people are brain washed, what is the point? I haven't started worshiping satan or killing people since I started listening to her.

    And if she is so stupid, don't you think these people could find someone smarter to represent them.

  377. Abovetheinfluence on

    The mind is an interesting thing but the truth of the matter is that music is music regardless but the problem is not the music or whoever is portraying the music. People should have the discipline enough to listen but not be taken or be influenced by any of this cult thing that’s been going. The truth is …that cults have been around for centuries and still here to this day. It’s just people trying to point out how they think the world should be but we are our own persons and therefore should have the power to control ourselves. Our emotions and understanding continues to evolve but it is my understanding that we cont trol the outcome. If you train your mind and heart to work as one and to do what is right, no one can influence you. Peace out

  378. I must thank you for this information. I don’t think she’s a bad person at all. She’s just symbolizing something she believes in. Isn’t that only fair? No one really understands her videos anyways. So this helps for me to understand them. People should..then they won’t leave nasty comments.

  379. Im so shocked! I cannot beileve I was actually being sucked in and becoming a fan.
    So does this mean shes in the group? Or is she just being controlled to symbolize it?

  380. To be honest –

    If she was really a part of the occult, Illuminati or whichever,
    then I doubt that she’d make it THAT obvious and in front of your face with her symbolism. She’s 23 years old, extremely creative, and whatever ‘cult like’ images that appear in her videos or released photography is purely satirical because she likes to be provocative not only sexually, but in thought provoking manners as well.

    She’s just pulling your leg as a means to get you to continue talking about her and to make you smile.
    It’s also a method of artistic and creative genius to purposely put cult-based references and images as a means of expressing herself, and feeding into the ‘mindless drone’ fiasco as a way of saying that she’s on top of everything she does and is aiming to be as original as possible.

    The whole ‘Illuminati’ – scare is just a joke. If she was really eating babies behind our backs, then she wouldn’t have made it so overbearingly obvious. Its always funny to poke fun at things that instantly make people insecure and paranoid. Hence why she’s doing it.

    Everyone that’s a die-hard supporter of the ‘Music/TV/Movie Industries are all Occult-Factions’ – need to get some beverages in you, relax, and stop being so god damn paranoid and gullible towards intentional artistic satire.

    Actually, it’s sort of fucking stupid to think that people get freaked out because of all of this.
    /End of conversation.

  381. Sickboy shelby on

    Are you people really this crazy to believe coincidental things or if not coincidental then purposely done things for attention and to sell albums. Stop taking music for more than it’s entertainment worth.

  382. Ok. seriously. ALL of these things are coencidential. especially because 1. Lady Gaga LOVES iconography (using the same image over and over) and 2. Haus of Gaga (Her self-hired art department) has to reuse props in new context (especially, but not limited to, the really expensive stuff). Plus, the robot thing reoccurs because someone had that idea (modona’s producers?), whether it was inspired by the movie or not, and people liked it, so it was recycled. It might have been used by some of the people to reuse it to represent the movie, but only because THEY connected it to the movie. If you noticed, its used in a different context with all the people you’ve listed, and others (I couldn’t find madona’s inspiration) :beyonce’ used it as a symbol of power and tool against anxiety, gaga of rebuilding, ciara as improved sex and power over men and personal future, britney spears as industrial concepts and womanhood, etc. Seriously, there’s nothing to comprehend. Symbols have been reoccuring throughout all history because people use others for inspiration, If the illumati[sic] conspiracy were true, then ONE person would have had to come up with all these symbols and then get people to brainwash thousands of people in history into using them. Your just over analyzing simalar things that are used by different people (albeit sometimes to represent similar things), which is just a natural result of humancommunication

  383. what is the point in illauminatis! i love her music but i hate the person she is or has become today!

  384. seriously? you guys are looking to far into this stuff! why does every freakin thing have to be a conspiracy?

  385. Really interesting article; and a keen identification of the symbolism used by Gaga and the members of her fame machine. Gaga may be a personified social commentary. But to call her the illuminatti’s puppet is bogus conspiracy theory.
    Bilderberg group meets annually to improve international relations, not sit around brainstorm Gaga’s logo.

  386. if they are a secret society and they are trying to influence us withought us knowing, then why do they spend so much timeand effort making it obvious??? thats what i dont understand, if it was me iddo the odd few things that would influence people withought ther knowledge but i wouldnt make it so obvious that it would be recognised! like the whole reeducation thing in her video, who the hell is that supposed to be for? i ddnt recognse that and the peole who did “know they are delving in dark things” seems like a lose- lose situation to me…

  387. this article may have some facts but to me personaly it seem all cowincidence i think lady gaga is simple uniquite and her mind is simpley artistc and in that sense she gets misunderstud . her robotic moves and symbolism is just her style

  388. Do you really believe Lady Gaga is on some kind of and evil mission to de-rail the general public? Or,..Is it more plausible that she is just a talented young lady that happens to know how to get your attention and makes no excuses for it!? I wasn’t going to buy anything from her,but now I think I will. This woman is quite gifted and hard working. She deserves our understanding and support,..not scrutiny and witch hunting! Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!

  389. Illuminati fan on

    since when were thee illuminati considered a satanic group ??

    you all need to do your research and not be so naive

  390. Thats ridiculous, i love Lady Gaga and i know, she have
    strangers habits , but this make she better of the
    singers of today. so..i really respect your coments, but in
    my mind she is DIFERENT! So that’s is it LADY GAGA!

  391. This makes me love her more. This should not be seen as something to hate her for, but embrace and revel in the fact that this is fucking crazy and so is she!!!!!! I LOVE HE$RRRRRR

  392. speaking of butterfly sumbolism, anyone noticed mtv using a butterfly in a recent promo. cartoon type butterfly?

  393. I like to think everything about her is a wonderfully sick joke, that she uses kniowingly to her full advantage. If it’s true she’s damn inspiring and the opposite of “empy-headed.”

  394. Yeah she’s hot and all—NOT a dude, despite rumors—but is a normal looking girl without all the make-up and weird outfits.
    I like the Illuminati angle. I doubt she’s bright enough to come up with the symbolism herself, probably done by her publicist or producer…?

  395. If you look hard enough, take things out of context, and analyze based on preconceptions you will always find what you are looking for.

  396. I am myself a member of the Illuminati and must confess that symbolistic/conspiratory theories like this is most entertaining. As Illuminati we’re probably a little less interested in world and mind domination than most Rotary lodges out there. Coca-Cola on the other hand…

  397. I agree with your interpretation of Lady Gaga’s persona, but I don’t agree with the paranoid assumption that it’s a mass media mind control implant rather than a simple artistic statement. But that’s just me.

  398. how can you people say you love someone whos is never herself in front of a camera? You are all infatuated with an well tought illusion . keep loving , and contributing to the economy by buying her idiotic cds !

  399. don't you see on secod video?!

    She wants the fame, so she tries to be anything, being a puppet of illuminati.

    be careful people, do not choose the wrong side..,

  400. SNier fromHolland on

    Hi, im writing this big thing for schoo. It’s about symbolism in music videos and the influence on the young mind
    Can I please use you’re article as a part of my essay?

  401. Check this out. I have been observing and I have noticed the following in the music industry. It seems that demons are deceiving many people as to their true nature.

    Here is a quote from electronic duo MGMT.
    “The apocalypse is in the zeitgeist… but it doesn’t have to be about death and destruction; it could be the shattering of a mass hallucination…where the human race realizes its true potential!” – Andrew Vanwyngarden in [5]

    Lyrics from 4th Dimensional Transition:( is it me or does it sound like he’s talking to something that is not human?)
    I feel your racing heart
    My liquid silver arms extended
    These waves aren’t far apart
    Black gold in clawfoot tubs unchanging
    I am fire, where’s my form?
    Whisper crimson I intrude
    There’s light beneath your eyes
    New overtones in view
    Endless form, endless time

    If what they say is true
    You are a shadow in the fourth dimension
    To float away with you
    We see the corners where nothing happens
    While we drifted we were one
    Ceilings lifted walls were gone
    You speak the language of the breeze
    All your leaves were meant for me
    The love that every person wants to be

    Stuck together, I don’t like revealing secrets
    I’ll live inside your lips if you won’t laugh
    My heaving hands on rotten fruit at last
    Fallow fingers, there’s a surface I can count on
    She’d fit inside my heart and take it over
    Till her cape got blown into my red lungs
    Either there’s a purpose
    Or I’m heading out at breakfast
    Take a drink, take a drag
    One more coffee, ugly hat
    No more mirrors, woolen bag
    And I am gone

    MGMT -The Handshake ( is this referring to a masonic grip?)
    I just shook the handshake
    I just sealed the deal
    I’ll try not to let them
    Take everything they can steal
    People always told me
    Don’t forget your roots
    I know I can feel them underneath my leather boots

    You toss all the mornings lost to the clouds and you watch it go
    Your fairweather friends on a parachute binge get lost when the wind blows
    The handshake’s stuck on the tip of my tongue
    It tastes like death but it looks like fun

    I was a loner
    I was just waiting by myself
    When you, warped temptress
    Rose to bring me happiness and wealth
    Black tears, black smile, black credit cards and shoes
    You can call all the people you want
    But it’s you who’s being used

    Under your black eyes, honey
    Right beneath your nose
    A curse on all creation
    Every single thing you know
    White smoke, white light, white marble on the floor
    It would only take a few seconds of darkness to figure out what’s in store
    Little girl

    You convince yourself that you want it, but you don’t know
    You keep trying to wash the blood from your hands, but it won’t go
    We’re gonna keep you on the run

    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake x15

    Kid Cudi
    Here are some interesting facts on Cudi
    On February 25, 2009, Cudi self-leaked a “teaser trailer” [14] for the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen film using his song “Sky Might Fall” in the background, later he posted that he made the trailer himself and now was in talks to possibly make it official.

    Kid Cudi also made a cameo appearance next to Solange in the video for the song “T.O.N.Y.” in February 2009, and later in the Black Eyed Peas’ video for “I Gotta Feeling”, with David Guetta.

    Cudi’s debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day was released on Universal Motown Records on September 15, 2009[10] and sold 104,419 copies in the first week and charted at #4.[11] The album’s first single was Day ‘N’ Nite, and is Kid Cudi’s greatest commercial success thus far, the song charting well both in the USA and in Europe. The next single was “Make Her Say” (originally titled “I Poke Her Face”), which features a sample from Lady Gaga’s song “Poker Face” and performances by Kanye West and Common.

    I therefore find it interesting that Cudi’s ”Sky Might Fall” is followed up by “Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)” on the discography.

    Here’s an excerpt of the songs lyrics. (interesting is mention of taking drugs in order to open his mind, this is found in certain magickal circles.

    Ok. you say you’ve never done this before and that’s cool and all but I want
    You to try this with me. it’s cool, don’t worry.”
    Get ready
    Pop it,
    Lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic you and me
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    VERSE 1
    I once use
    To dream of peace
    Until I found you
    Once upon a time baby
    I once
    Use to dream so sweet until I had a taste of you
    Once upon a time baby
    Reaching out to outer space dancing to awesome sounds
    This all new to
    I’m reaching out to hold you close so I don’t slip away
    Explore a
    New approach
    A whole new free I’d say
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic you and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic you and me
    Get ready
    It, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    VERSE 2
    I know it’s easy to imagine
    But it’s easier to just “do”
    If you can’t “do” what you imagine
    Is imagination to you?
    Just a waste of space in your brain
    To take
    The place of hate
    Or things all the same
    Tell me your secrets
    The things
    That make you tick
    I like when you talk
    Because your voice is angelesque

    I want to kiss you on your space below your navel-ette
    Place that you keep neat
    So moist like
    A towelette
    This will mark the
    Our minds and souls will connect
    Lets not forget the sex
    My heart
    You can collect
    Now my heart you can collect
    Now my heart you can collect
    Now have just one more cap
    Have just one more stem babe
    Pop it
    Let it
    Take take take takeover
    Get ready
    Pop it
    Lets go
    Get ready
    Let let it take you over
    Get ready
    Pop it
    Lets gooooo
    Just let it
    Take take you over
    Get ready
    Lets go
    Lets go
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Galactic you and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic
    You and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me

    Then this song is followed by: “Alive (Nightmare)” (featuring Ratatat) if the last song was about what I think is demonic intercourse then the follow up must be about possession.

    Send “Alive (Nightmare) (Feat. Ratatat)” as a Ringtone to Your Cell
    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah
    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    VERSE 1:

    I’m feeling strange in the night
    I’m in myself I feel I’m thrown into a fight
    Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide nothin’s right
    my skin is burning when my rock begins to speak

    There’s something going wrong with me
    I am changing rapidly
    I’m feeling stronger, more alert, I’m on the move
    I smell her scent and I know I will find her soon (soon, soon)
    the one to come and free me from this fate
    I’ll find her, it’s not too late, hey, hey


    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    VERSE 2:

    I’m a beast in the night
    I’m on the prowl and I’m hoping to find some light
    you call it heaven, I can do it for the same
    Ain’t nothing wrong I bin feasting on something brave
    a sexy lady who’s pure, she has the cure, uh
    I hope she can find a man within the beast, and

    I hope she saves me from the curse I have to beat, hey
    I hope she figures out a way to save my soul
    yeah, to save my heart, hey


    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah
    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    VERSE 3:

    I watch the sun collapse
    and took up in the clizzoud
    I am the lone wolf
    go where I wanna

    Let the moon shine be the guide to the lizzight
    even when I stray away the light never left me, uh
    I learn to follow my instinct
    Talk about the light,
    rather that than the evil
    Fill another place in a room full of people
    Try and be the same bitch you know you’re not a sequel

    You’re fate will be whatever it shall be (be, be, be, be)

    We’ll fight no more,
    I let these things just be (be, be, be)


    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah
    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    This last bit I find interesting because it connects the dots.
    Salange, Kid Cudi, Wale are all rising stars.
    WALE was the house band during the satanic MTV awards which this site does a spot on interpretation. WALE is from DC. I found a photo of him online with Solange at a park. Solange is of course Beyonce’s lil sis. Beyonce is married to JAY-Z. It seems that whatever force is turning these people into stars is in DC. WALE worked with a DC producer named “Judah” which means ”to praise”. Next thing he’s all over TV. I found that Judah has an artist named RA – THE -MC. Ra means Sun God. I wonder if she’s poised to blow up next? I watched her music video that was shot by THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERS. If you drop the (s) and add hood you get THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD. Also when the video comes on it displays a logo that is the masonic G and two inverted pyramids. I might have forgot to mention that this JUDAH calls his label Strange Music. After the two logos fade off we get RA – THE -MC saying the following:

    Wayne made it cool for dudes to call girls bitches
    Ra made it cool for you to call me princess
    Quenn, your heinous, either or minus the charm
    Check the scroll I be writing it on.

  402. Very educational. Wow, i knew there was something terribly odd about her n many other pop starts. I'm just thankful I have Jesus in my life. God bless!

    IT IS THE Illuminati SIGN
    in the song
    the dancers are seen as monsters trying to seucally controll her
    and she trys to fight them off
    is this a subliminal message from her show people shes fighting the Illuminati off?
    very, very strange


  404. There is a type of music that is not controlled by satan, it’s rarely played on T.V/Radio because it mainly speaks about mashing down Babylon and fighting against the powers that be, revolution, equal rights ect. And many of the greatest performers of this music are killed off, People! you should be listening to REGGAE music. Proper Roots Reggae though, not the bullshit Dancehall (i.e Sean Paul ect) but the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Lee Perry, ect. This is real music that fights the babylon shitstem. And “they” hate it so much. One Love.

  405. Anyone else notice she says “we” an awful lot, when a simple “i” would be more appropriate.
    In some cases I think it’s nice, to give a shout out to the “team” that is behind her… but well, other times, the empircal “we” business, combined with the above, seems to add an extra layer.

    All said and done, do you think the recovery from trauma is actually a higher power illuminating the power within?

  406. I agree with this article, but has anybody thought that maybe she does this in a way to get back at the people doing this. I absolutely hate her music and I just won't listen to pop music/rock music unless I actually know the person who made it, but I still wonder if maybe, we have missed something, because it doesn't quite add up.

  407. lady gaga is a weird gal. she's into wearing odd clothes, singing riskay songs, and making creepy movies. she's inspired by bizarre artists like David Bowie(may understand the whole lightning bolt on the face thing) but is she evil just because she's different?

    yeah to an extent I agree, the media does influence(not entirely control) kids on things like trends and even political views. but really? a brainwashed robot? I still don't really understand what is believed to be gaga's goal. promote satanism?NWO? could it be that she's an eccentric artist who knows the weird things will attract more attention? i think that's the bounds of her goals, just keep being famous and different. call me disillusioned. God loves Lady Gaga 😀 peace

  408. Well, at least she makes us think, use our brains, and not only to listen and watch like other artists. And above my comment lies the proof. She IS different, barroque. You love or hate her.

  409. The most interesting part about this article is that fact that the author’s denunciation of mass media and culture as large-scale mind control is followed by an add for an NBC show. Way to stand by your beliefs, Vigilant Citizen.

  410. the possibility that she is a puppet is one thing that can be seriously considered

    the other possibility is that she's aware of this puppeteering possibility and is clever enough to mock it by portraying her as a puppet even though she may not be

    the bottom line is, if she's not doing harm to somebody then how does it matter, other than being intriguing

    if for some reason people of any age are thinking that fame is cool and we should strive for it as a result of her antics then that is just sad

    i personally take her fame thing as a mockery toward fame itself and how silly it is to fantasize about fame in general

  411. Is the picture of Lady Gaga with her boyfriend a robot or a bee? I’m not too informed about these things , but from what I understand Bees were also symbols for the illuminati. Also is the eye patch supposed to be a symbol of Horus?



  413. People brainwash themselves by believing all this hyped up bullshit, people will read what they want in to things regardless of scientific fact and common sense. This form of music theatre (thats all it is) has always been around so the artist/ media industry can be a bit more shocking and make more money from the gullible, Alice Cooper and David Bowie for example created alter egos for themselves. Wake up!!

  414. Has anyone seen the SNL skit of Lady GaGa with the Saturn rings outfit? I find this one particulary interesting.
    I was reading a book about early Sumerians and they’re recorded account of early planetary history and this particular connection jumped out at me.

    According to Sumerian records, Gaga, which we know today as Pluto was originally created from and orbited around the planet Saturn, as its own satellite. Fritz Springmeier has done extensive research on the illuminati and has written in-depth about they’re fascination and worship of the planet Saturn. As soon as I came across the word “Gaga” in my book, i Googled around and found the SNL skit video on Youtube. You can also find Fritz Springmeier’s work sprinkled around the internet relating to the Illuminati’s fascination with Saturn.

    Here is the link to the Youtube video.

  415. It is quite possible that Gaga did sacrifice a huge part of herself for fame, and doing so the record companies have decided to use her as a spectacle. It's quite a recurring theme with these mainstream acts, who mostly do not write their own music, so how could they on their own contrast such heavy symbolism in their videos, persona and live performances? True artists like Tool for example use heavy symbolism and references in their art constantly. They do so because they are truly enlightened and informed. They know the true power of ancient esoteric teachings and rituals… yet they own part of their record company and do what they want. They are hugely successful and NEVER show up performing at awards shows and so on. They are the true outside artists who use this kind real powerful symbolism for the better good.

    As for Gaga, I recently watched an interview on Fuse with her, and even though her drone-ish demeanor and lack of spirit was present, she spoke intelligently and confidently. I wouldn’t put it past Gaga to be an informed, enlightened individual (like the artists in Tool for example) who is sticking it to the record companies because she knows exactly who they are answering to (The Illuminati or whatever name you choose to identify the elite with) On the other hand, which seems more logical and probable, is that she literally sacrificed most of her mind body and spirit to become a fame monster and really could care less because when she made the choice she had nothing. It really is quite obvious because she came out of NO WHERE with basically zero support from whatever local community she came from. That’s how most major artists come to be, they have a home town that they conquered and moved on to bigger and better. With her, it seemed like maybe she was seeking the dark side, it found her, and now she will pay the price… and all the while, the mainstream will pay a higher psychic price because of it.

    There really is no way to fully know, but its fun to speculate. The world is crazy place, and whether we know for sure that Satan and God actually exist, we humans do… and it’s our responsibility to uphold morals and standards. Letting demons run amok in the entertainment industry needs to come to an end, and soon.

  416. i dont fully understand. now the illuminate or what ever is a secret society with all these symbols and yet you know about them and your alive. i hear that they kill if you put them out there and this is what this article is doing. honestly i dont believe it and i wont until it happens to me

  417. wow this is soo true, just showed a few of my friends in class. i knew she was a devil worshiper.

  418. Some of us identify with her for all those reasons discussed here.
    In my case specifically, being absent minded and being somewhat robotic.
    Isn’t that what our society is turning into? No one cares, She’s still awesome =]

  419. If GaGa follows Satan and rejects the false “god” of the Bible she is the OPPOSITE of a “devil worshiper” as the Christian “god” is in fact the Devil. But why let historical facts bother you. She tries to show you a way to be free, but you are so brainwashed a slave to the millenniums old Christian lie, freedom isn’t even possiable for most. I fide these articles interesting. But I personialy don’t buy the
    “Illuminati conspiracy” crap~in any context PERIOD! And especially in
    regard to Freemasonry, I am a Freemason and can assure you most Masons
    are utterly clueless about there being occult symbolism in Freemasonry
    whatsoever. Those who do know are generally what I would call “Xian (Christian)
    occultsts”, OTO types and the like. I have known a *few* (can count on
    one hand) practicing dark magicians who are Freemasons, but all
    generally keep this hush hush as the vast majority of Freemasons are
    Xians and anti-occult anything. There is certainly no organized
    “conspiracy” and the closest thing to a “Illuminati” the Freemasons have
    is the S.R.I.A. (“Societies Rosincrusian In Anglia”) which is for
    serious Masonic occult practioners who are ether or/both also a part of
    the Order of Knight Templar (as am I) or a 33° Scottish Rite Mason. I am
    in the S.R.I.A. And can say with all honesty they are no “Illuminati”,
    no world control, no mind control projects, etc. Of course the
    conspiracy people will say I’m lieing, part of the conspiracy, can’t be
    an insider unless I’m also a puppet or puppet master/maker, whatever.
    There is no reasoning with conspiracy nuts. But MY conclusion is Lady
    GaGa has done her occult studies homework and may indeed be an occultist
    (or even a Satanist, who knows) herself. Occult symbolism is designed to
    trigger primal areas of the universal human consciousness, it’s
    generally kept secret (“occult” means “secret” or “hidden”), but when
    used publicly it has a powerful effect on generating a following of the
    masses (as the Nazis demonstrated). GaGa is obviously seizing on this,
    which is a very wise move as a performer, others have and do the same.
    That doesn’t make it a “conspiracy” when it’s not organized or a plot,
    and it’s not. I’ll make anyone a $10,000 bet if they can prove
    otherwise. This Lady is no Illuminati Puppet or “gaga” empty airhead,
    that’s part of the preformace (her interviews show this amply), she’s a
    lone wolf in Hello Kitty cloths who knows what she’s doing. That being
    selling albums and social conscious (she’s very pro- the poor, LGTB
    people and minority groups, all things AGAINST the establishment and the
    elite). The elite use occult symbolism also, but whereas for them it’s
    just a tool of control and reverence to the world’s false JCI “god”, to
    a real Adept it’s about being beyond control (from anyone), being
    empowered, and learning to Know Thyself. And that’s what I believe she
    is about (the latter). Look beyond the symbolism or even the words and
    see the deeds of a person to see who they really are.
    Magister Reverend Setnakt, SoT/SoA
    Founder, and co-CEC, Siaion Temple Groups



    Disclosure about me: in addition to being a Knight Temple Freemason, and S.R.I.A. Member, I’m also a hereditary Kemetian (the cultural practices and religion of ancient Egypt) and Co-Founder of the Siaion (“Temple”) of the Ancients, State-recognized Kemetian Temple, and it’s associated e-group the Siaion of Truth. I have a extensive background in the occult as well as Egyptology, my family are direct decendants of the ancient Egyptian people and have practiced the old ways for 94 generations since our ancestors left Egypt when the Romans invaded around “year 1” (interestingly our records also note no evidence of a historical Jesus who is clearly nothing but a revised Horus/Heru). I have a Masters in World Religions and another in World History. I’ve dabbled in Satanism and would sooner have a Satanist (any Satanist) watching my back than a Xian (ANY backstabbing amoral Xian).

    • @Setnakt Thank you for peppering your rant with terms such as “conspiracy nut” only to finish your rant with “The elite use occult symbolism also, but whereas for them it’s just a tool of control”. You’ve basically confirmed the existence of a conspiracy and the use of occultism as an instrument of control.

      “Occult symbolism is designed to trigger primal areas of the universal human consciousness, it’s generally kept secret (”occult” means “secret” or “hidden”), but when used publicly it has a powerful effect on generating a following of the masses (as the Nazis demonstrated)”.

      Um, exactly. That is the definition of a conspiracy. Yet, for some reason, I’m a conspiracy nut.

  420. @Setnakt

    I’m not so sure that you really re-read and thought clearly about what you are saying. Towards the bottom of your rant, you note that the “elite” use occult symbols/sigils to obtain control, power and trigger primal areas of the universal human consciousness. You are spot on here, but what confuses me is at the start of your rant you state that you do not believe there is an Illuminati type organization and there is absolutely no mind control going on behind the scenes, and you back this claim up by mentioning your Freemason roots. To me, that is amazingly ignorant and brash. To mention that the elite uses occult symbols, then say they don’t exist… listen to what you are saying. The bottom line is this… the world’s corporate overlords and heads of government mean to enslave and confine our species into numb and confused masses. This is undeniable. Whether they call themselves “The Illuminati” or just allow the conspiracy world to use that name for them is irrelevant. Whoever “they” are, they exist. But we must ask, are they trying to impose a NWO for Satanic, evil purposes? Perhaps and it would make sense when you look at Revelations in the Bible. It’s basically a blueprint for their schemes and they are using the consciousness of Christians (billions of minds) to usher in their plans… the Law of Attraction in full motion. OR, are they trying to unite the world under one rule for the better good? They might think so. But what it boils down to is that its done in secrecy, and then they rub it in the masses faces by using sigils and occult symbols for their corporate logo’s and even use them on currency. How Freemason’s got tied into all of the conspiracy revolving around governments, corporations and so on is again irrelevant. If you take a look at the list of past and present government officials, you will see a common trend. A lot are Freemasons. Does this mean Freemasonry is evil? Not one bit. Does it mean that its a vehicle to initiate individuals into a sect? I would say so. The Catholic Church is the same way, and same with Mormonism (a direct off shoot of Masonry, I’m sure you knew that)

    But back to the topic at hand. After writing the response to this article yesterday, I did some research into Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She is a true artist. She can play the bajezus out of a piano and has great skills composing music (she was working as a song writer for Interscope Records when Akon was impressed by her skills and convinced the president of the company to do a joint deal with Interscope and his label). Granted, I hate her pop crap, but looking back at her NYC music roots, the girl has skill and heart. The question is… did she make her own success by never giving up and believing/visualizing her success, or did she bow at the alter of the corporate music machine? And is she now a spectacle used to brainwash and hypnotize young girls around the world? I am still trying to figure that one out. It could be either. But if I had to choose right now which one I think it was, I would say she is allowing record companies and those with deep occult understanding to tell her what to do and how to look. It would take a lot of knowledge and a very creative mind to compose the video for “Bad Romance” But really the only way to find out is to ask her. Maybe one day one of us will get that chance…

  421. most of these comments are offensive…why havent they been removed… all this homophobia, ignorance and idiotic criticism only shows that nobody can be themselves with out a bunch of conspiracy theories being put against them… the whole point is that the people who accept the conspiracy theories as fact are just as stupid as the people”refuse” to “believe” in the conspiracies… RELIGION IS TO BLAME FOR YOUR IGNORANCE… and that is any type and all types of beliefs that involves the discrimination of “free love” and what i mean by free love is embracing yourself as who you are and loving it… and for the moron in comment box number 4 … you are in control of what your child listens to…so therefore is can be easy to explain that you allow your 8-year old to listen to such garbage… and to anybody else who is using biblical references as a strong defense to what is going on in todays world…WE MADE IT HAPPEN, EVER HEARD OF SELF-INFLICTED PROPHECY?… a divine being wil notl come down and “save” the intellectual-slave holders from the ENDING TIMES and leave the “non-followers to burn for eternity… the bible has never been the word of god… it is the word of man… manipulated and fornicated upon made to elude the human race to separate and turn against each other… … and this is the sad part everybody, that you all are so blind with ancient tendecies, and it is the evolution of the human race that suffers.

  422. @ Recursive that $10,000 is yours if you can even prove the Illuminati exist, let alone some insane “connection” to Freemasonry. And Revelations? PLEASE! It was pened in the 4th century! So unless John lived to be FOUR HUNDRED YEARS OLD, it’s a FRAUD. A converson fear-mongering tactic of the Church of Rome. Most of the Bible is crap, stolen storys and the like from Egypt, Sumeria, and other older pre-existing culture, then injected with the DEMONIC BIGOTRY of the Xian flase “god” who’s real names btw include Enlil, Ahken, and Molock. So why would any half-sane person go to a plagerized fake devoted to a DEMON instead of the True ancient teachings of the origionals? Insane! Want proof, see below. “Satan” is a title, an office like President or King, it’s not a proper name, nether is “god”, I can prove this also if your that thick. How can any educated person take your ignorance seriously? The New World Order is 100% XIAN, it has nothing to do with the Xian boogyman “Satan” nor any occultists whatsoever. If there even is any existing org calling itself the “Illuminati” it’s
    the Xian “elite” New World Order. Satanism, and the Masons
    have nothing to do with it. Also very VERY FEW “Satanic Masons” exist.
    So this all is total bunk. I do know GaGa uses and clearly knows occult
    symbolism and may be an occultist…or not! But who cares? Is your “faith” that weak you can’t co-exist with others? Apparrently so! No part of the occult
    has to do with the ruling elite. Reading the article just made me like
    GaGa more~AND dispise these pathetic coward Xians all the more than
    ever! Their WEAK, SAD, “religion” is so pathetic it can’t stand the fact
    any other belief systems still exist, that they couldn’t wipe us out,
    and never will. They run from their own shadows, (mis-)labeling
    everything non-xian as some part of a ridiculous “conspiracy”. Idiots! Now learn who the REAL DEVIL is:

    Subject: Essay #1, The Real “Devil”

    It has often been wondered why the biblical God of the Hebrews led
    the people through trials and tribulations, floods and disaster
    when, from time to time, he appears to have performed with a quite
    contrary and merciful personality. The answer is that, although now
    seemingly embraced as the One God by the Jewish, Muslem, and Christian
    faiths, there was originally a distinct difference between the
    figures of Jehovah and “the Lord”. They were, in fact, quite separate
    deities. The god referred to as Jehovah was traditionally a storm
    god – a god of wrath and vengeance – whereas the god referred to as
    “the Lord”, was a god of fertility and wisdom.

    The name given to the Lord in the early writings was Adon – the
    prevailing Semitic word for Lord. As for the apparent personal name
    of Jehovah, this was not used in the early days, and the Vulgate
    Bible explains that the God of Abraham was called El Shaddai, which
    relates to a Great One of the Mountain.

    The identity of Jehovah (Yahweh) came from the an original Hebrew
    stem (YHVH) which, according to Exodus, meant ‘I am that I am’. This
    was said to be a statement made by God, to Moses, on Mount Sinai
    hundreds of years after the mythical time of Abraham. Jehovah was,
    not a name at all, and early texts refer simply to El Shaddai, with
    his opposing counterpart being the Adon. To the Canaanites, these
    gods were respectively called El Elyon and Baal.

    In modern Bibles, the definitions God and Lord are used and
    intermixed throughout, as if they were one and the same character –
    but originally they were not. One was a vengeful god (a people
    suppressor); the other was a social god (a people supporter), and
    they each had wives, sons and daughters.

    The old writings tell us that, throughout the patriarchal era, the
    Israelites endeavoured to support Adon the Lord – but at every turn
    El Shaddai (the storm god Jehovah) retaliated with floods, tempests,
    famines and destruction. Even at the very last (around 600 BC), the
    Bible explains that Jerusalem was overthrown at Jehovah’s bidding.
    Tens of thousands of Israelites were taken into Babylonian captivity
    simply because one of their previous kings had erected altars in
    veneration of Baal the Adon.

    It was during the course of this captivity that the Israelites
    finally succumbed to the Jehovah god of wrath. They developed a new
    religion out of sheer fear of his retribution – and this was only
    500 years before the time of Jesus. Subsequently, the Christians
    took Jehovah on board as well, calling him simply God, while the
    hitherto social concepts of the Adon were totally discarded. The two
    religions were henceforth both faiths of fear.

    This leaves us knowing that, within an overall pantheon of gods and
    goddesses (many of whom are actually named in the Bible), there were
    two predominant and opposing deities. In different cultures the pair
    have been called: El Elyon and Baal, El Shaddai and Adon, Ahriman
    and Mazda, Jehovah and Lord, God and Father – but these styles are
    all titular; they are not personal names. So who precisely were they?

    To find the answer we have to look no further than where these gods
    were operative, and old Canaanite texts (discovered in Syria in the
    1920s) tell us that their courts were in the Tigris-Euphrates valley
    in Mesopotamia. We can trace the related Sumerian records back to
    about 3700 BC, and they relate that the gods in question were
    brothers. In Sumer, the storm-god (who eventually became known as
    Jehovah) was called Enlil or Ilu-kur-gal (meaning Ruler of the
    Mountain), and his brother (who became Adon the Lord) was called
    Enki, which means ‘archetype’.

    The texts inform us that it was Enlil who brought the Flood; it was
    Enlil who destroyed Ur and Babylon, and it was Enlil who constantly
    opposed the education and enlightenment of humankind. Indeed, Syrian
    texts tell us that it was Enlil who obliterated the cities of Sodom
    and Gomorrah on the Dead Sea – not because they were dens of
    wickedness, but because they were great centres of wisdom and

    It was the Lord Enki, on the other hand, who (despite the wrath of
    his brother) granted the Sumerians access to the Tree of Knowledge
    and the Tree of Life. It was Enki who set up the escape strategy
    during the Flood, and it was Enki who passed over the time honoured
    Tablets of Destiny – the tablets of scientific law which became the
    bedrock of the early mystery schools in Egypt.

    biblegod Jehovia/Enlil is
    also known to them as Melek Ta’us to the Kurdish Yezidi (a division of
    Islam with Jewish origins).

    The diety to whom child sacrifice was offered
    was Yahweh, the chief; and for normative Hebrew religion, the only–
    god of the nation, honored in this connection as “the king.” So
    repulsive was this abnormal practice, largely confined to the
    apostatizing reigns of Ahaz (II Kings xvi, 3) and Manasseh (II Kings
    xxi, 6), that the later Hebrews transformed the divine title
    associated with it into the artificial name Moloch, as though the
    sacrifices had indeed been offered to a foreign god.

    The above is further evidence the god, christians and others worship
    is a false god and is not the creator of humanity.

    According to Scholars: The name “Molech,” later corrupted
    into “Moloch,” is an intentional mispointing of “Melek,” after the
    analogy of “bosheth” (comp. Hoffmann in Stade’s “Zeitschrift,” iii.
    124). As to the rites which the worshipers of Molech performed, it
    has sometimes been inferred, from the phrase “pass through the fire
    to Molech,” that children were made to pass between two lines of
    fire as a kind of consecration or februation; but it is clear that
    the children were killed and burned. The whole point of the offering
    consisted, therefore, in the fact that it was a human sacrifice. It
    is evident that the prophets regarded these human sacrifices as
    extraordinary offerings to YHVH.

    Ezekiel says YHVH himself polluted the Israelites in their offerings by
    them to sacrifice their first-born, so that through chastisement
    they might know that YHVH was YHVH. The fact, therefore, now
    generally accepted by critical scholars, is that in the last days of
    the kingdom human sacrifices were offered to YHVH as King or
    Counselor of the nation and that the Prophets knew of it and largly
    excueses for it. In course of time
    the pointing of “Melek” was changed to “Molech” to still further
    stigmatize the rites.

    The Hebrew letters מלך (mlk) usually stands for melek
    ‘king’ but
    when vocalized as mōlek in Masoretic Hebrew text, they have been
    traditionally understood as a proper name Μολοχ
    (molokh) in the
    corresponding Greek renderings in the Septuagint translation, in
    Aquila, and in the Greek Targum. The form usually appears in the
    compound lmlk. The Hebrew preposition l- means ‘to’, but it can
    often mean ‘for’ or ‘as a(n)’. Accordingly one can translate lmlk
    as “to Moloch” or “for Moloch” or “as a Moloch”, or “to the Moloch”
    or “for the Moloch” or “as the Moloch”, whatever a “Moloch” or “the
    Moloch” might be. We also once find hmlk ‘the Moloch’ standing by

    Because there is no difference between mlk ‘king’ and mlk ‘moloch’
    in unpointed text, interpreters sometimes suggest molek should be
    understood where the Masoretic text is vocalized as melek and vice

    Moloch has been traditionally interpreted as the name of a god,
    possibly a god titled the king, but purposely misvocalized as Molek
    instead of Melek using the vowels of Hebrew bosheth ‘shame’.

    There you have it the true (pagan) idenity of
    biblegod/Jehovia/YHVH/Yahweh, the god of the Christians, Jews, and
    Muslems is Enlil/Moloch/Melek Ta’us (And Ahken or Athen in Egypt ~ a rip-off and perversion of the True Cosmic Creator Aten Ra). And
    considering the twisted Evil nature of this god, it’s not at all
    suprising the activitys and depravity of some of his followers. All the
    wars, murders, and other attrocitys done in his name and inspired by him
    and his angels. You also
    have the idenity of the REAL creator god of humanity, that being Enki
    (Ptah to the Egyptians). More to the point the creator god is Enki/Ptah
    and the creator goddess is Ninhursag (Sumerian) / Hathor
    (Egyptian)~(same goddess). These two are the TRUE creator God & Goddess
    (or Netjeru)
    of the human race. So from this we can see there are some good parts in
    the Bible, but one must be very selective in knowing which gods they
    REALLY dealing with.

    I linked these articles in case the Hebrew letters did not post on
    the board. They are kinda funny about that. Numbers may appear in
    the place of these letters.
    Magister Reverend Setnakt, Founder, and co-CEC, Siaion Temple Groups


  423. She’s a shock artist. Illuminati conspiracy stuff is probably just another audience she’s drawing in by acting like a puppet and using their symbolism and imagery. I dunno, but I can definetley say that she isnt one of them.

  424. We dont know anything. We’re just assuming. Do you really think she sits around wondering ‘Hmm, how could I hide that I’m an Illuminati in my videos next?’ No.
    It’s sad that people sit around, thinking of ways to corrupt somebody.
    And anyway, this whole Illuminati symbolism is all over the place. Anything can resemble that, ANYTHING.

  425. This article freaked me out a bit. What exactly do the Illuminati do when they get control? Take over the world or something?
    Because if they control everything now…then we’re all screwed anyway.

  426. @ vigilant You are a conspiracy nut because it’s not a “conspiracy” if it’s in plain sight, in your face 24/7 as it is. Your a conspiracy nut because occultists and the like aren’t organized into some world-wide governing cabal as your suggesting. Your a conspiracy nut because you haven’t the wisdom to study history and know your real enemy, as opposed to simply pushing out the pre-arranged and unprovoked attack on occultists and Satanists who clearly have nothing to do with any of this. I’ve already proven this “precious ‘God’ ” of Xianiaty your defending is a demon false “god” who has enslaved humanity for centurys, his agents are everywhere, you yourself are one of them ether as a puppet or a puppet master, you tell us. Ether way a conspiracy is something hidden not what’s in the media, in the open, in daily life everywhere one looks hiding no where. Apparently your a linguistic revisionist also, re-defining words to fit your propaganda means, destroying and distorting their original and true meanings. I refuse to play by your “rules” which change on a whim and have no consistency. Yes the XIAN Nazis used occult SYMBOLISM, this is not the same as being occultists or Satanists themselves, they were not ( ), they were XIANS using our Pagan symbolism to push their XIAN world agenda. This is the exact same thing XIAN world leaders do today. It’s no “conspiracy” this is what is called “hiding in plain sight” and about the Evil prompter who is guilty and arrives early to plead its case that the other is the guilty one. And so turns the eyes of scrutiny away from themselves who are the Evil they claim the other is. Meanwhile others who come from the poor, who’s actions are to defend the poor, the GLBT community, the homeless and minoritys (like Lady GaGa) and are real occultists &/or Satanists or Kemetians like myself you assume can’t possibly be smart enough to know anything about our OWN magickal heritage, our OWN symbols, our OWN culture without the “help” and “guidance” from shadowy overlords with money (but no ancient heritage whatsoever), because according to your “logic” apparently only the rich can reason or think for themselves~that’s the very message the NWO wants you to send! That they and only they can lead or have any worthwhile knowledge. Yet how many times has history proven this ludicrous assumption of yours incorrect? Lets say GaGa is an occultist or even a Satanists, so what? What exactly is your point? That no non-xian~THAT NO NON-NWO belief system or ancient TRUE religion has a right to exist and express itself, only the Xian ruling class elites do? What’s the term for that kind of exclusionism and denial of basic human rights and equality? Oh that’s right, it’s called discrimination and religious BIGOTRY. GaGa’s actions have always been the OPPOSITE of the ruling XIAN elite, actions speak louder than words and prove yours false, she is clearly not a one of them, it’s easy for any but a true puppet like yourself and the brainwashed paranoid cowardly Xian masses to see this. What exactly are you so afraid of? Is the demon you stand for so weak? He and his armies of ditto head murders (like the one who murdered my wife and our 3rd child) and their yellow journalists like yourself have tried for centurys to wipe us out, to rape and kill our women and children, to lie and slander us, yet we remain, and will untell your kind is a bitter memory, a sad stain on human history. The kind of reminder of what we must never forget lest we repeat the same mistakes again, much like the Holocaust~which by no “coincidence” was an act of depravity committed not by occultists or Satanists or Pagans of any sort but by Xians displaying their true colors, no “conspiracys” no boogeyman satans, just the hard cold facts which you can not deny. So I’m calling you on your shit, you are a fraud, “vigilant” only about defending the status quo of the prevailing in-your-face non-conspiritoral demonic Xian NWO and scared shitless that us “godless” (ie: non-demon-worshiping) Pagans and the like exist and promote our beliefs in the open and in the exact same way as you and your kind shamelessly pander yours. We are not promoting wars, bigotry, hypocrisy, brainwashing, child abuse, or any of the things YOUR kind has for the last 2 millennium, we are promoting awareness of YOUR methods, YOUR savagery and deceptions. This is exactly what GaGa is doing, and rave and rant all you want you will never be able to stop her, NEVER be able to stop us, any of us ever. And we are doing it with OUR symbols for OUR purposes as just stated. Your Xian “leaders” have failed, the world is finally maturing and is ready to shed the chains your demon false “god” has placed on the human species for FAR too long. That’s our “secret agenda” to FREE THE MINDS YOU AND YOURS HAVE ENSLAVED. And it’s no secret we will shout it from the roof tops. It’s no conspiracy because we don’t lie or hide as your kind do, we don’t steal others symbols or traditions (like Xmas {ie: Yule] or marriage for instance) and twist them into some amoral perversion. We tell it like it is, and stand for what we believe, not just in words on Sunday morning, but in real deeds, all the time, every day and night of the week, forever. And in AMERICA at least there isn’t a DAMN thing you can do about it because the NON-Xian Founding Fathers saw to that with our godS-given right to Freedom of Religion. So again, just what is your point? That you oppose the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Freedom of Religion (if it’s not Xian), Freedom of Speech (if it’s again not Xian) and just what other American freedoms? And all this because you are this frightened that anything different from yourself exists! In a word, PATHETIC! Now chew on that for a while, and excuse me as I go out and buy the new Lady GaGa CD, lol! You are a very sad and confused person. I suggest learning the ancient languages, studying the ancient texts, and learn who you are REALLY dealing with, before it’s too late. So THANK YOU fpr revealing your true colors, you serve your master well.
    Reverend Setnakt, SoT/SoA


    • @ Setnakt. OK, now i get it. You are blinded by your hatred of Christians (not Xtians, but CHRIST-ians). And you’ve also decided to make me a representative for all of Christianity’s wrongdoings , for some reason.

      1- I am NOT Christianity. I am a person. I did not commit any savagery nor do I endorse any of it. If you’ve read the “Ask Vigilant” section, you’d know I’m a mystic Christian and I do not subscribe to any denomination and I dont have any “Xtian Leader”.
      2- This article is NOT about Christianity. Did I write something about Jesus in there? No. So why do you keep bringing it up? I’ve wrote about the occult symbolism found in her work, which is also found in the work of MANY other pop artists. And you agree that the symbolism is there. I guess if a Satanist wrote the exact same thing, you would have agreed with him. Since I’m not, I’m a conspiracy nut.
      3- If you agree there’s a NWO, occult symbolism hidden in plain sight, etc YOU ARE “CONSPIRACY NUT” TOO
      4- I think that you’ve brought your own fears and resentments into a debate that concerns symbolism in pop music. It is not Christianity vs Satanism.

  427. @ Vigilant I guess you are new to the internet and the English language as well, “Xian” IS “Christian”, it’s shorthand for it, same as Xmas is shorthand for Christmas, this is not new, and it’s VERY well know online. Now you know also, and your welcome.

    1. As a Xian (“Xian mystic”) you are a representive of that “religion”, the same as I, as a Kemetian am a representive of that religion. The whole endless Xian “denominations” crap is just another tool of the false “god’s” deception, that’s ultimately meaningless, a Xian is a Xian. For the record I don’t hate all Xians, I realize most are just a) claiming that identity to “fit in” because it’s the pop-gum flavor of the day (and after all it’s “just” ones soul, nothing that important or worth actually examining, just sell your soul like your told to to the nameless “god” cause everyone else is doing it, can’t be wrong, right? Apparently!) or b) others are mostly Xians as they assume “god” is an elected office and since the Xian “god” is the most popular among humans, he must be the right choice (of course this means he wasn’t always “god” in ancient times by this irrational “rational”). Then there are those who ar not just pawns, the middle-management if you will. Propaganda s like yourself who are educated (a “mystic Xian” you say) enough to know the difference. You know enough about symbolism, but what does it mean? I think you know, you may or may not have direct leaders, that remains to be seen. But you are doing their work of spreading misdirection and fear-mongering. You are working for the Xian elite, and that VERY obvious. I do not hate all Xians, not the ignorant pawns, but those in the know, leaders, and those who know better I absolutely do. That and it’s false “god” and it’s Hate Group masquerading as a “religion” I DO HATE , in Blood, with all my being for all eternity, this life and all others.

    2. I believe one of your 3 anti-Lady GaGa articles DO mention “anti-Christian messages” or the like, so why do YOU keep bringing it up? I’m just responding to the manure your shoveling. Satanists don’t waste their time on such trivial crap, they are not a paranoid delusional group. They are not afraid of Xian pop/rock groups, or Sponge Bob Square Pants, or whatever that is obviously no threat to anyone. They have enough real enemies than to manufacture false ones as you do. I don’t think you have ever met or talked to an actual Satanist, nothing you’ve written so far shows any real knowledge of Satanism as it’s actually practiced anywhere, so what the hell (pardon the pun) makes you an “expert” on something you have no experience in or with?

    3. Again I will not play by your linguistic revisionist “rules”. I also will not again define it, look up the word “conspiracy” that’s the definition I use, the one from the dictionary, not yours.

    4. I have no fears about that which is so obviously weaker than I. That which runs from it’s own shadows (literally). But that doesn’t mean I won’t use whatever resources I have at my disposal to debunk frauds and agents of the Xian NWO. I also am now convinced very strongly that Lady GaGa is an occultist of some sort (thanks to you, although I had my suspicions) as a result I consider her a fellow sister, one of my kind. Us Pagans, occultists, and Satanists stick together for the most part, and I really like her message and her social conscious, her music also. I do not like your attempts to twist any of that into something it’s clearly not. You are much the same as someone who crys “fire” in a crowded theater, fear-mongering crap over nothing trying to cause a panic to amuse yourself. Is it still funny? And you never did answer MY questions, what are you so afraid of? Your bigotry against the ancient ancestral faiths and traditions is the ONLY “reason” for any of this, and we both know it (and I dare say now do others~thanks again for the chance to expose you :) Your right, this is not Xianiaty Vs. Satanism, it’s your brand of Xianiaty Vs. everything else, with especially disrespect paid to all our ancestors (real “nice”)! And how about the REAL elite, the Xian elite you represent( The Power Elite Playbook, Recruiting Willing Puppets [by Deanna Spingola, published Saturday, 05 December 2009 22:32] )?

    5. This is included at no extra charge! IF you are seriously ignorant of what “god” and “religion” you represent really stands for here are a few links, pass them around and share with friends and family:
    ◆Lucifer’s Liberation Front (Only for those prepaired to face the WHOLE truth of who and what biblegod REALLY is.)
    ◆Counter-Evangelism Resource Page
    ◆The Origins of Christianity (and truth of the real origions of Jewish OT charaters)
    ◆”Our Godless Constitution” (Proof positive that America was NOT founded on Xian anything)
    ◆Set Free From Jesus
    ◆Jesus Never Existed
    ◆ The Sun God, Christianiaty Unadorned
    ◆ (another site proveing jesus never existed)
    ◆ More from Jordan Maxwell this defining modern~ancient terms/views + Astro-Theology
    ◆The Dark Bible
    ◆The Evil Bible
    ◆No Beliefs main homepage
    ◆Skeptic’s Annotated Bible / Quran
    ◆Dwindling in Unbelief
    ◆What The Church Will NOT Tell You
    ◆Exposeing Christianiaty
    ◆ Endventure
    ◆The Bible – Its Evolution, Contradictions and Inconsistencies
    ◆Biblical Errancy
    ◆Bible Babble – Exposing the errors in the Bible and Christianity
    ◆Understanding the Religious Reich
    ◆Tough Questions for the Christian Church
    ◆The King James(Authorized) Version Bible-Is it the Best?
    ◆A Non-believer’s Guide For Testing The True Christian.
    ◆This is the Skeptical Review, put out by Ferrill Till, an ex
    Christian. He does a great job of debunking the Bible.
    ◆This is the best source for accessing the work of a host of
    ◆Robert Ingersoll is hard to beat. Many of his best works are
    available free here. For starters, read `Some Mistakes of
    ◆Joseph Wheless composed two of the most thorough criticisms of the
    Bible ever penned, IMO. Both books are available here, free.

    Now, as I said before I’m a Pagan, a Kemetian to be exact, not a Satanist per say, although my Patron Netjer (God) is Set/Sutekh, the Egyptian “Satan”, the Prince of Darkness, so BOO! But if you want a REAL explanation of what a Setian (Kemetian follower of the Egyptian “Satan”) believes, it’s something like this: and as for modern Satanism, there is this: none of us is about corrupting or sacrificing children (or anyone else), that’s the game of the XIAN “god” (remember what was asked of Abraham? How about the man who “god” DID have sacrifice his own daughter, or all those babies burnt alive for YHVH, sick shit). If you claim not to be a Xian I would suggest to quit calling yourself one (under ether spelling: Xian or Christian, their both the same), but if you do that you won’t be able to explain just what were all supposed to be so.afraid of (actually you still haven’t)!

    Your move, I’ll return tomorrow, I got a new album to listen to. Good luck…
    Reverend Setnakt


  428. She isn’t the only one apart of this evil madness. It’s the majority of the artists in the industry. But the artists are just the puppets. The people that you really need to worry about are the ones behind the scenes; the ones whom are directing and editing the videos. Those people know what they’re doing.
    Gaga just writes her songs, and makes up her fashion, but isnt it the people around her that make things happen?
    If anything, she is just as brainwashed. Dont blame the artists, they dont know whats going on.

  429. I’m a big fan of Lady Gaga, but just because she uses Illuminati symbols does not mean she is a puppet for them. She uses the symbols because it’s art. The theme she uses in her music and persona is “fame”, and she uses the symbols partly to illustrate the fact that fame could be mind-controlling – and I see no wrong in that. She is not only a singer, but she is a performance artist as well. She writes music, and she entertains. Many of you really are too narrow-minded.
    Also, to insult her intelligence and those of her fans are a bit too much. Not only are some of you commenters arrogant, but are fools as well, no matter how “learned” you may claim to be. I mean, really, to honestly believe she is dumb, evil, or brainwashed? lol

    @Vigilant – Nice article and symbolism recognition though.

  430. ohyeah, one thing…

    I disagree that there is a connection with her and the ILLUMINATI.. or her being one.

    Lady Gaga is not antichrist. or an aethist.

    It's just that her videos need a perfect concept to describe it, and she used this symbols to give a darker or deeper meaning to the songs.

    Maybe you should swipe that out.

    it's ridiculous. She doesn't worship the Baphomet in real life. Like who the hell does that? a witch.

    It just shows that she HAD to use these symbols to give drama, design, (like fashion) and creativity to her videos. Fashion is similar, each dress has it's own meaning or interpretation.

    Well, i mean you can use OCCULT REFERENCES as a fashion statement.

    No one ever thought that and Lady GaGa was THE ONLY PERSON who thought that..

    I admire her.

    ANDYEAH, in account to that, SHE IS NOT A MAN. f** all those haters.

  431. I KNEW IT!

    I don’t know why, but my intuition was telling me from the moment she sky-rocketed to fame in such a short amount of time, despite having been around for years.

    Her symbolism was very distinct, to the point that alot of people began to idolise her– and it makes so much sense. She “stands” for individuality, when ironically she’s the poster-girl for your typical “puppet of the Illuminati” <<< scary huh?

    Thanks. Watching Just Dance again after reading this gave me chills (whenever I see the 1 eye I get REALLY shaked up…).

  432. I thinks she is a talentless fake trying to get fame and wealth ,
    I think her music is discusting, and she shouldn t be allowed to enter the Uk,
    we don t need cheap trash like her
    get her out please and keep her out

  433. You know guys the interesting thing is I was drawn to this website whilst doing research on Lady Gaga, after watching her performance on TV last night.
    I am not conventionally religious either, but I do consider myself a totally freethinking radically spiritual person, and the thing is, I am also totally convinced that Lady Gaga is using occult symbolism in her performance act too.This whole persona is extremely well thought out and executed, I agree that in getting young people to love her music whilst associating this “hidden” symbolism in her videos, it effectively makes people associate and copy this symbolism. The Dark one has much power and influence in these “lost” and wretched times that we live in. His power will gain strength if she continues to gain this influence. I think that the fact that she is a hermaphrodite is probably the cause for her twisted viewpoint and the reason she turned against God. People who do worship the dark side so often complain that their religious rights are being denied, but the truth is that by worshipping Lucifer they effectively give up their free will and are no longer in a position of their own power irrespective of what or who they perceive that they are worshipping.
    Once the soul is turned dark and the dark guides become strong in influence then it doesn’t matter what their aspirations are, in essence all is for the bad whether they actually realise this or not.
    So really the most important point here is perhaps this, will this symbolism actually hurt the young people who listen to this music? The answer is that whilst young people seek to find spiritual enlightenment with and open heart and by perhaps taking part in ceremonies to open their third dimensional eye they are much more likely to be controlled by the dark side, which will of been drawn to them through this symbolism.
    This is perhaps the point that needs to be made, God gave us all free will to choose in what direction we take in life and this will prove to perhaps be our downfall.

  434. The reason for fear propaganda is because OUR collective consciousness is the most powerful force we have. Without it (our consciousness) groups like Illuminati can not operate. All the conspiracies about these group were to show people that we HAVE (have being past tense) been manipulated into being miserable and Dependant. But guess what we are ALL smarter than that and these tactics aren’t working a whole we are moving into a higher vibrational consciousness , we are evolving and the need for control and misery is no longer relevant to us.
    Because of this change in thought and attitude these groups are loosing power…keep that in mind.

  435. Thank you for the information. I consider myself to be an amature symbologist and I spotted a few illuminati/satanic references, but you opened my eyes to a lot more. Keep up the good work.

  436. the lightning symbolism is from the SS Nazis= we are going to be seeing it more and more in the media along with the eye symbol.. as are the masked people she had dancing at the AMA's towards the end of her performance when she was breaking glass on the pianos on top you see the masked men similar to the masks in the paintings in the Denver International Airport, as you have in your article and you also mentioned nazi symbolism.. something to think about

  437. Perhaps interestingly, in the shorter videos Lady Gaga is referred to as "Candy". There was a woman named Candy Jones (fashion model, radio talk show host) who claimed to have been part of the MKULTRA/Monarch program

  438. GaGa is an artist. She's dark and deep and weird because that's who she is and wants to be. As far as her being "robotic" or "empty-headed", I've always thought she speaks very intelligently and passionately in interviews, etc.

  439. So i love Lady Gaga and everything, but this was a really funny article. i really enjoyed it.

  440. Big Brown Bear on

    OOHHHHH, and all this time I thought that main stream artists were perfect role models!!!

  441. Lady Gaga is a useful idiot & pawn for the Globalist Elite & their "sheepletainment" industry. Her schtick is filth & is typical of the trash churned out by the rootless cosmopolitans!

  442. i mean for on

    yeah it all makes sense. I also saw on youtube that there are hidden messages in Kiss From a Rose and I Ran (So Far Away). Perhaps her two biggest songs.

  443. I will leave another comment on this site for those who state that we are a bunch of conspiracy theorists lunatics. Look you are either mentally impaired, or spiritually stunted, surely you can look at all the different parts of her videos and realise that their is definite symbolism in them. What is the probability of so many different things that fit, which just happen to pop up!!! I agree that some of her music is quite entertaining, so if its any good why all the deeply weird video content??? Next time you watch a video, just ask yourself this? did the video make you feel uplifted and have nice thoughts??? Or was it more about feeling crap and dark, with self destructive afterthoughts. If children are not being brainwashed with negative messages from music and video games then why are little kids aged 10 being lured into the woods to be beaten and battered by other boys of their own age,who have been fed a diet of hate and violence?

    In this world if we don't clean up all the bad crap floating around then we are going to end up with a totally lawless society, and if this happens then GOD help us!!!



  445. NO lady gaga doesn't worship satan…

    she just want to say that fame can kill u, and those symbols are ridiculous but i do believe that rihanna is one, but not lady gaga, she studied in an all girls catholic school, how can she do that?

  446. I don't know. Lady Gaga seems way too…rebellious and too smart to be taken over by something like that.

    She's no Britney Spears. She knows what shes doing.

    I wonder if she's just poking fun at all of this…

    Just because she uses those symbols, doesn't mean that she is an Illuminati.

    I could do it, but that doesn't make me one.

  447. @Mi, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    Though this article is very interesting, I think he is wrong.

    Lady Gaga is much smarter than you think. She's probably playing with us.

  448. Hi again,

    I thought I would take the time to answer a few further points made here by a few of you.

    The things is lady Gaga is very smart, its not a case of the illuminati brainwashing this girl, this whole ritualised situation is basically entered into willingly by her. If she connected with the illuminati then she did of her own free will. The illuminati provide all the specialist symbolism and she gets to feature it for your consumption.

    Yes its a case of showing the dangers of fame, but isn't it also a little bit deeper too?? Don't most young people have an appetite for fame and celebrity? Could it not be saying look if you connect spiritually to a dark side then you can have your own sort of celebrity? Im not saying that gaga is the only one doing this, has anyone ever watched a Marilyn Manson video and not felt the same thing? Madonna perhaps? At the end of the day its a bit like saying a person can dabble in a little bit of devil worshipping and then not get sucked into things. There is always a price to pay at the end of the day, and if its either your poor depleted soul or Society sinking into violence and selfish corrupt ways then is it worth selling out for?

    Once this dark stuff starts to get a grip on you its very hard not to be seduced by it, it can even make you feel high, but ultimately its about being devoured by Satan and losing your "soul" your spark, your optimism etc

    Good Luck, I hope I get through to a few people :-) God Bless you x

  449. ya you guys are crazayzy i don't believe you guys are so blind The WORLD IS ENDIN SOON YOU FOOLS so suck on it!!!!!! you know that there is a god and even if you deny it, it won't matter cuz at the end of the day if you believe in God an JESUS you will go to heaven but if you don't i hope you don't mind burning the rest of ETERNITY.. these things are true Lady GaGa is a serious satanist and if you like her thre aren't any problems i won't deny i like a few of her songs BUT the moment you start delving deeper you will realize that she could drag you down to hell with her…… I HAVE WARNED YOU!!!!

  450. Shinigami Lord Azera on

    Personally, while I do accept that her songs and videos are filled with very dark symbolism, I really don't believe that she is a member of the occult, or the Illuminati. Yes, songs like Paparazzi and Bad Romance may be filled with dark symbolism (the ram's head, triangle, potential mind control) but I believe that's just Gaga's way of pointing out that the music industry isn't the sugar filled thing of sweetness we thought it was. Also, there are some songs of hers that lean more towards pointing out what fame and fortune can do to you, like her newest one Dance in the Dark. In the song, she blatantly mentions Diana, Marilyn, Sylvia, all famous icons that were lost to "darkness" because of tragedy in their lives. She also mentions JonBenet Ramsey, the 6 year old beauty queen who was murdered. However, I can see where the mind control angle might have potential, because in Dance in the Dark she also mentions Kubrick, infamous director of Clockwork Orange, a movie focusing on mind control and similar themes. But then, Gaga is a fan of sci-fi and such, so it makes sense that she would mention Kubrick

    I'm just saying that, while Gaga does use "occult" symbolism, it doesn't mean she's a member of the Illuminati or anything. I think that's she's a creative woman trying to alert people to the fact that the music industry and fame is a dark thing, one you should be wary and yet appreciative of.

  451. I like lady gaga sooooooooooooooo much…actually she's cool even though she's different…She's unique.

  452. People have gone mad. Parents need to watch what their kids are watching, and need to teach their kids and most of all spend time with their kids instead of putting them in front of television where hollywood feeds them a bunch of crap. Every single movie that comes out right now has at least one gay person it. Music is filled with provacitive, and horrible language. People need to come to their sences.

  453. 1. Lady Gaga's "hermaphroditism."

    The rumor of Lady Gaga's "hermaphroditism" was started when reporters asked Christina Aguilera–whom Lady Gaga bears some resemblance to–about her thoughts on Lady Gaga. Aguilera simply stated that she didn't know anything about Lady Gaga–so much so that she wasn't even sure if Lady Gaga was a man or a woman. Lady Gaga has not dispelled the rumors simply because she has stated that it gives her free publicity–and, she added that no publicity is bad publicity to her.

    Next. Hermaphroditism is not the same as bisexuality. Hermaphroditism simply means that you were born with ambiguous or reversed gender. Bisexuality means that you are open to dating men AND women.

    Hermaphroditism is NOT the result of incest. In fact, various forms are quite common in nature. Please see:
    While this idea was somewhat popularized by Jeffrey Eugenides' wonderful book "Middlesex," it is not usually the case. (P.S. Pick up that book if you get the chance–beautifully written!)

    Jamie Lee Curtis also experienced rumors about her potential hermaphroditism. It was said that she has XXY chromosomes–a condition known as Klinefelter syndrome (this condition, by the way, is quite wide-spread. 1 in every 1,000 males). This, for all intents and purposes, would make her develop small testes and be infertile. She adopted her children, which would make this a possibility. However, a person's gender doesn't matter to me–I met Jamie Lee Curtis a few times and she was the sweetest customer we had!

    There are other forms of hermaphroditism as well. An enlarged clitoris, both a vagina and a penis present, etc. I actually have a friend who was born female and is currently taking testosterone to transition to male. His clitoris is at least 2 or 3 inches long at this point. In some surgeries, the clitoris is moved to serve as a (smallish) penis. Gender, then, is quite changeable. Furthermore, in many cultures, there are more than two genders represented–in some societies, as many as six are recognized!

    For more information on various forms of hermaphroditism in humans, please see here:

    Many individuals who are hermaphroditic actually have few signs that they are. A male with female genitalia, for example, may not have any idea that he is a "he." He will be raised as female because his parents don't have any idea–then, he might find out later when he is not developing breasts or menstruating. However, it is not unheard of for genetically male individuals to never find out–for example, if they were to pursue modeling, the girls there are so slender and breastless that he would fit right in. He also wouldn't be out of place not menstruating because women in modeling are frequently under-nourished, which leads to a lack of menstruation.

    I think it's disturbing that people would accuse Lady Gaga of trying to mislead people by claiming that she has an unambiguous gender. If she is indeed a hermaphrodite, she has chosen to live her life as a female–a decision that most intersex people decide at some point. Second, it's not as if she chose to be born that way. I don't think it's "sick," as one poster suggested, to want to have a simple, "unoffensive" gender. If the "Lady" part of her name was indeed chosen to cement her idea of herself as a female, then all the more power to her.

    I can't imagine what it would be like to live with an ambiguous gender. Just think–you'd have to disclose that you were biologically male to every man that you wanted to date upfront. How difficult would that make relationships?! It would also be frightening, because many men would find that threatening–as if even considering an individual that, for all intents and purposes, is female, would make him "less of a man." The intersex community has certainly experienced its share of violence directed at its members.

    2. Baphomet.

    Baphomet is not the same as Satan. The fact that the author of this article used the names interchangeably shows his ignorance. Baphomet was the pagan god of wisdom. When Christianity was attempting to gain ground and followers, they sought to convey the images/figures of paganism as evil. Although historians have decided that Jesus was most likely born in August judging from clues in the Bible, it was better to have him born near the Winter Solstice in December–a pagan holiday.

    I think that the fact that Baphomet–associated with wisdom!– was chosen to model Satan's image after is also very telling. Christianity often tries to squelch free thought. Take a look at Eve, who is punished for seeking knowledge, and wanting to share it with Adam.

    Similarly, in most religions, the snake image is seen as positive, but in Christianity, snakes are cast in a negative light–the tempter. In Indian stories, a giant serpent lies in the Earth, and its imprint becomes the oceans. In Native American stories, the snake swallows the Earth in night and vomits it to cause day. The snake swallowing its own tail is a universal sign of the circle of life and endlessness. The list goes on. I think that that is really a part of Christianity trying to discredit all former pagan images.

    So, in other words, if you want to talk about mindless following, one need only look at Christianity.

    3. Lavender.

    What the hell is wrong with the commenter who suggested that lavender "turns men gay" or makes them crave sex less? That could NOT be further from the truth. In a study, it was found that men are most aroused by the scents of lavender and pumpkin spice. Women, it found, were most aroused by the smell of licorice.

    4. "Illuminati symbolism."

    Wow. Just…wow. People really believe that? Well, okay.

    We could just as easily turn much of this around and instead explain…

    The ram's head. Taxidermy is really "in" right now. Pick up any interior decorating magazine of any worth. Example: "The New Antiquarians" in the NY Times:

    Checkerboard pattern. A continuation of Lady Gaga's theme in "Poker Face." She likes playing games with people–or, she is afraid of getting close to people or letting herself be manipulated, so she hides behind these games. Or, hey, maybe it just looks cool! Adding texture also gives the feeling of depth, so it's an artistically sound choice.

    Falling off the balcony. Oh, yes, the audience was being hypnotized! That just simply must be it. It couldn't be to represent being dazed or a spiral downward in her career. Oh no, that couldn't be it.

    Crutches and metal suit. Lady Gaga has often imitated others. She imitated Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, and others. So if she wears an outfit similar to the song she got her name from? Who cares? Also, in case you didn't notice, she fell a long way and landed on concrete. Her body is pretty messed up. Her artistic team decided to make her cast more fashionable. What's that you say? Being untrue to life? Unheard of in Hollywood!

    Being indifferent to killing her boyfriend. No one ever feels numb in their everyday lives! Only people influenced by the Illuminati ever feel numb. Okay, listen, I've been with some pretty abusive men before, and I know that when you finally break it off with them, you just feel so numb. I've never killed any boyfriends, obviously, but when you finally get the courage to end a bad relationship, it doesn't come out of "courage" at all, but out of numbness. No difference for Lady Gaga.

    Accenting her eyes. In case you haven't noticed, having your bangs in your eyes is trendy. However, it doesn't show well on television. Framing her eyes artistically is an easy way to counter this. She also frequently slides her hands side to side over her eyes–like a door opening and closing. This makes her eyes "pop" more when you see them in-between in hands being over them. When she does accent only one eye, it's usually in a triangular or circular shape. If you've ever taken an art class, you know that that's the best way to draw in a viewer's eye. It's not Illuminati symbolism. It's basic art.

    Butterflies. Oh, wow, she wore a butterfly outfit! No other Hollywood actress has ever done that!…Oh wait.

    5. Her "Baphomet-inspired" hat.

    Ohhhh man, that's a sweet hat. I'm totally going to make it for National Lady Gaga Day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  454. Good, you should complie these comments. How about how she's always saying to 'get your guns out.' I look at her 'dirty rich', see a guy fall dead at the beginning, a bunch of guys rolling around with her mock shooting them at the end, and her saying 'bang, bang' 'sorry daddy', and 'we're "dirty" rich' meanwhile 'we got no money.' One easy way to get money. Not sure how you can be 'dirty' rich w no money, or what 'dirty' means but i have a guess.

  455. The picture that shocked me the most was the one with the checkerboard wallpaper with the ram's head on it. I understand that not everything in this world is symbolism, but to have 2 things in one is no coincidence.

  456. Thank you, elephant!

    This woman is not mind controlling anyone. Shes simply making music, and making her videos seem much less boring than the ones we've seen for the past couple of years. I see no problem with that. Let her have her fun. It would be pretty funny if she proved you all wrong.

  457. I doubt that she even knows who Baphomet is.

    She's smart, but not THAT smart.

    She does these things thinking one thing, but you think of it as another.

    The peace sign and the rock on sign, for example. To some people it simply just means peace, and rock on, but it means something much darker. See what I mean?

  458. LMFAO!!!

    You rock man. Where can I get a Lady Gaga playing card to go with the rest of my illuminati deck?

  459. Hi all,

    Well documented!!! BRAVO!

    well before I suspected anything fishy behind lady G's music and persona I listened to her 2 songs "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" to be able to sleep, and it was continuous for just the 2 songs. Then what came into my dream was a dark side. I believe I was able to perceive her message and background.

    Dark Dream Settings:

    there was a knife that was like a satanic controlled piece.. no one will ever touch it but it moves its own and whatever you ask it will answer by scribing on a piece of plastic.

    there are many college and high school friends present and some of them never realized it was controlled by the dark force.. I began to suspect that it will be very dangerous. So I turned to a priest who told me that he already knew what that thing is but will never fight it… but the priest told me to be aware and always be on my guard.

    After that, I saw a fellow friend, he was a varsity in Tennis in our college university but he was already controlled or possessed that he insisted with someone who was my classmate in the seminary to force and stitch his skin with steel clips, and whats worst is he was naked but he has a hairy vagina! (this scene clearly came from poker face song)

    Then another scene came across and it was my elder brother who got crazy because of drug overdose(which really happened in really life years back already) and what I did was recording his behavior with my mobile phone, there was a rain that entered my room.

    So hanging that I cant get a real picture how my dream ended. But for sure It was all because of that knife that can control people.


    I then have a feeling that lady gaga somehow is a tool or instrument by the dark force to influence the young people who are ignorant and unaware that there is a dark force that can control them through music and video.

    lady gaga portrays a modern and unique artist that has a dark and negative intentions of influencing people who listens to her music.

    And for the record her music is good that is why it is good to hear but ugly to listen. And I personally don't want to debate the rest of the world regarding lady gaga's music because it is totally out of this world greatness but I just want the entire world to be AWARE and be ON GUARD to what lady gaga's music can offer and lead you on.

  460. @Open Minded Andrew: You absolutely got molested by your DAD or MOM! whehehehe..

    you are tooooo BITTER when it comes to families and religion… the solid evidence is that your toooooooo NEGATIVE in terms of family and religion… so it clearly shows NOBODY has CARED AND LOVE you….


    but the question is… WHY does nobody has cared for you?????????????


    stick that to your head and LEARN AND EARN RESPECT!!!

  461. although well written, this article is a bit far fetched.

    i think you're reading too much into her music videos.

    "her dancing in a half white/half black wedding dress. This signifies her (forced) association with the “dark Brotherhood”. Her transformation is then complete."

    how do you know, it signifies her association?

  462. its only fuckin obvious you have to be completely retarded to not see the bull shitt parading around you…..

    luve always


  463. 1) Lady Gaga Has never admitted to being anything other than female. There was a blog post supposedly by her confirming the intersex rumor but it was quickly pointed out that it was a fake.

    2) You're insane. Lady Gaga's entire shtick is fame and the dark side of it. If she hints at mind control and occultism than she is doing her job because she wants to point out how the desire for fame can be all encompassing, all controlling, and deadly.

  464. I agree with Bob, the article is very well written but I also think that you're taking everything out of proportion.

    I'm not a fan of gagas music, but as person, she seems very wise. I think she knows what she's doing.

  465. fellowjerry,

    Lady Gagas music is not evil dark, it's just meaningful. Through her songs, she is showing the ups and downs of having 'The Fame.'

    I enjoy her music, and though I also see the symbolism, I think she only uses it because she's an artist.

    I'm 16, and I most certainly am not being brainwashed into doing or worshiping anything evil.

    And you may not think so, because of her outfits, and videos, but she actually is a pretty good influence.

    She is more than meets the eye.

  466. That was shocking i never really have not figured that out.

    I will tell my friends about it.

    That was surprising that even the entertainment industry / the celebrities like lady gaga

    is using her talent/gift for bad reason.

  467. i guess gaga's trying to apply what she learned on her school since she studied in New York University's Tisch School of Arts xD

  468. This is the most ridiculous thing that I've ever read. Lady Gaga is a pop star. She's making a statement by commenting on the different aspects of fame. In the Paparazzi video, for instance, she's just making the point that fame causes people to behave differently, and our culture is so into the idea of celebrity that they will love their favorite stars no matter how badly they behave. I highly doubt that she's trying to brainwash anyone by luring them to Satanism and controlling their mind. To the writer of this article, I think you have far too much time on your hands, and are stretching this out of proportion. While some of the symbolism might be there, it is preposterous to assume that it is there for evil purposes. Lady Gaga is a talented musician and performer who is just trying to make people think about our society and fame's role in it.

  469. Notice how in that photo, with the dancer having on that jacket with the All Seeing Eye, the eye is crying.

    I'm sure that Lady Gaga is not a puppet of any sort. I think that shes trying to tell us something instead.

    I've seen her interviews, and she's a very well spoken, and intelligent young woman, unlike most pop singers.

    She's different from Jay Z, or Rihanna or any of those others, and you can tell that she isn't evil, but an artist.

  470. You know…just because you say that shes an Illuminati Puppet, doesn't make her one.

    I agree with Demol, she differs from those like Jay Z (who Im sure is one, I mean just look at him) and his posse.

    She uses symbolism, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's for evil. I think you're wrong about this one, Vigilant. But great article though.

  471. i am lady gaga fan but this is not enought proof well gaga is a baby talk they used for years for make dolls and baby show get more proof beauz and in the video bad romance she do the sign of the cross and she a cross belt.

  472. It could also be that Lady GaGa and her associates have tapped into todays most prominent subculture just as Roland Emmerich did with 2012. Feed on the ongoing conspiracy theories that dominate the internet and enjoy the free pr created by these communities. It's brilliant.

  473. Thank you very much for this site and these thought provoking, topical articles.

    As an art historian I have been trained in the process of image analysis. I also know that information can be skewed to support or disprove any given argument. This as well as the Beyonce article are quite convincing. However, I realize that the truth is. What we choose to believe is our choice. Most importantly despite what anyone believes, one should NEVER discount the influences of power. The pursuit, acquisition and maintenance of power has ALWAYS affected human kind. One should account for the power structure, it's mechanisms and your place in it. Realize that given the resources available to those in power anything is possible especially in a society so easily distracted by materialism, consumption, vanity and wealth worship. Righteousness and wickedness are manifested through ones thoughts and actions and our thoughts and actions are constantly influenced by what we see and hear. Only GaGa and Bey can testify as whether or not they are Illuminati puppets but I can definitively say that they do have an enormous influence on the hearts and minds of the people (those who love and hate them).

  474. They're just videos! It's just a performance! They are just poses people! It's a little too consistent to be a coincidence.

  475. I personaly alwaysed wondered If lady gaga was in the Elite but After reading all of this i belieive she is crying for help or even against the illuminati society. like you said on the paparrazi video when she was acting like a robot and wearing the mickey mouse costume did you notice the man wearing the eye patch , And showed only ONE eye saying he's part of the illuminati, she KILLED him saying she didnt want to be in it. And i notice in alot of her apperance she wears jesus things like the jesus cross earings , belts( Badromace video) or even doing the Name of the father son and the Holy spirit sign.. on the bad romace video. So i dont know if i believe yet but its raisong red flags in my head.

  476. I have also taken quite an interest in the symbolism of LG. In her most recent music video, LG emerges from a tomb-like coffin (desensitizing coffin) with a white, plastic outfit on. The outfit covers her senses: eyes, nose, ears and throat. All but her mouth because she must "sing" in the music video. What is interesting is how the suit looks like a lizard. Symbolically, the lizard's sun-seeking habit symbolizes the soul's search for awareness. To the Romans, who believed it hibernated, the lizard meant death and resurrection. This makes complete sense in relation to Gaga's whole image. Horus, the "Sun-God" shines over the tomb, reawakening Gaga to her life where she will be trained and reeducated into a new world order. She has died to her true image of Stephani and was desensitized, drugged and reeducated into "Lady Gaga." Ironically, Lady Gaga uses the lightening bolt as her symbol on many photos and album covers. The lightening bolt represents supernatural power. It's as if she were never Stephani, but rather Lady Gaga all along. She has told people, even her own mother, to only call her Gaga. She now holds the lightening bolt in her hand…over her one eye. The Eye of Horus…the Sun God.

    She has so much symbolism in her art that it makes me wonder if she is good or bad?

    Can some one email & explain this in more detail for me? I am trying my best to get it…

    Thanks & Peace

  477. I read your article on Rihanna. And after reading that, I just highly doubt that Lady Gaga is an Illuminati.

    I agree with what most people are saying. She is a very intelligent woman, and most certainly knows how to handle herself. When you listen to Rihanna, she sounds pretty…dull. And pretty brainwashed. But Lady Gaga knows how to speak, and shes pretty level headed. I doubt that someone as smart and as tough as her would get pushed around or taken over by an occult. she She uses symbols, but that doesnt necessarily mean that it is for evil. We see symbols everywhere, and can find them anywhere, but does that mean that it's evil? I don't think so.

    Nevertheless, this was a great article. Kudos.

  478. i read the comments people left i must say i'm a little confused but i do know one thing whether these stuffs are lies or not it's still an eye opener and it's kinda tellin you to know where you stand as for me i'm now careful of everything i listen to forget bad words and watever this is about where you stand in religion r u gonna say this is BS and cont listenin to it or u'll stop and actually think about wats happenin i have decided and i hope u guys make the right decisions too

  479. It is to my understanding after reading and researching this for hours on end (i research things to death) that jay-z, beyonce, lady gaga, rihanna, alicia keys, kanye west and other members of the media are in this illuminati together. Similarly, they all work together- write songs together, in videos together, tour together… I am watching "video Phone" by Beyonce and LG, where Beyonce displays her own lightening bolt in her ear.

    Luke10:18 " And He said onto them, I behold Satan as lightening fall from Heaven."

    YouTube the following for more details:

    Lady Gaga exposed

    Beyonce exposed

    Jay-z exposed

    Rihanna exposed

  480. Lady Gaga is an intelligent artist who wants to be famous at the same time as she is commenting on the lust for fame. She is not some member of the illuminati, and the fact that everyone in these comments is so quick to believe this is sad. Her music is more a commentary on mind-control in the media than it is a contributing factor.

  481. um..jus to add some stuff for u…i analyzed "just dance",and thts wat i got…

    –the 1 eye thing…

    –at some point,thers this one dude wit make up lookin lik some devil,demon,red faced thing…

    –thers this one chick on her back,one leg on the floorforming a triangle and you can see her eyes(one of them at least)…

    –i dont kno if the ball was purposly lightened,but it was put on top wer no one can reach itso all hands direct to it forming a triangle,and the ball was clearly there to repersent the sun ,a source of light at the top of the triangle(yea!!)…

    –at some point,it looks like she is strugglin to fight something inside her,the next second,she is in a crusifix position releiving all muscles from tension,a sign of submission,telling "IT" to take her…or jus givin herself to "IT"…

    –she does the 1 eye thing again wen she slides he hand down her face…..

    –every artist pops champagne,but in my view,the semen of satan is released,and wen u think about it…alcohol leads to a sin of some kind…adultry,temptation,others,…

    –the eye thing…

    –the beads on the door form a vail hiding what she is about to do….hiding what she's about to do,sin

    –she does some robot walk clearly portraying her as a controlled objet…machine controlled by a stronger force of some kind…probably the one from earlier…

    –some strong light is shining on colby o'donis…symbolizing that he has power,and him being dressed black on black(symbol of the devil or pure evil)could mean he is controlling gaga

    –akon is dressed in white but the light doesnt shine on him(rascist sons of bitches)or a sign of hope non corrupted by the light…

    –the eye comes back…

    –some other dude is acting like hes on crack too…makes some movements as if he was on the soul extractionpossession process too

    –her pants have the same pattern as the floor of that family one of the articles…or as one of the legs of pink at the 09 VMA's…loved taylor swifts initiation….laughed my fat black ass off

    –a scene tht shows gaga and that dude on the same crack….similar moves as earlier

    –her hiding one eye then the other to show she is losing visibility,the takes both off as a representation of enlightment

    –her on top of that killerwhale,in my view the people,ridden like animals(like a bestiality movie,they screwed us over hard)

    –eye thing and its over…

    ill do it with poker face when i have time or somethin…

  482. Gente se Lady Gaga não existice eu acho que enlouquecesse !

    Eu Amo essa DIVA do Pop ..'

    Lady Gaga Forever ♥

    I Love You .

  483. This is a very interesting analysis of something I wouldn't have even noticed in her music, honestly I love her as an artist. She has a phenomenal voice, her art style is amazing, she has very deep symbolism, so i think there are ways to misinterpret her symbolism, but I think maybe she wants what she puts into her music videos to make people talk about her more, like everyone talking about her having a penis, or being a lesbian, i think that could be part of it, people are always talking about her and this just makes for even more talk about her. I could be entirely wrong, I'm just saying maybe she intends for us to want to look deeper into the lyrics to make us look into more of who she is as a person. This is an amazing article, I really feel like there's lots of things to be overlooked, and you pointed them all out in ways I would never have thought. I've become very interested in learning the deeper occult meanings of symbolism and everything, ever since I read a few articles on this site. Great job 😀

  484. I think Lady Gaga (read:her MAFIAA-assigned agents) just read the same wikipedia articles or easily-attainable books as you guys for ideas and incorporated it into the act.

    Any press is good press.

    GJ and GG (good game). You fell right into the music industry's plot by writing this article which calls attention to one of their fad machines.

  485. We finally have a pop singer who actually has a great voice, writes her own music, has some brains, and likes art…and she gets branded an Illuminati and/or a hermaphrodite. Why didnt anybody assume anything when Britney Spears entered the scene, hm? She's always being controlled by the people around her, unlike Lady Gaga who actually speaks for herself, and doesn't let her people speak for her. When you look at her compared to most artists out there, she stands out. Not just for her clothes, and videos, but because of her attitude. She's not one who gets pushed around, and says yes to everything that people tell her to do. She's a very smart woman whose worked very hard, from what I've heard and read, to get where she is now. You can use symbolism all you want, but that doesn't mean that you're evil or planning to mind control people.

  486. Interesting. Can the author of this thesis speculate the reasoning for her symbolism? Is it a purposeful, brazen display of occult propaganda or a subconscious byproduct of her "reprogramming"?

  487. mr dukal rocschildt on



  488. Although this is all very clever and well researched id like to add that this is all too deeply though into.

    As humans we tend to follow a trend and when someone decides they want to be different, they tend to be fought against by the madjority of people who are maybe scared and/or intimidated by this.

    I found this article highly amusing and very interesting. Its alot more tasteful than many of the articles i have read about lady gaga being male (which shouldnt be a problem wether or not it is true). The fact that lady gaga does nothing to defend herself simply means she is taking all of the conspiracy theorys lightly and with a pinch of salt. If i was in her shoes i would not purposly go onto a popular 'after water-shed' interviewing program and reply to the question "Are you a man?" with the answer "well everyone knows i have a huge donkey dick". In fact if she really did have something to hide. she wouldn't shout it out to the world wether she is being humerous or not.

    I do enjoy lady gaga's music and i think she is a good icon for people who strive to be that little bit different.

    She puts on a great show as she is an artist, and a very talented song writer/preformer.

    If it cant be accepted for a white young female to become a quirky, individual, world wide known figure then so be it but i really do hope that the narrow minded majority of the puplic get a big slap in the face someday for being so (metaphorically speaking of course)

  489. You guys (at least at the start of this thread – what I read) are a really troubled lot. And I thought I needed to get a grip on reality :)).

  490. and id also like to add that if we're going to go deep into religion: i found a very convincing and interesting aritcle on the theorys of satan being a more idealistic 21st century religious figure compared to the 2000+ year old christan 'God' but lets not go into that.

    Some of you mentioned that lady gaga may be a worshipper of satan simply because she sings about sex with woman and men. No, she is simple comfortable and open with her sexuality which is the case of many people from the younger generations of the 21th century. For someone to say that a woman that is sexually attracted to both males and females is simply evil, is a dated and narrow minded opinion.

    Many people mistake 'Satanism' or a 'satanist' as someone who worships satan, however the correct meaning of a 'satanist' is in fact someone who sees themself as being their own god. I love the concept of this however im a athiest myself therefore i dont believe in any sort of 'god' figure at all.

    Music is not evil, its something thats inside of us and has been going on since men could comunicate with each other. It is believed that the first origins of speech like we have today comes from rythmic grunting and noises made with what would have been the equivilate of vocal chords which can be related to singing. I couldnt see myself keeping any sort of sanity without music. It's something that can take you from one emotion/feeling to another in a matter of seconds (and that refers to any genre of music).

    Without music i wouldnt be who i am today and if that makes me an 'evil' person thats 'going to hell' then so be it because i know when i die im put in the ground and after im gone i wont think/feel/move ever again therefore i intend on making the most of my life by achieving what i want, listening to what i want and believing what i want until the end and im sure lady gaga has a similar outlook on life. If thats 'evil' then i dont know whats good.

  491. I think you are a very talented writer. You even had me going for a bit there, so kudos. Consider that quite a compliment. Maybe you should take a look at what you are writing though. Correct me if I am wrong, but are you not trying to bring these so called "facts" to light for those who cannot decipher the truth from pure bullshit. If that is so, then why are you trying so very hard to make everyone believe what you seem to think is the "truth" to be actual fact?

    I know that I am just wasting my time here writing to you. I know that this will not stop the likes of you, and you're so called followers. I was just outraged by all the comments that seem to follow your piece. I am talking to all you boot lickers who got caught up in the rantings of this writer.Come up with your own thesis, instead of wasting your time reading this crap like I did. Read between the lines here and see that he is just like the others. This writer is just trying to push his thoughts on you and you've eaten it up with a spoon. Form your own opinions and write your own words. How is this world to ever change if we continue to be herded like cattle!

  492. Its wierd how the words Eh, Eh are used by Gaga and Riri. We should find out what that chant means

  493. Hi Vig… Could you please do an investigation on Mr. 4 666 4 himself… I am not fooled by him.

    He messed South Africans over but he is still seen as the father of the world and he is leterally worshipped globally


  495. You know how many people have probably read this?? Think of how many people have just learned about the illuminatti. If she was part of the illuminati, she wouldn't make it obvious- the brainwashing is prolly there, but she wouldn't make it appearent that she's part of an evil group. Lady gaga may be only trying to get accross the message that the illuminati are evil. – the christmas lights (represeantng the illumianto) are strangling her. That is suggesting they're up to no good..The illuminati try to hide their society and etc. They use their symbols secretly. They don't want people knowing about them. If lady gaga were apart of them, she would have us watching her @ss rolling around like it would if it were beyonce's music video. i agree there may be some mind control in her songs but aren't all songs controlling? What are we to listen to??

    I do believe in the illuminati, i just don't think she's part of the illuminati..

    it is possible i just want to condone it…

    Sorry if it's a bit confusing, I'm a horrible explainer!

  496. Wow. Some of you really need to stop doing your research on the internet seeing as anyone can publish anything they want regardless of evidence. Might I suggest that you first research from a viable source the Illuminati and see their true origin, then do the same with Free Masons…oh and when you’re done with that take a look at the Knights Templar. I particularly enjoy the massive cover up that the Church did on the Templar inquisitions. For those of you who do not know the Church sought out and executed thousands of Templars in the name of Christianity, since they were alleged Satan worshipers. Turns out it was a lie, one buried deep within the Vatican archives, a lie that the Church now admits but refuses to apologize for. Makes you wonder, if the Church can cover up something of this magnitude for so many years, what else are they hiding?

    For the record I do not have a problem with Catholics, in fact I was baptized Roman Catholic, however I do have a problem with people who make shit up to fill in the blanks about something they know nothing about, which is exactly what they did then and what you people are doing now. Some time ago Catholicism found that their mentality towards Free Masons was wrong, therefore ending a long war between them and the KOC.

    I suggest that you research all of the above because they are all interlinked to one another in one long story. I have spent years researching these things in the Masonic achieves amongst other sources and I do know the actual meaning of the “all seeing eye”, I know this since I am a 32nd degree Mason and from first hand knowledge I will say you are completely wrong. You are wrong with your dates, you are wrong with your facts and you are wrong with you accusations. Don’t take my word for it though, please do the research and see for yourself, you are deriving your research from conspiracy theories that stem from false accusations of ancient beliefs of the Catholic Church. The church knows they were wrong and admit it…every other religious person making these accusations must do the same since the foundation of your beliefs (the Church) just crumbled with that.

    Normally I don’t respond to shady conspiracy theories, however I had some free time on my hands this morning and felt like giving it a go. I don’t care what you say or think about what I’ve wrote here, and I will not respond to what ever comments you may make, in fact I doubt I’ll every view this site again. All I’m going to say is do the research, somewhere other than the internet where any self-proclaimed religious historian can post information based on their “extensive” knowledge of the subject. Good luck and God bless.

  497. @ Liz Green,

    The bold and confident manner in which you assert your oddball claims ("the original creator aliens/gods came from Orion[!]") is respectable. I like it!

  498. Maybe I'm imagining then again.. prolly not but

    notice Lady Gaga's paparazzi video 1:01: the jewls have lower case g's on them exactly 3 which looks a bit like inverted 6's

  499. While I do believe you in saying that Jay Z, and Rihanna are part of this, it's just hard to imagine Lady Gaga being one.

    That woman is in her own league, and doesnt take crap from anyone.

    So what makes you think she'd work for people like the Illuminati? If anything, she probably knows, and wants to expose them…just as Michael Jackson had tried to do.

  500. verry interesting i liked it.

    just confused on the whole trigger thing

    certain images are triggers right?

    well like triggers to do what?

    like trigger people to do something?

    just wondering

    you can email me if you want.

  501. I didnt want to believe it, but I know what I see when I see her videos, and there is clearly heavy symbolism from… whatever you want to call "them". NWO, OWO, Illuminati, Satanic Masons… its there.

    1 more thing, the newer video…

    Bad Romance.

    Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra, is how the song starts.

    Which takes us back to Egyptian symbolism and the Sun God Ra.

    That along with the hairless Egyptian cat the one of the rich mafia dude has.

    I will let Vig give the opportunity to cover that video, too much work just for a reply, it should be covered in a Pt 3. I will watch it a few times and throw some symbolism in here so nothing gets missed.

    Also, the school she went to, the Convent of the Sacred Heart…

    was founded by the Society of the Sacred Heart, a female equivalent to the Jesuits.

    To get to the bottom of Gaga, I think we need to know more about the father.

    Thats the way these things usually go.

    Talented prodigy child and parents that give them up to be manipulated by the sick and twisted "Illuminati".

    I dont believe everything about Project Monarch, I think some of these people are exaggerating things in order to make it sound more outlandish to the "normal people"… but where there is smoke, theres fire.

    Perhaps legends like Bob Hope were involved in this stuff… Hunter Smith for that matter too.

    But I think a couple of these "witnesses", 1 or 2 anyway, are making things so complex and conspiratorial that no one would ever believe it. I hate to name names, but how sure are we of Brice Taylor? No way I say. No way I say. Im calling bullshit. Her stories contradict other peoples version of events, and how believe is it that she was a mind controlled sex slave to Reagan, LBJ, Ford and Henry Kissinger turned her brain into a super computer.

    This sole sourced testimony stuff has to be taken with a grain of salt.

    We can not base solid conclusions on total hear say.

    Even if she is being 100% truthful, we have to be responsible and treat this like its a court case.

    What she could be recalling could be false memories, placed there for misdirection regarding the Franklin Cover-up.

    She seems to be playing a game of show and tell.

    She is showing us everything, but not telling us anything.

    Im going on the record as saying she never had sex with 1 single President, let alone 3, as their mind controlled sex slaves no less. Why wouldnt Kissinger, and Bush sue her for slander? Natural instinct is to assume its because they are guilty. But what if they are totally innocent of the sex, yet still some of them are still ultimately responsible for the memories at the same time?

    Anyone ever see that Moon Landing Hoax documentary movie Kissinger and others took part in, Dark Side of the Moon? Another example of complete and total misdirection.

    According the the maker of the Dark Side of the Moon it was a film just as important as the film JFK made by another important misdirection shill… Oliver Stone.

    Stanley Kubrick did fake the moon landing for them and he exposed the web of Illuminati shit he was caught in, in his last movie Eyes Wide Shut. And they killed him for it, then made this Dark Side film after his death, knowing he could not retaliate.

    5 years ago, had I read this and my own reply, I would have called us all crazy.

    But 9/11 forced my eyes open.

    They killed 3,000 people in broad daylight and no "normal person" questions the official version.

    And our parents and grandparents went through this at our ages, when they killed JFK in broad daylight and none of their "normal person" parents or grandparents doubted the official version either.

    "Normal People" are not always very sane or very rational people.

    Just look at Prince Turki.

    The family victims of 9/11 sued this man for 1 trillion dollars.

    The case was thrown out by a Jesuit Judge citing jurisdiction.

    We can not go after Royal family members of nations that are not on Americas list of terrorist nations.

    Yet 15 of the 19 hi-jackers came from Saudi Arabia.

    Several Soyal Royal family members financed the 9/11 attacks, including Prince Bandar Bush.

    Bush allows Prince Turki to be Saudi Arabias ambassador to the United States, in spite of lawsuit.

    The Holy Roman Supreme Court upheld the Jesuit Judges decision about the families lawuit, then broke for vacation.

    Prince Turki was head of Saudi Arabian Intelligence for 25 years, and just re-appointed then stepped down for no reason 10 days before 9/11. And did I mention he financed the attacks?

    Like I said, normal people are not always very sane or very rational people, most "Normal People" have no idea about any of this.

  502. People need to read all 3 Gaga articles before commenting on just this one.

    There is 0 chance Gaga is coming up with all of this imagery by herself.

    0 chance.

    There is no way she is writing all her own music, all her lyrics, all her costume ideas, and all of her not-so-subtle use of imagery AND be a symbolism expert like no one has ever seen the likes of before.

    She may be a creative little nymph, but no way she just happens to know all of this occult symbolism better than I do myself. Even the Vigilant author of these articles is having a hard time keeping up with her. If you want to choose to believe she is just that gifted at everything at the age of 23, you go right on ahead, but you are making a conscious choice to ignore about a thousand signs that state otherwise.

    I see other people making a big deal about the mind control aspect of it.

    She calls her fans her little monsters. She embodies being a sell out… not for money, but for fame.

    But its all part of a gimmick.

    She is meant to represent all these things.

    She is supposed to be seen as the Whore of Babylon.

    And where did she learn it?

    Odds are, from a spiritual adviser within the Society of the Sacred Jesuit Heart.

    There is a very Pagan faction within the elitists ranks, as well as the Vatican.

    Check out Heath Ledgers movie The Order, it may have used extreme Hollywood elements, but what it was saying is that there is something within the Vatican and introduces the common movie goer viewer to the existence of the Black Pope.

    The movies Elizabeth and the Golden Age get points there too.

    In Elizabeth the word Jesuit does is not mentioned, but thats what Daniel Craig was playing, a Jesuit Priest. But in the 2nd they call them out by name several times and this time the Jesuit Priest is played by Rhys Ifans.

    Im glad I came across the Vigilant Citizen, he is a good writer and even his naysayers are forced to have to give him credit there.

    I will be in touch, I have a mound of research myself and a few others have piled up over the last 4 years that needs to be translated into great, well written articles.

  503. Temple Vairvain on

    I think GaGa tried to get into the bussiness being her self ,not knowing about the illuminati and all that other bullshit , but caught up in the thrist for fame she created Lady GaGa her alter ego and pretty much sold her soul for fame , because thats the only way you can get big in the music bussiness you have to be an illuminati puppet.I think all icons had to undergo this.

  504. What is wrong with you ppl, if all you an do is trash on someone cause they like to SHOCK and ENTERTAIN the keywords here, thats what her jod is, to shock ppl, she is just doing her job, and this is why religion destroysa society, because of stupid ppl like yourselves because they dont conform to your little bubble!!!!! thats why no one wants to ride on your disco stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LADY GAGA and I agree with comment 630

  505. no one here "Knows" lady gaga. she controls nothing in her life. not her creative direction, not her music, not her image. she lost control when she sold her life to the big corporate machine. it's all about money – you may think that gaga is rich, but she's not nearly as rich as those behind the curtain that pull her strings. she does what they tell her to do – that's why they signed her, because she's compliant! it's ALL a show.

    i almost signed one of those record contracts until i discovered some really subtle "gems" in the fine print!

  506. I rarely ever read entire articles online but this is one. I love it yo. Ima save yourr page. And now Im gonna read about JayZ.


  507. The symbolism is so obvious….I think Gaga is hip to it and just telling the story…do you really think she's mind contolled? I think she's making a fortune by exposing it in a very satirical way. Maybe she's playing the crowd, but she knows what she's doing.

  508. THANK YOU. needed this. was almost hypnotized into thinking she was this sweet great performer, but i see everything in a whole new light, i must now dig deeper.

  509. Hahaha you guys are probably gonna piss your pants if you look into Tori Amos aka the Scarlet Woman.

  510. Hmm. I don't think Lady Gaga's an example of mind control, I just think she's a talentless twig producing crap pop music, but whatever floats your boat…

  511. you are very smart vigilant Citizen – lady gaga is only the latest in a long line of Illuminati satanic media tricks.

    Just wait until you see the 'light and sound show' that the NWO illuminati morons bring with Project BLUEBEAM. Not going to be fun for those who are easily amused by shinny objects.

  512. lol, OK some things make sense

    but I can interpret what she does in a good and fashionable way or interpret in this way that you explained

    but I watched again the paparazzi clip and I didn't see she doing the "one-eye" thing any time!!!

    just one time in the beginning but she shows the left eye (with the sunglasses)

    sorry if my comment is a bit strange to read, I'm in a hurry hehe

  513. @One, you're talking about how no one here knows lady gaga…yet you're assuming that she doesnt control her own life?

  514. I feel bad for her. She's tried to get where she is now for years, and now that her creative little mind does, what does she get? People accusing her of being a hermaphrodite, or a man, or an Illuminati.

    Leave the woman alone, huh? Before all of this, she was just a girl trying to make it into the music business.

    Let's not scare one of the few pop singers with talent away.

  515. smart vigilant!!!!the symbols are so directly that u cant ignore.i think she is warning about mind control,medias power on peaple

  516. I agree with Amitis. I don't think shes trying to harm us, or control us. I think she's trying to warn us.

    She's showing us the darker side of the music industry. So…shouldn't we be on her side?

    I think she's against people like Jay Z.

    Sure, she collaborated with his wife, but maybe she doesnt know that Beyonce just might be one too…

  517. Illuminati or not, I dont really care. I enjoy her music. She's a talented artist, an intelligent woman, and she knows what shes doing. Listening to her music won't make me convert into anything anytime soon.

    It's just music people. It's for our entertiainment.

    How many of your friends do you know decided to go 'OH, i'm gonna worship the devil because this artist is telling me to'?

    Um, no shes not. She sings about love, money, fame, sex, fears, parties, dancing, being happy.

    Something artists have been singing about for a long time. And if this whole Illuminati thing has existed for a long time, then we're fucked anyway. Enjoy her while you can. She's the most interesting thing musics had for a while.

  518. While I believe there are certainly powerful forces out there trying to persuade our beliefs and the way we live, I hesitate to believe any of them have to do with a God or a devil. It's all about the money!!

  519. She happens to cover her left eye a lot, but shows her right.

    Isn't the Illuminati symbol, the left eye? So why is she covering it?

  520. She is creative and a gifted song writer? No sir. You're wrong about that one.

    All these songs are straight up written by the puppeteers. These singers don't have ANY talent. They don't even sound good. Ever listen to any of her songs in concert…Lord have mercy. She sounds like rat being tortured. Same goes for Rihanna and Beyonce and the rest. The celebrities are as fake as the politicians, they're only there for show. All the songs (and governement agendas for that matter) are written/created behind the curtains. Most of them are clueless as to what the hell they're doing. Some don't even know anything about the agenda until it is brought to their attention through a video on youtube or a webstie like this one.

  521. Dude, anyone who puts that much importance on a musical figure (especially such an obvious trend) has waaaay more issues to deal with (beginning with finding out what the fuck real music is like). Even if this is all true, you only give her/them as much power as you let her/them have. Take it all with a grain of salt.

  522. Great site- But let’s keep in mind that these people are victims! They were tortured into submission.

    Patrina where can I find the articles about Beyonce and Omarian.

  523. wow i like her so much more now. bring on the nwo baby. seriously, it may be so, but i think they are looking too much into it. she is a performance artist and she does a lot of the designs and ideas herself, but i dont think she is sinister to the point of action, just sinister to the point of good art. but im sure when the time comes the illuminati will take good care of us in the FEMA camps. hey, a free plastic coffin? where do i sign up?

  524. I think the symbolism in here videos and photo shoots are too consistent to be considered a coincidence. Too many artists are selling their souls nowadays, you just never know.

  525. Yeah, its the so called peace sign. And guess who inspired her to get it? John Lennon. A man who wanted peace in this world.

  526. So Reyes, tell me. If you cover your left eye a lot, would you enjoy immediately being branded an Illuminati?

    What if she does it because she thinks it looks cool?

    Besides, people before her have been doing it anyway.

    I dont see them being accused, no siree.

  527. Oh God, Ray, shut up.

    No talent? PLEASE. She learned how to play piano by the age of FOUR by ear. Shes been writing for artists even BEFORE she was famous. Some of those songs were hits, so what makes you think she cant write her own?

    Dont lump her with Rihanna and Beyonce, they get their songs written for them. She writes them on her own, just like shes been doing for years.

    Stop acting as if you know everything.

  528. Some of you people are sad. Not saying that this is a bad article, but the fact that you people believed him right away without even asking yourself if it could be true or not, is just sad.

    If anything, you're all being as brainwashed as the people listening to her so called "devil music"

    Just because VG says that shes an Illuminati, does not make her one.

    Look everywhere, you'll find symbolism. Even in your own house, maybe. Would you like people to call you evil just because something symbolic was in there? I don't think so.

    So dont go around saying that shes the devil and that you knew that she was evil. Please, shes evil for making music and trying to make people happy? What, because she became so popular quickly (which she didnt) people are immediately gonna think 'She sold her soul to the devil'? No. How about she worked her ass off to get where she was now. We finally have a pop singer with some actual brains and talent, and you're all going to accuse her of being something that she probably isn't. The girl is deep, no doubt about that, but what makes you think that shes evil?

    Those photos, she doesnt take them, she doesnt come up with them, the PHOTOGRAPHER does.

  529. Vigilant, I noticed something. In this video, the fame part one

    Do you see how when she sees the girl with the pyramid tattoo (maybe a reference to the Illuminati) on her neck, she says "you're a traitor!"?

    Seriously, I don't think this girls part of them. I think she's against them. Shes probably trying to expose them, just as you are.

  530. Is the tattoo on her left hand is the broken, upside-down cross or the so called “peace” sign?

  531. I knew this moron was a Illuminati puppet. It was so obvious most of these idiotic teens and children won't notice things like this. Main goal is trying to get rid of religion, but news flash free mason and all you other idiots were not going to satanism or atheism. How does she randomly gain huge success with above average music? I mean 65 million views on youtube? In just a month or two. I knew it was the fishy the moment all her songs became popular. The new madonna. Curse all you satanists.

  532. jeez u guys are seriously fucked up in the head. we are who we are your just trying to make things more complicated than they are, why cant you accept that life is simple and its not full of all these bullshit conspirisies

  533. i think you all need to stop smokin what ur smokin and popin what ur popin n sniffin what ur sniffin and see reality

  534. I think that steve o is saying this because now kdwb is competing with 96.3 and they are trying to get attention !!!

  535. To comment #7:

    you are right, whatever this article's perception of the word "gaga" is way off! even if the illuminati is real, what does it have to do with music?

  536. Mr. Johnson III on

    Everyone on earth believes something through trust in someone/something else. it is how knowledge is accumulated and aquired. So to say that religions are screwy is a hypocritization of your system because no one ever aquires their own knowledge but it is handed down from one to another. The "church" is flawed as are all things… (The major misconception about church is that is supposed to be a place or mediation between the people of God and God himself. This is not true, it is intended to be the mediation between The world unaware of God or opposed to God and God himself. It is the collective spirit of personal relationships with God that make a physical representation (in time) of the spiritual connection that had already occured in another realm (in eternity) . Jesus made this clear on so many levels but if you don't have the ears to hear it, it won't be heard. The brainwashing and other Godless things that go on in some churches does not devalue the truth of the original concept. Also if you haven't experienced this relationship I suggest you seek after that as opposed to drawing your religious views solely from people who may or may not actually following the God they profess to be. Long story short Jesus came and opened a DIRECT line through Him to God so you don't have to ask or seek a PERSON to tell you initially what God is saying or to recieve any supernatural gift or anything like that) as are the thoeries of scientists ( As i understand it, science holds no discovery or observation to be the truth. at the upmost it is a theory that can be refuted at any point in time if further information presents itself although most will admit it takes much evidence to overcome the belief that some who follow science have in the theories that many things spiral from. There are many things throughout the history of science thought to be concrete that were later successfully refuted proving that even the "vast knowledge of the the modern age" could be overrulled by future generations and deemed laughably archaic to US or our children) , the workings of occultists, the music of musicians etc. etc. The situation as it stands is all about gateways. Before the mind was open through a single gateway about one thing, there was no knowledge or realization of it. The fact is that the symbolism shown by Lady GaGa, whether it be her own through a wicked or innocent heart, through a corporate machine handed to her wittingly or unwittingly (which I personally doubt), through a secret orginazation i.e. illuminati or anything else doesn't remove the gateway that was opened in/to you the second you allowed your eyes and ears to open to the pictures and words. I also love how we have these notions that if something does exist it HAS to follow a set of organized rules and regulations when in reality all forms of knowledge and belief scream otherwise. Science has the unexplained/phenomenon, religion has miracles and supernatural imposition all of which bend or break the "rules" but people insist that this entire concept has to make sense on a rational level. Nothing has to make perfect sense or be conspicuously wise or subversive to be in effect in this reality! Do you realize that if this were some elaborate scheme to trick people it could be a blatant showing of the ways of satanism to open a gateway and draw whoever was receptive to the programming