Beyonce to Sasha Fierce: Symbolic Occult Rebirth

Good Beyonce with cross

Along with her new album, Beyonce has presented her fans to a new alter-ego named Sasha Fierce. The singer affirms that this new persona is the fun, more sexual and more aggressive side of her. This is, however, the “general public” version of the story. The esoteric meaning revealed by the symbols surrounding this new persona is much deeper: Sasha Fierce is a symbolic representation of an artist taken over by evil to obtain success.

“I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work and when I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am”.

Good Beyonce with cross
Good Beyonce with cross

Evil Sasha Fierce mimicking devil horns
Evil Sasha Fierce mimicking devil horns

 The theme of the album I am…Sasha Fierce revolves around the duality between the godly Beyonce and the evil Sasha Fierce. This spiritual duali, y is fought in the songs, the pictures and the videos. Notice on the above images the Christian cross of the good and pure Beyonce versus Sasha Fierce who is mimicking devil horns with her hands. Songs like Ave Maria and Halo on her album contain obvious spiritual connotations and can be interpreted as either religious songs or odes to her satanic possessor. The persona of Sasha Fierce – who is presented as a separate entity- always wears heavy makeup on her eyes, if not sunglasses which represent her deceptive nature.

Website Pictures

Before we get into an in depth analysis, let’s look at the main picture displayed at, which sums ups perfectly the purpose of this article.

Baphomet's vehicule
Baphomet’s vehicle

 Sasha Fierce is wearing a metal plate featuring prominently the face of Baphomet, who is also featured on the sigil of the Church of Satan: (For more information on Baphomet, read the article entitled Who is Baphomet?).

Baphomet's vehicule
Sigil of the Church of Satan

Baphomet’s head is the only part of the picture that is in color, which shows the importance of this symbol. Another head of Baphomet sits right on top of the first making things even more significant. Sasha’s “dress” is adorned with stylish rear-view mirrors and motorcycle handles, which makes Sasha Fierce the vehicle of Baphomet. This exact outfit was used for a George Michael video…someone, somewhere thought it would be a perfect fit for Sasha Fierce. In her interviews, Beyonce describes her performances as Sasha Fierce like an experience coming right out of The Exorcist.

“When I’m onstage I’m aggressive and strong and not afraid of my sexuality. The tone of my voice gets different, and I’m fearless. I’m just a different person.”

Another way to put this is that she has allowed herself to become possessed…


The Birth of Sasha Fierce

Sasha Fierce was born when I did ‘Crazy in Love.’ People, when they meet me, expect that all the time, but that person is strictly for the stage.”
Beyonce, People Magazine, November 18th, 2008

Why did Beyonce say that? How can a character be born during a song like Crazy in Love, which doesn’t have anything to do with Sasha Fierce?

The video tells the story of the birth of Sasha Fierce by depicting the steps towards Beyonce’s transformation. Through symbolic scenes, we first see Beyonce walking towards a speeding car (with Jay-z in the backseat). The driver is the entity that already took over Jay-Z. Beyonce loosens up her hair to prepare herself and gets on a stage to begin initiation, symbolized by sexual dance moves. She then reaps the rewards of the selling of her soul with fame and fortune. Next, she is emulated by young girls who copy her dancing style. In the final scene, the good Beyonce gets literally blown up while sitting in the backseat of a car by Jay-Z – who calls himself “Young” in the song. As you know, Jay-Z isn’t young, but, in this song, he is considered “Young” after his recent rebirth on the dark side. After the explosion, Sasha Fierce magically appears next to Jay-Z, looking sexy yet devilish. In his verse, Jay-Z  refers to Beyonce as “Young B” because she was just reborn.

1- Beyonce goes up on a symbolic stage and mimics ritual sex for initiation
1- Beyonce goes up on a symbolic stage and mimics ritual sex for initiation

2- The flashes represent celebrity and success
2- The flashes represent celebrity and success

3- Surrounded by girls who emulate her
3- Surrounded by girls who emulate her
4- Stuck in the backseat of a car
4- Stuck in the backseat of a car
5- Explosion of the car, representing the death of the old Beyonce (who was still stuck in the backseat)
5- Explosion of the car, representing the death of the old Beyonce (who was still stuck in the backseat)
6- Sasha Fierce appears out of nowhere
6- Sasha Fierce appears out of nowhere

The video of “Diva” uses the exact same allegory of the car exploding.

Video of  “Diva”

Beyonce walks away from a car full of dummies.
Beyonce walks away from a car full of dummies.

Diva starts with a shot of dummies in the trunk of a car who represent the “dummies” that idolized and imitated Sasha Fierce.  Sasha Fierce walks walking away, wearing glasses who are literally shades hiding her eyes, representing the fact that we are not dealing with Beyonce but a deceiver. After going into a warehouse to dance frenetically, act bitchy and sing about vain subjects like materialism, she comes out and lights the car on fire. The same way Jay-Z blew up the car in “Crazy in Love” (which killed the old Beyonce and gave birth to Sasha Fierce), she blows up the car filled with the mindless dummies who were seduced by her deceitful ways.

Why is Sasha Fierce Often Dressed Like a Robot?

Beyonce’s performance at the 2007 BET Awards carried heavy symbolism. Dressed in a robot suit, she wakes up after being electrically charged .


This performance is inspired by a scene of the 1927 movie “Metropolis” where a female robot becomes alive.

The recreation of this scene from Metropolis is quite significant. The movie depicts a society divided between two rigid social classes, the  “thinkers” and the “workers”, who can’t communicate with each other. Maria, a young female worker who has some influence among her exploited colleagues gets kidnapped by the ruling class. She is taken to the laboratory of a mad scientist who created a robot that could take her physical likeness. The scene above depicts the transformation of the robot into Maria, who will then be controlled by the scientist to incite revolt among the workers. The inverted pentagram behind the robot symbolizes the initiation of Maria into the evil side. She is designed to bring out the worst in men, causing violence, lust, passion and corruption among them.  The robot is a devilish and sexually provocative version of Maria and ends up performing in a decadent nightclub of the metropolis. Her mesmerizing dance caused such excitement that it caused a widespread fight among the men present.

Maria from Metropolis with inverted pentagram behind her (symbol of Black Magic).
Maria from Metropolis with inverted pentagram behind her (symbol of Black Magic).

Is this why we chose to portray Beyonce as Maria from Metropolis? To use her physical likeness to propagate evil messages to the “working class”?

Good Beyonce vs disturbing looking Sasha Fierce
Good Beyonce vs disturbing looking Sasha Fierce

In Conclusion

I’m pretty sure I’ll get messages from confused people, wondering why I “see evil” everywhere or something. Those people do not understand a couple of fundamental truths that aren’t based on wild beliefs but on facts: Record companies like Columbia Records own the image of pop stars like Beyonce and Rihanna. These conglomerates are owned by a handful of powerful people who, more often than not, are initiated into occult secret societies.  They believe in the powers of the mind, channeling spirits, Black and White Magick, demon possession, sacred rituals and entities populating the ethereal spheres.  In other words, if you don’t believe in the spiritual realm, THEY DO. So the analysis here makes perfect sense to them and they know that the average Joe doesn’t think in those terms…mostly because he was educated since childhood to be blind to those things.

As in anything in life, esoteric teachings range from the sublimely good to the infernal evil. They can elevate your consciousness to a godly level or they make you a slave of malignant spirits. That being said, there appears to be a conscious effort to subject the population to negative imagery through the different outlets of mass media. Plato, the Greek philosopher believed that music had such far reaching effects on the hearts of men that popular songs should be carefully chosen:

“Music which ennobled the mind was of a far higher kind than that which merely appealed to the senses, and he strongly insisted that it was the paramount duty of the Legislature to suppress all music of an effeminate and lascivious character, and to encourage only that which was pure and dignified”
-Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

If Plato, one of the brightest minds of the Western world believed that music played a vital part in the creation of a perfect nation, can you imagine the effects of negative messages on our modern society? Even if the general population only gets the first level of interpretation of songs or videos,  it is believed that the hidden meanings and symbols still affect the collective subconscious. The result is people leading vain existences, trying to fill the gaping void of their lives by continually satisfying their lowest impulses. In other words, lost souls that can be easily controlled and manipulated.




  1. Maybe statements like, “These conglomerates are owned by a handful of powerful people who, more often than not, are initiated into occult secret societies. ” seem to be obvious, and to be taken on faith as plain fact to you and like minded people, but I have only ever seen these as allegations and never has anyone shown any proof or even reasonable evidence of such a claim. “More often than not?” So you say that “congomerates” are “owned” however almost all of them are publicly traded. So which ones exactly are “owned” by a handful of people? Many of these conglomerates are traded on the stock market as part of fund investments. Which powerful people? Which conglomerates, exactly? Every once in awhile the Procter & Gamble –> Satanism accsuation pops up, but again, I ask, where is the evidence? There are many cases where something may seem one way and is actually another. You seem okay with believing in sinister meanings behind something that seems harmless on the surface. Does it ever occur to you that the reverse happens too? People and organizations who are unfairly accused and misinterpreted to be “Satanic” or evil? Have you ever mistakenly attributed evil to something or someone ? If so, how did you correct your mistake?

  2. Discover to me O God, The Smallest of the things of this Life, The Greatness of Heaven, The Shortness of Time, and The Length of Eternity.

  3. For the entrance to Heaven is a very narrow one and very few people will find it; The entrance to Hell is a very wide one and MANY PEOPLE will fall into its pit!

  4. yes great enlightenment to us all. To the believers and non believer. The truth can’t be denied. A person may wqnt to so they can stay in darkness. But i seen in there music and videos and rewards shows. Crazy

  5. Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, are believers in the Five Percent Nation. This is a form of Illuminati which believes they are gods, and have powers and abilities which comprise only 5% of the population. This is a PAGAN belief, and they BOTH are practicing Pagans. It is NO SURPRISE that they are both, most likely indwelled by demonic spirits. It is sad that they will not use their talents and money to benefit others of their race, or to set good examples for improving themselves. They clearly worship at the altar of MONEY. There is NO room in their lives for the Holy Spirit of GOD. I feel sorry for their kids.

  6. She to sexual and has huge rack black not talent trash wonder she will be sAved? Remind me of green eyes demon they dumb and sad tragic low

  7. I find your views genuinrly fascinating and entertaining. I love how well versed you are on symbolism and Illuminati processes. The only thing in this article is, Jay Z first started rapping under the name "Young MC" back in the "99 Problems" era. So I think that's what he is referring to when he calls himself Young. And I thought the line was "Young, B, cruising down the Westside" with a comma between their names so he is basically just listing the names of the people in the car. He probably should havr chucked an "and" in there and it wouldn't be so confusing. This is just my opinion though, I could be wrong. Other than that, I am thoroughly enjoying binge-reading all your articles, they're great!

  8. bomb the rihanna & beyonce forever
    rayne mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega world famous & got big big cash & glam forever

  9. the song Jayz sings in monster that he will go to a village and r**e women and children is also a satanic he is part of the Rockfeller cult he is a very sick Remember Paul Walker, he wanted out even his father said so in his last interview they killed him, the car should not have blown up it was immpossible , he was with the Skulls and Bones cult and wanted out.

  10. Beyonce's gospel songs she sings praise of God and she is taking a risk- "the risk shes taking" in Halo it was hard to say that she fought the mind control but was sucked back in by Jayz she sang it at the emmys or grammys with the illuminati symbol behind her then another one where she says shes tired and weak praise the Lord but then again she sang both songs shape of the devils head in concert or at the emmys, Grammys also its confusing then you see them at a game and its reported they are fighting but Beyonce looked drugged and was acting strange. But my 2 girls dont listen to their music they are 11 and 13 and they know why.

  11. i defenatly believe the jane j, im not so sure about jane j but the application clothing needs me 50 % way into understanding in it..1 most important objective i belive it is that. jay-z has a factor to do with both of them so i believe the devil has taken over his whole whole body and the devil is the one that confident jane j and jane j to become evil. all i can say is that they have broken their way of life.

  12. I really like Beonyce's music queen but when i study this content i am considering twice. It is the same with Gaga cause both Gaga and Beyonce's under who purchase Jay-z who believes he is GOD. But the content is amazing it's actual and that's what this globe need right now truth.

  13. i am Jamaican and i really like Destiny's Kid. i have since…forever. their songs was so genuine and i just inhaled it all in. i realized something was incorrect when B installed with JZ cuz he was in the demon company lengthy long time. and then "Crazy in really like." it creates so much feeling now. look at the link for that songs "i'm not myself, lately i'm silly, i don't do this" she just transformed! because that was her intitation. her community intitation and so many followed her goes, so many copied her. and i disliked it. i disliked what she had become, but she was puttin out collections like insane…one after the other with so many dedications to JZ who phone calls himself J-hova in so many of his songs…that is blasphemy!!

  14. Great article. I'm thankful not only for your insight, but for your ability to share a complex topic in a way that makes it easy to understand and hard to deny, as well. Please continue to write, you're work is helping save souls. God bless.

  15. Wow. Are you aware that the Church of Satan doesn't actually worship Satan? They "worship" self as in themselves. They only called themselves "Church of Satan" merely for the shock value.

    • We ALL serve one of TWO masters. Choose wisely. She is NOT of GOD. That leaves only one possibility. She is EVIL.

    • It’s essentially the same thing – worshipping Satan and worshipping self. I assume by worshipping ‘self’ you mean worshipping ego.

      Ego sits at the root of every single problem. Anything ‘bad’ you can possibly conceive of is caused by the human ego. From the smallest personal problem all the way up to catastrophes like wars, it’s all caused by ego and its built-in illusion of separation from everything else.

      The message of Christ is precisely to DENY the self, the ego. This sounds really dull and that’s why most people reject it. The actual fact, however, is that eliminating the ego is the only way you’ll ever find lasting happiness and peace. Does money make you happy? Does beauty, fame, power? Nope. At best, they allow temporary relief, after which will always follow more tension and struggle. Everything ego-based can only ever result in highs and lows, there’ll be a low waiting for you after every high. And in the end, you die. That’s inescapable.

      You should read the works of the like of Eckhart Tolle or my current favourite, Barry Long. These people have discovered true freedom from fear and a deeper reality through essentially eliminating their own selves.

      • Also, “for the shock value”? Why would you want to ‘shock’ anyone? What’s the point? Again, it’s the delusion of self. The self thinks it’s ‘cool’ to shock people. The self likes to be part of a ‘shocking’ club called the Church of Satan. Because that’s ‘badass’, and the self likes badass. It’s an identity. But in reality the search for identity is based on fear, fear of death. No matter how ‘badass’ you think you are you’re still going to die. That’s what everybody keeps running from but there is no escape. The only way to win is to stop running.

  16. I just wish you'd all understand that video directors and organisers told Beyonce what to do in her videos. Duh! -_-
    It's not a demon that just walks on set and improvs.
    This is an interesting theory but it's clearly not true, you're tugging at strings, at videos and photos.that photographers direct and tell her what to do (i.e. The horns) and stylists who give her clothing to match the theme of her album! It's not specifically her choice to buy a Baphomet top, it's just to go with the theme for f***s sake! Same applies to the cross. Can't believe how intensly ya'll looking into something that isn't really proven or anything.

      • Symbols have meaning, but it goes beyond that. It’s also about the whole way Beyonce presents herself. What values are she signalling? What signals is the collective psyche constantly being bombarded with in the media? It’s sex, beauty, fame and, in Beyonce’s own words as her alter ego, aggression and fearlessness.

        But what kind of values are these when you really think about it? They’re anti-christian values. They’re satanic values.

        Did Jesus preach sex, fame and aggression? I don’t seem to recall that part. Beyonce is preaching it, though. And millions of people are adoring her for it. Could that possibly have anything to do with why we have anorexic girls? Depressed people? A pervasive materialistic value system that’s bringing the planet to its knees? Lots of people struggling through life, never truly happy, always wanting, lacking something?

        Beyonce could be up on that stage singing about love or peace or happiness or forgiveness. She holds real power up there, millions are viewing her message. But her message is sex, fame and aggression. Over and over. It’s the aggrandizement of Self, never of Spirit.

        Think about it. Think about what values are constantly being presented in the media. Then think about why.

  17. The greatest trick of satan is to make peolpe believe that he doesnt exist…thats why it is easy for the uninformed to think that this page is a waste of time. The truth is in front of our eyes and refuse to see it.
    Keep on posting these truths..shout it from the mountaintops and let the true children of the almighty and only true Jehovah rise up and take their rightful place in His creation as it was intended.

  18. Well at least she ends good you know she can controls herself and her career and of course she has to push the agenda but she is the leader in the music business AND she doesn't end being like a w***e or in drugs so i know that she is so different right now but its only because she wants to be the leader in the music business and she made it so i wish the best for her

  19. Whoa! It is depressing. We beloved Beyonce. We're genuinely seeing symptoms with the end-time. The advice i can offer is definitely, let's just about all be ready to fulfill the author THE ALMIGHTY as soon as they happens. Everyone of you have to just think on your own self applied as well as reside from serenity together with some others.

  20. I am totally shock and lost of words wile reading this article about Beyonce! I really love Beyonces songs but at the moment I am thinking twice weather i must still continue listening to her songs or should I stop completely?I am afraid that I might get possessed by her songs….
    I believe that these singers wanna be so successful on earth that they dont know what more to do with them selves…..that they would even give up their last breath just because of the devils sake….but lets us pray hard for these people…so that they may change some day and that others would not follow their foot steps!!!

  21. Beyonce n all other singers needs to have Jesus in them..let us pray for them so that someday they may turn to god…i really like Beyonce songs but after reading this article i am thinking twice weather i must continue listening to her music or should i stop.

    • CHRIST is not in her. Through her “music” she is encouraging behaviors that have NO PLACE in the Life of a Believer in Jesus Christ

  22. If nothing else, this kind of stuff is fascinating. I WILL say, however, that something is wrong when record companies can OWN someone's name. The whole deal with Prince back when he used that "symbol" as his name was that he discovered that the record company OWNED his name. Yep…his actual real birth name is Prince Rogers Nelson and the record company, through Prince's contract, owned the name Prince basically as a trademark or brand. Only when his contract with Warner Bros expired could he use the name Prince again. Yes, I know that he signed the contract, but it's HIS name and anyone who would make a stipulation to own someone else's name is just wrong.

  23. Humans can be very hypercritical.Judge not and you shall not be judge, does without sin cast the first stone.You know it's amazing how society is quick to condemn someone for their unique personality if they don't measure up to their liking.We all have the right to express ourselves and should be given the chance too in which ever way that makes us feel happy more so alive.

  24. I realize now that most Hollywood female stars are fighting with them selves , one side wants the normal life and the other side wants to work for the devil , when they work for the devil they die young if they manage to break free they live for a long time if they don't get bumped off by the devils minions , how to go back to being normal escape Hollywood with out getting bumped off you may ask ?, Get close to God first for protection then just walk away very unceremoniously

  25. I recent noticed a correlation that seems to mock G-d and biblical figures:

    Jay Z ::: Hoova, JHoova=God
    Beyonce::: Ave Maria=Mary
    Kanye West*:::Yeezy,Yezus etc. = Jesus
    Kim Kardashian = Mary Magnaline

    *Kanye is being managed by Jay Z. (See: kanye kilt controversy)

    Personally I have mixed feelings.

    Once I heard someone compare the saints of old to rock and rollers of today. Bringing people together and sending strong messages and having an air about them some would say is divine.

  26. This is a source of entertainment and joy for us but these people do not think about there future and they do not care for any other comment of any type. Anyways the stuff is cool and amazing. all the best.

  27. …and by the way, I forgot to mention one thing. For those who say Christians should stick to their own thing and stop bothering others, the Bible says we should preach The Lord's word. Yes, some do try to ram it down people's throats and get angry if you don't listen. I am not that kind of person. The Bible says we should tell everyone about God. But, ultimatelly, it is their choice to believe or not. God gives everyone a chance so that in the judgement day people cannot say they didn't know. To those who laugh and mock the Bible or take it out of context quoting little things to make an argument "valid", remeber that you have heard what's going on. It is up to you to believe or not.

  28. Hello, to all those that mock the article and don't believe that's fair enough. I for one feel there is enough evidence wherever you look. And people have each their own opinions but whoever wrote this is not trying to force his upon yours. He's merely expressing what he feels is happening in the music industry, surely he also is allowed to have his say. If you think otherwise that's also valid. But don't be nasty about it just take it with a pinch of salt if you find it humorous. I believe because I have seen so many if these artists posing covering one eye and what not,I do not think of it as a coincidence; and perhaps some of them don't even know what they are doing, perhaps some are told "do this, like that" and they do it. It doesn't mean that (some) worship the devil, it just means they have weak minds and mimick what they see without even stopping to think what it could possibly mean. And by the way, no one said anything about an "evil robot". The author just explained what the outift could possibly mean. Some things have hidden meanings that people don't bother to look where they came from. And again, not everything is evil, doing a pose like that yourself doesn't mean you are a devil worshiper; however, it's a clear evidence of how gullible and accepting are of copying things thinking nothing bad of them. Do a bit of research. Don't just think you know things. If you are going to take the time to read this even knowing you think it's stupid then at least pay attention and don't just read what you want to read to then say things put of context (for example reading that "a robot outfit represents something" and then comenting "a devil robot, how stupid"). Thanks for the article. I suggest people with an instagram account to follow or look for ILLUMINATIHUNTED for those who say "I have seen plenty of pictures like this, they don't mean anything" ….

  29. then there was baby boy and that sucked me in, i loved her and there was sean paul, who is so Jamaican happened to b in the song too so i began to love her again and other songs like ring the alarm and upgrade u and i fell in love with her again. there were a few that i thought were over the top or something. but then came the album "i am sasha…fierce." i got that album, i have all the songs from the deluxe album on my phone. i know every song save 3. word for word. i loved the "fierceness" of the pics and everything. i even joined her fan club!

  30. I cannot believe how many people are just believing everything they read and see in a photo. Photos can be altered and anyone can twist what people say. I listened to her interviews and because I'm a completely grounded person, I heard nothing "satanic" in what she was saying. I used to dance in high school and I know exactly what she means when she says she feels like a different person when she's on stage. She feels empowered, the music gives her adrenaline..making her feel electrically charged. It literally melts her fears away and she becomes a different person while performing. So, she just decided to give that feeling a name. THAT IS ALL PEOPLE. Quit trying to make NOTHING into something. There's nothing to read into…geez

  31. Basically, there are lots of cults around the world, but the 2 biggest player is Illuminati and Freemasons, Illuminati controls the entertainment media and recording studios, Their base are in Los Angeles and Israel (Probably Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) and that is why there are more than 60% of Jews in Hollywood (basically they're not the one who form the illuminati, but since they got the job, it's been like family business to them). Freemasons base was in London (and Bath, England), Houston, and Washington DC., Probably more. The Freemasons control mainly oil (not middle eastern people) and politics (lots of people believe George Bush is freemasons member). That is why there are lots of Freemasons member in Houston and DC. The two cults has been competing for world domination for long time. Freemasons power is weakened if they don't have oils or when their political status is gone. That is why they keeping oil coming to America with many way, and keep political connection with each other. This is just the big picture of both Organisation. You can search it in the internet. PS : I've got this info from one of the members.

  32. I honestly do not care what bad s**t people say about Beyonce! She was the very first pop singer I ever hear, when she was with Destiny's Child of course, and I love her even more now that she is going solo in her music career! I do not care if she turns into Sasha Fierce, she is still beautiful, amazing and talented no matter what! People who are judging her than saying do not judge people, read your own damn comment! You are judging Beyonce! Just leave her be treacherous haters and get a god damn life! I have been a Beyonce/Destiny's child fan for as long as I can remember! I even have a few of her songs, on my mp3 player, (which I listen to the most outta any of the other songs on it) and I love them and her the more I listen to her! I have the following Beyonce songs on my MP3 player:
    Crazy in Love
    Brown Eyes
    Work it Out
    Dangerously in Love

    Those are the Beyonce songs I have on my mp3 player! If any of you are gonna say I follow in Beyonce's footsteps and that I am a satanist just like her, then you can just f**k off! I do not believe this crappy article! It is complete and utter bull s**t! They even say that genetically designed their baby, Blue Ivy! I so do not believe that either! That is all I have to say about this! Thank you and have a great day! BEYONCE FOREVER!!! <3

    • i don't think beyonce actually know about this stuff, and no, if you listen to her doesn't mean you're satanist. They use the satanic symbol to get famous and so their song can be heard, but usually they are hidden message in the music. These message is the one we need to ignore. Lots of these celebrity actually a victim, they don't know what happen in closed doors

  33. This is not just some fairytale out of a book…it is REAL…it's time you all opened your eyes and realized, yes, it may seem crazy to the ones who have no knowledge or understanding behind what is really going on in the music industry, but that doesnt mean we don't know what we are talking wont be thinking we are so called "crazy" when jesus returns and those who dont believe are left down here…you gonna wish you would have listened to these so called "crazy" people then.

  34. I'm now adressing the writer of this article, which i must praise for the articles he posts, which i myself found extremely mind-liberating and have caused me to be unable to listen to certain songs without remembering the occult and disturbing meaning hidden. In regards to this article about beyonce and sasha fierce, and taking into consideration all that has been stated in numerous articles in regards to monarch programming, wouldn't it be much more reasonably to consider this situation as a remarkable example of what is happening in modern entertainment industry? It is certainly unlikely for an icon to come forward on such a matter, but i would argue it's much more likely that sasha fierce is simply an alter ego of beyonce, yes, with ties to the occult and black magic, but certainly not an actual possesion, physical or emotional. Just like in the case of candy jones, sasha fierce is beyonce's arlene. It is much more plausible.
    I want to also thank you the writer for his concern diplayed by undergoing the effort of writing this pieces of information that, for teenagers such as myself, are disturbing and truly mind-opening.

  35. People wake up and smell the roses everybody in hollywood is in the ILLUMINATI. All of them look evil. You can tell they got something wrong them.They r foolin u with their music and movies.

  36. What kind of a world would it be if people actually thought for themselves? Do you really believe in a devil or Satan? If the only way to God or heaven is through Jesus Christ then over seven billion people are going to hell and suffer eternal torment. Now really, would such a God set up a plan that allowed that many to be eternally doomed? That's not counting those who have gone before or those who will continue to come into existence on this planet. Relax! Think it through, for yourself, and stop listening and believing the 'Repeaters.' Think for yourself! Study and investigate for yourself! With today's technology it is not that hard. No excuses to be ignorant.

  37. also too I think it is a good thing to be aware of what messages songs are really saying instead they catch with the repetitious hook and keep you dumb to the full message of the song..I'd much rather know what a song is really saying and decide for myself if I want to continue to sing it or not but one thing I don't listen to that radio any more or watch as much tv any more I just got netflix and that is enough for now till I give that up all together I don't want to be distracted from prayer or studying ya know

  38. hey guys something I looked up, wonder if it's coincidence or what, but one of Bey's songs is ave maria, now the word ave can be interpreted as welcome or farewell, in the movie above it describe maria being kidnapped and used her likeness to create a seductive and lustful robot that drives men wild..(read it some more) but neyonce took on this likeness of this satanic robot in some of her performances, could she be referring to maria from metropolis..not sure but it just came to me you never know these days…also too I think it is a good thing to be aware of what messages songs are really saying instead they catch with the repetitious hook and keep you dumb to the full message of the song..I'd much rather know what a song is really saying and decide for myself if I want to continue to sing it or not but one thing I don't listen to that radio any more or watch as much tv any more I just got netflix and that is enough for now till I give that up all together I don't want to be distracted from prayer or studying ya know

  39. I mean ……the woman is wearing baphomet on her chest….and saying she has an alter personality….that ALONE should give us a clue, people need to do their research and get knowledge, the Lord has said, my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge, I believe this is Hosea 4:6, the information is out there, go do your investigations and research, don't just say whatever to everything…the devil is here to decieve us…protect yourself by knowing truth, GOD'S WORD, so you can recognise the lies.

  40. how can u sell u soul to the devil? if u just decide to do evil. who is she killing who is she hurting no one. You have the chose to be a fan or not. Cooking up all of this stuff is a waste of time. In stud the people how cook this up should cook up good educational things that will better the future of a persons life. what is educational about this. getting people attention off of what will make their life better. Artist, actors exc…… are living their lives and getting educated for the work they do. YOU NEED TO FOCUS EVERYONE THAT READS THIS FOCUS ON YOUR LIFE AND THE FRIENDS AND FAMILY THAT WILL MAKE LIFE FOR ALL OF US BETTER. FRIST WE HAVE GOT TO GET FOCUS!!!!! ps. not on this crap!

  41. I can not believe what I am reading, the whole thing is an act, she is doing it for publicity, duh!!!! I've never liked her and I have always been Christian, but I don't believe she's possessed. You've got to be kidding me, do you guys listen yo yourselves when you talk or proofread before you send? Or do you just blurt stuff out of your mouth and fingure tips. Lots of stars have and talk about their "stage characters", and that's all she is doing. If you don't like it then don't watch it or listen to it. I admit she may be a bit nuts but she once again, is NOT POSSESSED!!!! Think before you buy in to all that crap, its honestly the stupidest thing I

    • if you can provide sources to refute the comments of other in addition to VC's analysis, then you can sit on top on your high horse and call people's comment stupid. I am sorry but your comment is extremely shallow and lacks respect for other's point of view be they true or untrue. If you want to think they are not possessed, that is entirely up to you but do so with some integrity by not disrespecting other people's views. As a Christian, judgement day will prove if they are or aren't possessed. If you think everything is done just for publicity then think again! And who is at the receiving end of all this publicity? Is it not the yes the masses are affected at the end of the day so don't refer to publicity like you are talking about the air….

      be more respectful to others on this site
      I rest my case!

  42. Man this is crazy make me not want to listen to her music because I love and believe in God and we don't serve the same master…God bless her soul

  43. what people need to awaken to is the fact that being aware of these signs, will bring u to reality. most people do no live in reality, just the realness of there world. Nothing much outside of ones own family, job, friends, spouse…but I look back at my ancestors and forward to my children and i will not teach them lies as America believes in doing. Wake up and become conscious..especially mi black people. We taking back our land, along with the Indians..revolution is here!

  44. My Pastor has a ministry that deals with this head on. Check out THEY SOLD THEIR SOULD FOR ROCK AND ROLL By Joe Schimmel.

    Satan is the god of this world and was a music worship leader in heaven and fell. He is busy at work in the music world. Be on guard with what you allow into your home and heart.


  45. We shouldn't be too surprised by the evils in the music industry. After all, lucifer was the angel of music. The best way to deceive mankind is through music. So sad. Praying for our nation to open their eyes before It's too late.

  46. I believe this article 100%!!! Her eyes shows it all.. She looks like a demon.. Satan uses singers like her to spread his message to the world. In the Bible says that Satan is the ruler of world. Satan uses the government. Artist. Powerful people to follow him. That's why God begs us to stay away from the world bc its made of evil Things..

  47. I gain my knowledge of the Illuminati everyday from this site and reliable YouTube videos on the subject but I always tend to put religion first and focus on that sort of good. Sometimes out of nowhere when you know you take selfies a devil horn hand flies up instead of a peace sign. Am I psychologically being affected?

    Can you do a video relating to ISLAM (my religion)? If you watch the bottom video, you'll see why I would like you to… Please watch all 8.

    Thank you.

  48. This is so ridiculous. I don't even like Beyonce. I feel like she copies everyone to stay in the media. So now people are discrediting the hard work she did as a young girl who kept working hard to get where she is now. I saw one website said why does she love her mother more than her father and that her father isn't in the picture because he knows what she is. Please don't make me laugh. Have you not seen her father at work. He had a show on Teen Nick where he was forming a girl group. He was brutal on those poor girls. I thought he was mental while I was watching. I only watched the show because I was trying to figure out who the hell this guy think he is acting like that and treating those girls to the point of breaking them and lowering their self esteem. Then I said oh I see now he is holding Beyonce's career over them. He is like "I know a star when I see it and I created Destiny's Child. I made them become the best selling female group ever. " He acted like a tantrum throwing child. I didn't see the lineup that won because I think the show got cancelled. I think people are making something out of nothing. Beyonce has copied so many people it is ridiculous and nobody has called her out on it. I really didn't like her at all when I saw her copying Shakira and even singing in Spanish. Then she won an award and didn't give Shakira any credit. I was like that was so selfish and rude of her. The only time somebody said anything it was about the flash dance video she did. The amount of credit and attention you people give this girl is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Dont even really care what you people say, devil worshipers or not, I've followed all of this trash that comes out of lil wayne, chris brown, young money, rihanna, beyonce, J.lo etc and its just all garbage.
    Either you listen to it or not, I would recommend leaving this type of music on the shelf, and looking for independent artists, Immortal technique, Lowkey for instance if you like rappers.
    Positive message, and if you "backtrack" (play their music backwards) you dont get some shitty-ass devil kind of music as things starting from john lennon had.
    And like I said, I don't believe in anything, im Atheist and I don't care if people want to live in superstition. But whats happening out there, the music making kids stupid, totally wrecking their morals and such..
    I'm 23, and if you want my best advice (For a parent with a kid over 15+?) Sit them down for the movie detached, it has a few valuable life lessons, and actually inspires that the world can be an unreal, but good place. And not all stories end up good.

    In any case conclude for the "to long didn't read kind of people" Garbage like this supports heavy drugs (That arent as bad as they say, but can EASILY make you lose grip on reality, take it from a person thats from a city like amsterdam -not weed, weed isnt that bad, everything upwards is a problem-.
    Spouse / Lover abusal, Cheating on your loved ones, Not caring for anyone but yourself, Greed, Fake image of being able to find succes in that world and alot more.

    And theres enough of these "A-artists" Like eminem that silently try to blend in their music that the "Music industry" Is terrible, and tries to afflict terrible things on people.
    All I need to know is to be very selective with my music, HAVENT EVEN ADDED that most of the things I listen to, Sound thrice better than these A artist.
    Only difference is that Independent artist care about the people, and even talk to them (A LOT) On Fan-base, and regular occasions.
    So I guess the deal is done, and you guys should find something you DO enjoy, and thats NOT FED TO YOU.

  50. Dude, you are one of those people convinced an invisible man in the sky is controlling everything. Who has ten things he wants you to do here on earth otherwise its fire and smoke for you. I don't believe in any of this but sure you must wonder if your god is worth believing would he give a crap about some pop singer.

    I think you have too much time on your hands. If you went to an art gallery you will find all these icons there. You might stumble across Horus while your there.

    Very enlightening perhaps.

  51. @giggles

    Pfffft, of course she's portrayed as merely an 'entertainer', they're hardly going to promote her as 'Illuminati Puppet' are they? I don't see how you can't be convinced!

  52. Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and co. seem to be in each other's video clips, hang out together etc. It's not a coincidence. Creepy music, strange videos, it's clear they have an agenda and they try to serve someone or something.

    • Right cause how could stars possibly know each other? That's so creepy just like when u're n pictures with your friends. oooh gives me shivers!

  53. Beyonce is definitely a D worshipper. I used to like her but mowadays I find her music too dark and creepy. I'm tired of her dancing moves and her "I'm gorgeous" act. With all the beauty treatments and make up it's not that hard not to be a beauty love. First it was heavy metal and hard rock music but it had to spread to mainstream music. The more the merrier.

  54. Just left Bible study and this all came up. I'm a producer & singer. I've grown up in church, my father a pastor and mother a minister. Been in the music industry 20 yrs. I've done a lot of records. I've discerned evil spirits among the highest level of people in the business. Its intoxicating and blinding on those very high levels. I guess all business at the top levels have that same spirits, but in the entertainment industry it is different. Mainly because the platform is so public and has many followers that are influenced and rocked to sleep to its real purpose and power. People encouraged and willing to do anything to be hot and on top. Then rewarded. Not even about the money all the time, power maybe.

    I have recently got angry with satan and decided to enlist in the army of God again! Its time to take back what satan has stolen. I don't care about fame and fortune anymore. The music industry is depressing when everyone goes home and every friendship has a hidden motive. The love is fake and conditional in the business. I pray for Beyonce and Jayz. Lil wayne and so many others. However I will try to show the youth something else going forward!

    Bible study mentioned scripture Luke 4:5-7 where satan tried to tempt Jesus.

    "And the devil, taking him up into a high mountain, showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is given to me; and to whomsoever I will, I give it. If thou therefore worship me, all shall be thine."

    Scared me! We have to educate ourselves in the word before we fall into blindness. I haven't been a holy walker by any means. I've been your regular sinning man down. Can't say I've been even close to perfect. Smoked tons of weed, had wild random sex parties in my studio, sold weed, pimped girls, etc. All brought into my life by the deceptive music business. But I've been delivered and my eyes opened again. Thank God! That's my testimony.

  55. I have committed myself to expose these entertainers and their work to those who blindly listen and enjoy. That is all that I can do. The whole "hip hop" culture, which has crossed music genre barriers, and is mainstream is the PERFECT climate for this sinister movement to thrive. Check out singer/songwriter legend Bob Dylan speaking on his long and continuous career on 60 Minutes with Ed Bradley. Pay close attention around 2:15.

  56. Wow. Look, I see where you guys are coming from here, but I have nothing to do with this chick. She's totally not my type. Besides, I have way better things to do than screw around with the media. Believe it or not, chewing Judas's face off every day is hard work.

    P.S. If I was in charge of her, there's no way I'd let her wear Baphomet's face. Boy, was creating that thing ever a mistake! Some s**t is better left swept under the rug, is all I'm saying.

  57. i am really disappointed, of beyonce and other artist… first, i really love beyonce because of her songs…

    and now i know whats the meaning of "sasha fierce", i was really confused at first when i saw her album, named sasha fierce… it seems that they only want material things, but they don't know, what will happened, in their life after death… 🙁

  58. Lets all try and find religious connotations in art!! Ready…… GO! Actually, Vigilant Citizen, do yourself a favor and pick up ANY book about acting technique. I think you'll be surprised with your claims that Beyonce is "becoming possessed" hahaha

  59. Clearly the ILLUMINATI is real….why would almost ALL the stars be either rapping about it, or singing about it if it wasnt true. What did they all just sit down and say ok, we're gonna rap and sing and dance about this higher power and the evil of society?? NO. They all experienced them (the illuminati) in their own way! COME ON PPL….GET it together. If you really sit back and look almost ALL of them are possessed! Its sad they all need JESUS…GOD in their lives.

  60. not surprised really another ex-artist turning to complete balls. One thing i would be intrested to know is at what point do these so called artist's say yeah i will make a song that help's to push a view of life that has no heart/soul or moral of any kind. All i can say is i hope it was worth selling your soul's for material gain in death you will suffer greatly there is not much doubt about that. sorry if that sounds harsh but these people are doing no good for our children and the world to come and shall spend life times of pain after death being stripped of there cruel way's. for no soul can pass before being cleaned of material attachments, this is what is known as hell or purgatory the removal of your material self from the etheric before passing to what is known as heaven. This is the idea behind initiation and re-birthing to avoid this process after death and head direct to the higher worlds.

  61. BEYONCE IS POSSESSED BY EVIL! i love beyonce as a person, but what she become isn't really her and its obvious to see! the devil is trying to take over the media… re quote…HAS taken over the media, which is a big shame, because i love God, and this is why we should fight against the devil by having faith in Our one and only God Himself, to destroy all the evil attacks and deception that the devil causes! lets make the world positive, and live through faith and be good in life! that is all God wants from us as human beings. stay away from the media, it can corrupt, surround yourself with positivity, and stay pure.

  62. In the video "Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare," you can slow it down and she makes the symbol of the Budha guy that has like six arms and three legs. It has some kind of religious meaning. I don't understand why people like Jay-Z and "Sasha Fierce" have to be subliminal and discreet about their ridiculous beliefs. Why not tell everyone you're a satanic idiot who thinks he's god of something, Jay-Z. Because you'll get laughed off stage, that's why. If everyone know that Beyonce resorted to satanic practices to achieve her success as a pop star, they'd laugh at her too. You guys are cowards. Quit making your "dummies" follow you. They're ignorant kids. I'm 17 and I think that you two, along with Kanye West, are just sick individuals with too much time. Get a life. And Jay-Z intentionally backmasked "Murder murder Jesus 666" in one of his songs. He claims he's not satanic, huh? Is that also why Kanye interupted Taylor Swift during the awards to praise Beyonce? Because they're all part of that little cult? Sorry for making this so long. I know people don't like to read the long comments, so-

    Let me summarize this:

    Jay-Z is satanic, Kanye West is in their little cult, and they are all creeps.

  63. I agree with this article. Sometimes the evil is right in front of your eyes and sometimes its hidden. Its hard to stop listening to that music especially when we are bombarded with it on radio and tv. But even besides that fact I think people should fight against it. Dont listen to this music. When you listen and sing along with the music you are worshipping the devil. You may not be aware of it but its true. It may be hard to stop because our peers might think we are being ridiculous but at the end of the day its up to you. Do you want to sacrifice your place in eternity for the sake of being considered cool by your peers. Think about it the evidence is clear now its up to you.

  64. what beyonce don't know is that jay-z really nickednamed her sasha her after his ex-girlfriend shashe that he was seeing in the 80s in brooklyn

  65. I am sorry to hear that both Jay-Z and Beyonce worship Satan but hey Satan is the God of this world and he will give you anything if you submit to him.

  66. Thanks for this eye-opening awareness n I must confess its a big revelation, d devil is @ work in them n he is really using them to get worshipers for himself but only Christ can save these celebrities n at large the ignorant populace. The devil seeks worship n it is not really important if u give it to him knowing or ignorantly. I pray God helps us to keep our focus on Christ Heb 12: 2, we shld also place our minds on pure and good things Phil 4:8.

  67. hmmm this means that the whole crew of people who produced and directed these videos are all in on it? I mean surely she doesn't choreograph her own routines? if this is true, does this mean the creative director, producer, editor, choreographers, dancers, so on so forth… are ALL in on this? AS WELL AS the label? hmmmm

  68. wats-up,


  69. Although I came to this site originally for the information about Beyonce,Jay-Z and Hip-Hop, I feel compelled to say one off subject thing.It is about ,how disturbing it is to see people, who SAY they are Believers, use foul and cursing language in the same sentence they write to profess their "faith". This only makes Believers appear as if they don't know Our Father or Our Savior and others who may be interested in finding Our Elohim ( God) may become put-off by how a good portion of these so-called Believers" have portrayed Themselves.

    Now to the subject at hand. The enemy has been using technology to mock Our Creator ever since it's inception. The enemy uses all forms of "entertainment" and "media" to DISTRACT Mankind from the very fact that Our Souls are in question when it comes to Our Father In Heaven. One CANNOT sell their Soul to the enemy. This is a lie created by the enemy to trick Mankind into believing there is no way out. Ezekiel 18:4 "“Behold, all souls are Mine; the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is Mine. The soul who sins will die.".

    It appears that the kingdom of the anti-christ and his servants is very close at hand. I have been researching this for three years now. I started to research after I was Spiritually Shocked and awoken onto action on Feb @0,@008. On this date,2/20/08, we had a blood moon eclipse. Now normally for me back then it would not have meant much HOWEVER, when I heard on short-wave radio that the Book of Acts 2:20 MATCHED the event on 20/20/08 and that being the scripture which says," ….and the moon into blood,before the great and glorious day of the Lord shall come". This even really startled me into looking for myself and after all…we are ALL required to do our OWN SEEKING! We are not to trust every word which comes from Mankinds mouths no matter if they are a Tele-Evangelist or the President himself!! We are only to believe Our Creators Word and put our absolute trust in HIM. If something someone says does not fit the Word of Our Heavenly Father then it is a LIE. There are TWO options….Truth or LIES. No in between,no grey area, no middle ground or "but but

    but's…" So, yes, the enemy has taken hold of several hollywood singers,stars and such and using them to influence mainly, children and then to spread lies as well as sinful impulsive behavior. When I was younger, the subliminals which are now EVERY WHERE were not so noticeable especially since I didn't know about this BLATANT but SECRET Conspiracy which is against Believers. Our Father has warned Us of this conspiracy in His Own Word..Ezekiel 22:25 There is a conspiracy of her princes within her like a roaring lion tearing its prey; they devour people, take treasures and precious things and make many widows within her."Jeremiah 11:9 Then the LORD said to me, "There is a conspiracy …" This has been going on since Adam and eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden and anyone who proclaims to "Believe" and really means it in their Heart knows this to be true. Our Creator is so intelligent He saw all the things which were going to happen and which have happened already. He told his Prophets to write them down so that we could see for Ourselves that He Is Real and He is Truth. My best advice would be to guard your hearts and minds from Television,music and don't believe anything you read unless it is based on the Truth of Elohim's Eternal Word.

    Someone had mentioned guillotines being stored on U.S. soil ( as well as around the world) and Microchip=implants which will eventually be used as "Electronic Cash" in the very near future. These things are true since Bush sr. signed the Noahide Law and pushed it through legislation with the disguised name of "Education Day". This "Law" requires BEHEADING for anyone who says The Son of Our Father in Heaven IS Our Messiah. Eventually these guillotines will be used during Martial law to behead ALL resisters.

    Anyways, This stuff wasnt so "out in the open" years ago. Now its EVERYWHERE as well as the Signs in Heaven and on Earth. The enemy knows the time for their "rule" is coming soon so they are trying to scare all believers as well as to twist the truth into a big lie. There is so much evidence for those who research…Our Savior Said < Matthew 7:7Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.".

    So, go do your own research because there is so much available it will make even the most hard headed man/woman start to believe. Thank you for putting this information up. Peace and Blessings to all Who Will Receive Our Fathers Love,Savior and King of His ,coming SOON, Kingdom.Amen.

  70. I knew that something was wrong with her… i just didnt think too much about it… she used to be my favourite singer… but dunno why….right before reading this article…I had started disliking her…

    God is righteous and he leads he flocks in righteousness….guess dats the reason why I started disliking her…

    God Bless VC….

  71. @eyez_wide_shut . . . . . . can i just say AMEN!

    one who seeks will find – u guys r just looking for ways to put beyonce down. jealousy perhaps. . . you guys have watched her videos, listened to her music – shes are rich as a king because you reward it. . .

  72. Man is born with a dual nature. God asks us to chose good or evil, life or death. Bey has chosen evil and a soul death. Some high order religious leaders have made the same choice……watch who you follow!

  73. Beyonce is a good christian girl or i should say she was a good christian girl so filthy bitchy SASHSA needs to give her a break( well that is if she wants it) so thank u all for reading and god bless u all.

  74. The black makeup around her eyes is similar to the one that the goddesses of Egypt wore.People who idolise Beyonce (and other artists) mimic the egyptian worship of these gods.As you are about to see from the documentary i recomanded above, these gods are…demons.She is often dressed like the golem in Metropolis because, like the golem, she is a host/vehicle for one of these devilish spirits.

  75. -> Roger Morneau – A Trip Into the Supernatural ->see from where these singers like Beyonce and Rihanna get their ''talents'' from.

    “I have SOMEONE ELSE that takes over when it’s time for me to work and when I’m on stage, this ALTER EGO that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am”.


  76. if you have seen all her concerts back when she was still in the singing group called Destiny's Child, she was already called Sasha Fierce. @ Julie, yes i think you are right, she will not sing Ave Maria if she is not a believer. I think everything is only for entertainment.

  77. if you have seen all her concerts back when she was still in the singing group called Destiny's Child, she was already called Sasha Fierce. @ Julie, yes i think you are right, she will not sing Ave Maria if she is not a believer.

  78. I don't know what Beyonce believed in prior to her going solo, as she said she believed in Jesus! However, her going solo came not long after her relationship with Jay-z started! As it states in the bible those who take on a husband must follow that in which he follows! With that said…she is doing the will of her leader! I probably will never know whether they(meaning her's and Jay-Z's) know the impact they can have on others and their actions and influences they have on the innocent! The only thing I can suggest is for us(meaning the people that listen and watch) to be more mindful of what we are listening..The bible also states that music was put in place for two reasons…1. to Glorify god, and 2. to A-mus-e! We all know that these songs are not glorifying god so we should take the music as it is…Amusing and immerse ourselves in what is the truth, and if we so choose to amuse ourselves in any type of music other than that in which glorifys god…make it that which is few and far between because our time should be spent a little more productively! ….God Bless!

  79. Beyone has talked about her faith her whole career. She makes it a point to pray before concerts, and she does a lot of charitable things. I don't think that a non-Christian would play Ave Maria as a wedding song.

  80. i realy dont know wat to believe i am clueless someone plz tell me but i still think that she worships the devil and jay-z is b why would she do that ……………………………………………………………………… i wonder why she decided to go worship the devil

  81. Ignorance it truly bliss.. This is directed to all you morons on here that know zip about the bible nor its history.

    First off…..all this satanic talk is BULLLSHIT….There is no such thing as satan. Satan is an entity invented by man to take blame for any undesirable action he/she does. Man/christians need to start taking responsibilities for there own actions. Satan controls no one. If you do believe or understand the bible then you know that satan has no physical power over you and can not control your actions. FREE WILL remember. Meaning you make your choices. No mythical being makes you do anything. To sit here and slander Beyonce and say that she worships the devil is nonsense. What does the bible say about judging people..—>>Matthew 7:1-5

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you

    Luke 6:37

    “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

    You are all hypocrites..And thats a greater sin then following the devil..

    Now a days , just like the bible verses…you can interpret anything however you see it…Doesn't mean that its right. Its your opinion..Just like this moronic asinine topic.

    All most everything that has been recorded in history can be supported or backed by something else or other historic writers or events. The storys or history in the bible can not and have not been supported or backed by any other historical findings or writings. Scholars disagree about the so called facts in the bible. Faith is another word for ignorance. The biggest crime in Christianity is to THINK…or use logic.

    Everything in this world is not meant to be understood or figured out.. There is just some things that man will never know. Like how man exist….The pyramids in Egypt til this day with all mans technology and intelligence can not figure out how they built the pyramids with those stones weighing tons and with so much precision.

    The Egyptians were the greatest civilization to ever grace this planet…and guess what people…They were not christians….. Go do your home work….wake up and smell reality..Stop believing in fairy tales any mythology.

    The ancient civilizations knew the truth….This so called Modern Religion is just some watered down kool-aid of the real truth.

    If you want to see where the bible got some if not the majority of its storys from…go study Buddhism. One of the oldest religions. about 500+ older than Judaism/christianity…..

  82. as a “being of light”,…it never amazes me the depths that you “skin suits” will go to disparage and spread hate about each other on this earth, and plane of existence. Note to YOU::::so open up your human ears and learn something:::::: the divine energy that animates your “skin suit”,..that keeps your wretched,evil heart beating,,…the energy,..your “soul”,prana,divine essense,

    that keeps you from being a living rotting corpse……..DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU, BUT FROM A DIVINE SOURCE , its an eternal energy that belongs to GOD, Elohim, the Al mighty. How can u “sell”,negotiate,barter something that is so divine. You talking monkeys are funny, as their are many angels that are laughing at all of your blunders and mishaps,… Most of you stumble through this perfect gift called life. Keep up the foolishness,….it is the most divine comedy for all of the sevens heavens to witness

  83. I had one wish to God still to be granted,i know God loves people more than anything and he is aforgiver ,he is faithful but why cant satan be destroyed byGod foever so that we live a peaceful life were we work hard for earnings,pray hard for blessings i mean something like that .im hurt by people like beyonce truly who abuse and misuse talents god-given diverting them to an anti0christ fallen angel.i dont know but its for God to judge who wronged him and who did not

    • OH GOD!! plz help beyonce and jay~z,and make them a whole christian as u will like them to and help them do the right thing and sing a gospel song together saying that they have changed for the better.

  84. It is indeed so sad that Beyonce is turning out like this. Remember Aaliyah?, there is a way that seems right unto man but the end is DESTURCTION. I cant seem to get what she needs all of the fame for, it is really a PITY!!!!

    • …Aaliyah has nothing to do with this. What happened to Aaliyah was just a terrible accident. And you're right, Beyonce doesn't need the fame, but we're the ones creating it for her because of ridiculous websites like this. And by the people who believe this kind of thing.

  85. It's not sad that she sold her soul to the devil (she most likely did not) or that she's part of some cult. It's sad that people will eat up this information like crazy and believe it instantly, without as so much giving their own thoughts or opinions, but believing someone else's when it's handed to them. People are saying that they had absolutely no problem with her before any of this gossip, but once it's presented that she is a devil worshipper, and not just her, but Rihanna too, people go crazy. I think that some people have too much religious zeal that they are becoming blinded by light. I think these people need to step back and really think about what they are reading, processes it, and make their own opinions, and not instantly convert to some polar opposite belief when they are presented with something. Religion isn't a bad thing, but some people take it way too far. Unfortunately, these are the people whose opinions are heard because they make the most noise.

  86. unequivocally We are leaving on the end times, let us read the WORD OF GOD, BIBLE, i realized that life is a MASS BALANCE(WHAT COMES IN GOES OUT). Beyonce can be forgiven by the almighty God She can get out of this whole fame, money situation.

  87. Yea… this is sad really… Beyonce is a very beautiful and talented women. It's sad to see that she sold her soul in exchange for fame and money. She was a gospel singer before she became famous… it just goes to show how many things in this world that most of us dont kno about. This is VERY REAL. Beyonce is just one of many others who worship Satan through music and sell their souls…. my question is: Is there hope for her? I kno she wants to be rid of this Sasha fierce double personalityd demon, but she sold her soul to the devil, there is no turning back to God after that. no matter what…. right?

  88. I feel really bad about all this, she was and still is a beautiful women, it's just a shame how people fall into this stuff. My dad is very good when it comes to detecting things like this, he knew from the beginning that the illuminati were behind all this; go on Youtube and look for B's songs but type in reversed, you'll see it sounds like Latin. Latin is a dead language but it is used for worship of the Devil and other things, my dad said that anyone who is successful in the music industry, and I mean who are know very well, are part of the illuminati. One person I KNOW who didn't want to be apart of this was MJ (Micheal Jackson) and he died, some people are saying he is still alive, but in other words if you don't join the illuminati you won't make it in the M.I or you will die. I know this sounds stupid but think about it, Rhianna is big, she had symbols in her music videos of the illuminati, Jay-Z, sadly Beyonce and Christina A as well as Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Usher, and even Tyler Swift who doesn't play rock music and gives the "rock on"sign; they are ALL famous and well known are all all accused of being illuminati followers and there are plenty more going WAY back. Look up "Masonic Signs" and you will see what I'm talking about. I just hope that God saves their souls.

  89. this is really crazy how so many people can so easily get roped into joining the pack that worships something or someone that does not help them to be happy, geniunely happy and free. FREE

    Beyonce i hope you are reading this

  90. Matthew 18:12-14 What do you think? If a man owns a hundred

    sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine

    on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off? And if he finds it, truly I tell you, he is happier about that one sheep than about the ninety-nine that did not wander off. In the same way your …Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish.

    what we should do is not condemn her but pray that she remembers her first love….i.e Jesus and goes back for it is possible…..

  91. My youth group talked about this last week and it was so creapy how all these people would be in the illuminati and worship the deivl and all! I still cant believe that people would do that. It is a shame how all kinds of singer and actors believe that the devil created them and that LadyGaga thimks she is immortal! But yeah,it is stupid that people would say that kinda stuff and if you have anything you wanna talk about(about tha illuminati) message me on myspace…… and if you cant get me there text me at (318)3662179…we christens need to stick together and try and change the world!<3


  92. it makes it alot easier to have people join them because theyre on the top… i mean everyone listens to beyonce and jay z so of so of course theyre gonna be getting to people. and if u read the lyrics to their songs it sayit plain as day it proves it and the videos are symbolic. i did research and i can prove that rihanna , eminem, kanye west and alot more also worship the devil…

  93. The Oligarchy believe in nothing but wealth. They laugh at us for our clinging to religion, patriotism, xenophobia or whatever notion or belief that we allow them to use to divide us. We try to find an explanation for their greed and selfishness by claiming that they're "devil worshippers" because we can't believe that a few human beings would so callously exploit and disregard the suffering of the rest of humanity. But they do. It is often said that if the wealth of the world were evenly distributed amongst all its inhabitants, there would be no more suffering of any kind. And they know this of course.. yet all they want is more. And they want to take it from you. They want us to work til we die and to give them the fruits of our labor. No, the true enemy believes in no spirit world. They believe in what they know to be real. This does not make them any less dangerous.

    We don't need to look to Satan to explain evil.. there's evil enough in us.

  94. juhlyeah says: Let's just pray for all those illuminati members to reconcile..i guess all we need is faith in God..unfortunately these people lack faith and blinded by fame and prestige.

    thirishahh speaks: what's the point of being famous if you've already sold your soul to the devil??? all i have to say is that one day they'll regret their choices in life.. because they were impatient, they have to suffer the consequences that awaits them in the future… Let's pray for the future artists that they will not join this occult

  95. tHe PiC wItH dA BaPhOmEt, dId U nOtIcE dAt Da LEFT MIRROR Is MiSsInG?????? GoEs BcK 2 Da eYe ThInG!!! wOw VeRy EnLiGhTeNiNg….

  96. Ok This is true i believe. Beyonce is not the only on in this evil satanic cult. So don't think beyonce is the only one. There are many of them but I will label the major ones for example: P. Diddy, Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyonce, Method Man, Redman, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Danny Glover, Halle Berry, and much much more. They are all members of a Satanic Cult called Illuminati aka Free Masonry aka Skull and bones aka bonesmen, aka boisen. OK These groups or "cults" beleive in Satan. If Satan is real i dont know but they strongly beleive in him. Celebrities Entertainers, TV Shows, Movies, Government, "The Presidents" Accept Kennedy are all evil Satanic cult worshippers. It Is hard to beleive that these things usually found in movies are now in reality but its true. Too many brush this off as conspiracy or bull s**t but ah ah. If anyone place close attention you will no there is always a truth to rumors or conspiracies. Alwyas unless a person hates another so much they will do anything possible to damage that persons character. But not in this case their is proof. Its real. Also these ppl beleive in sacrafices for success. Sacrafices were: Aaliyah, Lisa Left Eye Lopez, Brittany Murphy, Anna Nicole Smith, Her Son, Pimp C,Michael Jackson, Salena, 2 Pac, and Biggie Smalls. Who was suppose to be a sacrafice well Aaliyah's Fiiances Ex girl friend, Ashanti, and some others but those are the majors. Sacrafices are for instance a kill to give blood to Satan. In return they get success, money, and other highly rewardable things from the power of the brotherhood ( Leaders). Its too much to explain but research google to find real truth evidenvce.

  97. it might be out of context but did we ever get to think of the universe as a totality and am not talking of our milky way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. People read Brice Taylor – Thanks for the memories.

    Beyonce is MK on an early age i believe..That's why destiny's child stopped performing as a group. Someone mentoinded..why do these acteurs and srtist always thank God at these awardshows? Its because they try to fool and confuse US..They act if they love God..its a shame. Keep doing research for yourself and spread the word.

    Stop idolizing these superstars..people

    Peace n Love

  99. So this means that the most famous people like her have everything in common, similar to worshipping evil spirits and all of this is part of illuminatic symbols and stuff

    • When you have proof, physical proof that there is a god and there are evil spirits, I'd really like to see. Other than that, keep believing the bullshit preachers etc tell you. Keep being a robot as you claim Beyonce is. I'm not a fan of her music but I think it's ridiculous to call someone evil when your bible specifically states that "god created evil" Seems like the person you should be talking s**t about is your god and why the f**k he "created evil" if he didn't want people to be possessed by it.

      I use to be a Christian but I finally opened my eyes and started thinking for myself. Something that you and the rest of these lames should do.


  100. For you people who still do not want to believe—-

    You are a Beyonce fan right? If you are, have you seen her video Get Me Bodied? If you have—Why is their a caged, wild woman in the middle room that only interacts with Beyonce, why are there fiery columns and statutes in the video? Are you really that blind? How many clubs you know have all of that?

    If you have yet to see the video or you want someone to point it out for you—- go to youtube—and search for the video A Body You Have Prepared For Me—by Ainesis3. Also check out Baal Peor Worship video. SMH—I can't believe how "sleep" some of you are.

    On a side note—why did you even come to this website in the first place? Why did you take the time to read the article and then make a message? If you don't believe any of this–why are you even here? Ask yourself that.

    • ((On a side note—why did you even come to this website in the first place? Why did you take the time to read the article and then make a message? If you don’t believe any of this–why are you even here? Ask yourself that.))

      Because not everyone choses to be as ignorant to opposing beliefs as all of you "good Christian people."

  101. Thank you very much for all this information. This webpage has given me everything I need for my school project on Beyonce's religion. :]

  102. Thanks for these articles! It is truly heartbreaking how & why these occult symbols are being shown to us in split second shots like commercials ads and intentionally as in movies, music videos, music video awards…etc. And intentionally they are because if you think of all the time, effort & money are put in broadcasting something on TV, every single sec. counts as gold! I bet every single frame is carefully designed.

    I sooo agree that music is powerful, how many times have we heard or mentioned…"I can't get this song out of my head!" now add that to images & symbols on vids…so if those big corporations want us to focus on their artists with their agendas, let's try to make a 180 degree turn on them and stop idolizing them. There are a lot of Christian bands and artists with clean music with awesome songs out there , why should we only be listening to what the mass media wants us to?

    Evil is very REAL…so let us focus on what these corporations want us to deviate from, which is the power of Jesus Christ & Christianity & everything it stands for. I pray we all wake up before it's too late.

    I prefer to be on God's side when the end of time comes. How about you?

  103. I wouldn't call this devil worshipping or any thing like that but I see the point.People are getting it mixed up the point bassically in this is that the artist go from representing their genders or people the right way than as time passes they all of sudden turn everything they said around and do something else which is being a hypocrit is how I see it.I think they purposly come out to get their fanbase prepared all cool and okay than as soon as they get their money and get more light they all of sudden want to represent something else and be something else.I mean think about it before they get in the game alot of people talk about who these so called ladies had to sleep with to get on top and in my opinion if your talented you should just be honored and allow to be up there not because of what you had to do that's not real talent if you have to open your legs or kill someone to get where you want to be that's how I look at it.Beyonce can shake her ass all she wants but it's our choice to follow or not and personally I dont want to see my ten year old daugther shaking her ass infront of the television.

  104. READ READ READ READ READ: Sadly to say this is true. People that dont believe it, is because they was blinded by the truth by their parents. My mother told me when I was 8 that Micheal Jackson (yes the pop star that everybody loves) has sold his soul to satin for fame, fortune, and succes. To tell you the Honestly truth if you have the guts in Haiti theres a cave that some go to, to handle there business with satin. I know your're thinking yea rite but its true People. Even rapper lil wayne they are trying to take over the world with it (he even give lil hints in his songs). People or young teens its true. Do you read the Holy Bible at all. Example nicki minaj she has this new song out and in it she says quote i go to Haiti to feed the children. REALLY come on people use your common sense or you will be fool by them just to follow a band wagon. Another example Kanye West @ the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards he actually said that I have sold my soul to the devil. people its in their songs THEY DONT CARE OF IT BEING KNOWN because of people like YOU ALL that dont believe it. Just because you dont see satin his self, he can come as a priest, or next door neighbor. All im saying is that it is true.

  105. i am really happy that i found this website. everytime i read it, i learn something new. i just love coming to this website; i never thought i'd find a subject so interesting !

  106. i think that beyonce has always had a darker side since childhood and she had always used Sasha for stage not for anything else. so i don't necessarily think that she will now rot in hell. it's a character she has created for herself since she was a young girl. beyonce is not delusional but she does need to be Beyonce for once on stage.

  107. I love beyonce no matter what… I do believe there satanic but who cares… she does graet songs.. Good article though!!

  108. For you people saying that Beyonce's success was thanks to God is WRONG! For you to say that is the same as saying that all people who are wealthy(who do nothing with their money to help people their fellow) are products of God's grace is a total ridiculous lie. In the Bible it is stated by Jesus himself that "…it will be hard for a rich man to get into Heaven." PLEASE LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF. What really bother me about that mindset is that you conciously or subconciously put down the people who are less fortunate who serve God with all of their heart. In a way you tell them that what they are doing is not enoughbecause they are not "successful". God does not grant riches nor materialistic things—if that was the case wouldn't he have done that for Jesus? Jesus was not a rich man, he had no kingdoms, nor gold–he only had love. Are you all saying that Jesus was not as blessed as these celebrities? Are you saying that He did not love God as much as these celebrities do? Why would God "bless" people with wealth and things of this world when it is clearly stated in the bible that WE MUST NOT BE OF THIS WORLD. WE MUST NOT LOVE THIS WORLD, WE MUST LOVE HIM. So please do not sit up here and hold God accountable for their materialistic treasures. That's crazy that you could believe that for some reason God would bless these people with riches and wealth and not Jesus—–Come on now.

    They earned everything they have from the Devil profiting from gaining their soul. So the Devil is the one accountable for their wealth on this earth. They willingly give themselves to him and they willingly accept what they are given while they fool and decieve the masses. What I have seen is people defend these celebrities to the end when they have never met them nor even really know them—–And THAT is what frightens me. That causes me to believe that their music, movies, etc is indeed doing something to these people other than just dumbing down and decieving them into accepting the Devil with subliminal messages and incantations. This stuff is true and it is becoming more and more obvious as then End Times draw closer. I apppreciate these videos and these articles/blogs/etc. They have really opened my eyes but it was through the grace of God that made me do research and see for myself. At first, I did not want to believe, I was lving in a niave little bubble oblivious of what is in front of my face. Now I see and now I know that God is calling to His people—He is drawing us out. "If he have an ear-let him hear" and "blessed are the ones who hear" are so very true.

    These celebrities may be mind controlled through MK Ultra—-but this programming came AFTER they sold their souls. Look into their eyes in their pictures, they look so lifeless and drained. I feel sorry for them and all we can do is pray for them—they have been decieved and did not "read the fine print" of their contract". They have blaspehemed against God and have led MILLIONS and MILLIONS of children and adults away from the path of God pretty much undoing what we are trying to accomplish. These celebrities have a hold on these people through witchcraft and subliminal mesages—I would rather pray for them first because they are TRULY ignorant to the fact. But with that being said—I pray for the people who seek the truth rather than refute it and defend these celebrities. I seek to help the people who want to be helped. Some people become very angry and verbally attack the people who try to give them this information. Unfortuantely, this is how truth is treated. You cannot help people who DO NOT WANT TO BE HELPED and YOU CANNOT HELP PEOPLE WHO ALREADY GAINED THE WORLD BY SELLING THEIR SOUL–WHILE TAKING SO MANY INNOCENT SOULS WITH THEM THROUGH INDOCTRINATION..

    So pray for these people who have blasphemed against God but they cannot be saved, help the people who seek a way out of ignorance but do not try to help people who want to stay ignorant.

    For you people who do not think Beyonce is a devil worshipper—YOU ARE THE PEOPLE WHO REFUTE THE TRUTH EVEN THOUGH IT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. I mean, this woman is wearing baphomet on some "bike suit" and you all make some excuse for her. Her husband tells people that Jesus can't save them and called himself JayHovah mocking one of the names of God(Jehovah). Come on now. Kanye West has a new video called Power—he has women walking around naked with devil horns on, he have pillars behind him, demonic creatures all around him, and one of the biggest chains in the world with Horus on it around his neck—–yet people still refuse to believe. That is crazy and denial on so many levels. People you GOTTA wake up—-"This life is really a dream, when we die and close our eyes, we wake up in the reality of enternity in the afterlife."

    It's like me and other people like me are standing over you guys trying to wake up—we are shaking you, smacking you, throwing cold water on you and yet you either go back to sleep or just won't wake up…

  109. Why wouldnt u write about alexander mcqeen fashion? he commitd a suicide now – maybe illuminati made him? check his collction for 2009 – dolls, butterflies on youtube or and then he died 😛

  110. for every good thing that happens, why do u give it to SATAN? By calling all successful people "devil worshipers," U are indirectly saying, GOD IS UN ABLE. PEOPLE, GOOD THINGS COME FROM GOD.

  111. i am so sorry for beyonce, cos she has chose to take the dark and the evil side, all bcos of fame and power. i can only say that the endtime and the anti christ are here. so give ur life to christ today before its too late.

  112. I will probably, most definitely never meet any of you in my life, so this is maybe the only chance I will get to share with you the love of Messiah. Whatever you have done in your life can be forgiven. But only if you want to be forgiven. I didn't really believe The Lord was real until something happened in my life that could never be called random or coincidental. When He showed me that he was Real, then he had my attention and revealed his love for me and I accepted him as my Savior. I believe most of the Beyonce info is true but I also believe that she can come out of that as quickly as she fell into it if we pray for her instead of standing over her in judgement. Most people have lived filthy lives in the world before they got saved and we wouldn't dare judge them. Beyonce claims to be a believer in Christ but proves otherwise in her actions. Many people have love to point out the problem with others instead of looking at their own failings ( which we all have and abundance of ). Don't watch her movies, videos and buy her music and then say "That's not right what she's doing". We are suppose to be set apart (Holy), so let's show a little mercy and kindness to people who don't have the same understanding we are suppose to. King David fell many times in his lifetime and yet he was still called a man after G-D's own heart.



    The Arrivals documentary is a muslim film just in case anyone thinks otherwise.

  113. These comments terrify me. First of all, the grammar and spelling mistakes are atrocious; the same people who can't spell simple words or construct a coherent sentence are the same people out there changing my oil, bagging my groceries, and growing my food. How can our society function when it is run by people with such a complete lack of respect for our language? As an English teacher, I am depressed by the unrelenting ignorance of people on the internet. Of course, as an atheist, the absence of logic is also disconcerting. Not that I can really be too harsh, for within the last decade I was a raving fundamentalist who simultaneously believed in logical, observable realities like gravity, planetary movement, and laws of motion as well as hopelessly irrational myths including talking snakes, fiery chariots, and walking dead men. I have since traveled through the vague shadows of agnosticism, denying any affiliation to a religion but not denying the possibility. From there, the next rational step is the realization that (regardless of some kind of magical, eternal deity) there are no angels buzzing about my ears chasing away the demons who want my soul. Don't spirits have better things to do than battle over my soul (another wistful hope of the religious)?

    In short, I cannot completely disrespect the fundamentalist Christians who believe in literal spiritual warfare because I used to be one; I was raised as one. However, since my "un"birth into the light of reason and truth, I finally see how the rest of the world saw me when I proselytized about the "Truth" of Jesus Christ: somewhat endearing in my earnestness, but unfortunately naive and simple.

    By the way, if Beyonce really sold her soul to the devil, wouldn't she be able to produce good music instead of the same mindless tripe that bumps off the walls in every dance club in this country?

  114. guys these things are as true as 1+1 equal to2.. at least he has done his part by telling us its now up to us to believe. God wont say he never warned anyone. even if u loooove "young B" to death the facts are are here. its either u r with God o u aint. now lets do our part by warning our families and our friends.. i know the devil hates me coz im on God's side but im glad he does coz i loooove the lord. there is no one else who died for people to be served. i'm glad i serve such a majestic God

  115. The video for "DIVA" is soooo creepy…and just so, UN-Beyonce!

    I've been analyzing her throughout her video history and if you all do the same, you will notice the transformation from "Good Beyonce" to "Sasha Fierce". It's quite sad and scary.

    And that song "diva" isn't even good! The redundant chant of "I'm a diva" is SO annoying!

  116. I cant believe beyonce is this way, but she isnt the only one! I guess just keep her in prayers and the others that need it. God is in control! Live your individual life as a light pleasing to God and allow Him to work and affect the lives of people around you, and me. God is Awesome! Believe in him and you will be good 🙂

  117. Okay, so some of you guys don’t believe in God, right? Or the devil? So, I’m presuming that you don’t believe in the anti-christ.

    But, do you believe in science? Particularly, psychology?

    Brainwashing exists. So does subliminal messaging.

    Look at Derren Brown. He’s a psychologist not a ‘magician’. He can brainwash people. In fact he has. Live on tv, in fact. Only, his tricks are harmless. Sticking people down in a chair etc. (Youtube it). Just a bit of fun, yeah?

    Well freemasons aren’t as responsible. They’re doing the exact same thing but on a mass scale and without warning. They’ve attempted (and succeeded) in subliminally influencing millions all over the world, through music, movies, building structures, even the US currency!

    Now, you’re thinking…’so what? it’s not even real.’

    Well, aren’t you just a little bit pissed…? Don’t you mind that random people have been turning your brain to crap? No? Honestly? Well then carry on. Enjoy. Rock your body. (pardon the pun).

    But…..if you aren’t happy with this…you know what to do. Boycott these artists music for a start.

    Then maybe do some research. You’d be surprised at how much you’ll learn. I used to skeptical myself. I would laugh when my friends told me not to listen to Jay-z and co. I was like ‘I’m sorry what? He prays to a one eyed demon? Riiiiiiiiight’. Well he does. For whatever reason. But so what?

    Oh yeah…the dipstick’s trying to brainwash us into his cult.

    I don’t even miss music. I don’t long for it. And that’s because I’m disgusted by it. I’m not gonna say a load of zany hippie stuff – i feel enlightened, pure, born again etc. Cos I don’t.

    I just feel glad I’m doing something to stop these nut jobs.

  118. sorry lady beyonce, i know we all are sinner and needs deliveries from God the greater one,thanks 4 given us a view of the music story. I pray God FORGIVES we all

  119. Dude I love your webpage. It has opened our eyes to all this illusion. being a Hindu we see the transparency in our gods although they all look complicated but it is always cristal clear!

    I have something to add…. as mention…. in the pentagram of SATAN the four elements and the fifth is soul "input".

    NOTICE the video has all the "four elements" and as a sumary this symbolism is what I THINK is where the SATAN dwells (full control) and is to be expected as something cool!

    Upon regocnotion, I showed to my friends and they were like…….. WTF!

    Thanks for the great EYE opener and not the ALL SEEING EYE hehe!

    • you're truly clueless…. open your eyes.

      It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" (Matthew 19:24

  120. Matthew 6:19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

    20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

    21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    the DEVIL HATES YOU… he will NEVER save you from falling into the pit of HELL… if you wanna know how powerful your demon is.. then try MENTION the name JESUS CHRIST to Him… and you will see him fall on his knees… THAT'S how WEAK he is… Jesus Christ loves you very much… so much that he died on the cross for you and me. Dont let the devil fool you with all the wealth and fame in this world.. its MEANS NOTHING… our GOD in heaven.. the CREATEOR of the UNIVERSE is much more bigger then any multibillionaire there is… Accept him into your heart and you'll see how much He loves you…. There is power in the name of JESUS and there is power in his precious BLOOD… Repeat this words… JESUS CHRIST! HOLY SPIRIT…. come into my life and take over…

  121. Jesus said, "Be careful that you are not deceived, because many will come in my name and say, 'I AM' and 'The time has come.' Don't follow them. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil

    and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth … Eventhough you sold your soul to the devil… I pray that you will listen to the little voice within you.. he's reminding you of how much JESUS loves you… your friend whom you THINK is the answer to all your NEEDS… is a LIER.. even HE wont be able to save your from the eternal FIRE of HELL. Why? Because even HE will be screaming for his life too. The Devil HATES YOU! He "HATES" you with all its MIGHT! But God… Jesus… loves you… John 3:16… is the given proof to that… "For God so loved the world that he gave his ONLY begotten son…." Jesus died for YOU… if its WEALTH and MONEY MONEY….——————————————————————————–

    Matthew 6:19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

    20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

    21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

  122. heres what i think. this is all part of the illuminati and weather we like it or not theyre gonna try and take over our world . in the bible i belive it says you may as well die or something like tha but less hurtful. but i wanna sae the world those evil people corrupted but im only 1 person and 1 person cant fight too sAve the world on my own. someones gotta go something you know how they keep saying 2012 something bads gonna happen. i think this is it 2012 is the start of one world the beginning of slavery the beginning of the end. and that scares me i think most of this is a warning some of theese viseos are jus gloating but some are warning us giving us signs telling us too do something before its to late. for our children grand children and the people of the world. one world cant happen . it just cant.

  123. And the sad part is that not only Beyonce, but every mainstream artist of every genre has to sell their soul to get a record deal. And not only artists but actors/actresses too. the illuminati and its symbolism is literally EVERYWHERE, taking control of our minds and we dont seem to realize it. Tupac Shakur & Michael Jackson started to speak out against the illuminati with songs like "killuminati" and "they dont really care about us" thats why they were killed by the illuminati.. Dont believe me? YouTube it.. The proof is right in front of our eyes. Its up to us to open our eyes. I feel sad for anyone that doesn't believe this article. You ppl are brainwashed. And if you STILL need more proof you should go on YouTube and search "Subliminal messages in hip hop music"

    • Are you serious? Don't believe in television! Don't believe in the media! It's only purpose is to brainwash us and make us afraid for our own lives. Believe in what you want and stand for it. That's all there is to it.

      I Believe in Jesus Christ and NOTHING, not even the "devilish" media can take that away from me!

  124. My parents have been telling me about this for years, since I was a little kid. I think that it's crazy how the world has turned out to be. I love reading your blogs because it updates me on these things when it comes to various artists. If people choose not to believe you that's on them. They'll realize it sooner or later

  125. i been studying the same exact thing you are talking about . but not just beyonce and jay z . i have been studying tupac, aliyah, p diddy…and many more.


  126. Hey all,

    I am a Christian but I think there is WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too much attention put on this whole thing. God is in control, ok maybe Beyonce and so many others are being used by the Devil to corrupt people's minds but there is actually nothing we can do about it. I am a Beyonce fan, I think she has an amazing voice and IF she is aware of the things she is cliamed to be doing…then it saddens me… HOWEVER, it is not our place to judge. I say we let the so-called illuminati do whatever, God is in control! Live your individual life as a light pleasing to God and allow Him to work and affect the lives of people around you, and me. Just in the same way Beyonce is said to be leading people astray, let us make a difference in our world…and lets start today. Cos if we are changing lives for God, there is no way they will wanna be lost to the darkness, cos God is sooo cooool!

  127. sadly i belive all this crap! the perso who made this is smart n should expose every devil worshiper in the music industry out there! and for those ignorent ppl! shes ashamed to step into a church kk truly she could go if she wanted to but shes sayin shes ashamed n she wants to feel clean b4 goin into the house of god so stop bein a bittch to her kay. luv ur website bye

    • there are no excuses for worshipping the devil "niaaa", we have every right to be a b***h to her cause shes an idiot, like you 🙂 and has any control for what shes doing (Y) ta

  128. My advice to us is to keep praying for her and for everybody in general cause God has given us this mandate to intercede and to also Pray for his people,{they know not rather would they understand they walk in darkness}if you were in there shoes you would probaly do the same but I Thank My God we have people like in this world,its because you love her that is why you contributed your comment and you all have spoken when except but a few,I Pray that God would strenghen us and show us the rite path to follow.

    I find time specially to pary for christian and pastors, cause we all are trying as its not easy to remain in faith as the devil will do everything to bring you down,Dont blame them,Bad things happend because good people seat down and do nothing,why do you think occult people value the nite more that the day,we need to pray more in night as to shater the works of the devil in our lives,Pray without season,I Love you all and God Bless you.

    Martins from Nigeria

  129. beyonce you wrong for that you have people dat admire you and you trying to worship the devil like its okayy and i didnt think you was like that and i sing your songs not knowing half the meanings………… you NEED JESUS

  130. After reading the post, I said to myself this guy must be a religious freak… after reading the comments, I'm shure of it.

    God people, you see demons everywhere, and ypou over analyze those videos….

    • he says nothing about himself being religious in his post's, and he make's these so everyone can interpet it in a different way, and as far as you're concerned it's apparent there are alot of people secure in their faith, and they only wish to help other's hence them wanting to pray for them.

  131. This makes complete sense.

    To the people that defend her and her practices towards satan, that is all apart of the Devils plans and goals, to trick, deceive and pull you into thinking something is not, when it actually is. In fact your getting pulled into believing and following the devil.

    Worshipping Satan is not a belief, its a sly act by the Devil its self.

    Satan doesn't care if you worship him anyway, he burns you, believe me.

  132. yea she apart of that oto but it does matter cuz no one cares cuz we all listened to her one point in time….i mean almost all the people we listen to are apart of that oto like kanye west jayz michael jackson lil wayne and all them but it doesnt always mean they worship the devil its….its like who the f**k doesnt dress up on halloween…but they dont celbrate its like that….

  133. Wow…thats all i can really say…It literally makes me cry because I know my daughter and her generation are the main targets and i feel as though there is nothing we can do to stop it….very very disturbed and scared

  134. Well, first of all thank God for his abundant grace and mercy for those that are reading this,because now your lives will be changed and we will serve God in truth and in Spirit, for everything that is happening was spoken of by our Master Jesus Christ in Matthew about discerning the times and the birth pains.I am really so happy that God is opening the eyes of those that were blind spirtually,were they see physically but justify what they saw or heard and went on ahead with the sins.Please allow me, i just love the Lord Jesus Christ so much and he has changed so many things in my for i am a living testimony,i love using scripture as back to everything that is happening around this world for proof.I got trully saved in truth and in Spirit some 3years ago and all along ever since chilhood i was going to church but did have Christ Jesus in my heart and life,i would tell youthis that you can call yourself a Christian but at the same time sarving Satan the deceiver,who comes to steal kill and destroy those who want to follow the passions and desires of the flesh,why? because you have not confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour in your life and not surrendered your life to him and let himtake control of your life,because you have wanted to have it your own way witout his gudance and lead so you go astray.But i look care fully upon these scriptures i am giving out concerning what is happening around this world 1John 2:15-17 says,"Do not love the world or anything in the world;If anyone loves the world then the love of the Father is not in him.For everything in the world-the cravings of sinful man,the lust of his eyes and the baosting of what he has or does-comes not from the Father but from the world.The world and its desires pass away,but the man who does the will of God lives for ever" (meaning though you die, you will still live in Heaven with eternal life not hell,because you followed the will of God)but if follow the corrupt desires of the world even though you call yourself a Christian its Hell awaiting for you,because the scripture is clear that loving God is to hate evil,hate the love of the world,for you can not say you love God yet one step you are in church then one step in the world that is a satanic LIE..So you see people that not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the the Kingdom of God but only he who does the will of God reads Matthew 7.The word also declares in 2Corinthians 4:3-4 says, "And evn if our gospel is veiled,it is veiled to those that are perishing.The god(Satan) of this age has blinded the minds of the unbelievers,so that they can not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ,who is the image of God." This scripture is really very clear that Satan blinds the minds of those who do not want to believe because he has held them captive such that they do not see the goodness of receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.Then 1 Corinthians 2:12-14, says "We have not received the spirit of the worldbut the Spirit who is from God,that we may undestand what god has freely given us.This is what we speak ,not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit,expressing spiriual truth in spirtual words.The man without the Sprit can not accept the things that come from the Sprit of God,for they are foolishnees to him." again the scripture is clear that it is only one who has the Holy Spirit living in them that can accept the things that come from the Spirit, but to those who do not have the Spirit of God living in them as a result of not accepting Christ Jesus in truth and Spirit will think its foolishness to them.So brothers those that undertand who are Holy Spirit filled and to those who are not trully saved this is what is happening around the world,they have ben blinded and think the spiritual world thing is just a joke,when it real and true. Beyonce and the rest of them that are serving satan because of love of money and firm know tha convenant they have made with satan and if they have blasphemed the Holy Spirit, like Jay-z has already insulted God and Jesus Christ by misleading people into thinkng that Jesus Christ can not save you and yet that is a total lie from satan himself,for Jesus Christ is the only Saviour and redeemer ho came to die for our our sins so that we may be reconciled back to God,through the forgiveness of our sins and accepting Christ in our hearts and lives by faith.If you remember very well,in Matthew chapter 4 when Jesus came from fating 40days and 40nights the devil came to TEMPT him by first commanding him to turn the stones into bread and Jesus anwered back by using scripture and satan took him on top of the mountain and showed him all the beautiful cities,mansions,money,cars,luxury and he said to Jesus to says"If you bow down and worship me,i will give you all of his this fame ,riches and all." but Jesus Christ our master answered by using scripture that is written"That you will not worship any other God apart from me and him only shall you serve>" so as you can see Jesus Christ was teaching us abotu how the devil can come and attract you with worldly passions and desires of the world, but it is you who has the power and choice whether to resist him by using what the word says or accept him and live as a satan worshipper.And this is the same thing that is happening to these circular artists that have sold their souls to the devil and have gained the whole world but lost their own souls,like e.g Michael jackson.James 4:7 says,"shubmit yourselves to Gos,resist the deviland he will flee away from you." We pray they have not sold their souls that they are just serving satan by the grace of God they may be delivered but it is not going to be that EASY I TELL , IT IS HEAVY WARFARE ,but if they have then very sorry, very sorry eternal fire and the given years have been given when they will die like michael jackson was given just 50years exactly.Every addiction or obsession has got a spiritual power behind it!!!! Read the Bible and everyday and you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free for Jesus came to destrtoy the works of the devil 1John 3:8 and Luje 4:18 to open the eyes of those that are blind from darkness to light,recieve himand live for him according to his will and the Holy Spirit will direct you your life.

  135. WOW! People need to wake up! The Lord is soon to come and the devil is busy collecting as many souls as he can by any means necessary…..This is really disturbing when you look at the amount of people who follow these artist & immulate them. I can't even describe the feeling I felt when I first heard about these artist selling their souls for fame & fortune, sadness, sorrow and fear for them. Looking at these artist and the abrupt changes they've made I now understand…My God, WAKE UP PEOPLE! This is not a joke! Parents monitor what your children are listening to! Thank God that there is still TIME, every second given is another opportunity to confess your sins, repent & give God your lives. He is a merciful & forgiving God who is just and will forgive you of your sins as long as you are serious & sincere. I just pray for all those artist who are blinded by satan and I pray for everyone that they see that LIGHT & change their evil ways. God has given us all FREE WILL, if you don't surrender your life to Him, YOU will be held accountable. There will be no-excuse, remember eternity is really a long time!

  136. Reading what Beyonce said about Sasha Fierce being born during ‘Crazy in Love’ makes everything way more understandable now.

    This is what I derived from the video with the help of Vigilant Citizen: In a way, Beyonce in this video is depicting herself as a prostitute (notice her wardrobe). As a prostitute she is selling her body for fame and celebrity status. Then in the scene that she is in the backseat of the car, she does what prostitutes do by consummating with the entity in the backseat of the car. Then Jay-Z lights the car on fire, representing that Beyonce is no more, and Sasha Fierce for the first time presents herself on camera.

  137. This is a report from It wouldn't let me upload the picture but Beyonce no longer looks like the sweet innocent singer from Destiny's Child 🙁

    "Ne-Yo: Beyoncé Headed in ‘Another Direction’ on New Album

    Ne-Yo and Beyoncé

    Ne-Yo has had a longstanding relationship with Beyoncé, having penned one of the biggest hits of her career, “Irreplaceable.” But after missing out on her last album I Am… Sasha Fierce, the singer-songwriter is back in the studio, working on B’s upcoming fourth solo release.

    “It’s coming along nicely. I can’t speak too much on it, but it’s another direction for her, and she’s carving out her own niche,” he told Access Atlanta. “In a minute nobody will be in Beyoncé’s lane. They really can’t get in her lane now, but they really can’t get in her lane after this album.”

    Mrs. Carter may be enjoying life at home with Jay-Z, but she appears eager to return to the lab. Jim Jonsin hinted that he might be getting back in the booth with B after sending her some music to listen to. “She may be recording, she may not,” the “Sweet Dreams” producer told Rap-Up TV in May.

    Aside from his production and writing career, Ne-Yo is currently focused on his fourth album, Libra Scale. The LP, delayed to an October 19 release date, has already spawned the singles “One in a Million,” “Champagne Life,” and “Beautiful Monster.”"

  138. Wow. I am amazed at how many people who call themselves Christians have posted such insanely rude… conversation. Way to set an example, and be the light for God, everyone! (sarcasm intended.) First I want to say that I just found this web site today, and have only read two articles. This one, and the one on the symbolism of Sasha Fierce/Beyonce. Second, while I don't think that the performers/artists/musicians (whatever,) are all conspiring to pollute the minds of this generation via mass media, I do believe that there is direct evidence that, dare I say his name, Satan, is in fact doing just that.

    I hate to say Satan because with all of the mindless science-fiction movies and books making Satanism to seem unrealistic, and fantasy-like, comes this thought that he is merely a symbol. Yet another way that we have been deceived by the media. (We have been conditioned to automatically discredit people who talk seriously about Satan, and God.)

    I think the main thing that I want to say, is that while these articles may seem like far-fetched conspiracy theories to some people, to others they are an awakening to be more alert, more aware of the music we enjoy and allow to (if only subliminally,) influence us every day on our drive to work…

  139. Excellent and thorough work! This is information for Truth Seekers nothing more and nothing less. Thank you for the hard work.

    I would also like to add if you just listen to her lyrics to her music and know something about pyschology , it is very telling. I am sure you , however, are aware of this phenomena [Looks like my spell check is off] Lo siento.

  140. “I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work and when I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am”.


    When you are a pop star, people project a lot of energy, expectation, adulation and exploitation on you. After a while, if you are not protecting yourself consciously, through prayer, a conscious relationship with the holy spirit and Jesus (the BIG guns) salt water baths with lavender, or other means, you start to pick up on the "hooks" that so many are putting into you. It damages your purity and puts holes in the energy body (that we ALL have) and you are vulnerable to this type of psychic exploitation/attack. Also, the contracts of someone OWNING your image are not just contracts–they have an ENERGY to them. The energy of: THEY OWN YOU.

    It is a slow process of being eroded away by a machine.

    What is happening for her is a LOSS of self. She thinks her alter ego is is protecting her, but it is OWNING her. The irony is that on some level she thinks she is using it in order to cope with the energetic barrage that happens when you achieve THAT level of fame. In reality, IT is using her.

    She is lost, but THINKS she has POWER.

    Pray for her. And hope SHE prays.

    • P.S. I had another thought: WE (the public) make them into idols and then THEY become idolaters.

      "Idolatry is usually defined as worship of any cult image, idea, or object," I think that what is happening to Beyonce is the natural result of being eaten away by the ENERGY of idolatry that is coming from….guess where…the "worshiping" FANS.

  141. I actually really liked Beyonce but I do realise now that she is possessed and has decided to follow satan and work for satan. This only serves to show that the world is coming to an end and we need to turn from our evil ways and turn to God. Jesus is the way the truth and the light, we cannot cry over the weak hearted but rather we can pray for them, trusting that God is able to do all things, even turn a self proclaimed devil worshiper to to fire spiting holy ghost filled christian.

  142. lts all true. I love B but it’s still true. You tube Beyonce and illuminati…it’s all there. Please pray for her. The love of money is the root of all evil.

  143. Thank you for your research. May the Lord bless, keep and protect you. We are living in turbulent times, and I am thankful that I know the Lord and His word. satan knows his time is limited here, and as the corporate body of Christ we MUST stand firm, and be loving at the same time. I will continue to pray for you and your work . . . as well as those of whom you speak. I pray the Lord gives them great revelation before His return, and their influence becomes one that glorifies God and their RETURN to Him. Jesus is coming back folks ~ Let's keep our eyes on Him. So thankful for His Grace and Mercy, as I too am flawed . . . simply forgiven and strive to bring Him glory within my daily walk. Let us cling to His word. Again, thank you.

  144. Well I'm thinking it's less of 'worshipping the devil' and more of the illuminati brainwashing these stars when they agree to sell their souls to the devil like bob dylan and many others. they use mirrors to create different personalities so eventually the illuminati can take over and start their new world order. Beyonce's sasha is her new personality when she's on stage, it's a different person because she has not chosen to be that person and she has been taken over. they are using sasha to fill the youngin's heads listening to this music with crazy thoughts they are unaware that they can use to their advantage.

    • I disagree with you, worshipping the devil and brainwashing both go hand in hand.

      You can be brainwashed simply by seeing the money in your bank account.

      Beyonce, like Jay-Z, like Kanye, like Rhianna, and many of our childhood idols; artists and actors understand the worldly profit that comes with selling your soul to the devil. Snoop Doggs murder was the case explains that.

      Satan copies everything the Lord creates and distorts it.

      How Jesus commands us to accept Him as Lord and saviour and to no longer be a part of this world although we are still in the world to be saved from hell and gain a crown in heaven and eternity with the Father.

      Same way satan commands something of the participant for fame. The participant must give up of themself to recieve the riches of this world.

      The human soul is precious to God, but a ransom for the devil.

      "fill the youngin’s heads listening to this music with crazy thoughts they are unaware that they can use to their advantage."

      Which is all part and parcel of what satan can capitalize on when one sells their soul. They have subjected themselves to satans will which is to decieve the masses. Decieve them via the illuminati.

  145. Well, I'd like to say a couple things.

    I'm quite amazed at your observations. And to be honest, I did not realize this. But I don't think she "worships the devil". But I will say that there is definitely a contrast between the two egos. You may be right about how Beyonce symbolizes a good moral, honestly, and "inner beauty". Sasha Fierce is definitely an alter-ego due to the fact that she has more upbeat songs and acts more "sexy" and defines "outer beauty". She may also symbolize something evil or tries to appear that way. but that doesn't mean she worships the devil. It's just contrast between the two egos as i mentioned earlier. And to be honest, I think it's creative the way she did that.

  146. i think it's very interesting that ppl try to put mainly hip hop artists in devil worshiping groups. i never hear about the outrageous being apart of these secret organizations. Beyonce is not the only person to say she has an alter ego. many artist have said they become a different person onstage. Remember a few years back when T.I. made "T.I. vs. T.I.P.?" no different from beyonce.

    beyonce is able to gain inspiration from many art forms and translate it into hip-hop and pop. i dont know any other artists who use influences from bob fosse or maybe even the movie "metropolis" in their performances. frankly, i dont think the "working class" has time to pay that much attention to any symbolism in beyonce's videos. they are busy paying the bills.

  147. she is only saying ,'this is a stick up ,you see the MASK want the money" or something like that but she say mask a lot to show that Beyonce is a mask for Sacha fierce's identity so that is something else so i believe it all

  148. Besides even if you were a Christian, why would you worship a 'man' aka Jesus Christ? he was an instrument, a prophet. Worship the Creator not the CREATED.

    In Light

  149. You people think you know it all. You think you know who your savior is because the 'church' told you so?

    You have believed everything that was ever told to you in the Bible and by church leaders…and I can tell you a FACT:

    The same people that run the evil hollywood/music scene are running your churches. Jesus is not your saviour, or maybe he is, but hes not the one that will lead you to 'heaven' or the Infinite Creator and Source.

    Jesus was a traitor and John the Baptist was the real messiah.

    Lucifer is the angel of Light. Satan is the angel of Darkness.


    Christians make me sick. Oh no, sorry its not your fault, its your gullible parents fault they indoctrinated you into Christian fundamentalism. Start waking up people, the time is NOW. The Vatican is behind all the biggest corruption in the world.

    Satan is controlling the Christians whether you like to believe it or not, im sorry to say.

    The Bible is a corruption and has steered gullible believers for centuries in the wrong direction, using lies and deception to infiltrate the minds of people to serve their agendas.

    The Zionists run this world, the Jews, the Bankers. The Illuminati are NOT the Zionists! they OPPOSE the Zionist bankers and all forms of tyranny including organised religion, racism, slavery. Freemasons are NOT the Illuminati. Illuminati stand for LIBERATION, JUSTICE and FREEDOM!!!! eish propaganda is a black art and the Zionists have everyone under their damn thumbs….good luck to you all.

    Next time you are in your church worshipping satans (SUN)day sabbath, ask your church leader about the deception of Jesus on John the Baptist. Satan created the physical world and everything in it, he is the master creator. The Infinite Most High dwells in the non-physical realm and we are sparks of him. Satan uses the physical creation to lure us into believing we are meant to be in the physical realm but in fact need to go home to 'heaven' back to our Infinite Creator, the Most High. Lucifer is here to help us…light to you all.

    there are two kinds of prisoner: those that can see the bars and know they are trapped & those that cant see the bars and dont know they are trapped.

    Yahweh = Jesus = Yeshua = Satan incarnate

    byebye dont attack or fear that which you do not know. it will cost you. We are living in HELL, is it not obvious? open your eyes and seek the truth.

  150. Ey man i feel sorry for these people especially beyonce..please pray sister God is there 4 u waiting 4 your call,he will answer u some day jus believe in him,he is the saviour!

  151. Jesus is love! I'm in South Africa in Johannesburg. It's sad how some people choose to defend satan's followers. Open ur eyes 1st.

    Quick question pls, Tu Pac. He was also part of the illuminati and i've been led to believe- for many reasons- that he died after trying to renounce the devil. Satan had him in his clutches and he wasn't about to easily let go of his 'angel' that was so effective at reaching all nations. Beyonce, Rihanna, lady Gaga, Jay zee, lil Wayne etc have successfully taken this position. Will it be that easy to leave?

    I have no doubt that God can do the impossible, but will it really be as easy as u all put it?

  152. oh my word at first i could'nt belelive this but now i do… im a Christian whose loosng her touch with GOD but now i see that i have to repent… and start my life again… even Beyonce is evil? sister, you need Jesus Christ and your family praying for you… i hope God will be with you like his been with me, through it all!

    oh my lord Jesus save us from this horror.

  153. I've just read in a Dutch newspaper that Beyonce wants to lay off Sasha Fierce because she says that she now knows everything about herself. She wants to have a sort of ordinary life. When I've read this it could mean two things. She has lived with a split personality and somehow she now finds the real Beyoncé.2. She is so naief and she thinks that she can easily dump her Sasha Fierce alter ego, say demon. But that will not happen. She sold her soul to satan for money, fame and celebrity status. And things at satan's price are not that cheap. If she really insist in laying off Sasha, it would not surprise me that her life will suddenly turn into big moments of misery and pain. And than she must choose for the Blood of Jesus Christ, repentance of sin and deliverance (losing her status), or the blood of sasha, more sin and more bondage (maintaining her status) The only thing we can do now is pray. Because Beyonce Knowles is a female know doesn't deserve hell and as long as she lives, there is hope for salvation.

  154. Hey guys! dis s kurisani Mashaba 4rm South Africa, Malamulele sec B.

    lets all jst thk God dat we hv internet 2 accese info 4rm.




    asanda kili ferguson ' ON YOUR COMPUTER NOW .

    NOW TO THE KNOWLES FAMILY stay true to who you are and use your GOD;S given talent successfuly in this world….

  156. look, if you believe in whatever you believe in.its ok! but leave other people to live their lives aeet? no offense but I Am tired of jockin going on about my favourite couple, ok? just leave'm alone.

  157. Holy S**t dude

    im friggin speachless

    Iv noticed her transformation

    But my thoughts were blank to why it was

    I wonder also who else is apart of this controlled clan….

    Sorry for those who dont believe

    When it comes down to us frying in hell

    I hope by then you relized its basically your dumbass fault

    For continuing incurraging kids to listen to this devilish b***h

    Of a women

    Dislike her with a passion

    And now i have a decent reason why

    Thanks for this peice of information

    • Amanda your hate for her makes you just as evil. I'd be careful with the unjustified hate/jealousy if I were you. Beyonce has not done anything personal to offend you. Why hate her? I feel for almost any soul that will burn in hell for eternity!

    • People please note, Mayyour is deceiving us all to go to the site he's posted. It has nothing to do with these topics, rather, everytime someone hits the site through his link he gets points to win some stuff.

      Mayyour, we've learned through this site how satan uses these artists to among other things deceive. Are u sure ur not in the same boat as them? Just checking…

  158. Yeah. Im sorry to say this but its true.
    I have been doig alot of research and its just crazy yall.
    There to much proof in these videos we see.
    I beleive that she is doign works for the devil now and its a shame because god gave her this great voice and she is using it for the wrong reasons. Also I have about had it with all of these symbols in music videos and the sexual things that are being exsposed in them.
    Im a singinger and I have been writting songs for a very long time. All I have ever wanted to be was a singer and show the world my talent.
    But if being rich and famous will cost me my soul … then im sorry ill pass.

    • ive been doin alot of research>>>>i think my boyfriend thinks im losing my mind but the proof is in the pudding!! im keep doing reseacrh but all leads to the obvious GREEDY SOUL SELLERS!!

  159. Everyone,

    I have already sent my prayers to my sweet christian sister Beyonce Knowles I can't believe Satan did this to my sister trying to tear her apart to nothing. Satan is a liar and a father of them he will let Beyonce go because, God has the final say in everything.

    • I think Sasha Fierce has also got a lot to do with MPD as a result of monarch trauma-based mind control!

      Do u never think that Beyonce has been mind-controlled by the illuminati to worship Satan???

      Open your eyes people and do the research before you start accusing music artists of being devil worshippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ITS ALL THE ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



        Plz read about mk ultra, there are also books written by formerly mind controlled victims, like "Trance formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien, or "Thank you for the memories" by Brice Taylor, also read Fritz Springmeiers work on the subject. When u do that research it will become clear why it wasn't really a choice for many of these people to "worship satan". If anything, we should help those people to break free, they are ictims of trauma, abuse and manipulation of the worst kind. It doesn't matter whether you believe in satan or not, the things done by "the people in charge" are bad enough as they are.

        By the way, on which side do you think Muse is? They could go either way… tho I have the feeling that if they were on the "good" side to begin with, they are either selling out, or cornered to sell out now.

        Their lyrics seem to be against the nwo, but there are some suspicious songs/clips, like Bliss for example, the obvious lyrics and him falling into the sun and disintgrating at the end. Also they covered House of the rising sun which kinda speaks for itself…


      • I had a professor who is a journalist. She said that Beyonce is dumb as a stump. So, I don't think it takes much to control a mindless person. Plus let's face it Beyonce and Rihanna aren't that talented they only own hip hop because they're Jay Z's women. Most of the music industry can't stand B: she's a brat, she steals credit for writing music she never even touched, and there are far better singers than her.

        She has always been the worst singer of the Destiny’s Child girls. Kelly was the backbone of that group. But Beyonce is gorgeous and her daddy was their pimp so of course she’d be the lead. I feel bad for Solange even more: she’s a better singer, dancer, and actor than her sister and she can write really good music. And people wonder why she gets upset when all they want to talk about with her is the elder Knowles.

      • I think we are missing the most important aspect of what satanism is doing to our society. It is desensitizing us. Keeping us from praying for one another and encouraging ourselves and others in the Lord God and his power to overcome all evil.

        God Bless America, God Bless Musicians, God Bless all !!! Amen

  160. Beyonce and the rest have made their decisions. Its sad. Pray for them and move on. There are other souls to be witness to and we have a lot of work ahead of us………………………


  161. its just ashame to see the world chanqinq so much you either qoinq to live ya life for him or dont live at all because at the end of the story everyone will know the truth.
















    • You pray that these people get to know Jesus!???! Do you not realize that most of them grew up in a church and have accepted Jesus at some point in their lives? "Recall JayZ in one of his recent songs where he says "Jesus can't SAVE you…" I think it was his New York song "Empire State of Mind." He is letting you know what time it is with him. Therefore, it is Time for you all to wake up and realize that these people have to deny Jesus and God in order to fully be accepted into the powers of the satanic world. It is what it is. There is no forgiveness according to the Bible for Blasphemy. They knew exactly what they were doing and saying as they were very determined in their effort to become fully accepted into the darkness where they get to share the so-called worldly satanic power to gain material possession and weak-minded followers.

  164. we've all been taken over by illuminaties !!! rihanna jay z lady gaga beyonce and im starting to have my doubts with obama ..!! People are so greedy they have even sold their soul to the devil .. pthese people all have a place ….. in hell .. enternel damination .. But they have hope .. belive in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved .. x

    • There is no hope once one have sold their "soul" to the devil. Selling one's soul requires Blasphemy and all of that which is of God and pure. The Bible tells us that there is no forgiveness with Blasphemy. Once you sell your soul to Satan, there is no coming back from hell to join Christ. Satan's job is to trick, steal, destroy by killing. Well, he has already tricked them into selling their soul with promises of short-term worldly possession and power. The only thing left is to ensure that he keeps it that way by destroying them with death. Jesus said be in this world, not of this world. Not of this world, suggest not giving into satan's evil temptation that lurks this planet by focusing on God. We all should recall that the the angel lucifer/satan was kicked out of heaven and now rules the Earth. This is why there is so much death, despair & destruction on this planet because Satan wants to create minds of despair and desperation so that people will get angry with their creator and turn to him. Again, the devil comes to trick (deceive), steal (one's soul), and destroy/kill those who sell-out when they are in the height of their sins so he can guarantee the possession of their soul in hell. I am never deceived by these folks as promoting promiscuity, twisted sex, drugs, hate, jealousy, materialist views, violence is not of God. "What good does it do a man or woman to gain the world but lose their own soul?" In the end when there soul reports to hell, they will realize that they have been tricked but there is no coming back. They made a deal: promised to exchange their soul for worldly power and material possession. That crap is only temporary whereas eternal life in Heaven or hell is permanent. I feel sorry for anyone who works with the JayZ gang. They are in the so-called billionaire club. However, no man or woman has ever hooked up a U-haul and dragged their worldly possession to their grave site. Again, temporary material gain and so-called world power is nothing compared to what satan has gain: their souls for eternity. They are all weak-minded, evil people who I will not pay a cent to go see or buy their music.

      • Hi God Is Love, Can you give me the scripture where it says that God cannot forgive blasphemy. Second question. There are testimonies of former satan worshippers/followers who were dragged out of that evil environment. Are they lost or saved? Because you have stated that once a person have sold his soul to the devil, he/she cannot be saved. So, suppose that Beyonce will repent at a certain point of her life, she accepts Jesus Christ and the cross and every consequence of it, she renounce Sasha Fierce and she turns her back on the satanic influenced music industry, will she be saved or still on the road to hell?

      • This is for WetEenZooitje, I can tell by the way that you are talking that you are being taught, you know right from wrong, and to know right and to do wrong is a sin. Beyonce is a human like everyone else and she can be saved if she wants to. She's choosing fame over Jesus that's the bottom line, no one judging her she puts herself out there and she knows someone's going to say something. There are lots of people in the bible and in the present time that i know personlly that have been delivered from some evil demonic spirits you know why because they knew that if they would have continued it would've let them to an eternal death. Beyonce can fall dead today, and it doesn't have to be from a sickness or anything, it simply because she cut herself from the great vine and that's Jesus. If you pull a flower out of the ground you have to imediately go put it in some water because it will die, and when you pull away from Jesus you might as well look for death soon.

      • Please read Mark 3:29 – its clear that blasphemy against the Holyt Spirit will never be forgiven. Let us not try to go around the word of God, rather let us obey it as it is. To know the consequences of disobedience to God's word, please read Mary Baxter's book – " Divine Revelations of Hell" and get to know what happens if we try to dilute God's command.

      • I don't care who u r once u sell ur soul ur done with god! Once ur a member of the illuminatti u can't run or hide there every where. If u try 2 speak out against them or tell the world what they r u will definatly be assassinated! That's what happened to 2pac,biggie, mj, and many others. U CANNOT FIX UR SELF ONCE UR SOUL IS SOLD END OF STORY FOOL!!!!!

      • Matthew 12:31 states that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. If they have not done that then there is hope for them. There are people who were in witchcraft and the occult who were saved by the grace of God. Those people are the ones with the best testimony and who are sold out once they experience who God really is.

        I was told about famous people who sold their soul for fame & fortune, but I didn't want to believe it. One lady told me about Beyonce yesterday and I thought she was lying. Everyone knows you can't believe EVERYTHING you read on the internet. Beyonce didn't appeal to me after Destiny's Child….I don't know why though….

        It's been about four months since I stopped listening to secular music that negatively affects my soul. I do know music does affect people because they are releasing unclean spirits into the atmosphere. When I was listening to mainstream music I was more sensual/sexual…now since I stopped, I value sexual purity…It may sound crazy, but that is exactly what happened…I can't listen to certain artists and I can't go into a night club…too filthy.

      • God is love yes that is true but what Christian don't understand is that He also has a wrath! No Christian wants to talk about the wrath of God. Look at all these so called natural disasters ie; earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, all these things show God's wrath that He is about to release on the devil and his demons that are IN these physical bodies. When you talk to a person you are either talking to a righteous angel or a negative angel. That's why our God of Love also said VENGEANCE is MINE!!!! He will tear some stuff up, yall better wake up!!! Cause we are at the end and God is about to release all that He has held back for centuries!

        "Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated"… Hmmm so God also hates! Now its time for us to know that our God is the God of all things and all emotions.

      • We all sound like a Christian that isn't strong enough to stand on thier own. The Gospels as we know were written for what? Yes to tell others, 1st the Jew and then the Gentile, but also for authenitcation. Notice how all are grouped together and have very similar stories and very little differences. Whenever we are being witnesses for Christ, our job is not to belittle others, but to show the love of Christ–afterall, this is the reason that so many are turned away so easily from the Christain faith (the Crusades alone and i could go on with the things/stories in the media from today and even stemming from hundreds of years ago). There are many people too that are false witnesses and we have to make up for the grounds lost on their behalf. Now, as for authentication: Whenever we witness for Christ it is good that we back up our statements with scripture, otherwise how will they know that this is true? Now I'm not condemning you or anyone else that has posted anything on this blog, however, it truly does disturb me to see Christians so divided on an issue so simple. Yes, most secular music and some Christian music is ungodly. But please back up what you say with scripture. Most of what's in these posts in not scripturally sound. We tread dangererous ground when we just believe what our "Pastors" tell us. Please read the Word for yourselves and let's not show the WORLD how divided we are on a subject matter that we should all agree on. Also, we should be able to back up what we know according the Word of God and what is written. Jesus did that often too; for again, authentication. That He may have been able to Prove Himself. Please and from just reading well over half of these posts it is ever so clear that the body of Christ needs descipleship! I challenge each of you to read Acts, Romans, Timothys, Johns(all of them including 1, 2, and 3) and not only read it but study it and learn it. Committ it to memory and pass the knowledge on. Find a few wise people in the faith and study it under them and if you have questions ask them. Don't rely on people to just tell you stuff on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Friday nights or whenever you attend church or watch some of these UNchristian movies like Tyler Perry–OOps. Did i really say that!

      • Hi God-is-Love….just wanted to let you know that you are in error regarding blasphemy. The unpardonable sin or blasphemy is committed by a believer who received salvation and baptism of the Holy Spirit, knows it for truth and the turns around and willingly gives their life back to satan. The bible says that for such a one it is impossible to renew salvation because they would be crucifying Jesus afresh. Jesus said that ALL manner of sin can a man be forgiven except blasphemy of the Holy Ghost.

  165. I believe every word that you have posted.Its sad but true.I feel like i've lost my sister.and so many in that industry are being consumed by darkness that they will never see the light(Jesus).right round the same time beyonce was reborn into the dark side.i was chosen to go through a rebirth into the light.and during my rebirth i was shown( The Truth) alot of people do not understand what the truth means.specially when it is mentioned in the bible.THE TRUTH is God he is the thing about being reborn you have to make a choice either you embrace it or you don't.i was a former adult film star who was chosen to see the light Jesus is (the light).But Beyonce was chosen into the darkness(Satan).my sister is gone just like so many others 🙁

    • wow im proud u turned your life around. im struggling 2 decide how i wana live n who i wana live 4. I playd with a ouija board sum yrs ago n i havent been right ever since. I cnt even step foot n 2 a church.

      • @Airelle Thank you.But i wish you hadn't played with a Quiji board.those let into your life unwanted demons.that's why you can't enter into a need to be cleansed.if you believe in Jesus and i hope for your sake you do.pray to god in Jesus name to rid your body of those demons and he will hear your pray and give you what you ask for.demons have no power over gods word (TRULY).

      • Lady just get dressed and walk through the door. You haven't stepped foot in a church cause you really don't want to. If you truly wanted to you could it would be no problem. If you want to go to church then kill the excuses and go.

      • Amen sista, people will find any silly excuse not to go the house of God, but you know it's strange that they can't find one excuse not to go in the club and party all night long.

      • I agree god doesnt discriminate i know loads of people that at one point did things that werent right God is forgiveness if you wanted to go into that church you def could .

      • i really appreciate the way you think.these celebrities are really moving towards the satanic part.have you watched THE ARRIVALS?pls do if you have not.It is like a film that reveals all the satanists secretes.

      • i really appreciate the way you think.these celebrities are really moving towards the satanic part.have you watched THE ARRIVALS?pls do if you have not.It is like a film that reveals all the satanists secretes.looking forward to seeing YOU RESPOND TO THIS

      • Girl, don't listen to sonflower and centeria badger.

        You know where you're at and you know the power of the demons over your life that are compelling you to not step foot into church for whatever reasons and excuses the convincing you to have.

        Listen here though. Power is not found in the church. True power is found in the name of Jesus and the power of His Word. Speak to God.

        Tell Him you want to be born again and that you're willing to lay down your life for Him and carry your cross, just like He laid down His life for you and your sins. Ask Him to forgive you of all the sins you've commited in life and you believe that He is the Son of God sent to be your Saviour. Tell Him you'll live for Him all the days of your life and strive to live in His righteousness through His free grace, mercy and total love.

        Ask Him to remove any satanic posession, influences and burdens from your life.

        Find a bible believing church (which is usually less likely to be a mega-church) and pastor and get involved in some form of ministry that interests you (until you find out what Gods purpose for your life has always been). Then ask to be baptized in the name of Jesus, and then, ask Jesus to baptize you in His Holy Spirit.

        Satan will never have power over you ever again unless you invite him to.

        All this will save you from an eternity in hell.

        Eternity is a very long time.

      • You speak truth to power and you speak it very well. Some people believe that church, any church, will do the trick. No so. Not all churches are created equal – sad but true.

      • Airelle- wow that is deep u were probably searching & curious

        & so trying anything. If u know the lords prayer "our father…"

        Jesus said the 1st thing we need to do is to "hallow"or make holy…

        Or set apart & magnify Gods "name". Do this & u will begin to find

        what u may be looking for in life, that name is Jehovah, pray to him

        in Jesus name & call on him out loud if u have any "spirits" around u

      • Don't be scared, sprinkle a little Jesus on it!

        His blood ,that is. Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Hallelujah!

        I love Him and we must proclaim Him to the world and set the captives free, Amen!

      • @Arielle, it is simple=always say "Jesus, I plead your blood, the shed blood of calvary on me. May the blood of Jesus Christ destroy all evil forces in my life.". Also, speak to and write real men of God like TD Jakes or go to some real good pastors. They know more about these things.

      • to be honest just think for one minute that there is a creator and u are one of his creations and guess wat for ur information he loves you so much that he made himself human to walk on earth like us and he knew it was hard. harder then he ever imagine and he choose to go through pain and be killed so u and i and humanity would be save we are our own god and is cuz our creator gaved us free will but that angel got jeleaous to cuz he dont have free will he is an angel even after he was cast from heavens he still and angel he has to take comands we dont so he like to trick us by lying to us about being posses well our prase to sin is already paid and im my Own god and so are you u walk in that church and thank who created for giving u the gift of being your own god

    • Follow the money all the way up and youll see whos in control of these places and who they are connected to. THE BIG FOUR EMI, WARNER MUSIC GROUP, UNIVERSAL MUSIG GROUP (OWNED BY A FRENCH COMPANY VIVENDI…LOOK IT UP ) AND SONY. They own almost every label like young money interscope rocafella all of em. and they also collaborate with CBS (wut does the cbs logo remind you of…look at the top of a dollar bill vertex).
      Its not columbia records cuz they are owned by bigger company who’s influence is all over the big four control 75% of the music entertainment in america and a large portion of the world and its not even lik,e they are truly even competing with each other cuz they trade artist and s**t like its nothing theres no safe place in the industry unless you are willing to make the sacrifice of exposing it all to forcibly expose them to the world like MJ was prolly gonna do WITH THEY DONT REALY CARE ABOUT US. BLACK MAN, BLACK MALE THROW A BROTHER IN JAIL… Thats whut they were scaring him with by bringing up the young boys n the courts and they did it with 2pac and the r**e charges and they do it with all these young female celebs when they are refusing order and then they be like ok ok ill do wut u want and they get out within a month … IDK bout wayne but maybe they gettin at him and thats why hes sittin but hes done so much damamage he better try to reverse dat s**t and wake us up but then again look at dis…

    • I cant believe Christians are in such a rush to point blame towards music for "devil" and elements of satanism.

      Lets focus on the logical side here.

      Beyonce is in this game for money.

      and advertising this caricature satanism would segregate her audience.

      Why would she risk losing money?

      what does she gain?

      corrupting the youth of america with lack of morals! then mind control


      Bill haley (rock around the clock) was accused of corupting youth too…..

      keep up the good work.

      • What you don't understand is it is so much deeper than what the obvious is. It is about control and its all the riches of this world is a reward for Satan, this is his reward but after this in the lake he goes. When you see celebs doing things that look like it is good then that is Satan transforming himself to make it look like he is an angel of light. Its waaaay deeper than what I can go into here. I don't feel like that much typing right now.

      • We are simple just stating the facts. You need to get a background check on the music artist that you listen to. Do you know that Satin was the lead angel in music? That's why so many artist are gone wild. I'm willing to bet you that if Beyonce and others like her would use their voices to praise God and sing music of praise they'd lose their audience quick, the enemy is blinding a lot of people and like zombies they are falling for the game. Why do you have to take your clothes off and show all of your goods to make money, whorse and strippers do that. Your body is sacred and Beyonce is married her body should be for Jay Z ONLY that's how you should know that something fishy is up. I'll tell Beyonce, you and anyone else who has a problem with it that Beyonce and Jay Z, Rihanna, Alicia Keys and many more have souled their selves to the devil, they are geting their life's reward here on earth through fame, the real reward is in eternalty with Jesus in heaven.

      • Christian rock has a huge following, as does gospel music. But, you're right, many in their audience would lose their interest. For example, atheists, agnostics, or anyone who happens to belong to a religion that doesn't agree with the religion being sung about. People don't listen to Beyonce or Lady Gaga to get their daily dose of spiritual wisdom.

        Beyonce's body may be sacred, but it also belongs to Beyonce. If I buy a bible or a cross then it's mine. I can crush it, step on it, or throw it into an incinerator if I want; it is mine to do with what I want. Beyonce's body is hers to do with what she wants.

        You don't have to take off your clothes to make money, but it is an option. You don't want to take your clothes off? Fine. I don't particularly like the idea of strangers ogling my body either. But taking my clothes off doesn't mean that I have sold my soul to the Devil, Satan, or whatever evil entity you believe in. It also doesn't mean that I am evil, a word that people throw around far too easily these days. Would you condone the burning of the "devil possessed witches" during the Salem Witch Trials, trials conducted by "good, god-loving citizens"?

        I think that Vigilant's interpretation of symbolism is interesting, although I may not agree with all of it. People need to relax and realize that NOT EVERYTHING HAS A HIDDEN MEANING.

      • Yeah Caroline. Not everything has a hidden meaning. BUT what we're looking at now does. Jeez. When r u ppl gonna open ur eyes.

      • Where in the Bible does it say "Satin"(LOL) was chief musician? Good grief the Prince of Tyre was and you claim this is Satan in Ezekiel but in Isaiah you also claim Satan is also Lucifer(king of Babylon)…then you claims a fallen angel locked in the abyss (Abaddon is also Satan) even though Paul said Satan is lose on the earth just as Jesus said. I suppose the Prince of Persia is Satan too? Geez…some of you can not get your eschatology straight— there is more than ONE FALLEN ANGEL.

    • I live in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and am a world citizen through having two major passports a Eurou and Canadian. I am 22 and am a born again christian and have been for 7 years. Satan was casted out of heaven he was a great musician and one of the chief angels however he fell with countless others fell with him he is the one who is incharge of the music industry. you can play certain songs backwards and here him these artists go underground to produce this music and they do it under heavy usage of drugs sometimes oding . we have a mericiful God who loves us all as said in 2nd peter he created all however if those who have given there souls in any ritual that is Satanic acording to us in the Caribbean crapo which is a frog has already smoked your pipe. This article is very fruitfull and very knoweldegable i know of this due to my belief. according to the bible it is appointed once for a man to die and then it is judgement and judgement if your soul and where it will spend eternity something our human brain cannot concieve or begin to think off many choose the path of destruction. in conclusion you know proctor and gamble they have sold there selves to the devil they produce pringles and a host of ole of oley products.

  166. Thank you for this insight! My best friend and I have been studying this subjuct vigorously these past few weeks and are just amazed by what is happening right in front of our eyes. My friend being christian and myself being pagan we are learning a lot about the world and about each other.

  167. hey to all the afore mentioned article does not judge as some misunderstand the author l have watched documentariescelebrities l tell u they are not pretty good. l think the author is tryin to say to get closser to GOD almighty we need to move away from evil thas all .we can only do these by knowin wat is not good for our spiritual health. l can say stardom , idol , popularity , celedrity stuffs have been infiltrated into by the devil who has agents here on earth . They did not do it in days its clse to (5 decades and l think if we really want to save souls we should strat comin up with our system to counter these evil ur effort my effort our effort as small as it may be where ever we may be has somethin to contribute. To change how a man thinks u must change his believe. Believe and you shall be saved in JESUS NAME. A house divided among itself cannot stand. l do music myself and have dreams of havin a movie house but geared towards amother dimention. You who has the potencial why not creat ur own TRACE MTV CHANNEL O that shows gospel musics it will help u know lets all keep bein vigilant from CAMEROON.Amen

  168. Do u notice at appoximately at 2 minutes and 53 seconds in the "Diva" music vid, she bends down slightly. If you look close, you see that her hands raised up are horns, the round black parts on her breasts are eyes, and her hips down to her mid thigh is the snout. I am in shock. THATS CRAZED!!!!!!!!

  169. I pray that God should not let her waste, God should help her to understand that God's love is greater than fame till she spits on the devil and reject his ways and denounce the devil.

  170. may the good God open the eyes of beyonce again and make her come back…dear people of good God we gta stay together and make people aware of these stuffs because the road that lead to hell is wide and many are deceived…..together we can fight the devil and claim back our sisters and brothers who have been deceived….may the good God ever help us

  171. The devil is certainly working his magic through our music. That’s why I don’t even listen to music anymore. It’s polluting our minds. Just look. Of course, they want us to believe “oh, its just entertainment.” But reality is thats what the devil wants you to beleive. The truth always tends to be concealed. It’s crazy. I just recommend that people stop listening to brainwashing stuff. Stay focused on Jesus. Because he is coming soon. It’s just sooo sad because people are really just not seeing the truth. Man i’m telling you…..this is the devils playground for real.

  172. I like how Beyonce has a spiritual aspect to her career, even if her alter ego is a bit evil. It shows a diversified side of the artist. Another female artist that brings a sense of spirituality into her music, is up and coming rapper Kellee Maize. This white rapper is making a splash into the music scene and standing out all of her own!

  173. You guys are overdramatic! Beyonce's a materialistic, vain, snobby b***h, in which we already knew that & she lies about her life to make it seem like she's perfect, therefore she has negative ways (devilish ways). Now that I think about it, she's really no different than the average person.

  174. i wz so shocked wen i heard of d illuminaty and d celebs in it am scared dt d whole world wud be soo into ds s**t dt it will rule d world.God pls save us!!!!!!!!!!

  175. I was glad to see this article. I always though Beyonce was very beautiful and talented but i felt a spirit behind her music when she made crazy in love because I always wanted to do her dance. I stopped watching BET cause it didn't feel right. I wasn't even a christian and wasn't aware of all this. I'm glad to know now.

  176. okai like woaahh!! I am so shocked but I nee to know when she was saying "Diva" did she rreally mean "demon"..I am for this website but I think she just is trying to live her life wealthy as possible I cant blame her for that because without money in this world economy these days are a trip. BE Bleessed

  177. @meng ya… Do you actually believe that atheism and new age offers greater freedom… Just look at the last century atheist killed more people then all the organized religions combined .

  178. Lol @matt sure you are a christian.. No real christian would believe that the Bible is just an inspirational book… If you dont like whats being said then I I suggest you shut up and move on and go crawl under the kabbah where you belong lol.

  179. Goes to show how the world can "get a hold of you" if you don't spend time in the presence of the LORD. If you are Christian spend time reading your bible because this article effectively points out how easy it is to fall victim to the ways of the world. I don't doubt that Beyonce is a God fearing woman that has been used as a pawn to convey a bad message. However, Beyonce's name is the name associated with this symbolism and she should probably do a better job gaurding her reputation.

  180. Have you ever seen a film called Network? Evil, madness, and the like sell….music, tv-ratings, whatever it is. Perhaps with this persona, Beyonce herself is trying to create a wierd and not necessarily satanic, just quirky, hedonistic stage character to reflect postmodern popular culture. Her stage character needs these sort of extroverted traits to catch the attention of stadiums full of people. It's certainly more exciting, intriguing, even mystifying (as the author's own interest in the character has shown), than your regular Celine Dion. Lady Gaga is a similar character. But it's not the first time. David Bowie as ZIggy Stardust etc

    I don't disagree with the imagery alluded to in the article. I just think the end product isn't quite so easy to simplify as "conglomerate fat cat record owners and their occult ways." It's more a financial thing. The world is a business afterall.


    Kieshia, people like you should never have been born.

    You are more than a fool.

  182. Thank you so much. I can't believe that sh was one of my favorite artist. And J, i actually looked up to him. Well no matter how good their music is they have just lost a fan. I am ashamed of them and myself for actually liking their music. I really do need to make sure the artist i listen to are pure and have good intentions that aren't demonic.

  183. Maybe there is a worldwide movement towards a new, modern way of thinking, but it's not evil, it's opposing organised religion and looking to the future and to greater freedom instead, which surely can only be a good thing.

  184. wow my mom always was like beyonce not in that shes a good girl well she should read this look at that picture she looks demonic as ever "sasha fierce" and all those little girls that love her that sing to her songs these people need to learn the TRUTH and to actually say i used to be the biggest fan of beyonce ugh

  185. i think that beyonce do not worship the devil i think she just want to be famous cause niki manodge betta i like them both da same though cal me 214 710 4878

  186. I love Beyonce as my sister in Christ and I'll pray for her day and night and hoping she's breaks away before it's too late cuz I know music frequencies can be used for mind control and other things and it's possible they're being controlled themselves, and I pray Jesus saves them.I hate to see a beautiful and sweet woman like her to suffer like this.

  187. I am not even surprised. These artists need to understand that the forces they are messing with are the dark forces, and only through God can we defeat them. It is not something that should be dabbled with. I will be praying for them because they need deliverance. If you didn't believe it because of this, read Jay-Z's lyrics of his song 'D'evil'

    [Chorus: (scratched by DJ Premier)]

    "Dear God, I wonder can you save me?" [Snoop Dogg]

    "Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body…" [Prodigy]

    "Dear God, I wonder can you save me?"

    "Secret society, tryin' to keep they eye on me…" [Prodigy]

    "Dear God, I wonder can you save me?"

    "Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body…"

    "Dear God, I wonder can you save me?"

    [Verse 1]

    This s**t is wicked on these mean streets

    None of my friends speak

    We're all tryin' to win, but then again

    Maybe it's for the best though, 'cause when they're seein' too much

    You know they're tryin' to get you touched

    Whoever said illegal was the easy way out couldn't understand the


    And the workings of the underworld, granted

    Nine to five is how to survive, I ain't tryin' to survive

    I'm tryin' to live it to the limit and love it a lot

    Life ills, poison my body

    I used to say 'f**k mic skills,' and never prayed to God, I prayed to


    That's right it's wicked, that's life I live it

    Ain't askin' for forgiveness for my sins, endz

    I break bread with the late heads, picking their brains for angles on

    all the evils that the game'll do

    It gets dangerous, money and power is changing us

    And now we're lethal, infected with D'Evils…


    [Verse 2]

    We used to fight for building blocks

    Now we fight for blocks with buildings that make a killin'

    The closest of friends when we first started

    But grew apart as the money grew, and soon grew black-hearted

    Thinkin' back when we first learned to use rubbers

    He never learned so in turn I'm kidnappin' his baby's mother

    My hand around her collar, feeding her cheese

    She said the taste of dollars was shitty so I fed her fifties

    About his whereabouts I wasn't convinced

    So I kept feedin' her money 'til her s**t started to make sense

    Who could ever forsee, we used to stay up all night at slumber parties

    now I'm tryin' to rock this b***h to sleep

    All the years we were real close

    Now I see his fears through her tears, know she's wishin' we were still


    Don't cry, it is to be

    In time, I'll take away your miseries and make 'em mine, D'Evils…


    [Verse 3]

    My flesh, no n***a could test

    My soul is possessed by D'Evils in the form of diamonds and lexuses

    The exorcist, got me doin' skits like Homie

    You don't know me, but the whole world owe me


    Was thought to be a pleasant guy all my f****n' life

    So now I'm down for whatever, ain't nothing nice

    Throughout my junior high years it was all friendly

    But now this higher learnin' got the Remy in me

    Liquors invaded my kidneys

    Got me ready to lick off, mama forgive me

    I can't be held accountable, D'Evils beating me down, boo

    Got me runnin' with guys, makin' G's, tellin' lies that sound true

    Come test me, I never cower

    For the love of money, son, I'm givin' lead showers

    Stop screamin', you know the demon said it's best to die

    And even if Jehovah witness, bet he'll never testify, D'Evils…

    [Scratched by DJ Premier]

    "Dear God, I wonder can you save me?"

  188. Elisa,

    We are in the last days and Satan has a new plan to destroy, deceiver and manipulate the generation I am a part of, and live in. You think the music that I have heard and seen in music videos is bad, you need to see and hear Pastor G. Craige Lewis who has videos on Jay-Z(Shawn Corey Carter), Notorious B.I.G(Chris Wallace) and the 1990's Rap group Bone Thugs -N- Harmony. Elisa, you have to pray for our sister Beyonce G. Knowles you can't judge and condemn anyone for falling into darkness being raised, as a Christian woman. Beyonce disobeyed God by being unequally yoked, with an unbeliever who was Jay-Z. God suffers things to happen to his children because, of disobediance so we'll learn to not repeat that same sin all over again. Beyonce is mimicking devil horns beautiful, because she is demon possessed, when demons take over your body you are asleep and the spirit has full control over your body. Remember, Ivan Reitman's Ghostbusters film in 1984, when Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver where both, demon-possessed by Vince Clortho(The Key Master) and Zuul(The Gate Keeper) . These two demons were mini-gods who were under the authority of their master Gozer: The Gazarian played, by actress Slavitza Jovan. What, I am saying, Elisa is Beyonce although, saved wasn't born again to discern good from evil and Satan lead her away by her own desires of wanting to be demon-possessed to receive fame, fortune and possessions.

    Scripture say's What would it profit a man if he gained the whole world and lose his own soul. Scripture also, say's If, we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Beyonce is not beyond forgiveness time is running out and God did say that his spirit won't always strive with man. Beyonce Jesus loves you don't forget who your family and friends are Solange has been sucked into that secret society you are her big sister and a role model for Solange Knowles(Solo Star). Beyonce I love you girl don't do this to the people who love you your still my "Survivor" and "Honey B", Foxy Cleopatra babe for life. I love that smile, and cute dimples you have my mother has been saying, I should get with you but, if you were single I would wait for you to make the first move. I did see a video of you checking out some guy should I be jealous Beyonce. For, a minute you looked like and reminded me of actress, model and humanitarian Megan Denise Fox. She is a Catholic Christian I will miss her in Transformers 3 but, she will alway's be Mikaela Banes and Jennifer Check.

  189. Labutreaya,

    I wonder if you agree with my earlier posts but, Yes I've done some research on Michael Jackson who was my biggest music inspiration and model who exposed, "The Illuminati" occult secret society and they had him killed. There are videos about his fight against these evil mind-controlling barbarians and the videos were saying, they were responsible for his skin changes and the false accusations of him molesting children to turn the public against MJ. I saw the Beyonce Knowles videos "Diva", "Crazy In Love" and "Sweet Dreams" and all of them related to Beyonce Knowles's transformation from her Christian raised, self to Sasha Fierce this demonic demoness goddess that is trying to erase Beyonce from existance. Labut, this is exactly what Satan I assume is trying to do kill the spirit of the female being who was created, beautifully by our heavenly creator Jesus Christ Jehovah Jireh(Lord Provider), El Shaddai, Prince Of Peace.(The Great I AM). I think Michael Jackson really died in the 1980's when the 1990's came Michael Jackson wasn't the same I think his spirit was asleep and the demon emitating MJ in his last videos were part of "The Illuminati" plans to destroy Michael because, he stood up for what was right.

    I think Lab that Jay-Z under Satan's influence forced, Beyonce to be with him the wedding ceremony wasn't a normal thing as God does them it was involved, with secret satanic performances to control Beyonce's mind so Sasha Fierce could have her way in Beyonce's vessel. This is 100% complete satanic barbarianism and r**e of a woman's mind and her life forcing her to serve and bow down to the will of Baphomet(Satan) and Sasha Fierce the Egyptian goddess who was Horus's daugter creator of the "All Seeing Eye" occult organization in mythology. Satan is really the creator of "The Illuminati" since, he created, sin and death from the beginning. He is God's archenemy and a counterfeitor that has created all of these satanic religions to try and destroy God's Bible and lifestyle belief "Christianity" which, alot of us are Christians.

    Lab, God will defeat Sasha Fierce, Ra and definitely, Satan he only has a short time to do what the prophecy says he will do before his eternal doom in Hell. Beyonce, I have seen her face in interviews and she looked sad and tormented and I've never seen Beyonce so hurt in the face but, we must continue to pray. I also, saw her in a video with makeup on and it was as if that was someone else talking like, Sasha Fierce immitating Beyonce to get media recognition. Lab, I know you know Sasha Fierce is a deviless and she is stealing Beyonce's life that God blessed her with. That is why we should all consider the source God in everything we do. I want to be famous like, Beyonce and I know Satan will tempt me with worldly things he will even try and get me into that sick secret society known as, "The Illuminati" and I will let him know I am an Orthodox Christian and I have one God and his name is Jesus Christ. The Lord is Salvation and Messiah Annointed One.

  190. To # 967 (LL):

    I agree that we are seeing a body of Beyonce truly taken over by a demon. This is what happened to Michael Jackson too I believe. Think about it, everyone lvoed him and he was not repulsive and scary. And then, POOF, he changed at some point and not just physically. Tere was a demon dancing and singing in his body. Everyody feels like the real MJ dided in teh 80s, and they are pright!!!

    • u guys are stupid to believe that the real michael died in the 80's. mj has acted the same way. he became reclusive because the media changed, the way the media portrayed celebs changed,and how the obtained information changed. if so then then the real janet died in the 80's as well. goodness do i belive that there is a such thing as illumanati? of coarse. but at the same time, mj changed because of his fame. u cant act the same when ppl are stalking u or trying to be friends with u just because u r that famous. u also change when every women wants to marry just because your name is michael jackson . ppl dont realize who mj really was. all he wanted to do is share what has been in his mind from the very beginnig and that was music, dance and helping ppl. that all he really ever wanted to do. and the whole damita joe thing with janet. damita jo is janets middle name, she wans named after a jazz singer. this is sad becuase ppl will not leave the jackson family alone. they have made history and have made a life of there own. know go do the same 4 urself

  191. Standly,

    Sasha Fierce is a demonic sun goddess entity that has possessed Beyonce Knowles it isn't Beyonce herself at all. Demons whatever their personality is controls the person it dwells in to do what its nature is to do. Sasha Fierce was a powerful female Egyptian goddess who asked Horus her father for the power to influence mankind with beauty, music and deception. In, our generation Sun god Ra who is in Jay-Z (Shawn Carter's) body is also, an Egyptian God and together with him and Shasha Fierce millions of young people are becoming brainwashed and mind controlled over this occultic power coming from Jay-Z and Beyonce. They, don't realize what these demons and what Satan is doing through them to attack and destroy my generation brothers and sisters. My prayers have been sent to Almighty God he will deal with these blasphemous demon entity spirits and cast them both, out of Shawn Corey Carter and Beyonce Giselle Knowles. Beyonce was spiritually raped by the spell Jay-Z put on her it took advantage of, her mentally, emotionally, psychologically and sexually robbing her of her freewill right to want someone who is a Christian like herself. Beyonce still belongs to God, and I believe B is being tested by him allowing her to fall in Satan's clutches so that she will hopefully, come to herself and repent get back in the light of Christ. God Bless You all everyone please pray for the stars and my african-american sister Beyonce Knowles. I love her so much.

  192. Oh my God…All I can say is that the devil can not take the soul of the children of God. So we as believers must pray for the souls of those with the lack of understanding. My plan from today forward is to pray that God has mercy on their soul. And I ask anyone with the power of player to agree with that God will change the hearts and minds whom the devil has tricked. May God bless you all

  193. THIS SATANIC CREATURE – SASHA FIERCE – is repulsive. It cannot be any clearer that Beyonce 'died' a long time ago and yet because people are so caught up in the life of celebrities they still cant understand that WHAT IS DANCING AND SINGING IS A DEMON. IT IS UGLY and it is repulsive and if I had children I would never allow them to watch any video with this demonic entity in it.

    Anyone who is silly enough to keep listening to this DEMONIC ENTITY singing and dancing in Beyonce's body can continue to do so. I was actually a fan of Beyonce before she disappeared and this demon took over and let me tell you – even the makeup that it wears is UGLY. EVEN THE WAY IT DANCES IS DEMONIC. If you love Sasha Fierce you love Baphomet.

    Do you know why Sasha Fierce, Jay Z and Lady gaga are now so bold in exposing what they really are to the public? – Because of what is coming. The controlled military state where no rights exist – The enforced rule of THE ONE EYE GOD that will rule the earth (SATAN) under a one world religion. Not to mention that one third of the planet will be destroyed and those who remain will worship the one eye god.

    Sounds like a fairy tale? Let me give you some more. The rise of robots and the creation of humanoids … the mark of the beast by forcing everyone to have a microchip in the hand or forehead for enforced control.

    Obviously Beyonce gave herself to Baphomet because if you know about the role of the occult in world events, SATAN will be released and will 'reward' those who prepare his coming. Therefore, SASHA FIERCE is very busy these days.

    BOOOOOOOOO to Beyonce even though she doesn't even exist anymore.

  194. Hello,

    The talk of Guillotines is not a surprise to me because, I believe what happened millenias ago will repeat itself in these end times. Satan's "Antichrist" is going to do the most vile, malicious and perverse things no other madman in history has ever done. Millions of Jews and Gentiles will be persecuted, and killed for standing up for Christ. Beyonce I have to admit I'm still in love with and I feel really bad for "Honey B' that she would sell her own soul to Satan to gain wealth, fame and possessions. I am praying that Beyonce comes back to Christ because, she will have infinite wealth in the life to come if she chooses to except Christ and be in love with Christ her first love her savior. Christ was my first love too when I first got saved, and those feelings for my Savior are still inside of me. Beyonce i don't know if she is meant to be with me but, I'll say this lets be friends first Beyonce my Houston sweetheart.

  195. Hello there,

    I’m currently wrapping up a study of the end-times on my blog, Reflections on the Christ, at

    There’s been talk of guillotines being imported into the United States and other scary bits of news.

    However, I am discussing about them from a prophetic point of view and hoping to stimulate more research and personal study of God’s word and the end times.

    If you have the time, feel free to drop by, express your thoughts, and maybe even shed some light for others who come by. I’d be honoured.

    Keep shining.


  196. wow….come beyonce yu have alot of followers and for yu to just go and switch sides and worship the evil like that is just insane..///

  197. Cynic,

    Sasha Fierce was a female sun goddess my brother Research and do history on gods and goddesses in mythology. The Eye Of Horus is the same image “The Illuminati” occult followers and religion use in worship to Satan himself. The eye above the pyramid is also, called, “The Eye of Satan” the latin writing above or underneath the image means, “New World Order”. Cynic, Satan planned to trap Beyonce by blinding her with his once, heavenly gift of music as The Archangel Lucifer he once was. The music Satan uses is now used for his evil plans to attract those that are not born again, and given the gifts of discernment to recognize evil a mile away. I’m a Christian Cynic and I can sense and discern evil behind the desceptive images of it protraying itself as something from God. Satan is a counterfeitor Cynic ever since, he was in Heaven with God he wanted to be like “The Most High” a name God is called. Lucifer walked with Almighty God, was his most upright and perfect angel up until he got beside himself and coveted what God possessed. He, wanted his divine glory, and God say’s he will share his glory with no one. He wanted his power and no created thing can possess and have God’s power for themselves. Lastly, he wanted his kingdom to reign and rule like God, and God said, in Exodus I am a jealous God, Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Lucifer/Satan wanted to strip everything from God himself so that a created being would rule over the creator. Cynic this is pure rebellion, pride, idolatry and usurping authority from his own creator The Lord Jesus Christ himself.

    Later on, in history as Satan his fallen angelic nature and name he came to Jesus Christ is his creator and now arch-enemy and tempted him three times with death, hunger and worldly possessions. The one thing Satan desired from Jesus himself Cynic was worship If, you are the son of God, throw yourself down for he will give his angels charge over you lest you dash your foot against a stone. Jesus reminded Satan that Thou, shalt not, tempt the Lord Thy God. He tempted him in the flesh to eat, Jesus said, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Satan tempted the last time before he came again later to persecute Christ and his disciples. All of these will I give thee, if thou bow down and worship me. Jesus say’s this Cynic, Get thee behind me Satan, Thou, shalt worship the Lord Thy God, and him shall you serve.

    Cynic, Ra the demon sun god who is inside of Jay-Z’s body refers to himself, as J-Hova (god of music) Jay-Z under satanic possession is not speaking from his own mind but, the demon spirit inside of himself says that he is god. Jay-Z came out with a song on his Black Album CD and if you watch C. Lewis’s Christian sermon on you will see him talking about Jay-z and what Beyonce has no clue to who she has connected her soul with and who is controlling her. Shawn Corey Carter better known, as Jay-Z is controlled by Ra and he is being given orders to do as Satan instructs him to without having a sane conscious to fight off the evil demon god out of his body. It takes a committed life of being filled with “The Holy Spirit” to cast out these demons and a possessed person can’t cast out a demon that is controlling him he or she needs strong Holy Ghost filled Christians to cast out these spirits. I have prayed, for both Beyonce Knowles and Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) because, Satan has deceived them both and lead them into something that could cost them both, their lives and I pray that God opens their eyes and they will sing and rap about God delivering them from Satan and his evil traps. Cynic, this is not a funny discussion and matter Satan is real and so are his hosts of demons they are going out killing, stealing and destroying just like their head dark angel leader Satan is doing. God is also real and he has us, the Saints in Heaven and his mighty angels who are hard at work fighting these evil spirits and their evil weapons of greed, lust, pride and the other sins and works of the flesh we battle against daily. Satan doesn’t want you to see and believe that the videos of Beyonce and the Baphomet ring she wore this year in April at her concert is in worship and praise to Satan himself.

    Don’t you want Beyonce Knowles, Shawn Carter, Solange Knowles, Omarion Grandberry, Timbaland(Timothy Moseley) Robin “Rihanna” Fenty and so many others who have fallen into this “Illuminati” occult secret society to be set free. Alot, of these stars grew up in the church but, they didn’t get born again to discern between God’s light and Satan’s darkness and they loved, the darkness over the light because, their deeds became evil. I don’t want anyone to be blinded by these demonic forces that are trying to destroy God children. Cynic you are precious to God, and Satan is indeed after you he knows what you like, he knows that you don’t want to believe whats real from what is imaginary. What, you are looking at is the singing, dancing and smiling on Beyonce’s face but, ask yourself Is that really Beyonce Knowles I’m looking at? Noooooooooo it isn’t that is her vessel on stage being used, by the demoness entity “Sasha Fierce”.

    Let, me send you a couple things dealing with Jay-Z’s song off his Black Album CD and Beyonce Knowles’s music video “Crazy In Love” I hope as your watching these things that God warns you of the deception Satan is using to attack and scare my brothers and sisters in Christ. This is real stuff man don’t ever laugh and say hahahahahahahahahah at this because, everything that has life in television, games, movies and music sends out messages. Rap and R&B has changed somewhat with words praising Satan in the songs and in the music videos there are images of Baphomet in them and the pop stars wearing his image on the clothes they wear and make “Illuminati” signs in their hands as acts of worship to the religion and its leader Satan himself.

    Watch these videos Cynic and tell me what you believe is true. !!!! Pastor G. Craige Lewis is real about what he has read, seen from The Holy Spirit showing him things and he had Shawn Carter’s Black Album and the song that will shock you.

    Here is teh subliminal messages in Beyonce Knowles’s “Crazy In Love” music video from her album, “Dangerously In Love”. You will be shocked at what was in this video this is how sick and evil Satan
    has created things in the video.

  198. @chris

    "I have prayed, for Beyonce that Sasha is casted out and sent to hell along with Ra who is inside of Jay-Z’z body tormenting him calling himself J-Hova"

    hahahahahha, where do you come up with this s**t.

  199. i honestly dont believe any of this and if i did thats her choice. i respect her work as an artist and im not gonna change that because of her beliefs.

  200. IS Just a Freackin' IMAGE seller… BAD sells better when ur oldder… Cute n cuddly si when ur young…hot as an teenager…… BLACK n Bad as n Old Pop Singer… !

  201. Katherine,

    Don't be deceived sweetheart Sasha Fierce is not Beyonce trying to be more confident about herself. Sasha Fierce Katherine in mythology was a powerful demoness sun goddess who was protector over mankind. Sasha, means "Guardian Of Mankind" this demoness is tormenting Beyonce to the point that Beyonce could lose her life, but God has the say so in this matter. I have prayed, for Beyonce that Sasha is casted out and sent to hell along with Ra who is inside of Jay-Z'z body tormenting him calling himself J-Hova inside Shawn Corey Carter. Kamaria if what Katherine say's is true about Nikki Minaj meaning "Threesome" I think you better change your role models and pray for Nikki too she needs serious help. MidnightGamer, Barack Obama is not the fourth representing leader he is probably, an associate of the coming fourht leader but, it isn't him. Midnightgamer Julius Ceasar was never a World leader but, Hitler, Napolean and Nero Ceasar were all tyrants. Midnightgamer the fourth world leader will be "The Antichrist" Satan's representative he is already involved, in everything that is prosperous. "The Illuminati" owns 98 % of everything success in this world. Sammy Satan is fighting to get you on his side, because Satan knows he has a short time to do the things he is prophesied to do before, his eternal defeat in Hell after "The Battle Of Armageddon". Katherine sweetheart if you look at Beyonce Knowles's "Crazy In Love" CD you will see an image of Baphomet the demonic image that is also, seen in Satan's evil star Hexagram symbol for devil worshippor's. Baphomet was also, shown in Omarion Grandberry's music video "Cold As Ice" Timbaland (Timothy Moseley) and Solange Knowles(Solo Star) Beyonce Knowles's kid sister played, the devil in the video.

    Katherine here is a youtube broadcast of the video the video is a wake up and it will disturb you sweetheart brace yourself. Don't ever let Satan deceive you into thinking Sasha Fierce is someone Beyonce wants to use to make herself confident. Beyonce when she performs on stage falls asleep and Sasha Fierce has her way drawing people into the music to destroy Beyonce's fans. Satan has taken advantage of Beyonce's God-given talent for music she possesses because, he is jealous of what and where God will take Beyonce. Beyonce needs our prayers and she needs Jesus Christ and only he can free her from this evil controlling demoness.

  202. Oh, my God. This is horrible, and I'm not talking about Beyonce being a "devil worshiper" because that just seems like paranoia to me. What's horrible is how quickly to judge some people are. And what is this saying that Nicki Minaj is a better role model? Her name means THREESOME! And you're worried about Beyonce being sexual? Just because Beyonce has an "alter-ego" doesn't mean she's been possessed. "Sasha Fierce" just brings out a more confident Beyonce, the stronger parts of her. I believe in God and in no way am a "devil worshiper," but even I sometimes like to pretend that there is a more confident version of myself somewhere inside me. My "alter-ego" is just a taller, happier, and stronger version of myself. I don't see that at demonic, and I don't see Beyonce, Jay-Z or Rihanna as satanic either. Please think before you judge.

  203. you know i am 13 and i looked up to beyonce and whe i heard of the whole

    devilwhorshipping ting with her i stoped listing to her music and was mad

    i really wanted to be just like her but know to be just like her but know i dont

    i wanna be like nikki manja she is a awsome rapper and for you beyonce

    you are big stupid over rated rich stuck up wanna have an alter eag have azz

    b***h F**K YOU BEYONCE.

  204. I think everyone should take a look at the movie Angels and Demons. I have to admit, it is clearly the face of Baphomet as her outfit. I look at both sides of the story. Some say its rediculous, but its very interesting that every video seems dark. For example, Jay's videos are mostly in black and white which could be a symbol of dark times. Even his commercial of NY-Z is in black and white. I have noticed the change in Beyonce and Rihanna. Also the pic of beyonce withe the flashing lights isnt just about fame, its about illumination. Thats why the lights were so bright when they flashed. I think there is something much bigger than this. I have a question though. Some people say the goverment is also involved. So wouldnt that mean that they will try to get obama involved? One last thing. There was a showing on the discovery channel that discussed about the devil trying to take over. It mentioned 3 paths representing leaders. Hitler, julius caesar, and napolean. But they mentioned a present path which would be the most loved. Wouldnt it be obama? I am not saying he is the 4th. I am just wondering.

  205. i am so shocked because i loved beyonce and respected what she did on stage but now i fully understand and it is so clear for me . now that i know the truth i can't carry on loving her and her music because if i do its like im choosing the devil over my Lord Jesus. it is so sad that someone would sell their soul to the devil(sad) just for fame and money … ths life is short so we shouldn't hold on to the material things that will soon come to an end and this is an eye opener to all of us . it is so sad because the man that "claims" to love her loved her so much that he helped her sell her soul to the devil . as we know that in heaven the devil had the talent of music he could sing such beautiful music ,so why not use what he knows the most to full us? he is still good at it today so we need to be awake and know the truth. i hope that God will bless all of those who watch this as we are living in the last days and the devil is working over time to try to get us onto his side .

  206. Rob,

    I have read information on what happened to Beyonce Knowles and my angel sister in Christ was taken advantage of by "The Illuminati" occult society religion in the entertainment business. I believe Robert that when Jay-Z aka Shawn Corey Carter met Beyonce Satan had a plan to have Beyonce be Jay-Z's wife through satanic mind control abduction. No one knew the true stories of Beyonce and Shawn's marriage because, their marriage wasn't the normal marriages a man and woman have when they are united in Holy Matrimony under God. Rob, Jay-Z is demon-possessed by a demon god entity by the name of Ra a Sun god back in ancient Egypt. Ra I believe was the King ruler of his queen an evil demoness named, Sasha Fierce. Sasha Fierce chose Beyonce because, the more popular Beyonce became the more vulnerable she was to demonic possession. Beyonce herself explained, When I am on that stage I become a different person something enters inside of her, and she has no control over the possession. Rob, this is demonic possession by, Sasha Fierce herself. If, you look at a photo of Beyonce at a concert show she was at you will see a hidden image of Balphomet the demon that is hidden in Satan's triangular pentagram symbol that devil worshippor's use to identify themselves as followers of The Prince Of Darkness.

    Rob, I have sent a prayer of deliverance to Beyonce Knowles, and I've sent a message to Sasha Fierce this sick, evil, controlling demoness goddess from ancient Egypt who has come back in this generation to take control of Beyonce and torment her soul so that she will be torn apart by the music she is using from Beyonce to destory her life as her fans don't see Beyonce suffering but, Beyonce singing. Rob, I've read responses yesterday, and what people don't realize is that Sasha Fierce is the deceiver she deceived Beyonce Knowles when she did the video "Crazy in Love" you could see Beyonce tormented in the flames in the back seat of a old hooptie car. This was Beyonce allowing wealth, fame and possessions to override her commitment to staying close to God, and being Christian Beyonce. Sasha Fierce by Satan's influence possessed Beyonce's body and the deceived becomes the deceiver. Sasha Fierce in Beyonce's body i the video "Crazy in Love" draws other women to obtain wealth, fame and possessions by doing raunchy, vulgar, profane and other ungodly things with their bodies to be successful. I learned Robert that fans that go see Beyonce and Jay-Z perform are not aware that Beyonce Knowles and Shawn Carter are being controlled by Ra who calls himself J-Hova a blasphemous name Jay-Z say's but doesn't realize he is saying it, by Ra's control over him. He believes and thinks he is the god of music and Satan in the beginning as Lucifer was gifted, talented and blessed with music that he was able to attract so many people with the sound and words of music. As, Satan he is doing the same thing only on the opposite side of of what is Good and that is Evil. Satan is using Jay-Z and Beyonce to pull people into the music they created and are playing to control their minds. The doors to your mind are your eyes and Satan knows what to use to attract you and get you as far away from God as he can to destroy you with it.

    Rob, lets pray for Beyonce, Shawn, Rihanna, Omarion, Solange and all the other stars that have been deceived by this evil occult organization known as, "The Illuminati". They are taking over everything that is succeeding business wise in this world.

  207. "young" reference by Jay-Z: In relation to their actual childhood abuse (abduction/torture/dissociation) then, this video could be seen as a 'trigger' for Beyonce… interesting.

  208. Ima,

    About a little over a few months back I have to around January or February my mother and I were at Discount Tires auto place in my hometown and I was reading this magazine. To my surprise I saw Beyonce Knowles's "Crazy In Love" CD and to the left of the cover picture was Balphomet the demonic goathead image on Beyonce's CD album. When, I saw that Ima my spirit hated that image. What, do you think of the experience I had seeing that in a magazine. Unbelievable man "The Illuminati" are just sick and possessive of young stars music, movies and sport's are all getting sucked in if they feel they have nothing to lose.

  209. Amandapooh,

    I read this comment you recently, posted and the music you were listening too from one Beyonce Knowles's albums had demonic spirits in it to take complete control over your mind. I believe it was you that talked about Lucifer and his gift of music God blessed him with that attracts people and things to it. Amanda you are exactly, right sweetheart all sources of life music, movies, nature, possessions whatever it is has an effect on people. I read a comment that boys and girls that listen to their music on Ipod's, and Zunes the music changes their behavior. I believe you Amanda because, my kid brother was acting out of the normal I would see sadness, depression, anger all of these in his face. His girlfriend who is Caucasian and also, took physical attraction towards me was secretly practicing the occult in secret. I know this because, I have seen pieces of hair in my parents house, I've smelled burned candle incense in our house and my things were either taken to be used, for evil control or stolen and given to her mother as a gift, a tool to subject us to Witchcraft and mind control. She is near 20 years old and it is sad that this young girl is so insecure, depressed and jealous of the love I have for my parents and brother that she is trying her best to divide my family up. I am here Amanda Pooh to tell her that she, Satan her master and his demons are all liars in the name of Jesus. Yes, she will give an account for using Witchcraft which, the bible lists it as one of works of the flesh and a abomination because you are tampering with the demonic realm. This defiles and makes your body, soul and spirit wicked in God's eyes and if you don't turn away it will destroy your soul damning you to an eternal Hell.

    Amanda, my future sister-in-law or sister has two choices she will choose to repent or she will face God's judgement of chastisement and punishment for using the dark forces to try and divide my family and also, take advantage, and hurt my kid brother. Everytime she is around him and he talks to me he acts ugly towards me because, she is jealous of the blood family relationship between me and him. She, has no idea that I don't fear her, the Witchcraft she uses I don't fear any of it and I have all faith and trust in Almighty God that she can't penetrate. Sooner than she expects God will permanently remove her out of the way if she continues to refuse repentance and allow my kid brother to take her as his soulmate.

    Love is not selfish and it doesn't covet others, evil in the form of greed, Witchcraft and jealousy will cause one to possess another for herself. My kid brother was asked not to go on MySpace and he did the opposite of what he was told, and Satan stepped in and brought this girl to him for her to control him. It is better to listen and be free from evil's grip than to rebell and fall into evil's snares that is God's desire that we adhere, obey and everything will take care of, itself.

    God Bless You,

    Amanda Pooh

    PS. All of Beyonce's early CD's keep those they were all Christian to the ones she sending an evil message too I would get rid of all of those your eyes are the windows to your soul and what you see that is evil will control you. Your Ears I would say are gates to your mind just as eyes are doors to your soul you listen to what you hearing good and evil and by choice you will either mimick the good or evil.

    Amanda, I believe in 2007 that Satan possessed Beyonce because, her and Jay-Z have been married about 2 or 3 years so that was the time Beyonce was manipulated by Sasha Fierce the demonic entity controlling Beyonce in association with Jay-Z as a representative of the occult society and his master Satan himself. Satan manipulated, Shawn Corey Carter Jay-Z's real name to make him think he is J-Hova god. Jay-Z through, the possession of The Prince Of Darkness is on top in the music, clothing line ads, not as big in movies but, he has a huge influece in that being a member of "The Illuminati". Its important when you get to be a celebrity to remember what is important, don't allow evil temptations to block out the important issues that God has for you to accomplish. Amanda if you want to be an artist, model, singer, actress, or athlete or other watch out for strange offers that you know God didn't send you. Satan is after every single Christian that has goals to set for their life, he offers God's children anything and everything to lead them away from Heaven where God wants us. We, are to put on the whole armor of God, fast, pray and speak the word against Satan and he will flee. At, the name of Jesus Satan must obey and flee but, he comes back with new tasks and mastermind plots to trap you.

    God Bless You, Amanda Pooh

    I love You,

    Chris Kevin aka

    Kevin Clay, Jr.

  210. I knew something was up with Beyonce in 2007. I loved Beyonce soo much at one point, I bought all her CDs and went to every concert in my area. BUT once she got hooked up with Jay-z she started to change. Even her last 2 alabums were not appealing to me and I couldnt figure out why. Beyonce was a deep writter and her music was genuine, but out of the blue for me it was as if I had absolutely no intrested in her at all anymore. I am a christian and I truly beleive that in 2007, the devil possed Beyonce. I have a sixth sense and I just knew something wasnt right with her but I couldnt put my finger on it. Well Im glad the light was shined on her. She will give account to God when he returns for the things she has done. We all will. Even when you look at her pictures from the past and now the present you can see the presence of the spirt in her eyes. Your eyes are the gateway to your soul…

  211. Hi Everyone,

    I just want to say that I am so proud, of How many Christian believers and livers that have commented on this post. To those that are acting foolish and blind you guys better listen to the Christian believers here because, once you read and hear the gospel you are without excuse before God. Beyonce I have seen on television in her videos, magazine ads, commercials, charity events, and movie projects too. Everyone, Beyonce has lost her way. I believe what the sweet girl here said, that she is walking in the valley of the shadow of death fearing no evil because, God is with her. Jay-Z has committed a serious and ugly sin before God and his Christian people. He manipulated Beyonce emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and sexually. One female or male mentioned that her song "Diva" or "I'm A Single Lady" and I think it was Diva that talks about her being this woman that wants money, fame and possessions. If, any of you remember that song where she was being spiritually abused and she recorded, it in her song I forgot the name but, a sweet girl wrote in her post on here. Anyway, I saw a video on and it was about a pastor at his church talking about Jay-Z and Beyonce and her marrying him and he evil influence that overtook her. Jazy-Z in his "Black Album" label recorded, a song that had a subliminal message that I heard in the song. It went like this "MURDA, MURDA, MURDA JESUS 6-6-6. Guys and Girls this is pure evil attacking Jesus Christ and giving praise to Satan himself in the song. Jay-Z has been blinded by occult powers and hypnotized to praise himself calling, himself Jay-Z J-Hova which, is blasphemy against God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, said, that in the last days Men would become lovers of themselves, covetous boasters loving pleasures more than God. The Bible also say's that Men would depart from the faith giving head to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils from such, turn away. Santeria your name in latin means "Way Of The Saints" but, it is a latin style of Witchcraft that originated in West Africa, and Cuba and made its way into Brazil. You, experienced attempted demonic possession from the alterego that you called, Santeria. All of us have an alterego and that persona if it doesn't edify and glorify God himself is a demonic spirit that wants to keep up entertained with it. I will not judge Beyonce Knowles because, she has been a role model for everyone young and old, but she is a Christian and child of God that walked away from his light and stepped into Satan's darkness through entertainment. I am praying for Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z who I was a fan of back in the 1990's but, when he got more famous Satan brain washed him and took over his life as a rap star being positive. Shawn Corey Carter has changed into a representative of The Illuminati society to gain more followers and souls for Satan/Lucifer to deceive with worldly things so that they will be destroyed by the very things that leads them away.

    Beyonce, this is Kevin but, I have been called Chris and I like that name too. I am keeping you in my heart, and in my prayers this Sasha Fierce person that has possessed you is pure evil. She desires money, fame and power. She desires that all women follow her and be like her and that all men be with her and love her, you know what guys Sasha Fierce reminds me of "Mystery Babylon" I know you guys have heard of her because, she is "The Mother Of Harlots" and Satan's Queen. In Revelations it talked about how many weak Christians were taken captive by this wicked woman and they were drunk with the wine of her fornication. This is saying, if I'm not mistaken they were adorning her, loving her food, wealth and she captivated them by evil sexual enticements. An angel opened their eyes to tell them come out from among her because, in her time she will be destroyed and God did just what he said.

    Thanks and God Bless You,

    Email me about this evil demonized mind-controlled religious system that is coming to power when Satan will unleash his "Antichrist" representative on the world. The Antichrist guys is an anti-messiah who opposes all that God is, was and is to come as God himself declares that he is. The Antichrist will call himself a man of peace, but he will deceive possibly, the very elect. Don't be deceived non-believers I have seen The Illuminati in so many different ads it isn't funny. I last saw an Illuminati symbol on Marc Ecko's designer shirt and I was blown away that they have so much, influence in this world.

    To the girl that gave histoty on Illuminati and Freemasons God bless you girl on the truth of exposing the evil that existed for millenniums past. To the person that was talking about what the occult society does to children behind the scenes God bless you for bringing that out. I know myself by reading that these sick followers have poisioned and destroyed the lives of innocent people. I do believe Beyonce was sexually abused incestuously by evil Sasha Fierce herself who is a servant of Baphomet the goathead figure of Satan's triangular star pentagram. I also, read from someone that Sasha Fierce if she gets her way will try and destroy Beyonce by litterally taking her life once she is done with her and Beyonce will end up like Michael Jackson. Well, what happened to Michael Jackson was evil not evil in shooting and stabbing someone but, occultic evil. Michael's abuse treatment from these occult followers destroyed his life and someone who was supposed, to be his example I would have to guess had him killed, because he was jealous and wanted what Michael had.

    Now, Sasha Fierce is already wealthy and well the same for greedy she wants to get as many female stars as she can to destroy them until she has no use for them. Beyonce has become her new object but, in my eyes a person that loves God to use for evil. Sasha Fierce must be destroyed however possible so Beyonce Knowles herself can be free from her evil bondage. As, a Christian I will not allow this evil being to have its way in a young woman's life trying to tear her soul away. Sasha Fierce this is Kevin talking to you and I have my Bible and Jesus Christ with me. I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to let go of Beyonce our sister in Christ and go directly to your place of holding until you are sent to Hell. Satan I know that Sasha Fierce is your associate who manipulates and brain washes people into doing her bidding. You, were defeated in Heaven, during tests in people's lives, in the wilderness and at Calvary's cross. Ohhhh !!! It doesn't stop there at "The Battle Of Armaggeddon" (Mount Megiddo) you will be defeated permanently and sent to Hell with your demons and the wicked. Let Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Chris Brown if he is sucked into it, Omarion Grandberry(bless his heart) and all the others that have been blinded by this crap. I call all the host of Heaven to reach out and touch these people that have been puppets for Satan.

    Jesus, shine your light in their lives, save them, sanctify them, fill everylast one of them with your precious Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name AMEN. Beyonce and everyone else the prayer has been sent I pray that God gives you all revelations to see the lies Satan has thrown your way. Let God's peace, joy and love feel all of your hearts.

  212. Hi there ppl!

    First I would like to say to the author of this article,great work keep it up!Educate the sheople abit.

    Then Monique,to you I would like to say that when you refer to that interview with Beyonce(Or whatever she calls herself) when talking about God does not specify really which one she is talking about. It might be Pan,Ra,Horus,The Goat of mendes,Bachus.

    then in a similiar trend to that G .W Bush was also asked if he was a Christian and he replied that 'if you are asking whether I have been reborn,yes i've been'.

    this is also an easy way of sidestepping the question because then most people would assume that he is talking about the Christian rebirth thing but in fact he was reborn on the checkered floor and also worships Satan. Like George Clooney,Tom Cruise and so forth.

    Why is it that he who has ears does not hear,or he who has eyes does not see?

    Some biblical backup to what we see in the world today;

    A horrible and shocking thing has happened in the land:

    The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?

    "Flee for safety, people of Benjamin! Flee from Jerusalem! Sound the trumpet in Tekoa! Raise the signal over Beth Hakkerem! For disaster looms out of the north, even terrible destruction.

    I will destroy the Daughter of Zion, so beautiful and delicate

    Shepherds with their flocks will come against her; they will pitch their tents around her, each tending his own portion."

    Prepare for battle against her! Arise, let us attack at noon! But, alas, the daylight is fading, and the shadows of evening grow long

    So arise, let us attack at night and destroy her fortresses!"

    This is what the LORD Almighty says: "Cut down the trees and build siege ramps against Jerusalem. This city must be punished; it is filled with oppression. Jer 5;30 – 6

    Sorry for going off topic but its all part of the master plan.

    Good luck fellow keepers of the light,we shall prevail!

    Greetings from South Africa

  213. @ monique are you that delusional to believe everyone who say they are christians really are?…. Are the songs and videos she is performing have anything to do with being christian like?… In her song beautiful nightmare for example is she glorifying Jesus, christianity, God?….And is your alligiance to beyonce or Jesus?….These and many more questions you should be asking yourself if you are really what you professed to be.

  214. Evidence @monique and unlike you most of us in here aren't dumb down , blinded or just plain stuck on stupid of the obvious like you are… Maybe you shouldn't believe everything you see or hear from what your favorite artists want you too.

  215. You know maybe the person who wrote this was just over reacting, the sighns on the clothes might just be the bad fierce look she was looking for.You guys shouldn't believe everything you hear.

  216. You know maybe the person who wrote this was just over reacting, I mean music videos are designed to catch peoples attension and entertain.thing get mistaken all the time maybe when they were designing the video they weren't thinking like that . and the sighns on the clothes might just be the bad fierce look she was looking for.You guys shouldn't believe everything you hear.

  217. I can't believe you all believe this. No I am not one of those people who stop heard about this and saidd it wasnt true I stay yo myself to find out if it was true.I needed some answers.I love Beyonce, she is my favorite entertainer.So I stop and did some research. (She is A CHRISTAIN )Yes a christain if all of you would stop to do some research you would find my answer true.Yes all of who ever wrote this article has some very clear and logical facts but common since would tell you otherwise.Here are some facts: 1)She goes to Christain Church ,2)She sings in christain Church and praise the lord (jesus) very deeply.3)Why when she gets awards she first thanks the lord.4)She has said live that she is in fact a christain. If you still don't believe me I have Quotes:A reporter comes to Beyonce and ask what is her relationship with god. Beyonce says-"He is my everything, he created everything and everyone, I love him ,he watches over us in heaven and without him I wouldn't be singing, he gave me my voice and that's why I've come so far" SHE IS NOT A DEVIL WORSHIPER!!

  218. What ever written in this article is Valuable Truth we can see that beyonce is possessed .. her looks her eyes her whole character shows that she is possessed by devils

  219. It a shame that people are so quick to say this is not true…if they took time out to do some of the same research that writer of this article did they would know that the sybols that they think are so insignificant have various and real meanings and many of them are demonic…but I guess you can't understand something you don't want to believe in. I just want to say that its real and it should be taken more seriously because in the end everything deals with the spirit world and our souls have to go somewhere where is urs going????

  220. I think Beyonce` simply has a stage name , most of this evidence has nothing to back itself up with . Have you ever seen the Beyonce documentary ? Where before she goes on stage , she prays to Jesus ? And also both those album covers are from the I am Sasha Fierce CD . When she recieves an award she thanks God , and the picture where you said she's imitating " Devil Horns " looks as if she's only pulling her hair back . Robots do not have to signify satan , it seems like everyone is linking all celebrities to the devil . Because Beyonce dances on top of a car , shes a devil worshiper ? I cannot see how people judge other people they do not even know . Only God has the right to judge us , correct ? So until you either get real facts or she just comes out and says it , this whole article seems really biased .

  221. hey people i just wanted to say that i love all of beyonces songs and that she is beautiful in the inside and in the outside….i know alot of thing about her like where she is born…in houston texas close to where i live and she was born in september 4/1981

  222. I really don't think it's entirely her fault. I think her dad started her off when they formed Destiny's Child.And then for her solo career passed her off to Jay-Z. She's been programmed from the very beginning.

  223. i cant believe this but at the same time i can but beyonce out of all people you would think she was above that but i guess not but thats what fame can do to you.

  224. itz like they dont know wat they are gettig into at all well theyll know sooner or later and beyonce and all them will not be in my ipod anymore or spend my money on WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!

  225. Ok…I a probabley one of the most logic thinkers I know, so when i heard about this i tried to make as much since about this as porssible, because I honestly love Beyonce with all my heart. So when I heard this i search to look to see if this is true. This honestoly makes so much sense i fully understand where people are coming with this stuff. I feel as though yea Her and Sasha are two different people but i feel as though beyonce is going to a batlle, within herself and her latest CD I AM….Sasha feirce jus showed us what she is going through. Not to say she worships the devil or anything, but maybe that is the look she was going for or Sasha was going for. We cant tell the furture but in my heart i believe Beyonce will find herself and this "Sasha" will be at peace….

  226. i think we (all the nations) must interfer in this issue. i am a boy of 19 from south africa, you will be surprised that in my country the most sold cd's are for all the Evil artists like j-z , lille wyne, beyonce and others. i am scared because i can feel their influence all of the country. the track that influence more tennagers to get sexual involved is the one which says ( i'm scared ) from beyonce. But all i can i can say is that Jesus is on his way back. can you imagine if are about to live in the next coming 12 years what will be. i think God himself now he is forced by Devil to end this planet before it's get worse. CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT EVERY ONE IN YOUR COUNTRY GET THIS MASSEGE ALONG HIS/HER EARS BEFORE WE ALL GET DESTROYED BY DEVIL. LET US PRAY TOGETHER MAY BE WHEN JESUS COME BACK HE WILL FIND ME AND YOU STILL ALIVE AND FOLLOWING HIS 10 COMMMANDMENTS. I THANK YOU ALL THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD TO GET WE CAN GO BLEESED.

  227. Hi there,

    i was reading your article, i am from Holland.

    probably the only country in the world were people deny stuff like this. But i have looked at videos and it is shocking.

    And i read about the New World Order??? Oh my god, this is freaky stuff. And by the way? What is freemasons?

  228. I have a proposal for all the parents on this site. Instead of spending time reading about possesed stars, how about reading a parenting book. Here is a thought, maybe if you took the time to teach your children right from wrong you wouldn't have to worry about your kids getting into trouble. Remember when you were a kid and you just wanted to be like your mom or dad? There is your awnser; lead by example!

    I wonder if everyone were as vigilante about their kids as they are about gossip, would we even need the law of man?

    "Nothing is as it seems, everything is permitted"





  231. I don't get these stars. Selling their souls to the devil to have an "abundant" life here on earth. If they believe in Satan, then how true is the Lord our God??!! But all of us must remember not to derive our focus into deciphering the hidden messages behind these worldly things, because simply ignoring Jesus is evil. Instead, we must set our eyes on the one who was,who is, and who is going to be.


  233. It is indeed sad that pople do anything for fame and money… In the natural eyes it might appear questionable as one may ask" what is the reason they need to do that?" However the facst are there to prove.. being in a position like beyonce, jz, rihanna, gaga and so much more celebs it is quite competitive. I truely believe that they get themselves in these occultic practices to remain on top of things… To remain popular! if we take a closer look at how we behave for celebs it's easy to understand why they will do anything to keep that type of attention… They adore our worship just like satan!!!!

    It does not give me pleasure reading that beyonce a once believer has sold her soul for fame, money, power and all the earthly posessions… It is very sad!! As Christians we need to love one other.. GOD never said only love good people… but rather all… We need to pray that some how they will allow GOD to touch their hearts and let them know that no matter if the devil say it's too late for them to change…GOD arms are always open to them no matter… They just need to say" LORD JESUS please forgive me…" Just as simpl as that… He GOD wishes that none perish but that we all can have eternal life..

    I know some people may believe, others may disagree at the facts.. However GOD gave us wisdom.. We need to open our eyes.. Not with favor but rather seeking what is real and true.. Do research and you will see everthing.. Beyonce and jz sang forver young live at one of his concerts.. Look closely at Beyonce's finger… She was wearing the satanic goat head! It is real… They are into satan worship!!!!! How do I know? my grand dad was in the occult and I had an encounter with evil at age 14 years… To this day my life is not the same… But I am a ferm believer in JESUS and rely on him to keep me…

    They got into something that they have no control over… It will appear all good for now… Keep in mind the devil has no real friends! also he will not share his glory with no one! It is just for a time… It looks beautiful ent it? They sound good with all their sucess?! Look into their eyes… Do you really see happy people?! Beyonce, rihanna all of them.. Do you really see true fulfillment?! They are empty still searching for something that only JESUS can fill…

    GOD bless you all.. Pray that GOD will touch them ang change them before it's too late!!!

  234. beyonce is jus like a lil dump b***h. jus to let u no jay-z is not our creater u should no who is our creater an jay-z jus like a lil ass .once in ya life did u every see jay-z walk on water or bring back someone to life or even heal the dead.why u think u chose to sell your soul to the devil u think that money wat u makein singin u think when u die u carry da a . to let u no hell aint no joke hell is like a lake of fire that dnot stop .to tell the truth i feel sorry for u am only 15 an am not try to sell my soul to the devil that could tell u something .i wounder some time wen u sell ya soul to the devil wat is happen wat u does get rich in case u dnot no read in the bible but the rich fooljus to let u no my name is tonia cash live in nassau bahamas

  235. it is very excited and wonderfull show, i am one of the dedicators to God's child in the traditional believes of my community of the ( Dinka ) people of South Sudan-Africa. I have my hair not having it cut or shapped since I was borned in a year 1958 upto today.

  236. You cannot be serious SARAH HANA. Judging by what you said in this post you are not so Holy yourself. Just because you are not a devil worshiper does not mean you cannot join the like s of them in hell. You seriously need to get your own self together, before you pass judgment on anyone else. Evil is evil and no sin is greater than the other, you might want to think about that.

  237. beyonce has become a s**t and she's a possessed b***h, as much as she was ma favourite singer now she's my worst celebrity, along with her husband J zee and lady gaga, christ brown RIHANNAAAAAA, madona, and all these fucken weirdos that think they are gonna have success!! HELLOOOO WAKE UPPPPP, YOU ARE ALL GOING TO HELL AND IF U THINK BURNING UR FINGER HURTS ULL SEE WHAT REAL BURNING IS WHEN U CHILL WITH UR FREEMASONIC SATAN KING OF SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

  238. I am not here to deny the existence of demonic forces or evil entities nor am I here to deny that Beyonce is involved with the occult or illuminati in any way at all. I simple want to ask a simply question. HOW MANY OF YOU PEOPLE ARE TRUE SAINTS OF GOD???? I ask this question because a lot of you fail to realize that even if Beyonce or any other famous person worships Satan and as a result is going to hell, tell me where would that leave you. God didn’t say simply that all devil worshipers are going to hell. You are going to hell if you don’t have your life together when he returns. We cannot pass judgment on others. You people may not want to hear the truth but if you are not doing what God asks of you, you are just as guilt of devil worship as all these other people who openly do it., because we cannot serve two masters. Because at the end of time Jesus is coming back for his people (True Saints), not people who claim they are Christians. So, before you all decide to pass judgment on these people ask yourself, are you honestly a follower of Christ. If your answer is NO, then hell is where you shall be when Jesus returns, IF YOU DONT GET YOUR Lives TOGETHER……….


    • How can you say devil worshipers won’t go to hell, I know we are not one to judge others, but if you are a true Christian you would have read that you shall not worship any other than the almight God (thats if you are Christian)

  239. This is all very intriguing and makes a ton of sense, but I am a pretty big Beyonce fan, and she makes it a NECESSITY to pray to God before she does a performance with all of her crew. I just don't understand how someone as religious as her could be tied up into something that satanic and devilish? She makes it a top priority to pray to the Lord before every SINGLE performance. If you watch her documentary "I Am… Yours," she mentions that a few times, as well as in interviews on TV. If she was a pawn of the Illuminati, I just don't understand why she would pray for the Lord's guidance in her performances… Does Single Ladies have any hidden symbols? You haven't explained a lot of the more popular songs Beyonce has had because you probably weren't able to find symbolisms in the song… Like, what about Halo, If I Were a Boy, Single Ladies? Those are the songs Beyonce had major hits with, and there are no hidden connotations with any of those songs…

  240. really quickly, for anyone using "money is the root of all evil" as a point or something,

    it's not money that is the root of all evil but the LOVE (or more accurately LUST) for money that is the root of all evil. there is a huge difference. money is just some paper or metal that is part of the trading system that originated all the way back to early civilization. money doesn't dictate the world, it is those who have and lust for the money that dictate the world. always remember that.

  241. that's really interesting. im usually very intuitive to spiritual symbolism and, although some seem a bit stretched (for both Lady Gaga and Beyonce/Sasha Fierce) some i can see, but im trying to keep my mind open about some stuff even though its especially scary for me since i am an aspiring actor and writer in the entertainment industry. if the whole metropolis analogy is accurate, it makes sense now why most woman in the industry take the sexually provocative side of performance. that's what is most scary of all. if that is the only way to get anywhere then hell, what is any young woman supposed to do? mindlessly follow?

    and i thought scientology was scary.

  242. l never throught beyonce was a devil u dont deserve the devil you must give your life to christ l know money is the root of all evil you must give your life to GOD IS GOOD l have seen all the moves you are for know you dont rock

  243. hello,im french,but iam shocked to see that everythings is true!!

    I wanted to show him has friends but these in English, could take place a French button, it would be kind!!

    I settle of question on singers, as timberlake justin, to usher, soulja boy, gucci mane!! Can say to me if they too are dangerous!!

    Good continuation

  244. there are clearly some ignorant people leaving comments that really shouldnt . i my self thank the people that take the time out to warn us true belivers about the sneaky tricks the devil has up his sleev es shes a beautiful talented woman and ihate that she had to waste it on worshiping a falling angel it is a reason why hes a fallin angel and.. i consider my self blessed to have learned this knowledge because ive never took the time to learn anything about the devil i have been blinded for years and its a shameful thing that there are even gospel (i mean insperational singers ) out here that are also in this colt. i guess what these fools dont realize is that god holds all the power …through the grace of god anything is possiable yeah you may have to fight but as long as you have that faith no one can still that shine,hope,faith,and peace of mind when its all said and done the end is near and its past due time to get it rite with the only man that should be worship jesus christ him self god bless you guys there is a rude awakening for you guy

  245. The author is very clever!! There are alot of celebrities that get posessed by evil. Like Christina Agulara her come back shows a completely different side of her.

  246. I find it amazing that after reading this information on corruption, that people still quote and respect

    bible passages. Hell with the bible and mainstream religion it is probally corrupt itself.

  247. ps. let me re itterate, ANY + THING = anything IS=a statement of being Possible=all of the things we once sore inpossible but are now possible because we learnt how to do them. parents friends siblings radio tv and internet all ONLY contribute to this thought of what is possible and what isnt. So think about that. what is possible for you? what are all of the possible options in front of you….before you think of that one i can tell you they are infinite no scientist could tell you otherwise and they're all willing to admit this also…so if this is what you want to learn about you can and you will find answers if you look for them, what i think the "christians" are trying to say in there "loving and caring and christlike way" is that if you are looking at this is a scary way it will be nothing but scary for you (hell) but if you look it in a positive learning manner and your not trying to bring anyone down and hurt anyone or cross there paths in a way that god will get say because he can see his children picking on each other. everything on earth is of earth and can not leave here ie; when you die your body stays your spirit accends. so nothing evil can exist physicaly here only when driven by someone with a destructive thought. you can''t control thoughts, tell someone not to think/have a desire to learn is the person who doesn't understand why god made spiders as scary and gross as they may seem we accept them as a part of the eco system but people won't let people do that anymore its very bad!!!!!! your all being very silly@!

  248. My name is sasha. this amuses me alot cause this is what i think in my head to but more about myself, sasha has a strong backing to it. and isn't it just a little bit funny they emulate the coming of the anti christ? hahaha….the "church" have been plaing his songs backwards for the past 10 years and hearing satan tell them naughty things. when crazy in love came out hahahahaha!!!! you could play on this thought….what i am trying to put out is that you can find anything if you look for it. ie; a tree falls over in the middle of a forrest in canda somewhere, then your friend jeremy comes up to you and tells you about how he had just heard on the radio that this "REALLY HUGE TREE" in canada fell over. you don't know if he's telling the truth…

    -you can assume he is because you have known him for years and he would't lie about such a thing.

    – you could assume he wouldn't bother telling you if it didn't have relevance, therefore you can then assume that he isn't lying

    -or you could see there is no relavance in even knowing about the freaking tree anyway. its just a freaking tree!

    so in this situation you have the choice of making one assumption which would lead you to an answer that you are comfortable with.

    or you can make 2 assumptions to lead you to the answer you feel comfortable with.

    or you could disregard the information completly.

    but in this case lets just say you wanted to know if jeremy was "lying/not telling the truth/ not know enough "correct information" to justify making an "accurate" account of what actually happened. basically questioning jeremy's intelegence hehehe…and you want to set of to canada to examine this tree and you felt that you are more inteligent than jeremy and you would take a more accurate account of what happened to this tree or if anything happened at all!

    so lets say you eventuated in canda ,well at least you think you have. and you look around for this supposed tree only to find a few there are a few tree's have fallen down… Jeremy "lying"?

    all you found out is that "many" tree's fell over…you are giving more information than the answer than you were given, "thats not what i was looking for exactly…but you did get the answer it was just not the answer you were looking for.( common biblical parable). but what do you do with all this new evidence of tree falling phenomina? ignore it? "tree's fall" or find out why the tree's fell over?

    my point is this…if you look for something your going to find it. my question is why is this topic so important to "YOU!" Really. i really want to know! i am not being a dick.



  250. I can see this coming from Jay-z but beyonce i neva eva saw that coming………….. Personally i think GOD got all these famous people where they are now not Lucifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the rumors that Tyra Banks is one???????????? I really dont think that is true

  251. I know why satan is using her…cause people idolise her.Idolitry is a sin.I noticed she changed and stopped listning to her.

  252. I think this is sick and its going to be hard to get the devil, off of you…. you gotta be strong and steady in Jesus Christ or you will let anything go on in your life. I just abolutely believe this is horrible I don't care to know the names of the demons these people are becoming to works for the devil, its sick and mind bothering. they all need some long hard prayer. and work of Jesus Christ on their mind body and soul

  253. I don't see anything new in the way She is putting out her work for along time I have asked how is it someoner can stand and thank GOD for what they have yet they sing of un GODLY things over and over it is the way of the world they come out from the Church to make money an are shown that the money is in the world and to get fast it most of the time one must serve the world system and leading the working class into the falll has always be and will always be something the world system willl pay you for and pay you well. She has been in this for a long time we will keep her in prayer.

  254. damn dis s**t is f****n crazy i neva seen no s**t like dis but i belive it doe omg dis s**t is so f****n crazy but damn b dats how yu feel

  255. everybody need to know that satan is out to STEAL, KILL & DESTROY!! Jesus Christ is the WAY, TRUTH & LIFE!! there is more about hip-hop that you can learn about on its called, The Truth Behind Hip-Hop. or go on and check it out. the truth must be told.

  256. i already know what there is or not and I have "opened my eyes" as some say, …I know what is wrong and not only because of reading things like this I have a dutty to make and i know allot of things most here don't know and i see how some talk about God…well I do know things about God not found in church nor internet…because of this positive energy force(God) i know many things what i want everyone to know but for now i cannot. BT is not that you must stop listening to this music or so but when you know what is wrong it really can't affect you as long as you know what is wrong. I must tell you not all of them, there is a singer that this vigilantcitized(i hoped i spelled it right) mention(female) and its not this bad is in the contrary it looks but i know and i have analazied and i really wish to tell her name but allot will say its not true and stand by the opinion, ill give a hint she is blond and had black hair before is all ,she is not bad please listen she is trying to tell the truth if you let her a chance, as one day i hope you will for me, i want to be a singer is kinda the thing i have to do…I hope that you people listen to me one day and see BTW in my videos i will put the truth so don't try to say i'm doing something bad because the truth of the world…is bad anyways GOOD LUCK AND TAKE CARE EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. "Ye that love the LORD, hate evil…" -Psalm 97:10

    Quotes about music from psychologist who study music, music artist belief the power music has influencing people mind and spirt.

    Moving from the gut to the brain, music is also a powerful "encoder," a term in psychology for something that helps determine the way we perceive and think about the world. In other words, music has an inside track to the subconscious levels of our minds. {17} This truth is even physically suggested by the fact that the auditory nerves are the most predominant of all the human senses. {18}

    Research done at Stanford University confirms not only this predominance at a physical and subconscious level, but also in an area that is perhaps the most uniquely human of all; that is in the area of transcendent experiences – what the researchers term "thrills." They found that the most powerful stimulus for evoking thrill-like sensations in their subjects was music. {19}

    Musicologist David Tame anticipates Stanford's discovery when he wrote: "Music is the language of languages. It can be said that of all the arts, there is none that more powerfully moves and changes the consciousness." {20}

    Changing one's consciousness is what David Crosby meant when he told Rolling Stone that through just his music he could alter his audience's value systems and, in effect, steal them away from their parents. {21}

    And Crosby is not alone. Perhaps rock's greatest genius, Jimi Hendrix, told Life magazine in 1969, "I can explain everything better though music. You hypnotize people to where they go right back to their natural state, and when you get people at their weakest point, you can preach into their subconscious what we want to say."

    In recognition of this transcendent power Eddie Manson went on to share a sober warning, "Music is used everywhere to condition the human mind. It can be just as powerful as a drug and much more dangerous, because nobody takes musical manipulation very seriously." {23}

    guitarist John McGlaughlin, "One night we were playing and suddenly the spirit entered into me and I was playing but it was no longer me playing." {26} (What spirit is the question)

    AC/DC guitarist, Angus Young, "Someone else is steering me. I'm just along for the ride. I become possessed when I'm on stage." {27}

    The music industry, as well as TV, and Movies, all have occult, and new age satanic messages, and symbols. The most popular one that many people use today as a sign made with the hand called "devil's horn" (where the two fingers are sticking up; one left and the other on the right end). This symbol represent the "horn one" and the upside down pentagram represent the "Goat of Mendes" (upside down star) who is the fallen angel azazel referred to as the "he-goat" (known as the "scapegoat") in the bible located in Leviticus. Scripture tells us that the fruits produced by God's Spirit are things like love, joy, peace, goodness and self-control. (Galatians 5: 22) Against these, the fruit produced by the root of Satan and man's fallen nature is the opposite such as anger and fear instead of love, anxiety instead of peace, lust instead of self-control. (Galatians 5: 19) In John 10:10, Jesus said that among Satan's primary goals in the affairs of man is "to steal, kill, and destroy".

    So I will say this in conclusion that be very careful as to what you listen to, and what you are watching such as "Harry Potter". Dont be deceived nor naive where you have eyes to see, but see not, nor have ears to hear, but hear not. In the book of Revelations it says not only is one bless for reading the book itself, but "let him who has a hear hear"!!! "Truth is stranger then fiction"

  258. What about the crown hat in the Diva video? Lady Gaga seems to wear those kind of hats a lot… And all the other hats she wears in that video are al made of little pyramids!

  259. Hi, thank you for what you have showed, nothing shocks me as i was always aware of these satanic scum bags, My question to you is. Do these people not believe or fear their creator, I mean surely they know if they die they will answer to GOD, Do they think they can bi pass him when they die, i mean how can you not know you going to meet your creator some day?

  260. Dear VIgil,

    I was wondering if you could also anylize De ja the film clip Beyonce seems like she is possessed or doing some African Voodoo dance/ritual. It;s like Jay Z has a hold on her..Would that be considered brain washing as well???thanks so much. When ever the world feels shallow i find comfort in reading your truth.

  261. This totally makes sence to me..Beyonce acted like a nice Christian girl & all of a sudden she is in a Lady Gaga film clip dancing around corpses! I thought it was a strange jump for her. I thought it was more then her trying to be edgy& alternative..Its like all these artists like Miley Cyrus, Rhianna ,Christina,Britney etc start of innocent& sweet & always get corrupted. It's like being sexy is more important then having a soul! They all sell out & lose meaning of the music. It's sad.

  262. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  263. many people go to "church" and are led astray. Why? Cuz, the truth is really not in them. She needs prayer, and hopefully the Most High will wake her up before its too late. And for the skeptics in this matter, do your research because the darker dancer in NOT a woman but a MAN!! So men may be lusting at the trio not realizing they are lusting at a man as well. There is an agenda here. This is happening more than ever. What's going on? Ancient Greece anyone?

  264. beyonce was one of my best singer becouse she have good voice that i like so much but come to think of it i never imagen that she could end up seeking money by using the satanic ideas or things that would make other people change. if there is any chance that beyonce could change her ways and let other people to change too.


  265. She knows what she is doing. She agreed to be this Sasha Fierce demon and be used so she can be the tool to help the illuminati control people. The more people she and jz and others lead to bophmet/satan the more money the pour into their organization which keeps them in power for many centuries to come.

  266. You can see the eye of Ra in the clouds in her video "Baby Boy" at 2:54 in the upper right cloud…..It's so sad that this world is turning into a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah. And the devil has so many blinded to think that living how you want to live and being materialistic and a super star and having all this money is the way to live your life…..You can think that way in the end but as GOD"S word clearly states in Proverbs 14:12 & 16:25, "There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death." That includes spiritual and even physical….But keep on thinking that there is nothing to what music lyrics mean or the videos or the lifestyles that celebrities live. You can believe the lie, the devil was a liar from the beginning and that's all he knows how to do, lie and deceive.

  267. Hmm… you kinda lost me. Are you religious?

    This article does not work if you don't believe in Satan.

    Very organizations are at work all over the world to gain power – the Church included. Look at the way the church manipulated people for centuries. The Islamic church still does in poor countries.

    Now, the media manipulates people into buying products just the same – but if I had to choose the lesser of two evils, I'd rather be sexy and materialistic (like today) , than poor, uneducated and powerless (like in the dark ages).

    I have to say – I definitely prefer Beyonce of the 1990s, but I think that was just reflective of the times we live in/lived in then. Wholesome doesn't cut it any more, and that's not Beyonce's fault. That's part of a bigger movement.

    I think sexuality is a great and healthy thing. If men can be strong and virile and have women fighting over them (more common than vice versa!!) then why can't women have the same? The problem for me is that the 00s have objectified women and taken away their soul, made them into one and the same pornographied pussycat doll without personality.

    I would be interested to see how the whole misogynistic culture of the 00s came into being. Was it after 9/11, people reverted back to primitiveness?

    I don't know if Jay is a bad influence on her or not – only time will tell and if their marriage lasts. I would like to think she is happy though.

  268. What is wrong with you people?? Take the time to really sit and consider what is being said in the articles. The world is coming to an end,would you even believe that Satan would allow you to believe that what these songs portray are demonic??…NOOO he wouldn't bcuz he wants you to become absorbed in them. If we could only just take the time to reflect on music and everything that is going on around us today maybe we might just get a lil picture in our mind that says well yes something is definitely wrong and that the times are changing… Am from St.Lucia which is in the Caribbean and these types of music are very common i mean i listen to them and sing them too but like most of you here I never thought that these type of songs have such dark sides and meaning beneath them…. So for those of you who continue to say that its jealousy and persons wanna bring down the artists thats not true!! Forget about the artist they couldn't be bothered with you or what you believe without us (fans) they are nothing so they try to make their music as entertaining as much as they can.I think its best that we all try to upbulid ourselves and our minds spiritually and pay attention to whats happening around us and just maybe this world would be a better place…… Thanks for posting such articles I will SURELY share what i learnt with others!!! PEACE 🙂

  269. i agree with number 1 stars shouldn't us their talents for the devil but instead for the lord

    but wow i use to like singing to her songs and liked to dance along to her songs but whatever

  270. this website is awesome because it makes us think. but y does beyonce say God bless you alot. perhaps her poor soul has no clue wat shes doing. but lets focus on God ppl, who cares about beyonce and jayz.

    • You don't know who she feels is her "god"! Those who embrace the Left Hand Path use the terms "god" and "lord" much differently than we who know/follow The One True God. I try to evaluate by whether or not a person acknowledges Jesus Christ as savior and the Only Way to the Father. I have read/seen others who support the ideas expressed in this article. In my opinion, there is NO such thing as COINCIDENCE! Please remain prayerful and pay attention to world events. Bey and Sean Carter are merely symptoms of the larger master plan of the NWO!

  271. its not possible to avoid this music, because u would be cut off from TV, radio etc. perhaps thats what the writer of this article wants. dont forget religion has been used as a similar tool (mind control). now that ppl dont like the church much, pop music is the target?? i have never felt influenced by it before. now i realise that once a perfect image of someone is created in the media, people wish to mimic her in all ways possible. singing about dirty sex (not linked to the idea of love) and materialism influences us in ways that may shock u, if take the time to reflect about it.

    i will end of by saying that this world is a total write-off. evil exists at every corner…trust me, i live in Africa!

  272. This page has to go world wide so that people will understand what they are listening to and who they make their idols! God! I knew something was wrong with beyonce cos she wasnt herself. Thanks a million! Gotta spread the news to my friends!

  273. i hate the mason lik realy i bured dollars one dallar bill cuz i see the sign i hate mason/devil stupid sasha feirce u ruiend beyonce and if jay-z nd beyonce nd kaynewest nd lilwayne didnt join mason thier lives whould be so much better drop the world by lil wayne is a bad song a nd god made peace not hell.

  274. I think it is a good thing that you would make this page and tell people the truth about the artists that the majority of us listen to. I also think that it is very brave that you would do that cause their are people that dont wanna believe it. and that will hate on you for posting this. I wanna say thank you and God Bless You.

  275. i dont know who put this on here but all i have to say is that beyonce has a big ego like in her song ego. so you sat here and wasted you time because people like me think you need to get a life and get off the computer

  276. I dont know why people are focusing so much on the actual artists themselves. Yes, the atrists are a vital means for the enemy to get through but, we also need to look into why our young men and women particularly feel the need to imitate and praise these artists. Its clear the artists themselves are overcome with greed that they feel the need to sell thier souls for fame and fortune. WHY DO OUR YOUNG PEOPLE WANT TO BE LIKE THESE PEOPLE. Are they perhaps driven by thier own greed and loose morals. Parents need to pay real good attention to thier children. Theres too much unsavoury behavior deemed as normal at a certain age. These things are character building. Beyonce did not start out this way, she was also somebodys little girl looking up to goodness know which idol and devil worshiper.

  277. my friend told me about beyonce and how she portrays evil and i did not believe her until i read this! i was raised to listen to nothing but the gospel but i started listening to secular music too by the age of 12, now after reading this i need to start back with the gospel and stay there. that way you stay grounded!

  278. this is kinda a big shok to me and my best friend siting beside me reading this opens our eyes to alot of things but no one know the truth but god amd beyonce but as everyone knows jz doesnt worshup god and if they are married KEY figure jz messing with her head but all weknow is that god is reall

  279. Thank your for this site. I have been asking myself lately is Beyonce is in this mess and am continuing to do so. However, you have the lyric to Halo wrong. It's "gravity can't begin to pull me back to the ground again" an not "gravity can't forget to pull me back to the ground again" So she is not descending but ascending. I had to go listen to the song and it clearly says begin. The website lyrics have it wrong as does you. However, what does this mean? Like number 857 I didn't get sweet dreams it was really random to say the least but your analysis shares some light. The reason why I can't fully say that Beyonce is in this or actually knows she is being used to portray such images is because she doesn't write all her songs, actually a lot. She may change a few lyrics here and there but for the most part the songs are already written. Like Halo for example, it was written in its entirety by Ryan Tedder. Beyonce added maybe one or two lines but the song was already written. Also, sweet dreams was written by people who I strongly believe have no ties in this mess so I am skeptical about that. You are analyzing her lyrics as if she wrote them but in fact she did not which is one of the areas many people bash her about. So either she is going out searching for songs like this or the people who actually write them are thinking what you say she is trying to portray. I don't trust Jay Z but something in my gut tells me that she is not a part of this. However, she may be being pursued by them b/c her demeanor has changed a lot recently.

    However, when it comes to video representations I can't defend those. I think that whoever is in her camp that is in charge of creativity is aware of these symbols. Lastly, I feel that this article paints Beyonce as being this evil monster when in fact she has only recently been blatantly acting weird to say the least. However Gaga has been doing this heavily since she started and she is a new artist. What I am saying is you give Gaga the benefit of the doubt in her article and not Beyonce who has been in the game a lot longer and should have shown more signs of this by now. I will continue to analyse and guard my heart because the world is just evil. Just as I have to question Beyonce I have to question what you say as we should all. The only person we should not question is God. However, I want to thank you again for this site. Keep it up it makes people think.

  280. i don't think anyone loves Beyonce as much as i have.

    but i must reveal that since the 'sweet dreams' video, i have failed to understand the sequence of her videos or what they mean.

    i simply did not understand the sweet dreams video.

    i tried to but i did not understand.

    infact, i attributed it to Beyonce…getting married, or just loosing up!

    if ur site is credible…now i understand.

    sweet dreams was indeed a story i could not have deciphered!

    because Bey scenes simply did not make sense!!!

  281. I am a single mom of a 21 month old child.. thank you for posting this .. For a while my child hears Halo by Beyonce and she cries for no apparent reason.I googled this subject and now understand why. THANK YOU SO MUCH! and GOD BLESS!

  282. Ma a a a an! this is a trip for real. It's so sad really, because she knows better. Beyonce was raised up in the church and to top it off her dad. He is just as much wrong for being behind her with this crap. If she does not wake up and turn her life back over to God she think she living on top of the world she gonna find herself dead early, because after the devil uses you for his little moment he lets you go and kills you. If she die today or tomorrow and she is in this situation, sorry 2 say but SHE GOING TO HELL!!! to be with the one that is gonna laugh in her face and call her a FOOL. BEYONCE… DON'T BE DUMB!!

  283. Look, Beyonce can has her fragilities, but I think that you take it to the worse way, cause the symbol that she does with her hand like Jay'Z means Brooking, but you can say but Diva Is Diva and Beyoncé won't lose her success!!! Thank you I loved this subject and this new!!!

  284. youu know i use 2 luvv b but since she got with jay z shee dan gone wild and out okkk noww with rhiannna i didnot like ha but now i hve a real guud reason 2 not like her + demm otha devel worships

  285. wow, now i understand why Islamic texts prohibit music, and mention that it will only be in paradise, because its power is so great that many people use it to corrupt. thanks for the article!

  286. if you look in the video "sweet dreams" right after the rainbow, you'll see a pale horse blended in the backround. that pale horse is a signal of the devil, i dont have the verse but i'll post it soon.

  287. that i think beyonce need to brake up with jayz because his ugly asz is turning to a mason is because of that n***a so i no wat your thinking dont kell nobody or you going straight to heal and i believe that you steal believe in jesus but he got you like that and plus the only way you turned like that is because he was gone kill you and now listen to me real closely honey you need to get a nother n***a thats not a mason because you can get any one that you want so go for it and plus i would of been and left but we not the same person so get out of that mason s**t because im sorry but f**k all them masons and they killed tupac but thats f****d up and obama like them so who is his dumn asz gone kill because you gotta kill somebody to be a mason you was a church wamon at a time so turn back and leave that n***a i know you love him but if depends on your life your need to leave him and you gone have to kill your mama sister or nephew because thats how you love the most so please do this wat im telling you please do good bye and plus my dady a c.e.o and mama owns jps and she got her own doctors so we kinda the same but i came out rich you dick to but not asz rich as my mama

  288. Beyonce has become filthy rich after so many years in the business. She could easily retire and even if she wanted to keep on making music she could opt out, found her own label and make her own music free of occultic bullshit. Her name is big enough to still sell millions of copies.

    She doesn't need to bow down to the illuminati anymore.

  289. I was disappoint that a super star like you would worship the devil when it so many young ladies look up to as someone they would to be like and show your self as devilll worship is off chart. Read the words of God its tell that the devil comes in all shape and size so if this is you please stop act like you a super star for people cause we need the Holly spirit. Prayer that God keep his hand upon you

  290. iam really disappointed that Beyonce could name herself Sasha Firece i hope it last.Michael jackson did triller and almost became the figure in thriller be warned

  291. wow you all are stupid.You can find these stupid symbols anywhere.SOme of you people are so gullible!

    How is your personal perspective proof of anything? It is nothing more but paranoid opinioms by these stupid chritisitans

  292. All we can do is pray for them!! I am thankful for this website because it opened my eyes to the evil of this kind of music! It's a wekaness Satan is pulling me into. Thank you so much! God Bless

  293. OMG this is sum shocking news to me.. y duz one have to waist his/her life praising the devil like that. wel im sure these people definatly nid salvation from the almighty Lord JESUS CHRIST wu died on the cross for ol of us. Forgive them Father for they no not wat they are doing.

  294. i never thought of beyonce like that……..i definitely praise the good old beyonce, but i think she's outta her mind now! Jesus never gave us our talents for evil use! a lot of people idolize her, so i hope more and more teenagers like me read this, so that they may know what kind of a freak they're looking up to…

  295. thank God for people like you, I am a teen christian girl and really grateful for what I've learnt from your site. those in denial need to know, where there is smoke-there is fire and the motive is not to critisize big stars out there but to keep an open mind as to what we associate ourselves with.way to go! god bless and pray for teenagers out there who are obsessed with rock star lives

  296. At the Author of this publication. You say all this which seem to be truthful, but how is it possible for all these spirits to enter Beyonce? Are they doing rituals or mind control, what?

  297. i think this article really opened my eyes. Before i read the Vigilant Citizen, i was dancing to all these stars and singing along. Now i know what i was doing.

  298. I have always adored Beyonce, and have really resepected her, and I do actually agree with this article. So much so that I actually might find ways to act like Beyonce and follow her lead in this.

    She is a very well off woman, who has much success and money… why not worship whatever can give that to you.

    I'm all for her and whatever she does.

    • That is the dumbest s**t I HAVE EVER HEARD.She will go to hell.Money can't make you happy and I for one do not think he makes her happy.She's going to hell either way and Jay-Z's coming right along with her.

    • comment # 28

      I feel real sad that you would say something like that. The devil can't do anything unless God allows him to do it, so if you think the devil can give her that then waht do you think God can give her. We are a world that feels materialism is so important. Parents aren't parents anymore. Our children are being lost int he struggle and no one cares. It's sad that you would want to follow her lead and not the way of the Lord. God gives the devil the power to do what he is doing. The devil was in heaven then he got thrown out and still he has to listen to God, Why would you want to follow in her footsteps. That's crazy to me, I'm trying to follow Jesus cause in the end I'll have much more than beyonce, sasha feirce and Jay-Z put together. Don't follow in her footsteps trail your own blaze don't do what she's doing you don't know her story. she may be happy in the lime light but dying when she's by herself. Pray for her


  300. im so suprised that she turned out to be like this.i guess no more beyonce for me.i did not even like jay-z anyway but this website has brought this to me my teacher and my classmates that the world was not made like this.JESUS IS THE RULLER AND THE ONLY RULLER.

  301. wat i'd like to know is that how can beyonce allow this image especially since she has got a religious background and i knw dat she understands wat god does not like yet she continues being the subject or tool to market evil as something ''COOL''. k fyn i lyk her music but her new image makes a large number of fans lose interest in her nd her music. dis jst goes to show dat she does not belong to herslf bt she is owned im let down

  302. If you have spiritual eyes and hears, then you can see the revelation about the symbols. I ask if you can pray, then please pray for Beyonce and Jay Z because they have opened doors unto satan and they very much need help from the Lord Jesus Christ. Money and fame will not change what is happening in their lives only Jesus can deliver them–there is no argument here and if you aren't born again and filled with the Holy Spirit then you won't understand so please let Jesus into your own heart. He died and is risen and you can have a relationship the true and living God! Repent of all sin and believe on his name-he will help you with sin you do not have to come to him and be perfect –we are born into sin everyone of us. Jesus loves very much and He died so we could have everlasting life. My Redeemer lives!

    • The above comment by Jessica Ruffins is saying: " LOOK at ME… Aren't I NEAT? Not only do I type to get attention, but I also dye my hair green, have lots of piercings, toot my own whistle LOUDLY, and wear a sign that says LOOK AT ME… Aren't I NEAT?

  303. ok well im in high school and when i 1st read this stuff i got chill bumps all over and me and my homegrl taught a full class on this and people THIS STUFF IS REAL! it all goes back to the BIBLE!!!!! and how babthsheba was a w***e and she wore the heavy dark makeup nd used her eyes to seduce men to use them and have sex with them and then murder them!…… in beyonce's sweet dream video if u notice when her dancers are standing still they are cut in half! those are nt her real dancers!!!! its card board symbollising tht she has the power to disect females and can make them how she wnts them to be! and for the rest of the video all of her dancers are emulating her…. crazy in love is her initiation video and so is diva… yall need to research yall stuff…- GOD BLESS ME AND THE WORLD

  304. Also…………..Those of you who are Christian parents, your child should be looking up to you as an example. Or better yet, teach what the Bible says in Psalms 37:37 "Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace."

    I thank God for you "Vigilant Citizen"

  305. Wow……………….those who see no problem with these secular artist, you are truly BLIND. I pray that God opens up your eyes and deliver you. And NO before you say it, I'm not judging you, but I will judge the things that you do. The Bible says that "a righteous man Judgeth all things". No we don't know their lives behind closed doors, bu the Bible does say that "we know a tree by the fruit it bears". You do not see any of these artist bearing the fruits of righteousness reguardless of what they do in their private time. Even if some of you, that call yourselvs "Christians" or as I call it "Disciples" of Christ should know 1John 3: 6-11 when talking about the children of God and the children of the devil. These artist are obviously not the children of God because they DO NOT pratice righteousness. We are all God's creation but not all his children. Not coming from me, but read your word. Those of you who are allowing satan to DECEIVE you, be careful cus the end is near and you don't have time to playing with you FLESH and what the FLESH feels, thinks, and desires but what God thinks about all of this. I admonish you to really seek God Christians. I'm talking mainly to those who consider themselves to be followers of Christ cus sinners live like the world and mind wordly things. But you Christians should know better. And please don't even fix your mouth to say "God is not through with me yet" because he says in his word "the day you hear my voice harden not you heart" or Don't say "God knows my heart" because his word says "many honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me".

    Take Heed and Live HOly everyday

    Love all of You!!!!

    • After all I've seen and heard about the Illuminati it all makes sense, I'll be blind enough to not see the truth behind it and less intelligent to denied that all these artists have really been influenced by something that they themselves put themselves into for fame, luxury life, and money wicked wicked money just shaking my head at the moment.

  306. People WAKE UPP!!!this is very true its very visible to a person that knows about it but not plp thats not reall eduacated about these sorts of things songs these days is all about killing,sex,drugs,and money and showing graphical images to the young on which some look up to when i read this article i was astouned by someone that actualy unlock the seacrets of the occult just like beyouce's Sweet Dream video shows things that definetly proves something isnt right now days you have to be careful of what right and wrong and to be educated of these things

  307. "Sasha Fierce" becomes "Free Issachar" when scrambled. Issachar is one of the lost tribes of Israel, very significant to the whole subject, you can research more.

    Just FYI

  308. Lord let beyonce not worship the devil because the devil is a lier we hate the devil, God tell your angels to take over her body so that she can become a christian and sasha fierce not take over her and make her worship the devil please lord let this poor ladie be blessed and jesus i believe in your name that you can help her but beyonce i still love you but the only one i dont love is sasha fierce but i like her dance but think of some christian things

    pray in jesus name,amen

  309. Hey, let's pray to our Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, that all the above mentioned artist's come to know Christ as their saviour, and show how good God is, and the miracle that is being born again. Praise be to God forever and ever! May we use our discernment with what we expose ourselves to (and our children), remembering that we are instructed to be in the world, but not of the world. On the bright side, with the way the world and it's morals are going, let us hold onto our faith and know that these signs are the signs that we're in the end times, which means – yep, Jesus will be returning. Let's pray for the lost, and keep running this race, eyes on the prize my brother's and sister's! Love be to all of you.

  310. This is so very sad that this once so insecure little girl from Houston Texas has manifested to this super star by stepping on every and anyone she could (including the original Destiny Child memeberes Latoya and Latvia) to get where she is now. I don't like Jay Z ever since he started calling himself Hova and he also stepped on folks ( Rapper foxy Brown who put him on) to get where he is. The devil has two star players now and the sad thing about it is they are a power couple and could very well influence young people to do things and dress a certain way. What;s up with that sign they throw up at concerts???? And I remember when Beyonce would give all the glory to God when she accepted her awards.. what happened?

  311. wow i didnt f*****g know beyonce was like that good thing im gay because if or wen i waz straight i would have gotten off on that b***h….lol….no but beyonce your a f*****g devil go to hell stupid b***h…

    • if she going to hell,so r u…cursing,homosexuality?

      you need to repent and ask good for forgiveness…indeed,the last days are near.

  312. you are right most ppl are blind to spiritual facts. to them this is nonsense, or apoclyptic. unfortunately though many people like ignorance without realising its expensive costs. religion by ill educated people is largely to be blamed besides the fact that individually everyone is reponsible for their own life thus education. I wish and pray that more people would be awake to the reality of our living and relevance of education and boldness about the truth of spiritual reality and its operation in our lives. frankly I know pretty much everything in the mass distribution even school education and work areas to be laden with evil spirits and their influence. trusting that you are with God stay blessed. if not I pray that you know him through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.


  314. im gone pray for her because i see a lot in her and her christan is stronger than that. sasha feirce came out and i still here her singing gospel so im gone let God take control and work because Jesus heals all and will forgive you better yet died for all our sins!!!!!

  315. You all talk about not following everyone or everything you see, but here are all these comments with people saying how their eyes were opened by this. The vigilant citizen has people saying things on how these people are corrupting our country. The truth is non of this is evidence, and without evidence in the united states when you say something about someones character that isn't true its called slander, or in this case when written it is liable. Some say they (some sort satanic corporate leviathan) are doing this to control our youth into thinking one way. There are some ways to make sure your kids make the right decisions… all you have to do is teach them to learn and think for themselves. Even if she is a satanic worshipper it doesn't matter because this country grants everyone their right to worship any way they see fit. It just goes to show you, that when someone gets famous everyone just wants to see them fall.

    "Nothing is as it seems, everything is permitted."

    • The proof not only that satan DOES exist and that these people worship him is right in front of your face and you still are blinded…my God..wake up before it is too late…do you believe that this world was created out of oblivion and that all life will cease to exist when you pass out of this world??

      • SMH… wielding fire was once Satanic. Wearing pants as a woman was evil. And a black woman such as myself was not considered a person but only 3/5 of a man. All of this born of the Bible. Open your eyes! Only GOD can judge the heart of man!

      • KC : you tell SMH to "open your eyes". Have you ever opened yours to actually read the Bible? You list several things and claim "All of this born of the Bible". Please tell us where the Bible claims "wielding fire", whatever that actually means, is Satanic. Or where the Bible even mentions pants (pretty sure people weren't wearing anything like pants at the time any of it was written). Or where the Bible claims that a black woman is only "3/5 of a man" (I assume you mean 3/5 of a human).

        The best you can do is claim that the Bible teaches modesty and pants were considered immodest by some, but do you really think the Bible claims black people are less-than-human? Tell that to the Quakers who risked there lives helping slaves escape the South.

        I'm not trying to be confrontational here, but such unfounded claims as yours don't do anyone any good.

    • "Do as thou wilt that is the entirety of the law" and the American way.You can do as you wish, nobody's stopping you. This article was created to provide information, not to make a decision for you, it's up to you what you do with it. I choose to Have The Most High God rule over my life, so I look out for things that may try to impede that, so I thank the author of this little piece. I have some more info to work with. I'll make my decision being more informed.

    • Anonymous, you obviously haven't done any research.. What vigilant citizen is showing u is the the subliminal messages behind it all and the meanings. If you look up these things you will see it relates to the devil and all that kind of stuff.. You are just like the rest of the public, only want to acknowledge it if you have a piece of paper with the truth saying its true.. This stuff is like the wind; you can't see it, but u feel it so you know its there!

      It's the same, too many symbols and signs to say that this isn't true and even Kid Cudi said once that this game isn't for "real mother f**kers!!" If he's saying that, then he knows whats going on behind the scenes!!!

  316. Another thing I'd like to state.

    For me it's not the symbolic imaginary that bothers me, I'm not even religious or whatsoever and I don't believe in baphomets, devil and that kind of stuff… I think that good and evil are subjective it's just a subjective definition for people's action and that definition depends of your cultural background and the environment you live in. For me hell and heaven, devil and angels and that kind of stuff are just methaphors created by humans.

    So what bothers me is the the effects of this negative imagery on people, people emulating slutty and void celebrities and idolizing gossip, the praise of sexyness over inteligence and most of all the possible NWO agenda and stuff behind all this.

    There's something that no one can deny at this stage… We live in a desinformation and mass population "dumbification" era. It's just like the Middle Age and other eras only with much more techonology and sophisticated methods… The story always repeats and recicles itself.

    Congratulations for your analyses Vigilant.

    • heaven and hell is not a make believe thing made by humans like unicorns to kids

      the great Book tell us that It is call the Holy Bible having the wrong religion is better than having no religion

      I Love beyonce music well use to she use to be my role model until i came to this site and learned sashafierce not that one i like

      • I have been a fan of Beyonce', Jay-Z and many other artists since the beginning of their careers. I also had noticed the change in the music industry before even reading the skeptics. i must say that my being a fan of Beyonces' music came to a hault after crazy in love. It was like she was just self centered. Me being a child of GOD automatically knew something was wrong. I lost interest in watching music videos because it always had an impact on my reality of what I possess and what I did not. The diva song, to I got a big ego, and I sure could not stand the song get me bodied. I HATED it with all my heart. I was just sitting here thinking one day about the signs mentioned in the Book of Revelations and I wondered how could they exactly relate to the world around us. I have heard of the Illuminati when it came to rapper Tupac, but never really researched. I was actually considering becoming apart of the Eastern Stars, of course until now. The music and media industries are collecting a lot of souls. I pray for them all as well as for myself. May we all be blessed and may the Father keep us near the cross. Just knowing the things I know now, I even find it hard to allow my son to watch these perverted cartoon. But how can I tell him no, and how can I go about replacing his entertainment??

  317. I've been opening my eyes lately to all the illuminati symbolysm's and i understand now i'm not saying yea i get it compeltly but i under stand we just have to keep our eyes open

  318. I have also a question. Do you thing Jay Z is also mind controled or he is not and he's in the occult societies high levels and really knows what he is doing and is taking profit from the controversy and help in the agenda?

    Or is he mind controled and also in the high levels of this societies?

  319. Morgan (794), loved your comment. It's true that people mix it all together but I still think there's something weird and very repetitive about music mainstream industry today. But all we can do about interpretations is to speculate.

    About Beyonce, she already talked about having a stage alter ego called Sasha Fierce. I think I heard it on a interview or something a few years ago when she went solo. I don't think that having an alter ego is by it self demonic or something. The only thing I find weird about her career (and I'm not even into this kind of music) is that a few years ago (before JayZ and stuff) her destiny child songs talked about independency and strenght of women, than when they came back they became slutty and singing about catering to men and doing whatever they wanted, she also became slutier (they all become that sonner or later) and using vulgar (used by many artists today) video aesthetics trying to be all artistic with all this pseudo edgyness.

    • Well we live in the last days. The book of revelAtions gives a list of people who not gonna make it to heaven. We have to read Gods words. He luvs us so that he gave up his son jesus to die for our sins. God forgives people. When we turn away from god he is hurt. God gives life and rich. These people made a very big mistake. Richness in heaven is for ever. What's on earth will pass its not forever. God created them with wounderful gifts. The devil is a lier desevior and a serpent. The fall of lucifer was pride. He wanted to take the place of god. He wanted heaven to worship him and god. Before lucerfir fall he was perfect in all ways. He was perfect in beaty he has no horn and is not ugly. The devil had angels in heaven to sing. He loves music. He could sing. Pastors in church warns us about music. Its soo sad for beyonce. I used to luv her music. She was bless. Only god can save her and the rest. Jesus can make the evil sprit flee. We have to pray for all the devil lied to them

  320. She already talked about having a stage alter ego called Sasha Fierce. I think I heard it on a interview or something a few years ago when she went solo.

    • Yeah, she has no problem telling the world she's being mind controlled. You just have to actually listen to what she's saying. I know it's hard, since she barely has any hint of intellegence, but sometimes her lack of a brain allows her mouth to speak faster than her handlers can catch her. I talk about it here a little bit. As annoying as she is, I do feel sorry for her because she was born, groomed, and prepared for where she is.

      Like VC says, there are no such things as coincidences.

  321. Well, I am in total shock after reading your article which my husband showed me. But I must say I am not surprized at all. I never cared for JZ and I saw the change in Beyonce. It is such a shame that our young people are watching these people and using them as role models Would they like their children to watch people like them on tv. Shame on them. As there is God , there is the devil. I hope that they really have not sold their souls to the devil because only everlasting suffering awaits them when they leave this earth. Thank you for this eye opening article and God Bless you.

  322. This is a very interesting article as well as the ones about Lady Gaga. Your reasonings sound just like Dan Brown's, in his book the lost symbol there's reference to the All Seeing Eye which you talked about in the Illuminati article.

  323. man this stuff is spooky buy i really have to say that i could care less about these peolpe lives, and that as long as me my family and friends are on Gods side along with people like you . ill let god handle and punish these people for what they may or may not have done

  324. i think this guy is telling the truth. i was once under the influence of lil wayne when i was younger now that im older i see that hip hop music is trash and no good it can lead people to do the wrong thing. and besides all of this is in the bible.


    If you've wasted more than 10 minutes of your life watching those damn youtube videos, you can take 3 -5 minutes to read this! I am so tired of people being duped by this.

    BAPHOMET -> A symbol? But From Where?

    What does a Baphomet look like? A bull head? a goat head? Ok. We've seen Devils and demons depicted with horns, where do you think that originates? Bulls? Goats?. Have any of you seen demon, or know some one who has? So how did we get this image of goats to represent evil spirits? People from 1300AD who lived in the hills looked at goats, and couldn't dream of anything else to describe demonic forces which they believed roamed about them. That's how. They used what may have been the scariest looking creature around and exaggerated the beastliness with tales of demons with goat heads.

    BAPHOMET -> Is It Evil? Say's WHO?

    We know that the dark Ages were full of suspicion and superstition. Matter of fact, many of the silly everyday superstitions we mildly speak of today come from this period. They don't call it the dark ages for nothing. Then, King Phillip of France captured some enemies (of the Knights Templar) during this time at the height of the crusades battling with Islam. He forced them to confess to evil. In those days and even today (see terrorism) leaders needed a common enemy. Much like the Salem witch hunt trials, in a environment of fear of these evil spirits, people were accused of witchcraft and the accused faced death. People will think of anything to say to avoid death or torture. (This is why so much bad information comes from the water boarding of suspected terrorist who are not even terrorist – put hot coals on their feet and they tell you whatever you want to hear). All of these captives under King Phillip had different stories of what this evil 'IDOL' looked like, some said like a Cat… some said like a horse, some said a bull or goat. Why? Because none of them obviously had seen squat and they weren't able to corroborate their stories.

    WHY Is This Baphomet (Devil Horned Image ) So Common??

    Fast forward to the 1800's and you have Léo Taxil, who in an attempt to satirize the battle of good and evil between "freemasonry" and the catholic church, wrote a fictitious book, perpetrated it as true accounts of people having interactions – scares – and hauntings from devils and demons. And what shows up as a blast from the past in the book as the represented enemy of evil? The Baphomet. Those days printing and illustrations could bring new life and legs to it -> Taxil had this image drawn up from historical fables into a this baphomet image and this went in wide print and had people scared shitless.

    The Baphomet, A HOAX

    Later when this guy got saved and became faithful to the catholic church, he denounced the book ALTOGETHER as a hoax, or fake. This is called the Taxil Hoax. Yet, though the author of this confusion did dream up these images in print – he later admitted it was all lies.

    However, the image of the Baphomet didn't loose its luster and has been forever linked incorrectly to freemasonry by those who are superstitious.

    Freemasonry = Illuminati = Devils = Baphomets = Pyrimids = All seeing eyes ::: NO

    Freemasonry is like a club and really has nothing to do with 'evil' but rather societies of Men with rituals, just like a golf club or PTA. The Illuminati didn't even begin until the late 1700's as an offspring of 'the enlightenment ' period in which people wanted to be free thinkers and not be bound to religion and wished to explore things with science and other methods. (Which I'm sure many of you remember this period from your European history class… or maybe even your physics class.) This group the Illuminati is an entity outside of 'freemasonry' that in ways modeled itself like freemasonry but is different is not the same. These groups were like the result of a crazy church that persecuted non believers called them witches and devil worshipers because they sought 'knowledge' and didn't particularly share the church beliefs. This could also explain why the societies are 'secret'. The fact that people are trying to tie in Egypt to the Illuminati and bring it all under freemasonry is a stretch and unfounded. Sure freemasons may have adopted ideas from egyptians. But who wouldn't? The Egyptians were so smart. And so the Greeks followed their path, and the US followed the Greeks and Egyptians. Look at architecture, look at technology, it started back on the nile (and trufully before that in persia and summeria). You know Egypt was a glorious time for humans ( not all mainly the royalty) but advancements streamed to the greeks, than to the romans. Remember when the Romans civilized the WHOLE known world. Democracy was in effect BEFORE christ… then whats happens when the civilization fell -> the DARK ages. Where knowledge was hidden from people and they kept in control mainly with the use of superstitions.


    So there is this belief that some how this symbol is supposed to speak to you subconsciously and lean your soul to confusion, damnation, and hell. You supposedly have no control over this force,

    But when you watch a video or listen to song with lyrics without a direct meaning – it invades the fabric of your soul and wills you to the devil. Even though without prior knowledge you believed these literary works of art harmless, the devil is so strong in his deception that he takes away the very thing God gave you to resist evil…. Choice.

    There are symbols everywhere. Symbols that have been around since humans were writing on caves that visually meant something to people. But the recognition of these symbols meant something and it was expression that resonated with a human's innate ability to comprehend. I must ask then, how is it that some general symbol such as a triangle ( supposedly represents a the pyramid at giza), an eye (supposedly all seeing eye), or a Baphomet (supposedly Devil, demons) can take control of you body or mind and cause you to do, act, think, speak in evil ways?

    If you believe in the devil and believe he is after your heart, mind, and soul he will speak to you in a way that forces you to make a choice. To choose between GOOD and EVIL. Watching a youtube video with nonsense about devils and symbols presents you with a choice and that choice is to research the information for yourself. Those people provide NO evidence. No Proof. They provide a whole bunch of hocus pocus from the 1300's and with ignorant storytelling like cavemen around a fire. and unfortunately in 2010AD, people are acting as if they have no access to books and you are to believe these tales and myths like they have migrated across the Mediterranean or some foolishness.

    Well, why do I keep seeing these symbols

    Well art is art. It means something to the artist who creates it, but can be interpreted differently by those who are consumed by it, which is why you and i may have different interpretations of say for instance Edgar Allen Poe's Poem 'Annabel Lee'. Or maybe a different interpretation of Beyonce's "sweet dreams". So who knows why Beyonce would wear such a ring? Well – > the word itself Baphoment is a combination of two Greek words baphe and metis and means 'absorption into wisdom.' Maybe Beyonce and other's who use this are making a philosophical statement as with other symbols that are described as 'evil' and signs of the devil.

    The sad thing

    We are letting our common sense flee from us. You all have a responsibility to understand when some one is trying to scare you, put fear in your heart, and chase you away from the things you love. It's very 1010 AD of people to be fed a story and believe it as true. It shows our flaws as human of gossip, fear, intimidation, and how that leads us to hate. Religion unfortunately has been used as a vessel of hate and fear though its true purpose is love. Stop the modern day witch hunt and join us in the 21st century. If you find this information useful pass it along and do your own research… don't believe anyone including me unless you know the facts from reading the true sources and record. The information is out there, and it doesn't come from a youtube video. OR any person who believes it because of what they heard or saw. You come to a conclusion because you are presented with evidence, and that only.

  326. wow after seeing this i gottah think twice about her…for some reason i dont c her as a friend a group of students read this and we were suprise …im not being her album any more >=(

  327. OMG!! this is reali sad…beyonce i wana belv in u!!!!! no u cnt join the devils kingdom…thatz just hell for u!!!! honestly prove your self innocent…….

  328. @787

    "I do not beleve in god. I think however if such a being does exist, he would let her have her free will and let her do whatever she wants with it."

    So.. You don't believe in God, but you know what God would do, providing he* existed, which apparently he doesn't.

    *I'm making God male as you said he would be if he was real.

    Just sayin'

  329. Well I am shocked at these horrible comments.

    Isn't Beyonce her own person? She has an amazing voice, so she is expressing it in her own way, if you dont want your children to watch her perform her talent then dont let your kids watch tv, because there are worse things on there than a very very talented performer.

    If you all think that God, (Whoever he may be to different religions) would hate for her to be doing these things, then he would have given her voice to another person. But Beyonce has inspired me, and many people I know I think she is a beautiful person.

    I do not beleve in god. I think however if such a being does exist, he would let her have her free will and let her do whatever she wants with it.

    I wish that someday I could be lucky enough to meet this amazing woman.

    Beyonce Knowles isn't evil, she has done so many wonderful things.

    I dont mean to cause offence. But seriously… ?

  330. All I can say is WOW – I read the whole article thinking it was a parody of some sort and couldn't start laughing, and then I read the comments and realised that in fact you were being serious!!!

    HA!! Are you people mad?? Beyonce involved in a "Symbolic Occult Rebirth" ?? Come on, that's just plain ridiculous.

    Oh, and the quote "The tone of my voice gets different, and I’m fearless. I’m just a different person.” as evidence of being possessed? I have a different voice for when i'm on the phone at work – am I possesed to? C'mon people, stop being so gullible to this authors ostentatiousness.

  331. F**k all possessed by evil.

    I believe this s**t.

    That's why I don't listen to their music.

    I have no religion, but I still know what's wrong from right.

    I'm not stupid unlike some ignorant b*****s.

    Open your eyes.

    It's not pretty 🙂

  332. My prayer is that the eyes and understanding of those who God purposed to see this be open. This is true and if you follow the life of her now husband you will see the direct link. She is no loonger the cute B we know, no matter how humbled she sounds when she speaks. Learn to listen well, it's a skill. You need to know that the antichist is here, and he uses man. These are people who sold they sold their souls for the love of money.

    The dark world exists. It's not about bring her down it is the true manifistation of evil. There is a powerful DVD by a Pastor know as Graig Lewis – The truth about Hip Hop, get it it will confirm all this, there is a list of them believe it. That's why the bible teaches us not envy others, cause you dont know who is the one blessing them…

    Spead this word and refuse to listen to their music cause as you do, you are drinking it into your spirit and basically participating…it might not seem so, but live is spiritual…Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you at all times….

    satan targets children, as he wants their lives, remember he vowed to God that he will not go down to hell alone…he is on a serious mission, now using so called stars whom teens tend to look up too…

    This is a revelation to many…

  333. Vigilant I love your blogs and have read most of them, but could they be kinda double edged? I get nervous that reading into all this and learning about occult stuff opens you up to bad spirits and things..?

    If you hear the songs naively but have a moral code, would you just be better off ignoring darkness?

  334. i believe everything, if u take a good look at it. it all made sense.

    do researches on the things they mention that that beyonce is doing.

    that's the way the rituals and rebirth takes place

  335. The fact that you all would listen to this is repulsive. Until you have lived her life you should not judge her. If you were REAL christians you would know that you should look at yourself first and notice your flaws. We all know she does everything she does to entertain. She's the best entertainer around now(also Lady Gaga) now that Michael Jackson is dead. You people take the time out to make her seem like a bad person and to put stuff like this together shows that you have NO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. Reputations can be deceiving. The Bible is clear that even the devil can transform himself into an "angel of light". Which is why we must test EVERYTHING against the Bible–the True Word of God. This kind of blog is not set out with the purpose to destroy a person's reputation, but rather to expose how the DEVIL is USING them for HIS glory. The same way that God elevates people or uses people to promote His good news of hope in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins; Satan has a counterfeit religion, counterfeit agents, and counterfeit music. Satan wants the glory for himself and he'll use anything and/or anyONE who isn't following God's instructions. Beyonce may have done "nice/good things", but anyone can do that. It doesn't mean they can automatically be trusted. Those symbols, dances, outfits were designed ON PURPOSE. Whether Beyonce is aware of it or not doesn't matter: she (and the majority of entertainers) is the CATALYST THEY ARE USING. They are under the devil's spell, and even well-intending Christians are at risk of this feat if not careful. Period.

  337. Truth is true–even if no one knows it.

    Truth is true–even if no one admits it.

    Truth is true–even if no one agrees with it.

    Truth is true–even if no one follows it.

    Truth is true–even if no one but God grasps it fully. ~Paul Copan


    Just as in the days of Noah, the nations will be deceived but when the Coming of Christ is nye–EVER eye shall see Him, and EVERY knee will bow. EVERY tongue will confess that He IS God. Amen.

  338. I was really shocked when I heard that Beyonce worships the devil. Yes, there might be some signs, but I am a Beyonce Fan people! I will truly ignore people who simply try to destroy an innocent celebrity's reputation! If we compare Beyonce Knowles to other singers we'll realize that she sings in churches, she never had problems with drugs, she doesn't smoke, safe relationship with JayZ and completely private! This proves that this woman has no bad intentions. It is really harsh when we actually claim that someone worships the devil because that is illegal and we all know that there is one God that created everything! If Beyonce worships the devil then why is does album cover include the cross? In addition, people say when you listen to Sweet Dreams backwards you will hear her say Thank You Satan. These people are vacuous! Do you seriously think that a song-writer would actually have the ability to write a song backwards with a devil-connotation and a pure -clean lyrics frontwards? This is what is happening to our world, we just think about destroying others rather than being helpful! This woman has created places for homeless children would live! Is that a devil worshiper's characteristic or description! I would never EVER try to ruin an innocent person's reputation without being sure of what this person did! I think we all should give her another chance to prove it to us, we all should be merciful so that others can be merciful too! She inspired me into good, I would never forget how her songs helped and changed my life! This is just an opinion, please don't be offended, just take into consideration that she has a high-standard, well reputation that I wouldn't want her to lose it!

    Thank you,

    I Love Beyonce Now and Forever! <3

  339. Thank you for being brave and sharing this with us. We as young people are never satisfied with who we are as a result we end up wanting to look like our celebrities. Thank you for enlightening on who our celebrities are in reality. This gives us a reason to be grateful to God for our bodies, voices and even families. The people whom we see on our screens are often made attractive before us by the spirits which possess them. This has shown that the devil is using everything in his power to snatch us from God's hands. As from today I vow to love and appreciate myself.


  341. Yall stupid. Do yall spend this much time praying, or serving GOD. If you did you would not care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  342. all i can say is thank you, for opening my eyes!!!!!!! im deleting all my Beyonce cd's and videos'. never again will i ever buy Beyonce's cd's ever again.

  343. I cannot tell you how to feel, but blind hate against someone, is open eyes to darkness anyway. Just a thought on how fast you could turn on someone without really knowing what or who they are. Propose that you are faithful to God, and you believe that Jesus came to tell you truth, and you accept him as your savior. Propose that during someone's quest to explore some region and find writings of Jesus that explain that he was married, had kids, killed someone, and that he had a taste for men as well (and no there is nothing found like this), but you now are faced with a proposed question, how strong is your faith going to be against Jesus with this new discovery? It is easy to set back, and play the role of a saint against an easy target, but obviously, you loved Beyonce at one point because of her music, and now that a conspiracy arrises against her, you wish to treat her as though she admitted it. Most of the people on this blog would rather believe in what they read from scripture and consider it with 100% truth, and even knowing that Moses placed people to death, and made r**e victims marry their attackers, but you see only what you want to see of Beyonce when she claims the same God, but yet condemn her. It is a sad reality, but the secular christian people are the biggest hypocrites to the cause of Jesus, because you do not show your light as you are supposed to be doing. It is one thing to state your beliefs on why you don't think Beyonce is living right, but how much better are you than she, when you are passing judgement on people, when we are supposed to be trying to bring people to God. The way I see the finger being pointed at Beyonce, it is not straight, but just as crooked as the Roman Catholic Church of the 1300's – the 1700's. If you do not know what I am talking about, then maybe you should research to find exactly how the church did to protect translations of the bible. This was not a shot at any Catholic people, nor any christian in general, but I have to comment on the judgement being passed on a sister in Christ, being made out as a satanic mistress. Maybe the reason that most people has a problem with her, is because they have a problem with themselves that they cannot seem to work on. God bless.

  344. WOW… INTERESTING. i was beyonces number 1 FAN until seeing this. Thanks a bunch. I am a christian and I believe in God till the upmost. This helped me tremendously.

  345. I have loved beyonce since she was in destiny's child i remember me and my sister crying when they broke up. i remember when beyonce was godly and all that this is really sad and the thing is her songs are so good! Thanx 4 opening my eyes vigilant citizen!

  346. It is not like it will make a difference, but for everyone to continue with thought that everyone is possessed is just a promotion of hysteria. I am glad that everyone is trying to keep their eyes open, and trying to become less involved with what they see as evil. I cannot judge any of you for this, but I can say that the more you push to prove your points, the more you are making the christian world less likely to make a true impact on the lives of the people that needs it the most. I pray that you try and find athiest people, and really question to them why they do not want the Christian lifestyle? Maybe, just maybe, you will see that the Christian culture is not doing the job that God wished us to do. Almost everyone on here seems to be using God as a shield to validate your predudices against people that you do not like. I pray that you all can start finding God with your hearts, and stop using the bible for condemnation of people that you do not like. By the way, fear is not the way to promote eternal salvation. Good luck to you all.

  347. i really stoped liken beyonce n the singers cause they worship th devil n dat so bad things to body should belive in beyonce,jay-z,rihanna,n the others.

  348. its a good thing i recently read a book about new age symbols and there meanings and how satanists use them. This artlcle was just what i needed to confirm it with todays pop artists and how they use all those weird signs , gastures etc…

    I love this site !!

  349. I not only beleve wat the man/ woman said but i think some1 should do somthing to stop this before the REAL Beyonce is forever gone and sasha fierce has taken beyonce's body for all enternity .and this is even more terrible if you think about all the donations beyonce has made over the past years to her childhood Church St. John's and believe it or not i think beyonce was alredy baptised a long time ago.

  350. I am very happy that someone has come forward and told the truth. I have been saying for years that some of these so called stars open themselves up for demonic possesion in order to perform. No one wants to hear that their favorite celeb is a worker for Satan. Ever since Beyonce has been with JZ, she has been very different. She admits herself that when she is working and performing, another being takes over her. She said that she first felt the spirit enter into her when she was about to go on stage at the BET awards and perform Crazy in Love. She said she looked up and raised her arms and she felt it enter into her. She said that she knew from that night on, her career would never be the same. She said that when the force takes over her, she can sing strong and hit music notes that she could never do on her own. And when the show is over, the spirit leaves and she is herself again. She said that its hard for her to get dance steps right when she is trying to do a routine. But when Sasha shows up, and enters into her, it becomes so easy. She doesnt even have to try. She said that the spirit only shows up when shes working or on stage. We have young girls that look up to her and want to be like her. And she isnt even her. I was looking at a video of JZ talking about his performance. He said that he get possessed by spirits. That he doesnt even have to write music anymore. He says that he goes into the singing booth and start mumbling and something takes over him and starts rapping. He said that he talks about spiritual stuff in his music that he has never even heard of but some how he is able to rapp about it. Beyonce says that she doesnt even have to try to write music anymore. It takes no thought. She said its like something is telling her what to write. Its so sad. Happy now, Hollering in Hell Later. There is always a price to pay. Trust me I know. My grandmothe sold her soul to Satan years ago. And lets just say, he came to collect his due, and it wasnt pretty. She died telling Satan that she changed her mind, and she wanted to give it all back and undo the things that she had done. But it was too late. She died screaming and crying, yelling to the top of her unnatural lungs, "I dont want to go! Im not ready! Im sorry! God please for give me, Im sorry! I dont want to go down there!" But it was too late. We all knew that the man who had entered the room was Satan. He had pitch black eyes with no white showing in them. He kept telling her that it was time to go. We all knew what time it was, but there was nothing that we could do. Two little short beings in black hoods stood over her and sucked what life she had in her, out. They dragged her soul to hell, and we all saw it. Im not making this up. The other thing that got to me was how Satan turned around and looked at my uncle and said, "Keep doing what your doing. Im coming for you next." He then looked at me and said, I cant touch you, because you belong to him. (Talking about God) Your special. But if you ever decide to cross over, you will be mine too. He then turned, took a step and walked through what seemed to be some kind of portal to the other side. This story is very real. The spirit world is more real than our world. Trust me. Before I was born, God told my mother that I was special and that she had to offer me up to him. Im Glad she listened. He also told her that she would carry me 10 months instead of nine. the doctors told her i was to be born July 23. She told them August 23. And she was right. That same grandmother tried giving me over to the other side when I was an infant, but she couldnt. When I was younger Demons use to come into my room with hoods on and gather around my bed chanting. One even put something on my forehead. I was too scared to move. One came in the form of a black lab and lived under my bed. She had three puppies and would talk to me. I didnt know what making a sacrafice meant when I was little. So when I told my mom what the demon was telling me, the lab got really angry and tried to bite me. Luckily I have a whitness to this stuff happening because it sounds crazy. My mom rebuked the demon in the name of Jesus. She told me to always tell her when somethind like that happens. I didnt say anything earlier to her because I wanted a dog so bad. And here was one That could talk. But the puppies never did. She would always try to bite me when I tried to touch them. I have so many stories of demons and satan that its not funny. Satan said that there was a misunderstanding between him and God and that God isnt as forgiving to the spirit world as he is to us humans. It sounded so convincing, but I knew it was a lie. He said that God doesnt want us to be happy on earth, that he wants us to have it hard so that we appreciate heaven. He promised to give me whatever I want if I renounce the Holy Spirit and take part with him. When ha said that, something in me got really angry. I called on the only person that I knew could help me. The All Mighty himself. Satan let out a terrible scream. Something not of this world. It sounded like pipe organs and souls screaming. The sound was so terrible that I felt it in my bones. It was enough to make a person go insane. It was so unnatural. Thank God for saving me. Because a few times, I was almost gone. I have a several gifts that Satsn wants to get rid of. I can see spirits, I have the gift of healing, singing, and prophesy. No wonder Im under attack. One time it got so bad, I took to the bottle so I could sleep peacefully. It shut the spirits up. Then I turned to God completely and didnt need or want the bottle anymore. Dont get me wrong, the devil is still trying to recriut me. But now, Im ready for him. Amen. My book is coming out soon. Im telling everything that ive ever been through with this fool. I call him a fool because who in their right mind would mess up being in Paradise? Mis understanding my foot. Im not falling for that one. Thanks for taking the time to read this long but true story.

  351. I did not realize Beyonce was envolved in this s***.I kind of hate her but luv the songs.Atleast she should believe in God and stop this rubbish.

  352. Thank a lot for the information we really need a lot of this nowadays. Its just that most people including me always watch this kind of music for fun without internalizing the depths of the music

  353. Thank you so much for this article. I really appreciate the fact that you took time to analyze this and to publish itto the public. Many people do not realize how the media and more important how celebrities and music shape our world. It is the reason for the our shifting morals. This clearly answers the question as to why Beyounce partnered with Lady Gaga with "Video Phone." She relates to Gaga's devilish mind. They are ruining the minds of both the youth and adults…Hell will indeed be crowded. Thank you so much for this. Thank you. I always believed in Good and Evil, but things like this…after listening to music from Lady Gaga, etc…Evil does exist and their is an ongoing battle between good and evil. This really scares me though. I hope my family, loved ones, and I do not fall into this trap. The world is really coming to an end. I'm glad to see that there are people who realize the devil's many manifestations, and he's using those who will have the largest influence -Celebrities. Look at Amber Rose, Lady Gaga, Beyounce, Ellie, Nicki Minaj, and so many others. Once again, thank you for showing me that there is people who realize this other than me, and thank you for publishing. I hope you show this to many other people and write more.

  354. man i never thought in my life that these people would turn into satanist. I think this article should be shown to everybody cause so people can disguise them and never listen to there bad music. I now hate them and i hope no one looks up to them.

  355. in beyonce's concert there is a video of the good beyonce and sasha fierce doing a coin flip. sasha fierce wins, and she walks away while beyonce is left behind. i'm confused to whether that means she has chosen sasha fierce or maybe it was used to symbolize her transformation into sasha fierce in the concert. i also watched a video with beyonce saying that she and sasha fierce are no longer seperate entities and she has accepted sasha as a part of her. i wonder what's going through her mind. is the influence of the music industry really this strong?

  356. Wow, this is what THE WORLD needs to hear right now! Both Jay-Z and Beyonce have a great influence over both the young and old. I hope this message gets far and please continue to spread it, more people should be aware of what they listen to. INFORMATION IS KEY, THE RIGHT INFORMATION, only then can you make the right Choice!!!

  357. eish miss be what a disappointment! i was a big fan of beyonce and ma peers would call me i dont knw wht t think abt her. oor people are just analyzng rng staff.yoh!!!!!!!

  358. hey ppl, lets just pray for these folks instead of judgx them. we r not better than them and without Christ, we`ll end up in the same hell as them.

  359. i think the best thing for us to do as Christians is to pray for these stars so they give their lives to Christ. all these analysis would not change anything. ppl would stil buy their songs and they`l stil b loved by their millions of fans the world over. so lets instead pray for them rather than judge them. remember we r not better persons coz we do other bad things and mayb evn worse than this and end up in the same hell fire like these stars. lets spend more time perfecting our relationship with Christ than judging ppl left and right and above all pray for oneanother. vc this includes u coz i doubt than u r a Christian urself.

  360. Kelly 737.

    when a woman (or man) resorts to using their sexuality.. they aren't POWERFUL. they're showing how WEAK they actually are..

    think about it 🙂

    ..or do i have to take off my shirt and wiggle my ass to get your attention?

    seriously tho' have a great day Kelly, and whoever else is reading.. you have a good one also 🙂

  361. i really believe dis stuff and i think its more than true.i give kudos to those who did this research-i am sure it has opened the eyes of many.come to think of it,i just wonder why all their videos are so devilish,for example, Rihanna's latest video just doesnt make complete sense and meaning.she's really a GOOD GURL GORNE BAD!!!

  362. I believe this is all true, theres a lot of people who are manipulated to convey these hidden symbols, those who choose not to believe, fail or choose not to see the bigger picture! Its a scary world out there, but these demonic symbols surround us, you can see numerous subliminal devilish messages in Big names such as DISNEY! I mean look at the style in which Disney is written, its got 666 all curled up in the writing, check it out!!!!

  363. wen i read this it discourages me, because i hv dreams nd i don wana be manipulated like that. its also discouragin to see that this is wat the people i look up to are. neva knew how deep these songs r